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Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
« on: November 24, 2018, 09:29:32 PM »
Disney Girls Gone Wild
Written by TheLW
With Hilary Duff
CODES: MF, blowjob, mast, oral, voy, cuckold
DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, to the best of my knowledge the events in this story have never happened.

A/N: This story is set in an alternate universe where Disney is the #1 porn company in the world and their girls (past and present Disney actresses) are some of the biggest porn stars in the industry today.


We see a gorgeous blonde babe sitting on top of a kitchen counter wearing a sexy red lace bra and her panties already off as a completely nude African American male, has his face buried deep in her shaved pussy, eating her out to moans of pleasure. This goes on for several minutes until they are interrupted by a brown-haired Caucasian male whose roughly 5'10, walks in on them.

"Hilary, what's going on?" the Caucasian male continues on. "Who the hell is..."

Before the Caucasian male can finish his sentence, Hilary Duff hops down from the counter and slaps him hard across the face.

"Don't Mike! Don't you dare come into our...no, into MY house and disrespect Derek." the sexy blonde says to her husband. "...as for what this is, well this is me finally getting a real cock, instead of the tiny thing you think passes off as a penis."

Derek lets out a chuckle as he watches this amazingly beautiful woman berate her husband's dick in front of him.

"This is what's going to happen." Hilary looks at her husband straight in the eyes so that he knows she is serious. "Derek and I, are gonna go upstairs where he is going to give me the fucking I rightfully deserve…as for you, well you can either come up and watch or...to be honest, I'll be too busy to even care."

The six foot tall African American stud is seen heading upstairs, carrying a now completely naked Hilary Duff over his shoulder as her husband watches on in dismay. As they enter the bedroom, Derek gives Hilary's oh so fuckable ass a good squeeze causing her to let out a squeal as the black man drops her onto the bed. The Texas native doesn't waste any time as she quickly grabs the black dick in front of her and gives it a couple of strokes, before wrapping her cock-hungry lips around his impressive ten-inch shaft.

Derek moves a strand of blonde hair to the side of Hilary's angelic face before commenting "You like sucking that dick."

"Yes, yes I do." Hilary answers. "Anything's better than Mike's tiny four inches."

The stunning blonde spits on her new lovers dick before she once again goes back to bobbing her head up and down on the well-endowed cock, as her husband walks into the bedroom and has apparently decided to watch his wife engage in sexual activities with another man.

"Look who finally decided to come upstairs," Derek says as Hilary sucks him off. "Does it turn you on to see your wife giving me head?" Derek continues to taunt the man who is married to the gorgeous woman currently taking seven of his ten-inch shaft down her throat.

Out of the corner of her eye, Hilary notices her husband has taken his shirt off and is about to remove his pants as well, causing Hilary to stop giving her lover head.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Hilary says to her husband with an annoyed tone in her voice.

"I just thought..."

"You just thought what?" Hilary cuts him off. "That I would just let you join? Are you kidding me? Why would I want a little thing like that when Derek is more than twice the size."

Once again Mike has earned a hard slap across the face from his wife.

"Go grab a seat in that chair in the corner." Duff continues. "You just get to watch, that's about all you get to do."

Derek comes from behind and pulls Hilary back onto the bed before he moves into position between her legs, the black stud doesn't hesitate as he slowly starts to kiss Hilary's thighs working his way up to her pussy, eating her out in front of her husband. After eating Hilary out for several minutes, her African American lover makes his way up her stomach with kisses, and eventually her beautiful tits as he goes back and forth from sucking on one and then the other, as Hilary Duff lets out moans of pleasure before begging him to just fuck her.

"Fuck me, Derek!"

Doing as Hilary asks, Derek takes his ten-inch shaft and slowly starts to insert it into her, fucking her missionary style as he proceeds to pick up the pace, getting more of his dick inside of her. Hilary wraps her legs around the waist of her black stud lover, who continues to thrust back and forth into her sex hole, leaving a look of pure bliss on the sexy face of the woman getting fucked by another man, in front of her husband.

"Oh god. Oh god." Hilary moans. "Fuck me harder!"

"Take that fucking cock." her lover tells her.

"It feels so fucking good!" Hilary cries out in pleasure.

Eventually, Derek starts to slow down his pace and rolls over onto his back, as the married slut that is Hilary Duff straddles his cock and lowers herself onto it, bouncing up and down as she rides his big black dick. With the sexy songstress riding her black lover, he takes the time to admire her beautiful body and once again plays with her magnificent tits.

When Derek is finished playing with the gorgeous blondes tits and admiring her body, he has her get off of him so he can fuck her doggy style. Hilary's black lover gets behind her and starts fucking her from behind, thrust after thrust, each one brings a moan out of the singer.

While still buried balls deep inside Hilary's love mound, Derek grabs a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling her head back and whispers in her ear. "Tell your husband how much of a slut you are...tell him that you love having a big black cock inside of you."

Derek let's go of Hilary's hair as she looks at her husband sitting in a chair, in the corner of the bedroom. "Honey baby, I'm a slut, a fucking slut that loves having a big black cock inside of her."

"Make me cum baby, make me fucking cum," Hilary begs her big black stud. "Oh god. I can feel it building up." Once again, Derek picks up the pace as he continues to slam into the married slut from behind.

After several more minutes of fucking, Hilary's black bull finally brings her to an orgasm which rocks the blonde starlet, as she feels the sexual pleasure that she never would have felt with her husband's little penis. The black stud pulls out of Duff and drags her over to the edge of the bed, telling her to look up and put on a pretty smile. Derek then jerks his dick for a good ten seconds or so before his jizz shoots out rope after rope covering Hilary's beautiful face and perfect tits.

An exhausted, well fucked, not to mention cum covered Hilary Duff turns to her husband and grins. "See baby. If you actually had a bigger dick, I wouldn't have had to find Derek here to give my pussy a good pounding."

