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Rehab From Hell: Carmen Electra
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Rehab from hell: Carmen Electra

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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened This is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank Kash The Priest for his help on this project now on with the story enjoy. This story was originally published on September 27th 2009.

As I scanned the reception area again I noticed quite a few new faces. I looked over my clipboard again as I looked for my name when I found it near the bottom of the page. I looked to see who I was hooked up with now.

“Carmen Electra!” I said.

The drop dead gorgeous brunette came forward in a dark blue dress that showed a great view of her cleavage in the low cut top half and the lower half of the dress barely covered half the length of her upper legs showing off those amazing legs with matching open toed shoes. I didn’t know why she was here but I’m sure it had to be good.

“Hello Carmen, what’s with the getup?” I asked

“I felt like wearing something that wasn’t so confining to my body.” she said

With a body like hers, it looked like her outfit was painted on. I was trying so hard not to drool.

“Alright let’s get your packet and get you to your room.” I said

When we arrived at her room I started going through her paperwork and packet not noticing Carmen starting to do a few dance moves while I was occupied.

“Alright, you’re here because you have an addiction to…stripteases?” I said

“Oh no! Not another Avril case! I don’t believe this not…again?” I ranted until I looked at Carmen.

There she stands, it looks like she did a striptease right out of her clothes and I missed it I would have kicked myself but she was standing there naked.

“Why did you do that?” I asked, finding it hard to put words together.

“I can’t help it whenever I feel the urge to strip, I just do it. That’s why the studio sent me here, they felt I was really distracting all the men on set.” She said

“Wow….that is single handedly the funniest statement I’ve heard in my whole career doing this job.” I started laughing.

“What’s so funny…Money?” She asked

“How?” I asked trying to guess how she knew my name.

“Girls night out with Lindsay Lohan, Natalie Portman, and Avril Lavigne.” She smiled

“Great that’s all I need! My biggest fans telling stories about me.” I groaned

“They only told me the steamy details.” She purred

“Let me guess you want nookie?” I asked teasing her

“Yessss…give it to me.” She mewled as she crawled on the bed stretching out her curves.

It actually took less time to break me with Carmen than it took Avril. I think this was a new record since Carmen had only been at the compound for twenty minutes. I took off my clothes and joined Carmen that’s when Carmen started rubbing my shaved head, her chest rubbing against my spine.

I hadn’t had a good backrub in ages as Carmen’s hands went up and down my spine, my cock started to throb and grow. Carmen walked forward, causing me to walk backwards and placed me on my back on the bed.

She walked around to the top of the bed as I watched her toned thighs and round ass as she walked and climbed onto the bed on all fours beside my head. She pushed her ass back a sshe arched her back and the scent of hewr womanhood wafted through the air.

“You want a taste?” She asked as she knew I could smell her.

“Yes!” I replied, feeling my throat get dry. She gave a cocky laugh and moved one knee over my head as she straddled my face. I put my arms around her waist and started to flick my tongue up and down her wet slit.

“MMMMMM.” Carmen moaned as I pushed my tongue into her moist hole.

“You taste great Carmen.” I said as I kept licking her clit.

“UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!! Less talking more licking!!” Carmen said as she lowered her head, placing her mouth onto the tip of my cock. I let out a moan as I continued to eat her out as I felt my cock head go to the back of her throat.

As ordered I started licking and rubbing on her sensitive areas all over her pussy with more authority, adding to her pleasure in light years as she started giving me amazing oral. It seems like Carmen was doing an impersonation of a vacuum cleaner sucking my dick as hard as she could without hurting me.

“FAAAAASSSSSSTTTTTTTTTEEEEERRRRRRR!!” Carmen screamed, taking her mouth off my cock, back, substituting her lips with her hand as she jerked me off as fast as she could.

As Carmen kept sucking away, bobbing her head up and down at a really fast rate, I increased my licking speed on her clit causing Carmen to let out a series of moans that quickly turned into screams as she pounded the bed in response.


As Carmen was screaming I was getting so turned on, with her pumping my cock as fast as she could that I just let my load erupt out of and shoot up in front of her face and back down onto her hand. Carmen instantly wrapped her lips around my shaft, twirling her tongue around the underside of my cock head.

“OH SHIT!” I exploded what seemed like buckets of cum into Carmen’s mouth. She drank as much as she could get into her mouth. Once I was finished climaxing, she moved her mouth off my cock and started licking her fist, slurping my cum off.

We both passed out together in that position unable to move since we were both spent.

The next morning Carmen and I were having breakfast and going over what we were going to do about her addiction. Carmen had finished her meal first and took her tray away and came back to sit with me until I was done. Once I finished I had done the same and went back to the table I thought she was sitting at when I returned Carmen was gone but her friendly confines top was on the table.

