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Author Topic: The Temptress in the Temple Ruins (Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift)  (Read 2857 times)


Starring: Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift
Content: FFF, Oral, Swords & Sorcery
The Temptress in the Temple Ruins

Kristen adjusted her grip on Sorrow's-Gift, raising it into a defensive stance as she warily approached the mob of possessed cultists blocking the overgrown lane. Early morning sunlight gleamed on the edges of the blade as she closed in, instinctively keeping the moss-covered wall to her back. She eyed them carefully; a full dozen, white-knuckled hands clutching a motley assortment of daggers, axes, swords. Each bore the tell-tale look of possession, the hunched posture and poorly-balanced movements that spoke of inhuman intelligences riding unfamiliar bodies. Kristen was close now, close enough to see the way their stretched-taut skin occasionally seemed to writhe and bulge, as though something beneath the surface was shifting position. In the centre of the pack stood the obvious leader, a brute of a man standing a head-and-a-half taller than the rest, the bardiche in his hands missing near half it's shaft. His unblinking eyes followed hers as she approached, until some unseen line was crossed and he gave a sharp, wordless nod.

The possessed lurched to the attack with weapons raised, but already Kristen was springing forward, Sorrow's-Gift held high. With a slashing blow she sent the foremost dropping like a stone into the mist lapping at her knees, feinted left, then opened the throat of the next. With controlled aggression she tore into the pack, constantly moving and weaving, keeping the enemy on the defensive and preventing them from using their numbers to swarm her. Sorrow's-Gift sang in her hands as she deflected her opponents weapons, forced them off-balance, struck killing blows; each parry, slash, and thrust flowing gracefully from the last and into the next.

Kristen had wet her blade on near half the cultists when the battle began to turn against her. A sixth fell to a thrust driven through his breast, but instead of sliding free the blade caught on a rib; and as he fell she was forced to step forward lest Sorrow's-Gift be pulled from her hand. Just as it came loose something at the edge of her vision caught her attention; and she spun about to see the giant striding towards her, the sawn-off pole-arm coming down in a brutal chopping motion. Barely reacting in time, Kristen raised her sword and deflected the savage blow, gritting her teeth as the great blade sheared along it before narrowly missing her. Before he could recover and mount another attack, she reversed her grip, stepped forward past his guard, and drove the pommel into his face with her full weight behind it. Even as their leader stumbled backwards in a welter of blood, the rest of the jackals closed in. Strikes turned into parries and dodges to glancing blows as they harried her relentlessly, wearing down her defences. One of the cultists saw his opportunity and moved in on her off-hand side, slashing out with a long dagger. Kristen spun to face him; but too slow and the corrosion-spotted blade drew a long, shallow cut through leather and into the flesh of her arm. Cursing more with anger than pain she stepped back sharply, lost her footing on a wet rock, and stumbled to the ground. Without thinking she rolled clear and rose into a low crouch, sword raised as her foes loomed above and around her.  Glancing sidewise, she saw a figure moving through the mist and smiled.

Emma strode down the lane into view, the hem of her cassock dragging through the wet grass behind her. Cradled in the crook of her left arm was her spellbook, arcane glyphs floating lazily in the air over its open pages; she spoke the formulae for Spears of the Sun, and her eyes shone like summer noon and her hair blazed around her face like a halo. The last syllable left her lips and she raised her right hand, gesturing towards the cultists menacing Kristen. Flashes of searing golden light leapt from her palm, illuminating the dim surroundings and burning away the mist in their path. Each shining dart struck true, blasting the possessed into pillars of soot and ash as their parasite souls burned away in flares of white flame. That left only the leader; and in an instant Kristen threw herself back into the attack, the pain of her wound forgotten. Hurling herself forward she put her full momentum behind the blade, using brute force rather than elegance. The first blow he blocked, barely. The second knocked aside his weapon, leaving him defenceless. The third opened him from collarbone to hip, watery blood and dark ichor pouring out in a gushing torrent. Whatever kind of life had dwelt in him drained away just as fast, leaving only a broken shell; something juddered within the shattered torso, then twitched to a stop like an unwound clock.

