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Maria's Rule Part 4
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers or anything to do with Marvel. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place sometime before The Avengers.

Keywords: Anal, FF, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys

Avengers: Maria's Rule Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

So, Fury officially signed off on Agent Romanoff being part of The Avengers program. Because of course he did. Natasha was right, he was going to put her on the team no matter what anyone said. Well, maybe if Maria had insisted she couldn't be trusted he would have thought twice, but he had been fairly confident going in that wasn't the case and indeed Maria didn't have a bad word to say about The Black Widow. Or at least nothing she'd be willing to put in an official report.

If she had the type of close female friends women always seem to have in the movies Maria might have plenty to say, although she couldn't imagine any universe where she would actually say the things which were echoing in her head out loud. Because she wasn't THAT girl. She wasn't that girl who allowed herself to be talked into a no strings attached relationship with someone infamous for fucking around and then get mad when they fucked someone else because she somehow deluded herself into thinking she could change them. No, Maria Hill was not that pathetic and clichéd. She didn't give a flying fuck what or who The Black Widow did when they weren't together, because they weren't a couple and Maria certainly did NOT have romantic feelings for Natasha Romanoff.

So why was Maria watching Natasha effortlessly seduce Pepper Potts? Natasha's infiltration of Stark Industries was none of her business. She had a million and one other problems to deal with, the last thing she needed was to be wasting her precious little free time using her security clearance to watch her lover like a creepy stalker. But here she was, checking up on Natasha yet again, unable to think of a good reason why she initially did and she certainly had no excuse for continuing to watch as Natasha stripped and devoured her prize.

As The Black Widow feasted, her pretty red hair planted firmly in between Ms Potts' thighs as Natasha's tongue clearly made her latest victim writhe in pleasure, Maria's treacherous hand slipped into her pants. Now she knew exactly what that tongue was capable of she just couldn't resist, Maria picturing herself sprawled out on the desk like she had been on top of her own so many times over the last few months, the brunette just as helpless in that moment as Natasha's latest conquest.

Or maybe not, because after she came Ms Potts took both Natasha and Maria by surprise, not only pulling the deadly Black Widow up by her beautiful red hair but after briefly whispering in her ear she bent Natasha over her desk and started spanking her. And not a few playful slaps to Natasha's big ass but full on devastating blows which caused the redhead's meaty cheeks to jiggle and the sound of Ms Potts' hand connecting with The Black Widow's butt to echo throughout the room.

Maria nearly came just from watching someone manhandle the infamous Black Widow like that, her arousal increasing tenfold as she watched Natasha get spanked. Of course she had done the same thing to that goddess of a woman many times, but they had an agreement and throughout the process Maria couldn't escape the knowledge that Natasha could probably turn the tables on her at any second. Which was true for the situation, unless Ms Potts had some kind of superpower that SHIELD was unaware of, which given its track record was not impossible.

For a second Maria's heart raced with fear, not excitement, and she knew she was screwed. She was genuinely worried about the safety of maybe the most dangerous woman on the planet, which like her recent thoughts were embarrassing for Maria. Although not as embarrassing as jumping slightly when she felt hot breath next to her ear.

Then a familiar voice whispered, "Enjoying the show?"

Upset with herself for her initial reaction Maria grumbled, "Why can't you just knock like a normal person?"

"I'm not a normal person. And neither are you." Natasha said simply, "Now, answer my question."

"I thought that the answer was so obvious it was rhetorical." Maria quipped.

"It was, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to hear it. Or that you should stop." Natasha said.

Ignoring the redhead Maria gestured at the screen and then asked, "Has this happened before?"

"Yes. I sleep with most of my targets." Natasha admitted with a smile, and then when Maria gave her a look added, "But it is rare to find a woman who can turn the tables on me. Or a man for that matter."

Maria frowned, "Then why couldn't I find a record of it?"

"Because I hack the SHIELD database and delete the evidence every time it happens." Natasha explained calmly, as if what she was explaining wasn't illegal and something that could get just about anybody else fired.

Annoyed at the response Maria asked, "So why didn't you delete this?"

"Maybe I wanted people to see it and mistake me for some kind of closet bottom. It's amazing how many people who should know better underestimate you when they think they see a weakness." Natasha casually explained before leaning closer and practically purring, "Or maybe I wanted you to see it and get inspired."

Maria was about to ask inspired by what, then Pepper finally stopped spanking Natasha and pulled a rather large strap-on dildo out of one of her desk drawers. Honestly Maria wasn't sure what was more shocking, the size of the toy, that the seemingly uptight Pepper Potts had something like that in her desk drawer or that Natasha was just lying there while the strawberry blonde strapped the cock around her waist, positioned herself behind the redhead, and then after rubbing the head of the dick against Natasha's sex Ms Potts slowly began to push her dildo into The Black Widow.

Natasha felt a slight blush to her cheeks and her body tingle as the on-screen version of her moaned loudly as her pussy was filled with hard rubber cock, the on-screen version of Pepper quickly establishing a steady rhythm which told Natasha her somewhat pleasant memories of earlier in the day weren't exaggerating how skilled the CEO of Stark Industries had been with a strap-on. Briefly she allowed herself to relive this pleasant memory, then she concentrated on her current target.

Pretty much the moment Natasha announced her presence Maria had taken her fingers out of her pants in a small sign that her uptight demeanour was coming back, although she was pleased to see that her boss didn't move from the chair she was sitting on, Maria just continuing to stare at her laptop even as Natasha kneeled behind her. The chair's back was small and thin, allowing Natasha to wrap her arms around her boss from behind and offer a few brief kisses to her neck before she grabbed the hand which had previously been in Maria's pants.

"Like I said, please don't stop on my account." Natasha said as she lifted Maria's hand up to her face and then briefly pausing to take the fingers covered in cunt cream into her mouth and moaned in satisfaction as she cleaned off the yummy cream, then she whispered, "Or I could do it for you."

With that Natasha slowly slid her hand down Maria's body and eventually into her tightfitting pants where she predictably found a wet and eager pussy waiting for her. As she did this Maria tensed and then moaned softly, Natasha grinning as she slowly started to tease the sensitive little lips of the other woman's cunt as she watched her cunt get pounded by a long thick strap-on dick. They stayed there like that for several long minutes, both of them staring at the screen even though Natasha occasionally kissed Maria's neck or sucked on her earlobe.

Then finally Maria whispered, "I may regret asking this, but what did you mean exactly when you said you wanted me to get inspired?"

