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Author Topic: Jenna Jameson's Only Interracial Scene  (Read 2275 times)


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Jenna Jameson's Only Interracial Scene
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:27:07 AM »
Note- this is a work of fiction, a wishful dream of what could have been.


Jenna Jameson sat wide eyed on a long couch in a white open mesh knitted cricket sweater.

Her red lips were parted and she bit on the end of her thumb nervously.

She crossed and uncrossed her jean clad legs as she waited impatiently.

The nineteen year old blue eyed blonde with the slim build and newly enhanced breasts had flown from Las Vegas where she had been invited to visit Germany to film.

With a confidence in her looks Jenna was determined to make it as an adult model and had already tested the waters in a few girl on girl scenes in California.

Sarah Young, only a little older than Jenna, had become a huge success in Europe thanks to her new husband Hans Moser, the established porn film director and producer.

Although based in Hannover, Sarah was from England and was now considered a veteran, making dozens of sex scenes in a short time.

1994 was due to be a big year and recently she had invited the top American studs over, including Peter North and Sean Michaels, to shoot exclusive scenes with her.

She had heard of Jenna from her appearances in such magazines as Penthouse and Cheri and liked the idea of her doing an interracial trio with her.

Her company arranged free travel for Jenna who arrived in Germany after taking two days out in London to go shopping.

The door to the audition room opened and Sarah and Sean entered with warm smiles.

"Jenna, pleased to meet you, did you have a good flight?"

Sarah spoke with a delightful English accent, soft and clear as she extended her hand.

Jenna got up and scrutinised the striking and statuesque brunette in her light blue denim jacket and denim shorts with frayed edges.

Her enormous weighted boobs seemed to defy gravity as they sat heavily on Sarah's chest.

She had a mass of dark and tight curls piled up on her head.

The pair of them sat down side by side and Sarah crossed her legs, her white leather western style cowboy boots looked really expensive.

Jenna was proud of her new black Doctor Martin boots just purchased in Carnaby Street the previous day, and compared the two.

Jenna raised her eyes to look at the tall, darkly handsome six foot three hunk with the brooding eyes.

He had a big smile and an almost innocent air about him.

Renowned to be endowed with a near on ten inch penis, Jenna stared at him with trepidation as she timidly smiled back.

"So, Jenna, we've had some success with American guest stars filming here, mostly guys, but I would like some up and coming girls as well.

I've heard some nice things about you and think it would be fun to work with you.

So, I'm going to direct our first scene in the morning and now I would like to have a dress rehearsal with you and Sean."

Sean joined then on the sofa and made a sandwich of the young blonde.

"Don't be nervous babe, you'll be just fine."

Jenna's heart skipped a beat at the seductive deep voice of the ebony skinned stud.

Sarah took her hand as they spoke.

"Have you ever been with a black man before?"

"No." Jenna said in her quiet voice.

"Sean is well hung no doubt about it." Sarah looked at him and laughed.

"But he can be very gentle and loving as well, I can vouch for that.

Anyway the scene is I play a photographer taking snaps of you two in a soft core session when things get decidedly hot and heavy and I join in."

"Will there be many people on the set?" Asked Jenna.

"There will be a sound man, camera man, make up girl and a lighting man.

We can't do it with less."

Jenna nodded, she needed the rehearsal in order to size up, literally, Sean's cock and how to handle him.

She had a healthy sex life but had no experience with a very large penis as of yet.

"Would you like to show us what you look like naked Jenna?"

The young blonde unlaced her left boot and then the other and stood in front of the two porn stars.

The nature of the open mesh sweater meant her nicely rounded boobs jutted out of the woollen top, and also left no doubt she wore no bra.

Jenna pulled the white top over her fine haired head and tossed it on the sofa.

She fluffed her long hair so it fell across her creamy shoulders.

Sarah looked at Sean, both were impressed by the girls free standing tits that sat high on over her slim figure.

"Very nice Jenna, very nice." Said Sarah as her eye ran along the big jugs and fine build.

Jenna unzipped her blue jeans and peeled the tight fitting pants down her elegant thighs and calves and off.

