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Definitely Miami Ch. 1 (Kelly Brook)
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Definitely Miami Ch. 1
Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Oral, Titty Fucking, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for my friend Galva82. The idea was his and and credit to him for the scenario.

Miami, Florida

Blinding sunlight was a welcome greeting, along with slight winds blowing from the distance. A clear blue sky with only a few clouds visible off to the east. The sounds of the sea were audible, with waves crashing against the white surface of the boat and seagulls flying around. Clear skies were the forecast of the week, with no rain predicted at least throughout these days of July. Off in the distance, one could see Miami to the east and then South Beach to the west. From ninety foot squares in size, the yacht was moored west of Biscayne bay. The Morningside Picnic islands as well as Biscayne Isle were visible from the front deck. In the back, two flags were raised on the boat. One of stars and stripes and the other in the same colors but with a different design.

St. Esmeradla always left port with the American and Cuban flags waving together. It was a small testament to the boat's builder: Alberto Lopez. It was launched in 2015 as part of a yacht tour service in Miami. With nine guest rooms, four cabins and a luxurious inner bar, it was meant to be used for parties. For all but one of the last seven years, the St. Esmeralda navigated the seas with a young captain by the name of Julian. He was only twenty-five years old when he took the job. For a young captain, he had his family to thank for pushing him through the ranks with the power of nepotism. With the years passing by, few in the company questioned his abilities after he had kept a clean track record. No incidents, other than the one time he was stopped by the coast guard for a rowdy party.

To handle his lack of experience, Julian often had a supervisor with him on the yacht. That was only for the first five years of the gig. The supervisors usually worked in the captain's room, handling the radar and control systems to pinpoint weather. After a short break in 2020 from the pandemic, Captain Julian returned. He had spent the past year working trips from Miami to the Bahamas alone. Or at least, that was what the company was led to believe. His shipmate was a younger friend he met during the coronavirus pandemic. Adrian was a gambler whom before the lockdowns, used to frequent nightclubs with a pocket full of cash. Julian first met him through a mutual friend at a party. The two men shared a mutual interest in cars and living a laissez-faire lifestyle.

At twenty-six years of age, Adrian's background was shrouded in mystery. Where did he come from? No one had an answer, not even him. His voice did not carry a distinctive Florida accent. He once told Julian that he came from the mid-west but would not specify which state was his original home. The questions would continue the more someone pondered their thoughts about him. To hear the man say it, he gambled his way down to Miami on a lucky streak of wins. Every gambler could tell you about their wins, but it was the losses that they kept hidden. Julian believed Adrian was always hiding his losses, but he chose not to question him. The man always wore sharp suits and gold jewelry. With slicked back short brown hair and a clean shaved face, sometimes he gave the impression he was a gangster.

Julian never asked him about his family. Since Adrian never asked personal questions, it was up to him to repay the favor to his friend. Usually when a trip was arranged, Adrian would sneak his way on board. It was easy to disguise himself simply by carrying luggage for passengers who booked trips. With a change of clothes into a spare work uniform Julian provided, Adrian easily blended in. Sometimes he would change into casual clothes and then join the passengers when there was a party on the yacht. Other times, he kept to himself in an empty guest room. This trip however, was different for both men. One could easily make the argument that this yacht was too large in scale for a private trip with a single guest passenger. That was their duty this week, in the company of one special woman with deep pockets to arrange for such a trip.

As Kelly Brook stood outside, she clenched the side rail of the boat with her right hand. The forty-two year old English glamour model had come a long way far from home to enjoy herself on a vacation. Her voluptuous body was covered by an untied green veil. Her bare feet walked across the wooden floor as she reached the lonely deck. The large space was unoccupied, with several plush white couches surrounding the railing and a small table. This was the second day of her trip out on the yacht. Yesterday they were stopped by a coast guard who checked for paperwork. Sleeping on the boat was easy since they were stocked with enough food and supplies to last a week. This gave Adrian a small job as the boat's chef for the week, something Kelly found amusing about the young man.

Miami was an excellent vacation destination. Kelly had spent the last few years flying out there when she needed time to unwind. She had connections with an American photographer who was behind the camera of a recent calendar shoot. Beyond that was her old friend Lori from London. A forty-eight year old woman who made her name behind the scenes in the old glamour industry. Kelly had met Lori over twenty years ago, and they developed a quick friendship that carried on throughout the years. The industry may have been no more, but Lori still had connections to set up work with trusted photographers. It was from her own words that Kelly chose the right company, seeking out Captain Julian and his friend. Lori was a passenger on the St. Esmeralda over a year ago.

Julian remembered Lori from the minute Kelly mentioned her name. The older woman had recommended the young man for a reason, and Kelly knew how to push a man's buttons. He was just her type, with a skinny build and short blonde hair. His face was often clean shaved, but sometimes Julian would skip a day of shaving when out on the waters. He joked that maybe some day he would grow a beard like the captains of old history. It was easy for her to flirt with Julian, but the other man aboard had taken Kelly's attention from the first night. Something about Adrian was fascinating as they sat around and discussed life. So many times throughout that night, she caught him gazing down at her heavy cleavage. That only made it easier to tease the man.

Adrian was who she was currently looking for while stepping around the top deck. High above, the tinted windows of the captain's room were visible. Kelly could only guess that Julian was looking down at her, but he was probably busy. Early in the morning, he was on the phone up there while having a cup of coffee. Julian only left when he needed to relieve himself in the bathroom. Now on the front deck, Kelly was disappointed that Adrian was not there. The wind rustled through her hair, blowing the green veil with enough power that it would have flown off the boat had she disrobed it from her buxom form. Kelly stomped her feet and began to walk back around the boat. She thought about staying out and taking some photos to post on social media, but there was still plenty of time throughout the days.