Hilary lets out a cute little laugh before continuing. "Oh, and by the way, I've decided that I'm going to give Derek the extra key to the house so he can stop by and fuck me any time he feels like it."

Hilary then turns her attention back to Derek, as they share a passionate kiss with one another.

The End
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Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
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Disney Girls Gone Wild 2
Written By: TheLW
With Selena Gomez
CODES: Anal, ATM, MF, blowjob, oral, rim, spank
DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, to the best of my knowledge the events in this story have never happened.


A gorgeous raven-haired Latina with her hair in a ponytail, wearing a flannel shirt, blue jean short shorts that barely covers her ass and a pair of black open-toed shoes is walking down the street. The Latina beauty has her thumb out trying to hitch a ride, as several cars drive by until finally, a Caucasian man who looks to be in his early to mid-twenties pulls up in a black Corvette, rolling down the passenger side window and offers her a lift.

"Hey there." The man asks. "Where are you heading to?"

"Home." The woman answers back. "My car broke down, and I forgot my phone on the kitchen table, so I can't even call for a tow."

The woman then gives her address, as the man speaks again.

"By the way, I'm John." the man introduces himself, leaning over to the passenger side and extending his hand.

"I'm Selena." She says, before shaking it and getting into the Corvette.

"Well, I'll take you home," John replies. "And you can grab your phone, make a call to get your car picked up."

"Thanks!" Selena responds back. "You don't know how much I appreciate this."

"So how long have you been out there looking for a ride?"

"About a couple of hours." the songstress says. "I guess there just isn't a whole lot of people that would help another person out these days."

"That's very hard to believe, looking at you." John states. "Especially since a lot of men would go out of their way to help out a woman as beautiful as you are."

"Aw, thanks." Selena blushes before continuing. "You're pretty cute yourself."

"Really, you think I'm cute?"

"Sure," Selena says as she moves her hand to John's crotch, rubbing over the fabric of his jeans.

"What are..."

The Latina beauty cuts him off. "You did me a solid, and I firmly believe good deeds should be rewarded."

With that the TV star unzips John's jeans and fishes out his eight inch, semi-erect dick, and then starts to stroke it going at a steady pace, getting his cock harder and harder.

"Oh yeah, keep stroking that dick." John moans.

As John says this, he takes one hand off of the steering wheel, reaches over and starts to unbutton Selena's flannel shirt one button at a time as she continues to stroke his throbbing cock getting him harder.

"You like my tits?"

With her shirt completely undone (and finding out she's braless), John starts to grope her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples causing Selena to let out moans.

"Oh God!" The musician squeals. "'How about I suck that dick for you, and give you your reward?'

"Yeah, give me my reward."

With that, the actress lowers her head as her cock hungry mouth engulfs John's now fully erect dick. Selena wanting to show off just how talented her mouth is, bobs her head up and down John's shaft, giving him one of the best blowjobs he has ever received.

"God, you've definitely done this before."

John wanting Selena to take more of his cock down her throat, grabs the back of her head holding the singer down, as he starts to move in an upwards motion and begins to face fuck the starlet. After several more thrusts and gagging on his schlong, John lets the slut up for air, as saliva runs from his dick to Selena's mouth/lips.

Over the next twenty minutes, the two of them would repeat the process over and over again, John pushing Selena's head back towards his cock, holding her head down and face fucking her, thrust after thrust, before letting the songstress catch her breath.

As John nears the house, Selena instructs him to pull into the garage port, letting him know that the fun has only just begun and that he would be getting more than a blow job (face fucking) from her for his good deed.

John pulls into the garage port and puts the car into park, as Selena gets out of the Corvette, making her way to the driver side of the car, opening the door and pulling him out of the car. The singer then slams the driver side door shut, before pushing John up against the car, leaning in and kissing him on the lips. Selena eventually breaks the kiss as she grabs John's hand, leading him to the front of the Corvette, before giving him another passionate kiss, as John's hands move towards her ass giving it a squeeze to which Selena lets out a squeal before he grabs her, lifting the songstress up into the air and placing her on the hood of the car.

With the Latina actress on the hood of the car, John starts kissing her on the neck as he uses his hands to remove the completely unbuttoned flannel shirt, dropping it to the ground and making his way down to her tits. As John cups her perfect breasts, he brings his mouth towards her tits and starts sucking on them, going back and forth between both perky nipples, before making his way down her midriff with kisses.

John undoes the button on Selena's blue jean short shorts before the Latina beauty hikes her ass up and he quickly pulls them down, dropping them to the ground, exposing the starlet's shaved love mound.

"Hairless pussy?, Just the way I like it," John says.

"Well, I'm glad you approve." The singer responds with a smirk.

"Oh, I most definitely do." He answers back.

Dropping to his knees, John buries his face into Selena's sex hole and begins probing the singers slit with his tongue, as she runs her hand through his hair ruffling it. Getting her pussy eaten out, the TV star rubs her hands over her tits as she starts to play with her nipples, all the while John continues to munch on her snatch.

"Ohhhh! Uhhhh!" The songstress cries out. "That feels so good."

"Oh God! Oh God!"

"I want you inside me" Selena pleads. "I need that cock inside of me."

John gets back to his feet, unbuckles his belt, letting his jeans drop around his ankles, before inserting his rock hard eight-inch cock into the singers pussy as he begins to fuck her. Starting off slow, John pushes his schlong at a gentle pace, well Selena takes his shirt, lifting it over his head and dropping it to the floor with the rest of the discarded clothing. Shirtless, John picks up the speed of his thrusts, as he drives his cock into the starlet's sex hole harder, over and over again.

"Gaahhh! Ahhhh!"

Selena wraps her arm around the neck of her new lover, planting kisses on his chest, as John keeps on ramming her love mound with his cock.

