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Author Topic: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 43 Posted 11/12]  (Read 92477 times)


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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 41 Posted 8/30]
« Reply #165 on: August 30, 2021, 08:01:22 PM »
I'm always a big advocate for frantic, pent-up car sex, especially when what caused the pent-up desire was just so insanely hot. The idea of Taylor "losing" that little erotic battle of will in the restaurant was very, scorching.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 41 Posted 8/30]
« Reply #166 on: August 31, 2021, 09:28:41 AM »
Fun chapter. The buttplug was a nice surprise.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 42 Posted 9/22]
« Reply #167 on: September 22, 2021, 04:50:57 PM »
Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  This is not real.  It did not/will not ever happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Forty-Two: So It Goes
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral, Public, Swallow

Present Day

The sound of labored breathing filled the room as dumbbells clattered to the ground.  Standing tall and stretching, Taylor felt the burn surging through her muscles as she grabbed a towel and wiped down her body.  Sitting back down on the bench, she took a long swig from her water bottle.  Brushing away the stray sweaty blonde strands clinging to her forehead, she looked towards the door as it opened and Cole entered their home gym. 

“Up already?”  He asked coming over to plant a kiss on her, sweat and all.

“You betcha.”  She said, with a quick glance towards the window and the rising sun that was peeking through it.  “This body doesn’t just happen.  The wedding is right around the corner and I want to look really hot in all the photos.”

“It’s impossible for you to look anything but.”  He said rather suavely.

Rolling her eyes at him, but smiling nonetheless, she took another sip of water.  Walking over to another bench, he began picking out the weights for his usual routine. 

“This gym isn’t quite like the one we’re used to in New York.  Is it?”  She asked from behind him.

“Not really, no, but I don’t mind.  I kind of like the privacy.  And I’m pretty sure you do too.”

“Well, it’s not like we didn’t have privacy at the other one.  I mean, think about some of wonderful workouts we did there together.”  She said, unable to suppress the sly grin creeping up her face. 

Securing his weights on the bar with a huff, he dusted off his hands, turned around and returned her knowing smile.

“Can’t argue with that.  Although, that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the equipment.  Or the gym for that matter.”

“I don’t know.  I think it had something to do with your equipment.  You’ve always been a great workout partner.”

“You’re not half bad yourself Swift.”


I had gotten a text from Taylor that morning, asking if I wanted to work out together that day.  It wasn’t all that unusual; we were known to be the occasional workout buddies.  Sometimes that also translated to fuck buddies, but that had not been the case in a long while, ever since her now over a year long relationship.  Firing off a quick response, she quickly responded with a time.  Changing into my workout gear, I headed over to the gym, figuring I would walk and get a head start on the workout.  It didn’t take all that long at a brisk pace.  The routine was familiar to me by now and when I arrived, I provided proof of my identity, already on the guest list of Taylor Swift.  Escorted to a private room, it was essentially our own private gym.  Standing around, I stretched, waiting for her no doubt imminent arrive.   

The entire floor was covered in thick mats with mirrors taking up an entire wall.  Various machines, weights and every kind of equipment imaginable was available for our personal use.  I wasn’t waiting long, before she strode into the room, alone and unaccompanied.  Tight spandex hugged her entire body like a second skin.  Her hair was a still a shade lighter than its natural color, a remnant of her short lived Beachella style.  I couldn’t help but give her a covert look up and down as she greeted me with a warm smile and a tight hug.

“How’s it going?” I asked as we broke apart.

“Eh, I don’t really want to talk about it.”  She stated rather matter-of-factly.

That piqued by curiosity. Taylor was always a talker.  “Something on your mind?”

“No.”  It seemed a lie.  “Let’s just work out.  Lifting first?  Spot me?”

I let it go, as clearly, she didn’t want to share what was bothering her.  “Sure thing, I’ll spot you.  Then you can spot me.  We’ll see who can keep up with who.”

Snorting with laughter, she reached down for her weights.  We passed the time chatting and catching up as it had been a few weeks since we had spoken.  After all was said and done, Taylor still wanted to get in some cardio.  Despite the sweat clinging to her supple blonde body, she had plenty of fire left in her.

“Wanna do a little sparring?  Bit of boxing?  I learned some moves on the set of Bad Blood.”

“Bad Blood, huh?”  I asked, raising my fists and adopting a quick-footed stance.  “Show me what you got, Catastrophe.”

Putting her fists up playfully, she squared off against me and said, “So, it goes like this…”

The fight was more for show than anything else.  We never even made contact with one another as we squared off, going back and forth until Taylor took it too far and swept my leg out from right underneath me.  Hitting the mat with a *THUD*, she was on top of me in an instant.  Pinning me to the floor, she held me there as I half-heartedly squirmed in her grip.

“There ya go.”  She said smugly, her beautiful sweaty face only an inch away from mine.

There was an intense, heavy silence as we stared at each other for a moment.  Before I knew was happening, we were kissing.  Long.  Deep.  Passionate.  Her tongue was halfway down my throat before my brain finally caught up with my body and I pushed her off. 

“What about Adam?”  I asked, even as something large and solid surged to life within my shorts.

“It’s over.”  Taylor said quietly, sadness falling across her face.  “We’ve been fighting.  Then he went did this unforgivable thing…we had this huge blowup and I haven’t heard from him in days.  He’s gone.  It hasn’t gotten out yet in the media.  Almost no one knows.”

“Swift…” I started to say.

But what could I say?  That I was sorry?  Could I really honestly say that?

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She said, still staring intensely at me.  “I…just want to fuck.  To fuck you.” 

