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Mass Effect: Ice and Steel
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A bullet left the chamber, sailed through the air, and hit the glowing red skeletal figure. The head of the figure exploded and then the figure exploded. The creature had been named an ‘Abomination’ by some of the Cerberus scientists on board the Normandy and the name had stuck.
“Scratch one!”
Garrus called out, dropping down behind the barricade that the fireteam had set up. Bringing his head back up, he pulled down on the trigger two more times, Garrus shot at one of the Collector creatures, dropping its shields just in time for Grunt’s carnage shot explosion to finish it off. Bullets flew past each of the teams, one hitting Zaeed’s shields but it was quickly returned with the Vindicator assault rifle’s fire. Garrus looked down the wall of gunfire, watching the flash of shields or biotic barriers and then some form of a fightback. The wall was missing Kasumi, Tali, and Jack, but that only meant the wall had all the heavy hitters. Garrus, Grunt, Miranda, and Jacob were all giving it back just as bad as they got and the wall of bodies started to climb up. Samara blasted a clean path through the bodies of Collectors and Husks to make sure that they would have a clear way back to the Normandy. The location was a fairly difficult one to hold, it was essentially the last chokepoint of the Collector base and while they were stopping anything getting close to them, the idea of them getting overrun was a very real one.
“-Shepard to ground team, status report!”
“It’s Thane,” The drell assassin was the first to answer as his other squad members kept up the fire. The green-skinned man fired off several rounds while talking to the Commander. “We are holding but they keep coming, a quick exit is preferable!”
The sound of gunfire continued to ring through the halls while more enemies came toward them. The fireteam continued to fight back as their Commander responded over their omni-tools.
“Head to the Normandy and prep the engines! I’m about to blow this place sky high!” The Commander ordered, something that Garrus, and he was sure the rest of the fireteam agreed on, was more than happy to oblige. Garrus looked to Grunt, the perfect tank-bed Krogan who had the same idea as the turian. Pushing his part of the barricades to the side, Grunt stormed out of the makeshift cover and it seemed like with every step the large, hulking male took, he drew more attention to him and all the bullets as well. As the bodies focused on Grunt, Garrus and Zaeed were next, shooting round after round and thinning the herd down while Samara, Miranda, and Jacob came up with their own biotic blasts to keep the bullets away from them. Rushing up to the door and then spitting out of it, the team had a brief moment to debate what they were doing before he was to speak up.
“To the-”
“Left! Go on the left!” Miranda Lawson, Shepard’s official second-in-command barked out the order and gestured towards the walkway that Shepard had come down with a biotic bubble. Samara stepped forward, going almost side-by-side with Grunt as she had been the one to guide the team down the path. She would know the way to go and the cover for them to use. Garrus and Miranda were at a close level, the pair rushing forward while they exchanged bullets with the swarms of Collectors and shot side eyes at each other. Garrus popped the heatsink on the Mattock assault rifle and slapped a brand new one in, lifting the gun up and firing off the concussive round, the group of oncoming husks was spread apart and the path was temporarily clear. Rushing forward, the team was starting to make some good progress and it was almost as if the station was running out of bodies to throw at them.
Just as they rounded the final corner and were on to the homestretch, a scream that sounded like nails on a chalkboard filled the air and then dropped down to the floor. Two massive blobs with rigid metal plates and massive jaws that were all filled with husk heads. The creatures looked up to the skies of the space station and let out loud screeches in near-perfect synchronicity.
“Oh crap!” Garrus barked, a cry of agreement followed his announcement as they dropped to the cover available. Beating one Praetorian had always been a challenge, two though. That was going to make them work for it. Samara and Miranda worked together, unwittingly, and hit the first one with two warp bubbles and then Jacob and Grunt hit it with their incendiary rounds to try and work the armor down. Garrus leaned over and shot off another concussive round at the same, already wounded Praetorian that let out an almighty bellow and dropped to the floor in a heap. The body was then washed away by the asari Justicar and they could all focus their attention on the other morbid creature. Its face seemed to swap between the left-most group and the right before it was just hammered with every single bullet, biotic bubble, and everything else that the fireteam had on its hands.
