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Author Topic: Rachael Ray's Casting Call  (Read 2000 times)


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Rachael Ray's Casting Call
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:44:35 AM »
Note- This is entirely fictional and is only inspired by those in celebrity and not a true account.


It was back in January 2003 when Rachael Ray was tasked by her employers, Food Network, to interview a few guys as a prospective assistant on her latest show.

'Forty Dollars A Day' was in it's second season and the vivacious brunette was due to film in Belgium, Holland and Germany.
In the show she travelled to a particular city and purchased three meals in one day on the small budget of forty bucks.

A natural flirt Rachael figured that two weeks in some of the least sexy countries in Europe might call for a hot helper to pass some of the boring nights. The previous year had seen her hook up in London and Paris for some steamy sex and as she was not tied down with anyone she liked to fool around.

"How many more do I have to see Rose?"

Rachael flicked a switch on her desk and spoke to the secretary outside.
She had already rejected two women, no women on this trip, and two other men. One with a pot belly, and the other a timid guy who looked like he was afraid of his own shadow. In her busy sex life the bubbly brunette loved nothing more than to fuck good looking and athletic types whenever available.

"Two more prospects. Rachael. Both running late."

"Fine. Thanks."

Rachael looked around the boring office with the one window and the nondescript landscape paintings you might find in a Super 8 motel.
Dressed for business in a yellow blouse, black skirt and killer heels she drummed her fingers on the desk, restless and lonely. Frustrated with the wasted day, and done with her recipe update online, the high energy television cook and author rummaged around in her purse. Single but forever horny she decided to have some me time.

"Ah, my little beauty." She said with a giggle in her voice.

In her hand she held her new red dildo which she smeared with a little of the lubricant she always carried.
It had been on her mind to give her latest toy a road test and figured why not now?

She stood up from her chair and hitched up her black stretchy skirt over her bare legs and up over her generous rump. Lifting her blouse from the waistband she then drew her panties off and popped them into her purse.
With her right hand she stuck her suction cup dildo on the seat and with a big sigh started to rub the head between the soft folds of her slit.

Then she inserted the bulging head inside herself and sank slowly down the delicious sex toy.

"Ahh, yes!" She said in the empty office.

Rachael tilted her head back and exhaled as she began to rise up and down with her weight on her hands which she rested on the arms of the chair.
Happily riding the false cock she felt her pussy become increasingly slick.
As she widened her legs she dug her heels into the carpet and bobbed to and fro on the fixed pole, rubbing her sensitive clit on the raised dots at the same time.
The lifelike cock had a pleasing six sensual inches of a textured shaft with rock raised veins, and she loved the hands free stimulation as the flared suction cup stayed in place every time.

"Man! I fucking love it, hee, hee!"

Rising up along the entire length was a dream as her cunt rubbed repeatedly on the bumps and veiny shaft, then she rotated her hips as she sank back down sending shivers of pleasure through her loins.
She paused a moment as she savoured the thick cock stretch her pussy open, welcoming the waves of an impending orgasm. She felt so full!

"Joe is here to see you. Shall I send him in?"

Rose piped over the intercom and Rachael froze in mid grind on her dildo and a trickle of her juices ran down the silicone cock.

"Fuck! Alright Rose, give me a moment."

With a pout of disappointment Rachael extricated herself from the slick toy and bundled it into her purse as she straightened her skirt and fluffed up her hair which reached down just below her shoulders.

"Come in."

Joe stepped in and shook Rachael's hand with his firm grip.
He looked to be about six feet tall in a white grand dad shirt with round collar and blue trim. His distressed jeans were straight and had that lived in look that was prevalent for the time.
The only thing that rankled with Rachael was his choice of leather sandals he wore on his bare feet. Still, he had an engaging smile with two cute dimples and floppy fair hair.

"Take a seat, Joe right? Find the place okay?"


"Tell me about yourself."

Joe gulped nervously. She looked so attractive in person, with her pretty face and voluptuous figure.

Her blouse was unbuttoned to the top of her bra and he guessed her hefty tits were a 36A bra size. And he liked her sultry voice as well. He noted a certain sexual tension and he crossed his legs as his cock moved.

"I'm twenty three, graduated with honours from SDSU. My dad is German, and my mother is from England."

"I see. And how do you like Los Angeles?"

"I thought that with my degree in journalism I would get a job quickly, but it's not as easy as I imagined. I want to get into television."

Joe tried not to stare at her deep cleavage that peeped out from her loose top and imagined what the rest of her body looked like.

"Uh, huh. So, what's your favourite food?"

