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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Tyra Banks]
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Great one! Was looking forward to it, and it was just as great as expected. I like how both of them got to be in control for a bit. Glad he got nice use of her tittolies too lol. And I'm now interested in this house, I feel like there could be some really dark shit in there safeley locked away for now.
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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Tyra Banks]
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Great one! Was looking forward to it, and it was just as great as expected. I like how both of them got to be in control for a bit. Glad he got nice use of her tittolies too lol. And I'm now interested in this house, I feel like there could be some really dark shit in there safeley locked away for now.

Thanks. There are definitely more secrets in this house, but it may take a while before they are revealed. Time will tell. Also, the outline of the building is inspired by the headquarters of the bad-guy from Dean Koontz's 1989 novel Midnight.


Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Tyra Banks]
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This is the best new series on this site for the year. As soon as I see a new chapter, I come to read right away.

I like the details about the house and revolving a plot around such a place. I'm left wondering who else has been on the list? These are the little details that drive a series to greatness.
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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Tyra Banks]
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So Jessica Biel is coming up next? Another name from the past that has become all but forgotten in time.

I'm happy to see these forgotten babes finally get their due.
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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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So Jessica Biel is coming up next? Another name from the past that has become all but forgotten in time.

There was a war between Jessicas 12-15 years ago, and Alba got the upper hand. I always thought Biel was underrated and good at playing action babe.

Episode 8

Speaking of Dean Koontz, this episode borrows a few details from his novel Dragon Tears (1993). This is a more thriller'esque story, of which there'll be more of in the future.

I always loved the idea of sex as something the heroic character earns by saving the helpless damsels (think Conan the Barbarian) from life-threatening situations, so I played up that angle here.

Codes: cons, MFF, damsel in distress, sex as reward.

Starring: Summer Glau, Jessica Biel

This story is smutty, sleazy, morally corrupt and will probably make you into a worse person. Consequently, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

This story is FICTION. It did NOT happen. The people portrayed in this story do NOT act this way in real life.

August 2004

You know those stories where the main character have to rise to the occasion and play action hero? This is one of them.

Like so many of these stories, it started during the most mundane circumstances. Our hero was leaving the grocery store (beer, beer, and more beer) when the phone rang. It was Conrad. That immediately struck me as strange because he was not one to call unless there was something very urgent going on.

«Yes?» I answered, and was met with a panicked voice that almost shouted.

«Alex? Listen up, we’re in a royal clusterfuck right now!»

«…Okay, what is the…!»

«Summer and Jessica are gone from the set!»

«Come again?»

«They’re gone!»

«Gone? They went shopping?» I asked, a bit angry that his triade didn’t make a tiny bit of sense.

«No, they’re GONE! Taken! Kidnapped!» 

«Kidnapped? What the hell! How? Why?»

«Don’t ask me. I got a call one minute ago. As soon as this gets out things will go straight to shit!» he was almost screaming in the other end.

I tried not to attract attention and walked into the sheltered entranceway of some office building. Conrad was aflame, and it was obvious something serious was happening. First thing in a crisis is to stay calm and assess the situation. Then counterattack.

«Okay, okay! Calm down! Let me get this straight… There’s a kidnapping. Summer Glau and Jessica Biel? If the two of them were together they were on the set for Dynamite Duo, right?

«Yesyesyes! They were having a break! Everyone was having a fucking break! And then someone used that break to kidnap them.»

«Alright. What do we know about this someone? One person or more? Have anyone claimed responsibility?»

«Why the hell would anyone claim responsibility?»

I understood his frustration. Pop-culture figures and high-level celebrities disappearing would be global news in seconds if word got out.

«Listen, if there’s a kidnapping there are various possible reasons. Someone want ransom, some are after attention, and then there are psycho fans. Until we know the extent of this situation I want to thread carefully. Please tell me everything you know so far.»

It sounded like what I said got to him. At least he calmed down slightly, because he lowered his voice when he spoke to me again.

«Okay… I got this. There was a guy. I think it was… I mean… That’s what I was told. A caretaker at the Paramount observed what happened. Everyone was out, except those two when he went back to the lunch area. That’s when he caught a glimpse of this guy forcing both girls into the trunk of some car… I think.»

«You think?»

«The caretaker think so! At first he couldn’t believe his eyes, but he decided this was high priority enough to give me a call.»

«Why didn’t he think of alarming the other pe…»

«He and I go way back. That he decided to call me right away tells me exactly how serious things are!»

«Okay, I understand.» This all sounded serious enough, but with all the silly Hollywood stuff flying around I was still not convinced about this. «Conrad, there’s no reason to believe this is some sort of elaborate joke set up by the actors themselves, or…»

«Fuck no! No-one play pranks around me without my consent. I would know about them!»

«You do?»

«Yes, because I set them up and green-light them. I do that! ME!»

«Okay, okay! Any weapons?»


«Did this guy carry guns? Knives? I need to know this if I’m supposed to handle it.»

«Yes… I mean, he did say there could’ve been one involved. He got a vague impression of what looked like a gun, but he couldn’t confirm anything.»

«Right! Now, for the most important part: When and where? This is essential Conrad.»

«It happened barely twenty minutes ago, and…»

«At Paramount studios, right?»

«Yes. In the back yard of the place.»

«During lunch break?»

«Like I said, they were having a break, so…»

«Okay, okay! I got it. This could be good news. That’s an area usually covered by cameras, right? If anyone did anything in this area they should’ve been recorded.»

«Hopefully. Can you…»

«Maybe I can, yes. Now, tell me how many people knows about this now?»

«You, me and the guy who saw it. We know each other well, and I’ve informed him I want to keep very quiet about this. The rest of the crew was out, and they have no idea what transpired. As far as they know Summer and Jessica got fed up, left the set and went home. I want them to believe that for as long as possible.»

«Great. This is great,» I said, feeling slightly elated. «That means we can control the situation before it goes viral.» Conrad sounded flabbergasted and annoyed.

«You’re saying you can take care of this?»

«I could, if…»

«…take down the bad-guys on your own like some 007? Listen Alex, I’m confident about your capabilities. That’s why I wanted to inform you first, but this shitshow will get even shittier if we start to run around like action heroes.»

«Then why did you call me?»

Silence on the line. Right then I knew Conrad had genuinely considered the possibility of me taking action, but didn’t want to beg. If he could avoid the controversy of a kidnapping case throwing shade over StarGazer I knew he would be eternally grateful.

«Believe me or not Conrad, but I’ve been in this sort of situation before.»

«How? Are you talking about tracking-devices and surveillance?»

«Kinda. If I get as much as a registration number I’ve got ways of handling this.»

«Right… So, how much time do you need? I can give you a couple of hours, but not more than that.»

«That should do, thank you.»

«And Alex?»


«I only allow this because I believe you when you say you can handle this. I know you have methods and a reach the police haven’t got.»

This was the exact moment I knew Conrad knew more about my background than he had previously let on. How much I did not know, but that was irrelevant right then.

«Trust me, I can do this.» I said with confidence. «And listen Conrad… Do not spread this information to anyone else. Let’s keep the situation under control for as long as we can.This is between the two of us and that friend of yours. Give me a couple of hours and I’ll see what I can do. If anything else fails we’ll unleash the pigs. Got it?»

«This better work Alex.»

I had begun running before I even realized it. Flashbacks begun welling up inside me and I couldn’t stop it. I felt something move inside me that had been kept restrained for ages. Things were getting interesting real fast.

The talent Conrad assumed me to have access to was real enough, but I didn’t have the resources to take care of this like some solo show. I needed people with the sufficient kind of talent.

It was time to call the Zone.


«Speak!» the man on the other end said.

It was years since we had last spoken. Hopefully, this wouldn’t stop us from acting like professionals.

«Are you up for another gig Craig?»


Hearing that name again sent shivers down my spine.

«In the flesh. I’ve got a situation here.»

«Are we talking bioterrorism, nuclear assault or Mexican standoff with cartels?» he asked, as if he was ready to move out in the field on seconds notice. The best thing about Craig was that he never wasted a second on trivial matters and never underestimated the situation. In his profession you were not allowed to, as every situation had to be regarded as a matter of life-or-death.

«I don’t know everything yet, but things just went south at work. We might have an ongoing kidnapping, and the studio is not prepared to handle it without proper help. The police have yet to be involved, because I opted to take care of the situation myself.»

«Kidnapping, eh! Any motive?»

«Dunno. We’ll have to assume ransom, but we can’t rule out deadly intentions.»

«You think it’s that serious?»

«Instinct. I fear we might have seen the last of a couple of film-stars unless drastic measures are taken.»

«Alright, that does sound serious. I love it.» I could «hear» the smile on his face now. Craig was the kind of guy who loved odds stacked against him. Perfect guy for races against the clock.

«If I give you an address - could you gain access to cameras in the vicinity?»

«Ah, fuck off man! You still think hacking is as simple as in the movies you’ve begun to make? Hollywood’s given you cancer in the brain already?

«Yes, I do indeed expect it to be that simple. Now listen… What I need to know is the camera feed around Paramount down at Santa Monica boulevard.»

«The film studio?»

«That’s right. Less than one hour ago there had to be some sort of commotion around those parts. I don’t know exactly what happened, but something has got to be captured on cameras over there. Anything would help.

«Recordings of someone pulling someone else into a car?»

«From what little I know, that’s very likely, yes. If there are, there could be a visible registration plate. You can trace that to whoever owns said car, where he lives, where he work. Then you can find out what he eats for breakfast. If he collected Transformers figures as a child I want you to uncover it.

«Same procedure as every year James?»

«Yes miss Sophie.»

We hung up. I knew Craig had started to work on this as soon as he got my call.

Hollywood hacking, eh? I recognized his frustration regarding the romanticized spectacle you often saw in movies. Take the scene from Swordfish for example: The hero is receiving a blowjob and have a gun to his head while he’s forced to hack into the Pentagon with a laptop in under 60 seconds!

Hokum! And yet, it isn’t. Not all of it. The things that seems like exaggerated means of gathering intel are of the sort that create underground legends. You may think this sounds like some sort of pulpy B-film fiction, but the fact of the matter is that the «Zone» has resources to do various tasks of immense efficiency.

What this zone really is has always flown way above my head. What I do know, although I have never met him in person, is that it involves more than Craig and his steady Louise. I imagine a gang of oddballs like The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files. They might be eccentric like that, I don’t know, but ever since I got introduced to them I have learned to respect and value their abilities. They work fast, they work hard and they never earn a dime for it.

I watched the street ahead. People were walking by, busy doing nothing. It all seemed so insignificant now. As soon as you enter twilight zone, the mundane tasks of everyday life suddenly become completely insignificant because of the enormity of the situations that arise.

As I passed a newspaper stand I got this morbid and unwelcome vision of possible headlines that would pop up in the next few days if I wouldn’t succeed - «Famous actresses disappear. Police without trace. Kidnapping likely.» I blocked those thoughts out of my head.

If I had to do a solo-raid I had to be prepared. Whoever was behind this was capable enough to make a couple of famous actresses disappear in seconds. Was this the work of some professional? Or a league of professionals? Where had this guy taken the girls? What was his agenda? Were they even alive at this point? Was this someone who wanted money? Was he sponsored by Taliban or some international terrorist network who wanted to take on Hollywood to hurt the American film industry? Thousands of potential scenarios ran through my head, but I had little to work with until Craig came up with something. Everything up to then was speculation.