The creature lifted itself up off of the ground, floating through the air to move and look around to try and focus on one of the attacking team members when Grunt let out a roar that would have made Urdnot Wrex jealous. The tank-bred rushed towards the Praetorian and barged into the closest leg of the creature, making it drop back to the ground. It let out a shriek of what Garrus could have considered pain and as the team moved back to hit it with as much firepower as they could do, Grunt did his best and grabbed hold of the joint between its leg and its base. The boy screamed as he tore the leg apart and then he managed to rip it clean off of the creature. A series of warp bubbles hit the monster before Garrus fired another armor-piercing concussive round to finally kill the thing.
The monster faded into nothingness like all of the other Reaper creatures and the defending fireteam was gifted the escape route back to the Normandy. The sight of the Cerberus cruiser powering up and flashing to life was a sight for sore eyes and as more rounds of what could be considered bullets tore past him, Garrus looked over his shoulder and fired off one quick explosive overload blast which was doubled by Miranda lifting the shocked Collector’s up into the air and then slammed right back down. The team hurried forward and as the loading ramp descended, one by one they leaped onboard, a very small ground team of the marines on board offering some return fire while the suicide squad quickly hurried over to some form of cover. One of the Cerberus marines, Vasquez or something, moved forward and shot off three rounds from the grenade launcher and actually managed to wash the Collector’s away. Garrus brought up his omni-tool to call to Joker but the Normandy’s pilot beat him to the punch.
“Okay, everyone strap in, this is going to get dicey!”
The ship spun to the side, banking hard and no doubt moving to grab the Commander and their fire team. The crew, still shaky on their feet, were all rocked from side to side, prompting Thane, Samara, and Garrus to catch the closest humans to them. Steadying them as the docking ramp moved up, the group hurried everyone to the elevator at the back of the loading bay, hurrying them up to the third level where an equally shaky Dr. Chakwas was waiting for them. The silver-haired human woman shook them away with her hands and the elevator quickly ascended to the second level where the docking port was waiting for them. Miranda and Garrus rushed forward, moving past the rest of Shepard’s suicide squad and moving straight to the tube. Joker was on his feet as well, hobbling towards the tube and grabbing one of the assault rifles on his way, Garrus was ready to move in and stop him but the pilot had already rushed to the port, the door closing and then locking behind him.
The turian turned to look at the biotic woman, who seemed to share the same look with him. A few moments passed and then the door slid open and Joker rushed back in with the Commander and the members of the team that had accompanied the Commander. As soon as the crew came in, Shepard and Joker rushed back to the cockpit of the Normandy and the ship had soon turned in a 180-degree spin so it was now facing the Omega-4 relay. Joker was gunning it and soon the energy of the mass relay attached to the Normandy and they were on their way. Shepard finally took their helmet off and the incredible human started to take in some deep, heavy breaths. Garrus and Miranda shared another look before he stepped forward and planted his hand on the Commander’s shoulder.
“You did it Shepard. No casualties.”
Shepard looked over their shoulder to Garrus before they casually dumped the helmet onto the floor. Sighing, the Commander looked over to the former vigilante and smiled.
“C’mon Garrus, let’s go home.”
“Uh? Roger that Shepard?” Joker called out, looking past his large chair and towards the pair.
“You can come too Joker. Let’s go.”
Garrus chuckled at the Commander’s comment, Joker too had a wide grin on his face as he got back to work. The ship was rushing through the FTL channels and would soon be rocketed back to face the Omega space station. Until then, they had the ship to themselves and he had the feeling that Shepard would make sure they all worked hard. There was still the issue of the tear in the cargo bay and the damage caused by the Oculus and the general care of the crew but it was a long trip home. It would be done and the team would all be back on their feet by the time they were back in the Terminus systems.
Of course, there was still the issue of convincing the rest of the galaxy about the Reapers coming but that was going to come later. As of now, Garus had to deal with talking to his father. The pair had had issues but ever since Garrus called him before Shepard saved his hide, Garrus felt like there was the start of something there. Garrus looked to the floor, almost in wonder as to what to do when Miranda walked past him. She cast a look over her shoulder to him before hustling up to the Commander, practically drooling at the opportunity to pour over the details of shipwide maintenance and duty rosters. The battle-scarred man would have smiled if it wasn’t for the agony over his body. He ran his hands over his armour before he shook it off and his turian sense of duty and honor came back. Garrus snapped his assault rifle and sniper rifle back to the compact size, he attached them to the back of his armour, and then, he began the trek down to the forward battery.
