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Rehab From Hell: Christina Aguleria
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Rehab from hell: Christina Aguleria

Celeb in story: Christina Aguleria

Story codes: MF, oral, anal.

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Addiction in this chapter: Cooking naked

Disclaimer: the story you are about to read is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] that being said I would like to thank Kash The Priest for his help
on this project now on with the story. This story was originally published on January 1st 2010.

As I was going through the addiction archives categorizing some new ones into the database mainframe, some of which screamed the celeb suffering from it would be back soon enough, of course a few of the addictions were so over the top you could swear someone was in a porn think tank dreaming this stuff up as they went or someone was feeding them story ideas.

I was putting the paper copies back in the file cabinet when Nate the head cook from the hard luck found me and he was laughing.

“You have got to see this.” he said

“I’ve seen some pretty wild shit, how is this any different?” I asked going up to him.

“Remember the cooking standards we were taught?” He asked as he started to lead the way to the kitchen.

“Yeah what about them?” I asked not following what he was getting at.

As we arrived in the kitchen I saw the morning cooking crew all decked out in their uniforms ready to go except one blonde who was wearing nothing but an apron, socks and shoes.

“I figured this was the most fun way to introduce you to your next special case.” he said

“She looks familiar.” I said

“Here’s her packet give it a look.” He said

As I looked over the packet I saw her name, Christina Aguleria and her addiction now made it clear why she was nearly naked standing there.

“So what? I like cooking naked. I don’t have to worry about getting really hot and it keeps me from doing extra laundry every week.” Christina defended herself.

“But we still have standards here first and foremost you must wear the uniform.” I said

“That thing doesn’t even fit me right.” She said looking away, avoiding eye contact.

“Put it on and let us decide that.” I said picking up her uniform from the side counter and tossing it to her. She gave me a pissed off look but walked off to put it on.

“Go to the bathroom.” I said “It’s closer”

Christina came back from the bathroom wearing her cook uniform and it looked like she was right after all.

“See I told you these things wouldn’t fit.” She said triumphantly.

As I looked over her outfit they must have been out of her size when they gave her these I checked the label on her top and it said small but her bust was making the material stretch out to the limit.

“This says small what’s the deal?” I asked

“I’m a 38C they didn’t have my size.” she said

“So you just decided to walk around naked…wait you said 38C?” I asked

“Yeah they must have gotten my measurements when I was still jailbait and didn’t think I would grow these.” She said shaking her chest.

As I was thinking of a solution to her problem the top 3 buttons on her top snapped off giving me a great view of her cleavage since she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“We’re going to get you some new uniforms that fit starting right now.” I said, grabbing her wrist and leading her out of the kitchen.

“Where are we going?” She asked

“To see an old friend of mine.” I said as I pretty much dragged her all the way.

“Hey Dean I’m needing some new uniforms that fit starting right now.” I said as we approached him.

“But yours look fine they don’t need to be replaced right now.” He said looking at me .

“They aren’t for me there for her.” I said looking at Christina.

“Wow! I’ll see what I have what size do you need?” He asked

“Well, the skirts fit her fine, the problems this up here.” I pointed at her chest “So whatever will hold 38C’s and still fit.” I said.

“I have some just give me some time to find them.” He said.

As we waited Christina started looking through the pressed uniforms on the racks while I turned in some for dry cleaning when Dean returned with some large sized shirts.

“These should do just fine they were custom made from South Korea. I had to pull up your shirt size to verify they would fit her frame.” He said.

“Can I try them on to make sure?” Christina asked

“Sure that way we’ll know for sure if they fit or not.” I said

“The changing rooms are down the hall there on your left.” Dean added.

“Thank you.” Christina smiled and walked off, Me and Dean just watched her sway her round ass side to side as she walked away from us.

Once Christina had tried on the first few shirts and was happy they fit her she came back out. Dean had gone off somewhere while she was trying on the numerous uniforms.

