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Author Topic: Reunited with Kylie Jenner  (Read 41084 times)


Reunited with Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner was getting ready for a party at one of her neighbors’ mansions in Calabasas. Her neighbors, Meriam and Cash, were having a birthday party for their son, so it was good so her kids could play and she could have some adult time. She wore one of the SKNS dresses Kim had given her with high heel boots. She gathered her kids and got over to Meriam's and Cash's. Meriam greeted them  “Hey guys so glad you could come over.” “Thanks for inviting us Meri.” The kids had the huge backyard to play in, which was turned into a mini carnival, and the adults were in the main hall. Kylie was engaging in small talk with her neighbors, when she spotted a man who she hadn’t seen since high school. He was over 6 feet tall, about 200 pounds, toned and of middle eastern decent. 

“Oh my God, Tony is that you?” Tony was surprised to see Kylie and that she remember his name, “Yeah, wow Kylie you’re looking amazing.” They hugged and kissed on the cheeks. “So what have you been up to Tony.” “Well I’ve started my own construction business and it’s doing really well, we are doing a lot of solar panel installations.” They continued to catch up and as the party was winding down Kylie and her kids were leaving to head back to their house. Tony caught them before they left. “Kylie, it was so nice to catch up a bit, could we catch up more sometime soon?” Kylie bit her lip and smiled. “Sure, send me some dates and I’ll see what works.” “Awesome, look forward to it Kylie.” They kissed each other’s cheeks again and left.

2 weeks later

Kylie got Travis to babysit the kids while she went out, they had become very cordial since having kids, Travis had become disinterested in Kylie though, opting to focus on his career and the kids. Kylie got dressed in a tight dress and heels. She met Tony at his house and they took a limo to the posh restaurant, of course, the paparazzi were all over Kylie. They entered the restaurant and were escorted to the private dining area. “Wow, you look amazing Kylie.” “Thanks, Tony, you don’t look too bad either.” They sat and drank some fine wine waiting for dinner. “So you have an empire now, you definitely moved up from high school Kylie.” “Hehe yeah, can’t be in my family and not be ambitious. But I’m happy with how everything turned out.” Tony decided to confess to Kylie, “I always wanted to ask you out in high school.” “Oh really, haha, you wouldn’t have been the last guy.” “Haha yeah, the wait was worth it though.” Kylie did an aww as their food came. They ate and continued to talk.

“Any girl in your life Tony?” Kylie asked bluntly causing Tony to choke a bit and cough. “Umm, no not at the moment, getting my company off the ground has been my priority. I mean I’d love a goddess like you,” Kylie seductively smiled. “Aww you charmer, I wish Travis still talked or looked at me like you do. He’s all about work and the kids.” Travis listened to her venting with sympathy. They finished their meal and left via the back door to their limo. When they got in back Kylie took the initiative and kissed Tony. He returned her kiss with equal passion and tongue, he felt up her smooth and one leg, making her moan in his mouth. She returned the leg feel up and began necking with him. Unfortunately for Tony they had arrived at Kylie’s house, thankfully the privacy window was up. He escorted Kylie to the door. “This was wonderful, um when can I see you again Kylie?” “When can you make time Tony?” “Oh hon, I will make time whenever, I’ve got all my big projects planned out and supervisors assigned.” “Good, why not tomorrow late afternoon, I’ll have my mom or Kim watch the kids.” “Sounds amazing.” He wanted to say he loved her, but instead, he kissed her on the lips again and they both smiled.

Kylie entered her home, kids tucked in bed and Travis working on his music unaware she returned. She undressed and went to bed herself thinking about how she was going to blow Tony’s mind.

The next day

Kylie had brought the kids to Kim’s for the day. “Hey, sis.” “Hey, what’s going on.” “Oh, I got plans so wondered if you could watch all the kids.” “Oh sure, what’s going on?” Kylie giggled and smiled as she started to tell Kim what happened. “Well I went out Tony last night and we had a major make-out session in the limo on the way home, oh my god, it was so hot.” “Kylie you minx, I never thought you’d get back out there with how cold it’s been with you and TTravis. Kim said with encouragement. “Thanks. He was always really sweet in high school.” “So your plans are with him today?” Kim asked, smiling like a Cheshire. “Yes, I’m going to take it all the way.” Kim and Kylie shared a giggle. “When any man is with us, they are going to satisfy us, and trust me he will thank you for it.” “Oh, he will." Kylie responded. Kim winked at Kylie. Kylie smiled and left.

