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Author Topic: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Hayley Williams  (Read 3422 times)


What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Hayley Williams
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Codes MF, cons, oral, anal

This story was originally published at CSSA on June 29th 2009. What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? was a running series on CSSA.

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction. I am sure the celeb does not act like this in reality. Anyone under the age 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. With that being said, I would like to thank DarklordZ for his help on this project, I am grateful for his help and special thanks to him too for letting me take part in his “What if?” series. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected]

Alternatively, questions for DLZ about his series or any other questions in general: he would prefer all questions about his series at maxstar100atgmaildotcom (work to form email!)

There was a red-haired woman walking on the sidewalk, as she was in tight fitting jeans. She wore a revealing white tank top with the words “Paramore es una bando.” She was Hayley Williams, the lead singer of the band, Paramore. Her bra was quite revealing through her white tanktop. Hayley walked a bit longer, as she saw the building right next to her. Hayley entered the offices of Dark Stone Productions.

She walked in and told that she was expected. Hayley walked to an office. She saw the words on the door, “Money, actor and casting director” as Hayley opened the door, there was a one sided debate going on over the phone between the talent scout Money and a director.

“I don’t care if she won’t do the show we need a replacement host now.” Money said over the phone.

“And I told you she won’t do the show until the name is better than the one you gave me.” The director shot back.

“What the hell is wrong with limo tales?” He asked.

“It doesn’t have the special quality I was looking for in a title.” The director said

“I was with a client when you called me. I just said the first title that popped in my head.” Money said

“I’m sure you have a better one running around in your head,” he said

“I’ll think of something. I have a visitor right now I’ll call you back.” Money said

As he hung up, Hayley was waiting for him to finish moved forward to speak with him.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Hi, I’m Hayley Williams. I was sent here by Rihanna.” She said

“What for?” he asked

“To kill some time between albums since the last Paramore album only went triple platinum. I’m putting off writing for a change of pace and looking for inspiration for songs.” She said.

“And you think a movie career is the way to go?” he asked

“Yes, whatever you have ready, I’ll do it.” she said.

“Well, we don’t have any features in the works. However, we do have some reality shows that need hosts. I had an untitled one that I was going to host myself but you may be just what I’m looking for.” he said.

“What are you looking for in a hostess?” she asked

“Well, what you need most of all for this is lots of energy and a drive to want to give your best performance everytime out.” he said

“I have energy and I love being in front of the camera,” she said

“Well let’s see what you look like in front of the camera,” he said

“How’s this?” Hayley asked striking a pose.

“Great, now turn around so I can get a back view,” he said

“How’s this?” she asked, sticking her ass out for Money to see.

“That’s it!” he said

“What’s it?” she asked

“Rockstar tails, that’s the name of the new series, its perfect.” he said.

“Cool when do we start shooting?” she asked

“I’m not sure. Let me make a phone call stand right there,” he said

As Money jumped on the computer, he turned on the webcam and turned it towards Hayley.

“Hey Daniel.” he said.

“Hey Money, let’s make it quick. I have an important client coming soon, Kash is nowhere here yet, and Lacey is apparently slobbering all over me!” Daniel said

“Alright then, try this, a reality show with a hot hostess.” Money said.

“Ok, hit me with it.” he said.

“That’s just it. I found the hostess for the show, but the concept I haven’t figured out yet.” Money said.

“Do you at least have a title?” Daniel asked

“Yeah it’s called “Rockstar tails with Hayley Williams.” he said

“She’s already on board with the project?” Daniel asked

“She’s right here with me. Check your webcam, the concept was either Hayley goes around the country, asking regular guys their fantasies and we have a crew back here film it and we edit them together. Or the other idea was she hooks up with random guys or girls on the streets and we film it live all I really need is a film crew ready.” Money said.

“Um…listen, I’m going to get back with you on that. I think Kash is here.” Daniel said

“Alright then” Money said, as Daniel quickly ended the call.

After Money talked with Daniel, he turned to Hayley, who was still standing. Money told her to sit down.