Before I could respond, she was kissing me again.  Part of me wanted to talk more about this.  To see how she was.  To help her through this. To show her I wasn’t just some rebound lay she could bang whenever a relationship ended.  But this wasn’t the first time that this had happened.  And it probably wouldn’t be the last.  So instead, I kissed her back, fiercely.  The taste of her tongue intermingled with mine as our bodies wrapped around one another.  Rolling her over onto her back, I rested my full weight against her as we sank into one another and the padded floor beneath us both.
Our tongues wrestled back and forth in a vigorous game of tonsil tennis.  Feeling her up, my hands roamed over the lithe curve of her body hidden beneath the second skin of spandex.  Rolling over again, I found myself on my back as those cupid-bow lips soon left my own, making their way downwards as her hands scrambled to peel off my shirt.  Coming off with almost comical ease, my shorts were tossed aside, sneakers kicked off without hesitation.  Pushing my legs apart, she settled between them, kneeling with her ass high up in the air.  The tubular protuberance held back by my underwear seemed to stare back at her before she revealed it to the open air where it stood tall above me. 

“There’s that big fat cock I fuckin’ wanted.”  Taylor said, practically drooling as her upper lip curled and beheld the stiff member in all its fleshy glory.

The flat of her tongue extended as her chin hit the mat, back arching incredibly and presenting that delectable ass even higher up in the air.  I could see the fabric of her leggings straining in the reflection of the mirror.  Any focus on her rear vanished when I felt the broadside of her writhing pink mouth organ press against the base of my dick.  In one long quick lick, she had bathed the veiny underbelly in saliva.  Suddenly perched at the tiptop of my cock, she opened those pretty pink lips wide and took the head into her gullet before dropping all the down to the base without a second’s hesitation.  No warmup.  No teasing.  Just go.  And when she hit the bottom, she bounced back up to the top in the blink of an eye.  Bright blonde head suddenly bobbing viciously along throbbing pole, I kicked and squirmed atop the mat as a visceral surge of satisfaction surged through me.  Big blue eyes looked at me, blinking innocently, as she serviced my member with blinding speed, precision and just the perfect amount of slop.

“Fuck!  Swift!”  I groaned, moving just as quickly as her name would imply.

The rounded curve of her nose bumped my groin with every pass, leaving behind a slobbery layer of spittle whose warmth trickled down my shaven balls and onto the mat as she blew.  Groans, grunts and curses were all I could managed as she superbly sucked me off.  Closing my eyes and blocking out the incredibly erotic sight, I pressed my head back into the mat and reveled in sheer solace of her oral skills on full display here.  I only opened them again when I felt the vacuum cleaner that was her mouth leave my member, letting the cold air of the AC blow against the hot, wet spittle sliding down it.   

“Swift?”  I asked.

She was on her back, struggling to remove the stretchy fabric of her leggings, sneakers already discarded.  Leaning forward I gave a helping hand and pulled until they came off, trapped around her ankles as they were.  Her panties immediately followed, thrown aside with such zeal that they landed carefree on one of the machines.  Pouncing on me, she pushed me flat with some force and suddenly all I could see was her pussy as her knees came to rest on either side of my head.

“Lick me.”  She said.  It wasn’t a question.

A second later, my mouth was on her labia, licking up the sweet nectar that was already flowing in abundance.  Mixed with the sweat from our workout, it formed a potent erotic cocktail on my tastebuds as my lips and tongue worked in tandem to pleasure her.  I knew it was working as my efforts were eliciting enthusiastic moaning from Taylor as she swayed back and forth, slim figure towering above me.

“That’s it yes!  Make me feel good!  Eat my fucking pussy.  Oh, yes!”

Whether she was aware of it or not, her hips were grinding back and forth, rubbing her soaking wet twat across my face.  Finding a squeeze on her tight ass, I gave each cheek a hard slap as I tongue-fucked her cunt with all the effort I could muster.  The threat of suffocation was becoming more and more real as her thighs pressed harder all around my head.  I didn’t care.  All I cared about was the blonde above me, riding my face like no one had done this to her in ages.  Even as I thought that, she leaned backwards slightly and I felt her hand wrap around my still wet prick.  Beginning to jerk it with remarkable speed and skill, her other hand ran its fingers through my dark hair.  Locked in with a solid hold on my scalp, she “encouraged” me to keep going, all the while stroking me from base to tip.

“There you go.  Yea.  Lick it.  Uh-huh.  Fuck yea.”  She said, moaning in-between each word.  “Eat that pussy!”   

The tip of my tongue swirled around her clit, pushing it over and over again like the pleasure button it was.  Trembling all over, Taylor’s moans reached an all-time high.  They were almost too loud, especially for the location we were in.  I don’t think either of us cared.  Her knees buckled and I felt her thighs unclenched from around my head before she looked down at me hard with those blue eyes. 

“I need your cock.  Now.”  There was such urgency in her voice.  “I’m going to ride you.  Hard.”

As her pussy parted with my mouth, I took in a deep breath of air, feeling her juices slathered all over my chin.  Slinking down my body, her tasty looking twat quivered, hovering just a mere inch above my throbbing cock.  There was a singular look from her and she sank down onto it without any further hesitation, sheathing it fully inside of her in one single go.  A hard grunt sounded from me as her searing hot and wet cunt enveloped me, squeezing my cock tight. 

“Swift.”  I said with gritted teeth.  “You feel so fucking good.”

“You’re damn right I do.”

