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Pool Shark with Victoria Justice
« on: September 23, 2018, 05:02:47 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Pool Shark starring Victoria Justice
by MaxwellLord
(MF,Oral, Cons, Exhib, Slut)

Saturday in Hollywood. It's a night where young Hollywood fills up the clubs and the hottest hang outs, their deeds sure to fill the gossip rags. The last place you'd expect to find a starlet who wants to have her name out there is a pool hall. Yet, that was exactly where Victoria Justice was.

She loved it. Billiards. Pool. Whatever you want to call it. She picked it up young, way before she was even on TV. Something about it just clicked with her. It even got her so crazy she became obsessed with geometry. Anything that made her better at the game, she absorbed it like a sponge. Of all the things Victoria knew how to do, pool was the thing very few could mess with her on. She knew there were better singers, better actors....but this game? Victoria was tops.

So...why was that not her career? Well, it was simple. The game was hers. Something she didn't have to share it with the world. It was 100% hers. No judgement from anyone. It was secure.

And so...pool halls. They were the most fun she'd ever had. Watching, playing...just hearing the games going on. It was home....no, not home. Something far better, sexier. Pool wasn't the only fun Victoria had at these places.

Her brown eyes scanned the room, looking for her mark of the night. She sipped at her drink, a mix of club soda, cranberry, and a slice of lime. Completely non alcoholic, but it looked enough like a vodka and cran to make someone think she might be a bit tipsy, giving her an advantage in the game. She was good, but being good also mean taking every single advantage you could get. Victoria was always happy to do this. Fun is fun.

One by one, she scrapped any nominees her eyes fell upon until she found him. He looked perfect. Handsome, determined...but not angry. His body language was relaxed. Always a plus. Some men HATED to lose. She'd been in the middle of a enough bar room brawls to know that. It's what taught her how to spot the right opponent.

She took one more sip of her faux alcoholic beverage and made her way towards him. With every step she walked not only closer to him, but more into character. Slightly ditzy and bubbly. Perhaps a little drunk. Utterly enamored by every move the mark made. All part of seasoning the steak.

“Hi,” she said, effervescent as the club soda she'd been drinking. The man's gaze looked Victoria over. Her fit legs sticking out of a skirt that was just short enough to fuel his lust in the best way. Also just high enough for him to ignore details later. Certain details. The flash of her flat stomach was another nice little dash. The outfit was sexy, but in an odd way unassuming. Just like Victoria wanted it.

“Hello,” he said with a grin. “What can I help you with, pretty lady.”

“Well,how about a game of pool?” Victoria's smile was wide and bright, her red lips just magnifying the the brightness of it. Her eyes sparkled and in tandem with that five star smile gave off an aura of innocence with a dash of naivete. Just what she wanted to give off.

“Well that'd be fine with me. But there's a catch, I don't play with people who's name I don't know.”

“I have the same rule. My name's Victoria.” Victoria held out her hand delicately. Not a hint of dominance. All by design, of course.

“I'm Adam.” Her took her hand, gave it a light shake then kissed it. She liked him. He thought he was playing his own game and was winning. That made her game even easier.

The two made their way to an empty table. Before long they were chalking up their cues and racking up the balls.

“So, you wanna break? He asked. “Ladies first and all that.”

“Sure.” replied Victoria. “But how about we do something interesting?”

“Such as?”

“Well, best two out of three? You win, we end up back at your place. I win, you pay for my drinks.” The perfect bet. He'd play hard, too hard. Make mistakes by trying to avoid them. And he wouldn't make it easy. Which in the end, would make it far easier. Sex was the ultimate prize and the best carrot to dangle. The mark is always assured to trip over their own feet in their rush to get a bite.

“You're on,” Adam agreed with an excited grin. He had just jumped right in Victoria's boat, she didn't even have to reel. “You can even break.”

“Cool,” she grinned. And this was her first challenge of the night. She could break like no one's business. She could be mean about it. Make the opponent want it over A.S.A.P. It was a snap for her at this point.

But, purposefully looking mediocre, that was a challenge. Looking bad was easy. But looking average or just slightly below? That took skill, a certain amount of finesse. Even for a season shark like Victoria, it took a bit of concentration. She could still do it, but this first game, it was going to take an extra bit of effort.

The effort indeed paid off. The break was...not good. Not bad, but it didn't make Victoria look good. And neither did the rest of the game. Victoria hadn't been creamed, that was never her intent. It'd be too obvious when combined with her suggesting a bet in the first place. She had to look just competent enough, but hopeless at the same time.