“I haven’t worn shirts like this in a while.” She said

“At least your not showing as much cleavage as before, you look great though.” I said

“I look even better naked.” She purred.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked.

“Nothing, I’ve just had this fantasy of having sex in a changing room with a hot guy.” She said. “Plus, I’ve gone without sex for a while now and I need some dick real bad!” Christina added.

“You know? That’s funny I’ve had the same one about having sex with a hot girl in one and I also haven’t been laid for a while.” I chuckled.

“Ok, that does it get in there now.” She said

“Be gentle, I’m fragile.” I teased.

I looked around as she led me into the changing room, hoping that Dean or anyone else for that matter didn’t see us.

Once we got into the changing room, Christina locked the door behind us and she slammed me against the door. She was a pretty tiny girl, she was in heels now which gave her a couple of inches in height, but she was probably around five foot without them, so I was quite surprised at how forceful she was.

“You got a big dick for me?” Christina asked, not messing about, going straight for my zipper, reaching into my boxers and grabbing hold of my already growing prick.

“Ooooh!” She cooed. “That feels like a big one!” She said as she struggled a little to get my semi erect penis out of my pants. Once she got it out, she got a look of pure lust in her eyes.

“Oh my God! Look at this huge fucking thing!” She said as she started to stroke my shaft fast.

“And it’s getting so big so fast!” She said just staring at my piece as her dainty hands worked at a rapid speed to get me hard.

“I think that’s hard enough.” I said, the urge to be inside her becoming too much for me that I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the back of the small changing room, hiking her skirt up and pulling her panties down, letting them fall to the floor and Christina lifted one leg up, getting her panties off that leg.

I quickly grabbed my cock and pressed it against her willing pussy and forced the head in.

“Oh fuck!” Christina moaned throwing her head back as I thrust forward, moving one hand from her hip to around her waist, whilst using the other to hold her leg up by the back of her thigh.

“That big dick feels so good in my tight pussy!” Christina moaned as I began to work my fuck stick in and out of her pussy at a steady rate, figuring I should let her get use to having my girth.

Christina wrapped her arms around my shoulders and started to kiss me, thrusting her hips forward, trying to get me deeper into her pussy, so I took this as a sign that she was ready for me to quicken the pace.

“Oh shit! Uhhhhhhh…” Christina moaned, her pussy getting wetter with every thrust as I was now going at a pretty fast pace, only getting quicker.

“Fuck that cunt is tight!” I moaned as I started to feel the first signs of my orgasm approaching as I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Keep going baby! You’re so close to making me cover those huge fucking balls in my cum!” Christina moaned into my ear, biting my ear lobe. This started to drive me crazy and pound her even harder, feeling my cock start to throb and at the same time, I could feel her pussy quivering around my shaft and I knew we were both just thrusts away from climaxing.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH…..” Christina started to scream, but I didn’t want Dean or anyone else to know what we were up to so I placed my mouth on hers and muffled out her screams as I felt my dick start to get wet as she climaxed and almost at the same time, I felt my cum pump up my shaft and deep into her womanhood.

As my thrusts slowed down and our movement came to a halt, I took my mouth off her and we both breathed in hard to get our breaths back.

“I think I’m going to like my time here!” Christina smiled.

“Me too!” I replied pulling out of her moist hole.

Christina had her panties around just one of her ankles, she reached down, lifting her panties and positioned them so that she could get her other leg in. Her face was so close to my cock, that I couldn’t help myself. I held my cock and pressed it against her lips.

“Hmmmppppppf!” Christina let out a startled cry as my dick invaded her mouth. She instantly got over the surprise and started to suck my cock head clean, using her tongue to lick my cum off my shaft.

“There! I think that’s clean enough!” Christina smiled with some cum on her chin as she stood up straight and adjusted her panties.

“You got some…” I touched my chin on where the cum was on her.

“Damn! I don’t know why I always end up getting cum all over my face.” She said using her finger to wipe the cum off her face and then sucked her fingers clean.

