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Author Topic: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter  (Read 7100 times)


Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:41:16 AM »
Disclaimer: As usual, don't believe anything you read here. Obviously it did not happen. Anyone thinking otherwise has problems. This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Whatever you do, do not copy this story to any other site.

Authors note: A little different in writing style. Not so nasty haha. As you were kind enough to put a porn star section, I felt I needed to do something haha

Tonight’s Girlfriend – Kagney Lin Karter
I was staying the night at a hotel by LAX on a stopover of one day. Knowing that evening I would have time to myself, I had made an appointment to see Kagney Linn Karter through a friend of her Mia Lelani who I had seen several times before. Porn doesn’t pay as much as one would think so these girls often do escorting to supplement their income. In fact, escorting was way more lucrative than porn. And took less time. And I have been told is often more fun! During one of our after sex pillow chats, I found out that Mia and Kagney were friends. Kagney had always been “my girl” in the porn world. So when I found this out, my reaction was obvious. A couple of sms later and Mia told me next time you are in LA text her. She is expecting you. Whoowee. Fortune would have it I was going to be in LA a month after that. Making the appointment was easy with Kagney and we agreed on the “donation” and the time, date and place.

The day, or evening arrived and a knock on my door. I tried to be cool about it but what the heck, swung the door open and there she was. My porn princess with a huge grin on her face. As requested, she was dressed down in jeans, t-shirt and jacket. Flat shoes. She came in and gave me a hug. My first feel of that body. I could not believe it. Some observations. She is shorter than I thought. More nasal than I remember and had a bigger ass than expected. Haha And she smelt wonderful.

We went into the room and sat on the sofa to chat. I paid her the donation immediately as I find this usually settles the girl down that I am genuine and not going to do a runner. We chatted and she was great. I did poke her at one point to say…whoa…it really is you. I think she appreciated being someone’s dream! After about 15 minutes of yakking, she excused herself to the toilet.

I got up and looked out the window. From my room you could see the runway of LAX. Great fun watching planes take off. Of course you could also hear the damn things and they are noisy.

I did not hear her approach from behind, but I knew whose arms those were that wrapped around my belly from behind, as did those massive breasts that were pressed against my back.

"Oh, you can see the runway!" She observed. “And you have had a shower I see. I like it when clients prepare.” She laughed.

Kagney let go and stepped towards the small lamp beside the sofa, the warm light that it offered allowing me a good look of her sexy body. She had taken off her jacket and wore a sheer white t-shirt and I could see that her fabulously large tits were capped with hard pink nipples which poked through the shirt. She had removed her sneakers as well.

"Whatcha think? Do I measure up" she asked.

"Of course, geez…. Come here." I said.

I stepped forward, wrapping a hand behind her head and the other on her lower back to draw her up into a kiss. Immediately she stuck her tongue out and we meshed our lips together and I enjoyed breathing in the sweet scent of her blonde silken hair. My hands were on auto roam over and back and down to her ass which I squeezed through her jeans. She allowed her body to grow slack as I gripped her close. Finally I let go, my cheeks flushed, my heart a-flutter already. I couldn’t believe it.

"Ummmm, you have nice lips." She said.

I let go of Kagney, who sauntered over to the sofa and gestured for me to sit. Controlling my excitement, I moved over and sat down. Kagney reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head, shaking her hair loose after it was off. My god, her tits were magnificent. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. No panties! All this time, she never stopped grinning. She bent forwards, allowing her breasts to hang down enticingly as she helped me pull down my trousers. With my briefs out of the way, Kagney reached for my pole which stood tall and firm. I was a little intimidated as I knew of the dongs that Kagney was used it. But what the heck. She was mine for the evening so a 7 inch pole it would have to be. Sorry Kagney haha. She kneeled between my legs. Her lips parted in a gasp, immediately replaced by a smile as she bit her lip. Her hand wrapped around my manhood and she gave the tip a soft suck. My eyes met hers, as I watched her stroke my cock, her hands running up and down the length as she sucked on the tip. Then without warning, she gulped the whole dick down, easy as pie. Her nose was against my belly as she deep throated me! After almost a minute of this, with my cock twitching with her sucking, Kagney took a break as she took my cock and buried half its length between her tits. Her warm flesh felt fantastic as she squeezed them like the softest dough. Even though she had a boob job, they were not rock hard. Firm but actually yielding. She started her tit job slowly, giving the tip a lick and spat on my dick, allowing her drool to trickle down along my shaft and disappear between her cleavage. I clutched the armrest Kagney massaged my cock between those orbs. After a minute of this, she returned to sucking my dick again at which point I reached forward and put my hands on Kagney’s tits! Again, another unbelievable feel. I squeezed and massaged her tits and then pulled her to her feet by them to get on the coach. She got on her knees and rested her arms on the backrest, offering me herself in doggy. I wasn’t sure what to think here. Was I going bareback? I didn’t even dare dream. So I got up and rubbed my dick against her ass crack and then below against her pussy lips. She was surprisingly wet I though. I kept rubbing myself like this in the hope she would take the hint and get the cap. Then I realized that she had walked in holding a phone and nothing else. She had no bag and thus had no lube or condoms like girls usually have.