“Darn,” she said. “On to game two?”

“Well, how about we skip that, I buy you one more drink and we head to my place. We both get what we want.”

“Really? I was having fun,” Victoria said. “What's the harm in playing a bit more like we planned? I mean, you're still probably going to get what you want, so what's the harm?” Her tone was perfect. A slight bit of pleading, perfect words chosen, and not a single lie. He probably would be getting what he wanted, just not on the terms he expected. He had a game to play and win too, just not the one he thought he was playing.

“Okay, all good with me. And I'll tell you what, you can rack and break again.” Victoria smiled, her teeth on her tongue in that irresistibly cute way she knew no one could resist. It was a reflex thing, not something did on purpose. She could stop herself if she wanted to, but clearly, there was no good reason to.

“You're so sweet,” she said, kissing him on the cheek as she racked the balls, and then her game began. The set up was so subtle. It honestly began at home, when she put on her clothes. She always wore a skirt...with nothing underneath. After the first game but before racking for the second one, Victoria hiked up her skirt very slightly. Not enough for anyone to notice, not until she wanted them too. And now was that time.

The balls were racked, and now it was time for the break. Victoria chose her position. She was good enough to be able to do a spectacular break from any angle on the billiards table. That wasn't a concern for her. No, rather, she knew exactly the spot to choose, right in front of Adam. He didn't even know it but he had positioned himself, sitting down at a table just by the pool table, to begin losing.

Victoria picked her spot and lined up her shot perfectly. But Adam didn't notice this. Instead, he noticed exactly what Victoria had wanted him to notice when she bent over to take her shot. Her skirt was hiked up just enough to give him a perfect view of her slit, clean, sweet and glistening. She was already wet. Competition did that to her. The game did that to her. But Adam thought it was just an attraction to him. He wasn't too far off. He was part of the game, after all, at least for the night.

That was the beginning of the end for Adam. To say he was slaughtered would be putting it mildly. Victoria was merciless. The few times she missed, he got distracted by her. She'd stretch a bit, her skirt lifting up just a bit to show a peek of her well-groomed pussy. Sucking her straw seductively. Anything she could do to make him think of fucking her more than the game.

Both follow up games went by in a flash. Victoria was the obvious victor. Now however, would be seeing if Adam had won his game.

“Well, I think I got played,” Adam said, but his tone wasn't angry, or even annoyed. He seemed to see the humor in it. Things were looking promising.

“I wouldn't say that,” Victoria smiled. “Not at all. I mean, all you're paying for is some club soda and cranberry. You didn't think I'd been drinking, did you?”

Adam laughed. Not a hint of anger. He was a winner all right. Now to reel him in for part two. “Would you like me to teach you a couple things?”

“Well, what do you have to teach?”

“Everything you wanna know.” She winked at him and put her cue back. “You in?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Follow me,” Victoria said. “I know a great place.”

Victoria led Adam outside. They took an Uber to a very nice looking, homer dive bar. Not something dressed up, but a true blue dive bar.

Victoria led the way, walking into a place, just like TV, where everybody knew her name. Of course, this night everyone was just the bartender, Lucky, also the bar's owner and namesake.

“Hello Victoria,” Lucky said, his big booming voice matching his body. “How's the night treating ya?”

“Oh, you know how it goes Lucky,” she said. “Night's just getting started and it's always getting better.”

“I bet. The usual?”

“Always.” she replied. “Room available?”

“You know I hold on to it unless I know you aren't coming in.”

“Well worth the payment.”

“Oh, of course.” The two grinned at each other, their little in joke going over Adam's head, at least for now.

Lucky led them to a room in the back of the bar. It was decorated in a traditional way. Old-timey posters, a stained glass light right above the pool table advertising some beer on tap. There was a row of pool cues on the wall and balls pre-racked dead center.

“Usual drinks, Vic?”

“Of course.”

“Are the drinks still on me?” Adam asked.

“Oh no, on the house,” Lucky said, smirking at Victoria before leaving.

“On the house?” Adam asked. “You come here a lot?”

“Since before I was legally allowed to,” said Victoria. “You can only play so much at home before you need to get out and learn the real skills. I snuck into Lucky's with a fake I.D. And loved it. Just quiet enough. And Lucky and I reached an agreement. Once I was twenty one, we amended it a bit, but it still stands for the preferential treatment. In other words, I pretty much get this room when I want and drinks on the house. Anything, including the good stuff. All for a very, very fair fee.”

