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Author Topic: We Told You She Was Kinky (Shakira)  (Read 2360 times)


We Told You She Was Kinky (Shakira)
« on: May 31, 2019, 06:34:41 PM »
Story title: We told you she was kinky
Story by: Money
Celeb in story: Shakira
Story codes: MF, oral, anal, tentacles, breast expansion, pregnancy, alien,  orgy
Story summary: Celeb moves into her new house with a secluded garden which houses an alien plant with an agenda.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it's total fiction I'm sure the celeb doesn't act like this in reality a special thanks goes out to Dr. Blasphemy for his help with the outline and sex scenes this was a rather tough fan request that has taken 6 years to build from the ground up don't know if I will try another one like this but we shall see any feedback send it to [email protected] now on with the story

Shakira had just built a new house on the island she had fallen in love with during a trip it wasn't far from the mainland for supply runs but still offered a secluded feel she craved for down time given her iconic status in the music industry the garden paradise she wanted next to the pool area came out better than expected with a large blue, green, and purple plant framing the open space at the center swaying in  the gentle breeze an added bonus was the freedom to walk around naked if she wanted after a quick dip in the new pool Shakira relaxed on a pool chair soaking up the suns last rays of daylight before nodding off she woke up an hour later to the sweet smell of blackberries all over the backyard and a light headed feeling it seemed to be coming from the large plant.

"Mmmmm...smells nice." she moaned.

The fresh mist seemed to be doing something to Shakira the more she breathed in the air around her the more she thought about sex and not just regular sex but all kinds of totally depraved scenarios with multiple men, women, even the plant seemed like a good option at the moment Shakira couldn't stop herself from nearly ripping her bikini off and shoving her fingers inside her very wet pussy she had always been very open about being a sexual creature to her very close friends but this little display was bordering on obscene as the thought ran through her head her body spasmed with a mild orgasm but it was strong enough to knock Shakira breathless and grab a vine from the plant on the ground so she wouldn't fall out of the pool chair as she regained her senses she felt the vine pulse with life for a moment.

"Very odd." she said.

The random obscene thoughts continued in her brain orgies of 10, 15, and 20 men flashed between the same number of women with Shakira being at the center of it all having one screaming orgasm after another while covered in sperm or girl cream the acts being so real her hand gripped the vine next to the chair stroking it slowly with her fingers as another series of totally perverse thoughts appeared in her minds eye the most notable one was Shakira sucking a huge, thick phallic shaped tentacle into her mouth and begging for more her oral fixation on overdrive it almost seemed she wanted it to happen for real she arched her back in the chair looking around for another vine finding one not far out of reach it was rather thick where she could barely masturbate it with her petite free hand Shakira was so fixated on the vines she hadn't noticed a slightly thick looking tentacle snaking it's way to her pussy and 4 others coming up from behind her chair to latch onto her perky boobs until it was too late making her moan yet again but it wouldn't be the last time tonight.

As Shakira watched her boobs getting sucked giving up what little milk they had produced 4 more vines had come from the plant along with 1 that was shaped like a huge phallus with a boulbous tip half the size of a baseball heading for her limbs, face, and pussy she grasped for them but was restrained in the chair.
"Don't do anything crazy....AAAHHHH." she said.

The vines spread her legs open allowing the large one easy access she was already soaked between them as it slid inch after inch making her eyes go wide as the feeling ran up her spine Shakira's body spasmed opening her mouth letting the other down her throat while coiling around her neck.

"This thing might break me." she thought.

The vine in Shakira's pussy was going further in expanding a little to the size of a golf ball making her earth shattering orgasm even more intense it was moving further down burrowing 8 inches deep she had never been so stuffed in her life forcing a double orgasm out of her body this time while it continued to throb.

"That was intense." she thought.

The throbbing continued as it expanded further spraying white sap into Shakira's womb making her abdomen bulge as it emptied a good 3 gallons into her the vine pulled out with the tip the size of a baseball it didn't take long before she had passed out.

