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Title:  Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 3: Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders
Codes:  MF, FF, inter, oral, anal, atm

Welcome back, everybody, to another edition of Hellcats: Season 2. I'm InThe313 and my partner in crime, TRL, will be joining me shortly. In case you're just joining us, first off, go read the other chapters. Secondly, I'll let you know this is our attempt at tying up some loose ends from the first and only season of the awesome show "Hellcats". Of course, as two men with their minds in the gutter will often do, we put a porn twist on this show. What can I say? Porn and cheerleaders go together like peanut butter and jelly.

As with any and all porn and fan fiction, we got to get some waivers out there because we don't want to held liable for anything. Since this story contains explicit sexual material, you need to be at least 18 or 21 to read this, depending on where you live. Unfortunately, there are parts of the world where porn is illegal period. My heart goes out to those poor folks. Anyway, if you don't meet the legal requirements to read this story, you have to go and wait until you reach the legal age and/or move. Hey, I don't make the laws. No need to shoot the messenger.

Also, while we do have one MF scene, we'll be sticking to our bread and butter of FF scenes, so if girls giving each other Sapphic pleasure offends you, you are clearly in the wrong place. And I should add this: What is wrong with you? Not enjoying hot girls fucking each other is like not falling in love with a box full of kittens and Golden Retriever puppies. That's just not normal.

To avoid spoilers, we'll credit the some of the actors who inspired the characters we used as well as the works that we use, from the TV shows and movies that our characters came from to the songs we worked into this episode, at the end of the episode. And trust me, this is going to be our longest "works acknowledged" list in the series. We will be using a LOT of music in this episode.

TRL and I couldn't have done this project without the help and support of a lot of people, so we need to show our appreciation. Thank you, CSS, for allowing us the chance to repost this story and share it with others. And of course, thank you, KMB, for being one of our closest friends, our proofreader and our coauthor in the last episode when TRL was unable to write. I cannot express enough gratitude to you, buddy.

And course, thanks to you, the reader. To those of you who have been with us since Episode 1, thank you for your continued support. To those of you just joining us, thanks for coming here and we hope to leave you happy (interpret that as you may).

Also, please leave us feedback down below. If you thought we kicked ass, let us know how. If you thought we were terrible, please let us know why with constructive criticism.

It's time to do this. With more drama than the "Charlie's Angels" reboot, more laughs than "How to Be a Gentleman" and a more realistic feel than "H8R" (not that accomplishing any of that is all that hard), we give you "Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 3: Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders".


Previously on "Hellcats":

Savannah and Charlotte's plan to have Marti and Deirdre make peace came with unforeseen consequences as Deirdre seduced her older half-sister. The encounter wound up having a lasting impact on Marti as she caught herself ogling her teammates, making the law student realize she was, like Deirdre, a lesbian. Just as she was coming to grips with her new sexuality, though, Marti found herself being propositioned by Kat, a rival cheer captain.

Deirdre, in pursuit of wanting to talk to Marti about their incestuous encounter, found herself being Charlotte's workout partner. After helping the youngest Monroe sister on the weights, Deirdre let her hormones take control of her as she gave Charlotte her first taste of lesbian sex, a moment that left the teenage mother rattled over her sexual preferences.

After receiving a lead from and seducing Alice, Kelsey began her investigation into Vanessa's suspicious firing from Lancer. After almost being shut out by the former Hellcats coach, Kelsey left Vanessa with an invitation to join her in bed and then tell Kelsey what happened. Vanessa flat-out rejected that request at first, but after some time of reflecting of a past experience when she was a Hellcat, she allowed the reporter to do whatever she wanted with her body.

Fresh off her own seduction at Kelsey's hands, Alice was spiraling with her own sexuality. She tried to get off from Lewis and her new teammates Jason and Tom, but neither of them could provide Alice with the orgasm that she craved. Realizing guys couldn't give her the pleasure she wanted, Alice realized that she was a lesbian. After coming to that conclusion, she set her sights on one of her new teammates, Miranda. Cornering the freshman in the hallways of FedExForum, Alice kissed Miranda for the first time. Before they could end the sexual tension between the two, Alice and Miranda were caught kissing on camera by MemChrist captain and archrival "Nasty" Kathy, leaving the two Hellcats with an ultimatum: Have the Hellcats drop out of Qualifiers or have her teammates see the racy photo.

With the fate of the Hellcats resting in her hands, what will Alice do?

One, two, one, two, three, four
Move to the left, move to the right

Hellcats: Episode 2.3 "Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders"
By InThe313 and TRL


Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe
Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura
AJ Michalka as Deirdre Perkins
Emma Lahana as Charlotte Monroe
Sharon Leal as Vanessa Lodge

Emily Osment as Emily Sears
Ariana Grande as Ariana Valentine
Molly Quinn as Molly Cratchit
Miranda Cosgrove as Miranda Summer
Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Guest Starring

Magda Apanowicz as "Nasty" Kathy Kurowski
Alana Randall as Frankie
Kat Graham as Kat Bennett


"What are we going to do?"

If Alice Vedura had learned anything in her three years at Lancer University, it was that life threw a lot of painful curveballs at you as you went along. From boyfriends breaking your heart, to teammates stabbing you in the back, to naked photos of yourself being circulated around school, Alice had faced a lot - and she'd always found a way around them. She might not have always come out on top, but she always came out. No problem had ever really set her back for long, so long as she could figure her way out of it.

She just needed time to figure a way out of this one.

"Alice? Alice, what are we going to do?"

Alice turned around and saw Miranda standing there, her face a study in fear and concern, those oh-so-kissable lips of hers in a frown that somehow only made Alice want to kiss them more, if just to make them smile again. She had been so close to kissing those lips, so close to relieving the stress she'd been feeling for so, so long now. If only-

"Alice?!" Miranda asked again, bringing the Lancer Hellcat Captain back down to Earth.

"We aren't going to do anything," Alice said flatly. "We're going to get on the bus, we're going back to the hotel and we'll figure something out there."

"But if we don't do something soon, that girl will totally show everyone that picture of us... you know..."

"Kissing? Yes, I know," Alice said, her frown matching Miranda's. "And Nasty Kathy would totally do it, too."

"You know that girl? The Cyclone cheerleader?"

"That's 'Nasty' Kathy Kurowski, the Cyclones captain and a crazy psycho bitch," Alice muttered. "She's been out to ruin us since we showed how much the Cyclones really sucked at Qualifiers last year."

"But the Cyclones went on to win at Nationals," Miranda pointed out.

"Only because we were disqualified at the last minute," Alice snapped. "And Nasty Kathy did everything she could to make sure we WERE disqualified."

"Well, now she's got a picture of us kissing and she's going to show EVERYONE if we don't drop out of Qualifiers," Miranda said, bringing Alice back to the problem at hand.

"We are NOT dropping out of Qualifiers," Alice said flatly.

"But she'll show EVERYONE!" Miranda pleaded.

"Well, we'll just have to stop her. Somehow," Alice said, her confidence sinking a bit as she tried to think of a way to actually stop Nasty Kathy.

"Stop her? You mean, like, steal her phone back or something?"

"Or something, yeah," Alice said, pushing Miranda towards the door. Outside, she could see Marti and Savannah getting onto the bus, laughing about something. "We might need a little help, but we'll stop her."

"But how? Do you have some sort of plan?"

"Not yet."


"Miranda, stick with me and I'll teach you all about scheming on the fly," Alice said. "Until then, keep your shirt on." She paused for a moment. "Unless..." Alice trailed off, thinking about Miranda's tight little body once more. "No, never mind," she amended quickly. They were in enough trouble already.


"...So I really think we stand a good chance of winning again this year," Savannah Monroe was saying as she and Marti Perkins entered the Salvatore Hotel. Located all of five minutes from arena, the Salvatore had offered fantastic rates to put up the dozen or so cheerleading teams for a couple of days, probably more to have attractive women coming in and out of their facility than for any love of the sport. Marti had already spotted more than a few cameras out front that hadn't looked anything at all like sports reporters. Still, the rates were cheap enough that the Hellcats didn't have to truck all the way back to Lancer every night while still keeping them under the increasingly limited budget the school had given Britney Allen to work with.

"Marti, are you listening?"

"Yeah, yeah, we'll knock their socks off, same as last year," Marti said. "You sure we're ready?"

"If we weren't, Alice would've read us all the riot act on the bus ride back," Savannah said. "Instead, she sat quietly talking to Miranda the whole way."

"Wonder why," Marti muttered.

"Miranda's a good half-second early on all her tumbles from left to right," Savannah said as the entered the Salvatore lobby. "Alice was probably just pointing that out to her."

"A half-second early from left to right," Marti said, smiling despite herself. "Seriously, why did you quit being our captain again?"

"Too much time helping Charlotte and Baby John," Savannah said. "Oh, geeze, there's the Sluts again."

Marti looked ahead to see the West Tennessee State University Mockingbirds ahead of them in line, their revealing cheerleading costumes making the Hellcats midriff bearing tops and short skirts look positively chaste. As Marti looked over, she spotted that Kat girl she'd spoken too briefly towards the back of the group, squatting down to put something in her gym bag. Marti's heart fluttered a bit, but that wasn't the reaction she worried about. No, that was the fact that her pussy was suddenly quite damp at the sight of the sexy, mocha-skinned cheerleader.

Kat suddenly looked up and spotting Marti, she waved, her lips forming a most seductive smile.

"She seems friendly," Savannah said.

"Y-yeah, I guess so," Marti said. Kat suddenly started to stand up, but did so in an almost exaggerated, slow-motion way, her back curving in such a way to stick her glorious, apple-bottom butt out for anyone looking to see and drool over.

Marti was looking and it was all she could do to hide the drool.

"Flexible, too. I bet she's quite the acrobat," Savannah said, her voice conveying the innocence of her comment. Marti had the same thought, but in an entirely different context.

"Savannah, Marti, I need to see you two in my room at once," Alice said, suddenly popping up between the two girls. "And bring Charlotte, too."

"What's going on?" Savannah asked.

"Yeah," Marti added, glad to have anything else to think about besides Kat and her delicious rump. "Something wrong?"

"A little emergency mini-meeting," Alice said, walking past the girls and practically dragging Miranda behind her.

"Mini-meeting?" Savannah said. "I don't like the sound of this."

"Me, either. Should I get Lewis?" Marti asked.

"NO!" Alice and Miranda said together.

"Just Charlotte, for now anyway," Alice added hastily. "And hurry."

With that, the Hellcats captain dragged off the new recruit, leaving Marti and Savannah to trade worried looks.

"Well, it wouldn't be a major competition for the Hellcats without SOME drama, would it?" Marti muttered.


"What's keeping Marti?" Alice demanded a few minutes later. The small hotel room Alice was sharing with Frankie - who was now sharing a hotel room with Emily instead, thanks to Alice's badgering - was already filled with Hellcats. Alice had brought Miranda in and kicked Frankie out just in time for Savannah and Charlotte to slip in, the younger Monroe sister carrying her breast pump with her ("These melons don't drain themselves every night") But Marti was running late.

"She wanted to change into something besides her uniform," Savannah said, defending her friend. "If you'd ever seen the way Marti packs, you'd understand how that might take some time."

"You forget, I've seen what Marti wears when she's not in uniform," Alice shot back. "It doesn't take this long to find a ratty old T-shirt and pajama pants."

"Just give her another minute," Savannah said.

"Or, you know, let those of us who have other things to do in on what's going on and let Marti play catch-up," Charlotte said. Savannah shot her sister a look. "What, like it's comfortable trying to pump your breasts underneath a Hellcats top?"

"You could always take your top off," Alice said, her voice filled with a bit of mischief. "We're all girls here, after all."

"Not anymore you aren't," Lewis Flynn's voice filled the room. The four girls turned towards the door. Lewis stood there, hands folded over his chest, glaring at Alice. Behind him, a sheepish looking Marti Perkins looked apologetic.

"Marti!" Alice snapped. "I told you no Lewis!"

"He caught me sneaking out! What was I supposed to do? Tell him we were all going to braid our hair and share tampons?"

"Wouldn't have believed her anyway," Lewis said, walking in. "What'd you do now, Alice?"

"Why do you assume I did something?"

"You called the meeting, and you didn't want me here," Lewis said as he stood in front of her. "What else am I supposed to think?"

"That we're going to braid each other's hair and share tampons?" Alice offered, her voice taking on a sweet, singsong tone. No one laughed.

"Spill. What's going on?"

"I, ah, I didn't want you to find out like this," Alice admitted.

"Find out what?"

"Yeah, what's going on, Alice?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah, just tell us, already," Marti added.

Alice took a deep breath, clearly trying to buy time to consider her next words, but a nervous Miranda beat her to the punch.

"Alice and I kissed and Nasty Kathy caught us and is now blackmailing us in order to get the Hellcats to drop out of Qualifiers!"

The words burst out of Miranda's mouth so fast that for a long moment, no one could quite believe what they'd heard. A heavy silence blanketed the room, as the collective shock stilled the six cheerleaders.

The, all at once, everyone began talking at once.

"You KISSED?!"

"I told you to let ME do all the talking!"

"Nasty Kathy? You've GOT to be kidding me!"

"You KISSED?!"

"Does this sort of thing happen at EVERY major event the Hellcats go to?"

"I swear that girl is out to get us all!"

"You KISSED?!"

"And of COURSE she wants us to drop out, we're the best team here."

"How can she even MAKE us drop out? It's not like being lesbians is against the rules or anything - is it?"

"You KISSED?!"

"Whoa, whoa - who said ANYTHING about being LESBIANS?"

"Do we have some sort of legal leg to stand on? Can we sue to keep the pictures from getting out?"

"You KISSED?!"

"Not before we're supposed to perform tomorrow - legal proceedings would take months, if not longer."

"Was she just skulking around, looking to cause trouble? I can totally see that awful Nasty Kathy doing that!"

"You KISSED?!"


The new voice cut through the chatter like a knife through butter and everyone in the room turned back towards the still-open door.

Standing there, seemingly dwarfed by the doorframe around here, was Britney Allen, the Hellcats coach, looking for all the world like she'd just walked into a war zone. In some sense, she had.

"That's better," Britney said into the new silence. "Now, would you mind telling me why you're all here in one room when you should be all paired off, getting the rest you need for tomorrow?"

No one spoke - they just all traded worried looks.

"I'm waiting," Britney said sternly - a strange tone coming from someone shorter than almost everyone else in the room. "Seriously, guys, do I have to count or something?"

As one, all the Hellcats turned towards Miranda, who'd gone positively pale.

"I'm waiting!"

"Alice and I were caught kissing by Nasty Kathy and now she's blackmailing us to try and get us to drop out of Qualifiers," Miranda said, far more slowly and quietly than she had the last time. She looked positively sick about it and couldn't meet anyone's eyes.

Britney only looked more confused. "Wait, who's Nasty Kathy?"

"Kathy Kurowski, the Cyclones' captain," Charlotte answered.

"And our mortal enemy," Marti added.

"Marti!" Savannah snapped.

"Oh, come on - she locked Lewis in a bathroom last year at Nationals and you've hated her since grade school!"

"It's still not a nice thing to say," Savannah pouted.

"And how, exactly, does having pictures of the two of you kissing blackmail us out of Qualifiers?" Britney asked.

"Well, ah, she was going to show everyone," Alice said. "Starting with Lewis."

"Why Lewis?"

"Because I'm supposed to be Alice's boyfriend - who had no idea she was sneaking around kissing other people behind my back," Lewis said sternly, glaring down at Alice.

"But it was another girl? Isn't that, like, the hottest thing ever?"

"I thought it was," Miranda said quietly. "I don't know. Is it always that hot?"

"NOT HELPING!" Lewis and Alice barked at her in unison.

"And NO, I don't find anything hot about my girlfriend cheating on me!"

"It was just a kiss! Miranda and I didn't go any further than that!"

"Oh and was she the only one you've been kissing lately?"

Alice looked away quickly.

"Oh, you've GOT to be kidding me!" Lewis snarled. "Who? Alice, tell me WHO!"

"Lewis, calm down," Britney said.

"You calm down! I want to know who else my girlfriend has been kissing?"

"Kelsey," Alice said, looking remorseful.

"That reporter chick? Anyone else?"

"No?" Alice said, sounding hopeful that Lewis would believe her.

"WHO?!" Lewis demanded.

"Tom and Jason," Alice said, sitting down on the bed.

"W-what? Tom and Jason? The new bases?!"

"Whoa, talk about team incest," Charlotte muttered, completely missing the wince on Marti's face.

Lewis was in a rage now. "I'll kill them," he said, turning towards the door. "I'll kill them both, then I'll dig them up and kill them again!"

Lewis made towards the door, but Britney just stood there, blocking his way, giving him a look of pure death. "Lewis Flynn, you do NOT want to leave this room," the new Hellcats coach said.

"Oh, I think I do," Lewis said.

"You leave this room and not only will you be kicked off this team when you're needed the most, you'll be violating a dozen different Lancer Codes of Conduct and you'll be kicked off campus by this time tomorrow," Britney reminded him. "You really want to do that, Lewis? You really want to get kicked out of college? Out of Lancer? More importantly, you want to let your team down when you're needed the most?"

"Lewis, please," Savannah spoke up. "We can't win without you. You're our best base."

"You're MY base, Lewis," Marti added with a pleading tone.

Lewis didn't turn around, he just glared down at Britney, who despite being so much shorter smaller and lighter than him, clearly wasn't going to budge from the doorway. For a long moment, it looked like Lewis might actually bowl her over, but even as mad as he was, Lewis Flynn wasn't raised to hit a woman - especially one as small as Britney Allen.

Instead, he turned around and jabbed a finger towards Alice. "We are DONE, you hear me? This is the last time, Alice! No more do-overs, no more second chances, no getting back together. We. Are. DONE."

"Lewis, please," Alice begged, a single tear coming down the side of her face.

"Done," Lewis said. "Now, what are we going to do about Kathy?"

"String her up by her toenails and beat the snot out of her?" Marti offered.

"We can't do that," Savannah said, before pausing for a moment, considering. "Can we?"

"No, we can't," Britney said.

"Oh, what do YOU know?" Alice asked angrily. "You don't even know this girl."

"But I know her type," Britney said. "I've dealt with cheating, backstabbing cheerleaders all my life and I know just how to deal with them."

"Yeah, they all say that," Alice snorted. "You leave Nasty Kathy to us - we've dealt with her before."

"Doesn't mean I don't know how to handle her," Britney shot back. "Now, before we go any further, what's on the picture? Is it just you two kissing, or is there something more?"

"Just kissing," Miranda said, her eyes locked on the floor as her cheeks turned bright red.

"Okay, then she can't get you two disqualified for rude behavior if she shows the pic to the judges - but they may just deduct points. We're really going to have to bring our A-game tomorrow, boys and girls."

"She's right, you know," Marti said. "Legally, a picture of two girls just kissing isn't anything the judges can use to stop us from competing. If Alice and Miranda don't mind taking a hit to their reputations, if we just go out there and kick butt, we should be fine."

"You want to call Nasty Kathy's bluff?" Charlotte asked, surprised.

"I don't think Nasty Kathy bluffs," Savannah added.

"She can't harm the Hellcats by releasing the picture - she can only harm Alice and Miranda - and the bulk of that threat comes from Alice losing Lewis."

"Which she already has," Lewis added. Alice looked crestfallen.

"But Nasty Kathy's smart enough to know that," Charlotte said.

"Right," Britney said. "So maybe getting us to drop out isn't her endgame. Maybe she's after something else."

"Of course she is," Alice snapped bitterly. "She's after Lewis."

Savannah, Marti, and Lewis all exchanged worried looks, but Britney was still behind.

"Lewis? Have I missed something?"

"Kathy and I dated briefly last year," Lewis said. "I ended it when I got back together with Alice, and well, Kathy didn't take it well."

"You dated another team's captain?!?!" Britney called out, shocked. "Lewis, that's crazy! How can you ever compete against her ever again? Did she steal any moves?" The diminutive coach paused for a moment. "Did you steal any of HER moves?"

"No and no," Lewis said. "I play fair and until we broke up, I thought Kathy did, too."

"That's what you get for sleeping with a psycho, Lewis," Alice muttered.

"Yeah, well, I seem to find them all over the place, don't I?" he shot back at her.

"That's enough, you two," Britney said, her voice ringing with all the authority her 5-foot-2 body could muster and then some. "This is more than just your crazy relationship at stake here. Just because the judges can't kick us out of the competition, they can certainly be prejudiced against us. I'm from California, where this would be less of an issue, but this is Tennessee - two girls kissing has far more negative impact on people's minds here in the heart of the Bible Belt."

"She's right," Marti said. "We're competing against Memphis CHRISTIAN, after all."

"Exactly," Britney stressed. "Even if they can't kick us out, they can get rid of us just by giving us lower scores than we deserve, simply because they don't like us."

"But that's not fair!" Miranda protested.

"No, it's NOT fair - but it's life," Britney said. "I hate to say this, but we need that phone back. BEFORE this Nasty Kathy girl shows it to everyone."

"Wait a minute - if Nasty Kathy is using this all just to get Alice and Lewis to break up, maybe we can use that to our advantage," Marti said.

"How so?" Savannah asked.

"Simple," Marti said with a smile. "Give her what she wants - and when she's not looking, steal the picture back from her."

"And how do we do that?" Britney asked.

"The way the Hellcats do everything, Coach," Marti said. "With teamwork."


"I swear, if I hear any more peppiness tonight, I'm going to let a bus roll over my head."

Britney Allen had never met Jackie Wilcox, the head coach for the Memphis Christian Cyclones, but she didn't like her. No, not one bit. In fact, Britney would've been most upset to have to see Jackie the half-dozen or so times the Hellcats and Cyclones would have to cross paths between football games and major competitions over the course of the year, but Jackie was a solid eight months pregnant and looked like she wouldn't be around much past Qualifiers anyway.

"Kind of a bad attitude to have if you're a cheerleading coach," Britney said. The two coaches - and several other coaches - were down in the Salvatore Hotel's bar, claiming what little quiet time they could away from their charges. Pregnancy aside, Jackie wasn't all that different that Britney, though she had the extra inches in height to make Britney have to look up at her when they were standing. Facially, she resembled Britney's friend Brianna from high school, but the resemblance ended there. Jackie was a sour, depressing person to be around.

"What do I care - I just need to get through the performance tomorrow, then I can go on maternity leave and these annoying little bitches become the problem of whoever the interim coach ends up being."

"I'm surprised you're even here today," Britney said.

"Yeah, well, Memphis Christian doesn't have the best of medical plans and I need all my time off for AFTER the baby arrives," Jackie muttered, taking a long sip of her drink.

"That's not..." Britney trailed off, almost afraid to ask.

"Relax, it's ginger ale, not alcohol - though, God, I'd kill for even a shitty beer at this point. That Kukowski girl is the living definition of 'driving a person to drink,' I swear. And I gotta room with her tonight!"

"So I've heard," Britney muttered, reaching for her phone. "You want another drink?"

"PLEASE!" Jackie said. "Any excuse not to go back to the hotel room."

Britney smiled, motioned for the bartender, then typed out a quick text to Marti Perkins.

"Momma Bird Away From Nest," she sent, hoping Marti's plan was going to work.


"Oh, Napoleon III and Eugenie, I just can't stop staring at this picture of Alice locking lips with that new Hellcat."

Kathy Kukowski lay on her hotel bed, wearing just her sports bra and some pajama pants as she slowly got ready for bed. She was alone in her room save for her two pet tarantulas, Napoleon III and Eugenie. They had been a gift from Lewis after he learned how that retched Savannah Monroe had killed off Kathy's childhood pets, Napoleon and Josphine. The originals had been named after the French Emperor and his wife, so the second set had been similarly named after the next French Emperor and HIS wife. Kathy had always had an affinity for the short emperor who nearly conquered all of Europe - she felt a strange kinship with him that had nothing to do with the fact that crazy people in movies always seemed to think they were Napoleon. No, for Kathy, the allure came from complete power coming in such a small package. That was something she strived for.

Kathy had almost gotten rid of the two spiders when Lewis had dumped her, but she'd decided to keep them, at least for now. After all, you never knew when you might need a deadly spider or two. Still, she learned from the past and brought her spiders with her when she went on overnight trips - she wouldn't let someone else do to her spiders what Savannah did when she was 9.

Kathy continued to stare happily at the picture. It was framed so perfectly, with just enough of Alice's face in view to be certain it was her locking lips with the shorter brunette freshman. She'd always known Alice was a cheater and a liar and a bitch - this was just the proof she needed to ruin the Hellcat in Lewis' eyes. Yes, soon her lost love would come crawling back to Kathy, begging for another chance.

And Kathy would give it to him. After all, like Jesus, she forgave. And she was hella horny, too. God, she needed Lewis' big cock between her legs again. She hadn't so much as touched herself since he'd left her and she'd been scheming all summer to get him back. And then, low and behold, there was Alice cheating on her boyfriend - on KATHY'S boyfriend - at the first cheerleading competition of the year? Yes, it was clear to Kathy that God wanted her and Lewis to be together, too.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Kathy sighed, closed her phone and slid it into her coat pocket, then stood up. "What's the matter, Jackie? Did you forget your keycard?"

Kathy opened the door and nearly did a double take. There, standing in the doorway, chewing on a piece of gum and looking for all the world like he'd just gone to Hell and back, was Lewis Flynn, the love of Kathy's life.


"Hey, Kathy," he said, his lips smacking a bit as he continued to chew his gum.