Once we finished we went out of the dressing room and looked around, but saw no signs of Dean, so we headed back to the kitchen.

“You guys are back!” Nate said. “I could sure use the help with the baking crew now that we’re a few bodies short.”

“Alright, we can do cleaning dishes to help. That should free up some hands for the other stuff.” I suggested.

“You are a lifesaver.” Nate said

“That’s funny I’ve always thought of myself as a gummy bear.” I retorted

Christina started laughing.

“Ok we’ll come back tonight after dinner and clean the mess the baking crews make.” I said

“Perfect.” Nate said

Once dinner was finished with, we cleaned the baking dishes and utensils. Christina wanted to play, splashing dishwater on me for kicks until I turned the tables on her and used the pressure nozzle on her, soaking her cook uniform to the bone.

“AH! stop! I give, I give, quit it.” She squealed.

“Ok but don’t do that again.” I teased

As I stared at the aftermath of her hose down she looked amazing since she wasn’t wearing a bra and it looked like the material was shrinking and looked a little see through.

“Don’t worry I’ll help you with this.” I said

“Oh shit we have a problem.” She said as her top continued to shrink and the buttons started to give way against her sizeable chest again.

“Ok we need to get you back to your room so you can change into a fresh set so we can finish up.” I said. With that we headed back to her room and I gave her fair warning not to do that again as she changed into dry clothes.

On our way back to finish up Christina tried to make it up to me rubbing her chest against my back just enough to calm me down and not be mad at her for it since I realized she was just trying to pass time during the boring parts of the night.

Things went by quickly for the rest of the night, things being uneventful, just like she said. I was quite surprised that she didn’t try anything when it came to turning in for the night, considering how she had jumped me in the changing room.

“Sorry about the waterworks yesterday.” I said as I entered her room to see she was already dressed in the proper uniform.

“That’s okI noticed I was getting a bit out of control anyway.” Christina said

With that, we made our way to the kitchen to assist the baking crew again. I noticed no one was there so I went searching for them when I found a note taped to the oven.

“Hey Money I’m giving the crew the night off since the pastry list is pretty small you two should be able to get everything done by midnight.” And it was signed by Nate at the bottom.

“Well my little Latina cupcake, How do you feel about baking a few pastries?” I asked

“I would much rather make bacon with you.” Christina replied

“Pastries first, nookie second, got it?” I told her.

“Fine, but I’m going to have some fun at your expense.” She said.

As we finished the smaller pastries on the list that just left the 2 layer cakes to be done I was happy culinary arts degree covered this or I’d be screwed.

“Ok, time for the last cakes to go in the oven.” Christina said

As she bent over to put the mix in the oven I went and sat down in the booth in the dining area.

“Man I forgot how hot it was doing that in the kitchen.” I said

“Maybe we can have some fun while we wait.” Christina suggested.

“Your not wasting time are you? If it burns your taking the blame.” I said

“I don’t care! You said pastries first nookie second well nookie just went to the top of the list baby.” She smiled.

“Are we going to do this in the booth or on a table?” I asked

“All over the room.” She purred, pressing her chest against me and nuzzling my neck.

I initially was thinking with my dick, but then I snapped back to reality. If we did fuck all over the room, it would’t seem too hygenic. How would I like it if one of the other coaches fucked someone on the tables and then just left? People had to eat in here, and it didn’t seem courtious to others.

“Go do the dishes.” I said to her.

“But nookie just went….” Christina started but I cut her off.

“The center comes first before anything.” I replied. “Even our sexual urges.” I added.

Christina gave me a a pissed off look and walked off, stamping her feet as she did. I sat there as she washed and cleaned everything up and by the time she was done, the oven timer went off.

“So they’re done?” Christina asked, not really paying any attention or looking in my direction.

“Yeah.” I replied and put some oven mitts on and took them out.

“Get the frosting.” I said to her and she picked it up and handed it to me. As I started to put the icing on, Christina tried to scoop some out with her finger, but I stopped her.