Naked except for her white panties which hugged her good turned out hips, Jenna stood in bare feet, five feet six inches tall and a vision of beauty.

Her peaches and cream complexion suited her corn blonde hair and baby blue eyes, and her bee stung red lips parted to show perfect white teeth.

She paused for a few moments longer for effect and then drew her panties off to reveal shaven labia under an almost transparent vertical line of pubic hair about two inches in length.

The inner lips were as puffy and pronounced the outer and her prominent clitoris was like a little button at the top.

Sean gave a wolf whistle as he admired the girl.

"You have a beautiful pussy honey, can you turn around?"

Jenna did a complete twirl and showed them her gorgeous butt that lifted and parted to show her delectable snatch from the rear.

On her right buttock was a tattoo with the legend 'heart breaker' either side of a little broken heart.

Sean chuckled.

"Are you really?"

"No, I'm America's sweetheart."

Jenna felt dizzy with excitement, but the ice had been broken.

The huge shouldered man had such a big smile, his skin seemed like black velvet.

She sat beside him and the pair of them hugged.

Then he slipped an arm around her and kissed her full on the lips.

Jenna felt a jolt in her pussy as he wandered all over her upper body, his hands were big and smothered her easily.

Sean leaned in and sucked and kissed her boobs, his mouth was delicious and warmed her greatly.

He began with her right tit and his huge mouth enveloped the areola and teased the nipple, then he licked the deep cleavage and moved to her left.

He almost appeared to try to suck her entire tit into his mouth as he made loud gurgling sounds.

"Oh yeah," said she as she tilted her head back.

"Good start guys, keep up the momentum."

Sarah stood and let them have more space.

As she studied their moves she had a thrilling rush and she shed her denim jacket and began to caress her DD tits.

Jenna wrapped both arms around Sean's neck as he tugged his tee off over his head and lowered his body to hers.

Feeling his naked torso against her soft skin felt positively sensuous and she felt butterflies in her belly.

He was tender and loving as he placed his left hand to her cheek and nibbled her neck and tits, his hot breath gave her pale skin a wonderful glow.

After a few minutes Sarah gave more direction.

"At this point its been soft, now we step up a gear and Sean, I want you to eat Jenna."

Jenna looked to her right to see that Sarah was topless and was gobsmacked at the humongous boobs she sported.

She then squealed as the black stud shifted and tilted her hips up so he could lick her bald pussy.

His face pressed to her mound and he sucked her cunt into his mouth with his full lips.

As he flicked at her with his tongue he plunged his middle finger into her hot pussy which made her push her hips further to him.

Jenna's cunt was soft and wet, and her walls clenched his finger as she gasped for air.

His sinewy left arm traced a line across her flat stomach and she ran her ivory hand on his.

The contrast between them was quite noticeable which was what Sarah had wanted.

Jenna moved back and onto her bended knees and looked down at the dark haired man at her pussy.

She spread her arms up in delight and bent her head back and shuddered, then ran a hand through his wiry head as he continued to poke up her tunnel with his finger.

"Stick that finger right up there, ugh!"

Sarah was pleased and was getting ever more turned on by the young American blonde and wriggled out of her shorts.

Nude now except for her cowboy boots Sarah moved to the single chair that faced the sofa and put her right leg over the arm.

Her shaven pussy glistened with her juices and she bit her lower lip as she inserted two fingers into her sopping cunt.

"Now we are warmed up we get to see Sean's cock.

You ready for this Jenna?"

The nervous girl nodded and watched the tall man lower his trousers.

Out came the biggest prick she had ever seen in the flesh.

And what flesh!

He knelt on the sofa and smiled proudly as his thick black member sprang up as hard as iron from his loins.

Jenna guessed it must have been all of ten inches long, coal black compared to his body colour, and she watched with big eyes as it bounced lightly.

Prominent veins ran along the entire length, and the top tapered to a large crown.

His balls were the size of eggs in a black shaved scrotum underneath.

"Don't just stare at it Jenna, kiss it."