"What are you doing here?" Kathy asked, suddenly quite glad she hadn't bothered to put a robe on or anything - she knew Lewis liked how sexy she looked when she was only in her sports bra.

"Alice and I broke up," he said. "She was cheating on me."

"Oh no!" Kathy said, trying not to squeal with delight. This was even better than she'd hoped! "Do you want to come in?"

"Ah, no, I don't think that'd be a good idea," Lewis said. "You're rooming with your coach and all, right?"

"Yeah, you're right," Kathy said, cursing her luck - Jackie was cock-blocking her and she wasn't even in the room!

"Can we go somewhere else, maybe?" Lewis asked. "To talk?"

"S-sure, I'd like that," Kathy stammered. "Let me just grab my coat."

She raced to grab her coat, not bothering with a shirt and quickly followed Lewis down the hallway, completely missing the moment where Lewis pulled out his chewing gum and shoved it into latch of her door, preventing it from locking when it closed. She also didn't notice the tall, blonde-haired woman in a trench coat and a large hat at the end of the hallway by the stairwell as she passed by.


Marti turned around as Lewis and Kathy went around the corner, and quickly pulled out her phone, typing away. "Vulture has left The Nest. Chickadees heading in."

"All clear?" Savannah asked as she poked her head out of stairwell.

"Yeah," Marti said, holding the door open so Savannah and Charlotte could come out into the hallway. "Wasn't that clear in my message?"

"That thing about vultures and chickens? No, not really."

"Chickadees, not chickens."

"Whatever, let's go get Nasty Kathy's phone," Charlotte said.

"Right," Marti said. "You two search the room - you know Kathy the best. I'll stay out here and keep watch."

"Yeah, because you don't look suspicious at ALL wearing THAT getup," Charlotte chuckled, looking at Marti's trench coat and hat.

"Be nice, Char," Savannah said, testing Nasty Kathy's door. Sure enough, the gum trick had worked - the Hellcats were able to slip inside without a key.

"Okay, you take that side, I'll take this one," Savannah said. "Let's find that phone before Kathy catches Alice running off and marrying a terrorist or something else."

"What?" Charlotte asked, looking through the drawers next to Kathy's bed.

"Oh, I just never pictured Alice kissing another girl," Savannah said. "I mean, I suppose I should have - she's always been quite free with her sexuality and whatnot - but, you know, she's always been so boy-crazy, this is kind of a surprise. And a pain."

"You have a problem with Alice being with another girl?" Charlotte asked, images of what she and Deirdre did in the shower not that long ago flashing before her eyes.

"Oh, no - there's been more than one lesbian Hellcat before. You never met The Wedge, did you?"

"The Wedge?"

"Patty Wedgerman. She was an out lesbian we had on the team until early last year - she transferred to be closer to home when her mother got sick."

"So you don't have anything against lesbians?"

"Not at all. I just, you know, I can't see the appeal," Savannah said, rummaging through a pile of papers. "This must all be Jackie's stuff - looks too official for Nasty Kathy."

"You don't see the appeal?" Charlotte asked.

"Well, I mean, I see the appeal in girls. We're all soft and we smell good and we take care of our lips - Dan's are SO rough - and you could share clothes and shoes and whatnot. But, I don't know, I just never really thought about it, I guess."

"So you'd never, I don't know, have sex with a girl in the showers at Cheertown or anything, then."

"GOD no!" Savannah cried. "I'd never have sex with anyone in the showers - not even Dan! That's so OPEN! Anyone could walk in and just, you know, see you DOING it." Savannah paused for a moment. "Wait, what could you actually SEE if you're in a shower?"

"God, Vanna, you are SUCH a virgin," Charlotte laughed. She moved to the table and suddenly shrieked. "Ewww! Spiders! Spiders!"

Savannah rushed over as Charlotte jumped back. "I don't believe it - Nasty Kathy won't even leave her ugly spiders at home anymore. She just will NOT let that go!"


Marti was starting to think that Charlotte had been right - she stood out like a sore thumb here in the middle of the hallway, dressed like a 1930s detective - or worse, some kind of flasher. Thankfully, no one had come by yet, but still, she was pushing her luck. Unfortunately, all she had on underneath was her Hellcats uniform and since the Hellcats were supposed to be rooming two floors up, that was even more conspicuous. If any of the Cyclones came out and saw her standing around, she'd be lucky if her dead body wasn't found in the garbage chute a week from now.

Of course, if Lewis couldn't keep Kathy busy as she came back, no disguise would keep Marti safe from her wrath.

Marti was just about to strip off the trench coat when a door halfway down the hallway swung open. Marti turned away, but the cheerleader who stepped out recognized her at once.

"Well, hey there, hot stuff from the water fountain," Kat, the hot Sluts cheerleader said, her face filled with a warm smile that only seemed to highlight the mischief in her eyes. Clad in a tight purple silk robe that was open enough in the front to provide an ample eyeful of her chest and short enough that bending over and remaining chaste at the same time was rendered virtually impossible. Marti froze, trying to keep her eyes from locking onto Kat's delicious, mocha-colored skin and smoking hot body held beneath that purple robe.

"Now, if I remember correctly," Kat continued, ignoring the fact that Marti hadn't said so much as a word yet, "you Hellcats are supposed to be up a floor or two. In fact, I'm pretty sure you're standing outside a room assigned to the Cyclones, who are the only other team on this floor."

"Would you believe I'm lost?" Marti asked as Kat sauntered closer.

"A smart girl like you? Wearing a trench coat? No, you aren't lost at all."

"I'm clearly not as smart as I think I am," Marti argued as Kat came to a stop right in front of her, making Marti look down at the shorter cheerleader and practically forcing the blonde to glare at the tops of the brunette's exposed cleavage.

"So, what are you doing here? Spying?"

"No," Marti said.

"Illicit rendezvous?"

"Ah, no."

"Stealing something from the Cyclones?"

Marti couldn't answer that one.

"No, a good girl like you?" Kat said, the tone in her voice making it clear she thought Marti was anything BUT a good girl. "I can't picture you stealing anything." She paused for a moment. "Except maybe a kiss or two."

"Maybe a kiss or two," Marti agreed, despite herself.

"So then if you aren't here to steal something, I'm guessing you're here for something else. You're wearing a big old coat that covers you all up - shame that. I wonder..." Kat trailed off before reaching out and pulling at the belt tie keeping Marti's coat closed. Marti wanted to reach out and stop the other girl, but was too mesmerized. Instead, she just let the other girl undress her.

"Awww," Kat said when Marti's coat slid open to reveal her Hellcats uniform underneath. "And here I was hoping you would be naked underneath."

"Sorry?" Marti said, not knowing what else to say.

"You should be," Kat said, undoing the tie on her robe. The purple silk split down the middle more, creating a deep divide that ran well beneath her breasts before stopping where her hands held it closed just above her navel. Marti's eyes went wide as they followed the newly created line down to Kat's delicious bellybutton and for a moment, couldn't seem to keep her mouth from going dry.

There was something about this woman, this rival cheerleader from a school Marti wasn't sure she'd even heard of before today, that was driving her insane with lust. Marti's mind was a jumble of images - Deirdre's naked breasts, Alice's lips upon Miranda's, Lewis bare skin, Ariana's barely clad butt, Dan's hard cock - all the sexual images Marti had acquired over her lifetime ran through her mind's eye and each one seemed almost immediately super imposed by sexy images of Kat.

Kat quickly closed her robe again, though she didn't retie it. "Would you like to come into my room? No one will see you there." The darker skinned woman's eyes twinkled. "Except me, of course."

"I don't-"

"Sush, someone's coming!" Kat said, grabbing Marti by the wrist and pulling her down the hall.

"No one's-" Marti started to protest, but as she glanced down, Kat's naked ass appeared underneath her robe. Before she knew it, Marti was following Kat anywhere the other girl wanted to go.


Lewis and Kathy walked in silence for what seemed like hours, though really was perhaps only five or six minutes after getting off the elevator. They didn't want to go to their rooms - Lewis especially, since he just learned two of his teammates, Jason and Tom, had banged his girlfriend behind his back. Still, the Salvatore was a large hotel and despite the relative earliness of the night - only 10 p.m. - the place was quiet and privacy seemed to be fairly easy to come by, once you got around the staff.

"Let's go in here," Kathy suggested as they walked past the indoor pool. The lights were down and the place seemed evacuated, but both cheerleaders glanced around nervously until they were certain they were alone.

"I love pools," Kathy said. "Some of my allergies keep me from swimming in oceans or lakes, so pools are my only chance to swim."

"I just like when the water's heated," Lewis said, pausing at the rim of the pool. "I hate cold water - I freeze up and can't swim."

"Gee, I find it refreshing," Kathy countered. "The kiss of ice upon your skin really wakes you up."

"Yeah, that's your body's way of saying, 'Oh my god, if we don't move now, we're going to freeze to death!'" Lewis countered.

"Well, still, this pool seems to be heated," she said, crouching down and sticking a tentative hand into the water. Sure enough, it was warm - almost bathwater.

"Shall we?" Kathy asked, taking off her shoes.

"Shall we what?" Lewis asked.

"Stick our feet in," Kathy countered, rolling up the legs of her pajama pants to her knees and then sitting on the side of the pool.

"Oh, yeah, okay," Lewis said, clearly still unsure. "For a minute there, I thought you wanted to go skinny dipping."

"I'm not THAT easy, Lewis," Kathy said as Lewis shucked off his sneakers. "Though it does sound like fun..." she trailed off suggestively.

"We're still broken up, Kathy."

"And you're about to break up with Alice - AGAIN," Kathy shot back. "You've given her so many extra chances, why not me?"

"You locked me in a bathroom to try and keep me from Nationals last year!" Lewis retorted. "How can I trust you after that?!"

"Because I'll never do it again! I swear, Lewis. And you know I keep my word."

"I don't know that at all," Lewis snarled. "You're no better than Alice."

"I never cheated on you. With your teammates. Both boys AND girls," Kathy snapped and then suddenly froze as Lewis glared at her with a look of disgust. She'd just overplayed her hand.

"Yeah and I suppose I've got you to thank for knowing Alice cheated on me," Lewis griped. "You and your phone."

"I know it wasn't the nicest thing to do, but aren't you glad you found out now, instead of later? Before Alice got knocked up by someone else, or got some disease or something like that."

"I'd be hella happier if you'd just left well enough alone, Kathy. I know you and I have our issues, but that's no reason to go stirring up trouble for my team. You want to beat the Hellcats, beat them fair and square on the mat - no more of this backhanded bullshit!"

"I'm sorry, Lewis," Kathy said, a look of shame upon her face that she'd worked so hard to perfect over the summer. This was her chance - maybe her only chance - to get Lewis back. Then things would be better. She was certain of that. Once she had Lewis back, she could beat the Hellcats - and those damn Monroe sisters - and finally everything would work out her way. She'd have Lewis, two consecutive National Championship trophies and her life would work out. It just would.

She just had to get Lewis back.

"What can I say?" she asked. "What can I say, what can I do? Tell me, Lewis. I'll do it. I'll do anything for you."

"I don't know, Kathy," he admitted. "I don't know."

Anyone else might have felt their heart shatter at such a statement, but Kathy Kurowski didn't. She just took that as a sign she'd have to work harder to get Lewis back.

And so she began to work harder.


"What could they be talking about over there?"

The Salvatore Hotel had the rather common layout of placing it's complimentary gym right next to it's indoor swimming pool, though both were closed after 10 p.m., the lights shut off, save for a few safety lights around the water's edge and some emergency lights here and there. With the gym even more dark, the window wall between the two areas acted more like a one-way mirror than window, though the low light on the other side made it difficult to see everything that was going on by the pool.

Still, it was about as good a place to keep an eye on Nasty Kathy while Lewis kept her busy and the Monroe sisters found the phone. This job fell to Alice and Miranda, making for a very quiet gym.

"I mean, how long does it take to tell someone they're a bitch and a backstabber and an all-around whore?"

"Maybe he's not telling her that," Miranda offered. "Maybe he's trying to reason with her."

Alice snorted at that. "That's like trying to reason with the Devil himself."

"Doesn't mean he can't try, right?" Miranda said.

"Gah, I can't watch this," Alice derided. She quickly moved to sit down on one of the weightlifting benches, where she proceeded to lay down and look up at the ceiling. "Let me know if they do anything, okay?"

"Like what?"

"Like start brawling, or maybe Lewis tries to drown her, only she's half-alligator and she tries to bite his head off or something. He'd kinda deserve it."

"Lewis? What for?"

"For getting all upset about us," Alice said. "I mean, come on - what guy doesn't want to see his girlfriend making out with another girl? It's totally hot!"

"But Lewis didn't see us. We were alone," Miranda pointed out. "Except for Nasty Kathy, of course."

"Damn Nasty Kathy," Alice muttered. "Just keep an eye on them."


"Okay, it's getting late and I need to make sure my girls are all in bed," Jackie Wilcox said, easing her very pregnant body up out of her seat.

"Already?" Britney Allen said, glancing at the clock on the wall - the girls had only had ten minutes to search the room and that's if they were able to get in there without a problem. "But we were having so much fun discussing your morning sickness!"

Jackie shot Britney a look that pretty much conveyed what Britney felt - she couldn't believe she'd just said that.

"Do yourself a favor, Brit - never get pregnant," Jackie said before she started to almost literally waddle towards the door.

"But- but- ah, shit," Britney muttered as Jackie walked out of the bar and headed towards the elevators.

Britney quickly grabbed her phone and sent a text to Marti.

"Momma Bird heading BACK to nest. Get the Chickadees out. NOW!"


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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 3: Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders
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Coming into the room, Marti felt like she was powerless to Kat's sexual prowess. She knew what she should be doing and that was watching out for Savannah and Charlotte. But everything about Kat just seemed to ooze sex and the WTSU captain seemed hell-bent on being sure Marti didn't leave without being licked.

"You want something from the minibar?" Kat offered.

"Um, no, I'm good," Marti answered, feeling anything but. She hated that she had given herself up to Kat so easily. If Savannah and Charlotte found out about what she was about to do, Marti was fairly certain the outcome wasn't going to be positive.

"Suit yourself," Kat replied, taking out a water bottle and drinking from it before focusing her attention back to Marti. "So, what brought you to this floor? It had to be something good if you're going walk around here wearing that big old jacket."

"I really can't say," Marti said. "It's just that..." She felt mouth block off the last part of that sentence. Being a law student, Marti knew she needed a sharper wit than what she was demonstrating. "My friends are going to be in trouble without me. And I need to get back to them. Now."

"Oh, what fun would be that be?" Kat asked, approaching Marti so the two women were now standing face-to-face. Marti knew that her body was betraying her, realizing how hot her breath was and having no doubts Kat was picking up on that. "Why would you want to walk away when you haven't had any fun yet?"

To show just what sort of fun she had in mind, Kat put her hands on Marti's shoulder and slowly brought them down, stopping when her hands found their way to the blonde's D-cups. Now Marti was really pissed at herself, knowing her nipples were diamond hard as Kat seemed to turn the Hellcat into putty just by touching her.

"Kat, I really don't think I should stay," Marti protested, worried that the Monroes were currently at the mercy of Nasty Kathy.

"Don't you worry your little head off," Kat retorted. "I'm going to be sure you don't regret coming in here."

Wanting to prove her statement true, Kat untied her sash once again and this time, instead of teasing Marti, she let the purple robe slide down her arms to the floor, exposing her fully nude body to her blonde rival.

Looking at Kat's naked form, Marti felt her breathing accelerate, hey eyelids rise, her chest swell and her pussy dampen. While Kat might not have been the chestiest girl around, what she in the breast department made Marti's mouth water. The Mockingbirds captain had the body to match her dancing background, with a flat tummy and a glamorous set of legs, all of it covered in a delicious, light brown skin that mimicked warm hot chocolate. Feeling herself gulp in anxiousness, Marti tried one last time to leave.

"Kat, my friends, they..." she began, but was interrupted with a soft peck on the lips.

"They can handle themselves," Kat interrupted. "You worry too much, Marti. Would you feel better if I kissed your troubles away?"

Trying to ease Marti's nerves, Kat closed in what little space was left between the two cheerleaders and softly kissed Marti on the lips. There was no tongue yet, just the soft touch of two women's lips coming together in a sensual display of lust.

Kat showed Marti what she really wanted as she started massaging Marti's large breasts through the Hellcat's cheer top. In response, Marti returned the kiss and began to softly moan as Kat showed off how experienced she was making a woman weak in the knees.

"I'm so jealous of you," Kat said with a seductive smile. "I love a big set of boobs and I wound up being flat as a board. They must be so fun to play with."

"You have no idea," Marti said between heavy breaths. She wasn't lying. When she really got worked up in the throes of passion, Marti would massage her own breasts. Having such a large pair of tits, they could be extremely sensitive and Marti loved the way they felt in her hands. Or in the hands of whoever she was with, either way.

"I'd really love to do more than just feel them," Kat whispered in Marti's ear. It didn't take long for law student to know what her biracial partner meant.

"Go right ahead," Marti replied, immediately crossing her arms and pulling her cheer top over her head before she did the same thing with her sports bra. The site of her topless chest left Kat almost hypnotized.

"Oh, my," Kat sighed before burying her face in Marti's large bosom. The Hellcats flier tossed her head back with a sensual moan, letting the WTSU captain know she was enjoying this.

As Kat began sucking on one of her nipples, Marti smiled at the realization that she was going to have sex with a woman the right way. There was no denying what she did with Deirdre at Cheertown was something special, but as hot as it was, there was still a significant part of her that wanted to act like it never happened. This part of Marti was telling her that she was starting from scratch and she didn't need her half-sister to give her pleasure.

Of course, Marti's logic just had to butt in and remind her that without Deirdre, she probably wouldn't have agreed to come into Kat's room in the first place. She told her brain to shut up unless it wanted to be stabbed by a Q-Tip and just let Kat work her wonders.

Blondes weren't Kat's only weakness. She also had a thing for a woman with large breasts and she knew why. She had downloaded more lesbian porn than most straight men possessed and most of it was filled with gorgeous blondes with an impressive rack, including Jenna Jameson, Hannah Harper and Shyla Stylez.

That's why when Kat saw Marti, she knew she had to make a play for her. It was like her most sensual fantasies were coming to life. There was Marti, a very attractive, big-titted blonde standing right before her and she was ready to test the waters. Kat intentionally loaded her conversation with Marti full of double entendres to gauge if her rival from the Hellcats was into girls. Sure enough, Marti reacted how she had hoped and that's when she decided to extend the invitation to her room.

Now that she had Marti in her room and was busy giving some well-deserved attention to her boobs, Kat was really glad she took the time to grab some water and run into the curly-haired law student. Marti was moaning her approval at the way Kat licked her nipples and the Mockingbirds captain told herself not to actually pat herself on the back.

"Oh, God, that feels so good," Marti moaned. "God, girls are so much better than guys at licking my boobs. I can't believe I waited so long to do this."

"Better late than never," Kat told the moaning law student. "Hmm, let's see how wet you are, baby."

Eager to see how much Marti was enjoying this, Kat undid the clasp of the blonde's skirt before unzipping it. Letting the pleated fabric fall to the floor, Kat smiled wickedly when she saw that the object of her desire had soaked herself right through her undergarments and made her spankies wet.

"Wow, somebody's pretty eager," Kat observed. "Aren't you glad I pulled you away from whatever you were doing?"

"I am!" Marti moaned. "I can't believe I tried to fight you off. You feel so good, Kat!"

Always one to appreciate a compliment thrown her way, Kat smiled wickedly as she decided now was the time to make her move. Not wanting to wait another moment to get to Marti's honeypot, she slid down the blonde's spankies and G-string in one swift movement.

Marti cooed in delight as the room's air conditioning came in contact with her molten hot pussy. She was glad to have stepped out of her bottoms mostly because she knew what Kat was going to do to her, but also because she worried wearing them even longer would damn well ruin her spankies and thong.

"Hmm, such a pretty kitty," Kat said upon seeing Marti naked. "Can I lick it?"

"Oh, I'd love that," Marti said, relishing the thought of a woman other than her half-sister putting her tongue inside her. She knew Kat was talking a big game and quite frankly, it was turning Marti on, so who was she to deny her rival the opportunity to eat her pussy?

Wanting to get right to work, Kat put her tongue to Marti's pussy, taking her first taste of the Hellcat. One thing became quite evident to Kat right away. Marti was still pretty loose. Like she had said earlier, she was definitely new to playing on the other team, so as much as Kat wanted to have her way with the Lancer cheerleader, she decided to take it slow with the busty blonde.

Marti cooed in delight over the way Kat's tongue was making her feel. There was something that felt so much more natural then her first time with lesbian sex. While she did treasure what she did with Deirdre, she knew it was wrong and unnatural. Not because Deirdre was another woman, but because she was Marti's half-sister, her own flesh and blood. With Kat, though, she felt something so pure about all of this.

Kat was definitely skilled at this, Marti observed. She was attacking all the right spots early on, making the blonde moan with each lick to her lips. Each breath made Marti's already well-endowed chest swell to sizes she had never experienced before. Kat was showing Marti how sex with another woman should really feel and the Hellcat could sense her orgasm was just seconds away.

However, before she could reach her peak, a familiar ringing came from one of the pockets of Marti's trench coat. She didn't want to leave Kat without finishing what she started, but she also figured out this text would entail and she knew she would have a lot of explaining to her teammates, Savannah and Charlotte in particular.

Pulling Kat's face away from her heated pussy, Marti looked her in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry about this, but I think I really need to check this." Rushing to her phone, Marti's fears were confirmed. Britney had sent her a message, which Marti figured meant the Monroes were in trouble. "Shit! I'm sorry, Kat, but I have something to do now."

"Hold on," Kat urged, somehow managing to keep a confident tone in her voice. She walked up to Marti and held the hand in which the blonde was grasping her phone. "Relax. Stay a while. You look so frazzled. Come on, why don't you lay on the bed and let me take care of you?"

"You have no idea how bad I want that," Marti responded. "But I can't. My teammates need me right away."

"Come on, Marti, you can wait to take care of it," Kat tried to reassure her cheer rival. "When was the last time you had a woman eat you pussy so good that you couldn't walk right the next morning? Or what about the last time you felt a pair of smooth, feminine hands massaging your breasts that made you moan? Or the caress of your butt that would send shivers up and down your spine?"

"God, this girl is good," Marti pondered to herself. Kat was melting away all reservations about staying and she hated herself for that. She knew Savannah and Charlotte were in trouble and she was going to be in a lot of trouble with the Hellcats and Britney if they got busted, but she couldn't get herself to put on her clothes and walk out. Kat's words sounded so alluring, like the Serpent telling Eve to take a bite of the apple. And just like Eve, Marti felt herself powerless to the tempting offer.

"Not since my first girl. It's been way too long," Marti answered. She convinced herself it wasn't a lie. The lock-in with Deirdre felt it was years ago, even though she was only a few days removed.

"Then I don't want to keep you waiting," Kat said. "Don't want you to explode from a lack of pleasure."

Guiding Marti to her bed, Kat turned the blonde around so they were face-to-face and gently pushed Marti down by the shoulders so that she was sitting down on the bed. Kat then softly pushed Marti backward so that she was lying on her back.

Leaning down, Kat positioned herself so she could look directly at Marti's pussy. There was no way any of Marti's teammates were going to keep her from eating the Lancer student's pussy. Without hesitation, Kat picked up where she left off by burrowing her tongue into Marti's pussy, remembering that she had her ivory lover on the edge before...

Just then, the hamster in Kat's head starting running on the wheel, giving the Mockingbirds captain an idea. It sounded so kinky. She had never tried anything like this before and while she had heard stories about this for masturbation, she had never heard any woman mention doing this to another girl. But the idea was to good to pass up and Kat was willing to give it a try.

"Gimme your phone," Kat commanded.

"Huh?" Marti questioned. Kat had just persuaded her to let her text message stay unopened, so she was wondering why Kat wanted it.

"Trust me, you won't regret this," Kat responded.

Shrugging her shoulders, Marti reached over next to her, grabbed her phone and handed it to Kat before asking, "What are you doing?"

"Don't worry, I have a great idea," Kat said. "I used to have this same model and it's got a few fancy features you'll just love."

Marti was more than a little leery of what Kat's true intentions were, especially since she wound up in here as a result of Nasty Kathy taking a picture on her phone of Alice and Miranda. Still, there seemed to be an air of sincerity coming from Kat and she had done plenty to please her body, so Marti decided that there was no harm in trusting her.

Getting curious over what Kat was planning, Marti sat up with her forearms on the bed. She was glad she did because the mirrored closet in front of the bed was giving her quite the show. She wasn't doing it to look at herself naked, though she had to admit she looked damn good. Rather, Marti wanted to take in Kat's body. Crouched down on the bed, her ass looked so gorgeous, round enough that Marti wanted to grab each cheek in her hand but firm enough not to betray her dancing background. Looking at Kat, Marti made a mental note to thank Deirdre for giving her a new appreciation of the female body.

"Alright, let's do this," Kat said as she finished fidgeting with the phone. Marti peered down her body to the rival captain, seeing she was about to do something with her phone that she had not figured out.

It took all of a second for Marti to realize what was happening.

"HOLY SHIT!" Marti exclaimed. For the briefest moment, her body was in complete ecstasy and she held on to the sheets for her life.

Before giving Marti the jolt of her life, Kat turned down the volume on the Hellcat's phone and flipped on the vibrating setting as it made contact with her clitoris.

