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Rehab From Hell: Mickie James
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Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, MMF

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction. I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] And with that being said, I would like to thank DarklordZ for his help on this project. This story was originally published on August 1st 2009.

The debate that Daniel and I had been going in the employee
parking lot near the entrance of the main building of the friendly confines was heating up. Daniel claiming there were spiders as big as my hand around the building. I told him to prove it by boxing one up and showing it to me.

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

With Daniel running off to prove me wrong, I headed off to meet my next patient Mickie James. According to the packet that was waiting for me on the receptionist desk, she had an undisclosed problem. Once I got to Mickie’s room, she greeted me.

“Hi!” she said, waving her hand.

“Hi Mickie, I’m Money. Let’s see why your here.” I said.

As I was going over her packet, I noticed she was wearing a green skirt with a red cameo pullover shirt that encased some bigger than average tits they may have been D cups, but I had to stay focused on why she was here.

“So, what is this undisclosed problem you have?” I asked.

“Spiders” Mickie said, with her head down.

“Hmmm… Spiders,” I said.

“Yeah, I hate those critters crawling around, getting close to me, brrr…” she cringed lifting her head back up.

“Well, you should not be here that long then. We should be able to help you with this problem in no time at all.” I said.

Just then, the door opened.

“Hey Money, I told you they were here.” Daniel said, as he came into the room. He opened the box that was holding a tarantula inside a box. The moment Mickie saw the spider, she jumped onto my arms, gripping my neck, and burying her face into my chest.

“Kill it, Kill it, Kill it!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

As Daniel saw Mickie’s reaction, he took a step forward starting to tease Mickie with the tarantula.

“Aw… come on, he’s harmless…,” he said.

“To my knowledge” he mumbled afterwards.

Mickie was trying to get away from the box by crawling over me. I was still holding her, as her weight shifted. I fell onto the bed while she continued to scramble away brushing her tits in my face, as her feet were pushing onto my legs. I was perfectly fine until she stepped on my crotch.

“Ohhh” I moaned in pain.

“Keep that thing away from me,” Mickie said, still squirming around in fear.

“Come on… Daniel, put the spider away…. You win… You’ve made your… point.” I said, breathing in slowly.

“Hey, this is kind of fun, watching her twitch because of a little 8 legged intruder.” he said.

Mickie jumped from the bed, and ran towards the walk-in closet. She locked the door, as Daniel walked towards the closet and moved the doorknob around.

“Come on out Mickie, we have the keys.” he said.

“Fuck you, I’m not coming out until that 8 legged bastard is gone.” she said.

“Alright Daniel, put the spider away.” I said, getting back up onto my feet.

“You’re a real buzzkill man, you know that?” he said.

“Then again, you’re not a bigger buzzkill then the Stoner” Daniel said laughing.

“Hey, I’ll go in after her, not you. You’ve done enough already.” I said.

“Ok, I’ll stop” Daniel said, as he began to walk out of the room.

I took the keys out from my pockets to unlock the door. I opened the door, as Mickie jumped out and started to punch me on my chest with random flying jabs, not realizing that I was not Daniel since she had her head down and her eyes closed.

“Stop, I’m not the one with the spider.” I said blocking a knee to my crotch.

“Die, you 8 legged monster,” she yelled.

Mickie grabbed for something to smash it with, however, unfortunate for me, what she grabbed was my arm. She swung for the fences and nearly pulled my arm out of the socket. I landed spine first on the floor, knocking Daniel down from his legs with my legs. He fell facedown onto the floor, as the box containing the spider fell too and scurried out the door. Daniel went to put it back in the box.

He ran out the door, as he turned to the hallways. All of a sudden, Daniel stopped right on his tracks.

“Oh crap… Kash, whatever you do, do not move. There is a tarantula on your back!” Daniel said.

Kash turned around, screaming and running around the hallway.

“Ahh… get it off me! For the love of god, get it off me!” Kash yelled, still running around. The tarantula was still on his back, as Kash still ran around screaming.

“That was so cool… and funny at the same time,” I said getting back up onto my feet, as I closed the door.

“I’m sorry. I just grabbed the nearest thing I could. I hate spiders with a passion,” Mickie said crawling out from the closet.

“Well, you did rub your chest onto my face. If it wasn’t for the whole spider thing, I would have found it enjoyable.” I said.

“Well… maybe you didn’t, but your little friend did.” she said smiling all of a sudden.

“My… little friend?” I asked.

Mickie grabbed my crotch, as I knew who or what she was talking about. “Aw, does the little guy want to come out and play?” she asked.

“He’s not little,” I said.

“Pfft, yeah right… Really, what is he… 6, 7 inches?” Mickie asked.

“Try 12.” I said with a huge smile.

“Pfft… yeah right, whatever… if you are lying, I am so out of here,” Mickie said.

“Go ahead, take him out, and see for yourself,” I said.

Mickie unzipped my pants lowering them down. Once she had my pants down to my ankles, Mickie turned her attention back to my cock and gasped.

“Whoa, you weren’t lying” Mickie said.

“Told you,” I said, taking my shirt off.

Mickie continued to stare at my 12-inch cock, as she moved her head down. My cock was now resting on top of her face. Mickie lightly licked the shaft of my dick.

“Fuck, you really weren’t lying” Mickie said with excitement.

“Told you, but enough with you being so amazed by the length of my cock, why don’t you see if you can take it all?” I said.

Mickie moved her face from underneath my cock, as she was facing it directly now. She grabbed it with her left hand and lightly stroked my 12-inch member.

“Oh yeah” I lightly moaned.

“Mmm, and my fingers are wrapped around half of your dick” Mickie said. She then opened her mouth, placed the head of my cock inside my cock, and began to bob only 6 inches.

“Oh come on, looking at you, I know you can take more than that,” I said. I moved both my hands behind her head and shoved the last 6 inches into her mouth, as I hit her gag reflex.

Mickie’s eyes opened wide, as she was trying her best to take it with ease. She could not, as the more and more I hit her gag reflex, the more the sounds intensified. Tears were coming down from Mickie’s face. I kept pushing my cock inside her mouth.

I then stopped pushing my cock inside her mouth and held my position for quite a while, as Mickie tried her best not to gag.

“Uhhh fuck!” I moaned.

Mickie has reached her limits, as her face was turning light blue. She started to hit me on my chest. I looked down and saw her face turning light blue and her hitting me, which of course, I already knew. Therefore, I pulled my cock out from her mouth. Mickie quickly gasped for air.

“Whew… ohhh… holy… crap…” Mickie said in between breaths.

I grabbed her from underneath her armpits and lifted her up. We started to kiss, as Mickie had one hand onto my saliva-coated cock. I was about to take her green skirt down, but Mickie stopped me. She then broke the kiss.

“Lay down onto the floor” Mickie said.

“Or better yet, lay down here” Mickie said, as she pointed next to the closet.

I looked in front of me; saw that the closet door wasn’t closed. I lay down in the open closet. Mickie looked at me. I thought she would take her clothes off… or at least her red cameo pullover shirt to reveal her big, round, juicy tits. Sadly, that was not the case.