She grabbed the stalk and explored the full girth with two hands, closing her slender fingers around it and then gave a tentative kiss on the tip.

It was hot to the touch and felt smooth and slippery, smelled nice as well.

Sarah and Jenna looked at each other and then Jenna closed her eyes and attempted to get the oozing head past her lips.

She stretched her lips around it and sucked in.

She paused for a moment with just the top inserted, saliva drooled out of both corners of her mouth, then she sent two inches inside and sucked on it like a baby does on a dummy.

Jenna felt this was the time to show off her speciality.

She raised her face about five inches over the upright cock and slowly let out a string of spit aimed to land dead square on the mans glans.

As it wetted the fat head Jenna smeared the lube all around and then crammed her mouth down on half of the steel like cock and moved her head back and forth.

She popped off and leaned back to admire the shimmering tool and rubbed it hard from base on up, before returning to suck him some more.

Sean started to move his pelvis and pushed more cock into her mouth and made her gag.

"Excellent job Jenna, that will look so good on film.

I think we may need some big eyelashes for you, makes for better close ups."

Sean sat up and stroked his hard on.

"You think you can handle my big black monster baby?"

"Ready as I ever will be." Said Jenna as she put a finger to her pussy to gauge her wetness.

"Lets start off with a doggy style fuck." Suggested Sarah.

Jenna obliged and got on all fours horizontally along the sofa, and Sean came right behind her.

He squirted some lube from a tiny tube and gave his knob a shine and then placed his tip to the upturned lips of Jenna.

He steadied her with a firm grip on her left buttock then pushed the spongy head into her pussy just an inch.

She gasped involuntarily at the invasion as he buried the first three inches of meat inside her, the friction was amazing as he ventured further in.

"Oh my goodness, that is big!" She exclaimed, then shrieked as he swivelled and thrust up half way.

She flattened her face to the seat and widened her legs as he vanished in her pouty cunt and began to slide in and out with long, slow strokes.

"How is she?" Asked Sarah who rubbed her own clit at the incredible sight.

"I can't even begin to describe how wonderful she is, so tight."

Jenna opened her mouth in a big O shape as Sean fucked her with a faster pace.

Her hands went in front of her and gripped the edge of the sofa so hard her knuckles turned white.

He leaned over her so his dark torso was on her lower back and he placed his big hands atop of hers.

He peppered the nape of her neck with little kisses and she cooed like a little girl.

"Looks nice, now lets change positions." Sarah said with an eye for the camera.

"Fuck no! Don't stop yet, keep fucking me!"

He looked at Sarah who shrugged her shoulders and nodded for him to continue.

Jenna squealed and squeaked as Sean slid back and forth, each entry drew her pussy lips in and out by the sheer size of him.

"You're so nasty Jenna, that turns me on girl." Cried Sean.

"Oooh yeah, just keep fucking me, give me that cock!"

Jenna groaned louder as she enjoyed the full length and thickness of the massive tool, she seemed to Sarah that she experienced mini orgasms every two minutes.

The blonde indeed was delirious, her right hand slapped the seat like banging on a drum as her cunt was hammered.

The novice looked every bit like a porn star, her butt in the air and a huge black man stuffed up her.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum all over your cock!"

Jenna reached under her and felt the fluid seep out of her twat.

Pleased, Sean flipped the hot blonde onto her right side and with his long cock still inside began to fuck her in a spoon position.

He lifted her supple left leg up in his hand and she felt his dangling balls bang on her ass behind her.

"Nice move Sean, we can use that, having fun dear?"

"Damn, it's good." Muttered Jenna stuffed full of black cock.

With her left hand she swept her hair from her face as Sarah came over and knelt in fro front of the delirious girl.

Sarah scrutinised the juicy cunt with the big bone driving in and out and gently tickled the erect clit, fully exposed and engorged.

Jenna screamed in a high pitch as her body and legs trembled.

Her sparkling blue eyes looked into the smouldering dark brown of the English woman as she was royally screwed.

Sean stopped and withdrew his prick and slapped it on the shaven labia of Jenna.

Sarah took hold of it and put the slick rod back inside the sodden cunt of the American.

