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Maria's Rule Part 3
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers or anything to do with Marvel. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place sometime before The Avengers.

Keywords: FF, Oral, Rim, Spank

Avengers: Maria's Rule Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Maria Hill was her own biggest critic. She, like everybody else, had made mistakes and paid for it, but often she punished herself more than anybody else. That seemed to be the case over the past two weeks, as while she wasn't on her A-game she was close enough to it that nobody called her out on it. Or at least not yet, Maria sometimes feeling like if Tony Stark hadn't decided that putting on an expensive suit suddenly made him some kind of superhero some of the higher-ups at SHIELD might have noticed her plight.

As it was only Director Fury who had noticed she seemed distracted lately, his tone and facial expression giving away nothing although Maria had no doubt he at least had a vague idea of what was going on. It wouldn't completely surprise Maria if there were cameras in the women's showers, but as far as she was aware there weren't so if Romanoff had been completely professional Fury probably wouldn't have suspected a thing. And maybe, just maybe... Maria could have gone about her business in peace, Natasha Romanoff never even crossing her mind. But Natasha had seemed to go out of her way to cross her path and giving her these lingering glances which made Maria's entire body tingle.

Likewise Natasha had perhaps got what she truly wanted all along, Maria reduced to little more than the drooling moron whenever she was in the presence of the gorgeous and deadly Black Widow. The fact that everybody else was lusting after her was probably the only reason no one, except maybe Fury, had noticed Maria's eyes lowering down that oh so flattering catsuit to linger on those big round breasts or curvaceous ass. Hell, sometimes Maria would just stare at Natasha when they were in the same room together and wonder how someone could be so effortlessly sexy.

That was the thought that crossed Maria's mind many times without having to look at The Widow, and that was before she had broken her most important self-appointed rule and compromised herself. Now she just wished that Natasha would make her move, Maria obsessing over it more than anything else. Ever since she had left The Black Widow naked and humiliated inside that shower. Of course Maria suspected Natasha was waiting for the most inconvenient and potentially mortifying time to strike, and while it turned out to be not as bad as some of the things Maria had imagined it was still pretty bad.

"I need to speak to you." Natasha said, her tone sounding serious although Maria had her doubts.

If this was truly a serious situation Natasha would have rushed into her office, not wasted time silently slipping in while Maria was distracted with paperwork, but not so distracted that she shouldn't have seen it coming, Maria hating the fact that she couldn't hide her surprise which came out as she coldly replied, "About?"

With an infuriating smirk on her face Natasha approached Maria's desk, taking a brief moment to study every item on it before finally the two women locked eyes, the redhead then softly purring, "About our little arrangement."

Maria succeeded in not reacting this time, other than a nonplussed, "What about it?"

Slowly moving around the desk so she was standing right in front of her target Natasha questioned, "Are you still willing to do whatever I say?"

"Well, it is your turn... so yes." Maria said, her heart racing.

"Good." Natasha smiled wickedly, allowing that little exchange to hang in the air for a few more moments before adding, "Stand up."

While Natasha had moved around the desk Maria had at first followed her gaze, then she had pulled her chair out so she could turn to face her while still sitting down. It seems that this woman still didn't trust her, which was hardly a surprise to Natasha. Honestly she would have been disappointed if Maria's trust was so easily earned, and this did mean that she could give that little order while staring into the higher ranking officer's eyes. There was even a second of hesitation before Maria inevitably did as she was told, Natasha smiling at the obedience even if it would have been absurd to deny such a simple request.

Of course the following 'request' wasn't as simple, but if Natasha wanted simple she wouldn't have pursued a sexual fling with The Assistant Director of SHIELD, and again this wasn't something she suspected Maria to refuse, "Turn around for me. Slowly... show me that sexy body of yours."

Maria did look a little bit taken aback by the command, although whether that was because she was offended by Natasha's audacity or flattered by it the redhead wasn't entirely sure. Either way Maria complied without a word of complaint or apprehension, her SHIELD uniform doing little to hide her charms and the brunette maybe even moving in a way which showed them off more than concealed them which made a refreshing change of pace.

Once Maria was fully turned Natasha ordered, "Face your desk."

