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Killer Cunt Licker
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Flash or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story contains spoilers for Episode 14 of Season 2 of The Flash, but takes place sometime after and deviates from canon.

Keywords: FF, Oral

The Flash: Killer Cunt Licker
by MTL ([email protected])

"Okay, let's get out of here." Caitlin Snow beamed at her success.

"Just a sec Caity." Killer Frost grinned wickedly, "I wanna alter our little deal."

"What? No!" Caitlin panicked, "We don't have time for this. Zoom could literally be back any second."

"So let's make this quick." Killer Frost beamed, "Have you ever eaten pussy Caity?"

"What?" Caitlin exclaimed.

"You know, pussy? Cunt? Fuck hole? Whatever you want to call the thing between our legs." Killer Frost explained crudely, and somehow like she was talking to a child, "Well, have you?"

"N, no." Caitlin stammered.

"Huh." Killer Frost murmured, "I'm not usually one for the girl-girl scene either, but it was easily the best part of college, and what can I say, you're really cute."

"Erm, thanks." Caitlin blushed, "But I'm not gay."

"Oh sweetie, neither am I." Killer Frost grinned, "But I just can't let an opportunity like this pass me by. So, call it masturbation if you want, but we will be fucking tonight. If we have to get out of here, which is up to you."

Caitlin stared at her doppelgänger for a few long seconds in disbelief. She couldn't remember the last time she was hit on so crudely, and certainly it had never been by women. Any woman for that matter. She had occasionally wondered about it, but she always had a boyfriend in college. Actually it had been that way since high school, as while she was a little socially awkward she fell under the category of 'hot nerd', and was hit on constantly. But this was new, and honestly a little flattering, although it was super weird considering it was herself from another world who was doing it. For that reason she couldn't possibly say yes, but they couldn't possibly stay here, so after a few long seconds Caitlin chose the lesser of two evils.

"Alright fine!" Caitlin grumbled, "Can we go now?"

"Absolutely." Killer Frost grinned, grabbing a hold of Caitlin and then telling her, "Hold on tight."

With that Killer Frost lifted her up slowly and started running towards the cave opening, Caitlin doing as she was told and holding on tight as she feared the villain was about to throw her over the edge. Instead she jumped over the edge, Caitlin holding to her even tighter and becoming angry as she feared that the crazy bitch had just killed them both. Then Killer Frost held out her hand, which glowed blue, and a long strip of ice appeared in front of them, allowing them to slide down to safety. Honestly it was kind of hot, especially as Killer Frost kept it going for a little while, giving them the illusion of flying, and the ice even evaporated into nothing as they went, meaning there would be no trail left behind.

For a few happy moments Caitlin thought that Killer Frost would set them down far away from here, ideally in a highly populated area, where they could blend into the crowd. Or at least she could. Which would have been the smart thing to do as far as she was concerned, but instead she found herself in another cave, albeit far away from the one they had just been in. Scowling angrily Caitlin opened her mouth to protest, but before she could Killer Frost covered her lips with her own and started kissing the doubt out of her. Again Caitlin thought she was about to die, but before her body temperature dropped to a dangerous degree Killer Frost pulled back, leaving Caitlin gasping for breath.

"Let's get something straight, so to speak." Killer Frost quipped, "We had a deal, and I expect you to honour it. If you don't, well... if you're not going to satisfy me in one way, I can always get another type of satisfaction out of you. Understand?"

Caitlin nodded quickly, "Y, yes."

"So what are you going to do?" Killer Frost pushed.

Caitlin blushed, "Eat your pussy?"

"Wrong, you're going to give me the best head of my life." Killer Frost gleefully corrected, before pushing Caitlin to her knees, "Now get to work, and don't make me asked twice."

Whimpering softly Caitlin waited a few seconds for Killer Frost to start taking off her clothes, and then when her mirror image just stared at her expectantly she rushed to undo the other woman's pants and pull them down. It was hard to do it with trembling fingers, but Caitlin was used to working under stressful conditions, and always got the job done. Of course when Killer Frost's pants and panties were down around her ankles Caitlin paused again and looked up hesitantly at her doppelgänger as she tried to figure out exactly what the other woman wanted. Or more accurately, exactly how she should give Killer Frost exactly what she wanted, which was potentially very difficult seeing as she'd never done this before.

