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Marvel Love Chapter 46
« on: February 23, 2019, 10:25:04 PM »
Summary and Disclaimer
This is set in a version of the MCU. But with the addition of some new characters, concepts, and other franchises. Including all of the MCU movies AND TV shows and a few other things too. I DO NOT own any characters that I myself have not come up with and the rightful owners are Disney, FOX (for right now), Warner Bros., and others. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 46
Date Night “Lady Sif, Sarah Vale & Clarice Ferguson”

“By the gods.” Lady Sif moaned as I made love to her. It was the first time that the two of us ever made love.

“Don’t fight your orgasm baby,” I grunted out as I made love to her.

“But-” she started. I kissed her.

“Trust me,” I said to her. She nodded and let her orgasm wash over her in a series of moans and screams.

“Now for your reward,” I said kissing her again. I pulled out of her and flipped her around so that she was lying on her belly. I spread her ass cheeks revealing her rosebud. I then rubbed my penis around her asshole lubing it up with our juices. She took a deep breath preparing herself for what was going to come next.

I plunged myself into her ass and she screamed in delight. After a minute she indicated that she wanted me to start moving. Slowly we got the rhythm. And with every single thrust, she was in heaven. She was glad that she had listened to me now. She never wanted this feeling to end.

“You’re going to make me cum again,” she said in a moan of delight.

“Not before I fill your ass with my cum,” I whispered sensually into her ear kissing her neck afterward. She smiled and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Not long after that, I came into her ass and she came again with another series of moans and screams.

“There’s just one thing that is bothering me.” Lady Sif asked a little while afterward. She was in my arms resting from the massive orgasm she had just had.

“What is it, my love?” I asked, caressing her arm with my hand.

“How did you know that I was fighting my first orgasm?” she asked.

“It was the look on your face. She had the same look when she started to compete with me in everything. At least you were just trying to prolong the enjoyment. She was trying to prove that she was a more experienced lover.” I said sadly.

“She never experienced this?” she asked, amazed.

“I tried to get her to let up when I realized what she was doing. But by then she was always trying to prove that she was better than me. And it was too late.” I said to her.

“Well she’s an unbelievable idiot,” she said nuzzling closer to me. I kissed her forehead.

“You want to go again?” I asked.

“Lover, mortals think of me as a god. But even we need to take a break after an orgasm like that. So give me twenty minutes okay?” she said with a smile.

“Whatever you say, my love,” I said to her, kissing her cheek.

* * *

“I can’t believe they want me to model too,” Sarah said with a smile. She had come to pick Claire and me up once after one of her shoots. And once they saw her they wanted her to model too. Claire was happy for her but Daisy not so much.

“Are they going to want you to do naked shoots too?” she asked, a little anxious.

“I know that we look alike but you are not me so if I want to do a photoshoot in the nude I’ll do it,” Sarah said to her firmly.

“But what about A-Force you could join us if you feel like you need something to do. And then there’s the fact that people know who I am now. What if the bad guys come after you?” Daisy said almost pleadingly.

“Daisy I love you very much but I’m on her side with this. I mean if they were going to come after her they are going to come after her. Don’t forget Claire, Laura, Diana and I revealed who we were because we didn’t want you to change your look when you’re not on the field or visa versa.” I said.

“Damn. And I was so happy that you four had done that too,” she said.

“Yup, and you still are,” I said kissing her before we left.

“Are you nervous?” Claire asked as they got dressed in their first outfits.

“Yes. Do you think that I will do a good job?” Sarah asked.

“David will tell you how good you do. Don’t worry about it.” Claire said with a smile. The two of them walked out and started the photo shoot. The two of them were posing playfully and provocatively. Sarah was nervous but she found that as soon as she was in front of the camera she lost all of her nerves and anxiety. She was playfully hugging Claire. They even did photos of them kissing. Finally, the final outfit came.

“Why are you smiling?” Sarah asked Claire before they went out there.

“If you’re doing as good as I think you are you’ll see,” Claire said to her cryptically. They went out there Claire was playing with a scarf while only wearing panties and a necklace, Sarah was only wearing some silk nylons. Before too long they were told that they were done and they went to the dressing room. Claire quickly took off the panties but she didn’t start grabbing her clothes.

“Why aren’t you getting dressed?” Sarah asked as she grabbed her own clothes.

“Because she knows what’s going to happen next,” I said as I surprised her by bending her over and plowing my fully erect penis into her.

“Hello, baby. She did a great job today didn’t she?” Claire asked as I kept plowing into her like it was my only purpose in life.

“Both of you were amazing,” I grunted out over Sarah’s continued moans that were building into screams. I then grabbed Claire and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Then my hand went down to her pussy and started to play with it.

Claire took a sharp breath as I started to work on it. Sarah was screaming herself hoarse. And Claire was panting and moaning now too, I could feel that both girls were close to their respective orgasms. So I stepped it up a notch. I was plowing into Sarah as hard and as fast as I could without using super speed which made her cum almost as soon as I started. And with Claire, I inserted another figure and she came too with a loud moan.

“What...got...into...you?” Sarah asked out of breath; her voice a little hoarse now from all the screaming. But going by the huge smile on her face she had never been happier.

