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Rehab From Hell: Aftermath (Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan)
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Rehab From Hell Aftermath

Celebs in story: Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan

Story codes MF, MFF, oral, anal, lesbian

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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank Kash The Priest for his help on this project now on with the
story enjoy. This story was originally published on September 27th 2009.

After everything I had done for Lindsay Lohan in the Friendly Confines, I was just getting back into a normal routine. I was still mildly pissed at her for returning it made me feel like I didn’t do my job to get her off drugs.

After a gruelling set up day, getting the lowdown on the new crop of addicts coming in, I was heading for my car when a limo pulled up again. Before I could open the passenger door, the people in it opened the doors and stepped out first it was Natalie Portman. I smiled since I hadn’t seen her in a while when she came over to hug me. I noticed the bulge on her tummy wasn’t there.

“What gives your not pregnant?” I asked

“Never was, it was a joke gone bad.” she said

“Who put you up to it?” I asked

“I did and I’m sorry.” Came a voice from the limo.

“Come on out Lindsay I know that voice.” I said

“I was hoping to apologize in person and since Natalie wanted to see you again, we just combined trips.” Lindsay said

I looked at Natalie, that’s when I noticed she was wearing a leopard print outfit I loved leopard print and with the outfit being two sizes too small, it made her body look amazing as I got an eyeful of Lindsay she had on a smaller than normal, custom made replica of her jumpsuit from Herbie fully loaded with her larger chest than what she had in the movie the zipper looked like it was going to give out at any moment.

“Lindsay said you had a uniform fetish.” Natalie said

“Not really but this visual will work.” I said

“Can we go to your place and talk this out?” Lindsay asked

“Sure, but we’ll take my ride instead.” I gave the driver the get lost signal and he headed out of the area.

“I wanted to show you these pictures as well.” Lindsay said.

I had a look at the portfolio and it showed Lindsay as a blonde in a layout similar to Marilyn Monroe in her heyday.

“I like the layout but not the hair.” I said

“What’s wrong with my hair?” Lindsay asked

“It’s blonde, I prefer you as a natural redhead with all your natural curves and assets.” I replied

“Even these curves?” Lindsay asked as she pulled the zipper on her jumpsuit down to give me a peek at her cleavage since her chest regained it’s former size and shape, she was a busty knockout.

As we got to the employee parking area, I pointed out my car a white 1967 Chevy Malibu in fabulous shape.

“Can you pop the hood? I want to see the engine.” Lindsay asked

“Sure, what’s underneath is a 350 racing engine and transmission to match.” I said. I think Lindsay might have been a hotrod girl with an undiagnosed car fetish.

“How about if I kick it over so you can hear it purr?” I asked

“Sounds good.” Lindsay replied

“Natalie get in the backseat this won’t take long.” I said

I turned it over and revved the engine a few times. I could see Lindsay was getting blasted by hot air from the engine and the desert wind. I went out and dropped the hood back down.

“Lindsay, let’s go.” I said

When she got in I noticed she was sweating, so I turned on the AC.

“How far is your place from here?” Lindsay asked

“About ten minutes. Why?” I asked

“I’ll suck you off in the car if you get us there in five.” Lindsay said easing the zipper down to her crotch and pulling the sides of her jumpsuit off her shoulders to expose her sizeable chest.

“Natalie keep her occupied while I drive.” I said

“Done.” Natalie said grabbing onto Lindsay’s ample chest so she wouldn’t try something and make us crash.

I floored the accelerator we were doing 95 mph in a 70. If we were pulled over at least I had a good story to tell.

We made it to my place in three and a half minutes, I had my stopwatch so Lindsay could see she owed me a Natalie Portman special. Little did I knowthis was going to be a contest between them and I was the prize.

I looked over to see they had already started without me, so I got out of the car and opened the front door of my house then came back to get them inside. I opened the front passenger door but Lindsay had been pulled into the backseat with Natalie, they were already getting hot and heavy. Natalie had Lindsay’s jumpsuit around her waist sucking away on Lindsay’s nipple.

I opened the backdoor to get a look and join in.

“So what did I miss?” I asked

They didn’t miss a beat Lindsay came out locked her lips onto mine as Natalie went straight for what she loved best about me. My dick! Pulling my pants down quicker than you can imagine. She was lying on her front on the backseat, her head sticking out as she was slobbering away at my cock.

“Hey!” Lindsay said looking down. “I want some too!” She said dropping to her knees as well. As the two got into a rhythm. First Natalie would work her lips down my shaft and then off and then Lindsay would work her lips down my shaft and then off and the two would keep rotating as they took turns to see would could take the most into the mouth.