Killer Frost would normally get frustrated at this point, let out a groan of annoyance, and then grab her lover's head and shove them face first into her pussy. But there was just something endearing about watching her mirror image seem so nervous about doing anything sexual, when Killer Frost had always dived head first into sex regardless of how inexperienced she was. It was a little reminder of just how different they were, so different that it was hard to believe they were basically the same person, just from different worlds. But, she'd never admit this out loud, but this version of her was smarter than her, which meant sooner or later Killer Frost would get what she wanted. And when she did, it would likely be better than any college girl she'd ever been with.

Sure enough after a few long seconds of hesitation the brunette lent forward, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the white haired girl's pussy. The lick stopped before it reached her clit, which was disappointing, but the nervousness more than made up for it. Oh yes, maybe Killer Frost should do this more often? After all, there were plenty of girls she would like to make eat her pussy. Or ass. Like that annoying Detective, Iris West. Oh yes, Killer Frost could picture it now. Getting that smug bitch who pointed a gun at her on her knees and shove her face first into her pussy, or ass, or one then the other. Oh yes, Killer Frost particularly like the sound of that last one.

For a few blissful moments Killer Frost became lost in those fantasies while her mirror image cautiously repeated that first initial lick, which was just as nervous as the last. That process was repeated a few times, but then without even being aware of it Killer Frost began softly moaning, giving Caitlin the confidence to slide her tongue further upwards to brush against the other woman's clit. That really got Killer Frost's attention, her eyes going wide as she let out a loud cry of pleasure. Which was then followed by a few more as the brunette repeated those licks, much to the delight of the white haired girl. So much so that she actually started to give her some encouragement.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it Caity, eat that pussy!" Killer Frost called out with wicked happiness, "Mmmmmm, tongue that twat you little dyke! Fuckkkkkkk, you're so good at that! Soooooo gooooooddddddd, mmmmmm ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, eat me! Eat my fucking cunt! Oh fuck! Oh Caity, I think we found your true calling in life. Oh yes, mmmmmm, you were clearly born to lick pussy."

Could that be true? Was Killer Frost actually helping someone? In a way it was herself, so it was nothing out of the ordinary, but still, it felt kind of good. Which she wasn't sure that she liked or not, but as long as the end result was she got something out of it, that was fine by her. And oh, was she ever getting something out of it. In fact, she just might be getting too much out of it. Because normally she liked her sex quick and hard, especially when it was someone she didn't really care for, like this little pussy slut, but the pleasure she was currently receiving was far too good for it to end so quickly, just because Caitlin Snow was desperate to taste her cum. So she was going to force her to slow down. Eventually. Now though? She was just happy with receiving everything Caity had to give her.

Caitlin had never really thought about having sex with girls before, but apparently that was an error on her part, but she quickly grew to love the taste of pussy. It was just so good, and it was easy for her to get more of that yummy cream. Oh yes, all she had to do was touch Killer Frost's clit and more leaked out of her entrance. Which initially was enough for her, but eventually she started paying more attention to that clit, not to actually give Killer Frost pleasure, but because she wanted more of that juice. In fact if anything giving Killer Frost pleasure was an unfortunate side-effect of all this, and led to Caitlin closing her eyes and trying to imagine she was doing this with someone else. Anyone else.

Which was easy, as she had crossed paths with a lot of attractive women lately. Mostly girls Barry had briefly dated, like Linda Park, Patty Spivot and Felicity Smoak. Oh yes, Caitlin could imagine each of them lining up for her so they could give her the privilege of licking their pussies one after the other. Oh, and those sisters she'd briefly met, who were superheroes both calling themselves something Canary? Laurel and Sara, that was it. Oh yes, they were both so hot, and Caitlin would love to have eaten them out. And/or Earth 2 Iris. Yes, she looked amazing in her uniform. Although of course, above anyone else, Caitlin wished she was having sex with Earth 1 Iris West right now. After all, she kind of had a girl crush on her before, and after this that fat girl crush was going to go through the roof.

Thinking of all those women, but particularly her world's Iris West, drove Caitlin crazy with lust, and soon she was eagerly increasing the speed and the force of her licks. Initially she did this automatically, but when that got her even more of the heavenly cream she craved she began doing it on purpose. And why shouldn't she? Killer Frost certainly wasn't complaining. In fact she wasn't complaining really loudly. Too loudly? After all, they were supposed to be hiding here, and those cries of pleasure were echoing around the cave, making it feel like they could be heard for miles. Then again as much as she wanted to escape she'd liked to see the look on the face of that jerk Jay... Zoom, she reminded herself, when he caught the girl he loved in between the legs of her mirror image.

