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The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:18:42 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, oral, cons, titfuck)
Chapter 1: Elizabeth Gillies

"Hey there everyone, I'm Bart Curry and you are listening to Pop Culture Entropy, the world's worst podcast recorded live on stage at the Fawcett Theater!" No matter how many times I said that, it never got old. And I'd been saying it for the past six years. For the past six years, I, Bartleby Curry had been living a dream alongside my best bud, Logan Lucas. Just two nerds with a podcast that snowballed into a huge success.

“And I'm Logan, who after six damn years is still himself.”

“And you're great at that second banana stuff,” I joked. “And joining us tonight is a longtime friend of the show. The beautiful, the multi-talented, and eternally sarcastic, Elizabeth Gillies. Who of course is here with us to enjoy our company and not just tolerating us to promote her new show Dynasty.”

“Whoa, you said the show's name, can I go now?” Liz asked in a joke, her delivery as dry as ever. “Or do I still need to “enjoy” the company of you two?”

“Oh you love us.” I replied. “Or at least are fond enough of us to be aquaintances.”

“Okay, I'll give you that.”

“Why do I always get lumped in with him?” Logan asked.

“Oh, you're the second banana,” said Liz, deadpan and straightfaced. “So, we going to talk about the show or am I being all charming and shit for nothing?”

“I forgot, this is you being charming.” I took a quick swig of my drink, Liz followed suit while  Logan, who also produced the show and our visual bits, set up the next, well, video bit. “So I would ask you what's been up since your last show bit the dust, but I think we all know by now.”

“You always are so delicate with your words, Bart.”

“Hey, a show being cancelled sucks but now you're on Dynasty Liz m'dear. This could be huge if it was anything like the 80s one. Prime time cat fights, a modern day return of trash TV. No offense.”

“Oh believe me, none taken. I mean, it's Dynasty. I knew what I was in for when this came to me and i for sure knew what I was in for when I read for the role.”

“Really Liz? You knew exactly what you were in for every step of the way?”

“Oh, I think I know where this is going,” she said with a smirk. My eyes could help but go to her legs as she uncrossed and crossed them again. Then again, Liz didn't mind. She knew me and she defintiely knew the effect her body had on not just me, but on pretty much everyone.

“Well we all saw the trailer, and correct me if I'm wrong but it sure as Hell does look like someone is going down on you in that trailer. Which honestly, I didn't know you could do on normal TV but I sure as shit ain't calling the FCC.”

“Well, it's Dynasty. I knew I'd be doing stuff like that. I certainly have no problem with it and I'm sure if you weren't behind a table it'd be pretty clear you have no problem with it.”

“And on that note, Logan over there has a bit of video to show the audience here, and for those of you listening after this goes up for download on Tuesday, check out the YouTube channel for this hilarity that 100% percent was done sober, at least in the writing stage. So watch with awe and wonder as our wonderful guest Liz teaches myself and Logan the finer points of a cat fight. Now while we both appear in sequin gowns, only one of us appear in full on lingerie. And it's Logan because he's super bad at Rock Paper Scissor.  Right after that we have another installment of our series, 'Walter Muchnik: Professional Unprofessional' then have a few more precious minutes with the even more precious Liz Gillies. Logan, roll that fine cat fight footage.”

The lights went down along with a prjector screen. As soon as the video started playing, Liz, myself, and Logan headed backstage.

“I'm gonna go in the back alley and smoke up, you guys want in?' asked Logan.

“Pass.” I replied.

“Same here, thanks,” Liz said. Logan shrugged, took out a joint and headed outside.

“Does anything change for you two?”

“I think he buys better weed now. So how was the trip up?”

“Not too shabby at all, Bart. The studio actually fronted the cash for that limo that I came in.”

“And here I thought you'd gone method on me.”

“Ha. If I had my choice I would have ubered right from the airport. But who am I to turn down near-free luxury.”

“Near free?' I asked. “I thought the studio provided it to you.”

“I have to do some party thing with some execs and people from the CW affiliate. Shaking hands and kissing ass, figuratively of course for that last part.”

“Of course.”

“You should come with me,” Liz said. I knew from the years knwoing her this wasn't a request or suggestion, but what was going to happen. I'll have the limo come get you, then you're coming to the party with me to shield me from the suits.”

“Yeah, because that sounds like a grand old time.”

“Bart, my dear, dear friend, allow me to repeat something you said to me last time I was on your show and we had were backstage during the video break, when was the last time you and I hung out after a show and didn't have some srious fun?” Liz added a lick of her lips to the question, sealing the deal like she would an envelope.

“Well, you got me there.” I replied. “What time are we dealing with the stuffed shirts?”

“I want to get in as soon as possible,” Liz said. She took out her phone and started scrolling, looking through her calendar or something along those lines. “Okay, says it starts around 8:30. I'll pick you up at 7:00 so we can go by that burrito place. I swear it's the best vegan burrito I've ever had and I'm not going to eat whatever they have at the party. Not to be picky, but if it's between a near god-like vegan burrito and looking at an absolutely god like array of hors d'oeuvres that I more than likely can't touch the burrito wins every damn time.”

“I can't disagree with that. Is the studio covering the food too or do I need to dig deep into the show's funds? We're in the triple digits now, you know.”

“Don't worry, I cover my bitches.” Liz chuckled, the kind that gave away the joke was only a half of one. Not that I minded. Who wouldn't want to be Liz Gillie's half bitch?

Once Logan came back in, that was the cue we needed to be ready to get back on stage. For a massive stoner the man's sense of timing was impeccable.  After a hearty round of applause form the audience, the rest of the show went off perfectly. Afterwards it was the usual meet and greet with fans, then it was off to my place to get ready for the sure fire boring as shit party.

It was a surprising struggle to get dressed. I was trying to walk that fine line between not giving a shit and dressing to impress Liz. This was far from the first time for us, but still, it's Liz Gillies. There's an expectation.

I settled on a simple suit, red tie barely put on. A little bit of John Constantine without the trenchcoat. After that it was just a waiting game. After a bt of time wasted on the ol' PS4, my doorbell rang and there was Liz, dressed to kill.

“Classy as ever,” she said, the sarcasm wonderfully mixing with her natural sultriness. “I like the tie. Follow me.” Following Liz Gillies was never a bad thing, especially considering her posterior.

“This is Randy, the driver.”

“Sir,” the driver said, tipping his hat then opening the door for us.

“Hey there,” I said, entering the limo right behind Liz, door shutting the moment I was sat down. “He know where the burrito spot is?”

“Exactly where it is. I gave him explicit instructions on how to get there.”

“Ten minutes and we're in burrito heaven.”

“Well, not quite,” Liz said, a familiar smile crossing her face. “I'd say, more like twenty or thirty minutes. Wouldn't you know it, the direction I gave him are taking us along the scenic route.” Liz worked her way over to me, grabbing me by the tie and pulling me to her face. “If I remember correctly Bart, I owe you one.” She licked my lips before kissing me while her free hand went to my crotch, massaging the rapidly hardening bulge.

Liz broke the the kiss and stared me out as she sunk down to her knees. I watched, a hyena's grin on my face as she took out my cock. Liz was a lot of things in bed, this I knew from experience. One of them was she knew when to tease and when to act. Right now? This as an “act” kind of moment.

“God damn,” I groaned the moment her lips touched my cock. A blowjob from Liz was always something to look forward to. Not a guarantee by any means, but when it happened, few things on Earth can match or surpass it. Fortunately for me, Liz had all those things.

“Enjoy yourself, but remember, we are on a time limit,” she said.  Liz loved eye contact, and so did I. So when those cool blue eyes locked on mine during the suck job, everything just intensified. There was not a wasted moment or movement with Liz. Everything she did simply turned up the dial on pleasure. She took me in her throat, teased me with her teeth, lovingly licked the head while her hands joined in the symphony of erotic pleasure that Liz was conducting.

For any other woman, I'd give in and start thrusting up into her mouth. However, with Liz, that wasn't an option. You did that, you'd pay for it. You'd still cum, but it'd be the last time. Logan learned that the hard way. Myself, I learned the easy way about the rules with Liz. Let her lead, and you shall be greatly rewarded.

And what a reward. It couldn't have been more than five minutes and she had me on the edge. I was so close I couldn't just do nothing with my hands, nor did Liz expect that. I reach my hands down, holding her hair back from her face, clearing the view of her face.

“You wanna cum, don't you Bart?” Liz asked, her hand almost absentmindedly playing with my cock, teasing it. The look on her face was seductive and confident, knowing I was clay in her hands. “Good news, I want that too, so how about it? Come on...shoot that load in my mouth.  I could use an appetizer before dinner.”

Liz didn't give me a chance to give the obvious answer of yes before returning her mouth to my cock, ready to finish me off. This was the only time Liz would accept any kind of thrusting into her mouth, she knew the man couldn't completely control himself as he was shooting. Of course, this was the case for me. I bucked my hips forward, moaning out Liz's name as I gean to shoot my cum in her mouth, draining every drop I had.

When I finally had nothing left to give, I collapsed back into the seat, breathing deep, trying to come back down to Earth. My eyes went back to Liz, a smirk on her face. She looked up at me,  seductively opening her mouth, revealing it was still full of my hot jizz. She played with it a little with her tongue before swallowing it all down. She then zipped my pants back up, kissed me on the cheek, and redid her lipstick, acting as if nothing had happened. This was actually fairly typical for her. The first time it surprised me, her casual attitude. Now? I found it made her even sexier.

Right when she was done with the lipstick, the limo stopped. “Dinner time,” she said with a smile. “I don't know about you Bart, but I'm famished.” Honestly, so was I. Something about a blowjob from Heaven makes a guy have an appetite.

After a quick and but satisfying dinner,  we went to the party of doom, the both of us prepared to be completely bored out of our skulls. We pulled up to the hotel and the limo driver let us out before going to park in the garage.

We walked into the party, me on Liz's arm, her trying to use me as a shield to all the stuffed shirts who either bored her to tears by sucking up to her or just blatantly staring at her tits. It was actually worse than I thought it was. All the talk about rating and promotions and so many read between the lines invites to dinner that the guys would hope would lead at least to a handjob.

Eventually, Liz needed a breather and I couldn't blame her. Even with me as a buffer between her and these chuckleheads, it was getting to be a bit much. She excused herself to the restroom. Thankfully, without a voluptuous twenty something around me, the sharks retreated.

While Liz was taking a breather, boredom really set in on me. Yeah, it wasn't the optimum place I'd like to be, but Liz was always good company, even beyond the sex. Always good for a few laughs.

Just as I was starting to get anxious, I got a test from Liz. It was simple, to the point. She told me to come down to the garage. And of course, with an invite like that with the guarantee of fun understood, I headed down there as quick as I could.

Once there, it didn't take me too long to find Liz. A few steps out of the elevator and there she was, leaning against the limo.

“I gave the driver a hundred bucks to leave the limo until I texted him to come back,” she said, her tone a unique mix of playful and and matter of fact. It was something Liz had perfected. “That leads me to this question.”

“And that is?” I asked, a smirk on my face as I approached.

“You ever fuck in a limo? Because I've always wanted to.” We embarced and kissed, my arms pulling her close to me. I slid the straps of her dress down, exposing the perfection of Liz Gillies' tits to the open air. Not for too long though, as when ever such amazing breasts are presented to me, I just have to suck, lick and kiss them. A perfectly sensible addiction, in my summation. And from the sound of her breathing, Liz didn't mind.

“Mmm, that right Bart...l know you love those big titties.” I would have gone down further on her body, not remotely caring who would have seen us. However, Liz got some private time in the limo, and damn it, she was going to use it. She pushed me back just enough to open the limousine door and the two of us scurried inside. As soon as I shut the door behind us, we were all over each other again, scrambling to take off as many clothes as necessary to fuck each other senseless.

Liz's dress was hiked up and her panties were off, thrown to the other end of the limo's back cabin. She sat on the seat, legs open, grinning as I crawled towards her, taking my place between her legs and returning the favor she gave me earlier.

“Mmmm, been thinking about this since shooting the pilot,” she moaned. “Then you had to go an remind me on the show.”

“What can I say, I know my way into your pants' heart.”

“Honey, use your mouth for what it's better at than trying to be clever.”

“Are you actualy complimenting my pussy eating.”

“Less talky, more eating my cunt.” Who could refuse that command? With her shapely and toned leg resting on my shoulder I got to work happily. “Fuck I love a man who can take orders and eat pussy.”

Instead of responding, I stayed on target, the wonderful music of Liz's moans urging me on. Though my purpose here I knew was different. I wasn't between her legs to make her cum. As much as Liz loved being eaten out, she loved being fucked more. This was all primer for her, and she'd let me know when she was ready for more.

When would that time come? This time it was right around when Liz grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to her face. She kissed me like a madwoman, sucking on my tongue, tasting her juices on me. “Stick your fucking cock in me,” she demanded. “I fucking need that dick in me.”

Who was I to refuse a need? Soon my pants were down and my cock was inside her. From there, it didn't take long to put the limo's shocks to work. “Fuck yes, Bart!” she growled. “This is half the reason I even go on your show!”

“What's the other half?”

“I actually kind of like you,” she said. “Don't let that go to your head., 'kay?” We switched position, Liz now riding me like a cowgirl, giving me a much better view of her face in ecstacy and her tits bouncing, all while her pussy worked wonder on my cock.

“Fuck me with that big fucking cock...yeah that right...fucking take this pussy, fucking take it!” Liz began to lean back as best she could, despite fucking in the limo being incredibly exciting for some reason, it didn't leave much room for maneuverability.

Still, we got one last bit of fun our of it when Liz got on all fours, leaning on the seats. I got behind her and wasted no time in pounding her hard.

“Fuck yes!” she yelled. “Give it to me that way! FUCK!” For some reason, Liz loved it like this. Far be it from me to complain, her ass was just as round and perfect as her tits.

Her moans and dirty talk were quickly devolving into gibberish. Sexy fucking gibberish. With one last, loud desperate cry Liz came hard, collapsing forward as if all the pleasure coursing through her body drained her of all energy.

That energy however, didn't leave her mouth.

“I'm not done with you yet,”  Liz said. I pulled out and she turned on to her back.. “Fuck my tits...fuck these titties until you fucking cum.” She winked at me as I made my way towards her glorious globes. It wasn't long before my cock was between them. Liz pressed her tits tightly against my rod and looked me dead in the eyes, the sexiest sneer/smile I've ever seen finding it's home once again on her face.

“Yeah, fuck those tits till you cum...fucking paint those tits..get it on my face too...give me what I want Bart...and I want every drop you have left...” That's xactly what she was going to get. I didn't last long between those mounds, I never did. With a loud grunt I came, covering her face and tits with my cum before falling backwards onto the floor of the limo.

“This party wasn't so bad,” I joked, gulping for air. “What do you think?”

“I think your sleeping in my hotel room tonight,” said with a laugh. “I need a shower and I'll be damned if you aren't the best damn scrubber for those hard to reach places. That and I kind of like waking up next to you. Don't let that go to your head.”

“As long as you don't let it go to yours that I kind of like that too.”

“I think that's doable.” Liz gave me a smile, one of the rare ones not hinted with even a dash of sarcasm. I gave her one in kind. It occurred to me, we better be careful. We might get to like this too much.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, oral, anal, cons)
Chapter 2: Troian Bellisario

"Ladies and gentlemen I do believe you know who our guest today is," I said. "She is a very, very long time friend of the show and an even longer friend to myself and Logan. The folks here live can see, but those of you at home downloading this after the fact, I'm going to keep you guessing with these very obvious clues."

"That also lack any kind of cleverness," Logan added.

"Thanks, second banana. She was our first celebrity guest on the show, has been on here the most out of anyone, and she has just become a first time director on her show that's ending...ladies and gentlemen, the show's favorite Little Liar...Troian Bellisario!"

With the intro out of theway, Troian came out on the stage, the audience applauding and given myself and Logan a big hug. It was always good seeing her. She really was one of my closest friends, as well as being the only ex I've ever had that I'd remained extremely close with. Very close, if one gets the implication.

"I always love getting that kind of an applause from such a half-assed introduction," Troian said as she sat down. "It's the most reliable high from joining you two in...well anything actually."

"You wound me Tro, you truly do. And I guess Logan if you catch him in between bong rips." Logan responded in the best way he knew how, flipping both myself and Troian off. "As you can see, he's actually progressed in human interaction."

"Oh obviously."

"So, how have you been Ms. Newlywed Director person?"

"Well, with that little nickname you mentioned the two major developments in my life, so pretty good. I've also been doing some short films, looking at some indie stuff, thinking about doing some theater again."

"Yet you still find time to slum it with us."

"Isn't that what friends are for? Pity appearances and embarrassing stories, that pretty much sums the three of us up."

"I can't really disagree with that," I said, remembering all the other bits that were just between Tro and myself. "Now, when you say these things about theater and short films and all the rest, are you talking about strictly acting? Because the episode of Pretty Little Liars you directed just premiered recently."

"Just acting right now." Tro replied. "But in the future, I really hope to do both. Maybe even produce. Don't worry, I totally still plan on slumming it with you two whenever you desperately need a guest."

"Well that's heartwarming. Okay, so me and Logan can attest to this, you're genuinely a good person, a great friend. I can only guess that the cast of PLL feel the same way about you. So what's it like to direct your friends?"

"Fortunately everyone on the set is not only a great friend, but a professional. You know, the real kind, not what you two do." Troian shifted a bit in her seat, her tight jeans showing off the greatest asset on her already damn fine body, her legs. "It was really as smooth as sailing as a first time director could ask for."

"Oh, well it sounds like your shiny new friends just know how to make you smile more than us old models," I said, playing it up to the audience to get some fake sympathy. It was an old gag to do with Troian, but it always worked.

"Oh, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, we've been friends too long to let anyone replace you two." And the audience gives us the expected 'Awwwww' setting Troian up to say, "Besides it does appear that after more than twenty years I'm pretty much stuck with you. You guys are like herpes, only slightly more heartwarming."

"Well, I'll take that," I said, walking around the table and giving Tro a big hug. "And that, ladies and gentlemen, was our sitcom moment." I took my seat and was getting ready to bridge to our video segments when Troian interjected.

"You're kind of quiet this time Logan, what's up?" she asked, he big smile still on her face. "You usually are far too eager in backing Bartholomew here up on his bullshit." I gave Tro a look of half-serious disdain, that she returned with a laugh.. She knew I hated being called Bartholomew. It's why I told everyone my name was Bartleby, or Bart for short. She also knew she was one of the few people I'd let call me that.

"Well, the honest truth is I'm suuuuuuuuuuper fucking stoned right now and I'm surprised everything has gone as smoothly as it has so far." Logan replied, getting a huge laugh from Tro and the audience.

"And on that note, as is tradition when ever we have a Pretty Little Liar on the show, we venture to a world where two great groups of four women, one just starting out in life the other having experienced it, are combined into one..."

"Bart, surely you don't mean," Troian said, hamming it up at full blast.

"That I do, old friend. Yes, it's time once again to take a look into the world of Pretty Golden Liars." Stoned as he was, Logan still knew when to hit the video cue and then it was time for a break. Usually Tro would go tot he back and chat with us and catch up, but she needed to take a call immediately. It wasn't unusual, but her demeanor afterwards was. The energy seemed drained from from her, just like her smile. Before I could ask her what was wrong, Logan gave us our return cue and we were  back, and so was her smile, but I could always tell the difference between the real deal and what she was putting on now.

“And we are back from a bit I'm surprised is still alive,” I said to the crowd.  “Both in terms of somehow still getting laughs but the cast as well. No offense ladies, if you're listening.”

“Well if they have their hearing aides in I'm pretty sure you're in the clear,” chimed in Logan.

“Holy shit he can talk.” The audience laughed, and even a genuine chuckle came from Tro. I gave her a smile back. We still had some time to fill, and there was one subject we hadn't really gotten to cover that could eat up some time, but if my guess was right, which they usually were when it came to what was bringing Troian down, I wasn't sure I wanted to approach it. Then again, there was a lot of time to eat up.

“Well, in addition to all the work you've been doing you've also had a big change in your personal life, right Tro?”

“Oh yeah. Must've slipped my mind what with all the dick and fart jokes that enter my orbit when I come around you two. But alas, I am indeed officially taken.” The audience applauded and Tro smiled, and the smile was almost genuine enough to fool someone who knew her.

After some small talk concerning her bachelorette party and nuptials, I quickly steered the subject into slightly easier territory, growing up with myself and Logan vs. Her character growing up on the show. Cheap and hackneyed, yes, but I didn't want my friend to dwell on something that was obviously bothering her.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a fun bit and before any of us knew it, our time was up and the show was over. We headed backstage and almost immediately Tro stopped me before I could get to my car.

“Am I still good to crash with you tonight?” she asked, any traces of the false smile gone. “I could still get a motel room or just head home now if it's a problem.

“Tro, it's never a problem.” I replied. “Is everything all right?” She leaned against the wall, taking a deep, frustrated breath.

“I'm pretty shit at lying to you, so I'm going to tell you, just when we get to your place.”

“How many bottles of wine we gonna need?”

“I think we better just jump right to the scotch.”

“That bad?”

“Just have it ready. Neat. I'll pick up the take out. Thai?”

“Works for me.”  By the time I got home and got the Scotch, Tro was at the door, arms full of Thai food and her overnight bag. I took the food off her hands and brought her in to my humble abode.

“Yours is the Panang chicken, hot,” she said. “Also got us an order of spring rolls to split.” She put her bag down and headed straight for the kitchen counter with the whisky and poured two glasses, neat while I opened up both food containers.

“You know, might be wise to wait until we eat to start in on the inebriation.”

“Not in the mood to be wise tonight.” Troian downed her glass then took a seat on the couch. “Drink up, then we eat.” I did as she asked. Whenever she was like this, it was best to just let things play out. I grabbed us both a couple of waters and sat down next to her.

“So, I can only guess the phone call was bad.” Troian gave me a look that screamed 'No fucking shit' then took a swig of her water.

“He did it again,” she said, more matter-of-factly than anything. Only a tinge of anything resembling sadness or anger. It was routine, which honestly kind of got me mad. “Twice actually. And the trusty guilty conscience had him call me, right int he middle of interview, to tell me about it. With a surprising amount of detail for such a short call.”

“Well that's certainly delightful.” I took a breath to ask the question I always asked when this happened. The routine was on autopilot. “Look, you never would have taken this from me so why do you put up with it from him?”

“I love him,” she said. “I mean, well, I loved you too...but it's different. No offense.”

“None taken.” I said, honestly. “It's been almost ten years. I'm good.”

“Yeah, well I'm not, obviously. I want to be furious and tear him a new one...but he's addicted to it, you know? Or maybe I'm just making excuses, I don't know. I feel like I should be angrier. But I guess I'm just so used to it.” She poured herself another drink, only this time sipped at it. “I can't even cry over it anymore.”

“But on the bright side I heard the wedding was great,” I said, trying to bring the mood up.

“I'm sorry I didn't invite you,” she said, completely misreading my comment. “I promise you it was only because, well, she was there as well and it would have been weird to not invite Ashley and, you know.”

“Tro, I understand and thank you for it, believe me.” Now it was my turn to finish off my Scotch.

“I think you should sit down and talk to her,” Tro said, masterfully shifting the subject from her life to my own. “You and Ashley were great together. And she's sorry, she really is.”

“She cheated on me for six months of the two years we were together! With two guys. If forgiveness is divine you're probably a lot closer to being a god than I, Tro.”

“Look, fair enough on that. But you won't even talk to her. I get it, I do. When I found out I wouldn't talk to her out of loyalty to you.”

“Thank you,” I said, raising a toast to her before taking another drink.

“Uh huh. Look, I couldn't stay mad at her, not after seeing how sorry she was. I'm not going to tell you what to do. I learned a long time ago that's not how to get results from you. I'm just going to say give her a chance. I'm not saying get back together with her or anything of the sort, but, you kow, just listen to her? Maybe kill two birds with one stone and have her on the show, too. Do an interview, get used to talking to her again, then actually talk to her.”

“You're not going to let this go until I give a little, are you?”

“Probably not,” she smiled. “But it's only because I don't want this hanging over either of you. You're both my friend. And you, you asshole, are my BEST friend. So yeah, I want to try and fix this and bring back a time where you were with someone that made you happy that wasn't me. And don't even try to lie and say you weren't happy.”

“I won't lie. And I will talk to her. Tell her to be ready in a couple weeks to do the show. It won't be the stage show, but a studio show. The theater is booked that week. I am not, however, promising anything on the romance front.”

“Well, half the battle won.” Tro smirked, then began to read my face. “There's someone else, isn't there?”

“Maybe. Last time Liz was on the show and we hooked up.”

“Yeah, and? That's nothing new.” Which it wasn't.

“Well, this time we started saying things that,while not very conductive to casual sex, was very...almost couple like. Quick summary, we fucked in her limo then we slept in her hotel room because we both said we like waking up next to each other.”

Obviously after getting that off my chest I was fully expecting to see the face of my best pal Troian barely containting her laughter. I was not disappointed. “That's adorable,” she laughed. “Did a sitcom 'aaaaawwww' play afterward?”

“No. Besides if my life was a sitcom it'd be single camera, no laugh track and I won't hear any different.”

“Fair enough. So...are you two, you know, a thing now?”

“Eh, we don't know. Too early. But it's something to think about, ya know?”

“So...you're not exclusive then?” Tro asked, her tone of voice changing again, signaling the only good part of her woes. “Because, well, you know, we do have a little tradition for when events like today's occur.”

“That we do.” And those were the last words spoken before Troian stradling me and we began to make-out. Troian and did indeed have a tradition. Something to even the balance. It was regrettable, but at the same time, niether of us could deny it was very pleasurable. Any of the problems that we might have had when we dated had nothing to do with our sex life.

No time was wasted. The heat was already on and before I even realized it we were both in stages of undress, our shirts tossed to the floor and the two of us scrambling at each other's pants to get them removed.

Eventually enough thinking capability returned to our heads to realize that it would be a lot easier to remove both of our pants if we just got up off the couch. With that conundrum solved the two of us fell back on the couch, Troian beneath me. There were no words. Honestly at this point we didn't need them. We knew what the other liked and what we didn't. It was all killer no filler in sex form.

Troian let out a deep moan when my mouth went to her nipples, shivering a bit as I began to nibble and bite on them, desperately crying out for more, which of course I could never refuse.

Before I could move down any further on her body Troian grabbed me by the head and guided me back to her face. “Enough foreplay. The day I've had, I flat out need a good, sennseless, instinct only fuck,” she said, licking at my lips.

I let my actions speak for me in answering her. I grasped Troian and picked her up with the full intent of finishing the night in my bedroom, but she did say instinct only, and my instict at the point was demanding I pin her against the wall and take her on the spot. Fortunately, that was right up Tro's alley.

“Mmm, always a perfect fit,” Tro said, a big grin on her face s I thrust inside her. “Mmmm this dick always feels so fucking good...always makes me cum.”

“I hope the man behind the cock gets some of the credit,” I joked. Tro's only response was her million dollar smile and another kiss. She tightened her legs around me, and held on ithgtly with her arms. My hands went to her ass, massaging it before we finally made it to my bedroom. “Hope you don't mind a nice, comfy bed over a wall.”

“I think I can handle it Bartholomew,” she said with a wink.

“Oh, did you just call me the forbidden name again?” I playfully asked. “Well, that just throws off my concentration.”

“Noooooo,” Troian whined as I pulled out. “I was just joking, come on and fuck me, please?”

“Well, maybe I could be convinced...” before I could say anything else an anxious Troian got up and kissed me, putting me on my back and her no top.

“Well, if you needed some convincing just say so.” She glided down my body and promptly took my cock in her mouth. NO tease, no build up, just full on action designed to put me on the edge in the best way.

“Holy shit yes,” I growled. Troian knew all the right spot to hit and how long to hit them to just keep me wanting more without exploding in her mouth. All this and Troian being one of the most amazing women in the world just bewildered me at the thought anyone would ever cheat  on her.

Before I could ruminate on it even further, Troian was done blowing and wanted to get back to fucking, now with her in charge. Before he I could fully fregister it, Troian was riding me, looking like a total sex goddess. A light sheen of sweat on her, the way her face looked when she moaned.

Looking up at her, in that moment, I have to be honest I almost came. The fact I held it together was nothing short of a medal-worthy feat. Still, we knew each other two well, we knew what buttons to push and before long, it was going to be over for both of us. And since we began doing this, that was usually Troian.

“FUCK cumming!” she yelled, mid grind on my cock. She fell forward and shuddered in my arms as her orgasm rocked her body. And that was my cue. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear I was close. She replied with a kiss to my lips and a whisper of, “I'll handle it.”

She slid back down and returned her mouth to my cock and in short order I unloaded in her mouth, Troian's brown eyes locking eyes on mine as she swallowed everything I had to give.

When the spout was dry, she crawled back up my body and I put my arm around her, pulling her close. “Needless to say, that was great,” I said.

“Mmmmhmmm.” she replied. “Not going to be much on the friendly banter. Kinda dick drunk.”

“Me too, but with pussy.”

“Ha. I think I'll just sleep in your bed tonight instead of the office fold out if that's cool.”

Seeing as I had no issue, we fell asleep fast. I awoke to the smell of French toast and an empty bed. I followed my nose to the kitchen to see Troian behind the stove cooking breakfast.

“Morning,” she said, grinning and glowing in the morning sunlight wearing nothing but an old t-shirt of mine I gave her years ago. “I know usually pay you back for the lodging by buying breakfast, but I felt like staying in. That going to be a problem?”

“Well, you know I how I just love my French toast with the authentic cigar ashes from a diner cook, but I'll take it.” She plated the food and put it on the counter. I skipped it and got behind her, embracing her and kissing her neck.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, her hand reaching around and running through my hair. “Did you want a side dish?”

“A side? My dear Troian, this is a main course.” I turned her around and lhiked up her t-shirt. No panties underneath. Perfect.

“Oooh Bart.” Troian breathed deep while i began to have a bit of her for breakfast. “Fuuck yeah.” Her hands grasped my hair while I worked her clit, my tongue moving like it was conducting a symphony. My fingers found something to do two, some inside herpussy, the others creeping towards her ass.

“I know what you want,” she gasped, her voice breaking when I hit a particularly good spot. “And...unnnhhh...mmmm...I want it too....fuck...besides, Patrick had two women...only fair it's two times with you this time.”

I backed off and Troian turned around, her ass facing me. With such an inviting sight, I couldn't imagine anyone resisting. I went after her ass with the same kind of vigor I did her pussy before standing up behind her. Knowing saliva wasn't going to be enough, I entered her pussy, thrusting into Tro's very wet cunt, grunint gin her ear. “Fuck...fuck Tro...fuck...”

“Yeah....say my name...say it louder when you take my ass.” That's Troian for you, no one better at invites. After a few more pumps I pulled out and pressed against her ass. I felt her breath deep as I pressed forward, so I moved my have to her pussy, working her clit as I slowly entered her backdoor passage. We both nreathed out when I was finally in. “Holy shit that's tight,” she growled. “Been a while.”

“You want to stop?”

“Fuck no. I want you to fuck my ass.” She braced herself against the kitchen as I slowly built up a pace. Not too fast, not too slow, and perfect to drive us both wild.

I covered her neck with kisses, pulling her close and tight. Every thrust got a yelp from her, and every yelp became more of a moan as time went on. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and surprisingly neither would Troian. For someone who I knew from experience didn't do anal that often, she loved it. Maybe the special occasion aspect made it hotter for her, that it was always her idea when to do it. No matter what it was, we were both on a collision course to cumming, so lost in it that I genuinely didn't know who came first it was so close.

While Tro was in the midst of her orgasm she was pulled as close as she could be to me while I was shooting my load up her ass, the two of us moaning and gasping for air.

Eventually we both came down and pulled out, staggering to to other side of the kitchen to hold myself up.

“So,” Tro said, catching her breath. “French toast?” I nodded. Suddenly we were both very famished. After a quick double shower, sex free but full of caressing and small talk, Tro was dressed and ready to go.

“You really need to come to LA,” she said while doing one last check of her bag.

“For a visit?” I said, already knowing where this was going. We'd had this conversation hundreds of times. Hell, Tro wasn't the only one to say it.

“No, to live. Look, Bart, I love the podcast. I love doing it with you when I can. I love doing the comedy bits. But you know you can do more. Just watching you direct the stuff I know you can do more. It's obvious. And that goes for you and Logan.”

“Tro, I appreciate that, but I'm happy with this.”

“No, you're content. There's a slight difference. There's laziness in content. And I can get that from Logan, the guy's blood is at least 80% THC, but you...come on. I'm not trying to lecture you, but you could have had your own show at this point. Hell if you were on the writing staff of my show it probably would have made a lot more sense the last few seasons.”

“I get it, all right? I hear from you, heard it from Ashley, and probably won't stop hearing it from my mom if I do move there and make it bigger. I just don't know if I want it.”

“No, you want it,” she said as she picked up her bag. “You're just afraid of what happens if you don't get it. Logan even told me you hesitated in calling me to even be on the show in the first place because you were sure I'd say no, even though you know from very personal experience how little I've ever said no to you.”

“Tro, come on,” I said, not exactly refuting any point she was making.

“Don't worry, we're not ending this on an argument. I would never let that happen.” She came over and gave me a patented Troian goodbye hug. “Besides, I got some traction on you. You agreed to talk to Ashley AND have her on your show. As soon she she hears that, she'll go right over her agent's head and call Logan to make it official.”

“Yeah yeah, get out of here before I change my mind.”

“You'd never do that,” Tro said smiling. She headed for the door then turned around one more time. “Thanks though. Not just for last night, but for, you know...”

“Being a friend? Travelling down the road and back again? My heart is true and I'm a friend and a confidant?”

“No one can both make and ruin a moment at the exact same time quite like you Bart.” With one last kiss on the cheek, Tro was out the door and on the way back to her home. And rather than ruminate on any of the things she told me, I decided to pour myself into writing the next show. And it featured another one of my favorite guests, Demi Lovato.
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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Anal, Cons)
Chapter 3: Demi Lovato

There's a lot more to the show than just interviewing the celebs. There's also the filming of the video bits. I tend to write them and direct while Logan, even in his pot-filled haze, manages to produce and edit them. We both share other duties like location scouting and catering, but there are some things a two man crew just can't do.

Which does bring us to today. Instead of any of the usual short film type of stuff we usually did, this was more of a man on the street kind of thing. Even then, we needed help. Which is why on camera we had our friend from film school, Tommy. He was a guy so obsessed with cameras we were pretty sure he was sleeping with most of his.  There wasn't a trick in photography he didn't know how to pull off. Tommy's a perfectionist, both his greatest plus and his greatest minus.

On sound we had Edison March audiophile with the attention span of a chihuahua on coke. HE didn't pay attention to much of anything outside of, well sound. He was a walking encyclopedia of audio tech and his collection was staggering.

The other member of our crew today? None other than the show's guest, Demi Lovato. The bit was “Demi Will Sing Anything”. We put together a bunch of songs, Demi-approved of course. It was a simple bit. People could pay a dollar, that would go to charity of course, and Demi would sing any song out of a book of karaoke we'd brought with with us, along with a mic and karaoke speaker/player. It was less of a comedy bit and more of a chance for Demi to show off what she was best at, singing. Still, Demi, being the consummate performer, worked a few laughs into the bit as well. It was one of the many reasons she was a favorite, multi-time guest on the show. She genuinely seemed down for anything.