However, Mickie started to crouch downwards onto my cock. She lifted her green skirt up. I looked and saw that Mickie wasn’t wearing anything down there except her green skirt.

“Holy shit, no panties or thong?” I asked.

“Yep” she said with a smile. She grabbed my cock, as the head made its way into her cunt.

“Uhhh yeah” I moaned.

“Ohhh fuck… it’s so big!” Mickie moaned.

I grabbed Mickie’s hips and pushed my 12-inches into her cunt.

“Ahhh… too big!” Mickie yelled.

“Mmm yeah… fucking tight cunt,” I moaned.

Mickie lay back; her hands were near my face and inside the closet. I started to pump in and out of Mickie’s tight cunt, as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“Uhhh shit… ahhh yeah!” Mickie cried.

“Mmmm fuck,” I moaned.

“Ohhh yeah Money, fuck me… uhhh” Mickie moaned.

Mickie’s tits were trying to free themselves from her red cameo pullover shirt. I moved both of my hands up to her tits. I grabbed them with both hands, as I squeezed them to feel how soft they are.

“Uhhh” I moaned.

“Ahhhh fuck” Mickie yelled.

Mickie started to take her pullover shirt off, freeing her large, firm, round tits. I sat up, as I was facing Mickie’s backside. I moved my hands back to her tits after she removed her shirt.

“Ohhh Mickie… ohhh, you’re so fine… ahhh yeah!” I moaned into her ears while I was still pumping my cock into her cunt.

“Mmmm Money… uhhh yeah!” Mickie moaned.

“Uhhh…. Mickie… ohhh!” I moaned.

“Ahhhh fuck…. uhhhh” Mickie yelled.

Mickie got up from the floor, as she walked towards the bed now. I got up as well and walked towards her. I pulled her green skirt down. Mickie was now completely nude.

She turned her head around and saw my cock in mid-air. Mickie was now on all fours on the bed, as I was now behind her positioning my cock into her cunt once more. Then before I could resume fucking her again, I thought of something.

“Time to head up” I said pushing my cock above her cunt right next to her asshole.

“Whoa… wait… my ass?” Mickie asked.

“Yes, I’m gonna to fuck it” I said.

“Oh, I don’t think so” Mickie said.

“Never had a big one in that plump ass of yours?” I asked.

Mickie was silent after I asked that, as she mumbled afterwards.

“I… umm… don’t… umm…” she mumbled.

“I’ll take that as a no then” I said.

I moved myself up onto the bed; I folded Mickie’s plump ass cheeks to the side and slowly inserted my cock into her ass.

“Uhhhh…. God!” Mickie yelled.

“Ohhh…. Too big for my ass!” Mickie yelled again trying to tell me to pull out from her ass.

I was about to pull out, as I realized then that I could have a little fun messing with her fear of spider.

“Oh look, a spider,” I said.

“Eek” Mickie yelled. She turned around and jumped back onto my chest, as my cock entered her ass.

“Ahhhh yeah, Mickie” I moaned.

“Hold me,” Mickie screamed.

“As long I could fuck your ass, I will,” I said.

“Oh yes, anything to keep the spider away” Mickie said.

I held onto Mickie’s plump ass, as I was pumping half of my cock into Mickie’s plump ass. She looked around for the said spider, even though there is no spider around. I said that to see what would happen.

“Uhhh yeah… Money… fuck my ass with that big cock!” Mickie yelled.

“Ohhh Mickie… ahhh yeah!” I moaned.

Mickie’s big, round, firm tits were bouncing around underneath my chin. At times, I felt them hitting across either on my chest or underneath my chin. Mickie was still looking around for the spider I “supposedly” said that was around.

“Ahhh fuck!” Mickie moaned.

I began to walk forward to the bed, still holding onto Mickie, gently laying her down onto the bed. Mickie still had her legs wrapped around my body. When I laid her down onto the bed, Mickie quickly wrapped her arms around my head. Once she noticed that we were back on the bed.

“Why are we back on the bed?” Mickie questioned me.

“I couldn’t hold you for that long,” I said. I began to slowly pump in and out of Mickie’s tight asshole.

“Uhhh fuck yeah!” Mickie moaned.

“Mmm Mickie… uhhh shit!” I moaned.

“Ohhh yeah, Money… fuck me faster!” Mickie moaned.

I continued to pump my cock in and out from Mickie’s asshole, as I leaned upwards. I looked down and saw Mickie’s tits bouncing around. I looked downwards and saw my cock fucking her ass.

“Uhhh fuck” I moaned.

“Yeah… fuck me… uhhh yeah!” Mickie moaned.

She had her hands holding onto her tits keeping them from bouncing around. I had my hands onto her hips, as I began to fuck Mickie’s ass harder.

“Ahhh fuck… my god, that cock… is ripping my ass apart!” Mickie yelled. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head.

“Uhhh god… ohhhh Mickie” I moaned.

“Yeah, fucking the tightest ass you fucked?” Mickie asked.

I could have said, “I had fucked other tighter asses” but I did not want to upset Mickie. Therefore, I lied.

“Yeah, pretty much” I said.

“Uhhh…. Money… uhhh fuck!” Mickie moaned.

I looked around to see what else I could fuck Mickie on. Just then, an idea popped into my head. I looked around first, before looking at the window from outside.

“Wrap your arms around me again,” I said.

“Why?” Mickie asked.

“Saw the same spider from earlier around the bed,” I told Mickie.

“Eek!” Mickie screamed at the top of her lungs.

She quickly wrapped her arms around my head again. I got up from the bed holding onto her, as she looked around for the spider I said that was around the bed.

“I don’t see anything,” Mickie said to me.

“Trust me, it’s around here somewhere,” I said.

“Hold me then” Mickie said. She rested her head onto my chest.

I walked towards the window. I was facing the window while Mickie’s plump ass was being pressed up against the window. I began to fuck her ass again, as Mickie looked around for the spider.

“Ohhh fuck, Money… uhhh yeah!” Mickie moaned.

“Uhhhh yeah Mickie… I’m gonna come soon” I moaned. I closed my eyes and pushed every inch of my cock into her ass.

“Shoot it inside my ass!” Mickie said.

“Ahhh fuck” I moaned.

Mickie’s ass pressed up against the window. Someone must have been getting a perfect view of her ass. I looked pass her shoulder to see if anyone was looking at her ass through the window. I found no one doing so.

“They don’t know what they are missing then” I mumbled.

“What now?” Mickie asked.

“Nothing, just worry about the spider around while I fuck your ass” I said.

“Eek!” Mickie screamed again, as she held onto my body even tighter.

“Ahhh Mickie… yeah… uhhh fuck!” I moaned. I kept pumping my cock into her ass, as I began to shoot my load inside her ass.

“Ohhh yeah Money… shoot it all inside me… uhhh!” Mickie said with a sigh of relief resting her head onto my chest again.

“Uhhh Mickie… ahhh fuck!” I moaned.