"Waiting for the right time to make a dramatic entrance?" Kristen stooped and tore up a handful of wet grass, carefully wiping the blood from Sorrow's-Gift until the watered steel was once more unblemished.

"I told you not to go charging off single-handed!" Emma closed her spellbook and let it hang from her hip by the filligreed chain.

She grinned and shrugged, “It’s what I-”, winced as the gash in her arm made its presence known, “-what I do!”

"Yes, and see where it gets you?" Opening the satchel slung over her shoulder, she motioned her comrade closer. "Here, let me take a look at that." Emma washed the wound with pure water, smeared it with honey, and bound it carefully in clean white linen. "There now, you'll live."

Kristen pulled her leathers back into place and flexed her arm experimentally. "Aww, not going to kiss it better?"

"Not likely, how often do you think those things cleaned their gear?" She wrinkled her pretty nose. "I might catch something." Kristen slid Sorrow's-Gift back into it's scabbard and they set off once more.

"Hey, remember when you took that crossbow bolt to your ankle last year? Who waited on you hand and foot for a month? And did I complain?"

"Yes. Constantly."

"Ah, but I did kiss you better."

"You did, at that."

They wound their way unmolested up through the abandoned temple precincts, their banter slowly falling away and leaving them in companionable silence. Something was attracting the attention of all these unholy beasts, pulling them in like iron to a lodestone; and it was somewhere in the centre of these ruins.  As they approached the centre, a strange feeling began to creep over the two, a kind of faint warmth insinuating itself into them. It wasn't painful, more like a kind of tingling sensation, as though their skin was being caressed by something soft as lover's breath. Eventually they reached the tumbled stone wall that surrounded the temple's sacred glade, the heat with them growing ever higher as they worked along it looking for an entrance. By the time they found a part of the wall low enough to be passable, the two of them were feeling distinctly warm in a way that had nothing to do with the wan sunlight and cool, damp air.

Kristen tried to shake off the distracting feeling. "Right, so. Whatever we're after, it'll be in there. How are-" She closed her eyes a moment and bit her lip. "How are we going to do this?"

"It should be clear and flat past, past the wall, no cover to speak of so sneaking up on it is out. I think we'll just have to charge it head-on;” she took a deep breath “I'll try and knock it off-balance long enough for you to close the distance." Emma lifted her spellbook and it sprang open, pages fluttering like startled birds. Too wooly-headed to think of a reply, Kristen nodded, readying Sorrow's-Gift once more as she picked her way over fallen stonework. A simple plan, probably for the best. Once she got going the adrenaline would no doubt clear her head.

Kristen vaulted a waist-high section of rubble and took off towards the centre of the glade at a dead run. Seemingly untouched by the decay that had wormed its way into the rest of the temple, the hilltop glade was an open circle of lush green grass crowned by a great altar of pale marble, a stand of ash trees on the far side towering over the humbled walls. Standing besides that altar, the object of her headlong charge, was an irresistibly, impossibly lovely woman. A tumble of blonde hair framed a heartbreakingly beautiful face, her slender body wrapped in a gauze of sheer silk. The garment was at once breathtakingly revealing and maddeningly concealing, the line of her body visible through the material, showing enough to make any viewer fervently desire more. All about it were pinned broaches and clasps of intricately worked brass and gold, glowing warmly in the light. An inhuman charisma shimmered from her like heat-haze from a forge.

The strange sensation afflicting Kristen had not lessened as she began her attack, far from it. The instant she had laid eyes on the bewitching blonde it had rather increased ten-fold, the heat of desire leaping from a warm glow to a raging fire within her. It was hard for her to concentrate, instinct kept her moving forwards and kept her sword high, but somehow it felt like she was running through treacle. She wanted, desired, craved, in a way that she knew was not at all natural. It seemed like she'd been running across that glade for hours, yet she was barely half-way across it.

Emma stepped out past the stonework and instantly her body ached with desire, the fascination rolling off the blonde temptress beating upon her like an ocean wave. Struggling to keep her head clear, she recited the formulae for Storm-Queen's Talons, arcane power sparking white-blue from her eyes. Hooking her right hand into a claw she swept it towards the centre of the glade, sheets of lightning arcing out from nowhere and leaping towards her target. Yet even as they were about to strike, their fury was interrupted, smearing and spiralling about the slim woman before swirling harmlessly down into the ground like water down a drain. Then it was gone, leaving her unharmed and smiling with self-satisfaction, though several of the fetishes pinned to her dress crumbled into verdigris and dross. She turned her attention back to the woman charging towards her with sword in hand.

