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What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Natalie Portman
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What If Celebs Were Pornstars: Natalie Portman

Story codes: MF, oral, anal, MMF, threesome

Author cameos: DarklordZ, Kash The Priest

Celeb cameo: Lacey Chabert

Feedback: Yes email or message boards.

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality.Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] That being said I would like to thank DarklordZ for allowing me to write this story and any series questions go to DLZ at maxstar100atgmaildotcom (work to form email). This story was originally published on August 1st 2009.

“I’m sorry, Miss Portman. We offered the role to someone else. However, if you like, we could put in a supporting cast role instead,” said one network executive.

“No!” Natalie yelled.

“If you think a supporting role is more suited for me, go fuck yourself!” Natalie yelled, as she stormed out of the office. She closed the door hard, as the picture frames on the walls fell onto the floor and broke.

While Natalie was leaving the studio, she ran into me while I was mumbling to myself with a folder that had important papers inside.. Since she left the studios in anger, Natalie walked right into me. We collided with one another, as the paper from the folder flew around the ground.. I went around grabbing the papers falling from the air.

“Hey watch where you’re… wow, you look familiar,” I said.

“Who do you think I am?” Natalie asked.

“I could be wrong… but I’ll say Natalie Portman,” I told her.

“That’s good. Although, I have no idea who you are,” Natalie said with a sudden smile.

“Really? And here I thought you were a fan of mine.” I replied.

“What’s your name?” she asked me.

“My name is Money and I work for Dark Stone Productions as both a co-star and talent scout. I was going around seeing who I could find as an assistant for me,” I told her.

“Never heard of Dark Stone Productions before and you sure don’t look like any talent scout I’ve seen before.” said Portman.

“Well, if you need a good paying gig, maybe I can talk to the co-founders and see what parts we have to put you in.” I said.

“I’ll think about it,” Natalie told me.

“Great, here’s my card with the company address. If you want, give me a call in 3 days and ask for me. I’m going to the office right now so I have to run.” I said to her.

“Ok.” She said. While I was walking away, Natalie looked at me, wondering if what I said was the real deal or not.

“Hmm, well… what do I have to lose? Maybe I will give this company a chance,” she thought.

An hour later…

I entered through the production company’s front door after parking in the employee-parking garage. Once I entered, I walked towards the writer’s room. I entered the room and started going over scripts that were in the huge inbox from the writing staff. Just then, I found one script that would work for Natalie. I left the room quickly while I ran towards one of the co-founder’s office.

I saw that Lacey, Daniel’s personal assistant/star was not at her desk. I walked towards the door and heard some moaning sound. I knocked on the door, as Daniel yelled.

“Ah yeah, hold on a sec…” he groaned.

“Hey Daniel.” I said, entering the room.

“What part of… uh whatever… Anyways… Money, what brings you here?” he asked. As I walked into his office, I saw Lacey sucking on his cock. Daniel sat there, tilting his head upwards.

“Ahhh yeah!” Daniel moaned.

“I could come by later instead?” I said.

“Nah, Lace stop… we can finish later” Daniel told her. Lacey was looking up at him with “the look” while still having his member in her mouth. He chuckled before saying something to her.

“Ah come on, really?” he questioned her.

Lacey took his cock out from her mouth and stood back up, straightening her skirt downwards. She was fully dressed while she was standing up.

“Oh please… the look can break you everytime,” she laughed.

“Oh whatever!” he said.

“Anyways, what’s up?” Daniel said, as he zipped his pants back up while Lacey was standing over the desk, showing off her cleavage right in front of me.

“Well, umm… I had this awesome idea for a movie and it seems like one of the writers already has it ready.” I said.

“Surely that’s not everything you have to say” Daniel said.

“Well, I did find a new talent today,” I added.

“Like who?” Lacey asked.

“Natalie Portman” I grinned.

“Awesome! That’s why we pay you the big money we do.” Daniel said.

“Well then, you’re going to love this script I have in my hands. Natalie would be perfect for the role. All you have to do is sign off on it and have a crew ready to roll in 3 days.” I told him.

“Done!” Daniel said.

I showed Daniel the script. He entered the drawer and grabbed the contract to start production. Daniel signed the contract first, as I signed afterwards. Lacey sighed as well for some reason.

“Great, all that’s left is for Natalie to sign” Daniel said.

“In 3 days. Ok, I’m going to get the stuff ready now” I said leaving the room.

“Now where were we?” Lacey said before taking her skirt off.

