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Transforming Megan (Megan Fox)
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Story title: Transforming Megan

Celeb in story: Megan Fox

Story by: Money, Thee Disciple

Story codes: MF, oral, anal, MMF, cons, ATM

Feedback: Yes, message boards or email.

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank Thee Disciple for his help on this project it was really fun working
with him enjoy. This story was originally published in July 2010.

Being an extra in the biggest blockbuster movie of the summer Transformers: Revenge of the fallen has it’s ups and downs as Money and his buddy Ray found out yeah they got to see and do some really cool stuff and get paid for it but the relentless shooting schedule and the location shoots in Egypt in nearly 50 lbs. of heavy gear was a bit of a drag but they made the best of it with Megan Fox visiting the extras from time to time flashing that pretty smile and even eating with them when she could.

“Hey Megan any idea what’s next on the shooting schedule so we can prep our gear?” Money asked

“Yeah it’s parts of the final battle mainly the firefight with some big explosions.” she said

“Ok we’ll be ready to go when the time comes stay safe.” he said

As Money meet with Ray they went over the scenes with the other extras about who was going to be where since Money was paired with Ray they worked together to do the scenes right so they could get out of the summer heat fast.

“Everybody get plenty of rest tomorrow is going to be a long day for all of us.” Money said.

The next day

The scene was coming together nicely the pyro guys had put shape charges in place around the area with the extras with the larger explosions further away.

“This is going to look great on the big screen.” Ray said firing off a few blanks

“Yeah I just wish they didn’t have these charges so close I can barely here the director yell cut.” Money said throwing a prop grenade.

“Your being paranoid hey is that Megan Fox coming this way?” Ray asked

Money got up just enough to get a look when a charge setup to simulate a rocket explosion went off the shockwave threw Money back against the wall where he was knocked out with his helmet split and his body armor cracked.

“CUT….MEDIC!!” Ray yelled.

3 days later

Money was starting to come around as Ray went to get the nurse.

“Hey everybody he’s awake.” he said

“Dial it down a few notches man.” Money said

The doctor came in and looked Money over and found his shoulder was out of joint.

“Hey doc let’s not get crazy…HERE!” he said

The pop from moving his shoulder back in place made a mild crunch sound

“Well the damage to your shoulder is minimal but you need to stay overnight as a precaution take these asprin now and I’ll check on you tomorrow.” the doctor said leaving the room.

“Thanks doc I’ll keep an eye on him tonight.” Megan said coming into the room.

“Hey I didn’t know I rated a visit from one of the stars.” he said

“Don’t worry about it the AC unit in my trailer blew out from the excessive heat so I need a cool place to sleep.” she said

“Looks like we only have cots to use.” he said

“Well I’ll just set mine up next to yours then.” she said

The shapely brunette brought her cot next to Money’s setting it up like it was a king size bed.

“Isn’t this a bit close together.” he asked.

“I really need my space to stretch out.” she said

“Ok whatever.” he said

Money went to sleep but was woken up by Megan’s shuffling on her side and rubbing various parts of her body on his most of the night keeping him awake he hid his erection at one point from her probing hands until she buried her head in his sore shoulder.

“Megan move over.” he whispered.

“Mmmm….” she purred

As Megan shifted her body again she wrapped her arms around his neck pushing her chest into his while she opened her legs lightly grinding her pussy into his abs making his erection grow along her leg.

“Megan I can’t sleep.” he whispered

“I know I can’t either somethings rubbing against my leg.” she whispered

“That’s my dick.” he said

“No way I’ve gotta see it.” she said

Megan got off Money and went straight for his pants pulling them down freeing his footlong tool.

“Way.” he said

“Fair’s fair I showed you mine now you show me yours .” he added

“Kinky.” she smiled

Money pulled her shorts off while Megan took her top off showing off some impressive tits as Money ran his hands all over her body.

“Don’t move around so much just lay back and I’ll take care of everything.” she said

“Just be careful with my shoulder.” he said

“With that huge cock baby your shoulder getting hurt is the least of your worries right now.” She purred.