Conrad was right though - this was indeed a clusterfuck, and it would grow out of control if we couldn’t handle the situation in the next couple of hours. First there would be unconfirmed rumors, but eventually the news would slip that two major actors had been kidnapped and that StarGazer had hesitated to contact the authorities and foolishly taken the situation in their own hands. We would be skinned alive for this, but what was more important…

«Summer, Jessica…» I said to myself. I hadn’t met them yet, but I had spotted Jessica briefly a year before. Summer Glau was of course the it-girl from the ill-fated Firefly series, ready to branch out into action films. The two of them had been on the set of Dynamite Duo - a silly action romp that looked more like a B-movie knock off Charlies Angels. It was not a huge production, but Conrad and Jack Schaffer thought it had sleeper hit potential, as it starred two hot actresses clad in leather - more than enough to attract male audiences worldwide.

I was almost back at my car when a miracle happened. The phone rang! The number was not the same I had dialed, but that was not important.

«Dwayne?» the female voice asked. I replied.


«This is Louise. Craig told me to contact you in case we found the culprit.

«You found him?»

«We got him. A car was parked outside Paramount about 30 minutes ago. It belongs to a certain Doyle Durner. Have you heard that name before?»

«Never. That’s not a name easily forgotten.»

«Right. He’s located up in the rocky areas not too far from san Jacinto mountains, southeast of LA.» she said, before handing me the full address.

«Excellent!» I said. That trip would take two hours if traffic went smooth. «So… this guy is a loner of some sort?» I asked, immediately thinking of the infamous Unabomber profile.

«Seems like it. He lives alone. He’s got a rather large property up there.»

«Is the road leaving up to his property visible from his home?»

«Positive. There’s a long dirt trail leading to it, which would be visible from some distance, although it might be obscured by trees. That’s unconfirmed by the way. I suggest a discreet form of approach.»

«Affirmative.» I said. I was about to hang up when Louise cut me off.

«Listen… Craig told me about the situation and there’s one thing you should know.»


«This Durner guy was employed at StarGazer until a couple of years ago. Did you know that?»

«… No, I didn’t.»

«That’s why I wondered if you had heard about him. Apparently, he got fired.»

«Interesting. What happened?»

«According to the files, he was sacked due to aggression towards other employees and female contract stars. Among other things he threatened Winona Ryder with a toaster iron. After that episode his colleagues had had enough and begged Conrad to have him fired.»

«Can’t imagine why!»

«He doesn’t seem to bet the kind of person to get along well with other people, and judging from his rap sheet he’s not the nicest guy to be around. I think you’ll find this valuable if you have to deal with him personally - you know what I mean?»

«I understand. Thank you Louise, this was indeed valuable information.» I said before hanging up.

So I was about to face a psychopath with anger issues and a personal agenda against Conrad? What a wonderfully messed up situation. I threw the groceries in the back of my car, exited the parking lot and headed out of the city as fast as the speed limits would allow me.


Getting out of LA went smoother than I had expected - the drive towards san Jacinto was done in a couple of hours. That was good, because dark thoughts clouded my mind. What if Louise and Craig had messed up and sent me on a dead end? No! I had to assume I was on the right track. Because if I didn’t, I feared Summer and Jessica wouldn’t live to see the next day.

The mountain ridges of san Jacinto grew higher and closer. I was soon driving through an area with little to no population. Doyle Durner liked his isolation. Following a dirt trail for a few minutes I finally found myself looking down into a wide valley-landscape covered in green. This was the place. A lonely farm laid in the distance, slightly less than a mile away.

I texted one last time - pinpointing my location to Conrad and giving him a final message: If he didn’t hear from me within one hour - call in the cavalry.

I immediately confirmed most of what Louise had said. The road leading down to the Durner place took a giant turn around a major planted field, which told me a few things. If this guy was really behind this he would have time to prepare a warm welcome if he saw me approaching, just what Louise had warned me about. So what did that leave me with? I pondered on this as I closed in, bringing my vehicle down to about 10 so I could take a closer look on the area. The house was a large white farmhouse. A red barnhouse stood beside it, and there was some smaller building in the eastern corner of the property. Between the farm and my current location laid that huge forested area.

Louise was right - approaching by car was far too risky. Getting closer than this could result in a barrage of gunfire or a hostage situation. Something told me this guy wasn’t used to visitors, and a lone car appearing right after his big raid would be suspicious as hell.

Parking alongside the road I went out, carrying only my Leatherman knife as I descended down into the grove that laid at the bottom of this valley like a green oasis. The trees spread out in carefully made rows - a citrus plantation perhaps. Thankfully, it gave me some much-needed cover as I closed in on the domain.

I knew I wasn’t properly dressed for this occasion - clad in grey jeans, cream colored shirt and nikes. My lacking camouflage meant that I would stand out like a sore thumb down here, but time was of importance and time was running out.

As I closed in on the farm I could hear sounds - a machinelike thumping-sound coming in a steady pattern. All the noise meant that he wouldn’t be able to hear me approaching, but it also meant I would have trouble sensing him if he got close.

I had one clear advantage through all of this: Doyle Durner had no reason to believe people were on to him already. Not this fast. I had caught on to him quickly, so I had to assume I was at most one hour behind his scheme, which meant he wouldn’t have had time to do too much damage yet.

I was close to the edge of the field and the machinery got louder. I realized the sound had an underlying high-pitched background noise. A bandsaw perhaps? Maybe he was cutting wood… Or other things… A grim vision crept into my overactive mind: This guy was a Texas ChainSaw kind of serial-killer who was now in the process of dismembering both women and placing their body parts in the fridge. Once again, I had to force those unwanted images from my mind as quickly as possible. I had to stay alert and focused if this was going to have a happy ending.

I reached the edge of the trees. To my right was the barn house and an open field where the thumping noises emitted from. Right in front of me stood the main house. There was no sign of anyone, neither kidnapper nor victims. I rushed across the dirt trail like a shadow and dived into he bushes that laid cast around the western part of the house. It was a building that would’ve been idyllic under normal circumstances. Now it felt as inviting as entering the abattoir of some psychotic sadist.

I moved along the wall, trying to find an opening inside. If I could find a cellar window I had free access to his hidden secrets - these fuckers always hid suspicious shit down in the basement. Trailing along the wall I suddenly found something better. A backdoor was standing ajar. Sneaking inside this way was tempting, but suddenly this all seemed far too easy. A setup? If that was the case he could be watching me now. Although he would have no reason to believe someone was on his trail, there was no way of knowing if he was paranoid enough to set up this whole property with booby traps.

I decided the thumping machinery would keep the enemy occupied and peered inside. No-one. I opened the door further. No dogs were barking at me, and no alarms went off. So far so good.

I hunched down and crawled inside. No-one. The doors had opened into a pretty furnished kitchen. Nothing suspicious in sight. No boiling pots with human remains and decapitated heads. The kitchen was empty so I moved further inside.

Surveying the insides of this house I regarded my opinions. If I was a psychotic kidnapper - where would I hide my victims? Upstairs in the attic? In the cellar? Or on the first floor, hidden in plain sight? I scanned the environments. No-one. No kidnapper and no Summer or Jessica. Outside the machine kept thumping.

As I moved further inside I got hit with a heavy sense of unease. This house. Something was completely off about it, and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why it made me so worried. There was no sign of violence so far. The house was of normal architecture and there were no exotic pets of any kind, so what made me anxious?

Then it occurred to me. The rooms themselves looked clean and inviting, and there were fairly expensive furniture placed everywhere. It was nothing out of the ordinary here that immediately seemed to scream «psycho lair». However… There wasn’t a single picture on the walls. No posters, no flowers or no other form of decoration. White walls. Blank walls. Nothing, not as much as a photo. Nothing but featureless whiteness greeted me as I moved around, and it freaked me out in such a well-furnished environment.

As I entered the living room, still crouched to the ground, I finally found a form of decoration: a giant replica of a famous classical painting. I knew this one! Saturn Devours his Son - one of Francisco De Goya’s «black paintings».

It was a gothic masterpiece that would look great on a museum wall, but inside this otherwise non-decorated house and at this size the dark energy was overwhelming. In fact, it was fucking terrifying! What the hell was wrong with this guy? I turned from the bleak painting, my worries now skyrocketing.

Standing there in the living room, I was wondering if I should continue forward and start looking for the stairs for both attic and basement. I had just decided I would give it a try when I stopped.

A thud! A faint and dull sound, but it had not emerged from the outside. Then it appeared again. And again! It was coming from inside this house. It was muffled by walls, but I was certain it was coming from somewhere on this floor.

It was a gamble, but the sound I had just heard might indicate the girls were kept somewhere close. But where? Searching for the right room gave me a lot of alternatives. The hallway leading towards the front door had two doors on the left, and the sound I heard seemed fairly close. Or was the sound transmitted throughout the house from somewhere else?

Closing in on what I assumed to be the source, I blocked out the sound of my own breathing before it appeared again. Yes, it was definitely coming from a room on this floor. I decided I should give it a try. Slowly pushing towards the first door, I opened it slightly and peeked inside. Outside the machinery continued.

The entire room was filled with stash, largely grouped in two general categories: garden gnomes of varying sizes, and ceramic statues of turtles. The array of artifacts would’ve been amusing if it wasn’t so damn creepy. The mysterious sounds I had previously heard were getting stronger inside here, but there was no-one in sight. A walk in closet covered the wall on the far side. Opening the doors revealed empty space, apart from a replica of the mock turtle from Alice in Wonderland.

Studying the back wall of the closet I noticed it was…. different somehow. Furthermore, the sounds had subsided the moment I opened the doors. Was there some machinery that had turned on a doomsday device? Or maybe someone was scared because they were unaware of my intentions?

«Hello? Summer? Jessica?»

I spoke in the lowest possible voice, but loud enough to be heard for anyone inside this room. The sounds returned, only more frantic and violent until they were loud enough they could’ve been heard all over the house. They were definitely coming from somewhere in front of me - as if someone was beating or kicking on a wall. The room beyond? That should be the kitchen, which didn’t make any sense.

It was then I realized, the sounds weren’t coming from inside the closet, but behind it! Somewhere there had to be a switch or some gear which would reveal a hidden door or a passage. As if the device had teleported inside my vision, I noticed a button on the left side of the closet. Jackpot!

The clanging sounds from outside sounded distant. But were they distant enough? Would the pigdog have the time to get inside and corner me if I acted now? I decided to take the chance and called out to whoever was hidden behind the wall.

«Girls, if you are there, get ready! I’m flipping the switch now. You’ll be free in seconds.» I thought I heard something. Muffled sounds.

Maybe this walking pigshit really had installed boobytraps that would be activated once I turned it on, and the girls tried to warn me? My imagination worked in high gear, but deciding I could hesitate no longer I pushed the button.

With a rasping sound the back-part of the closet slowly slid downwards into the floor, like in an Indiana Jones movie where a secret chamber is revealed inside an ancient temple. This was not a huge crypt however, as became clear when the descending wall revealed a room no more than five feet deep. I moved backwards as two female figures were revealed.

