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Author Topic: Christmas Stockings starring Hailee Steinfeld  (Read 2544 times)

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Christmas Stockings starring Hailee Steinfeld
« on: December 25, 2019, 08:31:36 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nr would it.

Christmas Stockings starring Hailee Steinfeld
(MF, Oral, Cons)
by MaxwellLord

"Why aren't we doing this at your place in New York again?" Rick asked. He was sitting on his couch, cuddling his girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld. It was almost a perfect Christmas portrait. Hot cocoa on the coffee table, a faux fireplace glowing read and making the room toasty while Christmas Vacation played on the TV. The only thing off was the weather. A rainy Los Angeles day didn't really match with it like  snowy New York one.

"Because you live here and so does my family and that's where I wanted to be," Hailee said. "Home. Besides, you romanticize the snow stuff too much. It's beautiful to look at. But you kind of learn to get over that beauty the first time you fall on your ass on the sidewalk from all that icy snow."

"You know if it still hurts I can kiss it better," Rick said, kissing her on the cheek as she giggled in response.

"I'll let you know if I have any flashback pains." she replied with a grin. "Besides, you have your place set up with everything needed for a wonderful Christmas time. You have a cute little tree up with lights and a couple presents. Gingerbread smelling candles, hot cocoa and marshmallow and Christmas cookies and...." Hailee stopped, looking around the room for...something...something was missing and she couldn't quite put a finger on it.

"What's wrong?"

"There's something missing...." Hailee's almond eyes scanned the living room. Tinsel? Check. Lights and presents? Check. Fireplace? Check. Artificial still counted and the fake logs looked well enough....but something was off. When she looked on the fireplace mantle, she figured it out. "Stockings! No stockings. Babe, where are the stockings?"

"Oh, I don't do Christmas stockings."

"What?" she asked, turning to him. "But they're adorable! Like mine. See, the one I have is like this green and red plaid thing with a Frosty sewn in on it and jingle bell on the tip! Super cute, right?"

"Well, not as cute as the lady who owns it but I concede cuteness in the description."

"Then where's yours?"

"Haiz, I don't know. I just haven't had one since I got my own place. Didn't really see the need. I mean, what good gifts go in a stocking? Gift cards and candy. Nothing memorable."

"You're such a Grinch." teased Hailee. "They're cute and fun and they're just so Christmas time! Besides, I'm sure you got one thing in them you remember."

"Well, first off I resent that Grinch remark and I think what I got for you under that tree will change your mind..."

"Oooh, curiosity piqued," said Hailee.

"And secondly...I know I got candy and stuff like that. Nothing major I can remember. All the good stuff came from under the tree. Hence, why I have a tree. Though now I have the best thing that's ever happened to me right here on this couch." Rick pulled Hailee close to him, placing a sweet kiss on her lips. "So...stockings can take a backseat. No offense."

"None taken...but I betcha I can change your mind."

"What are the stakes?"

"Well...if I do we open presents tonight. "If not, we do it in the morning before going over to my parents'. Deal?" She held out her hand while on her face she had the cutest half-smile Rick had ever seen.

"Deal." he replied, shaking her hand. "Now, how exactly are you going to make your case?"

"I'll tell you later," said Hailee. "But first...could you do your sweet, loving and ever so caring girlfriend a favor?" She had an open mouth smile, fluttering her eyes comedically.

"What's that?"

"Could you...maybe...you know...if you want...go to Bill's and pick us up a couple of burgers? I'm REALLY craving the special with Havarti cheese with chipotle mayo, onion rings on a pretzel buns with sweet potato curlies on the side....please?"

"It's still raining though," Rick said. "ANd it's really cold."

"Pleeeeaaassee?" she asked. "For me? An extra little Christmas gift of the best burger in town from the one place that refuses to hop on the delivery train in any way shape or form? Besides...if that's my extra Christmas gift...what could you get?"

"You got it," Rick said. With a quick kiss to her cheek he was up and after a quick addition of his jacket, gloves and a hat he was out the door.

And with that, Hailee was on alone, her own plan brewing. She had most of of what she needed to convince Rick of the value of stockings during the season. That wasn't why she brought the lingerie. That was just for fun. So now, she needed one last thing. A Christmas card. Luckily, Postmates was just a few touchscreen presses away.

It took Rick an hour to get the food, but the trip wasn't all bad. Even if Hailee hadn't had hinted at sex, he would have gone to get the food for her. The sex was going to be a great bonus though. She was always a very happy girl after a cheeseburger.

The drive wasn't bad either. The rain had let up a bit, almost giving him a free pass, only getting heavy once more when he pulled back into his parking space. He hurried back to his apartment, doing his best to keep the precious burgers safe from the cold rain.

When he came through the door however, Hailee was no where to be seen. What he did see though was a Christmas card on the coffee table. He set the burgers down and picked it up. Inside he saw one word.