"My mom loves to cook. I grew up on English food like fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings."

EUGH! English food thought Rachael. Not a good sign.

"Right, yeah."

Bored with the conversation already the bubbly brunette began to daydream as she looked into the young mans baby blue eyes and scrutinised his healthy appearance. He might just do on a road trip.

"Ever been to Europe?"

Rachael stood up from her seat and came closer to Joe who tried to relax. She liked his strong looking body, especially his long legs. But, oh, those sandals!

"Twice to London when I was younger, love to go back again."

"How do you feel working with a woman. The job can be a high stress position. I've learned that the body needs have to be addressed at certain times.

She arched her right brow seductively and sat in front of him on the edge of the desk. He tried to quell his nervousness but was rooted before her, gazing fixedly at her bare legs that she has crossed in a tantalising pose. Was she flirting with him he thought as he looked into her face with the cute nose and flashing eyes.

"Oh, would you like some water?"

Rachael sat on the edge of her desk and held up the big jug and stood up too fast. Accidently on purpose she had spilled half of it into Joe's lap. He leapt up out of his seat and looked at the spreading wet spot on the front of his jeans.

"I'm so sorry! Look what I did. Here, you better get out of those jeans and I'll get them dried."

"Er, not a good idea, I'll just..." his mind was spinning like a top as he squirmed on the chair.

"Don't be silly, you can't walk out in that state. You're totally soaked. I'll help."

As Rachael giggled and yanked on his zip, so Joe desperately tried to keep her from tugging his jeans down. She won and undid his belt and dragged them down to his knees and then she put her hand to her mouth as she gazed at his semi hard and very exposed dick.

"I...I don't wear undies." He confessed timidly as Rachael laughed at the sight of the fair haired one naked from the waist down.

"I'll just go." He said as he was suddenly mesmerised by her amazing brown eyes.

"Nonsense! You can't walk out with that in your jeans!"

She pointed to his now fully erect prick which bobbed in front of him like a rod of iron. He couldn't put it back in his pants even if he wanted to, such was the size of his meaty manhood.

"Tell me Joe. When was the last time you had your cock sucked?"


Rachael looked him in the eye as she lightly grasped the shaft of his throbbing organ and gave it a few gentle tugs. Completely stiff in her fist Rachael guessed he was about seven inches long and uncircumcised.
She bent forwards and gave the foreskin a pull and then kissed the bloated crown.

"Shall I suck it now? At least it'll be able to get back in your jeans when you get off. Release all that tension, hmm?"

"I...I guess, yeah!" His blood pumped wildly at the prospect of fellatio from the famed chef.

With that she opened her mouth and put the smooth, tapered head between her plump lips.
Joe's eyes went wide as he stood and looked down at the television celebrity pushed her head down and hummed on his knob. Her luscious breasts were easily visible now as he stared down her half open blouse. She pulled back and took another breath as she stared at the shiny shaft she had just bathed with her spit.

"It's a nice one. Got a girlfriend?" She asked as her tongue teased the spot between glans and foreskin.

"No." He stuttered as Rachael rubbed him and gobbled him up once more.

Using her hand and mouth the hot brunette got into a good rhythm as Joe moaned aloud. He rocked on his heels as her tongue slithered here and there and his balls tingled.

"Oh, fuck!" He cried as his bell end hit the back of her throat.

Rachael slobbered greedily on his entire length with a big slut grin.

"Quiet. We don't want Rose walking in on us."

She giggled again as she nibbled on his shiny glans and when she let him back inside her mouth her giggles vibrated all along his shaft.
He gasped as he watched her draw back slowly, grazing her teeth on his cock flesh as she went, and then diving back down with her tongue pressed firmly on the underside of his turgid prick.
Now with a faster pace Rachael moved back and forth on his whole length, deep throating him as she sucked him all the way in.

"Can't hold it."

His cock throbbed so, screaming at him for blessed release as he was sucked in with luxurious and exquisite attention.
Her tongue seemed to have a life of its own as it snaked here and there along his sensitive shaft.

As she pumped him furiously with her mouth open in the most lewd manner he exploded and showered her mouth with a stream of hot and sticky cum. As the welcome liquid washed her lips and tongue Rachael made yummy sounds as she swallowed every last drop.



"Well, Joe. I guess we're all done here. I'll have Rose take your resume and we'll be in touch."

He hiked his jeans up over his thighs and zipped up, the damp patch not quite dry yet. As he left Rachael took a slug of water and gargled the cum right down. If the next guy is a washout she thought she may well have to go with Joe.