As she stepped back inside, a cool breeze was felt. The interior design of the back deck was of dark wood with a touch of maroon and red. Kelly had joked about it having the appearance of something vintage, perhaps from the seventies. Lights were embedded in the ceiling but only needed to be turned on during the night. Windows on both sides allowed the sun to illuminate the entire room. Two couches were embedded into the walls on both sides, with a large bar off to the left side. A bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey was left on the black marble top of the bar with an empty glass next to it. Kelly smirked. Adrian was not here, but he had to be close by. What was he doing getting started with drinks this early in the day? That was just something else she could tease him with. Across the room, footsteps could be heard. Kelly waited until Adrian was in the doorway and greeted him with a soft smile.

"Thirsty, Adrian?"

She grabbed the whiskey bottle, teasing him with it. The young man stood in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of black swim trunks. His chest was exposed, showing a lack of hair across his skinny but tanned body. Adrian shook his head at her.

"No, I've already had enough to get the day started. You want a drink, love?"

Still smirking, Kelly shook her head quietly. Adrian stepped a bit closer. He broke eye contact to take a quick glance at her heavy cleavage. Kelly however, was not done teasing him with words yet.

"Are you going out for some sunbathing with no shirt on?"

Adrian shook his head again.

"No, I'm going for a swim. Wanna join me?"

Kelly giggled, setting the bottle back down and placing her hands on her hips. She gave him a stern but playful look, ready to scold him as if she were his mother.

"How are you gonna swim in deep waters without a life jacket, Adrian?"

Quirking her eyebrows, she waited for his reaction. The heavy British accent got her point across, but all Adrian did was shrug his shoulders. He walked directly past her, raising his arms and stretching them out. Kelly thought to herself for a moment. She saw an easy opportunity to turn up the heat and tease him with the reveal of her bikini-clad body. Without turning her head to look in Adrian's direction, she dropped the robe. It quietly hit the carpet floor, and there she stood in the gold two-piece bikini.

"If you're going for a swim, I think I'll join you."

She waited until she caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of her eye, and then Kelly began to turn around slowly. The look across Adrian's face was priceless. It was that look she knew from men over the years when they witnessed her voluptuous body. Her massive F-cup breasts were barely contained in the tight top. She had tied the gold strings together a little too tight for a reason and was now teasing him to great effect. Flashing her teeth in a full grin, Kelly began to giggle. She noticed his eyes glancing down at her heavy cleavage, slightly enlarging for a moment. Adrian began to blush as he smirked back at her.

"I think you've got something that will keep you floating in the water."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, two things actually. I'm looking right at them."

Spoken without an ounce of shame whatsoever. Kelly found his crude demeanor to be reflective of the kind of man he was. Adrian was honest. She liked that better than someone trying to woo her by pretending they were a different kind of person. All she needed to know was the desire he had for her. The feeling was mutual, but Kelly was having too much fun toying with his emotions. Adrian stepped a bit closer, and then she made another remark at him.

"Want a better look?"

For once, he made deliberate eye contact with her, as if he wanted to play Kelly at her own game. From the left side windows, the sunlight was soon blocked by another boat pulling up, but Kelly kept her eyes locked on Adrian. She wanted to tempt him, to see if he would reach out and touch her body. Several seconds of silence passed as they were now locked into a game that could best be described as a staring contest. One pair of chestnut brown eyes glared back at the other one between heavy breaths. The sound of stomping feet broke the hushed tones as Captain Julian entered the room. Adrian glanced away from Kelly's face to see his friend.

"What's going on?"

"Fuckin' marine patrol. I guess they're gonna pull up on us every day out here."

As Julian stomped through the room, he took a view of Kelly's buttocks from behind. He nearly stopped walking entirely. Having to do a double-take at her thick body from behind. Adrian caught the glance before Kelly could turn around. The young captain wore a pair of white pants to go with his unbuttoned white shirt. Unlike them, he was not barefooted. White shoes finished his outfit. Adrian turned towards Julian, speaking up.

"Are they gonna board us and check over things?"

"No. It's probably that same asshole from yesterday for all I know."

Kelly stood there listening. Yesterday they were stopped by a marine patrol unit when the boat sat anchored under the Julia Tuttle causeway. She expressed no concern over this incident with the captain. Instead she focused her attention back on Adrian, smirking at him after Julian walked outside onto the deck.

"I wish I had kept a timer on us."

"What do you mean?"

"To time how long you managed to stare in my eyes... without glancing down here."

Dipping her eyes below, Kelly teased him with her breasts. Adrian chuckled at her words.

"What can I say? I have a type and you fit the bill."

"Is that so?"

Adrian slowly nodded his head to her. Kelly bit her lower lip, only to go an extra mile in teasing him. She still had plenty of hours to play this game with him. Turning around, Kelly ran her left hand through her long locks of brunette hair beyond her shoulders. Her tits slightly bounced as they were still contained within the gold bikini. She began to walk towards the doorway. Adrian stood there, folding his arms over his chest as he watched her thick ass cheeks rub against one another with each step. Kelly knew where his eyes had to be wandering. As she reached the doorway, she glanced across her right shoulder to give him a playful smirk. She did not care if he followed behind her. Kelly took a deep breath as she was now walking through the small hallway of white walls.



Beyond the massive inner-deck, the interior design of the yacht changed in color. The white walls with slick silver lining were there to greet passengers until they reached the cabin areas. The wallpaper had star patterns in a grey color, fit with beige carpets and a bed made up of black sheets and blankets. Kelly found the small room to be welcoming. She was used to having such a large space back home at her mansion in England. When on a trip, she usually booked the finest hotels to the point she was used to large rooms. On a yacht, that feeling was completely different. Still in her gold bikini, she snapped a few photos to either upload on social media or keep to herself. Kelly thought of calling her friend Lori and asking more questions about these two younger men.