“I said later, not afterwards. Besides, I need to go to Kash’s place now. Giving him this week off might have not been a good idea,” Daniel told her.

Before speaking, Lacey shot him “the look” once again. Daniel sighed before covering his face up and sighing. Once he did that, she laughed before kissing him on his cheek.

“Look, later alright. Kash told me something important about the upcoming tour with Britney,” Daniel said to her.

“Ah, well no problem then. Well you mind if I tag along with to hear about the announcement?” Lacey asked.

“Eh, sure… why not” Daniel said, as the two left the office hand-to-hand to Kash’s place.

3 days had passed, as Natalie had butterflies waiting for someone over at Dark Stone Productions to pick up. She was a bit nervous. Just then, the phone rang. Portman answered the call and talked first.

“Hello is this…” Natalie nervously asked.

“Yes, this is Dark Stone Productions. I’m Lacey, how could I help you?” Lacey said.

“Great, I’m Natalie Portman and I would like to speak to Money,” she said. “Hold on, I’m transferring your call” Lacey said, as she pressed the button to transfer. After a few moments of silence, I picked up.

“Natalie how is our future starlet today?” I said.

“I’m good. So is there something for me with this production company?” Natalie asked hoping there was something.

“Well… I will let you pick. There are 2 open spots, one is a cop sidekick in a new movie, or there is the lead character in a hospital film,” I said.

“When do they start shooting?” she asked.

“There is a cop one shooting next week and the other is a hospital shoot, which starts tomorrow.” I told Natalie.

“That seems rather quick with the hospital shoot” Natalie said.

“I can slide you in, that way; we do not have to put this project on hold. Our original star dropped out, so that is why production seems so quick” I told her.

“I’ll do the hospital one then,” she said.

“Great, I’ll have the contract in hand for you when you arrive.” I said.

A day later…

Natalie arrived at Dark Stone Productions. She walked through the doors of the building and saw that everyone was active in their work. She was guided to Daniel’s office. Once she got to his office, Natalie opened the door and saw Daniel, Lacey, and me waiting for her.

“So you three were waiting for me to arrive,” Natalie said.

“Yes, now before we continue on, are you fine with all this?” Daniel asked.

“Yes I am,” she said.

“Alright, here is the contract” I told her.

I took the contract out in front of her. Natalie instantly signed the contract. She was off to wardrobe to get her costume with me and the two. We arrived in the wardrobe room for fitting for Natalie and me. I took my clothes off first to get into a patient’s gown. Natalie started to wonder why I suddenly undressed in front of her. The wardrobe manager gave her the outfit for her role.

Once she got her outfit, Natalie had an undecided look on her face.

“What the hell is this?” she asked looking at the skimpy nurse’s outfit.

“That’s your costume for the shoot,” I said.

“This almost looks like a porn outfit,” Natalie yelled. It was a leather type white nurse outfit with long white gloves, a zipper in the front, and white stockings.

“Wait… did Money not tell you what Dark Stone Production does?” Lacey asked.

“We do porn,” I, Lace, and Daniel said..

“Well…” Natalie said a bit shocked.

“Alright… let’s do this,” she said before taking a deep breath. After she took a deep breath, Natalie took her shirt off first. I grabbed her shirt and placed it onto the table. Natalie bent down to give a perfect view of her ass while she was taking her pants off.

She put the white stockings on first before the white gloves and last the leather nurse outfit on. She looked up and saw Daniel putting his doctor’s lab coat. Daniel was going to play the doctor while Money is going to be the patient.

“Wait, so you two are going to…” Natalie nervously asked.

“Yep, and I will be directing it all” Lacey said to her.

Natalie zipped up her nurse outfit, as Daniel and I walked onto the set. I lay down onto the hospital bed. Natalie was having second thoughts about doing this, but Lacey patted her on her back knowing that same feeling Natalie was having.

“Don’t worry, I was nervous back in my first porn shoot like you are now. Just let it ease in you first. Calm yourself, don’t have second thoughts,” Lacey said to her.

“But… I…” Natalie said before being cut off from a kiss from Lacey.

“Calm yourself, did you not learn from college?” Lacey asked Natalie.

“Well… during my time in college, I had my heart broken by my best friend. But I couldn’t help shake the feeling that some crazed fan of mine was watching me throughout my college run” Natalie explained.

“As if he was hooked on me first when Episode I first came out years ago,” she added.

“That’s creepy,” Lacey said.

“How so?” Natalie asked Lace.

“Following you throughout your college run. Hell, for all we know, he could’ve explained it somehow in some form on the ‘net” Lacey said to her.