I started to breathe hard, as I pulled my cock out from Mickie’s cum-filled ass. As bits of cum dripped down from both my cock and her ass, Mickie quickly got down onto her knees and sucked my cock.

“By the way, I was lying about not taking it in the ass earlier before” Mickie said.

“I kind of figured that out once you suddenly got down onto your knees and began to suck my cock,” I said.

After a few minutes, I walked towards the bed and suddenly stomped on the floor for a reason.

“There, killed the spider” I said.

“Oh good” Mickie said with a sigh of relief.

Of course, what Mickie did not know was that there was no spider. Except for the one Daniel had earlier. I lay down on the bed, as Mickie jumped onto the bed as well.

“Ohhh” I moaned in pain. Mickie jumped onto the bed right near my chest.

“Sorry” Mickie said smuggling between me.

Mickie started to doze off, as I was staring at the ceiling. I wondered how else I could tease Mickie’s fear of spiders. And of course, get some sexual favors from doing so. I dozed off after a while of staring at the ceiling.

The next morning…

I opened my eyes to see Mickie was still on the right side of me sleeping after all that awesome sex we had.

“Mickie” I said moving her body around waking her up.

“Mmmm” she moaned, as she lifted her head up.

“Time to wake up sleepy head” I said.

“I’m not going anywhere till I get some morning wood,” Mickie said.

“After all the sex I gave you, I’m thinking your going to be bow legged for a while.” I said.

“Well, I am a little sore down there,” she said.

“Told you I wasn’t small,” I said.

“Ok fine, I’ll hold off for now, but you owe me later.” Mickie said.

“Fine, but just to let you know… Daniel found another spider and was in here earlier. He left the spider in here, but don’t know where it is” I said to her.

“What?” Mickie nervously asked.

“EEK!” Mickie screamed all of a sudden, quickly wrapping her arms and legs around my body again.

“Ah, I’m going to have some fun with this” I said to myself. Mickie was still looking around, as I quietly laughed. She looked around a bit more for the spider I said that was around.

Part 2: Daniel’s help

A few day passed, as Mickie was still jumping around, trying to get away from the spiders I said that was around her. Of course, there wasn’t any. I was teasing her about her fear. After doing so, I stopped teasing her, by having sex with her. Afterwards, I kept teasing her again. Of course, Mickie came to realize that I was only kidding around. She was pissed at me, but she also knew that I could also be telling the truth as well.

“Stop it Money!” Mickie screamed.

“Seriously, the spider is around somewhere” I said.

“Stop!” she cried.

“Alright, fine” I said.

Mickie crouched into a fetal position. I walked away from her leaving her room. Mickie slowly started to cry. She knew that I could still tease her at any time. Mickie looked up and saw that I left her room.

“Oh” Mickie pouted.

Mickie got up from the desk and walked out the room. She looked around to see if I was still around ready to tease her again. I was nowhere near her room. Mickie slowly stepped out. She walked around inside the building trying to look for something.

She stopped in front of Daniel’s office.

Mickie opened the door, saw Daniel sitting in his office chair in the black robe, looking outside the window. At the side of his room, Kash sat in his room on the couch, taking another puff on his weed. ByD was sitting on the opposite side meditating for some odd reason.

“Hello?” Mickie asked, knocking on the door.

“Ah yes, Mickie James… I expected your presence here sooner or later,” Daniel said.

She walked into the center of the room, as ByD and Kash looked up. While I turned around to face Mickie, she had a nervous look on her face. All three men were looking at her. Daniel, however, was staring at her body the most.

“Mickie… I know what you are thinking. Where is the spider?” Daniel said.

“No, it’s not that” Mickie said.

“If you find it, give it to me so I can give it back to Daniel,” Kash said.

“Dude, the spider crawled up on you. I did not have anything to do with it. I fell!” Daniel said to Kash.

“Still!” Kash said, taking another puff.

“Anywho, Mickie… what brings you here?” Daniel asked.

“Well, Money has been teasing me with my fear of spider after finding out. I mean, at every turn, he said that there is a spider, but really, there isn’t. Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of it” Mickie said.

“So… what does that have to do with me?” Daniel said.

“I want you to be my discipline coach for here on out” Mickie said.

Daniel stood there, staring at Mickie. He looked over to ByD and Kash. ByD was still meditating while Kash stared at the walls. He then turned his attention back to Mickie who was standing patiently for his answer.

“Bee… Kash… leave… now!” Daniel said.

ByD opened his eyes from his meditation while Kash got up. The two walked towards the door, as Kash looked back at the two. Daniel bent to the side, waving one hand to Kash, signaling for him to leave. Kash shook his head. He closed the door from behind once he left the room.

“So, you want me to be your discipline coach from here on out?” he asked.

“Yep” Mickie said with her famous smile.

“Heh, but yeah… I can’t” Daniel said.

“I mean, I could… but the original discipline coach needs to sign you off to me first,” Daniel said to Mickie.

“Oh” Mickie pouting.

“However” Daniel said.

“However what?” Mickie asked.

Daniel got up from his chair, as he took his black robe off and set it off to the side. He began to walk over towards Mickie, as she had the smile from earlier.

“I could bend the rules for you,” Daniel said. He placed both hands onto Mickie’s big ass and brought her closer towards him.

“Course, you need to do something for me first,” Daniel added.

“Oh, I would do anything to do so” Mickie said.

“Alright, take your shirt off” Daniel said to her.

Mickie moved away from Daniel. She lifted her shirt up to reveal her firm, large, round, tits that were not in a bra. Daniel watched in awe, as he had his hand covering his mouth while he lightly shook his head.

“Hmm” he said.

“So, does this prove that I want you to help me or not?” Mickie seductively said.

“Perhaps, maybe if you lose those tight wearing jean shorts of yours” Daniel said.

“Or better yet, you can do so yourself” Mickie said bending down.

Mickie’s ass was facing Daniel. He had one hand on her zipper. He unzipped her jean shorts, as he unbuttoned her jean shorts afterwards. Daniel slowly pulled Mickie’s jean shorts down.

Daniel stopped, as her jeans were around her knees gawked at the sight her big, juicy, plump ass.

“Fuck, this might be one of the plumpest asses I have ever seen” Daniel said.

Daniel pulled her jean shorts down to her ankles. He looked up and saw that Mickie was not wearing anything at all underneath her clothes, as he quickly undid his pants.

“Damn button!” Daniel said.

Once he got his pants unbuttoned, he got up and took his shirt off. The two were now nude in his office. Mickie looked between her legs and saw that Daniel was getting hard quickly.

“Wow, that was quick” Mickie said standing right back up.

“Mmm, your T n’ A is doing it for me” Daniel said.

Mickie quickly turned around to look at him, as she broke out laughing. Daniel could not help but chuckle as well. Daniel stopped chuckling. He wrapped his arm around Mickie’s curvy hips.

“Mmmm yeah” he said.

“You going to enjoy this, aren’t you?” Mickie asked.

Daniel responded to her question by throwing her onto the couch that Kash was on earlier. Mickie was slouching down. Daniel got down onto his knees in front of Mickie’s legs, as he spread them apart.