Smiling happily Natasha waited a few seconds and then gestured to the screen, "Do you know how long it's been since I've been dominated like that? Since someone has just taken me and fucked me like a slut?"

Feeling genuinely offended Maria protested, "Hey, I seem to remember nearly drowning in your cum yesterday!"

"Oh Maria, this isn't about your pussy eating skills." Natasha said, almost like she was speaking to a child, "You're awesome at that, but when it comes to topping me, I always get the feeling you're holding back, that you're afraid that if you say the wrong thing I'll break your arm or something, when nothing could be further from the truth. As you should be able to see here, when I fully commit to being submissive you can do anything you want to me. And I do mean anything."

As if on cue the on-screen version of Pepper almost casually asked, "Ever taken it up the butt before?"

Natasha had been on the edge of orgasm at the time, explaining just how needy she sounded when she replied, "Yesssssss, mmmmmm, I love it up the ass! Mmmmmm, please fuck me there! Fuck my ass! Butt fuck me, fuck my butt, fuck me in the butt, ooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddddd!"

"You want it? Prove it!" Pepper challenged, pulling the dildo out of Natasha's pussy and slapping her well rounded ass, "Spread your cheeks! Spread your ass cheeks and beg me to fuck you like the slut you clearly are!"

Without hesitation the on-screen version of Natasha reached back, spread her ass cheeks wide apart and began pleading, "Oh God fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my slutty little ass! Fuck me like a slut Ms Potts! Butt fuck me! Fuck me up the ass like a cheap anal whore! Please ass fuck me, ass fuck me like the slut I am! Take my ass hole and make it yours Ms Potts! Make my ass hole yours! Make me your little ass whore, oh God, God yes, stretch my little ass hole, oh yes, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeesssssss!"

Natasha's ass practically quivered as it remembered the penetration her on-screen self was receiving and the amazing ass pounding which had followed. Unfortunately she couldn't get a good look at her ass hole stretching for Pepper's dick, but she could clearly see the other woman thrust into her from behind and thanks to the dialogue it was pretty clear what was happening. Although while Natasha's attention would later be 100% on the action on screen when she inevitably chose to finger herself to it right now she was very much focused on Maria's reaction.

"Wow..." Maria said breathlessly once there was over half of the dildo buried up the on-screen version of Natasha's butt and Pepper had began pumping her hips back and forth, "She's right, you really are a slut."

"You say it like it's a bad thing." Natasha briefly grinned before becoming deadly serious, "Women should take back the word slut and wear it with pride. For far too long men have been using that word to shame us while they fuck whoever they want, however they want, whenever they want. There's no shame in us doing the same thing."

"Did you come here to lecture me on sexuality... or did you break into my home so that I could fuck the hell out of you?" Maria asked, emphasising the second half of the question in a rather angry tone as she turned and looked directly at The Black Widow.

"Perhaps it was a bit of both?" Natasha shrugged, a cheeky smile spreading across her face, "Why do you think I'm here Maria?"

For a moment Maria was taken aback by hearing her first name from The Widow, then while still staring into Natasha's eyes she grabbed onto the redhead's arm and roughly pulled Natasha's hand out of her pants and up to her lips. She then hesitated for dramatic effect before taking those fingers into her mouth and slowly sucking them clean. She then pulled them from her mouth and practically attacked Natasha's lips with her own, Maria standing up with surprising grace as she fell into her lover's waiting arms.

Then, after what felt like a few minutes of making out, Maria broke the kiss, looked into Natasha's eyes and then smacked the deadly super spy across the face as hard as she could. She made sure to telegraph it, daring Natasha to stop it, but The Black Widow didn't. Perhaps the world's most deadly assassin let Maria slap her across the face, that fact honestly as satisfying as the contact itself which was strong enough to turn Natasha's head to the side.

There was then a moment of silence followed by Maria calmly ordering, "Strip for me, Natasha."

Maria wasn't scared of Natasha Romanoff. She wasn't! She just had a healthy respect for the fact if push came to shove the other woman would probably win a physical altercation, hence why she had always been holding back during their previous sessions. Since Natasha had basically requested for her not to do that Maria figured that the redhead wouldn't do anything, but for a moment when Natasha turned her head back to look at her she was a teeny tiny bit worried. Natasha smiled, gave her this look of pure lust and then started slowly taking off her catsuit.

Over the past few weeks, even months now, Maria had watched Natasha remove her uniform and she was still blown away by it every time. She wore something similar and every time she took it off she felt as awkward and as unsexy as could be, and yet Natasha could make Maria drool with every little bit of flawless skin which was revealed, that fact both incredibly arousing and infuriating.

When The Black Widow was naked before her Maria took a minute to stare at Natasha's perfect body in all its glory, and then she pulled the other woman into another rough kiss, this time breaking it by yanking the lower ranking SHIELD Agent back by her hair and then practically growling in her face, "So, you want it rough do you, Agent Romanoff?"

"God yes!" Natasha growled back before letting out a little yelp as she was roughly slammed face first down onto the table with her face inches away from Maria's laptop.

"Then be a good bitch and don't move a muscle. I've got something for that pretty little ass of yours." Maria ordered, before she scrambled to retrieve one of the items she wanted to use on the cocky redhead for a long time now.

Natasha could have easily countered Maria shoving her down on the desk and regardless of what happens next she knew she could stop her if she wanted too. That was a big part of the reason why she wanted to do it. Because Natasha craved this type of pain and humiliation, but she couldn't do it with anyone she couldn't turn the tables on if she wanted too. Also if she was honest with herself there was just something about Maria which made it easy for Natasha to trust her. She was still very wary of what Maria was retrieving, but once she got out of it Natasha smiled happily.

Once she returned to Natasha's side a now naked Maria slid a hand over the flawless flesh of The Black Widow's butt cheeks and softly murmured, "All those blows and not a scratch on you. And despite the pounding Ms Potts gave your ass hole it looks practically virgin."

Looking at herself on the screen still getting her ass hammered Natasha smiled, "Well, it was several hours ago now... and my ass hasn't been virgin in a very, very long time."

"I very much believe that." Maria smirked, "But my question is, do you want me to do better? Do you want me to leave a mark on this perfect ass?"

"I want you to try." Natasha said lustfully.

"As you wish." Maria said almost casually before bringing the wooden cane she had brought recently as hard as she could down onto Natasha's butt with enough forced to make the cheeks jiggle.