"Wow, that was terrific!" Marti gasped. "I can't believe you thought of that!"

"Just wait until I get you to come, " Kat said confidentially. Without delay, she took the phone off vibrate and immediately put it back on, putting Marti in bliss.

"OHHHHH, WOW!" Marti shouted. She had barely caught her breath when Kat did it again. With each flick of the switch on her phone, Marti felt herself growing hoarse. She hadn't felt this sort of a rush with a vibrator before. The sensation was short-lived but turned her on to no end. She may have been hoping to kick Kat's ass at Qualifiers tomorrow, but Marti felt more like kissing it to show her appreciation.


"Lewis, I know you're mad at me, but Alice betrayed you. More than once. Didn't she leave you for Jake last year? Only to come crawling back when Jake got himself thrown in jail? She's an opportunist, nothing more. She probably banged those guys because she thought the could give her more."

Lewis wanted to roll his eyes. Kathy was laying it on pretty thick, trying to paint Alice as a devil. The problem was, Lewis wasn't exactly inclined to disagree at the moment.

He was pissed at Alice for cheating on him and pissed at her getting caught by Nasty Kathy, of all people. And he was pissed at Alice for making him have to distract Nasty Kathy while Savannah and Charlotte got the incriminating photo back. Lewis was just waiting for the text from Marti saying he could drop Kathy like a wet towel and get the fuck out of here.

"Lewis?" Kathy asked, having sat silent for as long as possible.

"You're right," Lewis sighed. "Alice has treated me like crap, but I still have feelings for her. It's going to take some time to get over her."

"Time and maybe someone else?" Kathy asked, her eyes like giant saucers, what she meant as clear as crystal in her expression.

"Kathy, you locked me in a bathroom to try and keep me from participating in Nationals!" Lewis exclaimed, unable to believe Kathy still thought she stood a chance.

"I was upset! You'd just broken my heart!"

"Locked me in a bathroom!" Lewis said again.

"Please, Lewis, I'm so sorry. Let me make it up to you. I'll do anything. Anything at all."

"No, you can't bargain your way out of this, Kathy! It's unforgivable!"

"Then don't forgive me - just move past it," Kathy said, sounding increasingly desperate. "I'm willing to do anything to get you back, Lewis. Even if it means you hate me a little bit because of what I did."

Lewis was about to tell Kathy there was nothing she COULD do to get him back when suddenly her pocket started playing classical music.

"Shit, I thought I turned that off," Kathy said, fishing into her pocket to yank out her phone.

Lewis had to bite his tongue not to swear. Savannah and Charlotte were searching Kathy's room right now and the phone they were looking for was here, with Kathy. What was he going to do? He couldn't even use HIS phone to text Marti and let her know without Kathy seeing. He glanced around, hoping that Alice and Miranda had managed to follow him and had just seen what he'd seen.

Not that it really mattered. The whole jig was up. Kathy still had her phone and Lewis couldn't get it away from her. Not without Kathy suspecting what he was up to. He'd have to get her away from it somehow and that wasn't likely to happen. Not unless she left it in her pocket when she took off her-

Lewis nearly groaned aloud. It was a good thing his relationship with Alice was pretty much over, because she was NOT going to like what he was about to do.

"Tiffany, I don't care. Tell Jackie when she gets back and let her deal with your roommate problem. I'm kinda busy," Kathy was saying into her phone. "Nothing you need to worry about. I'll talk to you later. Bye." Kathy hung up her phone and stuffed it back into her pocket, looking up at Lewis. "I'm so sorry about that. Where were we?"

Lewis took a deep breath. "You were offering to do anything to get me back."

"Yes," Kathy said, looking up at him earnestly. "Anything."

"You can start," he said slowly, "by taking off your clothes."


"What are we going to do?"

"That BITCH!" Alice snarled as she watched Kathy ignore Lewis to chat on her cellphone. "Of COURSE she brought her phone! She probably taped it to her body or something."

"Alice, what do we DO?!" Miranda asked again.

"We go in there and beat Nasty Kathy to a pulp?" Alice suggested.

"Alice, I'm being serious!" Miranda said.

"I'll text Marti and tell her to get the Churchy Sisters out of MemChrist territory. Can't have them getting caught for nothing," Alice said, with a sigh, pulling out her own phone.


"Hang on," Alice said, typing. "Vulture still has the Golden Egg. Get the Chickadees OUT of the nest NOW."

"Alice?" Miranda asked again, her tone getting worried.

"What?" Alice said, turning back towards the younger cheerleader. But Miranda wasn't looking at her. Her eyes were glued to what was going on out by the pool. Alice followed her gaze and felt her blood go cold.

Nasty Kathy was standing stark naked in front of Lewis, her shapely little body - so perfect for cheerleading, despite her shapely butt and impressively perky tits - completely exposed as Lewis moved to remove his shorts.

"What the hell-?" Alice said, shocked. Her back hadn't been turned THAT long, had it? "What are they doing?!" she demanded.

"Looks like they're going to do it," Miranda said, her eyes locked on Lewis and Kathy. Lewis' shorts had hit the floor and Kathy was already dropping to her knees before him, eagerly opening her mouth to suck his rising cock into it.

Alice felt the ice in her veins turn to steel. "Lewis Flynn, I'm going to kill you," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. Miranda glanced up at her, but Alice couldn't remove her eyes from where Nasty Kathy was in the process of using her mouth - and tongue and throat and who knew what else - to steal Alice's boyfriend away from her. AGAIN.

"Alice, be careful, she's still got the phone - and the picture!"

"I'm not going to do anything to HER," Alice said. "I'm going to go in there and kick Lewis' ass!"

"You can't!" Miranda said, grabbing Alice by the arm before the Hellcats Captain could move. "She's got the phone ON her." Miranda paused. "Well, in her clothes, anyway."

"Who cares?" Alice said, yanking her arm free, but not moving from where she stood by the window.

"Alice, don't you see?" Miranda said. "If Lewis can keep Kathy busy-"

"You mean by shoving his cock down her throat?" Alice spat.

"If he can keep her looking away from her clothes, we can sneak in there and get the phone!"

Alice looked at Miranda, blinked once, then looked back out at where Kathy's coat lay a few feet from where the backstabbing Cyclone was kneeling. Miranda was right. The phone was RIGHT THERE. All they had to do was sneak in there and get it.

All while Lewis got his rocks off on Kathy and her slutty mouth.

"You're going to have to do it," Alice said as she realized it. "If I go in there, I'm just going to go over there and hurt them both and that's not going to help. But if YOU can sneak in there..." she trailed off, looking down at a worried Miranda. "Can you do it?"

Miranda gulped. "My choices are either sneaking into a wide open room while two people are having sex and stealing a cellphone, or the Hellcats probably won't win Qualifiers. No pressure there."

"That's the spirit," Alice said, pushing Miranda towards the door, swatting her on her ass as she went. "Take one for the team."


"Where the hell could Kathy have hid that phone?" Charlotte snarled. She and Savannah had torn the room apart - or as much as they could without making it obvious the place had been ransacked. They'd searched the entire place and aside from Kathy's spiders, Jackie's dog-eared copy of "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and a personal massager who's owner neither Hellcat wanted to guess at, they'd come up empty.

"What if she took it with her?" Savannah asked, looking about dejectedly.

"Then Alice and Miranda get their special moment shown to the world," Charlotte said. "I'm not letting Nasty Kathy kick us out of Qualifiers."

Savannah smiled. "You used to hate it when I called her that."

"Yeah, well, that was before she got me banned from MemChrist. Now I know just how Nasty she is."

"C'mon, let's check the bathroom," Savannah said. "Maybe Nasty Kathy was in there when Lewis arrived."

"What do you think Lewis is doing to keep her away?" Charlotte asked as she entered the bathroom. It was nearly identical to the ones the Hellcats had in their own hotel rooms, though obviously different toothbrushes and shampoos, as Kathy and Jackie liked different brands than the Monroe sisters used.

"Eeew, Colgate?" Charlotte muttered. "No wonder Kathy's breath always smelled funny."

"Dan uses Colgate and his breath is just fine," Savannah said as the two girls started rummaging through the room.

"I prefer Crest breath, myself," Charlotte said, with a haughty air in her voice.

"Only because Momma used to buy it in bulk," Savannah laughed.

"How are things with Dan?" Charlotte asked. "Kinda thought he'd be here helping us right now."

"Can't. He's already got a ton of work to do for his film classes. He'll be here tomorrow to watch us win, though."

"Even if it costs Alice and Miranda a lot of embarrassment?" Charlotte asked pointedly.

Savannah sighed. "That's up to Alice, I guess. She is the team captain."

Charlotte was about to ask once again why Savannah gave up the captaincy, but before she could, the two Hellcats heard a sound that froze them in place.

It was a keycard being used in the door to the room.

"Damn it," Jackie Wilcox's voice could be heard clearly through the door as she fumbled with the lock.

Both Monroe sisters turned to face each other, eyes wide and mouthed the same thing at the same time.


But there wasn't anywhere TO hide! They were in the bathroom, with only one door out and no beds or closets to hide themselves with. The only place they could possibly go was-

Charlotte grabbed Savannah by the shoulders and pushed her older sister into the tub before leaping in after her and yanking the curtain - thankfully not one of those see-through kinds - closed behind her. Savannah ended up on her back and Charlotte found herself straddling her sister, pressing her body tight against Savannah's in the hopes that the side of the tub would help hide them. Both Hellcats went as silent as the proverbial church mouse, wondering what had happened to their lookout, Marti.


Marti was all of a few rooms down the hall, naked on a bed, with a gorgeous Slut holding Marti's own vibrating cellphone to the Hellcat's pussy. The next switch to vibrate really drove Marti crazy she pulled her legs back to her head. Doing this caused her butt to lift up slightly over the bed and immediately, Kat began entertaining a very filthy notion. Sure, Marti may have been new to sex with girls, but Kat had one kink that she couldn't ignore.

Continuing to flip the switch on the phone and pushing Marti closer to the edge, Kat pulled up on top of the blonde's body and kissed her, continuing to toy with the phone between the law student's legs. Marti was all too eager to accept, welcoming Kat's tongue like it was a long-lost friend. While the two women twisted their tongues, Kat pulled her free right hand up and brought her index finger to Marti's face.

"Suck it," Kat commanded. Not knowing where she was going with this, Marti did so nonetheless. She had given enough blowjobs in her life to know how to make this look really good, so she started bobbing her head up and down on Kat's finger, making sure she kept eye contact with her new lover.

When Kat finally thought her finger was wet enough, she slithered down Marti's body, all the while continuing to work with the phone's vibrating switch. Before she could do what she wanted, though, she felt two vibrations back-to-back in her hand that fell just short of giving Marti an orgasm.

"WHOOOOOOA!" Marti screamed. "Oh my God! Kat, you're quick with those fingers, don't you think?"

"Just one of those was me," Kat said, looking down to see from whom the call was from and being greeted to the sight of a beautiful woman she had never seen before. "Ohhh, this Alice is gorgeous. Have you been with her yet?"

"Alice? Oh, no, I couldn't. She's one of my closest friends," Marti answered. Sleeping with Alice was unfathomable to her. Sure, she was attractive and if what she was doing with Miranda was any indication, she was open to women, but Alice was still her teammate, captain and friend. Marti could never see herself doing anything to ruin that relationship.

"Too bad," Kat lamented. "She looks irresistible. Now, why don't you lift your butt up for me a little bit?"

"Well, okay," Marti agreed without much thinking as she did as commanded. She was too far gone to question why Kat was asking her to do this. Hell, Marti didn't even ask herself why she was receiving a call from Alice. Even Savannah and Charlotte had become an afterthought. All Marti wanted right now was the orgasm that was so achingly close.

Fortunately for her, Kat was more than happy to oblige.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" Marti cursed as she felt the finger she sucked earlier was slowly and carefully sliding its way into her tight ass. "Ohhhhh, wow! That feels incredible!"

"You haven't felt anything yet until I start fucking you back there," Kat purred with confidence.

Marti felt shivers up and down her spine. She never had anal sex before, but she remembered what Deirdre said when they were looked in her room, how Deirdre wanted to "wreck" her ass. Now she was wondering if Kat had the same intentions.

"You're about to come harder than you ever have," Kat promised with a wide grin on her face. As soon as she said that, she started pumping her finger in Marti's virgin ass, causing the blonde to grab the sheets in her tight fists.

"Ohshitohshitohshit!" Marti repeated, sweat beginning to glisten on her face. "Make me come, Kat! Make me come!"

Kat knew Marti was hanging on by a thread, so she was ready to cut it. Seeing Marti's clit was bulging from the use of the cell phone, Kat licked away at it feverishly, trying to bring the Hellcat to orgasm.

Nobody had ever given Marti such a sensational feeling like this. Not Dan, not Lewis, not even Deirdre. Kat was giving the law student all she could handle and then some, so Marti knew that this wasn't going to last much longer.


Posed to strike, Kat continued her 2-ended assault, licking Marti's pussy with hungry thrashes and an accelerated fingering of her tight asshole. The intensified fucking was all that was needed to put Marti in sexual nirvana.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Marti hollered as her orgasm hit her hard. Those were the last intelligible words she said before all she could say were the ecstatic sounds of a woman winding down from that sexual peak.

On the other hand, Kat was feeling kinky. Pulling her face out from Marti's legs and taking her finger out of her ass, she moved up the Hellcat's face, greeting her with a sweet, passionate kiss.

As she felt herself go through her cool-down period, Marti was feeling like a filthy little whore. She had her first lesbian sex with her half-sister and now she had let another woman finger her ass, all coming in less than a week. Marti found herself wondering how much dirtier she could get.

"Here, why don't you help me clean this off?" Kat offered, presenting her index finger to Marti.

And that answered Marti's question of how slutty she could get. She knew where that finger had been and she had never tried anything like ass-to-mouth before. On the other hand, Kat had pleased her body beyond expectations, so she was really in no position to turn down this kind of offer.

Sitting up right, Marti took the finger in her mouth and began sucking it, tasting her own ass off another girl's finger. Sure, it was incredibly kinky, but she could care less. To Marti's surprise, her ass tasted, well, pretty good. It might have been how taboo this act was that got her to enjoy, but there was no denying in Marti's mind that she actually liked this.

As Marti continued to lick the finger, Kat surprised the law student by slowly withdrawing it from her mouth and then began licking the finger herself. Feeling more than a little turned on, Marti soon joined Kat in licking the finger side-by-side until the two reached the tip.

As Marti and Kat reached the tip of the finger, they allowed their tongues to intertwine with one another, sharing a fevered passion that was the product of their dirty behavior just moments before.


In the short time since coming to Lancer University, home-schooled Miranda Summer had experienced a lot of firsts. First time away from home, first time being a cheerleader, first time kissing another girl and so on. But this was a first she could've NEVER predicted.

Miranda snuck through the door to the pool area and quickly ducked down beside the nearest chaise lounge, fearful that entering the place would attack the attention of the only two other people in the room - Lewis and Kathy.

Miranda could see Kathy on her knees, her head bobbing back and forth upon Lewis' manhood. Miranda had to fight to keep her eyes off the oral action, finding herself both strangely drawn to it - and perhaps more strangely repelled by it. How odd, to be both attracted and not at the same time. For a moment, she considered a thesis paper on such a topic, but then remembered why she was there.

Peeking her head up from behind the lounge chair, she spotted her goal - Kathy's coat, discarded just behind the kneeling Cyclone cheerleader. She and Alice had seen Kathy stick her phone back in her pocket before stripping for Lewis and all Miranda had to do was sneak up behind them and get the phone without Kathy noticing.

But already, Miranda could see a hitch - namely, that Kathy's foot was on part of her coat. If Miranda moved the discarded garment at all, Kathy could feel it. And if she turned around and spotted Miranda, it was all over. She could try to find the phone without moving the coat, but she didn't like her chances of success. After all, she'd never picked a pocket before, either.

She was still looking over at the two lovers when Lewis spotted her. For a moment, his eyes went wide and Miranda feared he might say something. She raised a finger to her lips, silently telling him to remain quiet and he must have gotten the message, because he covered his surprise with a moan of delight.

"Mmmm... you've gotten better at this, Kathy," he said, his eyes still locked on Miranda.

Kathy didn't reply, except to redouble her efforts on Lewis' shaft. This time when he moaned, it was legitimate.

Lewis's attention was still mostly on Miranda, probably wondering what the hell she was doing there. She pointed towards Kathy's discarded jacket and made a phone sign out of her hand. Lewis blinked and realized what was going on at once. He nodded towards her and motioned for her to duck back down before he began speaking to Kathy once more.

"Babe, you gotta stop before I explode."

Miranda was hiding behind the lounge chair, but she knew Kathy must have removed her mouth from around Lewis's cock. "I thought that was the point."

"Not yet, Kathy. You see the hot tub behind me?"

"Mmmm, yeah I do," Kathy replied.

"I want you to go get in it, find yourself a nice jet to bend over and get ready."

"Get ready for what?"

"For me to pound that tight little ass of yours all the way to Nationals," he said. There was the sound of a hand slapping flesh and Miranda cringed a bit as she imagined Lewis spanking Kathy's butt. Something about that turned Miranda on and repulsed her at the same time, too. Kathy giggled - giggled! Nasty Kathy, giggling like some love-struck schoolgirl! Good thing Alice couldn't hear that! - and quickly moved to do what Lewis told her to. A moment later, Miranda could hear the two star-crossed love makers slipping into the hot tub.

"Oooh, why haven't we done THIS before?" Kathy asked. "This jet feels amazing against my kitty!"

"We've never had a hot tub before," Lewis said. "Now bend over a little and let me see that sweet ass of yours, babe."

"Mmm, are you going to pound my ass, Lewis? Are you going to ram your hard shaft up into my backdoor and give it to me real good?"

"You know it, Kathy. Just close your eyes and spread those legs a little wider... There you go!"

Miranda couldn't help it. She slowly raised her head up enough until she could peek over the back of the chaise lounge and sure enough, Lewis and Kathy were now in the hot tub towards the back of the room, next to the pool's deep end. All Miranda could really see from this angle was Lewis' back, but the motions he was performing were unmistakable - he was clearly slowly fucking a girl and from the moaning and groaning, it was pretty clear that Kathy might have had another reason to earn that Nasty nickname.

For a moment, Miranda just sat there, not moving from her position peeking across the room at whatever Lewis was doing to Kathy in the hot tub, but out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement from the darkened windows to the gym in the next room. Sure enough, it was Alice and she was motioning for Miranda to move. Miranda blinked and remembered why she was there.

The phone!

Carefully, the Lancer freshman got to her feet and tiptoed over to where Kathy's coat lay forgotten on the tile floor. As quietly as she could, Miranda moved over to it, keeping an eye on Lewis and Kathy in the hot tub. She reached the coat and dropped down to her haunches, searching it for pockets. It wasn't in the first one, but it was in the second.

'Yes!' she thought to her self, a heartbeat before Kathy cried out.

"NO! Nonononono!"

Miranda froze, her heart skipping a beat as she feared she'd been spotted. But whatever Kathy's problem was, it wasn't with Miranda - it was with the hot tub.

"Change the jet back! God, Lewis, change the jet back! Hurry! It felt so GOOOOD!"

Miranda didn't wait around to hear Lewis' response. She spun around and made a beeline for the door as quietly as she could. Every step seemed to take longer than the one before it, but finally she passed into the hallway, took a sharp right and entered the gym, her sweaty hand performing a death grip on Kathy's cellphone.


Trapped in a bathtub not quite big enough to hide them both, Charlotte and Savannah lay as still as they possibly could and still breathe. For the older Monroe, the situation was uncomfortable because her younger sister lay atop her, all 100+ pounds pressing down onto her older sister as they waited to be discovered. For Charlotte, however, there was another problem.

"Kathy? Kathy, it's Jackie? Where the hell are you? You're the team captain, you're supposed to set an example to the other girls! Get your ass BACK to the room, NOW! I can't believe you're pulling this crap now! And for the love of God, keep your phone ON from now on!" The sound of the house phone slamming down onto its base ended Jackie's 1-sided conversation in the other room, making both Monroe sisters cringe. They'd both performed for Jackie when they'd been Cyclones at MemChrist and they knew the blonde coach only got that mad when she was really upset.

Of course, if she was upset now, she'd be really furious when she found the two Cyclones-turned-Hellcats hiding in her hotel bathtub.

Charlotte wanted to bolt - just hop up and run from the room, hoping they could get to the stairs before Jackie could stop them, but she couldn't run unless she knew Savannah would follow - and she wasn't sure her sister would until she asked her - something impossible to do while Jackie was pacing around right outside the bathroom, wondering where her team captain was. If Savannah wasn't fast enough, or worse, if Savannah didn't run when Charlotte did, it would be just as bad as being caught hiding in the room.

But how much longer could they just hide here? Sooner or later, Nasty Kathy would come back and either she or Jackie would have to go to the bathroom. And if not, certainly one of them would have to take a shower in the morning! The Monroe sisters couldn't stay in the tub THAT long, could they?

To make matters worse, despite the seriousness of the situation, Charlotte's mind kept returning to the last time she was in a shower with another girl - namely, when she and Deirdre Perkins had sex in the showers back at the Lancer Gym. Charlotte hadn't dared tell anyone about that and thankfully, Deirdre hadn't yet, either. But now Charlotte was pressed against another woman's body once more and all the wonderful things Deirdre had done to her kept slipping back into her mind.

To make matters worse, it was Savannah underneath her. Savannah, her even-more-straight-laced, virginal sister. Savannah, who had turned down Noah Campbell only to have him knock Charlotte up later. Savannah, who despite dating Dan Patch off and on for almost a year now, hadn't so much as touched him below the belt, let alone slept with him. Savannah, who probably wrote "Chastity" on her own arm before every date.

Savannah, whose perky little tits were currently pressing against Charlotte's own and whose upper thigh was pressed innocently, but firmly, against Charlotte's spanky-covered crotch.

This was wrong. So, so wrong! Charlotte could understand - having slept with Deirdre - how a situation like this might turn someone who'd been with a woman sexually on, but this was Savannah! Her own sister! Charlotte might have been deviant enough to have slept with a woman - and enjoyed it - but she refused to believe she was so far lost to be sexually attracted to her own sister.

But the way her body was starting to react to the sensation of being pressed against Savannah like this...

Charlotte needed to get out of this tub, before her body betrayed her and Savannah realized what was going on with her sister.


"You got it?" Alice asked, looking at Miranda expectantly. She'd seen the younger girl grab something out of Kathy's coat, but until she saw the phone with her own eyes and held it in her own hands, she wouldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it, she must not believe it-

"I got it," Miranda said, holding up the phone with a triumphant smile on her face. Sure enough, it was the same phone that had taken the offending photo earlier that night - was it only a few hours ago? It seemed like months had passed since Alice had shared that kiss with Miranda.

Alice grabbed the phone away from Miranda and quickly opened it up - thank God Nasty Kathy didn't have some sort of password on it. It took Alice a moment or two to find the photos on it, during which time she was absentmindedly hopping up and down on either foot until finally, she found what she was looking for.

"There it is," Alice said, practically cackling. "You got it!"

"I got it!" Miranda beamed.

For a moment, the two girls just smiled at each other. Then suddenly Alice let out a little whoop, grabbed Miranda around the waist and started jumping up and down. They'd done it! They'd beaten Nasty Kathy before she could even try to use the photo to blackmail the Hellcats out of the competition! Alice hadn't been this happy in a long, long time.

As she settled down, still holding Miranda by the hips, she realized something else - she hadn't gotten off in a long, long time either. And now, here was the enticing Miranda Summer in her arms, looking adorable and innocent and oh-so-sexy in her midriff bearing Hellcats uniform, her mouth all smiles, her eyes all sparkles.

Without saying a word, Alice leaned in and kissed Miranda softly. Miranda returned the kiss with equal softness, but quickly the kiss became harder, more needy. Alice wasn't sure which of them started it, but when they finally broke the kiss, they were both short of breath.

Miranda looked into Alice's eyes and Alice could see the answer to the question she had to ask.

"I want you," she said. "I want you so bad, Miranda. Can I- can WE-?"

"YES!" Miranda hissed, kissing Alice again, clawing at the back of the Hellcats captain's uniform. The two cheerleaders stumbled about each other, pawing and groping, struggling to get each other out of their uniforms without breaking the lip-lock they had going. Miranda managed to undo Alice's skirt, while Alice yanked up Miranda's top. Overwhelmed with passion and adrenaline from their successful nabbing of the phone, the two girls could only think of one thing.

More clothes shed off them until suddenly, Miranda lay on the floor, looking up at a thong-clad Alice and realized here, again, was about to be another first. A major one. An important one. Her first time having sex with another girl.

For half a moment, Miranda paused, wondering if they should slow down. She'd been thinking about having sex with a woman for a while now - especially since Alice kissed her earlier that evening. But she'd never pictured her first time being in the middle of a deserted hotel gym. She'd imagined flowers and champagne and a four-poster bed with all the trimmings. This, this fevered attack she and Alice had been sharing, was not what she would've imagined at all.

Yet somehow, it was better. Miranda might have felt sexually aroused before, but she'd never been sexually STARVED like she was right now. If she didn't feel Alice's hands upon her body, didn't feel Alice's lips upon her own, didn't get the sexual relief she so desperately needed RIGHT NOW...

All thought trailed off out of Mrianda's head when Alice stepped out of her thong and stood before her completely naked.

"You're beautiful," Miranda said, her voice filled with awe as Alice straddled her.