The shoot was a simple one and went by quickly. We actually had enough footage for two different segments. We were wrapping everything up, everyone doing their part. Edison was rounding up the sound equipment, Tommy the camera, and Logan looking over the the footage before he took it home to edit.

My job however was dealing with Demi. Which wasn't remotely an issue. She was a lovely woman, always had been since her first time on the show. My duty was taking her back to her hotel. Then dinner. Casual, bullshitting about life and the show, and afterwards...well with Demi, who knows?

We said our goodbyes to the crew and got in my car. It was a quick round of goodbyes. Not for any other reasons than we ran long and most of the guys were tired and Logan had a lot of footage to cut together. Short, but cordial.

“I think that went really fucking well,” said Demi. “Had a lot of fun. Always do though.”

“Feeling's mutual for us all Dem.” I replied. “You're always a treat to have on the show. Funny, up for almost anything....”

“We just talking about the show, Bart?” Demi's eye brow arched and a smile on her face. “I mean, we are eating solo. Not that I wouldn't appreciate more company, but there's definitely something to be said for more...intimate encounters.”

“Can't disagree there. How about we see where the night takes us?” The thing was, we both knew exactly where the night was going to take us. Demi knew how to send all the right signals. She was a woman who knew exactly what she want and exactly how to get it. She was very much gung ho about things like that. If she had a goal, she set the mark and didn't stop till she got it. Demi was almost al business, but also never shied away from fun or pleasure.

After a short drive filled with small talk brought us to her hotel and before too long we were seated in the hotel's restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a casual cafe. The two of us ordered simple, sandwiches and tea.

“You are a cheap date,” I joked. “Certainly not a budget breaker for the show.”

“Just one of my many attributes,” she said, mockingly patting herself on the back. “I mean come on, I don't need prime rib and lobster. Sometimes all that's needed is a sandwich and good company. And hopefully that company sticks around to help work off that meal.”

“Also not really one for subtlety.”

“Pssh, who has time for that? I mean yeah, if you don't want to e a jerk about somethings you lay hints down about what you want for Christmas or whatever. But most of the time, just say what the fuck you want. But still be cute about it like me.” She jokingly fluttered her eyebrows, playing up an overly saccharine faux-innocence.

“Well put. Still, don't you have an MMA boyfriend who might object to such a thing and you know, could literally kill me with his bare hands if he found out about any workout session we might have?”

“Oh, we broke up. Turns out I liked the physicality more than the guy. And honestly, same with him. But hey, we were honest about it in the end, so no hurt feelings. Sometimes, all you want to do is fuck, am I right?”

“Very right.” I watched her as she very purposely sucked extra long on her straw.

“What about you?” she asked. “You have a special lady friend I should know about?”

“Not really.” I responded. “There might be something, but honestly since neither of us really talked about it I'm putting it in the category of 'I have no fucking clue'.”

“Well, lucky me then.” She shifted in her seat and leaned over the table a bit. “I mean we both know one of your best attributes is when you're with someone your dick is locked up tighter than Fort Knox.”

“Oh, you and I still had some fun.”

“Not saying we didn't, but I tend to be kind of a selfish girl in the bedroom. I want all the attention. Not that I didn't enjoy you and Ashley utterly ravishing me. But a guy who can stick to one woman is appealing. Believe it from someone who hasn't quite landed that kind of guy yet.”

“Well, on that not, let me pitch an idea to you, Demi my friend.”

“I'm all ears except for this round booty of mine,” she joked.

“We get our food to go and then head right up to the room and do the workout first. Or to blunt, fuck before food.”

“I happily accept your blunt offer.” Her seductive brown eyes looked at me while she licked her lips. “And since it's been a while...mmm baby, I don't know if you're ready for Demi.” With those words it was a quick matter of affairs to get everything to go and rush to Demi's room.

When we got to her room, Demi was on me before the door even closed. “Yeah, you're gonna fucking make me cum with that cock, huh?” she sneered before attacking my lips with her again.  “Mak me cum all over it them fll me up with yours, isn't that right? Huh? Is that what you fuckin' want?”

“What do you think?” I asked. I grabbed her by the wrists, raised them above her head and pinned her to the wall. “You're cock hungry, aren't you?”

“Mmmmm, why don't you give me something and we'll see who's the hungry one.” My hands left her wrist and went to her skirt. I slid to my knees and tugged her panties off, tossing them aside like torn wrapping paper in the way of my gift. “That's right you son of a bitch, eat my fucking cunt.” While the invite wasn't necessary, it was certainly a welcome soundtrack.

I was like a hungry wolf between her legs, hungrily working over her cunt while a very vocal Demi voiced her approval in her signature way.

“That's right you fucking pervert, eat that cunt,” she hissed. “Mmmmmm, eat that pussy like you love it...you know you do...shit that's it.” While one hand joined my mouth, the other worked around to Demi's most famous feature, her luscious round peach of an ass. It massaged the firm flesh and creeped ever closer to her asshole.

“Of course that's where you're going,” she said in a tone somewhere between a laugh an a moan. “That's what I liked about you Bart....you a dirty fucker that likes what I like and you fucking...mmmm that's it baby....you fucking go for it....now be a good little pervert and stick a finger up my ass.”

Again, this lady was the best at invites. Demi bit her lower lips as I inserted my index finger into her rear entry. She was breathless for a few moments before she resumed her round of filth talk. She began to grind her cunt into my face, the filthy talk evaporating into depraved moans which only increased when my middle finger joined the index.

“That's how you wanna do it, huh?” she asked, a smirk on her face. “Turning up the heat on me? Two can play that.” She grabbed my by the hair and lead me up to the face. She nibbled on my lips before pushing me to her bed.

Demi was like a tigress on the prowl and she had her prey. She stripped herself of all those bothersome clothes then moved to her knees, tugging my pants off while I worked on my shirt.

Before my clothes even hit the floor her mouth was on my cock, devouring it in a hurricane of tongue and saliva. “Fuck suck that cock Demi...fucking all way the way!” I growled.

“Is that what the fucking pervert wants?” Demi said, a grin on her face while I slapped my cock on her face. “Mmmm yeah, that's right you nasty mother fucker, slap my face with your dick, I fucking love it.”

I stood up from the bed and put my cock back in Demi's mouth. I grasped her head and began to fuck her mouth, a development that pleased  my pervert-in-arms.

I looked down to see Demi begin to finger herself as I used her mouth, her brown eyes locking on mine, a fire behind them that was no where close to being quenched.

I pumped her mouth for a few more minutes before pulling out of her mouth and throwing Demi on the bed, the sex kitten laughing as she landed.

Demi rolled onto her back, a half smile on her face as she began to finger herself. “What are you waiting for? This isn't a show, FUCK ME.” Like a predator myself, I pounced on her, our lips already locked as I began to thrust into her.

“FUCK that's it...fucking pound my cunt with your cock...fucking do it!”

“Is that what the dirty bitch wants?” I retorted in between thrusts. “You want this fucking dick?”

“Mmmm fuck yeah...almost as much as you want this pussy!” Her ankles locked around my waist as I increased pace, the headboard slamming hard into the wall. “Fuck..fuck..fuck keep fucking going...fuck that's it...fuck me!”

The two of us were in near manic with lust, lost in the pleasure to the point neither of us realized when Demi took control and got on top. Of course, neither of us were complaining.

My hands were on her hips as began to grind into me, a giggle escaping her lust-drunk face when she heard me moan. “That's right baby, this dick is mine to make feel good...fuck, I love riding this dick.”

Demi always made it very clear she wasn't lying about that. She almost immediately got to a hard and heavy  pace, caressing her own body as well as mine. For some reason, whenever she took control, the shit-talking stopped and it was all moaning, training hotness for hotness. The look on her face, slick with sweat and buried deep in pleasure. I rose up, wrapping my arms around her and bringing my lips to her breasts. Though her ass was amazing, Demi also had a lovely set of tits.

“Fuck yes, suck my tits you son of a bitch,” hissed Demi. She pressed my face into her tits, yelping as I began to thrust up into her. “Unggggg fuck me baby...so fucking close Bart...fucking make me cum and you'll get a big fucking treat honey...fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuck!” Demi began to lean back, her orgasm speeding up on her. I laid her back down and began to give her everything I had, her moans getting more high pitched and erratic  until it finally hit her, her moans matching the spasming of her pussy on my cock.

Somehow through all this, I hadn't cum. A small fucking miracle considering Demi was a Kung Fu master at fucking.  Demi looked at me, still high on her orgasm. She gave me a smirk and rolled over on her stomach. Her ass in 100% full view.

“Come on, fucker,” she said. “You earned it.” A chuckled as I moved to Demi's ass. I kissed it, burying my face in her perfect cheeks before I began to press my cock, still slick from her pussy, against her sphincter. She breathed deep as I pressed forward, releasing a sigh of relief once I was in. “Mmmm, perfect fit.”

“I'll say,” I said, kissing her neck. Much like when Demi was riding me, I wasted no time in building up my rhythm, which like me Demi had no problem with.

“FUCK YESSS!” she screamed, her hands grasping the bed sheets tight. “Pound my ass! Fucking take it and cum in me! Fucking do it!”

“Take every inch Demi!” I growled, sweat from my brow dripping down as I gave her everything I had, getting closer to my own Mack truck of an orgasm.

“Oh, I know that sound,” she laughed. “Someone's gonna cum, aren't they? Wanna shoot that hot fucking load up my ass, don't you? Mmmmm, secret's out honey, I want that too. SO fucking do it! Shoot that hot creamy load up ass! DO IT!”

“FUCK!” I moaned, slamming one more time into her ass and unloading every last drop of cum I had up her ass, collapsing on her and still thrusting softly into her until I was drained.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed dreamily. “Just what I wanted.” I pulled my wilting cock out of her ass and laid on my back, Demi resting her head on my chest. “So, new plan. Double shower, then food, then I need to go to sleep for the show tomorrow.”

“Same here.” I replied. “You want em to stay over or...”

“Oh no. Anything we need to talk about we can do in the shower or while we're eating. That a problem.”

“Not at all. So, shower after regain the ability to walk?”

“Sounds about right to me.” she giggled.  “So who is the girl you might have a thing with?”

“Afraid of someone infringing on your territory?”

“Hardly. Just wondering if she's worthy of taking away my favorite plaything if it gets serious.”

“Liz Gillies,” I said. “I don't think you know her.”

“I don't.” Demi shifted a bit, resting her head on her arm. “I probably met a few times through Ariana or something. All I know is she can sing, was on Nickelodeon and has AMAZING tits. Seriously, if you get that on a regular basis do me a favor and invite me over one night for some of that. I'll be down to share in that situation.”

“Oh, I'll file that request away under F for 'Fuck Yes'.”

“Good, I'm holding you to that.” Demi slowly began to get out of bed, which my cue to follow suit. “So, what's keeping you from saying yes?”

“Eh, neither of us are sure about it. And Troian convinced me to make things even more interesting.”

“And by interesting you mean difficult.”

“Yep. She talked me into having Ashley on the next show and talking with her. So yeah, I have that to look forward too.”

“Sounds like fun,” Demi said,her tone dripping with sarcasm. “Sounds like you could use a distraction, like washing this fine, curvy body in a hot shower.”

“Works for me."

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by Maxwell Lord
(MF, Oral, cons)
Chapter 4: Ashley Benson

"Okay, everything is pretty much set to go," Edison said. He came by to do a few last minute checks for the solo show today. Whenever it was in studio, nine times out of ten I did it alone. There was no need for Logan to show up. Not that he couldn't and didn't do most of the production stuff for the live shows, but frankly, solo it wasn't that much of a challenge.

Despite that, he pretty much had an auto set up ready to go on studio. The soundboard was clearly marked, so all the technical work was done. Still, given that all of Logan's clocks were permanantly set to 4:20, I always thought it was prudent to get someone a bit more clear-headed to check the work, which is where Edison came in. If he said I was good to go, then I was good to go.

"Usual drill, press a few buttons, blahblah balh, I'm good to go in a couple hours," I said.

"Well, as good as you can be, considering."

"Oh shit, not you too. I swear, ever since Tro talked me into this everyone has been tenser than I should be over this."

"Fuck man, you can't blame anyone. The break-up you and Ashley had can best be described as a nuclear meltdown. ANd that's if I'm being nice about it. So, in case things go as bad as we all expect, I've provided some small clips that you can easily cut together for a best-of. And now, I bid you adieu."

"Thanks. I'll be sure to clean up all the bloodstains after the massacre you predict. Makes me glad we don't have shag carpeting."

"Ha. Seriously, that's a real laugh. Not just saying that to rub in how painfully unfunny it was. ANyway, no matter what happens, you might want to speed it up a little. Clouds were looking pretty bad coming in, probably not going to get better."

"There's...there's no optimism in you life, is there?" Edison shrugged then headed out. After that it was an uncomfortable round of the waiting game. I mean, it's not like Edison or really anyone had any reason to believe today's interview with Ashley Benson, star of Pretty Little Liars and my ex-girlfriend. How did it get to be ex? Well, she cheated on me. A lot. For five months. Understandably, upon discovering this I was a tiny bit miffed. I ended it then and there and honestly hadn't spoken to her in over a year, and would have happily gone on doing so if it hadn't been for Tro guilting me into it.

Then again, who knows if Ashley was really all that apologetic. This all could have be Tro trying to play matchmaker. Maybe she told Ashley the exact same thing to get her to be on the show. Still, Tro hadn't lied to him before.

All that considering, if Ashley had been able to come during a live show, I'd be far less nervous. But that's not how things panned out. So it was going to be her and I, alone in the office/studio that Logan and I called our business HQ. Yeah, this won't be awkward at all.

That's when the buzzer went off, like it was on cue. "Yo, who's this," I said into the intercom.

"It's me, Bart, Ashley," she said. "I'm sorry, I know I'm early."

"No problem, back door's open for you. Just let it shut, it'll lock itself."

"Got it." Okay, she was on her way up. Nothing to worry about. Be professional, be courteous. Sounds easy enough, right. I thought so. Then she walked in to the office. Even in jeans and a t-shirt, she couldn't downplay how beautiful she was.

"Hey," she said. Her tone was meek, but the smile on her face was genuine. "Thanks for having me on."

"Yeah, no problem." I replied. "You remember where to park?"

"Third floor across the street, right next to your car." She took off her jacket and hung up. It was definitely awkward in the room, but not as bad as I thought it'd be. "You look good."

"You too. Um, you want to take a seat or something before we get started, go over some stuff?"

"Yeah, sure." Ashley took a seat on the couch in front of the thing that approximated my desk. "So..prep, right?"

"Yeah. So, we're obviously going to hit the end of the show, so play around with that for a bit. Anything else coming up?"

"Um, promoting a new line of sunglasses should be good for a few quick laughs." she replied. "Splitting time between California and New York. We could probably get something there. Other than that, usual jokes about my boobs and stuff should work."

"If I remember right, those boobs are really nothing to laugh at."

"You always did have crystal clear focus on them." Ashley grinned wide, her blues eyes sparkling. "But yeah, I think we could shoot the shit enough to get a good show. Why aren't we live?"

"Ah, they booked a band. But with the way those clouds are forming doubt that's gonna happen. Not like it does me much good."

"Oh, well, you never know," Ashley said, a hint of flirtatiousness in her voice. "Things tend to get unpredictable when we're in the same room."

"So, you remember the basic set-up of this studio, right?" I asked, swiftly changing the subject. "Not much has changed except better recording equipment." I led her to the recording room. The set up was a lot like a normal radio recording room, albeit a bit more spacious since we didn't really have to worry about broadcasting.

"Doesn't get much simpler than sitting down with a pair of headphones on and speaking into a mic." she responded. "We ready to go then?"

"Almost," I said. I know that Tro didn't just talk me into this to have Ashley on the show. Frankly, Ashley didn't need to even be on the show, all parties involved in this knew that. Tro wanted me to try and smooth things over with Ashley, and Ashley was trying, if not going a bit quick, all things considered. "You want to just have some coffee or tea first? Talk a bit more?"

"I'd love to, Bart. You guys move the kitchenette or is it in the same place?"

"Same place."

"Good, I'll start the coffee. You always made it a bit weak, no offense."

"None taken. Though to be fair, weak to you has enough caffeine to kill a large bull elephant."

"Oh, I forgot you liked your coffee princess style." We both laughed as we entered the kitchenette. Ashley went right to work on the coffee while I got out the milk and sugar. "Mugs still in the same place?" she asked.

"Yeah, second shelf on the left."

"Gotcha." Ashley rummaged through the cabinet, not even hesitating in grabbing my mug and the guest mug, still having a clear emory of both. "Holy shit, did Logan turn his Darth Vader mug into a bong?"

"Oh yeah. He then uses it as like a sippy cup when he's done smoking."

"That sounds awful."

"It is. But he's usually too ripped to care."

"It always astonished me he could ride a bike, let alone work any kind of complex electronics."

"I've known him all my life. He's astonishingly adept despite the constast cannabis fog in his brain."

“Was there ever a time when he didn't toke up?” she asked.

“Maybe pre-teen years. But that's a big damn maybe.” While discussing the long courtship of Logan and Mary Jane, our coffee was finished. We took a seat at the table, still tiptoeing around any potential landmines.

“So, you're really in New York now?” I asked. “Doing something like this is a lot to get a plane ticket for.”

“It's more of splitting my time than anything,” she said. “I mean, I have an apartment there and a place in LA. I just thought being bi-coastal would be a good career move. It's really exhausting though.” Even when talking about something as mundane as air travel, she was sucking me in again. It wasn't intentional. Ashley was just naturaly charming. If she was doing it on purpose, despite everything that when on between us, I'd be completely sucked in. Her being her was already almost enough.

“So why come here?”

“Because I wanted to see you. And since you'd been talked into it, I couldn't really say no. I'm actually kind of glad it's not a live show. There's not a lot of time for stuff like this.” Slowly, Ashhley moved her hand to mine on the table, placing it on mine. To both our surprise,  I didn't immediately yank it away, which brought a big smile to her face.

This was partially what I was afraid of, being drawn in again without actually talking about the issues we had for the past year. As nice as it was talking to her again was, I couldn't deny that, I still remembered crystal clear what split us up in the first place. So I switched the subject and hoped for the best.

“This might sound too interviewy, but what have you been doing since the show ended. I saw something about you being in Canne?”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “I hadn't been since the whole Spring Breakers promotion, finally had some free time to do it. LOVED it. It was a little business though. Didn't have anyone with me to share the pleasure aspect.”

“I'm sure a lady like yourself wouldn't have too much trouble finding company.”

“What's that supposed to mean?” she asked, her voice tensing up.

“Nothing insulting. Just that a beautiful woman like yourself having a problem finding company shouldn't be that difficult.”

“Maybe I just want the right company.” She looked at me, trying to gauge my response. Once you date a girl, you know that face. Every instinct told me to keep quiet. Sometimes, you just don't want to listen to instinct.

“I thought that was easy for you to find.” Right on cue, the lightning began to strike and the thunder rolled.

“Really? I knew we were going to get to this. I mean, its kind of hard to avoid the elephant in the room, especially in a room this small. I'm sorry, okay? I said it when it happened and I've been saying it for a year. I'm getting tired of saying it. At least this time I get to say it to your face, again.  I am sorry.”

Well, there went the peaceful resolution Tro was hoping for. “Yeah, and sorry really makes up for six months of fucking around behind my back with two different guys, doesn't it?”

“I made a mistake!” yelled Ashley. “A very, very big mistake! I knew when I was doing it!”

“Then why did you? For fuck's sake, you were never really clear on the why!”

“Because when you're in your early twenties you do stupid shit! It doesn't mean I'm not sorry about it! I'm not just bullshitting you. Fuck, I love you!”

“Well, you had a pretty shitty way of showing it.”

“You know what?” Ashley said, well past her breaking point. “This was just a bad idea. It doesn't matter if I'm sorry. It doesn't mean I didn't know I was fucking up when I did it. But I'm tired of being treated like shit. I already did that to myself enough. So, bye. You win. Have fun, asshole.”

Even as Ashley was yelling at me, the tears were welling in her eyes, but to her credit, she held it back long enough to storm out and slam  the door. Part of me knew this was going to happen. Just the like all of me knew what would happen right after.

I followed her out the building, the rain was pouring own heavily now.  I caught up with her, the both of us getting absolutely soaked in the rain.

“Let me go, all right?” she said, choking back any attempt to cry. “This was a dumb idea, I don't know what made me think we could talk to each other like adults wehn...” I answered Ashley before she could finished by pulling her close and kissing her, our hand touched each others faces as our lips met, holding close before breaking.

Before long we were back in the studio, shedding our clothes and leaving a trail of soaking wet clothing until we got back to the break room. We were still locked in an embrace fueled by over a year of pent up emotions.

There was no real communication between us now besides moans and grunts. I could feel Ashley's fingers run through my hair as I moved down her body, suckling, kissing, and licking down from her lips to her neck, her neck to her breasts, and down further and further, tasting her rain-glistened skin.

“Uuhhhhhnnnngoood yeah,” Ashley moaned when my head moved between her legs and got the real fun going.. I got a jolt of accomplishment through my body as Ashley's thigh's pressed against my head. It only grew when Ashley's back arched, her moans getting louder and louder the more I worked on her with my mouth.

She wasn't the only one enjoying herself. Hearing her moans, tasting Ashley again was, to put it simply, awesome. I hated to admit it, I missed her. I remembered every thing I knew switched her on a bit more. That spot right on her inner thigh that if you hit just right at the right time....

“Fuuuuuck,” she moaned signalling it was in fact just right at the right time. I honestly could have gone on for longer, but as much I was savoring our reunion, I also wanted to speed thing up and re-experience everything that Ashley had to offer.

I roamed back up her body, Ashley puling my face to her, kissing me and tasting herself before maneuvering me into sitting down while she then slid between my legs. Her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me, sparkling with lust as she began to suck me off.

“Fuuuck that's fucking perfect Ash,” I moaned. It seems I wasn't the only one with a good memory. Every single movement Ashley made with her mouth was something knew would drive me wild. Teasing just enough with her teeth, her tongue snaking and licking in all the right places and ways, never letting me get too used to just one. Hot fast, sweet and slow and anything in between. All that with her gorgeous face attached made it a battle to not blow everything I had down her throat at that moment. But that would end their fun before things got really interesting.

I pulled out of Ashley mouth then stood up. She followed, but wasn't on her feet long before I picked her up and walked her from the break room to my desk. Fortunately, except for a lamp it was pretty much bare, otherwise the floor would have been filthy with office debris.

I sat Ashley down on the desk, her mouth open with a smile. The smile melted away to an “O” shape as In entered her, a moan bellowing from her mouth. I grasped her hips while she leaned back on her arms and began to pick up speed.

“Oooh fuck I missed you,” she moaned. “Mmmm missed this...fuck....oh baby keep going...honey that's it..”

“I don't plan on stopping babe,” I grinned, delivering a quick kiss to her before giving proper attention to her breasts. Round, big but not too big, and natural. She definitely won the genetic lottery.

“Someone missed the girls,” she joked between moans. “Feeling is very mutual, I'm pretty clos e to the source.” I returned her smile and climbed more onto the desk, Ashley now lying down on the cool surface of the wooden piece of furniture.

“You okay?” I asked. The hard surface of a desk had never been conducive to comfort, at least in my book.

“Mmmm, I'll managed,” she said, flashing her million dollar smile again. “Now, I could have sworn I said something you to about stopping and how you should not do that.”

“Message received.” I replied. After all, she did have a point.

“Mmm I love a man who can take orders.” Ashley moaning resumed as my thrusting did. Her legs locked tightly around my waist as did her arms. I could feel her nails digging into my flesh as her moans increased in volume.

“Mmmm that's it Bart...oh baby that's what I need...oh baby...fuuuck me...” Hearing pleas like that spurred me on to give her more of what she was asking for to the point I was getting so lost in the moment I forgot where we were. I believe Ashley did to, other wise we never would have rolled over and off the desk.  Thankfully for Ashley, I broke the fall.

“Holy crap Bart, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just got the wind knocked out of me,” I laughed. “Though maybe you should take over, just in case.”

“Oh, of course,” she said. “But rest assured, I can see through your plan just to get a better view.”

“Ya got me.” We both laugh as Ashley leaned back, indeed giving me that better view she had joked about. An up close and personal view of Ashley Benson riding my dick in ectsacy was a sight few things could ever com close to beating.

“Oh honey I want you to cum in me...hmmm please fill me up baby,” Ashley moaned. The view only got better as she began to rub her hands all over her tight (and still slick from the rain) body. Her vocal encouragement only made things better. She grasped my hands and guided them over her body, the two of us working together in caressing her body.

Soon enough, I knew I could hold back anymore. “Oh shit Ashley, baby...I'm cumming...gonna cum!”

“Do it...do it..fucking cum baby! Cum in me!”

“AAAAAAH fuck!” I growled. My hands moved her hips, grasping them as I thrust up into her, shooting rope after rope of cum inside her, and soon after, Ashley joined me in orgasmic bliss, crying out in pleasure. Right when we both reached the height of it all, the lights went out in the office.

Ashley fell forward, our mouths meeting in a tired but passionate kiss before she rolled to my side. I put my arm around her while she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I knew we were good together but I didn't know we were 'knock out the power' good,” she joked, kissing my chest.

“I think we must have come close a few times.” I replied. “We're still soaking wet from the rain.”

“You noticed that too, huh?”

“I think there's a blanket in the closet over there, some candles too, just in case the power is completely out.” I got up and checked the closet, grabbing not one but two blankets and some candles. I handed one of the blankets to Ashley, who promptly wrapped it around herself and followed me back into the break room wear I lit the candles.

“I thought you guys had a generator,” she said, cozying up on the couch, wrapped tightly in the blanket.

“OH we do.” I replied. “Logan insisted on it. It just takes a bit to boot up.”

“How long?”

“Usually aout forty-five minutes.”

“Bart, I don't know if I can stick around, That car's a rental and I have a plane to catch.”

“I wouldn't worry about that too much,” I said. I waved her over to the window and gave her my view. It was pouring bad, real bad. Near flooding bad. We were good, our buidling was high enough up that we wouldn't get damaged uless we got some midwest level flooding. Still, it was bad enough to make driving anywhere a non issue. And if the weather was this bad, flights were probably rescheduled.

“Great, I'm grounded,” she said, slumping down in a chair.

“At least you've got company.” I replied siting next to her.

“Yeah, there is that.” She smiled. “Besides, my clothes were soaked anyway, they needed to dry out...and I think be found somewhere in this building.”

“So here's my pitch, we just relax until the generator gets going, then record, then hunker down and prepare to maybe crash here for the night.”

“Oooh, and whatever will we do then?” she giggled.

“Be civil,” I said, smiling.

“That'd be a good idea.” It went quiet again. “Look, Bart...I know what just happened, we both, really, really enjoyed it.”


“It doesn't solve our problems though, does it?”

“Not really. I think we're on the right track Ash, I do. But it's been a year and..”

“You met someone, right?” She breathed deep. “I figured as much. No one in their right mind would be surprised. It's not serious though?”

“Nope. We don't know what we're doing.”

“I'm sure that's a new experience for you,” she said wit a smirk. “Look, I don't expect things to go back like nothing happened. I don't expect you to stop seeing whoever you're seeing. I guess...I guess I just want a fair shot.”

“I think that's workable.” I replied. “There's a lot to get through, but I'm not just going to say no and cut you out completely.” She smiled at me, then stood up and hugged and kissed me.

“So....while we wait for the power to come on...”


“How about we...”

“Go on...”

“Split that leftover Thai food in your fridge, heat it up on the stove? It's gas, so it should work, right?”

“Oh. Yeah, totally.”

“Awesome,” she beamed. And it was. The whole thing was, actually. I genuinely hoped this wouldn't be the last time I'd see Ashley, and the feeling was mutual. But still, something was also happening with Liz, and Liz was 100% a clean slate, no baggage.

But for now, it wasn't the time to worry about that. Now it was just time to enjoy Ashley Benson's company...and maybe fool around a bit more until the weather cleared.

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 5: Lucy Hale
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by Maxwell Lord
(MF, cons, exhib, phone sex)
Chapter 5: Lucy Hale

Special Guest Star: Liz Gillies

It had been a hell of a week since the Ashley interview. And I don't mean that in a bad way. Hectic is a far better way to describe it. Between shooting bits for the upcoming live show, editing and all the usual stuff that goes into doing one of the regular shows, there was the added bit of personal life juggling, which concerned a lot of talking with Ashley and going over ground we both knew we had gone over but kept going through with a fine tooth comb.

All we got to was, well, we weren't back together. But we weren't in a bad place either. We were working towards thing. Trying to figure things out in a more peaceful, fare more affectionate way. We even agreed to meet up the next time she was in Los Angeles. For now though, she was busy in New York.

We also had the agreement that if either of us met anyone during this time, to not ignore it for something that might not even come together. Which was great. Not because I wasn't interested in getting back together with Ashley, but because there was still a lot to sort out with Liz.

And of course, the moment that name crossed my mind, Liz gave me a call.

“Well, if it isn't the lovely Ms. Gillies,” I said, leaning back in my office chair. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I was bored and wanted to slum it vocally.” she replied, her tone something I'd only ever heard Liz pull off, a combination of utterly sarcastic and sweet. “So, what are you up to?”

“Just doing some show work. Writing, double checking on booking, recording some sponsor spots, real exciting stuff.”

“Oh, totally sounds like it. Who's the guest this week?”

“Lucy Hale. Fun guest, has something to promote. Real exciting stuff.”

“Sounds like it,” Liz said. “So, you have in free time say in three weeks?”

“I'm sure arrangements could be made.” I replied.

“No, the correct answer is 'Why yes Liz, and those plans include you and enjoying dinner, wine, and each other's company and bodies.'”

“Well, I thought that was implied,” I said, getting a laugh from the sexpot actress.

“Nice save.”

“And to bounce the question back, what are you up to, Ms. Gillies?”

“Just got out of the shower, thought I'd give you a call and tell you exactly what your plans were. Like a good friend does.”

“Oh, I don't know if I've ever had the kind of thoughts about a friend as I'm having about you, right now fresh from the shower.”

“Is that right?” she asked, her tone now oozing sex. “Those thoughts making your cock hard?”

“They might be.” I replied, holding my phone with my shoulder while I undid my pants and took hold of my dick. “And by might I mean most definitely.”

“That's what I like to hear. I'm thinking about you to. You mouth...your hands...your cock...mmmm and all the things you can do to me with them...ohhh baby it's like I can feel you right now.”

“I wish I was there,” I moaned, stroking my cock to Liz's voice and my thoughts about what we'd be doing. “I want to taste you so bad.”

“Mmmm, me too...I want to feel you so bad...”

“I wouldn't be able to help myself,” I said, switching the phone to speaker so I could go hands free, at least as far as the phone went. “Taste your lips, your neck....suck and kiss your tits, nibble and bite your nipples...”

“Mmmm yeah, tell me more baby,” she hissed. “Tell me more...”

“I bet you think...fuck...I'd go to your pussy next,” I told her, the phone sex really getting to me. “But I'm saving that. I'd kiss my way down there to be sure...but then go to those legs of yours, give them the attention they deserve.. Then...then I move to the back and work myself up to your amazing ass.”

“Uh uh,” she moaned. “What are you gonna do to that ass?”

“Bury my face in it,” I said. Sweat was beading on my head, my brain filled with images of Liz's body. How it looked, felt, tasted...every inch that I knew oh so well.  “Kiss it, rub it, lick it...eat it...fuck....Liz...”

“I want your body baby....i want to taste you so bad, Bart...feels you...put that cock in my mouth...feel it get hard for me...mmmmso wet baby...”

“Play with that pussy Liz....fuck...fuck oh shit...”

“Keep working that cock....think about all the things you want to do to me...mmm thinks about my lips around your cock...think about how good you feel in my pussy...”

“Shit...oh Liz...oh fuck I think...”

“Yeah, that's right...cum for me...cum for Liz...mmm I only wish I was there to taste it...feel it on my skin...”

“FUCK!” I groaned, shooting my load into the air and slumping down in my chair.”

“Mmmm, sounded like you needed that,” Liz said. “See you in a few weeks. Bye.” The line went dead and I was left with a big grin on my face and a mess to clean up...and a lot of work left to do for the show.

Both the clean up and remaining work wasn't too much. I hit the hay soon after. It felt like I had just fallen asleep when my cell phone once again rang, waking me up.

“'Lo?” I said, coming out of the haze of dreamland.

“Did I wake you up?” asked the voice of Lucy Hale. “It's almost 12:30!”

“At night?”

“No, noon. Didn't you set your alarm?”

“I guess I forgot. What's up?”

“Remember?” she asked. “I said I was coming in a day early so we could hang out before the show.”

“Oh shit, yeah.” I replied. “Sorry about that Goose. Where are you at?”

“At my hotel right now,” Lucy. “I was waiting for you to call, but was getting impatient. And by impatient I mean hungry.”

“Gotcha, I'll be by to pick you up in about twenty minutes.”

“You better. It's not wise to keep a Southern girl hungry, you know.” With a warning like that, as playful as it might be, I didn't waste much time. I even managed to surprise the petite Southern belle by making it a nice fifteen minutes. The moment I pulled up, she had just exited the hotel.

“Impressive,” she said, stepping into my car. “Even discounting the fact that shirt is on inside out, impressive.”

“Thanks, Ms. Hale,” I said. “Where can this humble chauffeur take you today?”

“Burgers. Big. Meaty. Cheese and bacon guaranteed, not an option.”

“I love your appetite.”

“If memory serves, that's not the only thing about me you love,” she said with a wink. And with that wink, we were off on a drive to the best burgers in town, Damn Fine Burgers.

“So, how've things been since the show ended?”

“We doing an interview rehearsal?” Lucy laughed. “It's been good actually. I can't tell you how genuinely happy I am that it's over.”


“God yes. I mean, I'll miss the girls, don't get me wrong...but these last couple of years have been a chore. I mean, seriously, you watched the show. It became a parody of itself. I'm just glad to be doing something else. Multiple somethings, actually. Movies and TV.”

“Oh, I've seen some of one of those movies,” I said. “Internet exclusive clip, I believe.”

“You perv,” she said, playfully punching my shoulder. “Yeah yeah, you saw my tits in a movie. Which I don't know why you brought up as you've seen them in real life...more than just seen them, actually.”

“Hey, one of the rules I live by is if you can do it and everyone's fine with it, never turn down a chance to looks at some quality tits.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“Oh, don't mention it. Besides, you know you have more going for you than being hot. But, just saying...you are totally hot.”

“Was it really this kind of sweet talking that got you in my pants in the first place?” she asked sarcastically.

“That and pity.”

“Oh, that's right.” She looked at me and smiled big as I pulled us into Damn Fine Burger's parking lot.  In short order we went from car seats to big comfy booth. Lucy knew exactly what she wanted, ordering the biggest bacon cheeseburger she could get, and I got myself something a bit smaller. It would never stop being amazing to me how someone so tiny could devour food the way she could.

“So, I talked to Tro the other day,” she said. “And she told me something mighty interesting.”

“I can only assume it involves some amazing bit of scientific trivia learned via Bill Nye.”

“I had no idea Bill Nye had a scientific theory about you and Ashley fucking again!” Lucy flashed a keen smile. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It's not like we're dating again or anything.”

“Yeah, Tro mentioned that. But you still pretty much spread the love all over your office studio with her.”

“How'd you even know about that? I mean Tro knows we talked, but I didn't tell her anything else.”