I quickly took my shirt off and Lindsay reached up with her hands, touching my stomach so I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her up and dragged her around to the back of the car and yanked the jumpsuit all the way down, leaving it around her ankles.

“Hey!” Natalie protested as I bent Lindsay over the trunk of my car and held her down by her back with one hand while I used my free hand to guide my erect member into her pussy. Lindsay lifted her feet one by one as she got them out of the jumpsuit and I kicked it to the side.

“FUCK!” She screamed as I slammed into her hard, causing the car to rock forward a little> I could hear Natalie laughing from inside the car and as I peered in through the back window, I could see that she was fingering herself furiously.

The faster she fingered herself the quicker I thrust into Lindsay causing her to scream louder with every thrust until her body started to tense up and I knew she was close to climaxing so I went as fast as I could and noticed that Natalie was trying to keep up with me.

Once I felt Lindsay’s pussy start to twitch and she let out a final scream, I knew that she had cum and that it was Natalie’s turn. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold on for, but seeing as though Natalie gave herself a head start by fingering herself, I knew that I didn’t have to do much to get her off and that we could probably orgasm together.

I quickly pulled out of Lindsay’s cunt and she collapsed to the floor from the intensity of the after effects of her orgasm and lay on the hood like a discarded fucktoy. I went over to the backdoor of my car to see Natalie’s spread legs and her fingers buried deep in her cunt.

“I’m so close!” She moaned “Finish me off! Give me that big dick! ” She moaned. I quickly guided my dick into her already moist hole and she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me close to her as I started to thrust into her as fast as I left off thrusting into Lindsay.

“Fuck! Yeah! Give it to me! Faster! FASTER! ” Natalie screamed and I was going as fast as I could until she thrust her hips up into the air, letting out an ear piercing scream as I could see her juices flowing out of her moist hole.

That didn’t take long I thought to myself as I tried to pin her down so I could finish in her until I felt a hand grab my dick and pull it back in between my legs. I looked back to see it was Lindsay.

“A bet’s a bet!” She said. “Now get in the car!” She shoved my ass. Natalie quickly moved so she was sitting close to the far end of the seats, next to the door, with me in the middle and then Lindsay coming in, stroking my cock furiously before placing her mouth on my dick and sucking fast and hard.

Natalie wanted in on the action so she placed her hand on my shaft and Lindsay took her hand off, allowing Natalie to stroke my cock whilst she sucked as much of my cock as she could.

“FUCK!” “I’m gonna blow!” I yelled and Lindsay took her mouth off my cock as Natalie lowered hers just in time as my cum shot up, hitting her on the face, going all the way up to her eye.

They both held my cock and pointed my cock at their face as I came, pointing my cock at Lindsay’s face as the second load hit, then back to Natalie then Lindsay until they milked me dry leaving their beautiful faces in a cum covered mess.

They both looked at the other’s cum covered face and just started to make out passionately, sucking and licking the cum off each others face until their faces were no longer covered in my thick semen, just drenched in the others saliva.

“I think it’s time we headed in.” I said and we got out of the car and picked up our clothes as we went into my house. All three of us were exhausted from that short yet very draining session that we just passed out on the bed.

When I woke up the next afternoon I was sore but it was so worth it.

After all that unbelievably great sex I just laid there on the bed. The mild pain I felt in my legs was numb. I thought it was night time until I realized that Natalie’s hair was covering my face, since I could feel her nose and jaw resting on my neck and she was breathing in my ear.

I had a good idea why I couldn’t feel my legs so I moved Natalie’s hair to one side and looked down towards my feet and there was Lindsay in a familiar position her hair a tousled mess around her face and my dick in her mouth, it appears she had fallen asleep while giving me a blowjob I started to move my legs around to pull them out from under Lindsay as my left knee went in between her cleavage she moaned.

“Mmmmm….not now I’m too sore for a quickie.” Lindsay said. I just smiled.

“I have an idea.” Natalie said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Could you give us a tour of this place? It looks nice.” Natalie asked

“Yeah sure you’ve already seen the driveway and the bedroom may as well show you the rest.” I said.

“Well we could use some clothes.” Lindsay said

“There is nobody around for like fifty miles, with the exception of the compound.” I said

As they got into the clothes they had on before I started the tour after the tour we all went to my galley kitchen and I fixed us all some Yakisoba (Beef and noodles) for dinner.

After dinner I had gone into my den to catch the latest sports stories on ESPN Natalie and Lindsay had told me they needed to freshen up so they both hopped in the shower afterward Lindsay had decided to turn in early since she was still sore so Natalie joined me in the den.

“What’s wrong?” Natalie asked

“Well I kind of feel bad for Lindsay.” I replied.

