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Movie Buffs starring Selena Gomez(Chapter 3 now up!)
« on: June 15, 2020, 06:31:07 PM »

All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Movie Buffs starring Selena Gomez
(MF, Oral, Cons)
by MaxwellLord

Chapter 1: Meet Cute

There was a great deal folks didn't know about Selena Gomez. None of it was salacious. Far from it. She did have a private side but nothing in it was extremely shocking. At least not the kind that would set the internet on fire and create urban legends about her.

The surprise thing about her tended to be her interests. People tended to be shocked that a Disney kid was really, really into movies. All kinds of movies. From her mother she definitely got a taste for the more openly artsy fare. That was what led her to do Spring Breakers after all. Selena and her mother had been fans of Harmony Korrine.

However, high brow wasn't the only thing Selena loved to watch while wrapped up in a cozy blanket with the light out. Her stepdad had given her a steady diet of horror movies growing up. On the set of Barney she was the only one who could quote Freddy Krueger on command.

Was she too young for that? Sure, by the judgement of some. But it was also a fun time. It gave her a deep appreciation for film, not just the the upper crust stuff embraced deeply by the most snobbish of critics. She actually found herself finding the most gold that way. When Selena went looking around for the forgotten stuff, or at least forgotten by critics, she found so many films she would consider classics. And when she looked on the internet she found a community who would agree with her every so often. They could be so welcoming it made her wish she could tell them who she was as opposed to being anonymous.

One place Selena didn't have to be anonymous was one of her stores. It was an independent music & movie store. It was called The Jukebox Office and upon walking in she was always a bit stunned at how it seemed like a time warp connecting every single era of entertainment into one store. The place almost seemed bigger on the inside.

While her friends outside the store almost uniformly teased Selena over her physical collection of films and music, they didn't get it. Somethings you just couldn't find streaming anywhere. Digital was convenient and she owned quite a few movies that way. But Selena had a much wider palette. She had both the Criterion Channel and a big selection of Criterion DVDs and blu rays.

However, anyone who went to the store didn't have that issue. Their thoughts on films aligned with hers, and maybe none more than her officially unofficial movie bud Sam Carpenter.

Sam was a man after Selena's heart. An eclectic taste in art, especially films with a deep appreciation for both being scared and actually owning a copy of a film. He was a manager at the store, but also maybe it's biggest customer. Selena wouldn't be surprised if he had a copy of every movie and album for the movie sold along with a couple of the retro games and toys. She dug that about him. She also liked the fact she had started using the word "dig" and all its tenses since talking to him.

Sometimes they'd have lunch or a quick cup of coffee whenever she came to the store. There was a nice little hole-in-the-wall cafe in the same lot as the store. It was a quick jaunt for a quick cheesesteak and a coke to talk about movies.

That was all they really did with movies. Talk. Recommend. Review them with and for each other. They had never watched anything together. Sam had never asked and neither had Selena. He'd assumed that was a step too far. While he never talked to her with any hint of being starstruck, Sam knew he was dealing with a celebrity and thought it might be a step too far if he seriously pressed things further than where they already were. Even if she did drive him wild  and checked all the checks for his own personal list.

Selena was a very guarded person herself. The business and her own personal life had made her a lot more cautious when dealing with people. And having someone over to her place for a film or going over to someone else's house was a big leap. Still, if Sam had asked...she'd consider it. Selena could tell he was attracted to her. He was discreet about it, but she could always tell when someone as taking a quick glance at her and checking her out. He just never pushed it, never made it obvious nor made her feel uncomfortable. She liked that. If they had been seeing each other more casually he might have made a move and Selena had no idea how she'd act. At this point though...the odds were the answer would be a positive one for them both.

With all this, when Selena walked into the Jukebox Office with a smile that only grew brighter when her eyes came upon Sam. Seeing him was always the highlight of these trips. Just talking movies and anything else. He was easy to talk to, fun as well.

"Hey Sammy," she said. She had snuck up behind him as he was stocking the horror shelves appropriately enough, getting a startled yelp to come from him. Though any shock on his face melted away when he realized who it was. "Anything new I should know about?"

"Nothing really ships for a couple months," Sam replied. "Thanks for the scare by the way."

"No problem. Figured I owed you one after that last recommendation you gave me."

"Serpent & The Rainbow really got you huh?" asked Sam. "Told you it would."

"Yeah yeah, at this point I should really start buying it when you say something is going to scare the crap out of me." Selena moved closer to Sam and the cart full of movies he was stocking. "So, nothing new, but any goodies I should check out here?"

"All of them." Sam jokingly replied. "All prime stuff here. Want to give me something to zero on?"

"I thought by now you'd know my tastes." Selena responded, her smile sweet and delicate as her tone.

"Oh I do Sel. But everything here pretty much covers everything from your gore fests to your deeply psychologically traumatizing bit of scare fuel."

"Ooohh a buffet," Selena said. "Well, I'm feeling like a laugh tonight. Something that's going to make me gasp for air laughing just as much as from screaming."

"Let me see what I've got that order," Sam said. His fingers traced along the cart until he hit just the thing, tapping the blu ray before picking it up and handing it Selena. "There you go."

"Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight," Selena said, reading the title aloud. "What, is this like that old show?"

"Kind of," Sam said. "Movie version, just one story. Great hidden gem too. Look at the cast list."

Selena's beautiful brown eyes scanned the back of the box, her jaw dropping a bit when she saw the list. "Jada Pinkett before the Smith, CCH Pounder, Thomas Haden Chruch...BILLY ZANE!...and William Sadler...why is that name so familiar?"

"He was in Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist..." Sam said.

"Oh yeah, I know him," Selena said. "He's great. This whole cast looks great."

"Then that's my pick for you. Guaranteed good time."

"You always guarantee a good time."

"Have I let you down yet?" he asked, the slightest bit of flirtatiousness in his voice.

"Well, I guess your case is made, isn't it?” Selena snapped up the movie. She was about to go to the register to pay for it, but she stopped. "You break coming up soon?"

"Nah, took an early one." he replied. "Why?"

"I don't know...was kind of hoping for a quick little chat over lunch," Selena said. "I like those. I...like talking to you. You're fun." Her tone also adopted a level of flirtatiousness. This was how it went between the two of them. A little harmless it of back and forth. Being honest about the attraction while being dishonest with themselves on how much they actually wanted to go past just talk.

"I...well..heh...," Sam said. She always found a way to do this to him, to  make him trip over his own words. When she first started coming in to the store he was sure it was all on accident. Selena was funny and intensely charming. At this point though he could definitely tell when she was turning it up on purpose.

"I like talking to you as well," he managed to get out despite his mouth going dryer than the Sahara. "You...ah...you're fun to. Wish we did it more."

"Yeah, me too," Selena said. Both of them were staring at the obvious. It might as well been a giant neon sign on both their heads. But both were acting like the signs didn't matter for their own reasons of nervousness and insecurity.

To Sam, this was Selena Gomez. She could pretty much have any man in the world. Rich, handsome, famous. Anyone she wanted. He was the manager at a store specializing in the slowly dying arena of physical media, and niche stuff at that. Not exactly prime choice.

For Selena, it was hesitation to even approach the possibility of a new relationship. Sometimes she even thought she was being too cautious. She had good reason but that reasoning was now basically cutting her off from having a real love life.

"We should watch something together sometime," Sam said, shattering the silence and completely surprising himself at what he blurted out. "Um..I mean...you know...watch something and then have like a conversation fresh from it, you know? Unless...nah...dumb idea..."

"It's not," Selena said, similarly blurting out a response that surprised her just as much as Sam. "There's a lot to be said about...fresh opinions about something. More raw. Besides, it'd be nice to watch a movie with someone who can appreciate it. Sometimes, when i watch with friends I just have to hear a running commentary. Sometimes it'd just be nice to enjoy a movie with someone. Savor the moment....the movie! The moments of the movie...savor..talk about them...oh, you know."

"Yeah...I mean not every movie needs to be like it's on Mystery Science Theater."

"I really should watch that show," Selena said. "I've got friends who swear by it."

"We could watch that together too...if you want to watch anything..you know..together."

A pause once more struck the two. Both were unsure of where to take this. Selena though decided to suck it up an steer the ship to wear they both knew they had wanted to go all along.

"How about we watch this one together?" Selena said, holding the movie up in her hand. "I mean you have me at a disadvantage, having seen it and all....so...how about it? Get a pizza or some drive-through burgers and just junk food it it up? All on me. My treat for being my movie guru."

"Eh, you know a lot, I'm not much a guru or a guide or anything."

"Is that a no?" she playfully asked, her smile warm and inviting.

"No, it's just...you know your movies too is all I'm saying." Sam took a deep breath, collecting his thoughts so his reply to her offer would be clear and concise. "I'd love to watch the movie with you. But, um...where do you want to watch?"

"Well, my place is kind of crowded with roomies and super cute dogs. I'd kind of want a more...focused film experience. So...your place? Is that cool?"

"Yeah, it's perfect...I mean, you know, perfect in that there's no else but me there. Well, there's the cat and the dog but they tend to keep each other busy. Friendly though. Is that a deal breaker?"

"Nope," Selena said. "Animals are a lot easier to quiet than than people. A nice bone and some catnip and they're happy and quiet fuzzballs."

"Cool...so...I guess I'll see you then. Can't wait."

"Well, there is one more thing," Selena said. Her tone clearly told him she wasn't a few words away from having second thoughts.

"What's that?"

"Well..I kind of need your address if I'm coming by."

"OH! Yeah...of course...duh. Um, once you pay for that come back and I'll write the address down on the receipt. And my number. All the important details."

"Great!" Selena replied. "This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait."

"Me neither." Sam agreed. "I'm really excited....to see the movie! You know...hang out."

"Oh totally me too!" Selena yelped. "I mean...you know, never seen this before...and..well, burgers, a movie and a friend...and cute dogs, sounds like a perfect night."



"Well..see you then...you know, after you get the receipt and everything."

"Yeah, of course. like a pre-order bonus," Selena said. She then took a moment, piecing together how flirtatious what she said sounded. "I mean..well...let me just buy this." She took the movie to the register, leaving Sam just as elated, excited and nervous as she was. Selena over her first date in a long, long time(that she wouldn't admit was a date), and Sam over spending some alone time with Selena Gomez. HE was sure all it was was two friends enjoying a movie together. He wouldn't allow himself to think otherwise.


The sun had gone down and night had fallen on Orange, California. While this was the cue for most houses to turn the lights on, in Sam's house the lights were dim save for his television set. On the screen was the film he had recommended. On the table was a simple yet guiltily satisfying meal for two of fast ood burgers. Sitting next to Sam on the couch was Selena, who had not only brought herself and the movie but the food. It was her treat and not a money splurge, but she always had a soft spot for fast food burgers. It seemed like the perfect meal for a horror movie. Something that just tasted good.

While fast food was a weakness of Selena's, that weakness was always overpowered by something that grabbed her attention much harder. Demon Knight had done just that. Neither of them had uttered a word since the movie started. Random “wows” and “holy shits”.

The lack of conversation wasn't something Sam or Selena disliked.  They were there for the movie. Though there was a good exchange for the talking, in Sam's eye sat least. Slowly but surely during the movie Selena had scooted closer to him on the couch until she was practically resting her head on his shoulder. Her hand rested on his and more then a few times she buried her face into his shoulders during and overly gruesome scene, screaming and laughing and the silver screen scares.