Shakira woke up the next afternoon in her bedroom she wasn't sure if what happened was a dream or not as she moved around stretching looking out the window to her garden and the large plant at the center she dismissed the logic of the plant having sex with her she fell out of bed feet first before noticing the bed was still made she was really hungry and very naked.

"Gotta be the heat." she thought.

After eating a really big lunch she showered and took a nap only to dream some very graphic scenerios again even more extreme than the ones from yesterday bouncing between thick firehoses spraying her with loads of sperm covering her body to having milk drained from her gallon jug sized boobs before waking up again feeling herself up.

"What is with these dreams." she thought.

The dreams were actually impulses from the plant embedded in her subconscious mind during direct contact and only showed up during rest periods in the daytime since the plant was nocturnal by nature however the longer Shakira was around the more extreme the dreams would become.
After dinner Shakira opened the doors to the balcony overlooking the garden breathing in the heavenly blackberry scent again making her arousal grow strong enough where she shoved a free hand into her pussy while the other groped her perky boobs through the silky nightgown as she fell onto the bed jamming 4 fingers inside her love canal.

The branches had grown on the side of the house from the giant plant during rainstorms giving the house a lived in feel before she arrived a few had crept in while Shakira was still on the bed dreaming more graphic scenarios with a vivid pregnancy complete with a huge belly birthing 2 and 3 babies at a time while she orgasmed and squirted milk from her engorged tits which were expanding to DD status as she continued moaning in her little world.

The strong blackbeery scent seemed more intense than yesterday the more Shakira breathed in the more intoxicated she felt the lightheadedness did nothing bad but she did feel like she was in heat on a massive scale nearing a trance like state.

"Oh not sure where that came from but I love it." she cooed.

The more she rubbed her pussy the hornier she got being on her back was fun but she kept thinking about other positions the urge suddenly hit to finger her ass as a change of paceShakira rolled onto her belly sticking her ass in the air while folded nearly in half at the waist getting 3 inside after some effort.

"Much better." she moaned.

The stimulation was short lived as more vines moved in coiling around her waist, ankles, and wrists holding Shakira on the bed while more wrapped around her ample chest milking them again and giving them a good squeeze.

"UUUUUHHHHNNNNNNNNN....feels so good." she moaned.

As her boobs continued to drain and fill the vine that fucked her yesterday returned shrinking to an inch narrow entering Shakira's ass pushing past her anal ring on its journey the deeper it plunged the mre Shakira's hips bucked at 12 inches she had gripped the sheets and headboard breathing heavily while the vine kept going by the time it had reached 24 inches she was delirious with lust from the feeling the vine expanded as it moved distorting the look of her abs Shakira couldn't handle it anymore flooding the bed in her girl nectar from her ass being worked over.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" she screamed.

The vine pulled out almost as quickly as it entered her ass making its way to Shakira's face gaining entry rather easily with her oral fixation now in play her mouth allowed more and more of the vine down her throat without cutting off her air supply before the vine reached her stomach 16 inches down and started to throb while moving around.

"Mmmmmmm." she moaned.

Shakira was really enjoying herself as the vine continued to fuck her throat when it suddenly expanded blasting a thick sappy load into her stomach with the force of a firehose Shakira's belly continued to fill up nearly to capacity before her eyes rolled back into her head from a multiple orgasm causing her to pass out in ecstasy before the vines pulled out of her holes leaving her in peace.

The next morning

Shakira had so much energy she was up early in the kitchen writing and aranging new material for her upcoming album while waiting for breakfast to finish on the stove it continued through lunch and into the evening writing 6 songs along the way with at least 3 potentially being multi platinum smashes during a break she was napping at the dinner table in a tanktop and shorts due to the heat with the windows and doors open the smell of blackberries coming again in her mind Shakira was having graphic thoughts and fantasies again from being bent over the island in the kitchen and fucked by some huge cocks from behind while milking her huge tits to having all her holes filled to capacity with sperm all at once as she started to wake up again she noticed her tanktop pulled up over her chest and her fingers inside her shorts.

