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Author Topic: Language Barriers (Bridgit Mendler, Martina Stoessel, Lodovica Comello)  (Read 2379 times)


Story title: Language Barriers

Story by: Money

Celebs in story: Bridgit Mendler, Martina Stoessel, Lodovica Comello

story codes: MF, MFFF, oral, anal

Authors note: Martina is 18, Lodovica is 25, Bridgit is 20.

Story summary: Translator gets caught in the middle of frisky celebs while on a job in South America.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened, I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality. I’d like to thank Ikkitoussen for his help on this project. I still think there is something in the water down in South America that makes girls this hot. Any feedback or questions send them to [email protected] now on with the story.

Learning foreign languages has always been fun for me and helped on many occasions learning various South American dialects even landed me a translator job for Bridgit Mendler on a tv show down there that her contract made mandatory she fulfill. As we arrived at the studio I nearly tripped over my own feet getting an eyeful of the female cast. Martina Stoessel looked stunning in a shirt with a timber wolf print on it and shorts so small they were easily banned back in the States and was a rather tall 5 ‘7, while Lodovica Comello was Italian, she was in some blue pants and a sleeveless red top that was slightly low cut. The petite brunette nearly made me drool when she looked at me a certain way with her eyes.

“I hope this meeting doesn’t take long, the jetlag is starting to set in,” I said

“It shouldn’t, just make sure you translate right. I don’t want bad press for a screw up,” Bridgit said.

Martina and Lodovica were really sweet to me and Bridgit. Sometimes the girls forgot I was the translator and talked faster than my brain could process what was said and an answer. They finally slowed down asking questions, I still needed a few minutes to process and word correctly for Bridgit to understand when I got blindsided by a question from Martina.

“Martina wants to know if you have ever kissed a girl,” I said.

“No I haven’t, had a few offers though,” she said

Lodovica jumped in with a question of her own even after I translated what she wanted. I wasn’t sure Bridgit wanted to hear it but I said it anyway.

“Lodovica is willing if I get to watch,” I said

“Ok and then what? You have a threesome while I watch then join in,” Bridgit said.

“Ummm… the girls just agreed and want us to follow them,” I said.

“For the record, this is insane,” she said.

We followed the girls back to a pair of trailers that had been built together behind the studio set where they could relax after lunch before going back to work. I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed the huge bed that took up most of the back wall, the other living space almost seemed to have been built around it.

As the girls got on the bed Martina sat with Bridgit while Lodovica took my hand and cuddled up to me nearly sitting in my lap, watching the show from the corner of the bed.

“This should be interesting,” I said.

“I still think this is insane,” Bridgit said.

Martina started kissing Bridgit on the lips quickly going down to her abs, licking them, coming back up massaging Bridgit’s perky boobs through the shirt.

I had to admit that the scene was heating up and Lodovica was slowly getting turned on. As she started rubbing my leg the sex smell needed no translation, the girls were easily up for anything. Going forward Bridgit had already removed Martina’s shorts fingering her getting a moan in Spanish out while opening Bridgit’s shirt, giving us all a look at the blonde’s rack.

“So sexy,” I said.

“Oh, she wants to play,” Bridgit said.

Martina pulled off her timberwolf shirt showcasing her boobs that were really nice. Her naked body sent shivers down Lodovica’s spine and overheated her libido causing her to grind her pussy into my hip and fishing my cock out of pants. Its 12 inch length alone made Lodovica swear in Italian. I wasn’t sure what she said but she clearly hadn’t seen anything my size before, getting Martina and Bridgit’s attention.

“Yow, you’re huge!” Bridgit said.

(something in Spanish)

“Glad you’re impressed,” I said.

Lodovica turned her attention to me stroking my meat while kissing me and getting on top. She moved like a sex crazed kitten getting me naked. In short order I pulled her sleeveless top over her head giving me a look at her excellent boobs draped in olive skin.

As I gave them a light squeeze she half moaned something in Italian I couldn’t translate easily, given a few words were really slurred and her speech pattern was off so I directed her onto my shaft. Lodovica quickly responded arching her back as Martina and Bridgit watched the petite girl handle my dick like a pro.

“You might split her in half with that thing,” Bridgit said.

“She doesn’t seem to mind,” I said.

Lodovica was all over me, her brazen style and horny antics quickly drew the attention of Martina and Bridgit as she humped away on my cock at a near blistering pace.

“So adorable,” she purred.

“I smell a foursome,” Martina said.

I couldn’t sit up even if I wanted to, with Lodovica driving her hips down on my shaft as she spouted off random Italian words that made almost no sense put together.

“So hot,” Bridgit said.