All too soon the movie was over. Sam had to reluctantly get up to remove the disc and turn the lights on. Still, when he got a look at Selena's face the new view was a nice salve for the burn of moving away from her.

“That was SO good!” she exclaimed. “Oh my gosh...funny and scary...I love the whole thing with the eyes being the only way to kill a demon because they're the windows to the soul...and Billy Zane...so hot. Though i gotta admit...kind of crushing on William Sadler from that movie, not going to even try to lie.”

“Well he certainly is a bit more dashing than usual,” said Sam. “Glad it you enjoyed it.”

“Like I said, you haven't steered me wrong yet.” Selena got up from the couch. She leaned down to grab a stray fry that was left then headed towards Sam's kitchen. “Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve next. I'm thinking...something with a little more romance.” She stopped in front of the fridge. “May I?”

“Of course.” Sam answered. While Selena bent over and took a Coke from the fridge, he took a quick glance at her bottom and tried work up a little courage to follow up on her romance request. He hoped he wasn't going to be to upfront and blow the chance that had been presented to him. When Selena turned around and leaned against his kitchen counter as she opened the soda, he knew he had to seize his moment from the sound of the “ksh” as the can was opened.

“So what kind of romance are you looking for?” he asked, sitting on a bench on the other sit of the counter.

“Hmmmm, I think something a little funny.” she replied. “But not like..sappy? Something that's actually funny instead of Hollywood just saying “Oh, girls will like this because it's got kissing and a some quirky 90s pop song that cute and upbeat.” Like a real funny movie with romance where I believe the two people in it are actually falling in love. You know, some chemistry.”

“Yeah, chemistry is important.” Sam felt his mouth go dry. “It's kind of a must have.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Selena said as she sipped from the can. She leaned a bit more over the counter. “I mean, if two people don't have it, you don't want to see them in the same scene at all.” She took a quick breath. She was going to go for it. No turning back. She liked Sam. And it'd been far, far too long. And the chemistry? She could feel it.

“You know what the real litmus test for chemistry is though?” Selena asked, gently putting her hand on Sam's.

“Well, I'm certainly willing to hear it from someone who's in the film biz,”  Sam said.

“It's the kiss,” said Selena. “See, dialogue is one thing. You can bullshit your way through dialogue. Honestly more than a few people have bullshitted their way to an Oscar. But never when it comes to romance. You can see it on the screen. And you can also tell that the actors feel the spark.”

“I...well...I can't disagree with you there.”

“Care for a demonstration?” Selena asked. Before  there could be a verbal response Selena sealed things with a kiss. The minute he plump lips touched his the chemistry theory was instantly proved. Though it was less sparks flying as a blaze igniting. Just as the tips of their tongues touched ever so lightly in their lips lock, their mouths seperated, Selena smiling a bit when her eyes saw a satisfyingly stunned Sam.

“Very good,” Selena said. “I love it. But I how about for take two you come over to me. A bit more intimate.”

Sam nodded. He slid off the stool and came to Selena. She was leaning her back against the kitchen sink now. Her face and gaze were seductive and sweet, her posture inviting. Those brown eyes of hers somehow brought to mind the film they had just saw. The heart and soul were right behind those beautiful eyes, energy radiating out and drawing him in like a tractor beam.

“No this time, I want you close,” she said. “Very close. Your hands on me. Holding me. Does that work?”

“One hundred percent.” Sam did exactly as Selena asked, putting his arms around her and resting his hands on the small of her back.

“And....action,” Selena said. The pair's lips met again and the closer contact made all the different. Their tongues got a lot more contact time, rolling and carressing each other. Sam got a bit more emboldened, moving his hands south and taking a firm grip of Selena's ass.

“Bedroom,” Selena said when the kiss broke. “Take me to your bedroom.”

Sam led her Selena to her requested destination, flipping the light switch the moment they entered. The bedroom was cozy, a few framed posters on the wall.It wasn't as heavily decorated as as the rest of his home which was covered in some of the coolest looking memorabilia Selena had ever seen.

However the decorations were secondary to what she had her mind on in the moment. The bed look big and comfy and she was more than happy with the company in the room.

She reached behind her facing Sam and closed the door. Selena removed her shirt, pull the t-shirt over head as Sam watched, his brain now on autopilot. If he thought about what was happening too much he was worried he'd wake up. That made him a little speechless. Fortunately for them both, Selena was far from that, and was able to use her words to make things a lot more fun.

“You know Sammy, you're a little overdressed,” she said as she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. “If I don't have a nudity clause, neither do you.”

“O-o course,” he said. Straining to take his eyes off her semi-nude from, Sam managed to do that just long enough to get out of his pants without toppling to the ground with the grace of a Jenga tower. With that mission accomplished he brought his eyes back to Selena just to catch the tail end of her final bit of undressing.

“Very nice,” Selena said, looking at a stripped-down Sam. “You certainly know how to make a girl feel wanted. Lucky for you...I know how to make a man feel that way too.”

Selena made her approach and soon the bodies were pressed together as their lips met once more.  Selena reached between them and grasped his hard cock, she stroked him and teased him, running his tip up and down her slit.

“Oh wow...” said Sam. “Selena.”

“Feels so good,” she said. “For you and me. Makes me so wet knowing how much you want me.”

Sam licked his lips. He couldn't respond. He was far too captivated by her. The combination of sweet and sexy, her voice hypnotizing him like a siren. It was beyond hot. The only word for her was beautiful.

“I don't think I need to say it, given our current situation, but I really like you. And since we've already talk so much...let's get to something a bit more...active.”

Selena and Sam kissed again and fell backwards onto the bed. The pair rolled until until Selena was on her back, head rested on the pillows and Sam on top of her. He took a few breathes, getting one more look at her beautiful face before returning to her lips. Then he moved down, his lips creating a trail to her neck, where small love bites entered the mix. It was a bit of a surprise but one Selena welcomed, especially when he got to her shoulder.

From Selena's shoulder, the next stop was her chest and her luscious breasts. Sam had to take a moment, being up close to them. Feeling them pressed against his chest was one thing, being this close them was another. He had thought about this, fantasized about this for years. The very idea of him being ina position like this with Selena Gomez was so far out of the realm of possibility for him it was forever stuck in the realm of far-out fantasy even after getting to know her as he had. No one could blame him for wanting to take his time to savor the moment just in case it never happened again.

“Oh yesss,” hissed Selena. She licked her lips and fluttered her eyes when Sam began to worship her tits. He cupped them in his hands, softly cradling and squeezing them in his hands before his lips made the contact they were both waiting for...though the wait had been far longer for Sam. Selena could feel that longing as his mouth came into contact with her tits. Every tender lick and sipe of his tongue, how he sucked on her nipples and lightly tugged at the aroused nubs with his teeth. HE was taking his time and Selena was loving every second of it.

Like a good party guest, Sam knew not to wear out his welcome. He managed to take himself away from Selena's breasts and continued the journey down, licking down her stomach and getting a thrill watching it rise and fall with every breath she took. The light caresses of the tongue mixed with the anticipation of his final destination made every breath Selena took baited.

Soon Sam's head was nestled exactly where they both wanted him to be, right between Selena's legs. She sucked in a breath between clenched teeth while Sam's fingers delicately traced along her pussy lips. Light as air, each bit of contact a different spark going off. One of those sparks ended up being a direct current when those fingers began to play with Selena's clit.

“Oh....ohhhhh,” she moaned in a husky tone. She felt her body shift in just the slightest way as Sam's attention grew more and more focused on that red hot little button. That attention only grew more focused as Sam's mouth finally joined the party. Selena's low moans grew higher in pitch as Sam's tongue sweetened the deal. With his mouth now doing the heavy lifting Sam's hands began to roam the songstresses body, caressing her soft flesh before taking a soft grip at her hips.

“Ssssammmm,” Selena said. She almost choked on the words the more Sam got into it and he got into it quick. But he wasn't overloading her. He was building her up, lick by delicate lick. The tender touch of his fingers on her skin began to contrast with the faster licking and sucking on her clit. He was building Selena up, up and up...only to slow down that boil to a simmer once more. 

The Latina licked her plump lips. Somehow her mouth felt wet and dry at the same time. Her body tingled and heated up the longer Sam stayed between her legs. He could feel her toes curl as her legs rested on his back and how Selena shifted just a but as her back arched.  Her hands darted down to grab Sam by the hair. There were two options running through her head at the speed of light. Option one was to hold him tight where her was and let Sam finish what he started how he started. Option to was to yank him up to get something a lot more substantial. Option 2 crossed the finished line first.

Sam let Selena guide him up her body, coming face to face with her beautiful visage once more. She smile at him before wrapping her legs around his waist. The next thing to happen was a moan escaping from Selena's mouth as Sam entered her.

The pair were motionless for a brief moment, both taking in the moment. Sam was the one to break that momentary pause. He slowly withdrew his throbbing prong and thrust back in. Selena's sounds of pleasure responded to his every touch. His deep thrusts into her waiting cunt and the soft caress of his hands running up her legs to her waist. His tender and hot kisses on her neck and lips. Every move a treat for both of them.

Sam began to pick up the pace just slightly. And as his pelvic rhythm increased his hands traveled up further to Selena's chest, cupping her globes.

“Mmm yeah play with my tits,” Selena sighed. “Suck them...I want to feel your mouth on them again Sam.” He happily complied, circling each nipple with his tongue before sucking the tit into his mouth. “That's it,” Selena gasped. “Mmmm just like that..ohhhhh....”

Selena was well on her wa up the stairway to heaven with Sam right by her side. He couldn't think of a more comfortable position to be in. His cock buried inside of Selena, her goddess-tier legs holding him tight against her and her nails raking against his back. Hearing her hunger for his cock, moaning and cooing as he hit deep spots in her that had gone ignored by another for far too long. Hearing her pleasure only enhanced his own as he plunged the depths of her hot, wet love canal.

The heat was building up for Selena. She could feel flashes of erotic energy crackling through her veins. Her instincts were screaming at her and she  listened. Selena grabbed hold of Sam tight and they rolled over, placing Selena on top.

Sam was nothing short of in awe at his view. She was the single most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. The reality of Selena blew any fantasy he ever held right out of the water.  Especially with that reality straddling him with his cock buried in her sopping pussy.

“Like the view?” she said, her smile somehow smoldering and modest at the same time.

“That's an understatement.” answered Sam.  He ran his hands up her legs to her hips. “You are so insanely beautiful.”

Selena would be visually blushing from that if she wasn't already a little red from their rather physical activities. Instead she decided to be a bit more personable with her thanks, leaning down to kiss Sam. From their her lips went to his ears. “You haven't seen anything yet.”

Selena rose back up. Her brown eyes looked down at him and winked. Selena's hands caressed down her own body to rest with his on her hips. That's when she started to move on his cock. Slowly at first,s he began to rise and fall on his rod. Selena was at the helm now and Sam certainly didn't mind taking a back seat and letting her do all work. Feeling her inside and out and watching as she rode him was nothing short of the perfect high. And it was a high that just kept getting stronger.

Selena's hands left his and began to roam their own trail on her body. She began to move a bit faster on his cock, her moans getting just a bit higher, a bit louder. Every time she cried out his name it was music to Sam's ears. His hands migrated to her ass, grasping tight and moving with Selena's hips as she ground on him.

A sexy smile melted onto Selena's face. The image was seared into Sam's mind before her lips parted as Selena cried out his name in ecstasy. That image soon went into full motion as Selena began to speed up. As she rode his cock all the years of dance and choreography began to get put to good use outside of the stage. Her movements were sensual and seductive as Selena rode him, the visuals were accompanied by an increased tightness in her sweet slit. As she ground on his cock she made that velvet passage way even tighter, squeezing the sensitive rod inside of her.