Natasha let out a cry of pleasure and pain from that first strike but stayed mostly silent for the ones that followed. Partly because after many, many sessions of being bent over Maria's knee or a desk or some other type of surface and spanked by The Deputy Director of SHIELD Natasha knew what to expect from her superior officer. Indeed this followed the normal formula of one hard/sudden strike followed by soft/consistent strikes, Natasha wishing Maria would hit her harder. Then there was the simple fact that Natasha had a reputation to maintain and couldn't simply be screaming for mercy on what was hopefully warm-up blows.

It took a lot to get Natasha screaming for mercy, and it had been a very, very long time since someone had made her do that and she was pretty sure Maria wouldn't be the one to finally make her scream, and she wasn't. However Maria did succeed in making her cry out again. Better yet she made her whimper, Maria eventually bringing that cane down onto her flesh with every ounce of her strength and causing Natasha exactly the kind of exquisite pain she craved, on occasion.

Perhaps misreading her actions, although perhaps not, Maria taunted her, "Watch the screen Romanoff! Watch yourself being fucked in the ass like a little whore and maybe it will take your mind off this."

The last thing Natasha wanted was to completely take her mind off the pain, but she obeyed Maria's command. After all, it was part of their agreement she would do whatever The Deputy Director said, and honestly Natasha really loved watching the reminder of what happened to her earlier, although sadly from the looks of it the butt fucking her on-screen self was receiving was coming to an end. On the bright side what happened afterwards would hopefully be enlightening and inspiring for Maria. That was if the brunette wasn't totally focused on beating her butt.

Maria was trying to focus on caning Natasha's ass, but for the first time ever she was in a sexual situation with the real-life Black Widow right in front of her and she was being distracted by something else. To be fair that other thing was a video of the deadly Black Widow being ass fucked by a corporate executive who was no physical challenge to her, Maria never having seen the mighty Natasha Romanoff looking more submissive then when she was surrendering her ass hole to Pepper Potts who was very much taking advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity.

Not that she could be blamed for that, and Maria very much admired it, but she was still grateful when it ended, Ms Potts pulling her strap-on out of Natasha's ass after what seemed like countless orgasms for both women and collapsing back onto her chair. Then of course the on-screen version of Natasha had to straighten up, turn around, drop to her knees and take the dildo which had just been hammering her ass into her mouth, the redheaded bitch even moaning as she tasted her own butt on that toy cock.

This caused Maria to become so distracted she almost stopped the spanking, and then attempting to quickly recover from it by murmuring, "You really are a submissive slut, aren't you Romanoff?"

"When I want to be." Natasha grinned, before adding in a deliberately threatening tone, "But if you don't stop putting me off my submissive mood with this weak ass caning I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn the tables on you, Hill."

Reinvigorated by the challenging words, and from the lack of distraction on the screen when the little ass to mouth show was completed a few minutes later, Maria started increasing the force and speed of the blows. In fact by the time the on-screen version of Natasha was done sucking cock Maria was using every ounce of her strength to beat the round succulent butt of the real life Natasha Romanoff, her pussy getting so wet as that perfect ass became covered in red lines which became increasingly angry and bruised, the swish and the crack of the cane echoing throughout the room along with the sounds which came out of the redhead's mouth.

At first they were barely audible, but eventually they became audible cries, and then for the first time since this whole affair had started Natasha screamed. The Black Widow Natasha Romanoff screamed in pain for Maria as she relentlessly beat her butt with that cane, the luscious flesh jiggling with every blow and becoming increasingly discoloured which meant both the sound and the sight of this was heaven for Maria. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Natasha had actually begged for mercy, and for a moment there Maria thought she might actually make the incredibly tough other woman do just that. Then the solid wood cane snapped under the constant force, bringing the butt beating to an abrupt end.

For a moment Maria realised what she had done, and more importantly who she had done it too, and was worried she had gone too far. Then she noticed something, something which had her grabbing Natasha's hair, pulling it back and growling in her ear, "You loved that, didn't you?"

"God yes!" Natasha moaned as Maria slid a hand in between her legs, "I love that so much, mmmmmmm, please give me more."

"I could give you more." Maria murmured almost conversationally as she rubbed the extremely wet pussy which noticing moments ago had given her the confidence to do this, "But I think it'd be much more fun to fuck you."

With that Maria straightened up and walked to her bedroom, keeping a hand firmly on Natasha's hair so she was pulling her along the entire way. It was an extremely weak hold, one more appropriate for someone who didn't know the first thing about self-defence, but Natasha guessed Maria was daring her to stop her. And/or humiliating her by dragging her along this way, Natasha definitely getting a thrill out of the humiliation aspect although she certainly had no intention of stopping this as it meant the other beautiful woman was about to fuck her.

Sure enough only a few moments later Natasha was being slammed down onto Maria's bed, the redhead briefly letting out a tiny cry as her sore butt touched the soft sheets before her commanding officer got on top of her and started to passionately kiss her. It was a situation Natasha was very familiar with, most recently with Maria, but her ass was definitely more achey than usual and there was just a delightfully needy energy to this which was just off the charts intense. Although to be fair the kiss alone could have made Natasha's knees go weak, the spy briefly considering whether that meant anything and then brushing it off when Maria broke the kiss, grabbed her hands and forced them over her head.

"If you touch me without permission, or even move your hands from this spot, I will beat these glorious tits of yours like I just beat your butt!" Maria threatened as she grabbed two handfuls of the redhead's big boobs, then added when Natasha grinned, "Oh that's right, you'd actually like that, wouldn't you? Well maybe instead of doing that I'll just work you up to the edge of orgasm and kick your fat ass out of here? Maybe make you eat me out first or just kneel over your face and finger myself to climax? Huh? Would you like that?"

Natasha gritted her teeth, but didn't reply.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Maria said, enjoying the look on Natasha's face for a few seconds before dropping down so she was eye level with the most beautiful tits she'd ever seen.

Maria always did this, and to be fair many others did, and Natasha never failed to find it amusing. However she barely got a chance to chuckle this time round at Maria's shameless lusting over her body when she let out a loud cry of pain and pleasure as the supposedly prim, proper and most importantly of all respected Deputy Director of SHIELD closed her teeth around one of her nipples and bit down so hard she almost tore the sensitive little nub right off of her body. Which, for the mood Natasha was in, was exquisite, the redhead unsure whether the moment was ruined or made even better by the follow-up of Maria's tongue swirling around that nipple and then of course the other woman's lips clamping down for an intense sucking.