"So good." The starlet moans. "So fucking good."

"Yeah, you like that?" John hisses. "You like having a total stranger fuck the shit out of you?"

"Ugh, Yeah" Selena screams out. "I love cock so much."

John slides his shaft in and out of the sex-crazed singer, pounding away at her pussy, as she nears her breaking point.

"Uhhhh! Ahhhh!"

"So close, so damn close." Selena gasps "I'm about to fucking cum."

As John quickens up the pace, he brings the television actress to a climax as she has an orgasm that rocks her whole body, he continues thrusting into her until her body stops shaking. John then pulls out and orders the sexy Latina to get off of the car hood so he can have a piece of her oh so fuck-able ass.

Selena being the good little slut that she is, does as she's told, hopping down from the hood of the car, turning around and bending over, sticking her ass into the air as John spanks the actress hard across her rear end several times, each slap bringing a groan out of the singers mouth. John then drops down to his knees, spreading Selena's ass cheeks apart, burying his tongue into her on-waiting back door, as he starts to eat her out from behind.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Selena cries out. "That feels so good."

John continues to eat out the actresses ass to moans of pleasures, before eventually getting back up to his feet and pushing his hard eight-inch cock up against her rear end.

"Fuck my ass." the TV star turned musician continues on. "I'm begging you, please just fuck my ass."

Grabbing a handful of the starlet's hair, John yanks the Latina's head back, as the actress looks up at him with pure lust in her eyes. John pushes his schlong into the raven-haired beauty's back door, a *POP* is heard, as he slowly starts to thrust into the 'Slow Down' singers ass, as Selena encourages him to continue anally probing her with moans of ecstasy.

"Harder! Faster!"

"Fuck, ugh fuck" the former Wizards of Waverley Place star begs him. "Fucking destroy my ass."

John quickens up the pace as he starts to thrust harder and faster into the back door of the anal loving slut that is Selena Gomez, as well as raising his hand and bringing it down hard across her buttocks a half dozen times.

"You like that?" John asks in-between grunts. "You like getting your ass pounded?"

"Yes! God yes!" Selena pants. "I fucking love having a nice hard cock buried inside of my ass."

John continues to slam into the Latina's ass, as his balls slap against the starlet's skin and the smell of sex fills up the garage port.

"Of course you do." John hisses. "Cause you're an anal slut?"

"Yes!" The actress moans.

"Yes, what," John demands. "Tell me what you are."

"I'm an anal loving slut." Selena cries out.

After a dozen more thrusts and on the verge of cumming, John pulls out, as Selena Gomez drops to her knees and immediately goes ass-to-mouth, as she takes his dick inside of her cock hungry mouth. The songstress bobs her head up and down, eagerly sucking John off for several minutes before he shoots his load down the gorgeous babe's throat as she all too happily swallows it.

"That was, that was something," John says as he helps Selena back to her feet. "I'm definitely glad I stopped and picked you up."

"So am I.," the actress says, as she asks John for his phone.

With that Selena inputs her number into his cell, before once again speaking...

"Any time you want to go another round, call me." the singer says. "Doesn't matter the time, I'll be there, and you can have your way with me again."

The End
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Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
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Disney Girls Gone Wild 3
With Sabrina Carpenter
Written by TheLW
Codes: MF, Anal, BJ, Choking, Mast
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


The scene opens inside of a small office, where we see a black leather couch against one of the walls and a brown wooden desk in the middle of the room, an office chair behind it, with a Caucasian man, wearing a blue dress shirt, and black dress pants sitting in it, when suddenly there's a knock at the door.

“It’s open,” the Caucasian man says.

As the door opens, a young blonde haired woman, dressed in a low cut black dress that shows off her cleavage, and thigh high black leather boots enters the room, as the man gets out of his seat, and makes his way to the woman before introducing himself.

“You must be Sabrina Carpenter,” the man replies, “...I'm John and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Sabrina answers back, as the two of them shake hands.

“Why don't you take a seat,” John points towards the couch, “...and we can get this interview started.”

With that John heads towards his desk and takes a seat in the office chair.

“How is your day going?” John begins the interview process.

“It's not too bad,” the actress responded back, “...how's yours?”

“It just got a whole lot better,” John states, “...now according to your file, you've only just recently turned eighteen.”

“That is indeed correct,” the actress turned songstress replies.

“Now let's be clear, the reason you're here is because you want to break out into the adult film industry?” John continues on “...let me guess, daddy issues?”

Sabrina let’s out a cute little laugh before speaking “Oh no, nothing like that, I just like money and sex. I figured since I'm old enough now, I would find an acting job that allows me to enjoy both of those things at the same time, and as an added bonus I get to expand my fan base towards an older audience.”

“Speaking of sex, how do you feel about anal, Sabrina?” John asks "...because in this industry, there are a lot of young girls trying to break in, and it helps to stand out from the rest of the girls trying to make a name for themselves."

"I've tried it a few times," Sabrina Carpenter says "...I don't have a whole lot of experience getting my ass destroyed, however, I've enjoyed it the few times that I have tried it and would be willing to do it again."

"That's good to hear," the interviewer says in reply "...now is there anything that you're against doing on film?"

"To be honest, John," the young blonde begins to say, "...I'm a very sexual person, and I'm into trying just about everything out... no matter how kinky it may be."

“Anyway's, I know working a number of years in Hollywood, you know how to take directions.” John continues on. “...however, what we're going to do today is find out if you can perform sexually to the standards we have in the porn industry.”

“Yes I believe we discussed this over the phone,” the actress answers back. "...about making an audition tape"

“Now, I believe that covers the verbal portion of this interview.” John says “...I think it's time that we move on to the physical part of this interview.”

With that, John pushes back his chair, getting up and making his way to the couch, before taking a seat next to the former Girl Meets World star.