Sam's eyes nearly rolled in the back of his head, a sight that got a giggle to break up the sensual sounds erupting from Selena's mouth. This couldn't have turned out better for either of him. And the good just kept getting great as her own thoughts were soon cut in half by a blade of pleasure. Sam had taken one hand from Selena's supple bottom and brought it to her clit, circling the nub with his thumb.

“Whooooa gosh...” Selena said. “Right there...just like that....” She held head back, focusing strictly on the sensations while Sam took the wheel just a bit more, using his free hand to get a grip  and give Selena some thrusts to answer her own erotic movements. “Mmmm fuck yes...gimme...oh fuck Sam fuck me...”

Selena showed off her flexibility, leaning almost all the way backwards until her shoulders were touching Sam's legs. Sam leaned up a bit to answer, kissing her stomach as the pair's fucking grew only more intense. Their hair was soaked with sweat, Selena's matting and sticking to her similarly sweat-sheened skin. The lights of the room reflected off their nude bodies, the pair almost glowing as their bodies continued merging and colliding together.

Sam wrapped his arms around Selena, pulling up to him. Their eyes locked once more, fire and passion behind them. This was going to be the ride home. Selena's legs squeezed him tight and her hands grabbed his face, pulling it to hers. Once that kiss broke those pouty lips went to Sam's ear.

“I'm gonna cum Sammy,” she whispered, her words almost croaking midway through the sentence. “Cum on your cock....cum for you...just for you....ooohhhh yessss....”

Selena rolled her head, shivers going up her spine. Both were at the point of know return, Selena working Sam's cock as he fucked her. It was hot, fast and frenzied. Licks, kisses and embraces replaced words. Moans and cries of pure pleasure became the only sound to be heard alongside colliding flesh and a banging head board. And one of those cries grew more and more desperate as Selena raced to the finish line.

“YESSSSS!” Selena cried. She froze in Sam's arms while he continued to drive into her, the added stimulation giving her orgasm and extra bit of sizzle. It felt amazing to them both, Selena signalling just that with a very appreciative liplock applied directly to Sam's mouth. She moaned and sucked on his tongue all while holding him even tighter and she quivered in his arms. It all felt amazing, pleasure beyond description.

As good as it felt, it also took a great deal out of Sam.  Just as Selena was enjoying the beginnings of her afterglow with Sam's cock driving into her still giving it a special thrill, he felt his own dam ready to burst.

“S-selena,” he stuttered. “Gonna...gonna cum!”

“Mmmm that's right,” purred Selena. “Cum for me....” She removed herself from his cock only to lay on her stomach, her head in Sam's crotch and soon after his cock in her mouth. A moaned in satisfaction as she tasted herself on his cock, a move which put one more crack in his already breaking defenses.

There was no point in trying to hold back. Selena's suckjob was just the cherry on the sundae. With a grunt of warning Sam unloaded inside of Selena's mouth, the sweetheart seductress swallowing every stream and never letting her beautiful brown eyes break contact with his.

Finally, when Sam went soft and there was a drop of semen left in him, Selena released his cock after one last gulp. She then slithered up his body resting at his side. They both exchanged dreamy looks with each other.

“So,” Selena said, tracing her finger absent-mindedly on his chest. “What's the next movie?”

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Wow.  Your care and passion for Selena really shows through in this one.  It elevates the story and the sex to a new, higher level.  I'm excited to see where this story goes from here.  Can't wait.   :Y: :Y: :Y:

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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Movie Buffs starring Selen Gomez
(MF, Oral, Cons, Exhibition)
by MaxwellLord

Chatper 2: Science Fiction, Double Feature

"It's been WAY too long since I've been to a drive-in," Selena said. There was a genuine excitement in her voice. Throughout the years she'd been in show business,she'd been accustomed, for better or worse, to a certain standard when going to see a movie. It was either a huge star-studded premiere, the focus far more on the pomp and circumstance of the stars and who they were wearing or going to a normal movie theater and being crowded by fans to the point the movie once more takes a distant second to outside influences.

This was not to be the case tonight. When Sam brought the idea up to her she could barely contain the excitement. Selena had nothing but good memories connected to the few times she had gone to one. Just the unique feel. Being outside, the smell of nature mixed with the various unhealthy foods.

THE FOOD! How could she forget that? It was burnt into her mind with far more detail than the movies she had seen. It was so different than the usual movie fare. Sure, there were hot dogs, popcorn, candy and soda....but they also had french fries! And corn dogs! She even remembered one time she had cheese sticks at one. She couldn't wait.

Of course one of the big bonuses was doing the whole thing alongside Sam. Ever since they had decided to take things from friendly to a lot more it just seemed things got nothing but better. That was always the fun of a new relationship, discovering new things about the other. And that was always mixed with the two of them sharing films as well. That was still the center of it all. Cuddling up together and just watching something. Horror, documentary, slapstick comedy...it was all worth it. Even when it was a bad movie. It was something new to take in and enjoy together.

They'd been enjoying a great deal of things together. Films, television, books, even the recipes Selena had been learning on the cooking show she'd just wrapped on. She'd even let him into her house. To her, that was a sign of seriousness. Her home was the one private refuge she knew she had, and Selena had welcomed Sam in there just as happily as she had with her own body. She hadn't regretted it yet.

Selena certainly didn't feel a twinge of regret when she agreed to Sam's drive-in idea. Of course his own excitement for it helped. Selena found it so cute the movies they were to watch didn't matter much. But when he described them to her, she got excited as well.

The films were out of her usual comfort zone, two black and white science fiction films from the fifties. However when she actually looked the movies up, she found nothing but praise for The Day The Earth Stood Still and THEM!. Though from what Selena could pick up from the quick bit of research on the movies, there was no real connection between them aside from the genre they were in and the decade of release.

It didn't matter though. The whole thing just sounded like fun with someone who was quickly becoming her favorite person.

And if Selena could read minds she would have definitely sensed Sam felt the same way. Part of him was still in disbelief that a woman could be as perfect a package as Selena. Her beauty was almost too obvious to mention. It was a given. But she was funny an always ready to have a new experience and seriously more inlove with film and music than he could have guessed. She was sharing new films with him now just as he had with her and the glee on her face at the idea was burned into his head frm the purity of it.

"What the first thing you're going to get?" asked Sam, his car getting ever closer to promised land of outdoor movie-watching. "The snack bar is pretty stacked."

"A gigantic, and I mean GIGANTIC, slushie," Selena said. "Blue raspberry. And something spicy. Like nachos and cover them in hot sauce."

“What about some Flaming Hot Cheetos?” Sam asked, referring to what he had found to be Selena's absolute favorite snack. Junk food nirvana in her beautiful brown eyes.

“Pass.” replied Selena. “Snack bars, if they even have chip stuff, always just has those snack size ones. That won't work for a double feature. Party size or bust.”

“Then you're really going to like what I'm smuggling in the trunk.”

“Get out!” Selena said, contagious glee in her voice. “Drive-In double features, amazing junk foo, gigantic slushies, Flaming Hot Cheetos and my man. This is the textbook definition of a perfect date night.”

“So...I'm your man?”

“Well, I would have thought the past few weeks would have confirmed that,” she said, smiling. “But, just to seal the deal and make it official...” Selena leaned over and kissed Sam on the cheek. “You're my man. I'm your woman. Officially.”

Selena got a smile out of him, warm and comforting. It was a gesture she volleyed back before placing her hand on his thigh and giving him a gentle, loving squeeze. For a brief moment she thought about how quickly they'd gotten to this point. It would have made Selena take pause if not for the fact they'd known each other for a bit. They were long past the small take phase. They'd been talking about deeper matters far before they began sharing a bed. She knew his birthday and he hers. They talked about their families, growing up, hopes for the future, and the obvious thing that had brought them together, movies.

Watching films was still their thing. Sure, they'd gone out to dinner, stayed in for dinner, done all the normal date stuff. But still, it always went back around to getting on the couch and watching something together. Sharing something new with each other or retreating into a comfortable classic they both loved. It didn't always end in bed. Most of the time, it just ended with them snuggling tight together on the couch, enjoying the time together.

Despite it being a very different environment from the comfort of either of their homes, Selena knew they were most likely going to fall into the same pattern of snuggles, hugs and kisses. Just with an AMAZING snack selection. All under the stars. Or at least with the stars viewable through the windshield.

There was a bit of a nervous rumble in Selena's stomach when the car pulled up to the ticket booth. For some reason Selena was certain they'd check the trunk and see the contraband Sam was smuggling in. No such thing happened and relief washed over her.

Once they got in and started making their way to a free spot, Sam looked at her for a brief moment. “Okay, you're going to have to trust me on this.”

“On what?” she asked.

“Our parking spot. There's...there's a unique place. No one really knows about it.”

“Really?” Selena said, her intrigue obvious. It was a short trek via car up a hill to a row of empty spaces, of which Sam chose dead center. “Nice and secluded...I think I can see where this is going....”

“It's all on the up and up,” he assured, his eyes going to her face to see a knowing smile being worn on it. “Well, mostly.”

“Yeah, I'll bet.” The couple exited the car and made a much longer trek down to the snack bar. Upon walking in, Selena saw the wide array of snack offered felt, right in that moment her eyes got bigger than her stomach and the selection of food they walked away with showed it. The slushie so gigantic free refills came with the deal, cheese sticks, gigantic soft pretzels with nacho cheese, popcorn, and french fries. It was a smorgasbord of junk and Selena couldn't wait to dig in.

Paying was quick affair, as were the few selfies Selena stopped to take with fans both behind and in front of the counter who asked. At first the whole thing seemed odd to Sam, despite knowing he was getting involved with a celebrity, but at this point he was used to it. He even found it endearing. Selena rarely said no and was never anything but the genuinely nice person she always was.

With the food situation all taken care of, the quick journey uphill to the car began. Once they had gotten back, Selena headed to the front seats, but was paused by Sam.

“Hold on and check this out,” he said. They placed the food on the roof of the car and Selena stood back while Sam opened the back seat of the car.

The car itself was rather sizable, especially in the back seat area. She'd been with Sam on a grocery run once and was shocked at just how much food he was able to put in the backseat area. Not squeeze, but put in comfortably. Then with a couple quick movements the back seat area got even larger as both of the front seats collapsed forward.

“Makeshift foot stool and tables,” he said. “For the food.”

“Are you sure this isn't just some elaborate plan to get me in the backseat of your car?” Selena jokingly asked.

“Well, not that elaborate,”he said, a smile and slight blush on his face.

“Well, at least you're honest. I like honesty.” With the car now perfectly set up, they got comfortable, setting the car up perfectly. The food was placed right on the flat back of the folded over front seats of the car, the gigantic slushie in the cup holder and the radio on and picking up the drive-in audio.

As Sam and Selena settled in the backseat of the  car, he had one more surprise for her.

“If you feel like going for something different than the all-natural flavor of blue raspberry,” he said, going  for a sectioned of cushion in between himself and Selena. He pulled it down, showing off an opening. “Have some cold Cokes in there. Pretty easy to grab. But if you want to go for the Cheetos you'll still need to open the trunk.”

“Very nice.” Selena replied. "I think I'll hold off on that until the intermission though.”

With the snack schedule taken care of, the pair settled in, just as cozy and comfy as they would be at one of their homes. And just as with those movie viewings, they fell into familiar, wonderful habits. When the first film, THEM!, began the night truly began.