“How so?”

“When we first had sex I wasn’t exactly a nice guy it was more brutal and very uncaring on my part.” I said

“I see.” she commented.

“I can make you feel better and forget all about what you did to Lindsay.” She said

“You have that look in your eye again.” I said

“How about an intense quickie?” She asked

“Is sex all you think about or are you just naturally horny?” I asked

“I leapfrog from one day to the next, between normal and horny unless I’m around you then I can’t help myself and just want to fuck your brains out as often as I can.” She said

Natalie got out of her clothes so fast I still had my pants on as she shoved me on the couch and pulled my pants off.

“I’ve missed this huge thing for so long.” Natalie purred as she stroked my dick.

“Then ride it! Give me everything you’ve got.” I teased.

As she took my shaft and guided it into her moist and still tight pussy, she slid down my pole until she was impaled on it and started going up and down.

“Ah…it feels so good playing hide the sausage with you again baby.” Natalie purred.

“I can’t believe you’re still tight after all the sex we’ve had.” I moaned.

“Then your going to love this.” She said.

Natalie drove her hips down hard slamming my tool on her pussy making her shudder.

“Do that again, I need that feeling again and every time you ram it home.” Natalie said.

As I continued the assault on her pussy she was really getting into it she screamed but I had put both my hands over her mouth to stifle the noise as she bit my finger.

“Somebody wants my sausage, who could it be?” I teased as Natalie had another orgasm.

“I…love this feeling don’t stop just don’t stop.” Natalie moaned.

“Are you really sure you can handle it?” I asked.

“I’ll do whatever you want just don’t stop.” Natalie moaned again.

“Ok one more go around.” I said

I picked Natalie up and wrapped her arms around my neck with my dick in her pussy and nothing else around us and began to thrust with everything I had since my dick was throbbing I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Oh god it’s stretching me out…UUUUUHHHHHHH…..more.” Natalie cried.

“I’m gonna blow.” I said

“Just unload, I love this feeling, just do it.” Natalie moaned.

As I let my load fly Natalie had another orgasm and shuddered again then let out a scream that set off my car alarm if that didn’t wake Lindsay I don’t know what would.

Not disturbing Lindsay had worked out pretty good until Natalie had accidentally screamed so loud in the throws of a massive orgasm that the sound set off my car alarm of course the quickie that was only supposed to last for twenty minutes quickly dragged out into 2 and a half hours with Natalie enjoying her orgasms so much she just kept going trying to repeat her performance from when we first met at the friendly confines.

“Ohhhhhhh…….that was great.” I so needed that.” Natalie said.

“Yeah you were pretty fantastic yourself.” I said as I rolled off the couch, keeping my eyes on her perfect, naked body. Since we had gotten into the house, clothing seemed like a foreign concept.

“What do we do now?” Natalie asked.

The question was no sooner asked when Lindsay came into the den naked, with a look on her face.

“Both of you bedroom now!” She ordered.

Back in the bedroom, like Natalie I was wondering what was up Lindsay’s sleeve and going through her mind.

“Alright Natalie, I’ve heard enough about how good you are in bed but it’s my turn now you are going to sit there and watch me and Money fuck and I’m going to drain him dry.” Lindsay said.

“Oh shit.” I thought to myself and Lindsay shoved me causing me to fall backwards onto the bed. She quickly leapt onto the bed, her huge tits landing on my cock and crushing them, which wasn’t a bad thing. They felt so soft against my sensative meat.

Lindsay looked down and realised that I was enjoying having my dick buried in between her large mounds of flesh and gave Natalie a sly smile, knowing that she had huge tits compared to most women.

“You like my tits?” Lindsay asked as she started to move her upper body up and down, caressing my cock with her lady bumps.

“Hell yeah!” I replied and Lindsay let out a chuckle.

“You want to fuck my tits with that footlong ?” she teased slowing down.

“God yes!” I replied throwing my head back as she pushed herself up ever so slightly, pushing her tits together, sandwiching my shaft in between them.

Natalie scoffed at Lindsay’s antics, but that didn’t put Lindsay off one bit, she started to rock up and down the bed, her tits squeezing my dick hard to the point that pre-cum was oozing out non stop.

Lindsay’s eyes lit up at the sight of my cum and she started to suck my cock head hard with her soft lips as she pleasured my shaft with her tits as fast as she could.

“STOP!” I moaned out loud. If she continued like this, I knew I was gonna blow. Lindsay lay there on my legs with a pouty look.

“I wanna fuck you, Now!” I said and Lindsay’s eyes lit up again as she quickly got up and straddled me.