Summer and Jessica starred in Dynamite Duo as action heroines, but apart from their sexy leather costumes there was nothing heroic about their display inside this secret cabinet - both of them kneeled barefoot on a dusty floor - their hands were tied together above their heads, their legs were tied by their ankles, and both had tape over their mouths, making them look like some BDSM fantasy.

As I came into view their eyes widened so hard it almost seemed comical. Their muffled voices intensified behind the tape. Right now I needed to calm both of them down.

«Girls, I know you’re very afraid, but right now I need you to stay focused. This scumbag who did this to you is still out there and we can’t let him find out about this. As soon as I cut you loose you need to follow me and we’ll exit at the rear end of the house. And we need to do it as silently as possible, so don’t make unnecessary noise. Now, please nod if you understand what I’m saying.»

They did. Both appeared to have been crying. Mascara were smeared all over their pretty faces, but apart from that they seemed to be unharmed. At least physically. Whatever this scumbag had planned to do with them I didn’t even want to think about. Moving in I began by unfastening the tape over their mouths. Summer let out a gasp, breathing heavily as I repeated the process with Jessica.

«You’re…» Summer started.

«I’m the guy who is going to get you out of this. That’s all you need to know for now.» I said as I pulled out my Leatherman to cut them loose.

«Now, I meant, you’re Alex - Greg’s right-hand man. He spoke about you last week,» she said in-between gasps as she tried to get her breath under control. So she knew who I was. That would make things easier, but we still needed to get out of here. And quick!

«You’re right about that Summer. Now please stay calm. I need to cut some rope here.» I said, starting with the rope that tied Jessica’s hands to a hook above her brown hair before I went back to Summer.

«Listen,» Jessica started. «This bastard, he’s got a gun. He caught both of us the moment we were separated from the people down at Paramount. He must have planned this meticulously.»

«No doubt,» I said. «I have reason to believe he knew the studio property inside-out.»


«Former employee. A really ugly and aggressive one at that.» I said as I freed Summer’s feet. This was tight and professionally made knots made by someone who knew his Boy Scout lessons. Impossible to untie without proper tools.

«Oh, I understand. Yeah, he definitely knew what he was doing. He confronted us in the cafeteria when we were alone. Had he come in only one minute earlier he would’ve been up against two dozen other people. He dragged us with him to his car in less than a minute.» She spoke fast, as if she was trying to stay focused to avoid a full panic attack.

«He threatened you both inside his car?»

«Inside the fucking trunk.» Summer said in a voice that sounded close to a sob. «He pushed this huge fucking gun into our faces and told us to shut the fuck up, or else he would kill us. He forced both of us into the trunk at gunpoint.»

I had been angry enough when I discovered them inside this closed-off room, but now I felt like I was about to lose consciousness by pure rage. God help this creep if I got my hands on him.

«We were tied up inside here as soon as he arrived. He never said a single thing or gave any reason for our kidnapping.» Jessica said as she moved her arms and legs in a waving manner, trying to get the blood flowing to her limbs again. «What do you think he was trying to do?» Moving out of the closet, she still spoke way too fast, but she sounded a bit less shaken than Summer as she embraced her, trying to calm her down. I noticed they both had quite fit and well-trained frames. A bonus from starring in numerous action flicks no doubt.

«Trust me, you don’t want to know. Listen up girls. As we exit the door in the back, we’ll cross the road and get out in the trees in those fields. There we’ll find cover. I’ll take the lead from there.» I told them all of this in a low voice, close to a whisper.

We had moved out of the creepy room and was crouching down in the hallway which was as deserted as before. Machinery still thumped outside. No-one in sight. We moved forward - me in the front and the girls right behind me. If I didn’t know any better I would say things were going smooth. «Too good to be true» I thought grimly.

The machine-like sounds from the outside. As steady and thumping as a heartbeat. If we were lucky we could sneak into the bushes without anyone even noticing us. Then, in a few minutes, we wold be at my car, and by then I would contact Conrad and the police would be on the move. After that we…

«GONNA GET YOU FUCKER!» someone shouted, followed by a deafening blast.

The wall beside me splintered into fragments, sending me and the girls covering on the floor. Had he aimed a bit further to the right he would’ve turned my head into gory paste. A large man with a huge beard and an even bigger shotgun was standing back in the main doorway, looking like an outlaw from some biker gang. He opened fire again. Aiming lower this time, hitting the floor right beside Jessica. It splintered apart like someone had been firing the gun upwards from the basement.

 The girls screamed and ran past me, heading for the backdoor.

«GET THE HELL OUT! HIDE!» I shouted after them. I would’ve followed them if I had the chance, but I was distracted by another blast which made me leap for cover. The slugs hit the door of the massive cupboard I hid behind. Luckily, the walls were too solid to be penetrated by the shells. I crouched down, my heart pumping so fast it felt like it was breaking through my rib-cage.

Shoot-out rules for indoor fights were running through my head: Find out where your opponent is. Get inside his head and mess with him. Distract, confront, fight, win.

«So, Doyle!» I shouted in a mocking tone. «You certainly have a way with ladies. Your former girlfriends gave you some dating advice!?»

«Piss off! I will take care of your bitches after you’re gone. Bet your ass!»

His voice came from somewhere further back, but I didn’t know how far. At the end of the living room? Or closer to my right? My ears were still ringing from the shotgun blasts which made detection hard.

«Such a gentleman you are. I’m sure you were considered mister loveboy back at StarGazer.»

Low swearing were heard.

«So, you’re one of Atkins’ men aren’t you?»

«What if I am?»

Scornful laughter.

«Fucking knew it. I’ve barely made my investment and they track me down like some stray dog. Have Atkins hired professional assassins now?»

«Yeah, he’s got his own private army of ninjas, and I’m their leader.»

«Sonuwabitch! If you’re working from him you should know how he treats the folks around him. How can you hold this against me considering the shit he does to his people?»

«Kidnapping with violent intent? I'm supposed to sympathise? Sorry pal. Does not compute!» I was still trying to decide where the voice was coming from. He sounded like he was moving in on me, but I couldn’t decide from which direction. I needed to cause a distraction of sorts.

«Had you left me alone you and Atkins would’ve gotten both of your bitches back again eventually…»

«Gee, how nice of you! I’m sure the cops will reward you for your cooperation. How does a cell with Bubba Bendover sound?»

«…their HEADS at least!» he spat. «But don’t worry, well continue our transaction as soon as I have your brains smeared all over the floor. Your bitches won’t get far on foot. I promise you that.»

I sat hunched down behind the cabinet and considered my opinions. How many bullets did he have left? He had fired three times. With a shotgun that meant he was likely down to just one shot, unless he reloaded. A piece of broken ceramic laid beside me. I could give it a try.

«Now, where the fuck are you!?»

He fired again, hitting the cabinet. His aim was getting accurate. He knew where I was.

«Out of ammo yet?»

No response. This was the opportunity I had waited for. I threw the ceramic tile to my left, which made Doyle squeeze off another shot, but this time only a metallic clicking sound was heard.


I jumped over the large piece of furniture. Doyle had anticipated his opponent escaping, not rushing towards him, so unless God himself had made a little shotgun-miracle I had him.

A solid kick to his gun send it flying out of his hands and clattered to the floor. I had the upper hand now, unless…

Drawing a knife from his belt, he charged me without a seconds hesitation, aiming for my throat. It was amazing how my old reflexes came back at the right time. In a flash I had dodged, grabbed his wrist and pushed him headfirst against a glass cupboard. Glass shattered and rained down as his head smashed through the door. I thought for a second victory was mine, but this guy didn’t go down easily. Releasing my grip on his arm for a second was enough time for him to reverse the situation. The bastard pulled his head out of the broken frame and turned 180 degrees in a second, swinging his knife as he moved.


He lashed out. The knife graced my right arm as I stumbled backwards. If I could only get into his next swipe….
What occurred was done rapidly. I caught his wrist again and, twisting it, jerked him forward and off balance, at the same time kicking forcibly upwards. I then, bending his wrist back, thrust him to the side. And still he was coming…
I snapped a swift kick to his thigh. It should’ve been his groin. The fight was going to continue as long as he was standing. He spun around, reading his knife once more. I gambled everything on a high kick. Fast and strong as he was, he was only vulnerable for a second, but a second was all it took to land him a proper hit to the face.
A hit to the jaw will take out most opponents. This guy was built like a brick house, but my kick was strong enough to leave a mark. He was finally staggering, like he was about to lose balance. Another push and his dreams and ambitions would come crumbling to the ground in a well deserved concussion and a several decade long prison sentence. He slashed again, gracing my chest, tearing my shirt. But I was inside his perimeter now. The knee to his groin told him that much. As did my three concussive jabs to his jaw. When I planted a solid elbow to the top of his head he was already unconscious and would be for hours. The lights in his eyes went out and he fell over with the grace of a toppled tree.

The fight was over. This guy sure knew how to hand out and take punishment, but I had been in situations like this before. I had been in WORSE situations before.

Walking over to the sink I splashed some water in my face, getting back to the real world. Having a dangerous criminal lying around wasn’t going to happen, so I opened all drawers until I had two whole rolls of flexitape. I tied his hands and legs together. Then I connected them and fastened it through a nearby radiator so he wouldn’t, by some miracle, crawl around and get himself free.

And so the criminal career of Doyle Durner came to its end.


«GIRLS! THE FUCKER IS DOWN!» I shouted as I moved outside, not realizing I had boasted it like a triumph. I’ve been told that the rush of winning a fight is creepily similar to that of winning a lottery. The intensity was almost precisely the same, especially in a life-or death situation.

Walking over to the eastern part of the property, I saw nothing of the girls. It didn’t matter. They were probably still hiding, and didn’t want to reveal their position.

The thumping from the machinery had now lodged inside my head and would probably play concert for days. Walking over to the metallic apparatus I noticed it was some sort of carving tool for sharpening tree poles. For what purpose I didn’t dare to think about, although the stakes looked like they would be perfect for what a guy like Vlad the Impaler had done to his enemies.

Shuddering, I turned off the machinery. Not surprisingly, the noise subsided inside my head and continued to ring for seconds.

That’s when I spotted the girls. They could have run into the field to get as far away from here as possible, but instead they had sought refuge inside the barn. Maybe not the dumbest move as the kidnapper might have ignored the most obvious hiding places if he had won.

Standing outside the huge building, holding each other tightly, the two brunettes looked like a couple of scared little schoolgirls. There was something incredibly pitiful about the sight. As I moved toward them they stared at me like I was some knight in shining armor from a fairytale, looking like they couldn’t believe their eyes.

«He’s… dead?» Summer asked confused.

«No, but soon he’ll wish he was.» I said as I snapped out my phone, ready to deliver some good news to Conrad.

«He’s still inside?» Jessica asked, sounding like she wasn’t convinced that the danger was over.

«Nothing to worry about. I tied him up tighter than the Gordian knot.»

«Oh, God! You’re hurt!» Summer said with a sudden panicking voice, pointing to my shredded shirt.

«Oh, this is nothing. If you think this is bad you should see the other guy.»

«Please tell me he won’t come rushing Michael Myers-style for a final showdown.» Jessica said pleadingly, glancing nervously at the house.

«I told ya, that guy is down, an he’ll stay that way until the cops com and take him away for good. Now, if you’ll give me just a second girls. I’ll arrange our transport out of here.» The phone rang for half a seconds before Conrad answered.

