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Freak Out, Let It Go (Avril Lavigne)
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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any story questions and feedback send to [email protected] I would like to thank Doctor Doom for his help on this project and Kash for assisting now on with the story.

My name is Money. I must be getting punished for something I did in my past. I recently graduated from college with a sound engineers degree and hooked up with a record label that was looking for another studio wizard. I was getting set to help an up and coming act in the studio, some rapper named Chad B. when the studio head changed my plans sending me on a live tour. I was cool with it until I found out that I was going out on the road for the next 2 years with teen pop princess Avril Lavigne.

“Maybe it won’t be that bad.” I thought.

“Hi! You must be Money, the new guy.” a squeaky voiced girl said.

“And you must be Avril”

“The petite Canadian wild child was wearing black pants with a white tank top and black hoodie with pink trim and white running shoes she was a bit young looking for only being 19.

“Shall we get this meeting over with?” I asked

“The rest of the crew is down the hall in the big conference room.” Avril said

As the meeting crawled along at a snails pace I was getting a headache with all the different things I was going to have to coordinate according to the tour schedule there were a few open dates spread out where it wouldn’t be as taxing on the crew.

“Ok the final run through is tomorrow before we start the tour in 4 days everybody get some rest” I said

With only 2 albums under her belt she did a ton of cover songs to make up the difference in the set list.

As the tour continued on I went to Avril’s hotel room to make sure she made it to the sound check after a night of partying I heard a loud shriek.

“Avril? What’s going on.” I asked

“I don’t know give me a minute.” She said

“You don’t know.” I asked as I came into the room.

“Well I woke up and my boobs were huge.” She said

“They look normal to me.”

“They were 32B’s yesterday now…this.” she said

“So your flipping out over a growth spurt on your 18th birthday” I started laughing

“Hey, I’m being serious here.” she said

“I’m sorry this is just funny to me.”

“So how big do they look?” she asked

“I’m not sure I can’t see past the towel…do you mind?” I asked

As Avril dropped the towel I noticed they had grown a little when I had an idea.”

“Since my hands can handle a certain size if I got to hold them for a minute maybe that would give you a better idea how big they are.” I said

She thought about it.

“You’ve got one minute.” she said

As I got my hands on Avril’s chest I found a pleasant surprise waiting.

“Hey a perfect fit.” I said

“Mmmm….that feels nice….so how big are they?” she asked

“36C.” I said

Avril looked like she was getting into having someone handle her chest.

“That’s it need to give these babies a workout.” she said

“Oh is that so.” I said gently squeezing one of her tits.

“Go ahead, you know you want to.” she said as she dropped her towel completely to the floor

“Okay, but you asked for it.” I said as I leaned in and started sucking on one of her nipples.

She ran her hands through my hair as I forced her up against the wall.

I started inching my way down her body to her navel and finally her snatch, where I slowly started teasing her with my tongue.

“Ooooooh.” she cooed

“I usually have to beg guys to do that.”

I looked up at her, “That’s because your usually playing around with guys who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

“I’m the kind of man who knows how to please a woman.” I said as I started eating out the petite popstar again.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeah, I can get used to having a real man around.” she panted as her snatch began to get wet and her knees started to slightly quiver.

A couple of minutes later her legs practically gave out from under her. I caught her body as she fell forward and stood up in front of her.

“Well, that’s too bad Avril I was just getting started.but it looks like the birthday girl is all tired out.”

“HEY!!” she screamed

“I’m still going to fuck your brains out I just need to sit down for a minute now you can stand and I’ll show you what I can do.” she said as she unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans revealing my foot long, throbbing cock.

She greedily pulled my member out of my boxers and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around my shaft and noisily started to suck.

“Quit going through the motions Avril.” I taunted her. “Are you going to suck me off, or just sit there with my dick in your mouth?”

She pulled away and looked up at me for a moment.