Hours had passed and while he was buried in details and numbers, Garrus was distracted by a beep from his omni-tool. Coming up from the computer screen, he tapped at the orange holographic tool and tapped a button to see what the message was.
From: Lawson, M
Subject: None
Text: Come by my office. There’s something we need to discuss.
Rolling his eyes, Garrus stood up straight and pulled his visor off of his face. Casually tossing it onto the table next to the main computer, the tall, handsome turian left the gun battery and walked down the long corridor, walked past the Cerberus grunts in the dining room who were still hassling Gardner who was taking it in his stride. The Normandy’s chef offered him a curt nod while the other grunts happily acknowledged him as well. Turning the corner and walking up to Miranda’s door, he looked down at the green holographic lock before walking forward and the doors rolled open. Stepping inside, Garrus looked around to see her quarters seemed to be empty. Before he could even call out, the human brunette woman walked into the sight of the handsome, alien sharpshooter wearing a silky, nearly see-through After Dark lingerie nightdress. She looked over to Garrus and smiled over at him.
“Well?” She simply asked, her right hand coming up and casually twirling some of her dark locks of hair around her index finger.
Garrus looked at the woman, his eyes rolling up and down her frame before he took a couple more steps inside the room.
“Oh my…”
“Aren’t you wearing too many clothes Mr. Vakarian?”
Normally one for some sort of witty quip or comment, the turian sharpshooter actually found himself at a loss for words. He took another step inside the office, already getting the picture of what the human woman wanted. He looked over his shoulder and saw the green holographic image switch from green to red, the door now locked, and then he turned back to look at her. Looking at the woman, she turned on her heel and strutted her way back to her large bed, climbing onto the frame, pushing her large rear up towards the alien male before she slowly turned herself around, displaying her beautiful body to him completely.
“Miranda, I gotta-”
Before he even had a chance to continue speaking, the woman scoffed.
“Just get over here.”
While Garrus had spent some time with humans on the original Normandy and then again on the new Normandy, Garrus thought that he would understand human etiquette, the tone in her voice and her wording were enough for an elcor to understand though. The male paused for a moment and then walked forward, obliging the perfect human woman and reaching up to the neck button of his armour. The heavy plating dropped away, loose from his frame but still attached to him. He reached down and undid the belt, the pieces coming apart completely. Miranda didn’t have the armour horse that Shepard had fetched for him but he also didn’t care. Looking at the woman, he just placed the two-piece on her desk, and then, as he strutted towards her, the armour on his legs split off of his long, thin legs. Now clad in just his black, washed, and refreshed undersuit, he reached up to his chest piece to unzip it when Miranda stopped him. Her fingers came up and she slipped her hand in against his hard chest and then she started to slide it down. Her eyes slipped up to his and a sultry smile was on her face.
“I bet you were never expecting this.” She said, smirking at him.
“Well, we’ve always been cordial I guess.” Garrus watched as she unzipped him, her fingers still going but at an agonising rate. “But, this seems very polite.”
“We’ve not even started Garrus.” Miranda said, the zip finally hitting the bottom of the track and loosening it. She spread the clothes apart and helped Garrus slip it off, now completely naked to her. Sliding the clothes off of his feet, he kicked the clothes away and his alien dick was revealed to her. His hard natural bone armour had spread apart and a thick blue dick was exposed to her. It was definitely alien, but when she reached down and took hold of it, she smiled when he jumped on the spot. Slowly sliding her hand up and down, her hand blindly explored the hard length, the little bumps over the mid-length, and then her fingers hit the flared tip which actually felt rather soft compared to the rest of his dick. Believing in human advancement, Miranda felt like she was doing something… Wrong in this but she also didn’t care. When she, Jacob, and Shepard had recruited and then saved, Garrus on Omega, she had had something of a ‘thing’ for him. Shepard definitely approved of the two together as well, though they had never explicitly stated it. Miranda would strip the armour down with her biotics, complimented by Garrus’ special ammunition and Garrus would overpower the shields and barriers with his technological advancements. Stroking his dick, Miranda licked her lips and moved her face down to look at the hard cock. Her hand left his prick before she took hold of it again if only to steady it. She was surprised to not see that he had any exposed balls but perhaps they were just internal? She offered his cock a gentle stroke before she opened her mouth up and pushed her face down onto his exposed cock.