“Oh fuck no!” I said

Seeing as how Carmen has posed topless in quite a few men’s mags asking if the people in the hard luck had seen a topless Carmen Electra would have been futile so I had to rethink that question for a moment.

Holding up the shirt I whistled to get everyone’s attention.

“Where did she go?” I asked

Everyone pointed to the exit doors leading outside where I spotted Carmen in her form fitting shorts.

“Hey you forgot this Carmen.” I said

She took it and put it back on then started to walk away when I grabbed her arm.

“Come with me.” I said

Leading Carmen back to her room I figured out a way to break her habit, I locked Carmen in her room went home and came back with a set of handcuffs.

“Ohhh, kinky.” She said raising an eyebrow.

“This isn’t what you think.” I said as I clicked the handcuffs to her bedpost so she couldn’t take her shirt off all the way.

“Spoilsport.” She pouted.

“Well at least you’ll have your clothes on in the morning when I return.” I said.

“But I like sleeping naked. you can’t tell me it doesn’t turn you on coming in every morning and waking me up knowing i don’t have a stitch of clothing on.” She said

I couldn’t argue with that logic but she looked so gorgeous in her form fitting friendly confines running shorts and extra small shirt holding those huge tits in.

“You just like walking around topless don’t you?” I teased.

Carmen gave me a little wink.

“What was your first clue?” She smiled

“I’ll cut you a deal you can walk around naked in this room provided you make an effort to not strip outside.” I said

“I’ll try.” she said

The next morning as we were going through the line at the hard luck cafe’ I could tell Carmen was starting to get the itch to strip again when she started rubbing her chest with her left hand.

“No, not here.” I said

“But I really need to, bad.” She moaned.

“Get a grip.” I said

“I’m trying to, but it’s so hard.” she said

With that statement I picked Carmen up out of the line grabbed a few items of food and took her back to her room.

“”Alright, now you can strip.” I said

Carmen gave me a dirty looking smile and fuck me looking eyes. She started to sway her hips side to side as if there was music being played when there wasn’t She moved her hands onto her hips and slowly up her stomach and onto her large tits.

She cupped her breasts and started to rub them with her hands, moaning as she did so as if the touch of her own hands on her own breasts was enough to get her wet. She slowed moved one hand down her stomach and moved it under her tight top, bringing the other hand down as she started to caress under her top.

I felt my dick go so hard that I think pre-cum started to ooze out. Carmen pulled her top over her head to reveal her bare breast, her nipples rock hard and sticking out.

She slowly turned her back to me, still swaying her hips side to side as she grabbed the waist band of her shorts and bent over, arching her back all the while pulling her shorts down at the same time. She looked back and gave me a horny looking smile as her round ass cheeks were right before me.

She shook her thick rump and I could see black in between them. Her ass cheeks were so thick that I couldn’t even tell that she had a thong on. She started to move her hips back and fourth, making her butt cheeks bounce up and down.

I felt like I was drooling from seeing her ass and she could tell from the look on my face.

“You like my ass?” She asked

“Yes!” I replied.

“You wanna fuck it? See how tight my tight little ring is around your thick cock?” She didn’t need to say anymore. I got up and stripped down to nothing before she could even stand up straight.

“Someone’s eager!” Carmen laughed. As I pushed my cock head in between her butt cheeks, feeling her thong blocking me from going any further. “Damn! Totally forgot about her thong again.

I grabbed the waist band of her thong and I squatted as I pulled it down her legs. Once I got it down to around her ankles, she pushed her ass back and reached back with her hand and shoved my face in between her round ass cheeks.

“Uh-uh big boy! You aren’t sticking that huge thing in my ass without any form of lubrication.” She said. Fair enough I thought as I pushed my tongue out and pressed it against her asshole.

“Get it in nice and deep and get it wet.” Carmen said as she shoved my face further in between her butt cheeks. I pushed my tongue as far as I could, licking her anal walls, getting them wet as I did so.

Once I was satisfied with how wet it was, I pulled my head back, stood up and pressed the tip in between her butt cheeks. “Wait!” Carmen said turning around. I didn’t know what she wanted me to wait for, but I found out almost instantly.

She held my cock as she spat on it, while she was stood straight. She worked her hand up and down my shaft, working her saliva onto my manhood.

“Don’t want it to be too wet. I like a little bit of friction!” She said as she turned around and bent over, reaching back with the hands and spreading her butt cheeks apart.

I pressed the tip of my cock against her dark asshole and pushed down, getting the head in.

“Oh shit!” Carmen moaned gripping her ass cheeks hard. “That feels so big!” She said. I started to move my hips forward, just letting my dick go further into her rectum.

“Slow! Slow!” Carmen said and I started to go slower as I had over half my length.

“Just a little bigger than I was expecting.” She said breathlessly as I felt her sphincter hug my dick tight.