She looked up grinning like a devil before beginning to grind her hips.  Side to side and back and forth.  All around, she showed off some of those stage moves before settling into a rhythm she deemed suitable.  Both her hands found their place on my bare chest, nails digging into my pectoral muscles, the riding began in earnest.  A look of determination fell across her face as she stared right through me.  Abs flexed and rippled as she rode me into the mat like I was her last lay on Earth.  The clap of her cute little peach on my thighs made me want to take hold, but her hands slapped me away as I moved to latch onto her hips.  She was going to ride me the way she wanted. 

“Cole.  Yes.  Fuck.  I needed this so badly!  I needed this dick!” 

I was merely along for the ride as Taylor bounced up and down.  Her perky tits were on a split-second delay, bouncing with her body as she crashed into me.  Knees leaving an indent in the mat, she was reaching the apex.  It all culminated in one perfect frantic sweaty moment.  Her back arched, thrusting her exposed breasts out as her head was thrown back and she cried an exhalation to the ceiling while her legs flailed wildly, kicking out from under her. 

“Yes Cole!  I’m cumming!”  She screamed, creaming all over my cock. 

The look on her face was one of pure unadulterated carnal bliss.  A sweet relief of nothingness brought about by intense orgasm.  Clearly, she had needed this, and badly at that.  Still, I wasn’t finished.  Not yet.  Not by a longshot. 

As she swayed atop me, threatening to topple, still held in the grips of her climax, I sat up and wrapped my arms around.  Using my momentum, I pushed her back onto the mat, coming to rest on top of her and digging my knees in for support as her legs almost automatically spread wide.  Immediately, I started to hammer down, drilling downwards into her as my balls banged against her taint like the beat of a drum. 

“Shit!”  Taylor cried at the sudden, renewed penetration in this brand-new position, her lips still numb and tingling from her orgasm.

“Yea Swift!  Take it!  Take that fuckin’ dick!”  I grunted before planting a wet sloppy kiss on those irresistible lips of hers.

When the frantic makeout broke apart, she looked up and me and said breathlessly, “Give to me!  Come on!  Gimme that big dick!”

I grinned.  She wanted it?  Fine.  I’d really give it to her.  Pulling out, I spun her over onto her stomach where she flopped down with a *HMMPFF* and looked back at me, her expression begging me to reenter her.  One smack on the ass for good measure and I yanked her legs apart, spearing her snatch once more with my steely flesh rod.  Arms propping me up, I pounded as hard as I could.  We stared back at ourselves, facing the mirror as we were, watching as I proneboned Taylor Swift on the floor of her gym.  Her usually crystal-clear eyes were unfocused, clouded over with a haze of pleasure.  Hands and feet were dug in, trying to keep herself in place as her whole body shook and rippled with the force from my hammering hips.  The clap of sweaty flesh on sweaty flesh was nearly as loud as the moans coming from her world-famous singing instrument.

“More!”  She cried out.  “Harder!  Really give it to me!” 

Even as I panted with the effort, she wanted more, so she was going to get more.  Readjusting, I pulled out and squatted as I hauled her ass upwards.  When her blonde head tried to follow, I pushed it back down, her cheek smushed into the mat.  Bent over and on full display, I lined up my cock with her glistening fuckhole once more and thrust in.  Piledriving downwards, I was now the one getting my cardio workout in.

“Pound my pussy!” She yelled, somewhat muffled.  “Fucking work it!  Work that pussy till it’s sore!  God yes!  Just keep fucking me!”

With this new position seeming to do the trick, I planted one foot up by her red and sweaty face.  Snarling and gasping for air, it took up most of her vision, but my wide power stance let me unleashed all my remaining energy into giving her every single inch I had to give, and then some.  Fingertips dug into her hips, hauling her backwards each time I banged into her and she couldn’t get enough of it.  The frantic, frenzied all out sprint of a pace.  The heat in both our bodies, blooming to drench our respective brows with another layer of sweat.  The wetness of her pounded pussy releasing a new splash of arousal with each and every penetration.  I was fully in the zone, utterly focused on driving into her endlessly, caught up in the most primal workout two people could participate in. 

My reverie was broken as Taylor suddenly shouted out, “Oh god!  I’m cumming again!  I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!  I’m cummmmminnnggggg!!!!” 

I didn’t stop, if anything, those words only made me go harder, sprinting down the homestretch as her entire body shook and convulsed beneath me and rampaging cock.  Only when her knees fully gave out and she flopped downwards onto the mat, reduced to a gibbering, quivering puddle of a woman, did I finally allow all the sensations I’d been feeling catch up with me.  Suddenly, and urgently, ready to cum, I straightened up tall with my dick in hand, stroking fast and hard.  Taylor mumbled and twitched on the floor.  Bending slightly, and filling my fingers with her sweaty blonde locks, I assisted her to her knees where she swayed, blue eyes seeming to focus on my bulging manhood, ready to explode.  Fixating on that she, came around too, realizing what was about to happen.

“Get ready for your protein shake Swift.”  I said with a smirk, one hand still full of her hair and the other one flying across my throbbing dick.

“Feed it to me baby.”  She said, shaking herself once or twice in an attempt to bring her senses fully back to her. 

Still, she had enough awareness to open her mouth wide and stick her tongue out expectantly, waiting for her thick creamy treat.  With a sight like that at my knees, how could I do anything but give an almighty groan and finally unload what had been building all session?

“Fuck Swift!  Here it comes!”