"Slow down Caity!" Killer Frost ordered in between moans, "Mmmmm yesssssss,  what you're doing feels really good. Too good! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, I'm not ready to cum just yet. I'm enjoying your mouth too much for that. Ohhhhhhhh, so slow down. Oh yes, let me really enjoy having my doppelgänger eat my pussy like it was her job. And maybe it should be? Oh yes, you'd make a great little lesbian whore Caity. You'd make a killing. Ha, get it? Killing? And then you'd be Killer Cunt Licker. Mmmmmm yesssssss, that's the perfect name for a little pussy slut like you. Oh yes, so live up to your name Killer Cunt Licker, and lick me nice and slow. Oh yes, oh yes, just like that, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssss! Oh fuck! Mmmmmm, good little Killer Cunt Licker."

Ironically that verbal humiliation was just what Caitlin needed to stop thinking about the heartbreak of her boyfriend's betrayal, and focus on what really mattered, namely the yummy treat in front of her. Admittedly it was hard to forget who she was tonguing as Killer Frost continued her rather annoying commentary, but as much as she hated her Caitlin had to admit there was a thrill doing something so obscene as eating her own pussy. Oh yes, all she had to do was look up and see her own face twisted in pleasure. Sure, it was slightly different, as was the voice she was hearing, but they were similar enough to make this extra twisted, which in turn made it easier for her to commit to earning the name of Killer Cunt Licker.

Killer Frost almost instantly regretted telling Caitlin to slow down as she had been so close to an orgasm that she could practically taste it. But it was worth it in the long run for more of that heavenly tongue from Killer Cunt Licker. Oh yes, her doppelgänger was easily living up to the little nickname that Killer Frost had come up for her, and despite her inexperience proving to be the best cunt licker Killer Frost had ever had. Which was enough to make her briefly consider keeping Killer Cunt Licker as a sidekick. Yes, she loved the sound of that. Killer Frost and Killer Cunt Licker, partners in crime, and lovers. They would probably even make people uncomfortable if they made out in public. But Caity probably wouldn't go for that, and more importantly Killer Frost had just learned the hard way what happened if she got attached to someone.

The memory of Zoom killing her boyfriend was still very fresh in her mind, and the unfortunate remembering of it almost put Killer Frost completely off the sex. But either because Killer Cunt Licker was just that good at what she'd be clearly been born to do, or because admittedly Killer Frost was a bit of a slut, not only did she mostly remain on her high, but she got closer and closer to physically needing an orgasm. Because Caity was proving that she had been right about her, the smarter girl easily working her closer and closer to climax until Killer Frost just couldn't stop herself from demanding it. Which inevitably sounded like begging, but that just couldn't be helped. Caitlin Snow was just so good at eating pussy.

"Fuck me bitch! Fuck me with your tongue!" Killer Frost finally cried out, "Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, fuck me and make me cum! Come on Killer Cunt Licker, really earn your name by making me cum in that hot little mouth of yours. Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, and you better swallow every drop, or I'll live up to my name. Oooooooooh yessssssssss, make me cum or else you bitch! Oh fuck, fuck me Caity! Fuck me with your tongue, tongue fuck me, oooooooooh, I wanna cum all over your pretty face! Please? Oh please fuck me! I mean, don't make me ask again bitch! Or I'll find your precious friends and oh yes! Ooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmm, that's it, eat me Caitlin! Fucking eat my pussy! Oh fuck! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeessssssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

Of course Killer Frost should have really guessed that the key to getting what she wanted was to threaten Caitlin's precious friends, as apparently their lives were more important than her own. It was so goody-goody that it made Killer Frost feel sick. Although not as sick as knowing this goody-goody was about to make her cum. Ironically that was why it was going to be so damn good. Oh yes, Killer Frost was about to maybe cum harder than ever before from having her goody-goody doppelgänger worshipping her pussy like the shameless little dyke she clearly was, and truly earn the name Killer Cunt Licker. Which was the last coherent thought Killer Frost had before her mirror-image gave her what she so desperately needed.