“True… but anyways, I’m still having second thoughts about this” Natalie said.

“Hey, could be even worse… you could have another crazed fan of yours in Paris , France ” Daniel yelled over the door.

“Girls time! Don’t make me open the door with the look,” Lacey said before laughing.

“Good grief!” eh said before he left the door area.

Lacey grabbed Natalie’s hands, as she turned around to look at her. She brought her closer to her. Lacey kissed Natalie once more to help her calm down. After a few minutes, Lacey pulled away from Natalie, as she was starting to calm down a bit. Natalie took a deep breath once again. She walked out from the dressing room and onto the set.

She grabbed her nurses’ hat and put it on. After putting the hat on, Natalie put the gloves on. She then looked over the script to see what lines or what she has to do.

“Hmm, not too bad” Natalie said to herself while reading the script

“I take it that you understand what to do and all?” Lacey asked, as she came out from the dressing room to direct..

“Yeah, I do” Natalie said to Lacey, patting her on her tits instead of her shoulders.

Lacey giggled.

“Ok, places people” Lacey said clapping her hands. She was now behind the camera, getting ready to turn it on, as she sat down on the director’s chair. Daniel was standing right next to her. I was on the bed while Natalie was standing offset, getting ready for her cue.

“Nurses Aid… scene 1… act 1… and action!” Lacey yelled, as she began filming.

The scene opened with me moaning in pain. I started to move around to help ease the pain. Natalie walked into the scene with a cart that had a blanket and bucket that had a washcloth soaking with water. She reached inside, took the washcloth, and wiped it across his forehead. I turned my head to the left side to see Natalie’s perky tits through her nurse outfit.

“Ohhh” I moaned in pain.

“Shh, don’t worry… the doctor will be in soon” Natalie said.

Natalie lifted my gown up and started to wash around my body. She washed down to my cock, which was slowly becoming erected. Nonetheless, she began to wash around my member.

“Mmm, that feels… good” I quietly said.

“Hmm” Natalie said, as a thought popped into her head. She took the wet cloth and wrapped it around my cock. Natalie slowly began to jerk him to full erection.

“Ohhh yeah” Money moaned.

“Shh, this is just to help you ease with your visit here” Natalie told him.

“I don’t do this for every patient here. Just a select few I choose.” She added.

“I must be special then” I laughed.

Natalie continued to jerk my footlong cock off slowly with the wet cloth. She wanted to suck on it but due to her duty as a nurse, she couldn’t. Instead of sucking, she decided to jerk me off while washing my body. I looked around to see if any “doctor” was around..

Offset, Lacey continued to direct while Daniel still in the doctor’s lab coat stood right next to her. This was her first time directing by herself. She directed a few scenes before but this was her first full-directing duty for a scene. Daniel patted Lacey on her shoulder, telling her that she’d do fine. She looked over and saw his hand on her shoulder, as she placed her hand on top of his.

“So when are you going to get in?” she asked.

“In a bit” he said. Lacey turned her attention back to the scene, whereas Daniel still stood right next to her in support for directing.

As Lacey directed, Natalie unzipped her nurse’s outfit from the back. I was getting her outfit down from her shoulders to expose her small but perky tits. I got her outfit down from her should to her hands, seeing her tits.

“Mmmm… uhhh yeah, stroke that cock… ahhh,” I groaned.

“Well since you got my uniform down, I guess I could suck your dick,” Natalie said to me. She lowered herself down to take my thick member into her mouth. Natalie sticked her tongue out and flicked the head of my cock. I started to grope her tits while she flicked her tongue.

“Mmmm” Natalie said.

After flicking her tongue on my dick, Natalie took the head into her mouth and started to suck on it. While Natalie started sucking my cock, I lifted one arm up to take my patient’s robe off. I was now naked, lying down on the hospital bed, as the nurse was sucking my big cock to make me feel better.

“Ohhhh” I groaned.

Natalie was bending over on the bed, standing at the side, sucking away. She moved one hand behind her to lift her up her nurse’s outfit to reveal a white colored lace thong. I tilted my head around to see Natalie’s ass in that white lace thong. I moved one hand over to her right leg. Then, I placed my other hand on her left leg and lifted her petite body up on the bed. I had my legs between her legs while Natalie continued sucking away on my cock.

“Mmmm” she moaned.

“Ahhh yeah,” I moaned.

