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"Solved Their Differences" (Debby Ryan & Bridgit Mendler)
« on: November 19, 2018, 10:14:42 AM »
Solved Their Differences
By: LazyNinjas
Starring: Debby Ryan and Bridgit Mendler
Codes:  (FF, Cons, Oral, Fisting)
Disclaimer: None of this ever happened or ever will

Debby Ryan and Bridgit Mendler were very odd when it came to relationships between Disney girls. Usually, Disney girls always got along or had a falling out. Debby and Bridgit were unlike any other Disney girls before them. As soon as they met each other, the two ladies had never liked each other, they didn’t even pretend to  while promoting their shows at an event held by Disney. They had become known rivals and enemies for years, but something had changed recently. Now the two young and talented ladies despised each other more than ever before. Debby and Bridgit had the biggest rivalry the channel had ever seen between two of their girls.

They were hired to work on a new Disney channel original movie, but conflict between the two had caused problems on the set and eventually caused the movie to not be produced. The Disney Chanel executives had lost a lot of money because of their feud and decided they needed to make Bridgit and Debby stop this stupid rivalry. So the exec’s at Disney put a plan together to make sure Debby and Bridgit finally got along.

“Hurry up Debby! You're going to be late for your meeting with the Disney Execs,” Debby’s manager yelled up to Debby’s room from downstairs.

“I’m almost ready!” Debby screamed to her manager as she tried to decide what to wear. Debby always felt confident in her looks. She especially took pride in her curves.  Debby’s curves were in all the right places and most wouldn’t disagree. Most people said her curves were her best features besides her face. She looked in the mirror and looked right at her cleavage to make sure that it was on full display. After pushing up her breasts to show the greatest amount of cleavage humanly possible, she went downstairs to see her manager Mandy waiting for her.

“You could be in some trouble Debby,” Mandy said as Debby listened in carefully.

“Why? I haven’t done anything wrong,” Debby angrily replied towards her manager.

“Debby. When is this feud with Bridgit going to end? You guys used to be close friends once,” Megan said in a whispering tone, hoping Debby didn’t actually hear her.

“I was never friends with that fucking cunt,” Debby said as the thought of formerly being friends with Bridgit made her want to vomit.

“Well, you two were friends and then something happened that neither of you will talk about,” Mandy said before Debby interrupted.

“Nothing happened, I just realized that Bridgit was a psychotic bitch!” Debby screamed as she hoped Mandy would pick up that she didn’t want to mention Bridgit anymore.

“The Disney executives called. They want to meet with you immediately in regards to what happened on the set. They lost a lot of money and they want a clear explanation as to what happened,” Mandy explained to Debby.

“Why? They know what happened. I was defending myself from Bridgit the bitch,” she replied as the anger started to grow and fester inside Debby.

“I know Debby, but there was some property damage. They might need a statement from you so their insurance will cover the costs,” she explained as she handed Debby a glass of water in order to calm her down. Debby took a couple of sips before noticing the taste was off a bit. Debby just figured it had to do with the room temperature or something.

“Now let’s get in the car and head on over to get this over with,” she said as she opened the door, allowing the beautiful red head to walk out before her, closing the door as soon as Debby cleared it. Debby waited for the door of the limo to be opened for her by the driver.

“Thank you very much sir,” Debby said to the driver as she ducked herself inside of the limo.

“My pleasure Miss Ryan,” he replied as he let Mandy inside before shutting the door and going around to the driver’s seat. He got in the driver’s seat and shut the door. He checked his mirrors, put on his seat belt, and pulled out to start driving to their requested destination.

After 5 minutes of driving, Debby started to feel weird. She started to swear as a long droplet of it ran down Debby’s face. He stomach felt uneasy and her eyes felt extremely heavy,

“Mandy, I don’t feel so good,” Debby moaned to her manager as she tried to handle her distress.

“I know Debby, that’s the pill I slipped into your drink finally taking effect,” Mandy replied nonchalantly as Debby tried to process what Mandy said.

“You did what?” Debby weakly replied to Mandy.

“Don’t worry about it. You won’t remember once you pass out,” Many said again in a nonchalant tone.

“What do you mean before I pass?” Debby tried to respond before she passed out like Mandy said she would.

“Don’t worry Debby we’ll be there soon,” she replied, patting Debby’s read haired head as they went to the planned destination. While Debby was knocked out cold by her manager, Bridgit and her manager Josh were getting ready for the same meeting. Bridgit had decided to wear a black top with a red and beige looking skirt. She finally finished off the look with a sparkly pair of blue high heels.

“Josh! I’ll be down in just a second!” Bridgit yelled from her room on the top floor to Josh, who was waiting in the living room.

“No need to rush, you take your time and look as beautiful as possible,” Josh yelled back as he put the drug to knock her out in her bottle of soda. He heard the clicks of Bridgit’s heels get louder and louder, he quickly poured the solution in and gently shook it so it wouldn’t explode when Bridgit opened. He tightened the lid before he finally saw her at the top of the stairs.