Before Adam could ask about the fee, Lucky came in, two glasses, a bucket of ice, and a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23 year whisky. He placed it on the table and smiled at Victoria.

“So my dear,” he said, his Cheshire grin wide as can be. “Payment now or later?”

“Oh, now is perfect Lucky.” replied Victoria. “And right here. I want my friend here to know exactly where the night may go.”

Victoria walked towards Lucky and got to her knees, his grin somehow getting wider. Victoria looked up at him with a smile that was both sweet and wild, opening his pants and fishing out his cock.

And Adam? Adam was simply stunned as he watched this all happen in front of him. Once again, Victoria had positioned herself so he could get a full view of the action.

Her lips,the perfect shade of red left streaks on Lucky's cock. Her hands delicate held and teased his balls, sometimes cradling them, others massaging them, sometimes just a light tease of her nails.

Then there was the main course of the action, her mouth. The aforementioned red lipstick added a wonderful visible souvenir of the action as it went on, but it was far from the only the pleasing visual, not when Victoria's gorgeous face had such expressive brown eyes. Eyes that were conveying a lustful hunger that Lucky both knew all too well but always discovered new depths to.

She bobbed her her back and forth, her mouth lovingly an hungrily sucking Lucky's prick and loving every moment of it. Both Lucky and Adam knew when a woman only gave head because she felt she had to and when a woman genuinely loved it. Both would swear under oath Victoria easily fell under the latter. Her moans while sucking, masturbating during the act all confirmed it for Adam, but Lucky, he could feel it. This was no chore for Victoria. It was a fun little game. They both knew she could just pay him...but that wasn't fun, not for either of them.

Victoria withdrew Lucky's cock from her mouth and began to rub it and slap it all over her face. “Mmm fuck I love your cock...I love it so much Lucky...mmmm I love feeling how hard it is in my mouth...all for me...all for me baby...mmm give it to me...give me everything you got...”

“Ohhh fuck...oh I'll give it to you honey..of fuck just suck me and you'll get it all...fuck Victoria suck my cock....”

“You will?” she asked, her tone pleading and playful, her hand pumping his stiff prick. “Every drop? I get that too? And the room and drinks? All just for me?”

“Yes...oh fuck just suck it...suck it baby and it's all yours..ungggg fuuuckkk...”

Victoria's mouth jumped back to Lucky's cock, hungrily but sensually sucking him, her tongue a tornado driving him up the wall and mad with pleasure.

And Adam, the friendly spectator? His jaw was still agape, but the shock gave way to being simply entranced by what he was seeing. He was hard, straining against his jeans, rubbing his cock through his pants as he was Victoria suck a dick in a way that most porn stars wish they could pull off. It was sensual, slutty, sweet, sexy all at the same time and he wanted in. But he held back. He knew it wasn't his time. He was going to get something even more.

Lucky's cockhead was the only piece of his cock in Victoria's mouth, her tongue licking furiously at the underside as her hand pumped his cock. He was right on that vicious edge

“Oh...oh Vic...oh Vicki...oh fuck I'm gonna shoot...gonna give it all to you...ohhhAAAAHHHH!!!” Lucky held Victoria's head still as she filled her mouth with her seed, the cock-hungry brunette money with every stream shot into her hungry mouth.

Victoria pulled back, every drop swallowed. She smiled an open mouth smile, showing not a trace of Lucky's cum was left in her mouth. “As always, good to the last drop,” she said.

“Fuck...fuck...”, Lucky said, struggling for words as he caught his breath. “I'll leave you guys alone...whew....fuck girl...”

Victoria got to her feet with a proud smile on her face, watching with prideful glee as a totally wrecked Lucky left the room and went back to tending bar. Victoria then went to Adam, winking at him as she headed for and grabbed a pool cue.

“So, ready to learn?” Victoria asked with a smirk. She calmly took out her lipstick to reapply what had been smeared on Lucky's cock, then grabbed her cue and leaned on it, awaiting Adam's answer.

“Um...is it gonna be anything like that?”

“Could be,” she said with a giggle. “You're doing okay so far. But, let's keep going and see where you end up. So, you know how I got you, right?”

“Pretty much. You're hot. Flashed your pussy, distracted me....”

“And I'm a better player. Just admit it. No shame in it.”

“Yeah, you're better. But I don't think that's why you won.”

