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Author Topic: The Hotrod & The Hottie (Zendaya Coleman)  (Read 7186 times)


The Hotrod & The Hottie (Zendaya Coleman)
« on: May 09, 2019, 02:21:01 AM »
Story title: The Hotrod & The Hottie

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Zendaya Coleman

Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Feedback: YES must have

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction anyone under the age of 18 or 21 depending on where you are stop reading now please. I would like to thank Tricky for his help on this project any questions or feedback send it to [email protected] now on with the story. This story was originally posted on C-S-S-A.

Authors note: Zendaya is 18 in this story.

Growing up I hated the idea of ending up with the family ride a 70’s station wagon didn’t sound great for my first car so when I got my first job I busted my ass to get a car I liked with my options and money limited I got a ride that was older than me but a throwback to the days of cool someone was getting rid of a 1967 Camero muscle car so I jumped on it after months of restoration I pulled the engine for a racing engine that my brother had found during a salvage run in a junkyard the matching transmission soon followed I had finally worked the bugs out of it when I got a call from my mom.

“Hi, I’ll be busy next week could you give some driving lessons for a few days?” she asked

“Sure, I hope the brakes don’t stick like they used to.” I said

“Our car is down for the next 2 weeks we need to use yours for Z.” she said

:Since this is a crisis I’ll allow her to use my car to get her license but let the record show I do so under protest.” I said

I never let anyone borrow my ride for anything so letting a family friend use it was a foreign concept but I would make sure they took care of it while I was around. It had been a few years since I had seen Zendaya Coleman hanging out with my sister. When I arrived for the lesson the eighteen year old beauty standing in front of me was a petite knockout I could tell she liked my car since she was nearly having sex with it with her eyes, or covertly dry humping the drivers seat and steering wheel when she thought I wasn’t looking.

“Sweet I am so getting my license after training on this thing.” she squeaked

“Not so fast wild child this isn’t a toy it’s got more under the hood than your used to.” I said

We trained in a school parking lot after hours just before the sun set Zendaya was getting really good but still had slight trouble with the power output of the engine she had clearly never been around a muscle car before the lessons continued for the next few days when Zendaya noticed something that I had totally missed in the backseat.

“Something smells odd.” she said

“I don’t smell anything but gas and various oils.” I said

I played dumb but knew she was onto something there was no way in hell I was going to say what she smelled was a females perfume I had yet to get out of the backseat after some serious fucking a few days prior with her antics around my car I figured I could make Zendaya think it was her scent.

“Seriously there is something around here.” she said

“With the way you have been drooling over my ride since the beginning I’m tempted to think it’s you your smelling.” I said

The cafe’ au lait skinned teen was slightly horrified she had been busted quickly retreating behind a shield of schoolgirl innocence gripping my arm giving me the lovesick kitten look.

“I couldn’t help myself there…was just so much power in the engine….I imagined a dick just as powerful thrusting inside me…next thing I knew I was on the floor boards on my back having an orgasm.” she said

“Drenching the backseat in the process.” I said

I wasn’t mad Zendaya had gotten off in my ride just slightly annoyed I had missed the show she put on with her open admission that was all the ammo I needed for some sweet revenge on the teen hottie.

“Hope your not mad.” she said

“No…but you were trying to use the engine as a 400 lb. vibrator and it can’t be used like that.” I said

“But it felt soooooooo good.” she purred

“So why don’t you stand on the hood and I’ll send the RPM’s through you that way you’ll be ripping  your clothes off in no time.” I said

She took the bait laying on the hood on her front nearly spread eagle as I started the engine letting her body get used to the vibrations she was breathing a little faster as I hit the gas sending the gauge to 1500 RPM’s getting a loud moan out of Zendaya while she tapped the hood signaling to go faster.

She turned around slithering on the hood and almost falling off then crawled up the windshield and licked the part in front of me, I pulled out my cock and started rubbing it, She looked down, saw it and smiled then got up on her knees and unbuttoned her shirt, pulled it off, reached behind her, undid her bra, pulled it off,and tossed them both off the hood. She then pressed her sweet little B cups against the windshield, rubbing them up and down I noticed that they both “accidentally” strayed into the part where the spit from her tongue still coated the glass, leaving the nipples wet and shiny.