When she opened her mouth to take his dick into her mouth, Garrus purred in pleasure, staying perfectly still and letting her do what she wanted. Her had studied the human figure during his training in C-Sec and then when he had served on the Normandy so he was familiar with what the woman was doing to him. He had never had a blowjob before but with how good it felt, but he couldn’t deny just how good it felt. His left hand came up and he brushed it through her dark hair, keeping it out of her face and giving him the perfect look down at her. Her soft, plump lips were closed around his blue dick and she started to slide her face down on him. She took his dick inside of her mouth, almost halfway and her mouth hit some sort of obstacle. He looked down at her and watched, she spluttered around his cock and he could see some tears starting to form at the side of her eyes. He was ready to pull back, giving her some breathing room but instead, she just reached back and took hold of him behind his bony thighs. She forced her face deeper, pushing through the discomfort and forcing her to take every last inch inside of her throat. Garrus groaned in pleasure, his head rocking back and looking to the ceiling before she slowly pulled her mouth backward and took the entirety of his dick out of her mouth. There was a thick strand of her saliva attached from the tip of his dick and to her mouth, which she wiped away with the back of her hand. She flicked her tongue over his flared tip before she raised herself up onto her knees, looking up at his handsome, though scarred, face. She was ready to pull him down onto the bed with her but he beat her to the punch.
She almost yelped in surprise as his strong hands pushed at her shoulders and pushed her down towards the soft bed. He moved forward and took hold of her by her hips. She looked up over her shoulder to him, her hand brushing her dark hair away from her face as she watched him admire her body. His talons touched against her skin, exploring the soft frame of the former Cerberus operative before he brought them down to cup at her large ass cheeks. She had been worried about how hard his skin would feel against her but she had no reason to worry. He was treating her as if she was glass and as his fingers slipped down towards the crack of her ass, he lifted her thong up and brushed it aside casually.
“You know, turian women are nowhere near as soft as you Miranda?” He asked, his fingertip running along her now dripping wet entrance.
“Is that so? Have you ever had anything as soft as me?” She asked coyly, looking at him with a wide, sultry smile on her face. He looked over to her but just shook his head. “Well aren’t you a lucky boy? Why don’t you really try it out?” The second question wasn’t even a suggestion, it was practically a command and it was one that Garrus was going to be all too happy to oblige. Moving behind her properly, he took hold of his thick dick at the base and guided it toward her slit. He looked over to the woman who almost instantly seized up when the flared tip of his dick pushed against her entrance. She didn’t have to worry though, as soon as the flare pushed past the lips, the alien dick felt so different from what she was expecting and it felt so God damned good too. Garrus continued to push forward and soon, his bony frame had pushed against her rear. The two shared a long, low moan together, Miranda did her best to get used to the lengthy shaft inside of her while Garrus found himself amazed at just how good the human woman felt wrapped around him. Looking at the back of her head, he leaned forward, his right hand moving over hers and squeezing it gently as his left hand held onto her shoulder. His fingers curled around the soft frame and he started to work his hips backward. Pulling himself back so that nearly half of his dick was inside her, he pushed forward with a hard shove, rocking the human woman forward and sending a mixture of pain and pleasure through her body. His hard skin felt a lot harder than the average spank that a human would offer her and the sting felt so much better too. His grip on her frame stayed and he continued to pull himself backward and forward, rocking into her soon, she started to meet him, thrusting her ass back to him and making the sound of plating hitting skin fill the room.
Miranda let out a long, low moan as the steady sound of her skin being beaten by Garrus’ hard plating started to get just a little bit faster. He was working on his thrusting, pushing himself backward and forward, moving in a slow, deliberate rhythm to make every little inch slip inside her and hit the sensitive spots inside of her. Garrus had never been with a human woman before like he had said earlier but during his time with C-Sec and on Omega, he had heard of the g-spot and how the average human man seemed to just ignore it. He had always wondered what that meant. Whether it was just how he had been raised or just how he was, he wanted to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. He was fairly aware of what needed to be done, so he tried what he could at least remember to do, he didn’t have the time to consult the extranet, and pausing for a refresher seemed like a real mood killer. So, as he pulled backward, he angled his length upwards with a hard shove, the sound of her skin slapping against his plates continued but her moaning didn’t seem to change. So, he changed his thrusting again, moving to the left ever so slightly and as he did so, he could feel her walls tightening around him ever so slightly.