“It is a little,” Victoria smiled as she bent over again, once again executing a perfect break. “But it wasn't just me being hot that distracted you. I got in your head. Yeah, with a veiled promise of sex, but there are other ways to do it.”

“Such as?”

“You look for another carrot.” Victoria bent over right in front of Adam, her ass rubbing against his still hard cock, making them both shiver a bit. She made her shot, sinking a ball with ease. “Take that watch you have. A Rolex, right?”

“Yeah.” he replied. “Won big in Vegas a couple years back, decided to treat myself.”

“As you should.” Victoria replied. She got up, her hand purposefully grazing his bulge as she moved to the other end of the table. “That's a carrot. Next step is to just scan the room. Look for a taker. Not just in terms of someone who'd take your bet for that watch, but someone who won't get angry they got played.”

“And how did you know I wouldn't?”

“You have a sweet face,” Victoria said in a seductive purr. “It's not always the best tell but when you do this for as long as I have and work in the acting business, you get a good sense of who's chill and who's a flat out predator just waiting to be set off. You're chill and hot all at the exact same time.”

“Thanks.” Adam replied.

“It's the truth,” said Victoria. “Now, the most important thing about this is no matter what, in the slim chance you lose, be prepared to pay up.”

“Were you?”

Victoria smiled at him and bent over, lining up her shot. “What do you think?”

Adam took the hint. He poured out a bit of the whisky and shot it down before walking to Victoria, unzipping his pants as he got behind her. A sex kitten smile crossed her face as she felt him hike up her skirt.

“Now...uh...,” Victoria paused, moaning a little as Adam entered her from behind. “The next thing...ohhh the next thing you need to do...iiii...is always...” Victoria struggled with her speech, trying to focus as he fucked her. Her black skirt was bunched up to her waste and he was driving into her hot, tight cunt.

“Tell...tell me more,” Adam moaned, gripping her hips. “Let me..ung...let me hear you...”

“You...you...oh...you can't ever...oh fuuuck me...you can't be concerned...mmm...with trying to be fancy...oh fuck baby yes...” Victoria released the cue and place her palms flat on the table, her hands grasping for something but only feeling the flat felt surface of the billiards table.

She laid as prone as she could, still bent over at the waist, letting Adam have her. He won after all. He lost like a man and gets treated like one as a reward. He was cute and nice and worth a one night stand. More importantly, he fucked good. He fucked raw. It was just sex and that's how he treated it. Pure pleasure, pure bliss. They were both on the same page.

The pace as he took her wasn't fast, not at all. It was slow, but firm. Hard. Urgent. But not fast. “Don't stop talking,” Adam said. Keep...mmm keep going Victoria...”

“Don't do fancy shit...like I was..uh...uh...uh...ohhhh...saying....go with what works...oh just like that...like you're doing now...oh fuck me...fuck me!”

“Is that what you want? What you need?”

“Mmm hmm!” she desperately moaned. “Fuck me baby...don't fucking stop...fuck me till you cum in me!”

The talking then stopped, replaced by Victoria moans. His hands grasped her hips as he took her, fucked her, made her his in that moment. And Victoria loved every bit of it. It was part of the game for her, and she always walked away a very happy girl.

Her hands reached up for something to hold on to, only finding the edge of the table to hold onto for dear life as she was fucked just like she was craving. She loved it like this. IN the bar, behind the bar, in a rest room. Hot, quick, raunchy sex. Right behind pool as one of her favorite hobbies.

“Please...please cum in me please...I need to feel that cock fill me up...please baby please cum in me yes...yess..YESS PLEASE!!!” Victoria came. And came hard, her cunt clamping down and almost milking Adam's cock, making him blow his cum into her, slumping forward on Victoria, pumping into her a few more times until they were both utterly spent.

Once he'd gone soft, Adam pulled his exhausted cock from Victoria pussy and slumped against the wall, catching his breath as he watched his cum trickle out from her pussy. Once Victoria had caught her breath, she got up, smiled at Adam and went to get herself a bit of whiskey.

“Now that...that is what I do this for,” Victoria said. “You don't play fancy. You play to win. You play to your skills. Whether it be pool or, well, fucking to be blunt.”

“Thanks oh wise sage,” Adam said as he zipped up. “For the game, the advice, and the fuck of a lifetime.”

“Don't mention it. Or brag all you want, I don't mind. And if you see me again, just remember, if you play with me, you always win.”

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