“No!” She said. “I’m gonna fuck you!” With that, she reached back shoving my large cock head into her pussy and started riding me fast and hard straight off.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as I lay there with nothing to do but enjoy the tightness of her cunt around my shaft.

“Fuck that big dick feels so good!” Lindsay moaned, her tits bouncing around and smacking her on the chin, so she grabbed hold of them to keep them in place.

Natalie was starting to get so turned on that she lay down beside me and started to finger herself. Lindsay was going as fast as she could physically go, but I still felt like it wasn’t fast enough, so I reached up and pulled her down towards me, pulling her close as I rolled over so that we were in the missionary position. Of course I rolled in the opposite direction of Natalie, I didn’t want to crush her now.

Natalie shuffled closer to Lindsay, staring at her large globes as I started to drill into Lindsay’s tight cunt as fast as I could, caressing her left breast gently at the same time, which was a little strange as I was fucking her hard with gentle boob play.

“MORE!” Lindsay screamed as I stuffed my pole into her as deep as I could without losing pace.

She was so into it I just buried my dick to the hilt into her pussy and pounded away as I latched onto Lindsay’s left breast as Natalie fingered herself while still sucking Lindsay’s right breast.

“I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!” Lindsay screamed as her pussy latched onto my cock hard, not loosening it’s grip.

“My turn now.” Natalie said as Lindsay’s orgasm hit hard.

“FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” Lindsay shuddered and collapsed.

“I’m about to blow.” I said

“That didn’t stop you from fucking me senseless in the shower with your huge cock before.” Natalie cooed.

As Natalie mounted me she took my entire shaft in one go again and started slamming down on my shaft so hard my hips would nearly leap off the bed and go as deep into her pussy as it could with every bounce even though I had sex with Natalie on quite a few occasions her pussy was still tight as hell and with my dick throbbing Natalie was about to get a big load of cum in her pussy.

“Don’t blow yet Money I still want to suck you off.” Lindsay said

“Too late.” I said as I drained what felt like a river of cum into Natalie.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Natalie screamed as she orgasmed hard spraying Lindsay with a mixture of vaginal honey and my semen all over her face and hair not long after we all passed out.

At least they can’t say I didn’t give a maximum effort so Lindsay can’t say I didn’t try.

I think I was in a state of euphoria somewhere between really happy and totally numb from exhaustion. I could tell that Lindsay was still on top of me since my vision could only see red hair interlaced with sunshine from the bay window coming in I tried moving but my left arm was numb I did get a sensation that my arm was pinned under Natalie when she moved to curl up next to me. I had to force myself to get up and get a shower since I really didn’t feel like moving at all.

After I got out of the shower I went and to the kitchen to fix us all some breakfast not long after it was ready Natalie and Lindsay made a beeline for the food to replenish all the energy we used.

“Lindsay…I forgive you now.” I said as I kissed her.

I hadn’t expected my cell phone to go off when I looked and saw it was Natsfan.

“What’s up wildman!” I said

“Hey Money! I hate to bother you but the new rosters are out, I checked on your list and you have Scarlett Johansson starting tomorrow when she arrives. He said.

“What’s the addiction?” I asked

“Hmmm….classified, your eyes only.” He said

“Alright I’ll have a look at it tomorr…WHOA!” I didn’t even feel Natalie coming up behind me grabbing my ass.

“I’ll catch you later man I’ve gotta run.” I said as I hung up.

“Looks like somebody’s frisky again.” I said.

Natalie giggled as she shut the door in my face.

“Fine I’m sure Lindsay would love to play hide the sausage in the spare bedroom with me while your locked in there.” I said.

“You wouldn’t!” She said through the door.

I went and got Lindsay from the kitchen and took her to the spare bedroom.

“Strip.” I said

“Why?” She asked.

I whispered my plan to mess with Natalie but I needed Lindsay naked to make it work since the spare bedroom was on the other side of my bedroom Lindsay got a huge grin on her face.

Once Lindsay was naked I gave her the signal to put in an Oscar winning performance.

“Oh God that feels so good!” She said

I had the idea to pick up the bed frame and slam it down onto the floor making a loud noise Natalie could hear.

“MORE!” She cried as I slammed the bed frame down.

“HARDER!” she called out as I slammed the frame down again.

“OH SHIT YOUR FANTASTIC LINDSAY!!” I called out trying not to laug.

“I’m gonna cum…AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Lindsay screamed.

As I was headed to my bedroom to check on Natalie the door opened and there was Natalie with her arms across her chest.

“That is so cruel you two.” She said

Lindsay and I had the biggest smirks on our faces as we started laughing.
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Re: Rehab From Hell: Aftermath (Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan)
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I loved this, hot damn that was amazing.


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