"So real." she said.

As the sun was going down with the last light of the day the faint scent of blackberries returned growing stronger. Shakira had been in the studio locked in the booth recording and writing until dinner while she was waiting for the timer to finish she closed her eyes suddenly overcome with strong visions even more graphic than the ones from earlier in the day the latest one had the plant in the garden with sucking tentacles draining gallons of milk out of her huge tits into the pool as they kept filling back up again while she masturbated a giant cock twice the size of her own body when the timer finally sounded Shakira snapped awake finding herself on the table naked legs spread as far as possible and a 45DD chest on her petite frame.

"Oh hell." she said.

With Shakira distracted the tentacles from the plant had snaked across the kitchen floor under the table most were slightly above the really big range but one was absolutely huge easily able to split Shakira in half if it wanted the more she played with her boobs the bigger they got stopping at a sizeable 55FF while increasing her sex drive to near superhuman levels.

The vines pinned Shakira to the table in an X formation while others entered her holes the one in her mouth was also giving her a titfuck between her now huge boobs it was spasming bck out in a jerking motion that caused the tentacle to slap her across the face no marks were left but she did seem to enjoy it as an orgasm ripped through her body.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmpppppphhhhhhhhfffffffff." she moaned.

Shakira's eyes tried to stay focused yet with all the pleasure running across her body most of it was a blur.

"This feels amazing." she groaned.

Tentacles kept filling Shakira's hles where she was barely aware that venus flytrap leaves attached to her boobs sucking milk out like a vaccumby the gallon nearly driving her over the edge.
"More amazing." she hissed.

The tentacles eased up a little folding Shakira in half ass up she had a time figuring out which way was up when she felt something new.

The latest tentacle was 6 inches long and 4 inches thickit bulged stretching Shakira'a ass out sending a spasm down her spine.

"This is intense." she said.

Shakira was letting the waves of pleasure go over her the pending orgasm was going to be epic on so many levels.

"Oh hell...TOO MUCH!!!!" she screeched.

The tentacles erupted buckets of cum into her body Shakira's belly stretched while her own orgasm was shattering the world she knew up till now all the money, the tours, the interviews, fame, nearly everything was washed away in a tidal wave of sex fluids leaving her nearly draIned as the tentacles slipped away.

Shakira had crashed so hard she slept until late in the afternoon the next day the dreams and fantasies she had been having since noon were far less graphic than in previous days she thought about going to a shrink but figured that would be bad for her career besides who would believe her enough to help without running to the tabloids with a story that would make her out to be a totally depraved sex addict in some way after a stroll out in the garden to clear her head she had lost track of time when a reminder on her phone chimed to signal she had a mensa meeting that had already started without her she jumped into her SUV making up time and an alabi as she went arriving 15 minutes late the longer she was there the more she wanted to leave it didn't help that her imagination was kicking in again this time with shadowy figures that had horse sized cocks she was flustered so left early and returned home the closer she got the bigger her boobs got by the time Shakira was a block from her house her top had split open with E cups that rested on the steering wheel as she pulled into the driveway before rolling down the windows and sunroof parking in front of the plant.

Something was guiding her movements to the backseat of the SUV her chest bouncing with milk as she went in the cool air laying on the large makeshift bed she had barely noticed tentacles descending from the sunroof and through the windows her large set of 55FF tits had returned tentacles latching onto them draining them of the first gallons of milk of the night and rubbing her hands as she stroked them more came in from all directions.

"I'm going to be sore after this." she thought.

The tentacles had snakd around her body feeding themselves into her pussy, ass, and mouth the thin membranes started pumping into Shakira thickening at a slow rate but soon her body was bloated with jizzas she rode out one orgasm after another like strings of firecrackers from the tentacles inside her spraying her womb with thick spunk directly on the eggs.

"This could take a while." she thought.