She'd already pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Killer Frost, but somehow that pushed the meta-human to the edge of orgasm, but not quite pushed her over it. Which would have been a lot more frustrating, if the overall pleasure hadn't made up for it. Then Caitlin started thrusting her tongue back and forth, officially beginning to tongue fuck her, and along with everything else it just became too much for Killer Frost. Oh yes, she came over, and over, and over again from Killer Cunt Licker fucking her with her pretty little mouth, meaning the next few minutes were pure bliss. So much so that Killer Frost actually felt the need to return the favour, something she did with glee.

Caitlin felt so humiliated to be called Killer Cunt Licker, and the worst part was it seemed to fit her so well. After all the fact that she was making another woman cum hard and frequently was proof that she was really good at it, and she loved it so much that honestly she wanted to do nothing else but please other women with her tongue for the rest of her life. Oh yes, Caitlin promised that if she got out of this situation alive she would devote the rest of her life to tonguing the twats of other beautiful women she knew, ideally starting with Iris West, and finding out if her best female friend was half as tasty as she looked. Or half as tasty as Killer Frost for that matter.

That was another thing which was really humiliating, and another thing Caitlin just couldn't deny. And as tasty as Killer Frost's cunt cream was her girl cum was even more heavenly, Caitlin quickly removing her tongue so she could wrap her lips firmly around the other woman's entrance and swallow as much of that tasty treat as she could. The first time she failed spectacularly, as she was just so overwhelmed with the flavour hitting her taste-buds, but the next few times Caitlin did herself proud, and was even able to swallow the majority of Killer Frost's cum. Oh how Caitlin wished she could stay like that forever. Or at least a little longer. But apparently, her evil doppelgänger had other ideas.

Namely starting to grind her cunt into her face. At first this wasn't so bad, but then Killer Frost grabbed the back of her head and held it in place while the evil meta-human really started pushing herself and rubbing herself against Caitlin's poor face. Eventually all Caitlin could do was just keep her mouth open so she could swallow much of the liquid that was almost constantly coming out of Killer Frost. And for the most part keep her tongue out so she had hope it would hit Killer Frost's clit, as whenever she did they both got an extra special reward, meaning more juice for her and more pleasure for her doppelgänger. Which was great, even if Caitlin couldn't necessarily swallow the former.

While that might be true Caitlin comforted herself with the fact that throughout this process her face was getting absolutely drenched with girl cum and pussy cream, marking her as what she was always truly meant to be, a pussy pleaser. An muff diving slut. Killer Cunt Licker. Oh yes, it was humiliating, but in that moment she truly was Killer Cunt Licker. Killer Frost's Killer Cunt Licker, something Caitlin was weirdly content within that moment, even if she was now running the risk of passing out, or worse from the lack of oxygen. Then just when she thought that would happen she had been pulled up into a passionate kiss, and she was so drunk from the other woman's cum that she kissed back without hesitation, not thinking for a second what consequences this might have.

Killer Frost certainly wasn't thinking about those consequences. No, she just wanted to taste her cum and pussy cream on this goody-goody's lips and tongue, and was grateful when Caitlin didn't hesitate to kiss her back. In fact it was easily one of the best kisses Killer Frost could remember having. Ever. Which at first she thought was because of the additional flavouring, and the sheer perverted joy of it all. But then she remembered what affects her kisses normally had on other people, and by now they would normally be in no state to kiss her back. Which caused her to frown, pull back and look at Caitlin, delight crossing her face as she found her good doppelgänger seemed fine, if a little surprised by that fact.

"Wow, you're immune to my Kiss of Death!" Killer Frost exclaimed in surprise, and delight, "Mmmmmm, you're a lot more interesting than I gave you credit for."

"Thanks." Caitlin blushed.

"Mmmmmm, and one hell of a cunt licker!" Killer Frost grinned, and then chuckled as Caitlin blushed even more, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, that was so good, Killer Cunt Licker. You totally lived up to your new name. Oooooooh yessssssss, mmmmmm, in fact, I'm tempted to keep you as a pet. Would you like that, huh? Be MY little cunt licker and tongue my twat whenever I want? Be my pussy pleaser? Be my... Killer Cunt Licker? Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, I bet you love the sound of that don't you? Don't you?"

"W, what..." Caitlin stammered, before exclaiming, "What? No! Please?"

"Don't worry, I haven't made up my mind, yet." Killer Frost soothed, before grinning again, "Besides, mmmmmm, I'm not done with you yet."