Again Maria complied without complaint, Natasha pausing for a moment to admire the sight before moving forward, gently sliding her hand up the other woman's back to play with Maria's hair bun, "You have beautiful hair."

Maria frowned, "Erm, thank you."

"But I don't think I have ever seen you wear it down... other than the shower, of course." Natasha said, casually reminding Maria of their recent adventures as if she hadn't been obsessing over them for the past couple of weeks, "It makes me wonder why you don't get it cut. Not that I normally like short hair on a woman, but I really think you could pull it off."

There was a slight pause, then Maria murmured, "Well... I have thought about getting a pixie cut."

Natasha nodded, "That could work. But I do love your hair up like this. It makes you look so prim and proper."

Maria smirked, "Is this where you tell me I need to let my hair down and have some fun."

Natasha smiled, "Oh, I think we're past that... don't you think Agent Hill?"

"Commander Hill." Maria corrected.

For a moment Natasha smiled again, then she roughly pulled Maria's hair bun back and growled in her ear, "If you want this to continue your name is whatever I say it is."

"Is that right?" Maria questioned, not even trying to keep the excitement out of her voice.

After pulling Maria's hair back further, just enough to bend the other woman's back somewhat painfully, Natasha pressed herself flat against her supervisor from behind and explained, "Do I need to remind you of our arrangement. Remind you about those conditions you gave me just so you could break your silly little rule about fucking your co-workers? Or should I just remind you of my favourite condition, the one you fully took advantage of last time to turn me into your little bitch? Not that I minded, but now it's my turn, and that means now you're the bitch. My bitch. What are you?"

There was a pause, first because Natasha punctuated her question by tagging on Maria's hair, then because of Maria's pride, but ultimately the brunette said what was expected of her, albeit through gritted teeth, "I'm your bitch, for now, but soon enough you'll be mine."

In a flash Natasha flipped her superior officer around as if she was as light as a feather and then stared deeply into her eyes for a few long seconds, Maria staring back without a hint of fear on her face. Then Natasha softly smiled and flirtatiously said, "You know, I'm really starting to like you."

Maria gave her a look and opened her mouth to say something, but Natasha was already in the process of moving her head slowly forwards so she took advantage of this situation by shoving her tongue into the other SHIELD Agent's mouth. Predictably there was a moment of hesitation as a result of Natasha catching her prey off guard, then Maria kissed her back with a impressive amount of enthusiasm all things considered. Natasha rewarded her superior officer for that by allowing the kiss to last longer than she'd meant it too, which was a little ironic as her next move was to get underneath Maria's skin, namely by pushing her chair backwards and then sitting on it.

The whole notion that 'someone was sitting in my chair' was so childish, but it was a characteristic a depressing amount of powerful people possessed, the brief look that crossed Maria's face making it clear that she was one of them. Natasha savoured that fact for a few long seconds, deliberately crossing her legs and leaning back in the chair as if she was just going to relax in the Deputy Director's chair all day while just leaving the brunette to stand around like an idiot. And honestly that did appeal to some twisted part of Natasha, but seeing as how they could be interrupted at any moment she didn't really want to waste much time.

So instead Natasha smiled softly and then ordered, "Strip."

As she had expected something like that, with that exact word being the most likely scenario, Maria was able to keep her face neutral. Not that she minded the action itself, more the whole being bossed around by a lower ranking officer thing which under any other circumstances she wouldn't tolerate. But she tried not to concentrate on that, not when she would no doubt have much worse humiliations to come, hopefully quickly followed by amazing pleasure.

Concentrating on the last thought, and the almost equally pleasant thought of somewhat gaining the upper hand and screwing Natasha over, Maria quickly yet robotically removed her uniform, leaving The Black Widow to raise an eyebrow and criticise, "I meant slowly."

Trying not to grin Maria said flatly, "You should have specified."

Trying not to smile Natasha remained silent as Maria got down to her bra, the brunette immediately unhooking it with no finesse or build-up, leading the redhead to comment, "You could at least try and be seductive. Or did you skip that part of your training?"

"Just because I'm a spy doesn't mean I have to be a stripper." Maria shot back as she lowered her panties, "Besides, I was taught to stick to my strengths, which as someone recently pointed out, doesn't involve subtlety. Or acting like a slut."