“Does this answer your question?” he asked.

“Oh definitely” Mickie eagerly said.

Daniel moved his head down, as he sticked his tongue out. He moved down towards Mickie’s pussy and began to lick her. Mickie let out a small coo sound. She had both her hands underneath her tits.

“Ohhh” Mickie lightly moaned.

Daniel moved one hand underneath her legs and started to run one finger around her asshole. He looked up at Mickie. She was looking up at the ceiling. Daniel started to use his tongue as a pistol. He pumped his tongue into her cunt.

“Ahhh fuck” Mickie moaned.

“Ah” Daniel said aloud.

“Uhhh yeah” she moaned again.

Daniel was now moving his head back and forth penetrating Mickie’s cunt with his tongue. Mickie kept moaning, but she tried to hold her moanings back. In case, if Money was around Daniel’s office looking for her. He looked up and saw Mickie’s eyes looking at the door. Daniel lifted his head up looking at Mickie.

“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked.

“It’s just… I don’t want Money to walk in on us,” Mickie said to him.

“Hmm… what time is it?” he asked.

“About a quarter to 5” Mickie said.

“Don’t worry… Money goes to his office for a few hours and does something for that long.” Daniel said to her.

“Really?” Mickie said laughing.

Daniel lean in, kissing Mickie right away, as she tasted her pussy on his tongue. He got up. He grabbed Mickie by her hips and picked her up. Daniel lay onto the couch with Mickie on top of him as the two kissed. He moved one hand behind Mickie. He was positioning his cock into her cunt.

“Mmmm” Mickie moaned, through the kiss.

Once his cock was in, Daniel placed both hands onto Mickie’s plump ass. He slowly started to pump slowly into Mickie’s cunt. All of a sudden, Daniel broke the kiss between them.

“Ohhh yeah, Mickie” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh…. Fuck me!” Mickie said to him.

“Oh, I will… a whole fucking lot!” he said.

Daniel moved his eyes down to look at Mickie’s big tits bouncing around. Once he saw those tits, he started to pump faster into Mickie’s cunt.

“Uhhh yeah” he moaned.

“Ahhh…. uhhhh” Mickie moaned.

“Mmmm yeah” Daniel groaned.

Mickie moved her upper body up, as she was now sitting on Daniel’s cock. He looked up and continued watching her tits bouncing around. It seems Mickie’s tits were motivation for Daniel to fuck her harder.

“Mmmm fuck yeah, Mickie,” Daniel moaned.

“Uhhh yeah… ohhhh fuck” Mickie moaned.

“Ohhh” Daniel groaned.

“Ohhh fuck” Mickie moaned.

Daniel was holding onto Mickie’s hips. With each thrust, he was bringing her down hard onto his cock. Daniel had his eyes closed, as he was thrusting hard into Mickie’s cunt.

“Ahhh yeah…. ohhh Daniel” Mickie moaned.

“Uhhh” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh yeah, fuck my pussy… ahhh shit, I’m coming!” Mickie groaned.

Mickie’s orgasm gushed down onto Daniel’s cock, as he kept pumping hard into her wet cunt.

“Ahhh fuck!” Mickie moaned.

Daniel opened his eyes, as he looked up at Mickie. She looked down at him, as the two were now staring at each other.

“Get off, and onto your knees” he said.

Mickie quickly got off Daniel, as she got down onto her knees on the floor. Daniel got up from the couch standing in front of her.

“Open your mouth” Daniel said.

Mickie opened her mouth; Daniel quickly shoved his cock into her mouth. He placed both hands behind her head and started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Ahhh yeah…. taste your juices!” Daniel groaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie said.

“Ohhh” Daniel groaned once again.

“Cover my cock with your saliva… uhhhh fuck,” Daniel said to her.

Mickie heard, as she started to move her head down onto his cock, taking it deeper into her mouth.

“Ahhh!” Daniel moaned, in pleasure.

Mickie was already hitting her gag reflex limits. Daniel could hear Mickie’s gagging sounds intensifying. All of a sudden, Daniel pulled his cock out from her mouth. He sat onto the couch again.

“Ohhh fuck… bring your plump ass here,” Daniel said.

Mickie giggled, as she got back up onto her feet. She was now over Daniel’s cock. She was lowering herself down. However, Daniel stopped her for a second.

“No, I don’t want your pussy; I want the actual plump ass itself!” Daniel said.

He grabbed Mickie by her hips, moving her down, as she placed both hands onto the floor next to his feet.

“Ahhh!” Mickie moaned.

Mickie felt the head of Daniel’s cock entering her asshole, as she bit the bottom of her lips easing up a bit. Daniel was pushing his cock deep into Mickie’s ass. He held onto her hips and pushed further. Once he got his cock inside Mickie’s ass, Daniel started to thrust forward.

“Uhhhh yeah, Mickie…. Ahhh!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm fuck…. fuck my plump ass!” Mickie moaned.

“Ohhh yeah… uhhh” Daniel moaned.

Daniel was thrusting into Mickie’s ass. He was also bringing her down, as Mickie’s plump ass was slamming down onto his manhood.

“Ahhh!” Daniel groaned.

“Ohhh fuck…. uhhh yeah…. ahhh fuck my ass!” Mickie moaned.

Mickie was trying her best to keep her hands onto the floor, as they were slipping all around the floor. Daniel looked down and saw that Mickie was having trouble with her hands.

“Hold onto my legs” Daniel said.

Mickie did what he told her to do. She held onto his legs for support. Daniel resumed thrusting his cock into her ass. He moved one hand to Mickie’s ass, lightly rubbing her plump ass cheeks. Without warning, Daniel started to smack her big, juicy, plump ass cheeks.

“Ow… ahhh yeah…. ow…. uhhh…” Mickie said.

Daniel was amazed at the sight of Mickie’s plump ass. Her cheeks were just waving around with each smack onto her ass cheeks. It was like an ocean wave coming onto shore. That was also motivation for Daniel to fuck Mickie’s ass harder.

“Uhhh Mickie” Daniel moaned.

“FUCK!” Mickie yelled.

Daniel pulled Mickie up from the floor, as she let go of his legs. Mickie planted her legs onto the couch, as she began to ride his cock. Daniel moved his head from underneath her armpits.

“Uhhh” Daniel groaned.

“Ahhh fuck!” Mickie moaned.

“Ohhh god… that plump ass… uhhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“Ahhh yeah…. fuck my plump ass” Mickie said to him.

“Ohhhh” he groaned.

Daniel was slowing down a bit, catching his breath. Mickie looked over at him wondering why he was slowing down.

“What? My plump ass too much for you?” Mickie said.

“Fuck no!” Daniel said.

“Then why?” Mickie asked.

“Just for a moment” he said to her.

Mickie giggled. She started to bounce up and down on Daniel’s cock, without him thrusting into her asshole. Daniel moaned a bit, as he moved his hands away from her hips. He was letting Mickie do her thing while he relaxed.

“Uhhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm fuck” Mickie said.

Daniel tilted his head down, to watch Mickie’s big, plump ass, grinding up against his pelvis region. He then rested his head onto the couch, rolling his eyes around in bliss.