She said nothing, it seemed like she was giving me the silent treatment. Well two can play that game.

Once the cakes were iced we left the kitchen and I walked her back to her room in silence.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Christina asked, not looking back at me. I knew she was dying to get laid and I had an idea to piss her off.

“I guess.” I replied and walked off, with the door still open.

She seemed quite proud now that she was pissed off, so it may take her a few minutes to realize that I was gone. If only I was there to see the effects of walking off. I guess she’ll give me an ear full tomorrow and let me know.

The next morning I went to Christina’s room and she was just in baggy boxer shorts and nothing else. I could already feel the blood rushing to my cock head.

“You’re such an asshole.” she stated.

“What brought that on?” I asked, knowing exactly why she said what she did.

“I practically begged you for sex and you turned me down then walked out when I was hornier than ever.” Christina stated

“You seemed quite pissed off, I didn’t want to anger you more than I already had.” I repied shrugging my shoulders .

“That’s when you have angry sex when nothing is off limits.” She said with a sultry look.

“Nothing is…is…” I stammered. I couldn’t believe what she was saying and to think I blew my chance.

“Why can’t everything be off limits now?” I asked

“I’m not pissed off.” She replied

“And I practically begged you to let me eat the frosting out of the bowl and you didn’t let me.” She added I wanted to say that she didn’t say a word, but I decided to play it differently.

“If I did there was a good chance you were going to get fat.” I said

“Not likely I excercise every day it wouldn’t be there long.” she retorted.

“Alright fine! I’ll let you lick the spoon when we finish today.” I gave in.

“Deal.” She smiled triumphantly. “But first…” She said shutting the door. I had forgotten the door was still open, I was just hypnotized by her huge tits.

“I need you so bad right now.” She said. I looked into her deep blue eyes as she walked towards me.

I started to strip off quickly. Christina didn’t have much to do cause she was already half way there. Once I was down to nothing. Christina was already standing there in her birthday suit.

“I can’t wait to have this back inside me!” Christina moaned as she dropped down to her knees, holding my cock in her small hands whilst wrapping her red lips around my thick shaft.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned as her lips started to go up and down my shaft. Her lips were wrapped around my shaft so tight and she was sucking my cock like a vacuum. It took just a couple of mere strokes with her lips to get me hard and start to fill her pretty mouth with my pre-cum.

“No, I don’t want you making me cum yet.” I said, grabbing her by her arm and pulling her petite body up. I was able to easily scoop her up into my arms and throw her onto the bed.

“Are you going all primitive on me and whatnot?” Christina laughed trying to get up, but I quickly got onto the bed and pinned her down. I think she wanted to go on top cause she was fighting me, like she was trying to flip me over or something.

I moved both of her hands over her head and held them up with one hand, as I used my free to reach down and guide it into her waiting pussy.

“You ass wipe!” Christina cursed me, “I want to ride it!”

“Gotta do better than that if you wanna be on top.” I said as I started thrusting away, taking out all those hours of frustration of her flirting and taunting me.

Christina could do nothing but lay back and get fucked hard as I increased the pace as rapidly as I could until I was going as fast as I could. I could feel her getting wetter with every thrust as my dick splashed in and out of her moist cunt noisily.

“Ah fuck!” Christina moaned breathlessly. “It’s so fucking big…” She moaned, her mouth open wide but no sound coming out and I took this as a positive sign and fucked her as hard as I could.

“Ohhhhhhhh….!” Christina writhed around underneath. “Your gonna make me cum!” She moaned her pussy contracting around my thick shaft squeezing it tight.

If this continued, I was gonna cum as well, so I quickly pulled out of her, the cool morning air hitting my shaft and helping to calm my erection down.

Christina was circling her hips and moaning, her pussy looking very wet. I had selfishly pulled out without finishing her off, or thinking about her orgasm, but luckily she had managed to cum before I had pulled out.