Taking that as a good sign, he started to hit his dick inside of her against that same spot, pushing his flared tip against her soft walls, and with each hard push, it seemed to rock the woman’s world. Her moaning was getting louder and louder and seemed to be increasing in pitch as well. It was all he wanted to hear and while he thrust in and out of her, the hand on her shoulder reached under her and took hold of her breasts as they swung in rhythm with his hard pumping. His talon’s tips gently dug into the breasts, lightly scratching at the skin, nowhere near hard enough to leave a mark but enough to send waves of pleasure through her. She growled in delight and pushed her hips backward, rolling them around against his plating. Pumping backward and forwards, the two were working together in near-perfect harmony, just like how they were on the battlefield. His dick slid inside of her and then out of her, he made sure to keep up the brutal and deep pounding, hitting the same spot as she started to squeal out loud for him.
Her left hand left the bed and she guided his hand down to her nipple, letting his fingers pinch at the hard nub, and then she demonstrated rubbing it with his talon’s tip.
“Not too hard,” She panted, instructing him. “Just like that.”
Nodding to himself as Miranda’s head dropped back down to stare at the bedsheets while he was railing her from behind. Garrus made sure to keep a firm grasp on her body, his right hand leaving her hand and taking hold of her hips as his left hand left her shoulder and he held onto her firmly. Keeping his thrusting steady and hitting the same sweet spot sent shivers through her entire body. He could see that sweat was forming on her body and he just knew that if turians could sweat then he would be in exactly the same situation. Holding her in place, he continued to slap his plating against her body as they moved together. With her whole body locked into place with him, he reached under her chest and took hold of her left breast, squeezing it firmly before bringing his thumb and middle finger to pinch down on the nipple, gently just like Miranda had shown him, and then teasing it by flicking it with his thumb.
The former Cerberus operative cooed with pleasure, her right hand reaching behind her blindly to try and take hold of him. Her hand slipped underneath his fringe where his visor would normally be and she took hold of him, her head lifting up and turning to look at his scarred expression. The two locked eye contact and as his body cracked against hers, they could both feel something between them that they had sort of felt when on the battlefield together.
She was moaning for him.
He was moaning for her.
Her skin was hitting his plating and it only made the two moan harder for each other. As he continued to hit the same sweet spot he had discovered, he could tell that she was having the time of her life with him, just like he was with her. His hips continued to beat against her soft, fat, ass, and with each slap, Miranda’s eyelids were fluttering and her cheeks seemed to darken with lust. His own orgasm was getting close as well, so he was going to make sure that they both had the orgasm of their lives. His hands left her chest, and her hips as well and instead wrapped around her waist and held onto her as her arms gave way and she collapsed face first into the pillow. His body was wrapped around her, almost like a cocoon and his thrusting was nowhere near close to the slow and steady rhythmic pounding that the two had started with he was just awkwardly thrusting into her all the while she laid beneath him and was crying out for him. Her fingernails were digging into the back of his fringe but even with her perfectly designed body, it didn’t quite come close to even breaking his skin and the two just continued to roll with each other.
He slammed inside of her with another hard shove, her back arched into him and she let out an ear-piercing screech, her walls squeezed down on him and she came hard over his dick. That was enough to go as well, with his dick buried inside of her he had no real way of leaving and so, he shot his ropes inside of her. The thick cum sank into her soaking wet entrance and after what felt like an eternity, he finally had finished and she seemed to have done so as well. She was almost limp in his arms as he pulled himself backward and out of her. His hands left her body and he moved to part from her. He was surprised to actually be stopped though, her hands took hold of his bony forearms and guided them to stay wrapped around her. She lifted her head meekly and turned to face him.
“Stay with me?” Garrus could definitely do that for her. “And don’t expect me to be this easy again, you understand me Vakarian?”
“Oh, I can do that Miss Lawson. I happen to know this excellent apartment on the Citadel…”
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