It was now late afternoon and Tony had texted Kylie that he was on his way over. She was already in one of her skimpy jumpsuits, showing lots of cleavage and skin tight. She got some Damiana liquor for them, since they were going to stay. She set up her living room area and Tony was knocking at the door. “Hey.” “Hey yourself.” They kissed as Kylie let him in the house. She led him to the living room where they sat on her big couch. “So are we alone?” He asked. “Yes, we are dear.” She confirmed. They kissed again and she offered him the drinks she made “Wow this is good.” “Thanks, Tony. I wanted us to relax for a bit.” “So I take it we are spending the night together.” “Indeed baby.”

They finished their drinks and Kylie nestled on his chest. Tony wrapped his arm around her, and she purred. “This is so nice.” He said. Kylie moaned in agreement. Tony moved his arm and groped kylie’s big soft tit, making her playfully moan. Kylie knew then it was time to consummate their relationship, she kissed him with a lot of tongue. “Mmm I’m so happy we met again.” “So am I, I don’t want this to be a fling, Kylie.” “Don’t worry Tony it isn’t going to be, it’ll be our secret.” She said and winked at him.

 Kylie got up and strutted away from him so he could see her ass bounce, she flung her head back making her hair fly, and smiled back at him. He smiled and she turned completely around; she began to unzip her jumpsuit, he was starting to breathe a bit heavily. “Let’s see what you have for me, baby.” Kylie asked. Tony undid his belt and pants and took them off, his 8.5” cock flopped out of his undies as they hit the floor. “Oh Tony, I’m so impressed and happy. One thing you have to know, I handle cock, my men don’t touch it ever.” He shook his head in agreement. He took his shirt off and kylie teased him with her zipper. She finally got to the bottom of the zipper and let her perfect tits out. “Oh my god, Kylie.” He said in exasperation. His cock throbbing and twitching for her, Kylie walked to him, her tits and hips hypnotizing him. She knelt down and wrapped her tits around his cock. He moan loudly, “Uhh fuck, so soft.” She smiled and slowly tit fucked him, “Oh its been too long since I’ve been with a real man. I’m glad it’s you Tony. Mmm let me ease your throbbing baby.” Her tits did was his throbbing a bit, he began to thrust with, adding to their enjoyment. She kissed his cock head when it came out of her cleavage, making him moan. She released her tits and went full blow job, kissing his cock head and jerking his shaft. Tony moaned her name so many times, that he barely noticed he was about to cum. Kylie felt the buzzing in his cock and sealed her lips around his cock head. He gave her three cumshots, and Kylie audibly swallowed. She let his cock out of her mouth and smiled at him. “Mmm, you taste good.” She exclaimed.  He was amazed she swallowed, he looked at his cock and was happy he barely lost any hardness. She got up and pointed his cock straight up, straddled him, and sat down till she was balls deep in her. They both moaned and Kylie started grinding and bouncing, her tits making him twitch in her. He gently grabbed them and played with them, she moaned with approval. “Never had a man play with me so well.” “Mmm how could I not.” She smiled and asked him to lay on the couch, she sat back on him side saddle, putting his cock into her ass. “Ahhh your cock feels wonderful in my ass, you’re mine now Tony.” “Ohh fuck, I want to be yours Kylie and for you to be mine.” Kylie began to bounce, making her ass clap and Tony moaning. He rubbed her clit as she twerked, “Oh baby yes, Tony I’m cumming.” As Kylie came, Tony grabbed her and layer her on her sidearm and continued to pump in her butt, feeling her tits at the same time. “Fuuck this is better than I ever dreamed, soft and big tits, plus a soft and a big ass. You are perfect.” He said as went faster. “Oh, baby you feel just as good, ah oh god.” Kylie screamed out. He felt he was close and pulled out, she laid flat and he came on her stomach, shooting 6 strings on cum on her toned stomach. “Mmm Tony it is so warm.” “All for you babe.” They smiled at each other and kissed.
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Re: Reunited with Kylie Jenner
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You've got a trademark with finishing stories with titfucks, nice work my friend.
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Re: Reunited with Kylie Jenner
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That was an awesome story.
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