Not wanting to waste any more time with conversations, the young starlet brings her manicured hand down to the man's crotch, slipping it in-between the waistband of his dress pants, before fishing out his one-eyed monster. With the interviewer's man meat in the palm of her hands, Sabrina starts to work him over, as she strokes his cock in an up and down motion.

While this is happening, John brings his mouth down to her lips, as the two of them begin kissing one another, eager to please him though, it's only a matter of seconds, before Sabrina has her tongue inside of his mouth, as they start swapping spit.

As they explore each other's mouth, the "Eyes Wide Open" singer continues to pump back and forth, over the schlong that her hand is wrapped around. Meanwhile, John slips his arm underneath the low cut dress she is wearing, only to discover that the five-foot-tall blonde doesn't have any panties on, as he starts to probe her teenage sex hole with his fingers.

A few moments later, a moan escapes the young TV stars lips, as John makes her cum for what is hopefully the first of many times, before removing his fingers from her clam, and offering them to the eighteen-year-old, who happily cleans off her own pussy juice.

"You're a good kisser, I'll give you that, but what I'd really like to find out, is just how well you can suck a cock," John says before continuing on "...do you think you would be OK with doing that on camera?"

"Of course," she answers back, as a sexy grin comes across her face.

With that, Sabrina Carpenter drops down to her knees in-between the interviewer's legs, as she persistently slides her palm over John's shaft, before lowering her head, as she starts to lick the underside of his cock. The actress turned singer's tongue roams around the man's pecker, as she makes her way to the top of his dick, teasing him, all the while looking up and keeping eye contact with the older gentleman she was about to suck off.

"Oh fuck!"

The young woman who played Maya Hart on Girl Meets World, parts her lips, as she takes John's rock hard candle wick, into her waiting mouth while maneuvering her hand around the base of his white snake. Sabrina let's out a muffled moan, as she moves her oral hole up and down the Caucasian man's boomstick, taking as much of his man meat, down her throat as possible, while still looking up at him with a lustful look in her blue eyes.

"Fuck me!" John hisses "...you've definitely given head before."


"What was that?"


"Just keep sucking that cock, like the good little slut that you are."

Doing as she is told, the eighteen-year-old expertly works over John's pole shaft, putting that talented mouth of hers to good use, as she steadily bobs her head up and down, devouring the meat stick in front of her. The Pennsylvania born actress wanting to impress the man she was sucking off, forced herself to take him all the way down her throat, like the cock starved slut she no doubt was, until he was hitting the back of her throat, pubic hair touching her chin and saliva drooling out of her mouth.

As much as John was enjoying the hell out of this surprisingly wicked blowjob, what he really wanted was to bury his penis inside of one of her other holes, so it was with that that John grabbed a handful of Sabrina's hair, and pulled her mouth off of his cock, instructing her to make her way to the desk in the middle of the room, and bend over so he could fuck her.

A few seconds later the "Thumbs" singer was bent over the brown wooden desk, as John walks to the front of it, opening the top drawer and pulling out a bottle of lubricant, before making his way back round to Sabrina Carpenter.

"Nice little ass you got there," the man says, as he hikes up her dress "...I'm gonna enjoy fucking the hell out of it."

John pops open the lubricant bottle, squirting the gel over his erect penis, as he lathers himself up, before turning his attention to the young starlet, spreading her ass cheek's apart and squeezes the container as the lube pours out onto her bunghole. Lining his prick up with the singer's rosebud, the interviewer gently starts to enter little miss Carpenter's back door, slowly edging his way in, as to not hurt her rectum.

"Ugh fuck! Harder!" the young actress cries out, showing no shame in the perverted act, she is partaking in "...I told you, I'm no stranger to having my ass destroyed, so fucking wreck it already."

Without hesitating, John gives the ex-Girl Meets World star exactly what she wants, as he quickly picks up the pace, going zero to sixty as he pounds into her hard and fast. The older man persistently plunges into the actress who is known for her role of Maya Hart, one hard thrust after another, as his balls constantly slap against her skin.

"That's more like it," Sabrina screams out "...use me however you want, anything to pass this audition."

A smirk crosses John's face, as he grabs a fistful of Sabrina's hair, yanking her head back towards him, while using his other hand, he wraps it around her neck and starts to lightly choke her, as the musician looks him in the eyes with a devilish grin, while at the same time bringing a manicured finger down to her clit as she starts playing with herself.

After a moment passes by, John removes his hand from around Sabrina Carpenter's throat allowing her to catch her breath, but he doesn't let up on the ass pounding, not even for a second as he repeatedly slams into her rear end, as the smell of sex fills up the air.

Between the intense back door fucking, and finger banging herself, it doesn't take long until the Adventures in Babysitting movie star gets off, as she has another orgasm, her second of the evening. Once Sabrina came down from her orgasm, John spins her around before lifting her up onto the desk, with the singer now in a sitting position, he grabs her dress by the neckline, tearing it down the middle and exposing the TV stars perky little tits to the cool air.

John quickly helps the songstress out of her torn dress, dropping it to the floor, before turning his attention back to the young woman, who's now lying back first on the desk, as he inserts his dick into the inner walls of her pussy.

"Nice tight pussy," groans John "...won't be tight for long, if you're getting into this business."

John continues to fuck the singer's sex hole for the next several minutes, but it's only a matter of time before his balls tighten, and he explodes shooting long thick ropes of cum into the TV actresses cunt, as John pulls out, the cream pie he left inside of her starts seeping out of Sabrina's snatch.

After pulling out, John leans over picking up the torn black dress, Sabrina wore to the video audition, "sorry about that," he says "...are you OK with leaving like that?"

"It's alright," Sabrina replies as she hops off the desk "...besides my fans are gonna have to get used to seeing me naked anyways."

With that a completely naked Sabrina Carpenter, save for the thigh high black leather boots, she is wearing, turns around and leaves the office.

