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Marvel Love Chapter 34
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:50:31 PM »
Summary and Disclaimer
This is set in a version of the MCU. But with the addition of some new characters, concepts, and other franchises. Including all of the MCU movies AND TV shows and a few other things too. I DO NOT own any characters that I myself have not come up with and the rightful owners are Disney, FOX (for right now), Warner Bros., and others. No copyright infringement intended.

Hi there. There are two things that I have to say.

One: the character of Virtue will be making a return to the story. But it will be nine more chapters before she does. The reason for this is that in the chapters between now and then I will be introducing two different completely original “television shows” along with a special Date Night. So I couldn’t squeeze the chapter where she returns in before then.

Two: if you guys have any ideas for the story I am open to hearing them out just private message me. Because if I like them I will try and incorporate them into the story at some point in the future.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 34
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “...Ye Who Enter Here”

“Skye, sweetie wake up,” I said. Skye was having a bad dream, having fallen asleep at a table.

“What happened?” she asked as she snapped awake.

“You dozed off,” I said to her sitting down next to her. We were on the Bus on the way to get Raina. Coulson chose the Bus for this because he didn’t want Raina near the base and this was the best-controlled environment for her interrogation.

“Is it that dream again?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I don’t know why but I think that something bad is going to happen,” she said as I put my arm around her.

“Not as long as I am here baby,” I said kissing her.

“Get ready to move out,” May said to us. Coulson and the team had found the hidden city and were sending a team to enter it and destroy it. But with all the questions surrounding Skye’s parents, we needed to find out as much as we could about them. And as luck would have it HYDRA was trying to get Raina as well.

“Can’t it ever be easy?” Trip joked then took a sharp breath.

“Come here,” I said, reaching out and touching his shirt, phasing it off.

He had been shot on that mission to find the city. Skye’s father had patched him up but only after he clipped an artery making it easier for him to get away. “What are you doing?” Trip demanded.

“Something that I should have done when they told me that you were shot,” I said, peeling away the bandages. I placed a hand on the wound and it started to recede and heal leaving only the not needed stitches were the only sign that he had been shot.

“You have healing hands,” Hunter asked.

“Yeah, I got omega level healing hands when I brought Donnie to see the Professor,” I said to everyone.

“Omega level healing hands? What does that mean?” May asked.

“It means that I can bring someone back to life if I get to the corpse soon enough. I wish that I had it when Hartley and Idaho died.” I said.

“Thanks, man.” Trip said as we were getting ready to move in to help the Koenig brothers.

* * *

Skye was fighting Agent 33 who was trying to grab Raina. And she was holding her own. Then Skye knocked her down but she saw the gun not that far away from where she was. I ran up and gave her a punt kick to the temple. “Hi, babe,” Skye said kissing me and I healed all the damage that she had done to my girl.

“Hello yourself gorgeous,” I said and we went out to meet up with Raina, Hunter, and Trip.

“Okay, I count two guys wearing HYDRA basic black trying to be conspicuous,” Hunter said.

“And failing.” Skye joked.

“Where is May?” Trip asked.

“Come on we’ll go find her,” Hunter said as he and Trip went off to find her.

“Are you people happy? Your plan to use me as bait is working.” Raina said angrily.

“Well look on the bright side they’re planning to kidnap you not kill you,” Skye said.

“Excuse me?” Raina said, shocked.

“Yeah for some reason they want to take you alive,” I said to her.

“Wait it’s because I can touch the Diviner,” she said.

“You can touch that thing?” Skye said.

“There are symbols that raise themselves out of it and when you touch it; it feels like you’re being pulled to your ultimate destiny,” Raina said.

“It sounds crazy. Like my father.” Skye said to her.

“It’s not crazy, it’s alien. OVER HERE!! I’M OVER HERE!! ” Raina said, drawing the attention of the two HYDRA guys.

They looked over at the three of us and started to come right at us. And at the moment they were going to get close enough to us a van ran the both of them over. Trip opened the side door as Hunter leaned out the window. “I found May,” he said and we all jumped in and drove off.

* * *

“I’m sorry for running before,” Raina said.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said to her as Skye and I came up to her.

“We need to know more about my father,” Skye said.

“You want to know more about him, it’s understandable,” Raina said.

“We want to know more about what makes him so crazy,” Skye said to her.

“He’s not crazy, he’s misunderstood,” Raina said to her.

“How did you meet him?” I asked, truly curious.

“He found me in Thailand. There was a group of us lost souls we called ourselves freaks,” she said with a smile.

“‘Freaks’? Were they all Inhumans?” Skye asked.

“You know about the Inhumans already?” Raina was surprised by this.

“Yes, she knows,” I said, lighting my hand on fire and letting her jump to her own conclusion to what I was.

“It’s truly an honor to meet one of our kind with his powers,” Raina said this time smiling brightly.

“So Skye’s father? What is he? Is he Inhuman or something else?” I asked.

“He is a product of his own creation. When he found his wife after someone had done experiments on her he changed himself to seek revenge on the man who did it?” Raina asked.

“Who did it and why?” Skye asked.

“It was a man called Reinhardt. And as for why your father said it was because of her gift.” Raina said.

“Which was?” I asked.

“The power of everlasting youth. He never quite told me how that worked though. It was like he didn’t want to talk about it.” Raina said.