Unleashing a torrent of hot spunk, it flew into her open, gaping mouth.  As I grunted, rope after thick rope splashed into her mouth, filling it to the very brim with swirling sticky semen.  Even as I painted her tonsils white, a stray shot or two missed and landed across her plump pink lips.  Squeezing the last few remaining drops out, I watched as her tongue splashed around the murky white pool playfully.  As my hand unclenched on her head, she tilted it back and gargled loudly with my cum, her eyes clear and bright once, watching me carefully.  Then she closed her lips tight and swallowed it all down with a singular loud *GULP* and proceeded to lick her lips clean with a hunger that suggested she might even want more from me.

“Delicious.”  She said breathlessly.  “Perfect way to end my workout.”

Staggering backwards, I collapsed into a seated position on the mat, panting to recover my breath.  As the lust gradually filtered from our bodies and the adrenaline died down, our senses returned and we both got dressed, rather sheepishly considering everything that had just transpired.  I just threw my clothes on, but Taylor had to make sure she looked at least somewhat presentable for the inevitable horde of paparazzi no doubt waiting outside.

“I can’t get rid of this damn cameltoe.”  She said, standing bowlegged in the mirror and looking at her clearly evident pussy lips, the spandex clinging them like never before.  “You fucked me too good.”

“Never heard that complaint before.”  I said grinning. 

“Think anyone will notice?”  She asked again. 

“Probably not.”  I said. I was wrong, but we would both find that out the next day. 

“Thanks for…the workout.”  She finally said.

“Sure thing Swift.  And about what happened.  When you are ready, just call me.  I’m happy to talk.”

“Maybe next time we’ll do both.”  She said with a wink.

Present Day

“Almost done?”  Cole asked, after only one set where his mind had been fixated on all his gym encounters with Taylor anyways.

He wiped the faintest trace of sweat from his forehead and looked up to find her still looking at him.

“Still need to do cardio.”  She said, her words filled with an innuendo he knew all too well.  “I could run on the treadmill for a half an hour or…I could ride you for half an hour.  But you have to last the full 30 minutes.  I’m on a strict regime.”

There was a playful, yet challenging tone in that last sentence.  He had barely started his workout, but his mind was already playing over a whole new workout routine for the morning.  One that would maybe even allow him to get some cardio in as well.   

“Pfff.”  He said, setting the weights and sounding more confident than he felt.  “30 minutes?  No problem, Swift.  You’ve got yourself a deal.”

“See what I mean?  The best workout buddy.”  She said with a sly grin and began to casually stroll to the door, looking back at him. 

The End of Chapter Forty-Two

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 42 Posted 9/22]
« Reply #168 on: September 22, 2021, 05:09:54 PM »
Seeringly hot and it's a good thing Taylor knows that after every heavy workout you need a good dose of protein to rebuild muscle mass. Sexy and health conscious.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 42 Posted 9/22]
« Reply #169 on: September 24, 2021, 06:50:28 PM »
Best recent episode, I think. Love the set up, very considerate of Cole to help Taylor with her workouts. She needs to keep fit for her career! I liked the tone of the story. The photo was such a match for the story and love you referenced Taylor's cameltoe; there is a series of these pics as she walks to her vehicle. Wonder if she just had a fuck session in real life?

I'm also pleased with the use of 'cunt' as well as pussy. I've never dared use the C word in a sexual way, is it now acceptable? (for future reference)!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 42 Posted 9/22]
« Reply #170 on: October 20, 2021, 08:52:24 AM »
I've just discovered this series and I'm in love! Going to go back to the start and read each chapter, maybe one or two a day.

Thank you
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 43 Posted 11/12]
« Reply #171 on: November 12, 2021, 04:09:52 PM »
Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  This is not real.  It did not/will not ever happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Author's Note: This is the penultimate chapter for this series, look forward to finale next time!

Chapter Forty-Three: long story short
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Cunnilingus, Creampie, Facial, Fingering, Oral, Public, Swallow

Present Day

Taylor, I love your sweet ass.  Staring at the sentence, an otherwise blank page stared back at Cole.  Quickly crossing it out with an exasperated flourish of his pen, he began aimlessly doodling in the vast white emptiness.  If nothing else, the page looked less intimidating by the time he was done.  Sighing, he stared around his office with the sunlight streaming in and the leaves just outside, a cascade of red, yellow and orange. 
He had been putting this off for a while, the writing of his vows.  But now?  The wedding was all but upon them and he could delay it no longer.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to write them.  It was more about the impossibility of capturing his feelings with just a few simple words.  Capturing what he had felt all those years ago, at the very beginning.  And what he felt now.  And what he felt about everything that had happened in-between.  They’d been through so much.  Both together and apart.  Memory after memory flashed through his mind.  A speeding slideshow of their many encounters over the years.  Most were happy.  A few sad.  And a massive amount were of a sexual nature.  Those ones weren’t so suitable for a ceremony, but maybe he could conjure them up for inspiration on the wedding night. 

His fingers drummed the dark oak of his desk as rolled the slideshow in his head all the way back, to the very beginning and their first time together.  Taylor meeting with newfound success in the country music industry and him about to embark off to college.  Taylor’s first, and now forever love.  He didn’t know if he’d be sitting here now without that very first time.  That slightly ajar doorway had allowed them to explore each other physically, time and time again.  Those “fuck buddy years” as they jokingly called them had lasted so long, it seemed like fuck buddies was all they were ever going to be.  Still, even if it had been hard sometimes to push his true feelings down, it was always fun.


“This is nice.” Taylor whispered, leaning over as the previews began playing on the big screen.  “I’m glad we could hang out.” 