I moved the white thong strap to the side to see her shaved cunt. I stared at it first before kissing it. After I kissed it, I began to slowly licking her shaven twat. Natalie was now twisting the wet cloth around the shaft, getting it wetter. I felt her perky tits on my thighs, as she sucked away.

“Uhhhh” I groaned.

“Alright… getting close for me to enter” Daniel said to Lacey.

“Cool” Lacey replied.

Daniel walked to the other side of the set to get his clipboard ready that had a few pieces of paper clipped on. He grabbed a stethoscope that was on a table next to the clipboard, and waited for his cue. Daniel saw through the screen and saw Natalie sucking my cock to no end while I was licking her cunt. Daniel stood up, clearing his voice before he finally walked into the scene while looking at the clipboard in hand.

“Alright Money… how are you…” Daniel said coming through the screen and saw me licking the nurse’s twat whilst she sucked my member.

“Nurse, this isn’t appropriate,” Daniel told her.

Natalie took my cock out from her mouth. Natalie sat up, as she sat on my face, burying my face with her pussy. She stared at the doctor, who stared at her.

“I was helping the patient out.” Natalie said to him.

“Still… this isn’t appropriate for a nurse to do” the doctor told her.

“Money is in for a check-up on his arm, so how does sucking his cock help him with his arm?” Daniel asked.

“Oh come on, please… let me continue” Natalie said in a puppy dog eye stare.

“Mmmm” I muffled, as Natalie still had my face buried underneath her cunt.

“Ahhh yeah, eat that pussy,” Natalie groaned.

Natalie bent down once more to suck on my cock while I was eating her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her hips to eat her out some more. While Natalie and I were having one another, the doctor stood still before walking forward to us. He was standing right next to her ass.

He didn’t say anything while I kept licking her bald cunt. Instead of watching me eating the nurse out, he was staring at her ass. Daniel used his stethoscope and placed the cold round metal object of the stethoscope onto Natalie’s ass cheeks. This surprised her, feeling the cold metal object around her ass.

She turned her head around and saw that Daniel was using the stethoscope on her ass. He felt the beat from inside her ass through his ears. Natalie giggled before she turned her attention back to my dick.

“Uhhh fuck… ohhhh,” I groaned.

The doctor stopped using the stethoscope, as he reached for her arms. Daniel had both of Natalie’s arms in mid-air to take her nurse outfit off. She was now only in the white lace thong with the white stockings and the nurse’s hat. Natalie was about to take my member back into her mouth but Daniel stopped her by grabbing a handful of her long curly brunette hair.

“Ah… no, no, and no… not just yet” the doctor said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You have been too loose nurse… time for the doctor’s order,” Daniel said, as he walked towards her. He unzipped his pants to free his big cock. Natalie looked down and knew what he meant.

Natalie got off me and turned around. Her arms were at the edge of the hospital bed while her legs were at the other edge of the bed as well. I got up onto my feet, as I was standing next to her legs. I spread her legs apart to get to her pussy. I lowered the white lace thong down to her knees before I resumed licking her cunt.

“Mmmm” Natalie moaned while she had the doctor’s cock in her mouth.

“Ahhh yeah, suck that dick you naughty nurse” the doctor groaned.

I kept eating the nurse’s cunt out while I slowly jerked my own cock. I flicker my tongue onto her pussy lips, opening her cunt some more. I had my other hand on her ass, as I was rubbing her ass around whist I ate her out.

“Mmmm” Natalie moaned louder.

“Ohhhh… such a naughty nurse” Daniel said.

He still had a handful of her hair. Daniel began to pump his cock into her throat, giving Natalie something more instead of her just sucking. He was pumping his member deep into her throat whilst I was eating her pussy. I moved my hand around to her asshole and started to run my index finger around her asshole. Natalie shivered up a bit once I ran a finger around her hole.

“Hmm, probably guessing she hasn’t done anal. Well… she’s in for quite a surprise” Lacey said to herself.

“I concur” someone said from behind her.

“What the?” Lacey said turning around to see who was behind her.

It was none other than the other co-founder of the company, the Stoner of Dark Stone Productions, Kash. He was in light blue pants and a plain looking t-shirt. Kash walked right up to Lacey while looking at the scene.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had the week off?” Lacey asked.

“I do but I would never miss a porn shoot” Kash replied.

“You missed Rihanna’s,” Lacey said.

“Ah… not really. I was already there on the island. I hid from you guys until I came out” Kash said to her.

“Oh… well…” Lacey said.

“First time directing by yourself?” he asked her.

“Yeah” she said.

“Nervous?” he asked.

“A bit” she told him.