The End
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Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
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Disney Girls Gone Wild 4
With Olivia Holt
Written by TheLW
Codes: MF, BJ, Fingering, Mast, Public, Revenge Sex
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


The scene opens up on another beautiful sunny afternoon, in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, where a Hispanic man named Hector, who was a rather good looking guy, in great shape and in his early-to-mid twenties, had arrived at his next job. You see, Hector worked for the rich and the famous, cleaning out their pools and doing other maintenance work around his clients' yards, sure people have made stereotypical comments over the years, due to the job he had, but truthfully Hector enjoyed working outside.

On this day, Hector found himself at the home of one of his newer clients, a young woman by the name of Olivia Holt, whose backyard pool, he had only cleaned once before. Usually well Hector was doing his job, the owners would keep themselves busy in their fancy homes, or go out to run some errands and let him do the job that needed to be done.

However, today was different, as the blonde haired twenty-year-old, dressed in a two-piece black bikini and carrying a bottle of water, suntan lotion and her cell phone, joined him by the poolside area, placing the stuff on a nearby patio table, before lying down in one of those reclining lounge chairs. Hector had to admit to himself, that his client Olivia, was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met, as evident by the fact he would steal glances, checking out her flawless body.

A short time later, while doing the last little bit of maintenance work that needed to be done for the day, Hector couldn’t help but overhear the young woman having an argument with someone over the phone. As the yelling gets louder, Hector soon realizes that the person Olivia is fighting with is none other than her boyfriend Ray.

“Ugh men can be real jerks sometimes,” Olivia screams out, as she hangs up the phone.

It’s while Liv is venting, that Hector has finished the job, and is packing up his tools, however before leaving, he decides to check on his client to make sure everything is alright.

“So uh, I couldn’t help but overhear you arguing on the phone.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry you had to hear that.”

“Is everything OK?” a concerned Hector asks.

“Yeah… no,” Liv starts to say “...I just, I just found out a couple of days ago, that my boyfriend or I guess my now my ex-boyfriend cheated on me, and now he won’t stop calling me, trying to get back together.”

After saying that, Olivia Holt quickly changes the subject.

“Before you go, do you think you could do me a favour,” she says, “...if you don’t mind, can you put some lotion on my back?”

“Sure,” the Hispanic man responds back.

With that, Hector reaches over towards the patio table, grabbing the bottle of suntan lotion, as Olivia turns over in the lounge chair, so she’s lying down stomach first, allowing the somewhat older man to get a great view of her ass.

As Liv lays spread out across the lounge chair, Hector takes the bottle of lotion, squeezing some of it into the palm of his hand, before rubbing the creamy moisturizer into her shoulders. It’s over the course of the next two-three minutes, that Hector continues to work over the Tennessee native’s shoulders, putting just enough pressure with each movement of his hands, not to hurt her, but to bring her pleasure.


”I’m going to untie the back of your bikini, is that alright?”


After getting her permission, Hector pulls on the string as Olivia’s bikini top comes undone, before squirting a line of lotion, from her upper back all the way down to her lumbar spine, causing a chill to run up Liv’s body. The pool boy, works his hands up and down her body, caressing her and massaging the white creamy substance into the starlet’s skin.

Given how much of her body, Olivia has allowed him to touch so far, Hector pushes his luck, just a bit further.

“Olivia, if you want me to stop, let me know,” Hector states, ‘...if not, I’m going to lower your bikini bottoms.”

“Don’t stop, not yet.”

Hector grabs the waistband of the former I Didn’t Do It stars black bikini bottoms and gently pulls them down, before pouring more suntan lotion over her ass cheeks and rubbing it into her backside. As this is happening, Hector can’t help it, but his cock starts to stiffen up and get hard, what with his hands roaming all over the gorgeous blonde’s rear end.

The Hispanic man isn’t the only one getting off on this though, as Olivia can’t help but accidentally let a moan escape her lips, as this man, she has only met a couple of times prior to this, has his hands all over her ass.

Things progress, as Olivia lifts her hips upwards, inviting Hector to explore other parts of her body, which he all too happily does, bringing a finger up to her twenty-year-old cunt and inserting it into her inner wall. The older man proceeds to finger bang the ex-Kickin It stars sex hole, working her over as he slides his finger in and out of her neatly trimmed love mound.

“Ughhh! Fuck!”

Hector continues to probe Olivia Holt’s cunt until eventually, the beautiful blonde cums all over his finger. Once he pulls it out of her snatch, Hector offers it to the actress turned singer, who accepts and licks her own pussy juice off of his finger.

For the first time since all of this started, Liv finally notices the big bulge in Hector’s pants, before pulling them down to his ankles, however, the ‘History’ singer was caught off guard, due to the size of his dick, which smacked her in the face, once it was freed.

“My god, that’s a massive cock,” Olivia claims.

“Bigger than your ex’s?” Hector says in return.

“Way bigger.” the ‘Phoenix’ singer answers, before continuing on “...how big is it anyway?”

“Only ten-inches.” the man responds with a chuckle.

The songstress bends over grabbing the base of Hector’s brown snake and starts to pump her hand in a side to side motion, working over the impressively large cock that’s in front of her. Olivia persistently strokes her palm over the Hispanic meat stick, before letting a gob of spit leave her mouth, as it lands on the crown of Hector’s cock.

As Olivia Holt steadily moves her right hand up and down over Hector’s boomstick, she leans over and grabs her cell phone from the nearby patio table it was resting on with her left hand.

I want you to video record me sucking your dick off, so we can send it to that bastard of an ex-boyfriend of mine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Fuck yeah, Ray needs to see that I’ve found better, and for that matter, bigger cock.”

“If that’s what you really want, then OK.”