“So how did Rihanna convince you to come here?” he asked

“She came to the studio after she made her film and warned me to enjoy my success while I had it. But she also told me I could be set for life, if I signed with you guys and have a lot of fun in the process… that and she gave me a screaming triple orgasm after she showed me the film she did.” Hayley said. As Money’s ears were on fire.

“So…doing porn between albums is no big issue?” he asked.

“Nope, just make sure the guys are hung and the girls are stacked.” she said, teasing him.

“Yes, you’re my kind of girl.” he said

“Want to give me a screen test to see if I have what it takes to do this?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, because I need to talk to Daniel about this after his meeting and ours as well,” he said.

“I’m really flexible.” Hayley said.

“Just a quickie then” Money told her, as he zipped his pants down.

Hayley unzipped her pants down as well; she turned around, and gave Money a fine view of her ass in panties. She then took her shirt off, as she stood in his office, wearing only her bra and panties.

“What? No thong?” Money asked.

“Nah, don’t like them too much.” Hayley said, as she took her bra and panties off.

Hayley stood in Money’s office completely naked, as she walked towards him and saw him jerking his cock to full erection.

“Mmm, love jerking in front of me?” Hayley asked

“Oh yeah” Money said

Hayley got down onto her knees, in front of Money, and started to lick his balls. She moved her left hand, wrapping it around the base of his cock, and jerked him off. As Money watched, Hayley started to lick around his balls.

“Uhhh yeah.” Money moaned

“Mmm” Hayley said

“Ohhh, stroke faster” Money told Hayley.

Hayley started to jerk Money off faster, as she moved her other hand towards her pussy, and started to rub herself, trying to get wet. Money looked over and saw that Hayley was deeply getting into this.

“Ohhh yeah, playing with yourself and jerking me…ohhh you are definitely my kind of girl.” Money groaned.

“Mmmm yeah” Hayley said

Hayley opened her mouth wide, as she took Money’s cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, as Hayley began to lightly bob back and forth on the head of Money’s cock.

“Uhhh” Money groaned.

“Mmmm” Hayley moaned.

Money moved his hands to the back of his head and watched Hayley work her mouth up and down on his cock. He lay back on his chair, as he watched. Hayley was still rubbing herself while she sucked away on Money.

“Mmmm yeah Hayley…uhhh, suck that cock,” he moaned.

Hayley moved her eyes up and looked at Money, as he pushed her head down, taking more of his cock into her mouth.

“Ohhh fuck!” Money yelled.

Hayley bobbed back and forth on Money’s cock, as he closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair, enjoying the blowjob that the lead singer of Paramore was giving him.

“Ahhh!” Money quietly moaned.

“Mmm” Hayley moaned

Hayley then moved her hand away from her pussy, as she took his cock out from her mouth. Hayley got back up, as she mounted onto Money’s cock. His cock slowly made it’s way into her shaven pussy.

“Ah yeah” Hayley moaned.

“Uhhh” Money moaned, as he felt Hayley’s pussy tightening up around his cock.

Money had both his hands onto Hayley’s hips, as he brought her down. His cock entered deep into Hayley’s pussy, as she curled her feet up and rested them onto his thighs. She placed both of her hands onto the armrest of the office chair, as Hayley began to bounce on Money’s cock.

“Uhhh yeah Money… ohhh fuck!” Hayley moaned

“Ohhh Hayley” Money moaned.

Money pumped his cock into Hayley’s pussy, as she was bouncing on him as well. The sounds of their skins slapping up against each other echoed throughout the room. Money looked up and saw Hayley’s small tits moving around.

“Oh yeah those tits.” he moaned.

“Yeah, small and perky… just like me.” Hayley said.

Hayley turned around to look at her backside, as she saw her ass cheeks smacking up against Money’s thighs. He moved one hand towards her asshole and lightly ran one finger around her asshole.

“Ahhh yeah, ever been fucked in the ass?” Money asked

“No, but willing to do so” Hayley said.

“Ohhh yeah, soon then” Money said to her.

“Uhhh fuck me… ahhh yeah, right there.” Hayley moaned.

“Mmm fuck.” Money moaned.

As Money pumped his cock into Hayley’s tight cunt, the chair was bouncing up and down as well with each thrust. Hayley moved one hand towards her face and moved her hair that was covering her face.