“Oh I’ll show you what I can do.” she said then went right back to sucking on my member

This time she played with the ti of my member with her tongue. fondled my balls gently and ran her hand up and down my shaft. Apparently my taunts were all the motivation she needed in order to provide me with one of the best blowjobs of my entire life.

“Oh shit Avril.” I moaned

“I’m gonna fucking cum.”

“Oh no your not. Not yet.” she said as she pulled away from my cock and stood up.

“Not before you throw me down on the bed and make me cum too.”

“If you say so.” I said as I grabbed her around the waist, threw her over my shoulder and carried her over to the bed.

I tossed her down on the mattress and she giggled I tore my shirt off and my jeans completely before falling down on top of her naked little body. Our lips met and I ran my hands through her hair as I positioned my cock at her pussy I raised my hips and then slammed my entire length down inside of her.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed, digging her nails into my back.

I pumped her furiously at first, ramming her little body deeper and deeper into the mattress forcing her legs open wider.


She was panting heavily now, squirming like a girl possessed helping to grind my cock deeper inside of her hot little body. I slowed down temporarily, sliding in and out of her with long, slow thrusts doing everything I could to stimulate every inch of her insides with my throbbing member.


Avril came like a banshee but I wasn’t done quite yet I pulled out of her and straddled her chest.

“Waht are you doing?” she asked sounding exhausted

“I thought you said you wanted to test these things out.” I said as I placed my cock between her tits and squeezed them together.

“Oh yeah titty fuck me.” she panted breathlessly

She was so tired I wondered for a second if she’d even be awake for what came next.
I didn’t care I began sliding my cock between her tits. It only took a minute before I couldn’t hold back and sprayed her tits, neck, and chin in my thick spumklike I figured she was more or less passed out.

I knew I couldn’t stay with her the whole night. It would seem too weird if someone saw me coming out of her room in the morning so I got dressed gave the sleeping pop princess a light kiss on the cheek and made my way back to my room

As the tour went on Avril and I stayed too busy to see each other between shows it was nearly a year later before we had some time to talk.

“So what do you plan on doing for your 18th birthday.” I asked

“I’m not sure I’ll think of something, but it won’t come close to last year.” Avril smiled

“How about a friendly non date as a change of pace?”

“Sounds good I’ll even wear a dress for the occasion.” she said

“Can I pick it out?” I asked


“Ok check this out I’m thinking no straps, backless, with the length going down just past your knees and the color is silver.” I said

“That sounds so pretty I’ll get the costume designer right on it.” she said

A week later the dress was ready. When I went to Avril’s hotel suite to take her out on the town the door was opened for me as I stepped in the room.

“Avril.” I called out

“I’m not ready yet.” she said

“What’s the holdup.” I asked

“My dress won’t fit, I had another growth spurt sometime last night.”

“If you need help zipping up just let me know.” I said

“The dress doesn’t have a zipper, it’s a pullover.”

“Well let’s have a look…Wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww.” I said

As I saw Avril in the silver dress she couldn’t fit in it properly because her boobs had grown way past what Jessica Simpson was carrying around. She looked stunning with the new look but silly at the same time with her new chest practically overflowing out of the dress.

“I’m not going anywhere like this.” she said

“Come on noone will know who you are with your chest looking like this, I’m pretty sure they won’t even be looking at your face.” I said

“Your not helping here.”


“Fine, I’ll at least give it a try and go out with these things but if things get crazy we come right back here.” she said

“Fair enough.”

We went through the birthday list Avril had made of things she had to do on her birthday. She was having a blast calling the shots getting to do so many things in one day. The list was nearly as long as my arm I was barely able to keep up as she went from one thing to another.

“Come on slow poke.” Avril said

“Slow? I’m just a few years older than you, but I’m not an old man..” I shot back

“How about a race?” she asked

“Why?” I asked

“Oh I was just thinking if I raced you to the end of the block and you won you could have me for the night.” she said

“Your on where’s the finish line?”

“Hold on, if I win you have to carry me piggyback everywhere till midnight tonight.”