That process was repeated in various orders and combinations as Maria went back and forth between Natasha's tits, the slightly taller woman mostly leaving the biting out or restricting it to gentle nibbling while her main focus was licking and sucking. Which frustrated Natasha because the last thing she needed right now was foreplay. Luckily for her after a few minutes of just cupping whichever breast she was focusing on into her mouth and caressing the other Maria moved one of her hands down to where Natasha needed it the most. It was painfully slow going, but she got there eventually, and when she did Natasha tilted her head back and let out another long loud moan.

For a few long seconds Maria just gently caressed those sensitive little pussy lips, and then she moved her mouth away from Natasha's nipples, brought her face up until she was practically nose to nose with her lover and murmured, "I really just want to shove a cock in you, but if I did it you'd probably cum right away, wouldn't you?"

Natasha smiled, "If you did it right."

Her reward was Maria pinching her clit, although the cry she let out was mostly of pleasure, Maria momentarily feeling impressed before she said, "Well, what do you think would be the best way of dealing with this problem? Cold shower? Talking about sports? Or should I just fuck you and make you cum? Huh? Tell me Romanoff, what do you think would be best?"

It definitely sounded like some kind of trap/trick, but what could Natasha do except reply, "Making me cum sounds good."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Maria grinned, pressing a finger against Natasha's entrance, "Ask me nicely... and I just might do it."

For the briefest of moments Natasha stared into Maria's eyes, the strong willed women testing each other, then the redhead softly spoke, "Please Commander Hill, make me cum. Fuck me and make me cum. Mmmmmmm, I don't care how you do it, just oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd!"

Maria found her mouth falling open slightly of its own accord, The Assistant Director of SHIELD who should really be above such things dumbfounded at how beautiful The Black Widow looked when she came. And it wasn't even like this was a new experience for Maria. Oh no, Maria had seen this many, many times before and yet she found it so incredibly captivating each time. The way Natasha would struggled to control her facial muscles as the sensations, the explosion behind her eyes, the little trembles of her body was all intoxicating.

Perhaps the best part was feeling Natasha clamping down on her fingers, the deadly Black Widow cumming on part of Maria's body which was currently inside the infamous assassin. Maria was inside The Black Widow, those words in some form or fashion echoing in Maria's mind as Natasha rode out her from the looks of it very satisfying climax. Then Maria was left with a choice, she could either start moving her finger again and give Natasha more orgasms this way or she could do what she had been too chicken to do for months now.

Deciding to go with the latter Maria slowly removed her finger once Natasha had come down from her high, then lifted it directly to the redhead's beautiful face softly and murmured, "You see this finger? Well... I'm about to shove it straight up your ass. Then I'm going to use something bigger on your butt."

For a moment Natasha gave her an unreadable expression, Maria worried that she had finally push things too far even though Natasha had basically goaded her into it. Then Natasha slowly parted her lips, lifted her head up and slowly slid her mouth down onto Maria's cum coated finger and gently sucked her own juices from them. The whole time she did that her eyes stayed locked with Maria's, Natasha giving her the type of look which made Maria's entire body quiver with delight.

"Slut." Maria playfully grinned, Natasha returning it with one of her own once she had slowly removed her lips from around her finger, but before The Widow could say anything Maria added, "Now turn over and stick your incredible ass in the air."

Still grinning Natasha flipped over onto all fours like some kind of graceful cat, then lowered her head downwards so her ass was literally stuck in the air for Maria's enjoyment. And enjoy it she did, Maria just staring for a few long seconds before rushing to get two items she had brought specifically to use on the intimidating Black Widow, namely a strap-on dildo and a tube of anal lubricant. She applied the latter to the former once she had got the device firmly strapped around her waist, Maria then coating her fingers in the lube as she got back into position behind The Black Widow, the whole time her eyes locked onto Natasha's ridiculously perfect butt and the two scrumptious looking holes she could see in between those well-rounded cheeks.

Natasha didn't spend the whole time watching Maria but she was constantly aware of what the brunette was doing, a grin pretty much constantly on the redhead's face as she anticipated what was to come. Then Maria actually surprised her, The Deputy Director of SHIELD lowering her head, pressing her tongue to her clit and then licking all the way up to her ass hole. The most surprising thing about it was Maria didn't linger, most women becoming consumed by her flavour the second they tasted her cunt with Maria being a perfect example.

There was also astonishingly little lingering on her butt hole, Maria's tongue lapping away that puckered rosebud just long enough for Natasha to really got into the rim job and then when she was nice and relaxed the brunette pulled away and pressed her finger against the back entrance, giving the redhead just enough time to tense up and then relax again for the anal penetration. Maria's finger felt plenty wet and went in slow, Natasha moaning softly as her back passage was filled and fucked by first one and then two fingers.

"You sure you got butt fucked today Romanoff? Cause this hole is really tight." Maria murmured almost conversationally.

"Yes, I'm sure." Natasha purred, before adding cheekily, "And I'm glad the tightness of my ass hole pleases you Hill."

Maria just smiled wickedly in response and went right back to fingering her ass with surprising skill, which boded well for the near future. Natasha was hopeful that studying her, including her many, many sexual encounters, would have trained Maria to be at the very least an adequate butt fucker, Natasha briefly second guessing her decision to totally submit to Maria only hours after Pepper Potts had done such a masterful job at topping her. Oh well, it didn't really matter if this didn't work out like Natasha was hoping it would because she would be turning the tables on Maria soon enough, The Widow deciding to remind her lover of that very fact in the hopes of motivating her.

"Are you an anal virgin Maria?" Natasha asked almost casually, and then when the fingers in her butt immediately ceased moving and Maria didn't immediately respond the redhead added, "Because no matter what next time I'm on top I'm definitely taking your ass, and if you do a really good job of taking mine I'll go easy on you. If you don't, or if you don't answer my question, I will fuck your pretty little mouth and then shove my biggest cock straight up your ass with no additional lube and then pound you into total submission."

These words hung in the air for a moment, and then Maria wisely replied, "Yes... I'm an anal virgin."

A huge grin crossed Natasha's face and honestly, thanks at least partly to the fingers in her butt, The Black Widow thought she might have a mini-orgasm just from the knowledge she would soon be sliding into virgin ass. There was nothing in this world Natasha loved more than sliding a big strap-on cock into another girl's virgin ass and thus taking a member of her own sex in such a forbidden way which stated no matter what in that moment she was making someone her bitch. And to do that to one of the most powerful women in the world, and the most politically powerful woman in SHIELD, would be quite the achievement.