The feeling within her grew with every step she took, yet for all she felt barely able to keep going Kristen didn't seem to be able to stop either, throwing herself onwards toward the lovely creature. Then she felt it catch her gaze. Her heart seemed to skip for a moment, then she was falling into a pair of impossibly blue eyes. The heat within her, previously a roiling, undirected ardour, was replaced in an instant with a total, inexorable fascination with the woman before her. It was like a maiden's first crush, magnified past all reason. By the time she was within a few paces her body tingled with desire, aching to be touched, and her soul burned, longing to please. As she took the last few steps, Sorrow's-Gift fell uselessly from her grasp, falling point-first to embed itself in the soft, dark earth. A slim, elegant hand reached out to touch Kristen's face, guiding it in so very gently. Lips brushed hers in a kiss that seemed to send sparks jolting through her, awakening her body to renewed life. She tried to say something, but couldn't articulate what she felt, and then a finger was pressed to her mouth, shushing her. The object of her heartfelt desire smiled, then turned to Emma.

Being further away, Emma was still clear-headed enough to realise that her partner was being bewitched, but struggled to think of anything she could do. Even if her spells worked, they'd hit Kristen too, and getting closer to that temptress would only worsen things. Then she felt that irresistible attention focus upon her and she too felt that unbreakable fascination. She scented something sweet and floral winding itself about her and she began to work towards the altar, as though some insubstantial tendril was pulling her in.

Whilst Emma was stumbling blissfully across the wet grass, Kristen was gazing at the object of her adoration, feeling ecstatic just to be near her. A hand ran through her hair, stroked her neck, then brushed against leather. In an instant, every buckle, strap, and fastening in her amour sprung free and she was pulling it off, what had been a second-skin to her suddenly feeling tight and restrictive. Soon she was in her small-clothes, then she was naked save for the bandage on her arm, chill air caressing her bare skin. Emma meanwhile retained enough awareness to feel somehow embarrassed, not by the fact of her desires but because she knew she was being manipulated. Rather than tearing her clothes off as she longed to do, she forced herself to remove them with far more care than she usually did whilst bedding down for the night. Folding them neatly and placing her spellbook carefully atop the pile, she took her place at last beside her partner, both of them now totally naked.

"Mmmm, I have been waiting for someone like you two for so long" purred a voice like silk and cream. She opened her arms and her two suitors embraced her as one, nuzzling against her shoulders and holding her tight.

"Su- Succu- Suc-" mumbled Emma, even as she planted butterfly kisses along the curve of that flawless neck.

Lips brushed against her ear. “Shhhh, you'll hurt my feelings.” Emma felt herself starting to blush and swallowed the urge to apologise. With the least of pressures a slender hand guided Emma's head back, she closed her eyes and felt the anticipation tingle with her as she waited to be kissed. A moment later and she felt warm, sweet breath on her face, followed at last by those soft lips. A hand brushed along her side and she found herself arching her back and trembling with pleasure. Far too soon the beautiful creature pulled away, turning to plant a kiss on Kristen's cheek. "You see? There's no need for us to fight, just let me have my way a while and I'll leave." The radiance of her smile was overwhelming.  "I promise you'll enjoy it . . ."

The sorceress fought to think clearly, against impossible odds.  “But- but why- those things outside?”

An expressive sigh.  “Well, the sweetest honey attracts the most vermin.”  The silk wrap came loose and slithered to the ground, leaving her naked and glorious before them.  “And I can be so very sweet . . .”

They fell upon her helplessly, exploring her smooth warm skin with fingers, lips, tongues, mewling with pleasure as they did so. She merely stood there, her head tipped back to the morning sun and a smile playing upon her lips. Kristen bent her head and began to suckle at a pert breast, simultaneously playing with her own without seeming to notice. Emma meanwhile kissed along the back of her neck, rubbing her face against those blonde locks as she did so. She felt elegant fingers run through her own hair and cooed happily, breathing in a faint but intoxicating scent.