Mickie looked over and saw that Daniel was enjoying her ass, as she thought of something up. Mickie stopped bouncing around on his cock. She started to grind on Daniel’s cock.

“Uhhh fuck yeah!” Daniel moaned.

“Yeah… ohhhh fuck” Mickie lightly moaned.

Mickie started to breathe in hard, as she was still grinding onto Daniel’s cock. He started to get out of it, as he was lightly moaning. As if, he was being knocked out from Mickie’s plump ass.

“Oh yeah!” Daniel lightly moaned.

It seem like Daniel was completely out of it, as he was staring up to the ceiling. He did not do anything at all. He continued to let Mickie grind around on his cock. Mickie had a huge smile on her face.

“Oh, I think I got him aboard to help me after all” Mickie said with a big old smile.

Mickie continued to grind on Daniel’s cock. All of a sudden, he lifted his head up, opening his eyes. He placed both hands onto Mickie’s hips again. This time, he did not thrust forward. Instead, he got up from the couch, holding Mickie, turning around still holding onto her, and bringing her down onto the couch. She was now on all fours.

“Uhhhh fuck!” Daniel yelled, as he was thrusting hard into Mickie’s ass.

“Ohhh Daniel” Mickie moaned.

“Ahhh Mickie” Daniel moaned.

Mickie grabbed one of the couch pillows and placed it underneath her head, as Daniel began to thrust harder into her ass. Mickie started to moan louder. She buried her face underneath the pillow.

“Mmmmm” Mickie moaned from underneath the pillow.

“Uhhhh fuck yeah, Mickie… ahhh!” Daniel groaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie moaned again through the pillow.

Daniel kept thrusting and thrusting his cock down hard onto Mickie’s ass. He looked down and saw Mickie’s face buried underneath the pillow. Daniel moved one hand toward her hair and pulled her up, as her moaning sounds echoed around the room.

“Ohhh fuck yeah…. ahhh Daniel” Mickie yelled.

“Ahhh yeah… gonna cum soon” Daniel said.

“Mmmm fuck” Mickie groaned.

“Ahhh” Daniel groaned.

“Ohhh Daniel… fuck…. uhhhh yeah” Mickie moaned.

“Uhhh” he groaned.

Mickie turned her eyes around to look at Daniel, as he had his eyes closed. She knew that he was going to cum soon.

“Uhhh yeah” Daniel groaned.

All of a sudden, Daniel quickly pulled his cock out from Mickie’s ass and came all over her big, round, plump ass. He continued to jerk himself, covering Mickie’s ass with his white sticky paint.

“Ahhh” Daniel groaned again.

“Ohhhh yeah, all over my ass” Mickie said.

Mickie turned around, as Daniel sat on the armrest of the couch. Mickie moved her head down, taking Daniel’s cock into her mouth.

“Ohhh… suck that cock,” Daniel moaned breathing in slowly.

“Mmmm” Mickie moaned.

After a few minutes, Mickie took Daniel’s cock out from her mouth. She was slapping his cock onto her tongue.

“Ahhh” Mickie said.

“Oh fuck” Daniel moaned with a sigh of relief.

“So… do I have your help?” Mickie asked.

Daniel looked down at her, as she had the same smile from before, whilst the two stared at each other.

“Oh hell yeah!” Daniel said.

“So… what now?” Mickie asked again.

“Hmmm” Daniel said thinking about it.

“Well?” she asked.

“Go again?” Daniel asked her.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Mickie said. The two laughed afterwards.

Part 3: Two is a crowd, threesome more…

A few days passed. I was both treating and teasing Mickie James with her fear of spiders. She cried time after time, but I made her feel better. And I do mean better, in terms of us naked and me penetrating her holes with my dick. However, behind my back, Daniel was also treating Mickie and in that way too.

I had a feeling that Mickie was seeing Daniel for help behind my back. However, I could not confirm it though. Therefore, I decided to spy on her to see if she really is going to Daniel for help. I stood there, in her room, staring at her, as she was finishing blowing me.

“Ahhh yeah, Mickie” I moaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie said.

I continued to stare at Mickie, as she sucked my dick. My mind was elsewhere instead of pleasing Mickie to the fullest.

“Uhhh” I groaned.

I looked at my watch, knowing that Daniel was going to leave his office around this time to do his business. I suddenly took my cock out from Mickie’s mouth, as I left Mickie disappointed.

“Money? What’s wrong?” Mickie asked.

“Nothing, it’s just… I have something to attend to now,” I said to her.

“More important than my big juicy tits and plump ass?” Mickie asked again.

“Sadly, yes, but I will return ASAP” I said. I zipped my pants back up and left the room.

Mickie got back up onto her feet. She stood there in a red and purple sleeveless china dress. She looked at the time, as she quickly left her room. Unbeknownst to her, I was actually hiding in a shadowy part of the hallway. I looked over and saw Mickie heading towards Daniel’s office.

“I knew it!” I said in my head.

I was quietly sneaking behind Mickie, as she stopped in front of his door. Mickie was looking around to see if anyone was around, or in her case, me. I hid behind a giant plant before his office. I looked over and saw Mickie knocking on the door.

“Hello?” Mickie said.

Daniel opened the door, as he was coming out of his office. He stopped in front of Mickie. He placed both hands of his onto her arms. The two began to kiss, as Mickie was moving her hand down towards his pants, but Daniel stopped her.

“Mickie, wait” he said.

“What now? I need some cock to suck” Mickie said, pouting a bit.

“I know, but not in my office again. We have done it in there for three straight days and I painted your ass for those days too. I want to help you elsewhere,” Daniel said to her.

“Where then?” Mickie asked.

“How about… in the garden?” he said to her.

“Garden?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s brand new. It is called Marble Garden,” he told her.

“Cool, let’s go” Mickie said. Daniel grabbed her hand and led her towards the Marble Garden. I crept from behind the giant plant, as I was now following the two to the Garden.

Daniel and Mickie were already outside. The sun was about to set. He looked at his watch and saw that it was five-thirty in the afternoon. The Marble Garden was located next to the pool, as Daniel let Mickie go first into the Garden.

“Thanks” Mickie said, as she kissed him on his cheek.

“Hmmm” Daniel said.

Mickie was amazed at the wonders of the Garden. Daniel lightly clapped his hand. The lights around the Marble Garden lit up, as Mickie gasped. The two sat down on the stone bench.

“So… how do you think I’m doing with my fear?” Mickie asked.

“Well, from my prospected, you seem to be doing fine. But umm… take a look over there.” Daniel said.

Mickie turned around and saw the tarantula inside an unbreakable glass box. She lightly gasped at the sight of the tarantula.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to give it to a Pet Store to see if they want it or not. If not, then I will set it free.” Daniel told her.

“Ah, caring” Mickie said, kissing him again.

“So, when do you think I’m ready to go. Because I’m sure my fans are missing me in the ring,” Mickie said to him.

“I say you’re ready to go now, but your original discipline coach is the deciding factor on that.” Daniel said to her.