«Alex? Tell me you’ve got good news man.»

I almost laughed in satisfaction. «Oh yeah! I’ve got the girls Conrad. They’re both safe.»

A pause.

«You’re serious?»

«I sure am.»

«FUCKING A!» he literally shouted so loud I almost dropped the phone.

Summer and Jessica glanced at each other, breaking into a smile for the first time. It was as if the truth finally dawned on them. As emotions got to them, Jessica had to tighten her grip on Summer’s body so she wouldn’t collapse to the ground. They began weeping in each others arms - tears of relief. I couldn’t blame them. Experiences like these tend to leave a mark, especially if you’re not trained for it. You don’t feel safe until days later, sometimes weeks later. Various forms of PTSD may occur, and who knew what the long-term effects would be for these two.

«Yup! I had a feeling you’d like this.»

«And the guy who did it? You didn’t kill him?» he said, sounding almost worried.

«Against my better judgement, no, but mister kidnapper is down, and he’s just waiting for a pick-up. I’d say we put him away for a couple of decades.»

«Wow, you really are something!» Conrad said in awe, probably taking in the absurdity of a lone man having taken care of the situation Jason Bourne style. «Any witnesses?»

«No, we’re alone, but I’m standing on a crime scene here. I want you to contact the PD Conrad. As soon as they arrive we’ll be ready to tell them what they need to hear. Nothing less, nothing more. We have time to think about what I did here and how to tell it. This isn’t exactly an everyday situation.»

«Yeah, you figure something out. This needs to be watertight.»

I glanced over to the girls who were now laughing relieved and cleaning each others tears. They were leaning close and whispering to each other. Summer said something to Jessica which made her break into a grin, her eyes widening as if she had suggested something outrageous. I snapped back to our conversation.

«Yeah, I’ll do.»

«Hey man!? You saved the day today. I owe you a lot Alex.»

«Just doing my job Conrad.»

I hung up. Police stabs would go loco within minutes when they heard about this. In about an hour they would be here, which gave us some time to think up a plausible scenario for what to tell.

«You…» I heard someone say hesitantly and turned towards the girls. Their outfits were meant for badass heroines, but right now they seemed like two lost and frightened bystanders who had just been through hell. However, there was more to it. For one thing they didn’t seem anxious anymore. Instead, they looked excited somehow. Summer stepped towards me - her brown hair blowing lightly in the wind like some of that action heroine character had returned to her.

«You saved us.»

«Like I just told Conrad: I did my job ladies.» I said, trying no to act heroic as this was probably not the right time. «Atkins put me on the trail and I followed it here.»

«We would’ve been dead without you.»

«She’s right. This filth wanted to put us up for ransom. And I don’t think he would’ve left us alive. I mean, LOOK at that!» Jessica said as she pointed to the stable of seven feet tree spikes back at the carving-machine.

«Now, now. Let’s not jump to conclusions…»

«Yes, that scumbag wanted us dead. And you saved us.»

«Listen,» Summer said. «How long before the police arrive?»

«Considering the time it took me to get here… At least 30 minutes. Likely a bit longer. Unless they use a helicopter.»

The two girls shared a glance, then they grinned naughtily, turning back to me again.

«Okay, that should give us some time to celebrate.»

«Oh, but we’ll have time for that when we get back. I’ll make Conrad demolish his liquor chamber down at Stargazer.» I said, trying not to get carried away with where this was going.

«I know. But don’t you think the three of us deserve a more… personal form of celebration?»

Once again, I recognized the pattern. Fear was the greatest aphrodisiac. Considering the situation I had experienced with Zhang Ziyi just a few months prior, it wasn’t at all unexpected. In fact…

«Both Summer and I want to show you our gratitude for helping us out of this awful situation.» Jessica said dreamily.

«That’s awfully nice of you, but you don’t have to do that.» 

«We insist. We both agree to do this.»

«We need it!» Summer added. «Something to take our minds off of all that shit, don’t you agree?» she said as she fingered with the top of her leather vest. Jessica followed suit as two zippers were pulled down in unison.

They flung their vests aside, revealing black t-shirts. Those soon joined the vests on the ground. The pants were next to go as they slid down their shapely young legs. Jessica kicked them off, as did Summer. They now stood in their undies, their bodies shaking lightly as if someone had turned on an party-mix only they could hear.

They weren’t undressing. This was a striptease!

«You won Alex. We are alive thanks to you and it’s only reasonable the hero get his reward.» Jessica said, following her co-star releasing her bra-straps and let the fabric fall to the ground. Their medium sized breasts were as glorious as one could’ve imagined from their flimsy costumes and scantily clad film roles. With only their g-stings left, both did a twirl - spinning around and looking over their shoulders as they pulled them down.

Part of me wanted to come up with a reasonable refusal and convince them this was a hugely inappropriate thing to do so close to a crime scene, merely minutes after they had escaped a life threatening situation. If anyone found out I would no doubt be accused of taking advantage of our company’s talent. That said - that part was now locked tightly outside the cage of reason as I stood mesmerized - and hardening - while I watched, gladly enjoying the show unfolding right before me.

Both girls were totally naked as they swayed sensually before me. Their hands roamed all over their young and sexy bodies, tracing them up and down, squeezing their breasts lightly and moaning softly - mouths hanging open as they eyed me. They wouldn’t have looked more eager if they had lapsed into a fertility dance.

«Shall we go inside?» Summer said in a sultry voice as she slapped Jessica on her butt, both of them backing inside the barn before turning around and running inside the darkness. Their tits bounced as they went, both of them smiling back at me, motioning for me to follow.

Feeling like I had indeed earned some reward for this whole mess I decided it would be unkind of me to turn down their offer. I went inside the barn and kicked off my shoes before disrobing. This little show of theirs had fired me up so hard my dick would’ve ruined my pants if I had them on any longer. Pulling them off along with my boxers I walked inside as nude as the girls.

The building wasn’t the immense type of barn house I knew from westerns, but a smaller model, maybe designed to hold a few horses. The place was abandoned and empty, save for a large mass of hay that covered the ground. I heard giggling sounds as I approached the main room.

I turned the corner. Summer and Jessica laid in the hay at the far end of the room with their asses in the air.

«Come on Alex. Take your reward and allow us to show you the affection you so rightly deserve.» Jessica said, turning her head over her shoulder to look at me. She slapped her ass playfully, as did Summer.

Walking up toward them I was standing with one babe to each side. They slowly rose up on their knees and turned around, their eyes widening in awe as they saw my erect member. Eager hands engulfed it, feeling it as it stiffened further in their grip. I decided to let them lead the show. They seemed more than experienced in the art of lovemaking, and I was eager to see how these beauties were going to reward me.

Summer and Jessica were like mewling kittens, writhing around, desperate to have my cock inside them. I patted their heads tenderly before I watched as the two of them began to work on me at the same time. Jessica slid her tongue up on my cock from the base, then Summer repeated the motion from the other side, mirroring their actions in perfect sync. Their eyes didn’t divert from my gaze as their heads drifted closer and closer, until they had completely engulfed me. My enormous cock was now sheathed between them in a tunnel of lusty lips as they worked in perfect unison to pleasure me.

Jessica whimpered and panted with need as Summer forced her sexy thighs apart and began to finger her sopping pussy. Jessica had a pained expression as she regarded me through half-closed eyelids and swiveled her hips in response to Summer’s probing fingers. I growled with lust as they kissed and tongued each other’s mouths, keeping my oozing crimson head between their pouting lips, slathering me with their warm spit and tantalizing me with soft kisses and long licks over my veiny shaft.

Summer lifted her sopping fingers and slurped her co-star’s juices from them.

«I think she’s ready Alex! Her pussy is so wet you’re going to slide right inside her!»

Jessica rose up as she met my eyes with a hungry smile. I took the brunette goddess by the hands and guided her out on the floor where we began our copulating.

Embracing the naked woman before me I lifted her up by her ass like she weighed no more than a feather, slowly lowering her down on my throbbing member. Jessica wrapped her legs around my back and her arms around my neck, whimpering in pleasure as I filled her. Bottoming into her, I bowed my legs slightly before I began to lift her up and down, thrusting into her in this standing position. It didn’t take long for us to get into a fast and steady rhythm as I tightened my grip on her ass to hold her steady. Her face leaned in on mine and we began to kiss passionately, our tongues sloppily entwining within our mouths as the entire barn echoed with wet slapping sounds.

I always enjoyed lifting my lovers like this, as it gave me complete control over them. The backside was that it quickly took its toll on my arms. Pushing Jessica against the huge principal post in the middle of this room, I steadied myself as she continued to probe my mouth with her tongue. Her eyes were shut and nothing but primal whimpers escaped her. Summer had watched us as we started, but she wasn’t content letting Jessica getting all of the attention. I sensed movement below us as nimble fingers snaked their way over our skin. Suddenly Jessica broke our kiss and cried out, as did I. Summer was on her knees, right below Jessica, and had begun to lick both of us at the same time. Her tongue slimed over my dick and found its way up to the point were our sexes met before she moved over to Jessica. Summer’s talented tongue teased Jessica with loving licks.

«Oooooh, Summer! Don’t fucking stop!» Jessica cried.

She made no intent of stopping, but instead doubled her efforts. Her tongue was like an overheated snake that slithered around between our pelvises.

Jessica was beginning to feel a bit heavy in my arms, having supported her body for minutes. I was about to set her down when she wanted to try something else.

«Alex! Hold me still and move out on the floor. I’m going to take a handstand!» she gasped.

«Are you sure?» I asked, impressed by her acrobatic initiative.

«Don’t worry, I know Kama Sutra. Let me show you!»

«Alright! I’m holding on to you now.» I said as I carried her into the middle of the hay.

I held her by her hips as she let go of my neck. Bending her upper body downwards, she rested her hands on the hay-strewn floor. Showing great body-control, she kept her right leg wrapped around my back while I hooked her left atop my shoulder. She was right - this position was definitely something a practitioner of Kama Sutra would be proud of. Not only did it look ridiculously great (someone should’ve filmed us), but it also eased access to her pussy, and I no longer had to support her entire body.

As soon as she was in position I began pumping into her again, desiring to push us both to climax. Jessica panted like mad as she let herself be fucked in her upside-down position.

Summer hadn’t forgotten about us, but this time she wanted Jessica to provide the pleasure. Moving down on all fours she reared her firm ass over Jessica's face, raising it up so the other girl had full access to her. Jessica didn’t mind this extra challenge and dove into the nether regions of the young woman before her.

«Mmmh, yeah! Eat me out Jessica. Yeeessssss! Mmmmmmmmmhhh! Nnnnnnnhhhhh!»

«Mmppppphhhh, mmmmmmmhhh, ssssmmmmqmpppphhhh, slllllmmmmmppphh!» was all we could hear from Jessica as she buried her face between Summer’s legs. The position had gotten even saucier - combining all three of us as we sought mutual orgasms. Minutes ago we had all been in a life-or-death situation. Now we celebrated life with a hot threesome taken straight out of a porno!

Jessica was quicky closing in now, her half-muffled moans getting louder and louder and her legs opening up into a full split. Summer was close as well as she began arching her back. Feeling my balls tightening, I intensified my thrusts into Jessica as the three of us rutted our way straight into Paradise. In just a few seconds we cried out almost simultaneously.