“OK,” She said as I felt her tight ring loosen as she adjusted to my girth. “Just slam the rest in!” She said with a hint of desperation in her voice. I did as she said and slammed my hips forward as hard as I could.

“AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!” She screamed. “FUUUUUCCCCK! FUCK THAT ASS! FUCK ME HARD MOTHERFUCKER!” She yelled at me as I fucked her fast and hard straight away, not building up to the pace or anything.

I was going so fast that my thighs were smacking into the back of her fast and hard and she was starting to move forward, so reached out with her hands and grabbed the counter at the side of her which was against the wall.

She was moaning and screaming, urging me to go faster than I already was, which was humanly impossible. I looked forward and noticed her reflection on a mirror that was on the counter, I could see the reflection of her beautiful face moaning and her tits bouncing up and down and hitting her on the chin.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I grabbed her hips and drilled into her asshole as fast as I could. “Shhhhiiiiiittttttt!” I let out a long moan as she clenched her asshole and gripped my dick so tight that I pulled back, I couldn’t fit my thick shaft into her rectum and just ended up thrusting up in between her butt crack and up the small of her back.

“Gimme that cock!” She said quickly turning around and grabbing my cock as she hungrily devoured my cock and worked her lips up and down my shaft, making “Glugging” sounds as she forced my cock head against the back of her throat, making her mouth fill with saliva and as she pulled my cock out of her mouth, a huge thick trail of cum hung from my cock head to her lips and fell on the floor as she pulled her head back.

“Get on the fucking bed!” She yelled at me as she pointed at the bed. I quickly lay on the bed just like she asked and watched her take her thong off around her ankles. I had totally forgotten that I didn’t take them off completely.

She stood there with nothing on and looked at the floor. Iooked down and noticed a huge thick glob of saliva on the floor near the bed.

Carmen put one foot on the bed and used the foot that was on the floor to step on the saliva, arching her foot as the balls of her toes was on the saliva and she twisted her foot around like was putting a cigarette out.

She used the foot that was on the bed to launch herself up so she was standing on the bed, not putting her saliva covered sole down as she moved her wet foot onto my cock.

“Gotta make sure that shit is nice and wet so it can just glide up my ass!” She said, moaning the last few words as she rubbed the sole of her foot up and down my erect penis, rubbing my full length with her long toes as well.

“That looks wet enough.” She said spitting on my cock as she squatted down, keeping her eyes fixed on mine as she positioned my cock and pressed her asshole down against it and lowered her rectum onto my shaft.

“Fuck!” I moaned.

“You managed to hold out when I let you do all the work, but you’re not gonna last this time!” She said with an evil look on her face. As she thrust her hips down, taking my whole cock up her ass in one thrust.

“You like that?” She asked as she slowly worked her hips up and down, teasing me with the slow, long strokes.

“Yeah!” I moaned.

“You want me to go faster?” She teased.

“Please!” I moaned.

“OK! You asked for it motherfucker!” She said as in like a split second she started to ride me even faster than I fucked her before.

“FUCK!” I yelled as I writhed around underneath.

“You asked for it!” She said through gritted teeth as she clenched her sphincter tight as she fucked as fast as she could. I was trying my best to hold back but it was no use. She was going too fast and her asshole was too tight.

“You like the way that fat cock rips into my tiny little asshole?” She moaned her question as her huge tits bounced up and down, hitting her on the chin that forced her to hold her own breasts.

“Does it make you wanna spray that hot, thick, white cum out into my tight little shithole?” Carmen cooed.

“I can’t hold back!” I moaned

“Then give it to me motherfucker!” She swore at me. “Fill my bowels with that thick fucking goo!” She started to yell and I thrust up as my cum burst out of my cock and into her tight rectum.

“Good boy!” She purred as she placed her hand on my chest and pushed me back down, kissing me. “Did that feel good?” She asked.

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” I answered. She gave a victorious laugh as she dragged her tight sphincter off my cock and held her hips up in the air. I wasn’t able to see what she was doing, but I felt my hot cum trickle down my shaft as I realized she had pushed my cum out of her ass.

“Now, It’s time for my treat!” She said getting off me, looking at my cum drenched cock. “Mmm!” she moaned as she placed her lips on my shaft and she started to suck my cum off my dick as she sucked up and down my shaft, with loud audible swallowing sounds, making “Mmmm” sounds to see how much she was enjoying the taste of both my cum and her ass. She lapped up all my cum and sucked my dick clean.

“That cum tasted like my ass.” She laughed as she stood up.

“First one to the hard luck cafe wins.” Carmen said

“Wait a minute this isn’t a race.” I said.

“Yes it is silly if I win I can walk around topless.” Carmen said

“And if you lose?” I asked. Carmen thought for a moment.

“I’ll let you do whatever you want to do. If you can think of something different to what we just did that is.” She replied looking up at the ceiling and playing with her hair, as if she was challenging me on my reward as well as the bet.

