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Author Topic: Groom and Doom: A Wedding Farce (Michelle Rodriguez)  (Read 1177 times)


Groom and Doom: A Wedding Farce (Michelle Rodriguez)
« on: January 19, 2020, 09:36:26 AM »
Story title: Groom and Doom: A Wedding Farce
Story by: Money
Celeb in story: Michelle Rodriguez
Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Story summary: Author and celeb both go stag to a friends wedding only to start some crazy shenanigans during the reception dinner.

Authors note: This was dreamed up during a round of "Would you rather" brainstorming with Grobnar it sounded too good to pass up for a story idea.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it's total fiction I'm sure the celeb doesn't act like this in reality any feedback can be sent to [email protected] now on with the story.

I had planned on not attending the wedding but the bride Andrea had asked me really nice and I caved. The added pressure from my mom not being a factor at all aside from throwing me under the bus in front of the bridesmaids before the ceremony all of them close friends of Andrea.

I was still trying to figure out how my seating assignment would work being 7 '4 I was stuck towards the entrance so I wasn't blocked in or blocking the view to Andrea down the aisle I had a good view of the ceremony the decorations were still going up when I heard a voice behind me.

"Looks like we're wedding buddies for this." she said

"Your...her." I said

I had heard Andrea mention a Michelle over the years from her college days I had no idea it was Michelle Rodriguez. I nearly passed out I towered over her seeing down her dress really easy even though I wasn't trying.

"Wow Andrea told me you grew up but I wasn't expecting this." she said

"You look fantastic." I said

"Sweet...just don't drool I paid way too much for this dress." she said

"The ceremony is 2 hours." I said

Michelle got a big smirk on her face wrapping her arms around my shoulder pushing her perky boobs into my arm

"Sorry big fella not this trip your a great guy but not my type...maybe the bridesmaids." she said

"I smell a challenge." I said

The wedding ceremony was amazing yet a torture test with Michelle right next to me the whole time more than once a few guests asked if we came together she always beat me to the punch with a quick but under the radar double meaning it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me the one liners kept coming.

"I wonder what the reception menu is?...could really go for some sausage." she said

"Oh I'm sure there is...don't know about finger sandwiches though...I saw plenty of milk jugs for some event." I said

The reception was the home stretch but Michelle hadn't missed a beat using the building itself to twist the knife in my back even harder getting a random guest to help her.

"I'm loving this building type the hardwood floors feel tight." she said

"Tongue and groove." he said

"Nice...this looks like old school plaster." she said

"Oh no sheetrock with pine studs if I remember correctly." he said

"And those?" she asked

"Solid walnut beams overhead." he said

"So soft wood inside and hardwood where you can see it." she said

"Pretty much." he said

She kept goading me with the puns I was fighting to keep my erection under control it worked until the dancing started and everyone paired up I got a break from Michelle during my dance with Andrea all the other guys were really intimidated to go near Michelle or ask for a dance due to her movie roles fearing rejection.

"Your so light on your feet." she said

"Very funny princess." I said

An hour later

I had been around Michelle most of the day but finding out the groom was her ex-boyfriend was a bombshell I wasn't ready for. I lost a little focus till Michelle pulled me into a vacant bathroom away from the reception.

"No wonder he was looking at me strange." I said

"Well that explains my invitation to the wedding...strip." she said


"Just get naked." she said

I had to be really careful with the suit being a rental it was a really rare size yet fit me just right Michelle was standing there watching her eyes big as saucers as she took in everything.

"Hurry up i need this." she said

"So this is more about getting back at your ex than having sex with me?" he said

"Right...I'm so pissed at my ex that I'm willing to have a giant dick slamming my pussy in a random bathroom at my friends wedding just to get even...what are you like 12 inches?" she said

"Try 24." I said

I hoisted Michelle up her dress landing on the bathroom counter intact as I drove my dick inside her she didn't scream but gave a rather loud moan to the guest between her legs I had to cover her mouth as it throbbed

"UHHHHHNNNNNN....that thing is thick." she said

"Just getting started." I said

The thumping on the wall was matched by her clawing at my back part of my brain wanted to split her open wrecking her pussy for anyone else after me even her ex.

