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Hotter Than Hell (Kiernan Shipka)
« on: October 18, 2021, 07:42:54 PM »
Hotter Than Hell
Written by Calibur009
Credit to DarkSwordsman for his help.
Starring: Kiernan Shipka

Halloween is finally here and the online traffic for the popular social media site IG Live is at an all time high. The reason for this is because Kiernan Shipka had been teasing that she would release a special unreleased video tonight for all of her fans. When the actress finally goes live she is wearing the same cheerleader uniform as her character Sabrina Spellman. She walks closer to the camera and begins speaking to everyone who is watching her video.

“Hey guys! Now as promised I will be sharing my very raw and steamy unreleased video with you all tonight. But first I’m going to tell the story about how it all came about.” *chuckles*

“Last year we filmed a music video called Straight To Hell. Which I looked amazing in by the way! It was done to promote season three of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. After the video wrapped my co-star Gavin Leatherwood and I decided to hang around on set and film some additional footage.” *winks*

“We had so much fun too! In fact the video we made ended up being so explicit that I’m not even sure Netflix would stream it. With that said here is my unreleased video Hotter Than Hell! I know you guys are going to love it and Happy Halloween!”

Kiernan then smiles and waves goodbye to the screen as her video fades to black.


The opening begins with a title card that says Hotter Than Hell. It soon transitions to Kiernan dressed in a black top, leather skirt and knee high boots as she walks through the gates of Hell. The camera then zooms in closer to her pretty face as she looks at the screen with an evil smirk before letting out a wicked laugh.

A musical montage of the Sabrina actress dancing in her cheerleader uniform while holding a pair of pom poms is then shown. Seconds later the video cuts to several shots of Gavin who is shirtless and bound in chains as Kiernan continues her dance routine.

The video soon switches between Kiernan dancing and her sitting upon a throne wearing a black crown and long dress. The backdrop behind her now depicts occult and satanic imagery as well. As the montage progresses the footage continues to switch between Kiernan’s dancing, her sitting on top of the throne and Gavin in chains.

When Kiernan’s performance ends she is now shown wearing her cheerleader outfit and standing face to face with Gavin who has been freed from his chains. The couple then embrace and share a kiss.

“Oh my god! It worked, Gavin. My dancing was so hot that it saved you from Satan.” Kiernan said in a very cheesy tone. She then looks at her co-star in a lustful manner.

“Yeah! Thanks for saving me.” Gavin replied with a grin. “So what do you want to do now, Kiernan?”

“Hmmm! Judging from that spike in your jeans, I think you know what I want.” Kiernan responded with a devilish smile. She then begins making out with Gavin once again while the backdrop gives the appearance that they are still in Hell.

After Kiernan finishes kissing Gavin she looks in awe of his chiseled physique. The platinum blonde then drops to knees and begins unzipping his jeans. She is then met with Gavin’s long hard veiny cock which almost smacks her face.

“Holy shit!” Kiernan exclaimed as she looked up at Gavin with her brown eyes and began stroking his dick. She soon begins licking it up and down before inserting his cock into her mouth and sucking like no tomorrow. *suck* *slurp* *suck* *slurp* *glug* *pop*

“Ohhhhh! It’s so big and hard!” Kiernan said before wrapping her painted red lips back around Gavin’s cock giving him another blowjob. As the starlet blows her co-star she begins jerking him off using both of her dainty hands. She then alternates between licking Gavin’s balls and sucking his dick.

Gavin grins before groaning in pleasure from how well the Sabrina actress is expertly polishing his knob. When Kiernan finishes tonguing his balls she returns to sucking his cock again while making loud wet noises.

“I love sucking your cock, Gavin!” Kiernan said in an aroused tone as she continued to orally pleasure her co-star’s hard dong.


Just like magic a video cut happens and cuts to Kiernan who is now fully nude as she sits upon the throne. Meanwhile Gavin’s head is buried between her thighs licking away at her twat. She then begins playing with her small breast and moans in pleasure as he eats her out.

“Mmmmmmm! Fuuuuck! That tongue feels incredible.” Kiernan cried out. “Yeeeeaaaah, please don’t stop!” *moans*

Gavin began licking Kiernan’s pussy faster before using his right index and middle fingers to finger fuck her as well. This of course causes her to moan even louder.

“Ughhhhhh! You’re going to make me cum!” Kiernan said before having several orgasms. “Oh fuck! I’m cuming!” *loud moan*

Another video edit now shows Gavin plowing at Kiernan as she remains seated on the throne. The handsome actor uses very swift strokes as he fucks his hot co-star. The blonde actress then spreads her toned legs even wider as Gavin continues to move his dick in and out of her pussy.

“Uhhhhh! Keep fucking me just like that!” Kiernan screamed out as Gavin continued to give her one hell of a dicking. She soon begins rubbing her clit as her co-star pounds her hot box. “Oh my god! Fuck me good!” *moans*

Gavin does just that as he begins thrusting in and out of her twat faster than before. Kiernan soon places her hands onto the hunky actor’s strong shoulders as she moans in pleasure once again. He then lifts and holds up the actress’ left leg and begins pounding her hot box faster.

The video soon cuts to Kiernan as she is riding Gavin while he is now seated on the throne. She rides her co-star’s cock at a rapid pace as he holds onto her hips. As Kiernan bounces up and down on his cock, Gavin begins sucking on her hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhh! That feels so good!” Kiernan said while she continued to ride Gavin. The actress soon begins gyrating her ass swiftly while grinding hard on Gavin’s cock. Kiernan then moans very loudly as the dark haired actor bangs her twat.

The actress soon encourages Gavin to fuck her faster which he does. She then smiles and lets out even more moans of sexual pleasure. “Oh my god! You’re fucking me so good, Gavin!” *moans*

A couple of minutes pass as Kiernan is now shown holding onto the throne and looking back at Gavin. He is thrusting in and out of her pussy like a madman while holding onto her hips. The Sabrina actress once again moans in pleasure from the way her well-endowed on screen boyfriend is fucking her.

“Ughhhhh! Holy shit! Kiernan screamed out as Gavin continued to slide his long dick in and out of her wet pussy. Meanwhile the flames of Hell depicted in the backdrop have now intensified. “That’s it! Fuck me good, Gavin!” She then moans in pleasure again as he fucked her from behind.

Minutes later Kiernan is once again riding Gavin’s hard cock but this time reverse cowgirl. The couple are now quite sweaty from their intense fuck session as well. As she continues to bounce up and down on Gavin's dick, Kiernan is in a state of pure ecstasy. She smiles and begins riding his cock faster.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cuming!” Kiernan screamed out as Gavin continued to fuck her. After a few more thrusts Gavin was about to climax himself. “I want your cum now!” *moans*

Kiernan then dismounts Gavin and knees in front of him while taking a hold of his cock. She then begins jerking it until several streams of hot sticky white stuff splashes across her perfect face.

“Fuck! That was fantastic, Kiernan.” Gavin said before taking a few deep breaths.

“Thanks, Gavin!” Kiernan said while still sporting a cum facial and stroking her co-star’s cock. “I’m so hot right now. In fact you could say that I’m Hotter Than Hell!” The blonde starlet then looks at the screen and winks before the video cuts off and fades to black.

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Re: Hotter Than Hell (Kiernan Shipka)
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Really enjoyed this. There is a distinct lack of Kiernan stories out there so I’m glad you’ve rectified that with this hot little Halloween piece. Great work!
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