For now it was Natasha who was happily being made into someone's bitch, Maria reminding her of that as she casually asked, "How about we put a pin in you fucking my ass for now so we can concentrate on me fucking your ass?"

"Fine by me." Natasha said as those fingers were slowly removed from her ass, the redhead looking over her shoulder as she asked, "How do you want me?"

Biting her lip for a few moments Maria then decided to push her luck, "How about face down, ass up and spreading your cheeks like the little bitch you are?"

Yes Mistress Hill." Natasha grinned as she recognised her own words and and preferences being thrown back at her, the redhead happily pressing her face to the bed sheets and reaching back to spread her ass cheeks so the other woman could sodomise her.

For a few long seconds Maria just stared in disbelief at the deadly Black Widow offering up her forbidden hole as a sacrifice, the sight unbelievably twisted and hot. Then Maria took a deep calming breath, pressed her strap-on against her target and shoved the head into Natasha's ass hole, anally penetrating the infamous Black Widow in one powerful thrust which made the dangerous super spy cry out in pain. Amazingly Natasha offered up no further form of complaint, instead remaining where she was as Maria slowly began filling her glorious ass with inch after inch of long, thick dildo.

It was so obscene, watching a dildo slowly disappearing into what was supposed to be an exit only hole, Maria ashamed of herself that she found such a violation of another woman's body such an amazing turn on. As always with these things she blamed Natasha for being so ridiculously sexy that she couldn't help but watch hours of footage of the redhead sodomising countless women, making Maria find enjoyment in this perverted act, those memories of a completely dominant Natasha Romanoff only making her current reality of shoving a strap-on up The Black Widow's ass more intense.

Throughout those hours of footage there had never been a close look at the penetration, Maria getting her first glimpse of an ass hole stretching to accept inch after inch of fake cock inside it, the sight just as disgusting and as hot as the brunette had imagined it would be. What she couldn't have possibly imagined on the few times she had dared to imagine herself doing this to the deadly Black Widow was how powerful and dominant it would make her feel, that overwhelming feeling only becoming stronger when her thighs crashed into Natasha's ass cheeks, announcing she had fully penetrated the dangerous Black Widow's ass with the full length of her strap-on cock.

Unable to believe this was actually happening Maria spent several long seconds just staring at where her thighs were now pressed against that perfect ass, the knowledge that there was now a massive dildo buried in Natasha's guts and she had been the one to put it there echoing in her mind in some form or another. Then, out of some instinct born from watching Natasha sodomising all those women, Maria firmly gripped the redhead's hips with both hands and then started slowly thrusting her hips back and forth, officially beginning to butt fuck The Black Widow.

Knowing this was a delicate stage in the process Natasha allowed herself to moan in pleasure as that big dildo moved through her bowels. Not that they were fake moans by any means, it was just that normally she like to make her lovers force moans out of her. And honestly, Maria's inexperience was showing a little, as while her thrusts were slow they were a little bit too forceful sometimes, especially in the case of the first one. To be fair being anally penetrated always hurt a little, and Natasha liked a little pain with her pleasure, but as Maria would soon learn when it was her ass hole being taken by the redhead there was more that could be done to make the beginning of anal sex as pleasurable as possible for both the giver and the receiver.

As she forced her back passage to relax and accept this latest violation Natasha's mind wandered for a little bit to the extremely pleasant thought of butt fucking Maria. She now knew for sure that prim and proper Maria Hill was an anal virgin and oh how Natasha was looking forward to returning this current favour by bending her superior officer over and popping her little anal cherry with a nice big strap-on dildo. Of course those dominant thoughts threatened to ruin her submissive mood so Natasha switched from her now very frequent fantasies of de-flowering Maria's ass to the skilful ass pounding she had received about six hours ago now.

Pepper Potts had been a very pleasant surprise, Natasha unsure whether anyone had ever turned the tables on her so effortlessly. The woman had just been so confident and experienced, the way she sternly told Natasha what to do making the normally dominant spy melt and she would be probably thinking about the butt fucking she had received for the rest of her life. To compare what she was currently experiencing to that was a little unfair on Maria, although the brunette was becoming more confident with every thrust, and thanks to Ms Potts Natasha's rectum walls were still loose and ready to be stretched, filled and fucked.

It wasn't long before Natasha couldn't have kept her moans of pleasure to herself if she tried, the deadly spy blushing as red as her hair as she found herself letting out these little whimpers as well as squeals and cries of pleasure, the exact same type that her most skilled lovers like Pepper had forced out of her. Then Maria ever so slightly picked up the pace, prompting Natasha to finally let go of her butt cheeks to grip onto the bed sheets so she could feel the other woman's thighs smacking against her curvaceous backside.

To Natasha's delight this earned her a series of hard spanks, each strike making her cheeks jiggle and even forcing her to cry out a little, then Maria practically growled, "Did I give you permission to let go of your ass cheeks, slut?"

Natasha grinned as this was something she had done many times, the redhead trying her best to sound apologetic when she replied, "No Commander Hill, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, just get your sorry hands back on your cheeks and spread them. I like looking at your butt hole as I fuck it." Maria said with a type of confidence which was uncharacteristic for her, at least during sex. Oh how Natasha loved it, just as she loved Maria continuing to taunt her, "That's it, spread those cheeks! Spread those big, fat ass cheeks of yours so I can see exactly what I'm doing to the mighty Black Widow. Mmmmmm, I want The Black Widow to show me her ass hole stretching for my cock, mmmmmmm, her little back hole taking every, single, inch of this dick, yeahhhhh, taking it like... what was it you said? When you were butt fucking all those other girls, what did you claim they were taking it like?"

Again Natasha grinned, "A bitch. Ohhhhhhh fuck, they took it like little bitches."

"And now you're the one taking it like a bitch." Maria pointed out, letting those words hang in the air for a second before adding, "I guess that makes you my bitch."

"For now." Natasha said in a playful tone with a subtle trace of menace which didn't go unnoticed by Maria.

"For now? Ohhhhhh, you're still thinking about turning the tables on me, like Ms Potts did to you? Like maybe next time when it's your turn to be on top? Well maybe I'll fuck your ass so good you'll never want to top anyone again. How does that sound?" Maria taunted as she gave Natasha's big butt some long hard thrusts which made the redhead moan loudly with joy, "Mmmmmm, how does The Black Widow like the sound of me turning her into a pure bottom who can't get enough of it up her slutty little ass? Huh? Can you imagine it Romanoff? Can you imagine me turning you into a submissive lesbian slut? A pure bottom? My bitch? Mmmmm, do you like the idea of being my bitch?"