“Shh… just think… instead of you directing, your up there with Daniel. Think of this as your first porn shoot” Kash explained to Lacey.

“Yeah, but you were directing it…” Lacey said before Kash silenced her with his finger on her lips.

“Like I said… don’t think of you here, think of you up there with him” Kash said to her.

“Why are you helping me?” Lacey questioned.

“What? Can’t I help my friend’s girl out?” he asked.

“If I didn’t know better, you were trying to flirt with me a bit” she smiled.

“Well, what can I say?” Kash shrugged his shoulders.

Kash stood next to Lacey to support her directing. As the two turned their attention to the scene, I had my cock already inside her cunt while the doctor continued to thrust his rod into the nurse’s mouth.

“Mmmm yeah” Daniel groaned.

I slowly began to pump into Natalie’s shaven pussy. I held onto her hips while I had one leg on the bed to help for support.

“Uhhh yeah” I lightly groaned.

“Mmmmm” she muffled.

“Uhhh… ohhh fuck” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh yeah… fuck me,” Natalie screamed, as she took the doctor’s cock out from her mouth.

“Nurse… you’re suppose to suck, not moan,” the doctor said.

“Well… I…” Natalie said before he pushed his dick back into her mouth.

“Just suck it and we can call it even,” Daniel groaned.

Natalie shook her head in unison. She began to bob back and forth on his cock. Natalie had both hands on the edge of the bed. Daniel lifted one leg up onto the bed to give some support for her.

“Ahhh fuck yeah,” I groaned.

I was slamming hard into her cunt. With each thrust, my balls were smacking up against her pussy. I looked around for Daniel’s stethoscope but it was still around his neck. In the script, it was said that I use the stethoscope to hear the thrusting inside Natalie but when remained to be seen.

“Ohhhh Natalie” I moaned.

“Mmmm” she loudly muffled.

“Alright, switch” Daniel said.

He took his cock out from her mouth, walked back a bit, took his pants, lab coat and shirt off. Once he got his shirt off, Daniel grabbed the lab coat and put it back on. Natalie was still on all fours on the bed, as I pulled my cock out from her moist cunt.

“Ohhh” I shivered.

“Mmmm yeah” Natalie sighed.

Natalie turned around as she was lying on her back. Her head was now at the edge of the bed, hanging on. I walked over to her head, as she opened her mouth to take my cock. Daniel lifted her legs up and spread them apart in a V formation. He inserted his member into her bald twat.

“Ahhhh” Daniel sighed.

“Ohhhh fuck” Natalie squeaked before she finally took my cock into her mouth.

“Uhhhh” I groaned.

I held onto the edge of the bed, as I began to pump my cock into her mouth. Natalie placed both of her hands on my ass, bringing me closer to her, whist sucking it. Daniel had both of her legs on his shoulders, pumping away into her shaven pussy.

“Mmmm” she loudly muffled.

“Ahhh fuck…. suck that cock… ohhh” I groaned.

“Uhhh shit… what a tight pussy… ahhh,” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm” she moaned again.

I looked up and saw that Daniel was slowly fucking her while he had the lab coat on. He was holding onto the edge of the bed as well, as he pumped into her cunt. I looked down and saw Natalie taking every inch of my member down her mouth.

“Uhhhh” I groaned loudly.

Natalie moved her head down, as she took her mouth away from my cock. She kept her head down for a bit.

“Uhhhh fuck yeah…. fuck that pussy…. Ohhhh god” Natalie moaned.

“Yeah… fuck this naughty nurse… ahhh yeah,” Daniel groaned.

“Oh yes… I am a fucking naughty nurse… goddammit…. Fuck me!” Natalie screamed.

“Shut this naughty nurse up again!” Daniel told me.

I shoved my cock back into her mouth, as she resumed sucking on it. I went back to pumping my dick down her throat. I looked down and saw her nurse’s hat on the floor. I wanted to pick it back up but I was better in this position anyways.

“Mmmm yeah, nurse” I groaned.

Natalie kept bobbing her head back and forth on my member while I continued to hold onto the edge of the bed. The doctor kept pumping his cock into her pussy. Natalie looked up and saw me groaning, as I pushed my cock deep inside her mouth.

“Mmmm” Natalie muffled.

“Ahhh fuck…. uhhhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

He looked over and saw Kash standing right next to Lacey. He wondered what Kash was doing here on his week off. Then again, he thought. Daniel turned his attention back to Natalie. He stared directly at me before looking down at her small perky tits. Daniel moved both hands to her tits and started to grope them while he fucked her twat.