With that, Olivia parts her lips, as she starts to take the enormous prick into her cock hungry mouth, while at the same time, Hector holds up the cell phone, pressing play, as he starts recording this vengeful babe sucking his candle wick. Liv repeatedly bobs her head, back and forth, trying to take as much of this grande sized schlong down her oral hole as possible, though she only managed to get a little more than half of it down her throat, before gagging on it.

Such a good little cocksucker,” Hector groans, as he continues to record the actress, “...work that cock.”

As Liv slurps, gags and chokes on the biggest cock she has ever tasted, she continues to stroke whatever man meat of Hector’s she can’t get into the back of her mouth while using the other hand to gently massage his ball sack in the process.

The ‘Carry On’ singer removes her mouth from around Hector’s shaft, as he hands the cell phone back to her, Olivia then goes through her phone, sending the video to her ex-boyfriend. Seconds later, Liv puts the phone back down on the patio table, before once again turning her attention to her new fuck buddy.

Olivia Holt lays back first on the reclining lounge chair, as Hector grabs her by the legs, pulling her towards the edge, before rubbing his rock hard cock against the slit of her pussy lips. Hector starts to enter her vaginal wall, taking his time, with slow thrusts, as he feeds her inch after inch of his one-eyed monster.

“Fuck!” Liv cries out, “...you’re so big, I’ve never had a cock this big inside of me before.”

As much as Hector would have no doubt liked to of gone balls deep in this blonde slut, it just wasn’t going to happen, the first time he fucked her. Still, though, that didn’t stop him from giving her as much of his prick as she could take, as he slammed into her trimmed clam.

“God, your cunt feels so fucking good around my cock.”

As the two of them continued to fuck outside in the starlet’s backyard, on the lounge chair, Hector repetitively plunged into her sex hole. The Hispanic man started picking up the pace, giving her harder thrusts as he pumped into her.

The two of them continued to fuck like rabbits for another good fifteen minutes, but there comes a time when all men must cum, when they’re screwing one of the hottest babes in the world, and that’s exactly what Hector did, blasting inside of Olivia’s twenty-year-old pussy, as she takes his baby batter into her waiting womb.

A moment passes by, as both Hector and Olivia catch their breath, though a second later, Olivia speaks up.

“I’m definitely gonna need you to stop by, a few more times a week to clean out my pool if you know what I mean.”

“I do, so give me a call and I’ll make sure to leave an opening in my schedule for you, at least twice a week.”

“I definitely like the sound of that,” Liv says with a devilish grin.

The End
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Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
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Disney Girls Gone Wild 5
With Peyton List
Written by TheLW
Codes: MMF, Anal, Blowjob, Interracial, Spanking
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


Like with the majority of schools across the world, Oak Park High had its fair share of troublemakers, in particular a blonde teen named Peyton List, dressed in a white blouse and plaid skirt, that made up the girls school uniform, who currently found herself sitting in the reception area of the school office, once again waiting to see the Principal, in what has become an all too familiar situation for the young woman.

Peyton had been stewing in her chair for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was no more than fifteen minutes, when the door opened, and Principal Brown, stuck his head out of it, calling the young woman to come join him and her teacher Mr. Reed, in his office.

"Now Miss List," the school Principal informs her "...your teacher tells me, that he caught you bullying another student."

"Yeah so what, it isn't a big deal," Peyton responds back with a hint of attitude.

"First off, lose the attitude, when you come into my office," the Principal states "...and second of all, you've already gotten two strikes against you, unfortunately I'll have to call your parents and let them know, that we'll be suspending you from Oak Park High School."

“Mr. Reed, Principal Brown… look I’m sorry,” the young woman claims, “...but you can’t call my parents, after last time, they told me if I ever got in trouble at school again, they were going to send me to a military school instead.”

“Look, Miss List,” Principal Brown answers back, “...I’m sorry but at Oak Park High, we have protocols in place, that must be followed at all times, especially when it comes to bullying.”

“I’m begging you,” Peyton pleads too the two African American men, “...I’ll do anything, just please don’t call my parents.”

"Marcus, I understand with your job, you have to deal with politics," Mr. Reed says, as he gets off of the couch, that was stationed in the corner of the office, before making his way towards the desk, that both Peyton and the Principal were sitting on either side of "...but the school year is almost up, this will affect her exams."

"I'm sorry Derek, but my hands are pretty much tied up, with this."

"I mean it," Peyton interrupts the two men, as she bites her lower lip "...I'll do anything you want if you don't call them."

"Ok Miss List, I'll hear you out," Marcus tells her "...but it won't make a difference."

"Well I was thinking that I could give the both of you blowjobs," Peyton matter-of-factly claims "...the basketball team has never complained."

"Are you serious, you know how much trouble we could get in?" her principal says in a hushed tone " we could lose our jobs, just having this conversation."

"How about if I let you both fuck me?"

"I can't believe I'm going to risk my job over this."

“Trust me, I'm worth it.”

"Sounds like you got yourself a deal, Peyton," Derek chimes in.

With that, the African American teacher places his strong hands on Peyton's shoulders as he firmly massages them, before instructing the blonde teen to get out of her chair a moment later, leading the young woman back to the black leather couch. Seconds later, Peyton List finds herself lying across her teacher's lap, with her plaid skirt hiked up and black lace panties pulled off to the side, as Derek brings the palm of his hand down across her creamy white backside, the former Jessie star can't help but let a whimper escape her lips.


While Peyton is on the receiving end of a good hard spanking, her principle, Marcus Brown gets out of his chair, making his way over to the teacher and student, before unbuckling his belt, and letting his pants drop, exposing his big black cock to the five foot six-inch blonde haired troublemaker.


Derek continues to strike the ass cheek's of the woman spread out over his lap, as she reaches in front of her, grabbing Marcus by his pecker, and starts to stroke his impressive man meat.