“Ashley told Tro, and then I find out  that way.” Lucy replied.  “Look, you sure you want to do this? Not to speak bad of Ashley, she's my oldest friend in LA, but...well...you guys broke up for a reason...and the aftermath was pretty much a nuclear wasteland.”

“Which is why we aren't starting back up again right away. We're feeling things out...and still seeing other people.”

“So that's where Liz Gillies fits into it...”

“Holy crap Goose, how much did Tro tell you?”

“Enough,” she said. Lucy paused to take a quick sip of water before settling into her seat, a serious look on her face. “Look, if you want my advice, go with Liz, okay? I love Ashley, I do, but history tends to repeat itself. And both ofyou might get hurt again. Maybe worse.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” I replied. “I mean, technically, right now, I'm not with anyone one. Neither are they. Everyone's figuring stuff out. We're all free agents.”

“Well, that's good to know.” She winked at me and sipped from her straw. “So Bart, we going to continue tradition tonight? Burgers then getting some drinks before tomorrow's show?”

“Oh, you just want to get me tipsy and take advantage of me, Ms. Hale.”

“Like I said, tradition.” That's when the food came. After the meal, I dropped Lucy back at her hotel, where we were to meet up later for drinks, then headed back to my place for a bitmore shut eye and a change of clothes. The drink date wasn't meant to be anything fancy but I didn't want to continue going around in a shirt that read “World's Greatest Grandma” for the rest of the night.

After a quick nap, I showered, shaved, and put on clothes a bit more fitting for drinks with Lucy Hale. Just jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer. After a quick dash of cologne I was in the car and on my way to the hotel bar.

The moment I stepped in I saw Lucy sitting at the bar, sipping on a cocktail I couldn't identify. Needless to say, the only thought in my head was getting those clothes off as soon as possible.

“This seat taken?” I asked, sliding on the stool next to her.

“Well, it certainly is now.” she replied. “And don't worry, you're not late. I just came down a little early is all.”

“Good to know considering I didn't know I had a schedule to keep. How deep are you?”

“Only the first drink. What do you want? It's on me.”

“Seven and seven.”

“You got it,” she said. She ordered the drink and as soon as I said it it was in my hands. “Sad to see you're no longer world's greatest grandma.”

“Turns out there was a voting mix-up.”

“I hate it when that happens.”

“Oh, it's not big thing,” I said. “I should be getting my actual award, world's greatest lover, in the mail soon.”

“Who'd you bribe for that?” she asked.

“I've never heard any complaints.”

“Oh, sweetie, we just don't want to hurt your feelings.”

“This is beginning to seem like a challenge, Ms Hale.”

“Could be,” she smiled. “If it was, would you accept?”

“I just might.”

“Mmmm hmmm.” She took another sip. “You sure you're not seeing Liz or Ashley?”

“If I'm serious with either of them right now I'm literally the last one to know.”

“Hmmm,” she said, mulling it over. “That'll have to do for now. It's not like the first thing I'm going to do after cumming is call either of them up and compare notes. I don't even have Liz's number. Besides, I'm super horny.”

“Gigantic burgers do that to you.”

“Why do you think I have them when I come here?” She winked at me then turned to the bartender and slipped him a fifty while letting him know we'd be back and to keep her tab open. Then she grabbed my hand and led me to the backhouse of the hotel.

“We heading to the service elevators?”

“Nope, alley way. I've always wanted to fuck in an alleyway. Figure now's as good a time as any.”

“Why Ms. Lucy Hale, are you an exhibitionist?”

“When I wanna be.” she replied. We turned a couple more corners, no one in the back even approaching us to ask why we were there, then finally an exit door. Lucy pushed it open then leaned back against the wall of the hotel a smile on her face. She bit her lower lip then reached out to grab the collar of my shirt.

With such a hint being so plainly given, I took it eagerly leaning forward and kissing the Southern belle. The petite actress hungrily returned the kiss, her tongue attacking mine while her hands worked on my belt and pants while mine reach up her short skirt to take off her panties.

The moment any barriers we had were no longer there, we rushed right into the action. As much of a thrill as it was to be fucking out in the open, neither of us were stupid. This was no time for foreplay.

I pinned her against the wall and thrust inside her, the brunette's eyes rolling in the back of her head at the sensation.

“Mmmm, love this dick,” she said, licking her lips. “Hard...fast...”

“You got it,” I said, I pulled at her tied shirt with my teeth, opening the garment and exposing her breasts to the air. Knowing were were in fast and furious mode, I wasted no time is tasting the flesh of her breasts, licking and sucking on her pink nipples. I felt Lucy put her hand behind my head, pressing me tighter to her breasts while her legs wrapped tighter around me.

“Fuck...oh fuck...this so hot..keep going...don't stop...unnnnggg.” And I didn't. To the surprise of no one, Lucy Hale's pussy felt amazing. Small, tight  and hot. Her hazel eyes and small stature hid a sexual beast, not so much from skill, but sheer enjoyment of the act.

Even with Lucy's request to not stop, my instincts were telling me to stop, momentarily for a better plan. I pulled  out and spun her around, Lucy's face pressed against the wall.  I thrust inside her once again, the small sex pot letting out a yelp as I entered her.

“Mmm I love it like this,” she hissed. “Hard...fuck me hard!” And I was. I pushed into her, sandwiching Lucy between myself and the wall. Her face craned to kiss my, my breathing heavy in her ear as I gave her everything she wanted as hard and fast as I could muster.

“Make me cum Bart....so close...little bit more...come on...just like that...”her voice as becoming more pleading and desperate, so close, her orgasm just in the distance, ready to hit her at any moment.

Her arms were above her, hands planted firmly against the brick of the wall, her moans becoming more broken and insistent. I began to thrust harder and harder, getting every bit as close as she was. My hands reached round to her breasts, cupping and kneading them, savoring the touching them in my palms, her pink nipples aroused and rubbing against the flesh of my hand.

My arms wrapped around her at the waist as I began to hit the home stretch, giving her every last bit of energy I had, and the gesture was appreciated, Lucy's moans getting higher and higher, faster and faster, more and more breathless until....

“FUUU—MMMMMPPPH” she screamed before putting my hand over hers, trying to keep our profile as low as I could. Still, there was no escaping the sounds of pleasure as Lucy came, her cunt spamsing on my cock making me lose it and cum in her, thrusting all the way in as I emptied my balls inside her.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, smiling. Her hand came to my cheek and pulled me in for a soft kiss. “You certainly have my vote.”

“Oh, we still on that joke?” I asked, gulping in air. I pulled out of her and did my pants back up, getting the view of Lucy slowly turning around, a dick drunk laugh escaping her mouth as she was coming down. Once we were both put back together, we  went back to the bar and got more drinks.

“To tradition,” I said, raising my glass.

“To tradition,” laugh Lucy, clinking her glass with mine before we both drowned our drinks. “Just be careful with tradition when it comes to Ashley. That kind of tradition...it's not good.”

“Aw, you're just saying that because you'll miss a good source of Vitamins A-D and a surefire orgasm.”

“No, I'm saying it as a friend to the both of you. You can be great together...but you can also be awful together. Just...just be careful. For both of your sakes.”

“You got it, Goose.” As much as I wish that this wasn't our post coital conversation, it's not like she was wrong. With Ashley, there were a lot more complications than I had with Liz...and then there was the next guest after Lucy, she came with her own set of complications.

Then again, things with Selena Gomez never have been easy.
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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 6: Selena Gomez
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, oral, cons)
Chapter 6: Selena Gomez

Throughout the years of doing the show, we've had a lot of guests who come back frequently. Obviously Liz and Ashley fall into that category. There are a few others. ANd yeah, if they're women, I've usually gotten in bed with them. Demi, Lucy...and of course, Selena Gomez. Selena though, she was in an odd category.
What is that category? Well, Demi and Lucy? Purely casual and we know it. We just like to fuck. End of story, no attempt at anything more and we all love that arrangement.

The other category is one Ashley and Liz fall under, where there's more than sex going on, and that makes things a little dicier. Feelings could be hurt and probably will be.

Selena however? She's in a category all her own. See, Selena and I are a couple that almost was...several times over. It all started when she was filming Spring Breakers with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley. Selena and I hit it off, big time. Of course, so did myself and Ashley. Vanessa and I dug each other too. Which is easy to happen when you go through a month and a half of pure sexual debauchery.

The thing was, wit Selena and Ashley, I really clicked. Sure, Vanessa and I liked to fuck, but it was completely different with those two. In the end, the one difference ended up being that Ashley was more bold. She knew what she wanted. Selena tended to be, well, the opposite of that. Plus her oddly loyalty at the time to pop scrotum Justin Bieber.

Still, there were times when Selena and I came close. Never when I was with Ashley, though the word threesome ain't cheating. But after Ashley, it was a different story. Well, kind of. We never ended up dating, but we always came close until she found another reason for it not to happen.

Still, I liked her. Don't get me wrong, she's always been an amazing person in my eyes. She's just the kind of person who tends to make things more difficult than they ever needed to be. Still, she was a great guest to have on, and that's where we were...for now.

Selena shows were always a lot fun. She had an amazing sense of comedic timing, she did big numbers for ticket sales, even bigger download numbers, and honestly, everyone on the crew was at least a little bit in love with her. That's the kind of person she is. The only flaw anyone could see was her horrendous taste in men she actually took the leap on and dated. And with that, we had an unspoken rule Selena would have been happy about if she knew about it; we never spoke about her love life.

And that's where we were today. Perfectly friendly with each other in the green room,  attraction absolutely raging between us and producing enough sparks to start a fire.

It was just her and I in the room. Logan wouldn't be here for a few more hours, and Selena just wanted a place to relax that wasn't someplace people would spot her and wait for her to leave. That kept her own hotel room and the office studio out. The green room however, no one would expect her to be at a non-concert venue hours before her interview. So it really was the perfect location. The fact that it was essentially our green room and decked out to our specifications was just icing on the cake. A big TV, lots of books, a mini fridge,  a game system with Netflix, pretty nice place to kick back and relax.

“As a connoisseur of green rooms, I must say Bart yours is tops,” Selena said, a cold bottle of Mexican Coke in her hand. “Relaxing, all the comforts of a hotel room, good company, and best of all, private.”

“Of course it's private Sel,” I said. “We like to provide our dear guests with the freedom to kick back, relax,breath deep and let out a few big farts in the way they just can't do in front of their fans.”

“Ew!” laughed Selena. “I do not fart! Seriously, don't you know? It's a scientific fact that girls don't do that.”

“Everyone farts.”

“Have you ever heard me do it?”

“Well, to be fair I've never seen a ghost but I'm certainly not looking to use a ouija board anytime soon. Besides, I've seen undeniable proof it happens.”

“You have?” she asked, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, Logan doesn't always close his browser.” I repled. “I'm just gonna leave it at that.”

“Well, that's going to stop eye contact between he and I for a while,” she joked.

“Sad...but he's also half-asleep most of the time so I'm sure he won't notice.” Somewhere during the conversation, Selena had moved closer to me on the couch. I couldn't decide if Just hadn't minded or if I just wanted her to be near me so much I didn't question it.

“So, where are you right now Bart?” she asked, her brown eyes locking on me, her gaze locked on target. “I mean, no one asks you that, do they? Not a lot of people. I like to think we're friends though. So...where are you right now?”

“In the green room with you.” I replied, feeling the temperature rise a few degrees.

“That's not what I mean and you know it. I mean...is there anything new for you? On the horizon?”


“Well, you know,” said, scoointg a couple inches closer. “Something beyond the podcast? You have such great ideas that don't exactly get used to their full potential on the show. I mean, I think they're good.”

“I've head this song before.”

“Well...isn't that just proof?' I don't want to harp, but I think you should try. I know I'd be willing to help. Help fund it...act in it...give you a place to sleep.”

“Is that a fact?” I asked, intrigued with both the actual things she was saying and the subtext dripping from it.

“Mmm hmm,” she nodded. “I certainly wouldn't mind seeing you more.” I hadn't seeen Selena like this since Spring Breakers, and this was even more...aggressive, I guess would be the best best word.

“Is that a fact?” I asked again. “I mean, isn't there, you know, someone you know that wouldn't like that?”

“Maybe there is and maybe there isn't,” she said. She got up from the couch and began to walk the room, every step a part of her seduction. “I mean, I could certainly ask the same question.”

“Well, the difference is I'm pretty sure I know the answer to mine from photographic evidence.” I got up now. Selena had moved to the kitchenette, looking through the cabinets in that way where it was easy to tell that wasn't what she was actually doing. It looked like it, but it was just somewhere to be and look sexy.

“I think you might be surprised.”

I was behind her, my lips to her ears. “How's that?”

“Let me ask you a question,” she asked, pushing her firm, round ass against my crotch. “And be honest.”


“What do you think of him?”

“You boyfriend?”

“Your words, not mine.”

“I think he's kind of a scrub who doesn't know what he has.” I replied, kissing her neck softly. She let out a soft moan, almost a sigh. “I saw those pap pics from your birthday...guy doesn't remotely appreciate you. In my honest opinion.”

“Mmmm, we agree then,” she said, then moved from my body to the door of the green room, she leaned her back against it, my eye catching her hand locking it. “I'm not as naive or lovesick as some people think. I can catch on to things kind of quick. I've learned to really hate being taken for granted...I don't want that anymore.”

“Then what do you want?” I asked. I was directly in front of her now, achingly close to her body.

“Maybe I want someone who has always been the right choice, but for dumb reasons I kept walking away from...with the bonus of already knowing they're amazing, both in and out of bed.”

“Have any ideas?”

“Mmmm, I can think of a nominee or two.” Our lips met and the fire was ignited. Her hands grasped the hem of my shirt and tugged it off, our kiss only breaking to remove it completely. The moment the touched again, my hands went to work, one caressing her head while the other slid down her pants.

“Ooouuhhhh,” she moaned as my fingers entered her. Her eyes where somewhere between shut and fluttering, a sensual smile on her face and pleasure coursed through her.

“Like that don't you?” I said, extending my tongue to lick her lips. “Do you want more?”

“Uh huh,” she said, licking her lips, then mine. “Gimme more.” My hand caressed from her cheek to her lips, Selena sucking on my thumb while my other hand undid her pants.

“Lay on the couch,” I said, planting on last kiss on her lips before she did so. Selena kicked her shoes off and removed the band from her hair, letting the broan locks fall to her shoulders before she laid upon the couch.

As I made my way over, I removed my pants and made a beeline  for her legs. I slowly peeled off her jeans, revealing one of the most amazing set of legs on earth. Once she was bare, wearing nothing more than her sheer body suit, I began exploring the many wonder that Ms. Gomez had to offer.

I started at her ankle, slowly savoring my way up her killer stems. My mouth made a map that hopped between her legs that I traced with my fingers, slowly but tantalizingly making my way to the honey pot.

I pushed aside the crotch of her bodysuit and dove right in. There's something to say for a bit of teasing for pleasing, however when you're centimeter's away from Selena Gomez's pussy, that kind of thinking goes right out the window.

“Mmmmmbaby,” she moaned. “Right there...right there...give me more...fuck that's it.” Selena arched her back, giving one of my hands an ample chance to massage her ass while the other roamed up her body and under the bodysuit, massaging her breasts and my mouth continued to work on her pussy.

When I felt her thighs press against my ears, muffling the sounds of her pleasure but giving me a very tactile sign of her enjoyment. Face first between the thighs of Selena Gomez, what a place to be.

“Fuuuuck yeah...oh....oh Bart...I need it....I need you in me honey...oh sweet...mmmm....”

“Is that what you really want?” I asked. “You want my cock?”

“Mmm hmm,” she said while licking her lips. “Your cock....”

“And where do you want it?”

“In...in me...I want that hard cock in my pussy...”

“That's what I wanted to hear.” I pulled my mouth a way and stood up, Selena did the same, shedding her bodysuit and leaving herself and stark naked as I was. I grasped her arm and pulled her close to me. I moaned slightly as her soft hand grasped my cock, Selena looking up into my eyes, that gorgeous smile radiating then biting her lower lip before another kiss.

“Think I could get a ride?” she asked, her thumb circling just under the crown of my cock.

“I think that can most definitely be arranged.” We moved down to the carpet, myself lying on my back with Selena on top of me, the two of us embracing before she straddled me.

She began with a bit of a tease, grinding her cunt against my cock, a confident smile on my face as she drove me wilder and wilder. When I couldn't much more teasing, I grasped her hips. She knew it was time.

In seconds I was in her and it was every bit as amazing as it had been before, from the sensation to the view.

“Fuuck, ride that cock Sel,” I ground. “Fucking ride.”

And she did, the physical treats just as intense and the visual ones. Her moans, the feel of her body, the taste  of her flesh when I moved to enjoy her breasts, very few women could be the total package in sex as she could.

Selena knew exactly how to work things, and keep just on that edge; so close to giving in to pleasure while it also seeming a hundred miles away. That was a hundred miles that needed traveling. And with Selena, it was quite the fun journey.

My eyes roamed her body like my hands, watching and feel her hips as sh rode me, then ground against me. Mesmerizing doesn't even come close to an apt description. Then a journey of caressing her cute, sexy tummy up to her breasts, then to her face.

She kissed the palm of my hand, then sucked on my finger. I could feel her hot breath on my digit as it left her mouth, heavy breathing tinged with lust coming from such an angelic face. It brought out a hunger in me. I rolled us over and pulled out Selena, directing her get on all fours.

“Mmm, yes sir,” smiled, shaking her ass before I gave it a smack.  I leaned over, kissing her should while I lined my cock up again and re-entered my Latina sex goddess.

“Unnnngg yeah, fuck me...oh...oh god yes...” I brought Selena up to me, her back to my chest. My hand darted to her clit, frigging it as I thrust into her.

“Cum on Selena,” I said, my lips to her ear. “Cum for e...gonna feel so good baby...just let yourself go and enjoy it...cum for Bart...come on my cock....”

“Nnnng ohhhh...fuuuuooooh cumming...cumming...CUMMING!” I held her close as she came, her words morphing into a moan into a whisper as her body shook in pleasure.

We laid forward, Selena prone before me as I continued to drive into her, getting closer and closer to my own release.

“You're gonna make me cum baby,” I spoke in her ear. “Fuck gonna cum so hard Selena...all for you...”

“I wanna taste you,” she said. I pulled out of her and she spun around, back on all fours and took me in her mouth, sucking me fast until I released, filling her mouth up with my cum.

When the tap had run dry, Selena pulled off and I dropped onto my ass, looking intently at her as she made a show of swallowing my load, the happily showing off her empty mouth.

“Come here,” I said. She crawled over to me and we embraced again, leaning on the couch now, softly kissing each other. “I think this is going to be a great show.”

“Always is, especially when we do our little pre-show ceremony,” she giggled. “They still make those kick ass Cajun bacon cheese burgers here?”


“Good, be a good amazing lay and order us up a couple. And some sweet potato fries...and a ocuple more of those Mexican Cokes.”

“You still get hungry after sex?”

“Oh, big time,” she said, reaching for he own clothes. “Besides, already had the appetizer.” She kissed me on the cheek as I put my clothes back on. Before two long we were dining on the best bacon cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries money could buy, or in the case, that could be comped.

“You know, you're like the third person to say something about me doing more than the show,” I said. “I didn't know it was such a group consensus.”

“I don't know about that.” Selena replied. “Who else said it?”

“Troian and Ashley. Though neither with quite the offer you gave.”

“Well, I am a great negotiator.” Selena winked at m, then toka sip of her drink. “You and Ashley are talking again?”

“Yeah. It's, well, weird and complicated but not necessarily bad.”

“Well, that's good,” she said. “Hate to be the other woman, especially with Ashley.”

“So, let's say I take you up o;n your offer,” I said. “Am I sleeping on the couch or in your bed?”

“I think I'll help you find a cheap place otherwise Abel might have some questions.”

“Funny, the way you were talking earlier then with all the hot sex I figured he might be on his way out.”

“He might be.” She threw her hair back, not even realizing how sexy she was being with such a simple movement. “Believe me, I know when I'm not being appreciated, and he's right on the edge of being out. And you might just be on the verge of being in.”

“What a place to be.”

“Thanks,” she smiled. “But, you know. It's complicated. I don't know where me and him are or you and I are aside from the sex part.”

“Believe me, I know what you're talking about,” I said, thoughts of my situations with both Liz and Ashley jumping right into my head.

“I promise you though, when I find out where I am you'll be the first to know...and then after the the answer to you lodging question will be “bed”, most definitely.”

“Well, that's one weight off my shoulder.”

“Well, you and I are just so good at relieving any stress the other might have,” she said, leaning over to plant a soft kiss on my lips. “Maybe we'll get to do that on a more permanent basis in a little while.”

That certainly was an appealing thought....then again, I couldn't lie and say Selena was the only woman on my mind, especially with Liz coming down for a purely social visit, and soon.

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 7: Elizabeth Gillies
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. None of it ever occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, cons, oral, anal, titfuck)
Chapter 7: Elizabeth Gillies

"You know, this was all my idea and you still haven't told me where we're going," said Liz Gillies. She was in passenger seat of my car, which was filled with our luggage, two bags a piece. "Not even a clue?"

"There's a beach," I said. "And honestly, calling all this your idea might be a bit of a stretch."

"Really? Refresh my memory, but shortly before making you blow your wad using just my voice, what did I say we'd be doing? Was it not enjoying dinner, wine, and each other's company and bodies?"

"That it was."

"Then I rest my case."

"Well, just for resting that case I feel far more justified in not telling you where we're staying for a week."

"I do have ways of making you talk, Bartholomew." I hated being called by that name, but somehow, when Liz said it, I couldn't get too angry. Especially when she made it drip with sex.

"And I have ways of making you moan and groan, but we have to save something for the suite."

"Oh, a suite is it?" she asked. "At the beach and it's a suite..."

"Liz, stop thinking and maybe just enjoy the scenery? It's week away...that was your idea."

"Score one for me."

"Yeah, so...enjoy."

"Oh, but that's the thing Bart," she said, leaning over to kiss my cheek. "I already am. Good company goes a long way."

"I'm flattered."

"Oh you should be." she replied. "And genuinely. I don't like that many people. And going so far as to say I actually enjoy your company in a way that is only affectionate? Almost unheard of."

“A diamond in the rough, is that what I am?”

“Well, maybe. Cubic Zirconium definitely. Not just costume jewelry.”

“Nice to know I'm climbing up the ladder.” She gave me a smirk then leaned back in the passenger seat. I could totaly understand Liz's anxiousness. Technically, this was all her idea. We still weren't “officially” dating, but she thought it'd be a good idea to just spend some time together. No work, no Hollywood, no one else but the two of us. I agreed. So after my little bit of discussion and much more with Selena about what her and I were, I made a couple calls, and well...let's just say I got the serious hook-up.

Within the next ten minutes, Liz's question was answered. We pulled into a quiet but very nice looking hotel lobby. After the valet took the car, we went into the lobby.

Liz was actually stunned silent as she looked around the surprisingly posh surroundings. The lobby was connected to a very nice looking bar and was itself loaded with comfortable couches and chairs with a nearly excruciatingly polite staff.

“Okay, color me jaw-dropped,” she said. “How did you pull this off, Bart?”

“You'd be surprised the amount of money folks are willing to pay to be on a podcast where Taylor Swift is the guest.” I replied. “Is that your way of saying you approve?”

“OH, don't worry, you'll see my way of giving approval sooner than later. I will say, great job.” She stopped us both and kissed me, her blue eyes sparkling a small smile on her face. “Don't let that go to your head.”

“Well, not yet anyway, right?”

She gave small laugh before following me to registration. It wasn't long after that that a bell person led us to our suite, which again led Liz to get a case of that dreadful dropping jaw.

The suite itself was quite large. The den area had a couch, a lounge chair and a fully stocked bar. There was even a deck with a beautiful view of the beach with enough rom for a table and two chairs. The bed room itself was huge. Kingsize with silk sheets, another small table to eat breakfast in, and it was connected to a huge bathroom, complete with a big, spacious shower and a hot tub next to it.

As soon as I tipped the bell person and we were alone, Liz asked the question anyone would at this point.

“How the Hell are you not broke after this? Sponsorships don't pay THIS much.”

“Yeah, well, this hotel? It's one of the sponsors. After your call, I called them up to see if I could take payment in some other form. Needless to say, an agreement was reached.”

“Damn, you are smarter than you look. I owe Ari a dollar.”

“Right in the feelings Liz,” I said smirking. “So, I was thinking, after unpacking...how about you and I maybe go for a walk on the beach, right around sunset?”

“That sounds pretty romantic,” she said, a smile barely being held back.

“Well, what's a little romance between friends?”

“Good point.”

We promptly got into our swimsuits, Liz in an amazingly hot blue one-piece swimsuit with a sheer shawl tied around her waist as a pseudo skirt.

The beach was, fortunately for us, fairly quiet. Aside from a few people laying out, it was just the two of us. Perfect temperature, too. Not too hot nor too cold.

“Okay, sarcasm filter off again, ths is great,” Liz said. “You're really, really outdoing any expectations I might have had.”

“Well, to be fair they were probably very low expectations.” I replied, getting a punch in the arm.

“I'm being serious. This is...this is really, really nice. Just us. No work stuff. We're not here for either of our jobs. We're just here to be here. With each other. I really like that. It's been too long since I've been able to do something like this.”

“Glad to oblige you in some stress free fun.”

“Well, the fun's only just started if you ask me. You maybe have booked this getaway, but it was still my idea...and you haven't seen everything I have planned.”

“I'm going to hold you to that.”

“Oh I'm counting on it,” she said. “Want to head back to the room?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We made our way back. Fortunately for me, before we were in the hotel room Liz was stopped by a fan for a picture. This gave me time to set up a it of a surprise with a simple text message.

When we finally made it to the door, outside was a tray of strawberries and champagne waiting for us.

“You know, usually I'd say something about laying it on thick,” she said, checking out the chilled bubbly. “But just this once you get a pass.”

“Lucky me.” I opened the door, Liz going in first while I came in with the champagne and berries. I poured us each a glass, then Liz headed out to the deck, looking at the sun set, sipping her drink.

“This is gorgeous view,” she said. “Just stunning.”

“I can't help but agree,” I said. I came up behind her and kissed her shoulder, making the voluptuous starlet purr. I reached around and grasped her breasts through her swimsuit, my lips moving to hers.

We removed our clothes, no longer necessary to where we were going for the rest of the night. I kissed my way down her back until I got to her ass.. I wrapped my arms around her and went face first into her firm yet plump ass.

“Ohhh, eat that ass Bart,” she moaned. It was a demand I was all too eager to take on. While my tongue licked and probed her rosebud my fingers played with her pussy and clit. Her moans of pleasure did nothing but turn me on more and more, the actions of one feeding into and turning up the other.

I backed away from her ass, smacking the firm apple and kissing both cheeks before stand back up. I grasped my hard cock and lined up with her moist, tight opening and thrust forward.

“Unnn yeah,” she said. My arms were still wrapped around her as I began to fuck her. Liz braced herself against the deck's railing. “Fuck...fuck Bart...baby that's right....give that cock...”

Not only was I more than happy to do that, I also too the time out of this busy sexual schedule to play with Liz's pussy and tits with my hands. Multitasking can be fun.

I moved back a bit, Liz now bent over, her back arched. My hands grasped her by the hips as I continued to fuck her.

“Oh fuck I'm gonna cum,” she said. “Don't stop...keep fucking me Bart...make me cum..make me cum on your cock...oh shiiiit!”

As soon as her orgasm hit her I pulled Liz close to me, her back to my chest as it rocked her body, still thrusting into her spasming pussy as she rode it out.

“Wanna taste your cum,” Liz said, her head leaning against my shoulder. “Give me that cum and I'll swallow every fucking drop.” Never being able to turn her down, especially when balls deep in her, I pulled out and Liz spun around, kissing down my chest until she got to me cock, which she hungrily took in her mouth.

“Oh fuck CUMMING!” I cried out, filling the brunette bombshell's mouth with my cum, Liz swallowing stream after stream, never finishing a beat, or releasing me, until I was spent.

My knees week, I had to sit in on of the deck, chairs, Liz sitting in my lap, resting her head on my chest.

“And just think, this is only the first night,” she said with a laugh.

“And we haven't even put a real dent in the champagne.” I replied. “Want to rectify that?”

“Perfect plan.” And it was. We fooled around a bit more until the champagne was gone, then were passed out in bed.

It was a small miracle when we woke up, we were both hangover-free, but hungrier than Hell. One phone call to room service and that problem was swiftly solved.

We ate at the deck, full view of the beach once again.

“Well, last night was certainly a great start,” she said. “Sadly, I think you've raised the bar too high.”

“Is that a challenge Liz?”

“Oh completely. One I fully expect you to meet and exceed with only minimal worries of complete and total failure.”

“Only minimal?”

“I'm feeling generous.” she replied, winking as she bit into her toast. “So, what's the plan for today?”

“Well, there's this boat service that does like a lunch thing while it takes you around they bay. Not much, Just some wine and fruit and stuff. Then thought we could hit the town for an early dinner. Made reservations at this five star place, and yes, they do vegan.”

“Shit, you really did go all out on this, even with it pretty much guaranteed I was putting out.” She sipped her orange juice, her beautiful blue eyes looking right at me. “Definitely a minimal chance of failure.”

With such a sign of confidence, we went about the day. On the trip around the bay, it was wonderful. Good conversation with an amazing set of views, one for the ocean an the other on Liz.

After my last encounter with Selena, it really occurred to me if I feel this way about someone, I should genuinely try to spend more time with them outside the bed room. Aside from my years with Ashley, I hadn't really gotten a chance to do that with Liz or Selena, and it was time to make up for all the lost time. I still knew a relationship wasn't a sure thing, we both did without mentioning it. But a week like this...it at least set the stage.

It wasn't too long after the boat trip was over we headed back to the suite to get dressed for our early dinner. Liz though, she had slightly altered the plan, as I was about to see.

I turned around after closing the door and Liz pinned me to it.

“You know, with you stepping up your game, it got me thinking,” she said, he had massaging my cock through my pants. “Maybe I'm slacking a little. I mean yeah, vacation...but it doesn't mean I shouldn't add a bit more to the situation, would you agree?”

“Well, I think things have been going pretty damn good,” I said, a Cheshire grin on my face. “But far be it from me to stand in your way if you have a good idea on how we can improve the fun we're already having.”

“Well then, allow me.” After a soft kiss to my lips, Liz descended to her knees and undid my pants, pulling them down to my ankles.

Liz looked up at her, her nails lightly raking my thighs before moving to my cock and balls. She fondled and cradled my balls with one hand while the other softly jacked my cock. A confident smirk crossed her lips as I grew hard in her hands.

I watched with baited breath as she moved her mouth to my balls, licking and sucking them while he hand still, almost teasingly, gave my hand a slow strokejob.

“Just enjoy,” she said. “Right now, it's all about you. Liz extended her tongue and licked the underside from base to tip, ending it by flicking the head a bit before planting a kiss right there.

Her hot breath on my cockhead made me groan. This was vintage Liz. With time to spare, she was a force to be reckoned with, and she was already pretty damn impressive on the fly.

“Fuuuuuck that's it,” I growled as she slowly began to take me in her mouth. This wasn't about speed. We had reservations, but honestly, in a position like this Liz knew there was no time limit.

The build up as slow and methodical, no wasted movment. She knew exactly where to snake her tongue and when to drive me wild at just the right pace, and this was all just with her mouth, no hands.

Slowly but surely, Liz's tempo pick up, and her hands joined the party, but still, she's was pouring on just enough to keep me on edge, seemingly having no set time for when she wanted me to cum, which both loved and hated at the same. She had me insane with lust.

Her red lipstick was being smeared on my cock, the member itself slick with saliva. Liz pulled back, sucking only on the head and swirling her tongue around it at a surprisingly fast pace then pulled off, a string of spit connecting my cock to her lips that was broken only when she licked them.

Without a word, Liz took off her shirt, tossing it behind her. “Fuck my tits,” she said.  “Have fun, fuck them. I mean, what else are vacations for?”

“Touche,” I said. I placed my rd between the fleshy globes, then Liz pressed them tightly together as I began to thrust.

“Oh yeah baby...mmm fuck my tits. Fuck them till you cum...fucking coat these titties in cum...mmm I love it, you know? Makes me hot, you doing this...knowing I'm making you cum...fuck I'm wet right now...fuck my tits, Bart..”

“Oh fuck...fuck Liz...gonna cum...fuck I'm gonna cum.”

“Mmmm, then do it baby...shoot on my fucking tits!”

“FUCK!” I growled, unloading what felt like a flood of cum, covering Liz's chin and breasts. Liz continued jerking me with her tits, making me weak in the knees as my shots slowed to dribbles until I finally had to pull away. “Fuck...holy shit, Liz...”

“I'll take that as a positive review,” she joked, her eyes still on mine and she scooped up some of jizz from her tits into her mouth. “Now, I think we better hit the showers and wash up. I don't know about you, but I'm all of a sudden very hungry.”

Liz and I shed our clothes and headed to the shower, caressing and washing each other in the shower, embracing and kissing deeply as the water cascaded off our skin. But still, it was just a very friendly shower. Once we were done, we were dressed to the nines, especially Liz, and were on out way to the restaurant.

The restaurant was low lit, candles at every table along with a vase of roses. As much as the visuals were appealing, the menu seemed to be what really excited Liz.

“You actually found a restaurant that's five stars and has a sizable vegan selection,” she said excitedly. “Okay, not joking, I have to repeat that...but I am completely impressed. This is just the cherry on top of everything else....thank you.”

“Oh, no problem Liz,” I said. “I like earning my keep.”

“I'm not joking. Thank you. I mean it.” Her hand reached over to hold mine. “You put a lot into this. It means a lot.”

“You're welcome. Besides, I wanted to do it. I mean all we ever seem to do is see each other because of the show. This...I wanted it to be just us. No show bullshit, no work stuff. Just you and me.”

“Well, you had the right thought. What was it you said? Oh, yeah. What's a little romance between friends?” We both leaned over the table, our lips meeting in a deep yet tender kiss.

While the restaurant indeed was five stars all the way, from appetizer to dessert, the true cap off of the night happened when we returned to the room. The moment the door closed we were all over each other. Instead of tearing at each other's clothes, we slowly removed them off each other, savoring every single moment that the night had left.

Kissing and licking her legs as I hiked up her skirt to remove her black lace underwear,Liz licking and softly biting my chest as she removed my shirt, we were doing something we'd never done with each other before, taking our time completely.

Soon we were both stripped clean, I laid Liz down on the silk sheet sof te bed and slither my way between her legs, my lips and fingers teasing her inner thighs until my faces was at her crotch.

“Unnnnnfff,” Liz moaned as I began to eat her. I sucked and licked at her clit while my fingers worked inside her. I hooked my free arm around Liz's leg and pulled even closer to me. Not that it was necessary, as Liz was doing a pretty good job of that with her hand, grasping me by the hair and grinding my face into her cunt.

I could help but smile to myself as Liz moaned and writhe on the bed, the only words coming out were half-formed obscenities and pleads for more. When I crooked my fingers just right and hit the right spot and...

“FUCK!” Liz nearly screamed, arching her back as an orgasm rocked her body, my tongue happily lapping up as she came. When Liz came back down to Earth, our lips met again, the buxom brunette moaning as she tasted herself on my lips and tongue.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and with one thrust, I was in to the hilt. By this point, words of no use. We both knew what we wanted, all it took was eye contact at this point.