All she knew was that her friend was satisfied with her affairs with them. So far, it was Adrian and not the captain who was on her radar. Julian had been so busy on the phone with his own mother up in the control room. When it came time for dinner, her focus was back on Adrian. She kept the gold bikini on, but put on another robe. This time it was a black one she had packed up. This was going to make for the second evening she teased Adrian about his cooking skills. He knew what he was doing, but it was funny to hear him talk like he was an expert chef. So far, he only knew how to make the most basic meals with the food stored within the yacht's kitchen.

Julian joined them for dinner as the blue sky began to fade into an orange hue. They still had time to dock in a port before the night was over. Sitting at the dinner table across from her, Julian struck up a short conversation. There was something about Kelly's accent that really caught his attention. He made it a point to tell her he had 'a thing' for English women. Kelly asked him about Lori. Julian's expression told her that there was some kind of memory between them that he didn't want to share with her. When Adrian stepped into the room to present them with their meal of the night, Kelly grinned at him. An assortment of Italian foods had been prepared. Adrian made the best of what was in the freezer with garlic bread, fresh pasta, and spaghetti. Kelly saw the chance to ask him if he came from an Italian family, given that he knew how to utilize their recipes.

He shook his head before declaring he was not of Italian descent. Kelly still asked about his family, but Adrian shut the conversation down by insisting they were not worth talking about. Julian heard this and gave him the side eye. So many mysteries about where the man came from were present, but he did not push it. Instead, he leaned over and whispered something in his friend's ear. Kelly heard Lori's name and then knew what they were talking about. Adrian and his friend shared a chuckle before leering at Kelly. She ignored them while using her fork in one hand and a glass of juice in the other. Julian offered to get a bottle of wine for the three of them, but Kelly denied this request. She insisted the wine be saved for tomorrow or a better day when they were ready to unwind themselves.

The way they were going to unwind was enough to leave the men curious. Kelly read the expressions on their faces. Men of few words had many thoughts. That was something she learned through her experiences in life playing the role of a seductress. Both Adrian and Julian appeared to be easy pickins, but her mind was more on Adrian for this evening. After finishing dinner, she thanked him by complimenting his cooking skills. Kelly teased him about how secretive he was with his life details. At least he smirked when she referenced what was hidden in his clothes. He almost blushed, but managed to contain himself for now. After dinner and washing up dirty dishes in the kitchen, Julian told them that it was time to steer the boat into a port before nightfall arrived.

The captain's sights were set on a port around Brickell. With the boat raising anchor and pushing at a slow speed, it would take at least two hours to arrive. By then, the night may have well been under way. Kelly did not care what time it was. There were more important things on her mind to start this evening of lust. Adrian declared that he did not want to be bothered tonight as the ship docked. Kelly was unconcerned about Julian knocking on her door before calling it a night, knowing how quiet he was from the previous night. The cabins were spaced out from the hallway, divided to offer privacy. As long as she was quiet, she figured she could avoid Julian all together while visiting Adrian. Once she was back in her room, that was her only thought.

Kelly wanted him. All through the past two days, she had been teasing him. His emotions were easy to play with. Now she knew a way to truly press his buttons by playing with his desires for privacy. Back in her own room, Kelly stood in front of the mirror and fixed her hair up. She could not wait to take the gold bikini off, but it would look better on the floor of Adrian's room. Throwing herself at a man like this would lead to unpredictable results. From the way he carried himself, Kelly assumed he had to be inexperienced in the bedroom. She could dominate an easy-going younger man if he wanted her badly enough. How could he say no to her? Kelly thought to herself while applying fresh lipstick across her lips. Pink was her color of choice.

Stepping out of her room and back into the narrow hallway, Kelly glanced in both directions. She wanted to make sure Julian was not around as she carefully sneaked her way to Adrian's room. The hall extended north, leading upstairs to the captain's cabin. The opposite end of the hallway led back to the main deck and a narrow passage led downstairs to a place Kelly had no interest in exploring. Carefully moving her feet, she grinned. It was hard not to laugh at herself trying to be sneaky. As she stood outside the big white door, she raised her left hand and slowly knocked. One, two, three times. Several seconds passed in silence, but she could hear some noise from inside the room. Not wanting to wait much longer, she raised her hand again and this time knocked harder. The door opened a few seconds later. Adrian let out a sigh seeing Kelly.

"Do you always knock like a cop about to kick the door in?"

His question made her laugh in her heavy British accent.

"Do you always open the door without a shirt?"

He stood in nothing but a pair of shiny purple leisure shorts. It was all Kelly needed to see to know he was preparing for bed. Adrian blushed at her comment and stepped aside, welcoming her in.

"Shut the door if you're coming to see me."

Kelly smirked. She stepped directly in and slammed the door shut. The boat was currently moving through the waters, as they could hear the water splashing outside, creating a calm ambience of background noise. Behind him was the bed made up in black sheets. Directly behind the bed was a small doorway leading to the personal bathroom. The light was on, visible from the corner of Kelly's right eye. Gazing into his eyes, Kelly smirked as Adrian began to speak.

"So what do you want, Kelly? This doesn't seem like a social visit."

"No, it's really not. I wanted to ask you something but... well..."

Her voice cracked into a giggle. She glanced down at his shorts and noticed the poking bulge. He could not contain his erecting pole from her eyes. Her eyes glanced back up at his face with a mischievous grin.