Allowing a smile to cross her face this time Natasha slowly got up and approached the other woman, "Just because you don't act like it, doesn't mean you're not a slut."

"Maybe. Or maybe you're just a bad influence on people." Maria quipped, reaching for her hairpin.

"No!" Natasha snapped forcefully, before quickly adding with a flirtatious smile as she slowly advanced on her prey, "I mean, yes to the bad influence thing. No to you taking your head down. I want you looking prim and proper for what I'm about to do to you."

While Maria was feeling uncomfortable being completely naked except for a hairpin she did a pretty good job of hiding it, The Deputy Director looking the deadly Black Widow straight in the eye as she replied, "Oh... and what's that?"

For a second Natasha gave her superior officer a disarming smile, deliberately giving away she was about to do something aggressive and perhaps daring Maria to stop her. Of course when came to combat Maria might be the best match for Natasha within SHIELD but as their sparring sessions had proven The Widow had the edge. Not that Maria would try and stop her as under the circumstances as that seemed foolish and unnecessary, but it didn't stop the brunette from hoping Natasha would hurry up and make a move.

After leaving her waiting for a few long seconds Maria suddenly found herself bent over against her own desk with her face pressed against the hard wood, prompting her to quip, "How shockingly predictable."

Natasha smiled and slid one hand down Maria's back to her ass, "Well, since you tried spanking me... I'd thought I'd show you what a real spanking is like."

Maria naturally tensed, fully expecting this to be the moment the deadly Black Widow would exact her revenge by literally beating her ass so hard that she wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. Instead Natasha's soft hands gently caressed her ass cheeks for several long minutes, squeezing the flesh like a butcher sizing up a piece of meat. Which, granted was a humiliation which would have horrified her not that long ago, but compared to what Maria was expecting it was laughable. Of course she knew Natasha was trying to build-up the tension and it would be unwise to further provoke her, but Maria just couldn't resist.

"So, this is what you call-" Maria began, then quick as a flash Natasha lifted her hand up and then brought it crashing down on the brunette's butt, Maria's mouth staying open for a second as an incoherent cry escaped from her.

It was soft, barely audible really, but in the relatively small space of her office it sounded deafening. At least to Maria it did, the proud brunette promising herself that would be the last time The Black Widow made her cry in pain. It was a goal she didn't quite manage, but as she lay there, bent over her own desk and receiving a spanking from a lower ranking officer SHIELD Agent/one of the most dangerous women in the world, Maria felt she did a pretty good job at not only coping with the pain and humiliation, but not giving Natasha the satisfaction of hearing her cry often or loudly. To do it she had to clear her mind and focus on the task at hand, but it was totally worth risking that to glance back and see the look on Natasha's face.

If she had wanted to Natasha could have kept her face neutral, but once again Maria Hill had impressed her and as a reward the redhead allowed her emotions to show. Which, given how she'd studied her, Maria would know was a big deal for her, and was just as good as having her say the words out loud. Of course Maria's true reward was not being broken, Natasha confident she had made the right decision as she methodically spanked her boss with every ounce of strength, each brutal blow making Maria's well-toned flesh jiggle from the impact and yet still The Deputy Director remained strong.

Women, and even men, who were at least twice as strong and intimidating had been reduced to tears as a result of far less, and while that might have said more about them than anyone else it didn't take away from Maria's accomplishment. Hell, even when her butt cheeks became as red as Natasha's hair, which wasn't long under the constant force The Black Widow was using, Maria barely even grunted in pain. At one point she even turned her head to give Natasha a challenging look, which earned her a few extra hard strikes on one particular spot but still Maria remained mostly silent.

Natasha loved to spank other women. She'd treated some men to the experience as well, but this was definitely something she preferred to do to women. There was just something about the soft curves, sweet feminine cries and sweet smelling arousal which heightened the experience and this time was no exception in that regard. It was however way more brutal a spanking she had dished out, especially for a first-time with a woman she hoped to do this again with, but Maria was taking everything Natasha had to offer without complaint.