She didn’t exactly need to whisper.  There were only about four other people in the entire movie theater and they were seated far away in this matinee showing of some romcom that I had never heard of.

“Not sold on this movie yet, Swift, but any excuse to see you.  And it’s nice to get off campus for a bit.”  I said, grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bucket and tossing the kernels into my open mouth. 

“I think you’ll find something to enjoy about it.”  She said, rather coyly. 

The previews flashed before our eyes, but Taylor kept glancing at me, a sly smile tugging at her heavenly lips every time she did so.  Her hand drifted every so often into the bucket to grab some popcorn for herself.  That’s why I didn’t notice at first when she reached over, not to the bucket but to my inner thigh.  Looking down as her fingers crept closer to my groin; they positioned themselves firmly atop my crotch.  I nearly spat out my popcorn as she squeezed tight and winked at me.

“If this was a movie, we could have a little fun, right here, right now.  You know, like some kind of dirty movie.”  She whispered to me, the playful question hanging on her very full lips.

“Consider this a filthy porno then.”  I said after a lengthy pause and placed my own hand on her thigh. 

Her long spindly fingers beginning to tickle and tease, dancing across my crotch, until the zipper was spraining to conceal the raging beast caged beneath the denim.  Sliding along her smooth alabaster skin, my hand slipped underneath her sundress until it found the source of heat, emanating from beneath a pair of damp cotton panties.  Just as our lips pressed together, I felt her pull at the zipper just as I pushed her underwear aside.  We both hesitated for a moment, about to grope one another’s genitals, wondering if we were really going to do this, here, in this place.  I answered by teasing her pink ladylips with the tips of two fingers until they were sticky with arousal and sinking them down to the knuckle with one swift motion.  Letting out a gasp of pleasure, she squirmed in her seat as her own fingers fumbled before they managed to fish my cock out into the open air.

“Swift…” I groaned as her fingers curled around and she began to stroke, up and down, looking at me very intently with big blue eyes, reflecting the light from the movie screen. 

Withdrawing her hand for the briefest of moments, she licked the palm, applying a sheen of spittle before returning and wrapping each finger around the fleshy rod of steel with intent and purpose.  Properly jerking it now, I stared back defiantly, my own fingers pumping in and out of her hot twat.  Curling and uncurling with quick rhythmic sliding, I tickled her g-spot each and every time.  Her legs had spread as wide as the seat would allow while my free hand dropped the popcorn bucket and gripped the arm of my seat, the knuckles white with force.  Getting got both hands involved, she wet the other palm in the same fashion before double-fisting the mountain of cock spilling out of my trousers.   

“Is this what you had in mind when I asked to you the movies?”  She asked tellingly.

“Can’t say it was, Swift.” I replied with a whispered groan.  “Fuck.”

“Funny.  Because it’s exactly what I had in mind.” 

And with that, she released my cock, pulled my fingers reluctantly out of her wet pussy and bent over my lap, those heavenly lips touching the throbbing, leaking tip.  Slowly they engulfed the mushroom head, traveling down the veiny shaft as her wild mane of thick blonde curls tickled my lap.  Quickly sucking my digits clean of her juices, I bundled up her curls into both hands, holding them aloft in a makeshift ponytail.  I was just in time for her lips to hit the base of my dick.  Now I was the one squirming in my seat. 

Spending but a moment there, her lips retreated back to the top, only to descend once more until they could go no lower.  Repeating the motion, her head dipped over and over again.  Despite trying to remain as quiet as possible, you could still here the telltale suction of her mouth as she did her best to suck in all the spittle that was threatening to slop out each time her lips stretched towards the bottom.  Looking up from the heavenly sight of her blonde mane bobbing, I could see one of the other patrons looking around at the sound of Taylor’s oral ministrations and shrugging before returning to their focus to the big screen.  The movie rolled on, and I couldn’t have given less of a fuck about what was happening on screen.  In fact, I was about to reach an entirely different type of climax, far before the end of the film.

“Swift.  If you keep going…I’m gonna cum.”  I hissed at her with more than a little urgency.

Her only response was a slight pause, before, if anything, going even faster.  My grip on her hair grew tighter and tighter with each pass as my toes curled within my sneakers.  The inevitable bubbling feeling in my balls was impossible to hold back now.

“Swift.”  I murmured, legs kicking out, banging loudly against the seat in front of me.

Without conscious thought, my hands gently held her head down as I blasted her with baby batter.  A gurgling sounded from her as salty sperm sprayed her tonsils and she swallowed gulp after frantic gulp of my hearty spunk.  When at last I had no more to give, she trailed along my cock one final time, parting with a kiss on the tip.  Sitting back in her seat, she was bright red, her face flushed.  Her usual carefully styled hair was more of a tousled mess than anything and the drool on her chin shone against the bright screen of the movie.

“That was…something else.”  She whispered; her blue eyes as wide as saucers.  “Never done that before.”

“We’re not done.”  I said, one hand running up her leg again.

Those same two fingers found their home once more, knuckle deep in her pussy.  She was even wetter than before.  Absolutely soaked.  Leaning over, my face was an inch from hers as I fingerblasted her, and didn’t stop as she quivered, shaking back and forth in her seat.  Arm pumping like a madman, I was determined to make her cum.  Angling my thumb, I made sure it grazed her clit each time my fingers sloshed in and out of her.  That had the intended affect.  One free hand grabbed me; the other clutched the arm of her chair.

“Cole.”  She whispered.  “Keep going.  I’m gonna cum too.”