"I forgot what I came to ask you. Were you about to take a dip in the water? Gonna swim in those cute trunks of yours?"

"Actually, I was about to take a shower."

Adrian corrected her with that snarky remark. It was not enough to wipe the smirk off Kelly's gorgeous face.

"You don't look dirty enough to need a shower, dear."

Untying her robe, Kelly dropped it to the floor. Once again, she stood before him in that gold bikini covering her curvy figure.

"I can give you a reason to need a shower."

She spoke in a low voice, leaning forward. Adrian shoved his mouth against hers and began to kiss her passionately. This was the kind of response she wanted. Kelly closed her eyes, returning the kiss with an equal flare of force. Adrian wasted no time in planting his warm hands across her smooth skin. She felt his fingers roam behind her and squeeze her ass as they exchanged a barrage of back-and-forth kisses. With her arms around his neck, she shoved her bikini-clad tits up against his bare chest. When their final kiss broke, Kelly stepped back and then quickly raised her arms over her head. She untied the strings holding her bra together and allowed it to fall to the floor.

"Ohhhhh, damn!"

That was the reaction Kelly wanted from the reveal of her breasts. The flabbergasted expression on his face combined with his voice elevating was enough to make her feel proud. A smug grin formed across her face. Kelly kept her arms raised, flexing her elbows with her hands behind her head.

"You like big boobs, Adrian?"

Teasing him with her low voice, she began to shake her tits left and right. They bounced and jiggled all around until Adrian grabbed them with both hands. He immediately squeezed them. She moaned at his touch and then lowered her right hand to the back of his head. Kelly guided his face between her tits where she could smack them against his skin. His hands let go, allowing her tits to rub against his face more easily.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah."

Her fingers slightly stroked his hair as Kelly used her other hand to smash one of her titties against his bare face. With another smack of the left boob against his face, Adrian grabbed ahold of them a second time. He then brought his lips to the right nipple. His big brown eyes gazed up at her as he sucked on the teat. Kelly took a deep breath, not breaking eye contact as she rubbed the back of his head with the palm of her hand. Adrian pulled his mouth off, then shoved his face back between her boobs. This time he slobbered while shaking his head around to properly motorboat those amazing all natural boobs.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Show me how much you love 'em!"

Adrian pulled his face back and then planted his lips on the left nipple. He made sure to suck on it hard as Kelly dipped her free hand down to untie the bikini bottoms as the last piece of clothing on her body. It dropped to the floor, allowing her easier access to rub her index and ring finger over her pink wet mound. Moaning aloud, she closed her eyes while feeling his tongue circle around the areola of her left boob. When Adrian pulled his lips off, he took a step back to scan his eyes over her nude curvaceous figure. His eyes focused on her dripping wet pussy. Freshly shaved and ready for him. Adrian chuckled before speaking up.

"I like a babe who keeps her pussy clean."

From that comment Kelly expected him to get down on his knees and lick her out. Instead, Adrian took another step back and shoved his hands down his shorts. As he was getting ready to drop them, she raised her left finger and then laughed.

"Oh! I remember what I was gonna ask you earlier!"

"Oh yeah?"

Nodding at him, Kelly stepped a bit closer.

"Since you like to hide things, what are you hiding down there?"

Biting her lower lip, Kelly locked her eyes on him as she awaited his reply. Adrian smirked back at her.

"Why don't you get down on the floor and find out for yourself."

Kelly wasted no time falling down to her knees. She glared up at him as he moved his hands away and allowed her to pull the shorts down herself.

"Don't lie to me, Adrian. You've been rock hard for me all day today."

With a hard tug, she pushed his shorts and underwear down together. Kelly did not care what his underwear looked like as her eyes were set on his hardened cock. It nearly smacked across her face as it was no longer contained within the clothed prison. With a faint gasp, she gazed back up at his face while wrapping her right hand fingers around it.

"Oh. This is beautiful."

Licking her upper lip, Kelly locked her eyes on his face while her gripping hand moved beneath the head of his cock. She wanted to tease him a little longer with her eyes before licking her lips in preparation to suck this long, thick shaft. Her hand began to pump up and down, stroking him at a moderate speed.

"That's it, stroke it baby."

"You like that? You like how I wank this big, gorgeous dick?"

She taunted him with dirty talk in a low voice.

"Yeah, keep going."

Kelly pushed the head to her lips, still stroking it as she gave the tip a loving kiss. Before she was ready to suck, she used her tongue to lick from the head all the way down to the base. Her nose touched his bushy pubic hairs. With a quick glance at his hanging balls, Kelly decided to suck on them first. Since he wanted her to keep up this handjob, she saw the need to suck something else. Using her left hand, Kelly helped herself by pushing his right nut into her mouth. She heard Adrian moan as she began to slobber all over his balls.

"Suck on those balls. Get 'em nice and wet."

His voice was commanding, but Kelly felt she was the one truly in control. As she sucked on one nut, her right hand continued to wank his cock up and down. She moved her head when she released one nut from her lips to stuff the other one in. From where Adrian was standing he witnessed the entire length of his hard shaft stretched out across her forehead. The head could have touched her hand if she twisted her grip. After enough sucking, Kelly released his other nut and then lapped her tongue across the sack. She left it with a string of drool dangling as her mouth moved back to his cock.

"I'm gonna suck you real good. Just watch."

Whispering to him, Kelly could not help but make one last grin before she parted her lips to suck his shaft. She enveloped her lips around the head and shoved her right hand down to the base. Adrian stood in silence, watching as the buxom British model now began to slowly suck the first few inches of his cock. 'Mmmmmm', a muffled moan escaped her lips as she bobbed her head up and down. Kelly squeezed his shaft from the base before pulling her lips back to the head. His cock left her mouth with a popping noise.