"Go ahead and try it." Natasha challenged, "Ooooooooh fuck, go ahead Hill, make me your bitch if you can, ohhhhhh shit!"

Challenge accepted, Maria thought in tribute to a sitcom she liked watching in her spare time. It was extremely unadvisable of course, but then again this entire thing with Natasha was unadvisable so she might as well try. It wasn't like she even wanted to turn Natasha completely submissive, or believed it was truly possible, but there was something about trying which was an overwhelming turn on. Just like the ass fucking itself, especially the part about making Natasha spread her ass cheeks so she could continue to watch the obscene sight of that dildo pumping in and out of the other woman's back door.

Maria couldn't even begin to understand why she became so fixated on watching her strap-on sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of Natasha's ass hole to the point where she completely lost track of time. The next thing she knew she was glancing at the clock and realising she had been gently but firmly fucking Natasha's ass for over an hour now, and while she felt she had plenty left in the tank the redhead almost looked like she was in pain, her fingernails digging into her ass cheeks and her teeth clearly clenched tightly together. For the briefest of moments Maria was worried, then a guttural moan of pleasure followed by a pathetic sounding whimper escaped Natasha's lips, and she realised what was happening. The mighty Black Widow was now aching to cum, but she didn't want to show weakness by admitting it.

This meant that for one brief shining moment it seemed she had The Black Widow completely at her mercy, Maria so overwhelmed by that realisation that she thought about keeping this up for as long as she could. And she would, she would keep butt fucking Natasha all night long, just not in this position. No, Natasha's body was too amazing to keep in one position, and while she could kind of see the redhead's tits bounce from this position Maria had an idea to put them and Natasha's dildo stuffed ass hole on display at the same time.

So suddenly Maria pulled her strap-on completely out of Natasha's ass and ordered, "On your back, slut. I want to look into your eyes as I take your ass."

Without a moments hesitation Natasha flipped over to look up at Maria with sex glazed eyes and murmured, "Like this?"

"No, lift your legs up to your titties! Good, now spread them slightly so I can see your boobs. Mmmmm yeah, that's it, display yourself for me you little butt slut." Maria praised as she pressed her strap-on against Natasha's already slightly gaping ass hole, "Show me how badly you want to get fucked in the ass."

Admiring Natasha's prone body before her Maria teased the other woman's ass hole, sliding her cock around the loosened, open back hole and occasionally almost pushing inside while the mighty Black Widow gasped for breath like she was in a marathon and completely failed to hide her frustration and desire. This, Maria realised, was how she would beat Pepper and any other lover who had taken Natasha in such a dominating way. Because she might not be the strongest and most experienced, but with all her SHIELD training her stamina was second to none and from watching The Black Widow for so long she knew exactly how to make a woman feel both humiliated and yet turned on beyond belief.

Natasha had actually hoped all night watching her would give Maria some ideas, and while the girl was a little slow on the uptake she was now very much making up for it. Of course she knew about Maria's stamina, both from previous experience fucking her and training with her, the latter of which had made The Assistant Director such a desirable conquest in the first place. Now it was Natasha that felt conquered and the redhead loved it, Maria dominating her in such a different way to Pepper which seemed so much more intense.

Maybe that was just because she felt like she physically needed to cum, Natasha crying out in pure joy when Maria finally pushed that dildo back inside her ass hole to continue the slow and gentle ass fucking. It was so good and so intense Natasha even forgot about her own desire to cum for a little while. Then she felt herself on the edge of orgasm again for what felt like the millionth time that night, the idea of being denied again so unbearable Natasha couldn't help but beg for mercy, something she normally hated to do but felt natural under the circumstances.

It was like it was all part of this wonderful submission, actual tears of need filling Natasha's eyes as she began begging, "Make me cum! Make me cum! Make me cum God damn you! Mmmmmm fuck, fuck me and make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass. Ohhhhhhhh Gooooddddddddd, make me your bitch. Mmmmmm, make me your bitch by fucking me in the ass. Please? Oh my God, it feels so good, mmmmmmm ooooooooh God, you're fucking my ass soooooo goooooddddd, mmmmmmm, please more, aaaaaahhhhhhhh, harder, shit, fuck me, please fuck me harder!"

Maria looked taken aback from Natasha's unprompted outburst, and rightfully so. After all Natasha Romanoff never begged for mercy during torture unless it was part of a manipulation, and 99% of the time it was the same during sex. Only her most skilled lovers, like Maria, had made her beg, and this time round Natasha completely failed to hide how desperately she needed an orgasm, or at least a harder butt fucking, which honestly made her feel more humiliated than ever. That humiliation grew more intense as an evil grin crossed Maria's face, and in that moment if Natasha had been capable of love she would probably fall head over heels for Maria Hill. Luckily she understood that love was a childish fantasy, otherwise she may have been in trouble.

Pulling the dildo out completely Maria took a moment to enjoy the groan of frustration the mighty Black Widow let out before calmly asking, "Remind me Agent Romanoff, as per our agreement, who's in charge here?"

Gritting her teeth Natasha replied, "You."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Maria pushed.

"You are in charge Commander Hill. I'm yours to use as you please." Natasha said, the second part trying to entice her superior officer, although it resulted in making her body tingle.

"That's right, which means you cum when I say, and right now... I don't think you've quite earned it yet. But since I'm feeling generous I'll give you the chance too." Maria said, lying down on her back and gripping firmly to her strap-on, "Ride my cock like a good little cowgirl without complaining long enough, and I'll make you cum. Start whining again and I'll fuck that big fat ass of yours all night long just so I can watch The Black Widow squirm for me like a little bitch. Do I make myself clear?"

Natasha couldn't help but smirk a little, "Yes Commander Hill."

"Good, now get that big fat ass back on my dick. Mmmmm, show me what a good little anal whore you can be for me." Maria ordered in a stern and confident tone which made Natasha melt.

Hurrying to obey Natasha moved her tired and sweat soaked body on top of Maria, positioning her ass directly over the dildo and lining her loosened ass hole against the tip of the toy before pushing downwards. Her ass was so well fucked at this point it swallowed the entire length of the cock with ease, Natasha moaning in pleasure throughout the entire penetration. Although it wasn't just having her ass filled again which made her moan, it was also the look on Maria's face and the way the other woman was taking advantage of her in her vulnerable state of sexual arousal. The last part made Natasha so proud, like a mentor/teacher whose student had just performed something she taught her perfectly, albeit indirectly. At the same time Natasha was overwhelmed by an emotion she couldn't even name, let alone understand, not that she tried very hard when she had a very important job to do.