“Mmmm fuck yeah,” he groaned.

Daniel started to pinch her nipples around, getting them aroused. He felt Natalie’s nipples getting hard as rocks around his fingers. He twisted them around every few minutes or so, getting them hard as they could.

“Oh… let me feel,” I said.

The doctor moved his left hand away from Natalie’s left tit. I moved one hand towards her tit and started pinching her nipple.

“Mmmm” Natalie moaned.

“Oh yeah, feeling her nipples… so hard” I said.

“Yeah” the doctor replied.

After a few minutes of pinching Nurse Natalie’s nipples, the doctor and I moved our hands away from her tits. I bent my head down and took her left tit into my mouth. I started to suck on her nipple as if I was a little baby.

“Hmm, well… nurses do help with breast-feeding” the doctor said.

“Lame” a faith voice said, as the doctor heard the voice.

“Not as lame as you” Daniel quietly mumbled.

“Right back at ya” Kash quietly snickered.

{Are their minds synch with one another as if Daniel and Kash weren’t themselves but another being that was synchro summoned?} I thought. Then again, I might be over thinking.

I turned my attention back to Natalie’s tits, realizing that I was still sucking her tit. I took her left tit out from my mouth and sucked on her right tit. While I was sucking on her tits, Natalie kept bobbing her head on my dick, covering most of it with her saliva. As I was sucking on Natalie’s perky tits, I looked up and saw her firm stomach. I moved one hand towards her stomach and rubbed it whist I sucked away on her tit.

“Uhhhh fuck yeah,” the doctor moaned.

“Mmmm” Natalie moaned.

After a minute, Natalie took my cock out from her mouth and began jerking it instead.

“Ohhh yeah… fuck me!” Natalie moaned.

“Uhhh fuck” I groaned.

I felt Natalie was picking her pace up with her hand. She was jerking me off rather quickly. She was looking up at me, kissing the head of my dick, as she kept moaning from the doctor pounding away into her cunt.

“Ohhhh… time for a new routine,” Daniel said, as he pulled out from her pussy.

“What do you have in mind doctor?” Natalie said while she was getting up to sit on the bed.

“Hmmm” he said. The doctor began to think of a new routine for the nurse.

“Ah yes, how about you get off the bed while Money gets on. Once he does, you get on top of him while you taste your cunt,” Daniel said to Natalie.

Natalie got off the bed, which allowed me to get back on. I got back in the same bed position that Nurse Natalie saw me when she came to check up on me. Once I got on top of the bed, Natalie got back on and mounted over my cock. Her ass was facing the camera while she was facing me once more.

“Ohhhh yeah” I groaned, as I felt Natalie pushing my cock into her twat once more.

“Mmmm fuck,” she said.

The doctor got up on the bed, standing on it. The nurse took his cock into her mouth to taste herself. The doctor had both hands around her head and began pumping his dick into her mouth while I held onto her ass cheeks to thrust into her cunt.

“Ohhhh” I shivered.

“Mmmm yeah…. nurse” Daniel sighed.

“MMMMM” Natalie loudly muffled.

“Yeah… ahhh fuck…” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhh… uhhh shit… tight cunt… ahhh” I moaned.

I was slamming hard into Natalie’s pussy with each thrust. I then spread her ass cheeks apart from one another and moved them around while rubbing them as well.

“Uhhh fuck yeah,” I yelled.

“Ahhh nurse… ohhhh” Daniel shivered.

He looked up and saw Lacey with the camera, getting close to the action, as she was filming me thrusting my rod into her twat. Kash wasn’t far from Lacey. He was both checking out the action and Lacey’s backside in her tight jean pants that really showed off her ass.

Course, Daniel was slightly upset but he knew his collaborated partner and friend. So he let it go for now. Lacey looked up at him, as she rolled her eyes down to her ass. He saw and knew what she meant.

“Nurse… I think it’s time for a little experiment,” Daniel said.

“What kind of experiment?” Natalie asked, as he took his cock out from her mouth.

Daniel got off the bed and walked behind her. He got back on the bed but now, he was down on his knees. Lacey was now on the right side filming the dialogue between the doctor and the nurse.

“A little experiment to see if you really are tight everywhere” Daniel said.

He moved my hands away from her ass cheeks. Once he moved my hands away, I moved them towards her tits and began to fondle them while I kept pumping into her cunt.

Natalie was looking behind her to see what the doctor was about to do and what he meant. He had both hands on her ass cheeks, as he spread them apart and kept it spread apart from one another. He moved his head down and licked her asshole.