My arm never wavered and I watched the orgasm bloom to life on her face just as I felt her pussy squeeze tight around my fingers, followed immediately by a flood of arousal.  Giving her a few more pumps, I slowly withdrew my fingers.  The silence hung heavy between us, even the movie continued to play on.

“Well…what now?”  I asked, rather sheepishly given everything that had just transpired.

She looked at me with raised eyebrows.  “Might want to put that thing away first.”  She pointed towards my deflated cock.

“Oh, shit.  Right.”  I said hurriedly, jamming it back inside and zipping up.

“How about we go back to your dorm room?  I’m sure we could find something fun to do.  This movie sucks anyway.  Too hard to follow.  I have no idea what’s going on.”  She said, with a sly grin.

“Now that sounds like a plan Swift.”

Present Day

“Fun…” He murmured to himself.  “So much fun…”

Fun.  Fun had been the name of the game for years.  But no…even that wasn’t quite right.  They were more than just intermittent fuck buddies.  Fame, fortune, distance and other lovers had tried to keep them apart.  Those had all failed.  They always seemed to come together again and again in a sweaty collision of flesh.  And beneath that, there was something more.  The feelings that crept in.  Inescapable.  Inevitable.  Love.  Hidden for a long time by just lust.

Feeling inspired by some of his thoughts, he turned a new page and began to write.  The pen scratched on the page, leaving behind dark ink as he found the words he needed.  This love, their love, had been brought up on several occasions over the years.  Should they be more?  Give it a try?  An honest go at it?  At being a couple?  Even though the answers had always been no, they always seemed to dance around the forgone conclusion.  In-between infrequent boyfriends or girlfriends, they would hook up regularly.  And looking back on it, the signs were there.  Clear as daylight for both of them, even if they couldn’t quite admit to each other.


“THIS IS SO OUR SONG!”  Taylor called out over the impossibly loud thump and bass of the club.

Even yelling, I could barely hear her, but I got the gist of it.  Especially when she turned around and pressed her tight little caboose up against me, grinding hard.  Dancing like no one was watching, her lithe body molded to mine as we moved as one with the music.  The friction and feeling of her all up on me was more than enough to elicit a response from within my trousers.  Clearly, it didn’t go unnoticed as she flashed her baby blues at me.  Not two minutes later, she had abandoned the grind and turned around to plant her crimson mouth on mine in a sloppy locking of lips.  At the same time, her hand fixed firmly atop the growing protuberance in contained within my pants. 

Normally I would have been more wary in such a public place.  Taylor even more so.  But with a plethora of new celebrity and model friends, came an introduction to places like this.  Clubs that specifically catered to the wealthy and the famous.  The elite with money to burn.  Phones were not allowed.  Neither were questions.  Plus, given the countless multitude of sweaty and grinding bodies all around, no one could make us out as we made out, feeling up one another on the dance floor.

“I want this dick in me.  Now!”  Taylor yelled over the roar of the music, breaking the kiss as she abandoned any and all inhibitions. 

Grabbing my hand, she doggedly led me through the undulating masses moving like one gigantic orgasm to the beat of the bass.  Traveling ever upwards, we ascended through the VIP section, where the elite of the elite surveyed the sea of partygoers from on high.  When her long stems strode with purposeful determination towards the bathrooms, I knew exactly what was about to happen.  Not even a few good-natured jeers from the table filled with her giggling girlfriends could deter her as she kicked the door open with a long stiletto heel. 

Throwing me inside, she gave one quick look in the direction of her friends and slammed the door closed with a *BANG*, not even bothering (or remembering) to lock it.  It was at least private, being exclusively for the VIP’s and this being the type of place it was.  It was still a club bathroom though, with all the grunge that entailed.  Grabbing me by the sweaty shirt, she pushed me up against the wall.  The reverberations of the music-buzzing straight through the tile into me as she fixed with a steely-eyed gaze and squatted down.  Wobbling dangerously on her high heels, she rebalanced, wrenching my belt free and yanking down my pants with undo force.  Those red painted lips were around my already stiff member in a flash.

“Ahhhh…Swift…” I groaned as her blonde head bobbed with lightning speed along my prick.

As if a woman possessed, she sucked hard and fast.  She wasn’t out here to tease or to build up tension slowly.  She wanted something and she was going to get it.  In the dim harsh lighting, I could see her hand, hidden beneath her indecently short skirt, playing with herself.  It was like watching a master pianist tickle the ivories.  The sounds of slobbery spittle and wet hot suction were almost loud enough to drown out the noise of the club.  Almost.  With her mascara-laden lashes closed, she was totally and utterly wrapped up in the art of sucking me off.  She didn’t even stop when the door burst opened and someone stumbled in.  The woman’s drunken face went from confusion to shock as our eyes met and we held eye contact for several long uncomfortable seconds. 

“Oh shit!  Sorry!”  The woman said, smiling and unable to stop giggling.  “Don’t let me interrupt.”

Doing an abrupt spin, she nearly fell over on her high heels as she retreated from the bathroom without another word.  When the door swung shut with a snap again, only then did Taylor pop off and turned around to look with red smeared lips.

“Oops.  Should have locked the door I guess.”  She said, unable to suppress as laugh as she jerked my spittle-soaked prick.

Standing up tall, she spun around and hiked up her skirt.  Bracing her hands against the door as she bent over.  Her lace black panties hit the floor, falling all around her high heels.

“Fuck me like some slut you just picked up at the club.”  Taylor said, her blue eyes burning bright.

“…that I can do Swift.”  I said, stepping forward and grabbing onto her hips like handles.