Over and over again how well Maria was doing repeated in Natasha's head in some form or fashion, solidifying she had done the right thing by not bringing her strap-on dildo. Eventually Natasha would have Maria bent over this desk and she would fuck her tight little cunt with her strap-on and then when her cock was nice and lubricated in girl cum she would plunge it deep into Assistant Director Maria Hill's virgin ass hole. She'd wanted to do that today so badly, but if she did Natasha was sure that Maria would break like everybody else before her and become Natasha's eager to please bitch, and the deadly spy was just having so much fun with someone almost her equal she couldn't bear to rush this.

So she had come here to tease Maria, not break her, and with that in mind Natasha brutally spanked her superior officer up until she was sure she was about to scream, then without warning she switched to rubbing the other woman's pussy, the redhead smiling at what she found there, "Enjoying yourself Maria?"

"Not as much as when I spanked you." Maria quipped hoarsely, trying to stifle a moan as Natasha's fingers played with her wet pussy lips.

It was a nice try, but Maria had no doubt that Natasha heard her moan loud and clear. She certainly heard the next moan as it was preceded by an even louder cry thanks to Natasha pushing two fingers inside her, completely taking Maria off-guard. Honestly it was a little embarrassing. Maria had been trained to withstand sudden drastic changes in torture techniques, but of course she never been trained to go from being spanked to being finger fucked by another woman.

Fortunately she had some experience doing the nearly impossible feat of resisting The Black Widow and her sexual prowess, or at least hiding their effects on her. So, when she got used to the pleasure, Maria went back to the same things she been doing during the spanking. That included gritting her teeth, digging her nails into the wood of her desk and trying to imagine herself getting revenge on The Widow. The big difference was that Maria had been embarrassed that she enjoyed being spanked while she felt no shame in enjoying Natasha's skilled fingers.

Until she thought she heard something and mumbled like an idiot, "Wha, what?"

"I said how about now?" Natasha repeated with a smile on her face, "Are you enjoying yourself now?"

Trying not to blush due to the clarification Maria replied as dryly as she could, "What do you think?"

"I think..." Natasha said thoughtfully, those words hanging in the air for a few seconds, "I could do better."

Her version of better was to push a third and then eventually a fourth finger inside Maria's cunt, Natasha really stretching out her superior officer particularly with that last digit. Not that Maria complained. No, she was too busy enjoying herself, or trying to hide just how much she was enjoying having Natasha's fingers fucking her, although not giving Natasha the satisfaction of knowing that seemed increasingly petty given the pleasure the other woman was giving her.

Perhaps it was a little embarrassing that Maria felt like she was going to cum so soon, but as Natasha's fingers moved faster it became increasingly hard to care. Then Natasha's thumb began working her clit and Maria could care less how much noise she was making or how much she was obviously loving this. Hell, her screams of pleasure could break through the sound proof walls of her office, prompting every nearby surrounding SHIELD Agent to run in here guns blazing and at least momentarily she wouldn't care, as long as she got to cum, that wonderful sensation so close Maria could practically taste it.

Towards the end Natasha was increasingly tempted to just let Maria cum. It might have been the smarter play as it would show Maria her submission would be rewarded, and Natasha was already pushing her luck with her commanding officer. However Maria should know by now that she would eventually be rewarded, and the truth was the reason Natasha was here was she liked pushing her superior officer's buttons.

So Natasha finger fucked Maria to the edge of orgasm, kept her there for a few long minutes and then suddenly removed her finger from the other woman's cunt. Then as Maria let out a loud groan of frustration Natasha started cleaning her fingers, slowly sliding each digit one by one into her mouth and sucking the brunette's girl cream off of them, the redhead taking the time to savour the fruits of her labour. Then she returned her fingers to Maria's pussy and repeated the process, only this time when she removed her fingers from the higher ranking SHIELD Agent's cunt it wasn't her own lips she pressed them against.

"Clean." Natasha said calmly in a no-nonsense tone which more often than not had people scrambling to obey her.