With Money being a little bigger and thicker than Megan had thought she had to wait for her pussy to adjust to his girth as her eyes opened wide and her mouth opened with a breathless scream while Money continued to impale the brunette on his shaft.

“Ready?” he asked

Megan didn’t respond she just kissed him as she started bouncing on his dick at a very fast rate with her pert breasts jiggling from the impact.

“Come on baby make me scream and cream that huge fucking dick of yours take my pussy and own it.” she said

Money was sucking her tits making her moan while rolling her on her back to stifle the noise and get in a better position since Megan was still humping away on his thick tool.

“You have no idea how hot you look right now.” he said

“Hot enough to have my tight pussy being stretched to it’s limits by your big dick and ready for more?” she asked

That was all Money needed to hear as he plowed into Megan with a renewed fire ramming into her pussy making her back arch everytime he hit her clit.

“Just watching you walk around in your outfit all this time it just screamed fuck me I’m ready.” he said

“I…I….I’m about to have an….orgasm baby.” she moaned

Money could feel himself ready to blow as well since Megan started clawing at his shoulders and back as her pussy gripped his cock tight making her back arch Money put his hands over her mouth to hold back her screams.


“Here I go.” Money said

While Megan was still thrashing around under him Money unloaded a huge amount of cum into her pussy blasting her insides with the white cream as he slowly pulled out.

“I want to taste myself.” she purred.

Money just let her since he was worn out and needed rest anyway his shoulder was throbbing but the pain was dull.

“So what do we tell the doctor?” he asked

“I’ll tell him you need more rest and you should be ok.” she smiled

As they put their clothes back on they never noticed they had an audience just outside the door.

As the next day rolled around, Ray was on set but without the aid of his colleague Money. He spotted Megan and decided to approach her, throw in a few questions about last night and see what her response was.

“Hey Megan!” He approached her.

“How’s it going Ray?” Megan replied without looking at him.

“So you go out to a club or something last night?” Ray asked her.

“No. Why do you ask?” She asked.

“No reason. Just saw you strolling in pretty early this morning.” Ray shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh.” Megan laughed. “I was at Money’s bed side, helping things move along more easily for him in any way I can.”

“So you spent the night with him?” Ray asked looking to get more out of her than she would probably care to give out.

“When you put it that way, yes.” She laughed.

“That lucky bastard!” Ray muttered.

“Hey! Not in that way!” Megan laughed, clearly lying as it was Ray who was lurking around the hospital room while Megan and Money were engaging in sexual intercourse.

“So nothing happened between the two of you?” Ray asked.

“Nothing.” Megan lied.

“So that means you’re still a single lady and free for breakfast? My treat.”

“Yes and no.” Megan replied. “Still single but I need to hit the showers first.”

Ray was pretty disappointed with her answer. She threw herself at Money but wouldn’t even have breakfast with him, even if she didn’t have to pay a penny.

“Well…. I need to hit the shower too, so I’ll see you in a bit.” He gave a sly smile and Megan smiled back and walked off.

Little did she know that Ray wasn’t kidding when he said see you in a bit and that ‘Bit’ was a lot sooner than she thought.

Megan went into her trailer and quickly undressed, letting her clothes drop to the floor and just left them where she had undressed and began walking towards the shower of her trailer naked but stopped in her tracks when she heard something which sounded like the door.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” She asked taking a few steps towards the door and trying to cover herself at the same time in case there was someone there, one hand going to her crotch and the other arm in front of her chest as she attempted to cover herself.

There was no reply or any sound and she just put it down to someone brushing past her door or something and she headed into the shower. She turned both the cold and hot water knobs to get the water just at the right temperature before stepping forward and letting the water flow onto her head and down her body.

She stepped back to see what kind of body wash she had and froze in her tracks, her eyes wide open as she felt something on her back that felt like another person standing behind her and she could feel their bare skin against her bare back and she knew it was a man cause she could feel his manhood poking the back of her thigh.

Megan just stood there frozen in fear not knowing what to do next or even what to say.

“Wh-What do you want? “Megan finally uttered.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Was the reply she got and she recognized the voice instantly as he pressed himself against her, placing his hand around her waist and on her groin, grinding his cock against her ass.

