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Marvel Love Chapter 51
« on: March 03, 2019, 02:44:28 AM »
Summary and Disclaimer
This is set in a version of the MCU. But with the addition of some new characters, concepts, and other franchises. Including all of the MCU movies AND TV shows and a few other things too. I DO NOT own any characters that I myself have not come up with and the rightful owners are Disney, FOX (for right now), Warner Bros., and others. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 51
A-Force “The Force of Love”

“So where is this Noriko?” Tony asked as he and the rest of the Avengers disembarked the quinjet in the hangar of A-Force Base.

“This way. And it is nice to see you brought Bannerbot 5000.” I joked seeing the roving monitor coming along with them.

“Hilarious. Now why didn’t you want me there?” he asked the camera.

“That would be because of Hodgepodge,” I said, leading the way to her hospital room. She was still in bed and would be there for another day or so. We wanted her to rest for a few days and she had been there for the last two days. It was driving her nuts but Daisy, Claire, Laura, Diana and I had barely left her side that whole time.

“‘Hodgepodge’? So you have met her before?” Natasha asked as we reached the window looking into her room.

I stopped before going in to answer all of the questions that they would undoubtedly ask. I did this so that we didn’t disturb her too much, she was currently laughing at something that Daisy was saying. And I could tell that it was about me and smiled myself. “In a way, yes,” I said looking at her.

“What do you mean ‘in a way’?” Steve asked, looking at me.

“Well, the reason why I didn’t want Banner here is that we like the base just as it is. And we don’t want HODGEPODGE SMASH.” I joked they all looked at me.

“She’s a Gamma mimic. When she gets around those people that have been affected by Gamma Radiation she gets whatever power that gave them along with their personality. That is why when you showed up she took your powers and the personality of the Hulk.” I said smiling at the Avengers.

“That’s why she screamed SMASH ,” Thor said looking at her too.

“This is similar to a superhero that goes by the name Geiger. But there’s more.” I said looking at them.

“She also has electric absorption like another superhero named Surge. Basically, this means that she can absorb almost all the electricity around her even static electricity whenever she wants. But this is also why she collapsed; she had been absorbing too much and that’s on top of what they had done to her which wasn’t that stable, to begin with. But after reading the files that you sent over we are now sure that this was the only power that they wanted her to have and not the other two.” I said to them.

“She has another power?” Clint asked.

“Yes, some of the punches that she threw that had sent the soldiers flying wasn’t because she was using Hulks’ powers but because she has hyperkinetic punches. This means that she can send men twice her size across the room but she is still as weak as a woman her size and this is a similar power of a superhero called Jolt.” I said smiling at them.

“And I have worked with all three of these superheroes before,” I said looking at her.

“You’re not saying that she’s an amalgamation of all three?” Tony asked, amazed.

“That is exactly what I’m saying. Even her name: Noriko ‘Hallie’ Dearborn . It takes a portion of these three women’s names and combines them. It’s the same with her backstory. Replacing the scientist that had done the experiments on Jolt with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. And after reading Norikos’ file I think we are going to have a problem with him down the road.” I said to them.

“But how is it possible that she is all three of them at once?” Banner asked.

“Well, the dirty little secret of this universe is that there are a multitude of people from other universes, even another Megaverse. I think this universe is starting to compensate and create new heroes and villains. And I think it started with Hodgepodge.” I said.

“Do you think that she could join us in the Avengers?” Steve asked.

“Not for a while. I am hopeful that I would be able to prevent the personalities of the Gamma-Powered mutates that she’s around to affect her on such a scale as we saw but there is no guarantee.” I said to them.

“How long would that take?” Tony asked.

“Both of you are acting like you want her on the team yesterday?” I asked looking at them.

“Are you seriously asking why we want her on the team after all that happened at the base?” Steve asked, looking at me like I had three heads.

“Well I know that it would be nice to have two Hulks on the team but she needs some rest before I go poking around in her head,” I said defensively.

“Okay but how long?” Tony asked.

“I can begin training her in both personality suppression and general use of her powers in a couple of days. But it may take a few weeks before we know if any of it worked.” I said to them.

“Do you want to go meet her?” I asked.

“Yes,” Steve said and we went to meet Noriko.

* * *

“Are you watching this?” Maria asked about a week later. Daisy, Claire, Laura, Diana and I were training Noriko in hand to hand combat along with using her powers. She was standing next to Clarice who looked on, certain that what all the girls were thinking was true.

“Yes I am,” she said smiling at Maria. We were moving in perfect coordination as we tested her powers in training.

“Okay enough!” I said to the girls at the end of the training session.

“What can’t keep up, old timer?” Noriko asked, smiling at me.

“And you’re not too old for me to take you over my knee.” I joked playfully. She smiled broadly at that.

“Okay let’s try again,” I said as the other girls sat back smiling at the two of us as she brought out a small lead box. Inside the box was a lock of Banners’ hair. Even a lock of hair like that would trigger the change in her personality into the Hulk.

She slid the box open. She looked at me smiling and went over to the weights that were in the room. There were a bunch of them and they must have weighed over a ton. And she picked them up easily. “Where do you want them ladies?” she asked looking at the girls.