“How do I look?” Bridgit asked as she walked down the stairs.

“You look as good as you ever had,” he said as he helped her down the last big step.

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” Bridgit commented as she gave him a little peck on the cheek.

“Thanks. Here’s your soda you asked for,” he replied as he handed her the messed with liquid. She opened the bottle and took a big gulp from the bottle.

“Ah. Refreshing,” she commented as she closed the lid. “You ready to go?”

“I am when you are,” Josh replied as they walked out the door and into his car. Josh started up his car and started to drive before he noticed Bridgit just slipped into unconsciousness. Now Josh drove to the meeting spot.

A couple hours later at an undisclosed location

“Oh my head,” Debby said as rubbed her head to try and relieve the pain coming from her head. Debby then realized her hands and feet were shackled to the wall. Debby looked around the room to see nothing but white walls. There were no windows and door that didn’t have a handle on the inside. Looking across the room, Debby instantly saw red when she saw her rival Bridgit Mendler across the room from her.

“What the hell? Where am I?” Bridgit said before she looked down and noticed the shackles that Debby had just discovered for herself. Bridgit then looked across the room before the same way Debby did.

“What the hell did you do to us bitch?” Bridgit yelled across the room to Debby, who just became more infuriated from Bridgit accusing her that she caused this.

“I didn’t do anything to us bitch! This is obviously your fault!” Debby screamed back.

I don’t deal with people putting me in shackles! That’s more your expertise, you dumb slut!” Bridgit fired back.

“I’m not a slut! You’re going to die for that comment bitch!” Debby screamed as she tried to break free of her shackles.

“Not if I kill you first whore!” Bridgit said as she tried to break free of her shackles as well. As both feisty females tried to break loose of their chains, a voice came over some sort of loud speaker.

“Both of you better stop it right now or you’re never getting out of here!” the voice said as both women ceased their actions.

“What the hell is going on here?” Debby screamed at the voice.

“What kind of sick joke do you think you’re playing here?” Bridgit asked the voice.

“We are not playing any kind of sick joke Miss Mendler. Miss Ryan, we tried to have you two solve this before and now we’re forced to take these measures.” The voice said. The voice went into more detail.

“You are both here because your fighting has cause the last production of your movie to be scrapped, and the executives are fed up with your fight. Your managers and the executives of the Disney channel made a plan to drug you and keep you both in the same room until this feud is over. You will not be allowed any food, water, or bathroom visits until this feud is settled. Once you both agree you won’t physically harm each other, the shackles will stay on. Will you two promise to not harm each other?”

“You can’t do this to us, it’s against the law!” Debby screamed.

“Yeah, what gives you the right to do this?” Bridgit questioned the voice. As soon as Bridgit said that, a giant flat screen television came down from the ceiling. The television monitor than brought up a picture of both of their contracts to the movie.

“It you look right here, it’s actually in both of your contracts. As you can see under the actor’s behavioral policy. It states that if both of you were to cause trouble and problems for the production of the movie, the executives can do whatever is deemed fit to solve the problem,” the voice explained as the television retracted back into the ceiling. 

Debby and Bridgit couldn’t believe it. It was right there in clear print. There was nothing they could do to fight what was right in front of them. For the first time since they woke up in the empty white room, they were actually speechless. As they were deep in thought, the voice started to speak again.

“Now that I know you both know the situation, I’m offering to release you of your shackles and let you two talk this out like two mature young woman. The execs at Disney can see and hear everything you say and do through tiny surveillance cameras hidden in the wall.  If you both refuse, I will make you the same offer again in 8 hours. Do you both agree not to hurt one another?”

“Yes,” both women said to the voice.

“Great. Now both of you please work this out,” the voice said. The shackles then fell off their hands and feet, allowing both Debby and Bridgit to get off the ground. The voice then left that two women to resolve this problem.

“Great, thanks to you we’re both stuck here,” Debby commented, making Bridgit mad.

“My fault? I think you’re still under the effects of those drugs they gave us! It’s obvious you’ve had a problem with me since day 1,” Bridgit responded.

“Are you sure about that? Because I don’t remember you being “nice” to me when we first met.” Debby replied.

“I was only not nice because I felt like you didn’t like me off the bat for no apparent reason,” Bridgit screamed back.

“I didn’t have a problem with you. I had a problem with what you meant for me,” Debby commented.

“What does that mean?” Bridgit asked Debby, who was starting to tear up.

“It means that I was getting replaced,” Debby said as Bridgit went from angry to being downright confused.

“What?” Bridgit said, begging on the inside for Debby to evaluate. Debby then responded.

“My time at Disney is almost over. My show Jessie is almost finished. I love being Disney’s it girl. Then you came along with your show and everyone fell in love with you. I felt like I was being kicked out. I thought you were being nice to me because you were Disney’s new it girl and you were rubbing my face in it. And the fact that you’re so fucking beautiful meant I was scared you’d were replacing me. Bridgit actually felt like Debby was being sincere and honest with her for the first time she met Debby. Bridgit moved closer to Debby before replying.