An orgasmic explosion consumed the three of us. Jessica contracted tightly around me as I shoot my load into her - our juices mingling together inside her while Summer came all over Jessica’s face, her body twitching as Jessica attempted to drink up as much as she could. It was a fleshy spectacle of twisting bodyparts, but I held Jessica as steady as I could while our orgasms subsided.

Finally releasing her legs from around me, I lowered her body slowly into the hay before laying down beside her. She was completely drained of energy - panting in exhaustion. Moving up beside me she laid her arm across my chest.

I took the opportunity to rest for a moment, but I knew that Summer wasn’t going to leave me alone for long. She was far from done, having just been «warmed up» by Jessica. Demanding her own fill she leaned up on her elbow, making sure she got my attention by wiggling her tongue towards me.

I motioned for her to come over. Jessica moved away to give Summer room as she squatted over me. Thanks to her naughty tongue-trick I was rock hard again, and the thought of fucking both of these delicious brunettes inside a barn as some sort of reward turned me on like nothing else.

Lowering herself downward, Summer grabbed my dick and made sure it slid inside her. Keeping her eyes shut, she gasped out in pleasure as I filled her.

I let my hands explore her nimble body - moving my hands all over her flesh, groping her pert tits, sliding my hands over her ribcage, over her calves and ending up with a tight grip on her ample ass. We stared deeply into our eyes as Summer began riding me like a supercharged cowgirl - her pace was fast and intense. I expected her to slow down after a minute or so, but instead she increased her pace and sped up - her riding becoming so fast I felt like she was jacking me off! She sure had lots of energy this young woman, like her insane vigor was a mockery of the deadly situation that had almost ended her life.

I heard Jessica gasp beside me in awe, stunned by Summer’s unbelievable stamina. With seconds away from coming, Summer began panting and moaning like a bitch in heat. Strengthening my grip on her ass I pulled her back and forth on me, driving her crazy with lust.

Feeling her explode around me was heavenly, but I managed to control myself. I just wanted to get Summer off first before I took care of my own release.

Collapsing on top of me, Summer planted a kiss on my lips before she rested her head on my chest - her body still shaking on top of me as I continued to thrust inside her. She spoke tiredly.

«You didn’t come, did you?»

«No, not there yet.»

«Please Alex! Just use me. Use my body to make yourself feel good.» she sighed.

Taking control I turned Summer around so she laid back in the hay. Taking her by her ankles I lifted her long and shapely pins upwards. Testing her flexibility, I proceeded to bend her legs backwards until her feet touched the ground behind her head - the submissive position pushing her ass up invitingly from the ground. I plowed into her again, pounding her hard as I kept her legs behind her head. Smacking sounds once more filled the barn as I used Summer’s hot body just like she desired. Tossing her head from side to side until she was in a blur, she cried out as she lost herself completely.

I sensed movements beside me. Unable to control herself, Jessica was down on her knees as she watched me fuck her co-star - fingering her pussy with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other. She mimicked Summer like an empath and whined loudly.

The scene surrounding me was so hot I couldn’t hold back any longer. Summer was close too.

«Oooooooooh, I’m almost there!»

«Me too!

«Mmmmmmm, fill me up!

«Will do! Babe, here I come! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!»

«Yesyesyesyes! IloveitIloveit! nnnnnnnnnggggggh, ahhahhhhhahhhhhahhhhhaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!»

Grabbing Summer’s ankles, I pushed her legs down hard as I came, emptying my balls deep into her womb as she strangled my cock. Intense high-pitched shrieking echoed through the barn as both girls reached their second and third climax of the day. Summer’s uncontrollable motions sucked me dry, milking my dick, until I had nothing left to give. Finally pulling out of her, I rolled over to the side.

Summer tucked herself into me on my right while Jessica laid down on my left, both babes wrapping their arms and legs around me. Drained of energy, the three of us took a well-earned rest in the hay.


We must have dozed for about twenty minutes or so when I heard the beeping of my cellphone. I couldn’t make out where the sound came from when I remembered it had left it along with my clothes at the gate. I slowly separated from the tangled girls and went outside. Once again it was Atkins.

«What’s up?»

«Hey Alex. It seems like there’s a major traffic jam because some lunatic just fired an M72, causing an immense explosion at a gas station that holding up the guys from LAPD. They have their hands full, so It may take them some time before they reach your destination.» he said, sounding like he was apologizing for a major mistake he was responsible for.

«No problem, that will give us a little more time to… Figure things out,» I said, as I stood naked outside the farmhouse. «So how long before they arrive?»

«Chief Kelsko said they would be there in about one hour if they don’t encounter further setbacks.»

«Another hour? No problem at all. Tell them they don’t need to hurry.» I smiled before I hung up.

Turning around I beheld the spectacular view of the valley surrounding this property. For one moment I thought I saw a flash of light up in the hillside. My eyes were playing tricks on me? I found it hard to believe there were any windows or buildings up there that could cause such a reflection, but I didn’t think more of it then.

«Girls, the cops are slightly delayed.» I yelled to them inside. «One hour until arrival. Do you understand?»

«Oh, we heard.» someone said, followed by a fit of giggles. «That’ll give us more time for round two!» another voice said.

Walking back inside, both girls laid side by side in the hay, raising their legs skywards with naughty smiles on their faces. Their sweaty bodies and unkept hair filled with strays of hay made them look like a couple of horny redneck sluts. It was not the kind of thing any straight male could turn down.

Joining them for «round two» I thought about how the boundaries between reality and fantasy were sometimes vague. Thankfully, the hero getting his reward wasn’t something that just happened in fiction.

NEXT: Playing in the costume storage with Kelly Hu.

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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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Good job as always.

That action scene was really well done, really well written there.

These two women are people I've heard of, but only really in passing. So it's nice to see them here.
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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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I've read many Dean Koontz books, never imagined I'd see him referenced in a story on here.

More excellent work as always. You are hands down the best new writer on this site. You should get on discord and get involved in the community on there.
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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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You have written a really great series @Nidhogg. One of the best new series I've read on here in a good while. I like the fact that you have written about a diverse selection of celebrities. I am really enjoying it and hope you continue.
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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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I've read many Dean Koontz books, never imagined I'd see him referenced in a story on here.
I've read just about everything the man wrote from the late 1970s to mid-nineties. He was a master when it came to the dark action/thriller stuff I sometimes try my best to recreate here. He wasn't shy about lewd details either.

You have written a really great series @Nidhogg. One of the best new series I've read on here in a good while. I like the fact that you have written about a diverse selection of celebrities. I am really enjoying it and hope you continue.
Oh, I'll definitely continue (I'm barely 10% done with my schedule), although the episodes might be released less frequently than these last couple of months.

I always wanted to write a long-running story with a diverse selection of women. The thing that attracted me to stories like Journal of an Agent which I sometimes reference, was the enormity of the situation - the main character didn't keep to one single woman, and he had such a vast amount of girls to chose from there were only a few repeats.

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Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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I'd love to see Michelle Trachtenberg in here at some point, just not sure if she was of age during this story takes place lol, as she was a child actress.


Re: Decades of Decadence [Newest update: Summer Glau + Jessica Biel]
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Can't wait to see what is next to come in this series.


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I'd love to see Michelle Trachtenberg in here at some point, just not sure if she was of age during this story takes place lol, as she was a child actress.
I'm considering miss Trachtenberg for an episode right now actually, even though I never had much of a relationship with her (never cared for Buffy). She starred in the first Black Christmas remake in 2006, which had one of the prettiest female casts of all time, and I realized I needed to do something about that. Btw: She was born in 1985, so she's 19-20 years old in the current timeline of my story.

Can't wait to see what is next to come in this series.
I have a pretty decent idea about the schedule for the next 10 chapters or so, but we can take that in the story ideas forum for those interested...
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I'd love to see Michelle Trachtenberg in here at some point, just not sure if she was of age during this story takes place lol, as she was a child actress.
I'm considering miss Trachtenberg for an episode right now actually, even though I never had much of a relationship with her (never cared for Buffy). She starred in the first Black Christmas remake in 2006, which had one of the prettiest female casts of all time, and I realized I needed to do something about that. Btw: She was born in 1985, so she's 19-20 years old in the current timeline of my story.

Can't wait to see what is next to come in this series.
I have a pretty decent idea about the schedule for the next 10 chapters or so, but we can take that in the story ideas forum for those interested...
I watched her in Inspector Gadget first (that movie didn't age well), and then thought her name sounded like I had read it before when I saw the cast of EuroTrip. Since I'm blind I couldn't just see her and notice it was her lmao. Also she can speak both english and russian if that means anything.


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Episode 9

Because of the costume-focus, I intended for this to be done before Halloween, but there were some delays.

Kelly Hu is criminally underrated, partially because she never became a superstar. I’d say she was at the zenith of her power back when this story takes place.

Codes: cons, MF, facial, costumes, damsel-play, male domination

Starring: Kelly Hu   

This story is smutty, sleazy, morally corrupt and will probably make you into a worse person. Consequently, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

This story is FICTION. It did NOT happen. The people portrayed in this story do NOT act this way in real life.

October 2004

«Canadian bear hunter!»

«Oh, come on! Give me something more feminine.»

«You say women can’t go bear hunting?»

«No, we can’t. There’s only sewing, cooking and making babies for us.»

«What a shame… Hey! So how about this then, it should be right up your alley: «Suburban stay-at-home-mom!»

«Yes, that’s more like it. Give me five minutes and I’ll be out.»

I stood outside the open doors separating the costume department from the rest of the place, listening to coat hangers being ripped along metal hinges. My female companion would soon appear in front of me and perform like she was strolling down a catwalk. Then she would shower me with cheesy oneliners and act out a role based on the cue card I had read her.

Standing inside this confusing maze of a wareroom, I was astonished by the immense size of The Caldera. The owners of the place had been trusted benefactors and providers of costumes to film studios and theaters all over town since Clark Gable’s time, but its days as a major supporter was coming to an end. In a few months the building would be torn down and anything salvageable would be removed and sold to numerous studios and interest groups. It would be one heck of a job, because the vast amount of props and stables of clothing numbered in the ten of thousands.


A few days earlier, Conrad had requested someone to check out The Caldera and decide whether or not StarGazer should invest in its inventory, which would soon be released onto the market. The owner of the place, Dietr Hidalgo, ruled the place with an iron fist. At first he didn’t want to let anyone inside what he considered his own private cash-cow, but a call from StarGazer made him change his mind.

Although this was a job that any errand boy could do, I had taken the initiative myself. For one thing; undertaking a simple formality like this was far more exciting than the tediousness I could expect at the Bowerton. Maybe I could even salvage some costumes for the upcoming Halloween parties. After all; no-one wanted to see a replay of last year’s disaster when Greg had showed up as The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.

The second thing, the thing that made this trip that much more engaging, was that I wouldn’t go alone. Another person had insisted on tagging along - the beautiful and exotic Kelly Hu. During a visit to StarGazer she had raised her eyebrows when the business at the Caldera had come up.