She smiled at the reaction her little show was getting from me, although her eyes widened at the size of my dick, and got off the hood skinned out of her Daisy Dukes giving me a nice look at her tight little ass and got back in the car.

When she was in she surprised me by straddling the stick shift and rubbing it between her legs I watched hypnotized. I licked my lips and said.

“Put it in.”

She smiled and slowly worked it into her pussy. She looked at my cock which still had my hand on it. I noticed that the shaft never went too far in and asked.

“Still a virgin?”

She stopped, blushed and nodded.

“Do you want to stay that way?” I asked

“Not right now, Do it Money! Make me a woman.” she said

She must have decided that I needed incentive because her mouth swooped down, took the top 3 inches of me in and started sucking hard. Slowly but surely she worked her way down until my full 12 inches had been gobbled then even more slowly as she worked her way back up.

“I thought you were a virgin?” I asked when she had released me with a final flick of her pink tongue.

“I didn’t say I was innocent.” she said

She pressed herself into me I could feel her small tits through my shirt and groaned, then she reached down, pulled my shirt out of my pants and over my head. We kissed again, long and slow, then she whispered.

“Fuck me, Money, fuck me now!!”

Zendaya slipped her pussy onto my thick cock making her lips stretch around it if I was much thicker I would have seen my bulge expand her belly for now she just groaned from the feeling between her legs.

“UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHNNNNN….so big.” she purred

“So tight.” I moaned

She had taken every inch she could handle of my dick before it bumped into her hymen as Zendaya put her hands on my shoulders she was breathing rather hard getting ready for the pain that was coming.

“Ok here I go.” she said

“Just be careful.” I said

As Zendaya’s hymen shattered against my thick cock head her eyes went as wide as possible she would have screamed if my hand wasn’t over her mouth what little did come out sounded more like a squeal I let her get used to my girth first which didn’t take long before she arched her back driving her legs forward at a quickening pace.

“Fuck yeah baby bang my brains out this feels fantastic.” she said

“I’ve got plenty here.” I said

She locked the seat down puttting me on my back humping away at a good clip as I groped her perky boobs feeling her up Zendaya’s fingernails started clawing my chest before gripping the ceiling.

“Something’s…coming fast…I can…feel it.” she moaned

“Just go with it.” I said

I could feel her legs were soaked and she was getting set for an orgasm that would potentially equal an earthquake she was still tight since I could only fit 9 inches inside but kept going feeding her sex drive with stamina as I started sucking her boobs.

“MMMOOOOORRRRREEEEE….Oh shit this feels great.” she said

“I’m gonna blow.” I said

Her spasm fit that qualified as an orgasm flooded my crotch and abs in her still jailbait cream while Zendaya crashed on my cock driving every inch into her cervix before exploding my seed inside filling most of the easy to reach places before pulling out she screamed.


I was still mostly hard as she gripped my dick and pointed it at her boobs tasting herself on my shaft before I put it all back in her pussy a second time getting on top of her in the seat.

“Time for round 2.” I said

I slid in all 12 inches as I put my hands on her shoulders Zendaya’s legs opened wider getting used to my size before pushing in and building up speed hammering her pussy while driving her insane with lust.

“AAAHHHHH…I can feel it rubbing my clit this thing is massive.” she moaned

“I’m gonna cum again.” I said

She could barely arch her back and spread her legs as my thick spunk plastered Zendaya’s love canal pumping a big load inside making her feel rather full like she wanted clawing at my back in the process.


“And another one.” I said

Zendaya clearly had a double orgasm that she would remember forever but not before I pulled out and blasted everything from her perky tits down to her abs in thick spunk.

“Don’t know if this will help my boobs grow but I’ll give it a try.” she said

“Kinky.” I said

The next week

It had been a real challenge to keep Zendaya focused on her drivers test when she wasn’t behind the wheel I had caught her a few times checking me out while reading the drivers handbook I was more than happy when the day arrived for her test.