She turned round and said “Put it in me. You have been with Mia so I trust you”. I couldn’t believe it.

I hastily aimed my dick at her pussy and just pushed it in. Oh my god. She was so wet. And I was fucking Kagney Linn Karter bareback!! Of course these thoughts did me no good as I started trusting into her and watching her ass cheeks jiggle and within 10 trust I felt myself coming. She sensed it also and said “Don’t come in me!!” I pumped two or three more times and pulled out and unloaded a huge load over her ass and back. Some of it got into her hair as well which I was a little embarrassed about. I felt excited and disappointed at the same time as I had fucked Kagney but had lasted all of 45 seconds!!

“Can you get me a wet warm towel please” she said snapping me back to the present. I jumped off and went to the bathroom and returned with a towel which I used to clean her back and ass.

She smiled at me and said “that was a load”. I hope you have more in there as we still have lots of time! Usually it takes me a while to recharge but this time, I started getting hard again immediately. She giggled and said “Let s go to the bedroom”.

She held my hand and pulled me with her to the bedroom where she jumped on the bed and on her back and spread her legs. “Eat me” was her simple request.

I hoped onto the bed and in between her legs and dived right in. The lights in the room were on full blast and with the crisp white sheets, Kagney was a goddess lying there with her legs spread. Again I was impressed that she was so wet. I pressed my mouth onto her entrance and focused on my tongue prying apart her folds and darting into her tight hole. She squirmed and clutched her massive breasts. She kept saying “thank you, thank you” which I thought was a little odd but later found out that a lot of men don’t want to go down on her and she loved oral.  Her feet pointed and flexed as i explored her insides, sucking on her juices. I sucked and licked her clit which seemed to have an effect and used a finger to assist my tongue. Kagney grinded her hips to my face, urging me on to go deeper and pleasure her further. I pulled back and sat up, my chin and mouth damp with Kagney's pussy juices as I marveled at the sight before me. Her entire body was shaking not from the cold of the aircon but from the pleasure as she squeezed her tits, her legs apart showing her cunt area slick with her juices. I grasped my pole. Her eyes zeroed in on my dick and as it drew closer her fingers rubbed on her clit, her body tense with excitement.

"You ready for part two?" she laughed. “Come on and fuck me” she said as she lifted her legs up opening herself to me.

I chuckled as I leaned in, running my hands along those beautiful firm legs (she feature dances so super fit) and lifting them up higher before running a hand along Kagney’s amazing body, the smooth belly, the slim waist, squeezing her massive jugs. I guided my cock in, the head pushing in with surprising tightness as I pushed in deeper, slowly entering her. Kagney held onto my upper arms rubbing them as I entered her. I was determined to do a good job this time! I was halfway in when I started to pull back. Then I pushed in again, sending myself balls deep into her cunt. I moved at a rhythmic pace, grasping her hips, squeezing her tits and just basically touching or fondling every part of her body as we both watched my cock going in and out of her, her breasts juggling up and down hypnotically as I started to pound harder. Unlike on the sofa, this time Kagney moaned with delight, as I squeezed her swollen tits. My pace increased and the squelching sound of her pussy was clear. Again I was shocked at this as I thought she would be dry after all the cocks she has taken in her life.  I was driving deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I felt my balls slap her bottom each time I buried myself in her. She looked at me and puckered her lips and I bent down to kiss her again. Our lips parted as I continued to pump my cock in and out of Kagney. I could feel myself swelling as I neared release, and her body seemed to sense this as she tightened her grip. Her breasts were coated with my spit as I continued jamming my cock into her tight pussy.

"Give it to me, but don’t come in me she reminded me."

"Give it to me, Daddy." She said.

I froze at that word as it felt so “dirty”. But at the same time I think my dick might have swelled slightly at this word!

She thrust her hips slightly, her pussy holding onto my cock like a warm vice. I didn’t want to come so pulled out and lay down and had her mount me. She wasn’t expected this and struggled a little to get up. My stiff cock was towering up as she straddled me. She raised her hips and with one hand guided my cock to her entrance. She slowly slid down, the cock burrowing deeper and deeper into her tight space with ease. She reached out her fingers to mine and our fingers intertwined as she held me for support as she slowly bounced up and down on my pole, her obscenely large tits dancing up and down. She started bouncing harder up and down on my cock, her hair flying as she grinded her hips, thrusting herself in and out of my cock. Her voiced firmed up, just as my hands were on her tits as I began to thrust my hips, and Kagney rode in tune, her heavy breasts bouncing under my hands as she moaned with each thrust of my cock.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me! Give me your cock!"

"Give it me" Kagney urged on, her breast bounced and collided with each other. "Cum, let's cum together!"

But for whatever reason, it wasn’t happening this time. After almost coming in missionary, now I couldn’t feel myself coming when she was riding me. I think she started getting tired and slowed down and got off. She got on all fours and said “come fuck my ass”.