As usual Maria didn't. At least not right away, that hesitation exciting Natasha no end as Maria slowly opened her mouth to accept that pussy juice covered finger, which the brunette did after five whole seconds of hesitating. Of course Natasha didn't hesitate in slowly pushing her finger into the other woman's mouth, Maria slowly and erotically sucking that finger clean before doing the same to Natasha's other fingers as this process was repeated. Then Natasha returned her fingers to Maria's cunt, this time pressing her body firmly into the brunette's from behind and then sliding her hand down Maria's stomach to start just methodically rubbing her pussy lips, making sure she hit Commander Hill's clit each and every time.

After about a minute of this Natasha whispered into Maria's ear, "How about now, Agent Hill? Are you enjoying yourself now?"

Rolling her eyes, admittedly only partly out of annoyance, Maria huffed, "Yes! Yes I'm enjoying myself, ok? Is that what you want to hear?"

Natasha smiled, slightly grinded her hard nipples into Maria's back and her wet cunt into the brunette's butt, and then softly purred, "The question is, what do you want?"

Groaning in frustration Maria replied, "I, I wanna cum."

Natasha grinned and increased the pace of the pussy rubbing, "Like you mean it."

Maria gritted her teeth and then softly yelling in frustration, "I WANT TO CUM!"

Concentrating all her efforts on rubbing Maria's clit Natasha got her boss back to the edge of orgasm in what seemed like a second, and then whispered in her ear, "Not yet."

In a instant Maria was no longer being touched, The Deputy Director of SHIELD letting out a sound like a wounded animal before mumbling in disbelief, "You've got to be kidding me."

Natasha smirked, sat back down in Maria's chair and taunted, "Here at SHIELD, we work hard and earn the things we want. There not just given to us. Who told me that? Oh yes, it was you."

"That's cute." Maria shot back calmly as she slowly straightened up and turned herself around, "But I have played this kind of game before, and if you think you're going to use it to manipulate your way into The Avengers program-"

"Oh please, not this again." Natasha interrupted, rolling her eyes as she stood up and started taking off her clothes, "Newsflash you're evaluation of me, is irrelevant, because the truth is if Fury ever gets his absurd little idea off the ground he's going to need someone on the inside who's willing to keep him in the loop. And I've read your files, so I know you already think I'm the best candidate for the job, so... what you're going to do now is promise to file your report and then you will be rewarded."

For a few long moments Maria just stared at her dumbfoundedly, Natasha wondering if it was because she had just revealed she had hacked into Maria's computer, which was no easy feat, or that she had punctuated the last sentence by removing first her bra then her panties. Of course getting out of her catsuit had been the real challenging thing to make look sexy, especially when she was dropping some harsh truth on Maria, but Natasha had become an expert on such things. And honestly, she really enjoyed the look on Maria's face.

As it lasted longer than expected Natasha followed up with, "Don't worry, I'll still find plenty of time to fuck you. And kick your ass all over the training room."

That actually got a smile from Maria who murmured, "Oh please, don't flatter yourself Romanoff. I wouldn't put off filing a report to spend time with anyone, least of all you."

"Whatever you have to tell yourself." Natasha shrugged nonchalantly, "Now, what are you going to do when we're done here?"

Another brief pause, then Maria softly murmured, "File my report."

"Good." Natasha grinned, sitting back down in Maria's chair, "You may now have the privilege of eating my pussy."

Again Maria stared at her dumbfoundedly, however while The Deputy Director was mostly looking her in the eye before this time her gaze was very much focused on something lower. Or more accurately somethings, Natasha smirking as the other woman checked out all the goodies on display. It was the kind of attention Natasha was very used to seeing, and using to her advantage, but in this instance she just enjoyed being so blatantly desired by another woman/the superior officer.

That's why it was several seconds before Natasha mockingly asked, "What's the matter Hill, can't bear the thought of missing out on sucking my glorious tits? Cause I could get on board with a little more foreplay, but... it would mean you'd have to wait longer to cum, so when you think about it, I'm trying to do you a favour here. So what do you say, think you can resist my tits for once?"

Maria chuckled, low and humourless, a most likely fake smile crossing her face before she began stepping forward, that pretty face quickly turning to stone as she got nose to nose with the redhead. If Natasha had been anyone else she would have probably been intimidated, but honestly... it just really turned her on.

"Bitch." Maria growled softly.