“Ray! What the fuck are you doing?” She said turning around just shocked at what he was doing.

“Taking a shower like I said I was going to.” He replied with a joke.

“In my shower? While I’m still in it?” She asked just shocked.

“Help the planet with saving water and all that shit, you know? Maybe even get a little nookie.”

“So you thought you’d come in here, flash your dick and I’d be all over you?” Megan asked with a hint of sarcasm in her voice and a dry laugh.

“Worked for Money last night.” He said.

“What?” Megan was just dumbfounded by the whole situation.

“I came to visit Money last night only to see you fucking his brains out.” Ray replied.

“I knew there was someone there.” Megan said to herself.

“So you think I just throw myself at everyone?”

“Don’t care. All I know is you will fuck me now.” He said.

“Get out of my way, you are so gonna be fired for this.” She said as she tried to brush past him but he grabbed her by her wrist and slammed her against the wall, lifting his hand up and pressing his forearm against her neck all the while still holding her wrist with his other hand.

“What are you doing?” Megan asked looking a little scared now since before learning the identity of who was accompanying her in the shower.

“What does it look like?” Ray asked rhetorically as he pressed his lips against hers. She made no attempt to kiss him back and this annoyed him in a way. He pulled his lips off of hers and looked into her blue eyes.

“God you look so beautiful!” He delivered a cheesy line. “And those lips, I just want to….” He moved his lips close to hers. “Smash them in with my elbows.” He whispered, hoping his empty threat came across real enough to scare her.

“Please don’t.” Megan said, sounding as well as looking a little scared.

“Why not?” Ray asked rhetorically. “Like you said, my ass is so fired after this so I might as well have a little fun before I lose my job in the career I’ve always wanted and nothing will give me more pleasure than causing you bodily harm.” he said sadistically, even surprising himself as he brushed her hair behind her ear.

“What about this?” Megan asked knowing the initial reason why he came in and realizing her not kissing him back seemed to spark up talks of violence. She reached around him and placed her hands on the back of his head as she moved his head closer to hers and placed a kiss on his lips, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Ray found this behavior from her to be more acceptable and accepted her tongue gladly, sucking on it as his footlong dick was now fully hard and pressing against her. He lifted one of her legs up and with moved his forearm off from her throat and reached down, grabbing hold of his cock as he guided it into Megan’s woman hood, which already felt wet, but he figured it was from the water flowing down and making both of their bodies wet.

Megan wrapped her raised leg around his waist, placing her foot flat on the smalls of his back, curling her toes as she gripped him the best she could with the sole of her foot and tried to push him closer towards herself to get him in deeper into her pussy.

“Your pussy is so tight!” Ray commented, breaking their kiss as he started to kiss around her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist to grip her better as he pumped his dick in and out of her cunt faster

Despite the circumstances that led to the current event, Megan found herself not disliking having the intruder inside her, he was hung quite well which made it harder to resist not getting into it, but she figured for her own safety, she should keep up the false pretence of being into it.

“Oh fuck! That dick feels so big inside me pussy!” She moaned to try and keep him pleased.

“Pounding my fucking tight little pussy so hard!” She said looking into his eyes and kissing him passionately.

I’ve never had a dick this big inside me before!” She added as she started to gasp. This just turned Ray on even more, not sure if she was putting her acting skills into use or if she was actually genuinely into it, but he didn’t care. She gave the impression that she was and that’s all that mattered to him in that point in time.

Ray just loved her enthusiasm and the feeling of her tight pussy that he just continually got faster and faster with every thrust until he was now drilling her moist hole as fast as he could.

The water was pouring down on them and splashing around everywhere as their body slapped against each others. Ray reached behind Megan and turned the water off all while not slowing down the slightest.

“Fuck! You’re so fucking tight, I don’t think I can hold back any longer!” He moaned into her ears as he carried on thrusting into her fast and hard, feeling his cock twitching uncontrollably inside her.

“Please don’t come inside me!” Megan pleaded for the obvious reasons.

“I want that hot steaming fucking load in my mouth!” She added in a sultry tone realizing that would work better on getting him to not come inside her.