She came rushing in the day before, scheduled for a briefing with Greta and her right-hand woman Cora. Kelly had been a long-time client of the firm - her relationship stretching all the way back to the early nineties, ever since she starred in that awful Friday the 13th sequel. Her veteran-status meant she was speaking freely with everyone, and even seemed to get along well with bigwigs like Conrad. It was rare to se him interact with people of a stature less than the mega-powerful, but I watched them speaking together like old companions inside his office. A platonic relationship I guessed, although you never knew with Conrad.

I never had a chance to get up and close to her before now. She was always easy on the eyes, with er ethnic mix of Asian, European and Hawaiian ancestry, but her style that day caught my eye. There was something incredibly charming about such a gorgeous woman clad so casually - white shoes, a simple white tennis skirt and a black shirt. Nothing that oozed sexiness, but attractive all the same.

Conrad had just informed her about my recently celebrated birthday, and Kelly insisted on giving me a present. At least, that’s what she said when we met in the lobby-area that day. When I told her about my trip down to The Caldera she had danced in front of me like an excited puppy.

«Alex, let me come with you! Pleeeeease? I know The Caldera inside-out and you would surely get lost in there if you go alone. This is a job for a janitor, or someone who’s been there. I’ll help you with whatever Conrad want you to do.»

«Help me? Kelly, this will be a trip down to map goods and material of potential interest to the company. You want to be part of a boring job like that?» I said, hiding the fact that I had requested it myself.

«This won’t be boring if you just know how to do it right Alex. It’ll be fun! I promise!»

«Riiiiight! Okay, I’ll be happy to take you with me. Unless don Corleone have objections of course.»

«Eh, Conrad is cool with it. He’s let me do whatever I want around here for over a decade, so I can’t imagine he would be against me giving you a hand.»

Although this was far from an unwelcome surprise, it was still a surprise. What was in it for her?

«You seem overly eager to come with me Kelly.»

«Oh, you know… You had your birthday.»


«I haven’t got any brown-striped tie to give you, so instead, why not take you on a trip somewhere exciting?»

«LA’s largest storeroom is your definition of somewhere exciting?»

«Like I said - it’s all a matter of perspective. Lemme tell you, there are endless possibilities to be used down there.»

«Hmm… Okay, you’ve got my interest.»

«Fine! Pick me up tomorrow and I’ll show you all you don’t know about gigantic storerooms.»

«That’s some offer Kelly!» I laughed.

«It sure is! Deal?»

«Deal it is!»


So this was my birthday gift from Kelly; a guided trip inside a costume department. She was right though - this sure beat the usual tie bullshit.

Her initiative sounded fair enough to me, but I sensed ulterior motives. Sure, I had the opportunity to get away from a desk job, but what was her story? Tagging along just to celebrate my birthday sounded far too convenient. Not that I was complaining. She was acting bubbly as we got together the next day, and as long as Kelly had fun I was all for it. Like the day before, she was clad in a casual manner - black pants with a Hawaiian shirt. Once again, I was stuck by how innocent she looked in modest clothes.

Entering the huge building, we were immediately greeted with shelves the size of Manhattan.

«Look at all this stash! We should’ve taken the entire StarGazer team with us and launched a party in here.» she said as we walked between the aisles towering above us.

It reminded me of being inside the most grandiose supermarket in the world. For cinematic context; it looked a heck of a lot like the warehouse from the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Who knew what kind of government secrets laid hidden here. Area 51 could’ve been built inside here and no-one would’ve noticed.

«Sorry to disappoint you Kelly, but there are no other people here except us today. That was all Hidalgo would allow. Remember, we’re only here to make a status update. If any of this is salvageable I need to know.»

«Boring! What we really need is to spice things up!»

«And how exactly are we going to do that?»

«I told you yesterday - I can think of certain things and conjure up some magic.»

«I’m sure we’ll have the time to do that afterwards. Not to mention Halloween season is right around the corner. That’s the proper time to freak out.»

«Yeah, but why wait? We have plenty of time and space to freak out in here.» she said and pulled something out from her purse. It looked like a stack of cards. Was she going to play poker?

As we moved deeper inside, I noticed the various content of this place. Anything that goes into the making of movies, commercials, TV-shows, programming, theatre and such? It was all here. I saw pirate gear, props made for historical epics, extravagant backdrops built for medieval costume dramas, sci-fi miniatures of large space ships, a 1/8 size restoration of a battle cruiser for some war drama. As we closed in on the costume department we passed an open tent that must have been used as a set for stories like 1001 Nights and its like. Kelly seemed fixated on it for some reason.

«See anything you like?»

«Uh, what?»

«You seemed interested in that tent. Is there an upcoming Scorpion King sequel that I should know about?»

«Nah, it’s only that… Well, this place hasn’t changed a lot since last time I was here. I recognize the set pieces, and as far as I can tell they haven’t removed anything. Maybe with the exception of some green-screens. They shot commercials and shorts inside here during the nineties.»

«And I’m sure Hidalgo got royalties from it.»

«Oh, he got more than that. He was in total control over the place. As we speak, he’s moving into the casino business up in Nebraska.»

«So I heard.»

«He’s a man with the right connections. Connections of a certain kind… Ah, there it is.» she said and pointed.

It looked like someone had put a building inside a bigger building. The costume-area laid like a calm little island in the midst of random and hastily arranged sea of rubble. I was about to ask Kelly what I needed to know about the content stored inside this section, but by now she had slipped back into the giggly persona I had encountered yesterday - she jumped around like a kid who was let loose inside a candy store. Telling her to calm down was futile, so for the time being I decided to play along with whatever game was on her mind. Hence the cue-cards. I had confused them for play cards, but when Kelly handed me the stack I realized they were white cards with short descriptions written on them - different roles, stereotypes, characters and assignments. Where she had gotten them I did not know. Probably from some board game.

«Alright, read one of these!»

I stared at the deck in confusion.

«Yes! Read me the content of the first card and I’ll go inside and see what I can do about it. Wait here, and I’ll give you a show.»

«This is a game?»

«Kinda. Why do you ask?»

«I wasn’t prepared for this to be all fun and games. Is there going to be any point to this?»

«God, I didn’t expect you to be this fogey. The point of this is to have fun!»


«Oh, cmon. Just do it.» she said annoyed.

«I can…»


«Okay, okay, okay! I’ll do it! Geez!»

«Great! I’ll wait inside for further instructions.»

She went through the opening to the costume-area. I heard laughter and giggling inside each time she recognized some of the artifacts. Conrad might not be happy about this, but then again; who in the hell would turn down a private show for this woman? I was as resistant as a dehydrated prison-escapee trying to say no to a bucket of ice-water in the middle of the desert.

«You’re ready Alex?» came from inside.

«Alright Kelly, here we go.»


And so we had begun. My order of «bear hunter» had been dismissed in favor of «suburban stay-at-home-mom». It wasn’t a role I could ever imagine Kelly in, but she had been eager to give it a go, and here she was - clad in a long and slime-green maternity dress that was suited for a woman ten years older, five sizes bigger and fifty pounds heavier than her. Pretty as she was, she looked completely awkward in it.

«What do you think?»

«Nah, doesn’t suit you.»

«How can you say such a thing? Being a mother is a woman’s duty! Who are you to criticize my choice of being an obedient doormat, welcoming my hard-working husband late in the evening?»

«He’s working at that nearby power plant I assume?»

«That’s right. He’s working twenty-five hours overtime every night so he can afford to buy me that luxurious oven that can bake and do dishes simultaneously.»

I never get tired of being around actors. They are always coming up with gags and oddball quirkery on the spot.

«Lucky man!»

«Do I detect sarcasm in your voice?»

«No, no, I just…»

«Apologize now, or I’ll hunt you down with my rolling pin!»

«So sorry about this miss…»

«Don’t «miss» me sir, I’m a ma’m.»

«So sorry ma’m. Would you like another card? I have one right here.» I said and pulled another. «Western vigilante.»

«Hey! I can do that!» She lightened up, dropped her act and went inside for a new costume.

From where I were standing I had only a minor glimpse of it, but the inside of this department was far messier than the exterior would make you believe. Had I followed her inside, I doubt I would be able to make out where she was. One thing’s for sure - this was a place that housed valuable stuff of unimaginable size. Luckily, Hidalgo was quite hard on security and had everything wrapped under his care with digital locks and all sorts of hi-tech shit. Even digital motion sensors were installed, although they were disabled as soon as we entered.

Someone spoke behind me, and I turned around.

«Hands up you fiend! This town is about to be cleansed of criminal filth!»

«I give up miss…»

«My name is miss Rawhide! And unless you tell me the hideout of the Baker gang I’ll wipe this town clean off the map! Those scumbags killed my sister and raped my dog!»

I put my hands up mockingly and ogled her outfit. This was far sexier than the boring maternity dress. Her legs were covered in boots and wooly chaps that exposed her crotch area, panties included. The wrangler shirt of hers was put on in a hurry, revealing her white lace bra, and a giant stetson cast her facial features into shade. I couldn’t say she lacked enthusiasm. It was like watching a little girl playing with mommy’s wardrobe.

«I’m innocent. Please spare me.» I said as she pointed plastic colts at me.

«And why would I do that Alex. Or should I say… Ringo, scourge of the western plains!» She began pulling the triggers frantically, producing nothing but dry clicks.

«Because if you don’t, you don’t get to change into…» I pulled out the next card, «Japanese geisha.»

«Oh, hey! This one could be fun. And I know exactly where to look…. I’ll be right back.»

She ran back inside, her gun belt jingling.

Looking around, I saw there was an actual set for a western movie situated behind us. If we had more time we could’ve arranged a duel there. Further back, there was a street taken from a 1930’s cityscape, and behind it laid something resembling a Chinese village. I had spotted artificial sets from six or seven different eras and places when Kelly returned.


«Wow, they have those kind of clothes lying around here?»

The full costume was a lovely sight, and would seem genuine for an untrained eye - a decent replica of a minimal kimono. It would be impossible to dress up as a proper Japanese geisha in such a short time, however, Kelly had made a decent effort. Her jet-black hair set up in a bun behind her head, coupled with her exotic looks underlined the semi-believable appearance.

«They have! I know this, because we did a screen test some ten years ago. Some arch-idiot of a producer wanted to establish a «neo-asian wave of historical dramas!»

«What the hell did he mean by that?» I scoffed.

«Beats me. He was one of those narcissistic auteur types who believed he deserved to play with Spilbergian budgets simply because he had the right VISION. Anyways, for this screen test of his he forced me to wear one of these things. I was in my early twenties and naively thought my big break had come.»

«I admit, you would’ve played a wonderful geisha.»

«I’m half-Asian remember.»

«Half-asian is more than enough to play Asian characters wouldn’t you say?»

«Oh, yes! They’re after people with only the tinies bit of the right heritage nowadays.»

«That should be something to celebrate at least, considering the cultural appropriation we’ve seen in the past.»

«Yeah, but we’re not there yet. They even put white women into these kind of roles.»

«After John Wayne played Genghis Kahn I wouldn’t be surprised.»

«What?» she said, looking flabbergasted.

«I kid you not! John Wayne played Genghis Kahn in The Conqueror back in the fifties. Don’t believe me? Look it up!»

«Holy shit! The hell did they think with that casting? He didn’t look the tiniest bit Asian!» she laughed.

«No, but he was a huge star. And that was sufficient for the guys in charge.»

«Wow! Just wow!»

«That’s Hollywood for you.»