He held Selena's hand, her head was on his shoulder.  She'd whisper compliments for the film as it went on. Gasp at certain parts.

“This is really good at building up tension,” Selena said of the film. “The catatonic girl, mysterious footprints..that weird noise...it's so well done.”

“Wait till you see the actual creatures,” he said. “For the time, they're really impressive. Shot perfectly too.”

“Can't wait,” she said, kissing his cheek before bringing her drink's straw to her lips. She drank down the ice cold slush, the rush of cold making her feel amazing on a warm summer night. Then her hand released his and began to rest on his thigh. From there, things just got cozier.

Selena couldn't explain exactly what it was in the moment that was getting to her. It certainly wasn't the film. It was enjoyable. She loved it when a movie she had never seen before, especially older ones, got her attention. And while it did, her desire for Sam began to be a little distracting.

Maybe it was the new location. It did check off some things that did get her going. Selena wasn't a car girl by any means. She couldn't really tell a Ferrari from a Corvette without being told and she didn't know the engines inside and out. But she did find something about having sex in a car. It was just...there. A little bit of a kink. Being so enamored by who she was with she just had to have them on the spot. Sam had unknowingly added to this when he opened his car's sun roof just before the movie began. Selena also had a thing about sex outdoors and that open sunroof gave that desire just enough of a tease to get her started. Now, it was time to get Sam started.

She brought he lips to his neck, kissing him softly and getting a quick lick in before her lips moved up just in the slightest. While her mouth began a trail of sweet kisses on his neck to his lips, Selena's hands moved inwards on Sam's thigh, grasping his cock through his jeans.

“What are you up to?” Sam asked. Selena's first answer was planting a kiss on his lips. That would be enough, but Selena decided to give him a more verbal follow up.

“A little bit of fun,” she said. Her hand hand moved to his zipper, clasping it between her fingers and pulling it down. “Isn't this the classic drive-in experience? Start to watch the movie....but you do't quite get to finish it...if you're lucky enough. Spoiler alert...I think we're both in luck tonight.”

Sam groaned. It was both an answer to Selena's last sentence and to the sensation of her hand grasping his cock and fishing it from his fly. Selena had to more kisses to be placed above the equator, one on the lips and another on the chin, the last one having the parting touch of a love bite.

Selena shifted a bit in her seat as she leaned over his crotch. She was already turned on, otherwise she wouldn't be getting in position to give Sam a blowjob in the backseat of his car. But feeling his cock grow in her hand as she jacked him, the sensation of it hardening was soaking her.

Selena's mouth was now hovering over Sam's cock. He ran his hands through her hair before pulling it back, out of the way of her mouth. It was a small barrier, but Selena was ready to show her appreciation.

“Oh Sel,” Sam moaned. He looked down on her through squinting eyes. She sucked on the head, her cheeks billowing as she sucked on the head. He began to squirm just a bit as Selena began to get her tongue heavily into the mix. Swirling on the tip down the rest of the mushroom tip. Selena was sensually ravaging that bundle of nerves.

Sam was totally hers and Selena just kept pressing that fact. His moans of approval were gasoline, making the passion blaze as she ventured down further on him then back up.

The feeling of his hand roaming her body was also wildly encouraging to Selena. Sam had switched hands, allowing himself to move his hand down her back to her ass and slide it under her jeans and underwear, all while the other held her brown locks back.

The feeling of his palm again her apple bottom gave Selena a little thrill. And that thrill grew when she began to feel his fingers teae the crack of her ass. They never went in, not completely at least. Just deep enough to tease.

The little thrill grew once more when Sam's fingers began to get up close and personal with her slick cunt. He knew just where to have his fingers dance, it was almost like he was on auto pilot. His brain was certainly being scrambled by the oral skill Selena was putting on display, but he retained enough sense of self to want to give his girl a little bit of payback.

The payback was reciprocal however. The added attention to her pussy felt wonderful to Selena, but it also just sparked her. Sparked her mouth to work harder lewdly slurping on his dick. But her mind had also been sparked. If Sam turned the heat up on her she was going t do it to him.

Before she could think too hard, her eyes landed on her ice cold blue raspberry slushie. She was going to turn up the heat by bringing it down to zero.

Selena momentarily let Sam's rod slip from her mouth as she maneuvered to grab her intensely cold drink. She took a big gulp, one just short of instant brain freeze. She let the sweet slush rest n her mouth, coating it with both the icy temperature as well as the blue coloring of the drink.

Selena swallowed the gulp, then returned her mouth to Sam's rock hard prick. And the moment her mouth returned, Sam had an immediate reaction to the sub-zero suckjob.

“OooOoooOOO Selena!” Sam gasped. “Ho-ho-hoooooly shit...oh wow...fucking  wow that's so hot....”

“Glad to see you're enjoying the slushie too babe,” Selena said. She used this moment of oral freedom to the extend her blue-stained and lick his pole from base to tip. “The only thing I could really need is something nice and hot to follow it up with. Think you could help?”

“Mmmmfuck...I think...oh fuck...that can be arranged.”

“Good.” Selena moved her lips to his, kissing his lips and breaking it with a sensual lick. Selena went back to her drink again, one more big but safe gulp an then it was back to her glorious work. Her cold but fluid tongue sending sickles of cold heat through him, her mouth milking his cock for his own hot cream to flood her mouth. It was a rollercoaster, and one of the fun ones. It wasn't just up and down but loops and splashing waters and everything in between designed to make him say her name over and over. It was almost a mantra, and every chant brought hi closer to nirvana.

Selena couldn't wait to get him him there. He was throbbing and pulsing in her mouth, almost in rhythm with his cries of “Selena!”. She was giving him it all, lips and tongue, skilled and delicate fingers, soft touches and high pressure all leading up to one hot shot.

“Oh...fuck...oh Sel baby I'm cumming!”

That was the call she was waiting for. She braced herself for that eruption. In moments she felt the flood begin, Sam filling her mouth with his hot white ooze. Selena gulped it all down, moaning as the war fluid slid down her throat. Not a drop left her mouth, her lips having formed a tight seal on his cock. And it was a seal she wouldn't break. Even after he'd given what had to be the last drop her was capable of at the moment, she continued to suck him, making him writhing in a 80/20 mix of pleasure and pain. Not even pain so much as a total overload of pleasure.

Selena refused to let him go soft, her mouth only leaving his dick when he was once more rock hard. With that accomplished, she finally lifted her head, and showed her mouth off. Empty with a pink tongue stained with blue.

“Well, I think I'm do for my free refill,” Selena said, winking at a blown away Sam. “I'm going to go grab that.” She looked at the screen, the word “intermission” being projected upon it. “How about while I'm gone you think of something we could do to kill time during intermission?”

Selena stepped out of the car and walked down towards the snack bar for her refill.  Sam exited the car as well. He still felt a bit of the orgasmic high Selena's mouth had blessed him with. He was pacing, but not nervously. He already had a good idea of what he wanted. The only question he had was if it was something Selena would want. They'd have time too. He'd been to this drive-in before. They used a real film projector. It wouldn't be as instantaneous a turnover as digital projectors were.

Selena on the other hand had no such thoughts in her mind. No indecisiveness. If Sam could read her mind he'd know he didn't need any kind of plot. They were very, very much on the same wavelength.

Even as she stood in line for her refill, Selena couldn't help but think on it. Despite being more than ready for it, she was still a little surprised it had crossed her mind. Reflecting on what she had just done in the car she was even more surprised.

It wasn't like she had never done anything like that in a car. But with that many people around? It was something new. And  that something new felt amazing. She knew what was going to come and hoped that Sam had something on his mind in the same arena. If not? Selena was confident she could steer things in that direction. They'd been so compatible so far, she knew it wouldn't take much.

Soon, after a few more fan encounters she got her refill and made her way back up to the car. It was then she really did notice how alone they were that high up. There were only a few cars in the row in front of them, and they were both pretty far away. In the row Sam had parked in, they were the only ones. Maybe he had been planning this. Just the thought was revving Selena's engine.

Selena finally made it back to the car. She sipped from her frozen drink and winked at Sam, who was leaning against the car. That was a good sign in her mind.

“So, quick little question before the big one,” Selena said. She placed her drink on the roof of the car then leaned against it right next to Sam. “Do you have  a copy of Them! At your place?”

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Blu ray. Why?”

“Well, I would like to finish it at some point. I was pretty into it...but...well...you know.”

“That I do.”

“Good. So with that fresh in your mind and the intermission still going strong,” said Selena, moving in front of him. Her hands went back to his pants, undoing them once more, but much slower this time. “You have any ideas for me about how we're killing time before our feature presentation?”

“Well, one thing did spring to mind.” he replied, his hands now at her jeans, returning the favor she was giving him.

“Well then, don't keep me in suspense.” Selena punctuated the sentence by pull the belt from the loops of is pants and dropping it on the ground. “Tell me.”

“Well, let me show you something first.” Once more Same returned the favor, Selena's belt joining his. He then took her by the hand and led Selena to the back of his car. He couldn't see it but a big, beautiful and lusty smile had just taken over Selena's face. They were very much on the same wavelength and Selena couldn't be happier.

She took a seat on the trunk, still grinning. “I think asking is a formality at this point...but formality can be very fun,” Selena said. “So with that said, tell me your idea.”

“Well, the way I see it, while the back seat certainly is big with the front seats pushed down...”

“True, very spacious,” giggled Selena while Sam took a step forward.

“But it's not quite big enough to comfortably do anything beyond what we just did.”

“Also true. But I bet you have just the solution, don't you?”

This was it. The signs were clear, Selena was down and ready. Still, the hurdle of actually saying it was present. But with the sight of Selena sitting on the trunk of his car, that irreistable mix of sultry and sweet gave him all the motivation to wipe out those nerves.

“Well, my solution is not in the car...but out here..on the car. You know...better than the ground. And cleaner, just had it washed.

“How romantic,” she joked. Selena pulled her shirt off and put it on the roof of the car, her bra soon followed. As usual Sam's eyes were glued to her terrific tits, bouncing between them and her eyes like ping pong balls. He began to get a bit closer. He was about to let his pants fall to his knees when Selena paused him.

“What's wrong?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Selena responded. “I was just going to ask if you could put the slushie in your car. Wouldn't want it to spill while the shocks are getting tested.”

“Good call.” Sam completed Selena's request and was soon back in front of her.

“Now...how about we make the Earth move before it stands still,” she said in a tone that would make most femme fatales feel like amateurs. Then her old standard and sexy cuteness showed through again. “That is the name of the second movie right? The Day The Earth Stood Still?”


“That's the one I really want to see...read up a little on it, sound great,” she said, her excitement over the film somehow adding to the eroticism of the moment. “But first...come here.”

Sam moved forward, his pants finally falling down. Selena couldn't help but lick her lips at the sight of his cock. She'd already seen it, it'd been in her mouth just minutes before...but it was about to be some place a lot more fun and she couldn't wait.

Their lips colliding, the kiss sweet as sugar and hotter than a Carolina Reaper. As his hands roamed the soft skin of her body, his palms just barely brushing against her breasts and moving south to her pants.

Selena's hands had a similar trip to make, caressing her man's face as they kissed before her hand began to glide down his body to grab his shirt. And while neither wanted to part, they did so Selena could remove his shirt, placing it alongside her own clothes on the roof of the his car.

She softly raked her nails down his chest before leaning forward to plant some kisses on it, each one ending with a soft lick. However, there was still a few more steps to be taken.