"I'm just getting started."

She pumped her hand up and down, wanking him again. Kelly was not done with her dirty speech in that low, seductive voice.

"I've been wanting to suck something all day."

Licking the head, she slid her hand back down to the base and parted her lips wide. This time, she devoured his cock. Sucking it inch by inch as she bobbed her head up and down. Adrian exhaled a deep breath before groaning aloud.


His yelling voice echoed throughout the small room. Kelly did not stop. She moved her right hand away and then placed both of her hands over her giant tits. Contending the need to touch her own body, she pinched her nipples while aggressively slobbering up and down his cock. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', her muffled moans became louder with the slobbering noises her mouth was making. Adrian grunted, giving Kelly the impression that she may have been pushing him to his limit already.

"Yes, yes! Suck it! Suck that fucking cock!"

The excitement in his voice almost sounded like a taunt to her. The time had come to test him. Kelly slammed his cock to the back of her throat, pushing it all the way down. Her lips brushed against his pubic hair as the head of his cock poked into the back of her throat. She closed her eyes before they watered. After five seconds of this deep-throating, she finally choked on his length. A glut of saliva leaked from both corners of her mouth as Adrian planted his hands down over her head. She did not expect him to grip her hair and take control, pulling his cock out of her mouth. Kelly gasped for breath as her big brown eyes gazed up at his face.

"Mmmmmmm, you like that?"

Now she was taunting him with her voice. Saliva strings dangled from her open mouth back to his shiny cock. Her own drool was dripping from it. Kelly could not stop herself from talking dirty with him some more.

"You like how I suck that big dick of yours?"

"Tell me it's gorgeous again, Kelly."

"Mmmmmm, your dick is gorgeous."

Adrian's fingers tightened in her hair. He groaned as he thrust his cock back into her mouth, taking full control now.

"Suck it, babe. Yes, yes. Keep sucking on it."

Yelling a direct order at her, he grunted as he began to buck his hips. Kelly closed her eyes, bracing herself for a round of mouth-fucking that she did not quite expect. Adrian had taken control, now pumping his cock inch by inch into her mouth.


The slobbering and sucking noises became louder than his breathing and moans. Kelly felt her massive tits jiggle and nearly slip from the grasp of her hands. She held on tighter while sucking his driving dick between her lips. Adrian moved in a rhythm, bucking his hips and watching inch after inch of his cock pump into her mouth.

"Yes, that's it! Suck it!!"

He grunted after yelling, as Kelly opened her eyes to gaze up at his face. She managed herself, sucking that cock as best she could. When they made eye contact, Adrian slowed himself down. He pushed his cock all the way. This was the second time Kelly was deep-throating his entire length. She closed her eyes, gagging on it as she felt the head touch the back of her throat again. Her eyes watered up once again, leaving her thankful that she did not wear any eyeliner or mascara today. Adrian took a deep breath and groaned as he held her in this position for several seconds. When he pulled her hair to release his cock, Kelly opened her eyes wide gasping for air. His rod shook around with ropes of drool dangling from it back to her open mouth.

Eyes set on his, Kelly gave him a devious look. A thick string of her spit was dangling from her bottom lip. She sucked it back up and then spit all over his cock before licking the head. Once again Kelly pinched her nipples. She figured Adrian had to see her giant breasts held up underneath, all while he still had his right hand gripping her hair. He refused to let go. By bucking his hips, he fed his cock back into her hungry mouth. Kelly squeezed her lips around it and then felt his fingers move, spreading out over her head as he began to drive his cock into her mouth again. Once again, he was fucking her mouth and all she could do was squeeze her breasts while sucking it. Eyes closed again, she braced herself for another round of deep-throating, but instead Adrian maintained himself in this steady pace.

'Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm', her muffled moans were audible between the slobbering and sucking noises. Kelly opened her eyes, gazing up at him. When their eyes locked, Adrian thrust harder and faster. He fucked her mouth furiously, but Kelly was not choking this time. Her eyes did not water up, but she could feel a different wetness trickling down her thighs below. Kelly moved her right hand down to her pussy, fingering herself as she wrapped her left arm around her breasts to keep them held up. Adrian grunted, groaning aloud at the sounds of her slobbering noises. Taking deep breaths, he muttered something in a low voice, but the sound of Kelly sucking was much louder. With one final thrust into her mouth, he let go of her hair, allowing her to pull her lips back to the head and release it with a loud popping noise.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah! Your dick tastes delicious!"

Kelly gasped for air after taunting him with her filthy words. Ropes of saliva dangled from her open mouth back to his soaked cock. Instead of spitting on it, she held her tits up. His dick was dripping with enough spit that it was prepared for the next round. Kelly pushed them apart, offering a clear passage before she shoved them around his cock. Adrian gasped and then yelled out.

"Holy shit! Fuck!!"

Giggling at his reaction, Kelly lived for this moment. She knew how to reclaim control, all through the strength of her mighty breasts. His cock was swallowed up by her tits with the head poking up between the folds.

"You like that? You like how big titties feel wrapped around this hard dick?"

She glanced down and spit on the head. Kelly took a moment to see if Adrian would be the one to do the work. When he did not begin bucking his hips, she decided to do the work. There was no use in sitting here on her knees waiting. As she began to pump her tits up and down, he groaned and called out to her.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! That feels so good!"

"Mmmmmm, yes it does!"

Kelly giggled at him again. She could feel every inch of his hard cock sliding up and down between her huge boobs. This was one of her favorite pleasures and she knew how to use her tits as weapons of lust. They had been a massive distraction for his eyes throughout the day, and at long last, Adrian was experiencing them. The entire length of his shaft disappeared between her pillowy mounds with only the head poking up. Kelly maintained her focus on his eyes while gritting her teeth to give him her look of hunger.