As they carried on fucking Sarah now applied some lube to her own alluring pussy with the tuft of brown pubes above smooth lips and concentrated on her job.

"Brilliant, now for a money shot, Sean, you pull out and feed Jenna your big load."

Sean nodded and withdrew and moved over as Jenna sat up and pressed her lips to his knob.

As she opened her mouth to suck him he looked down on her.

He felt good in her mouth and when he jerked she lifted her face up as he splashed her lips and chin with his thick cream.

"Fuck, that was good."

Jenna grinned and wiped her face with the palm of her hand.

"Now I will step in and take over, ready Sean?"

The black hunk grunted and tapped Jenna on the butt and moved over.

He positioned himself on the edge of the sofa and held his dripping pole up in the air.

Sarah Young straddled him in a cowgirl stance and took his cock in her right hand and put the head to her cunt hole.

With a subtle wiggle of her hips the brunette slid down agonisingly slowly until she was fully impaled on his shiny rigid tool.

Sarah breathed in with an audible hiss, bent forward and let her hands settle on his pronounced abs.

Her tremendous boobs were fully in his face and Sean wasted no time and planted his fulsome lips on her voluptuous flesh.

She began to rise and lower slowly, she straightened her legs and managed to rock to and fro along the poker like cock.

Sarah then leaned back with his boner buried deep inside as she gave longer, more rapid strokes.

Jenna settled near them and held the hand of Sarah as she was truly stuffed with the biggest cock she had witnessed.

Sarah inhaled deeply then cried out.

Her cunt made a wet, popping sound as she jumped off and panted.

"Big isn't he!" She said to the wide eyed blonde as she took a time out.

Sarah moved to his lap and sucked and licked their combined juices on his bone.

Then she handed the big club to Jenna and the pair of them took turns sucking him off.

Sean smiled, it was huge fun having two white babes blowing him.

"Now for the finale." Announced Sarah.

She was nudged onto her back and her legs came apart, boots up, as Sean fingered her slick pussy and lowered his sweat covered frame onto her stomach.

His chest was on her breasts, his mouth on hers as he pressed against her and pushed his thick prick into her with a smooth thrust.

"Nice, very nice. We'll do that in the scene, just lean back a bit darling."

Filled with lust and she still directed the moves.

Once she had figured out the camera angles Sarah grabbed him tight, her arms and legs around his ebony body.

"Now, fuck my brains out!"

As they kissed passionately Sean fucked her hard and strong, not fast but deep.

Jenna watched fascinated and frigged her cunt vigorously.

The two heaved and groaned as Sarah was pushed into the seat.

She loved his fat cock inside her and would have loved to stay like this all day.

Ever since she could remember she loved sex.

They fucked like that for a full ten minutes, every muscle in his body flexed and tensed as he pounded her mushy cunt.

The man nuzzled her neck and whispered things to her Jenna could not make out.

He gasped and held his breath as he ejaculated inside Sarah as she squirmed and twisted on the sofa.

When he pulled out of her his cum oozed out and down her upturned ass.

She dropped her legs and gave her lover a last and lingering kiss.

"Wow, good rehearsal guys, rest up and we go for a take tomorrow.

I've already got some ideas for another scene once we get this one nailed.

I have a feeling great things are going to happen for you Jenna."


Next day everyone gathered in the studio for the scene.

Sarah busied herself with lighting and camera set ups and Sean turned up looking glum.

"Alright Sean? What seems to be the matter?"

"Bad news Sarah, Jenna left this morning for London, she's gone."

This came as a surprise to Sarah, she was sure Jenna would be a big hit in the business and she wasn't normally wrong.

She was certain this would not be the last time they would hear about her.

"Right, lets keep going and we'll make it a duo with Sean and me.


Sarah stepped to Sean and slipped her flouncy summer dress off over her head and stood naked and ravishing in front of the tall man.

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Re: Jenna Jameson's Only Interracial Scene
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Nice story, I thought I was the only person left who remembered Jenna lol
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Re: Jenna Jameson's Only Interracial Scene
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Great story, thanks for this!
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