Selena leaned back again on the hood and Sam's hands returned to her body. He went to her face first this time, Selena turning her face face to kiss his palm. From their her once more made a path down her body to her jeans. Once he took grip of her the hem Selena slid her shoes off.

Te pair's lips met again as Sam began to peel those jeans off of Selena's body, the tantalizing Latina sweetly giggling when the clothes were removed. Now any barriers between them were gone.

Sam moved closer to her and Selena wrapped her legs around him, welcoming him home. However as Sam began to move down her body he had other ideas of where to go. As much as Selena would have loved that reciprocation, she decided to put the kibosh on it.

“Hold on babe,” she said.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing...an in any other circumstance I certainly wouldn't stop you...but I think we're on the clock...so...just give it to me. Besides...no reason we can't revisit this little “deleted scene” when we get back to your place. Besides, wouldn't want you to get your knees all scratched up.”

She sealed her message with a kiss. That kiss was also a signal to go, which is exactly what Sam did. He rose back up  and lined his throbbing rod against Selena's slick opening. He looked into her eyes, sweet like brown sugar. They both were craving each other, breathing deep in the summer heat.

“Now baby,” Selena sweetly demanded. “Now.”

He thrust inside of her and angelic moan escaped her full lips. Sam stayed still inside of her, watching her. He loved seeing Selena like this, the first few moments after being filled. There was just something in those moments that made her already perfect face even more so.

“More,” Selena said in a breathy whisper. “I want you Sam...give me more...”

Selena leaned back on the car, her back arched and her breasts pushed out. Soft, rhythmic moans escaped from between those luscious lips as Sam softly drove into her. The shocks weren't quite getting a workout yet, but that would come soon enough. Right now under the stars and flickering lights of the silver screen Sam was going to take a few extra moments to enjoy the beautiful body on display in front of him.

Every curve of her perfect body seemed illuminated by the mix natural and artificial lights. She looked even more a work of art than usual. Of course, this art exhibit was a bit more interactive than looking at the Mona Lisa.

His lips went to Selena's neck, kissing and softly biting as his thrusts started to increase. Every push of his cock brought a small mini-moans from her lips. Everyone crackling with desperation from trying to keep her voice down. While the odds of anyone being able to see them was incredibly low, being heard was another matter entirely. However, Sam's magic touch was making that a delightfully difficult proposition. The tender yet burning touch of his mouth as he covered her neck and shoulders with kisses. His electric touch caressing her skin; ass, back, tits and back down again.

Once Sam's hands returned to Selena's ass he took a good grip while his mouth kissed its way down to her chest, giving her fantastic tits the attention they'd both been craving.

Selena hissed and used her legs to pull Sam in closer. Sam responded by going deeper, really working his cock into her with every thrust. Hard but tender. Probing her deeply to hit all those places he knew would make sparks fly in her head.

Selena's hand went right to her mouth, trying to silence herself as those fireworks inside her began to get set off. She almost screamed into the night if not for her well placed hand. That hand gave way for Sam's mouth, kissing her. Their tongue wrestled around and the cars shocks were now being put to the full test.

When the kiss broke the two stared each other out, dazed with lust and total infatuation with each other. They were both gasping for air now, barely audible moans of each other's names being the only thing escaping each other's lips. Neither were too close to the finish line but they were both far closer to the end than the beginning. Passion burned for them both, making the summer night even hotter.

Selena smiled looking at Sam. His eyes going from her own to her bouncing tits to down to her pussy,watching his cock enter her harder and faster. He was drinking her all in and Selena wanted to give him a refill.

“Pull out,” she said. Before he could even give her a questioning look she followed up with. “Bend me over...fuck me...take me.”

With one more kiss Sam followed Selena's order happily. With that done, Selena happily followed through with her part of the bargain, bending over the trunk. Not flat though. She wanted to give her man something to look at, though he wouldn't have minded either way. Regardless, Sam couldn't help but  grin at the site of Selena's perfect body. He back arched to make the amazing apple bottom look even more appetizing. And when she looked at him over her shoulder, giving him a sensual wink it was all systems go time.

“Oohhhh Sam yessss,” Selena said. It was a little louder than she would have liked, but she didn't really care. The sensation of being filled up by his cock in this position made her melt on the spot. She cum on top of him, him on top of her, every which way. But him fucking her from behind...there was just something special about how the puzzle pieces fit. Every thrust her made into her felt different, the specific way his dick curved...it was magic. And Selena knew a thing or two about magic.

That magic touch got a bit of sugar sweetness to it when Selena felt his arms wrap around her . Sam had leaned over and was now holding her tight. Selena bit her lips, holding back a loud cry of “YES!” he brain and body were both demanding she let out. The feeling of Sam's hot breath in her ears combined with his skilled cock working her cunt was making any concern or caution quickly fade.

“Mmmm Sammy,” she said, her dreamy voice now far above a whisper.  “Baby...feels so good...can't wait...oh can't wait to cum for you...feels so good to cum for your cock...mmmm I want you to cum for me...please...please cum for me baby...let' s cum together...”

Sam pulled her up until Selena was standing. One hand moved to play with her clit while the other gripped her breast, all with Sam's breathy sweet and dirty nothings being moaned into her ear. It was enough to make Selena almost give up trying to silence herself.

“Oh...yes..yes yes yes,” she pleaded. “Mmm Sammy just...just like that...oh my gosh...ohhhh...”

He alternated his thrusts. Some slow and deliberate, working his dick inside her to hit every knee-wobbling spot he could then back to hard and quick, Selena's tits bouncing in rhythm to the sound of their colliding flesh. Every moan that managed to escape either of their lips was laced with hunger and need. They wanted each other, and wanted the ecstasy that was in clear view, barely in reach.

“C-cum....” Selena managed to get out. “Cum with me...” From that point on it was all moans. Not unintelligible though. While the sounds coming from either lover's mouth weren't words, there was no mistaking the meaning.

Selena could feel her crescendo coming. It was taking everything she had to keep from screaming out Sam's name into the night. That struggle itself was making it feel even better. She grabbed Sam's hand at her tits and brought ti to her mouth, sucking on his fingers to muffle her moans as her pleasure crashed into her like a meteor. Selena's orgasm set off Sam, the convulsing of her pussy making him fire off ropes of his cum inside of her. The splashes of hot white cum within her was Sam shooting gasoline on the fire within her. And as her fire burned so did his. It was almost perpetual  pleasure.

However, no matter how good it felt, it had to come to an end as fire slowed to glowing embers. Selena moved her lips to his, a tender kiss shared between the utterly wrecked lovers. Sam pulled out of Selena and she turned to face him, a delirious smile on her face. She stepped forward, loosely wrapping her arms around his neck as his went around her waste before the two sweetly kissed.

“Now that might be the best movie snack I've ever had,” Selena said.

“Thanks, but you still have the Flaming Hot Cheetos in the trunk.” Sam replied.

“Well....I still think I'm going to give you the edge...for now. But before I make such a judgement,  I think we better get dressed, snuggle back up in the backseat and give at least one of the movies our full attention.”

“Sounds like a very solid plan.”

“Excellent.” Selena and Sam grabbed their clothes and quickly redressed. Selena was going to head back to the car when she was stopped by Sam.

“Heads up!” he said. She turned around and caught the bag of the Flamin' Hot treats. “Just in case you we get a new craving.”

“Clever boy,” she smiled. Sam then came up and opened the door for Selena. Before too long they were snuggled up once more. Snack abound, ice cold drinks, completely satsfied and ready to end the night.

“You know what we should watch next?” Selena asked.

“What's that?”

“Something noir. Femme fatales and privates eyes and all that.”

“You have something in mind?” asked Sam.

“A couple ideas,” she teased. Sam was going to reply, though Selena cut him off. “Shhh. Movie's starting baby.”

With that,the two settled in, Selena's head on his shoulder and Sam's arm around her. If Earth wasn't standing still, time sure seemed to be.

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Re: Movie Buffs starring Selena Gomez(Chapter 2 now up!)
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Great as always. Can’t wait to see what they get up to next maybe even in that ice cream outfit.
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Re: Movie Buffs starring Selena Gomez(Chapter 2 now up!)
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Fantastic follow-up that I loved even more!  The setting, the scenario is so perfectly hot.  Especially liked all the build up with the food only to have the slushie be used in such a fashion.  Can't wait to see more  ;)

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Re: Movie Buffs starring Selena Gomez(Chapter 3 now up!)
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2021, 09:46:39 PM »
 All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Movie Buffs starring Selena Gomez
(MFF, oral, anal, facial, cons)
By MaxwellLord

Chapter 3: Wild Things

Special Guest Star: Taylor Swift

Usually when Selena and Sam watched a movie, they were complete snuggle bugs. Sam's arm around Selena, Selena pulling in even closer in his embrace. However the current film playing was quite different. It was Selena's first time watching this particular neo-noir mystery and she was on the edge of her seat. She was sitting straight up her attention supremely focused as every event unfolded.

Then her jaw dropped as one by one, the pieces of the puzzle began to fit, every single bit of the criminal conspiracy fell into place, even as the credits began to roll. While being an incredibly compelling neo noir mystery, that wasn't what Wild Things was famous for. And while Selena could definitely see the appeal in the more sexual aspects, the mystery and performances were what really sucked her in.

Sam felt much the same way. though he couldn't be quite as invested as Selena was as he'd seen the movie before, multiple times. It was one of his favorite crime films and up there with his favorite erotic thrillers as well. He also got a bit of an erotic thrill when he held Selena close during those scenes. The threesome, the heavy duty making out between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell both got a reaction from her. Selena tried to hide it but he'd been with her long enough at that point to know when she was getting a bit of a thrill.

"That was so GOOD!" Selena said as the final credit rolled. "How have I never seen that before? I mean that cast...holy crap that cast is insane. I mean how come no one ever talks about how good Bill Murray is in it? Or Kevin Bacon?"

"Or that it showed Kevin's Bacon?" Sam asked with a snicker. Selena rolled her eyes and smiled.

"How long were you holding on to that one?" she asked.

"The moment I pressed play."

"Amazing display of willpower babe." Selena scooted back into his arms, kissed his cheek and resumed cuddle time. "I'm not going to lie though, it was nice to see some equal-opportunity nudity. I mean the women still did the heavy lifting and no complaints there but still, it was nice to see. Very inspiring.”

“And what exactly does it inspire you to do Sel?”

The first part of her answer was going from sweet cuddles to something a bit heavier on the heat. She went from snuggling close to Sam to straddling him him. She pressed her hands on his chest, feeling his heartbeat before slowly moving them up to his shoulders.

“Let me give you a hint,” she said with smile that lived right on the edge of sweet and sexy. “It's something we can only really pull off at your place since you live alone.”

“We're going to watch Wild Things again?” he sarcastically replied. Selena giggled then once more let her body do the talking with her actions, the first of which being a deep kiss with just the tip of her tongue sneaking inside of Sam's mouth, giving him just a little hint of its presence.

Things started to move quickly  when their lips separated. Selena pulled back just enough to take her shirt off, which of course left Sam with an opening to do the same with his own. Selena however was quicker on the draw. The next move would have been shedding her bra, but she wanted a bit more of a taste once Sam also tossed aside his shirt.

Selena brought her full lips to his chest, kissing and licking her way up to another kiss. While her arms wanted to pull him tight, they also had a job to do, reaching behind to unhook her bra while Sam was the one to pull her close.