“So I’d have you on my back for the next eight hours?” I asked with a smile

“Hey no fair it’s not like that.” she said

“I know I’m just having some fun.” I said

“So are you up for it?” she asked

“Let’s let the finish line be that streetlight down there.” I said

“That’s a full mile away.” she complained.

I knew it wasn’t really that far, but I teased her a little. “Sounds like somebody’s chicken.”

“GO.” she yelled and started running

“Hey!” I said

Avril ran as fast as she could in heels and a dress but I quickly caught and passed her despite the fact that I was running in heavy boots not designed for running outside.

I was at the light almost a full minute before her, grinning like a fox in a hen house when she finally arrived.

I had won a night with Avril Lavigne fair and square and no one could take that away from me.
Of course being the gentleman that I am I carried her around on my back anyway, just for the hell of it.

As we arrived back at her hotel room we already had our hands all over each other we stumbled into the room as Avril was getting out of her dress she clawed at my shirt ripping it.

“It’s on now.” I said

“Oh boy.” she giggled as I tossed her down on the bed and helped her finish getting the dress off

I lifted one of her legs off of the bed and began kissing her ankle, making my way down her leg to her pussy. I grabbed her panties between my teeth and slid them down off of her.

“Ohh kinky.” she giggled

With her underwear out of the way, I began eating her out, similar to the way I had the year before.

“UHHHHNNNNNNNNN.” she moaned as the event she had been anticipating the whole night had finally arrived.

“YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed and arched her hips into my face, grinding her hot snatch against my nose and lips.

I stopped eating her out and looked at her for a moment, breathing heavy in anticipation ready for anything I was willing to do to her

“I thought you said this year’s birthday wouldn’t come close to last years?” I said

“Hey.” she said

“I didn’t say I wasn’t up for anything new, get creative why don’t you?”

“Alright you asked for it.” I said as I pulled her off the bed and threw her over my knee.

“Time for your birthday licks.” I said as I brought my hand down across her bottom 19 times one for each of her young years.

“And a pinch for an inch.” I said as I pinched her plump little bottom before tossing her back on the bed.

“A spanking that’s the best you could come up with?” she giggled

“Oh no, just getting started.” I said as I flipped her over, ass up.

“What are you doing?”

“Something new.” I said as I placed the tip of my cock between her butt cheeks .

“I’ve never done it there before.” she gave a slight gasp.

“Neither have I, but you said you wanted something new. Just think of it as 2 anal virgins.” I said

“Okay, but go slow, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Before she could finish her thought, I had already begun inching my throbbing cock up her ass.
I grabbed her tits and pulled her up slightly to her knees, sliding deeper and deeper into her rectum.

“OW, oh shit.” she let out a small whimper.


“I thought I said go slow, uuhh” she moaned

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Want me to stop?”

“Uuuuhhh, no keep going…I kinda like it.” she purred

“Okay.” I said taking my time to go slow moving my cock in and out of her ass.

She clamped down on my member so tight. Her initial misgivings gave in to pleasant surprise.


I began to quicken my pace once I saw that she was enjoying this new experience.


Trying to meet her demands I sped up even faster jackhammering her virgin ass while keeping a nice hold on her plump tits.

Avril was wearing down her head was on the mattress her eyes were closed I knew she wouldn’t last much longer and neither would I.


As I bottomed out in her ass I exploded a huge load of cum into her ass before falling down on top of her back spent while her earth shattering orgasm played out across her body I rolled over and laid beside her she rested her head on my chest.

“Stay this time, Don’t go like last year.”

“You got it.” I said running my hand through her hair.

“We gotta do this again sometime.” she said sleepy

“Same time next year?”

“Sounds good.” she said before falling asleep on my chest

Unfortunately, once the tour was over I never saw Avril again I kept tabs on her career though she did really well for herself and I was proud to remember the fun we had when she wasn’t as much of a major star and just hung out as friends and could have a taste of home.

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