As Natasha finally began performing that job, namely bouncing her ass up and down on the dildo, Maria studied the sight before her. She used to think it was unfair to other women that Natasha Romanoff existed in the world, and part of her still did. After all how could any woman compete with such a perfect body? Curves in all the right places, a cover girl's face and husky voice which demanded instant attention. No wonder The Black Widow's victims were helpless against her. However as she was now one of those victims Maria could enjoy the perfection which was Natasha Romanoff on a whole new level, and right now she had never looked more beautiful.

That gorgeous redhead was a total mess, every inch of her curvy body was drenched in sweat, her big tits were bouncing hypnotically and her beautiful face seemed torn between mind-numbing pleasure and torturous humiliation. And oh that voice, that husky voice was moaning, groaning and even whimpering with joy, Maria having never felt so powerful than she did right now because she had been the one to reduce the deadly Black Widow to this mess of a woman, who although a wreck was more beautiful than Maria could ever hope to be.

Pushing such self-deprecating thoughts out of her head Maria concentrated on Natasha's jiggling tits. It really wasn't that hard, and Maria had practically been obsessed with the redhead's curves since their affair had started. Probably before then, if Maria was being honest, and as captivating as Natasha's big boobs were normally now Maria could barely take her eyes off them. It had been the same story when she had butt fucked The Black Widow on her back, except they were jiggling even more now, Maria becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the sight until she couldn't take it anymore.

Sitting up Maria buried her face in Natasha's chest, at first motor-boating those big boobs like an idiot before she finally latched on to a nipple and began sucking on it. At roughly the same time her hands slid up Natasha's thighs to grab onto her big, jiggly ass, Maria shamelessly squeezing and groping that big butt while pulling it up and down her cock and going back and forth between the other woman's nipples. It was a bit awkward but they were able to continue the butt fucking like this for quite some time, Natasha's hand tangling in her hair pulling her closer, as if Maria needed any encouragement to keep up the tittie worship.

Occasionally Maria would thrust upwards into the redhead's rear, adding some much-needed stimulation, but it was nowhere near enough and eventually Natasha whimpered, "Maria... please..."

Lifting her head from her lover's chest Maria raised an eyebrow, "What did I tell you about whining?"

"I wasn't, I just, I..." Natasha murmured weakly, desperately trying to collect her thoughts, "I'll do anything, and I really do mean anything, if you just make me cum."

Maria thought about this long and hard, and then replied, "Be a pure bottom for me."

There was a long pause and then Natasha offered, "A week?"

Pushing her luck Maria murmured, "A year."

Which led to Natasha counter offering, "Two weeks."

Maria looked thoughtful for a moment, then decided to continue pushing her luck, "Nine months."

Natasha frowned, "A month."

"Six months."  Maria said firmly, "Final offer."

It was Natasha's turn to look thoughtful, but eventually the terrifying Black Widow simply murmured, "Done."

Maria grinned, "Which makes you what now?"

"Your bitch. It makes me your bitch. I am your bitch." Natasha replied, only partly because she knew it was what Maria wanted to hear.

"Good girl, now... get off my cock and get on all fours like a bitch. Then tell me how badly you need to cum." Maria ordered.

Natasha had felt like she needed to cum while anally riding Maria's man-made cock, but it was nothing compared to the painful burning to achieve climax she felt when she lifted herself off her lover and got into the ordered position. Her ass hole was gaped wide open, her back passage felt empty and aching to be filled, and her cunt felt like all it needed was some strategic rubbing, maybe a finger or two inside it, and she could finally have an orgasm. Of course it would be nowhere near a satisfying as a deep anal pounding, but part of Natasha briefly considered it, if only because it would be slightly less humiliating. However after coming this far anything less than an anal induced orgasm wasn't good enough.

So Natasha wiggled her ass seductively, then pressed her face to the bed sheets, reached back and spread her butt cheeks, all the while begging like the shameless anal whore Maria had turned her into, "Fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck my slutty whore ass! Please Commander Hill, make me cum. Please I need it so badly, more than you could possibly imagine. It's why you were able to gain the upper hand on me and turn me into your bitch. Which, is really impressive by the way, but I am going to have to return the favour. But then you already knew that. You already knew I was going to get your anal cherry sooner or later, you just can make sure we both can have a lot of fun beforehand. Now, we both know you're not going to turn down this deal, so do it. Fuck me! You want me to beg like an anal whore? Fine, please Commander Hill, fuck your new bitch up the ass and make her cum! Your new bitch wants to cum with your dick in her ass! Please? I want your big hard cock in my big fat ass sooooooo bad! Please, stick it in, fuck my ass and officially make me your submissive little bitch who loves taking it up the ass for you. Oh God, do it. DO IT! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

While Natasha begged like a whore Maria got behind her and started rubbing her dildo against the redhead's open rear hole. That made Natasha frustrated, and she couldn't help taunt Maria a little with some far from idle threats. However it wasn't telling Maria anything she didn't already know and it wasn't currently doing her any good, so soon enough Natasha changed her tune again, and it still didn't get her what she wanted. Only when she became an incoherent moron from her overwhelming need did Maria take pity on her and slowly pushed the head of the cock into her butt hole, followed by a brutal thrust which buried the full length of the dildo inside her back chute, the sudden anal invasion causing Natasha to cry out with pure joy.

Much to Natasha's relief Maria continued not to show her any mercy by grabbing her hips with both hands and beginning to mercilessly sodomise her right from the get go, the sound of the brunette's thighs smacking off her well rounded butt cheeks echoing throughout the room as her temporary top pounded that dildo deep and hard into her bubble butt. It felt like within seconds she was as close to an orgasm as you can get without actually having it, literal tears filling Natasha's eyes because she needed it so bad.

Then, in another move which made Natasha oddly proud, Maria grabbed her red hair and yanked on it so hard she forced her head upwards and then growled, "Who's my bitch?"


Natasha had said what Maria had just said to countless women just before she made them cum with the exact same result every time, and to have her own kink thrown back in her face so perfectly sent the redhead over the edge of her most intense climax ever. Considering she prided herself on being a master of sex that was really saying something, Natasha equally overwhelmed by the orgasms that followed as Maria Hill dominated her completely, for once The Black Widow truly feeling like another woman's bitch. Every other time she could have turned the tables if she'd wanted too, but now she was so physically and mentally broken Natasha felt truly helpless and submissive, and yet at the same time oddly safe and secure, and so very well fucked. It was perfect.