It was all our worst fears come true. Reinhardt had done those experiments to Skye’s mother just to make himself young again. But there was a glimmer of hope. “Is she alive?” Skye asked in tears.

“I am not entirely sure. But the quickest way to find out is if we take the Diviner down into the temple and awaken our Inhuman abilities.” Raina said.

“So is that all that will happen in the temple when the Diviner and an Inhuman who hasn’t gone through Terrigenesis enter it? Our powers will be awoken?” Skye asked.

“Yes and only an Inhuman will be allowed into the city,” Raina said.

Skye and I shared a look and went off to the control panel. “What is it?” May asked.

“We need to stop them from entering the city,” Skye said.

“What why?” May asked.

“Raina just told us that no one other than an Inhuman can enter that city,” I said.

“But you shouldn’t let her get to you,” May said, trying to calm us down.

“No, she believes it wholeheartedly. So we should give the team a heads up.” I said. Skye slammed her fist down on the console.

“Damn it. I can’t get through,” she said.

“There’s someone blocking the signal,” May said.

“Attention SHIELD 616. You are surrounded. You have something that we want.” Whitehall's voice said over the coms.

“Whitehall,” May said.

“Now I’m sending over a representative to retrieve Raina. If you make any sudden movements we will blow you out of the sky,” he said. All this time I was thinking to myself about what to do.

“Thank you Forgey Porgy,” I said after he stopped talking.

“Excuse me?” May asked.

“I get it. Go, we’ll stall.” Skye said, giving me a kiss.

“Five minutes,” I said and went off to work.

* * *

“Wait a minute. I think I need a recap.” I said coming up to everyone. The HYDRA Quinjet had docked with us and the representative that Whitehall was talking about was none other than Grant Ward.

“He started out a member of the team right?” I asked.

“Yup,” Skye said.

“Then he revealed that he was actually a HYDRA mole right?” I asked.

“Yup,” Skye said.

“Then he told us that he had a revelation and turned over Bakshi right?” I asked.

“Yup,” Skye said.

“And now he’s the representative that Whitehall sent to retrieve Raina?” I asked.

“Yup,” Skye said.

“Dude, pick a side,” I said to him.

“That’s what Skye said,” Ward said looking at the both of us like he had never truly seen us before.

“And she didn’t see we were in sync.” I joked.

“Am I ever going to live that down?” Skye asked with a smile.

“Nope. It’s more fun to tease my fiancé.” I said.

“Fiancé?” Ward asked almost crestfallen.

“Yes. When we find a way he is going to marry Claire, Laura, Diana and I.” Skye said with a smile.

“But that’s neither here nor there. Has anyone here ever seen Revenge of the Sith ?” I asked.

“We have.” Sam Koenig said.

“The originals were so much better.” Billy Koenig said.

“How did I know that you two had seen Star Wars ? Well, do you remember what Darth Vader did when the Emperor told him that Padmé Amidala was dead?” I asked.

“This is going to be so cool.” they both said knowing what I was about to do.

“What?” Ward asked, lost in thought.

“Look out the window,” I said.

I held up my hand and slowly balled them up into fists. And as I did the three Quinjets that weren’t docked with the bus began to crush into themselves. Then as I clenched my fist and all three Quinjets blew up. I then used my super speed to draw out my claws and come up to the guy that Ward had brought with him and sliced through his jugular as I went up into the docked Quinjet and killed everyone on board. Then sent them rolling down the spiral stairs of the Bus.

As I came down after them I saw the look on Ward’s face. He looked like he was going to wet himself. “Why did you leave Ward alive?” Skye asked almost laughing at the look on Ward’s face.

“Because I have an idea on how to get the Diviner away from Whitehall. Even if he doesn’t have a weapon to create an extinction level event, he has something that he can try and weaponize. And we can use this situation to help.” I said with a smile.

“What makes you think that HYDRA won’t see whatever that you have planned coming?” May asked as Trip and Hunter started to take the bodies down into the garage already having handcuffed Ward in his stunned stupor.

“Simple because of Forge,” Skye said.

“Who is Forge?” Raina asked.

“He’s a friend of mine. As most of you know I have more than one power. That’s because of my power to copy the powers of other mutants around me, sometimes permanently.” I said.

“Mutant?” Raina asked.

“Yeah. Surprise! I’m not an Inhuman but a mutant. We’re basically the same thing but an Inhuman has the choice to live their lives without getting their powers. Mutants, on the other hand, get their power when they go through puberty. Anyway, one of my friends, Forge, has the power to create and recreate any form of technology. Earlier I saw a jamming device downstairs. So I reworked it so that it not only jammed their signal, it also sent out a signal to HYDRA so they don’t know that those Quinjets have exploded.” I said.

“That’s cool, how does it work?” Skye asked.

“I have no idea. I only know that is what it’s doing.” I said.

“How is that possible?” May asked.

“The drawback of Forge’s powers is that I don’t know how things work until I take them apart. Even if I was the one that made them.” I said to everyone.

“So they think that we are just standing around trying to stall them before Ward takes Raina to them?” Billy said with a smile.

“Basically. We are going to need some plastic cuffs.” I said to him.

“Why?” Skye asked.

“You’ll see my love,” I said to her smiling.
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