"The last prospect just turned up." Announced Rose.

"Send him right in." Said Rachael as she sat back in her seat.

Kevin strolled through the door looking cool and relaxed.
A very tall black guy, he looked the epitome of the college footballer, about six feet and a bit and around two hundred pounds.
His unbuttoned shirt over his white tee was bursting with bold colours. Rich reds and cool blue made sure he stood out. His skinny blue jeans must surely have been painful for the guy as the crotch moulded around his sizeable masculine bulge.


He had a shaven head, tiny ears and nose and full lips.


"Hi, Kevin. Pleased to meet you. Can I get you anything? Juice, cup of Joe?"

"I'm good, thanks."

"Let me ask you first. Do you have any prior knowledge or experience behind a camera?"

"Not really, no."

'Well, the day is almost over and you're my last interview. Maybe you can persuade me to pick you."

Rachael had become as horny as hell and decided to have a little fun with this well hung guy.


"How old are you again?" She asked with a sexy pout on her lips.

"Twenty three."

She looked into his deep, chocolate eyes and nodded.

"What do you normally like to eat, by the way?"

"Oh, the usual Caribbean stuff. Goat meat, rice, mashed banana. Yams."

Rachael walked over and Kevin looked longingly at her swaying butt and at how her stretchy skirt rode snugly up her thighs.
Her firm, bountiful breasts jutted out against her blouse as she flaunted herself unashamedly, smugly aware of her commanding position.

Next to him her five feet three diminutive frame was quite tiny, but still mouth wateringly sexy. She bent down to adjust her heel that did not need it and offered the strapping guy a glimpse of her fabulous breasts.

"So, let's get down to business. Could I ask you to remove your shirt."

Kevin rubbed his chin in bemusement.

"Any particular reason?"

Rachael waved her hand.

"Oh, in one sequence I had in mind was if you, me and the cameraman dressed in traditional Dutch outfits for a funny interlude when in Amsterdam. I have the costumes right here."

"Okay, sure."

The black guy stood and slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, pulled of his tee shirt and revealed his spectacular torso and biceps.

"Wow! Were you a footballer?"

"Yeah, right up to my last year in college. Then I busted my ankle. Had to quit."

His chest was hairless and smooth and she could outline each one of his abs, they were so well defined.

"Right. Could you...take off your jeans too?"

"The jeans?" He looked askance at her as her eyes remained fixed on his superb abdomen.

"Um, yeah. I think you may be a little to muscular for the costume. I want to be sure."

"Well, okay."

As he unzipped and dragged his tight fitting jeans down ripped tree trunk type thighs his briefs came down with them, such was the skinny confines of his pants.

"Oh, excuse me."

Rachael gaped like a guppy fish at his flaccid black club that hung between his developed thighs. A small patch of dark pubic hair sat atop of his thick log and a V of flesh tapered down from his hipbones to his groin. He was perfect in every way.

"How the fuck do you walk around with that thing?"

"Just do I guess."

Rachael felt her face flush and her pussy tingle as she reached out and placed her right hand on his upper left thigh.

"Am I distracting you?" She giggled lasciviously.

"About as much as I am you." He reciprocated.

She smiled as she watched his dick slowly rise upwards at the sight of her body up close.
The large black mamba bobbed in the face of Rachael who tried to steady it with both hands.
She managed to hold it so that it was pointing up in a straight line to the ceiling, and found to her pleasure that it vibrated between her fingers.

Without doubt this was the biggest fucking cock she had ever held as she flattened her tongue and bathed the underside of the thick hose. As she stroked the whole length from base to bloated head the slathering brunette pursed her lips and rubbed them up one side of the ebony club and then down the other.

"Wow, so big."

Then he was inside her mouth and she joyfully forced down on the first four inches of his dark organ with trickles of saliva running out of both corners of her tightly closed lips.

"Glug! Hunh!"

Keeping her luscious lips pursed and pouty she sucked on the huge tip with baby gurgles and a giggle. Her left hand found her pussy and she frigged herself at the same time. As she momentarily paused she kissed the end and studied his monster up close.

"Can't wait to have this in my wet pussy."

"Oh, you want me to fuck you?"

She looked up into his gorgeous eyes as she sucked him once more, making sure to keep eye contact as she did so.
Her hand wrapped around the middle of the shaft and she jacked him with her tight fist.

How the fuck was he going to fit in her pussy? She stopped stroking and went to her desk. Rachael then covered the very large cock from tip to base with plenty of lube and then stood against the desk and thrust her butt up and out.