"You too, sweetie," Alice said before shoving her tongue into Miranda's mouth. Seconds later, Alice's hands were on Miranda's bra-covered tits and the older cheerleader was grinding down upon Miranda's thigh. It was all so sudden - but it all felt so wonderful. Miranda's pussy was flooding with juices and she hadn't even gotten out of her underwear yet.

Alice slipped her fingers under Miranda's bra and felt the rock hard little nipples that were there. Miranda wasn't the chestiest girl around and that would serve her well as a flyer in the future, but she'd always worried about it when it came to thoughts of sex. Boys seemed to like boobs and so did girls. But if Alice didn't find Miranda's chest intoxicating enough, she didn't let it show. Her fingers groped the flesh and let the younger girl's nips poke right into the palm of her hands, one on each breast.

"Gaaah! Oh, Alice!" Miranda called out. No one had ever touched her like this before. Her body was reacting to every touch, every kiss, every movement. Her breasts felt like they were on fire, the nipples stretched so hard that they might explode off her chest. Her stomach fluttered as Alice's naked belly pressed against it. And her crotch, where the joint of Alice's naked leg pressed against it repeatedly, soaking the thin cotton panty with juices from both girls, well that was just indescribably perfect.

Miranda had slept with only one other person, a boy she'd dated for a while before she'd come to Lancer. It hadn't been the best of experiences, in part because they'd both been virgins. At the time, she'd chalked up her dislike of the experience to that fact - neither she nor the boy had been all that experienced. But now - now she wondered if there was a different reason for her dislike of that one experience. If anything else, this experience felt so, so right to Miranda.

For Alice, she knew this was a mistake. She vividly remembered her own first time with another woman, a little over a week ago, with Kelsey and she knew she should be holding back, seeing to Miranda's pleasure more than her own. But Alice hadn't gotten off once since that time with Kelsey and she'd been hornier than she'd ever been in her entire life. No boy had been able to come close to getting her off and now, here, finally, was another girl who seemed just as eager as Alice was to get naked and get off together.

And bless her heart, Miranda was getting Alice off! Her sweet, smooth skin pressed against Alice's starved little pussy was doing what no raging hard cock or Alice's own fingers had managed to accomplish in a week. Just by humping Miranda's leg, Alice was going to get off.

Maybe it was the look of unexpected pleasure on Miranda's face, the soft, feminine grunts emanating from between her pouty little lips, or the way her small but perky tits shook with every thrust Alice gave, but something about Miranda was just getting Alice off. She quickly passed the point where she could've slowed herself down and as her hands shoved Miranda's bra up enough to expose those glorious nipples that had been teasing Alice's palms, something slipped.

Namely, Alice's crotch.

Coated with it's own juices, which were now starting to soak Miranda's leg, Alice's pussy slid up the younger cheerleader's thigh until suddenly, their crotches were pressed together, separated only by the thinnest of cotton walls that made up Miranda's panties.

Alice came nearly at once, more from the wickedly sexy thought of where her crotch was than from the actual sensation - though that was also quite lovely. More than a week's worth of pent-up sexual frustration came flooding out of Alice in one long, powerful orgasm that sent her eyelids fluttering, her fingers and toes clenching and set her neck and jaw loose in a silent scream of relief. Alice had experienced countless orgasms in her life, through sex and masturbation and even one surprisingly pleasing horse ride through a dude ranch her father had insisted on taking the family to five years ago - but ever since her first orgasm, she'd never gone THIS LONG without one. And the fact that it was Miranda giving it to her was icing on the cake.

Alice nearly collapsed atop Miranda, her face the ultimate expression of sexual fulfillment.

"Wow," was all the younger Hellcat could say as Alice fought to catch her breath.


Alice wasn't the only one climaxing at that moment - one room over, Lewis Flynn could feel his balls starting to boil and knew he wasn't going to make it much longer before he flooded Nasty Kathy's rear with his cum. The tight little ass was practically milking Lewis' cock already and the fact that they were in a hot tub, with jets of water pressing against Lewis in places that felt too good to ignore completely.

Lewis knew he was seconds away from hitting his limit - he just hoped he'd given Miranda and Alice enough time to get away with the phone.

"I'm gonna-"

"No, wait!" Kathy said, pushing Lewis out of her and turning around. "On my chest! Spray that hot load of yours all over my tits, Lewis. Coat me with your man seed!"

If Lewis hadn't been so close to blowing his lead already, Kathy's nasty talk - she didn't learn THAT at Memphis Christian! - would've been enough to make him blow all on it's own. Kathy was barely in position, leaning over a bit as Lewis grabbed his cock and jerked it once, twice, three times before exploding all over the rival cheerleader in several long, stringy blasts. Lewis' knees gave out about then and he fell back into the hot, bubbly water of the Jacuzzi, almost hitting his head on the side. Neither he nor Kathy noticed his near-accident, as he was in orgasmic bliss and she was too busy rubbing Lewis' cum into her chest.

"God, Lewis, that was so hot! Can't you see how good we are together?" Kathy asked as Lewis tried to catch his breath.

"Kathy, the sex was never the issue-"

"I know, I know," she said, dipping down into the water to wash the sticky stuff off her chest. "But we could always have more sex. I know I make more of it than you do, but if it's this good when we're just getting back together-"

"We're NOT getting back together," Lewis interrupted.

Kathy ignored him and just kept right on going. "-then imagine how good it'll be years from now, when we're married with kids and a house and two dogs and-"

"KATHY!" Lewis shouted. "We are NOT getting back together. Yeah, I enjoyed this little fuck, but you've stabbed me and my friends in the back too many times for me to trust you."

"So, what was this?" Kathy asked. "Just another wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am encounter for you?"

"You were the one who started it," Lewis said, feeling horrible about what he'd done. He knew it was a mistake to sleep with Kathy, but it had been the only way.

"Don't lay that on me, Lewis - you told me to take off my clothes and you told me to suck your cock. You KNOW how I feel about sex!"

"Well, you sure as hell enjoyed it while we were doing it," Lewis grumbled.

"You're an ass, Lewis Flynn. You go ahead and stay with that cheating, homosexual whore Alice," Kathy said, getting out of the hot tub and walking over towards her clothes. "You two deserve each other."

"Harsh, Kathy," Lewis muttered. Though he hated to admit it, Kathy had a point. Lewis had just used Kathy like Alice had been using him earlier in the week - just for sex. Sure, that sex had also allowed Miranda to get Kathy's phone and the incriminating photo back, but that didn't make it any more moral a thing to do.

Lewis said nothing as Kathy got dressed. He just stood there in the hot tub, trying not to think about how hot Kathy's ass was as she wiggled her wet butt into her panties. He'd just fucked that behind, he shouldn't be lusting after it.

"You've really fucked up, you know that, Lewis?" Kathy said as she finished dressing. "You're letting the best thing you ever had slip through your fingers. I hope you enjoyed fucking my ass, because no amount of kissing it is ever going to get me back," she added before storming out of the pool area. She turned left to head back to the elevators. If she'd turned right, she might have caught a glimpse of Alice and Miranda having sex in the exercise room next door, but luck, it seemed, was still with the Hellcats.

As soon as Kathy was out of sight, Lewis leapt up and ran for his pants. He didn't put them on, but instead grabbed his phone and sent a text to Marti.

"Vulture returning to nest! Get Them Out NOW!!!!"


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In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it (Come on)
So baby, you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise


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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 3: Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders
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Marti and Kat collapsed together on the bed, continuing to deeply kiss one another. While they continued living in the moment, Marti heard her phone ring again. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Louis' picture, no doubt in her mind that he was looking for her. Marti began to slowly turn over and pick it up, but almost immediately was stopped when Kat pulled her back in for a deeper kiss.

As the kiss deepened, Marti's concerns over her teammates' attempts to find Nasty Kathy's phone became an afterthought. There was something bewitching about Kat that kept Marti's worries about the Hellcats in the back of her mind.

The kiss finally broke after a few minutes and Marti was only able to mutter, "Wow, that was incredible."

"Hope you didn't mind me fingering your ass," Kat said with a sincere smile on her face. "When I get really into it, I just can't help myself."

"No, no, it's fine," Marti reassured the WTSU captain. "That actually felt... pretty good. I hadn't tried anything like that before."

"I could tell," Kat responded. "And speaking of tight, it's been a while since somebody has eaten me out. Care to help me out?"

"Thought you would never ask," Marti answered.

Without hesitation, Marti took the role of aggressor and pulled in Kat with a kiss, displaying the raw, unbridled passion that Deirdre had unleashed days earlier. Kat noticed immediately how green Marti was when it came to kissing girls, but that didn't stop her. Instead, that turned her on.

Trying to put in some foreplay, Marti began her descent down to Kat's core, running her tongue down Kat's neck, laying kisses across the Mockingbird's upper chest, kissing each of Kat's nipples just once before licking down to her bellybutton. There she paused, playfully circling the tiny hole before continuing down to her real target.

Kat moaned aloud as Marti's tongue approached her steaming hot slit and the West Tennessee Stater couldn't help but reach down and put both hands upon Marti's head, holding the blonde in place as she began licking away.

As Marti slept with more girls, she'd learn they all tasted different, but having only tasted Deirdre at this point, she was surprised at how tangy Kat tasted. Something in Kat's juices made the corners of Marti's mouth tingle, as if she were eating some super sexy barbecue. Well, Marti was born and raised in Memphis, Tenn. - she KNEW how to eat barbecue.

"OH SHIT!" Kat bellowed as Marti dove in deeper, driving her tongue as far into the other cheerleader as it would go. From the way the Mockingbird gyrated on the bed beneath her, Kat figured she had to be doing something right.

That brought her mind back to Deirdre. What had Deirdre done when she'd gone down on Marti? Was there something there Marti could use now, here on Kat? But there was the problem - Marti couldn't remember anything specific Deirdre had done! It had all felt like a wonderful mixture of licks and kisses and sucking and thrusting and Marti had been so blissed out of her mind by the whole thing, she hadn't been able to keep track. Why hadn't she tried harder to keep track?!

"Harder, Marti!" Kat groaned. "Harder!"

Marti blinked, but did as instructed, thrusting her tongue into Kat's snatch as hard as she could. So deep into the darker-skinned beauty was her mouth, Marti's nose was pressing against Kat's engorged clit with every thrust, giving the Slut an extra sensation that Marti didn't even realize.

Harder and harder she thrust, barely licking now, using her tongue more like a cock than anything else, all while Kat pressed the blonde head deeper and deeper into her crotch. Marti could barely breathe, but didn't dare try and break away, as the moaning coming from Kat's mouth was so overwhelmingly sexy. It sounded like she might cum at any-

"OhFuckYESSSS! YesyesyesyesYesYesYesYESYESYESYESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" Kat bellowed as orgasm overtook her body. A gush of juices flooded Marti's mouth and face and as soon as Kat's arms - flailing about in ecstasy now - released her head, the Hellcat fell back, actually falling off the bed in surprise and a need to breathe.

She lay there for several long, blissfully mindless minutes, hearing Kat coming down from her orgasm still up there on the bed. Marti didn't realize she looked like a mess, her blonde hair tangled, her face covered in girl cum, sweat soaking the rest of her body. She didn't realize she was late, or that she was in some strange woman's bedroom, a rival cheerleader who could very well be out to sabotage her. She didn't realize she'd abandoned her friends and that they were all beginning to wonder where she was.

The only thing running through Marti's head at that moment was that she absolutely loved sex with other women.


Had she dared to speak, Savannah would've been complaining about how there was a wet spot at the small of her back. Pressed down into the tub, she shouldn't have been surprised that it wasn't completely dry - but this one wet spot was really bothering her. It wasn't the only one - there was one near her left shoulder, another by her right knee and a warm one near her crotch - though that one didn't quite make sense to Savannah. Shouldn't that be against her butt? And should it be getting warmer?

"Kathy, your ass better be back in this room in five minutes, or I'm going to rip your head off and feed it to your spiders!"

Savannah almost giggled. Jackie Wilcox clearly wasn't taking to well to stress now that she was pregnant. Not that she had beforehand - as a former MemChirst Cyclone, Savannah knew how her former coach could get stressed out, but the hormones must have turned that into overdrive. That was one plus to Britney Allen as a coach - she wasn't pregnant and didn't seem too interested in boys enough to GET pregnant any time soon. When Vanessa had been their coach and dating Dr. Derrick, Savannah had kind of worried Vanessa might come back from their honeymoon knocked up, causing the sort of problems MemChrist would be facing right after Qualifiers, whether they won or not.

Of course, being trapped in this tub, Savannah and Charlotte were likely to have a whole world of troubles of their own.

"Blasted college kids," Jackie muttered, hanging up the phone again. Savannah wanted to giggle at that, too. Jackie was barely above college age herself and looked young enough to pass for a high schooler if she wanted to.

Charlotte shot Savannah a warning look - the last thing they needed was for one of them to start giggling. Jackie was mad enough already at her own team. If she caught two Hellcats spies in her tub-

Suddenly, the lights for the bathroom flicked on and Jackie entered the room. Savannah went rock still, praying silently to get out of this mess. Had Jackie heard something? Or seen something? Was it all over?

But Jackie merely sat down on the toilet next to the tub and began to use the facilities.

Charlotte and Savannah traded looks. When she'd been pregnant, Charlotte had complained that she'd had to pee every 30 minutes or so. Jackie, who was ready to pop, clearly had similar bladder issues. A huge smile broke out over Savannah's face - never in a million years would she have expected to be in this situation. It was unthinkable. Crazy. Insane.

And it might get worse, Savannah realized. When Jackie got up, she'd have to wash her hands at the sink and that was directly across from where the Monroe sisters were hiding. All it would take would be for Jackie to spot them out of the corner of her eye and it'd all be up.

As if thinking that thought was enough to set worst case scenario in motion, Jackie got up, flushed and moved towards the sink. Savannah closed her eyes and prayed one more time, hoping for some sort of miracle. Where was Marti? Where was Alice? Where was Britney? Someone had to save them and they needed to save them now.

Suddenly, there was a swipe of a card in the lock and the outside door came open.

"MEN! They're all PIGS!"

Savannah wanted to cry! This wasn't rescue! It was Nasty Kathy, no doubt here to make things even worse! They never should've done this! Never should've snuck in to try and find that phone. Now Kathy was going to catch them, they'd be in a ton of trouble, probably get expelled from Lancer and banned from cheerleading forever and they wouldn't even get that damn phone for all their troubles!

"Kathy? Where the hell have you been?" Jackie asked. "And why are you all wet?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Jackie said. "But I'm THIS close to swearing off men forever! And especially that no good Lewis Flynn!"

"Kathy, I've been trying to reach you for ages now! Why didn't you answer my calls?"

"Your calls?" Kathy replied. Savannah froze. Here's where Kathy would go looking for the phone, show Jackie the pics and probably walk into the bathroom to take a shower or something for good measure. Everything was falling apart.

"I never got any of your calls," Kathy said.

Savannah blinked. So did Charlotte atop her.

"I've been calling you like every five minutes," Jackie said. "You shouldn't have left the hotel room-"

"Where's my phone?" Kathy said suddenly, panic in her voice. "I had it with me, I know I did! I talked with Tiffany just before Lewis and I-" she stopped, and Savannah could literally hear the MemChrist cheerleading captain spin about on her heels. "It must be down by the pool. It HAS to be!"

"The pool?" Jackie said. "What were you doing by the pool?! Kathy! Kathy, don't you dare leave this room alone!"

"Then come with me!" Kathy snarled. "Because I need that phone!"

"Wait, wait- can I at least put my shoes back on!" Jackie asked as Kathy ripped open the door out of the hotel room.

"NO!" Kathy spat. A moment later, the door slammed shut and it was suddenly very, very quiet in the bathroom.

"Are, are they gone?" Savannah whispered, unable to stay silent any longer.

Carefully, moving as slowly as she could without disturbing the shower curtain, Charlotte peeked out of the tub. "I don't see anyone," the younger sister said.

"Then get off me and let's get the heck out of here!" Savannah said.


Miranda had never felt anything like this before in her life.

She supposed that's why everyone made such a big deal about losing your virginity. Sure, there'd been a moment or two of pain as Alice's fingers had pushed past Miranda's tight opening, but everything else about it had felt so wonderful, so perfect.

So erotic!

Of course, this wasn't Miranda's real virginity - she'd given that to a boy already. But that experience hadn't been all that great and what Alice was doing to her - well, if this got much hotter, Miranda could forget all about that one time she laid with a boy.

Miranda lay back, stark naked, on an exercise bench of some sort - she didn't know or care what the machine was. All that mattered was that it was open on one end so Alice could kneel there comfortably while her fingers and tongue explored parts of Miranda that had never been touched by anyone!

And oh, the way she was touching! Alice's tongue danced over Miranda's clit so eager, so hungry, so powerfully! It was as if Alice was starved for clit, and devouring it was all that mattered. And her fingers! Oh, they were so deep into Miranda's pussy - deeper than Miranda had ever gotten her own fingers and deeper than that one cock that had ventured up there could ever go. But Alice had three of her well-manicured digits up in there and it was like every millimeter of skin they touched inside Miranda set off sexual fireworks.

This was lesbian sex? Oh, all the stories and videos and gossip she'd heard was right - it was wonderful, it was hot, it was intoxicating. Miranda's body had never felt this good, not even when she had brought herself to her own tentative orgasms. She already felt more of a rush from what Alice was doing to her than she'd ever felt masturbating and every lick, every stroke brought her to new heights of bliss.

"Oh, God, Alice, don't stop," Miranda moaned, her head rolling back, pressing against the hard padding of the workout bench she was on. The fabric was hot and sticking to her back where she was sweating, but she didn't care at all - that small bit of discomfort was vastly outweighed by the incredible pleasure Miranda was experiencing for the first time.

Alice didn't stop - not even to make some smart-ass reply to Miranda's pleading. She was too busy feasting upon Miranda's nearly virgin clit, each lap doing almost as much to excite Alice as it was Miranda. Despite her much-needed orgasm moments ago, Alice was rapidly getting ready for another one.

This was only Alice's second time with a girl and Miranda was nowhere near as experienced as Kelsey had been. But to Alice, the chance to be the aggressive one, the one to make Miranda beg and plead for more girl-loving - that was even better than all the dirty things Kelsey had done. Alice thrived on being in charge and that included her sexual conquests. From Lewis to Jake and every boy in between, Alice had ALWAYS been in charge in the bedroom. She saw no reason at all for that not to continue now that she was having sex with women.

"You like this?" Alice asked, shoving her fingers deeper into Miranda's snatch.

"YES!" Miranda hissed loudly.

"Does it turn you on to know I'm the one sticking my hands up inside your pussy? Me, another girl and your captain?"

"Yes!" Miranda agreed. "Fuck me, Captain!"

"Oooh, I like that," Alice said, rewarding Miranda with another lick on her clit.

"Oooh, fuck me, Captain Alice! Fuck me so good!" Miranda called out. Alice moved quickly to make Miranda scream in delight, shoving her fingers in and out faster and faster while sucking on Miranda's erect little clit like crazy. The younger cheerleader began to thrash a bit on the bench, as if each breath she took was the first breath she'd taken after being underwater for ages. Each moan was one filled with ecstasy and from the way Miranda's toes were curling, Alice knew it wouldn't be long before she came.

"Are you close?" the Hellcats captain asked, removing her mouth from Miranda's love bud just long enough to ask the question.

"YES!" Miranda hissed. "Oh, fuck YES!"

"Do you want to cum for me?"

"Please! Oh please, let me cum Alice! I need to cum SOOOO bad!"

For a moment, Alice thought about stopping and letting Miranda cool down some, teasing the other girl until her lusts drove her mad. But Alice herself didn't want to wait. The sooner Miranda climaxed, the sooner she could get back to making Alice feel as hot Alice had made her.

"Cum for me, Miranda! Go ahead, let go! Now!"

Miranda's entire world exploded as a euphoric rush of orgasm overtook her body. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her fingers and toes curled tightly, her nipples felt like they were going to explode off her breasts and every inch of her skin felt like fireworks were going off between the cells.

Miranda had only had sex once before, with a guy and it hadn't impressed her all that much. Now, having tried it with a girl, she knew - she KNEW - that this was what was right. She loved having sex with women and she'd never go back.

Miranda lost track of time as she came down from her orgasmic high, but the next thing she knew, Alice was swearing and shoving her off the bench.

"What the-?" Miranda started to ask, but Alice hushed her, pointing towards the poolroom.

Miranda looked over and froze.

Nasty Kathy was back and she looked pissed.

"Where the fuck is it?!" Kathy screamed, loud enough to be heard through the glass windows.

"She knows!" Miranda hissed, all thoughts of sexual bliss immediately gone from her head.

"Shut up and don't move," Alice whispered.

Miranda wasn't going to move. She was buck naked in the middle of a closed gym with another girl - what moments ago felt so wonderful now embarrassed the hell out of her. And that was before she thought about the stolen phone that was still in Alice's pocket.

"Kathy?! Kathy, dammit, what's going on?" Jackie Wilcox said, her voice actually echoing in from the open gym door - open? Had it been open the entire time Alice and Miranda had been having sex? Where anyone could've walked in on them? Miranda started to turn beet red.

"What are they saying?" Alice asked.

"I don't know, I can't hear them," Miranda replied. Now that both Kathy and Jackie were in the poolroom itself, the two hidden Hellcats couldn't hear them. But it was clear from the way she was waving her hands around and literally stomping her feet, Kathy knew her phone and the precious photo it contained were gone.

Still, Jackie was her coach and after a few moments, they left the pool room, never knowing that one room over was not only the phone with the incriminating photo Kathy so coveted, but also a shot that would've been FAR more incriminating that just two girls kissing.

"I think," Alice said after the Cyclones were gone, "that we better get back to our rooms. We can continue this later."

"Yeah, much later," Miranda agreed. She suddenly wanted to be in her PJs and wrapped up in bed.


Most people would refer to what Marti was doing as the Walk of Shame.

Not Marti. In her eyes, it was actually a Walk of Pride. Getting with a girl as gorgeous as Kat was quite a feather on the cap for her as she was coming to terms with her newfound sexuality. And the things Kat did to her ass still had Marti seeing stars. She never let anybody back there before, but that was worth the wait. And the cell phone. Dear God, Marti had never had anything like that ever happen to her like that before. It was simply amazing.

Her hair tussled a bit and her shoes in her hand, Marti felt nothing even remotely resembling shame as she pulled out her keycard to head back to her room. As good as Kat had been, Marti knew she needed to shower and get her sleep before Qualifiers tomorrow.

At the same time, though, Marti felt she was forgetting something very important. Something that she should have been giving 100 percent focus to. She just couldn't place her finger on what.

That's when the elevator opened and she heard the voices.

"I am going to kill Alice and Miranda for putting us through that!" Charlotte exclaimed.

"Hey, it all worked out," Savannah said in an attempt to soothe her distressed sister. "Besides, they got the phone."

For a solid second, Marti was frozen to the floor in fear, having remembered that she abandoned the Monroe sisters for lesbian sex. As soon as that second expired, she double-checked and saw the elevator wasn't within direct sight. In fact, a corner wall obstructed her door. She considered facing them as she appeared and just lie about her whereabouts, but she decided against it. If Marti had to explain to just the virginal Savannah, she might get away with it, but to Savannah and Charlotte, who was a mother, it would never work.

Not wanting to waste another moment, Marti slid her shoes back on, not bothering to tie them and then proceeded to see if she could make her hair look a little less messy. As she fixed it, she heard her teammates approaching even closer.

"And where was Marti this whole time?" Charlotte asked. "God, if she got found by one of the Cyclones, I..."

"Don't even finish that thought," Savannah interrupted. "But I'm worried that she hasn't picked up her phone."

Hoping to avoid raising eyebrows, Marti ran around the opposite corner just before the Monroe sisters could find her, collected her thoughts and prepared her alibi for her behavior. As soon as it sounded like Savannah and Charlotte turned the corner, Marti made her move.

"Hey, Savannah, Charlotte!" Marti called out as she saw her teammates.

"MARTI!" Savannah yelled happily, giving Marti the biggest running hug she could muster, nearly knocking the blonde off her feet. "I was so worried. I thought the Cyclones found you! Are you okay?"

"I will be as soon as I can breath again," Marti answered in a rasp voice as the oxygen was being cut off from her thanks to Savannah's arms.

"Sorry," Savannah apologized. "What happened? We texted you to let you know we couldn't find the phone and then when we escaped, you weren't at the door, so we didn't know where you went."

"I'm sorry, I really am," Marti began. "A couple of Cyclones spotted me outside the door and I couldn't give them the slip. Every time I tried to escape, they always managed to find me and I guess I just got lost in the moment and forgot to respond." Right then, something Savannah said struck a chord with Marti. "Wait, did you say, 'Escaped?'"

"She did," Charlotte answered, seemingly unaware of Marti's lie. "While you were being chased by Cyclones, Coach Wilcox came in the room and Savannah and I were forced to hide in the bathtub."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," Marti said. Great, just what she needed, another reason to feel bad for ditching the Monroes. "Thanks a lot, Kat," Marti murmured under her breath.

"It got worse," Savannah added. "Nasty Kathy came into the room as well."

"What?" Marti shouted. Now she was really beating herself up inside for giving into Kat's temptations.

"She was a foot in front of us," Charlotte explained. "If she had pulled the shower curtain back, we would have been goners."

"Oh, no, I'm so sorry," Marti said, trying to ease her own guilt over this. "How did you get out?"