As the spunk flooded out of Shakira's womb pairs of tentacles went back into her pussy, ass, and mouth yet she did nothing to stop them pumping away again even her boobs had grown again to 55LL's her shirt already a memory.

"Can barely think straight." she thought.

Her DNA was being altered to handle the volume of sex fluids flowing into her various holes while jerking off a pair of 4 foot long and thick tentacles Shakira caught an image in the rear-view  mirror it was her with long hair that was game of thrones white having her massive tits fucked by the tentacles wrapped around the transmission.

"I feel so alive." she thought.

Shakira's body was breaking down the various proteins she would need going forward nothing was wasted yet her boobs were now producing milk so fats it was being drained 5 gallons a minute making her body spasm every time.

"I need more." she thought.

She watched as the tentacles started to merge into ever larger shafts thicker than her arms combined her abs were distorted showing thick jizz flowing into Shakira's womb
"Can't look away." she moaned.

The blood was rushing all over Shakira's body the loud noise in her ears held her attention where she never heard the transmission break from the thick tentacles slamming against it the SUV was getting pounded just as hard as her on the outside the door had deep dents already the axles ready to break any moment.

"So this is what a gang-bang feels like." she thought.

Loads of spunk kept pumping into Shakira's holes her bloated belly had already given birth to a few hybrids that had wandered off they didn't register in nher brain due to the earth shattering orgasms and sex hormones flooding her body.

"Can't see." she said.

The tentacles were finishing up some had already erupted splashing Shakira's face in spunk others were pumping thick ropes all over her body by the gallon even with the windows down she was sitting in alien sperm up to her waist sucking down every drop she could get.

"Almost there." she thought.

Shakira's brain nearly shutdown from the overload of sensations in her body the thick spunk kept coming in waves her holes were stuffed with tentacles unloading more and more cum until they started pulling out leaving a final calling card on her body from where they had left thick ropes all over her she was exhausted but very satisfied.

Having a normal routine had been impossible the past few days after breakfast Shakira went out to the garden taking notice of the 4 new shrubs in the half circle surrounding the large plant she still had a tough time knowing they were alive but enjoyed the memories from last night the 4 pregnancies that spawned the new hybrid creatures had barely taken any time at all to birth or mature going from newborn to full adult size in 5 minutes with functional large phalluses that were easily double digits in length and girth for a few moments she wanted to feel like that again even if she did qualify as their mother it didn't bother her to have fantasies being fed into her brain by the plant now Shakira was more than willing to do it's bidding when the sun set.
The hours crawled by at a very slow pace by lunch time Shakira was in her bed naked nearly fisting herself trying to recapture the feeling she had during the night the orgasm that hit was mild compared to what she had experienced the past few days with the plant and her children it wasn't so odd to think of them like that anymore of all the places she had sex since moving into the house there really weren't any left except the shower she hadn't done anything even remotely kinky there with the sun still high in the sky it was still a few hours till sundown so Shakira ran errands to kill time thinking of what was in store for her when the night began the goosebumps on her skin were obvious when she returned just as the sun was beginning it's slow decent to the other side of the world.

Shakira smelled the familiar blackberry scent as she laid on the couch in just a blue shirt she hadn't even bothered with wearing anything from the waist down her offspring would be inside any moment as she heard the sound of leaves shifting she moved into the bedroom having them follow her she was getting excited watching her boobs expand ripping the shirt open filling with gallon after gallon of fresh milk finally reaching the shower with massive H cup tits before she could sit on the shower bench the 4 hybrid plant creatures she birthed yesterday quickly found her taking positions around her ready for sex there was a good chance she would end up pregnant again and again which was fine with her current mindset was all about having as many as she could for a gangbang that had been on her mind by the mind link with the plant.

The hybrids looked normal if normal meant 7 foot tall male models with 4 foot long dicks existed the first picked Shakira up sliding her onto its shaft making her moan in Spanish

The hybrid stood up with 3 feet of dick nearly splitting her open making her abs bulge out where she could see the monster inside her the head alone was about the same size as a baseball her feet off the ground hanging beside its basketball sized nuts.