With the white lace of her bra gone it was now skin to skin...save for below the equator. That'd be handled soon enough, but first both just wanted to feel the heat before making it even hotter. Lips collided again, both parties' hands roamed each other. When Sam's hands came upon Selena's breasts, the stunning star leaned back just a enough to give her man access to her supple breasts.

Selena supported herself by grasping Sam's legs as she leaned back, and that grip became tighter when she felt him begin to worship her breasts. She moaned softly, a smile forming on her full lips. Sam massaged and squeezed her tits, covering the magnificent mound with kisses and lovingly lashing them with his tongue.

Her sighs and soft pleasure moans were a familiar piece of music to Sam at this point, his favorite song. Selena leaned back, giving more of her flesh to Sam's mouth. Every kiss and tender tongue's caress sizzled, goosebumps popping up in their wake.

And while all this felt wonderful, it was just the beginning. After all, they both still had their pants on. Selena decided to remedy that. She rose up, smiling warmly with Sam's gaze locked on her. The gaze only grew hungrier when she pulled her pants down.

As Selena herself got bare Sam followed suit, frantically stripping his jeans off and getting a giggle from his girl at his slapstick desire.

Both bare, things quickly went full blast. Sam stood up, stepping completely out of his pants and bringing Selena close, He he walked her to is door, Selena expecting to be picked up and fucked against it. She was half right.

“Oh!” she yelped, her voice melting into a sexy little giggle as Sam spun her around, the lusty lovely very eager for what her man was cooking up. She looked over her shoulder and saw him descend a bit.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed, feeling his mouth on her round  ass. When her gave her a playful love-bite on one of her cheeks, she let out another sexy little laugh, but that melted into a moan as his hands and mouth began to move up her body. Her skin felt like electric fire as Sam moved up it, his touch almost making her tremble as she anticipated the next big step.

Soon Sam's mouth was at her shoulder, brushing her hair aside so her could get o her neck, then his lips to her ear.

“I want you,” Sam said breathily in her ear. His cock was hard and throbbing aching to be inside her. “I need you...”

“Then...then take me baby.” Selena replied. The next sound to escape her beautiful mouth was a hungry gasp as Sam thrusted entering her tight tunnel of love. Selena slapped her hand against the surface of the door where it was soon joined by Sam's own, holding it as he went deep.

“Oh my gosh,” she moaned. “Right there...Sammy...oh wow...” He knew her body so well at this point. In their months together Sam had explored every perfect inch of Selena's body. Just where to touch her, how hard, how soft, where and when to do it all. She had the same knowledge of him, though right now Selena was all about letting her man lead the journey.

His hot breath on her neck mixed with his growls of her name directly to her ear created an erotically charged cocktail that was simply intoxicating. She was in paradise, or quickly on the way. Every passionate and skilled thrust inside of her was one step closer of getting to that sweeter place.

Delightfully erotic gasps and groans escaped her sweet lips, Sam's lips trying to catch them with his animal-like kisses. Selena may have had little use for words in the moment, but that just meant the baton had been passed to her lover.

“Oh my god Sel....” he said, his voice almost gravely as he spoke through clenched teeth. His hands moved to her full breasts, lovingly squeezing them as he slowed strokes inside her, going slow, deep and detailed to her delight.

“Ahhhh....oh gosh Sam...I...Ooh god yes....” Selena felt herself melting into him. The pleasure was making her delightfully delirious and she could already feel her orgasm ready to go off like the fourth of July. Every nerve ending was being lit up like a fuse by his cock and the countdown was well on it's way...which meant it was time for Sam's fuse to be lit as well. And while her body was definitely doing the job, she decided to let her words add a few more sparks.

“C-cum with me,” she said, her smoky voice walking the thin line between cry and whisper. “IN me...with me...cum for me when I come for you baby...just...just like that....ooooohhhhh yesssss...”

The words did the trick and Sam pulled her close, his deep driving thrusts driving them both to the promised land of pleasure.

“Yes....” Selena hissed, though her voice would grow in intensity just as the heat within her did. “Yes...YES! YESSSS! SAMMY YESSSSS!!!”

She balled her hand into a fist and slammed it again the door as the sensational sensations exploded with in her like a rocket into orbit. Of course Sam was having his own blast off as well, blasting off rope after rope of hot white liquid lust into Selena's quivering cunt.

After a few more hard pumps Sam stumbled back, pulling his wilted prick from Selena's pussy. She turned around, face flushed and a ditzy dickdrunk grin on her face. Sam was similarly in a wonderfully fuck drunk state of mind. They stumbled over to each other, hungrily kiss each other, but there was a hint of sweetness in this heat.

“How about we continue this in the bedroom?” Selena suggest, sweetly biting his chin.

“This mean you're staying the night?”

“Sorry aby, I can't...but that doesn't mind I don't want a little bit more of you in nice comfy bed.”

“I think we can swing that...though I have to admit, best mornings I've had these past few months is waking up next to you.”

“If eel the same...but I already told my grandparents I'd have breakfast with them tomorrow morning and grandma is making a huge Texas style breakfast for me and my roommates so I need to get home at some point. But until then...lets just enjoy it. And if it helps, I promise you next week you're going to have a lot of very good mornings.”

“I think I can live with that.” He replied. “And since your breakfast is spoken for, how does lunch look?”

“Already booked tomorrow but on Friday you can have me for lunch and dinner if you like,” Selena said with a cute and seductive wink.

“That's very doable,” Sam grinned. “But first...I think I want to finish dessert.”


After a second round that was much more on the sensual side Selena left Sam's place and headed back to her own. She kept all her appointments, so she woke  up in time for a Texas-sized breakfast and hours later was ready for the lunch date she had with an old friend.

It wasn't going to be at a restaurant. Both Selena and her pal knew that would draw paparazzi like flies. Instead it would be at the friend's hotel room. That's where they'd get the privacy to actually catch up and speak freely.

It was a cloak and dagger affair, a bit much for Selena. There were codenames to be used at the front desk and all of that. For anyone else but Taylor Swift that would seem overboard, but Selena was all too aware of the havoc she'd gone through to get to this very protective point.

So when Selena got out of the Uber and went to the front desk, asking for Dorothea's room to be notified Betty had arrived. Once the okay was given Selena was given her own key to the hotel room. Not that she'd use it for anything other than getting to the elevator because Taylor insisted on a secret knock even if she was expecting someone at her room. Again, for anyone else but Ms. Swift, it'd be weird to Selena.

A short trip up the elevator and a walk to the door of Taylor's suite was topped off with a rhythmic knock that Selena had memorized by heart. Only seconds after the last bit of percussion the door opened and behind it was a smiling and beaming Taylor Swift, quickly embracing her dear friend.

“It's so good to see you!” said Taylor, the words almost coming out as a squeal of delight. “Come in, the food got here right before you did?”

“What's on the menu?” Selena asked as the door shut behind her.

“Well there's this AMAZING Southern food place here I discovered a while back and I always gets some Nashville hot chicken from there whenever I'm in LA, so I got that and some slaw, a couple biscuits and a light salad. I got enough for two but I figured my favorite Texan might prefer some barbeque, so I ordered a pulled pork sandwich if you'd want that instead. Or to just bring it back home.”

“Decisions decisions,” Selena said, jokingly stroking her chin, mulling her options over. As she did this she looked over Taylor's room. Not quite the usual penthouse suite but Taylor also wasn't going to be in town that long, just four days. It was big enough though. A separate bedroom, spacious bathroom and a sizeable den where the table with the Styrofoam treasure chests of food awaited them.

In moments they were seated at the modest table. Selena had decided to go for the pulled pork and have her share of the hot chicken as her take home treat. Once the smell of that signature Texas-style BBQ hit her nostrils it was over. Now it wasn't 100% authentic. Her nose could tell her that and Selena was sure her taste buds would back up. Still, just from the scent it was already better than anything else California had to offer. As she opened up the to-go container, she saw the treasure inside; an overstuffed hamburger bun overflowing with slow-cooked pork smothered in what was destined to be delicious sauce with heaping helping of creamy coleslaw on the side.

“Someone's a happy girl,” Taylor said as she opened her own container. “And something's telling me it's a from lot more than food and my company.” Taylor smirked and gave Selena a look that the Latina knew all too well. “I'm going to guess is that lovely new man you have. What was his name again?”

“Sam,” Selena said with a smile. “And we had our usual date night yesterday and it was...fun. A lot of fun.”

“It's wonderful to see you so happy Sel,” Taylor said, tearing her chicken into strips and licking the dripping scarlet sauce from her fingers.  “I can't wait to meet the guy with the way you've talked him up and seeing the grin he causes in person. I mean he can't be worse than Canada's shame or the cokehead.”

“Tay, be nice.”

“Oh come on Selena, it's just...I'm protective, I know. It's just because you deserve the best and I admit I might be a harsh judge of character...I just want to make sure you've got the best. And I also admit I've had my own blunders. I mean, there's Karlie for one.”

As Taylor shook off the memory of her own bad choice, an idea entered Selena's head. Partially inspired by Taylor as well as the movie she and Sam had watched the previous night.

“I have an idea,” Selena said, a bold smile on her face. It was one Taylor recognized and gave Selena an eager one in response.

“Do tell.” replied Taylor.

“Remember when I joined you on stage during your last tour?” Selena asked, the smile on Taylor's face as the puzzle pieces formed together only growing wider. “And how, well, I got to get a bit more up close and personal with Joe...you know, just to really make sure he was an all right guy?”

“Well if I didn't remember it I'd be worried since I was a willing participant and the one who suggested it.” There was a brief pause as the KSH of Taylor opening her can of sparkling water filled the room. She took a sip then spoke once more. “Am I to understand you're suggesting the same thing?”

“Maybeeee,” Selena said with a giggle. “Unless you think Joe would have an issue.”

“Of course not,” Taylor assured. “He owes me one anyway. Now how are you planning to unleash this delightful little party? Dinner where I meet him or are we just going to through your lover right to the wolves?”

“What do you think?” Selena said with a devilish grin. It was rare for Selena to brew up this kind of fun trouble, but whenever she saw it, Taylor decided to roll with it. It was always a good time.

“I think I'm fine with it,” Taylor said. “Are you though? I mean, it's kind of a fresh relationship and...well you've seen first hand how I can be  little...rowdy in that kind of situation.”

“That's what I'm looking forward to, honestly.”

“Well then, my dear friend, I'll be glad to help. I just hope I don't break your toy.”

“I think he'll survive,” Selena said before finally diving into her sandwich. All the sex talk was making her hungry.


It barely took thirty minutes to come up with a game plan. It wasn't too different from how things had gone with Joe a few years past, except all the smoke and mirrors of getting to Taylor's hotel room in the first place.

Well, maybe just the smoke. Selena left with the spare key to the suite, meaning it would be no problem to simply go back up with Sam in tow. However the smoke was still clear and present, as Sam was kept mostly in the dark. The whole trip had been sold to him as a bit of a staycation, an opportunity to wake up alongside his girl somewhere other than his bed...and maybe some super fancy room service too.

Sam didn't question much as they rushed through the lobby. Not too fast but enough that it was easy to see the excitement in his and Selena's stride. There was no pause to be had with security as Selena flash the keycard from earlier. The longest part ended up being the elevator ride, for once they arrived on the proper floor and were inside of the suite the affectionate couple were all over each other.