“Well, Money has been teasing me pretty badly about my fear. I don’t think I’m going to go soon.” Mickie said to him.

Just then, Daniel placed one hand onto Mickie’s face and turned her around, facing him, as he started to kiss her.

As the two were kissing, I made my way out in the back of the friendly confines. I looked around the poolside for the two and I found nothing. I looked around some more. I noticed a new pathway in the back.

“Hmm, this wasn’t here before” I said.

I walked up on the steps and saw the Marble Garden. I looked forward and found Daniel and Mickie kissing. He had one hand on her breasts while Mickie was unzipping his pants.

“Mmm” the two moaned, though their kiss.

“I fucking knew it!” I said.

Mickie broke the kiss. She and Daniel turned around to face me. I stared at the two, as they were literally speechless. Daniel ran his hand around his chin trying to figure out something to say.

“I thought you said that he was gone for the day?” Daniel asked.

“I thought so too,” Mickie said.

“I only said that to see if you two are seeing each other for help and whatnot,” I said.

Daniel stood up ready to defend Mickie. I walked up to him getting up in his face. I was having a stare down with Daniel, as Mickie watched. She was wondering what was going to happen.

“You know you can’t help her out unless if I sign her off to you” I said.

“You were fucking teasing her badly that she was actually crying” he yelled.

“I was fucking kidding!” I yelled back.

“Umm… guys… you don’t have…” Mickie said.

“Don’t worry about this. Just hold on,” Daniel said to her.

“You can’t tell her that? I can because I’m the original discipline coach,” I yelled again.

“What… the… fucking…ever!” Daniel yelled.

“I’m the original discipline coach. I can only help her and you can only help when another discipline coach say so.” I said.

“Oh and yet, you were talking about me and the tarantula a few days ago?” Daniel yelled.

Daniel and I were having a yelling contest, as Mickie could only watch to see what her fear has transpired. Mickie looked at the tarantula. She then looked back at Daniel and me, as we were still yelling at each other.

“Guys… please…” Mickie said.

She was starting to tear up a bit, as a few was coming down her eyes. Mickie felt helpless at this time. Her fear of spiders, being teased about it, and yet, the two coaches that helped her were about to get into a fight. Mickie stood up, as she then crouched down between Daniel and me.

Mickie started to rub her hands onto our small bulges, as Daniel and I looked down. She moved the lower part of her china dress to the side, not wanting to get grass strains on her dress.

“Guys… please… calm down… I don’t want my fear to cause all this yelling,” Mickie said

unzipping our pants.

“Well…” I said.

“…You see…” Daniel said.

“…please, let me put an end to this nonsense” Mickie said, taking both our cocks out.

Mickie’s mouth started to water at the sight of two big meaty cocks around her. She placed both hands onto our cocks and started to lightly jerk them to full erection.

“Maybe I was teasing you a bit too much,” I said.

“Yeah, but I loved the way you made up for it” Mickie said.

“Heh” Daniel chuckled.

Mickie turned her attention back and forth between Daniel and me, as she was looking at us, stroking our cocks.

“Mmmm” Mickie said.

I moved my hand down to her tits, as Daniel did the same. We were groping Mickie’s big tits, as she jerked us. Daniel moved his other hand and took the left side of her china dress strap off. I looked over and saw that Daniel exposed her left tit.

“Hey, no fair” I said.

“What are you waiting for anyways?” Daniel said to me.

I took Mickie’s other china dress strap down, as Daniel and me both revealed her large tits. Mickie was still looking above at us. She took her hand off Daniel’s cock crawled on her knees towards me.

“Bullfudge!” Daniel said.

“Don’t worry; you have been having some of me for the past 3 days. So, I decided to give you a break… for a bit” Mickie said with a wink.

Mickie moved her body upwards, as she placed both her tits between my cock. I looked down and pressed them together around my cock. Mickie started to move her tits up and down on me.

“Uhhh yeah” I moaned.

“Mmm” Mickie said.

As I was tit-fucking Mickie, Daniel took the rest of his clothes off. He stood there, waiting for his turn.

“Ohhh fuck” I moaned again.

“Yeah, these big titties around this big cock… ohhh” Mickie said.

Mickie kept moving her tits up and down. She tilted her head down and licked the head of my cock while it popped from between her tits.

“Ahhh” I groaned.

“Ohhh fuck yeah… these big titties fucking your long rod… ahhh fuck,” Mickie said.

“Ahhh yeah” I groaned again.

After a few more minutes, Mickie pulled away from my cock. She turned around to face a naked Daniel. The two locked eyes, as I was quickly taking my clothes off.

“Ready?” Mickie asked.

“Oh, I wanted to fuck those tits since you step foot into my office a few days ago” Daniel told her.

“Ah” Mickie said in a sweet tone voice.

I was now naked, as I smacked Mickie on her back. She turned around, looking at me, as I spoke.

“Lift your legs up and bury your pussy on my face,” I said lying down underneath her.

“Hmm” Mickie said lifting one leg up.

I scooted underneath her now. Mickie slammed down onto my face hard. She was covering my entire head up with her pussy and china dress. I began to slowly lick her cunt, as Mickie wrapped her tits around Daniel’s cock.

“Ahhh fuck” Daniel moaned, feeling her large globes around his dick.

“Mmmm yeah… ohhh fuck” Mickie moaned.

“Uhhh” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh… yeah… ahhh Money” Mickie moaned.

I was eating her pussy out, as Mickie was grinding her hips around. I licked away despite her grinding on my face.

“Mmmm” I muffled.

“Ahhh Mickie… uhhh fuck” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh yeah…. you wanted this pretty fucking badly?” Mickie asked him.

“Ahhh fuck yeah!” Daniel yelled.

Mickie was now grinding her pussy onto my mouth. I could not lick that much. I didn’t mind, however. As she was grinding her cunt onto my face, Daniel placed both hands onto Mickie’s tits. Her tits were pressed up hard onto Daniel’s cock. He was pumping between them hard.

“Uhhh yeah…. ohhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm yeah, fuck my titties” Mickie said.

“Uhhh fuck” Daniel moaned.

After a while, I scooted away from Mickie’s pussy. I got right back up onto my feet. I placed both of my hands onto her hips, bringing her up, as Mickie was bent over between Daniel and me.

“Mmm, I wanna fuck your pussy again” I said.

“Well then, go ahead” Mickie said.

I moved her china dress up around her stomach. I was positioning my cock right next to her cunt. I was slowly entering my cock inside Mickie, as she was sucking Daniel’s cock.

“Uhhh” Daniel groaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie said bobbing back and forth on his cock.

“Ahhh yeah” I moaned pushing more of my cock inside Mickie’s cunt.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled.

Daniel grabbed Mickie’s hair, grabbing a handful, and held onto her hair. Her hair did not cover her face now, as Daniel looked down and watched Mickie suck his cock.

“Uhhh” Daniel groaned again.

“Ohhh Mickie” I moaned.