“Ohhh!” Natalie yelled.

“Yep, just as I thought” he said while moving his head up.

“Oh doctor…” Natalie moaned.

Daniel positioned his cock right next to her asshole. He slowly began pushing into her asshole. The head was now inside, as Daniel was slowly pushing it. He didn’t want to make Natalie uncomfortable. He waited to see what her reaction was with a dick inside her asshole.

“Ohhhh” she moaned almost in pain.

With that sudden moan, Lacey started to remember her first shoot.


“Oh no… can that really be? Are you…” Lacey said worrying about the pain.

“It might seem so at first but don’t worry” Daniel whispered into her ear.

Lacey was resting her head on the table with the pom-pom underneath her head. She was looking behind her, watching Daniel pushing his member into her ass, while Kash was getting it on film.

“Ohhhh” she moaned in pain.

*End flashback*

Lacey shook her head to snap out of her little daydream. Kash placed one hand on her shoulder. She looked back at the scene and saw Natalie was slowly breathing in almost like her when this happened to her.

“Thanks” Lacey said, as she turned her attention back to the scene at hand.

I continued to thrust into Natalie’s cunt as Daniel was beginning to pick his pace up. He held onto her hips while watching Natalie’s expression.

“Ohhh fuck yeah,” Natalie moaned.

“Uhhh fuck…. ahhh yeah… fuck me” she yelled.

“Mmmm yeah… uhhh” Daniel groaned.

“Uhhh shit” I moaned.

I started to rub Natalie’s thighs while I pump hard into her pussy. Daniel still held onto her hips as he was fucking her ass a bit faster. I decided to look up to look at her expression on her face.

“Uhhhh yeah… fuck me… ahhh!” Natalie screamed.

“Ohhhh” I groaned.

I felt my load building up to where I couldn’t hold it back. I started to slow down a bit with my thrusts. Once I did, Natalie looked down at me, wondering why I was slowing down.

“Ahhhh fuck… fuck me faster…” Natalie said to me.

“Uhhh… as much as I would… ohhhh fuck,” I moaned.

“Ohhh… Doctor… fuck my naughty nurse ass” Natalie yelled.

“Mmmm fuck yeah!” Daniel groaned, as he tilted his head upwards.

Daniel kept slamming hard into Natalie’s tight asshole while I was slowing down. I decided to pick my pace up a bit, so that I wouldn’t look outdone. Natalie began to moan louder and louder with each thrust me and Daniel took.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah…. fuck me! Ahhhh!” she screamed.

“Uhhh yeah” Daniel said while he quickly pull his cock out from her ass. He got right in front of her, turned her head around, and inserted his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmm” Natalie muffled, as she was caught off guard.

Instead of having both hands around her head, Daniel did not hold Natalie’s head. He was allowing her to suck on his member with ease and no restricts. Daniel ran his hands through his semi-long black hair while Natalie sucked away on his cock.

“Ohhhh Natty-Kat” Daniel groaned.

“Uhhh Natalie… ahhh yeah….” I groaned.

I felt some of my pre-cum shooting out from my dick inside her twat. I wanted to slow down, so I wouldn’t shoot my load but I didn’t. I continued to pump hard into Natalie’s tight cunt. More and more of my pre-cum was starting to ooze out.

“Ahhhh fuck yeah, Natalie… uhhhh goddamn… what a tight fucking cunt!” I yelled.

“Mmmmm” Natalie muffled loudly.

“Ohhhh fuck…. keep sucking that cock” Daniel groaned.

Daniel had one hand around the forehead of Natalie before he moved her long brunette hair to see her pretty face sucking on his cock. He still had his other hand around his hair, holding it back whilst holding Natalie’s hair back.

“Mmmm yeah” the doctor lightly moaned.

Daniel took his cock out from Natalie’s mouth and went back to her asshole. Since his member was covered with her saliva, it was a bit easier for it to re-enter her ass. Natalie moved her hands behind her, placed them onto her ass cheeks, and spread them apart for the doctor.

“Ohhhhh” Natalie moaned.

“Uhhhh fuck” the doctor groaned.

Natalie still had her hands spreading her cheeks apart, as Daniel held onto her arms and started to thrust into her ass again.

“Ahhh yeah… fuck this tight ass… ohhh shit,” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm fuck yeah…. ahhh yeah, fuck my ass… ohhhh” Natalie yelled.