"Oh my fucking god."

When Adrian moaned his words again, Kelly laughed.

"Ohhhhh yeah. You've been thinking about this all day, haven't you? Don't lie to me. You've wanted your dick between my big titties all day."

She continued to pump them up and down, but at a slow pace so they could both enjoy this.

"Yes, I have."

"Mmmmm, I like an honest man."

They both laughed at that remark. Kelly continued to pump her breasts up and down. She only broke eye contact to part her lips and lick the head of his shaft. Adrian took a deep breath, then groaned. With a smile across his face, he spoke up.

"You wanna know something? I'll tell you a secret right now."

"Oh really?"

Kelly's reply warranted a nod from him. Adrian was still smirking before he spoke up.

"Maybe I should call it your secret. You didn't tell us yesterday, but I know you're a famous model from Britain."

She stopped pumping her tits. His cock was still cradled between them as Kelly grinned back at him. Kelly wanted to taunt him with a question to play with his ego.

"Really now? You fancy yourself with an English model like me?"

Adrian was still smirking as he nodded his head.

"Sure, why the hell not? But you aren't the first model that has been on her knees sucking me off this year."

"Who was the other one?"

He shook his head at her.

"I ain't telling you, babe. She was Cuban though, and used to be famous some ten years ago. I'd say she was a little bit older than you too. Her ass was so big, it was like a full moon."

Kelly snarled at his remark. It was evident he was trying to play a jealousy game. Or maybe Adrian wanted to push her into an extra gear for pleasure. With his cock still lodged between her tits, she knew just what to ask him in response.

"Did she have bigger tits than me?"

"Oh no! She had bolt-ons. They don't come close to the rack you've got."

Any other time, Kelly would have laughed at his way of describing cosmetically enhanced boobs. Instead, she focused her eyes on his and ordered him in a stern voice.

"If that's so, then prove it. Fuck my titties."

Without yelling, she got her point across in her heavy English accent. Adrian began to buck his hips. With the first thrust, he groaned aloud as her big brown eyes were staring at his face. Kelly bit her lower lip when she felt his cock pump between them a second time and then a third. She began to slowly grin at him as he found a rhythm with moving his body. His cock began to drive between her tits, thrusting up and down at a faster pace.

"Mmmmmm, that's it. Fuck these titties! Prove how much you love 'em!!"

As she shouted at him, Kelly could feel every inch of his cock pumping upward. The sudden force made her adjust her right hand out of fear of her tit slipping from her grasp. Barring her teeth together, Kelly snarled before yelling again.

"Fuck my tits!"

With her teeth still gritted, she let out a growling moan. Adrian moved his hands down to cup her face. He leaned down slightly to the point where they were gazing into each other's eyes while his cock was still pumping between her heavy breasts.

"You like that? You like fucking these big titties!?"

Kelly taunted him so easily. Adrian continued to thrust as hard as he could. His left hand thumb moved to her lips, and then she sucked on it with a loud moan. 'Mmmmmmm', the sound of her breasts smacking against his skin became louder among the moans and groans they both made. He pulled his thumb out of her moan and leaned as far as he could. Their foreheads rubbed against each other for a few seconds before his lips moved against hers. Kelly moaned into his mouth, kissing him tenderly as she still felt that cock thrusting between her tits. Over and over, he pumped his cock between her boobs as their tongues danced together for a hard, passionate kiss. Adrian pulled back, standing straight. When he quit thrusting, Kelly resumed pumping her tits up and down.

"Ohhh yeah! Ohhhhhh yeah!!"

Her eyes never glanced away from his face as she gave him that same look of lustful hunger. Adrian groaned before crying aloud.

"Fuck yes!! Those are the best tits I've ever had in my life!!"

He groaned louder. Kelly believed he must have been drawing closer to his orgasm, so she stopped pumping her tits and then let go of them. The last thing Kelly wanted was for him to blow his load before she had a chance to experience his cock inside her. She wrapped her right hand fingers around his cock and then kissed the head before letting go of it. As she helped herself off the floor, Kelly giggled at him.

"That was pretty good. I like it when a man fucks my tits. You really didn't want to stop, did you?"

"I could fuck those tits every day, babe."

Unable to contain his laughter, Adrian cracked up. Kelly chuckled with him as she moved her hands to his chest and gave him a hard shove. He went stepping backwards, his buttocks landing on the bed. She successfully caught him by surprise with that move. Kelly watched him sink the palms of his hands down into the blankets of the bed to hold himself up. That was fine by her as she was now straddling him and wasting no time to climb up on his lap.

"Maybe I'll wanna ride your dick every day, hmmmmm?"

"You're such a fucking tease."

Truer words had never been spoken from Adrian's mouth. He leaned back on the bed as Kelly bent her knees and hovered her wet pussy above his cock. Her giant breasts shook, jiggling all around before Adrian raised his hands up to squeeze them. Kelly wanted to look into his eyes, but a better idea came to her mind when she felt his fingers pushing down into her soft, firm breasts. She slowly lowered herself down, sinking his cock into her twat as Adrian let out a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah. That's it, baby."

Swallowing his breath, he moved his mouth over her left nipple. Kelly moaned and placed her hands on the back of his head, guiding his face to be smothered between her breasts for the second time tonight. Adrian surprised her as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock into her pussy. Kelly gasped.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah!!"

Her thick English accent cooed with soft moans. She used her left hand to run through her hair before she began to grind her hips down, matching Adrian's thrusts. Together, they made an equal effort to fuck in this position. Her breasts were still smacking up against his face until he finally embedded his lips to suck her left nipple.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh god! Yes, yesssss!!"