Lodovica was going so fast that the bedframe felt like it would collapse from the friction alone. As she held my wrists above my head Martina joined her while Bridgit sat on my face letting me eat her out.

“Not fair… I wanted to do that!” Martina said

“You can help me on this end,” Lodovica said

“Nice tongue… OH right there baby,” Bridgit moaned

I had found Bridgit’s clit with little effort giving it attention with my rough tongue while Lodovica and Martina were busy sucking my fingers and groping their boobs with my hands nearly pulling a couple out of the joints.

“Can’t get enough,” Martina said.

“Almost there,” Lodovica said.

Lodovica’s orgasm hit her full force where she nearly passed out with her girl cream flooding my crotch in a strong sex odor before getting off me. Martina was sucking my dick enjoying the taste while Bridgit kept riding me enjoying my tongue buried in her pussy as far as it could go.

“That is some epic action,” Bridgit said

“My turn,” Martina said

I stopped just long enough to see Martina get my thick cock in her ass and shudder from the size, easing down on it, breathing rather hard.

“Holy fuck… it fit in there!” Lodovica said

“Yeah she’s tight though,” I said

Martina pumped my cock for what she could get while Lodovica joined me in licking Bridgit’s pussy causing the blonde hottie to lose her mind and convulse, spraying my face with her orgasm.


I got as much as I could. Lodovica sucked Bridgit’s cream off my face kissing her while my cock erupted a big load into Martina’s ass plastering her insides with my seed.

“I think I’m done,” Martina said

“Bridgit isn’t,” I said

I got Bridgit on her back, sliding my still throbbing cock inside her pussy, thrusting away like a man possessed. Lodovica and Martina were sucking her perky boobs having their own fun as Bridgit writhed under me, bucking her hips and spreading her legs wide from my thick shaft.

“So… stuffed… gonna cum… again,” she groaned

“Me too,” I said

I unloaded what felt like a gallon of my spunk in Bridgit’s pussy, when I pulled out it kept coming thick ropes splashing on Bridgit’s boobs, even Lodovica and Martina caught some of them between their face and hair. Neither girl seemed repulsed by it, even asking for a facial between them. We collapsed soon after exhausted.

A few days later

The scenes for the TV show were coming together. I did my job rather well where the cast was always on the same page though Lodovica acted like my sidekick rarely leaving my side on set. I even got invited to the main kitchen for dinner.

When I arrived nobody was there except Martina in a rather racy getup, a bright red button up top, and a very, very short blue skirt that barely reached past her hips. She tried speaking English, which I give her credit for trying but it came out mostly broken.

“Was hoping… dinner… eat,” she said

“I don’t understand this setup,” I said

Turns out she used the wrong words. When I finally pieced everything together Martina was asking if I would eat her out right there in the kitchen, since we had so much fun last time she wanted another go. It was so obvious you could have dropped a ton of bricks on me and I wouldn’t have felt it.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she purred

“Oh snap!” I said

Martina hopped up on the kitchen counter top opening her legs, giving me a full view up her skirt that she wasn’t wearing underwear at all. That was all it took for me to crack.

Martina was sitting on the island, as I pulled the dress up licking her pussy with my rough tongue she cooed something that I couldn’t hear being between her legs but was able to feel her up getting inside her top.

That must have gotten her attention as the dress was discarded on the floor quick. Martina was in my pants faster than that while I kissed her slowly working my way up.

“Mmmm,” she purred.

“Just hold on,” I said.

She flopped on the island feeling herself up, moaning in Spanish again. As I slipped my thick shaft inside her pussy she arched her back, getting used to the size spreading her legs.

“Take me,” she said.

“So hot,” I said.

The more I shoved in the wetter she got making it a cake walk for banging her brains out as Martina clawed at my shoulders and back, her fingernails were digging in almost drawing blood.

“Give me everything,” she said.

“You kinky thing,” I said

She wrapped her legs around me pushing down on my shaft as I held her in place. The brunette was humping away at a good clip while I sucked her boobs. I thought I felt my cock bulging in her pussy but couldn’t see it.

“So big,” she moaned.

“Almost there!” I said.

Martina was drenched in sweat from head to toe. She had been taking everything I dished out with a smile on her face. I felt my dick ready to explode.

Before she could scream I muffled her quick as I blasted her love canal in thick baby batter, slipping a few fingers in her mouth. She sucked them rather hard, bucking hard in my arms as her own orgasm hit.


“That was amazing,” I said.

A few days later

Bridgit had been a little out of it the past few days. She was burning the candle at both ends at a pretty fast clip. Between doing her scenes, interviews, and public appearances she hadn’t slept much even when I found her in the staircase zoned out in a sparkly red dress.