“Fuck!” He moaned as he pulled out and she immediately dropped to her knees, opening her mouth with her tongue sticking out, spread out wide.

“HERE IT COMES!” Ray yelled as he held his cock, aiming for her mouth and his spunk flew into her mouth, covering her tongue.

As less cum flew out of his dick, Megan enveloped her lips around the tip of his cock, sucking at his pee hole as she worked her lips up and down his cock head.

“Fuck that was good!” He moaned looking down at her.

“Tastes good too!” She chuckled and the semen flowed out the side of her mouth and onto her large breasts.

“God, that looks so hot!” Ray said as he stood there watching her rub his man juice into her tits. He reached forward and turned the water on, allowing it to wash his jizz off of her.

“Guess you now call the cops on my ass.” He stated as he walked out of the shower and sat down on the couch.

Megan followed him out and stood in front of him while he sat o the couch.

“Not quite.” She smiled.

“Huh?” Ray said feeling confused.

“You didn’t make me come.” She said lifting one leg up and placing her foot on the top of the couch behind Ray’s head, pointing down at her pussy.

“You were close though, now time to finish me off with your tongue!” She said grabbing the back of his head and showing his face into her pussy.

Ray was caught off guard and just shocked at what was happening. Just when he was expecting his ass to get hauled to jail, he finds his face buried in Megan’s womanhood, her scent wafting up his nostrils.

He wasn’t going to complain and just pushed his tongue out into her moist hole and just began slurping away at her pink working his tongue as deep as he could into her cunt and back out, going as fast as he could instantly, knowing that he was hitting the right spots as Megan clenched the back of his hair harder.

“Oh yeah! Faster! Faster! That’s the fucking sweet spot!” Megan moaned, getting louder with each lick, throwing her head back as Ray went to work on her pussy, licking for all he was worth.

“That’s it! KEEP LICKING THAT SPOT!” Megan screamed at him as she began grinding her pussy against his face. He could feel her body get tense and her pussy starting to twitch around his tongue and knew he was close to making her climax, so he went all out.

“FUCK THAT”S IT!” Megan screamed. “I’m COMING! I’M….” And that’s when Ray felt a rush of her juices flow out onto his mouth. He couldn’t believe that he made her cum or the fact that he was sitting on her couch instead of a jail cell.

Megan lowered her leg, placing her foot back on the floor, looking Ray up and down. Ray wanted to ask her if she was calling the cops but thought maybe she forgot and didn’t want to remind her.

“Does sucking my pussy turn you on?” She asked him with a horny look.

“Huh?” Was all he could muster up as his reply.

“Looks like you’re getting hard again!” Megan answered with an excited look in her eyes as they were locked on to his manhood. Ray looked down to see that his dick had grown to full length but wasn’t actually hard.

“It’s not hard.” He replied looking up at her. Megan gave no reply, instead she raised her leg, her foot arched as she placed the balls under toes on his dick, pressing it against his thigh as she began to gently rub the balls off her feet up and down on his shaft

“That helps.” Ray said as he relaxed, watching her foot as she stroked him up and down his cock.

“You like my feet?” She asked. “Do they turn you on?”

“There’s nothing about you that doesn’t.” He replied, causing Megan to let out a bashful laugh. She immediately started to stroke his cock faster to take away focus from her looks, she was quite self conscious so she figured pleasuring him faster would make him forget about what he had just said.

She worked her foot up his shaft and moved her toes on to his cock, gripping his thick cock in between her two biggest twos as she stroked him fast.

“Oh shit!” Ray moaned closing his eyes and then he felt nothing. He opened them immediately to see her sit down beside him, moving her feet onto his lap.

“Suck my toes!” She said to him quite excitedly as she raised one of her foot towards his mouth.

Ray immediately opened his mouth and accepted her big toe, holding her foot as he sucked on it.

Megan maneuvered her other foot so that it was touching his cock and then used one hand so that she could sandwich his dick in between the sole of one foot and the palm of one hand and began stroking his shaft up and down.