And it was in Hailee's handwriting. He grinned, shed his jacket and headed to his bedroom. The moment he crossed that threshold, there she was. Hailee Steinfeld, laying on his bed, awaiting him in lingerie. There was a Christmas feel to it. The bra, garter belt and panties were all a deep red tint, while the thigh high stockings were green. But no matter what the colors, Hailee had managed to make herself even more irresistible.

"So...are you ready to hear my argument?" Hailee said, a playful tone about her.


"You know...making the case for Christmas stockings." Hailee smiled, running her hands along her legs. "And here's my case...you say you've never had anything you can remember in a Christmas stocking, there fore, you don't see the big deal. Well...not to be to conceited but...living proof right here."

Hailee raised one of her stocking clad legs up in the air, Rick's eyes glued to it.

"Now, I know you," said Hailee. "You need more than words. You need something a bit more...tactile. More real. So, with that in mind, come here so I can really make my point."

"Well, anything for a spirited debate," said Rick before joining Hailee in bed. He laid on top of her, lips colliding with hers. Hailee's arms held him close as his lips pressed against hers, then her neck and shoulders. And each one was tender, sweet. Even during one of their quickies there was never a kiss between them not packed with the sweetest heat of passion.

Hailee sighed softly when Rick began to move down her body. He unclasped her bra and Hailee lifted her shoulders a bit, letting the garment slip free and her tits exposed to her lover. A smile cross her face when Rick's lips touched the flesh on her breasts. Her back arched the slightest bit, goosebumps popping up all over her body when Rick's tongue gently caressed her nipples before his lips closed around them, sucking and kissing before continuing the quest down.

Down he went, his lips and tongue working down her flat stomach as it rose and fell with every deep breath she took. Down until Rick came to Hailee's panties. He grabbed them and began to slowly pull them off, sitting on his knees while Hailee raised her legs so he could have them completely off of her.

Rick took a moment to pause, drinking in the vision before him. There she was, Hailee Steinfeld. That chestnut hair splayed out around her gorgeous face, her body bare save for the deep scarlet red on her garter belt and the emerald green of her stockings.

"What are you waiting for?" Hailee asked, a sexy smile on her face. That smile soon melted into an expression of content pleasure when Rick moved his head between her legs. She licked her lips and breathed deeply.

Rick softly ran his fingers on her pussy lips. Gliding almost teasing on the sensitive flesh before beginning to probe the depths of her canal.

"Ohhhh," Hailee moaned. It was low...lost. Her eyes were closed and her moans got a the teeniest bit louder as he truly began to work his fingers inside of her. And when his mouth joined the party, sweetly sucking and licking her clit.

Rick played things for a slow burn. Even with his fingers inside of her and his mouth on her clit, it was almost a tease. His tongue was gentle on her clit, giving her the lightest bit of stimulation, almost a phantom. Hailee loved the slow burn. The steady climb to a climax. Every second, every movement building things up more and more until there was no choice to explode. And Rick knew just how to provide it.

He ran his free hand up her flat tummy, feeling her deep, rapid breaths match her growing cries of pleasure.

"Yes....yes....oh baby...mmm right there...keep going honey...," she moaned.  Hailee ran one hand over her breasts while the other joined Ricks on her body, softly grasping it and squeezing when he hit just the right spot with his fingers or caressed her clit in just the perfect way with his tongue.

As good a time as Hailee was having with Rick's face buried between her legs, and Rick wasn't having a bad time either, she remembered the holidays were the time for giving. Which meant Hailee wanted to give Rick a little something.

Hailee leaned up a bit, grabbing Rick's head and softly tugging him up to her face for another deep kiss. Hailee moaned, sucking on Rick's tongue as she tasted herself on his lips.

"Get up," she said, her voice a devilish mix of sultry and cute. "On your knees."

"You got it." Rick replied, kissing her on the forehead as he rose to his knees. Hailee looked at him, an eyebrow cocked. She rose up herself, their lips meeting once more as her hands went for the hem of his shirt, hastily pulling it up and breaking the kiss to get ti over his head.

From there Hailee's full lips went to his chest, kissing her way own his body as he had her. Her hands softly raked his skin from chest to abdomen to his belt, undoing it and pulling it from the loops of his pants and tossing it aside.

With the belt gone, the zipper of Rick's jeans went down and so did his pants, letting his hard cock spring free. It had no sooner touched the air than Hailee and dropped down, taking his pole into her hot, waiting mouth.

"Oh damn," Rick sighed. Hailee sucked him softly. Her lips worked slowly up and down his cock, her tongue sweetly caressing every inch. Hailee pulled back, letting his throbbing member fall from her mouth.

She looked up at him with her deep brown eyes and held his cock firmly, but tenderly. She began to rubs his glans softly with her thumbs. Rick shivered and groaned, the pleasurable flashes of heat on his sensitive bell-end. With her hand busy, Hailee mouth began to kiss up and down his stalk. Slow and sweet, pure and sensual.

when she arrived at the base, Hailee brought her mouth to Rick's balls, softly sucking and licking on the sack for a bit. Not too long, but just enough before going back to his cock and sucking him again.