"Kathy and Coach Wilcox went searching for Kathy's phone, so as soon as heard them left, we got out of them tub and made a break for it," Marti answered. "Apparently, Alice and Miranda got a hold of it while Lewis was distracting Kathy. The picture's gone."

"That's a relief," Marti sighed before she realized something. "Oh, fuck! I got texts from Britney, Alice and Lewis! God, I'm going to have to explain a lot to them."

"Well, what matters is that we came out in one piece, the picture's history and we aren't dropping out," Savannah said. "And I'm glad you got away from those Cyclones. I was worried that had been torturing you or something."

"Don't worry," Marti said. "But I should be apologizing for leaving you two high and dry. I've been so distracted lately, I really need to just lay down and relax my brain."

"You'll be fine for tomorrow, right?" Charlotte asked. "I know you're aware that this team's future is on the line tomorrow, so I just want to be sure your head is on straight."

"Relax, Charlotte, nothing's going to distract me from Qualifiers," Marti answered, more or less trying to assure herself of that. With so many beautiful women at once in cheerleading uniforms, Marti knew she had not yet learned to control her newfound impulses toward women, but she knew she had to shut them off for four minutes tomorrow.

"Good," Savannah responded with a smile. "You can make up for stranding us in enemy territory with a killer performance tomorrow. Kathy and Coach Wilcox together are bad enough, but when Coach Wilcox is eight months pregnant, that's a whole lot of psycho."

"Hey!" Charlotte said, sounding slightly offended. "I wasn't THAT bad when I was that far along! Was I?"

"Of course not," Savannah let her know, only to turn back to Marti and mouth, "She was."

"Alright, now that we know Charlotte didn't go insane when she was pregnant," Marti said while almost breaking into laughter as she couldn't say it with a straight face, "I think we need to put the drama of the day behind us and get ready for tomorrow. So, um, see you tomorrow, Charlotte."

"You too, Marti," Charlotte said as she hugged her goodbye before doing the same to her big sister. "And good night, Vanna. I can't wait for tomorrow."

"I know you can't, Char," Savannah responded. "None of us can wait. Love you."

"Love you too," Charlotte said as she let go and walked away.

Marti pulled out her keycard again to get some rest before Qualifiers, but Savannah held her back. "Hey, Marti, I just noticed something. What happened with your jacket, hat and sunglasses?"

Marti's eyes widened in panic. She just realized she left those behind in Kat's room. She knew she had to think of an excuse fast.

"Oh, um, you see, I thought being chased around a hotel wearing all that, it might make me stick out like sore thumb," Marti lied. "So, I ditched them in the garbage when I had an opening. At least I would look a little more normal in my uniform when we're in a hotel full of cheerleaders."

"Well, if you want, we go pull them out of the trash," Savannah offered.

"NO!" Marti insisted, a little too hesitantly for her liking. She was too afraid to have Savannah find out what she was really up to if those clothes weren't in a trash can. "I mean, they're replaceable. Wanda got them from the Salvation Army. I'm sure I can replace them without a problem."

"Okay, if that's what you want," Savannah said. She then pulled out her phone and looked at the time. "Oh no, 10:15! I was supposed to be in bed 15 minutes ago!"

"I doubt 15 minutes of missed sleep will be bad for you," Marti said, still trying to wrap her ahead around the fact Savannah stuck to a strict schedule. She pulled out her phone to make an example of her next statement. "Besides, things could be worse. For example," she continued as she looked at her messed messages, "I got to deal with Britney, Alice and Lewis. Try having to go through that."

"I guess you're right," Savannah relented. Marti finally slid her keycard and let the two of them in, but Savannah felt something was amiss with Marti. It was unlike her to leave her and Charlotte at the mercy of the Cyclones for so long and even if she had to run away, Savannah would have guessed Marti would have kept in touch with Britney, Alice, Lewis or maybe even Dan. She also seemed to be a step behind at practices.

Savannah knew right now that the best she could do was hope Marti would be over whatever drama was in her life as soon as possible.


As events went, the Regional Qualifiers for college cheerleading was far from the biggest event held at Memphis' FedExForum, but it was still drawing an impressive crowd, well over a thousand. Deirdre Perkins wondered just how many of these people were here because they were related to a cheerleader, like she was. It was a little intimidating.

"Don't worry, D - most of the cheerleaders don't bite," Dan Patch said, stepping up beside her. "And if they do... well, okay, they're kinda like vampires and you become a cheerleader too, but as Marti proves, it's not THAT bad."

For a moment, Deirdre worried he might be telling the truth, but then Dan grinned like a Cheshire cat and the Lancer freshman realized he was joking.

"That's not funny."

"I know," Dan said. "But you gotta break the tension somehow, right?"


"Deirdre, you look like you're about freak out. That's tension."

"I don't like crowds, okay?" she said defensively. "Or cheerleaders. Or crowds of cheerleaders."

Dan frowned for a moment. "This isn't going to be fun for you, then."

"Dan? Dan!" a new voice called out, and the two new Lancer students turned to see Wanda Perkins and Travis Guthrie walking up in a rush, Wanda carrying a large bag and wearing a ton of Lancer blue. "Oh, I'm so glad we caught you, Dan!" Wanda gushed. "And Deirdre! Oh, how nice that you're here too! Marti mentioned you two had patched things up."

"She did?" Deirdre said, surprised.

"Yeah, said you had some little sleepover or something and hashed out your differences," Wanda said. "And now you're here to help cheer her on. How silly is it that we're here to cheer on cheerleaders?"

"Pretty silly."

"Travis, how'd Wanda rope you into coming to this?" Dan asked, shaking the other man's hand.

"She didn't have to do much roping. Marti and the Hellcats got me out of jail and the least I can do is support them at their events. Plus, my boss got me the day off," Travis added, winking at Wanda. Travis, unable to find much other work, had been taking shifts at The Rat, thanks in part to Wanda's recommendation. Dan frowned briefly at that wink, but if it meant anything, the implications flew well over Deirdre's head.

"So what've you got in the bag, Wanda?" Dan asked next. "Snacks, I hope."

"I sure do. I got some root beer, some popcorn, some of those mini pretzel sticks - all I could find at the Piggly Wiggly - and I also picked up one of those Voodoo Zeldas."

"A what?" Deirdre asked.

"Ah, Wanda, I told you that was a bad idea," Travis muttered.

"You know, one of them horn thingies - a Voodoo Zelda. Mine's a miniature one, so I can carry it in my bag."

"Horn thing?" Dan said. "Ah, jeeze, Wanda, don't tell me you got a vuvuzela."

"Well I don't know how you pronounce the thing," Wanda said as she pulled out a small, red horn. "But it sounds like so much fun!"

"I told her it was a bad idea," Travis said again.

"Hand it over, Wanda," Dan said.

"Oh, come on, Dan!" Wanda pleaded. "It'll be so much fun!"

"No. Marti'll never forgive me if I let you pull out one of those loud, obnoxious things while she's trying to perform. You're lucky she's letting you come to Qualifiers as it is, so let's not risk getting banned, okay?"

"Dan Patch, you are far too young to be playing the adult in this little gathering," Wanda muttered, handing the vuvuzela over reluctantly.

"Come on, we can put it in my car," Travis said. "We still got plenty of time before the Hellcats go on."

"Don't let her buy anything else," Dan warned Deirdre before the two men walked off. Dan spun around before they got too far and called back. "And if you get bit by a cheerleader, D, I'm sure you'll look fantastic in one of those short skirts!"

"And now he's back to being Dan Patch again," Wanda said. "I swear, that boy is all charm and good looks."

"I guess," Deirdre said.

"Oh, yeah, that's right sweetie, you aren't into boys," Wanda said. "Well, trust me, they're nothing but trouble. Just look at me and Marti. Neither one of us can keep a man. Marti's all messed up and me... well, I'm only now getting over what Rex did to me."

"Yeah, hey, about Rex," Deirdre said, taking a deep breath. "I, ah, I apologized to Marti, but I guess I should apologize to you, too. You know, about being in contact with him and all."

"Oh, sweetheart, you're Rex Perkins' daughter - keeping secrets is in your blood. I don't hold it against you. Would've been nice if that idiot had at least come to Memphis to see Marti, but he never did have his head on straight. And ain't none of it your fault."

"Well, I'm sorry anyway," Deirdre said.

"C'mere, you," Wanda said, pulling Deirdre into a hug. "You go right on keeping your secrets, dear. I'm sure there's all sorts a stuff you're keeping to yourself." In Deirdre's mind, an image of her and Marti having sex appeared, unbidden.

"But I'll tell you this," Wanda said, her tone growing a little less warm. "You hurt my Marti and I'll disown you? Got it?"

Deirdre shivered despite the heat. "Got it," she said.

"Wonderful," Wanda said, letting go. "Now, come on. I got a giant 'Go Marti Perkins' sign folded up in here and you can help me put it together before the boys get back."


As the winners of this round of Qualifiers last year, the Hellcats had the dubious honor of going last this year, a fact that Marti found odd. Last year, Vanessa had to haggle and swap with another team so that Lancer could go last, allowing Savannah to go be with Charlotte when she fell and hit her head. This year, even as other teams jockeyed for other positions, no one came up to Britney to try and swap for the last spot on the roster.

"No one wants to go last - everything's already been done," Alice had muttered. "Early on, if you do three perfect helicopters, everyone's impressed. After three days of seeing helicopters, the judges just want to go home."

"So how come we get to go last?" Emily had complained.

"Because we're just so damn pretty?" Tom had put in.

"No, it's because THEY wanted to keep us here," Alice snarled, glancing across the stage to where the Memphis Christian Cyclones, lead by a still-fuming Nasty Kathy, prepared to go on next. "As National Champions, the Cyclones can pretty much go whenever they want."

"That's totally fair," Emily snorted.

"And they ever have the Sluts going before us," Alice said.

"The who?" Tom and Emily said together, while Marti just bit her lip.

"The West Tennessee State University Mockingbirds," Alice said, giving the team lining up to perform on the stage.

"Whoa and I thought the Hellcats uniform showed skin," Tom said in appreciation. Marti couldn't argue that. As she saw Kat, her partner from last night, stride to the head of the group. Marti had never been all that bashful about showing some skin - the Hellcats midriff-baring uniform hadn't phased her at all, like it had some of the other girls. But even she might have thought twice about walking out in public in a Mockingbird uniform. The top was essentially an over-glorified bra, showing off Kat's entire stomach and all sorts of cleavage. Meanwhile, the skirt was as short as regulation would allow and from the angle Marti was getting from behind the scenes, Marti wasn't sure ANY of the Mockingbirds were wearing spankies.

"I suddenly feel like I went to the wrong school," Tom said, clearly impressed. Emily swatted his arm, but Marti couldn't blame him. Even though she'd seen Kat completely naked last night, she was amazed at how sexy the girl looked in her uniform.

The music started and if every eye in the joint wasn't already on them, the Mockingbirds started moving and all attention was focused on them. And right away, it became clear why the other cheerleading teams called the Mockingbirds the Sluts.

"Holy crap!" Tom said, getting another elbow to the ribs from Emily. As the Hellcats watched, the Sluts essentially mooned the crowd, dancing out as a team and turning around to show off their spankie-free rear ends to the audience. As the Mockingbirds moved into their rather limited pyramid routine, Marti cocked her head to one side.

"Is this Gary Glitter?" Marti asked.

"It's definitely 'Do You Wanna Touch Me', but that's not Gary singing it," Tom said.

"It's Gwyneth Paltrow," Savannah said. "She sang it on 'Glee' last season."

"Ugh, I hate that show," Marti muttered.

"I love it!" Savannah and Tom said in unison.

"Ugh, you would," Alice muttered.

Emily's eyes were still locked on the Sluts as they reposition for some more tumbling, playfully swatting each other's asses as they passed. "How can they get away with some of these moves?"

"They can't," Alice grumbled.

"West Tennessee State doesn't have the talent to actually compete at this level," Savannah explained. "But they have enough football money to warrant a competitive cheerleading team. So they send them to Qualifiers each year, even though they have no chance to place at all."

"That's crazy," Emily said.

"Not really. If you want to be in competitive cheerleading, you gotta show up to Qualifiers," Alice said. "So they show up and every year they get sluttier and sluttier and it keeps their name in the game."

"But is it legal?" Emily asked.

"No, they'll get penalized for stuff like that," Britney said, pointing at where half the Mockingbirds were grinding their rear ends into the crotches of the other half. "Judges hate vulgarity. They take points off for it every time," Britney muttered.

As Marti watched, one of the Mockingbirds moved into a handstand. Kat came up behind her and held her legs open in an exaggerated V-shape. And then Marti swore Kat looked over her shoulder, back at Marti before doing what she - and all the other Sluts did next.

Releasing one of the other girl's ankles, Kat - and half the other Mockingbirds - blew the crowd a kiss, right through the spread legs of their teammates.

"Now I REALLY think I went to the wrong school," Tom muttered.

Marti kept watching, a bit mesmerized as the Mockingbirds - no, the Sluts; they were more than earning their nickname tonight - came to the conclusion of their performance. As the audience watched them wiggle their lithe bodies like they were working a pole, the Sluts cartwheeled into their final spots and came down on the floor in splits, landing with thuds that echoed throughout the arena.

Marti watched in lust as Kat hit consecutive front flips while another Slut, a curly-haired blonde, rolled into the center of the mat and finished on her back, looking up at the lights. Finally, Kat performed her final flip and then landed on top of the girl, looking suspiciously like the two of them were in the missionary position. As the music faded, Marti couldn't help but feel her pussy moisten in jealousy. She wanted Kat's face between her legs one more time. This new sensation, this all-encompassing lust for another woman, was driving her bat shit crazy and she wanted so badly to get another woman to eat her out.

"I don't know about you," Tom said to Marti as the Sluts cleared the mat to some applause, "But I need a cold shower."


* * *

Navigating the hallways of FedExForum, Dan followed the cheers of the crowd down to the level of the arena floor where, just as he hoped, the Hellcats were crowded in the tunnel leading to the floor. He rushed down as quickly as he could, hoping to catch his best friend and his girlfriend before they took to the air.

As he came closer to the end of the tunnel, Dan noticed the Hellcats prepping for Qualifiers in different ways. Tom was talking to Emily and - shit, what was that other girl's name? Kristina? Kelly? Kirsten? Oh yeah - Katie and while Dan didn't hear the entire conversation, he heard enough to learn Tom had successfully talked them into a threesome. Most of the others were more serious in their downtime as Lewis was talking to Jason over what they had been practicing as bases. Right by them were Alice and Charlotte, who were helping Miranda and Molly stretch. Dan could only laugh at the sight of the word "SUCCEED" on Charlotte's arm, knowing that Savannah got to her sister with a Sharpie.

Finally, at the very end of the tunnel, were Savannah and Marti, who were joined by Britney and Ariana. The four were huddled around each other, going over a very important checklist.

"Socks?" Britney asked.

Ariana looked down at her feet before answering. "Check, Coach."

"Sports bra?"

Arirana pulled up the strap of her cheerleader top and confirmed what Britney wanted. "Check."


Ariana lifted up her skirt and... "Oops."

Marti could only roll her eyes and sarcastically say, "Well, at least you can check off panties, Coach."

"I can't believe you forgot your spankies," Britney complained. "I told you to double-check your wardrobe before you left your room."

"Don't worry, Coach Allen. I got this under control," Savannah responded as she reached into her gym bag and pulled out a pair of small-sized spankies. "I keep a few extra pairs of all sizes with me at competitions, just in case."

"Aw, thank you, Savannah," Ariana said as she pulled the spankies up over her legs. She then left her skirt up and modeled her spankies, asking, "You think they fit me right?"

"They do, don't worry about it," Britney said, shaking her head in disbelief that Ariana was doing that. Savannah balled her hand into a fist and held it over her mouth to stifle her laughter, while Marti looked away uncomfortably, trying her best not to be turned on by Ariana's little display. Comfortable with her coach's assurances the spankies fit, Ariana headed up the tunnel to get some pointers from Frankie.

"Remind me why you didn't retain your spot as captain this year, Savannah," Britney asked.

"Well, I had to take care of Charlotte and John, not to mention I had to start working to -" Savannah began to answer.

"Savannah, she was joking around and complimenting your preparedness," Marti interrupted.

"Oh, sorry, Coach, I'm not good with jokes," Savannah apologized.

"Relax. You shouldn't worry about it. Anyway, I'm going to talk with Alice. Call me down if you need anything," Britney instructed as she headed back up the tunnel. As she left, Dan decided to finally make his presence known.

"Okay, Marti, how come when Savannah keeps extra underwear in her gym bag, it's okay, but when I did it, you slapped me?" Dan said seriously, but the grin on his face betrayed him as being anything but.

"Because that was my underwear in your bag, you thieving bastard," Marti quipped, knowing exactly what Dan was doing.

"You two are just something else," Savannah said, the tone of the conversation not lost on her. She had been around Marti and Dan long enough to recognize their little in-jokes between each other, including lightheartedly dissing one another.

"Good to see you laughing, Savannah. You have the best smile," Dan said honestly. All Savannah could do was grin in appreciation of the compliment. "Anyway, I just wanted to be sure my two favorite women in the world are ready to go on the mat."

"I've been ready since Nationals," Savannah answered. "These last three months have been way too long, just preparing for this."

"I feel the same way," Marti agreed. "We went through a whole lotta shit last year. We have to redeem ourselves."

"Glad to see you're so into this," Dan said. "So I trust you won't mind that Wanda tried to smuggle in a vuvuzela?"

"She WHAT?!" Marti exclaimed. "Oh my God, I'm going to kill her. I'm going to kill her and the two of you have plausible deniability."

"Calm down, Marti. You know Dan wouldn't let her in with one of those things," Savannah tried to relax her friend. "You did stop her, right?"

"Of course," Dan answered. "I don't want a repeat of Marti's high school graduation."

"And I was so close to repressing that memory," Marti cracked.

Before Marti could display anymore snarky behavior, Dan's cell phone went off. "Oh, speak of the devil. Hey, Wanda. Yeah, I'm just talking with her and Savannah. You got Layne and John with you? Alright, I'll be there in a few." After disconnecting the call, Dan told Marti and Savannah, "Sorry, but I gotta meet up with your families. Marti, I know you're going to kill 'em out there."

"Thanks, Dan," Marti said, reaching up and hugging her longtime friend as casually as she so often did in the past.

"And Savannah, I can't wait to see you soar, honey," Dan said as he approached his girlfriend.

"Thanks, babe," Savannah said when Dan bent down and gave her a soft, sweet kiss on the lips.

While the kiss was brief and lacked heat, seeing Dan and Savannah, her two best friends, be affectionate with each other sent a wave of jealousy rushing over Marti. She couldn't immediately explain why she felt this way.

The weird thing was that Marti knew she wasn't being envious of Savannah for having Dan. She had sworn off another relationship with her longtime best friend after they cheated on Lewis and Savannah with each other last year, an incident that nearly caused the implosion of the Hellcats and briefly made Dan leave Memphis. Also, since she had her Sapphic awakening with Deirdre, Marti hadn't even once been thought of Dan sexually.

The aspiring lawyer in Marti deducted that there was one reasonable explanation for her jealousy.

She wanted to have the kind of relationship Dan and Savannah had.

Marti hadn't had a significant other since she ended things with Julian and while sex with Deirdre and Kat was great, she just wanted somebody to love, like how her best friends found that someone with each other.

That's why Marti was feeling jealous of Savannah and Dan. There was no other way of explaining it.

"Go get 'em!" Dan said, snapping Marti out of her trance.

"Oh, thanks, Dan. See you after we win," Marti replied hastily.

"Will do," Dan answered as he went to go meet up with Marti and Savannah's families.

"So, ready to go kick some butt?" Savannah asked.

"No, I'm ready to kick some ass," Marti answered.

"Just what I was hoping to hear," Savannah laughed. "We better stretch before we hit the floor."

Marti joined Savannah in a last-minute warm-up, relieved to think of cheerleading. Come competition, nothing else mattered to Marti, including Deirdre's seduction, Kat, Nasty Kathy's plot to make the Hellcats drop out of Qualifiers, or even her occasional lesbian fantasies of her teammates. To Marti, redemption from last year's Nationals debacle was the only thing to concern herself with.

Everything else had to take a backseat, especially Marti's envy that Dan and Savannah were seeing each other while she was still single.

At least that's what Marti tried to convince herself that her jealousy was over.


Marti wasn't the only one watching as Dan and Marti kissed. Across the arena, Kathy Kurowski glared hot daggers at the entire Hellcats team, but especially her nemesis, Savannah. Kathy didn't know how, but she was certain Savannah was behind the disappearance of Kathy's phone - and the incriminating photos of Alice on it. Lewis had probably been involved, too - Kathy was certain she'd had her phone before she'd let Lewis sleep with her. Now it was gone and Alice looked far too smug for someone who was facing blackmail.

Kathy was furious, but she knew she'd have to put that aside while the Cyclones performed. The best way to wipe that smirk off Alice's face was for MemChrist to beat Lancer, fair and square.

Except Kathy wasn't entirely sure they could.

Yes, Memphis Christian had won the National Championship last year, but that had been because the Hellcats had been disqualified. And while the Cyclones had been better than every other team at Nationals last spring, that wasn't quite so this year. Fact of the matter was, last year's Cyclones team had held a lot of seniors and they were now gone. While a core of quality remained, there was an awful lot of new blood. New, untested blood. For many of the Cyclones, this was their first competition and Kathy wasn't so sure they could quite stand up to the pressure.

Suddenly, the PA came to life and Kathy's time to fume was over.

"And now, the reigning National Champions, the Memphis Christian Cyclones!"

Kathy led the Cyclones out on to the floor, starting with a simple step out backflip, a foursome of tumblers behind her mimicking her move. It was time the Cyclones showed this crowd why they were National Champions.


Marti watched as some of the Cyclones completed an impressive pair of back-layout twists to get into position for their first pyramid formation, all perfectly timed to 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" - did the Cyclones ever travel beyond the Top 40 for their performance music? Marti supposed Vampire Vs. Unicorn would've been rather radical for this bunch.

As the Cyclones shifted into a hanging pyramid, Marti glanced over at her best friend and roommate, Savannah, who was watching with nothing short of anger in her eyes. MemChrist was a Christian school that talked about following in the path of Jesus, yet she knew firsthand that the Cyclones acted like they failed Theology 101 at least twice. Sure, Savannah left them for greener pastures, but that was no excuse to be bitter like the Cyclones were to her. She had hoped they could be understanding, still have some friends from MemChrist, but nobody at the school showed her any support when she moved on to Lancer. And that wasn't even covering what her current teammates endured.

"Whoa! Last time I saw a look like that from you, I told you about Dan and me," Marti said as she walked up to her friend.

"Look at them, Marti, they just think they are the best," Savannah complained. "That should have been us holding up the National Title last season. And why did they get to win? It's not right! Kathy locked Lewis in a bathroom and was planning to kick Charlotte off the team the second she found out she was pregnant. How is it fair they have the glory and we don't?"

"No love lost between you and your former school, I see," Marti observed.

"I can see them being mad at me, but for them, especially Nasty Kathy, to take it out on those I really care about, it's not right!" Savannah exclaimed, punching a wall as several teammates looked in shock at the very un-Savannah like behavior.

"You're correct, it's not right," Marti said, trying to get Savannah to cool down. "That's why we're going to beat them this year, fair and square. You know we're better than them. We've practiced our asses off and we're going to end their season here. After today, you won't have to deal with MemChrist again."

"I guess you're right," Savannah relented. "It's just that..."

"I know, they turned their backs on you," Marti finished. "You'll get your payback here."

Doing her best to keep her friend relaxed, Marti pulled Savannah in toward her, the girls coming shoulder-to-shoulder. At that moment, Savannah couldn't have felt happier to have a friend like Marti.


Savannah wasn't the only former Cyclone watching her old team nail moves. Charlotte was watching raptly as Nasty Kathy performed a perfect backward dismount, falling into the waiting hands of a couple of Cyclone bases, Michael and Warren. Mike had been Charlotte's base last year, but he'd been one of the first to jump in with Nasty Kathy to get Charlotte kicked out of both the team and the school.

Charlotte sighed. She'd really thought the Cyclones were her friends, but they'd all dropped her so quickly after John was born. And all because they were a bunch of hypocrites - Nasty Kathy had slept with Lewis, and half the other girls were sleeping with other boys. Only because Charlotte had had the misfortune to get pregnant - on her first time! - the team had decided to drop her faster than... well, faster than she'd been dropped by Michael last year at Qualifiers.

She grimaced and tried to forget that, instead focusing on how flawlessly the two new blondes were performing their kick double fulls. Dammit, the Cyclones were still as good as ever.

"Their tumblers are sloppy."

Charlotte blinked, shaken from her memories of the good times with the Cyclones. She was surprised to find Alice standing next to her, arms crossed, eyes locked on the competition. "And their smallest flier isn't doing her toe touches completely when she's in the air," the Hellcats captain continued.

"The little Asian girl?" Charlotte asked. "She's new this year."

"You were better - are better," Alice said.

"Thanks, Alice," Charlotte said, surprised. "That's the nicest-"

"But if you get all misty-eyed over your old team, your ass will be out the door of Cheertown faster than you were kicked out of MemChrist," Alice cut her of, a cold edge in her voice.

"Uh, okay," Charlotte said, clueless as to how she could respond to that.

Alice smiled that sweet, sickly smile that no one in the right mind took as anything but scheming. "Just reminding you where your loyalties should be," the Captain said before spinning about on her heel and heading back to talk with some of the other Hellcats, leaving Charlotte wondering if she'd just been praised or threatened.