“Oooh fuuuck yesss,” she moaned as my rhythm built. Liz pressed me face against her breasts while I happily enjoyed everysingle sensations I could on those wonderful mounds of flesh. The taste, them smell, the feel,the look, everything. My mouth moved to her shoulder, then to her neck and finally back to her lips. Our forehead pressed together, sex-drunk smiles on our faces as we locked eyes for a few seconds before Liz's head rolled back.

I rolled onto my back, wanting the ever lovely view of Liz Gillies riding my cock. Fortunately for me, she was more than agreeable to this. She kissed me three times, once on the lips and twice on the chest before really starting to ride me like a bucking bronco.

My hands instinctively went for her hips. “Uh uh,” she smiled, grasping them by the wrist and bringing them to her tits. “Much better starting point, right?”

“You got me there,” I grinned. Satisfied that everything was in its place, Liz began to gain her own pace. “Ohhh fuck that's good.”

“You can say that again.” Liz through her head back, her hair falling behind her. She leaned back, her hands on my legs as she ground her hips a bit before going full on. But when she did, it was my turn to moan half-intelligible obscenities.

My hands began to roam Liz's body, feeling every bit of flesh, every curve of her body while getting an amazing view of her enjoying herself as well. My hands never quite found a place to stay though, roaming the beautiful form of her body. Grasping her hips, reaching for her ass, returning to her tits. I couldn't remember the last tiem I got to explore her body so fully.

Liz leaned forward, our lips meeting again before she moved them to my ear, still grinning on my cock.

“Mmmm, I've been thinking about trying something a little bit different,” she purred in my ear. “I think asking is a bit redundant, but...you care to try something new?”

“Oh, of course,” I said between breaths.

“Good.” Liz, licking my earlobe before getting off of me. She gave me a wink as she climbed voer me and got on all fours. “I think you can figure it out from here.”

“You know, we've done it like this before.” I said, licking from her thigh to her ass, then kissing both cheeks. “Not that I remotely mind.”

“Mmmm, bare with me,” she said, winking at me over her shoulder. “And stick it in. Not in the mood for a vacant pussy just yet.”

“How are you single again?” I asked, entering her once again.

“High standards.” she moaned in response. “You're meeting just about all of them, by the way.” I smacked her on the ass then grabbed her hips. I  leaned forward and kissed her neck as I slowly built up a rhythm, almost teasing her from the pace were had been at before.

“Unnnn Bart that's it,” she hissed. “Fuck baby that's just what I wanted right now...fuck...” I placed one more kiss on her back before rising back up. I swiveled my hips a bit gyrating as I took slow, deep strokes into Liz's hot pussy.

“God damn,” I growled, my teeth clenched. I grpped Liz's ass hard as my pace slowly increased. “Holy shit Liz...”

“Same here,” she grinned. “Now...about that new thing?”


“Mmmmfuck...Bart...fuck...fuck my ass.”

“You sure?” I asked. “I mean, we've never...”

“Yeah, kind of the point in calling it a new thing. I want it though...”

“Okay,” I said, giving Liz a few more pumps before pulling out. Fortunately,my cock was very, very slick and coated in her juices as Pressed against her back door. “Play with your clit a bit babe,” I said. I leaned over and grasped her hand, working with her in frigging her clit as the head popped in.

“Fuck that's tight,” she gasped. “Mmm, just take it slow.”

“I promise.” And I kept that promise. Slowly, ever so slowly, I inched my way inside Liz's ass,Liz breathing deep, every second getting more and more used to the intrusion. I leaned over, my lips to her ear now. “Look at you...so fucking sexy...and beautiful and nasty all at once...taking a cock up your ass.  And you're doing so good babe...so good.”

“Oh...oh fuck it's tight...fuck it's big,” she moaned. “Oh shit don't stop...keep going...fuck my ass...”

With encouragement like that, it'd be downright rude to even consider stopping. Very slowly, A faster speed was built. Not too fast or hard, but just enough. Liz's moans became ones of pure pleasure, matching my own.

“Oh fuck I think I'm actually going to cum,” she said, joyous disbelief in her voice. “Holy fuck I'm going to cum with a dick up my ass!”

“Do it baby,” I said. “Fucking cum with my cock in your ass...fucking do I...feel good, doesn't it?”


“Cum baby,” I said, my hand and hers a blur on her clit. “Cum for me...fucking cum!”

“OH FUCKING SHIT!!!” howled Liz, getting the surprise orgasm of her life, her asshole clamping down tight on my cock, setting me off as well.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum!” I shouted.

“In me! Fucking shot in me oh fuck PLEASE fill my ass with your cum!” Liz yelled. I couldn't quite believe it, but it wasn't like I could hold out either. Growling loudly, I shot up her ass, basting her bowels with my cum.

We both fell forward in a laughing, sweaty heap. We looked at other, big, dopey grins on our faces.

“Wow,” she said. “Just...wow.”

“Complete agreement.” I replied. “Idea for tomorrow...we stay in bed and get room service all day.”

“Read my mind.” After a few minutes of rest, we both hoped in the shower, genuinley too tired to do anything but wash each other off.

The next day, we followed the plan. Room service and bed all day. Not even that much sex, just lazing around in bed. The night was capped off with a hot bubble bath.

Liz's nude form laid against me in the tub, the two of us completely content and relaxed.

“Thanks,” I said, kissing the back of her head.

“For what?”

“For not bringing up what I should be doing with my life and how I'm terminally underachieving. I've been getting that a lot lately and I just want to say thanks for not bringing it up.”

“Well, for starters I'd never fucking say that.” she replied. She turned to face me, my cock now just outside her pussy. “Look, whatever you want to do with your life? Your business as long as you're not hurting anyone. And considering the week we're having, you're doing pretty good for yourself. So if anyone has problem with that, well, tough. They don't get a vote. And if I were to say anything it'd be that if we were going to start this thing we have up as a genuine relationship...”


“Well, I'd want you closer to me. Same town at least...same house maybe...I don't know. It's just, if I have a boyfriend, I kind of want easy access to him.”

“Well, if we were dating-dating, that's definitely something I'd consider. Where are we on that?”

“Well, you've made a great case,” she said, grasping my dick, smiling as it hardened in her hand. “I just..and I know this sounds weird, I need more time. Not because of any doubts beyond long distance. I mean, I'm not even shooting the show in California. If we committed to this, right now, it'd be long distance right off the bat. I...I don't want that. I want time, just with you. No work bullshit on my end. Just normal relationship bullshit.”

“I can understand that,” I said. “I guess I can wait.”

“Well, I think I can give you a bit more incentive,” she said. A sly grin was on Liz's face and she straddled me, slowly lowering herself onto my cock. “Mmmm, how's that? Can't you just feel those troubles melt away?”

“Among other things, yeah,” said. I wrapped my arms around Liz and pulled her close, kissing her deeply as she began to ride.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Fuck me....fuck me and cum inside me baby.

“Mmm, you okay with that?” I asked.

“No problem,” she moaned. “Want it.” My hands moved down her back to her ass, grasping it as our paced increased to the point I was shocked the water was not sloshing out of the pool.

“Mmm, give it to me baby...fuck I want it...oh Bart I want it....” I could feel Liz's nails digging into my back, her legs squeezing me tighter, refusing to let me go until I shot.

“Fuck...fuck I'm close...” I said, shocked at how quick it was approaching.

“Don't hold back baby,” she said, licking my lips. “Cum in me...cum in me....”

I buried my face in Liz's  chest as I came inside, her. Once the last drop had been released, she gave me a soft kiss on the lips and got out of the tub.

“I'm going to order some room service,” she said, not even bothering to put on a bathrobe, her nude form still soaking wet. “Was thinking some sorbet. That sounds good to you?”

“Sure,” I said, coming down in the pool.

“Great, finish up in there and come to bed.” She blew me a kiss and walked out of the bathroom.

I leaned back in the tub and smiled. Were Liz and I together? Nope. Were we in a better place than last time? Yes, we were. The ground was a lot more solid. But still, it wasn't going to be easy. After all, she had a point. She wasn't going to be in LA for a while due to her show. And anything could happen in that time. Still though, this whole trip? Totally worth it.

And technically my time off from the show wouldn't be over when we went home. I still had the work part of the vacation to look forward to in New York The first guest was the one who kind of paid for this whole week with sponsors almost fighting for ad time on the show she was going to be interviewed on.

Yep, Taylor Swift was always good for business...and up for a good time.

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 8: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being A Podcaster
by Maxwell Lord
(MF, MFF, FF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Exhib, Masturbation)
Chapter 8: Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

After the weekend with Liz was over, we both had to get back to work, though her return was far more immediate than mine. Sure I needed to go to NY to record an interview, but it wasn't WORK work.

First off, I was interviewing Taylor Swift, which my gut instinct told me was going to be pretty darn fun. Then after that, I'd be spending the remainder of my time with Ashley Benson. No interview, just the two of us getting friendlier following our little reunion rendezvous in the office.

All in all, I was looking forward to my time in NY until I saw the latest pap shots of Selena with her "more serious than she let on" boyfriend. I didn't want to let that put me in a sour mood, but it wasn't really working. I was more than a little pissed. I just hoped that wouldn't effect my actual work.

I was undisturbed as I left the plane and headed to pick up my luggage. From there I went to go grab a cab when I paused at the sight of a limo driver holding a sign with my name on it. “Taylor”, I said to myself.

I approached the limo driver, probably looking nothing like the passengers he usually had. “Yeah, I'm Bart Curry.”

“Great,” he said. “Follow me.” With that, Mr. Excitement lead me to the limousine. I got in the back, remembering fondly the last time I was in a limo with Liz. This time however, I was alone, save for a box tied with a bow and a note.

I opened the note. It was from Taylor, and it read:


Can't wait to see you, been far too long. I just know the interview is going to go great. Hope you enjoy the presents. Yes, that's plural.



I dropped the note with a smirk and grabbed the box. I undid the bow and opened the box to find a gift. I was more than a little shocked Taylor had given me a Rolex. Then again, she was also crazy rich so to her it was probably as easy as a watch you'd win in an arcade claw machine which just so happened to be my tendency when I actually bothered with a watch. Still, it was a nice gesture.

The drive over pleasantly surprised me by being extremely light on traffic. It seemed like I had only just gotten in the limo when it arrived in front of Taylor's apartment building. The limo door was opened for me by a bellhop.

“Mr. Curry?” he asked. I nodded in reply. “Excellent, Ms. Swift has been expecting you.  And don't worry about a tip, that's been taken care of. Ms. Swift is very generous.”

“That she is.” I replied. The bellman grabbed my luggage and put it on a cart while the limo drove off.

“This way sir. Ms. Swift prefers that she and her guests take this route to avoid alerting the paparazzi to their comings and goings.” I followed him to a side entrance, then to what seemed like an exclusive elevator. When we got in, I observed the elevator seemed to bypass almost every floor save for the final five. Very exclusive.

The elevator opened to a floor with only a handful of doors. I was lead to one at the very end of the hall. The bellman rang the intercom buzzer.

“Yes?” said Taylor through crackling static of the the intercom.

“Your guest is here, Ms. Swift.” the bellman replied.


“I would presume so, yes.” We both heard the door click.

“It's unlocked now, come in,” she said. The bellman, who's name was apparently Ted if his name tag was anything to go by, opened the door for me, then quickly followed me in with my cart.

“There we are sir. And no need for a tip, Ms. Swift has taken care of all of that. Have a wonderful stay.” Ted the bellman took a quick bow and left me alone in the living room of Taylor's apartment. No sooner than he left, Taylor had entered the room, greeting me with a monstrous hug for such a slim woman.

“Oh my god Bart,” she said. “It has been way too long! How've you been?”

“All right.” I replied. “Things could be better.”

“I can only assume one of those things is a certain Latina we both know?”

“How did you--”

“Whenever Selena has amazing sex she calls, so I've known since Spring Breakers. Though I thought you two might have been getting closer.”

“That makes two of us.”

“Yeah...drink?” I nodded. Taylor led me over to her bar and poured me some Johnny Walker blue. “I love that girl. She's my best friend. But even I have to say that the day she makes a good choice in her love life is the day I release a screamo album.”

“Am I a good choice?” I asked, my tone sarcastic. “What did I do to ruin my rep?”

“Not much. You're definitely a step up from the Beibtard and I can't say I wouldn't rather see you walking around New York with her than someone who thinks cocaine is food group.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“No problem.” Taylor poured herself a drink and we clinked our glasses in a toast. “To those who look right past what's in front of them.” We downed our drinks then moved over to the couch.

“So what have you been up to besides recording?” I asked. “Usual evil mastermind stuff?”

“Ooh, even more so. Haven't you heard? I'm all kinds of evil. A snake even.”

“Perfect, great for the interview. Just don't mention where the bodies are buried when we start recording.”

“Please Bart, this isn't my first rodeo,” she said with a smile. “So...with Selena, when she was talking about you...it didn't seem like you two were a sure thing. Mutual coice, she assured me, so no judging.”

“This is true.”

“Good. You should keep your options as open as you can.”

“You actually telling me to screw other women aside from your friend?”

“Best friend.” she corrected. “But, well, yeah. Take it from me, never be someone's back up. Ever. Because you'll never be seen as any kind of equal. And don't wait. Find yourself someone who cares and isn't afraid to show it. Someone that just wants you to be you.

“Wow, thanks Doc, how much I owe you?”

“Therapy's free,” she smiled. “Almost. Only price you have to pay is joining me for dinner.”

“Oh, the horror,” I mocked. “Wine...lobster...you vile harpy.”

“Oh, that's it Bart. Sweet talk me.” She winked at me before heading into her room. “Get changed. Nothing too fancy.”

I grabbed some clothes from my bag and went to the nearest bathroom to change. Nothing too fancy, as she said, but nothing schlubby either. When I came out, Taylor was dressed similarly, though honestly I'd have to add the adjective phrase, “ungodly hot”.

“Looking good,” she said. “Let's go.” We headed to the elevator and down to what seemed to be a very private section of the building's garage, whee Taylor's personal limousine was already started up and ready to go.

“How many paps we going to deal with?” I asked. “Am I going to be mistaken for your latest conquest?”

“You should be so lucky,” joked Taylor, giving me quite the leg show as she crossed her legs in the spacious back of the limo. “No paps. See, here's the trick with them: they don't get any shots we don't want them to get. So, I don't want any pictures taken tonight. So no “anonymous tip”. We're leaving the back way and entering the restaurant through the alley and sitting nowhere near a window.”

“Privacy? You must want to be 100% focused on me. I have that effect on people.”

“Oh yes, you do. How's Selena, again?”

“Ouch.” I replied. “Fake smile, real pain.”

“Aw, poor baby. Maybe if you're good Taylor will make it up to you after dinner.”


“Maybe,” she smiled.

During the drive, we chit-chatted, light talk. Taylor seemed to want to save any real conversation, about the show or otherwise, for the restaurant. To her credit, I didn't see any telltale signs of paps. No sign of the usual gang of photographers that followed Taylor around were present when we arrived at the restaurant. Further to Taylor's plans for the night, we had a corner booth, far away from any windows and most of the other customers.

The restaurant itself was just like our wardrobe, nice, but nothing fancy. After we'd ordered, we began an actual earnest dinner conversation in a way that only Taylor could.

“No offense Bart, but honestly, I think Selena is a lost cause,” she said. “And it's not you. I like you and think you'd be good for her. But, let's be honest, Selena and what's good for her are two things that very rarely meet in the world of romance.”

“Believe me, I know that first hand.” I replied. “So...just give up?”

“Until she comes to her senses? Yeah. I love her. She's my best friend. Which means I know her. I don't want to see a good guy like you just waiting for something that might never happen. Besides, I think we both know that finding yourself some fun in the meantime has never been an issue for you.”

“Me?” I asked, feigning innocence. “Have you heard something that would shatter my choir boy reputation?”

“Oh, I better have or your other presents are ruined.” She smirked, seductively sipping from her glass of wine.  Right then the waiter brought us our food. When he left, Taylor looked me right in the eyes, a sly smile of seduction on her face. “Eat up, Bart. You're gonna need the energy.”

Unsurprisingly, we both rushed through the meal. Not super fast, but enough so we both noticed that we were ready for what Taylor had planned for the rest of the night.

As soon as the bill was paid, with a sizable tip, we rushed outside to the alley way. However, I was shocked to find it empty, no limo waiting for us.

Before I could ask Taylor what was going on, she answered by unasked question by kissing me and pushing me up against the brick wall. Our lips locked and may hand went to her ass. Taylor's hands went right to my crotch, massaging the hardening bulge before finally deeming it the right time to free it.

“Eyes on me,” she said as she squatted down and took my hardening rod between her delectable red lips.

I followed Taylor's order as best I could, but sometimes her tongue hit just the right spot, or she teased in just the right way with her teeth to make me wince. There was something entrancing about watching Taylor suck cock. The blue eyes, the ever present red lips, even her face. She just seemed to be made to suck dick based on how good she looked doing it.

Not that the look was all she had. Taylor could suck some serious cock. Master of giving a show and the method behind it. Eye contact, moans, ball sucking. Then the bit that added a bit of fun for both of us; she reach her hand under her skirt and began to finger herself.

“Fuck that's it Taylor...” I growled, trying to keep it down. No one was around now, but I had no idea is the limo was just late or if she had it on call. Which honestly was part of the fun, we both knew that. Otherwise  Taylor would have told me for sure. She held all the cards and she absolutely got off on it.

As soon as Taylor was done sucking on my candy cane, she stood up and grabbed me by the jacket. “Fuck me. Now.” I picked her up and now pinned her against the brick wall. With one swift thrust.

“Mmmmmm,” she smiled a seductive smile, the white of her teeth barely showing before she licked her lips. “Fits like a glove, huh?”

“Better than that Tay,” I said before thrusting again.  I wasted little time in building up a hard, fast, but still very pleasurable rhythm. Hard and fast was one of the many ways Taylor liked it. Casual sex was a big pass time of Taylor's. Sex of any kind really. And she loved to share the hobby with people.

A look of happy ecstacy was on Taylor's face as she locked her perfectly toned legs around me, refusing an escape, as if I even wanted one.

I grasped at Taylor's top and pulled it off, exposing her pale flesh to the night air and hungrily went to her tits with my mouth. They weren't big, but they were as irresistible as tits could be.

“Oh...fuck..oh baby bite my nipple...fucking bite it.” Her voice was breathy, lost in lust. I didn as she asked, biting down on the sensitive flesh. Taylor shrieked in pleasure, her pussy undulating on massaging my cock.

“Someone likes being fucked in a dirty alley way,” I said, licking at those red lips of hers.

“Oh fuuuck I love it,” she growled. “Want more...harder...”

“I think I can swing that,” I said, kissing her tits before dropping her down and bringing her to the dumpster in the alley. I spun her around and bent her over, Taylor instinctively bracing herself against the metal dumpster. I hiked her skirt up to her waste, grabbed her by the hips and thrust in, going in hard and fast. “This hard enough for you?” I asked slapping her ass.

“Fuck yes baby,” she grunted. “Fuck me hard...give me that fucking cock...don't you even think about stopping till you make me cum!”

“Though never crossed my mind.” I yanked Taylor up, her back to my chest. One arm wrapped around her while the other went to her clit, working it over as I pounded her hard.

“Unggg...uh fuck...” she moaned. “Fucking choke me...”

“You sure?”

“Yes....” she hissed. “Choke me baby...oh fuck pleeeeasseeee...” I moved my hand up from around her waist to her throat, grasping it as she had asked.

“Fuck YES!” she moaned. “Fuck I'm gonna cum...don't stop Bart baby...fuck I'm gonna cum on that cock....FUCK!!!!” Taylor shook in my arms while her cunt spasmed and clamped down on my still thrusting cock, extra jolts of pleasure crackling through body like lightning.

Without missing a beat, Taylor spun around and squatted again, taking my cock fresh from her cunt and right into her mouth, sucking herself off my cock while furiously pushing me closer and closer to cumming before I finally could hold back no more and released a torrent of cum in her mouth. The pleasure was so intense I was now the one shaking.

Once every last drop I had left in me was sucked from my cock right down into her stomach.

“Fuck...” I said. I breathed deep, trying to catch my breath as I pulled my pants up.

“Glad you liked present number two,” she said with a grin. Taylor picked up her top and put it back on, then reached into her purse to take out her phone. “Now time to get the limo back over here.”

“Number two? Am I to understand there's more?”

“What can I say, I love to take care of my friends.” She winked at me as she continued at her phone. “And that takes care of that.” She walked over to me and leaned against the wall. “So, what time do you want to record tomorrow? I'm thinking one, maybe one thirty?”

“Whatever works for you.”

“Good answer.” We continued to chit chat, stopped only a few times by Taylor returning texts. I found it odd that the driver needed directions back, but what did I know? Maybe it was a different driver.

Soon enough, the limo returned and we were on our way back to the apartment. The drive seemed quicker than it was to get to the restaurant and before I knew it, we wee back in the apartment. IN short order we were back in the elevator.

“Ready for present number three?” she asked. “It's a good one.”

“Oh, big time.” I replied. “Any clues?”

“Well...let's just say I'm trying something different lately. Love to have you join in the fun.”

“Oh, I just love the possibilities inherent in what you just said.” Taylor giggled then went back to her phone, still texting. At this point I was guessing that the person on the other side of the conversation was part of this third present.

“Okay, once we get in, how about you hang back in the living room for a couple minutes while I get everything ready?”

“Oh, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.”

“See? I always knew you were clever.” The door then opened and we strode into her apartment. I took a seat on her couch while Taylor made her way to the bedroom to get things ready. Try as I might, I could help but let my curiosity get a little bit of the best of me. While I didn't get up to take any peeks, I did strain my ears to get a clue of who could be in the bedroom with Taylor. The one thing I could discern was that the other person was definitely female, which of course sent blood flowing down where I was going to need it. I was completely recharged for whatever Taylor had planned.

Any curiosity I had was soon answered.

“Bart, how about you turn around?” Taylor asked. I got up and did just that, and what I saw before me made my jaw drop.

“Hey there Bart,” Karlie Kloss said. She stood before, decked out, along with Taylor, in insanely sexy lingerie, Karlie's looking more regal than Taylor's but both looked insanely desirable. “Taylor's told me a lot about you. Eager to see how you stand up.”

“Oh, I think he'll pas your test,” Taylor said, a half-smile on her face. “I'm certainly never disappointed.”

“Mmm hmmm.” Karlie pulled Taylor lips to hers and kissed her. “Shall we dig in?”

“Lets.” Taylor and Karlie then turned to me, two predators ready to play with their prey. Fortunately, I was very happy to be the prey in this situation.

They took places to the left and right of me. Karlie grabbed my face as she had Taylor's and kissed me, but deeper, and hungrier, our tongues colliding and massaging each other. Taylor's mouth was at my neck, kissing, licking and biting. The women's hands worked on my clothes, Karlie taking care of my pants, grasping and jacking my cock as soon as she could while Taylor unbuttoned my shirt, her mouth moving to my chest and kissing down as my chest got exposed.

Once Taylor was on her knees, Karlie joined her and once again took charge. The statuesque blonde roughly yanked my pants down to my ankles and wasted know tie in attacking my cock with her mouth, hungrily taking it to the root while Taylor's mouth went to my balls.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed, the pleasure of Karlie deepthroating me mixed with shock at how quick she did it and with no sign of gag reflex.

“I think he's having a good time,” Karlie said. “Your cock's not half bad. Good size. Nice and thick.” She licked it from base to tip, then took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. “Oh, we're gonna have fun with you.”

Taylor and Karlie moved to either side of my cock, facing each other. They both looked up at me, matching devilish smiles on the faces before moving forward and sandwiching my dick between there lips. I grit my teeth from the pleasure they were putting me through, french-kissing each other over my cock, moving up and down my rock hard pole. Taylor's hand went to my chest her nails scratching my chest while Karlie's hand fondled and massaged my balls.

The two broke off their double suck job as Taylor maneuvered to take a somewhat solo approach. Somewhat because as soon as her mouth was on my cock, Karlie was behind her, grasping Taylor's head and fucking her face with my cock.

“That's it Taylor, be good slut and suck his cock...dirty girl loves to suck cock, doesn't she Bart?”

“Ughhh fuck yes...so fucking good...”

“Oh that's good...my little cock sucker her LOVES encouragement like that, don't you?”

“Mmm hmm,” Taylor moaned. I looked down to watch the scene, completely entranced at the control Karlie had over Taylor. Karlie noticed this and smirked, making a show of what she did next.

Karlie rubbed Taylor's firm as before sliding under the black lace panties and began fingering her as Taylor took my cock in her mouth. “I thought my little cocksucker deserved a treat, wouldn't you agree?”

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned. “Very much so.”

“Oh Bart, we ARE going to have a lot of fun tonight, aren't we?” Karlie grinned, her eyebrow arched. She pulled Taylor mouth from my cock. “Let's go to the bedroom. You should probably lose the clothes, Bart.”

I took Karlie's suggestion and shed every stitch as I followed them to Taylor's spacious bedroom. Karlie quickly shed all her lingerie, save for the black stocking and heels. Taylor followed suit, staying only in her heels.

“Bart, lay down,” Karlie said. I went to the bed and laid down. No sooner than that, Karlie crawled over my body, kissing and licking from my torso up, then moved further up until her pussy was right at my face. “Time to return the favor.”

“You got it.”

“Wasn't asking.” replied Karlie. With that, she lowered her pussy to my eager mouth. “Unggg...yesss.” Karlie moaned, already enjoying the treatment I was giving her.

“Taylor, your mouth is free,” Karlie said. “Suck your friend's cock.....suck his fucking cock while he eats my pussy....fuck he IS good....”

I felt Taylor move between my legs and suck me once again. Slow, methodical, passionate. Whatever was going on with her and Karlie, Taylor obviously still took pleasure in sucking cock. Just as I loved eating pussy.

My hands roamed Karlie's toned, long legs then moved to her firm ass, squeezing it as my mouth worked her pussy, my tongue eagerly licking and lapping at her clit.
“Oooohhh...good boy...fuck that it's...mmmm that's good.” Karlie began to grind her crotch into my face, her moans becoming more sensual by the moment. Then, abruptly, she got off.

“Hope you don't mind...but why should you be the only one to taste some pussy tonight?” she asked. “Taylor, how about you lay down and give me a taste.” She turned to me, grinning wide. “Don't you worry...I've had that fucker in my mouth...I think it's about time my pussy gets familiar with it, what do you think?”

“I think I like how you think,Karlie.”

“What a coincidence, a LOT of people love how I think.” Taylor laid down, legs spread in front of Karlie, who then got on all fours and began to feast on Taylor Swift's cunt, Taylor immediately moaning with joy. Karlie wasted no time. And frankly, neither did I. I got in position behind Karlie and let myself in her hot and wet cunt.

“Fuck this is tight,” I moaned, savoring the sensation of her cunt. “So damn tight.”

“Not just any guy gets access,” Karlie said. “You're a lucky boy. Now show Karlie how much you appreciate it.”

And I did. Slowly, my stroke built up speed and intensity, which given how Karlie had acted, I guessed was how she liked it. And I was spot on.

“FUCK yes pound me! FUCKING POUND THAT CUNT MOTHERFUCKER!” She was a total sex demon, craving everything I was giving her and everything she was getting from Taylor. Her growls were guttural, animalistic, and fueled me on to be exactly that.

My fingers dug into the flesh of Karlie's hips as I drove into her hard and fast. Her ass had red hand prints on them from the hard smacks I gave it, each on leaving her begging for more.


“Is that it? Is that what you fucking want!!!??”


“FUCKING TAKE IT!” I poured everything I had into her, hard fast, so slowing down. I pushed her face directly into Taylor's cunt. I looked at Taylor's face; she was insanely turned on by the display, licking her lips and just as hungry as Karlie was for all things sex.

“FUCK YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM...FUCK YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!!! FUUUUUCK!” Karlie let out a near unintelligible scream as an orgasm hit her, and hit her hard, she froze in place, throwing her head back as it rocked her body. And I didn't stop fucking her her. “Don't...don't fucking stop!” she yelled. “Fucking give it to me...don't fucking stop!”

Finally, Karlie started to come down and I slowed my thrusts, astonished I had cum yet. So was Karlie. She gave me a wink, an idea turning in her head. This “present” may have been Taylor's idea, but I had no illusions as to who as in charge.

“Now I see why Taylor spoke so highly of you,” she said. “She was just bullshitting me.”

“Glad I lived up to expectations.” I replied.

“And you didn't cum. Also nice. Even if Taylor swallowed your cum earlier, it's still impressive. I think you should get something special. Do you agree Taylor?”

“Yes, Karlie,” Taylor said, a smile slowly crossing her face.

“Good. How about we switch places then?” Taylor got up and crawled into Karlie's position, but not before sucking Karlie's juices off my cock. Karlie laid herself down.

“Now, eat my pussy. And Bart, have fun.” Karlie winked at me then slowly got lost in the pleasure Taylor began to give her.

I once again placed my cock at Taylor pussy and entered her, loving the sensation of once again being inside her.

“Bet that pussy feels good, doesn't it?” Karlie asked. “Taylor has such a hot little cunt, doesn't she?”

“Yes,” I said, sawing in and out of the blonde pop star. “So hot.”

“I'm glad to see we agree on so many things,” Karlie said, moans and deep breaths becoming punctuation in her every sentence. “But..mmm...but I think you should try...mmm...try something new...and...fuck baby that's good...Taylor agrees...how about you take that tight little...fuck...asshole of hers? I promise...fuck...fuck...she's fine with it. Tell him, baby.”

“Fuck my ass, Bart,” Taylor said. “Fuck my tight little butthole.”

“Well, who could turn down such an invite?” I asked knowingly.

“Smart man,” Karlie said.

I pulled my cock out of Taylor's pussy and pressed the head against her ass, slowly pressing forward. As I did this, she froze in place, Karlie stroking her face and conforting her as I pushed forward.

“You're going to love it,” she said. “Mmm, gonna be so hot baby....that cock is going to feel so good in your ass.”

“Fuck it's so big,” Taylor said, her voice lost between pain and pleasure.

“Want me to stop?”

“No!” Taylor exclaimed. “Fuck my ass...just be slow...mmmm keep going...”

And I did. Sure enough, as my rhythm built up so did Taylor pleasure. And as that happened, Karlie decided to take a bit more of an active role. She went beneath Taylor and began to lick Ms. Swift's pussy and I took her ass, the two of us working in unison to give Taylor as much pleasure as possible. And it was working. Every stroke, every lick, every caress brought Taylor closer and closer until...

“FUCK!” Taylor exclaimed. Her asshole clamped down hard on my cock while she flooded Karlie's face. The leggy supermodel then moved to Taylor's face and the two hungrily began to kiss as waves of pleasure rocked Taylor's body

All of this was too much for me. “Fuck, ladies, I'm gonna shoot.”

“Mmm, goodie,” Karlie purred. She and Taylor slithered off the bed on the floor, Karlie authoritatively grabbing my cock and jacking it until I began to shoot everything I had all over their faces, the to kissing and licking each other as rope after rope of cum covered both their faces.

Finally spent, I fell back on the bed, completely spent.

“You ARE fun,” Karlie said. “Taylor, how about when you finish up with my face you go make sure that guest room is ready for your guest.  Hope you don't mind Bart,but I'm going to be crashing with Taylor tonight.”

“Oh, no problem.”

“Agreeable too. You are a prize.”

After a quick shower, separate from the women, I went to my room and passed out, the events of the evening finally overtaking me. When I awoke in the morning, it was to the sounds of sex.

After a quick bathroom stop, I headed to the living room, where the sounds were emanating from. Of course, right on the cushy carpet of the apartment Taylor and Karlie were all over each other. The look I got from Karlie when she spotted me just screamed to me this was no accident.

I began to stroke my cock to the scene, bringing a smirk to her face. “Do it,” she mouthed before bringing her lips to Taylor's.

I watched in utter sexual hypnosis as the two ravaged each other, my cock hardening to the point of aching as the two pushed each other to the heights of ecstasy.

The two were face to face, staring each other out as their fingers got each other off when I knew I was losing it. Taylor spotted this and grinned wide.

“You gonna cum?” she asked, almost teasingly. “Me and Karlie gonna make you cum again?”

“Fuck yes,” I growled, hurrying over to them. When I saw them both began to cum, I knew I was tapping out.

“Mmm, better not waste a drop then, Barty boy,” Karlie teased.  She crawled to her knees and took me in her mouth as I unloaded in her mouth, filling it with me jizz. When I was empty, I sat down on Taylor's couch and watched as they two snowballed my cum between them before swallowing my load between them.

“Well, I think we all had a grand old time, didn't we?” Karlie asked, her tone knowing. “But now, I think it's time you two get down to business. I've got some stuff I need to get done anyway. Bye babe,” Karlie kissed Taylor goodbye, then turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Nice meeting you Bart. Hope to see you again. And don't be down about Selena. She's definitely missing out.” With a wink, Karlie was off to get dressed, and not soon after, out of the apartment.

“So...breakfast then the interview?” Taylor asked, perky as ever.

“Sure, sounds great.” I replied. “And thanks, for all that.”

“Oh, no problem. Besides, wasn't like you had all the fun.” As Taylor got up to put on her robe, she paused, then turned to me. “You know, I never expected something like me and Karlie to happen. It just did. Wasn't expecting it. It was just...natural. I didn't wait around. Because that's not how it works. When it happens, it happens.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

“Good. So keep that in mind. Have fun. You don't know where it's going to lead. And, moving on...I'm thinking omelettes.”

“Sounds great.” I replied.

“Good, I know this great place that delivers. I know, delivery omelettes, but trust me, they're to die for. Denver good for you?”

“Sausage and cheese.”

“Got it, just give me a few and we can start setting up your equipment.” Taylor went off to place our breakfast order, and my mind wandered to the other person I was here to see, Ashley. Purely  personal visit too. Along with an insane threesome, Taylor had given me a lot to think about. After all, everything that had happened so far with Liz had, well, just happened. Just like reconciling a bit with Ashley, just happened. Nothing was really forced.

But hey, maybe I was still thinking too much. Like Taylor was saying, might just be better to go with the flow and, to a degree, write off my losses. After all, if it happens, it happens. And that goes for anything and anyone.

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 9: Ashley Benson
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, MFF, Oral, Anal, cons)
Chapter 9: Ashley Benson

Special Guest Star: Vanessa Hudgens

I had one last stop to do on this NY trip before I had to head back to the real world of work. That last stop was purely social. That last stop was Ashley Benson. We'd been in contact since our little reunion in the office studio. A lot of it was purely casual, surface level stuff. It was about as "taking it slow" as we could get. Neither of us seemed too keen to pull the trigger on going full-fledged in getting back together. I know what my excuse was, which was everything with Liz. For Ashley, I hadn't the foggiest.

Not that it was a bad thing. Honestly, I wasn't mad. Hell, I couldn't be mad. Curious was far more the word. However, I wasn't curious enough to ask questions. I honestly didn't know if I was going to for the next two days we'd spend together. Fortunately, there was once again no need to worry about a hotel, as I would definitely be sleeping in her apartment...and most likely her bed.

It was far easier getting into Ashley's building than it had been Taylor's. Then again, and with all due respect to Ashley, the level of nutjob paps she had to deal with wasn't close to the same level Taylor had to deal with. All it took was a quick check in with the door man and I was on my way up to her room.

As I made my way down the hall, I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen when I walked through the door ro her home. I mean, I knew it wasn't going to be hostile, but the grey area we were in did make some things seem a lot more up in the air.

Despite that, I had no trepidation when I knocked on the door. I may have been unsure but I was far from apprehensive. As soon as the door was open, any questions I had about the night's activities were answered.