In one swift thrust, I was ballsdeep in her sopping wet pussy.  We both let out long, loud satisfied moans as I began to thrust.  The wide stance on flat feet let me put my full power into each and every thrust, ensuring she got every inch I had to give her.  Humping in tandem with the thump of the bass, our bodies moved in sync with the club music, like we were back out on the dance floor.  She pushed that pert little rear back every time I pushed forward.  You could have bounced a quarter off those alabaster cheeks, that’s how tight they were.  Still, I managed to send ripples through the peach flesh with the collision of my hips.  Suddenly there was a bang against the door as a warm body bumped up against and cursed loudly.

“Oi!  Open up in there!  Gotta piss!”  Some woman shouted.

We didn’t care.  We were both wrapped up in each other.  And with Taylor holding the door firmly shut, the drunken patron had no luck pushing it open. 

“I can hear you in there!”  She screeched.  “Fuck somewhere else!  Alley behind the club is a good place to start!”

“Fuck off!”  We both yelled together.

Another minute of half-hearted banging and she left us alone to bang in peace.  Without further interruptions, the sweaty slap of skin hitting skin echoed throughout the restroom.  Our moans, groans, grunts and cries of pleasure were like a whirling crescendo, matching the beat of the music all around us.  Our own music rose as the music did outside, growing impossibly loud and high-pitched.  At the very peak of everything, I drove my hips home one final time and a blissful moment of silence rang out, louder than any other noise of the night.  Then the base dropped, blasting our ears as I nearly blasted her insides.

“UGGHHH!”  I cried out, as Taylor shrieked the same sentiment back at me.

Holding on just by a thread, she squeezed tight around me legs buckling and wobbling as she came.  The bass continued its raging as she came down from her orgasmic high.

“S-S-Swift…” I stuttered, a desperate plea to cum.

Pulling out of her, Taylor spun around and squatted down once more, her head slightly bumping against the door on her unsteady limbs.  Her fingers curled around my member and with the music still ringing throughout the restroom, she gave it a solid stroke and it exploded.  Hot streaks of cum flew through the dingy light onto her pretty face, complete with her tongue sticking out.  Peppering her face in strings of sticky spunk, she jerked until no more spurted out.  Finishing by gently suckling on the head gently, she released her hold of me.   

“I take it back.  That was definitely our song.”  Taylor said to me, a sly grin plastered all over her flushed, sweaty and cum-streaked face.

It was a good thing we were in a bathroom, as Taylor wiped her face clean and soon the rest of that night passed in a blur.  It wasn’t too much longer before we found ourselves in the car on the way to our respective homes.  She was the first stop.  Her driver would take me home afterwards.  I was content in the relative silence, the ringing loud in my ears as her blonde head rested against my shoulder, blue eyes struggling to stay open.  I was awake, something tugging at my mind.

“You do that a lot at clubs, Swift?”  I asked, probably rather loudly.

“Hmm?  In the bathroom?”  She mumbled, eyelids heavy and drooping.  “No…never.  Haven’t trusted anyone enough to do that.  Just you…”

Before she could say anything else, she was already asleep.  Smiling to myself, I put my head on hers and closed my eyes too.  There would be time later to figure all what that meant.

Present Day

The words were flowing now.  He had been focusing on the wrong things.  No need to be Shakespeare up there, after all, Taylor was the one who was good with words, not him.  He just needed to say what was in his heart.  And that was unequivocal love.  Love that was overflowing, spilling forth in a quantity he had never even known was possible.  When they had finally gotten together during the midst of the reputation tour, they both knew that this was something different.  Different from any relationship they’d ever had before.  They both knew it was something special.  Something that would last forever. 

“There we go…that’s good.  Good.”  He said to himself, the pen flying across the page, suddenly seeming the easiest task in the world. 


“How goes the songwriting?” I asked entering the innermost sanctum of the recording studio.

“Excellent.  For the most part.  Just put the finishing touches on Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince, but now I’m having a bit of a block with I Think He Knows.  Joel took a break to run an errand and here I am, just playing this bridge over and over again in my head.”  She looked up at me as if finally registering I was there in person.  “Actually, I’m glad you’re here.  I’d love to get my mind off this for the moment.  Maybe something will come to me if I’m not constantly thinking about it.”

“I also brought food!”  I said, holding up a bag.  “Your newfound favorite.  Burritos!”

“Oh, you are the best.”  She said, bouncing up and down on the couch excitedly. 

When the wrappers were empty, and had been tossed in the trash, we both laid back on the couch, relaxing.  Distracted throughout the meal, Taylor was still clearly trying to piece together the music playing in her head.  Her phone was out and she was humming a melody into a recording app.  Giving her a sideways glance, I smiled slyly at her furrowed brow.  I knew of at least one surefire way to clear her mind.

“You know.”  I said, slowly sliding towards her.  “I think I’m still hungry for dessert.”

“Oh, did you bring something else?”  She asked, fixing me with those blue eyes and placing her phone down.

“Actually, it’s something only you have to offer.”  I replied in what I thought was a suave tone.

“What’s that?”  She began to ask, but the words died on her lips when I slid off the couch onto the floor and positioned myself between her legs.

Kissing the inside of her stocking-clad legs, Taylor raised her eyebrows but laid back and gave no further protest as I began to pull them downwards.  She even lifted her rear so I could peel them off from her smooth alabaster skin.  When her bottoms were fully removed and hanging off of one foot, her naked rear sank into the cloth of the couch.  With my eyes locked on her beautiful face, I pressed my lips against her lower ones.  Her reaction was instantaneous.  That world famous mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ as the saccharine sweet flavor of her washed over my taste buds.