With each pump of her hand, Peyton can feel Principle Brown getting harder, as she works over his shaft, stroke after stroke before eventually spitting on his black anaconda, and taking him into her cock hungry mouth.


Given how hard the slaps to her bottom were, it wasn't surprising that they turned a cherry tomato red, not that it mattered to Peyton, as she was focused on sucking her principle’s schlong. The actress known for her role as Emma Ross, relentlessly worked her oral magic, as she gagged and slobbered all over the dick that slid in and out of her mouth.

It's while Peyton List was bobbing her head, sucking Marcus's big black cock, that her teacher Derek slipped beneath her fine as fuck body, getting behind the starlet. With Derek now behind her, he grabs her lace panties pulling them down to her ankles, before getting into position, and slamming his dark chocolate rod into her neatly trimmed cunt, as the two men start to spit roast the television star.

"Gaahhh!" moans Peyton from around Marcus's candle wick.

Up to this point, Marcus allowed the young student to be in control of the blowjob she was given him, a blowjob that even he had to admit was one of the best he had ever received, but being a man in his position he was used to being in charge, so with that said Marcus reached down, and grabbed a fist full of blonde hair, as he started to face fuck Peyton's oral hole, steadily plunging his boomstick into her waiting mouth.

"Man this snatch is incredible," grunts Derek as he fucks his student.

Derek persistently attacks the Los Angeles born actresses sex hole, as he slides in and out of her, as the two African American men give the teen slut exactly what she wanted.

"Peyton wasn't kidding when she said she was worth it," the principal states.


Over the next several minutes, Derek slammed into the teenage cunt of Peyton List working her over, until his pole shaft tightened inside of the young woman and he came inside of her, filling the starlet up with his man custard... after cumming inside of the TV star, Derek pulled out of her well-fucked pussy. While Derek already busted his nut in the teen babe, Marcus wasn't done yet, having removed his schlong from her mouth, he let Peyton catch her breath, before informing the former Bunk'd star that it was his turn to fuck her.

As Peyton changes her position on the couch, so she is lying down back first, Marcus moves in-between the starlet's legs, lifting them up so that they are resting on his shoulders. Seconds later, Marcus has his rock hard black cock pressed up against Peyton List's rosebud, and hearing no complaints, he takes that as the permission he needs, pushing his black monster into her waiting asshole.

"Ugh fuck!" Peyton hisses.

Marcus could tell this wasn't Peyton's first time taking a cock up the ass, but he had little doubt that his shaft was the biggest one too ever enter her backdoor. Miss List's principal vigorously pumped his boomstick back and forth, into her bunghole, as he fucked the young woman like the school slut she truly was.

It didn't take long, but Derek's cock was slowly starting to get hard again, as he watched the wanton interracial action taking place in front of him. Marcus on the other hand completely blocked Derek out, as his focus was pounding Peyton's shit hole as hard and fast as he possibly could, not that she minded, as the starlet was busy rubbing her teacher's creampie Into her love mound.

"Oh God!" Peyton screams out, as Derek offers her his cock, which she all too happily accepts, as she starts to give her teacher the same cock sucking experience she gave the principal earlier. With everything that had happened so far, Marcus didn't have much left in him, but nevertheless repeatedly hammered away at Peyton's rear end for another five minutes until his cock throbbed and his baby batter sprayed inside of her anus, as the TV star took her second load in as many holes.

Having had both her ass and pussy stuffed with dick, Peyton lived up to her end of the deal by letting both men fuck her, but truthfully she really loved cock, so she wasn't going to get up and leave until she made her teacher cum again, so when Marcus pulled out of her asshole, she got off the couch and dropped to her knees, giving Derek her undivided attention.

Peyton licked up and down her black teacher's cock, before working that dick sucking magic, as she engulfed her lips around his candle wick, taking him into her mouth, as her hands massaged his balls.

"So good, so god damn good," groans Derek.

Bobbing her head, Peyton went up and down, as well as side to side sucking her teacher's prick, relentlessly giving him head until his cock finally pulsated and rope after rope of cum hit the back of her throat, as Peyton List swallowed every last drop that was fed to her.

The End
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Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
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Disney Girls Gone Wild 6
With Debby Ryan
Written by TheLW
Codes: MMMMF, Blowjob, Handjob, Interracial, Mast, Oral, Titfuck
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


The scene opens up in an empty hallway, with the sound of running water being vaguely heard in the background, seconds later things get shaky, as the cameraman makes his way towards a nearby door, left slightly ajar. Once the cameraman reaches the door, he pushes it open making his way inside, where we are then shown a discarded bra and panty set scattered on the floor, before the camera pans upwards.

In the next shot, we are shown a bathtub with a sliding glass door, and a gorgeous woman standing in the said tub, as warm water from the shower head sprays across her naked body. The Auburn haired woman reaches over grabbing a loofah that was wrapped around the nozzle and a container of body wash, she then squirts some of the liquid substance onto the bath sponge, before bringing it to her naturally perfect breasts and scrubbing them.

As water splashes across the stunningly beautiful woman's chest, rinsing the lather from her body, she brings a hand to her right breast pinching and twirling her nipple, while bringing her left hand down to her fuzzy peach. Slipping a finger into her snatch, the starlet probes her inner walls over the next several minutes, getting herself off. Eventually, she bends over, turning the tap off, before sliding open the glass door and grabbing a towel from the towel rack.

"I'm Debby Ryan, and this is my first gangbang," the star says as she steps out of the shower, before winking at the camera.

Having dried herself off, Debby Ryan drops the towel to the floor, before spinning around and making her way out of the washroom, as stark naked as the day she was born, just as the cameraman catches a great view of her oh so fuckable ass. The cameraman follows the young woman as she makes her way down the hallway, and a flight of stairs until she arrives at her destination.

"I don't know about you guys," Debby says as she looks back at the camera "...but I'm really excited to film this movie."