“Yes,” I said in triumph. She was in control and not Hulk’s personality.

“No seriously where do you want ‘em?” she asked the girls.

“Try over there,” Daisy said smiling at her. Noriko put them down and slid the box closed.

“And I remember everything I did,” she said with a triumphant smile.

“The next step would be to call Banner and have him make a house call to see if it would hold up against more than a lock of hair,” I said looking at her in triumph.

“When can that happen?” she asked anxiously now.

“I knew it was a bad idea to tell you that you could join the Avengers,” I said mentally kicking Tony for bringing it up in that hospital room.

“Hey, it was the best motivation that anyone could have given me,” Noriko said smiling at me.

“Yes. But none of us want you to push yourself.” Daisy said, coming up to Noriko and pulling her into a one armed hug.

“I know. I know. But I just want to be out there like the five of you.” she said smiling.

“And you will be. But not before you’re ready. Now let’s get back to your hand to hand.” I said smiling.

“You’re the boss,” she said smiling.

“Say that again. I don’t hear that enough.” I joked and the girls all gave me a smile that said clearly that they all thought that was so lame.

* * *

“What is all this?” I asked as Daisy, Claire, Laura, Diana, Noriko and I walked into the dining area of A-Force Base. Clarice, Sarah, Stacy, Barbara, Torrie, Martha, Maria, Kyoumi, Samantha, Patricia, Lady Sif, Matilda, and Eloise were all sitting around at the tables looking at us.

“All of us wanted to talk to the six of you,” Clarice said with a smile.

“What about?” I was not sure what this was all about. The girls were in the same boat as me. They couldn’t think of something that would gather all of my girlfriends.

“Well, we all figured out what was going through your heads,” Maria said with a smile too.

“And we all have decided that it was alright,” Barbara said smiling at us.

“That’s good...but what’s going through our heads?” Daisy asked confused. That’s when Sarah started to laugh.

“What is it?” Stacy asked who was sitting next to her.

“It’s happened again,” Sarah said. And Clarice and Stacy started to laugh too.

“What’s happened again?” I asked confused and so was Claire by the look on her face.

“Oh my god. He hasn’t figured it out either.” Stacy said. At this, all of the girls started to laugh after looking at each other for a few moments.

“Would someone tell us the joke because I feel lost?” Diana said and Laura shook her head yes. Noriko, who only knew a few of my girlfriends, was also lost.

“Okay, my love. When Noriko woke up was there a moment when you didn’t know what was going through her head?” Maria asked as the other girls smiled. That’s when I got it.

“Oh my god,” I said as I got it.

“There it is.” Samantha joked as I made the discovery.

“No,” Diana said, getting it too and realizing it was happening to her too.

“Why didn’t we see that?” Laura asked seeing it was happening to her too.

“I have no idea,” Claire asked, also coming to the same realization.

“At least I’m not alone anymore.” Daisy joked smiling at the fact that she hadn’t seen THAT again.

“Why are you five shocked to realize that we are in perfect sync?” Noriko asked.

“You realized it?” I asked, amazed.

“Of course it was the way you five make me feel, especially you four. I’ve never been attracted to women before...but ever since I met you four...” Noriko said then Daisy kissed her.

“I’ve wanted to do that for days,” Daisy said with a smile after they broke apart. It was true all five of us had developed a huge crush on Noriko. But all five of us thought that she would never want to date the four of them too. So I agreed to not put the moves on her because it wasn’t fair to them. If all of us couldn’t have her none of us would.

Noriko smiled at finally being able to kiss Daisy. And one after the other the three other girls kissed her and finally I was standing in front of this woman that I have fantasized about for the past few days. She looked into my eyes and stood up on her tiptoes so that we could share our first kiss together. The rest of the girls started cheering seeing this. We broke apart and looked at my other girlfriends that had gathered here.

“Okay, first I want to thank you for showing us how stupid we have been for the last few days. But what gathered all of you here?” I asked them.

“Truth is we all thought that you had all realized that you were in sync with one another,” Martha said smiling at this.

“And we all decided that if you really wanted we weren’t going to get angry with you if you wanted to do what you want to do with them, with her,” Clarice said smiling at Noriko.

That’s when Daisy, Claire, Laura, Diana and I looked at each of my girlfriends smiling faces. We were shocked to hear that coming from them. Noriko looked at us not sure of what was going on now. “What do you five want to do?” Noriko asked. We looked at each other.

“We want to get married,” I said to her.

“You want them to marry me?” Noriko asked the girls shocked.

“If you want to and if they want to,” Maria said smiling at Noriko.

She then turned to the five of us. We all knew what was going through her head and each of us was kicking ourselves that we hadn’t seen that we were in sync before now. While everyone else including the Avengers had.

“Yes,” I said in a whisper. And the girls nodded their heads yes with smiles on their faces. Noriko then kissed me again.

“Please don’t let this all be a dream,” Noriko said after we split apart.

“It’s not, baby,” I said as all the girls started to smile and cry seeing this.

“Thank god,” Noriko said, kissing me again as the girls started to cheer again.
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