“Cole…mhm…” She moaned breathily.  “This is exactly the kind of distraction that I need.”

Grinning into her delicious pussy, my tongue swirled around, bathing itself in arousal as it dipped and dove in and around her velvet pink maw.  With my mouth hard at work, I was rewarded with gentle groans and moans, quickly followed by spindly fingers interweaving amongst the dark strands of my hair.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, her hips were slowly grinding against my face, back and forth, giving just a little bit of extra friction to the pleasure train.  A gasp from her and I knew I was in the right spot, my tongue worming its way deeper into her as my lips puckered around, sucking hard on her clit.  Those deliciously thick thighs squeezed my head tight, chin digging into the couch as I drank long and deep from her love canal.  It was easy to lose track of time down there.  All I knew was after a shudder, a spasm and a high-pitched moan; her hands were pulling me upwards.

“I’m still feeling a little distracted.  I think you have something I need now.”  She said a bit dazedly, but with a smile plastered on her face.

With her help, my pants hit the ground and she laid back on the couch, spreading her legs wide.  Squatting slightly, I angled myself downwards and stared into her eyes as I slowly pushed my cock into her thoroughly eaten twat.  As the familiar feeling of her warm pussy surrounded me, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Taylor.”  I murmured.

“Cole.”  She replied, before our lips pressed together.

No matter how many times we had done the deed, each time with each other felt like no other session with another lover.  It was something neither of us could quite explain.  A few thrusts into her gradually gave way to us laying down on the couch.  With me on top the continuous roll of my hips never stopped.  Those long legs found themselves wrapped around me and our lips were locked in an equally tight embrace.  Only the occasional gasp of pleasure or moan of lust could break the seal of our kiss.  The pace was slow and steady, building up steam almost imperceptibly.

“Just.  A.  Little.  More.”  Taylor whispered into my ear in rhythm with the motion of my hips.  “Nearly.  There.  Keep.  Going.”

I didn’t stop.  Didn’t waver.  Even as I felt her tighten around me.  Everything from the depths of her pussy to arms and legs wrapped around me held me close.  The breathy shriek of pleasure that tore from her lips as the orgasm crashed into her surprised even her, I think.

“AHHHHHH!!!”  She yelled, the sound of love echoing loudly throughout the empty studio. 

As her body rocked in the throes of pleasure, I felt myself on the brink too and rather than hold back I embraced the sensation, cumming wonderfully deep inside of her.  Our lips found each other as I pulsed and twitched, emptying everything I had into her until there was nothing more left to give.  With foreheads pressed together, our heavy breathing gradually slowed and our senses returned.  Climbing off of her, we sat next to one another, both half-clothed on the sofa stealing smiling glances at one another. 

“Better get cleaned up.”  Taylor said, standing up with a hand between her thighs and heading towards the bathroom. 

When she got back, I was already dressed, and she was humming to herself.

“I think I’ve got it.”  She said, more to herself than me.  “Have you seen my phone?”  A moment of searching around for it, and she picked it up looking shocked.  “So…looks like I forgot to turn off the audio note.  It definitely heard everything.  And I mean, everything.”  There was a pause as she looked at me.  “Should we listen?” 

I gave a half-shrug, half-nod.  With an excited grin, she pressed play and scrolled to the part when I started going down on her.  Her breathy moans filled the air once more, with just the slightest hints of my tongue on and in her wet pussy.  We sat there in silence, listening sheepish to the soundtrack of our lovemaking as things only escalated from there.  Moaning and groaning mixed with the sounds of wet sloshing.  When it came to that final orgasmic shriek, we both nearly jumped out of seats. 

“Huh.  You know?  We actually sound pretty good.  This could actually work.  It could be better than what I was thinking.  For the song, I mean.  Not the whole thing.  Obviously.  Just a note or two maybe.” 

“Really?”  I asked in stunned disbelief.  “Something from that recording?  In a song.  On an album.  That you put out.  To the public.”

“Pretty exciting, huh?”  She said with a wink.  “It’ll be our little secret.”

“Which song?”  I asked.

“I think he’ll know…when he hears it.”  She winked again.

There was a pause as I looked at her and a wave of happiness washed over me. 

Clearly, my throat carefully, I said, “Not sure how different this album is for you, but it seems like none that have come before.  At least, that’s true for me.”
My emphasis on the word album made Taylor look at me carefully.  I think it was clear what I meant by it. 

Nodding seriously and smiling, she replied, “It really is.  Everything has changed.  I mean…I have you now.  I don’t know that I could ask for anything else.”

Present Day
Smiling to himself, he dropped the pen and surveyed the untidy scrawl of words filling the page.  He was done.  Finished.  With the rough draft at least.  Some of it definitely needed to be edited down, but the meat was there.  The good stuff. 

“Only one thing left to do now…” He said to no one but himself.

That one thing was of course, to get married.  To Taylor Swift.

The End of Chapter Forty-Three

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 43 Posted 11/12]
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Hard to pick the hottest of the hot.  Two flavors of exhibitionism, one of pure romance and all of it 100% Grade A quality.  The perfect cure for Cole's writer's block.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 43 Posted 11/12]
« Reply #173 on: November 15, 2021, 02:42:23 PM »
Another absolute classic from the master, love it as ever. Very excited for the big finale...
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 43 Posted 11/12]
« Reply #174 on: November 16, 2021, 04:09:59 PM »
So close to the end. Hate to see a series like this on the verge of ending since the day I joined this site. 43-44 chapters is impressive, I could never write like that.
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