"No turning back now, honey. Do me like this."

She hitched her stretchy skirt up over her meaty butt so that her ass was up high and her cunt completely exposed.
He noted with approval her rounded cheeks and feminine hips which she sexily wiggled for him.

Kevin came to her and held her from behind and Rachael heard her heart pound as she trembled all over. His erection stood between her ass cleavage as he draped his arms under her shoulders and to the front of her thighs. She pressed her bare ass into his upright pole as he fumbled between her smooth thighs.

"Oooh, nice." She purred as she rubbed her crack up and down his hard rod.

"Aha, no panties." He said in approval.

As his fingers explored her sodden pussy she opened her legs and they both ground into each other with exquisite skin on skin contact. Rachael closed her eyes as he began to finger fuck her and flick the top of her slit with his thumb.

"Put it in me and fuck me, you devil!"

Kevin came right up to her and held his knob to her hungry pussy and he nudged her entrance as the ravishing celebrity pushed back. By far the biggest prick she had ever taken the fat head slowly stretched her wide as between them they pushed, he forwards and she backwards. Her breath came in loud pants as the big black guy slid in further into her willing cunt.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Rachael cried.

Her wet cunt gripped his shaft tight as he moved in and out a few times in order to moisten her tunnel.

Then he withdrew, out, out, out until only the purple spongy glans remained inside her. Rachael dipped her head and widened her legs as he allowed her to catch her breath. His hips rocked as he held her by the waist and pulled her back onto his glorious black log in a smooth movement.

"I can't believe it."

She moaned as her juices flowed down both thighs and his thick girth plundered her with an unrelenting thrust. So big was he that he kept popping out as he tried to cram his length in.

"It's so big!" Rachael heard herself speak but hardly recognised her own voice as a wanton lust took her. "Fuck me with that big cock!"

With a quick and sudden push Kevin buried himself inside her all the way. His entire nine inches stuffed in her pussy to the hilt!

"Is that what you meant baby?"

"Big black fucking cock! I feel so...full!"

The TV celebrity felt her breath leave her lungs as he moved his pelvis a fraction to buck up inside her.
Rachael's pussy expanded around him as she was pumped and pumped, his thick thighs literally bouncing off her fat buttocks.
He took a good grip on her hips and slammed in and out so that their slapping flesh reverberated in the confines of the small office.

"Keep it up, baby. So good!" She said in a throaty purr.

Each insertion lifted her up onto her toes as he drove in deep. With his right hand he spanked her right ass cheek and her ample flesh rippled like water on a pond.


He smacked her twice more, crossing his hand to her left buttock and back to the other. The crack echoed in the office and Rachael giggled like a schoolgirl.

Lost in rapture she pushed back into his hand, desperate for more. Kevin laid into her rump and spanked her bunched up ass as hard and fast as he could. The woman grunted and squealed as she welcomed the heat radiate from her tortured cheeks.

"Spank me! Fuck me!"

Kevin then took her right leg up onto his right forearm and lifted it into the air as Rachael struggled to maintain her balance on her left heel. As she placed both hands down flat on the desk she was fucked hard and fast as her leg flailed in the air.
The bulky footballer thrust up from his standing position and drove his black log straight up into her lush cunt.

"OH! AH! YES!"

He gradually lowered her leg and Rachael shook on her heels as he pulled out his dripping dick.

"Eat me."

She said and then yelped as she was hoisted up like a feather and spun around 180 degrees so that her head was down at his groin and her pussy was in his face.

He held her by the thighs and dangled her upside down. As she felt the blood rush to her head she took his cock into her mouth and greedily sucked on the shiny head.
He stuck out his tongue and gave her cunt a few quick flicks that swiped her hooded clitoris.

She quaked from his sweet licks and whimpered on his cock.
He applied pressure to her clit and squeezed her thighs as she murmured with desire. With one final feathery kiss he stood her up and she brushed her hair back from her face.

"Show me those fucking big tits." He told her firmly.

Kevin impressed her as he deftly undid the final buttons on her yellow blouse and then scooped her boobs out of her bra. He encircled both with big paws of his hands and bent to lick the big brown areola of her left tit.

Rachael snapped her head back as he tweaked her right nipple as he sucked in the hard nub. They were fuller than he expected as he squeezed her left globe and showed no signs of sag.

As she sighed with content both her erect nipples were sucked into his hot mouth alternatively. Her blouse joined her skirt on the carpet as they manoeuvred to the sofa opposite the desk in each others arms and Rachael scooted up on her butt, her skirt hitched up and her thighs spread.