The two bewitched adventuresses felt themselves enveloped in sensual pleasure, their bodies becoming ever more sensitive so that even the cool air on their skin and the wet grass beneath their feet made them sigh. As they touched and fondled the temptress before them they felt their own bodies stirring to greater heights of pleasure, all thoughts of resistance smothered. After a little while they felt hands on their shoulders, gently but firmly pressing them downwards, and happily they sank to their knees before her. They gazed up at her adoringly, drinking in the full length of that slender body. Then Kristen leaned in, nuzzling her face against a blonde fuzz of hair, before moving down a little to put her mouth against the succubus' irresistible pussy. She began to lick, and kiss, and suck greedily, the taste only stoking the desire with her. Emma bent to the ground and kissed her feet, her ankles, working slowly up along her shapely legs towards Kristen's muffled breathing. Kristen felt a hand on the back of her head, not holding it in position but merely letting her know her place. Her own hand had strayed to her crotch, something she didn't even realise until she felt Emma's moving it aside and taking its place. She continued to lap away, relishing the delectable experience of pleasuring her goddess whilst her own wet, sensitive cunt responded to her friend's experienced fingers.

When she finally felt the hand on her head pulling her back she was even tempted for a moment to disobey, before complying and moving aside to let Emma take her turn. As she pulled away she moved in to plant a brief, wet kiss on Emma's mouth. The shared taste was enough to make Emma long for more, and straight away she began to bury her face in that succulent snatch, squirming her tongue as deep inside as she could get. She let her hand slip wetly from Kristen, who was now behind her, whispering encouragement in her ear as she worked relentlessly, hungrily at that divine taste. Above her she heard breathing getting deeper, turning to moans as the blonde temptress began to climax. As she came she didn't cry out, but rather let out a long, satisfied moan that was almost a laugh. At the same moment both Emma and Kristen felt themselves orgasm, though neither of them were being touched. A sudden gust of wind swirled about them, further stimulating their over-sensitive skin, and for a moment the world seemed to brighten somehow, as though the sun had briefly broken through the clouds.

Breathing deeply, the succubus leaned back against the great marble slab of the altar, idly watching her two playthings rising unsteadily to their feet. She looked on with amusement as Kristen leaned over and took a long lick of Emma's wet, flushed face, glorying in the intoxicating nectar. Stepping forward, she indicated the altar behind her with a sweep of her hand, and without needing to be told they climbed atop it. Emma lay back and gasped as her exquisitely sensitive skin pressed against the cold, smooth stone, shivers running down to the tips of her curled toes. Then as well as the hard, cold surface beneath her, she felt warmth and softness above as Kristen lay down on her. They were face-to-face, breast-to-breast, belly-to-belly, and pussy-to-pussy as Kristen embraced her tightly, rubbing and grinding against her hard. Between the contrasting sensations enveloping her and Kristen's vigorous tribadism, Emma felt her body responding, a woozily pleasurable feeling building with her. Then she felt those slender fingers touching her wet pussy, slipping inside her, rubbing her hard and fondling her softly. Her whole body felt like it was on fire with bliss, burning with lust atop the cold stone, and in no time she was climaxing hard, writhing and moaning uncontrollably.

With the echo of her friends exquisite orgasm spilling impossibly into her, Kristen felt her own fast approaching, with every shudder and moan beneath her triggering a phantom sensation within her own body. Then she felt something entirely physical, hands against her firm buttocks; and then a tongue. An exquisitely languid lick along the length of her backside, before squirming its way inside her. With her cunt still feeling the phantom sensations of Emma's orgasm, and the diabolically desirable creature tonguing her asshole, Kristen soon came hard in a shuddering climax. She cried out wordlessly, filling the open glade with her screams until Emma kissed her hungrily on the mouth, swallowing her cries. As she did so she felt a phantom orgasm of her own, Kristen's pleasure washing back into and through her. Once more the air picked up into a sudden violent gust, leaves swirling over and around them. Again, there was the brief, curious impression of brightness, as though everything was lit from within.