While the two were paying attention to one another, I was still thrusting fast into her cunt. With each thrust I took, the more I felt the pre-cum oozing out. I decided to end it here by thrusting harder inside Natalie’s twat. I started to pump my cock faster into her cunt.

“Ahhhh yeah…. ohhhh, fuck me harder” Natalie moaned.

“Mmmm fuck Natalie… I’m gonna…” I groaned.

“Ohhhh… uhhhh fuck” Natalie moaned again.

“Uhhh god” I moaned.

I kept pumping faster into Natalie’s cunt. With each thrust, the pre-cum started to turn into actual cum. I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I kept thrusting into her twat as my load began shooting inside her.

“Ohhhhh…. Uhhhh fuck yeah…. ahhh yeah” I groaned, as I tilted my head up on the pillow.

“Ohhhh Money… uhhhh fuck” Natalie moaned.

Natalie was looking down at me, as I was slowly pumping my worn-out cock into her cum-filled pussy.

“Ohhhh” I sighed.

I began to stop pumping inside Natalie. I lay on the bed with my cock still inside Natalie, as Daniel continued to thrust into her asshole. Natalie looked behind her and saw the doctor pounding away into her ass. She then look at me and kissed me.

“Mmmmm” we both moaned.

“Oh, that must have been a big load” Natalie said to me.

“How so?” I asked.

“I can feel the thickness inside of me,” she giggled.

“Heh” I chuckled.

“Uhhhh yeah…. ahhhh!” Daniel screamed, as he began shooting his load inside her ass as well.

Daniel continued thrusting into her ass while he was shooting his load inside her. I pulled my cock out from her cum-filled pussy, as some oozed out from her and onto my body.

“Ohhhhh” Natalie moaned.

“Ahhhh fuck” Daniel sighed.

He pulled his cock out from her cum-filled asshole. He smacked his cock onto her ass cheeks for good measure. Daniel got off the bed, as I scooted from underneath her. Natalie was now the only one on the bed, rubbing her cum-filled pussy. She was using her other hand to rub her asshole.

“Mmmmm yeah” Natalie sighed.

Daniel was on the left side of the bed while I was on the right. We shook our members in front of her for her to suck on. Natalie grabbed my cock and jerked it whist taking Daniel’s cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhh” he shivered.

“Uhhh Natalie” I moaned.

“Ah, so nurse… how would you say our patient feel after this?” Daniel asked.

Natalie took his cock out from her mouth and smiled.

“Simply amazing… just as the Force!” Natalie giggled.

“And cut!” Lacey said, as she turned the camera off.

She and Kash walked onto the set. Lacey walked towards Daniel to hug while Kash stared at Natalie’s cum-filled holes oozing the sperm out. He rubbed his crotch whist staring at her, as she noticed him doing so.

“You want some?” Natalie asked.

“Actually… I want to talk to you about a future return installment with someone,” Kash said to her.

“Whoa… wait… what are you talking about?” Daniel questioned him.

“Oh come on, you can’t mean to tell me that you don’t want Natalie’s sexy ass back for round 2?” Kash said to him.

“Of course I do but what with… our trip in a matter of weeks and Natalie’s schedule, how would we fit her in so soon?” he told him.

“True, but later on after we come back” Kash said.

“Well… we’ll see then” Daniel said.

“Where’s Lace?” Kash asked.

He did not seem to notice that Lacey was sucking on Daniel’s worn-out cock. Natalie giggled because she knew why she was doing that before she sat on the bed. I began to walk away from the set while the four were dealing with one another. As I was walking away, I grabbed the file that I left on the stroller to look over after I was done.

“Hmmm, Daniel has Lacey, Kash has Angel, but I have no one… at the time being” I said to myself.

“I could ask Natalie but her schedule is the only thing,” I mumbled to myself.

“What is this trip that the two are talking about?” I questioned myself.

There are so many questions running through my head, each I want an answer too. The only question I wanted answered right away was whom could I pick for me. I looked over the files to see whom could I pick but none was qualified enough by my standards.

“I so need an assistant” I said to myself.

I know someone out there could be my assistant but where can I find one is the question?

The End
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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Natalie Portman
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2019, 07:02:48 PM »
This is a brilliant story with one of my favourite celebrities of all time.

Fantastic work!
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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Natalie Portman
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2019, 10:09:15 PM »
I have always loved these stories and the scenarios of a celeb as a porn star. I was curious if there was one of Jessica Alba from back in the day?


Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Natalie Portman
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2020, 06:16:26 AM »
Story moved out of series and into the actress board.  :Y:


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