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Author Topic: Dirty Girl with Victoria Justice  (Read 3886 times)

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Dirty Girl with Victoria Justice
« on: September 23, 2018, 04:57:37 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred.

Victoria Justice: Dirty Girl
by MaxwellLord

(MF, MFM, oral, anal, DP, DVP, gloryhole, cons)

The night was dark. The only illumination of this long stretch of desert highway being the occasional gas station or roadside diner. And to Victoria Justice, that was just fine. It was why she picked the place and kept coming back, after all. Just enough people, and the odds of them being able to recognize her were slim. And even if they did, she couldn't find the energy to care. No one would believe them if they decided to blab.

Her destination would be up soon. She'd been there enough to get there blind. Before she knew it, there it was. A smile crossed Victoria's face as she looked at the neon signs attached to the building, the lights screaming out in the night nothing but the sleaziest of intentions.





They might have well just said "Come in, Victoria." She was already wet when she parked her car. The craving was on her. It was hard to imagine how nervous she was the first time she tried this with an ex. He wanted to share her. She was reluctant. Then she had fun. Now the former flame was gone and the anonymous sex stuck around.

The Moment she entered the store the eyes that were in there were on her, at leas the ones in front. Aside from her there were three cars out front. It was what she expected. Tuesdays nights had just the amount she wanted and it always seemed like there were new faces, like none of the men knew her schedule at this point.

Victoria gave her best "fuck me" glance to the clerk, loving the way his eyes roamed her body. The thigh high boots, the tight leather skirt, the cut off top, no panties all with a dark shade of red on her lips gave just the impression she wanted.

She handed the befuddled man twenty dollars, he gave her some tokens. With a wink, she went to the private booths, knowing for sure someone was going to follow her. That was the point, after all.

Victoria entered the familiar hallway of doors she'd come accustomed to, the smell of desperation and sex revving her up even more. Gloryhole row, as she called it, seemed pretty dead save for one booth with the occupied light on. She licked her lips as she made her way to the booth next to it. As soon as she was in, door locked, she heard someone shuffle to the booth on her other side, sandwiching her. This made her very happy.

She plunked a few tokens in and settled on a gangbang film for her background noise. Victoria then knelt down, facing the first occupied booth. She pushed her mouth to the hole, flicking her tongue and licking her lips, making she the man inside got the message crystal clear as to what she wanted.

The message was received loud and clear. The moment she backed away from the hole, the man stuck his cock through. It's wasn't large or impressive, but it was hard. That was all Victoria wanted. She wrapped her lips around the head, softly sucking and teasing with her tongue, the contact making the man groan in appreciation.

Victoria took more of him in her mouth, happily and greedily sucking, every inch being suckled, teased and pleasured. She knew she pushing him, she knew this man she didn't know wouldn't last long. It didn't matter. All she wanted was to make him cum. Hearing his sounds of pleasure,urging her on, begging for more, made her sopping wet.

The dick drunk Puerto Rican reached between her legs, fingering herself. The hotter she got, the more intense her suckjob became. The man on the other side knew he wasn't going to last, and he didn't care. This was just a mouth to fuck, and Victoria loved it that way.

A knock on the wall and a loud groan were followed by a torrent of semen flooding Victoria's mouth, the starlet greedily swallowing every stream her benefactor gave her. The man had to pull himself from Victoria's mouth, the dirty actress refusing to release him until she knew she had gotten every last droplet of cum. Then, without a word of thanks, he left.

"Mmmmm," Victoria said, licking her lips. She turned behind her to the other hole, seeing an eye watching her. "Stick it through," she ordered, making her way over.

As soon as she was in kneeling position, the second strangers dick was through the hole. Another one on the smaller side, but a hard cock was a hard cock.And now, she wanted something more, and was going to give this guy something he hadn't had in a long time.

She began with her knew cock much like she had with the old, sucking him, teasing him, but only to get him ready this time. Victoria shocked her lover of the moment by pulling off.

"Don't move," she said. Victoria hiked up her skirt and bent over, backing into the hole. She reached between herself and grasped the man's cock, guiding it into her wet cunt.

"Holy shit!" the man cried out, his exclamation giving her a perverted sense of pride. She backed completely against the hole, waiting for him to really go at it.

"Fuck me," she demanded. "Fast, hard...fuck me until you dump that scummy load in my cunt." The man began to thrust hard, the wall creaking. "Fuck yes...jam that fuckstick in me...come on you dirty fucking pervert...fuck a real cunt for once." Victoria sneared and growled, moans and profanity becoming her main language.

"Oh fuuuck," he groaned. "Fucking slut...oh fuck...slutty fucking cunt's gonna make me cum."

"Then stopping fucking talking about it and fucking do it! FUCKING CUM IN THAT PUSSY!"

"GOD DAMN IT YES!" the man screamed, thrusting one last time and shooting his load in Victoria's waiting cunt.

"Fuck yes! shoot it all you fucking perv!" Victoria squeezed and milked his spasming cock, making the man weak in the knees from his orgasm. When she felt him pull out, Victoria stood up immediately and stepped out of her booth. Her time there was done. Now it was time for her last bit of fun for the night.

She went back on to the main floor and looked around, only two men; a random customer and the store clerk. She went up to the clerk and told him. "Close the store. Now."

"What?" he asked. "Why would I do that?"

"Because when you do you and that guy are going to fuck me." Victoria began to strip, placing her clothes on the counter, leaving her in only her boots. "Go. Now."

The man rushed tot he door, doing as Victoria instructed, locking the door and putting up the "Closed" sign. When he returned from the few seconds he'd been away, Victoria was already on her knees, sucking off the store's lone customer.