“So do I get to ride it now?” Christina moaned, grinding her hips and looking at me, her eyes half closed as she was still lost in her orgasm.

“That’s up to you to go on top.” I said as I tried to turn over onto her front, but she quickly thrust her hips up grabbing my head with her legs, her calves pressing on the side of my head as she pulled me down, more by catching me by surprise than overpowering me.

She had her legs around my head and rolled me onto my back as she straddled my face.

“Yeah! Taste that fucking pussy juice!” She yelled at me as she grinded her wet cunt against my face. I stuck my tongue out, tasting her and wanting to taste more and this was enough of a distraction for her to all of a sudden move her pussy off my face and down my body as she lay on top of me, licking her juices off my face as she used her hands to guide her pussy down my pole.

“Fuck that feels so fucking big and hard in my pussy!” She moaned as she began riding my cock pretty fast, thrusting her hips up high that she nearly pulled herself off me every time she worked her pussy up my dick.

I put my hands on her hips to try and stop her from pulling off my cock but when she started riding me, she was like a possessed animal and I couldn’t stop her, and it’s not like I could say anything, she was very loud that she wouldn’t hear me anyway.

“Oh shit!” She muttered as she did what I had expected and pulled right off my cock, but she was so into riding me that she thrust her hips up and down a couple of times before she stopped.

My erection was pushing up against her, going in between her butt crack and I could feel the warmth of her asshole against the top of my shaft. Feeling her asshole this close to my dick, I felt pre-cum starting to spurt out.

Christina giggled as she felt my sticky pre-cum in between her butt cheeks.

“Looks like my ass is turning someone on!” She giggled some more.

“I think we’ll need to remedy that.” She said reaching reaching back and holding my dick, as she pressed my swollen cock head against her asshole.

“Fuck!” I moaned as she pushed the tip into her asshole, getting my cock head past her tight ring before stopping.

“You like that?” Christina asked with a dirty look in her eyes.

“Yeah!” I moaned, “Push it all the way in!” I added.

“Uh-uh!” she said, waving a finger in front of me as if to say no. “I’m gonna ride it!” She added with a devilish look on her face as she started to grind her hips, taking more of my shaft up her ass every time she worked her hips back and forth.

“Oh God!” I moaned as she worked her tight sphincter further and further down my shaft until she had my full length up her ass. I was just amazed how she managed to fit my thick member all the way up her rectum.

“God! That huge cock feels like it’s stretching my ass out so bad!” Christina moaned as she took a few moments to adjust. I could feel her sphincter start to relax and loosen around my manhood.

“Mnnnggghhh!” Christina let out a little grunt as she began riding me, slow at first, slowly building up more and more pace until she was going at a decent pace. I just lay back, and watched her and enjoyed her asshole pleasuring my shaft. She was going at a steady pace that wasn’t gonna cause me to blow my load just yet.

As I lay there enjoying the sodomy, when my head turned to the side and saw her clock on the bed side counter.

“Shit!” I said out loud.

“What’s wrong? You gonna cum?” Christina gave a cocky laugh.

“No! We gotta finish quick or we’re gonna be late.” I said sitting up, holding Christina in my arms, hugging her as rolled her onto her back, going on top of her without leaving her asshole.

“Oooooooohhhhhhh!” Christina cooed. “Looking to finish quick are we?”

“That’s the plan.” I said as I positioned myself on top of her.

“Stop!” She said. “I know how fast you can go, and there’s no way my ass can take it, not without any lubrication.” She said.

“Ok.” I said pulling out of her asshole slowly. I looked around the room to see what I can use and that’s when I felt something wet on my cock.

I looked down to see Christina sucking my cock head tenderly. Her eyes darted up at me and she smiled as she took more of my shaft into her mout6h and started to suck my cock much faster.

She pulled her mouth off and then spat on my man hood, and then started to suck it again, using her lips to spread her saliva on my cock.

“I think that’s wet enough.” Christina said, replacing her mouth with her hand.