“Are you kidding me? You are so fucking beautiful and I never wanted to replace you. You are seriously one of my favorite actresses ever. I just wanted to be your friend since I was such a huge fan, once we met and I thought you hated me, I thought it was because you thought I couldn’t act or sing,” Debby then interrupted.

“You can sing and dance your cute little ass off! I was just jealous of how insanely beautiful you are,” Debby said before she did something that caught both girls off guard. Debby leaned in and kissed Bridgit. Debby’s tongue inserted itself into Bridgit’s warm open mouth. Bridgit was certainly surprised by Debby’s actions, but her choice to actually pull Debby into the kiss surprised her even more. As Debby and Bridgit’s tongues kept wrestling each other, they slowly started to strip each other of their shirts and bras, leaving both girls topless.

“Your tits look amazing”, Bridgit said to Debby as she grabbed both of Debby’s breasts in her hands, causing the red head to let out a little “coo” of pleasure.

“Yours aren’t too bad either blondie,” Debby replied as she did the same thing with Bridgit’s breasts. Both woman put their lips back together while both of their hands squished and squeezed the other’s breasts, causing both of their nipples to get hard.

Debby moaned in approval Bridgit started to suck on the read head’s bottom lip. Bridgit immediately moved her hands down Debby’s back, caressing her small waist down to her hips. Bridgit pushed her hands into Debby’s skirt and pulled them off, feeling her silk and slightly wet panties underneath. Debby dragged Bridgit’s fingers into her panties and down towards her slit until Bridgit felt the warm liquid in between her legs. Debby then broke off the kiss and moved her lips down to Bridgit’s neck and lightly bit down on the flesh. Debby started to moan as she moved her hips to the same pace of Bridgit’s fingers. Debby moved one hand to grasp Bridgit’s breasts firmly. She pressed her fingers against her nipple, making it harden even more. Debby cursed as she felt Bridgit pull her finger out of her shorts. Debby growled, “Just fuck me already.”

Bridgit stepped out of her remaining clothes. She stepped out of her discarded skirt and panties until she completely nude in front of Debby. She straddled Debby’s thighs as she pressed her against the white wall. Bridgit then pushed her fingers in between Debby’s pussy lips slowly. 

Bridgit started slow but quickly pushed her fingers in and out of Debby’s aching wet hole. Debby was in a state of sexual bliss as she sunk down onto Bridgit’s fingers. She moved her hips around as they pushed against her g spot. She threw her head back and moaned with her mouth opened. She rode Bridgit’s fingers quickly, using her thighs to move up and down. Bridgit left a trail sloppy little kisses on her neck as she sucked down on her collarbones. The other hand was massaging her Debby’s breasts roughly. It took up Bridgit’s entire hand to grab a portion of Debby’s large breasts.

Debby’s hips responded strongly to Bridgit’s fingers as she moved in motion with them. Debby’s breathing became more erratic with every breath as it was accompanied with moans of joy and pleasure. Bridgit took one of Debby’s nipples in her mouth, sucking on the tip. Debby closed her eyes as she realized she was about to orgasm. As she came, she sunk down on the wall until she was sitting as Bridgit moved down with her while continuing to moved her fingers in and out of her. Bridgit bit down on the nipple inside of her mouth, making Debby yell a broken cry. Debby’s head fell to Bridgit’s shoulder as she came down from her orgasm.

She pushed off of Bridgit and lowered her mouth near Bridgit’s pussy.

“Your turn,” Debby moaned as she stuck her face into the blonde’s hairless pussy. Debby then started to lick Bridgit’s pussy like it was a melting lollipop. She made movements with her tongue that made Bridgit think this wasn’t the first time she’s gone down on a woman.

"God... So good..." Bridgit purred to let Debby know that her tongue making was making her feel absolutely amazing. Bridgit had never felt this pleasured with a man before. Debby knew exactly what to do with her tongue and when to do it. Debby then backed her mouth of Bridgit’s dripping wet pussy, much to her disappoint, but the look on Debby’s face told Bridgit that  she didn't even look close to done! The red haired beauty leaned over and spit into her hand. Bridgit took her spit filled hand and shoved it into Bridgit’s pussy.

The blonde jumped at the surprise of Debby’s whole hand in her cunt, but Debby held her down as she moved her fingers inside of her pussy. Bridgit was about to cum and Debby knew it, so she put all of the energy she had left into fingering the blonde’s cunt. Bridgit left out an ear piercing cry of pleasure as she exploded all over Debby’s hand. Both women fell to the floor in complete exhaustion.

“So, can we be friends now?” Debby said looked Bridgit in the eyes.

“Of course we can,” Bridgit replied as she kissed Debby. 

Both girls just sat there naked on the floor and covered in each other’s juice. As they sat there, the executives who were watching the whole thing unfold, just sat there in shock at the events that unfolded.

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