Victoria, without removing her her mouth from the stranger's cock, looked at the clerk and beckoned him over with her finger. IN a rush the man was there, dropping his pants to his ankles and presented his cock to her.

Victoria was a very happy camper, two cocks, both of them bigger than the gloryhole cocks. They the appetizers for this main course. And the men weren't complaining either.

"Holy shit..." the clerk moaned. At first he felt a bit awkward being sucked off alongside some random customer, but the moment Victoria's mouth was on him that all melted away.

She went from slow and sensual to urgent and slutty. Her face was fucked, a personal favorite of hers, alongside her big favorite, stuff them both in her mouth at the same time. And to the surprise of both men, they enjoyed it as well.

"Damn this is my lucky day," the customer said, Victoria sucking his balls while her hand jacked the clerk. "Best damn night ever."

"Oh you pervert, we haven't even gotten to the good part." Victoria stood up and turned to the clerk and bent over, taking him in her mouth with the customer behind her. Fortunately for everyone, the customer didn't need a hint.

Victoria moaned as her cunt was filled again, the vibrations sending shivers up the clerk's spine. She braced her hands against him, allowing him to fuck her face as the customer grasped her hips firmly, wasting no time in hammering into her.

"Fuckin' tramp!" the customer exclaimed, smacking Victoria hard on her firm ass. "Fucking taking dick from anyone! Fuckin' tight pussy for such a cheap slut."

"Finest pussy you've ever had," growled Victoria. And they all knew she was right. "Say it, say this fucking tramp has the best pussy you'll ever have!"

"Fuck this is the best pussy ever!"

"How about you?" Victoria said, looking at the clerk. "You want some of this cunt?"

"Fuck yes." And with that, the men switched. The customer was in her mouth, Victoria getting a taste of her pussy while the clerk was now in her pussy, savoring the hot velvet box. He didn't think it could get any better. He hadn't seen anything yet.

"You know, I've got another hole," Victoria said. The look the clerk got from over her shoulder was almost enough to make him shoot right then and there, then the realization of what she meant also almost did him in.

"You sure?"

"I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't."

"Fucking go for it man!" the customer said. "Maybe I can get a piece next."

"You never know." said Victoria before going back to her cocksucking duties.

The clerk thrust into Victoria a few more times before pulling out, his cock still slick with her juices. He pushed his cock against her tight back door, Victoria staying still as her pushed forward and in in.

"Holy shit that's tight," the clerk groaned. As soon as he was ready, he began to pump into her. He slowly built up a pace, trying desperately not to blow his load too soon.

"Mmmm, fuck my ass...fuck my dirty ass...such a lucky girl." This was just what Victoria wanted. Being fucked, being used and using them for that purpose. Being fucking dirty. She needed it.

She felt the clerk's hand grip her hips tighter as he began to slam her ass harder and faster, they were both in heaven, and the customer wasn't too far off from paradise himself. Yet still, Victoria wasn't done. She got the men to back off, then made the clerk  lie on the grimy floor of the porn store. She turned her back to him and lowered her ass on to his cock, riding it while the customer happily watched and jerked off before moving to her mouth, but Victoria stopped him.

"Nuh uh, use the other hole."

"Seriously?" the man said, not even waiting for confirmation before getting in position and entering Victoria's pussy.

"YES!" she exclaimed. There were few thing she loved more than being double penetrated, and she hope to get to them that night as well. "Fuck me...FUCK ME HARD!" She had no concern for being too loud, and neither did her men.

"That's right, take these dicks!" yelled the clerk. "Good quality whore needs cock, don't you?"

"Yes! Every day! Fucking need it!" the perverted beauty grasped the customer by the back of the head, pulling him in for a kiss, one as hungry and animalistic as the sex they were having.

The men worked in unison, pistoning their hard cocks in and out of her fuck holes, the three moving like a well oiled machine, all covered in sweat. The two men didn't think it could go any further. Victoria had one last surprise for them.

Once again the men retreated from her. Victoria spun around, taking the clerk in her cunt while the customer got behind her, ready to mount her ass once again before he was halted. He was confused until Victoria looked over her shoulder, ready to explain.

"I think you can both fit," she said, licking her lips.

"You serious?" the customer once again said, somewhat hesitant. Before he could really think about it, the clerk began urging him to do it.

"Fuck, come on man, give her what she wants."

"That's right," Victoria said, the seduction dripping from her voice. "Fucking double stuff my cunt boys. Stretch me out like a real whore." The customer needed no more encouragement, as he entered Ms. Justice's already filled pussy.

"Oh fuuuuckkkkk," she hissed, the sensation of being so filled making her eyes flutter. After a few seconds of getting used to being inside her at the same time, the men got more into the act, getting more and more intense as the action built.

All words had devolved into grunts and moans, the three intensely focused on their own pleasures, the climax for them all racing closer and closer.

For Victoria, it came first. This, this had been on her mind all day and now that she got it, the sweet release was much closer than even she could have imagine. With a scream that echoed within and out the store Victoria came, her pussy and convulsing and making her get as close to the edge as possible without blowing their nut.

The two pulled out of Victoria, the now exhausted seductress getting to her knees and waiting hungry and dutifully for their loads to arrive on their target, her face. Almost as soon as she was in position, they fired off, coating her face in their milky cum.

"Fucking cover this slutty face," she moaned as stream after stream of jizz covered her face. When they ran dry, Victoria added a cherry on top, putting them both in her mouth for one last suck. She then got to to her feet, grabbed her clothes and headed to the restroom without a word to her men. When she came out, her face was clean, make up perfectly in place as if nothing had happened.

"Thanks boys," she said, her inflection sweet and genuine. "I'll see you next time."

"When is that going to be?" asked the clerk.

"Aw, come on, you wouldn't want me to ruin the surprise, would you?"
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