The bed rocked, slamming against the back wall hard. Adrian continued to thrust into her tight pussy as Kelly was now struggling to maintain herself by grinding her own hips to meet his thrusts. Several strands of her long hair fluttered into her face, prompting her to swipe them away with her left hand. When she stopped grinding, Kelly raised her arms behind her head. Her elbows flexed as her breasts began to bounce and shake. Adrian lay back on the bed, watching as her breasts jiggled and bounced all around as he continued to buck his hips, driving his cock in and out of her juicy vulva.

"Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh god, yes!! Fuck me!!"

Adrian came to a sudden stop. Kelly did not think he would do this as he now leaned up and motioned with his hands.

"Come on, get up babe."

"You want a new position?"


His hands found a place on her hips, aiding Kelly as she quickly climbed off of him. Once standing on her feet again, she turned around and bent over. Adrian had yet to see her booty until now.

"Damn, that's a beautiful ass.

Kelly reached her right hand back, spanking her own ass. She shook it, allowing him to witness her thick cheeks rubbing up against one another. When Adrian stood up from the bed, she fell down onto all fours. Her knees and hands were shoved down into the carpet floor as she called out to him.

"I'm just taking a guess that you wanna fuck me like this."

"Yeah, that's how I like it."

She giggled at him, shaking her ass again. Adrian reared his right hand back and spanked it hard. The smacking sound echoed throughout the small room. He stepped behind her while stroking his cock back and forth with his right hand. Kelly let out a sigh of impatience. When she glanced beyond her right shoulder to see him jacking off, she rolled her eyes.

"Are you just gonna stand there and wank it, or are you gonna fuck me?"

With his free hand, Adrian spanked her booty again.

"I'm getting ready to pound your pussy like there's no tomorrow!"

"Mmmmmmmm, I like the sound of that, but what are you waiting for? Come on and fuck me!"

Shoving her ass back to rub against him was a way to send a clear message. Adrian took a step back and then finally guided his shaft down between her thighs. Kelly gasped and grinned to herself when she felt the head of his dick brushing against her pink vulva lips.

"That's it. You know where I want it."

With a gasping moan, Kelly continued to grin as she felt his cock pushing inside her again.

"Mmmmmmm, ohhhhhh yeah. That's it. Come on and fuck me, Adrian. I don't want you to stop until I cum."

Spank! His hand slapped across her buttocks for a third time. Kelly giggled at his rough touch. Adrian planted both of his hands down onto her hips as he began to slowly thrust his cock into her pussy.

"You want me to make you cum? Is that what you're asking me?"

"I didn't stutter, did I? You heard me precisely."

Her voice came off with a level of smugness draped in that sultry accent she had. Adrian groaned as he began to thrust faster into her pussy. Kelly closed her eyes and stretched her fingers out across the carpet floor.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhh yeah!!"

Adrian groaned. For a moment he closed his eyes but then re-opened them to watch her ass cheeks bounce each time their bodies hit together with his full thrusts. Kelly could feel her giant boobs shaking and jiggling all around from underneath. She kept her eyes closed and her head raised as she screamed another order to him.


His hand slapped across her ass again. Kelly gritted her teeth, growling out a series of moans. Adrian did not stop. She could feel his cock driving in and out of her pussy at a faster pace. His balls smacked against her thighs to create a slapping sound mixed in with their grunts and moans. Despite the increase in pace, Kelly was not satisfied. She knew Adrian had another gear he could kick up to.


Instead of spanking her ass another time, Adrian moved his hands away entirely and continued to buck his hips with all the strength he had in his body. Over and over his hard cock pumped in and out of her tight twat. Kelly screamed in excitement.

"Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!"

This was it. The absolute way Kelly preferred a man like him to fuck her. With each passing second, she felt his cock pounding her pussy again and again. Her climax was in near distance time with the sheer force of which Adrian pumped his cock into her. Kelly opened her eyes and gazed forward at the open doorway leading to the small bathroom of his cabin. The time and place of where they were fucking were all lost to her. Only one thing mattered to her at this moment, and Kelly was not going to be denied her sweet release.


Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Kelly panted and moaned. Her breaking point was imminent. Unable to hold herself back through the passing seconds, she curled her toes and fingers and then let out a loud cry of pleasure. Adrian could feel the burst of her warm juices coating his shaft from inside that pussy. He took one last thrust and then pulled out. Kelly's legs shook as she squirted the remainder of her love nectar across the carpet floor. A stain would undoubtedly be there by the next day, but Adrian did not care. His cock was slick and dripping in her juices.

"Oh god, that was so good."

"Was it?"

The tone in Adrian's voice alone was enough to taunt Kelly. She knew he had yet to blow his load and that had to be what he was getting an attitude over. Slowly catching her breath, Kelly lowered her head. She felt his hand slapping her ass before Adrian called out.

"Turn around, babe."

Now he was the one speaking an order. Kelly glanced across her right shoulder. Adrian was standing there, hand clenching his shaft as he wanked it back and forth. Kelly sighed upon witnessing the motion of his hand. Quickly turning around, she watched Adrian begin to step backwards. Forced to crawl forward, Kelly swallowed her breath as her eyes gazed up at his face.

"What's the matter? You running away from me?"

Adrian chuckled at her remark. Kelly stomped her left hand palm down onto the floor, drawing closer towards him.

"I think you're scared. That's why you're wanking it."

"Why would I be afraid of you?"

Kelly giggled sensually. She grinned, revealing her full pearly white teeth before she replied in her seductive voice.

"You're scared I'm gonna make you cum so hard that you won't have any energy to fuck me again tomorrow."