"Can't take much more." she said

"Try and hold out." I said

Michelle could see her abs slightly distorted from getting fucked so hard instead of crying in pain she was getting off from the likely story that would spawn from it.

"Your horse dick might ruin me." she said

"You make that sound like a bad thing." I said

I exploded right there flooding Michelle's love canal with my thick spunk she didn't scream but she did bite into my shoulder leaving a few teeth marks that would need explaining to my mom later.

"That was fantastic but I'm not done" she said

"Ok." I sad

Michelle got on her knees placing my thick shaft between her boobs the feeling was great the visual of the horny latina looking into my eyes is hard to describe along with the blowjob.

"Never sucked a dick this massive should be interesting." she said

"That is the hottest thing I've heard today." I said

MIchelle could only get 18 inches down her throat which made her neck bulge a little I was amazed she could handle that much she couldn't get the rest down with her boobs sandwiching the rest so I pushed her back getting handfulls of her ample assets.

"Keep doing that." she purred

"You too." I said

I erupted again spraying Michelle on her boobs and abs while her own orgasm leaked down her legs as she rubbed her clit her normally low volume spiked at a rather high level before she collapsed on the floor.

"So worth it." she purred

"Yeah time to go." I said

An hour later

"I know that qualified as a quickie but we need to get back." she said

"Good thing nobody noticed." I said

The reception was still in full swing that nobody noticed we stepped away it was still going to be a while before things would wind down Michelle played nice with her ex for the crowd I could smell she was up to something.

"Now I remember why I left him." she said

"Don't do anything crazy." I said

"That's the plan....follow me." she said

"I've given up trying to argue with you." I said

The reception was still going and the limo parked around the corner was unguarded with the driver getting a bite to eat inside while waiting for Andrea. MIchelle had slipped in the backseat getting a look at the setup.

"Wow impressive ride." I said

"Crushed velvet couch...sunroof...privacy mirror...Hawaii plane tickets...that asshole stole my dream honeymoon." she said

"Revenge sex?" I said

"Just make sure I can walk after." she said

Michelle was bent over just enough for me to flip her dress up sliding my dick in her ass making her moan and grit her teeth from the size she hadn't had anything like it before.

"This isn't painful but man is it big." she said

"Awwww you noticed." I said

I pulled the buttons on Michelle's dress gripping her boobs as it slid down her body becoming a pile in the floorboard my own clothes soon followed

"Fuck me before I change my mind." she said

"On it." I said

I picked her up planting her on my shaft it was surprising she took everything at once she nearly screamed before I covered her mouth she bit my fingers leaving teeth marks.

"I'm going to be sore later." she said

"Only if I go crazy back there." I said

Michelle was bouncing on my dick so hard she nearly launched herself through the sunroof giving away our hiding spot more than once I had to grab her hips for some control making her really horny.

"I love revenge sex." she growled

"Kinky little thing aren't you." I said

We had to hurry up the reception was winding down and I could see Michelle's ex at the far end of the reception hall good thing the limo had heavily tinted windows Michelle was going for broke getting railed on every stroke.

"FUCK YES I NEED THIS!!!" she screamed

"Not so loud." I said

Michelle's orgasm hit and was so intense she shook the car frame while I unloaded in her ass when I pulled out another load shot out over Michelle's head landing on the privacy screen with a loud splat.

10 minutes later

I got a quick hug from Andrea and my mom claiming I had to bounce Michelle took the the hint and followed me getting as far away as possible before the newlyweds got in the limo to see the disaster we left in our wake we were never busted on it but I think my mom knew but those are stories for another time.
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Re: Groom and Doom: A Wedding Farce (Michelle Rodriguez)
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Great to read a nice story from you, Money. Always will be a fan.


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