There was no hello or how you doing. There was only a smiling blonde vixen who grabbed me by the collar and pulled my face to hers for maybe the most erotically charged hello kiss I'd ever experienced.

I dropped my luggage and shut the door with my legs as I stepped in, still lip-locked with Ashley. She pulled her head back, those blue eyes giving me a wicked look as she pulled off her shirt, signalling me to follow suit by tossing mine as well.

We were both so ready to go things became a blur and before I realized it we were both completely nude. I picked Ashley up and pinned her against the wall. For a moment we locked eyes, a half smile on her open mouth. That look soon contorted in pleasure as she moaned in reaction to my cock entering her cunt.

The framed pictures on the wall shook with every thrust and Ashley's moans grew loud enough that her neighbors had to hear something, if not the whole floor. Not that we cared.

Our lips collided before mine moved down her neck to her breasts, utterly fiending for the taste of her flesh. I licked and flicked at her nipples, both pink nubs hard and aroused.

With her legs wrapped tightly around me, I held Ashley tight in my arms and moved her to the kitchen counter and swept everything clean out of the way before laying her down on it.

“Mmmm, fucking give it to me baby,” Ashley said, her voice in a seductive, smoky whisper that barely hid her arousal. “I want everything you got...”

“No problem.” I replied. And really, anyone who'd have a problem being in the position I was in at the moment would have to be completely certifiable. Ashley propped herself up on her elbows, the look on her face almost daring me to go harder, just fuck her dirty and hard. I answered her challenge by leaning forward and hungrily kissing her, nibbling on those full lips before breaking the kiss. I began to drive into her hard, her tits bouncing and jiggling rapidly along with every thrust.

I grasped at her tits, holding one in my hand as we fucked like savages, a sheen of sweat and lust covering us both. I put her legs on my shoulders, the change in position allowing my cock to drive in deeper into her tight cunt.

“Fuuuuuuck right there!” she yelled. “Right...FUCKING...THERE!!!” Ashley's back arched and she moved her legs back around my waist. My hands went from her breasts to her legs,  caressing the toned flesh of her shapely stems.

She propped herself up again on her arms. Her eyebrow was raised, the confident smirk returning to her face as she spewed the sexiest shit talking right to my face.

“Come on...come on....I want that dick...I fucking want it...give me every inch...don't fucking tease...no slow shit...FUCK ME! Huh? I need to spell it out for you?”

I grabbed her head and pulled her to my face, our foreheads touching, the confident smile on her face only growing. “Oh you're getting fucked...you're getting fucked hard and you love it, don't you?” I moved one of her legs to my shoulder and drove into her.

“Ooooh FUUUUUUUCK!” she cried out. “Fuck fuck fuck me! FUUUUUCK!!” The cocky smile faded from Ashley face as she began to feel the explosion of her orgasm rushing through her. The feeling of of her pussy contracting and convulsing on my cock along the the aural and visual show that came with it was too much to take.

No words were exchanged as I pulled out of Ashley, only a fluid motion of the hard and fast sex machine we'd become in the act was had. I was out of her pussy and she slid to her knees, those blue eyes still orgasmically glazed over. As she stuck her tongue out while jacking my cock, pumping and pumping for that load to arrive.

Grunting I unloaded, covering Ashley's face and tongue with my seed. The blonde vixen refused to stop pumping until she was sure she got every last drop out.

“Mmm, still good to the last drop, “ Ashley giggled. “Oh, hi, by the way.”

“Hi.” I replied. I couldn't help but stare at the sight of a dick drunk and sweaty Ashley Benson with my cum dripping from her face.

“How about we continue this in the shower?” she asked. Before I could give the obvious answer of yes, she got to her feet and led me to her bathroom.

The shower was hot, and our action a lot more tender than they were when I entered. Deep, soulful kisses, gentle caresses while the hot water cascaded off our bodies.

“How'd you like that hello?” she smiled.

“Well, it certainly got the point across. A+.”

“Nice. I think that's the first A+ I've ever gotten.”

“Well, you certainly earned it.” I kissed her forehead before she turned her back to me, letting the water run down her face. “I'm guessing this is only the beginning.”

“That's right.” I kissed her shoulder and worked my hand around her front, right to her pussy when she stopped it just centimeters away. “Uh-uh...not just yet.” She turned again to face me, that confident little smirk back on her face. “Waiting for the next round is going to make it even better.”

“Well, you have to excuse me Ash, I mean I didn't really have to wait, considering the moment I walked in the door...”

“Are you complaining about hot, animalistic sex? No word, no build up, just a pure explosion of lust?” She pursed her lips, trying to hold  back a laugh.

“Oh, of course not, that'd just be rude.”

“Well, good to see your manners have improved. Now, how about you prime yourself for what's next by washing this body you want so badly.” She planted one more quick peck on my lips before turning her back to me, allowing me to wash her back.

We talked about a lot before we finally settled in her bed for the night. The thing that occurred to me was it wasn't anything that deep. And nothing about the future, which I thought was more than a little odd, but I didn't think too much of it. After all, I did come by her place fairly late, and after I came in, we were both pretty exhausted.

We started the next day with a walk in the park. Still casual, we both kind of knew where we stood romantically, and that was in a place where maybe holding hands wasn't the best idea. Seemed more like a “definite couple” kind of thing.

“How was the Taylor interview?” asked Ashley. “I'm guessing it was all cutesy with her cat and how great her fans are and stuff.”

“Pretty much.” I replied. “But I know what I'm getting into whenever I book Taylor. Pretty much fluff, fairly safe comedy bit, with downloads like you wouldn't believe and insane sponsorships. She's bank. And nice, so it's works out pretty well.”

“Well, I'm glad I was able to make your post show downtime a bit more r-rated.”

“R? Ash, it shot straight to triple X.”

“What can I say, I'm a fun date. Remember that time at the Dave & Busters?”

“I can't believe we actually did it in a Jurassic Park arcade game,” I said, laughing at the memory. “And finished.”

“Well, it was near closing...and besides, the seat vibrated. It's like they wanted it to happen.”

“Oh, I'm sure it's the dream of every place with arcade games like that. At the end of the night to have fuck stink on their machines.”

“Eeew!” she laughed, punching me in the arm. “Why did I ever agree to sleep with you in the first place?”

“Must have been my beach body,” I said. We sat down on a bench, my arm around her. “All those muscle dudes around, a swimmer's build like myself must have been a breath of fresh air.”

“Oh yeah, it was totally that. Took all the appeal from the insanely fit men that surrounded me, Selena, and Vanessa that wanted to get in all our pants at the same time.”

“Well, I did end up getting you all in bed at the same time.”

“Yeah, and it was totally all physical. Had nothing to do with a drunk Troian saying you were easily the best sex she's ever had one late night on set.”

“Wow. And if she's drunk there's no filter.”

“Oh fuck, none whatsoever. I might have known more about your dick than you did before that foursome.”

“Yeah, but it couldn't have just been sex, considering we dated for two years afterwards.”

“Well, I'll admit that much. Bart, you are a charming, sweet guy who deserves the world and more.”

“Watch out Ash, I might get a cavity.”

“I'm serious. I wouldn't have stuck around otherwise. Despite that the last six months was me being an idiot. You deserve better.”

“Are we gonna start getting serious?”

“Not too much.” replied Ashley. “On a day like this, there can only be so much serious stuff.”  A small bing sounded from her phone, signalling a text. Ashley took her phone out and checked it, her legendary smirk once again hitting her face. “I need to go see someone really quick.”

“About what?” I asked. Her reaction to the text left me a more than a little curious about what it said in the best possible way.

“About a fun little surprise.” Everything in the way she responded dripped of seduction, ending my line of questioning on the spot. After all, who wants a ruined surprise? “Here, take my spare key and let yourself back in to the apartment, I'll meet you back there.”

“This better be worth it. I was planning on getting us ice cream.”

“Well, no promises Bart, but I think it might end up being a smidgen better than ice cream. Barely.” With a wink and a kiss on my cheek, she got up and walked away, instantly talking to someone on her phone. Again, curious...but in the most fun way possible. I meandered through the park and took a long walk back to Ashley's apartment. After all, I didn't get a time frame as to when to come back.

After about an hour, which includes pizza from one of the infinite Original Tony's pizza places, I finally made my way back to Ashley's place. The moment I walked through the door, I knew something was up. The lights were dimmed, and the only door open was the one to her bedroom, and even that was just a crack.

I made my way to her bedroom. The moment I walked through the door, Ashley's surprise revealed itself and it couldn't have been better.

“Howdy Bart,” said Vanessa Hudgens, her voice and posture screaming sex and seduction, matching Ashley to a T. “Been too long.”

“Sure has.” I replied. True, the last time I'd fucked Vanessa had to have been a week before me and Liz in the limo, but still, if you've ever fucked Vanessa you know that amount of time is, in fact, much too long. “Well, this certainly beats ice cream.”

“And it hasn't even started yet,” added Ashley.  “Now, how about you to get a little reacquainted?” Ashley stepped back and leaned against her dresser, watching intently as Vanessa made her way to me, slowly shedding her clothes. Once the last stitch was removed, Vanessa crawled over to my and began to undo my pants.

I looked to Ashley, that look of sexual confidence and fun back on her face as she watched the beginnings of her own private sex show.

Before even getting into the full on action of removing my pants, Vanessa made a show of it. Her brown eyes had a look of playfulness and sensuality that she had to know at this point drove any human with a pulse wild.

Her hands massaged me through my pants before making it to me belt, slowly unbuckling it, the nymphette biting her lips as she stared me out, making a show of removing the belt completely before getting to the zipper, where the heat was turned up once again.

Delicately, Vanessa took my zipper between her teeth and began to tug down. She was a show-woman. She was sexual and she loved being watched, both by her partner and spectators. Unfortunately for Vanessa, being in show business she didn't get to scratch this unique exhibitionist itch as often as she'd like. Fortunately for me, I've been involved when she did allow it...and it was always rather intense.

Vanessa smiled, licking her lips. Her hands grasped my pants and underwear and pulled them down. Before I could step out of them, Vanessa grasped my cock, pumping the growing flesh in her hand. She flipped her hair back, licked the tip, then took me in her warm, wet mouth.

“Ohhhhh yeah,” I moaned. My eyes went from Vanessa, eagerly, hungrily sucking my cock too Ashley, licking her chops like a lioness. He eyes went from my own to the action, every movement, every last action Vanessa made on my cock lighting more and more fires within her. But she wasn't ready to join in the action just yet, I could read that much on her face. Right now Ashley was more than happy being a spectator.

And Vanessa of course was so very, very into putting on a little private  sex show. I knew from personal experience that sex was one of Vanessa's favorite things. The woman was maybe the most sexual person I'd ever met this side of Liz. And when you add something else she loves to the sex? That turned Vanessa Hudgens into a orgasmic nuclear bomb, just waiting to explode and take whoever she could with her. I very, very happily learned this last Halloween...as well as every other threesome I'd had with her. This time was no different. Vanessa had to satisfy on two fronts, and in turn, that satisfied herself.

Her hand fondled my balls, her expertly manicured nails teasing and tickling my sack, while her other hand worked in unison with her mouth, delighting, teasing, sucking, almost making love to my cock with just her mouth. Slow, sensual, sloppy, yet with just the right amount of urgency.

Her moans mixed with mine, and both sets were genuine. Vanessa pulled back slapped my cock all over her face, grinning with every quick collision. My eyes went back to Ashley. She was smiling her smile, teeth showing, the tip of her tongue between her teeth. “How's that feel baby?”

“How's it look?” I responded.

“Oh it's look fucking hot...bet it feels even better.”

“I'm sure Nessa wouldn't mind showing you a variation.”

“Mmmm, it'd really be my pleasure,” the brunette purred, winking at Ashley.

“I'll join in soon enough...right now, I think I'll just watch.” She gave a small, sexy  laugh and left Vanessa and I to each other.

I brought Vanessa to my face and our lips collided. I brought her to the bed and playfully pushed her onto it, the olive skinned sex-kitten giggling with hedonistic glee.

In moments my clothes were shed, leaving me just as nude as Vanessa. I was on top of her, our gazes locked and I thrust inside her, the most gleeful moan imaginable, somewhere between absolute lust and giggling .

I rose to a kneeling position, Vanessa till leaning back, her perfectly formed legs still wrapped around me. I held her by her hips and gave her everything I had. And the sensory overload that was fucking Vanessa Hudgens began. My eyes feasted on her face, Vanessa licking her lips, moaning out in pleasure as her eyes fluttered. The way her perky tits moved with every thrust, her flat stomach as she breathed in and out, gulping for air. My ears took in her moans and quick bursts of coherent speech, “Fuck me...fuck..YES!..oh baby more...fuck my slutty little pussy...fuuuck...” pure music.

As for the tactile sense of touch, well, there was the true feast the other senses were providing the spice for. The feeling of her pussy, was beyond description. Hot, tight, wet, and she knew how to work it, just like every part of her body. Her toned flesh, from her hips to her ass, felt so amazing in my hands it was like new every time. And those perfect tits always found themselves meeting my lips.

My arms moved to Vanessa shoulders, grasping her tight as I rolled us over, giving Vanessa a bit more control of the ride. And before the ride could really starts, Ashley entered the picture, taking a spot right above my face and deeply kissing Vanessa. Of course, with such an opportunity, how could I resist snacking on Ashley's delicious cunt?

“Of fuck that's it,” the blonde bombshell hissed. “Right in the the action...mmmmm.”

“Oh he's not alone honey,” laughed Vanessa. Her hand slid down Ashley's stomach to her slit, Vanessa's fingers joining my tongue in pleasuring the woman who put this all together.

“Ooooh,now this is a party.”  The two kissed again and made me wish I had x-ray vision to see everything they were doing to each other, not that the position I was in was all that bad to begin with. Ashley though seemed to read my thoughts. She removed herself from my face and allowed me to sit up.

“Now you get to  enjoy the show.” Ashley and Vanessa both gave me a wink before focusing on each other, though giving me a good show was a very intended side effect.

Vanessa got the star treatment first, laying back while Ashley licked and kissed her way down her fit body. And the two women made a show of it, Vanessa adding a bit of spice to her already arousing reactions, and Ashley  taking extra time, giving me a good view of every kiss, every lick, every nibble she made on her way down Vanessa's body until she reached her pussy.

Vanessa craned her head up, breathing deep, anticipating Ashley's next movie, and when it happened, when Ashley's mouth met Vanessa's pussy, the vixen arched her back and moaned longingly, partly for show, partly genuine. Gotta love an exhibitionist.

“Oh fuck Ashley...fuck that's it honey,” moaned Vanessa. She moved her hand to Ashley's head, her fingers holding tight to the blonde's locks. “Fuck..right there.”

This was an intense show. If I wasn't hard already, I'd have been a diamond the moment Ashley started eating out Vanessa. However, unlike Ashley, sometimes, i just couldn't be an observed for too long, especially not with such a tone ass wiggling in front of while its own snacked on another hot woman's cunt.

I positioned myself behind Ashley, letting her know I was there by rubbing her beautiful ass. Her response was simple “Mmmm hmmm.” Even during sex, she kept her manners. Never talk while eating. I eased myself into Ashley pussy, Ashley freezing and Vanessa watching intently as I entered.

“Oooh yeah...fuck Ashley!” cheered Vanessa. “Fuck her while she eats me...and watch...watch us and I'll watch you...mmm fuck....” Not that I needed direction, but it was certainly welcome in  the situation.

Against every instinct I had, screaming to go as hard and rapid as I had with Vanessa and as Ashley and I had done last night, I took it so, almost painstakingly slow. My hand caressed her ass back back, moving to her front to rub her clit as  thrust in her.

“Oh fuck that's it,” Ashley moaned. “Mmmmmore....” I leaned forward, kissing her back, shoulders and neck, my pace building slowly but surely. Before lng, Ashley got lost in her own pleasure, though from the look on Vanessa's face, she wasn't perturbed. In fact the look on her face was positively mischievous.

As I fucked Ashley, Vanessa moved behind me, nibbling my ear, breathing hot and heavy. “You're fucking her so good, Bart.” she said. “So fucking hot seeing it... wonder if I can make it even better?”

Vanessa slid down and got between my legs and indeed, pitched in. Her mouth alternated between licking my balls and Ashley's pussy, her tongue still grazing my pistoning cock. The double effort was driving Ashley wild, her moans and whines, pleading for more driving Vanessa and I to do just that. Then...then came bombshell one.

“Fuck my ass!” Ashley yelled.

“What?” I asked. “You serious.”

“Fuck my ass now, before I change my mind.”

“You heard the girl,” Vanessa said. “Stick that cock up her tight little ass...then do me...if you can last.”

As if I needed any other convincing. I pulled out of Ashley, Vanessa giving me a quick suck immediately, the pressed against Ashley's asshole. Vanessa got in position, eating out Ashley as I took her ass.

“Oh fuck...fuck..Ashley,” I groaned. I took it slow, her ass being insanely tight. She must not have done this in a LONG time to be this tight. “God damn it, girl.”

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Take it baby....take my ass....fuck it's so tight...” Ashley's moans were tinged with passion and desperation, just on the verge, the combined stimulation of my cock in her ass and Vanessa working her pussy, Ashley was close, but not just there yet. Though as my pace increased, she inched ever closer and closer.

“Oh god...you're both..fuck...fuck I'm gonna come with a big cock up my ass and my pussy eaten at the same fucking time...FUCK!!!” I felt Ashley's asshole clamp down hard on my dick and heard Vanessa moan as she lapped happily at Ashley's orgasming pussy.

As much as I just fucking needed to blast up Ashley's ass...I needed to fuck Vanessa's ass even more. Gently and slowly, I pulled out of Ashley's ass, Vanessa making things more difficult by immediately wrapping her lips around my cock, sucking me clean before bending over while a dick drunk Ashley rolled on her back...making Vanessa alter her position slightly, her head resting right between Ashley's legs.

“Never enough, huh?”

“Don't be surprised,” Vanessa said. “This isn't your first round with me.”

“True...not even the first threesome. Just always a lot of fun.” I slapped Vanessa ass hard, making her yelp and laugh before she began snacking on Ashley's pussy again, making our blonde host moan softly.

With the same delicacy as with Ashley, I entered Vanessa's ass. However, unlike Ashley, Vanessa was much more eager, pushing back at me to get me to go harder. That's Vanessa for you. I grasped her hips and gave it to her just how she wanted it, and judging from her moans, and Ashley's it was much appreciated.

“Uugggh FUCK! HARD! Just like that!” Vanessa snarled. “Oh FUCK I love it like this!”

“Shit , you're not the only one,” I growled. Before too long I was slamming into Vanessa's butthole, Vanessa's screams of passion getting higher and higher until...

“MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!” she screamed, freezing in place as her orgasm hit her, once again almost making me lose it...too close...dangerously close.

“Fuck! CUMMING!” I screamed.

“Faces!” Ashley ordered. “Cum right on our faces...fucking cover us!”

“Mmm, good idea Ash,” Vanessa said. I pulled out from Vanessa's ass, the two ladies on their knees, kissing each other as I unleashed on their faces, coating them with jizz until the tap ran dry. I watched in utter awe as they kissed and licked the coum from each other's faces, swapping the semen between them before finally swallowing.

“Well,” Vanessa said, getting to wobbly knees and getting her clothes. “Thanks for the fun time...see you around.”

“Bye Nessa,” Ashley said, similarly tired.

“See ya around, maybe on the show.” I replied.

“Mmmm, I'm gonna hold you to that.” With her clothes back one, she kissed me on the cheek and left the apartment.

I collapsed on the bed, Ashley snuggling right next to me. “I think I could sleep for a week.”

“Mmmm, same...but let's just go for a day.”

When I awoke the next day, it was almost two in the afternoon. I had been zonked. Ashley wasn't in bed with me, but with the noises in the kitchen I knew she couldn't be far. I took a quick shower then went out the kitchen. Ashley was dressed to the nines, setting up a candlelit dinner.

“We did tire you out didn't we?” she asked with a laugh.

“Yeah, but it was so worth it.” I replied. I looked at the spread, she'd really gone all out.I was beginning to suspect something was up. Hell, I suspected last night...now it was just being hammered home. “What's all this for?”

“A goodbye dinner.” She lit a few candles and grabbed a bottle of wine.

“I'm just going back to L.A.”

“Yeah...and I live in New York.”

“I thought you said you were bi-coastal.” I took a seat, seeing it all fall in to place. She followed. She took my hand, holding it in her's.

“For work. I live in New York. Look, Bart...I'm happy, so happy that we're not...we're not what we were. And I thought we could go back to what we were before everything happened. I really did and I wanted to. But...but I don't want to do it long distance. And I won't ask you to drop everything and come up here.” She took a deep breath, pausing to see if I had anything to say. I honestly didn't. To be perfectly honest, she was making sense. “I don't want you to hate me for this...and I'm not saying there's no future here. But I'm also not going to be someone holding you back from finding one. Even if I'm not in it the way we'd like. Don't be mad.”

“I'm not.” I replied. “I can't really disagree with a thing you've said either. You're right. I don't want to drop everything and move here. Long distance would suck. You're right.”

“Wow...I think that's the first time I've ever heard that from you,” she joked, making us both laugh. “You're really not mad?”

“Not at all. Besides, how can I be mad with a send off like this?”

“Well,” she said, getting up from her seat only to sit in my lap. “It doesn't have to be over.”

She kissed me deeply yet softly then stood up, dropping her dress and leaving her bare. She held out her hand. I grasped it and she led me to her bed room.

“One more time,” she whispered before we kissed again. I pulled her close, my arms slowly roaming her form, feeling every stitch of skin I could, remembering every contour of her skin.

We moved to the bed, Ashley laying down as I got on top of her. I slid of my sweat pants and once more entered Ashley. This wasn't fast, this wasn't animalistic or pure lust...this was more. It was the last time, for all we knew.

There were no words, only breaths and moans. No smacks on the ass or scratches on backs, just tender kisses and caresses. Every move, every look was savored.

Our foreheads touched as I drove into her, my pace slowly building, her moans music to the ears.

We rolled over and Ashley began a slow, sensual ride, our hands interlocked as she moved before I moved my hands to her ass, cupping and squeezing the peach as she rode me.

Ashley's face contorted in sensual pleasure, licking her lips and she ground her hips. I sat up, my mouth going to her breasts while I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. I thrust up into her. Not urgently, but not slowly.

Ashley leaned back, moaning as things intensified, we could go so slow for so long. Soon she was lying down once more, and I was driving us both home. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me tight. She grabbed my face and kissed me, saying “In me...cum in me...I want to feel you cum in me...”

“You sure?”

“Mmmhmm...I want to feel it...” We kissed one more time, the pace building and building until finally, I came, filling her up with my cum. Soon after, Ashley came as well, milking a few more drops out of me before I rolled off of her.

After our last dance, we ate dinner and said goodbye, the right way this time. No regrets and no hard feelings.

I headed to the train station then, my last bit of vacation before making it back home.  I'd never taken a cross country train trip, or any real train trip for that matter, and this was the perfect time.

Check in and and getting on was easy enough, before long I was sitting in the train's lounge car, having a club soda and thinking about Ashley. I wasn't hurt. She was right. And with how I felt about Liz, I don't know if I wanted to put up an argument. Hell, maybe she knew on some level.

Still, things with Liz weren't for sure. And a nice long train ride was maybe the best way to think on it, distraction free.

“Bart? Bart Curry?” I heard a female voice say. I turned in my seat and saw the owner of the voice.

“Hailee Steinfeld?” I asked, stunned to see her on a train of all places. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, traveling,” she said. “What about you?”

“Heading home. Never been on a real train trip.”

“Same. Thought it'd be a nice way to kick back before I have to do promotion for Pitch Perfect 3, which,  coincidence, includes your show.” Hailee sat across from me, grinning a knowing grin. “So...want some company?”

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 10: Hailee Steinfeld
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by Maxwell Lord
(MF, exhib, cons)
Chapter 10: Hailee Steinfeld

Fresh off the end of my time in New York with Taylor and Ashley, I thought I was going to have a nice, easy going time on my train ride back to finish out my vacation. And I was mostly right. However, something told me the familiar face sitting across from me was going to keep things from being as calm.

"I have to admit," Hailee said, finding just the right spot for optimal comfort and, apparently, sexiness in her seat. "I didn't really expect to see anyone I know here. Not that I'm complaining, I just kind of chose a train specifically for that reason."

"Same here." I replied. "I mean, if I'm bothering you I could jump off the train."

"Awww, how sweet." she giggled. "Nah, I think I'll like the company. I love being on the show, but I've never really talked to you outside of it. This is the perfect chance to change that."

"I didn't know I was that interesting."

"Oh, don't be so coy," Hailee grinned. "Don't forget, we do kind of move in the same circles with some people. You've got a bit of a rep."

"A good one I hope."

"Well, it's one you have to live up to instead of living down."

"I hope it's not too lofty in that case."

"How about you join me for dinner and we can both find out? Besides, I'm actually kind of excited to eat on a train."

"I know, right? Weird."

"Then let's have a weirdo dinner together." We got up and walked together to the dining cart. The train was booked lightly, so getting a seat was a quick affair. As an added bonus, the dinner was going to be surprisingly private and cozy, as there weren't any people seated around us. In fact, the nearest occupied tables were on the other side of the car.

"I am really glad I made sure this was a lightly booked trip," I said, pulling out a seat for Hailee. "Not really a big fan of crowds. Which of course means I needed to take a vacation in New York."

"Ah yes, with that bastion of open space known as Manhattan," she said with a smile. "I hate crowds too, unless I'm in front of them. Like any person with a healthy ego that isn't desperately starved for attention."

"A typical entertainer in other words."

"Exactly." We both laughed, and weren't afraid to hide it, snorts and all. "I get it though. That's why I booked this train. I always like checking that stuff out. And this one got the prize."

"Why were you in New York? Vacation as well?"

"No, all business. No real fun stuff. Which is why, well, train. And it's just me. Not that I don't love my family and friends, I just really needed to decompress from everyone, including them. Too much work, too much personal stuff on my mind, and I thought, hey...trains. No paparazzi, and I can pretty much be alone with my thoughts whenever I want. I don't get that with airplanes. I mean, that's like pa central. And a cruise would have the same problem because there's no way I'm going out to sea without a bikini."

"Well, that's something to be thankful for."

"Hey, I know what I got, and I'm proud. And thanks for looking." Hailee gave me a wink, then sipped at her water. "Still, this seemed the best option, and I've never really traveled just for me, and definitely not on a train."

"Well, so far far as all that stress been eased?"

"Kind of. Work's the last thing on my mind."

"And the personal stuff? I asked.

"Look, I don't want to bore you with that," she said. "I mean, who wants to hear about some silly little drama?"

"Eh, why not? You tell me yours I'll tell you mine."

"Fair enough. Since I brought it up, I'll go first. Okay, so I've been seeing this guy, ya know? And I like him, a lot. I'm not seeing anyone else, neither is he...but we also never said that special thing to kind of signify we're a real thing."

"Of course, that romantic phrase "Don't fuck other people."

"Exactly," she laughed. "But, seriously, I don't even know if I want that. I mean, I'm not even twenty-one, do I want to be in a committed relationship. I mean yeah, I'm famous and that kind of makes casual dating a bit of a problem because how many guys ANY age want to deal with flashbulbs going off in their faces constantly? Like, if I break it off with this guy, what if I don't find another as good as him. ON the other side...I'm young and want to have some fun. Some real fun. I don't want to be pushing forty and realize I had a boring ass life."

"I get it. Believe me, I do. I don't know if any of the supposed legends you heard about me involved the fact I almost got married when I was twenty-three."

"Really? What happened?"

"We broke up before I could propose. She met some other guy, and we ended it. We're still best friends, and in the long run honestly it kind of worked out pretty well in the fun department. Also add to the fact that if you have this much doubt you've pretty much already made your decision...I think you just want someone to point that out to you. If the thought enters your head this guy is holding your life back, then you already know it's over."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. He's just SO nice, I don't want to hurt him. But, I don't even know if I'm who I'm always going to be. I don't even know if I'm a close approximation of this future Hailee-type person."

"You might even become a cyborg."

"Oh yeah, totes." She gave me a smile, licking her lips as her eyes caught mine. "Now you. Spill it."

"My thing is I don't even know if I'm with the woman in question or not. It's like, one by one, every single wall in front of us is falling down except for her indecision on it. I mean, I can see she wants to, but she also doesn't want to go full blown commitment because of her work schedule. I mean, Maybe I should take that as a good sign, because it definitely comes across like she wants to make it, you know, official. She actually gave a deadline, when she's done shooting."

"Ah, so you got yourself involved with an actress," Hailee said. "Anyone I know?"

"I think I'll keep her like your guy pal, anonymous."

"Fair enough. So, with this girl, you really like her, she likes you, right?"


"But you're not exclusive yet...has she had any boyfriends before?"

"Yeah." I replied. "Why?"

"Well, and this is purely based on my experience as an armchair therapist after watching Frasier on Netflix nonstop last time I had the flu, maybe she's nervous about it because she does more than like you, a lot more. She might not know how to deal with it and is, you know, kinda processing it right now. So, she wants some space and time to figure it out. Like...let me ask you a question, you've fucked other girls since she's said this, right?"

"Yeah. I mean, she made it pretty clear we weren't exclusive. And I don't mean that in a bad way."

"Oh course not," she assured. "I'm just saying,it's safe to say she's been having some fun as well. It's all about sorting it out. I'm sure once the dust has settled, things will be crystal clear. So, hang in there...but don't stop having fun."

"Oh, of course not. Though, not gonna lie, if I got a call from her tonight telling her to keep it in my pants, she's coming for me, then I'm doing it."

"Well, I certainly hope you don't get a call tonight." Hailee gave me wink. Before I could respond, our server arrived. We ordered our food, during which Hailee turned up the heat when I felt her massage my crotch with her foot while I ordered, grinning while biting down on her straw the whole time.

Despite this, the dinner was still very conversational. Hailee was a much better conversation in real life than she was as an interview, and she was a great interview. Somewhere along the dinner, the idea of checking out the trains observation car was brought up. Neither of us ever having heard of such a thing, it was an easy thing to agree on.

With dinner finished and server tipped, we headed to the deck. Like the dining car before it, the place was near abandoned. In fact, if not for us it'd be entirely empty. The walls and ceiling of the car were essentially one big window, and the room itself was oddly dimly lit, almost by candlelight.

"This has to be the supreme make-up spot for train enthusiasts," Hailee said. "The moon, the stars...fuck lighting."

"Is that a technical term?"

"Oh yeah, sue it all the time on set. I remember being on the set of Romeo & Juliet and suggesting to the director that the fuck lighting wasn't fuck enough."

"You know, I do remember hearing Spielberg say something about fuck lighting on one of the Indiana Jones commentaries." She turned to me and smiled, the glow of the lighting making her brown eyes sparkle.

Hailee leaned her back against the glass of the window, arms folded, but friendly. "I don't know, I  like the moonlight, but I kind of expected more to observe on the observation deck."

"Well, I hate to be the voice of dissent in our so far pleasant night of conversation, but I think my view is pretty good."

"Oooh, nice and cheesy," Hailee said, unfolding her arms. "I like it." I moved closer to her, face to face. My hands were on her hips now, Hailee actually holding them there with her own. "And initiative...very sexy."

"How sexy?"

"Very. And the only thing sexier I can think of is someone who knows when to cut the small talk and mmmmm!" her sentence was derailed by my kiss and her hands moved to wrap around my shoulders. Mine roamed her body, up and down and feeling every contour of her breasts, hips and ass.

My hand went under her skirt, feeling the dampness at her panties. I hesitated going forward until Hailee gave me the okay.

"Do it," she whispered. "We're alone....it's late...just do it...."

With that kind of argument, I'd be an idiot to say no. I pushed her underwear aside and slid my fingers into her wet hole. I felt her shiver a bit as I began to work on her, my pace building up briskly. We were alone, but that could change at any moment. That was half the fun...well, considering who I was about to fuck for me it would be more like one fourth of the fun, but still, same principle.

Hailee mewled and moaned, rolling her head back as I fingerbanged her, the sounds getting moist and sloshy. She was just on the edge, not a major orgasm, but a nice small one. But one look in her eyes and I knew that wasn't enough for her, and Hailee was more than ready to confirm that thought.

She moved forward, her hair just in front of those eyes. "Fuck me," she said, her open mouth in a smile. "Right here...let's have some fun..."

I answered her demand my spinning Hailee around and yanking her panties to her knees., Lusty laughs escaped her lips, soon replaced by moans of pleasure as I entered her from behind. Hailee braced herself against the large window of the observation car as I took her.

There was tenderness to be had. I nuzzled her neck and breathed in her scent, sweat mixed with Gucci Guilt. My hands roamed her body, going under her clothers instead of removing them, sandwiched between flesh and cloth.

I cupped her breasts, massaging them before teasing her nipples with my fingers. One hand moved down, over her toned stomach and down to her pussy. I reached under her skirt, grabbing her hand first to join with mine. Together, we worked her clit as I increased my pace into Hailee.

Soon she was pressed tightly against the glass as I drove into her, moaning in a high pitch desperate for more, and I gave her my all. If the lady wanted fun, who was I to deny it? And clearly, she was being successful in her quest...but we both wanted a bit more.

"Uh...ugh...Bart....uh...fuck...I..I want to fucking ride you...mmmm fuck...I want you to see my face while we fuck....fuck yes...ungg I want that..."

"You got it." I pulled out of her, still grasping her hand as I took a seat. She grinned wide, breathing deeply as she straddled me, then slowly sunk down on my cock. "Fuuuuuck, Hailee."

"Oh yes baby," She moaned.  Hailee braced herself on the chair as began to build up her tempo. Nothing slow, but still a hint of sensuality. She knew every movement to make for the most pleasure, both visually and physically, tossing her hair in just the right way, the things she said with just her eyes.

My hands gripped her firm, round ass, kneading the toned muscle in my hand as Hailee continued her wild ride. She could barely contain her vocals, trying hard not to moan so loud the people in the next car might be able to hear...but at some point pleasure was going to outweigh the need for discretion. And with every thrust and grind, every moan we both let out grew louder and louder.

As we got closer and closer to our points of no return, Hailee leaned further and further back. Our pace increased more and more, Hailee nearly leaning all the way back, low moans escaping her mouth until finally, she felt the embers begin to ignite. She shot forward, pulling close to me. She grasped me by the face, and kissed me hard, moaning in my mouth as her orgasm hit her. She broke the kiss only to whisper-moan "Oh fuck!" as pleasure raced through her body. Seeing and feeling this all up close set me off as well.

"I'm gonna shoot Hailee," I growled. "Where..."

"In me," she said, choking on a breath. "Oh fuck, cum in me...cum in me Bart..." I held her tight and released in her, thrusting up once more as streams of my cum filled up the beautiful actress on top of me. When I was empty, Hailee softly pressed her lips to mine, the rested her head on my shoulder.

"Well," she said while catching her breath. "That was definitely fun."

"Definitely." I replied. "Not often you have the best train trip ever in the history of mankind on the first night."

"Bet we can top it on night number two," she giggled.

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 11: Troian Bellisario
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Anal, Cons)
Chapter 11: Troian Bellisario

Guest Appearance by Hailee Steinfeld

It was the last morning of my train trip back to L.A. and I was exhausted. Though honestly, who could blame me? I'd just spent the last two days having mind-blowing sex with Hailee Steinfeld. Additionally...I got know her a little bit. She literally charmed the pants off me a few times. I wasn't expecting that. Not that I didn't previously enjoy her company, but interviewing her on the show and this were two very, very different kinds of company.