“Works for me but we need a good starting point for the race.” I said. “And we need to get dressed.”

“OK!” Carmen said not looking too pleased at having to be dressed but we both got dressed.

We both lined up next to each other and got set up I slid my hands over a spare set of mini cuffs I carried on me and clicked them open.


As Carmen got up I grabbed her hand and clamped the mini cuffs on her thumb and the lock on her door and took off running.

“Hey, no fair you cheated!” Carmen yelled.

“If your not cheating your not trying.” I yelled back. Looks like I win this bet.

“Well even though you cheated I won’t back out on the wager so where do want to do this?” Carmen asked

“The elevator sounds real good right now.” I said

“Oh, elevator sex? I love that!” Carmen said clapping.

“Yeah, Avril wanted to try it but I said no.” I said

“What about the other people getting on the elevator?” She asked

“Meh, they can watch.” I said

As Carmen and I got into the elevator, she slammed me against the rear wall tearing at my shirt trying to get it off me as she pulled my shorts off like an animal I figured fair is fair so I shoved Carmen against the floor button panel and pulled her shirt up to get to her huge tits the doors closed but we didn’t care we were too busy having fun as Carmen was stroking my dick and I was sucking on her tits.

“Stick it in!” Carmen pleaded.

“Where?” I asked

“Anywhere, just fuck my brains out!” She said

I took my dick and shoved it in Carmen’s pussy burying it to the hilt going at a rather quick pace getting a moan from Carmen who propped herself against the door, she was starting to get into a good pace until the doors opened and we fell forward out of the elevator.

Ilooked up to see my buddy Daniel, standing there with another patient. I had seen her before but I figured I’d better say something.

“Hey Daniel!” I said

“Hey yourself Money.” He said smiling.

I got a little smile on my face as Carmen crawled back into the elevator pulling on my foot.

“Going up?” I asked.

“Yeah but you’re already going down I see.” He said as he stepped into the elevator.

“Who’s the newbie?” I asked since she was looking at me naked.

“Oh, I’ve got Lacey Chabert to help here.” He said as he continued to look over Lacey’s paperwork, ignoring the sex that is going on in the elevator.

Now it made sense. I had seen her in the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan she looked a bit different since I hadn’t seen Lacey’s picture for a few years.

Lacey couldn’t stop looking at me for some reason so I decided to have a little fun with her so I grabbed Carmen and wrapped my arms around her waist rubbing her pussy and fondleing her chest with my left hand. Carmen let out a small moan when the doors opened on their floor I could tell Lacey wanted to stay and watch maybe join in but Daniel was her discipline coach and not me, so she left with a fun little picture in her mind.

As we kept going up and down in the elevator, Carmen was really getting going, sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow when the doors opened again and I saw my buddy Doctor Doom with a cheerleader and I did a double take when I recognized her as Kirsten Dunst the stacked blonde from the Spider Man movies.

“Hey Doctor Doom!” I said

“Hey Money, Holy shit is that who I think it is?” He asked

“Yeah, Say hi Carmen.” I said

“MMMMMMPPPFFFFFHHHHHH!” She said with my dick still in her throat.

“Going up?” I asked

“Nah, We’ll catch the next one you kids have fun.” Kirsten said as the doors closed again.

“No more interruptions.” Carmen said

She then hopped up into my arms and grabbed my cock working my shaft into her pussy taking every inch stretching her out more as my girth hept filling her up searching for her g-spot.

“Keeeeeep going.” Carmen moaned.

I was buried to the hilt starting to get a good pace going as Carmen just bounced away on my dick making little noises the harder I pounded away grabbing Carmen’s chest.


As I kept up my pace Carmen’s pussy started twitching while she convulsed from the stimulation that ended with Carmen having a massive orgasm just letting her pussy juices flow out onto the elevator floor.


As I unloaded what felt like all my cum into her as her eyes rolled back into her head as my legs gave out and we collapsed on the floor of the elevator.

After all that intense sex we took a break.

“Well at least your not like Natalie Portman, all go and no quit.” I said

“Says you I can hold my own with her.” she said

Once the elevator returned to Carmen’s floor we gathered our clothes and headed for her room Carmen was still giddy from the excitement from being caught twice having sex.

“That was such an intense rush.” Carmen said.

“Glad you liked it.” I said

Carmen gave me a playful smirk as I opened the door.

“We really have to do this again sometime in the future.” She said.

When Carmen left a few days later she had given a note to the receptionist saying I would see her again at my birthday party in the future it didn’t make sense then but I’m sure one day it will.
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Re: Rehab From Hell: Carmen Electra
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Oh fuck yes, I love this story. Carmen is a sex bomb.


Re: Rehab From Hell: Carmen Electra
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Carmen was one of my favorites back in the day so you can imagine how much I enjoyed this story.


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