Kathy took a deep breath and sprinted towards the center of the Cyclones formation, going from her forward tumble onto Warren's back before being lifted up into the center of the new pyramid. The crowd roared as Kathy landed it with only the slightest of stumbles from some of the girls beneath her. The music ended and Kathy was beaming. That was one hell of a performance and she knew the Cyclones had damn well nailed it.

As she came down, Kathy couldn't help but glance over at the Hellcats, standing on the sideline. Alice and Marti looked mad enough to spit and both Monroe sisters looked pale. "Yeah, that's right," Kathy couldn't help but say. "We just schooled this whole competition!"

"The only thing you schooled us on was how to run with your spankies giving you a wedgie!" Alive shouted back, earning herself a few added glares from the Cyclones. But Kathy didn't care. Sure, Alice might have stolen Kathy's phone and stopped her from ruining the Hellcats before they could compete, but there was no way in hell Lancer was topping that performance. No way.

"Good job out there, girls and boys," Jackie said, grimacing a bit.

"You okay, Coach?" Warren asked.

"Yeah, fine," Jackie said.

"It's not the baby, is it?" Kathy asked. That would be just her luck - the Cyclones win Qualifiers, right in the Monroe's faces, only to have to rush out to the hospital before they could accept their win.

"It's not the baby," Jackie said. "It's probably not getting enough sleep last night."

"Sorry, coach," Kathy said. It was her fault Jackie hadn't been able to get to bed on time the night before - Kathy had insisted on searching the entire pool area for her phone, to no avail.

"Damn right you're sorry, Kathy. When we get back, you and I are going to have a long talk about this independent streak you're on. I know you're team captain and all, but you don't run this team like it's your own little kingdom. You may be captain, but I'm the coach and that makes MY word law, got it?"

"Got it, Coach," Kathy said, suddenly wishing Jackie would go into labor right here.

"Hey, stop arguing you too, they're announcing out score!" Mike said.

The Cyclones gathered around the edge of the mat as the announcer came forward to the center.

"Well, this is no surprise," he said into his microphone. "We have a new high score for the entire competition. With an impressive score of 98.6, the reigning National Champion Memphis Christian Cyclones!"

Kathy whooped aloud! 98.6?!?! That was as close to perfect as it got! Better, even! There was no way the Hellcats were going to beat that! No way at all! Even as the other Cyclones gathered around her, Kathy had to look over at the Hellcats one more time. She was hoping to spot one of the Monroe sisters crying, or Alice tearing her own uniform apart, or that no-good Marti Perkins storming off, like she apparently did a lot.

But looking through the crowd of Cyclones, Kathy could only see one face.

Lewis looked over at her, his face impassive, betraying no emotion at all. He saw her spot him, gave her a silent nod of respect, then turned his back on her and her team.

Suddenly, Kathy didn't feel like celebrating that much anymore.


Continued below
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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 3: Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders
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"We're sunk!" Molly complained. "98.6? Who beats that?" The newest Hellcats were all a bit shaken by MemChrist's impressive score. The whole team stood off to the side, waiting for the time to go on. If the freshmen hadn't been nervous before, they certainly were now.

"Someone with a bad fever?" Ariana asked innocently.

"Not helping, Ariana," Emily grumbled.

"C'mon, girls, we can't get upset about this," Miranda said to her fellow newbies. "We still gotta go out there and do our best, right?"

"Oh, shut up Miranda," Emily said. "Just because you're sleeping with the team captain doesn't mean you're the new vice-captain or something like that."

"Is there such a thing as vice-captain?" Ariana asked.

"Whoa, that was a little harsh, don't you think, Emily?" Molly said, ignoring the other redhead.

"Hey, I call them like I see them," Emily said, looking right at Miranda. "You DID sleep with Alice last night, didn't you?"

"We do NOT have time for this," Miranda said. "Yes, I had sex with Alice last night and yes, I'd happily do so again. Is that a crime?"

"It is if you're trying to get special favors out of it," Emily said flatly.

"Well, I'm not," Miranda denied flatly. She was lying, of course. She hadn't slept with Alice to get ahead - she'd genuinely fallen in lust with the captain. But she was sure as hell going to use her new connection to the top Hellcat to GET ahead.

After all, her blackmail of using Alice's inability to get off with Lewis had kind of fallen through now that Alice and Lewis had broken up. No one would really care now. But Miranda wanted to be a flyer in the worst way and if having sex - really great sex - with Alice got her flying, who was Miranda to not go for it? After all, both she and Alice were enjoying the sex. There was nothing wrong at all here, as far as Miranda was concerned.

She just wouldn't tell the others about it. After all, she wanted to be friends with her teammates.

"Yeah, right," Emily snorted.

"Oh, both of you shut up," Molly said. "You're letting the Cyclones beat us and we haven't even gotten out on the mat yet!"

"They did that when they scored almost 99 points, Molly!" Emily said. "You can't honestly think we're going to beat that, do you?"

"We have to," Molly said. "Too many of us need the scholarships."

"I know! Why do you think I'm so upset?!" Emily snapped. "At least Miranda got laid last night."

"Weren't you JUST setting up a threesome with Tom and Katie?" Miranda exclaimed, flabbergasted.

"And you two are back to sex," Molly said, raising her hands in defeat.

"Well, it's better than going out there and falling flat on our faces," Emily said. "I mean, we've got how many newbies on this team? We can't possibly be as good as the team that could've won Nationals last year."

"Why not?" Ariana asked.

Emily blinked. "Because we're not!"

"Who says?" Ariana asked.

"Yeah, who says we aren't as good as last year's team?" Miranda said. "I've been a cheerleader for only a couple weeks now and here I am at a major competition. How is THAT not impressive?"

"So not only are you sleeping with the captain, you're also some cheerleading savant?" Emily muttered.

"No, she's right," Molly said. "Why can't we be as good as last year's team? Better, even?"

"Yeah, better!" Ariana added.

"We made one of the best cheerleading teams in the entire country and we're all just freshmen! That just doesn't happen!"

"They were desperate," Emily argued.

"No, we were outstanding!" Molly shot back. "And so's everyone else on the team! We're the Lancer Hellcats, for crying out loud! We're going to go out there and we're going to make sure every person in this crowd hears us roar!"

"Yeah!" Miranda said. "What is it Savannah's always saying?"

"Positive outcomes only?" Ariana offered.

"Yeah, well screw her sayings and screw her Sharpie," Miranda said, showing where Savannah had written, "SUCCEED" earlier. "We don't need them! Because we're going to go out there and we're going to blow MemChrist and every other team away!"

"YES!" Molly said, sticking her arm out into the center of the four girls. Immediately, Miranda grabbed it. "You two with us?" Molly asked.

"This is crazy," Emily said.

"I'm with you!" Ariana said, putting her hand over Miranda's.

"Don't leave us hanging, Emily," Molly said.

"You're all crazy," Emily insisted.

"Maybe you have to be to be a cheerleader," Ariana pointed out.

Emily did a double take, surprised to hear something so profound out of the bubbly little redhead. She wasn't the only one, as both Miranda and Molly were staring at her with surprise on their faces.

"C'mon, Emily - if Ariana can spout out wisdom like that, this HAS to be our day for miracles," Miranda said.

Emily sighed and put her hand over Ariana's. All four girls had the same message on their arms - "SUCCEED".

"Fine," she said. "I'm with you."

"Yaaayyy, I helped!" Ariana said.

"Hell yes, you did," Molly said. "C'mon girls, Hellcats on three?"

"On three," Emily said. "One... two... three!"

"HELLCATS!" the girls cried out, finally catching the attention of the rest of the team.

"Looks like someone's getting into the spirit," Frankie said.

"We were all rookies once," Lewis said.

Molly, Miranda, Emily and Ariana all shared a hug, then turned to face the mat, each steeling themselves for the competition to come.

Suddenly, Ariana spoke up.

"Did I leave my panties in the bathroom?"


"All right, girls and boys," Alice said, taking a deep breath. "We're up."

The rest of the team seemed to inhale all at once - so much so that Britney Allen thought she could actually feel the air shift around her. It was that one moment, that perfectly frozen moment before they were called to stage to go out and do what they did best. Britney had loved and hated that moment when she'd been a cheerleader and she felt no differently about it now that she was a coach. It was the last moment before things were decided and it was both over in a flash and stretched eternally.

A voice over the loudspeakers broke the moment.

"And now, put your hands together for last year's Qualifying team, the Lancer Hellcats!"

The crowd outside roared, almost as loudly as they had for the National Champion Cyclones moments before and the Hellcats surged forward, a wave of blue and gold and perkiness that washed out onto center stage. The Hellcats were cheering and whooping and clapping their hands and telling the crowd to make some noise, as if this was nothing more than another football game, but as soon as they were out there, in front of the crowd, they seemed to effortlessly hit their marks, forming up into an arrowhead formation and the entire auditorium went silent, another pregnant pause before the music started.

There was no real set rules upon the music cheer teams used for their routines, but of late most had been sticking to one song. Alice had spent half her summer looking for perfect songs for this routine and generally found them all to be inadequate. And so she'd gone back to the drawing board and essentially assembled a routine around four different songs, a hodgepodge of rap, rock, and pop, that was sure to get everyone's blood pumping.

So now, the Hellcats stood rock still, heads down, arms at their sides, waiting for the music to start so they could prove, once again, that they knew how to fly.

Right from Mr. 305, Dade County, to Mr. Worldwide, all around the world
Now we're international, so international, international, so international

As the first hard lyrics of "International Love" filled the arena, the Hellcats started to move, breaking into a quartet of smaller groups and swinging to the four cardinal points of the mat. As the groups hit their mark, the four fliers were lifted up. Marti, Savannah, Alice and Charlotte were soon held aloft by their bases, each girl ramrod straight.

You can't catch me, boy (can't catch me, boy)
I'm overseas and with a hundred G's per show
Don't test me, boy (don't test me, boy)
Cause I rap with the best for sure
305 till the death of me
Cremate my body and let the ocean have what's left of me
But for now, forget about that
Blow the whistle
Baby you're the referee

Each Hellcat flier moved into a scorpion lift, reaching back with one hand and catching their raised left foot, held up by their right feet, their balance and a lot of luck. As they hung up there, some of the girls still on the ground rolled out, spinning away before they started doing handsprings. Miranda and Ariana came in from the left, while Emily and Molly rolled in from the right. They met in the middle and Ariana and Molly ducked down low, letting Emily and Miranda leap over them before each pairing kept going to the roar of the crowd.

As the tumblers hit the opposite sides of their mats, the fliers extended their legs and arms before being tossed into the air, spinning around and falling into the waiting arms of their ground teams.

As she hit the floor, Charlotte felt a tingle up and down her spine because the first person in the crowd she made eye contact with was Deirdre. She shook it off quickly, though, when she saw Layne sitting next to her, rooting on her daughters just like she did when she and Savannah were at MemChrist.

The Hellcats returned to their original formation before they paired up and went face-to-face with one another. Keeping up with the music with each dance step, they started swinging right hooks, followed by lefts. Marti and Savannah smiled at each other as they continued throwing punches, fondly recalling Marti's improvisational skills from her first team practice. This was something the two of them vouched to Alice and Britney for and the captain and coach were all too happy to agree.

Marti, Savannah, Alice and Charlotte separated from the main group and split up into respective pairs. The two duos pulled in close, face-to-face, toe-to-toe, before the four cheerleaders arched into back flips, each group momentarily forming a human sized "m." Perfectly timed, as each duo had both hands and feet on the floor, Molly and Ariana flipped over them, somersaulting just ahead of the upward swinging legs of the other girls.

As the two redheads finished the move landing squarely on their feet, arms up in the air, the back-flipping fliers hit the ground as well. And suddenly, perfectly timed to all six girls standing up, the music suddenly changed. Pitbull's harsh lyrics were suddenly replaced by the flowing tones of Nicole Scherzinger's "Don't Hold Your Breath."

You can't touch me now
There's no feeling left
If you think I'm coming back
Don't hold your breath
What you did to me boy I can't forget
If you think I'm coming back
Don't hold your breath
Don't hold your breath

As the beats changed, the Hellcats reformed, the girls on the outside, the guys in the center. Swaying in time to the music, Alice slid back from the front row until the guys surrounded her. Turning to her left, Alice flipped over into a handstand right in front of Darwin, who lifted her up by her waist. Alice spread her legs into a V shape and Marti and Frankie stepped up on either side, each grabbing a leg to help hold her in place.

On the left side of the mat, Charlotte put one foot into a cradle Lewis and Tom were making. As the crowd roared, the two guys actually threw Charlotte up into the air. Staying ramrod straight, she flew up over and through Alice's spread legs before tucking into a quick somersault, laying herself out flat parallel to the ground just in time for Jason, Miranda and Emily to catch her.

As Charlotte flew through Alice's legs and landed safely in her teammates' arms, Britney shouted, "YES!" Her high school team did the same move and it earned them a spot in a Rihanna video, so she went into the well again and was pleasantly pleased to see it work to perfection again.

The team quickly changed formation with Lewis, Tom, Miranda and Ariana surrounded Marti, while Jason, Charlotte, Emily and Molly circled Savannah. The fliers gave their bases the cue and found themselves hoisted up, standing a good ten feet over the floor. With the two girls up in the air, the two men each put an arm down, keeping the fliers balanced on just one hand each.

Though Nicole was telling the crowd not to hold their breath, they did just that as Marti and Savannah each hoisted a leg behind their back and reached behind them to grab it, completing the challenging scorpion lift as Lewis and Jason maintained their balance.

The crowd stood up and cheered the stunt, with Dan and Travis yelling in approval while Layne called out, "That's my daughter!" Wanda shouted, "That was incredible!" Deirdre, mouth agape, had trouble forming the words she wanted to say before turning and asking, "Dan, did you know they could do that?" to which he answered, "I've seen them do it at practice, but right now, it looks 100 times better."

As the crowd continued to show its approval and the music began to change, Marti and Savannah put their leg down and took a slight leap backwards, landing butt-first into the safety of their waiting teammates' arms.

As the music switched over to Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight, Tonight", the male Hellcats split apart, making way for Frankie to lead Ariana, Molly, Emily and Miranda to step forward in time with the music, tussling their hair playfully with both hands. As they hit the front of the mat, they spread out and started sashaying back. As they did so, Savannah, Alice, Marti and Charlotte slid forward between them, taking center stage.

Just don't stop let's keep the beat pumpin'
Keep the beat up, let's drop the beat down
It's my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

The four Hellcats stopped towards the edge of the mat, took a 90-degree turn and bent over at the waist, shaking their booties as they did so, though in a far-more playful manner than the more sexual Mockingbirds had earlier. In perfect time with the music, the girls twirled about and marched back towards the middle of the mat, ending up facing the crowd again. At the same time, Miranda, Ariana, Emily and Molly sauntered forward, matching the other girls step-for-step, until the two lines intertwined.

With all eight girls in a line, the half who'd been front and center before dropped to their knees, before curling up into a turtle position. Then, each girl on the left side of the crouching Hellcat did a cartwheel over them, landing perfectly timed on the right side. A beat later, the crouching girls were up and the new tumblers were crouching down to let the fliers cartwheel over them in the opposite direction.

Just don't stop let's keep the beat pumpin'
Keep the beat up, let's drop the beat down
It's my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

As the Cats hit the ground once more, all the girls separated, dancing about in a circle for a moment before forming up into four lines, with Savannah, Charlotte, Ariana and Emily in the front of each line, with Miranda, Alice, Marti and Molly taking up the spots directly behind them, the other Hellcats filling in until the entire team was lined up. Then, on cue, each Hellcat stepped out, the front girls to the left, the girls behind them to the right and each row alternating. As their feet hit the ground, they clapped once in time with the music, then stepped back, before switching to go in the opposite directions.

As they stepped back to the center again, each Hellcat brought their hands up over their head in the direction they were moving and extended their opposite knee, landing with their hands clasped atop their legs in a half-crouched position. They froze there for a moment before playfully bounced their butts out once, twice, three times before popping back up into a standing position.

It's you and me and we're runnin' this town
And it's me and you and we're shakin' the ground
And ain't nobody gonna tell us to go cause this is our show

The lines broke and the Hellcats paired up, crisscrossing the mat until they were spread out, seemingly at random. As they moved, the girls tussled their hair playfully, while the guys theatrically brushed off imaginary dust from their shoulders. After the Hellcats assumed their new positions, Alice and Darwin front and center, Marti and Savannah just behind them to the right, Miranda and Lewis to their left and the other pairs scattered about. For a moment, they stood still, before suddenly swaying towards each other until their hips touched, sending each Hellcat bouncing back away playfully. The girls on the right stumbled three steps each, turning away from their partners, who quickly came up behind them as the stumblers bent forward at the waist. As the pairs closed within two feet of each other, the girls who were bent over playfully shook their butts at their partner's crotches, much to the roaring approval of the men in the crowd.

While Savannah milked the applause for all it was worth dancing next to her best friend, Marti was feeling a little different. She hadn't missed a step, but she felt her nipples stiffen against her bra. It felt weird to her to have it happen in competition because it never had before - but then, Marti hadn't really known she was attracted to other girls' butts for most of their practices. But she just brushed it off a cool draft from the air conditioning and continued matching her teammates step-for-step.

Woah, come on, ohh, all you animals
Woah, let me hear you now, ohh

The Hellcats raised up their left arms and quickly brought them back down, now placing both hands on their hips. They then wiggled their hips as they silently counted out their moves, jutting their hips out one side at a time. Finally, they raised their right hands in the air and kicked up with their right legs, nailing a perfectly executed kick out.

Up in the stands, Deirdre looked around in amazement as half the crowd seemed to be up and dancing with the Cats, grooving along with the Blue and Gold as they spun about the mat below. Even Dan and Wanda were up and cheering, though Layne looked a little embarrassed to be seated near them. And this was just Qualifiers? It was mystifying that so many people got caught up in this. It was just a bunch of girls dancing.

Dancing in next-to-nothing, Deirdre had to admit. There was Savannah, shaking her ass towards the crowd. And there was Charlotte and her shapely legs, which Deirdre knew from first-hand experience, were as tasty as they looked. And of course there was Marti. Perfect, busty, leggy, sexy Marti.

As the Hellcats shook their asses at the crowd one more time before breaking into four groups, Deirdre realized there was something enjoyable here - the view was just gorgeous.

Tonight, tonight there's a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight, tonight and we're dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don't know if I'll make it but watch how good I'll fake it
It's all right, all right, tonight, tonight
It's all right, all right, tonight, tonight
Yeah it's all right, all right, tonight, tonight

Suddenly, the music changed again and almost like a record scratching, Hot Chelle Rae was replaced by the hard beats of DJ Khaled as the Hellcats scrambled to reform into four little groups. With Marti, Savannah, Alice and Charlotte out in front of the groups, the four fliers back flipped into the waiting arms of Lewis, Tom, Darwin and Jason respectively. As the crowd once again roared it's approval, the bases lifted the fliers up over their heads and each girl performed a perfect liberty stand.

All I do is win win win no matter what
Got money on mind I can never get enough
And every time I step up in the building
Everybody hands go up
And they stay there

As the chorus struck in, the bases threw the girls up once more, higher this time, letting each girl stretch out their legs wide and touch their toes at the apex of their leaps, before falling safely down into the waiting arms of their respective partners.

And they say yeah
And they stay there
Up down, up down
Cause all I do is win win win
And if you goin' in put your hands in the air

Mentally counting down the dwindling seconds left in the song, the bases hoisted up Marti, Charlotte and Alice over their shoulders, Marti and Alice up higher, while Charlotte in the center position was a good head-and-shoulders lower than the other two. As they did this, a couple of the veteran Hellcats went behind the three girls and their bases and clasped their hands together. In perfect time, Savannah stepped into the makeshift cradle and bent her knees. On cue, the Hellcats in back tossed Savannah over Charlotte, gliding between the higher Marti and Alice. As Charlotte tilted her head up, she saw her sister soar over her head as she executed a front flip. Stepping forward at the last second, Tom caught the former captain safely in his arms, her arms up in the air, the crowd erupting into a raucous applause as the song came to a close.


The public address speaker for FedExForum took a sip of water before turning on his microphone. He had just been handed his notes and briefly relished that he held the answer to the teams' fates in his hand before he started acting professional.

"We have the final score available," he spoke into his mic. Immediately, there was a buzz in the air as the audience murmured over who was going to win. The Hellcats, previously congregated at the Gatorade cooler to the left of the scorers' table, rushed back to the mat, waiting to hear the results of their performance and see what their fate was going to be.

Leading the Cyclones out to the floor from the tunnel, Nasty Kathy was shooting her rivals an icy cold death glare. Still, the Hellcats chose to ignore the Cyclones captain and focus on the announcement that was to come.

That didn't stop one Hellcat from letting her bubbly personality out.

"Come on, everybody, we killed it out there," Savannah said as she tried to lighten the mood. "Cheer up!"

"Savannah, now's not the time to be so perky," Alice reprimanded the former captain. "You know just as well as the rest of that our asses are on the line."

"I think I have to agree with Savannah here," Marti interjected. "I don't think any of the veterans have lost a step and the rookies put in a solid effort. I've never seen this team be as close to perfect as we were tonight."

"You guys saw MemChrist's score, though," Alice added. "We need a Sherpa to get that high."

"I'm not exactly sure what that is, but somebody on this team has to be one," Lewis joked. "Savannah and Marti are right, Alice, this has been the best the Hellcats have done in competition in years. And that includes last season. I think we have MemChrist's number."

"If you say so," Alice responded. "I don't want our season and this team to come to an end."

"Hey, guys," Charlotte said as she jogged in. "I feel so sorry for the freshman tumblers. They are so nervous about this. Do you know how hard it is to calm them down?"

"Easier than trying to relax our coach?" Marti guessed. She had glanced over moments before and was now pointing to her teammates that Britney as off to the side by herself. The young coach's hands were at her side, shaking like leaves. Everything about Britney was screaming anxiety.

"She looks like she's going to punch anybody who says a word to her," Lewis observed.

"Poor Britney," Marti said. "She looks so scared. Going from college cheerleader to college cheerleading coach in three months. How has she stayed so calm up 'til now?"

"Probably been listening to everything Savannah says about positive outcomes," Alice guessed.

"I'm right here, Alice," Savannah pointed out.

"Your point being?" Alice asked sarcastically.

"ALICE!" Marti and Charlotte scolded the captain.

"Come on, you two," Savannah responded. "I can relate to Alice. I know what's like to be captain of this squad. It can be tiring. You're on pins and needles all the time. I don't blame you for being the way you are, Alice."

"Thanks, Savannah, but I don't need any pity," Alice told the former captain. "Right now, I want to know if we have a future or not. Anything to lighten the mood."

"Okay," Lewis agreed before finding the perfect payback to shut her up. "So, how'd you get Miran..."

"Don't you utter another syllable!"

"May I have your attention please?" the announcer spoke up, now that the top five teams were assembled on the mat. "The final results are in."

Quickly, the Hellcats came together and held hands, frightened of the possibility of losing. Britney (whose heart was now beating against her chest like a baby alien) held on to Marti, who joined with Savannah, then Charlotte (who was applying extra pressure), Alice, Lewis, Jason, Tom, Darwin, Frankie, Ariana, Miranda, Emily and Molly. Several other Hellcats were lined up behind them.

"Moving on to Louisville, Ky., to compete at the Southeast Sectionals, your 2011-2012 West Tennessee Qualifier Champions..."

The Hellcats' gripped each other tighter, Charlotte almost breaking Savannah and Alice's hands, while Britney felt herself almost pass out.

"...with a score of 99.1, the Lancer University Hellcats!"

A series of jubilant yells filled the arena as the Hellcats cheered in victory. Marti and Savannah bounced up and down with elation in each other's arms, not wanting to let the moment end. Eventually, it had to and Savannah made her way to do the same thing with Charlotte. The Monroe sisters rocked back and forth as they celebrated, soaking up the moment. Savannah and Charlotte hadn't won a cheer competition together since they were at MemChrist together and they never thought this day would come. Charlotte released the hug and celebrated with Marti, who opened her arms to her best friend's sister.

Some of the guys and Frankie had were making the rounds by congratulating each other and stepping in front of the crowd to get them fired up. Others, like Emily, grabbed a hold of the first person she could find and didn't let go. In her case, that person was Molly. Emily had a stranglehold of the redhead and was jumping with Molly in her arms. Molly wasn't expecting the hug and took a few moments to get accustomed to it, but then she surprised Emily by joining her in the bouncing and crying tears of joy.

Ariana, on the other hand, had tackled Miranda to the floor with a flying bear hug, pinning her to the floor, repeatedly shouting, "Yay!" Unable to wiggle free, Miranda just happily embraced her roommate and shouted in joy. She didn't care about being on her back, only about that her team had just won and she was a step closer to a National Championship. While Miranda was content to let Ariana stay on top of her, the feeling was short-lived as Alice approached the pair. The captain tapped Ariana on the shoulder and the synthetic redhead got up, letting Alice have the time to congratulate her and telling her to celebrate with some of her other teammates. With Ariana out of the way, that left Alice face-to-face with Miranda.

"I wanted to say thanks for having my back last night," Alice began. "It means a lot that you were willing to stick your neck out for the benefit of me and the rest of the team."

"Well, I also liked what we did after we got the phone," Miranda smiled.