When I awoke the first thing I saw was Hailee, dressed only in a black t-shirt that stopped halfway down her round ass, hiding halfway behind the door to my cabin. She gave the attendant a trip and brought in a tray. When she saw I was up, she flashed me a million-watt smile.

"Morning," she said. She sat down right next to me, giving me a peck on the cheek. "You look well rested."

"Same to you." I replied.

"Yeah, I tend to sleep really well when I get fucked cross-eyed." She give me a sly smirk and placed the tray down on the bed.

"So what do we have here?"

"Well, for me, there's oatmeal, fresh fruit salad, a banana, and multi-grain toast. You, you rugged man you, got your breakfast from yesterday. Eggs over easy, also multi-grain toast, and very crisp bacon. And coffee for the both of us."

"Good memory."

"Yeah. It's almost like I have to remember things for a living." She grabbed the banana and unpeeled it and began to snack.

"Hey, could you eat that slower, lick the tip maybe?"

"Shut up," she laughed. "You're such an ass!"

"Yeah, but you are ONLY wearing one of my t-shirts so you must be an ass-woman."

"Ha, I can't fault your logic." She leaned forward, softly kissing me. "Not one bit."

"Good to know." Her cheeks blushed a bit before she went back to her breakfast then I finally dug into mine. "So, what's your plan once we get to LA in a couple hours?"

"Ugh, work. I mean, yeah, I know, actress, pop star, yadda yadda, what do I have to bitch about?"


"But, " she said. "I don't know. I kind of want to do something important. I mean, yeah, I'm getting paid to be in the middle of a big robot war and perform in front of thousands of people. I just miss doing actual movies. The kind without CG characters that I don't see until it's all done. Don't get me wrong, I'd KILL to be in super hero movie. I've heard nothing but good things about the experience from friends and when I see little kids come up to some of them calling by their character names it's SO precious and I'm SO jealous. But some balance would be nice. Same for the music. I don't mind the dance pop but I would like to do something a bit more. Gah, I can't believing I'm bitching about such low-key, First World problem nonsense."

"If it's bugging you it's got to be a little important." I took a couple bites of egg yolk soaked toast and bacon then moved closer to her.  I grabbed the coffee pot and poured her a cup. "Look, you're successful. And that's great. Nothing to be ashamed of. There's also nothing wrong with wanting more. Let me ask you, did you like shooting that Transformers thing?"

"Well, yeah. It was fun. I don't really get to tumble and stuff and be around explosions."

"And you clearly like performing, you're a natural. It sounds like you, again, just want more in addition to the fun you're already having. And that's very reasonable, if you ask me. There's nothing to be ashamed of or to be guilty about."

"What about you?" she asked. "I mean, you clearly love your show, you can't fake the enthusiasm. But do you ever want more?"

"Sometimes, but I don't see anytime I could take a break to do what I'd really like to." I couldn't believe I'd just said that. I hadn't even admitted that to Troian. Hell, not Selena or Ashley either. Only one who got close to getting that out of me was Liz, and that was because she never pried too far.

"Well, then I guess you better enjoy the last few hours of your vacation." Hailee stood up, removed the shirt and then the breakfast tray. We both let out a pleasured sigh as she sank on to my cock, already hard from her sexy morning outfit.

I brushed the hair from her face and let my hands roam her body as her ride slowly built up speed. It wasn't hard and fast, enough to enjoy it all without breaking a sweat within the first minute.

"Oh...uh...fuck...so what's...what's your plan when we get off....fuck yes...the train?" Hailee moaned. I gently grasped her hips as she rose and fell, her skin feeling so smooth.

"Probably...oh shit yes Hailee...just going to make...fuck yes....make some phone calls...unnnnhabout the show. G-guests and stuff. You're probably going...oh fuck yes...to have...nnnnnnmore fun."

"Oohhhh...oh my God right there right fucking there...moooore business stuff for m-me too...n-not that mmmmuch fun...Sssseting up...up...up interviews and stuff for Pitch Perfect...magazines..." he last word faded into a moan. I say up, wrapping my arms around her. I pulled her close, nose to nose with wide grins on our faces as we both came closer and closer to a crescendo.

She leaned back just enough to give me access to her breasts, which I eagerly took. I sucked her nipple, flicking it with my tongue. Her nails dug into my shoulder as she pulled forward again and her hands moved to my cheeks, holding me in place while she leaned forward to kiss me.

I could feel her hot breath on my forehead, a half-smile on her open mouth she got closer and closer to her end. Her legs wrapped tighter around me and her ankles locked.  Her eyes locked on mine as her breaths got more and more ragged, moans louder and louder until she threw her head back and moaned, "Oh FUCK....yesssss!"

I thrust up into her as pleasure raced through her form, giving Hailee a few extra jolts as my own orgasm rapidly approached. Before I could even give sign one I was clone, Hailee moved off me, a glint in her eyes.

"Mmmm, let me take care of that," she said, planting a quick peck on my lips before moving down my body and taking my cock, fresh from her pussy, right into her mouth.

"Oh fuck...fuck Hailee..." I leaned on my elbows and simply watched as she went to work, and this girl loved her work. It was fast, a blowjob made strictly for the use of making me cum...but damn it, sometimes that's you need. And Hailee still made it a bit more with just the right amount of eye contact and teasing. Hands, fingers, tongue, lips, all worked in unison in an orgasmic dance on my hard flesh.

"Oh shit Hailee I'm cumming...fuck I'm cumming!" She let out a soft moan and continued sucking until I finally let loose, filling her mouth and Hailee moaning as she swallowed every stream. With a final suck, she kissed her way back up my body before laying at my side. I put my arm around her while her head rested on my chest.

"I really don't want the train to stop," she said. "This...this has been a lot more...well, just more than I expected. Way better than meetings."

"Agreed." I replied, kissing her forehead. "It doesn't, you know, have to end. At least, you know, the me and you stuff, not the train ride. At some point it would indeed stop for lack of fuel."

I felt her giggle in my arms. "Hand me your phone. Unlock it first. I'm not gonna be weird, promise."

"Well, as we've seen each other's cum faces at this point multiple times I see no reason not to." I reached over and grabbed my phone, unlocking it before handing it to her. Hailee sat up and typed into my phone, then just as quickly handed it back to me. She then reached over to her purse and handed me her phone, similarly unlocked.

"I just gave you my number. Put in yours."

"I could just text you."

"Yeah, but I like this better. It's more effort putting it in and if either us us want to call, it's not because of some text reminder, we actually want to."

"I like it," I said. I input my number then returned her phone. "How about we finish breakfast in a now very disheveled bed, get dressed, then hang out in the lounge till we have to go back to reality?"

"Can't we just stay in bed?" Hailee asked, her voice sing songy and playful in its pleading. And I have to admit, her being completely nude in front of me almost made me give in and ignore logic.

"Yeah, the cleaning staff can just clean the room around us fucking."

"Okay, but I am not putting my clothes on until we're finished eating." She winked at me then grabbed the tray, placing it back on the bed. “No rushing.”

“Wouldn't dream of it.”


With breakfast done and a quick shower mixed with a little fooling around, Haille and I got out stuff together and waited for the ride to end. Much like her, I genuinely didn't want it to end. I genuinely didn't expect this to happen on my way back to normalcy. In fact, it kind of torpedoed the normalcy. I also found I didn't mind.

“I think I'm going to nap for the rest of the day the moment I get home,” I said. “I'm surprisingly tired.”

“I'll take that as a compliment,” Hailee said. “I wish I could nap. The moment I'm off the train I'm in a cab and it's right back to work. Probably won't get home until the sun goes down, then won't get to sleep until midnight...be a lot easier to get all this done if I didn't have to take a cab and maybe had a dashing podcast host to drive me around...I'd be more than happy to work it off by any means necessary, if you know anyone that fits that description.”

“I'd love to help, especially with payment like that, but I've got someone giving me a ride and I don't know if she'd appreciate sex stains in the back seat of her car.”

“She? Do I have competition?”

“Hardly. Remember that best friend I told you about? It's her.”

“Wow, really?” Hailee asked. “You're still friends? I really thought you were talking in the past tense.”

“Yeah, me and Troian are still friends. We've known each other all our lives.”

“Troian? As in, Troian Bellisario? I LOVED Pretty Little Liars! And you two dated? You almost married her? I know this sounds weird considering the last few days, but well done.”

“Thanks, I guess. It's no big deal though.”

“If you say so.” Hailee sat back in her seat, looking at me with a smile. “Did you ever tell her?”

“What, tell Tro I was going t ask her to marry me?”

“No, that you have a thing for fucking on fast moving vehicles. Of course that you were going to pop the question!”

“Well, no. It would have been REALLY awkward immediately after she said she met someone else.”

“Well, yeah, but not later? I mean, if she's your best friend, I don't know, wouldn't that be something you'd tell her?”

“Would you want to hear that if you were in her position?”

Hailee thought o this for a moment before shrugging. “Honestly, I have no idea. It's a really weird position. I mean, I could see how it'd be something I'd want to hear, but only in certain circumstances. You're probably right. But you have to admit, it's a question that makes you think.”

“I guess...honestly, I never thought about it.”

The last contact I had with Hailee that day was a quick peck on the cheek as she left for the taxi queue. I went right out front to the parking lot to see my chauffeur, played by Troian Bellisario, waiting for me.

“I thought chauffeurs usually had signs with their passenger's names on them while they waited,” I said.

“You know I thought about that, but then I realized it might be kind of offensive to have a big cardboard sign that read 'Asshole'”,” she replied.

“Fair point.” I gave her a big hug as she lead me to her car.

“So, how was the trip? All relaxed from your exhaustive job of recording celebrity fart jokes?”

“Yes, but I'm sure you already got the full details on at least once aspect of my little New York vacation.”

“Well, if you're speaking of Ashley, then yes, I got the lowdown about you two from her. And I'm glad you two settled things like adults this time. Which, now that I think on it, might be a first for either of you.”

Before I could retort, we came upon Tro's car. After I loaded my luggage and buckled up, we were out of the parking lot and on our way to my place.

“How was the rest of the trip?” she asked. “You were interviewing Taylor Swift while you were there, right?”

“Yeah, that should be up this week, then after that back to the grind. The rest of this week is finalizing all the guest bookings.”

“Need any company?” she asked. “I have the entire day free and it's been a while since we've even talked.”

“Yeah, cool with me.”

“Great, food and wine's on me. Thai?”

“Killer. Drive on Jeeves.”

“Shut up,” she laughed.


After picking up some grub, we headed to a liquor store and grabbed a bottle of wine, nothing fancy, but definitely not MD. Mad Dogging it never goes well with Thai food...or, honestly, anything now that I think of it.

“Hey, you take the wheel, all right?” Tro asked.  “You know, since I paid for...everything.”

“Fair enough.” And really, it was. Someone buys dinner and drinks, the least I'm going to do is drive. It never occurred to me Troian had a different motive. Then again, I probably should always keep in the back of my head that Troian loves surprising me and always has.

As soon as we  were back on the road, I felt Troian's hand on my leg, working her way to my crotch.

“I hope you don't mind, but I think it might be proper to give you the best “welcome home“ I possibly can.”

“Well, if you insist.” She tilted her head smirked while she unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. Troian began with a slow, teasing and methodical handjob.

“Eyes on the road,” she said as she pumped. That simple request was proving to be insanely hard. I badly wanted to look over at her face or even just look down as she jacked my cock, how she worked her wrist, teased the head with her thumb.

“Do I even need to ask?” I knew I didn't. If Tro was doing this, then I already know she pretty much was given a free pass due to her hubby's bad habit of infidelity.

“I'd avoid it. I probably won't be able to answer you anyway with my mouth full.”

“Mouth full?” And my two word question was answered the moment she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. “Okay gotcha.”

I couldn't resist taking quick glances as Tro sucked me. My eyes were still mainly on the road, but where road head is concerned, I might have been paying too much attention to the road.

“Y-you want me to pull over or something?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “Mmmm just cum in my mouth.” To help me with her request, Tro sped up the action. Any idea of teasing or drawing this out was not even up for consideration, not that I minded. Again, road head had its own set of guidelines.

“Fuck...fuck Tro...I'm gonna shoot...”My hands gripped the wheel, white knuckled but somehow still going the speed limit.

Troian simply hummed a “Mmmm hmmm” on my cock, my orgasm a foregone conclusion she was happily pushing me towards. And finally, almost mercifully, we hit a stoplight and I finally unleashed, my foot pressing all the way down on the break.

By the time I was done there was car honking behind me to go on green and I was in a cold sweat. I moved forward as Tro gave me one last suck before zipping my pants up and sitting back in the seat, looking oddly satisfied after giving me a blowjob.

“What?” she asked. “Can't a girl take pleasure in giving pleasure?” That's Troian, reading my mind in a way few can.

Unsurprisingly, when we got to my place we left the food and wine on the counter and went straight for the bedroom.

It must have been a reflex action at this point, but I don't remember who started stripping who but before either of us realized it we were nude on my bed, my head finding a happy home between her legs and the music of her moans filled the air.

“Ooooh yeah,” she squealed, arching her back as I returned the favor from the car. “Fuck it's never bad with you, is it?”

“Well, I try not to stay rusty.”

“Let's test that theory out.” She crooked her finger come hither towards me and I moved up her body. Once I was face to face, I thrust my cock inside her, bringing a smile to her face. “Mmmmm, now it gets interesting.”

I hooked my arms under her and drew Troian up to a sitting position. I began to thrust up in her, Tro's long legs wrapping tight around me as she hung her head back then flung it forward, her long brown lock, falling on my face before going to hers.

I brushed the strands from her face, looking at her already heavenly face seducing me even more by reveling the sinfulness of the moment. Watching her face go though all the stages of pleasure was simply put, intoxicating, always was.

I held her in my arms as she learned back again, yelps of pleasure being belted from her full lips with every thrust.

I took her nipple in my teeth, lightly tugging and sucking on one then moving to the other. It didn't matter how many times I'd been with Troian, I never got tired of it and it was always amazing.

She gave me a half-smile, half-sneer before sticking her tongue out and licking my lips. “How about we change it up a bit?”

“I suppose,” I said, hungrily kissing her. “You haven't lead me wrong so far.”

“Good answer.” She got off me and on to all four, grasping my head board for support. “Take my ass.” Magic. Fucking. Words. Especially from a voice as sexy as Troian's.

Before getting to the main attraction she'd presented to me, I kissing my way up from Troian's ass to her neck, my lips whisper close to her ears. “You certain;y do like being fucked in the ass, Tro.”

“Never heard you complain,” she retorted. “And in case you didn't notice, neither do I...so you must be doing something right.”

I kissed her neck then reached back, lining my cock, slick from her cunt, up with her ass and slowly pressed forward.

“Aaaahhh fuuuck yes...fuck...oh Bart...fucking say it...say my name...fuck say it...say it, baby.....”

“Fuck Troian...fuck...fuck baby this...fuck this ass...so fucking good...love...love to fuck your ass....” I firmly grasped her hips and sped up in her ass. With Troian bracing up against the headboard, my wall was certainly getting a workout, though not as much as Tro's ass was.

“Fuck! Fuck don't stop....take it...fuck that ass Bart! Fuck so...so fucking big in my ass...”

I moved my hands from her hips to her breasts, then wrapped them around her to pull her closer to me as I started to drive us both home. Troian grabbed my hand and brought it to her neck.

“Mmm choke me a little...” she moaned. “Not too hard...just enough...mmmmgive it to me Bart...”

I was always hesitant to fulfill that request, no matter who asked of me, but I also trusted Troian to let me know when was when. I clasped my hand around her throat and almost instantly a guttural moan echoed from her mouth.

“Y-yesss...fuck...fuck my ass...fucking take it...fuck...fuck cumming...cumming...cum with me! Cum in my asssssss!” And I did, almost in sync with Troian as she came. We both shuddered and growled, completely drowning in pleasure as we fell forward on the bed. I continued thrusting into her through my orgasm until it was too much and I pulled out, rolling off her prone form.

We both laid there, exchanging glances as we breathed deep, completely wrecked.

“So....hungry?” Troian laughed.



“I really, really needed that,” Troian said. We were both shower fresh and chowing down on extra spicy pad thai.

“That's what I'm here for.” I replied. “Sex on call.”

“Aww, that's not all you're good for. You always give me a good challenge at Scrabble.”

“I just know more Q words than you.” I poured her another glass of wine and reclined on the bed. “So, how bad was it this time.”

“Bad enough that you fucked my ass and got road head,” she said. “Not that I'm complaining. About the sex with you that is. Him cheating, big time complaints.”

“Seriously Tro, I don't know why you put up with it. I never would have gotten away with it.”

“Yeah, well you also never would have done it in the first place.”

“That really just makes my question even bigger.”

“I love him Bart. I know, that's the answer you always hear...but it's the truth. It's not always awful. A good 90% of the time it's amazing...but then..well...”

“He fucks someone else.”

“Yeah.” She gulped down her wine then grabbed the bottle and poured herself the rest.

Seeing her like this for some reason reminded me of Hailee. Not just something she said, but her in general. Which lead to what I had to say next,

“Tro, let me ask you a question.”


“If I had popped the question before we broke up, and I mean f I had gone first before you did when you told me about Patrick...what would you have said?”

The question seemed to have dumbfounded her. She paused, words collided in her brain, only sounds coming out for a few seconds. “Wait..um...are you saying you were...”

“Yeah, I was. And this isn't me trying to get between you and your husband at all...but....I'm curious. What would you have said?”

“I don't know. Honestly...whew, I don't know. I mean, I can tell you this, we still would have broken up. You don't find someone else if what you have was working the way it was supposed to. Not that anything was wrong...but it just wasn't working the way it needed to be. Why are you bringing this up, anyway?”

“Someone I met on the train...she's got me thinking about things.”

“Well, are all those things retreads of the past or are they a bit more positive?” she asked.

“Positive. Big time.”

“Oooh, someone's got sparkles in their eyes. And I'm fairly sure you're not on a hallucinogen. Two days on a train got you hooked?”

“I don't know if I'd say hooked, but I'm thinking about her enough to put consideration into some things she brought up.”

“Well, call her,” Troian said with a smile. “I mean, Ashley's a thing of the past. Selena by all accounts, if paps are to be trusted, has gone full tilt idiot again with her romantic choices.  And Liz basically did say if you met someone she wouldn't hold it against you...it sounds like you might have met someone.”

“I guess...I'm still not shutting the door on Liz.”

“I'm not saying you do.” Troain moved up next to e on the bed. “What I am saying is, if this woman has your attention, let her know. I mean obviously don't call her tonight, that's just weird. Two days from now. That's a good time. Invite her to lunch. Just enjoy her company. Despite your horndog rep, you do know how to show a girl a good time outside the sheets.”

“Does someone miss weekends at the flea market?”

“I really should have added “most of the time” to that statement,” she joked. “Look, just  be happy. Don't dwell on things. Just...just find someone. That's one of the things I worry about, you not finding someone.”

“Well, okay. I'll call her in a couple days. IN the mean time...I still have Scrabble in the cabinet.”

“Hmmm, is it the same one we had when we lived together?”

“No, this is a new copy, all the Qs intact.”

“Well, shit,” Troian said.  “All right. I'm sure you have enough booze around here to make your freaky Q word mutant power palatable.” Troian got up in a search for Scotch. I reached over to the nightstand and got my phone. I opened it up to the phonebook and looked at Hailee's number and smiled.

This could work. Maybe. Kinda. I hope.
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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 12: Alexa Bliss
« Reply #11 on: September 22, 2018, 10:21:15 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by Maxwell Lord
(MF, oral, cons, anal, ATM)
Chapter 12: Alexa Bliss

"Is there anything I need to know about taking this?" I asked. I was on my back in the middle of a wrestling ring, shooting a comedy bi for my first show back. The guest was on the top turnbuckle. The guest? Alexa Bliss, getting ready to deliver a Twisted Bliss to me while my partner in crime, Logan, sat back with the crew, all of them grinning as Alexa put me through the grueling paces she goes through on a daily basis.

"Nope," she said. "Just lay back and let me take care of the rest. Just stay still."

"Got it." I exhaled and waited. I looked up as this hot little numbed leaped and twisted in the air, landing hard across my body. "Ooof!" I groaned upon impact while all she did was roll off and go for the pin. That was Logan's cue to skid in like a seasoned WWE ref and make the count.

"One...two..three!" he exclaimed. Alexa bolted up and had her hand raised then strutted the ring for the camera.

After a mental ten count I yelled "Cut!" I got to my feet, using the ropes to pull myself over. "Holy shit."

"That's what you get for messing with the champ," Alexa joked. "How much more we have to shoot?"

"Just going to set up in the ring to get some shots of you on the top then my POV of you doing Twisted Bliss and that should be it. You need anything else to cut it together Logan?"

"No, but I'll give her twenty bucks if she hits you with a steel chair."

"Well, that's not PG." I replied.

"And way below my pay grade," she grinned. "How long for the set up?"

"Probably an hour for lighting and all that. So we can make this lunch."

"Great, I'm starving." She hopped out of the ring and went to her bag, taking out a pre-prepped meal. And of course, when she bent over to do that Logan and I couldn't resist taking in a view of Alexa's fine, fine ass.

"Christ man, she's even hotter in person,” said Logan. “How is it so many short girls have killer asses?”

“One of the great mysteries of the world, pal.” I replied. “Probably something for you to muse over while you're smoking whatever you smuggled back from Amsterdam.”

“It was mostly edibles.” He replied. “They'd probably just distract from dat ass, but...since it's lunch, I'll see you in a few...maybe....probably. You should probably just come look for me.”

And with that, Logan was pretty much done for the day, if not the rest of the week until the actual show started. I got out of the ring myself and made my way towards Alexa while the crew began taking down the equipment to set up the next shot.

“So, what's on the menu?” I asked.

“Oh, this? Just a veggie wrap with some mashed sweet potatoes.” she replied.

“Not a big slab of meat? I figured a big time champ like yourself would eat nothing but raw meat and the blood of their enemies.”

“Eeww,” she laughed. “Well, MAYBE Alexa Bliss, does that, but right now, I'm just plain old Lexi Kaufman eating my vegetables like a good girl.”

“There really that big of a difference between Lexi and Alexa?” I asked, taking a seat on the bench right next to her.

“Now? Yes, big difference, back when I was in NXT as the tutu wearing glitter bomb version of Alexa Bliss, yeah, that was a lot more like me, no distinction.”

“Yeah, I remember that. I was actually a fan even then.”


“Yeah...though I do like myself some heel Bliss.”

“I'm sure the tight vinyl mini-trunks help.” She smiled a smile that pretty much revealed she knew all to well what she was packing..

“Well, yeah, no hiding that you're hot. But hey, I liked what I saw then, promise. Then you went all bad ass heel manager then heel wrestler...dude I'm just a fan of the entire Alexa Bliss package.”

“Well, thanks. I mean, that Alexa is a part of me, don't get me wrong. But it's a part of me I'm just amping it up to eleven. Which, like everyone says, is the key to success in the business. And the key to keeping it is to not live the gimmick. So...I am Alexa...but I can turn her off and just be Lexi. Hence, veggies. Hell, I don't even think I could eat meat now that I have a pet pig.”

“So, does Alexa just show up in the ring?”

“Well, most of the times. Sometimes she sneaks out during interviews, so you better watch out, you might get another Twisted Bliss, or even worse, a tongue lashing!”

“Damn, I've seen you work the mic on Raw, I'm scared,” I joked.

“Then I guess I'm doing my job,” she smiled. “Don't worry though, Alexa is working out most of her aggression right now, so you'll just have to deal with lil' old Lexi.”

“Well, that ain't all bad. I like Lexi Kaufman, or what I've seen so far.”

“Well, thanks, so does my fiance.”

"Well, I'd hope so. Also, wasn't really trying anything.”

“I know...but you do have a little bit of a reputation. Just making sure we both know where things stand, and Lexi Kaufman is engaged.”

“Cool. Though I do wonder, how did I get a rep to the degree I needed a warning?”

“I have my sources.” She grinned at me before taking another bite of her wrap. “I'm guessing you have yours too.”

“Well, depends on what you're looking for.”

“Any good gyms around here? Preferably twenty four hour ones?”

“Yeah, Mike's downtown. I go there. Just say you're my plus one, you'll get in no problem.”

“Thanks. No offense, you don't really seem the gym type.”

“None taken.” I replied. “I need to head back. Just got back from an extended work vacation. You're actually my first guest back.”

“Nice,” she said. “Where'd you go?”

“New York. Had an interview to do there and some personal stuff. Then had a nice train ride back. Got in a lot of cardio too.”

“Something tells me that cardio you got in is the kind that led to you reputation.”

“I can't tell a lie, but come on, give me a clue. Who's letting you in on all this info on me?”

“Well, I can't confirm anything or I might be thrown right into some straight fire....”

“Say no more,” I grinned. “Glad to know I made an impression.”

“Well, yeah, I'd say being fuck, or as she said it, fook of a lifetime, does earn you some bragging rights. But, like I said, Lexi Kaufman is taken.”

“Totally understood and respected. Only light flirtation with no expectations of anything except a recurring guest.”

“That's acceptable.” She gave me a wink then stood up. “Do you have playback set up? I kind of want to see how that looked.”

“Well, it's down until the next set up, but we can take a look before we start shooting.” That's when my phone went off. The moment I saw who was calling, I knew I had to to take the call. “I'll be right back.”

“No problem.” I headed to a secluded place of the bingo hall we were and and answered the phone.

“Three rings? You know how to keep a girl on edge,” said Hailee. Just from the tone of her voice I could tell she was smiling. “You busy?”

“Actually, just on lunch.” I replied. “It's...uh...it's really good to hear from you.”

“Thanks..I was wondering if you were going to call, but then decided to, you know, make a power grabfor myself and make you feel guilty for not calling me first all at the same time. I'm fiendish like that.”

“Oh believe me, I know that first hand. Still, I'm sorry I didn't call. The moment I got back in the groove it was pretty much all work. This honestly is the first free time I've gotten in a while.”

“Hey, I was just kidding. Still, it's nice to know you were thinking about me.”

“Well, you're very hard to forget.”

“Ditto. So, I take it you've seen your interview schedule?”

“Yes,” I said, knowing exactly where she was going. “I did see you scheduled for the week after Anna Kendrick.”

“Yeah, I thought that might be fun, and if you don't tire yourself out too much with Anna...”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Please, we're not official or anything and you've got a reputation.”

“You're the second person today that's said that.”

“Well, it's true. But hey, if it was a bad one I wouldn't be talking to you. That said, if you have a bit of fun with Anna, I'm cool with it.”


“Yeah, that was kinda weird of me to say wasn't it?” she joked. “But yeah, so...I was thinkin'...”

“What were you thinkin'?”

“Well...how about I come into town early so we can do more than just show stuff? I could crash at your place, maybe see if, you know, what happened on the train was more than just a fling. If that's cool with you.” I mean, shit, I'm not being weird am I?”

“”Nah. And if you were it'd still be cool. I thought we confirmed on the train that weird was good.”

“So...does that mean we're going with my idea?” she asked, voice full of pep.

“Big yes.”

“Great! I'll be there the day after Anna does your show. Probably in the afternoon.Text me your address and...and I'll see you then. I can't wait!”

“See you then.” Well, that was going to be an interesting week. And I had to admit, I was excited. It had been a while since anyone but Liz had gotten my attention in the way that Hailee did.

However, the focus now was finishing up the shoot. It looked like Tommy had set up the camera, at least enough for playback. “Hey, Alexa, still want to see some replays?”


After getting the last remaining shots, we cut for the day. Logan went off to cut together the bit while I headed home for a quick nap. Being repeatedly splashed on, even by a sexy little pxie, can take a lot out of a guy.

I wasn't out for too long though, I woke up only a couple hours later at midnight. With nothing better to do, I decided to head to Mike's gym, maybe work off enough energy to put me away for the night.

The moment I headed towards the cardio machines I remembered who I'd said could be my guest for the night.

“Well, fancy meeting you here,” Alexa said, flashing a smile. In addition to her workout gear, she had her hair done up in pigtails.

“Yeah, me going to the gym I'm a member of..who'd have guessed?” I got on the elliptical machine right next to her and started my work out. “I crashed pretty much when I got home. Holy shit what you guys do is exhausting. I don't know how you have the energy to even drive to the next town, let alone do this daily.”

“Discipline and passion.” she replied. “I love it. Every moment of it. Even the crappy bits. Still, when I get down time like this, I'm so going to take advantage of every second of it.”

“Today was down time?”

“Bart, I only did a couple splashes off the top rope and a handful of DDTs. You took all the bumps. Good job on that by the way. You'd be a natural jobber.”

“Nah, I can't outdo Ellsworth.”

“True, but you're better eye candy.” She smirked at me then took a sip of water. I liked where this was heading, but I also knew in all likelihood, she was just joking around, especially after what she said today about being taken. “How much longer you got on that?”

“Just started, so about thirty minutes, you?”

“Twenty. How about When you're done you spot me on weights. You finishing up will give me some cool down time.”

“What about my cool down time?”

“Well, you'll get a breather while you spot me,” she laughed. “Come on, it's not like it's a marathon I'm asking for. Though from what I'm told you can pull that off.”

“Sure...” I said, getting more intrigued yet confused. “I'll spot you.” Before too long, my cardio warm-up was over and I headed to the free weight area, where Alexa was sitting on a bench, legs crossed and a smile on her face.

“Took you long enough,” she said. “You ready?”

“Sure,” I said, then took a look at how much she was planning to lift. “Are you?”

“Relax, I can handle it. Just do your job and watch in awe.” She laid down on the bench and took hold of the weights. I had my hands on them too, letting her do most of the work as she began to do her reps. “See? I...ung...can pull...ung...it of.”

“Consider me shut up.” I replied. “How many reps you do?”

“Usually, five of four. Tonight though, might go a bit light, make up for it later.” After she finished up her first set, she sat back up and a signaled for me to take a spot next to her. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, only fitting since I'm going to barrage you with some, some of them not stupid.”

“Good...probably wasn't going to take no for an answer but I was being nice.” She grinned, but it was a slightly different one than I had gotten earlier in the day, and I couldn't quite put my finger on what was different. “Who called?”

“Oh, just someone I met on the train. We're gonna be seeing each other again in a few weeks, that's all.”

“She a girlfriend?”

“Not yet...” I replied. I was kind of shocked Lexi was getting so personal.

"Okay, just checking. Now, let's get back to work. Back to one, spot-boy.”

“Yes ma'am.” We went through the rest of the workout in a fairly routine way, save for the occasions bits of flirtatiousness from Alexa, which was a stark contrast from earlier in the day. After a couple hours we had both had enough. We headed for the locker rooms only to see the men's was completely blocked off for repairs. A taped sign told us the story; earlier in the day a pipe had burst and until repairs were made, the men's locker room was pretty much closed.

“Well, shit,” I said.

“You didn't know?”

“Nope, came here in my gym clothes, fresh ones are in the bag. I hate getting in the car soaked in sweat. You know, unless the sweat is being made in the car, and someone else is there making it happen with me.”

“Just use the women's. It's not like there's anyone else here.”

“Are you cool with that?”

“Bart, we're both adults. Well, in your case, physically more than mentally but either way I don't think it's that big a deal. Some stop complaining and get undressed with me.”

Alexa walked right past me, completely no selling what she had just said to me while I stood there like a gimp trying to process if she knew exactly what she had said. Once I shook it off, I made my way in.

I saw Alexa's bag in front of a row of lockers. Being a gentleman, I took the next one over, right next to the shower. I mean, yeah, a gentleman but if I could sneak a peak, I was going for it.

I began to undress, laying my clothes on the bench, since I obviously didn''t have a locker available. It wasn't until I was completely bare that I heard Alexa behind me.

“Ahem,” she said, making me turn around. Her hair was still in her pigtails, and she was only in a shower.“Niiiiice. Becky was not lying.”

“What about being thrown in straight fire?” I asked. “Not concerned?”

“Mmm, not right now. Now I'm far more interested in getting a bit more cardio and finding out if that reputation was earned.” She dropped the towel, baring her all then began to walk towards me.

“What about being taken?”

“What did I tell you? Lexi Kaufman is taken. Alexa Bliss on the other hand...well, she's very available.” Alexa quickly closed the distance between us and her hand was on my cock the moment it was within reach. “Not bad. You're not even at half-mast yet and I'm impressed.”

“Well, you're not so bad yourself. Five feet of fury never looked so good.”

“Oh, it does a lot more than just look good.” Her last words were like a starter pistol, the signal for us to go forward with what we wanted. We kissed, our mouths starving for each other while our hands worked each other. Alexa gave me a damn fine hand job while my fingers worked a bit of magic on her as well. Still, there was no confusion as to who was in charge here as the kiss broke and Alexa grabbed my face. “Eat my pussy. Now.”

Alexa stepped back and took a seat on the bench, her legs open and the lady waiting.

I got to my knees and took my place between her legs, gladly taking a taste of Little Miss Bliss.

“Mmmmm, that's a good boy.” She rested one leg on my shoulder while she moaned in pleasure. “Such a good boy....ooohhhhh fuck eat that pussy...”

The words and moans were music to my ears and I was more than happy to folow through on everything she asked. The fact I was getting a kick out of it as well was a happy side effect.

“Fuck that mouth is passing the test....now what about that cock?” Alexa yelped in surprise as a swept her up in my arms and pinned her to the lockers. I looked at her face, the classic Bliss grin on her face. “Mmmmm, I know you want it...how about you take it? Take my pussy...ooooh fuck yes!” That last bit of the sentence came about the moment I entered her, one thrust. Her eyelids fluttered as I began to drive into the petite sex goddess. Any exhaustion either of us felt faded completely in the wake of this very pleasurable second wind.

"Fuck...fuck Lexi...”

“Alexa...call me Alexa...”

“Alexa...fuck you're so amazing...”

“Mmmm, I know baby,” she moaned. “You're pretty okay too.”

“Okay?” I asked, a smirk on my face. “I'll show you okay.” I wrapped my arms around her, hooking her shoulders and drove into her hard and fast, the lockers taking almost as much of a pounding as Alexa's pussy was.

“Ooooooh you motherfucker!” she yelled, her voiced cracking from my thrusts. “FUCK GIVE ME THAT COCK!”

“Is it more than okay?”

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me!” she yelled, yanking my head to hers for a kiss. I grasped Alexa by her amazing ass and took her back to the bench, letting her ride me a bit while I stil drove up into her. I reached my hand to her hair and pulled her head back, exposing her neck to me so I could lick and nibble on her flesh. My lips and tonuge made a trail from her neck to her tits. They weren't gigantic handfuls, but they were perfect for her.

“Bite my nipples...don't fucking play either, bite them!” she demanded. The moment I followed through, a deep and low moan erupted from her throat, Alexa's eyes rolling in the back of her head. “Fuuuuuck I love that...so fucking much!”

It was hard to think of anything better than Alexa Bliss bouncing on my cock, screaming lustful obscenities, but of course, I was more than up for the position. I stood back up and dropped Alexa to her feet only to spin her around so she was facing the lockers. Alexa took the hint and bent over and braced herself against the locker.

I grasped her by her hips and was inside her again in moments. “Mmmm fuck me like a dirty girl....” she sighed, her mouth still plastered with a sex-high smile. And the smile got even wider as I gave her everything she wanted.