“Ohhh yeah…uhhh fuck!” Hayley moaned.

“Yeah…ahhh” he moaned

“Uhhh shit” Hayley moaned, as she started to cum onto Money’s cock.

He felt her gushing out, as Money picked his pace up and slammed harder into Hayley’s cunt.

“Ahhh fuck yeah…fuck me harder…uhhh yeah…fuck!” Hayley screamed.

“Uhhh” Money moaned

He then got up, as he held onto Hayley. Money was standing, as he was moving Hayley up and down by his arms, while she moaned louder.

“Ohhh fuck!” Hayley yelled.

“Mmm” Money quietly groaned.

Money continued to pump his cock into Hayley’s tight pussy while standing. Hayley wrapped her arms around his neck, as she continued to moan.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhhh!” Hayley groaned.

“Uhhh fuck” Money yelled.

Hayley waved her hair around, as she was enjoyed every second of this so-called “quickie”

“Oh, lay me down” Hayley said.

Money walked a bit towards his desk, as he cleared the stuff off his desk and slowly laid Hayley down. He lifted his body back up, as he still had his hands around her hips. Money began to thrust into Hayley’s wet cunt.

“Ohhh Money… ahhh yeah!” she moaned

“Ah fuck… uhhhh… ohhhh!” Money moaned.

Money was bringing Hayley back and forth on the table to him, as she held onto the edge of the table on her side. He looked over and saw that Hayley had her eyes closed, in pleasure.

“Mmmm yeah” he groaned

“Ahhh!” Hayley moaned

“Uhhh yeah… I think it’s time to try another hole.” Money said, as he began to slow down.

“Ohhh fuck, let me suck it then” Hayley said

“Who said anything about your mouth?” Money said, as he pulled out from Hayley’s wet cunt.

“Oh… well… take it easy then” Hayley said to him.

Money moved his cock down to her asshole, as he rubbed the head of his cock around the hole first. Hayley felt the head of his cock rubbing her asshole. She took a deep breath to relax. Money stopped and slowly inserted his cock into her ass.

“Ohhh!” Hayley yelled.

“Yeah… I’m going on a wild guess and say that you never took it in the ass and you’re sensitive down there, am I right?” Money asked

“Uhhh” she quietly moaned.

“I’ll take that as a yes then” Money said

Money still had his arms wrapped around Hayley’s hips. He was bringing her back and forth again. Most of his cock was going into her ass, as Hayley yelled at the top of her lungs.

“OH HOLY FUCK!” Hayley screamed

“Very sensitive then” he said

“Just… fuck… me!” she said to him.

Money began picking up a little speed. He was pumping into Hayley’s tight sensitive ass. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head, in pleasure. She let out a sigh, as she lightly dozed off there.

“Hmmm, might be too sensitive, but if she’s up to it…” Money said. With that, he began to thrust harder into her ass. Hayley never opened her eyes, but she kept moaning while Money fucked her ass.

“Ohhh Money… uhhh fuck!” she lightly moaned.

“Ahhh” he groaned.

Money looked at the time and knew that this quickie was turning into a not so “quickie” sex romp. He grabbed his cell phone and text to Daniel about something, while he pumped into Hayley’s ass. She looked like she was out of it, but really she was not.

“Uhhh…what are you doing?” Hayley said.

“Oh…just texting someone.” Money said.

“Stop that and just fuck me!” Hayley said to him.

Money stood there, looking at Hayley, as she stared at him with those light green eyes of hers. Hayley moved up while she was sitting on the table. She kissed him all of a sudden. Money put his cell phone away. He also realized that Daniel will be totally pissed off.

“Eh, he has Kash to deal with. So, I’m pretty sure he won’t mind.” he said to himself.

He grabbed Hayley again, as he held onto her while standing again. This time, he lay down onto the table, as Hayley turned around, facing the door, as Money was looking at her backside. With his cock still in her ass, Hayley started to bounce on Money’s cock.

“Ohhh fuck” Hayley moaned.

“….yeah” she said lightly afterwards

“Mmmm… Uhhhh yeah… come on, faster,” Money moaned.

“Yeah, you like my tight ass on your cock?” Hayley said

“Ahhh yeah.” he responded.