“Mmm!” Ray moaned as he felt her soft palm and sole against his shaft as he began moving his mouth along her toes, sucking them one at a time, moving onto her sole as he licked it up and down causing Megan to curl her toes.

“Fuck! I’m so horny right now, I need to feel that dick inside me!” She said pulling her foot away from his mouth and taking her other foot off his lap as she straddled him.

“Put it in me baby!” She moaned as she hugged his head, kissing him. Ray was just dumbfounded, she never expected her to continue the act, but was still pleased that she was. He reached down and positioned his cock to enter her again.

“Ooohhhhhhh!” Megan smiled. “Going for my ass? Kinky!” She said scrunching up her nose.

“I can put it in your…” He started to say but could feel her push her hips down and felt her tight ring force itself down his swollen cock head.

“Oh SHIT!” He moaned as she worked her ass hole half way down his shaft.

“Oh god! It feels so much bigger in my tight little ass hole!” Megan gasped as she began riding his cock with the aide of any lubrication what so ever, which did not work well as the lube would help to get deeper into her ass, but the lack of it just saw her sphincter push him out.

“Ohhhhhh!” Ray moaned as he just sat there letting the dark haired beauty ride him, watching her breasts bounce up and down as she did so. He could feel the sides of her feet rubbing against his thighs, her toe nail gently scraping against his skin.

“Fuck!” Megan said interrupting his thoughts. He looked at her to see her slide off the couch and go onto her knees in between his legs.

“Need some kind of lubrication on this big thing cause it’s so big my tight ass hole keeps pushing it back out!” Megan said with a dirty look in her eyes as she held his shaft at the base and then placed her lips on the tip parting her lips slowly as she moved her lips over his cock head.

“Uuuuhhhhhhh…. Yeah……” Ray moaned as she began working her lips up and down his cock. Megan pulled her lips off of his man hood and spat on it, rubbing her saliva up and down his shaft with her hand.

“You want me to ride it again?” Megan asked with a devilish look in her eyes.

“No. Turn around.” He answered.

“You wanna fuck me from behind?” Megan said with a smile forming on her face as she got onto all fours on the couch with her back turned to him.

Ray immediately got up onto his knees behind her, but finding it harder to keep both knees on the couch so he placed one foot on the floor and positioned himself behind her.

“You ready?” He asked her. Megan looked back and nodded and Ray pushed the tip of his member in to her ass hole, feeling her sphincter widen and accommodate to his girth, her saliva working very well and allowing him to slide in with a little more ease then when she stuffed his dick up her ass before.

“Oh fuck!” Ray moaned as he felt her sphincter tighten around his shaft.

“YEAH! FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE FUCKING ASS HOLE!” Megan yelled at him as she slapped her on thick rump, which just spurred him on and made him thrust in and out of her ass hole faster.

“FUCK MY ASS FASTER!” Megan yelled at him, looking back now rocking her hips back and forth fast to try and get him to increase the pace faster.

“Make me cum by fucking my tight little shit hole!” She moaned, gritting her teeth, now slamming her ass back against him hard, making her flesh slap against his hard.


“Megan, you’re on in five!” Someone yelled at out after banging on her trailer door.

“Shit! You better get ready.” Ray said coming to a halt.

“Yeah, that’s why you better cum quickly!” Megan said looking back at him with a horny look.

“Fuck! He said as he went back to thrusting back and forth as fast as he could, just wanting to cum again now.

“COME ON! YOU WANNA FILL MY ASS WITH THAT HOT CUM?” Megan yelled her question at him as his groin slapped against her butt cheeks fast and hard.

“Or you wanna paste my pretty face with that hot goo?” She followed up with another question in between her moans. Then she remembered something.

“Or you want to cum all over my sexy feet?” She asked lifting on foot up in the air, her sole on display to him, curling her toes tight.

“Oh God…. Yeah…!” Ray moaned as he could feel his orgasm building up and Megan started to stretch and then curl her toes.

“Yeah! You want to cum all over my foot! Cover my soles with that hot thick cum!” She moaned, her eyes widening with every word, clenching her ass hole and soon it became too much and he could feel his dick start to twitch uncontrollably.