"So did I," Alice agreed. "But most importantly, you were terrific out there. You've shown so much potential, rookie and I can't wait to see you fly."

"Thank you!" Miranda exclaimed as she tightly embraced Alice. While she wasn't much of a hugger, Alice felt more than inclined to let Miranda know how thankful she was with a hug of her own. Still, she was surprised when Miranda whispered something in her ear that was far from a sweet nothing.

"Just remember, after this, I get to be a flyer."

Alice blinked, pulling back a bit as if she couldn't quite believe what Miranda had said, but Miranda was already moving on to jumping up and down with Molly and Emily, leaving the team captain alone, though not for long.

"Alice! Alice, come here!" Britney's voice carried over.

Thinking she knew what Britney was going to say, Alice started by saying, "Coach, look, about everything this week, I..."

"Relax, Alice," Britney assured her. "We're not going to discuss your leadership issues yet. I did, however, want to say you did a great job leading this team on the floor. I don't think any of my past teams could have done it better."

"I'm flattered?" Alice said, the words coming out of her mouth more as a question than a statement.

"Also, you were terrific holding this team together last night," Britney continued, choosing her words carefully so those who weren't involved in the phone scheme knew. "But for me personally, I wanted to say thank you for keeping me employed. I feel a lot better now that I don't have to file for unemployment benefits just yet."

"Umm, thanks, Coach," Alice said, finding herself uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

"Relax, go on and celebrate," Britney addressed her captain. "We can start worrying about Louisville tomorrow. Today, be with your teammates and have fun."

"I will," Alice said before she changed the tune of her voice to address her team. "Hellcats, get over here!"

Britney was going to stand where she was, but Alice turned back to her. "Coach, this is a little cheerleader-only thing. Can you do me a favor and quite down the crowd?"

"Umm, okay, sure," Britney agreed, rushing off to the front of the crowd.

Out of the corner of her eye, Alice caught the Cyclones walking off dejected. Only Nasty Kathy was showing any emotion and it was one of murderous rage. All Alice could bring herself to do was flash a victorious grin that said, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." Seconds later, Alice was surrounded by her teammates.

"Alright, everybody, you were great out there today, but don't let this get to your head," Alice told her fellow Hellcats. "It's a long road to Nationals and we have a lot to improve on, but I couldn't be happier with how you performed out there. Those of you who stuck with us through the shitstorm from the summer..." Alice turned her focus to Marti, Savannah, Lewis, Frankie and Darwin, "...I couldn't have asked of more from you. And to everybody who joined us this year..." Alice shifted toward Charlotte, Miranda, Ariana, Molly, Emily, Jason and Tom, "...you've certainly earned your stripes. In fact, listen to what I say next, then yell it out when I tell you to."

The crowd was still buzzing, but Britney, unsure what the Hellcats were about to do, motioned for them to quiet down. The Lancer faithful did as they were instructed and the Hellcats then did what they always did in moments of celebration: Cheer.

"ONE, TWO, YOU KNOW WHERE WE'RE AT! COME ON, LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE..." the Hellcats yelled then loudly clapped twice before continuing, "...HELLCATS!"

The crowd went back to cheering while the celebrating Hellcats rushed into the stands to soak in the moment with their families. Savannah and Charlotte rushed over to Layne, who told her daughters how proud she was while Charlotte happily embraced John. After wrapping up talking to her mother, Savannah rushed over to Dan and leapt into his arms as they shared a celebratory kiss.

"Great work, 'Vanna," Dan said. "You, too, Char," he added.

"Thanks, Dan," the Monroe sisters said in unison.

"Well, that was most impressive, girls," Layne said. "You two were flawless."

"I don't know, I thought I was a half-second behind getting into that last pyramid," Savannah muttered.

"That's my girl, always focusing on the wrong stuff," Dan said. "C'mon, cheer up! You guys just won!"

"Is there really nothing more to these uniforms?" Layne asked, glancing at Charlotte's midriff.

"No Mom, there's nothing more," Charlotte said with a laugh.

"I think Charlotte looks great in Blue and Gold," Savannah said. "Don't you agree, mom?"

Layne seemed to hesitate. "Well, it's more colorful than that plain white MemChrist uses. Could do without the belly buttons, though."

"Oh, Mom," Charlotte said, giving Layne a squeeze.

"Baby, over here!" Wanda called out to Marti. The blonde law student saw her mom, her former client and her half-sister waiting for her. Without hesitation, Marti came over to them to bask in the moment.

"I'm so glad you got to see us out there, Mom. And thanks for not bringing in the vuvuzela," Marti smirked, letting Wanda know she was busted before going to Travis. "And did you enjoy your first real cheerleading competition, Travis?"

"Sure beat watching tattooed gangbangers playing basketball at the prison rec yard," Travis said with snark. "Congratulations, Marti."

"Thanks," Marti complimented and switched her focus to Deirdre. Feeling nothing short of gratitude, Marti embraced Deirdre tightly and whispered, "Thank you for everything, D. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Sis," Deirdre whispered with a hint of compassion.

When they broke away, Marti looked at Deirdre and then over to Savannah, who was still celebrating with Layne. She thought to herself how quickly things had changed over the last year. Marti never thought she'd be a cheerleader, but Savannah had changed all that. She also never believed she'd be sexually attracted to women, but then Deirdre flipped her life on its ear. Changing her focus from her best friend to her half-sister, Marti thought to herself, "What else can happen?"


"Everyone wear your uniforms!" Savannah had said, her voice giving off a level of bubbliness that was completely uncalled for at 6:30 a.m., even in the Hellcats showers.

"What for?" Frankie had retorted. "No game today and we just won Qualifiers yesterday."

"Team spirit, Frankie," Savannah had said. "We just won Qualifiers, which is better than our vaunted football team did all last season. We're going to show this school that at least one athletic program around here knows how to win."

"Did Alice sign off on this?" Frankie had asked.

"It was her idea," Savannah replied.

Somehow, Molly doubted that, but she'd worn her uniform anyway, even though she was going to one of her more important business classes. She felt a little foolish walking into Foreign Economics 103 dressed as a cheerleader, but it gained her a very sincere round of applause. Apparently, the rest of the Lancer campus did indeed know the Hellcats had won Qualifiers.

"Ah, we DO have an intrepid and daring Hellcat amongst our ranks," Prof. Hershlag had said upon seeing Molly. "Do sit down, Ms. Cratchit. I feel like we have a minor celebrity in class now."

"I'm just a cheerleader," Molly said, blushing.

"And a lovely one at that," Prof. Herhlag said. "Please pass my congratulations on your victory over the weekend to the rest of your team."

"Uh, okay."

"Now, if we can all get down to business, last week, we were talking about the Euro and its affect on the collapsing economy in Greece. Who remembers where we left off?"

For the next hour-and-a-half, Molly paid attention as Prof. Natalie Hershlag waxed poetic about foreign economies, differences in currencies and the affect all of these had on the U.S. economy. Molly ate it up, entranced by both what she was learning and by her teacher. Prof. Hershlag was a fantastic teacher, having graduated from Harvard and gone on to get a masters degree in Foreign Economics. Instead of going into business, however, she had started teaching at various schools around the country, sharing her knowledge, usually to glowing reviews. The fact that she was teaching at Lancer this year was one of the reasons Molly had come to school in the first place.

Molly wanted to be in international business. She wanted to travel the world, see all sorts of amazing places and make a lot of money in the process. There was no one in the world that Molly felt she could learn more from that Natalie Hershlag.

As usual, the class ended far too soon for Molly. It really was all fascinating, how different nationalities traded with each other and how that affected their relations diplomatically, culturally and legally. Molly could've sat here for another whole period.

"So, hot stuff, you wanna grab a bite to eat at the cafeteria?"

Molly was still bent over, putting her books into her book bag when the decidedly male voice suddenly started speaking next to her. She glanced up, surprised that the mousey little Asian girl who'd been sitting next to her all semester had suddenly been replaced by a large, well-built guy that Molly had only ever seen dozing off in the back of the classroom.

"A-are you talking to me?" Molly asked.

"Who else, Red?" the guy said. "So, you up for a bite or what?"

"I'm sorry, I don't even know who you are-" Molly started to protest, but the guy cut her off.

"I'm Dale DuBois, I'm on the wrestling team."

"Good for you?" Molly said, not sure at all why this brute of a blonde guy was talking to her.

"Yeah, so I may not be a football player, but I can kick any of their asses."

Molly was completely lost. Why was this guy even talking to her?

"So, you wanna go get food or what?"

"Mr. DuBois," Prof. Heshlag said, suddenly appearing next to the two of them. "While I'm sure Ms. Cratchit enjoys eating, it seems she's more than a little immune to your dubious charms. Why don't you go look for some other girl to waste the time you should so desperately be studying for my class with?"

"Huh?" he said.

"Go away, Mr. DuBois. Your last two assignments are both late anyway - and we've only HAD two assignments in this class so far!"

"Sorry, Prof. Heshey," the thick-necked boy said, popping up and vacating the classroom faster than either Molly or the professor could correct him on his mistake with her name.

"More proof that not all athletic scholarships are awarded fairly," the professor said, shaking her head as the door closed behind DuBois. "I am sorry if you were actually interested in him-"

"Oh no!" Molly said. "He's entirely not my type."

"You prefer football players then?" the professor asked, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and a smirk on her face. "That's usually who most cheerleaders go for, classically."

"I'm not interested in football players, either," Molly said.

"How refreshing, though I suspected as much," Natalie said, smiling at Molly. "Your work in this class so far has been inspired. I know it's early, yet, but I believe you could very easily be quite the international businesswoman. It's really remarkable work for a freshman."

Molly felt like she was going to blush to death. "T-thank you, Prof. Hershlag."

"Oh, please, call me Natalie," the professor said. "I like to think if I can connect with a few students each semester, I can judge how much my teaching is actually wearing off on them."

"I find you fascinating," Molly said. "You're lectures, I mean. You seem so worldly, and it's just amazing how the strength of the yen affects the British pound and how short-trading cattle in India can cause job loss in Quebec and-"

"Yes, I know, Ms. Cratchit, I did just teach this lesson," Natalie said with a warm smile. "But I can tell you're excited about the subject."

"Yes, I am!" Molly said.

Natalie bit her lip for a moment, clearly considering something. "Tell me, Ms. Cratchit, how busy are you?"

"How busy?"

"With classes and your cheerleading?"

"Well, it keeps me busy, but not busy enough to fall behind in my studies of your class, if that's what you're worried about."

"Not in the least - the two assignments you've handed in already prove that," the young professor said. Natalie considered for another moment before speaking again.

"I recently lost my TA for the semester - poor boy went and got his girlfriend knocked up and had to drop out and get a job. Normally, I'd approach an upperclassman for a replacement, but frankly, all the seniors in the Business track are small-minded idiots who can't see past the change to embezzle money first chance they get - half of them will end up in prison in the next 20 years, you mark my words."

"Uh, okay," Molly said. She didn't know any upperclassmen who were business majors yet.

"If you think you can find the time between your classes and the Hellcats, I'd like to offer you the position."

Molly's eyes went wide. "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely," Natalie said, turning around and walking back down towards her desk. Molly scrambled to pick up her stuff and follow her. This was an incredible opportunity! To be Natalie Hershlag's teacher's assistant would be a huge bonus on her resume, the sort of extra-curricular that employers actually took notice of. It would mark Molly as having at least one important contact in the world, even if it was just a former teacher. Natalie Hershlag wasn't a name employers ignored.

"Now, it'll be hard work and you're already a few weeks behind, but I can sweet-talk the Work Study office to give you a little stipend and I'll make sure you can still make Hellcats practices and events."

"Thank you, Prof. Hershlag!" Molly gushed. "The Hellcats are critical to my scholarship, but I promise you, I'll devote all my free time to helping you out!"

"Tut-tut, don't go neglecting your other classes on my account," Natalie scolded lightly. "Get me a copy of your schedule, including practices and we'll find when I can use you. Oh and yes, I will be asking you to get me coffee and fetch my dry cleaning, but I'll make sure I put you on some important work, too."

"I'll be happy just to get to listen to you lecture more," Molly said.

"You're too easy to please, Molly. Now, go on. I've got a meeting scheduled with the Vice-Dean and I've already got my coffee for that, so let's just say you start tomorrow."

"Thank you, thank you so much," Molly said, backing out of the room while feeling like she was floating. She'd been at Lancer only a few weeks and already she felt like she was making huge leaps towards her future.

And to think, moments ago, she'd been thrilled just to get compliments on her work from Prof. Hershlag. Now she was going to be Natalie's TA! That was so much better than a random compliment.


Freshmen at Lancer University didn't have to wait long before learning the school was very much a football school. The Lions had played one game so far this year, winning an impressive nail biter against UAB - someone had to tell Deirdre that stood for the University of Alabama-Birmingham and not some strange cult - and for the last week, it was the talk of campus.

Now everyone was talking about the Hellcats. And Deirdre couldn't get away from it.

Rapidly, she was finding out just how excited the university's competitive cheerleading team really was. Everyone was talking about it, or watching video clips on their phones, or even trying to do cartwheels in the quad. Apparently, a score over 99 was practically unheard of in formal competition and that made the Hellcat's score really something to talk about.

And if she wasn't running into people talking about the Hellcats, it seemed like Deirdre was actually running into Hellcats. She found Lewis and Dan talking together outside the library and congratulated them with high fives. Just after Astronomy, Deirdre had passed Frankie and Miranda helping Ariana put on her spankies in the bathroom - Ariana had apparently forgotten her panties back in Cheertown - and Deirdre had even crossed paths with Coach Allen as she raced across campus for some meeting.

At the school's bookstore, Deirdre bumped into Savannah and Charlotte. Literally. As in they all fell on the floor, reminiscent of Deirdre and Savannah's first meeting of the school year. After they picked themselves up, Deirdre made sure to congratulate the Monroes for the win. Savannah and Charlotte said it was thrilling for both of them, especially winning an important contest together when that scenario had seemed impossible a mere year ago. While Savannah talked, though, Deirdre saw concern in Charlotte's eyes. While she wasn't good at reading faces, she knew the younger Monroe sister was silently pleading, "Don't tell Savannah." As Savannah prattled on, oblivious to the worry on her sister's face, Deirdre nodded to Charlotte as if to say, "I won't." After exchanging some final pleasantries, Deirdre bid farewell to the sisters.

It was at the school cafeteria that Deirdre finally saw the one Hellcat she was looking for. Marti was just sitting down at a table, a law book open next to her as she studied while wolfing down today's "special," fish sticks.

"Hey, Sis - you busy?"

"No more than usual," Marti said, waving Deirdre into the seat across from her. "Just catching up on some Jurisprudence and whatnot."

"I wanted to congratulate you on the win yesterday," Deirdre said.

"You did that yesterday, D," Marti said, still looking over her book.

"Yeah, but it's all anyone else can talk about - and you must be proud, because you're still wearing your uniform."

"Savannah's idea, actually - thought it would built some team spirit in the new girls and Alice agreed - though I think that was just to keep Miranda in a skirt for another day," the older Perkins grumbled.

"Huh?" Deirdre said. She didn't know what Marti was referring to, but she couldn't complain about seeing ANY of the Hellcats in skirts.

"Never mind."

"So, uh, do you guys get a trophy or something?"

"No, but we're cleared to go to Sectionals in a couple months, where we'll compete to try and go to Nationals."

"So all you won was the chance to perform again? Sounds tedious."

"You don't follow many sports, do you D?" Marti said with a twinkle in her eye.

"No, not really."

"Well, that's okay. We don't have to spend forever talking about it. What's new with you?"

"Not much," Deirdre said.

"Not much? That's it? C'mon, there must be SOMETHING going on. Any interesting classes? Or girls? You got any girls you're interested in?" Marti asked innocently.

"You mean besides you?" Deirdre said flatly.

Marti blanched, but refrained from getting upset. "Yes, besides me," she said quietly.

"Well, I was with one girl the other day in the showers," Deirdre said, thinking back to her session with Charlotte. "But I don't think it's going anywhere."

"That's... too bad?" Marti said, clearly not sure how to respond.

"Nah, it's okay. She's not the out and proud type, you know?"

"I guess."

"What about you? Any girls you're interested in?" Deirdre asked. Marti went white again and Deirdre suddenly realized her sister was hiding something. "There has been someone, hasn't there?"

"Shhh," Marti hushed, leaning in closer. "Yes, dammit, I was with another girl during Qualifiers. But don't spread it around, okay?"

"Who? Another Hellcat?"

"No!" Marti denied, a little TOO loudly, actually drawing some eyes from other tables. "No," she said far more quietly, "it was one of the Mockingbirds."

"That slutty team that was dry humping themselves in their performance?" Deirdre asked. She'd enjoyed that one more than she'd care to admit.

"Yes. Their captain."

"The hot black chick? Wow, Marti, you don't waste time, do you?"

"She came on to me," Marti said defensively. "You can't tell ANYONE, okay? Not one soul. Not Dan, not Wanda and especially not Savannah!"

"Sure, no one," Deirdre agreed, but she barely heard Marti. She suddenly had a problem of her own. In her mind, she could see Marti and the hot cheerleader having sex, licking each other's nipples, fingering each other's snatches and it was starting to have an effect. Deirdre's nipples were already hard enough to show through her t-shirt and her crotch was going warm.

"So, uh, what did she do to you?" Deirdre asked.

"Things," Marti said shyly.

"What kind of things," Deirdre asked, a little too forcefully. But Marti was clearly a little caught up in remembering the night, because she kept going.

"Well, she used my phone on me," Marti said. "I was getting a bunch of texts at the time and my phone was set on vibrate, so..."

"Oh, wow," Deirdre said, feeling the heat in her crotch turn into wetness as she imagined Marti spread naked on the bed, the hot WTSU cheerleader pressing the vibrating phone against her pussy. As the mental image took shape, Deirdre wasn't sure who she wanted to be more - the one getting vibrated on, or the one using the makeshift vibrator on Marti.

Marti was going on, lost now in memory and Deirdre felt her own hand slip below the table. She couldn't quite make out what Marti was saying any more - her own lusty needs were screaming at her. If only they weren't in public! Deirdre could jump Marti's bones and show her sexy half-sister that she could put that slutty cheerleader to shame! Deirdre didn't need a phone to give Marti a mind-blowing orgasm, but if Marti wanted to play with vibrators, Deirdre had one or two she could get a hold of quickly enough. Judging from the way Marti was looking about dreamily, Deirdre bet she could get the older Perkins to go along with it. And if Deirdre made Marti cum hard enough, maybe the cheerleader would give up on the no sex between half-sisters thing she had going.

"Marti, would you like to-"

"Shit, is that the time?" Marti cut her off, looking up at the clock. "I got 10 minutes to get across campus! Talk to you later, Sis." With that, the Hellcat was up, throwing her book into her bag as she ran for the door, leaving a frustrated and jealous Deirdre behind.


"Great work at Qualifiers, Coach Allen!"

"Thanks!" Britney Allen replied to the sharply dressed, handsome man waiting outside the Lancer Athletic Department. "I'm sorry, you are...?"

The man blinked at her, clearly surprised she didn't recognize him. "I'm Red Raymond."

"Red Raymond," Britney said. "I know that name from somewhere..."

"Coach Red Raymond," Red offered. "Head coach of Lancer Football?"

"Oh! OH! THAT Red Raymond!" Britney said, embarrassed.

"Yeah, you'll be seeing a lot of me at games soon," Red said.

"Well, that's good. I don't suppose you could point me towards Dean Laverne's office?"

"Laverne? Now what would you need to see him for?" Red said, smiling down at Britney. He just towered over her and oozed charm, but Brit didn't feel like he was hitting on her.

"Your guess is as good as mine - he asked that I stop by."

"Probably just wants to congratulate you on winning your first major competition right out of the gate," Red said. "But you'll have to wait, since I gotta see Laverne first."

"Uh, he asked for me," Britney said.

"He asked for me, too. And as the football coach, I kinda take precedence," Red said, knocking on the Dean's door.

"Enter," came the crisp reply. Red smiled one last time at Britney, then pushed the door open. "Oh, good, you're both here. Come in."

"Both of us?" Red asked, surprised.

"Yes, this concerns you both," the Dean said. "Please, have a seat," he added, motioning towards a pair of leather chairs across from his desk.

Dean Laverne was a small man, balding, though impeccably dressed. The office behind him was similarly attired, though incredibly generic. The pictures were simple landscapes, no family, nothing notable to signify the Dean's character what so ever. More to the point, there was nothing that said this man was completely in charge of Lancer Athletics in every shape and form - from football to cheerleading and everything in between.

"What's up, Dean?" Red said. Just from his tone, Britney got the distinct impression these two men did not get along.

"I'll tell you what's not up, Coach," Laverne said. "Profits. It seems Lancer Football isn't just running flat, proceeds wise, but we are actually making LESS money so far this season."

"We're all of a game in, Dean - and it was an away game at that!" Red pointed out.

"But season ticket sales are way down and the stadium is far from booked already," Laverne pointed out. "The Alumni Board is concerned."

"Did I mention we won that away game?" Red said. "What more do you want?"

"Me? I want nothing," the Dean said, smiling in that off-putting way that Britney was already rather sick of. The man increasingly reminded her of a used car salesman. "But the alumni are worried that Lancer Football has had a few too many black eyes lately. We need to clean it up and put our best foot forward."

"Again, we WON the only game we've played so far," Red reiterated.

"And if only that was all it took to make college football profitable," the Dean said with a rather condescending tone. "The alumni have decided we need an aggressive advertising and PR campaign. We need to remind the college football loving locals about all the good stuff Lancer Football does."

"Advertising? PR? Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like this?" Red grumbled.

"We're still drawing up plans, but Lancer has hired Trachtenberg, Swift, Strahovski and Anderson - supposedly one of the best advertising firms around. They'll be sending a representative soon and they'll need your complete cooperation."

Red rolled his eyes. "Dean, we've just started the season! My boys need to practice and train and when they aren't on the field, they need to be studying - they aren't ALL going to the NFL, after all."

"Indeed - but their professors have been instructed to provide some leeway and you can consider this me telling you to do the same. So long as it doesn't get in the way of winning, the TSSA rep is to have your complete cooperation."

"So long as I decide what does and doesn't get in the way of winning," Red said, defiantly.

"Leeway, Coach," Laverne said. "Leeway is your new watchword." The smile on the Dean's face made it clear to Britney that he was enjoying having power over someone like Red Raymond.

"So, are the Hellcats going to have to be involved in this somehow?" Britney asked before Red could challenge the Dean's statement.

The Dean looked puzzled. "Not to my knowledge. You're just cheerleaders, after all."

"Then, if you'll excuse me Dean, why did you call me here?"

"Oh, yes," the Dean said and if anything, the grin on his face became even more wolfish. "I'm afraid TSSA isn't cheap and since football revenues are down, we're cutting funding for some other programs."

Britney gripped the arms of her chair. "No."

"I'm afraid the Hellcats traveling budget has been completely cut," Laverne said, an evil twinkle in his eye. "Aside from traveling to away games, Lancer can no longer transport the Hellcats away from campus."

"But we just won Qualifiers! We have Sectionals in a couple months and you said our entire program depends on winning! How can we win events we can't even get to?"

"That is a pickle, isn't it?" Laverne said, leaning back in his chair. "Perhaps you can have a bake sale." He paused for a moment. "Well, considering the price of gas these days, maybe two bake sales."

"That's low, Laverne," Red snarled.

"I told you to address me as Dean in official school functions, Coach," Laverne snapped. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a meeting with the university president. He's most interested in hearing what we're doing to improve Lancer Football."

With that, Dean Laverne got up, walked around his desk and actually whistled a happy little tune as he left two very upset coaches behind.


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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 3: Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders
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"Great work at Qualifiers, Marti!"

"Thanks!" Marti called out to the guys walking across the concourse. "Whoever you are," she added under her breath. Savannah's idea that the victorious Hellcats wear their uniforms to class might have been a great way to improve team morale, but Marti was feeling like it was just giving every guy on campus an excuse to ogle her.

Of course, there were a few girls ogling Marti, too. She didn't mind that much at all. Not after what Kat had done to her two nights ago. Marti could still feel Kat's tongue running along her-

"Whatch'ya thinking about, Hot Stuff?"

Marti jumped as Savannah suddenly appeared next to her, all bubbly and bouncy.

Bouncy? Marti glanced again. Were Savannah's boobs moving more than usual?

"Marti?" Savannah said, snapping her fingers. "You alive in there?"

"Huh? Yeah, I guess so."

"Things on your mind?" Savannah asked. "Things like boys?"


"I saw those guys checking you out. And it's been a while since you and Old Man Wrong for You-"

"Don't call Julian that," Marti interrupted, but Savannah ignored her and just kept on going.

"And I'm betting that all the excitement of our win has you thinking about other happy things."

"It's been a while since boys have made me happy, Savannah."

"True," the bubbly brunette said. "Well, at least you've got me, Bestie."

"Yeah, but look at you, you're dressed up like some slutty cheerleader," Marti said playfully.

"With your chest in play, Marti, I never look slutty in a Hellcats uniform," Savannah said.

"See, now a year ago, you never would've dared to call me slutty to my face," Marti said.

"You're a bad influence, Marti," Savannah said.

"So take my mind off my complete lack of a social life," Marti said, hoping to change the subject. "What does Savannah Monroe think I should be thinking about?"

"Sectionals," Savannah said instantly. "Just because we won Qualifiers doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels - oh, hey Laurel!" Savannah called out to a non-Hellcat friend of hers passing them by. "We gotta get a new routine, practice it down pat and be ready to rock it when we need to."