Her face was pressed hard against the metal of th lockers, her hands doing their best at bracing her while my hands alternated between grasping her hips and slapping her perfect little apple ass. For such a tiny woman her ass was simply beyond compare, and this was the perfect view. So perfect it was almost hypnotizing.

I kneaded and massaged that flesh until my thumb got right next to that little puckered opening, just grazing it. She immediately looked over my shoulder, the smile still glued to her face.

“If you're gonna put your thumb in you better follow it up with something bigger motherfucker,” she said. If words were finishers I'd be down for the three count with that one.

I pressed my thumb forward and she froze in place, a low and deep moan escaping her lips. I froze too, but Alexa quickly dissuaded me form that action with a quick “KEEP FUCKING ME!”

I said quick, not quiet. But I knew I could only be in her amazing cunt for so long before I had to follow up on what she had said. And after a few more minutes, the temptation got to be too great. I pulled out of her completely, my thumb as well, and Alexa immediately knew what was going to happen, and began to get vocal in the most inviting way.

“Come on..come on and fuck my ass....I get it...I understand it...mmm I'd fuck my ass to if I were you. So why are you waiting? FUCK. MY. ASS. Come on Bart...fucking do it!”

I pressed my cock, fresh and slick from her pussy, and slowly but surely found myself to the hilt inside of Alexa Bliss' asshole. “Uuuuhhhh my god yesssss,” she hissed. “Mmm fuck it...oh baby please fuck it....fuck I love cock in my ass!”

I again did the only sane thing and gave in to every demand she was making, happily plowing her ass.

“Mmm, take that ass baby,” she teased, squeezing my cock as I drove in. “Fuck it nice and hard...make me cum...fucking make me cum with that big cock up my ass!”

“Yeah? Is that was Little Miss Bliss wants? A nice big cock up the ass so she can cum like the dirty girl she is?”

“Fuck, don't pretend like you don't fucking love it,” she said. She looked over her should at me, her tongue curling around her teeth as she smiled. “I'm the fucking Goddess here Bart...and you fucking know it!”

Yeah, I did know it. Still, didn't mean I couldn't have my fun as well. While she squeezed and teased, I reached forward, grabbing her pigtails and pulling back, riding her with handlebars.

“Ohhh, your motherfucker,” she growled. “Dirty mother fucker.” She chuckled a little, but those teasing laughs turned into an intense moan as one of my hands moved to her clit, rubbing the aroused nub to add to her pleasure.

“Oh..oh..OOHHHHH FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!” the blonde Superstar screamed, her ass clamping down hard on my clock as an orgasm rocked her body. Instead of going limp, Alexa surprised me and pulled off of me, spinning to her knees and taking my cock right into her mouth, straight from her ass.

“Fucking cum on face,” she said between sucks. “Cum in my mouth...cum for me Bart...cum for the Goddess of WWE...cum for Alexa!”

“FUUUUUUCK!” I screamed before shooting my load, streams covered Alexa's face before she placed her mouth over the head, sucking out the last few shot before I had to sit back on the bench to catch my breath. “God damn.”

“Mmm hmm,” she smiled, cleaning her face off with her fingers and tongues. “That...that was another difference between Alexa and Lexi. Now, hit the showers with me.”


After that rather intense work out, Alexa....or rather, Lexi again, and I said good night and I headed home. Once I hit the bed, I was out like a light. I didn't wakeup until eleven the next morning. The alarm that got me up was my doorbell. I groggily made my way to answer it, only to get a surprise behind the door.

“Good morning Bart,” said Liz Gillies. “Though I have to say, eleven is pushing that whole morning thing.”

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 13: Elizabeth Gillies
« Reply #12 on: September 22, 2018, 10:26:54 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occured, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Anal, Titfuck, Cons)
Chapter 13: Elizabeth Gillies

"Well would you look at that," Liz said, a pleased smile on her face. "Stunned into silence. I'm flattered." She was holding a small piece of luggage, a small bag hung on her shoulder Liz moved froward, kissing me softly. "So, can I come in or do my lips need to go somewhere else for open sesame?"

"Tempting as that is," I said, my own grin matching hers. "Come in." I held the door open for her. Liz put her bag down and took a seat on my couch, the space beside her soon filled by myself.

"Anyone in the bedroom? I mean, it's cool if there is, I won't be angry or anything. We're not officially official, so it's all right."

"No one is in there." I replied, my face close to hers again. "But, you know...you and I could change that real quick."

"We could, couldn't we?" Our lips met again, a bit harder, a lot more hungry. We embraced, Liz straddling herself on me. "Let me make one suggestion." She paused to remove her shirt, exposing her spectacular breasts to the air. "Let's just stick to the couch."

Before I could make a reply Liz found a much better use for my mouth, her mouth on mine again as her hands reached between us, reaching into my boxers and grasping my cock.

"That's right baby, she said, her voice almost a growl. "Get nice and hard for me...love getting this cock hard."

With that, it was time to do something I loved. Liz let out a low moan as I held her tits and kissed them, essentially making out with the single most perfect set of tits I'd ever experienced. Sure, there was so much more to her than that, physically and otherwise...but I have to be honest, she had phenomenal tits.

As much fun as I was having, Liz wanted to move on to much better things, and I of course agreed. she stood up, her eyes locked on mine as she slowly inched her shorts down, leaving her only in her underwear, black satin panties. Liz slowly turned around, revealing her panties to be of the thong variety and showing off her ass before moving to take off her panties. However, before she could hook them with her fingers, I gave into what I wanted, pulling her towards me as kissing that spectacular ass.

"Fuck I love it when you're ready to go," she hissed. I yanked her panties down and dove in further, eating her ass and making this sex goddess before moan for more. Unlike me, Liz had a lot of will power. She pushed me back and turned back around, stepping out of her clothes completely.

The look on her face said it all. I lifted my ass off the couch a bit, pulling my boxers down. Once my cock was an easy target, Liz straddled me once again. I reached down to guide myself in, when she stopped me.

"Nope...this is my toy right now." She smirked and lit my insides on fire. God damn she was one in a million. She held my hard dick and slowly lowered herself on it, the two of us smiling wide as we sighed. "Fuuuuuck I missed this dick."

“Feeling's very mutual,” I said. I embraced Liz and pulled her tight, her buxom breasts at my face.

“Mmm fuck I don't care if it's cliche, I love it when you suck my tits.” I'd have replied, but my mouth was far to busy enjoying the wonders that were Liz Gillies' breasts. Still, they were far from the only attraction Liz had. My hand moves to her face, caressing and cradling a bit before pulling it to mine for a kiss, long, deep and passionate.

Liz gently grasped my hands and ran them down her body to her hips, then brought her hands to my face, staring at me intently as she caressed it. “I really did miss you.”

“I missed you too.” I replied. Another kiss, and my hands were on her ass, grasping her as Liz ground into me, her moans making the most tantalizing music I'd ever heard. The view wasn't bad either.

I actually lost track of how long we were like this, the sensations of being inside Liz, watching her contort in pleasure, hearing her voice. There wasn't a moment when our hands were not all over each other, our lips not locked together or on some other part of our flesh. Completely lost in the moment.

Liz's arms wrapped around me as mine wrapped around her. We shifted positions a bit and I laid Liz down on the couch. Her legs were wrapped around me, her ankles locked tight. She wasn't letting me go anywhere until she was satisfied. Not surprisingly, I was very okay with this.

I paused a moment, just taking Liz, intoxicated on the ecstasy of the moment, her sensual, sexy smile spreading on her lips when she caught my look. She extended her tongue and licked my lips, leading to a peck on my forehead.

“Fuck me,” Liz said. “Make me cum...cum in me...” I didn't need to encouragement...but coming from that voice it was very, very appreciated. My arms hugged her close as i began to build up speed. We may have been lost in the moment, but we both knew when we were close to that edge of absolute pleasure.

I craned myself up, still holding Liz as we both careened toward a climax. It was a race to the finish line and we were both going at hyperspace. I was entranced by the look on Liz's face, her moans, her cries as she inchd closer and closer to that crescendo. Of course, Liz added an edge to her passionate cries at that moment of release.

“Fuuuuck CUM IN ME!” Liz cried as her orgasm hit her. She locked her ankles around me tight, refusing an inch of give, as if I would even be able to pull out at a time like this. Everything about the moment was too much for me. Our lips met once more as I filled Liz's pussy with my cum, pumping every last drop I had in her before finally coming to a stop.

We were complete drained, softly kissing each other as I slowly pulled out and rolled off of her, Liz quickly finding the perfect sport to lay on me considering the size of the couch.

“So,” Liz said between breaths. “You hungry?”


After a long and very fun shower, Liz and I headed to that burrito joint where this little venture into expanding our relationship began.

“Ah, finally, the real reason I stopped by,” Liz grinned,t eh vegan burrito she adored in hand. “But don't worry, you're still in the top ten.”

“Well, that's a relief.” I replied. “What else besides fine vegan cuisine brought you here?”

“Well...since it's almost Christmas I guess I'm going to give you another gift, a sarcasm free response. I missed you. I really did. I didn't call and that was a crappy thing to do.”

“Liz, come on, it's okay.”

“No it's not. I'd be pretty pissed if I was in the dark like you were. You called, I didn't return them. Yeah, I was busy but that doesn't excuse me putting things off until it went as long as it did. So...I thought what better way to make that up than in the flesh. Very much in the flesh as it happened.”

“Well, thanks you for that,” I said moving over to kiss her. “Something tells me you're not quite done yet.”

“Oh God no.” she replied. “Showing up on your doorstep in Daisy Dukes in winter weather was only part one my dear. I may only be here for two days before going home for Christmas but I'll be damned if I don't make things worthwhile for both of us.”

Liz rested her head on my shoulder, being incredibly comfortable with the PDA. More than she'd ever been before. Not that she was an ice queen, but it was starting to seeem like in winter of all times any walls she had was melting down.

“So, I have a question,” I said, pulling her a bit closer.

“I bet I have an answer,” she replied, smiling at me. “Might not be what you're expecting.”

“So...what are we right now? It's a lot more than friends with benefits. I don't think fuck buddies feel the way we do about each other.”

“I can't argue with you there," she said. She moved just enough so she was still wrapped in my arms, but now facing me, eye to eye. “We're not just friends. I don't think we have been for a while. Just friends don't go on romantic weekend trips together. They don't surprise each other with visits because they just missed the other person...”


“But...” she gently removed herself from my arms, not rejecting me in any way, just moving a bit away. “I'm not ready to say we're...together. Not in the way maybe you think we should be. And I know. I know it sounds like bullshit. Shit, it sounds like that to me. But all that time I was essentially not talking to you? I don't want to start a real, solid relationship like that because that's not remotely solid footing and you know it. I want to start something with you when I have more than a weekend to spend with you. I want to be with you for a couple weeks. No shows for you and I. Just you and me. That's how I want it to start. That's the only way it CAN start in my eyes. Don't be mad, but that's how I feel.”

“I'm not mad. I get it honestly. But when you say spend a good chunk of time together, no shows...are you trying to hint you're telling me to movie to LA for this?”

“What? No! Where would you get that idea from?”

“Look, I've just dealt with way too many people telling me what to do and not reacting well when I don't take nicely to that, especially when it comes to what I should do with my life.”

“Okay..look, all I'm looking to be if your girlfriend, not your mom. You do what you want to do. If it's with me, I'm probably going to be for it. That being said, I certainly wouldn't mind if you scheduled some vacation time when I get done filming for the season.”

“I think that can be arranged. But if I can make one request.”

“I'm listening,” Liz smiled. I grabbed her gently by the wrists and pulled her close to me again.

“How about next time you where something what you did this past Halloween, you invite me or at least send me the R-rated pics you can't Instagram.”

“Oh, I promise next time I have something like that in my wardrobe you're getting a live show, in the flesh. I think we've established that's the best way to go about things for us.”


When we were done with lunch Liz headed back to my place while I went to go get ready for the show. Editing for the bits with Alexa Bliss were done and I wanted to watch them once to see how well they turned out. I had invited her to join me, but she declined.She'd taken a redeye out to see me and after the rather rigorous meeting we had when I opened my apartment door she decided to take a nap. I gave her my spare key, a kiss goodbye.

The show went off really well. Alexa was a great interview, which was no shock to anyone. A bit more flirtatious too, which I guess got unlocked from the little late night gym session we had. With the show done and the usual audience meet and greets in the bag, I decided to head home. I didn't have too much time left with Liz before she left for family Christmas time, and I wanted every second I could get.

As I head towards my door, I was going over in my head how I wanted to make the night special for Liz, a Christmas present of sorts for her, a bit early because I couldn't be there in person. I had some champagne chilled in the fridge. Two bottles in fact, Both were originally going to be New Year's Eve, but in my judgement this was a much bigger deal.

When I opened the door however, I realized that whatever I had planned was probably nothing compared to what Liz had planned.

“Hey there lover,” Liz said. My jaw was agape as I took in her entire form. She sat, legs crossed, dressed in white costume lingerie, almost to a T replicating her Halloween outfit we'd spoken of earlier. “Right on time.”

“For what?” I smiled a grin that would shock the Cheshire cat for its size.

“Don't be coy,” she said, her voice seductive, dripping with sex. “Now, how about you slip out of those clothes and really get comfortable.” She moved behind me and helped with my jacket and hung it up. Liz then reaching around and deftly undid my pants. No sooner had she begun unbuckling my belt, my pants fell to my ankles. She then walked back to my front, her back to me.

Liz turned her head, looking at me over her shoulder. “You can handle the rest. Follow me.” I stepped out of my pants and quickly shed what little clothing I had left as Liz led me to the bed room, the hallways lit only with candles. When I entered the bedroom, which was also completely candlelit, Liz directed me to lay on the bed. And when a woman as beautiful as Liz makes that request, I follow it.

I was on my back in bed, my eyes watching every single move Liz made. She was almost stalking me, a lioness on the hunt.

Once the huntress was done surveying her prey she crawled on the bed, straddling me at the chest. I reached my hands towards her, but she pushed them back down, just above my head.

“Uh-uh,” she said, her lips pursed, barely containing a smile. “Not just yet. I have other plans for you.” She reached behind her back and revealed two silk scarves.

Gently, but firmly, Liz tied my wrists to the headboard. “Now you're all mine,” Liz said. She sat back up and unsnapped the front of her bodice, slipping out of it and tossing it aside. As soon as those spectacular tits were laid bare before me, I was very much wishing my hand were free. Liz knew this and loved what she was doing to me. “All mine.”

She slowly worked down my body, now straddling my crotch, She leaned down, her tits pressed against my chest and her full, luscious lips pressed against mine. From my lips, her own then grazed my chin, my neck, then lower still as her tongue joined the party, licking and kissing her way down my chest to my cock. Once she was down there, Liz's fun really began.

Liz gently rubbed her face around my cock, teasing the hard muscle by keeping it just out of reach of her mouth. Her hot breath giving me goosebumps, her soft hands gently caressing it. Not even jerking me off, just softly, gently caressing me.

“Oh god Liz...”I groaned. I desperately strained against my constraints, Liz giggling at she was doing to me. “Fuck Liz, please...”

“Please what?” she asked, knowing all to well exactly what I wanted and letting em know she knew.

“Suck my cock....please fucking suck my cock.”

“Mmm, I suppose....but you really should watch your language. I'm a lady, after all.” She grasped my cock in her hand slowly began to pump me. Her mouth was hovering just over the head, the hot breath still driving me wild. If she wasn't careful I might have blown on first contact with her lips.

Unhindered if not downright inspired by my predicament, Liz didn't even begin on my dick at all. Rather, she started with my balls, giving them a good tongue bath before sucking the orbs in her mouth while her hand pumped and teased my cock.

“Fuck baby that's...oh hell....” My balls popped from Liz's mouth as she moved a bit upward, licking from the based of my cock to the tip, plating a lovely little kiss on the tip. I craned my neck down, looking at her and desperately waiting for her to go further. Thankfully, my sex goddess granted my wish as slowly, achingly slowly, took my cock between her lips and began the blowjob of a life time.

A breath I took was deep and through gritted teeth, wincing in pleasure with every movement Liz made on my cock. It was so slowly at first. A soft, deliberate suction, her tongue providing a gentle massage motion. No where near enough to send me over the edge, but more than enough to keep me salivating for more. All while her hands gently massaged my balls.

Then the pace built up. Not by much, but everything was just a hair faster, a bit more urgent and rough. She took me all the way in her throat, holding me there for a bit before pulling off completely, catching her breath as a string of saliva connected the head of my cock to her lips. With a few deep breaths, Liz brought her mouth back to my cock, again steadily increased her pace.

And all I could do was watch what she did to me. Sure, I felt every single amazing thing she was doing. Every suck, lick, kiss and caress drove me wild. But I was aching to run my fingers through her hair, hold her head, even just hold her hair back so I could look in those blue eyes even more clearly and Liz sucked my cock. This need made me want her even more and Liz loved every second of it.

Just when I thought there wasn't much more she could to drive me wild with out just straight up riding me, Liz pulled her mouth off my cock again, her eyebrow arched. She had something up her sleeve, and kept right on edge as she waited to spring it on me.

Liz moved slightly up my body, not too much. It took me a few seconds to realize what she was doing. Then I put it together when I saw what se was doing.

Liz took my cock and placed it between her tits, having moved up enough to put herself in the perfect position to fuck me with her tits. I mean let's face it, she was the one in control. I wasn't doing the fucking just yet.

“I bet you've been waiting for this for sooo long baby,” Liz said, a confident, sexy grin on her face. “These big titties wrapped around that cock. Feels good there, let me tell you.”

Any response I could have had was instantly muted as Liz began to move her tits up and down my dick, those amazing mounds of flesh sparking the pleasure centers of my brain.

“I love doing this you know,” Liz said. “Doesn't get me off the way it does you...but fuck baby, it makes me so fucking wet. I'm doing this to you...my body is doing this...I'm making you feel this and that's such a fucking turn on...and it's even hotter watching how much you want to return the favor.”

“Fuck, I want to taste you so fucking bad Liz,” I growled, genuinely trying to tear free from the silk scarves that were confining me. “I need to!”

“Soon, lover.” After a few more amazing minutes, Liz removed her tits from my cock and stood up. I watched in high anticipation as she slid off her panties, tossing them aside . She was only in her stockings and heels. I got a nice view before she crawled up my body, her very wet cunt rubbing along my hard cock. Her gaze once again locked on mine, Liz reached between her legs and grasped my cock. She rose up just enough to place me at her entrance and slowly sunk down on my.

“Mmmmmm that hits the spot,” moaned Liz. She made a show of licking her lips as I filled her. “Bet it's not so bad on your end either, huh?”

“Fuck you're amazing.”

“Hmmm, I'll take that as an agreement.” Liz  began her ride, moving her hips as she rose and lowered on my dick, her moans joining my own in this carnal chorus. The pace wasn't fast or frantic, but there was some urgency behind it.

The urgency she was feeling made Liz want a bit more from me. She had enjoyed the control, but now she wanted me to be a bit more than her plaything.

Liz leaned over to undo my wrists, her tits hanging so temptingly in my face I could help but moved my face up to them, hungry kissing and sucking them as best I could util I was freed.

The moment both my hands were freed I darted my body up, my lips hungrily kissing her neck as I began to thrust up into her.

“Ohhh Bart,” Liz moaned, laughing a bit and how much she had gotten me revved up. The few giggles soon gave way to the sea of maons escaping both our mouths. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat now, the candlelight reflecting off of Liz almost making her glow in the night.

“Oh shit that's it baby,” she whined. “Oh fuck right there...fuck yessss.” I could feel her nails digging into my back moment before she through her head back a moaned my name out in the night.

While she leaned back my mouth couldn't help but once again go to her breasts. Liz's body was damn near perfect, and it wasn't like I was just focused on her tits...but if a pair that amazing is presented to me, I can't resist.

From her tits to her neck I licked and kissed until our lips met once again. While liplocked, I rolled Liz onto her back. Now I was the one in control. I took a few moment to take Liz in, looking at her like this was just throwing more fuel on the fire.

“Mmmm fuck me,” she said. “Don't wait...give me that dick baby...”

“Well, since you asked so nicely..” I ran my hand down her leg, hooking it at the knee and holding her close to me and I began to drive into her. “Fuck baby...”

“Mmmm that's just what I want...fuck me...oh fuck...Bart...give it to me...” Our lips met once more as I slowly built up my speed. My hands roamed her body, caressing every stitch of skin until our hands met and clasped together tightly. With every stroke, every new bolt of pleasure, Liz squeezed my hand harder and harder.

“Mmmore,” she moaned, licking her lips. “Please...more...so close...don't stop...”

“Cum Liz,” I growled, getting a renewed vigor. “I want you to cum for me...can you do that? Cum just for me...just for me! I want to see that beautiful face get drunk on pleasure...fucking cum!”

“OH MY GOD!!!” Liz cried out, her back arching as she quaked from her orgasm. She shook and writhed beneath me, her breaths short and desperate. Everything about it from the feeling of her pussy convulsing on my dick to her moans and just the pure visual of Liz in the throes of pleasure like that was almost too much for me. I pulled out, getting a noticeable moan of disappointment as Liz's orgasm began to trail off. But I wasn't quite finished with her. I quickly moved down her body, planting a few kisses on her stomach before bringing my mouth to her pussy, fresh and still feeling the orgasm that had just rocked her body. I didn't even pause before going for her clit, taking the little nub and sucking on it.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?” she yelped. “Shit Bart...fuucck oh fuck yes...fuck that's too much baby...ohhh fuckkk”

It might have been too much but Liz certainly wasn't stopping me. Rather, her wonderful legs closed tight around my ears and I continued to work on her clit, licking and sucking it, signing my name with my tongue to make it official I had been down there and rocked her like no one else.

“Fuck it feels good but it's too much,” she said again. “Mmm...fuck...okay...how about a trade, honey?”

“I'm listening,” I said, rubbing her stocking clad legs.

“Fuck...wow...okay...how about you give another part of my body a bit of attention...or...to put it very...very bluntly; How about you stick you dick up my ass and fuck it till you cum?”

“I gladly accept your very, very blunt offer.”

“Then what are you waiting for Bart?” Liz asked. “I ain't writing an invitation.” I moved up from between Liz's legs and our mouth clashed once again. We kissed hungrily, Liz licking the taste of her self from my lips before turning around and getting on all fours.

I leaned forward, kissing both cheeks of her ass them moving to the small of her back. I pressed my cockhead right at the entrance to Liz's backdoor and whispered in her ear. “You know you're amazing, right?”

“Mmm, same to you.” she replied. “Now...how about we get down to the business of getting dirty?”

I kissed her on the cheek then grasped onto her hip as I pressed forward. She breathed deep a little when my head popped past the tightest entrance on her body. Soon though, she acclimated to the intrusion. Just as tight as our last time like this. Also like then, I started slow, for both our benefit. I needed to savor the everything about the moment and Liz needed time to get used to the intrusion.

“Mmm...fuck,” she sighed. “Little faster babe...just a bit...” So I did. Just a bit faster, and a bit harder. Then a bit more than that. Soon I was giving that tight little sphincter everything I had and Liz kept begging for more. I pulled her up, her back to my chest my lips at her ears, whispering dirty little sweet nothings in her ear.

“So fucking beautiful,” I said. “Doing all these dirty things...fucking taking a dick in your ass...beautiful, dirty angel.”

“And you fucking love it.” she replied, licking my cheek. “Mmmm take that ass baby...take it till you cum for me...cum on...I came for you now you have to cum for me...shoot up my ass baby. I want it so bad...”

“Fuck...fuck Liz...I'm...I'm gonna...”

“DO it...fucking cum in my ass!”

“Oh LIZ!” I cried out, slamming into her once more and unloading every drop of cum I had up her ass.. I was the one frozen in place now, pumping rope after up into Liz.

“Mmmm that's it,” Liz said. “Cum for Liz...fill my ass up baby...fuck yessss....”

When I had nothing left to give, my spent cock slid form her ass and we both collapsed onto my bed, utterly wrecked.


I woke up the next morning to see Liz, fully dressed and packed, sitting on a chair in my room, waiting for me to wake up.

“Leaving already?” I asked. “That make me a booty call?”

“No,” she said, a soft smile on her face. “It makes me in a hurry to catch my flight. I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. So...” She got up from her seat and kissed me. “Goodbye. For now at least.”

“When are we gonna pick this back up?”

“Well, I'm going home to New York right now. Then it's back to finish up the season. Maybe a couple months. Which brings me to something I need to tell you.”

“What's that?”

“If you meet someone else...don't wait for me. I'm asking for a lot of time. I've had a lot of time. I don't want you to act like you're already tied down when you're not. So, promise me that. Promise you're not going to wait and whatever happens, happens. Okay?”

“Is that how you really feel?”

“Yes.” she replied. “I want this. I want us. But you know my terms and I can't even meet them yet. So, if you do meet someone, no hard feelings on my part or vice versa. Deal?”

I thought on it for a moment. It wasn't too much to ask. And we were going to be separated by time and a couple states. She was right. And I did kind of meet someone, Hailee. That was fresh, maybe I should take the time to explore that as well. “Deal.”

“Great,” she said, breathing heavy but still smiling, she then kicked her shoes off, took off her pants and fell forward into bed. “Now I can catch a few more winks. I don't really have to even get ride for a couple more hours.”

“I thought you said...”

“Yeah, that was just for dramatic affect. I'm a Broadway kid, sue me. Now, share some of that blanket and get with the cuddling.”

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 14: Anna Kendrick
« Reply #13 on: September 22, 2018, 10:32:35 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, MFMF, oral, cons, gloryhole)
Chapter 14: Anna Kendrick

"Now folks, I bet you're wondering how we top last week's guest," I said to the crowd. "I mean, we had Alexa Bliss. We had the Raw Women's Champion, the Goddess of WWE. Is it even possible to get better. Well, let's just say yes so our next guest doesn't get a bruised ego. She's the star of Pitch Perfect 3 and she saved the best for last on her press tour. Give it up for Anna Kendrick!"

The crowded cheered loudly as the petite woman came out on stage, taking a seat next to me, a bright smile on her face.

"Wow, nice applause. I hope you guys are getting scale for that performance," Anna remarked as she settled in her seat. "Thanks for the buttering up too. I love getting an ego boost from a sub z-grade celebrity podcast host."

"Hey, be nice or no free scotch."

"I totally meant d-grade. Yep. Bart Curry, D-Grade celebrity. 100% Kendrick certified."

"That's better." I replied smile. "Now, for the drinks." I clapped loudly and soon after, out came Logan, dressed, very begrudgingly so, in a french maid outfit. Vinyl, of course, complete with stiletto heels. He had a silver trey with a bottle of Johnny Walker Black and two glasses.

"I hate you both SOOOO fucking much right now," Logan said into my mic as he placed the tray down. "So fucking much."

"Hey man, I told you not to bet against Kendrick in fucking naming showtunes of all things," I said. "Dude, the chick was on Broadway when she was like ten or something."

"Twelve, actually." Anna replied. "Oh, and sugar tits? Come here please."

Logan turned to her, the annoyance on his face glowing like a lighthouse. He awkwardly walked over to Anna, the audience s well as myself and Anna getting a kick out of him trying to keep his balance in the heels.

"Yes, mistress?" Logan said, completely failing at hiding his embarrassment. Anna took out a couple bucks and stuffed them down the front of the outfit.

"Just for being such a doll," she laughed. With one final look of hilarious contempt, Logan shuffled off stage and Anna and I clinked our glasses of scotch. "Wow, I wouldn't expect a D-grade show to have such good taste in booze. Usually when I'm on its PBR and Cheetos."

"Well, we do still have some Cheetos in the back if you want our maid to bring us some."

"Nah, I'll save that for later. Can't ruin a good laugh too quick."

"Good thinking. Now, before we can get to really talking, let's get the shameles plug out of the way."

"Oh of course. Well, Pitch Perfect 3, last of the trilogy that was totally not planned but hey, it worked. Um, I'm obviously back or I wouldn't be going from city to city on no sleep promoting it. So's Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld. Whole gang is back, so it's like a reunion tour without the infighting or heroin. It's got beautiful, amazing women with great voices, explosions, fight scenes, everything short of a lightsaber so I'm hoping we at least hit the top three in the first weekend because there's no way we're toppling the Force."

"Wow, some honesty in a plug, nice."

"Come on, even I'm going to see Star Wars that weekend."

"Now, with that out of the way, we're just gonna shoot the shit. Since our tech guy is busy strutting his stuff serving us food and drinks, we're just down to our conversational skills."

"Shit...we're in trouble."

"Well, I think we can dig ourselves out. I think I have a good question. "How come you don't tweet about masturbating in a movie theater anymore?"

"Well, honestly there hasn't been anything that makes me want to reach out and touch myself lately." she responded. "Plus the stares. Eye contact too soon and the moment's gone. At least as far as public masturbation goes. I mean we've all been there, right?"

"Oh, totally." I replied. "So, next question,handcuffs."

"Christ, do you get all your questions from watching other, more successful shows?" she asked, getting a laugh from the audience.

"Eh, it's worked so far."


"You know, maybe we should just keep you as the cocktail server," I said to Logan, still in his maid gear.

"The moment I get out of this outfit I'm shoving these six inch heels up your ass sideways." he replied.

"Well, before you do that you need to completely pay up," Anna added, an evil-yet-ridiculously cute grin on her.

"No, you said I didn't have to!"

"Yes! I only said you didn't have to do it front of the audience." Anna sat down, waving Logan to come towards her. "Now, pay up sugar tits."

"Fine," he grumbled. He walked over to the couch and began to awkwardly dance for her. "Happy birthday to you..."

"No, I want the voice too," Anna said. "Don't make bets like this if you have a problem with ponying up."

Logan groaned, then cleared his throat. "Happy birthday to you," he sung, doing the worst Marilyn Monroe impression I'd ever heard. "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Mr. President. Happy birthday to you."

"Woooo!" Anna yelled, clapping loudly. "Thatta girl!"

"Okay, we're done now!"

"Not yet Logan," she said. "You need to bow for the rest of your audience. Now turn around and bow for Bart."

"I am not."

"Yes, you are. You lost. Now bow for your audience." Logan flashed Anna the dirtiest look he could, which only made the small little devil girl laugh even harder as he turned around and bowed before me. Of course, that left him open for the last bit Anna wanted to throw into the equation, slapping his ass.

"Fucking really?" Logan said as Anna and I both lost it completely, tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. "Okay, I'm done. I'm going to go smoke more than I've ever smoked before. If either of you call me it's your funerals."

I took a seat right next to Anna the two of us trying to catch our breaths as Logan walked away. I wiped the tears from my eyes as similarly tried to regain her composure.

"Nothing like good scotch and embarrassing others for my amusement,” said Anna. “Wanna follow it up with more scotch at the hotel bar then back to my room for a night cap...night cap is code for dirty sex in case you were wondering.”

“I would LOVE to take you up on that, but I gotta do the prop shopping for guest after Hailee.”

“How'd you get stuck doing that grunt work?”

“It was the only way to get Logan to actually go through with his payment.” I replied. “Believe me, I'd rather be swimming in scotch and in your bed than plunking down cash for dick joke props.”

“Well, suit yourself. You know where to find me and the dirty sex I so graciously offer. Though this does free my time up. Might go see a movie or something.”

“Well, have fun. Try not to masturbate in the back row without me.”

“No promises.”


As my car pulled into the parking lot of the sex shop, I started to seriously debate as to seeing Logan humiliated was worth doing this is instead of Anna. Alas, I was stuck picking up predictable props.

The bright side though was getting a view of the hottest porn store clerk I'd ever seen, Kathryn, Long black hair, sea-green eyes and a body that wouldn't quit if it was put in a figure four.

“Hey there Bart,” said Kathryn, her smoky voice matching the total package she already had. “Got another porn star on the show?”

“Yep, next couple weeks.” I replied. “Got any dildos that could pass for lightsabers?”

“Jedi or Sith?”

“Well that's great, you clearly put more thought in this than I have.”

“Don't feel too bad. You tend to think of shit once you've run out of all the dildo and lube jokes in your own head. I ran out early too.”

“Slow night?”

“Unbearably so. Couple regulars. One in the theater, on in the booths. One newbie chick. Threw down ten bucks for some tokens and went to the booths. Smoking hot too, if I do say so. Too hot to be doing what we both know she's doing.”

“Booths, huh? Know which one she's at?”

“Probably seven since the one other person back there is in five. If she's doing what we both know she's doing. You feel like perving out?”

“Why not? Got to get something out of tonight aside from dildos that will be used for one purpose alone and not the fun kind.”

“Knock yourself out, free of charge. Slow night special.” Kathryn gave me a handful of tokens. “And hey, if she's any good, try to talk her into becoming a regular, would you. We could use more of a draw than having the cleanest porn store bathrooms on Earth.”

“Sure thing. You know, I don't think people appreciate how much of a miracle that bathroom thing is.” Kathryn laughed a bit, her tongue curling up on her canine teeth before I headed towards the gloryhole booths. TO be honest, i wouldn't have known which booth to go to if not for Kathryn's directions. I mean, I've done some freaky stuff in my time but never in of the seedy porn store stuff, not even here. And this place was built for it, as the current owners removed security camera's in the back to improve business, which apparently worked like a charm. It honestly just never came up, though with a girl like Kathryn at the register, if she offered I'd pretty much accept on the spot.

I walked to the door marked with the number 7 and knocked. I mean, what the fuck else was I going to do, barge in? I don't know gloryhole etiquette but I'm pretty sure you don't just burst in on someone sucking a dick. At the very least it's kind of rude to both people in that equation.

“Come in,” I heard a small female voice say. It was almost a gruff whisper...but there was a hint of familiarity to it. I opened the door to see Anna Kendrick, dressed in the sexiest dress I'd ever seen her in, completely with thigh high heeled boots, also, there was a cock in her mouth jutting from a hole in the wall.

“Holy shit,” I said, causing Anna to get a good look at who she had invited in.

“Holy shit,” she said, the cock twitching in the air as she spoke. “Um...hi?”

“What the Hell are you doing here?”

“Well, I said I was going to see a movie. And Gangbanged 3 is technically a movie. What are you doing here?”

“Buying props for the show. The clerk told me there was a hot chick back here, and well, why else does someone come back here.”

“Okay, well, first off, I can't argue with that second part. And secondly, she thought I was hot? Cool.”

“Um, not to be rude or anything,” said the guy behind the wall, who I was assuming the owner of the cock sticking through the hole. “But do you think you could finishing blowing me, please?”

“Oh, sure. And thanks for saying please. I'm a big stickler for manners. Doesn't matter the context. You don't mind if my friend here watches, do you?”

“No, not at all, as long as you're the only mouth I feel,” the man said.

“Well boy howdy I think I can swing that.” Anna winked at me, then her eyes went right to my crotch. “You can watch and jack off if you want. I mean, we're essentially in a jerk off booth so it's fitting.” Anna gave me a wink before going back to the waiting cock. When her hand once again started pumping the faceless man, a loud groan of approval echoed throughout the hallway.

“Mmmmm, and that's just my hand, you lucky boy,” Anna said just seconds before engulfing the cock in her mouth.

“Fuck I love that mouth!” the man howled. “Fucking suck it you dirty bitch!”

The dirty talk was almost enough to make me giggle. It's genuinely a lot different as audience member than being a participant.

However, any laughter was suppressed by watching Anna at work. I knew first hand how well she sucked dick. Seeing her do it was another matter. A mixture of arousal and intense jealousy, her quick flashes of eye contact only making it even stronger.