Mickie was bobbing fast on Daniel’s cock, as I was thrusting faster into her pussy. I looked around to see if anyone was around. There was no one, thankfully. If there was anyone else around, they probably would have wanted some of Mickie.

“Ahh Mickie… uhhh yeah” I groaned.

Daniel took his cock out from Mickie’s mouth, as he waved his dick around. Mickie started to pout.

“Oh come on, I want it” Mickie pouted.

“You won’t get it that easy,” Daniel told her.

“I want… uhhh fuck… your cock… fuck me… to suck” Mickie begged.

“Fine” he said.

Instead of letting Mickie have her way, Daniel thrusted his cock deep into her mouth. She started to gag on his cock. The head of Daniel’s cock was hitting her gag reflex. Tears were slowly coming down her eyes.

“Uhhh fuck” Daniel moaned.

“Ahhh” Mickie muffled.

As her mouth opened, Daniel kept thrusting his cock back and forth inside Mickie’s mouth.

“Uhhh” Daniel groaned.

“Ohhh Mickie… tight cunt… uhhh” I groaned.

I kept thrusting my cock into Mickie’s cunt, as she gagged on Daniel’s cock. While he was thrusting his dick into her mouth, I looked down and saw Mickie’s plump ass cheeks smacking up against my pubic region.

Daniel and I finally pulled our cocks out of Mickie, as she stood back up. Daniel released his grip he had on Mickie’s hair. She turned around, bent down again, and sucked on my cock. Daniel inserted his cock into Mickie’s cunt and began fucking her fast.

“Uhhh fuck… mmm Mickie,” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh suck that cock,” I moaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled.

She was bobbing her head down onto my cock at a quick pace. Her hair was flying around all over the place. I moved her hair to the side to watch Mickie sucking my cock.

“Oh yeah” I lightly moaned.

“Uhhh…. ahhh yeah”

Daniel moaned.

He felt Mickie’s plump ass cheeks hitting up against his body, as he looked down. He moved both his hands onto her ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her tight asshole.

“Ohhh yeah… soon” he mumbled.

“Her ass?” I asked.

“Of course” he chuckled.

“Ahh yeah” I moaned.

“Mmm” Mickie muffled again.

Daniel kept spreading Mickie’s plump ass cheeks apart. He thrust his cock into her moist cunt. Mickie moved both of her hands onto her ass cheeks and held them for Daniel. He lifted his thumb up and started to rub her asshole with his thumb. I knew that Mickie was sensitive when it came to her asshole. And I’m pretty sure Daniel knew that too.

“Mmm… that ass!” he said.

“Ahhh… Mickie… uhhh” I groaned.

Daniel pulled his cock out from Mickie’s cunt, smacking her on her ass. She took my cock out from her mouth. The three of us stood in the Marble Garden, wondering what Daniel had planned.

“Take your dress completely off” Daniel told her.

Mickie listened, as she took her china dress off. The three of us was now naked in the garden. Daniel walked to the stone bench, lying down on it. Mickie walked over, crouching over his cock.

“Which hole?” Mickie asked him.

“That asshole!” he said.

Mickie crouched down, as the head of his cock entered her tight asshole. I walked over wondering what to do next. Mickie sat down on Daniel’s cock. Her back was facing Daniel. I was looking at Mickie’s tits, as they were directly in my view. I looked down and saw Mickie’s ass being filled with one cock.

“Think she can have two in there?” I asked.

“Only one way to find out” Daniel said.

I was facing Mickie, as I was positioning my cock into her asshole. I pushed slowly into her stuffed ass.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Mickie yelled.

“Almost in there” I said pushing my 12-inch cock into her ass.

“Ahhh god….” Mickie screamed.

“Ohhh… there we go,” I said.

I began to thrust my cock first into Mickie’s tight ass. Daniel slowly pumped his cock as well. He held onto Mickie’s hips to pump. I grabbed both of her legs by her knees and pumped my cock.

“Uhhh yeah… fuck… ohhh!” Mickie moaned.

“Ahhh” I groaned.

“Uhhh” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh fuck my ass with those cocks… ahhh fuck,” Mickie screamed.

“Ahhh yeah… uhhh fuck!” I groaned.

“Ohhh… fuck… ahhh!” Mickie moaned.

“Uhhhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

I slowed down, allowing Daniel to thrust his cock into Mickie’s ass. I looked down and saw Mickie’s tits bouncing around. I grabbed the both of them and started to fondle Mickie’s large tits.

“Uhhh Mickie… ohhh yeah!” I moaned.

“Ohhh” Mickie said opening her eyes wide.

“Ahhh fuck yeah, Mickie,” Daniel groaned.

“Yeah, fuck my big ass… ahhh!” Mickie said.

Daniel slowed down allowing me to resume. I picked my pace up, thrusting hard into Mickie’s ass. She continued to moan louder at the double anal penetration. Daniel was slowly pumping his cock into her ass. I was slamming hard, making Mickie moan loudly.

“Ohhh yeah…. fuck me!” Mickie screamed.

“Yeah, you like this?” I asked.

“Oh… I fucking love it! Ahhh… uhhh!” Mickie yelled.

Daniel pulled his cock out from Mickie’s ass. He scooted to the side, as he fell onto the glass. He quickly got right back up, standing in front of Mickie, as he shoved his cock right back into her mouth.

“Ahhh!” Daniel moaned.

Mickie started to slobber all over Daniel’s cock, covering his manhood with each inch of her saliva. Daniel placed one hand onto the side of Mickie’s head and pushed her head towards him.

“Ohhh!” he groaned.

“Uhhh…. ohhh fuck!” I moaned.

Mickie moved one hand to her cunt, as she began to rub herself. While she was playing with herself, Daniel held Mickie’s head towards him. Her gag reflex was surpassing her limitations. Her face was slowly turning blue. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head.

“Ahhh…. fuck!” Daniel yelled.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled.

“Ohhh fuck yeah… tight ass… ahhh!” I groaned.

Daniel pulled his cock out from Mickie’s mouth, as she quickly breathed in air. His cock was entirely covered in her saliva. I pulled my cock out from Mickie’s ass. I walked over to her mouth. Daniel walked back to Mickie’s ass. Mickie began to suck my cock, while Daniel inserted his cock into her ass.

“Uhhhh fuck!” Mickie moaned.

“Oh Mickie… ahhh” Daniel moaned.

He grabbed her hips again, thrusted forward, and began to pump in and out of her ass. I was moving the head of my cock around her lips first before she could suck on my cock.

“Mmmm” Mickie said kissing the tip of my cock.

“Oh yeah, wanna suck it now?” I asked.

Without any sign, Mickie quickly opened her mouth and started to bob on my cock. She bobbed her head upwards, as Daniel had his hands around her pussy lips. He spread Mickie’s pussy apart. He moved his middle finger into her cunt. While he continued to fuck her ass,

Daniel started to finger Mickie’s pussy.

“Ahhh… ohhh yeah… uhhh Mickie” Daniel groaned, tilting his head up for a bit.

Daniel quickly looked down, fingering Mickie’s cunt, and thrust harder into her ass. He started to pump his fingers into Mickie’s cunt as if it was a cock.