“I’m really nervous.” she said

“Oh please you’ll be fine just follow the instructors directions and you will pass.” I said

It seemed to have worked she was calm and relaxed going in the building after about an hour she came out jumping around holding something in her hands I figured it was her license and was happy for her I was taken by surprise when Zendaya jumped into my arms kissing me directly on the lips her arms like a vice on my neck while grinding her pussy into my abs.

“Thank you…I’m driving.” she said

“Just don’t scratch the paint job.” I said

Her parents were waiting at home with Zendaya’s new car but she didn’t know that it was almost an hour later before I figured out she was going somewhere else the other direction when we pulled into a recently closed drive in parking lot.

“Now time for some fun.” she said

“What is she up to?” I thought

Somehow the slightly curvy sex kitten had slipped a cheerleader outfit into the trunk I couldn’t really see her in the mirrors until she got into the backseat the blue skirt and red top really showcased her curves distracting me long enough for Zendaya to pull me into the backseat.

With Zendaya’s ass being so tight she had to ease herself onto my thick shaft it was obvious she was a virgin as much as I wanted to pound it I had to hold back for now so switched to rubbing her her chest instead which got her attention melting into my arms.

“Mmmm…that feels good.” she cooed

“I’m just getting started.” I whispered

The further down she went the more her anal ring opened up letting my cock fill her more with thick meat I continued kissing her neck and rubbing her perky boobs to take her mind off the growing pain in her ass when she finally got it all in.

“This thing is big.” she moaned

“Whenever your ready.” I said

She started slow going up then down again pumping more of my meat inside as she spread her legs more Zendaya gripped my hands with hers rubbing her chest more.

“I could get used to this.” she said

“Then your going to really love this.” I said

I pulled on her top ripping it apart letting her perky boobs free which seemed to have turned her on even more huping my shaft even harder.

“Oh my gondilla I’m almost there.” she said

“Not in the car.” I said

I barely got the door open as Zendaya’s orgasm slammed into her full force causing a very loud scream that could easily be heard for 2 blocks her hips to buck wildly and her body to hang onto the door frame of my car spraying the parking lot space as I unloaded a large load of baby batter into her ass before she landed on my chest again with her spine.

“Simply amazing.” she purred

“It was more you than me.” I said

Zendaya started walking around the car stretching her muscles out her movements seemed slightly off but I was really distracted watching her cute ass before seeing the real pounding I gave her already.

“My ass won’t feel the same tomorrow.” she said

“Sounds like someone wants another go.” I said

The naked minx crawled up on the trunk giving me a serious kiss and licking my face while I caressed her shoulders and hair before she sat on the bumper stroking my cock back to life.

“I wanna feel every inch again.” she said

“And here I thought I had the overactive sex drive of a teenager.” I said

It was easier fitting her ass on my dick this time as it opened up all the way she gripped the spoiler with both hands while I propped her up at her chest with my hands giving them a light playful squeeze.

“Mmmm…more.” she purred

“You asked for it.” I said

I slammed into Zendaya on nearly every stroke pumping her ass full of every inch of meat I had as her legs vibrated from the impacts she was pushing back like a piston.


“Just a few more.” I said

I blasted a huge load into her ass getting my sticky cum into some hard to reach areas while she had her orgasm play across her body as well most of it dripped on the cars rear windshield pulling out was easier this time but I drained more cum on her back going all the way up to her hair.

Zendaya was a dynamo just when I thought she was done her second wind would kick in and we would do something else she was really tight no matter where I stuck my dick after our latest session her cell started ringing it was her dad.

“Hi daddy…oh I got it just been out celebrating some new freedom I’ll be home in about an hour.” she said

“Looks like the parties over.” I said

Turns out it was far from over after getting her own ride we had sex nearly every weekend and even more often during the summer break sometimes Zendaya would bring some friends along but those are stories for another time.

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Re: The Hotrod & The Hottie (Zendaya Coleman)
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Me when there is a new Money story

It's always fun reading your stuff, I'm happy your stories are on here. Was reading these on CSSA for years.


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