“Ok then.” I said and she quickly pulled away from me, getting in all fours.

“Want to take it doggy style, huh?” I said as I took position behind her.

“You know it!” She smiled, looking back at me in anticipation. I quickly pushed the tip of my shaft into her asshole.

“UH! FUCK!” Christina yelled as I quickly forced my cock head past her tight ring.

“FUCK! That’s it!” Christina moaned, throwing her head back. “Fuck my ass hard!” She moaned almost breathlessly and I thrust forward, her saliva working as good lubricant and my dick gliding in with ease.

“Shit!” I moaned, feeling thee tightness of her spincter around my thick shaft. I began thrusting at a decent pace from the get go, getting faster very quickly and within a matter of minutes, I was going as fast as I could.

Christina’s screams were getting faster with each thrust, my groin slapping against her ass hard, causing her body to thrust up, making her screams get a little less louder as she started to get breathless quite fast.

“HARDER!” She yelled at me, looking back. I thrust as hard as I could, getting my cock as deep as I could into her bowels and after just a few short minutes of pounding her ass as hard as I could, I could already feel my orgasm start to approach. Her asshole was so tight it was very, very hard to hold back.

“Fuck!” I moaned, my body starting to tighten. “It’s too fucking….tight!” I moaned. Christina instantly knew I was getting close to finishing.

“You gonna cum baby?” She asked looking back with the most beautiful sex faces that I’d seen.

“Yeah!” I grunted as I continued thrusting hard into her cunt.

“Does this make you wanna cum quicker?” She asked, clenching her asshole.

“Ohhhhhh shhhiiiiiiiittttttttttt!” I moaned from feeling the tightness around my shaft.

“Gimme that cum baby! All over my mouth and my fucking face!” Christina moaned. I was so close to cumming that I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out so I pulled out of her tight ass.

“That’s it! Give it to me!” Christina moaned, quickly turning around as I stroked my shaft.

“Ahhhhhh!” Christina said opening her mouth wide and I aimed my cock towards her open mouth and my cum shot out into her waiting mouth.

“FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I yelled as my next load shot out when Christina closed her mouth to swallow my semen, the cum landing on her lips.

She opened her mouth again, just in time to catch the third load, but she let it flow out the sides of her mouth. She quickly grabbed my cock and started bobbing her head up and down, sucking my dick fast as the next couple of loads spewed out into her mouth.

“Mmm! Tastes just as good as the last time, maybe a little better.” she said as she sucked my dick some more.

“Must be the secret ingredient.” She added.

“Which is?” I asked

“My ass!” She answered with the horniest look I had ever seen as she licked my dick clean.

“You got some cum on your face.” I pointed out the obvious.

“I need to get washed up anyways.” She replied.

“I’ll see you in five.” I said getting off the bed and gettng dressed as she headed into the bathroom.

After mind numbing displays of her talents over the next few weeks, I was curious if she was cured or if she needed to stay a little while longer.

“I really need to leave and get back to my career.” She said

“How good was your orgasm?” I asked

“For about 7 seconds I couldn’t remember my own name.” She laughed.

“Cool, I was trying to fuck you stupid, looks like it almost worked.” I said

“Maybe I’ll bake you a cake next time.” Christina smiled

“How about you drop by my place in a few weeks for my birthday I’m having some friends over and they could probably use a hand with the cake.” I said

“Sounds like fun anybody that I know will be there?” She asked.

“Sure some of my clients from here will even be there to say thank you.” I said

“Count me in I’d love to meet them I’m sure I’ll have a blast.” She said enthusiastically

“Sweet I’ll get you the address and you can show up whenever.” I said.
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Re: Rehab From Hell: Christina Aguleria
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Really love your old Christina stories.


Re: Rehab From Hell: Christina Aguleria
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I really like the whole 'cooking naked' addiction, that's something I haven't seen in a story before.

Hope you bring this series back, it's amazing.


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