I think I gulped loudly and she laughed and said “You have paid for the whole works now come fuck my ass. You can come in my ass”.

I must have jumped up off my back and got behind her. She spat on her fingers and rubbed a whole lot of spit on her asshole. My dick was still slicked up with her cunt juices as well. She looked back at me and my disbelieving face and laughed and said “It took me an hour to prepare so you better fuck my ass and fuck it good”. Duh….

"I want your cock now. Start slow, then let me have it." She said.

I slapped her ass on both cheeks pretty hard, a splotch of red forming on each. She yelped and laughed. Smacking both her cheeks once more, a little harder than before I asked “where do you want it?”

I spanked her again until she replied, "My ass. I want it in my ass! Fuck my ass good."

I crouched down behind her and with my cock in hand, I told her, "I'm gonna fuck you." She wiggled her ass at me and said “Go on” as I crouched further down and put the head of my cock against her asshole. With my knob pressed against her sphincter I moved it a bit to prepare her. I pushed firmly, almost instantly popping inside. She moaned "Uum-m-m!”. She exclaimed, "Fuck-k-k YES!". She didn't wait for me to proceed and shoved her butt upward to get more of me inside. "All of it! Give it to me!" I complied, dropping my body weight on top of her to sink my cock all the way in. The feel of my balls slapping her flesh was surprising. I was balls deep in her ass! I started slowly, wanting to make sure my cock was lubricated enough. It isn’t exactly the smoothest place to put your dick I have to say. Making several short strokes, she nodded so I began to move more. Pulling out until just my knob was inside, I forcefully drove back in. She gasped, but also smirked at me. I could feel her muscle clenching on my shaft as I picked up the pace. I pulled her legs straight and pushed her back down as I wanted her spread eagled and flat on her tits on the bed. In position, I entered her again this time and rose above her to drive downward into her ass. She grunted when I hit bottom this time. I became wild, determined to fuck her senseless and use her body. I started slamming down into her, her ass cheeks jiggling as my hips hit them. I grabbed her hair in my hand, tugging her head back hard. The sound that came from her throat was just as crude as the way I was fucking her. My grunts mixed with her moans and yelps as I drove her into the bed. Her screams urged me on until I exploded in her ass. On the final stroke I jammed my dick in as deep as I could, emptying my balls into her ass. I said “take that” under my breath. It just felt like the thing to say. I almost pulled her hair from her head when I yanked backward, my pelvis jamming hard, my cock driving her body flat to the bed while I gave her my spunk. I fed her everything I had. Jerking repeatedly, it spat from my shaft. Finally done, I collapsed on top of her, pinning her beneath me, but not caring because I wanted to make sure I filled her with all the cum I had, staying in her until I shrank and fell out.

Her body was hot and sweaty beneath me. She was still panting for air, her eyes closed and a look of total satisfaction on her face. She's face down, her legs spread open, her asshole red, and obviously stretched wide open. Cum is leaking out of it. She laughed as the cum started coming out of her onto the bed. I made a mental note to sleep on the other side of the bed that night!

I went for the warm towel again but this time she said she would shower to clean herself out. We sat after and had a little more of a chit chat before time was up. We took a selfie, hugged and she told me to let me know when I was next in town. And I closed the door on my porn princess as Kagney left. But I have memories that will last a lifetime.
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Nice work! I like Kagney quite a lot and I know some other folks on here will.
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Great work. Is this a series you have?
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Great work. Is this a series you have?

Wasn't planning on it but guess could consider a few other stars :) Just need to jog memory a little haha

Potential problem is there is no variation to seeing escorts. They come to your room you pay them you chat you have sex they go. Occasionally you may do a social date but that's it?
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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That was fucking hot. No one else writes about porn stars like this.

If you do make it a series, I'd love to see some former porn babes turned escorts.


Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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That was fucking hot. No one else writes about porn stars like this.

If you do make it a series, I'd love to see some former porn babes turned escorts.

Thanks but like I mentioned it is hard to do a series as there really is no variation to seeing a porn star /escort. I can't repeat the whole chit chat/social time with the girl haha  And that would be the main difference. Some girls are good to speak with and some just want to get you off as quick as possible cause they want to get on with their own affairs haha

The sex is basically the same except maybe for the anal bit. And of course the majority of them will use condoms unless maybe you are a regular.

Unless you have a suggestion I am open to it :)


Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Sorry some amendments as I read back on this. Somehow having the computer find and replace words is not a good idea. haha

And spelling errors. But guess it didn't really matter haha


Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Wow, that was hot and nasty. Just the way I like it .
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Just a picture depicting the final bit haha
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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Just a picture depicting the final bit haha

Can't get enough of Kagney sometimes, she is so fucking hot and amazing.
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Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
« Reply #10 on: September 18, 2019, 08:20:06 PM »

Just a picture depicting the final bit haha

Can't get enough of Kagney sometimes, she is so fucking hot and amazing.

I hear you. She can be a little kooky but when she is up for it is amazingly hot.  8) :P


Re: Tonight's Girlfriend - Kagney Linn Karter
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