“Uhhh…. Mickie…. Ahhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled.

“Ohhh fuck… uhhh yeah!” I groaned.

As Daniel thrusted his manhood into Mickie’s ass, he kept looking down, watching his fingers pumping into her cunt.

“Ahhh” he lightly moaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled louder.

After a while, I pulled my cock out from her mouth. Mickie was a bit disappointed, but that disappointment turned to moaning within a second.

“Ahhh fuck… ohhh yeah… fuck my ass!” Mickie moaned.

“Yeah… ohhhh” Daniel moaned.

I got between Mickie and Daniel, as I was above her chest. I mounted down, putting my cock between her tits. She wrapped her arms around her tits.

“Mmm… fuck my titties again,” Mickie said to me.

“Ahhh yeah” I moaned.

I began to pump between Mickie’s tits. Daniel pulled his cock out from her ass, getting up from the stone bench. He walked over to Mickie’s face. Once again, she quickly wrapped her lips around his cock.

“Ahhhh!” Daniel moaned tilting his head upwards.

“Mmmm” Mickie said.

“Ohhh fuck” I moaned.

I was pumping hard between Mickie’s tits, looking down, watching her tits bouncing around while she held onto them. She had her eyes closed, ignoring the head of my cock popping in and out from between her large globes. Daniel smacked Mickie on her cheek, as she continued to suck him off.

“Ahhh” Daniel groaned.

“Uhhh Mickie… ahhh fuck…. ohhh” I moaned.

Mickie continued to bob her head back and forth on Daniel’s cock quickly, as he breathed in slowly. All of a sudden, Daniel pulled his cock out from her mouth. He tapped me on my shoulder, telling me to get off her, and stand up.

“Uhhh… what is it?” I asked.

“Nothing, changing positions” Daniel said.

“What position do you want me in?” Mickie asked sitting down on the stone bench.

“All fours on the bench now!” Daniel said.

Mickie got up, turned around, shaking her ass to us. Before she got onto her knees, me and Daniel smacked her plump ass cheeks. Smack after smack, we saw her cheeks wiggle around. Just then, Daniel grabbed both ass cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her gaping asshole.

“Oh yeah… look at this ass… oh fuck” Daniel said.

He moved away, allowing Mickie to set herself onto her knees. She did so, as Daniel was behind her. I walked over facing Mickie. She looked up at me before she wrapped her lips around my cock.

“Mmmm Money… ohhh Daniel…. Uhhh yeah” Mickie seductively moaned.

Daniel was once again spreading her ass cheeks apart, as he was slowly inserting his cock into her ass again.

“Ahhh….. fuck…. ohhhh!” Daniel moaned, as he got the head of his cock into Mickie’s tight asshole.

“Ohhh fuck… uhhh yeah,” Mickie moaned.

Mickie now wrapped her lips around my cock now, as Daniel began to thrust his manhood into her ass. He grabbed a handful of Mickie’s ass cheeks and thrust.

“Uhhh… ohhh” Daniel groaned.

“Mmmm yeah…. suck that cock… ohhh fuck!” I moaned.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled.

As Daniel pumped his cock into Mickie’s ass, I placed my hands around her neck, moving my hips upwards, and began pumping my cock into her mouth. I was now throat fucking Mickie while Daniel fucked her ass.

“Ahhh” I groaned.

“Ohhh fuck yeah… ahhh yeah,” Daniel groaned.

Mickie’s moans were becoming louder with each thrust we took into her. While I was pumping my cock into her throat, saliva drooled down from the side of her mouth. Along with the saliva drooling down, she was once again reaching her gagging limitations.

“Uhhh…. ahhh fuck yeah, Mickie” I moaned.

“Ahhh… ohhh” Daniel groaned again.

He still held onto her plump ass cheeks as he was picking his pace up. Daniel looked over at me and Mickie, as he then released one hand off her ass cheeks, grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled her head up by her hair, taking her mouth off my manhood.

“Yeah… you like this huh… two guys fucking you senseless” Daniel said.

“Ahhh yeah…. fuck me… come on…” Mickie pouted.

Daniel let go of his grip on her hair. Mickie quickly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, placed one hand onto the base of my manhood, and jerked me while she sucked the head of my cock.

“Ahhh fuck!” I yelled.

“Mmmm” Mickie muffled.

“Uhhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

“Mmm yeah…. fuck that ass… ohhh fuck!” Mickie screamed.

“Ohhh fuck… mmmm,” I groaned.

“Ahhh fuck yeah… fuck me… ohhh yeah,” Mickie moaned.

Mickie wrapped her lips around the head of my dick again. She continued to jerk me while she bobbed on the tip of my cock. Daniel lifted himself up onto the bench, pounding away into Mickie’s ass and holding onto her hips for support.

“Ahh… I’m gonna…” Daniel moaned.

Mickie quickly took my cock out from her mouth again, as she quickly turned her eyes around from her left side to Daniel.

“You two, cum on my face” Mickie said.

“Ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned thrusting harder into Mickie’s asshole.

“Uhhhh god…. my ass… ohhh fuck!” Mickie yelled.

All of a sudden, Daniel quickly pulled out from her ass, smacked her ass cheeks, signaling that it was time.

“Lay your ass down on the bench” Daniel said.

Mickie did so, Daniel was on her left side, and I was on her right. We both jerked above her face. Mickie looked above, waiting for our loads, running her hands onto her own face for anticipation.

“Uhhh yeah… ahhh fuck… almost!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmm yeah… give it to me,” Mickie said opening her mouth.

We both continued to jerk, wanting to cover Mickie’s face with cum. She moved her hands, grabbed our balls, and started to grope them as we jerked.

“Ahhh!” Daniel moaned.

“Uhhh yeah” I moaned.

“Oh, give it to me… come on, I want it!” Mickie pouted.

“Ohhh…. Uhhhh yeah… ahhh fuck!” Daniel groaned.

Daniel was the first one to shoot his load. He bent down, covering Mickie’s face with cum. He kept jerking off, as some dropped down onto her lips. She looked up at him with her eyes.

“Uhhh Mickie… ohhhh fuck!” I groaned.

I shot my load of cum onto the load that was already on her face covering her with even more cum. Her face was a cum-filled mess, as she smacked her lips together; tasting some of the cum. Mickie looked up at us. She grabbed our cocks and jerked us off to see if there was anymore.
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“Ohh… I guess you two are done arguing over me,” Mickie said with a smile.

“Heh… ha… ha… ha!” both me and Daniel laughed.

Mickie sat up; we grabbed out clothes, as we then sat down next to her. She wiped her hand around her face, getting most of the cum off her face and onto her hands. Mickie then did a V-sign finger signal, as she lick her palm and upwards. Daniel left the garden, leaving me and Mickie alone. She looked up at me with her cum-covered face.

“That was so fucking great care for another round? Mickie asked.

“Well I’m up for some time off soon for my birthday maybe we can pick up from there.” I said.

“I’ll be there.” she said.
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Re: Rehab From Hell: Mickie James
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Great stuff, loving all your old stories.


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