«Okay, enough about that! I need something more. Give me something more. Gimmegimmegimme!»


«Try to find something classy.» she said as she walked inside - her oversized kimono sliding along the floor as she turned the corner.

«Okay, so I’ve got one here…»


«Come up with a solution to this: Sassy archeologist.»


It took her only four minutes this time. Running into view, she was clad in short shorts, a tight and form-fitting white shirt and a helmet made for caving expeditions that was probably the closest she came to one of those fancy head gears archeologist used in movies.

«Any forgotten tombs nearby?»

«Yeah, but I believe that Indiana Jones guy went in there and found this ark that turned everyone into goo.»

«Fuck him. He’s a novice who can’t even handle a couple of snakes. And he haven’t got legs close to…. THIS!» she exclaimed and lifted her left leg onto the rail beside the door, looking like a centerfold with her shapely pins exposed from shorts to slippers. She wasn’t shy about showing off skin.

«Definitely not. And I don’t want to imagine Harrison Ford attempting anything like that anytime soon!»


Spending time with her was great, and her playfulness was a joy to behold, but suddenly I got plagued by this feeling of not doing what I was supposed to do. It’s strange, but there are times I get this sickening sense of duty that even pretty women can’t shake.

«I dunno Kelly… Conrad may send me to Siberia if I don’t bring results back tomorrow. I came here to check out this place, and I would be grateful if we could get to it. You may still wear those costumes if you want to.»

«You don’t find this amusing?»

«I’m…. I’m having a great time Kelly, but you aren’t involved in the corporate Gehenna I find myself in. I think I’ll need to activate professional mode now, or someone very powerful will kick my ass very powerfully.»

«Okay, but please, give me one last quest. We can afford at least one more, right?» she said, pregnant with intent.

«Right… I’ll see what comes up next then…»

«Don’t skip a single card. I want to hear it.»

«Very well. This one here is…»


«Uh… Arab damsel in distress.» I said in a low voice.


«You’re okay with this?»

«Goddamn right I am! Give me a few minutes and I’ll rock your world.» she half-yelled and ran inside.

The way she had met this challenge told me this would surely be the highlight of the day, outranking even the western-costume and her sexy archeologist. The role I had just given her underlined some sort of vulnerability, and the proper costume would be able to convey that just fine. I already had some idea. But how far was she willing to go? I hadn’t waited more than five minutes when Kelly sang out to me.

«Alex? Are. You. Ready?»

«Ready I am!»

«Okay, fasten your seat belt for here I come!»

Footsteps approached. They weren’t the sound of shoes on concrete, but the soft padding of someone walking barefoot.


My breath got stuck in my throat for a moment. I had expected her to be fearless, but I wasn’t prepared for that.

«Do you like?»

«Does your mom know you’re wearing that?»

Kelly had starred in The Scorpion King just a few years prior where she had exploded pants worldwide with an outfit that showed off her great body. The similarities to the garb she now sported were plenty: A blinding amount of sexiness, showing off her tanned body in a way that was intended for a far hotter climate, possibly out in a scorching dessert.

The textiles (barely) clinging her body were skimpier than anything legally allowed in a family feature. A tightly fitted bra kept her breasts barely restrained, while a short veil covered her face. Wide open bedlah pants cascaded down her shapely legs in a transparent turquoise wave, held up by a golden belt. It was a midriff-baring dream which left nothing to the imagination.

«So, how does this please you,» she sang, before adding; «master!»

«It brings me endless amounts of joy Kelly! What has gotten into you?»

«You question my dutifulness to pleasure my master?» She gave her body a twirl which caused a storm somewhere in the Amazon a few months later.

«I’m…» It was difficult trying to find anything to even fucking say.

«I told you - I like reenacting roles, no matter what kind. That’s why I became an actress y’know! So why not put some effort into it!»

«Stands to reason. So how are you going to act this one out? I’m genuinely curious.» Fuck me! From where this was going, she wouldn’t be satisfied with a simple act. Something else was in the air!

«Easy, we need a proper scenario. Use your imagination.»

«That what you have done so far, and you’ve done it excellently.»

«Okay, imagine this…» she said, shifting into a dramatic tone suited for a voiceover to some fantasy blockbuster: «In the… uh, faraway continent of… Calderastan… there’s a never-ending war raging - a war between good and evil. The forces of Evilistan have invaded the land of… GoodLand whose citizens pray for a hero. In this world there are only buff manly hunks, and the weak, innocent, helpless women who cover in fear as they wait for their menfolk to save them.»

«You would have a ball writing plot descriptions for Hallmark.»


«But how do you want to reenact such an epic saga inside here? There was almost Lord of the Rings dimensions over that scenario Kelly.»

«Sorry, but I am not this Kelly you speak of.»

«You’re not?»

«No sire. I’m Jasmine.»

«A fitting name for someone with that outfit. Okay Jasmine… So how do you intend to realize this story of yours?»

«We just pretend we’re citizens of the empire. You save me from great evil, and then… there’ll be a healthy reward. Sounds fair?»


«Oh, I’m sure you know what kind.» she pouted and swayed her body again in a suggestive wave that caused a temporary eruption in Kilauea, thousands of kilometers away.

I knew that intent all to well. In her playful state, I was certain she needed just a minor nudge to unleash the beast. And I was about to figure out what kind.

«Okay… Well…»


«I see… I know how we could do this. I think…»

«I’m listening.»

«You wanted us to use our imagination, right? This fantasy empire of your is situated here. Right here in the Caldera. And so is everything else. Fantastic beasts and massive dragons could be lurking just around the corner inside this giant hall right now.»

«You’re serious?»

«Oh yeah!»


«I am! As a matter of fact, one giant specimen just flew by. I saw it when you were inside.»

«REALLY?» Her eyes widened and her voice quivered with fright.

«Absolutely. Would I lie about something so serious?»

«OHMIGOOOOD IT’S COMING TO KILL US ALL! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!» she screeched and rushed past me while her hands flailed wildly in the air.

I smacked my face hard enough to bring tears as I tried to hide my laughter. Here was one of the most badass actresses in America. She had played Lady Deathstrike for fucks sake, and now she was putting on a performance reminiscent of sexist female representation in fifties and sixties’ B-movies. And she was doing it in a costume so exotic and skimpy a stripper would feel ashamed. One thing’s for sure - she played the damsel in distress role to perfection.

I heard her footsteps fading away, but I was fairly certain where she was going. Managing to conceal my laughter I followed her and peeked around the nearest corner where she had fled. I saw no Kelly, but I continued down the same way we had arrived. Soon I stood outside the large Arab-looking tent. Someone was inside, evident by the light that now shone through the walls.

I looked around. There was no way anyone would disturb us here.

Pulling the blinds aside I peeked inside - immediately spotting a large mirror standing in one of the corders. The place didn’t have real oil lamps like a genuine nomad camp, but relied on hidden spotlights that cast shadows along the walls. The lack of natural light couldn’t hide the fact that this was modeled to be a tent peopled by beduins and sheiks in some Arab setting. As if to prove this, there was a delicious piece of seductress lying on the pillows in front of me. It felt like I was entering a teenage wet dream as I walked inside.

«Welcome hero! If you are here I can only assume you have slain the terrifying dragon.» she said with a seductive gaze. She moved up into a kneeling pose and pushed her chest forward, presenting herself like a sex worker in some ancient red light district.

«Indeed! It was a close call, but the flame-spewing bastard had to give up at last.» I said, urged on by Kelly’s seriousness. I was reminded of Conan the Barbarian, who could always look forward to bedding a willing wench after having taken care of dangerous beasts and corrupt generals.

«Ooooh, you really did it! I knew you would! You’re a real man!» she said as she rose up, scissoring her legs alluringly as she swayed over to me. Her pants flailed around her legs, her small delicate hands reaching longingly out to my body and slid along my abs. «A real hero! You’re a real hero,» she said in a tender voice that could’ve made it as a serious line from a fantasy-melodrama, «and we all know a real hero deserve his reward.»

«He does, doesn’t he?»

«Oh, yes! Let me show you how much!» she said as she unfastened her bra, exposing her breasts - medium sized and absolutely irresistible. She caressed them and tilted her face up to mine to see how they pleased me. Subconsciously, I was aware that I was undressing, but I was so fixated on the woman before me I didn’t notice. I did this while Kelly unfastened her belt and removed her minimal garments, exposing her body completely - getting both of us naked almost simultaneously.

«Mmmmm, I see that you like me already master!» Kelly smiled at my dick pointing directly up at her. With those words the naked woman got down before me.

Situations like this are the ones where I’m not entirely sure if I am awake or asleep, because you’re barely conscious when the hot stuff begin. Kelly had begun to bob her head on my dick before I even knew it - her lips feeling like they were designed to worship cock, sucking on my large member deeply as she arched her back and put her entire body into her performance.

I wasn’t going to interfere, but I felt like I needed to do something as well. Seeing her go down on me, it was only natural I got her off as well. Motioning for her to get down on all fours, I moved over her so I had access between her splayed legs. Her body shuddered at the feel of my fingers touching her snatch, and there was a yelp of satisfaction as I began fondling her clit. In seconds I was moving my fingers over her sex as she continued to work on my dick. It was sort of an awkward position, but it gave me plenty of opportunities to warm her up, encouraging her to give me back with all her might. Bending over her entirely, I had to balance myself on her upturned ass as she sucked me off. I rammed two of my fingers inside her, feeling the moistness of her warmth watering up gradually until wetness had juiced up her lower tights. It was like turning on an oven before gradually adjusting the temperature until the machinery overheated. Kelly was surely on the verge of a massive meltdown if her half-choked moans were an indicator.

Not one to hesitate, I sped up my movements until my hand moved in a blur. As Kelly’s panting escalated I felt her juices surge forth. No longer managing to keep her lips on me, she let go of my dick as her body was racked by unimaginable pleasure and her floodgates finally burst open.


Kelly’s juices literally exploded out her pussy, covering my hand and the pillows underneath as her body quivered like she was connected to a battery and received electric jolts. After about ten seconds of what must have been absolute ecstasy for her, she collapsed. She needed almost a minute before she had recovered enough to be able to lift her head up towards me.

«Oh master…. Thank you so much for the pleasure you forced upon this unworthy slut. I do not deserve such honor!» I wanted to counter with some barbarian macho-bullshit, but Kelly didn’t give me the chance. She was eager to continue where she left off. «Now let me take care of you and show you how a real whore satisfy a man!» she said before she launched herself back onto me.

The force kelly put into her attack would be enough to send any men into a fit of raging joy. I had to really restrain myself as she sucked me off, gripping my fingers into the silken material beneath me so I wouldn’t immediately fire my load down her mouth. Kelly was surely a queen of cocksucking - no doubt one of the most experienced women I had encountered in my stay here in Hollywood. The idea that the character she played had trained at some sort of sex-school added fire to the juvenile fantasy aspect, but right then it made all sense in the world and only enchanted this oriental saga she was reenacting inside The Caldera.

In her brave attempted to cram my dick as far down her throat as possible, she never forgot to work her tongue - snaking it all around my cock whilst moving her entire mouth back and forth, covering my entire length in long agonizing strokes. Her mouth-job gave off a series of squelching gulps that would’ve sounded absolutely grotesque if they hadn’t been so damn sexy.