“Simple Sarah, if we turn him on enough during the photo shoots he can’t help himself and comes at us with all the pent-up sexual tension that he has built up throughout the photo shoot. And it was particularly intense thanks to you.” Claire said with a smile. Claire then kissed Sarah. I even saw her slip her some tongue.

“Okay now. You two need to get dressed so I can teleport the three of us to the beach house so we can have round four.” I said to them.

“ Four ?” Sarah asked with a smile.

“This is going to be the best sex of my short life isn’t it?” Claire asked me with a matching smile.

“Definitely. Now hurry up.” I said completing the smile trifecta. And with that, the three of us left for the night of passion that only a few had ever felt before.

* * *

“So does this mean that the Avengers are branching out?” a reporter asked.

“No. The five of us are members of the Avengers, yes. But we decided to form A-Force on our own.” I said.

“What made you five choose to do this?” another reporter asked.

“Simple. As you all know I am an Omniversal traveler. So when I asked Tony Stark for a place to help train Quake here he gave us A-Force Base where my girlfriends and I could train. And when Singularity found out that another version of her had formed a superhero team called A-Force she wanted to bring that team here. The rest, as they say, is history.” I said.

“So are these all of your girlfriends here?” yet another reporter asked.

“No. I have more girlfriends that didn’t or couldn’t be a part of this.” I said.

At that point, I paused the press conference on the television. I had been watching it over and over again. Daisy, Claire, Laura, Diana, Lady Sif and I had announced to the world that we were forming A-Force. And it was also where Daisy, Claire, Laura, Diana and I revealed who we were so that we could still be seen out on the town with Daisy. It wasn’t a decision that we had taken lightly. But one that we all felt had to be done. We warned Director Coulson of course. But the one thing that was bothering me right now was what everyone was saying.

“Are you alright?” Clarice asked, coming up to me.

“Yeah. It’s just that I am in love with some of the greatest women in the Omniverse. Why is everyone focusing on these five?” I said looking at the paused screen.

“Because you all came out so that you could be together. That’s a big thing baby,” she said with a smile.

“You could have been with us you know?” I said.

“No I couldn’t,” she said looking down at her feet.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’m not as skilled a fighter as all of you,” she said looking at me.

“But that’s not what’s really holding you back is it?” I said more than asked.

“What do you mean?” she said looking like a kid that knew she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“You have wanted to talk to me about something for a while now. Why don’t you just say what it is that you want to say?” I was afraid of the answer that she was about to give me.

“Because I know you couldn’t help right now,” she said looking at the floor again.

“You’ll never know until you ask,” I said, getting ready to cry if it was what I was afraid it was. She looked me in the eyes and realized that I wouldn’t let this go until she told me.

“I...want to have a baby,” she said to me.

“You want to be a mother?” I asked, almost ready to faint from relief. Only because I was afraid that she wanted to break up with me because she had been acting strange ever since the Nuria had found its way to this universe and the crew had started to work with me about getting pregnant. Now it all made sense.

“Yes. Ever since the Nuria came here all I could think about is why couldn’t that be me? But you probably don’t want to have a child with me. And I’m-” she was going to continue but I stopped her with a kiss.

“How can I possibly say no to you?” I said to her with a smile.

“What? Y-You want to have a baby with me? You didn’t ask me to marry you like the Big Four? And what about the Nuria?” she asked all those questions that were running through her head.

“Number one: Yes I would love to have a baby with you. Number two: THEY asked ME to marry them because they knew that I would need them from here on out. Number three: It truthfully doesn’t matter that you and I aren’t getting married yet. I love you and I want us to be together forever. Lastly: As for the Nuria they didn’t say they had to be alone in their mommy and me classes.” I joked kissing her.

“This isn’t how I thought this conversation was going to go,” she said smiling at me.

“That is if you ever worked up the courage to have this conversation.” I joked and we both were smiling from ear to ear. But there was something that I had to get off my chest.

“Truthfully, I was afraid,” I said to her.

“Afraid of what?” she asked.

“I know we worked out the issues that you had about not feeling loved. But when you started to act funny when the Nuria showed up, then you turned me down for joining A-Force I got a little...a lot worried.” I said taking her hand.

“Worried about what? That I was going to leave you?” she asked. I nodded starting to tear up.

“Baby,” she said, pulling me into a hug and letting me cry on her shoulder.

“I would never leave you for helping anyone like that. Plus I’ve met Samantha. She’s really nice and I think that you two make a really cute couple,” she said as the tears started to ease up and I pulled away from her.

“I love you,” she said smiling at me as I dried my eyes.

“That’s why I want to have your baby,” she said kissing me.

I kissed her back hungrily. Even slipping her my tongue. She sat on my lap as I phased our clothes off. “You always do that now.” she smiled looking down at me.

“Well, it is a time saver.” I joked kissing her again as she started to laugh. She positioned herself just right so that she could lower herself onto my erection. With a moan of delight, we began to make love. She started to kiss me as we found our rhythm. We were lost in lust for each other. So if the world ended at that moment neither of us would’ve known it.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said when she was close to cumming.

“I love you too Mommy,” I said to her, kissing her deeply and passionately as the two of us came together.
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