With that said, the former Jessie star walks into an almost empty bedroom, with the only thing in there, being a mattress in the middle of the room, and four bare naked guys surrounding it. The four guys being familiar, as they have all appeared in other DGGW projects... the two black guys named Derek and Marcus, a Caucasian man called John, and of course the Hispanic fella known as Hector.

"All these cocks for little ol me?" Debby says with a sexy smirk "...good thing I'm such an insatiable slut."

The twenty-four-year-old actress makes her way to the four men, dropping to her knees once she gets to the bed, as the four well-hung men circle around Debby. With Hector's cock being inches away from her face, Debby spits on his candle wick, before parting her lips and taking him into her oral hole, while this is happening, the Auburn starlet reaches around grabbing John's pecker with her left hand, before doing the same with her right hand and Marcus's big black cock.

Debby Ryan works over both men's pole shaft, as she slides her hands back and forth, stroking their man meat, at the same time that she moves her head up and down, sucking Hector's boomstick, showing why she has the perfect cocksucking lips. Derek who his pumping his own black anaconda leans over grabbing a handful of the ex Suite Life on Deck star's tits, giving them a good squeeze as he fondles them.

If Hector had his way, the gorgeous woman giving him head wouldn't be stopping anytime soon, however, the young TV star had other plans, as a few minutes later she removed her mouth from around his dick and turned her attention to Derek. Debby licked all over the African American man's black snake, coating it with her saliva, before engulfing his massive prick Into her cock hungry mouth, as she continues to massage Marcus and John's schlongs with the palm of her hands.

"Mmmm!" moans the Alabama born actress, from around Derek's shaft.

The former Jessie star relentlessly bobs her head side to side, as she works her magic, giving Derek one hell of a blowjob, while this is happening, Debby Ryan lets go of John's one eye monster so she can give Hector some attention. John moves behind the starlet and lays down on the floor, instructing Debby to sit on his face, so he can eat out her bushy pussy, which she all too happily does.

It's while John is eating out Debby's clam, that she has started blowing her third cock of the evening, giving Marcus the same treatment she gave to both Hector and Derek... the two men whose penises she was vigorously rubbing. As John continued to munch away at her cunt, Hector moves his cock away from Debby's palm, getting back in front of her, he places his dick between her tits letting the TV star know exactly what he wants, which she more than accommodates by releasing Derek's chocolate rod, and pressing her white globes together, allowing Hector to steadily slide his boomstick between them.

"So good," purrs Debby, as she goes back to sucking Derek's big black cock.

Over the course of the next couple of minutes, Debby Ryan alternated between Derek's and Marcus's pricks, blowing one man for a short time, then going back to the other black man, and working his dick over. Meanwhile, John persistently plunged his tongue into her sex hole, lapping away at her sweet nectar, at the same time Hector titty fucked the actress.

Given everything that had happened so far, someone was due to blow their load and that man was Hector, whose cock throbbed between Debby's breasts, until he shot his load, splashing the gorgeous woman across her chin and tits, with his creamy spunk. With her boobs covered in cum, Debby Ryan scooped some up with her index and middle fingers, before bringing them to her mouth and licking them clean.


"Good thing, you like the taste of cum, cause I got something for you," Marcus tells her, as he holds the back of Debby's head in place, thrusting into her cock stuffed mouth a few more times, before he too releases a load of man custard down the insatiable little sluts throat. Before Debby has a chance to recover from all this wanton action, Derek grabs her by the hair, leading the starlet onto the mattress, as the Caucasian man named John Joins them.

"You ready to get fucked?" Derek asks her.



With that said, John sprawled out on the bed, as Derek still with a firm grip of Debby's hair, leads the cock slut onto him, where she lowers her unshaven cunt on top of his white snake. John places his hands on her hips, as Debby bounces in an upward motion, as she rides his candle wick for everything she is worth, finally happy to have a dick inside of her sex hole.

“Ugh yeah," cries out the woman known for her role on Jessie "...so fucking good."

Debby rotated her hips back and forth, as John repeatedly slammed into her snatch, giving the young woman exactly what she craved in that moment, which is to say rock hard cock. While the two of them continued to fuck, Derek came from behind and pushed Debby Ryan downwards so she was lying on top of John's chest instead of riding him cowgirl style.

Standing behind Debby, Derek pressed her ass cheeks apart, before pushing his shaft up against her sphincter, and entering the starlets' bunghole. Sandwiched between the two men, Debby let them take control, as both men fed her ass and pussy with their man meat, one hard thrust after the other.

"Oh God!"

It took a moment, but both Derek and John would get in sync with each other, as they persistently hammered away at Debby Ryan, it wouldn't take long until the beautiful woman let out a shriek and her body shook due to having an orgasm, an orgasm so intense her cunt clenched around John's pole shaft, leaving him no choice but to explode inside of her womb.

As John pulled out of the starlet, his cum oozed out of her well-fucked snatch, however Derek wasn't done yet with the twenty-four year old actress and would continue to pound away at her asshole, hard and fast for another five minutes, until he too was ready to cum, which when he did, he removed his cock from Debby's backdoor and sprayed ropes of jiz across her lower back.

After the fuck session had concluded Debby Ryan once again turned her attention back to the cameraman... "This is Disney Girls Gone Wild, and I hope you enjoyed the show," before blowing a kiss towards the camera.

The End
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Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2018, 10:19:08 PM »
Nice stories, read the first 2. Now I have something to sit up all night reading.  ;)


Re: Disney Girls Gone Wild (multi celeb series)
« Reply #7 on: November 24, 2018, 10:27:43 PM »
I remember reading these some time ago and enjoying them, despite not having a liking for most of the celebs. Anything with threesomes or multiple men is up my alley. Really loved the chapter with Debby Ryan. That one was very fitting for her.
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