He laughed at her remark and then let go of his cock. Kelly stopped crawling once she was beneath it. She trailed her hands up his legs, teasing him as her nails grazed through the small hairs on his skin.

"Suck it dry then."

Adrian was not intimidated by her act as a man-eating seductress. Kelly liked that. He proved beyond her expectations when she previously believed she could eat him alive. Her eyes glanced at his cock and then she grabbed it. Gripping it tighter, she began to wank him like before. Her hand pumped up and down as she moaned softly. Before sucking it, she kissed the head and began to loudly slurp her own juices from it. Her left hand moved below, grabbing his hanging ball sack for a subtle squeeze and then pulling away. Adrian groaned at her touch before Kelly shoved that hard cock back into her mouth. Her eyes gazed up at him, never glancing away as she bobbed her head up and down. 'Mmmmmm', Kelly moaned as she sucked him inch by inch. It was easy for her to devour his shaft, but she wanted to prove her words true about making him cum hard.

Exhaling his breath, Adrian groaned. She knew he had to be close to finally blowing his load. Kelly continued to suck. She moved her hands to her breasts, feeling her own erect nipples as she was still bobbing her head up and down. At any moment, she expected to feel his hand gripping her hair, perhaps for another round of mouth-fucking. His stomach heaved as he was breathing heavily with each gasp of air he made. Kelly had Adrian right where she wanted him. Would he give her a dose of hot cream to swallow? Or maybe he wanted to make a mess all over her breasts? Could it be that he wanted to glaze her face instead? He had options to choose from while Kelly continued to slobber all over his cock. As she pulled her lips back to the head, Adrian suddenly planted his left hand on her hand. He snatched her by the hair, pulling his cock out of her mouth with an audible pop.

"Ohhhh yeah, are you gonna cum for me?"

She knew the answer to that question but still wanted to tease him. Kelly felt his fingers tightening around her hair as he used his other hand to grip his cock and begin stroking it. Adrian aimed directly at her face. Kelly was still holding her tits up, but she knew where he wanted to blow his load.

"You wanna cum on my face? Is that it? Wanna give me a face full of spunk?"

His face scrunched up. Adrian gritted his teeth and grunted as he furiously wanked his shaft. Kelly licked her lips and then laughed one final time. She knew within seconds her face was going to be a dripping mess, but that was not enough to stop her from taunting him.

"Are you gonna give me a face full of spunk, Adrian? Is that what you're gonna do?"

Adrian did not utter a single word. His face remained scrunched up as he continued to wank his cock while panting and groaning. Gritting her teeth, she growled at him before yelling again.

"Come on, give it to me! Give me a face full of spunk you dirty wanker!!"


Adrian screamed back at her. Kelly closed her eyes and then felt the first wad of his warm cum splattering onto her closed left eyelid. A drop went into her eyebrow. Adrian grunted as ropes of cum went flying out of his cock and landed on her face. The first one caught her forehead and into her hair, barely missing his gripping left hand. The second and third strings were slathered across her right cheek. Kelly gasped, flashing her teeth in a goofy grin before moaning.

"Ohhhh yeah! Give me a face full of spunk, mmmmmmm!!"

As soon as she finished her words, a thick wad of cum splattered onto her right cheek. Despite holding her breasts up in hopes of catching some of it, all of his load was going on her face. Kelly blinked as she tried to open her eyes. The cum that drenched her left eyelid dripped down like a teardrop. She opened her mouth wide, catching a few droplets of cum that fell to her waiting tongue. Adrian was completely out of breath, panting and groaning. He squeezed his cock hard, forcing the last remaining drops that fell onto her left cheek. Kelly closed her mouth and swallowed what landed on her tongue as Adrian let go of her hair. She stood there on her knees, feeling the cum trickle down her smooth skin.

"You asked for it."

That was all he could say in a tired voice. Adrian was still trying to catch his breath. Kelly smiled wide, flashing her teeth. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, she knew that she got the better of him to leave the man exhausted like this. The cum streamed down her face, with white lines moving down her neck. A long time had passed since the last time she had this much cum on her face. Kelly thought about telling him that, but on second thought, chose not to stroke Adrian's ego. He had already bragged enough to push her buttons as she did to him. This was only the second day of her vacation with this man and the captain. She did not have to tell Adrian now, but she knew this was only the beginning of their affairs. There would be much to look forward to in the following days.



Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2022, 11:24:13 AM »
Irresistible.. like Kelly Brook!

What talent! Miami here we come!
Here is yet another totally exciting and hot new story. You write so well on Kelly it's divine. The idea and the scenario are cool, we embark directly with them on board to navigate the waters of Miami. Kelly's teasing is spot on and funny too and the characters of Adrian and Julian are good, those lucky little guys to have that atom bomb by their side and it's Adrian who takes full advantage of it with her. So crazy how Kelly doesn't want to let go of his dick anymore, she sucks him until he sucks his soul out!
I love the explosive end of the story, she deserved it so much and I hope the sequel will be just as excellent.. It was enjoyable!
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2022, 10:49:13 PM »
You've written some great stuff with Kelly in the past. This one was great. The dirty talk alone could make someone cum. I love how she pushed Adrian further with her words alone. She really played with his emotions, or 'pushed his buttons' as you put it.

Any chance the next chapter will be soon?
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2022, 04:43:31 PM »
You've written some great stuff with Kelly in the past. This one was great. The dirty talk alone could make someone cum. I love how she pushed Adrian further with her words alone. She really played with his emotions, or 'pushed his buttons' as you put it.

Any chance the next chapter will be soon?

Yes, in August. Check my Patreon, I am always posting new stuff on there.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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