“FUCK!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, pulling back right out of her ass, jerking his meat with his hand, pressing the tip against the sole of her feet as his cum errputed out of his shaft and all over her pretty sole, his cum shooting up in thick streaks all over her foot.

“Fuck that looks beautiful!” He said.

“I bet it does!” Megan said with a sly smile as she curled her toes tight.

“Gimme my shoes.” She said to him motioning with her hand in the direction that her shoes were.

Ray quickly got off the couch and grabbed them, handing them to her and she put them over her feet one by one.

“You’re not going to clean the cum off?”

“No time.” Megan replied getting back up to her feet. “Be side’s, it’ll be a reminder of our fuck session.” She gave him a horny smile, kissing him on the lips as she walked past him, picking up a dress off the floor and putting it over her head. Ray took his cue and quickly got dressed.

“So you’re not going to call security? “He asked.

“No. I like it when a man knows what he wants and just goes for it.” She replied.

“Even if it’s you that he wants?”

“Especially if it’s me that he wants. It gives my low self esteem a boost that a man is willing to do that just for a shot at my body and it makes me feel pretty.” She smiled as they walked out of her trailer.

two days later

After Money’s final checkup he was released from the medical center and free to return to work on the set, his neck was sore but that would be back to normal in a few days so he went to find Megan to let her see that he was okay. Then he found her going into her trailer for lunch.

“Hey Megan…it’s Money.” He said

As the door opened Megan was still in her costume with most of the buttons undone giving Money an eyeful of those big boobs he really missed whilst in recovery.

“Come on in I was just about to have some Chinese food there is more than enough for two.” She smiled

“I won’t say no to that! I was beginning to hate hospital food.” He commented.

“So what did the doctor say?” She asked

“Well I’ll be fine I just can’t wear body armor for a couple of days till the swelling goes down.” He replied.

“Anything else?”

“Yeah I’ve got this problem with my neck when I turn a certain way.”

“You poor thing let me have a look.” Megan said sympathetically.

Money almost put his face in the sweet and sour chicken on the table as Megan rubbed his neck he was really getting into it when Ray knocked on the door easing it open.

“Hey Megan have you seen Money? He’s not in the med….un-fucking believable man!” He said

“Hey I’m just having lunch here the hospital food wasn’t that great.” Money said.

“With Megan practically busting out of her top?” Ray asked.

“I was changing so my costume wouldn’t get food on it.” She said in her defense.

“Your overreacting Ray calm down.” Money said to him.

“Overreacting? come on man she’s one of the hottest chicks on the planet! The night you got to her first, I was planning on making my move then. You getting hurt threw a monkey wrench in my shit so I didn’t want to show my cards too early. When I came to ask you about it, she was already balls deep on your dick.! Ray said

Megan blushed

“So you both think I’m one of the hottest chicks on the planet?” She asked coyly

“Yes.” They both said in unison.

“That is so cute! I have an idea that would please both of you.”

“What?” The both said again at the same time.

“How about I fuck both of you…….. At the same time!.” She said sounding quite excited and the enthusiasm showing in her body language and face.

“Are you sure you can handle both of us?” Ray asked a little unsure.

“Technically I already have.” She winked.

“Well we will have to make sure she can still walk right afterwards!” Money laughed.

“How should we start?” Money asked looking at Megan and then Ray who was already down to his boxers.

“I think he’s got an idea on how.” Megan laughed.

Money quickly stripped down as Megan sat on the bed

“So who’s going to strip me?” She asked

Money yanked her top off like a tablecloth in a magic act as Ray made short work of her shorts rubbing her pussy while Money was sucking on her tits.

Ray parted her already moist lips and darted his tongue into her pussy.

“Mmm! That tongue feels good in my cunt!” Megan moaned as Ray started darting his tongue in and out of her moist hole, tasting her woman hood and savoring the taste as he didn’t never if he would ever get to taste her ever again.

He moved his free hand up and used his thumb to rub her clit, which caused her to cry out in pleasure some more.

“Your tongue feels so good but I want to cum with a rock hard cock inside me.”