Anna turned up the heat on an already smoldering show by going hands free, holding them behind her back as she gave her very happy anonymous pal the wettest, sloppiest mouth only a blowjob she could muster.

“Fuck...yeah baby use that mouth you little slut,” he groaned again. It was a little odd, watching this play out, but I could help but feel myself get a little hard. I was rubbing my cock through my jeans, utterly transfixed by Anna's oral performance.

Sloppy wet sucking noises mixed in with the sounds of scripted pleasure from the video monitor in the booth. Strings of saliva began to drool from her mouth. The sizzle to the steak was the occasional look her eyes gave me, a burning blaze behind those blue eyes.

“Come here,” she said, her hand taking her mouth's place. “I'm sucking you both. More efficient.” She smiled a bit and I walked over to her, pants unzipped and cock in hand.

The moment I was in range Anna engulfed my cock, hungrily sucking me as she jacked the stranger behind the wall. “Ohhhhh Anna,” I growled, instinctively bringing my hands to her head and guiding her up and down my pole.

After a few minutes of that heavenly mouth on my cock, she switched back to the strangers and jacked me, then switched again. I actually felt a little bad for the guy on the other side. Yeah, he was getting head too, but I got the show. I got to see this beautiful little minx suck us both AND feel it.

“I wanna feel you both in my mouth,” she hissed mere seconds before following through, my cock sharing real estate with his. Didn't bug me much. Wasn't the first time I had shared a woman with someone, though the only other time I'd shared Anna there was another woman involved. I really should get Brittany Snow back on the show.

The other guy though wasn't quite as experienced with the idea of sharing, as mere moments after we both took up residence in Anna's miracle working mouth, he announced with a start, “Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!!”

I pulled out and backed off, jerking myself off while Anna went to work and ending the guy. She worked furiously on the head and jacked the shaft, her fist a blur until a loud satisfied groan rang out and Anna froze in place, moaning as her mouth was filled with the cum of man who's face she'd never seen, and if she ever did after this she wouldn't know who he was, and vice versa.

After a few moments of pure bliss, the man slowly removed himself from both Anna's mouth and the gloryhole, giving her an exhausted, “Thanks.” as he then left the booth. I looked down as Anna swallowed her prize, licking the corners of her mouth to make sure she didn't miss a drop.

With her mouth emptied, Anna sprung to her feet and grabbed my hand. “Come on, we're going to the theater. Back row. Don't bother zipping up.”

Anna led us out of the booth area to the other side of the store to the theater opening and led us to the back row. There was only one other person in there, and he didn't notice the two of us enter.

Now, I'm sure that Anna expected to once again take control the moment we sat down, but I decided to flip the script on her. I swiftly moved to my knees and put her legs on my shoulders.

"Oh...I like,” she said, hiking her own skirt up to give me better access, as well as show she came prepared for her environment with a complete lack of undergarments.

“Oh fuuuck yes...mmm eat that pussy...” Anna's voice was lustful and dreamy as I went directly for for her clit, sucking and licking at it with my tongue. She ground her cunt into my face, grasping at my hair, pulling it whenever a particularly strong bolt of pleasure struck through her body.

I slid my hand down, caressing her leg as it moved to her slit and fingers joined the party, fingering Anna's sopping cunt while my mouth worked on her clit.

“Ohhh...ohh gooood that's so good...”she moaned. Her eyes fluttered in ecstasy and her back arched. Her mouth was open, moans emanating from her mouth, any concern she might have had for playing it cool completely out the window. Her hips shifted suddenly, causing her skirt to slip down over my eyes, leaving only her voice to fuel me. It was easily more than enough to spurn me on.

After a few seconds though, those loud, open mouth moans were replaced with more of a hum. I quickly moved her skirt from my eyes to catch the view of Anna, still deep in pleasure but with her mouth full of cock. I guess the lone person in the theater noticed the moans he was hearing weren't coming from the action on screen and Anna felt once again, the more the merrier. Given the fun we'd been having so far, it was hard to disagree.

The new stranger was clearly enjoying the head he was he was getting as much as Anna was enjoying both giving and receiving pleasure at the exact same time. Myself? I wanted a bit more now. I moved up and placed my cock at her entrance and thrust forward, entering Anna's pussy in one thrust.

“Fuck!” she said, letting the cock drop from her mouth. “Oh yes...fuck me...fuck me while I suck a cock...”

While I didn't need the encouragement, I gladly took it. Anna made one last adjustment before returning to the cock she was sucking. She undid the clasp of her dress and slid it off just to the waste, exposing her amazing tits to me. “Have fun,” she winked, then went back to sucking the cock.

Like anyone couldn't have fun with Anna Kendrick's tits. I grasped the mounds of lesh, massaging and sucking them as I fucked her. And I do mean fucked. Fast, hungry, and with the faintest hint of affection.

“Fuck yeah Anna,” I said, squeezing her breast. “Dirty dirty Anna...mmm fuck this is hot.”

“Well, you're right there,” I heard a smoky female voice say. I turned my head to see Kathryn watching the action, a smile on her face. “So...I closed the store for an hour. That get me an invite to this party?”

“Of course it does,” Anna said, almost insulted Kathryn even had to ask. “Bart, how about you make our new friend feel a bit more comfortable with your penis or something? I think our other new friend and I need to get better acquainted.”

“You got it.” I replied. I mean, if Anna was cool with it, why not? I pulled out of her and turned towards Kathryn, who already had her pants completely off, showing off a set of twin sparrows tattooed just on her round hips.

“Mmm, you're packing,” Kathryn said, a cheeky grin on her face. “Should have done this a lot sooner.” Kathryn robbed me of any chance to reply by jumping on me and wrapping her legs around me. I promptly pinned herto the all and entered her. “Fuck that feels good.”

“Same here.” I replied before going immediately into full speed.

“Fuck yes, fuck that slutty pussy hard,” growled Kathryn. “Only a dirty skank gets fucked in a porn theater...fucking say it...call me a dirt fucking skank!”

“You're dirty, DIRTY fucking skank...probably not even the first time you've done this!” I said, throwing as much verbal tinder on Kathryn's fire as possible. “Probably not even the first guy today!”

“Unnng fuck yes!” Kathryn cried. My gaze trailed back over to Anna, and she was giving her new pal a nice reverse cowgirl ride,grinding and riding him him while his hands pawed and squeezed at her tits.

Our eyes met and Anna grinned wide. “You're fucking next,” she mouthed, her face slightly covered with strands of her hair.

“Ditto,” I responded before going back to Kathryn, kissing her and sucking her tongue. Her tits weren't as big as Anna's, but they were still a fun l mouthful that I could not resist filling my mouth with.

“Bite my nipple,” she hissed as my tongue flicked it. I bit down, a shriek of pleasure following the action. “Mmmmm fuck that's it...pound my fucking cunt and bite my nipples....fucking do it!”

“Hey, clerk girl,” Anna said, her voice trailing off into a moan. “Want to switch up?”

“Sure,” Kathryn said. “What's his name?”

“I have no fucking clue and I love it.” Anna replied.

“Ha!” Kathryn laughed. “My kinda girl.” I exited Kathryn and set her down. Anna got off of the nameless fucker she was playing with and pointed me to a chair.

Kathryn soon took Anna old position on the stranger as Anna straddled me. She pulled my face to hers as she sunk down on my cock, moaning in my mouth as I filled her to the hilt. “I think I like fucking in the back row WAY better than just playing myself.”

“Big time yes.” I replied, pulling her down hard on my cock. “Way more fun.” There was no time wasted in building up to a fast pace. Pure fucking was the order of the day right now, with all the moans and sneers that went with it.

I buried my face in Anna's tits, any form of speech I had available to me would be close to a caveman at this point. Rudimentary grunts of lust and pleasure. My eyes went to Kathryn and the stranger. The black-haired hottie was now bent over the chair, the man having the time of his life living out a for sure fantasy he had to have had being a regular at this place. Seeing that gave me an idea, and idea I'd hope the stranger would go along with.

Anna and I changed positions, Anna bent over and facing Kathryn and the stranger. I gave it to Anna as hard as I could, my hands grasping firmly on her hips. The stranger and Kathryn looked over, hypnotized as any sane person would be at the sight and sound of Anna Kendrick being bent over and fucked dirty. Thankfully, the right idea hit both parties and Kathryn and the stranger shifted position slightly. Kathryn was now bent over, face to face with Anna.

Anna looked over her shoulder at me, a big smile on her face. “Oohhhhh you dirty motherfucker.”

“Do it...” I said. “Put the cherry on top.”

Anna turned back to face Kathryn, grabbed the brunette and pull her face to Anna's for a deep, deep kiss. That unleashed the floodgates. Almost simultaneously the stranger and myself announced we were cumming.

We pulled out of the women and Anna and Kathryn got to their knees, deeply kissing each other as myself and the stranger jerked ourselves off until we both grunted, covering the two women's faces with our cum. The women licked and kissed the cum from each other';s faces before taking each of us, Anna on my cock and Kathryn with the stranger, in their motuhs and sucking out the last drops.

Now, my cock might have been done but I wasn't done with Anna. I quickly lifted her back onto the chair and stuck my middle and ring fingers inside her, fingering her furiously until she finally cried out in pleasure and almost fell out of her chair, I turned to Kathryn, who surprisingly waved me off.

“Thanks,” she said while still licking the cum from her face. “Nameless dude here actually managed to finish me off.”

“Actually, my name is,” he began before being shushed by Kathryn.

“Don't ruin the magic, 'kay?”


“Well,” Anna said. “That was SOOO much fun. Wow. Also, can you believe how clean those bathrooms are? It's insane!”

“I know, right?” I replied.

“You know, I might have to replace candlelight dinner in Paris with dirty fucking in a porn store for my #1 dream date from now on.”

“Was this supposed to be a date?” I asked. “I would have put on some cologne in that case.”

“Oh no sweetheart. You're beta testing.” Anna joked. “I'm going right to my hotel room and passing the fuck out. No scotch needed. How about you?”

“Shower then pass out. Have someone coming in tomorrow afternoon for a visit.”

“Well, whoever it is, get some rest and I hope you have fun. If it's possible, more fun then we had tonight.” Anna kissed me on the cheek then started to walk away. She paused, then turned back around. “You know, we should hang out more. Even without all the dirty sex and stuff. You're fun.”

“You too, Kendrick.”

“Duh, I know, I'm like, adorable and stuff.” She waved goodbye and hopped a cab back to her hotel. Me? I got in my car and drove back to my place. I really was exhausted and needed rest. I needed the energy for Hailee's visit the next day.

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 15: Hailee Steinfeld
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, now would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, oral, Cons, Anal)
Chapter 15: Hailee Steinfeld

After my insanely hot romp with Anna, I was all ready to spend some time with Hailee. The plan was she'd come down and we'd spend the week together up until her appearance on the show. Sadly, the best laid plans of mice & men and all that. Hailee had forgotten she was already going on a family vacation to Hawaii. It was no big deal really. Just gave the show an extra week off. We slapped together a best of show and Hailee both rescheduled the show and time with me.

Honestly, it did work out for the best, as it gave me more time to make plans for the two of us. And Hailee being Hailee gave me a lot of inspiration via her Instagram pics...as well as some private ones. Nothing worthy of a Fappening hack, but bikini pictures are always super fun.

So, when she came back from Hawaii, after a jet lag killing nap, Hailee got ready to meet me at my place. The plan was pretty much the same as it had been, except now she was meeting me in the morning. The drive was going to be long, so common sense drilled into me by a father obsessed with road trips demanded we start early.

It was about five in the morning on a a Saturday. I was waiting outside my place with a big thermos of damn fine coffee and a sack of assorted snacks. Road Trip 101.

I was checking the tire pressure when Hailee's Uber pulled up and she hopped up, a big bright smile on her face and a duffel bag in her hand. I got to my feet to greet her, but she beet me to it, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me deeply and tenderly. I pulled her close as the kiss broke and her almond shaped eyes looked at me.

"Good morning," she smiled. "You ready?"

"For the drive?"

"Of course," she said with a grin. "And anything that happens during it. She winked at me and headed for the passenger's seat. "It open?"

"Yeah, hop in."


As soon as Hailee and I were in our seats and buckled up, we were on our way.

“So, what do we have for snacks?” she asked.

“Packed some of those mini-cereal boxes, some chips, fruit, couple sandwiches,” I said. “Bag's right behind you.”

Hailee grabbed for the backpack and unzipped, eagerly rummaging through the contents. “Probably just going to go for an apple or somethingOH MY GOD YOU HAVE FROSTED FLAKES! I LOVE Frosted Flakes! Do you have any milk?”

“Yeah, should be some in the mini-fridge in the back.”

“Mini-fridge?” Hailee turned her head to the back of my van, getting a full view of the conversion work I'd put into it. “Holy shit, did you do this yourself?”

“Yeah. The side of the van without a door has a frame built in. Move the latch and it lowers out for an air mattress that is stored right on the back doors. Should be some shelves on the other side of the van with a baggie of plastic spoon and crap. The mini-fridge is also right next to the back door as well.”

“How did I not notice this?”

“Well it was before the sun came up and you were clearly distracted by my incomparable charm.”

“Clearly.” She unbuckled her seat belt and traveled to the back of the van to hunt for her much-needed milk. “You have any plans for this bed?”

“Only if you do.”

“Ha, good answer.” I heard the fridge open and shut and soon Hailee was back in her seat, the precious, cereal drenching milk now hers. “You actually bought those teeny little single serve milk cartons! Those are so freaking cute!” With the required ingredients in hand, Hailee happily dug into her sweet treat of sugar-encrusted corn flakes.

“So,” she said between bites, “Where are we going? You said something about the hot springs or something?”

“Yeah. We're going to a cabin up in Big Sur. It's got a decent spring close to it. The cabin also has a hot tub, which honestly seems kind of redundant when it's just a small hike to a natural source hot water.”

“Well, I'm sure we could find a way to get some use out of the tub,” she smirked. “How did you get a hold of a cabin though? A sponsor?”

“Oh no, it's my parents'.”


“Yeah, I know someone wouldn't guess my parents have money from my apartment, but yeah. They actually own one of the resorts up there.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah. I grew up with some money in the bank. It's how I met Troian actually. Her family is kind of Hollywood. Dad's big in TV. However, the reason I don't exactly look like I'm living the life of luxury is because I was cut off for a long time.”


“I didn't want to run the place so I chose to make a career of farting around on the internet. Didn't go over too well until I actually started making money. Now it's all smoothed over, but it was tense for a while there.”

“Well, it looks like things worked out for the best.”

“Well, yeah,” I said. “I make money my way, make my own choices, and I think I tend to have pretty great company around me.”

Hailee smiled, licking her lips before looking at me again. “You don't have to butter me up, I'm already here. But it's appreciated.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Now, lets get some tunes going. I mean, it's not a real road trip unless there's some music.”


After finishing her cereal, Hailee dozed off in the passenger seat. I was a little tempted to wake her to keep me company. But she just look so insanely cute, I didn't want to wake her up.

Three hours into our drive though, Hailee woke herself up as I parked at a rest station.

“We there?” she asked, groggily regaining her bearings.

“No, just at a rest stop.” I replied. “Needed to go to the bathroom and stretch my legs.”

“Good idea, I think I'll join in. Feel like a have a crick n my neck or something.”

“I could try and rub that out for ya,” I said while cracking my knuckles.

“Oh, I bet you could then mysteriously find aches and pains that only your gifted finger could cure,” Hailee said in the cutest teasing tone I'd ever heard. “But first, let's take care of the usual road trip business before you do any full body search on me?”

“Fair enough.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before we both headed off to our respective restrooms. It wasn't long, because who wants to spend that much time in a rest stop bathroom, before we met up again and took a short stroll around the rest area.

“It's so beautiful,” she said. “I mean, we're just at a rest stop and we're already getting stuff like this. Those trees...pretty birds...it's so cool, don't you think?”

“Yeah,”I agreed. “I hate to say it because it makes me sound like a jaded rich kid, but I came up here so much as a kid I'm kind of used to it. But the company is making it a lot better.”

“I give you a free pass on the jaded stuff for the sweet compliment.” Hailee grabbed my arm and moved closer to me. “It really is beautiful, though.”

“Well, maybe we should just have lunch here. I mean, it's not like we have to worry about check in deadlines. My parents own the cabin. I could pull the van in a little closer to the trees, we chow on the sandwiches.”

“That sounds perfect.”

“Cool. Just hang here and I'll be right back.” I gave Hailee a quick kiss and hopped in the van, moving it into the perfect position so when the back doors opened, we could sit down and directly face nature. I moved to the back of the van and opened both doors, letting Hailee get in and sit down. “What's the sandwich of your dreams?”

“You wouldn't happen to have turkey on multigrain wheat, would you?” she asked.

“Actually, yes.” I replied. I grabbed two sandwiches out of the bag and handed one to her then sat right next to her. “Water's in the fridge.”

Hailee got out a couple of waters and handed me one. “Did you pack the multigrain just for me?”

“Well, as many points as it would gain me, I just get that kind of bread already.”

“Wow, Frosted Flakes and multigrain bread. I give your taste an A+.”

“And I thought the van was the sinker.”

“Not gonna lie, the foldout bed frame and air mattress was pretty cool,” she laughed.

“Well, you wanna test it out?”

“See, you even know how to take a hint.” She grabbed my sandwich and put our lunch in the fridge. “Close the van doors.”

Hailee got in and I shut the doors, I went to let the bedframe down when Hailee stopped me.

“Don't bother,” she said. “Just gonna get in the way right now.” Hailee descended on me, kissing me hungrily as she straddled me. My hands moved under her skirt and over her long legs to her hips, where I was surprised to find she wasn't wearing a stitch underneath.

“Took 'em off in the bathroom,” she said with a grin. “Must be that fresh air. Now unzip your pants, 'kay?”

As soon as the request was made, the pants were unzipped. Hailee grasped my cock, rose up, and slowly sank down on it.

“Oh fuck, baby,” she moaned, biting her lower lip. “Mmmm fuck yes.” She let the top of her dress slip down, her breasts meeting the air of the van and then, the moment she leaned over, my eager mouth.
“Mmm Bart, your mouth feels so good...mmm keep sucking my nipple baby...just like that.”

Her hands reached to mine, grabbing and interlinking our fingers as our movements started to really rock the van. Hopefully no one would come knocking.

The shocks were really getting a workout as Hailee rode me. She wasn't acting like she was on a bucking bronco, but it felt amazing all the same. And it wasn't all tactile, the view of her enjoyment and the moans coming from her mouth added everything.

Our hands separated and I went to her hips, caressing my way up from her thighs and then to her ass. Tight, shapely and firm. It felt perfect in my hands.
Our eyes locked as I rose up, Hailee's amazing legs wrapping around me.

“You want to take control, dontcha?” She cute smile threw gasoline on the fire, and the sparkle in her brown eyes didn't do anything but heighten the mood. I began to thrust up into her, holding her tight as the pace picked up.

“Fuck Hailee,” I moaned. “Fuck you're so good...everything...god damn it yes.”

“Fuck baby, don't stop,” gasped Haileee. “Oh make me cum...make me cum on your cock! I want you to feel it...feel what you're doing to me...oh yes please baby!”

I sped up, Hailee leaning back as things got more and more intense. If anyone was passing the van, if the movement wasn't a dead give away as to what was going on inside than Hailee's moans would definitely do the trick.

We shifted positions a bit, with me sitting completely up, back against the door and Hailee in my lap, her back to me. She braced her arms against the roof as I held her hips tight and drove into her.

“Yes yes YES!” Hailee cried. “Ohhh don't stop...so close...promise you won't stop...oh yes!”

She leaned back against me, writhing and grinding on me. My hands cupped her breasts while my lips kissed the nape of her neck and her spine, Hailee moaning a little more and more with every passing second.

Hailee was shaking in my arms, just on the edge and grinding on me. I reached down and began to work her clit and with that extra charge, Hailee went into overdrive.

“Oh my GOD!” she exclaimed, whipping her hair back as she arched her back. She leaned back, turning her head just enough to kiss me. face and kissed me deep, moaning into my mouth as her orgasm moved threw her body. “Mmm I want you to cum in mouth.”

“Well, I certainly won't argue with you.” I replied.

“I love a smart man,” she said with a wink, kissing me before getting off of my cock and lying on her stomach between my legs. Her deep brown eyes looked up at me as she began to suck me off. There was no slow period, no build up, Hailee hit the ground running, her mouth and hands working in unison to get me off. Which was far too close to happening.

“Oh...oh Hailee!” I moaned and twitched as she swallowed every stream I had to shoot before I finally fell over. After a couple of deep breaths I felt Hailee move next to me, lyingher head on my shoulder.

“So, here's what I'm thinking,” she said. We catch our breaths, grab our lunch, and eat while we're on the road. We pull into the cabin, you show me around the place. If there's any embarrassing baby pictures I demand to see them. Then after we've unpacked we ravage each other until we lose the ability to speak.”

“Well, I was going to suggest a wine tasting but I like your idea better.”

“Like I said, smart man.” She climbed on top of me and softly kissed me. “So..on the road again?”


“Wow,” said Hailee. After or little romp in the back of the van we got back on the rode and she zonked out again, pretty much sleeping all the way to the cabin. Once she had stepped foot in it, she was floored. “This is...this is nice.”

“Yeah, my parents kind of have specific tastes...and those tastes call for a lot of open space.” I replied.

“I can see that.” The cabin did seem fairly bare. Yeah, there was the basics like a couch, chairs, a fireplace, dining table, a kitchen, but not much in the way of flare. “They must be very into minimalism.”

“Well, like I said, they own one of the resorts up here. Usually they just stay in the suite. This is more of a get away from the resort. Like when a really rich or needy guest comes in, they retreat here to get spared the headaches.”

“Good plan.” she replied. “But if they never really used it, does that mean we need to go shopping for food?”

“No, it's fully stocked. I told them I might be using it for the New Years break for the show. So we don't even have to leave the bedroom unless we're REALLY hungry.”

“Well, that does sound very appetizing, but I do believe I was promised some hot spring and jacuzzi action.”

“That you were.”

“So, how about this,” said Hailee. “We strip down, get dressed for a nice relaxing hot spring dip, then come back here, strip down again and not even bother putting on clothes for the rest of the week?” Hailee finished her question by smiling that smile, cutely placing her tongue between her teeth.

“You have the best plans.” I replied.


“What are you wearing under there?” I asked. Hailee and I had changed clothes for our short hike to the closest spring I knew. Now, it wasn't freezing or anything, but still we decided to where stuff over our swimsuits because it might get a bit chilly, especially on the way back to the cabin.

“You'll see,” she smiled. “And these better be some HOT springs. I don't want lukewarm or even kinda warm. I'm talking hot.”

“Trust me, it is. Even if it was freezing it would feel as hot as a hot tub turned to the max.”

“I'll believe it when I feel it.” Hailee wouldn't have to wait long. It was a blissfully quick hike to this particular spring.

It was a bit off the regular trail, something my and my dad had kind of claimed for ourselves by accident. I mean of course other people besides from my family had used it, but even they were just members of an exclusive club of people who had managed to just stumble upon it.

When we got there it was visibly hot, steam rising from the water. I dropped my sweatpants, slipped off my sandles, ditched my hoodie and sunk into the hot water. “Oh yeah, told you it was hot.”

Almost like she was waiting for that cue, Hailee stripped down herself, revealing a very familiar looking pink bikini.

“But not the hottest thing in the area,” I said.

“Nice,” she said. “A good and cheesy remark can go a long way.” She slowly stepped into the spring, a slight gasp coming from her lips. “Okay, this is hot.”

“Too much?”

“Nah, just gotta get used to it.” She waded in up to her waste then stopped. “Come here.”

“But I'm so comfortable.”

“It's much better over here.” replied Hailee. I waded toward her, the water going up to my chest. She came closer to me, the water reaching her chest as well.

We were face to face, our hands on each other as if by instinct. Our lips met, softly, but with an intensity behind the kiss.

“If this is you spur of the moment I'm really eager to find out what it's like when you have time to plan,” she said.

“Well, I planned a little.”

“Still, this is really great. This is way prettier and a lot more soothing than any hot tub or spa. There any spot where we can sit and the water comes up higher?”

“Follow me.” I grasped her hand and led her a few steps to a slightly lower rock ledge that served her request perfectly.

“Mmmm, now for one last thing,” she said. “Do it it with me...on one...two...three!” She dunked her head under the water and I quickly followed suit. Of course, we were back up shortly after, completely and thoroughly dunked in the hot natural spring water. “Wow that felt good!”

Haille scooted closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder. “So, there's something I want to know about,” she said. “It's kind of personal though, so you don't have to answer.”

“Um, well, I guess?" I thought I knew where this was going. "I mean I'm not saying Anna and I haven'y had any fun in the past or anything but-”

“Calm down,” she smiled. “Look, we're not dating-dating. I mean we're seeing each other but we're not exclusive or anything. Sure, when it's just us...I don't even want another woman to enter your thoughts. But when we're not we can both have fun. I mean, that's what this whole litle vacation is about, right? Having it be just us and see how that works. And it's working GREAT so far. But, you and Anna having some fun? No issue there."

“Okay, so what's the question?”

“Well, and if its too personal no problem, you said thing are good between your parents right now, but how good? Like, if they decide to drop in on us in the cabin for some reason, is it going to be weird?”

“I wouldn't worry about that happening. They're in New York right now. Probably won't be back until the middle of February. As for your question, they're about as good as they can be. I mean my dad has pretty much accepted things as they are. Mainly because I can support myself and have enough left over to invest in my own business and save for a rainy day. Mom on the other hand? She thinks I'm slumming it. I think she knew I had no interest in business stuff. She keeps saying I'm not even doing the entertainment thing to the best of my ability, which oddly enuogh causes me to half ass it more than anything else...”

“So you half ass it sometimes?” she asked. “I can't tell. But what does it looks like when you're actually trying?”

I reached over and gently held onto Hailee's waist, moving her to my lap, straddling me. “I do believe you're seeing it right now.”

“Well, lucky me.” She leaned forward to kiss me. “But if you weren't having this little psychological slapfight with your mom, what would you be doing?”

“I don't know...maybe finish one of my movie scripts I guess?”

“You write screenplays?”

“I used to. Mom even liked some of them. But then she just started grating on me more and more and I just kind of stopped. To prove a point I guess.”

“Mind if I read one of them?”

“If I find them again, sure. But...how about we stop talking about parental issues and talk about fun things...like all the things we're gonna do in an empty cabin?” I reached down and squeezed Hailee's ass, making her giggle a bit.

“You got it.” replied Hailee. “Hope I didn't pry or anything. I was just curious. I mean, if this does get serious, we are probably meeting each other's parents. Just thinking ahead.”

“Well, in that case what should I be thinking of with your family?” I asked.

“Well...just be REALLY nice. I mean, you are, and that's why I'm here...but even nicer than that. No offense but I'm 90% percent sure my dad and brother would literally erase you from existence if they thought you were being...untoward with me.”

“I'll...keep that in mind.”

“You better.” She smiled a soft smile at me. “But I think they'll like you just as much as I do...you know, if you even meet them.” Haillee got up from my lap and sat next to me once again. “For now...I think I'm just going to soak in everything here. The hot water, the air, the sights..and the company.”

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Beneath the water, I felt her hand hold on to mine. Things were certainly getting interesting.


After a nice and long soak in the spring, we returned to the cabin, and the long day had finally caught up with us. While something a bit more fun than a nap was certainly on both our minds, our bodies begged to differ. We both barely managed to switch into more reasonable sleeping clothing of underwear and t-shirts before passing out in the master bedroom.

By the time I woke up the sun had gone down completely. I looked to my side and Hailee wasn't there. The light to the living room however was on. I got up and headed out to see Hailee in a robe, holding a platter with strawberries and chilled champagne in a bucket. She turned around to see me, a little startled.

“You're up!” she yelped. “Kind of ruins the surprise.”


“Well, I was going to leave a little note on your cell phone that said come to the jacuzzi and then you'd see me in it with this stuff on the side. I mean, yeah, not the most complicated surprise but one I would have been proud to pull off.”

“Yes, very good. A plus. Five stars. Would be surprised again.”

“Good. Then as punishment for ruining it you need to put some trunks on, take this to the jacuzzi and wait for me.”

“You don't have a bikini or something on under there?” I asked.

“Maybe I do and maybe I don't,” she said with a wink. You'll just have to wait and see. Now get moving.” She handed off the goods then kissed my cheek.

I headed over and did as she asked, getting in the hot tub and set down the platter. It didn't take long for Hailee to re-emarge. She walked around to the other side of the hot tub, still in her robe but now in a Santa hat.

She dropped the robe revealing a new bikini underneath, and another that was very familiar to me.

“Merry late Christmas,” she said, a wide smile on her face. “Hope you like the present? I mean it's bit of a given with the texts you sent me after I posted it on my Instagram.”

“Hey, those were all perfectly gentlemanly and PG.”

“Well, certainly no dick picks were sent but let's compromise and say PG-13.” She slowly got in the bubbling water, sitting across from me, her arms outstretched on the lip of the tub. “Mmmm. It's no hot spring but it still feels great. Pour me a glass of champagne?”

“Sure.” I grabbed the bottle and turned it away from both of us, successully popping the cork without it launching it all over the place like a Warner Brothers cartoon. I poured us each a glass and gave Hailee her bit of bubbly.

“This is pretty much perfect,” she said. “Thanks for all this.”

“Hey, it's just getting started. Besides, it wouldn't have been much of anything if you weren't here.”

“Smart, funny, and modest...you are really making a case for yourself.” She sipped at the champagne, winking at me as it went down. “You know, if I got too personal earlier, talking about your family, I'm sorry. I feel like I was being awkward even as I was asking and...you know that doesn't really work with a vacation like this.”

“It's no big deal.” I replied. “I mean I get it. It's not like you expected me to have access to something like this. I wouldn't if I didn't know. Besides, I didn't even get to the really dark and sordid stuff, like my evil twin Hugo who lives in the attic. Only eats fish heads.”

“Of course. That's obviously more of a summer time kind of story.” She laughed then moved over to me. She tossed the Santa hat aside and straddled me. She reached over to the strawberries and grabbed one, ripping the green leaves from the top and placing the wide end in her mouth, then leaned forward. I got the idea, opening my mouth and accepting her offer.

I bit into the berry, our lips touching and the juices of the fruit mingling with each other's mouths. She pulled her head back, laughing a a little and some of the juices making her lips a bit more red.

“Well that almost worked,” she giggled. “But...let's try something a bit more traditional.” She had a cute little grin on her face as she got up. She removed her bikini top and peeled off the bottom, tossing both aside.

“I hope you're going to take those off because I'm not going to be the only one in this cabin who's completely nude.”

I quickly removed my trunks and tossed them aside.

“Much better,” said Hailee. Our eyes locked as she straddled me once again. She reached for my cock, slowly stroking me, her eyebrow arching as I hardened in her hand. Once I was nice and ready, she rose up and sunk down on me.

“Ooohhh that just made this hot tub even better.”

Hailee placed her arms at the edge of the pull besides me, bracing herself as she slowly began to ride me. My hands moved to her ass, grasping it softly, guiding her ride a bit.

“Oh Hailee,” I moaned, my head rolling back. “This is amazing...”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she smiled. “No words necessary baby.” Our lips met again, hungrier, more aggressive as Hailee's pace increased. She was right, 100%. We didn't need words right now. Actions meant a lot more, though neither of us could help it when we uttered the occasional “Yes!” or “More!”.

I gripped her ass tighter when Hailee began to grind on my cock, a confident little smirk on her face as she watched the pleasure radiate on my face.

Water began to splash around as she built up to her full speed, the two of us totally forgetting anything else but each other in that moment. I pulled her close to my lips kissing from her breasts to her lips. I grabbed her head, looking deeply into her eyes. It was time to switch things up a bit.

I pulled out of Hailee and got behind her, the starlet leaning forward against the side of the tub. I moved her wet locks aside and kissed her neck and shoulders as I re-entered her pussy from behind.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed. “Mmmm fuck me...fuck my pussy..” She craned her neck to kiss me again as I built up my pace. One hand on her shoulder and the other on her hip, giving her every thing I had, every thrust getting another grunt or moan of pleasure to escape her mouth.

Hailee was as lost in lust as was, pushing back against me, our slapping flesh creating a maelstrom in the hot tub. I leaned forward a bit, wrapping my arms around her tight waist and pulled her back to my chest.

She leaned her head against my shoulder and I kissed her neck while I moved a hand down to her clit, frigging it as I drove into her faster. She moaned and writhed in my arms, her lips to my ears. Then, she said something that floored me.

“I...I want to try something, but...mmmm but you have to promise to stop if I don't like it..”

“Of course.” I replied, knowing full well what had crossed her mind.

“Fuck...fuck my ass...unnng.. I want to try it...”

“Okay...we're gonna go slow, okay?” I pulled out of Haille and slowly bent her over again, massaging and kissing her shoulders. “Play with your clit Hailee, concentrate on that at first, okay? Going to make it easier. If you hate it, we stop. End of story.”

“Okay.” she replied. I leaned over to kiss her one more time while she moved her hand between her legs.

As she began to moan, I pressed my cock against her asshole, lovingly rubbing the small of her back as I pressed forward. Hailee winced. I paused, but she asked me to keep going. She didn't want to stop until I was at least in. I leaned forward, softly kissing her neck while I moved one hand to join with hers while I continued to push forward.

“Breath honey...just take it easy. You're doing so good. Just keep rubbing your clit with me Haiz.” She did, breathing deep, her eyes shut tight. Slowly but surely, my head popped in and we both breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hailee, you're doing great,” I said. I noticed a glass window in front of us, the reflection of us almost perfect, especially on Hailee. “Look at that Haiz, look at that reflection. You're so fucking beautiful...look at it, look at you.” I inched more of myself in her ass, grunts from her mouth slowly forming into moans.

“Oh god...” she groaned. “Oh shit I've got a cock up my ass! Hoooollly shit...fuck I think I like it..wow.”

“Want me to stop?” I said with a grin, knowing what she'd say.

“No..no no no...mmm...just take it slow...but I like it.”

“You got it.” And I did. I slowly worked in and out of Hailee's sensational ass until there were more moans than grunts and winces. From there, the pace slowly sped up. There was no pounding, she wasn't ready for that and it clearly wasn't the time. And it certainly wasn't necessary for me. The whole experience had taken its toll on me, and hopefully her as well.

When Hailee began to push her as back with me, I knew the end was near for both of us. Hailee was into it and she was close and I might have been a lot closer.

“My ass,” Hailee moaned. She looked over her shoulder at me, a sly grin on her face. “I...I oh my god...I can't believe I'm saying this but it feels so good...just cum in my ass...”

“Oh fuck baby...fuck...Hailee!!!” I thrust in one last time, grasping her hips tight as I filled her ass. I thought it couldn't feel any better...then Hailee came right after I began basting her insides with my cum. Her tight hole clamped down hard on me and she cried out in delight, adding that perfect edge to everything else. We both rode it out until finally, the pleasure sucked every last drop of energy from us.

I pulled out of her ass and sat back down in the hot tub,Hailee moving the straddle me once more, laying her head on my shoulder. We were pretty much done for the night.

“Oh my god,” Hailee laughed. “I...I just got fucked in the ass.” She kissed me shoulder before our eyes met. “And I liked it. I'm gonna need to sleep for like twelve hours but I really liked it.” Her lips moved from my shoulders to my face as she kissed me. “Back to bed?”

“You got it.”

Twelve hours of sleep, the rest of the week with Hailee? There are worse ways to spend a vacation.

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