Maria also felt like this was perfect, albeit for very different reasons. After all while Natasha was lost in pure submission Maria was lost in pure dominance, the ambitious brunette never feeling more powerful than when ass fucking the infamous Black Widow. Partly because real power was a headache, Maria currently burdened with countless responsibilities, chief among them the safety of everybody under her command and at least to some extent the safety of everybody in the world. On some level she was responsible now for not hurting Natasha, but the redhead was tougher than anyone she'd ever met before, and the few words out of her mouth which were coherent were 'harder' and 'more', so for once Maria felt completely unburdened by her responsibilities.

That was the thing about sex with Natasha, at some point all of Maria's worries faded away and it became just the two of them. She wished it was the same for other lovers, but anyone else she had been with couldn't compare to this goddess she was currently viciously sodomising. Which was just another thing which pushed her to butt fuck Natasha harder, Maria too far gone to be able to deny that thinking of Pepper or anyone else taking this ass made her blood boil with pure jealousy.

It was absurd of course, and there was a time when Maria would have thought this overwhelming need to state her claim over the redhead was ridiculous, and demanding that another woman be her bitch would be laughable. But right now Maria NEEDED Natasha to be her bitch. She NEEDED to know no one was going to fuck this ass without her permission, because it was hers. Natasha Romanoff's butt hole was now her personal fuck hole, and Maria intended to use it every day from now on. Maybe hourly, because God, she could never get enough of this perfect ass.

For someone who hadn't really understood the appeal of anal sex Maria was becoming a total junkie at dishing it out. Then she came, the stimulator inside the harness and the pure paradise which was butt fucking The Black Widow on all fours like a little bitch catching up with Maria. It happened over and over again, the usually so dignified Maria Hill becoming like a wild animal, Natasha acting the same way as the two women became obsessed with slamming a long hard piece of rubber into a somehow still incredibly tight little butt hole.

The next thing Maria knew was that she was spooning Natasha from behind while still lazily pumping her strap-on in and out of her ass hole, both women moaning softly and quivering with the after-shocks of their orgasms. Her entire body ached even worse than when she had been sparring with this deadly assassin but no matter how much it hurt, and could be hazardous to her health in more ways than one, Maria just couldn't seem to stop butt fucking The Black Widow.

Even though knowing she had to stop otherwise she would perish from exhaustion it still took several minutes of gentle butt pumping for her to finally convince herself to yank her hips backwards and then to the side, Maria feeling like she was going to pass out as she collapsed onto her back. This caused Natasha to let out a whimper, although Maria couldn't tell if it was from relief or frustration. It was probably a bit of both mixed in with some pleasure, the two SHIELD Agents still quivering as they tried to recover from what they had just been through.

Then, absurdly, Natasha began to move, Maria honestly wondering whether there was no end to this woman's stamina. Then she found herself groaning with frustration because try as she might she couldn't resist lifting her head to see what the other woman was doing, something which was almost unbearably painful under the circumstances yet totally worth it because just like with Ms Potts before her Natasha kneeled between her legs, looked up at her with a ridiculously sexy smirk on her face, and then the feared Black Widow parted those sultry lips of hers and wrapped them around the head of her strap-on.

Natasha even moaned as she tasted the deepest part of her own ass on that toy cock, the redhead first seeming just keep the head of the dildo in her mouth so she could savour the flavour before beginning to gently suck it, Maria only knowing for sure that was what was happening because the room was now so silent you could hear a pin drop and she was so fixated on Natasha's lips she could see every little movement. Then Natasha began loudly slurping the tip of the dick which had just hammered the deepest part of her bowels, Maria's aching body feeling a tingle of arousal which was kind of painful but gave her some much-needed energy, or more accurately adrenaline.

While Natasha genuinely loved the taste of her own ass the main reason she loved going ass to mouth was the sheer perverseness of the act, and given it felt like this wonderful little tip had been inside her stomach it didn't get more twisted than this. Which was why she spent so much time sucking on the head even after all the yummy ass juice was gone. Of course inevitably she craved more which was why she started bobbing her head up and down, inevitably deep throating the entire length thanks to her many, many years of practice.
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Re: Maria's Rule Part 4
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2019, 04:07:18 PM »
Pretty much the entire time she made sure her eyes stayed locked with Maria's, which to be fair was her normal MO when giving a blow job, especially to a  fake cock like this one. When her lips reached the base of the cock she did close her eyes for a minute to savour the feeling of her windpipe being so wonderfully full of dildo, but then inevitably she opened her eyes to stare into Maria's again, Natasha loving the fact that her lover never looked away despite how exhausted she must be.

As good as she had been during sex when it was over Pepper had blushed and looked away when Natasha had acted so slutty, and she had been very apologetic which while at the time had been fine in retrospect kind of ruined the mood. Natasha had never been ass fucked like that and still had the other person seem even partly still coherent/dominant afterwards, and she rewarded Maria for that with a long drawn out blow job which ended with her literally fucking her own mouth on the toy.

Of course Natasha was tired too and in desperate need of a break so inevitably, long after the dildo was clean, The Black Widow removed her mouth from the toy cock and slowly crawled up Maria's body, her own body and especially her butt aching with every movement. When they were face to face she grinned mischievously at her then leaned down to press her lips against her. She gave her plenty of time to move her head, like Pepper had done earlier in the day, but not only did she not move Maria parted her lips and welcome Natasha's tongue into her mouth, the redhead's body tingling and she got to feed the remnants of her own ass to the brunette.

Minutes, or possibly hours, later Natasha broke the kiss and grinned, "Liar."

Maria raised an eyebrow, "Yes, but about what exactly?"

"You've totally done that before." Natasha accused.

"Have not." Maria countered truthfully.

Natasha studied her lover's face carefully and then asked, "Really?"

"Really." Maria confirmed.

This made Natasha grin, "In that case, I'm going to really, really enjoy being your bitch... Mistress Hill."

"Please, don't call me that, it's weird." Maria groaned.

"Ok." Natasha shrugged, curling up against the other woman's side, "What would you like me to call you?"

Maria thought about it for maybe a minute, then mumbled, "How about just Maria? I mean, surely we're past formalities now?"

Natasha stared at her for a long time and then smiled softly, "OK... Maria."
Hi, I write under the name MTL or MTL17. I have been writing fan fiction for over 10 years now. I have over 400 stories posted on Literotica.com and even more on adult-fanfiction.org. I'm also on archiveofourown.org and t-s-s-a.com.

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