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Lex's Fantasy
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Lex's Fantasy
Written by icestorm

Disclaimer: If you ainít 18, begone! This is for the adults, and Sweetness, youíre not.
Hope you enjoy it, if you donít well, I tried.
I donít take requests, sorry.

And remember, there is no spoon.

Note: This is a What If idea I had.

Lex Luthor was in his library, trying to read a book. He couldn't focus. All he could think about was her. Harley Quinn.
He knew the Joker had broken up with her for who knows how many times. He also knew they'd get back together.
She had approached him, inside LexCorp, wearing those skimpy shorts, and tight t-shirt, asking him for something to do. He was thankful he was sitting behind his desk at the time, seeing her dressed like that gave him a hard on. He wanted to bend her over his desk and make her scream.

He took a swig of his whiskey, and sighed. He had told her to come to his mansion the next day. He really didn't have anything for her to do. He sighed again, returned the book where it belonged, and took his glass with him upstairs to his bedroom. He had an idea of how to get to sleep. He removed his robe, and climbed into bed.

He started to picture her. He closed his eyes, and took control of his fantasy. There she was, standing by his bed, He ordered her to take her hair out of those pigtails. She did as she was told. Her hair spilled down her back. He commanded her to remove her clothing. She raised her tight t-shirt, exposing her tits to him. She then wiggled out of her shorts.

Lex pulled his big, hard dick out if his pajama bottoms. Harley gasped seeing it.  As if hypnotized, she moved closer. "Pleasure yourself". He commanded. She started playing with her tits, rolling, and tweaking the nipples. She moaned softly. She slipped her hand into her pussy, teasing the clit. He could see how wet she was. He ordered her to climb on his dick. She eagerly got into the bed, then got on his dick. She slowly slid down the entire length. He caressed her tits, pinching the nipples. "Ohhh, sexy Lexy." She moaned. She rode him, slowly, then faster. She alternated between going fast then slow. Lex grabbed Harley's hips, thrusts a couple of times, then blows his load inside of her, triggering her own orgasm. She screams his name as she cums. She falls forward, landing on his chest. He held her as they catch their breath.

Lex releases Harley, and turns her over. He slips his dick into her from behind. He thrusts hard into Harley, and she pushes back. Lex is hitting Harley's G-Spot, and she's screaming with pleasure. "LEX, I'M GONNA C-!!!!!!!!!!" she screams as she cums, liquid gushing, soaking the sheets. Lex blows his load again, and both pass out.

Lex opens his eyes, having cum all over his hand. He smiled, and fell asleep.

Come for the debauchery, stay for the hedonism
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