The naked black guy went onto his knees and kissed his way up her left leg from the inside until his lips met pubic hair. He noted her trim bush matched her luxuriant head of hair as he kissed her inner thighs.

"Ooo, baby!"

His nostrils flared as he inhaled her feminine scent and probed her moist slit, tracing her inner folds and outer labia. Rachael squirmed on her ass and thumbed her aching nipples as his tongue made a wet line the length of her vertical smile.
Her heels dug into the carpet either side of him as he brushed her clitoris and drew his licks in ever decreasing circles on her pussy lips until he focused on the tiny hooded clit.


Rachael tensed her thighs and calves as he teased her pearl with big wet laps of his flattened tongue. She ran her hands on his smoothly shaved head as her hips rolled on the edge of the seat.
Her eyes fluttered as she looked down raptly as he teased and rolled on her clit.

"Just a little faster, that's it. Now go across my clit in the opposite direction, oooh yes!"

His nose was now pressed to her pubic bone as she responded to his avid mouth and tongue. Then he pulled her to her feet and spun her around.

"Sit on me, babe."

Kevin sat on the sofa and patted his massive thighs. His dick stood up like a black beacon, shiny with a combination of her spit and cunt juice.

She tottered over on her heels and spun around to mount him reverse cowgirl. He loved the sight of her half moons and slapped each in turn as she squealed in delight.

"Oh, yeah!"

Looking under her body she held his fat knob still and lowered herself, inch by inch, relishing the ultimate sight of his midnight black cock disappear inside her muff. Now she was slick and gaping she slid down easier, although still not able to take his whole prick in.

"Yeah, ride that thing!"

With both hands on the tops of his knees and heels spread the steamy brunette began to rise and fall in an agonising slow motion fuck. Each and every insertion of his huge cock brought forth a low groan of pleasure from the trembling woman.

She kept her thighs as close as possible and groaned at the incredible friction of his cock in her tight tunnel. His big balls met her ass crack as she descended and the whole glorious ride sent her into a wild sex crazed mania.

 As they moved together Rachael delighted in the sensation of their pubic bones trapping her aching clit and stimulating her to the max.

"Oh, fuck! I'm coming!"

In an orgasmic frenzy Rachael lost all balance and her curvy body slammed down on him all the way to the root.


Her hair awry, her body shiny in a light sheen of sweat, Rachael had weak limbs and Kevin took her by the hips with muscular arms and bobbed her up and down on his flagpole. As his cock filled her pussy Rachael gave herself up as his fuck toy as he thrust up from his seat and plunged in over and over.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Rachael brought her left hand down between her legs and fondled his massive scrotum as his pole rammed into her with assured strokes. The faster he fucked her the more her hefty tits bounced on her chest.

Totally impaled on him Rachael moved her fingers to her hard clit as she writhed and wriggled on his strong thighs. Then he gave her plump ass a big smack and she eventually rose up and fell onto the sofa on her back.

Kevin took her by the heels and zeroed in on her swollen and soaking pussy. In one powerful stroke he was back in and immediately pounded her with a youthful exuberance.

"Holy shit!"

Racing to his climax he hammered the woman into the seat with her legs held out almost horizontal by her ankles.
Even though she was without any strength she lifted her hips up to meet his stiff tool, hooking her arms around his bull neck.

His balls bumped her clit superbly and the sensation sent her pussy into delicious spasms as another orgasm gripped her.

Pulse after pulse in her cunt made her buck and twist and scream blue murder as Kevin continued to fuck her brains out. Her juices seeped out around his pumping tool as her orgasm coursed through her.


Rachael gave a loud cry out as her big tits were given several smacks. Kevin laughed as he pounded her into delirium and continued to slap her wobbling boobs. His already tight butt clenched and dimpled as he felt his balls contract.

"Rachael? Rachael! Is everything alright?"

Rose tried the locked door as she responded to the orgasmic cries. Unable to speak Rachael could only gurgle as she was fucked balls deep with ever faster deep plunges.

His giant hands pawed at her plump tits as they inexorably built to a climactic end. Never had she been fucked this way, almost in a primordial fashion, and she loved it.

"Okay! O...Okkkkayy!" She croaked as Kevin tensed and pulled out leaving her pussy bereft and gaping and let loose three ropes of thick cum all over her heaving tits.

As he leaned over her quivering body, panting heavily, sweat dripping from his torso onto her cum covered boobs, she looked up and gave her infectious giggle.

"I think you persuaded me, you got the job. But tomorrow I want you to come over and we'll have another rehearsal. Hee, hee!"




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