Spit and salvia came drooling out of her mouth in massive waves as she turned herself into my personal sex-toy. Deep-throating was a skill not unheard of among the female clientele of Hollywood, but Kelly was taking me to levels of pleasure I barely knew existed. Groaning heavily, I could only stare down on her in awe. Swallowing up those last couple of inches, her nose was soon pushed into my pubic hair. She held herself there for a second, staring up into my face with a look of depraved pride before she closed her eyes shut and began moving on me again. Slurping gargles came from deep down her throat canal.


«Aaaaaahhhhh, that’s great Kel… I mean, Jasmine!»

It was impossible not to be impressed how she willingly impaled her face on me. Most girls I had been with were satisfied, not to mention rather proud, if they could take as much as 2/3 of my length, but Kelly wanted it all. Every single inch of me! Her eyes were on their way up into her head as she continued to punish her mouth. Mascara had smeared all over her face, making her look like the most depraved slut imaginable - resembling a skanky streetwalker I had picked up on my way here.

The lewd visual in front of me would’ve been enough to detonate any man, but I managed to control myself and instead focused on Kelly finding pleasure by turning into my personal sex slave. After all, she was still playing her costume game, and she played it to perfection. Forcing her face into me again, she held herself there. Then the seconds started to clock.


I couldn’t imagine she would be able to keep this going for much longer, as this sort of rough exercise would take its toll on her, but Kelly was determined on pushing herself as far as her body would go to live out this damsel fantasy of hers. I had removed my hands from her head, because she would need to get some air any second now. Any second. Any.

«HOT DAMMMN!» I exclaimed as she kept her mouth glued to my cock for another ten seconds.

She finally reached her limit moments later. Her head catapulted backwards as she inhaled a gargantuan mass of air in one of the the heaviest and raspiest gasps I had ever heard.


Did she just set a world record? It sure sounded like it!

«Holy shit! Kelly… I mean, Jasmine! Are you okay?»

«Of… of… course… master!» was all she could muster, sounding close to hyperventilating. She needed a minute to calm down before she continued. «This is the minimum of what a real slut ought to be capable of. My apologizes if my performance offended you.»

«Not at all! This was magnificent. I may consider not selling you into slavery after all.»

In the midst of her sexual role-play she still had time to grin at my comment.

«That pleases me master!» She wrapped her long and dark hair into her fist and held it back towards me, motioning for me to take hold of it. «Here! Take my hair and fuck me! Use me! Control me like the whore I am!»

Those words! They fell so natural, and yet felt so unnatural coming from the mouth of the elegant Kelly Hu. I wasn’t hard to ask though. Kelly was not only comfortable with this power-play - she openly encouraged me. I reared up behind her, tucking her hairy whip into my right hand so I could hold her steady. I was ready to take her hard, because I had a feeling Kelly would disapprove of anything else.

I pressed my stiff cock against her dripping pussy. She whimpered at the feel of my head entering her, and then her body stiffened and she exploded in a loud squeak as I moved into her whilst simultaneously tugging her hair hard, filling her in one powerful thrust. I felt her contracting around me, gripping me hard. I had been cleared for what would come and wasted no time slamming into her, doggy style. Loud fleshy sounds filled the tent, and Kelly’s pleading song rose to an ululating wail as I fucked her. She seemed so small as I drove her back and forth on the ground in front of me - each thrust sending her into stuttered gasps of sexual obedience.


Letting go of her hair, Kelly crashed headfirst into the jade-colored pillows before her. I wanted to see how far she wanted to take that submissive role-play and moved above her. Pressing her head down into the pillows, I put all of my weight onto her, giving me a chance to ram her harder. Ploughing into her again, I attacked her rear end with bestial force - the smacking of my pelvis colliding with her ass so loud it sounded like gunfire. Kelly buried her face down into the pillows and SCREAMED. There and then I didn’t know if I actually got her off this hard, or if her insane shrieking was a playful act of submission. I didn’t mind either way, as I relished the sight of her ass cascading violently from my powerful thrusts.

I wasn’t done with her, but fucking her this hard took it’s toll. After barely a minute I needed a rest. Finishing by giving her four or five concussive thrusts, I dismounted her and laid back onto the pillow tower behind me. I admit this power play had its own sort of specialness to it - fucking a willing slut until she literally shrieked in pleasure and ended up facedown with her ass in the air. Now I knew how those medieval sultans felt when they had an entire harem to play with.

Kelly came to her senses and rolled over to face me. Her face was red and damp, and her matted hair reminded me of a chaotic crow’s nest.

«Master…» she gasped. «Do my body please you?»

«It sure do Jasmine!» I said, but I feigned disinterest to see how she would react. A real sheik would surely test his harem girls to see if they were fully obedient, right?

«Then please, lay still and let me take care of you again!» she slurred, and waddled clumsily towards me on her knees.

She moved over my lower body and turned around so her ass was hovering right above my dick. Sliding her hands up and down my legs, she rested them on my ankles to balance herself. She was about to do a reverse cowgirl with a full squat - a powerful position for a woman who wanted to pleasure her man to the max. Holding my dick in my hand, she did an experimental downward thrust on it, getting it back inside her. She quickly moved her hips upward… before crashing back down again, sinking further down onto me. I wondered if I should give her a helping hand, but right then I enjoyed the body-work she put into her performance - her hips already beginning to rock and roll on my dick.

I smacked those honey buns and was met with a squeal. Kelly took my roughness as encouragement and began to bounce her ass in a furious tempo. After that killer blowjob, I was astonished she had this much left in her, but it wasn’t long before ecstatic moans filled the Arab night I imagined right outside.


It was difficult to keep my hands away from that delicious rump, so I gave in and caressed it roughly as she bounced on me. Kelly, loving the feeling of my hands on her ass, glanced over her shoulder, her eyes squinting and her mouth hanging open in a «O» as she rode me hard and fast.

«You like that? You like that, huh? You like fucking little Jasmine, huh? You like Jasmine riding your huge cock like the slut she is? Huh? Huh? Huh?»

In my delirious state I might have asked myself whether this was as good as it got, but I would have to dismiss myself as I glanced to the large mirror to my right: Watching an exotic-looking woman riding me inside an Arab tent, her hips bucking so hard her hair flew around her face as she wailed in submission. I still didn’t know if her oversexed role-play was put on just for my pleasure, but right then I didn’t care. I was receiving one of the best birthday presents imaginable and enjoyed every second of it.

She kept her pace for another minute, but manic determination or not, Kelly was only human, and her ferocious ride gradually slowed down.

«Tired yet!» I taunted her, but I spoke through gritted teeth as my cock was still in her tight embrace.

«Oh, master…» she began, bucking herself into another rut, but her voice told me she was about to spend her last reservoirs. It was a great opportunity for me to take command.

«Slow down girl. I’ll take over from here.» I demanded as I ran my hands over her ass and pushed it down on me completely, forcing her to stop her movements.

«Oh, okay… Okay master!» she slurred, and came to a halt.

Taking her by her shoulders, I drove her upper body back towards me, forcing her to collapse over my chest. She gasped mindlessly as if she didn’t know what I was up to, but she got the point quickly enough as I began to move my body upwards. With Kelly still on top of me, my dick lodged deep inside her snatch, I was able to lift her whilst slowly rising up. Kelly moved her hands backwards and slung them around my neck so she would hang suspended safely.

With a heavy grunt I lifted Kelly’s body off the ground, causing her to whine aloud. Steadying myself, I held her underneath her taut hips. Holding her up like this was challenging, and fucking her would be a race against the clock before I either lost my grip on her, or she pushed me over the edge. Making the best of it, I turned around so I could watch the two of us in the mirror.

«Nnnh, you love the sight of us in the mirror, master?»

«Hell, yeah! Hang on Jasmine, because here we go!»

Tightening my grip on her, I began bucking my hips upwards, plowing her cunt hard and causing an explosion of joy in front of me. The position wasn’t easy because it took a lot of effort on both of us; on me holding her up, and on Kelly keeping her grip around my neck as she hung in mid-air. What made it all worth it was the thrill of watching myself fucking this gorgeous woman so hard her entire body shoot, her tits jiggling wildly as I used her.

Tightening my grip underneath her hips, I pushed her legs upwards until her knees touched her shoulders and her feet swung freely in the air beside her. She wasn’t as flexible as Zhang Ziyi who had managed to dangle both her feet above her head, but Kelly’s hot body was surprisingly easy to handle - her upturned legs making easier access as I pounded her cunt.

The visual in front of me was so hot that I knew there and then that I hadn’t got more than a few seconds left before I unloaded. I was reminded of her stint as The Sorceress from the Scorpion King, and I now realized her role-play had essentially been a sexually exaggerated version of that character. Thinking about that made things even hotter, and Kelly’s filthy mouth didn’t help as she lost control of herself and shouted exotic vulgarities of which I had rarely heard before.


That did it! I didn’t want to cum inside her, so with only seconds left, I sat her down on the ground in arms that had began numbing.

«Kneel down Jasmine!» I grunted, jerking myself towards release.

Kelly knew exactly what I wanted and opened her mouth and closed her eyes shut, flipping her matted hair away from her face to prepare for my load.

«Here we goooo! AAAAAAAAHHHH!»

Unleashing my hot ball sauce all over her, I aimed the first shot straight into her mouth, then proceeded to shot it all over her pretty face. It flew over her nose, her eyelids were covered and a few shots landed on her chin and neck. I was amazed how much I had stored up as I continued to jerk my dick in her face, drowning Kelly Hu in cum. She took it like a champ and broke into a wide grin as my seed began covering a large part of her face. As my orgasm finally subsided her face was plastered in goo. I saw that some had landed in her hair, and parts of it were now running down her breasts.

«Oh, master, you liked me THIS much!?»

Smirking, I laid back down in the giant pillowy landscape, catching my breath and watching Kelly putting on a final show as she scooped my cum on her fingers and lapped it up. As far as I was concerned, the role-play had come to it’s cum-splattered conclusion. 

«I don’t know if anyone’s told you this, but you’re a fantastic actress Kelly.»

She acted like she barely noticed my compliment and continued to lick her fingers.

«I told you - I love acting. Doesn’t matter what kind. You just take what comes your way and make it happen naturally.»

«You’re a natural. That’s for sure!»

«A girl’s got her needs!»

Compared to the jolly personality earlier on, she suddenly felt a bit cold and distant - acting satisfied by having had her «fill» perhaps. Yeah, this was definitely the fulfillment of a fantasy, and not just a «birthday gift». Shaking my head, I stretched out and relaxed in the pillowy landscape, staring up towards the tent-roof and enjoying my last seconds as the mighty warehouse sultan.


Suffice to say, I didn’t bother to do much real work that day. Having bid my farewell to Kelly, I ended up back at Bowerton with empty hands. The day after I had nothing more than excuses to give Conrad. I never had to worry as he merely gave my (carefully planned) explanation a shit-eating grin that told me everything I needed to know. This guy knew way too much of how his employees spent their time.

The Caldera was eventually demolished and its content spread all across the country - some of which ending up in the hands of StarGazer. The one thing I ultimately gained from it was an Italian Renaissance outfit which would make me the star of the night if someone threw a party with historical dress code.

NEXT: A photo shoot with Kate Beckinsale and Elena Anaya gets out of control.

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