“One rock hard cock coming up.” Money said pushing her back so that she was flat on the bed, pulling her pussy away from Ray’s mouth.

“Sorry Ray, but the lady wants a cock and you were too slow to get off the mark.” He grinned at him and Ray said nothing as Money was right, he was too slow.

Megan spread her legs, holding them up in the air as Money rubbed his dick up and down her wet slit repeatedly before working his twelve inch dick into her wet hole.

“Oh FUCK!” Megan moaned closing her eyes and throwing her head back, curling her toes tight.

Ray got off the floor and got up onto the bed and lay down with his waist beside her head.

Megan wasted no time nor did she need to be told or asked and went straight for his dick, wrapping her luscious lips around Ray’s cock, working them up and down his shaft, sucking hard as she did so.

“Come on Money! FUCK MY PUSSY FASTER!” Megan yelled at him, pausing from performing fellatio and resorting to using her hand to stroke Ray’s shaft pretty fast.

“If that’s what you want….” Money mumbled as he started to add pace to his thrust rapidly, slamming his cock deep into her pussy repeatedly. Megan lowered her legs and placed her heels on his shoulders and Money wrapped his arms around her legs as he used them for leverage, pulling her body down as he thrust into her to get his cock as deep into her womanhood as he could.

“Fuck……!” Megan moaned, placing her lips over Ray’s cock head, only sucking the tip as she used her hand to masturbate his length.

She moved her free hand down and started rubbing her clitoris furiously, thrusting her body down as Money drilled into her for all he was worth.

Both of her hands slowed down to a stop rapidly as she just lay there moaning with Ray’s cock head in her mouth as she felt an orgasm fast approaching her loins.

“Oh shit! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!” She screamed releasing Ray from her mouth as she threw her head back and her legs shut together tight, her hips lunging into the air and off of Money’s prick.

“Fuck you look so beautiful when you cum!” Ray stated as he lowered his head and kissed Megan, pushing his tongue into her mouth and she sucked his tongue desperately, breathing hard into his mouth.

“Fuck that was intense!” Megan said. “You didn’t cum did you?” She asked Money.


“Cool, now it’s Ray’s turn.” She said sitting up.

“How do you want me?” She asked.

“On all fours.” He replied.

“Do I need to ask which hole?” She asked him with a sly smile, knowing that he was the only one out of the two men to go after her ass.

Ray just chuckled to himself and going on his knees behind her, his knees in between hers as he spread her legs. He spread her butt cheeks apart and spat on her ass hole which caused her to flinch, her ass hole opening slightly which allowed his saliva to go into her before clenching.

“That tight little ass hole looks so good!” He said out loud, lowering his head as he pushed his tongue into her dark hole, licking around her anal walls to get them a little wet and work as a form of lubrication.

“I think that’s enough.” Megan looked back at him with a horny look in her eyes. Ray lifted his head, grabbed his dick, positioning his head as he spat on his own cock, rubbing his saliva in as he pressed his cock head against her tight opening.

“You want me to be gentle?” He asked.

“Only to start off with.” Megan replied with a horny smile.

Her answer pleased Ray and he squeezed his large bell shaped cock head past her tight sphincter and thrust half his length up her poop shoot with ease.

“Looks like you’re getting too familiar with having a big dick up that tight ass.” Ray chuckled.

“It’s still stretched out from when you savagely ass fucked me the last time.” Megan retorted. Ray didn’t wait at all, he started to pull his cock out and then work it slowly back in immediately.

“Uuuummmmmmm…..” Megan moaned, her voice sounding like it was straining as she tried to push and make her ass hole gape as much as she physically could to make it easier on herself.

“Seeing you take it up the ass is getting me too hot and bothered, I need some relief.” Money said kneeling in front of Megan’s face and she knew instantly what he wanted, so she opened her mouth and took the tip of his shaft in, slurping away at his thick man hood.

“Oh fuck! So fucking tight!” Ray moaned, gripping Megan’s curvy ass as he began thrusting faster, working more of his shaft into her bowels.

“NNNgghhhhff!” Megan mumbled as she started to take more of Money’s shaft into her mouth and to the back of her throat, going faster to try and keep up with Ray’s thrusts.