While Sam and Selena were playing a rather intense round of tonsil hockey Taylor took a peak from her hiding spot outside on the balcony. It wasn't the perfect hiding place but the drapes worked well enough, especially with Selena distracting Sam with everything she had. Taylor had to admit, from what she saw Selena had picked a good one. Not just with his looks either. Sam seemed to know exactly how to touch her, how to kiss Selena. It made Taylor eager for the action to begin.

Selena led her man to the bedroom, momentarily taking them both out of Taylor's view. She brought him to the bed, crawling on top of them and hungrily kissing her lover. Sam pulled her close, but not tight. Selena had plenty of room to maneuver.

However moving wasn't something she wanted to do. It was taking almost all of her willpower not to give in right away, just go with how hot she was for Sam. But she knew there was something better in store if she just kept control. Not go wild just yet.

“I've got a surprise for you,” Selena said, a small strand of saliva connecter her lower lip to Sam's. “I just need to go get it.”

“What do you have planned?” Sam asked with a grin.

“Something wild.” Selena winked at him and gave him one more quick kiss before pulling herself from him. She slid her shoes off and left to get her surprise.

Sam rose up on his elbows a bit, wondering what exactly Selena had up her sleeve. And when she brought in the surprise he was more than a little shocked.

“So nice to meet you Sam,” Taylor Swift said. She drank in his shock, his desire. It was such a unique high nothing really came close to it except being on stage. She watched and felt his eyes look over every inch of her body. His eyes drank in those legs, her curves, the ruby red lips and hungered, a hunger that only grew when Selena came to her side. “Or is it Samuel?”

“S-Samson actually.” he replied.

“Samson,” Taylor said, nodding. “I like it. It's rare. Much like my friend whom you know so intimately well. Rare attracts rare. And she has talked you up, let me tell you. But...I think some outside judgement might be appropriate. Not to alert you Sam but I'm very protective of my friends, especially Selena. So...I just want to make sure you're up to snuff. But don't worry...I can guarantee this is one test you'll want to take over and over again."

“Really?” a stunned Sam asked. Taylor and Selena nodded in unison.

“You up for it?” Selena said, sweet as sin.

“I think I can manage.”

“Good,” said Taylor. “Now that we're all on the same page....let me steer the ship for a bit.” Her blues eyes went to Selena. “Sel, how about you take a seat on the bed?”

Selena nodded and crawled on the bed, trading looks with her man before Sam's attention went back to Taylor, whose gaze was fixed upon him.

“And now for you Samson,” said Taylor, her tone becoming just as seductive as her sapphire gaze turned on him. “See that nice comfy chair next to the window? How about you transfer yourself over there?”

One quick kiss from Selena and Sam left the bed and sat on the chair. This made Taylor smile. Then she began her approach. It was for show mainly, the conclusion of what was going to happen was a foregone one.

Still, she was ever the showstopper. Taylor loved an audience, whether it be a stadium or just a lucky couple. She knew Selena's eyes were darting between Sam and herself, while Sam was focused on the blonde bombshell.

It was for good reason. With every step forward another stitch of clothing departed Taylor. Her shirt went to the ground, the cut off shorts slid down her perfect legs. Soon the leggy lust goddess was down to just her underwear, a delightful white lace set. Simple but scorchingly sexy.

The steps Taylor had taken brought her to the chair and Sam. Their gaze locked again as she sunk to her knees. From sapphire blue eyes to ruby red nails and lips, Taylor smiled as she softly gripped Sam's knees, parting his legs and giving her access to where the real fun was going to start.

“Know what the best part of a present is Samson?” Taylor said, her hands raking up his cloth-covered thighs. “Unwrapping it. Those moments where anticipation meets satisfaction. It's almost indescribable in how it feels.”

Sam found his mouth go bone dry as Taylor's hand pulled his belt from the loops and pulled his zipper down.

“Now there people who tear apart the the wrapping and those who are a bit more delicate,” Taylor continued. “Me...I think I err on the side of delicate. Not that I haven't just torn into a gift or two in my time but there's something about taking that extra time...untying the bow...making that anticipation last.”

While Taylor spoke she grasped the zipper between her index finger and thumb, slowly pulling it down, a metallic ribbon between her and the present she was unwrapping. Where Sam's mouth was dry, hers was positively watering.

All of this was going on while Selena laid back on the bed, her hand sliding under her skirt. Sam caught a quick view of this, making his cock ache even more for the freedom Taylor's actions were promising.

“Looks like I'm almost done unwrapping,” she said in a confident, teasing tone. “I think before I do that though, you need to see just how much I am anticipating this.”

Taylor's hands departed Sam's crotch briefly, the zipper all the way down. A sexy little half smile grew on her face, loving her attentive audience as she removed her bra. The desert in Sam's mouth got a flood as the sight of Taylor Swift's bare breasts hit him like a freight train. Lovely handfuls of fun with pink, quarter-sized nipples hard and waiting for some attention. And that would come...just not now.

While Taylor still had his total attention she decided it was now time for her to do a little exploration of her own body. She swore she could actually hear Sam's heart skip a beat as he watched Taylor's hand glide down her stomach and under those white lace panties. He was further struck dumb as he saw the silhouette of Taylor playing with herself for the briefest of moments. She soon withdrew her hand, her middle finger slick with her essence and sucked it between those ruby red lips and sucked herself clean.

“As you can see Sam...my anticipation is at it's peak...which means it's time to finish unwrapping.” Taylor gripped his pants pulling them down to fully expose his rigid member, and searingly hot smile formed on those lips. “Tis the damn season.”

Words were about to become scarce as Taylor had a much better idea of how to use her mouth....but it didn't mean she wasn't going to give Sam and Selena one more verbal erotic appetizer.

“I don't think it'd come as too much of a surprise to you that I love the color red,” said Taylor. “Especially with lipstick. So many shades of red...but to me nothing beats the basic red. Even then though, I have options. The main one I use for appearances and awards shows is smudge proof. So I don't leave marks on wine glasses. It just makes sense."

Taylor brought her lips to his bare thigh, kissing and leaving a signature of her red lips on the blank space.

“Now, for day to day stuff? For that....personal touch? Classic red, smudges and all. Especially for situations like this. What can I say? I just love leaving a mark.”

Taylor continued leaving her mark, a trail of red, hopping from thigh to thigh, connected by a delicate caress of her tongue before she was ready to welcome his manhood into her hot mouth. Her hot breath made him shiver, which only made Selena hotter as she watched and Taylor salivate even more.

“Oh my god.....” Sam said. Taylor had extended her pink tongue, licking his stalk from base to tip, flicking her tongue at the bulbous crown before planting a kiss on the tip.  The kisses continued covering his pole in marks of ruby red before Taylor finally crossed the threshold and took his girth in her mouth. Her cheeks billowed as she sucked on the head, twirling her tongue around it before she sucked him deeper.

Taylor's first few pumps were slow, delicately working every sensitive nerve on his cock while her hand cupped and massaged his balls. Slow and passionate, slowly building the fire.

“Mmmmmm,” Taylor hummed, the vibrations making Sam shiver. He reached down, holding her gorgeous golden locks back to get a clear view of the songstress sucking him off. It was gave Taylor a small thrill when that happened. In her experience it almost always meant he was going to be more than willing to repay the favor. It wasn't just about the blowjob, but it was who was doing it as well. Eye contact, a face looking up up at him and letting him know she was enjoying every moment of this. This was very true for Taylor. One doesn't get good at sucking dick unless they enjoy it, which she did.

Sam's eyes went from the cock hungry, ocean-blue gaze of Taylor to his own girlfriend, the sultry Selena Gomez laying on the bed, and Selena had made herself very comfortable. The Latina lovely had shed every last stich of her own clothes and was making herself a very happy camper as she played with her pussy while watching her man be serviced by her best friend. Taylor herself gave the visual a tactile exclamation point, taking Sam in her throat to the root.

“Oooooholy SHIT!” Sam yelled, the sensation slamming his eyes shut. And it didn't seem to end, Taylor holding him in her throat for longer than he could have imagined. Eventually though Taylor released his cock, soaked in a sheen of her saliva. The seductress smiled as she gulped for air, refusing to give his dick a breather with her fist a slick blur on his dick.

“Now for the real surprise,” Taylor said as she caught her breath. “I want your cum Samson. I want to swallow you....every drop. But don't think for a second that means you're done. Not by a long shot. This is just a fun way to give you a bit of a stamina boost. So....you ready?”

“Y-yes,” he managed to force out. Taylor licked her chops before inhaling his cock. The pace wasn't so delicate now. It was hot and heated and some was ready for it. It felt like she was trying to suck his soul out through his cock.

A skilled mouth, a piercing gaze all combined with the frothy, sloppy rhythm of Taylor's blowjob and being watched by Selena wasn't just eroding his stamina, it was demolishing it. That first eruption was coming and he couldn't stop it even if he wanted. Fortunately, he and Taylor were very much on the same page.

Sam's grunt of absolute pleasure signals the first splash of his hot white cum hitting the roof of Taylor's mouth, the sensual blonde moaning as her mouth was filled with one of her favorite fluids. She greedily swallowed; Taylor preferred not to leave a drop behind.

Every gulps she took of his seed made Sam writhe in the chair. It was delectable torture he wished would never end. However as his cock began to deflate that meant that the opening act was over. Taylor of course gave him one last bit of a show. One last mouthful of cum was on display. Taylor played with it a bit with her tongue before swallowing it down, licking her lips for any stray droplets.

“Well, that should keep you going for a long time when the headline act starts,” Taylor grinned. “Speaking of which....Sel, how abut you join the party?  Mean it was your idea after all.”

Now it was Selena's turn to smile. The bare-assed beauty slid off the bed and right next Taylor. The pair giggled before Selena's attention turned towards Sam, grasping his exhausted cock. However, just her touch was enough to get the blood flowing once more.

“Nice to see you're bouncing back babe,” Selena said. “I'd hate for you to miss mine and Tay's duet.”

“As you can clearly see, your girl just can't keep her hands to herself,” Taylor said. “And to be fair to my bestie, neither can I...or my mouth.” Taylor's winked at Sam before turning her attention to Selena, planting a kiss on her lips while the blonde's hand went south, playing with Selena's very wet pussy and making her moan into Taylor mouth, sucking on the bombshell's tongue.

The ladies' kiss broke and they both once more focused on Sam and reviving the serpent between his legs. First step was peeling his pants off the rest of the way. As the lovely duo removed his pants Sam aided the cause of nudity by tossing his shirt.

With that he was on equal footing with the ladies, Taylor having peeled her panties off as well. Selena and Taylor moved to his reviving cock, sandwiching it between their lips, kissing each other while sweetly slobbering on his cock. While just as sensational as Taylor's solo treatment, this little duet wasn't designed for another orgasm so soon. It was simply priming the pump.

And just as when Taylor sucked him all on her own, this was just as much a visual treat if not more so. His cock in-between both magnificent mouths, tongues wrestling over his pole, then Selena went solo on his pole while Taylor sucked his nuts, her tongue sweetly lashing the sack.

“I think he's ready,” Taylor said. He got to her feet, giving Sam a clear view of her pussy, her pubic hair trimmed into a lovely  triangle where Selena had a landing strip. Taylor crawled on the bed, moving to the top and sitting against the pillows and headboard. Her legs were open and she was playing with her glistening slit, just as Selena had when she played audience.

“Both of you get one the bed,” Taylor said. “Sam...let me see you fuck Selena.”

“Come on,” Selena said before sliding up her body to give him an enticing kiss. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. The moment she was on the bed Sam was on her. Sam planted loving, lustful kiss on her lips and shoulders, moving to Selena's breasts and savoring the taste and feeling of her tits.