"Don't forget find the money to afford to get there. Didn't the Athletic Department cut our travel budget again?" Marti pointed out.

"We'll figure something out. I think Britney's got a meeting with the Dean in a few days anyway. She can sweet talk him."

"Old Dean Laverne? Wouldn't count on it." Marti grumbled.

"Anyway, come on Marti. We got work to do. Can't be sitting around on our butts all day."

With that Savannah moved ahead of Marti, whose eyes traveled down to Savannah's well-toned ass, covered only by her Hellcats uniform.

For a moment, she just marveled at what she could make out of Savannah's behind. Had it always been so perfectly round? So bouncy? So... arousing?

Then Marti blinked. This was SAVANNAH she was thinking about. Marti may have just realized her own lesbian leanings, but she knew better than to lust after her BFF. That could only lead to trouble.

"Hang on," Marti called out to her roommate. "I'm right behind you."

And not, she added to herself, staring at your behind.


"Great job at Qualifiers, Alice," a student said to Alice as she walked by.

"Thank you for the support," Alice replied as she sat down at a picnic table before she murmured under her breath, "Whoever you are."

While she didn't like fair weather fans, Alice had to admit that any support the Hellcats could garner couldn't hurt. After all, like the saying went, there's no such thing as bad press.

The one thing that was driving Alice crazy today was that she was wearing her uniform around campus all day. She trusted Savannah like she was her twin sister, but Alice felt that the former captain's peppiness was what would push her over a cliff. She felt a little embarrassed over wearing her uniform everywhere today, but for the most part, she was cool with Savannah's idea. Alice knew the former captain was much better with team chemistry than she was.

And speaking of Savannah, Alice knew she and Miranda owed a lot to her, Britney, Charlotte, Lewis and Marti. She knew her teammates and coach literally saved her ass from humiliation and the destruction of the team. Given how close the score was, the pictures of her and Miranda kissing would have sunk the team if the pictures reached the judges had Nasty Kathy sent them out like she had planned. Her teammates' scheme worked almost to perfection and now, the kiss did nothing to hinder the Hellcats' trip to Louisville, Ky., for Sectionals.

She wasn't done thanking her teammates yet and she knew it, but Alice was content to not worry about facing her teammates. Right now, she was more concerned about eating her homemade salad and the garlic knots she bought at the Italian restaurant across the street.

"So, is this seat taken or can any teammate sit here?" Lewis asked when he joined Alice at the table, also sporting the Lancer Blue and Gold.

Alice sighed to herself, actually pondering whether or not to have Lewis leave her alone so she wouldn't have to talk about what she did with Miranda. Eventually, she relented and said, "You're more than welcome to stay."

Lewis joined Alice at the table, sandwich and water in hand. They enjoyed their lunches silently, but eventually, things started feeling awkward, so Lewis said out of the blue, "The football team is giving me grief over my uniform again."

"What else is new?" Alice joked. "They're jealous you won and they won by the hairs on their chins against one of the worst FBS schools in the country."

"Meh, UAB hung in there. But the Lions will have no trouble with Tulane this weekend," Lewis said. "Anyway, I'm not going to let what they say affect me. I'm over those guys. I'm tired of them blaming us for Jake being in prison."

"That's his fault, not ours," Alice said.

Soon, the silence had fallen over them former couple once again and Alice just couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Lewis, look, I meant it when I said I'm sorry for what I did to you," Alice apologized. "I know I messed up by stringing you along and not being honest and I..."

"Calm down, Alice, I wasn't asking for anything," Lewis reassured his ex-girlfriend. He went to bite into his sandwich, but stopped short and asked, "Okay, I have to ask now. Why?"

"You mean why did I cheat on you?" Alice questioned.

"Yes, that's what I meant," Lewis continued. "Was I not enough? Did I say something to you? I want to know."

Alice looked down at the ground and sighed. She knew this wasn't going to be easy at all, but Lewis was owed the truth. He had been completely faithful to her. Why shouldn't he know the truth?

"You did nothing wrong, Lewis," Alice answered. "It was all me. Kelsey just made me realize how beautiful women really are. It's like she found these feelings that I had been trying to hide. And she was so sexual and seductive. I tried to fight her off, I really did, but I caved."

"Okay, but what about Jason and Tom," Lewis said. "If you were so into women after that, why'd you get with them?"

"Because I was trying to prove to myself that I wasn't turned on by women," Alice explained. "I kept trying to get you to make me come but, well, you know the rest."

"Yeah, I definitely remember," Lewis said, a faint tint of nostalgia flashing through his eyes. God, those times with Alice felt so good.

"So I tried my luck with Jason and Tom, but they weren't able to get me off either," Alice continued. "After I tried and failed with Jason, that was when I realized guys could never satisfy me the same way Kelsey did."

"Well, that does explain a lot," Lewis said. Hearing what Alice said did make sense, but it also needed time to soak in for him because that was a lot to handle.

"Look, Lewis, I'm sorry for what I did to you," Alice apologized. "I'm not saying this to win you back. Well, I'm sure you know why by now. But it was wrong for me to have led you on the way I did. I mean, I probably would have been with some other woman if it hadn't been Kelsey at some point, so I'm glad to find out now then if we had gotten married, but it doesn't change that what I did was..."

"Okay, okay, you can stop," Lewis said, noticing the tears rolling down his ex-girlfriend's cheeks. "Alice, you're right, it is better I found out now than later. It's going to take some getting used to, but I'll be fine."

Alice wiped her eyes dry and looked up to face Lewis. "So... you're not mad at me?"

"Well, I haven't gotten over the fact you cheated on me, but I'll be fine," Lewis explained. "Besides, I'm sure you noticed I've got your back on the floor and off."

"I have noticed that," Alice responded. She knew that Lewis would always support her in competition because he was always professional about cheerleading. Plus, if he hadn't been cool with her off the mat, he would have given her the cold shoulder when she apologized. "If it makes you feel any better, at our next team-only practice, Tom's running an extra half-mile. And if you don't mind, I'll look the other way if you decide to snap a towel at Jason's balls."

"Okay, I can live with that," Lewis giggled. "But thanks for giving me an opportunity to use Nasty Kathy for sex. That ass is out of this world."

"I know," Alice laughed. "What would Sir Mix-A-Lot say she has? An L.A. face with an Oakland booty?"

Lewis couldn't help but laugh at Alice's comment and that went double when she mimicked a woman's hourglass figure with her hands. The two cheerleaders were doubled over in laughter and in stitches. Within a few minutes, they finally regained their bearings.

"Lewis, thanks for listening," Alice said. "It felt good to get that off my chest."

"Any time you want to talk," Lewis replied. He was just about to walk off when I thought crashed into him. Hard. "Wait a minute, you said you were 'meeting' with Kelsey. What did you mean by that?"

Alice saw only one direction as to where this conversation could go. "Um, we were braiding each others' hair and sharing tampons?" she offered lamely.

"Alice, tell me what you were doing with Kelsey," Lewis demanded. "It doesn't make any sense that you would talk with her after what she did to me and Savannah last year."

"Ugh, why are you making me do this?" Alice groaned begrudgingly. "Alright, alright, I'll let you know. The truth is..." Alice changed her tone to a whisper as she leaned into Louis' ear. "I asked her to do an investigation into Vanessa's firing, see just why Dean Laverne cut her - as if us all getting sick w her fault or something."

"Are you serious?" Lewis whispered, trying not to sound panicked. "Alice, if this backfires, the Hellcats are history. We can't let him have any leverage to cut the program. Besides, we got Britney and she got us a win at Qualifiers."

"But she's so green," Alice said. "Do you honestly think she's the coach that can get us to place at Nationals?"

"Is that what this is about, you doubting Britney's leadership capabilities?" Lewis questioned.

"No, it's not that," Alice tried to reassure him. "You and I both know Vanessa got screwed out of her job last year. We owe it to her to get her job back. If Kelsey can find enough evidence to show she wasn't justly fired, her case can be heard by the school president and she can have her job again."

"I want her back, too, but what if you are successful?" Lewis asked. "Are you ready to face Britney and tell her what you did? Do you realize if Vanessa comes back, Dean Laverne will put an even bigger bull's-eye on the Hellcats."

"Lewis, calm down," Alice said. "Pardon me for stealing from Savannah, but positive outcomes only. The way I see it, we'll have done the right thing by getting Vanessa reinstated and it will put us in better position to win Nationals."

"I can only hope you're right," Lewis said. "Look, I really got to head to class. I'll talk with you later, okay?"

"Alright, I'll see you around," Alice said.

As Lewis turned away, a wide grin crossed Alice's face as she thought to herself, "Come on, Lewis. When haven't I had a plan go my way?"


Deirdre was pissed off and horny, which she knew was never a good combination. Sure, she was happy for Marti finding herself sexually, but she wanted her head between her half-sister's legs, not some random cheerleader bimbo. She really hated that Marti was so determined to hold on to her morals. Deirdre had given Marti her first lesbian experience and this is how she was being repaid? It was completely unfair.

Hearing that story, though, did get Deirdre's blood flowing. The things Marti told her about what she and Kat did to each other were scorching hot, especially everything with the cell phone and what Kat did to Marti's ass. Aside from Marti never wanting to have sex with her again, the one regret Deirdre had was that she didn't have the chance to be naughty with her sister's amazing ass. Deirdre couldn't keep her eyes off Marti's ass when the elder Perkins walked away from lunch and Deirdre would have done anything to get a shot at it.

Just listening to Marti's story and remembering all the raunchy details made the freshman hot and bothered. If the sisters hadn't been in such a public place, Deirdre would have taken Marti right then and there. God, it was so difficult having to deal with her big sister. Deirdre wanted to honor Marti's wishes that they not repeat what happened that night, but at the same time, it felt so good and that cheerleader body was unbelievably perfect. "Why can't Marti just see things my way?" Deirdre asked. "One more night wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

Feeling as unfilled sexually as she possibly could given the time that had passed since she licked Charlotte to orgasm, Deirdre unlocked her dorm room and walked on. At least one thing was going right for the young lesbian, as her roommate was off doing whatever she wanted at the moment. It's just what Deirdre wanted. Some alone time sounded real good to her right now.

Deirdre flopped down on her bed and for a moment, just laid there, hoping her needs would go away. But they wouldn't and she soon found herself sitting up and looking over at he roommate's side of the room. Sure enough, handing on the wall was a copy of the 2011 Hellcats calendar. Her roommate had purchased the calendar the year before and had scheduled all sorts of stuff on it - and drawn a mustache on Lewis' picture for some reason - but the images of all the girls were still in near-pristine condition.

It was no secret that the women of the Hellcats were some of the most beautiful in the world and Deirdre was not afraid to let herself go while looking at it. She had looked across the room at the calendar more than once during her solo fantasies, but this time she needed more. Fighting an awful bout of horniness, Deirdre decided now was as good a time as any to relieve her sexual tension to all the female Hellcats. She got up, pulled the tack out of the wall holding up the calendar and brought it back to her bed for closer examination.

Briefly considering using one of her toys, Deirdre decided against it. Her fingers always seemed to the trick more often than not. Feeling random, she opened the calendar and landed on one of her favorite pictures, the one for July.

Deirdre had only met Alice once or twice before, but she had heard plenty of stories about her, including her manipulations and her willingness to use her body to get what she wanted. Even then, Deirdre was wishing Alice would use her body to get something from her. The Hellcats captain looked absolutely stunning, an ebony beauty clad in a Stars & Stripes bikini that would make most swimsuit models blush. More importantly, Alice showed enough of her brown skin to show she had curves in all the right places.

Starting to feel wet almost immediately, Deirdre kicked off her sandals and unbuckled and pulled off her belt before letting her denim skirt drop to the floor. Her cotton-white panties were sticking to her pussy like an extra layer of skin. Wanting to get out of the damn things as soon as possible, Deirdre wiggled out of them and plopped her half-naked body down on her bed.

Bringing her hand down to her wet cunt, Deirdre started rubbing the walls of her pussy, but to her, it felt like she wasn't doing anything to herself. Rather, she had the sensation that someone else was playing with her.

"Hmm, that feels sooo good, Alice," Deirdre moaned. "Your fingers feel amazing. God, I'd let you do whatever you want to me."

Whenever she masturbated, Deirdre liked to lose herself in fantasy. She figured that if she couldn't have a real girl with her, than she could imagine that she had a lover with her. In Deirdre's mind, Alice was right there, fingering her horny little pussy into oblivion. At the same time, she knew the Hellcat wasn't there, but Deirdre didn't want to lose herself in reality - she wanted to lose herself in her wildest fantasies and desires.

"Go in, Alice, go in," Deirdre moaned, sliding her middle finger into her pussy. She gasped at the feel of her own digit penetrating her kitty, eliciting shockwaves of pleasure through her nerves. With her free hand, Deirdre slid underneath her golden yellow tank top and grabbed one of her boobs through her blue undershirt.

"Ooooh, yeah, Alice!" Deirdre sighed, all the while pumping her finger into her pussy. "Awwww, that's the spot. Ooooh, but don't forget to use your tongue!"

Since she couldn't use her own tongue to fulfill her naughty dreams, Deirdre pulled her free hand out from under the tank top and put her thumb to use rubbing her clitoris. She could feel "Alice" work her magic, imagining those piercing brown eyes looking up at her from between her thighs and that round, red-and-white-striped ass sticking up in the air.

"God, Alice, you're such a nasty slut," Deirdre groaned as she hit a sensitive spot. "You have no idea what you're doing to me, are you?" Her wicked fantasy about Alice was feeling incredible, but then a nasty thought crossed Deirdre's mind. Sure, it did cross some lines, but considering all she had done with Marti, she wasn't above stepping over them anymore. Deirdre flipped the calendar back to February and was greeted by an angelic sight.

Deirdre had gotten herself off to many similar images in the Victoria's Secret catalogue, but Savannah in a pink gown and pair of Cupid wings with red heels was actually much better. It was such a dirty fantasy for her. She already seduced one of those goody 2-shoes Monroe sisters, so what was the harm in doing the same to the other?

Feeling the sweat fuse her undershirt to her body, Deirdre peeled it and her tank top off her chest, leaving her in a dark red bra that barely held her breasts and didn't match her discarded panties. The perspiration and the sight of Savannah took her back to the arena showers when she cornered Charlotte, giving her the feel of the shower water.

As Deirdre kept her fantasies running, she felt herself sandwiched between not one, but two girls. She didn't have to guess very hard who was with her. Savannah was working her over and the familiar touch of Charlotte was behind her.

"Oh, my God, you girls are so nasty," Deirdre groaned. "You act so goody-goody but I know how slutty you two are."

Of course the Monroes weren't really there. One of Deirdre's arms wormed down the front of her body and played with her pussy as she imagined it was Savannah while the other arm went around the side and teased her asshole as she pretended it was Charlotte.

"Stop pretending to be good girls and finger my holes, you whores," Deirdre demanded to nobody in particular, continuing her fantasy of the Monroe sisters touching her under the shower. "I need you to make me come all over your fucking hands."

As Deirdre put two fingers into her pussy, she couldn't hold herself back any longer. She slowly slid a finger into her tight ass. It felt so exciting to Deirdre as it felt like Charlotte was repaying her for the showers and throwing Savannah in was an extra bonus. Part of her was tempted to see if Charlotte had fucked Savannah like she did with Marti.

"You sluts are so good," Deirdre continued moaning. "Don't stop. I gotta come! Please!"

Deirdre accelerated her fingering as she felt her orgasm growing nearer. She wanted this. Bad. Charlotte had more than met her needs and she was certain that if she could convert that pocketful of sunshine known as Savannah, she'd be just as good. Still, Deirdre wanted more. She wanted to bite into that forbidden fruit once again. There was nothing that was going to stop her from getting her again.

Pulling her fingers out of her body, Deirdre shucked her bra off, leaving her naked alone in her room and turned the calendar to the one picture of one of the women she hadn't gotten herself off to yet that she really wanted.

The October picture was one of Marti in a suggestive-looking judge's robe as she saluted the month the new Supreme Court term began. The fans that day were tiled just enough to blow the robe up a la Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch". The image was driving Deirdre crazy and she would have given anything to have her half-sister's head between her legs again.

"Hmm, Marti, I need you again," Deirdre moaned. "Eat my pussy, you slut. Make me come all over that gorgeous fucking face!"

Deirdre used one hand on her pussy to mimic Marti's tongue while she held the other hand out in front of as though she was holding Marti by the back of her hair as she ate her out. As she looked down, Deirdre swore that she saw Marti right in front of her. Those beautiful blue eyes looking up at her, the curly blonde hair, her large breasts and her round ass, she was there.

"You want to do this again, don't you, Sis?" Deirdre moaned. Her fingers were hitting just the right spot and the very thought of Marti on her knees licking her pussy like a thirsty animal. As she imagined her half-sister nodding in agreement, Deirdre groaned, "Ugggh, come on! Make me come, Marti! Make me fucking come!"

As she continued her accelerated fingering, Deirdre's breathing became shallower and faster, her legs turned into spaghetti and her breast were rapidly rising and falling with each breath. Her release was so close. The thought of having another orgasm on her sister's face was too strong to resist.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, Marti, that's good!" Deirdre gasped. "God, don't stop. Eat me! No! Finger me! Finger me like you did when we were together! Ohhhhh, baby, YESSSSSSSS!"

Deirdre was getting dangerously close to the point of no return. As she imagined Marti finger banging her pussy, she continued her own 2-digit attack on herself. Her body glistening in sweat, she couldn't hold herself back much longer. She needed to come now.


Of course, there was no one else in the room to answer her calls, but that wasn't stopping Deirdre. All she could hear was Marti's sexy voice whispering, "I want you to come on my face."

"FUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Deirdre yelled, having finally reached her climax and letting it loose. "FUCK YEAH! OHHHHHHHH, MARTI! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

To her credit, Deirdre wasn't about to stop pleasuring herself yet. She kept her fingers at work, trying to drain out whatever was left in her. Finally, Deirdre fell back onto the bed, exhausted. She pulled her fingers of her now soaked cunt and, looking at her calendar, felt tempted to smear some of her juices on the picture of Marti as though she was giving the older Perkins sister a taste. Instead of wasting it all on the calendar, Deirdre took the coated fingers into her mouth, licking them clean and tasting herself.

As the stars and rainbows she usually saw after an orgasm faded, Deirdre rolled over and looked at the picture of Marti. Though Deirdre did want to honor Marti's wishes not have sex with her again, most of her mind was telling her to pursue her sister again. How could she not want to go after her beautiful cheerleader sister? The night they fucked at Cheertown, both girls were really in to it and they both satisfied the other's needs.

The problem was that Marti was too scared of the law to sleep with her again. The rules were so wrong in Deirdre's mind. Why shouldn't she be allowed to express her love to her sister? She wasn't going to let the old, rich men in suits who wrote these oppressive laws hold her back. It was going to take patience, but Deirdre knew that Marti would see things her way in time.

"I promise you this, Marti," Deirdre vowed as she spoke to Marti's calendar photo. "Sooner or later, you and I will fuck again and I will be sure that you will love it."


Vanessa Lodge sighed as she triple checked the locks in her apartment door and then turned to face the rat hole she was now stuck in. Red was across town at some meeting of football coaches or something like that, leaving her all alone with nowhere to go but here. She gave some thought to going to The Rat and maybe running into a few of the Hellcats there, but she wasn't exactly welcome on Lancer territory these days - Dean Laverne had seen to that.

So she stayed here, at home, trying not to look at the Hellcats calendar on her wall and trying not to think about how the team - HER team - had just won Qualifiers without her.

She was also trying very hard not to think about the fact that she and Kelsey had slept together before - and again after - the reporter had picked her brain about Dean Laverne and the Lancer Athletic Department in general.

Vanessa wasn't sure which she was more embarrassed about - sleeping with Kelsey, or telling her what she knew. Sure, she was no longer a Lancer employee and the confidentiality statement she had to sign when fired involved only the circumstances of her firing and certain athletics secrets she knew, but that didn't mean Vanessa didn't still feel some loyalty to the school.

Or at least the Hellcats. The school could go fuck itself, as far as Vanessa was concerned. She'd heard through the grapevine that even though the Hellcats had won Qualifiers for the second year in a row, they were still facing budget cuts and potential elimination from the school all together. At least, that's what Kelsey thought.

And Kelsey, Vanessa had learned, generally knew what she was talking about.

She also knew what she was doing in bed. Oh, the things that woman had done to Vanessa. The former Hellcats coach had been both amazed and ashamed of what she'd done with Kelsey. Amazed, because it all felt so good - better, even, than her one other lesbian experimentation back in her own college days. Ashamed, because she was cheating on Red. Red, who she'd essentially left Derrick for, Red who'd left his wife, Emily, for her, Red who'd been probably the one true love of Vanessa life so far.

She'd seen Red since - only once and they'd fucked like horny bunnies for the five hours he had until he had to leave again. Vanessa didn't tell him what had happened with Kelsey and he hadn't bothered to even ask what she'd been doing over the weekend. Which was fine, because if he pressed her at all, Vanessa thought she might crack.

Just like she had when Kelsey had started whispering naughty things in her ear just after the interview. Having been seduced by Kelsey once, Vanessa gave in so much easier the second time and that had just lead to all sorts of hot, steamy, sweaty sex that Vanessa knew she never should've had.

The thought of it made her crotch grow wet and Vanessa felt a new wave of shame cross her body. Oh, how she had enjoyed being fucked by Kelsey. It had been so illicit, so wrong and so overwhelmingly erotic. Vanessa loved Red, she really did. But she would fuck Kelsey Curtis again in a heartbeat, if given the chance.

Feeling the heat between her legs grow, Vanessa was suddenly overcome with an urge she hadn't had much in the last few years of her life - the urge to masturbate. She had certainly explored her own body a number of times in her life, but as she was having regular sex, first with Red, then with Derrick, then with Red again, Vanessa's need to see to her own desires had diminished. After all, as easy as it was for her to get herself off, it was so much better when someone else did it for you.

But Red wasn't here, Derrick wasn't here and even Kelsey wasn't here. All Vanessa had was her own fingers... and a semi-erotic calendar of her team - her former team.

Vanessa felt a new wave of guilt cross over her as she glanced up towards the calendar, STILL stuck on July, with Alice in a star-spangled bikini that left very little to the imagination. Feeling wrong about it in more ways than one, Vanessa never the less allowed her hand to start to drift down past the waistband of her pants-

The ring of her phone came as a welcome shock, the digital ringing startling her out of the erotic coma she had been slipping in to. Thankful for any excuse to NOT be touching herself while looking at pictures of her former students, Vanessa scrambled for the phone.

"H-hello?" she said.

"Vanessa Lodge?" a male voice asked.

"Yes, that's me," she answered.

"Ah, good. Vanessa, this is Dean Pelton over at Memphis Christian. Tell me, is it true you're no longer the coach of the Lancer Hellcats?"

"Yeah, that's true - why, what's happened? Don't tell me the Hellcats and Cyclones got into it again-"

"Oh, heavens no. Nothing like that - though they ARE rather spirited little rivals, aren't they? No, this is about something else, unrelated to the Hellcats."

"What?" Vanessa asked carefully, not sure what was going on.

"Vanessa, perhaps you've met Jackie Wilcox, the coach of the Cyclones."

"Yes, I know Jackie," Vanessa said, remembering the young coach who had been in charge of the Cyclones for only a couple years.

"Well, she's gone into labor, rather unexpectedly and she'll be taking the rest of the school year off, it seems - I'm told it was a difficult delivery, but both mother and child are expect to survive just fine."

"That's good," Vanessa said, surprised. She didn't even know Jackie was pregnant. Then again, being coaches of rival teams, they hadn't exactly been BFFs.

"Well, we had a substitute coach all lined up, but she got a full-time offer to start a cheerleading program at some state college in Vermont, of all places."

"Dean Pelton, I'm afraid I still don't see what this has to do with me?"

"Well, our substitute has fallen through and I was under the impression you were looking for a job, Coach Lodge."

"A job?" Vanessa said, unsure she'd heard him right.

"Why yes. How would you like to come coach the Memphis Christian Cyclones?"


Hellcats: Season 2 - Episode 3 "Pop, Lock and Two Kissing Cheerleaders"

Guest Starring
Danielle Savre as Jackie Wilcox

With Special Guest Star
Natalie Portman as Prof. Natalie Hershlag

InThe313 and TRL claim no ownership of any copyrighted material used in this story. "Hellcats" is the property of Bonanza Productions, Tom Welling Productions, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. Britney Allen is a character from "Bring It On: All or Nothing", so her character rights are the property of Universal Studios Home Entertainment Family Productions. "Belong Here" was performed by Aly & AJ. It was written by Aly & AJ and Butch Walker for the 2010 "Hellcats" soundtrack. "International Love" was performed by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown. It was written by Pitbull, Soulshock, Peter Biker, Sean Hurley and Claude Kelly for Pitbull's 2011 album "Planet Pit". "Don't Hold Your Breath" was performed by Nicole Scherzinger for her 2011 album "Killer Love" and was written by Josh Alexander, Toby Gad and Billy Steinberg. "Tonight Tonight" was performed by Hot Chelle Rae for their 2011 album "Whatever" and was written by Ryan Follese and Noah Overstreet. "All I Do Is Win" was performed by DJ Khaled featuring T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg. It was written by Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain and Rick Ross for Khaled's 2010 album "Victory". All similarities in the story to the lives of any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Also, please support the official releases.
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You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise


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