Natasha resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The redhead had been called so much worse, something the brunette was fully aware of, but before she could offer up a retort Natasha's words became lost in a long moan as Maria dropped to her knees and buried her face in The Black Widow's pussy. And it felt like that was literally the case, Maria pressing her mouth firmly against Natasha's cunt and then starting out a series of licks which was as hard as any Natasha had ever felt.

No one had ever used their tongue on her pussy this roughly right from the get go before. After half a dozen licks, sure, but never write off the bat. Of course, as Maria had most likely guessed, all the build-up had left Natasha more than ready for this kind of treatment. Hell, Maria probably smelt her arousal as it pooled between her legs, her pheromones and the look in her eye also making it obvious. If the positions were reversed, and it had been only a few weeks ago, Natasha wouldn't, and hadn't, needed to touch Maria to know she was already very close to climax.

Of course this could be a way to punish Natasha for denying Maria her climax by roughly attacking her supersensitive clit and then, eventually, plunging her tongue inside in her and fucking her hard right from the get go. Which didn't exactly work as a punishment, although the other explanation was Maria was trying to bring her to the edge of orgasm as quickly as possible and then keep her there for an infuriatingly long time.

Whether it was her original intention or not Maria soon achieved this, her wicked little tongue taking Natasha maddeningly close to climax over and over again until the other woman made her whimper in frustration. Maria Hill actually made her show a genuine sign of weakness, Natasha feel oddly proud as if she was the one evaluating Maria. It also made her feel really impressed, but mostly it made her frustrated, Natasha grinding her teeth as Maria's skilled tongue kept her on the edge of orgasm with machine-like thrusts in and out of her cunt.

That whimper was probably the sweetest sound Maria had ever heard, The Deputy Director grinning into Natasha's cunt as she continued to tongue fuck the other woman, called upon the memories of her most intense experiences with women to drive The Black Widow wild. But not too wild, which was an incredible challenge for Maria, not just because Natasha was so horny it would take so little to make her cum.

The main problem was Maria was literally craving the taste of girl cum, her mouth, throat and perhaps most of all her stomach burning to receive that soothing flavour, Maria honestly feeling like nothing else would satisfy. She needed girl cum like she never needed it before. Natasha Romanoff's girl cum. She needed to swallow Natasha Romanoff's cum and nothing else would do.

Partly it was out of the frustration of being around this sex goddess for so long, being relentlessly teased by her, desperately trying to resist her and failing so dismally, it all added up to making Maria want to taste the pure essence which was Natasha Romanoff, that girl cum telling her while pretty much the entire world wanted the ravishing redhead she was one of the lucky few who had been allowed the privilege of pleasing her. And she had done such a good job of it she had made the other woman cum, making the deadly Black Widow show the genuine emotion of enjoyment, perhaps even for a tiniest moment gaining the upper hand on her.

But far more than making Natasha weak, and anything else, Maria wanted Natasha's cum because she was sure it was heaven in liquid form. That's how she would describe Natasha's regular pussy juice, Maria barely able to control herself it tasted so good. As much as she loved the taste of pussy cream girl cum had always tasted better, and trying to imagine how Natasha's cum would taste compared to her heavenly cream was making Maria so desperate for it she could barely wait.

Luckily she was given an excuse not to has to her amazement Natasha started begging, "Oh God make me cum, make me cum you bitch, oh God, ohhhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmm, more, mmmmmmm, fuck me, oooooooh fuck me, fuck me, oooooohhhhhhh fuck, please make me cum! I wanna cum! I wanna cum in your mouth! Please, oh please fuck me with your tongue and make me cum in your mouth! Make me cum, oh God, make me, oh God, oh God, oh Goooooooodddddd ahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Part of Natasha cursed herself for being so weak. For genuinely begging for something. For letting her walls crumble down around her for a second and showing her vulnerable underbelly. But she just couldn't help it. She felt like she needed to cum more than she needed to breathe, the lack of climax felt like it was genuinely choking her.

So she did it. She begged. And while she momentarily regretted it Maria's tongue curling upwards quickly made Natasha forget about all that, The Black Widow letting out a joyful scream, grabbing the brunette by her pinned up hair and desperately shoving the other woman's face as deep as it would go into her cunt. Like that Natasha came in what was the hardest climax she'd had in a very long while, her body shaking and cum violently squirting down Maria's throat and out onto that pretty face.