“Oh gosh Sammy,” Selena sighed. His hands massaged and groped her breasts, working in tandem with Sam's hungry mouth before expanding business to the rest of her body, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Goosebumps came upon goosebumps when Selena felt his prick at her gates.

“Ohhh yessss,” Selena said, licking her lips and holding Sam tight as he entered her. Once more the pair took a bit of time to savor each other, taste, sight and feel. His hands and tongue on her skin and his cock thrusting and throbbing in her velvet tunnel.

Taylor was captivated. It was hardly the first time she'd watched as someone else had sex. It wasn't even the first time she'd seen Selena have sex. Memories of her with Joe in front of her flashed in her head while she watched Sam make love to Selena in front of her.

That was the key difference though, he was making love to her. Sure, it was hot, but it was tender. The kisses were soft but passionate, searingly hot. Even as Sam's thrusts became faster and harder, there was always a tenderness. He would stop to brush the sweat-matted hair from Selena's face to look at her, pressing his forehead to hers as her slowed down, really working his hips in those thrusts. Of course the look of total satisfaction of the Latina's face was something to behold as well, and made Taylor a little hungry for even just a sliver of what Selena was having.

She crawled over to Selena and gently turned the brunette's face to her, planting a kiss on her lips. “Mind if I cut in?” Taylor asked.

“Feel free” Selena said. She gave Sam a kiss as she tapped out, giving Taylor her shot.

Though Taylor was indeed ready for her round, she wanted to be the one in charge during her turn. She brought her fingers to Sam's chin, guiding him up to his knees. Now it was her lips that met his as Taylor brought him down to the bed. She got on top and wasted no time in guiding his cock inside of her. While he got the sweet and slow from his lady, Taylor wanted to give him something with a little more oomph. Sam and Selena made love...Taylor was going fuck him.

“Mmmmnow that's a nice fit, isn't it?” Taylor as as she sheathed his sword completely. She grabbed his hands, guiding them to her hips where Sam took grip of her flesh. Taylor then leaned back and began to ride and grind, getting a different flavor than what she was used to, as was he.

Hard, rough, savage and hungry, Taylor was strikingly different. Different in every good way different could be. Bucking, working her hips, it's like his cock was in a hurricane of pure sexual pleasure. The insane sensations were coming at every turn. With Selena it was savoring every moment, burning it to memory. Taylor, on the other hand was all about a ne sensation for every moment, never focusing too much because the pleasure was always on the horizon.

There was a visual wonder to behold as well. Taylor was a wildcat on his cock, completely fearless. The naughty smile on her face, the way she snarled when she moaned out his name. There was a dreamy look in her eyes, drunk on pleasure. Every movement added to it. How he breasts bounced and jiggled, her golden locks swinging back and forth with her furious rhythm. Her stomach undulating as she gulped for air, her hips grinding on him, even the way it looks as his hands gripped the firm flesh of his hips or caressed her legs. The perfect sauce for the sensation of the warm, wet tightness her cunt was giving him.

It was a visual treat for Selena as well, her second of the night. But still, she wanted to be involved more, to put the “three” in “threesome”. Taylor caught that longing and felt the need to pull Selena back in to her idea, and she knew just how to do it. It wouldn't be the obvious way with Selena sitting on her man's face. Taylor knew from experience that if you were eating pussy while you yourself were getting orally pleasured it'd be half-assed at best. So Taylor went with the more fun option.

She leaned over to give Sam a brief goodbye kiss before climbing off and moving to Selena and giving her a fresh kiss hello. Sam got up on the bed and stood on his knees catching sight of Taylor whispering something in Selena's ear and his girl giggling and nodding in response before turning to him. She moved close to him, grabbing his face with her soft touch and kissing him before turning her back to him and bending over. The message was clear, though Selena decided to crystalize, looking over her shoulder, wiggling her ass and saying “Come on baby...fuck me.”

That, and the way she blushed ever so slightly when saying the word fuck, was all Sam needed to give Selena exactly what she asked for. Both moaned at the familiar sensations shooting through their bodies. It was always a perfect fit with them and a perfect visual. His hands going over every delicate curve of her body as he entered her combined with the rhythmic sound of flesh colliding made it pure intoxication. When Sam looked up to see Taylor's Cheshire grin that intoxication doubled.

But doubling down was enough for Selena or Taylor. His was a threesome after all and that aspect was made official when Selena's face found itself between Taylor's legs, and in seconds Taylor's reaction was both visible and audible.

“Oh fuck yes!” Taylor said with a grin. “Ohhh...mmmm...Selena....” Her blue eyes flashed at Sam. “She eats pussy so good Sam...mmmmsomehow it's even better when you're fucking her. It'snnnnnggg....it's on another level...fuck her harder...let's see if...ohhh fuck...that make her even hungrier.”

Sam could only nod. Somehow speaking didn't seem anywhere near as important as action. And action was what he gave, driving into his love harder, Selena moaning and pushing back in response. Given the look on Taylor face, he wasn't the only one getting a positive response from Selena. The blonde back arched and she howled into the night as the lovely Latina gave Taylor just much pleasure as Sam was delivering to her.

Selena's hands caressed Taylor's thighs while her man drove deep inside of her. She was just as much in heaven as both of her lovers were. Though things felt like paradise, Taylor had an idea of how to make things so much more sinful and fun. Well, it wasn't solely her idea....Selena had her opportunity to whisper in her ear earlier as well. Taylor just got to pick the time to unleash this on Sam.

“Having fun there, huh Samson?” Taylor asked in between sighs and moans. “Let me tell you, you're not the....oooohhh....the only one....but I have an idea...or rather she did..” Taylor motioned to Selena. “Nnnng...how about....you fuck her ass?”

“What?” Sam asked, pausing for a moment. “Sel, you sure babe?”

Selena pulled herself from Taylor's pussy and turned to face her lover, her mouth glistening with Taylor's essence. “Very.” She said, her voice sultry. “I...I want it.”

Sam took her word for it and pulled out of Selena's pussy and brought his slick cock to her back door and began to press forward. Selena braced herself, gripping hard to the bed's sheets and gasping in relief and pressure as the head popped past her tight ring.

“Oh my gosh yessss,” Selena said. “Oh Sammy...oh gosh....oh just...just like that.” Selena was struggling for words, almost breathless. Her jaw hung open in satisfied silence as Sam inched more and more of his cock in her backdoor with every thrust. That open jaw slowly grew into a smile and then that mouth returned to Taylor's cunt, making her smile even wider.

“How's that ass feel?” Taylor asked, a devilish tone in her voice. “You don't have to answer...your face tells the story...mmmm and Selena's mouth is telling me exactly how she feels....mmmmmm....”

Once more sights and sounds intoxicated Sam and he drove deeper inside Selena. Deep, slow strokes until her was finally in to the hilt. Every new thrust made Selena more used to the wonderful intrusion. The comfortability of the dirtiness made even more of a difference in her oral treatment on Taylor. Tongue and fingers were driving the blonde absolutely mad and closer to the point of no return.

Though Selena was doing the heavy lifting, Taylor couldn't deny the visual of watching her get fucked up the ass didn't help things. Hearing Selena moan as she munched the the pleasured grunt of Sam just made it so perfectly easy to just let herself jump then fall over the edge.

“Oh...oh my...YESSSSSS!” Taylor said, the orgasm hitting her hard and almost my surprise. She knew it was coming but she didn't know that it was just around the corner. The moment that telltale moan erupted from her smudged red lips, Selena turned up the heat, making things go from red to white hot. That in turn let another domino fall in Sam, who began to go harder in Selena's ass.

“Yes...oh gosh YES!” Selena said, her mouth free of it's wonderful work of pleasuring Taylor. She was sweaty, her face was flushed, she was right one her own precipice....which gave Taylor her own idea. The blonde clumsily slid under Selena and began to feast on her pussy.

“Oh shit!” Selena howled, the new and sudden sensation causing her to tense up and make her asshole especially tight for Sam which made him pause for a bit. Though when she felt Taylor's hand begin tp play with his churning balls he took that as a sign to keep going.

This was Paradise and Selena knew it. Being pleasured like this by her best friend and the man she loved was beyond anything she'd ever experienced before. She also hadn't expected to realize she was in love Sam while he was balls deep in her ass with Taylor Swift eating her out, but it was far from the oddest moment of realization she had. And she didn't have long to muse on it before she started to feel a special kind of wonderful. It was coming on her from every part of her body at once,infiite tidal waves of pleasure all aiming to crash into each other.

“YESS SAMMY YESSSSS!” screamed Selena as the waves crashed together and a heatwave of pleasure became all she could feel. The tide coated Taylor face, the blonde still happily lapping it all up while Selena's convulsing rear entrance sapped the last reserve of stamina Sam had within him.

“Oh god Selena!” He yelled, his voice cracking as he pulled his cock from her ass. Instinctually he knew what he wanted to do and both Selena and Taylor understood without a word being spoken aside form those first three.

He stood on the bed with Selena and Taylor on their knees, right next to each other. They looked up at him, sweaty with eyes full of lust, hungry for Sam's cum.

“Do it baby,” Selena pleading, her tongue coming out to lick at Taylor's.

“You heard your girl Samson,” Taylor said, her grin as wicked as ever. “You better not disappoint....cum for us....” Selena pulled Taylor in for a kiss and that was the final tumbler in the lock.

Sam choked on his words as his cock exploded white hot lust lava, the eruption coating the two starlets. Face, tongues, a few streaks in the hair.

And from those first ropes the friends kissed, trading the rain of cum as it landed between them, though Selena was the one who brought her mouth to the tap, sucking the rest and letting it spill from between her lips on to Taylor tongue. Of course the blonde returned the favor until the last drop was swallowed.

There were no words, just the sounds of three very happily exhausted adults gasping for air, smiles on all their faces.


The next morning Sam awoke with Selena in his arms, and his stirring also woke her up. She turned towards him in their morning embrace.

“Morning,” she said, tired, but not so tired her smile would be denied.

“Morning.” he replied. “So...last night was certainly an event.”

“It was, wasn't it?” Selena smiled and Sam moved slightly to lie on his back. Selena moved as well, draping her arm over his chest and resting her head on his shoulder. “I guess the question about whether or not you liked it is moot.”

“Well I can't put into words how much I loved it so...yeah.” He kissed her forehead. “What happened to Taylor?”

“She went to some meeting or something,” Selena said. “Must be a pretty important one if it wasn't through Zoom. Though maybe the fact that you and I might stroll through the meeting naked at some point might have been the issue.”

“Sounds plausible.”

The couple laughed...but for Selena it was both a reaction and a bit of a stalling action. The thought she had the previous night about how she truly felt about Sam was still there...and it was ready to burst out.

“I....I need to tell you something,” she said, the butterflies in her stomach trying to escape.

“What is it?”

“Sam....I....wow...this is not the place I thought I'd say this...I love you.” Her brown eyes looked up to his. She was nervous, the seconds waiting for his response seeming like an eternity. Her eyes searched his for some sign of an answer before one came from his mouth.

“You're right, this isn't when I would have guessed I'd hear that....or say it back.” he replied. “But here we are. And I love you too.” They sealed the moment with a kiss, then Selena got on top of him.

“You know...we probably have a lot of time before Taylor gets back. She pretty much told me she was taking us out for lunch...want to work up an appetite?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

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These two go together like peanut butter and jelly, and you've made a hell of a delicious sandwich here with this story.  I'm sure Sam is happy to take that test as many times as he can!

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