Kristen and Emma rolled apart and lay back, watching the kaleidoscope of illumined leaves swirl about them through near-delirious eyes. After a few moments they fell back to earth and the world around them faded back to its customary self, though when they looked across at the succubus she seemed to have retained some of that glow. As she climbed up onto the altar she seemed more radiant than ever, as though some unconcealed power within her was growing stronger. She lay down between them in the dead centre of the altar with her arms by her sides and her legs spread, like a victim laid out for sacrifice. Her two acolytes attended her with longing hands and greedy mouths, mercilessly driving her to new heights of bliss. Every touch, caress, and pinch, each kiss and lick they gave the blonde temptress added to their own pleasure as their bodies felt the shadow of hers. Emma kissed her deeply on the mouth, whilst Kristen teased at a pink nipple with her teeth, their own bodies sheened with sweat. Then Emma felt her goddess turning away to lock lips with Kristen, a twinge of frustration growling within her even as she planted little kisses on her neck, her shoulder, her arms. Meanwhile Kristen, even as she kissed passionately, slid her hand down along that tight, toned tummy before lazily brushing the fuzz that crowned her sex. She twirled her fingers through it a little, before slipping down further to feel her hot, wet cunny. She rubbed it relentlessly, ungently, slicking her hand with its wetness, teasing the clit until her mistress broke the kiss to moan sweetly. Kristen grinned, and made her moan more, until yet another orgasm rolled through the three of them. She pulled her slippery hand back up, lazily trailing the moisture over those pert breasts, then giggled as Emma leaned across to suck on her fingers.

Once it was clean of that delectable nectar she slid it once more down to what was now the centre of her existence, only to find that her partner had already taken her place. Emma's fingers were slipping inside, the heat in her own crotch guiding her to find the exact spot within her mistress, working her relentlessly towards an epic climax. The temptresses breathing became increasingly ragged as the flame-haired beauty fingered her expertly, that silken voice catching in the midst of her honey-sweet gasps. Then she felt Kristen's hand joining with Emma's, more fingers slipping inside to find precisely the right place, the right firmness, the right movement, and then the final, explosive orgasm she'd been waiting for bore down upon the three of them. With Kristen sucking on her tit roughly, Emma giving her a love-bite on her neck, and both of them working her pussy frantically, it flooded through her like wet fire, filling her utterly and spilling over into the other two. She arched her back, stretched her body and howled with sheer, uncontrollable pleasure, her two beautiful servants adding their own cries as they held her tightly, orgasm after orgasm rushing through their mortal bodies.

This time the wind howled around the glade like a gale, shaking the trees and flattening the long grass. As Kristen and Emma felt their bodies tingling with sensory overload, the world seemed almost painfully bright, everything around them glowing with an inner radiance. After an unknown time had passed, the air began to calm, the world gradually dimmed to its usual self, and the beautiful creature between them gave her last, faint gasp. Against all obvious logic, she didn't seem to be any the worse for her experience; unlike Emma and Kristen, who were gasping for breath, slick with sweat, and barely able to control their limbs, she seemed to be more vital than ever. Her skin positively glowed with strength and health, her eyes shone like midnight stars. The aura of ineffable, irresistible charisma felt more powerful than ever, though now it tasted of satiation and satisfaction rather than of hunger and lust. As the two women lay helplessly besides her, she sat up, scooted down the altar, and hopped lightly off it. She turned to face them, her garment flowing up and over her as she did so.

"Oh my, that was even better than I'd dared hope for. And I think you enjoyed it too, didn't you? So I held up my side of the bargain." She sighed, and smiled ruefully. "But now I suppose I should go. Maybe you'll see me again sometime." She blew them each a kiss, there was an intimation of gossamer wings spreading, and then she was gone, leaving only a glowing ripple in the air and the curious impression of silent, austere halls. Emma and Kristen lay atop the altar watching clouds drift overhead, the enchantment evaporating as cool air dried the sweat from them. 
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Great story, loved the fantasy elements. Very creative and that's something I haven't seen often in stories. This was a true adventure.
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I love a good succubus! Damn, that was a fine story. I love the fantasy stuff.


I've never read anything like this before!  Amazingly well done.  Taylor makes such a natural succubus  ;)

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