"Oh...baby...yeah Haiz...just...just like that...." Rick's voice trailed off as Hailee's sucking focus on his cockhead while her soft hands jacked his cock. He twitched and grunted at that skilled tongue swirled over the head. The goosebumps had passed right from her to him.

Hailee could have gone on like that, finishing Rick off in her mouth right there. Neither of them wanted that, not yet at least. The moment Hailee's sweet mouth left Rick's cock his hands went to her face, gently lifting it to his.

Rick laid her back down the bed, holding her tight and kissing her deeply. When Hailee was laid back on the bed, he looked into her eyes again, his cock hard and ready to enter her.

"I want you," Hailee said."Mmm baby do it...."

With that, Rick was all too happy to give exactly the to Hailee. The holiday lovers both moaned as he entered her tight pussy, Rick holding himself still inside her for a moment. He was never unamazed at how amazing she felt. it was a perfect fit.

Still, there was a time for savoring perfection and a time to experience. Their lips met again as Rick began to thrust inside her. Not too hard or fast. A slow pace, just how Hailee liked it at first. Her arms wrapped around him and he delicately ran her nails up his spine. She brought her lovely lips to his ear, moaning and whispering hungry words with every thrust he made.

"Yes...oh Ricky...yes baby...just like that...so good...feel so good inside me...mmmmm baby don't stop..."

The very idea of stopping was so alien to Rick it was almost laughable, especially as he felt Hailee's skilled tongue lick his earlobe. His pace increased, but not too fast. They were enjoying themselves for too much. Every touch, every moan, every time their eyes locked notched things up. When he ran his fingers over her stocking-clad legs, she breathed a little deeper. When she squeezed him a little tighter within her lustful canal she giggled when eh shivered. Rick went a little deeper and gave Hailee a similar tingle up her spine. It was an enticing game of tit for tat but it was also just about time for more.

Rick pulled out of her and and brought Hailee to her knees and spun her around, the beautiful brunette laughing His chest was to her back and Hailee turned her head, kissing Rick and muffling a moan as he once again buried his cock in her heavenly cunt.

"Oh my gosh..." Hailee moaned, smiling open-mouthed. She was warm all over. The body heat between them gave her a special little tingle on her skin. Feeling his hot breath on her neck, cooling her sweet. His heartbeat, she could feel that against her back. And his hands moving around her, cupping her breasts as he sped up inside her. It made her eyes flutter and her heart skip a beat. And when one of Rick's hands began playing with her clit and adding to the stimulation, it was perfect.

"Oh....oh Hailee..oh baby..." Rick said, he voice dry like a desert plain. He held Hailee close with one arm around her waist while the other hand played with her pussy as his dick thrust inside it.

"Yessss...yes oh damn..oh baby...so good...so damn good," Hailee moaned. "Baby...mmm Ricky slow down...sit down...let me take over honey...."

Rick kissed her cheek and acquiesced, sitting down and letting Hailee take over the ride. He winced as she felt her grind against him and could see that cute little expression on her face. A dconfident smile, her mouth open loving every moment of what she was doing to him.

And her moans...her moans were driving him crazy. And Hailee knew it. Now she was putting on a show for him. Rooted in all the pleasure she was really feeling with more than a little bit of flash and pizzazz added to it. And now her hand had joined Rick's at her clit, feverishly working together with his cock inside her and driving Hailee further and further past her own point of no return.

"Oh...gonna...oh my gosh Rick I'mmm..I'm...ohhhhhhhh wowwww YESSSSSS!!!!!" Hailee cried out. She reached for Rick's face behind her, pulling it to him for a sloppy hungry kiss, their tongues dueling as Hailee's orgasm burned through her like super nova, stars in her eyes as her body quaked and quivered, heat flashing over her body right as Rick wrapped his arm around her, holding her close as she came on his cock.

And somehow Rick survived it without popping, something Hailee noticed too.

"Lay down," she said breathlessly, scrambling off her man as he laid down. Hailee quickly got between his legs, wiggling her ass in the air as she took his cock in her mouth, hungrily sucking his cock to an explosive finish.

"Oh...oh my...nnng Hailee YESSSSS!" Rick yelled as  his body went through it's own tornado of pleasure, every last bit of ecstatic pleasure exploding out of him, through his cock and into Hailee's mouth. Each stream of cum splashing against the roof of her mouth before being gulped down by the beautiful starlet.

Finally, that well ran dry and Hailee showed off her open and empty mouth with pride before crawling back up to Rick, resting on his shoulder.

"So...I change your mind?" Hailee asked.

"Well, I don't think I'll ever say I never got anything memorable from a stocking again." Rick replied. "Can't imagine Christmas without them now."

"Mmm better stay that way," she said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "Though I wouldn't mind providing a bit more evidence for my case..."

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