Rather than object or go limp in all of this Maria swallowed as much of the redhead's cum as she could, the other woman seeming almost as desperate for it as Natasha was. Then instead of allowing Natasha to come down from her high Maria shoved her tongue back into her cunt and began fucking it again, making the deadly spy writhe in her boss's chair which by now was probably forever stained with her cum and pussy juice.

Natasha wanted that. Wanted this chair, and the desk, hell the whole office to be marked forever, the whole place smelling like her cum and pussy juice so anyone who came in here would at least suspect what she had made Commander Hill do for her. She knew Maria would remember it. Remember how she had kneeled in front of her own chair and tongue fucked the hell, and the cum, out of Natasha's cunt, the prim and proper brunette desperately trying to get every drop even as it escaped her lips and covered her face. Oh, Maria would never forget this, or what Natasha had in store for her next.

Whatever sense of triumph Maria might have felt from making the infamous Black Widow beg for mercy was forgotten when she tasted the other woman's cum. She also forgot just about everything else, including her own name as she became lost in her need for the most addictive and delicious thing she had ever tasted, The Assistant Director of SHIELD acting like a total cum slut as she relentlessly tongue fucked Natasha and swallowed her cum. Then when Natasha forcefully pulled her away all Maria could do was blink and stare blankly in disbelief at what had become of her while the redhead stood up, collected herself and then leaned over the brunette's desk.

"Not bad." Natasha said trying and for once actually failing to sound indifferent to the fucking she had just received, "Now eat my ass. Sit in your little chair and eat my fucking ass!"

For a few seconds Maria remained where she was, still staring at the redhead like a moron, then she forced herself out of her shock, got up on shaky legs and then dropped herself into her chair. Momentarily she relaxed, enjoying taking the pressure off her knees after kneeling on the hard floor for so long, then Maria slowly leaned forward and pressed her lips to the big round ass which haunted her dreams. Well, Natasha's entire body haunted her dreams, and after this Maria would no doubt be thinking about The Black Widow's yummy pussy nearly non-stop, but this was still Maria's favourite part of the curvaceous redhead.

After about a minute letting The Deputy Director of SHIELD literally kiss her ass Natasha pushed, "No, eat my ass hole. I wanna feel your tongue on my little ass hole! Mmmmmm yes, lick me back there just like that. Relax me after the traumatic experience of you totally dyking out on my cunt."

Maria smirked. She wasn't sure what was funnier, that Natasha would still dare to insult her/push her buttons at a time like this, or that she could sounds so petulant while doing it. Of course Natasha had trained herself to talk in a certain way which disarmed her prey and made them think less of her, but did she really think she could make Maria forget how dangerous she was? Hell, it wasn't that long ago Maria had been 100% against fraternising with a co-worker and now her face was buried in between the ass cheeks of perhaps her most deadly and yet beautiful co-worker ever.

Not Maria wasn't enjoying herself, because she was. If anything she was enjoying herself too much, the respected brunette frantically lapping away at the other woman's ass hole, occasionally spreading those large ass cheeks with both her hands so she could spit onto that puckered hole and then rub in the saliva with her tongue. After a while she also began wrapping her lips around Natasha's ass hole and sucked on it, and doing her best to push her tongue into her fellow SHIELD Agent's butt, anything to worship that big glorious ass.

Putting that desire to the test Natasha ordered, "Get up on the desk."

"What?" Maria questioned, hating herself sounded for so dumb after she reluctantly pulled herself away from Natasha's ass hole.

"Get up, onto the desk and lie on your back." Natasha ordered firmly after she turned around and was looking in Maria's eyes, "I want your tongue deep inside my ass, so I'm going to help you make that happen by sitting on your face."

Maria blushed, but did as she was told, not just because it was part of their agreement but because she couldn't have refused this request if she tried. Sure, the very idea of being smothered in someone's ass was humiliating, but as long as it was Natasha's big beautiful booty it would be totally worth it. That was something Maria continued to think even though she spent the next few minute struggling to breathe as Natasha pressed her ass down onto her face so hard Maria thought something might break.