“That feels so good Megan!” Money moaned, feeling his hips just naturally thrusting forward, trying to feel her lips on more of his man hood. He moved her hair behind her ear to get a better view of her beautiful face with his dick stuffed in her mouth.

Once Ray felt Megan’s ass hole start to get more comfortable with his girth and felt her sphincter clench his member less, he began increasing the pace drastically until he was going to fast for Megan to continue sucking Money off without biting his shaft, so she took her mouth off and began to jerk his meat with one hand as fast as she could.

“Oh shit!” Money moaned throwing his head back. “You’re gonna have to slow down unless you want a face full of cream.”

“No! Not yet! I’m not done with you two yet!” Megan said letting go of Money’s dick and looking back at Ray.

“Unnngghhhhh…… Fuck! Stop!” She moaned but he continued to relentlessly pound her ass hard and fast and she was finding it harder to want him to stop.

“Fuck…. I wanna taste it!” She moaned, knowing that was one way to get him to pull out of her and sure enough Ray slowed down to a halt and slowly dragged his thick shaft out of her tight ass hole.

“Ooooooooohhh!” Megan cooed as she turned around, opening her mouth, using her tongue to pull his shaft into her mouth as she sucked the tip hard, her eyes rolling up as she tasted her ass.

“An ass to mouth? Is there nothing you won’t do?” Money laughed.

“There is one thing I’ve never done before.” Megan said looking back at Money with a sultry look in her eyes, taking her mouth off Ray’s cock momentarily before engulfing half his meat and then sitting up.

“I’ve never had both holes filled at the same time.” She said looking back and forth between the two with a horny look on her face.

“No time like the present.” Money said.

“Who goes on top?” Ray asked.

“I will since I’m all well rested now.” Money said and Ray laid down on the bed while Megan slid down his dick impaling her ass on him getting in a good position while adjusting to his girth again Megan started to suck Money’s dick to take her mind off the mild pain in her ass.

“MMMMMPPPFFFFHHH.” Megan moaned.

“Yeah suck that thick meat you horny little slut!” Money groaned

Ray grabbed Megan’s hips and started to work her ass up and down his shaft slowly at first building up pace faster, fucking her with reckless abandon making Megan groan through Money’s dick.

“Uhn…such a tight ass…..” Ray moaned.

“Jam your dick in my pussy Money! I need to feel it.” Megan groaned.

Ray stopped for a split second for Money to mount on top of Megan filling her pussy with his meat before getting into a rhythm as they plowed into the busty brunette.

“Ah fuck…it’s like I’m…being fucked by big…fire hoses!” She moaned

“But you really love it don’t you?” Money asked in between grunts.

“Oh yeah her ass is still tight.” Ray moaned.

Money and Ray kept pounding away at Megan’s body as her orgasm was building fast with relentless energy being dumped into her body to keep up the frantic pace set by the hung studs.


“Here it comes!” Money yelled

“I’m gonna blow.” Ray said

Ray and Money blew their loads into Megan’s holes triggering an intense orgasm from Megan as she milked their cocks.


“I knew she was a freak in bed.” Ray thought.

“Hey Ray make sure you wash up before we get back to the set. No need to draw attention to ourselves with the smell.” Money said

“Awww…I was hoping for round 2.” Megan said

“Maybe after shooting, cause we’re starting to run late as it is right now.” Money said being the voice of reason.

With lunch over they went back to the set to redo a few scenes from the finale, which took a few more takes than the director wanted, given that Megan was moving slower than normal, granted she was tired from her threesome with Money and Ray draining most of her strength but the feeling she got from the director yelling cut and wrapping the film was electric.

As Megan prepared for the press tour, Money and Ray went on to other projects since it was nice having a blockbuster on their résumé’s, they kept in touch afterwards wondering who would get to Megan first next time.

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Re: Transforming Megan (Megan Fox)
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Love that ass to mouth, nice work.


Re: Transforming Megan (Megan Fox)
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I've been having a lot of fun reading old Megan Fox stories thanks to you and Grobnar. Thanks again for these old gems.
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