Before Caitlin had a chance to ruin the moment by asking what she meant Killer Frost shoved her hand straight into her pants to find herself a nice wet little pussy. Which was unsurprising of course, as the Caitlin Snow of Earth 1 had proven without a shadow of a doubt that she was a total lesbian, something which seemed to adorably shock the little goody-goody. Maybe she had been so deep in denial that she truly hadn't known, meaning that Killer Frost really had helped someone. But was that someone grateful? Of course not. Hell, she looked deeply embarrassed by how much she enjoyed this, how much she wanted this, and even look like she was going to complain about it. Of course, Killer Frost couldn't have that, so she silenced her doppelgänger with her lips.

For someone who looked like they were about to complain Caitlin Snow didn't waste any time in kissing her back. That could have been her lesbian body betraying her, or maybe all she needed was a little push to give into overwhelming desires. Whatever the case Killer Frost didn't really care. All she cared about was making her mirror-image cum hard and fast on her fingers, so she could get out of here as quickly as possible. Thankfully that turned out to be easy. Hell, all Killer Frost had to do was shove a couple of fingers into Caitlin and she practically had her cumming already like the little dyke slut she clearly was. And that should have been enough for Killer Frost. It normally was, but for once she was compelled to continue, and that's exactly what she did.

So over, and over, and over again Killer Frost fucked Caitlin Snow to orgasm after orgasm. Sometimes she would kiss her to do this, practically grinning the entire time while she made the other girl whimper, gasp and scream into her mouth from the kisses she was giving to her. Given their current predicament Killer Frost probably should have stayed like that, but she just couldn't resist pulling back on occasion so she could hear those wonderful sounds, and enjoy the look on Caitlin's face. And in her eyes. And occasionally she would bite down on her neck to make her cry extra loudly, and mark this girl as her slut. But mostly, she kissed her, while making her cum.

Caitlin was deeply embarrassed about that fact, but she just couldn't help it. She was just so wound up from going down on another woman for the first time, and there was even something exciting about the danger of getting caught while doing it. And not just from Zoom, but potentially from anyone as this was a public place. Super public! Like, there could be people hiking up here on a date. Or worse, a family having a picnic. Oh God, and what if she was discovered by her friends who were trying to save her? Caitlin wasn't sure she could cope with that level of humiliation, and yet the thought only made her cum harder and more frequently. And that was before Killer Frost even really started trying.

At first she was just hammering her fingers in and out of her without really thinking about it, which was initially all it took to make Caitlin cum. But then she started curling her fingers inside of her, and twisting them around, and rubbing her clit with her thumb, all of which just made Caitlin cum harder. Eventually Killer Frost even added a third finger, which coincided with her pulling away and grinning at her, their eyes locking as she pushed her over the edge again. Although the fact that she could see her face was the least of her worries. Oh God, the thing Caitlin was really worried about was the fact that there was no longer anything silencing her, upping their chances of discovery. And yet, she just couldn't silence herself, as again she was just too overwhelmed with pleasure.

Then just as she thought she was going to pass out from it Killer Frost slowly bought her down from her high, removed her fingers from her pussy and pressed them against Caitlin's lips. Without hesitation Caitlin parted them and allowed them to be pushed into her mouth, at which point she moaned like the shameless pussy slut Killer Frost had effortlessly turned her into. Admittedly it wasn't nearly as good as Killer Frost's cum and cunt cream, but it was still amazing, Caitlin hungrily cleaning those fingers like her life depended on it. Which it still might, considering who she was with. Then Killer Frost pulled away and got dressed, leaving Caitlin just to rest against the wall.

Once she was dressed Killer Frost returned her attention to her doppelgänger and asked, "Well, are you coming?"

There was a joke in there, which Caitlin was definitely surprised that Killer Frost didn't mention, at least not out loud. The wicked grin which crossed her face made it clear she was thinking it though, Caitlin blushing as she nodded and then followed Killer Frost out of the cave and through the forest to safety. If such a thing could possibly exist in a world with an evil speedster, which made Caitlin very nervous about what would happen next. But maybe if she stuck by the side of Killer Frost everything would be okay? God, what was she thinking? No, she had to get away from this crazy bitch as soon as possible. Back to her friends. To Iris? She honestly wasn't sure about anything at that moment as she was walking on shaky legs, except the fact that her true name was now Killer Cunt Licker, and she needed to find a cunt she could lick on a regular basis. Preferably one not attached to a killer.
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Damn that was amazing, great work.
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