Having done this many times before Natasha knew just when to pull up and give Maria some much-needed air, meaning most of the time she had her boss's extremely eager tongue pushing up into her ass hole. By the end of it Natasha had Maria's tongue as deep as it could go into her ass, which truth be told wasn't very far but was far enough to get her off. Of course that had a lot to do with her fingers which at first she just used to gently rub her pussy lips, but once Maria really started tongue fucking her ass Natasha pushed two fingers inside her cunt and fucked herself to climax.

Another contributing factor was getting to verbally humiliate The Assistant Director of SHIELD, Natasha nearly constantly moaning things like, "Mmmmmm, that's it Commander, mmmmmm, get your tongue up my ass. I want Maria Hill's tongue as deep in my ass as it can go. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, that feels good. That feels so good. It feels so good to have Maria Hill's tongue in my ass, mmmmmmmm, the high and mighty Commander Hill cleaning out my little butt hole, mmmmmmm oooooooh fuckkkkkkk, rimming me like a good little ass licking whore. Mmmmmm, I love getting rim jobs from girls like you Maria. Mmmmmm, shoving their pretty faces up my ass, ohhhhhhhh yeah, riding your face, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, using you as a fucking seat, mmmmmmm, in the middle of your office, mmmmmmm, in the middle of the fucking day, mmmmmmm fuck yes, clean my ass out, ooooooohhhhhhh fuck!"

While a big part of what got her off was dominating and humiliating her commanding officer Natasha had to admit feeling Maria's tongue up her ass had her craving the feeling of something else. Something she considered very much submissive, and a rare treat she had only experienced a few times. Butt fucking. As in Maria strapping on a nice big dildo, shoving it up her butt and taking her like a little bitch, Natasha trembling at the rare thought for her. It was perhaps the biggest complement that Maria would never know she got that Natasha was considering it now, and had considered it at least once before now, that while The Black Widow had of course imagined ass fucking Maria over her desk countless times she was now picturing herself with her ass hole all stretched out and filled with strap-on dick.

It was that image which sent Natasha over the edge of another hard climax which rocked her body, her cum squirting out onto Maria's desk while she grinded her ass into the brunette's face. The sensations were so satisfying that Natasha almost wished she had brought her strap-on and ordered Maria to shove it up her ass, or maybe anally ride the higher ranking SHIELD Agent as she sat in her chair or on her desk. Or better yet maybe Maria would bring her own strap-on into the next session, brutally fuck The Black Widow in all her holes and try and turn her into her bitch. Oh, that would be fun.

Pushing the rare thought of submission out of her head Natasha got off of Maria's face/desk, collected herself best she could and quickly got dressed while a obviously stunned Agent Hill stared at her. Not that Natasha didn't enjoy the attention, but she was almost disappointed that Maria didn't get around to complaining until she was dressed and almost at the door.

"Hey, what about me?" Maria whined, in no way caring how desperate she sounded.

Turning around and looking at her little toy Natasha smirked, "I remember agreeing to a lot of conditions so that you would break your silly little rule so we could fuck, and making each other cum every time wasn't one of them."

"Romanoff!" Maria growled warningly.

Ignoring her Natasha continued, "So, since I love the thought of you masturbating at your own desk, my final order for the day is for you to fuck yourself to climax. When you cum you can put your clothes back on, and not a second before."

"Romanoff." Maria tried to interrupt again, although a lot less forcefully.

Again ignoring the other woman Natasha calmly continued, "And while you're doing that, I'll go find Fury. Tell him you want to see him about something, but you wouldn't tell me what. Make something up if you want, but I suggest you personally hand him your little report on me while singing my praises."

"You, you wouldn't dare." Maria said weakly, wishing she believed it.

With another smirk Natasha turned around, opened the door and walked through it while casually calling out, "You have five minutes."

Maria watched Natasha close the door behind her in disbelief, then as she was more desperate to cum than she'd ever been, she hammered her own cunt to orgasm. Luckily that took less than a minute thanks to all the build-up, Maria using the rest of her time to quickly get dressed and try and hide any evidence of what had gone on in her office while most importantly of all planning her revenge against The Black Widow.
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