“Uhhhh fuck!” Hayley yelled

She kept bouncing on his cock, as Money raised both his legs onto the table and bent them upwards. His knees were in the air. Hayley crouch onto her knees while Money began to thrust as hard as he could into her ass.

“Ahhh shit…your ripping my ass apart!” Hayley yelled again.

“Uhhhh shit.” Money moaned

His balls were smacking against her wet pussy, as Hayley rolled her eyes again. She then looked down and saw his cock pumping in and out of her asshole.

“Ohhh yeah, I wonder what your cock tastes like from my own ass?” Hayley questioned

“Wanna suck it?” he asked.

“Not yet, just fuck my ass… ohhh yeah!” Hayley moaned.

As Money continued to thrust his cock into Hayley Williams’s ass, the door opened and in came Daniel, with an irate look.

“Hmmm, so this is what you have been doing.” Daniel said

“Oh fuck!” Money said

“Don’t worry I’m not mad. I just got out from a meeting with Scarlett Johansson and well… I have some good news and some bad news.” Daniel said.

“Uhhh yeah…what’s the good news?” Money said

“Good news, I signed off on the contract with Hayley Williams,” he said to him.

“Ahhh fuck… that’s good” Hayley said

“So… uhhhh… what’s the bad news?” Money asked.

Daniel did not respond, as he was looking at Hayley’s asshole being fucked. He then turned his attention back to Money.

“That asshole will be sore in the morning,” he said aloud.

“What is the bad news?” Money asked again.

“Oh right, the bad news, production won’t start until a few months from now” Daniel said

“So, we’re fucking for no reason now?” Hayley asked

“Yeah, pretty much.” he said to her.

“Well time to finish it then” Money said, as he pulled his cock out from her ass.

He smacked Hayley on the ass as she got off him and stood up, next to Daniel. Money sat on the edge of the table again. Hayley got down onto her knees and started to suck his cock.

“Ahhh yeah, I’m guessing you want in?” Money asked Daniel.

“Nah, I’m good,” he said with a smirk, remembering his meeting with Scarlett.

Hayley started to bob around the head of his cock, as he moaned. Money grabbed a handful of her hair and moved them to the side of her face so he can watch Hayley suck his cock.

“Mmm yeah… ahhh fuck… suck that cock!” Money moaned

Hayley bobbed her head faster, as Money felt it coming. He closed his eyes as he began to shoot his load into her mouth. He knew right there that Hayley really wanted it badly and this role.

“Ahhh…keep sucking it” he moaned.

“Mmmm” Hayley moaned

After a few minutes, Hayley pulled his cock out from her mouth, as his cock was clean from any cum. Her mouth however, was flooded with his entire load of cum. Daniel quickly grabbed her chin, and told her to open her mouth.

“Open it” he said.

Hayley listened, as he and Money saw the load still in her mouth. Money smacked her left cheek lightly. Daniel pulled her chin down, opening her mouth wider.

“Good” Daniel said

“Swallow it!” Daniel added.

Once Daniel removed his hand from underneath her chin, Hayley took a big gulp and swallowed the cum that was in her mouth. Afterwards, she opened her mouth and the two saw that, she indeed swallowed the entire load of cum that was in her mouth.

“So what now?” Hayley asked.

“Well, you two can figure that out, but I need to find Lacey… wherever she is!” Daniel said. He left the room, closing the door behind him. The two were alone in the room again, as Hayley and Money looked at each other.

“Do you have Rihanna’s number?” he asked

“Speed dial” she said.

“Great get her on the horn and we can continue this at my place… Whoa who is that?” Money said looking out the window.

“Hmmm cute brunette… Natalie Portman maybe?” she asked

“Nah wrong body type but close… hey wait that’s Lacey with… Angel Dark I think.” he said.

“Ohhh can we have a foursome?” she asked.

“Get Rihanna and I’ll handle Angel myself.”

“I so need an assistant” he said

To Be Continued
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Great stuff Money, love reading your old stories. You were one of my favorites on CSSA back in the day and still are. It's been fun reading your old stuff again.


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Story moved from series to singers section.  :Y:


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She’s so hot.


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