"Impregnate me." she hissed.

Shakira's heavy boobs bounced from the shockwaves created by the sex as she got plowed hard by the hybrid was humping at a near blistering pace.

"HARDER!!!" she screamed.

The heat she felt between her legs was suddenly washed away in a tidal wave of spunk it barely took 5 seconds for Shakira to have an earth shattering orgasm as a pod was expelled from her pussy dragging across her clit the 6 inch long and 3 inch thick eggplant like baby in the pod had yet to hatch.

"Oh fuck that was intense." she said.

Shakira had barely recovered from the sex when she was picked up again by another hybrid planting his shaft deep in her pussy again she was still tight even after the last session she was watching the pod start to crack open her depth perception a little off from the motion of the monster dick pounding her.

"Wow....it's so beautiful." she moaned.

The hatching pod showed a rapidly growing male hybrid creature like the rest its 3 foot long dick very obvious hanging down between its legs Shakira marveled at it while another orgasm ripped through her body getting pumped full of more spunk.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed.

Another pod was forcing its way passed Shakira's cervix digging into her clit a little before bouncing around her pussy this one was the same size but felt bigger coming out.

"So....nice." she purred.

Shakira's brain was on fire the pleasure chemical overload a lot to handle as her insides were pounded yet again by the hybrid horse dick.
"So much dick." she squealed.

A third pod was coming along from the hyper fertile latina her abs bulging pushing it out with little effort on her part her body was still ready no real wear being seen at all another orgasm making Shakira even more horny.

"Who's next?" she hissed.

Another hybrid picked her up impaling Shakira on its monster shaft her current routine might seem redundent but she was getting off on the attention being naked for what seemed like days having sex with multiple partners.

"Come on you hung bastard blow your load inside me." she said.

The hybrid held her by her boobs her back against the shower wall looking right into her blue eyes as his dick erupted with the largest deposit of spunk yet right into Shakira's womb making her scream.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed.

The delusional side of Shakira's brain was in total control now impulses replaced by instinct, lust, and a need to breed.

A few hours later.

The furniture was in shambles broken wood, fractured frames, twisted metal, in all the rooms surrounding Shakira and the group currently fucking her senseless the blonde latina was drenched in sweat and other body fluids most of it cum or girl cream.

"I want more." she purred.

The scene was crazy Shakira had found a pattern getting fucked by 2 dicks in her pussy and ass while giving a titfuck to another her boobs getting sucked by 2 more mouths draining gallons of protien rich milk per minute and jerking off 2 more dicks the size of rowing oars while another snaked down her throat like a python the rest of the hybrids moved like a conveyor belt pumping her full of sperm again and again.

Shakira hadn't seen her feet in hours they were blocked from view by an extremely pregnant belly and a hung stud in front of her she was staying hydrated by the vast amounts of spunk she had absorbed through skin contact yet her orgasms were ramping up to something epic every time her sex soaked mind came down it went back up on a rocket ride of lust for big dicks and bigger loads.

The next 6 hours were a blur of activity for Shakira she passed out more than once but recovered revived for more sex.


With Shakira settled into her new house she threw an open house party for any female celebs that wanted to show up the hook being a free plant seed from her garden for those that wanted their own the potted ones had already been given to the first 100 guests Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, and Christina Aguilera among them what the future would bring remained to be seen.

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Re: We Told You She Was Kinky (Shakira)
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2019, 06:44:38 PM »
Great story, completely blew my expectations away. Will there be more with the ladies you mentioned at the end? I like a good UFO/alien story and this definitely delivered.


Re: We Told You She Was Kinky (Shakira)
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2019, 02:03:03 AM »
I don't see me writing another project like that since it took me 6 years to finish it and I have no idea how I would top that even with Selena, Scarlett, Salma, and Christina in it.

Maybe I could break them up into solo projects with various plots if you want to give me ideas, I'll listen here seems it would be faster instead of logging on to the message boards every night looking for responses


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