“There you are,” I said.

“Just catching a catnap,” she said.

“You’re in a staircase,” I said.

“Oh!” she said.

I picked her up working my way to the top step when she slipped taking me with her. We were almost to the room a good 20 feet away when Bridgit had an idea.

“Let’s have sex right here,” she said.

“In the staircase? Just get naked and go,” I said.

“I’ll make it worth your time,” she purred.

“Done,” I said.

The red dress was on the floor rather quickly as my thick shaft entered her asshole, stretching her anal ring rather wide, making her groan as I groped her perky boobs.

“Ah shit that’s big back there,” she said.

“And you’re tighter than I thought you would be,” I said

The stairwell was like a giant echo chamber, broadcasting the sounds over many floors. Between Bridgit’s grunting noises and my shaking the rails with my thrusts I’m shocked we weren’t busted.

“Deeper!” she moaned

“Can’t give you much more without ripping you apart,” I said.

Her lithe body moved with my own, a symphony playing out between us with her boobs in my hands, as I drove ever harder inside her making her back arch from the stimulation.

“This is fantastic,” she said.

“Just a bit more,” I said.

I picked her up spreading her legs wide, pistoning into her ass all the way while Bridgit held onto the stairs over our heads for dear life, bucking her hips hard.

“TOO DEEP!!” she screeched.

“Maybe not,” I said.

I put her on the floor in front of us with her ass end up. Bridgit was trying to grip it with no luck and the sounds getting louder in volume as I pounded everything I had into her.

“THAT’S THE STUFF!!” she screamed

“Not so loud,” I said.

Bridgit couldn’t help herself. Between the earth shattering orgasm she was having, fingering her clit along the way, spraying the stairs in her sex odor, and me dumping a huge load of spunk in her ass, being level headed during sex in a mostly public place really didn’t register.

The weekend

I was finishing up packing for the return trip on Tuesday. I had an absolute blast here and a small part of my brain didn’t want it to end. Being able to have sex with Martina, Bridgit, and Lodovica was just icing on a very sweet cake.

When I heard a knock on my door it was Lodovica in a rather skimpy outfit of a green skirt and red bikini top under a black shirt that was 3 sizes too small for her. Between that and her strong grip on my ribs for someone so petite I could barely breathe.

“Don’t leave,” she cooed.

“I have to,” I said.

Being around me so much she seemed to have picked up lots of words and put them together correctly. Lodovica still had a grip on my thumb while she kissed me pulling me into the shower stall. It was obvious what she wanted ripping open my shirt.

She was rubbing on my body with hers while trying to stroke my cock through my shorts with her hand. As she kissed me I tore open her shirt pinning her to the tile wall, easing my thick cock inside her ass, slowly lifting her off her feet.

“So big!” she moaned.

“So hot,” I said.

I groped Lodovica’s perky boobs while she rode my cock. Her anal ring had opened up letting me go farther than before, making her spout off some Italian swear words while rubbing her clit.

“Such a monster,” she groaned.

“So petite,” I said.

Lodovica had her hands on the wall while she thrust her hips down hard on every stroke, getting off on my big dick stretching her ass out. The pace was going ever faster the longer she stayed on it, when her body went rigid letting out a very loud scream from her orgasm.


“I’m gonna blow,” I said.

I erupted into her ass blasting her insides with my thick spunk, as Lodovica kept humping away at my dick milking it for everything she could get, her orgasm playing across her body before her spasm fit stopped.

I had barely pulled out of her when a second load plastered her back and ass in my white sticky goo, even washing it off only served to make her frisky again as we moved to the bedroom her legs wrapped around me and her hand stroking my dick.

“Again!” she purred.

“You’re just going to scream again,” I said.

The closer we got to the bed the more Lodovica tried to shove her tongue down my throat kissing me, while I sucked on her boobs making her moan again. When I got to the bed she quickly rolled over on her stomach spreading her long legs open giving me really easy access to her ass.

“Let’s keep going,” she said.

“You horny little minx,” I said.

I got on top of Lodovica plunging my entire shaft inside her ass, nearly pinning her to the bed with it as she let out a mostly muffled scream into the sheets clawing at them.

“Even better… than before!” she squealed.

“I’m cumming again,” I said.

I had been pounding Lodovica’s ass for what seemed like ages while she kept screaming into the pillows. When my orgasm hit I drained a huge load into her ass again as she worked her hands over her clit, causing her body to spasm before collapsing exhausted on the bed.

Even after we returned home, Bridgit and I kept in contact with Martina and Lodovica mostly through video chat and email when we had time. The girls missed us bad. They even planned a trip during the summer, but those are stories for another time.

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