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Batgirl '68
« on: December 30, 2019, 09:03:01 AM »
Note from author- This is a short entry, a prologue if you will for my proposed series with Yvonne Craig (RIP), as Batgirl from the iconic 60's tv show. One of my all time favourite shows.


Barbara Gordon leaned over her tub and watched the water run, hot and steamy.
She unhooked her lacy bra and her perky upturned breasts tipped with the puffy nipples were freed.
As the bathroom misted up she stepped out of her skimpy panties and pushed them over her round ass to the tiles then dragged her fingers in the water to feel the temperature.

A quick glance in the full length mirror at her reflection pleased her and she smiled.
Thanks to her father Commissioner James Gordon she had taken ballet lessons since the age of six and had developed a fine dancers form.
Toned legs and stomach and tight buttocks on a perfect five foot three frame and silky pale skin were her reward for years of hard effort.

Barbara dimmed the electric light and lit some candles, laid in the tub and let the water run over every delectable inch of her sensuous body.
She poured out some of her favourite bath salts scented with blue fig and orange blossom into the bath.
One hand moved from her firm right breast to her stomach while the other stroked her lithe leg which she raised up in the air.
Her skin tingled and her muscles relaxed as the warmth covered her.
The water foamed up and only her pert boobs floated amongst the bubbles as she luxuriated in the bath.

Her thoughts went to the end of her College years and to her regular boyfriend Murray and she wondered where he might be these days since their graduation in 1966.
Barbara had discovered at an early age she was a sensual and sexual kind of person and had experimented with Murray several times in the bedroom.

She adored her own person and her fingers had found their way to her vagina instinctively at a tender age.
She raised her hips out of the water and reached down to her trimmed dark mound and rubbed her pussy flaps gently.
With eyes closed she slipped her fingers inside her soft hole and probed deeply.

The warm water felt wonderful as it lapped against her and she made circular motions over her exposed clitoris.
Her large nipples that looked like brown cups hardened as she teased them both and her mouth opened in a silent moan.

She remembered Murray and how he would stroke her pussy lovingly and run his fingertips along her inner thighs before he would place his lips on her and lick the tiny nub between her legs.
How she wished he were with her now as she rubbed her clit hard over and over. The pleasure was intense and her toes curled at the end of the tub as her legs widened and stretched out.

Then her minds eye focused on him. Batman. The Caped Crusader. The six foot plus barrel chested, mysterious hunk with the tight trunks that barely contained his generous manhood.

How she had dreamed of removing those trunks to expose his prick and to let him ravish her hot body.
The Gotham daily newspaper had published a full page poster off his amazing physique since his astonishing arrival as the vigilante crime fighter and Barbara had studied the picture in great detail. She dreamed constantly of him, desired him, lusted for his wonderful body.

As Barbara frigged herself senseless with deep groans she thought back to when Murray had first fucked her and imagined his stiff cock inside her welcome pussy.

She grabbed the little bar of soap and rubbed it against her protruding mound. The soft tip of the bar slipped past her entrance and then she eased it inside further.
The brunette lifted herself up onto her knees and pushed in and out, just how he had done.
She gazed down at her hard nipples and ground her wide hips back and forth. Her whole body shook and the water splashed about around her.

Barbara leaned forwards and held onto the edge of the tub with her left hand and thrust up with her right hand so the soap was fully inserted in her tight cunt.
With her big green eyes closed she imagined Batman fucking her from behind, his strong hands around her big tits and his fat prick inside her soaked pussy.

The tension built and built as the soap moved in and out. Her head dipped and she gasped for air, she needed relief, demanded it, just as she desired him to fuck her hard and fast.

"Batman, Batman, oh my love, make me cum!"

She screamed out, her mouth wide as she felt the fluids drip out and down her left thigh and mix with the bath water.
She discarded the remaining tatters of soap and laid back again and let the warmth devour her glowing body.

Tonight, this night would be her first appearance as Batgirl.
Now ready, her hand made outfit fully finished and equipped, she planned to take to the streets.

Maybe, just maybe HE might be out there too and together they could fight crime side by side.

To be continued
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Re: Batgirl '68
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2019, 04:26:57 PM »
Nice work, I was watching vintage Batman stuff earlier this year, nice call back.
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Re: Batgirl '68
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2019, 02:49:19 AM »
Nice work, I was watching vintage Batman stuff earlier this year, nice call back.
I plan to repost all my previous stories from Lit to this site with pics. They are all great fun.

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Re: Batgirl '68
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Note- This is my loving tribute to the wonderful Yvonne Craig and Adam West, gone but not forgotten. Featuring Joan Collins in an alternate version of the episode 'Wail of the Siren.' This is a work of fiction for fun and no profit. Batman and Batgirl are owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Chapter Two.

Gotham City like any other large Metropolis abounds in girls of all shapes and sizes.
Nurses, typists, debutantes and librarians.
Such as Barbara Gordon who worked in the Gotham City Library.

Daughter of the Police Commissioner James Gordon she lived in a modest townhouse near the trendy Park Ridge area. Having graduated in 1966 with a degree in history she had moved back home and taken the position at the library.

Just like everyone else who resided in the city Barbara had become infatuated by the costumed vigilante crime fighter Batman.
He had taken the city by storm in his combat against the criminal and corrupt and the young 24 year old was besotted by the handsome and mysterious crime fighter.

Barbara considered herself to be in her prime, in her youth she had become an accomplished ballet dancer, although she had never taken any professional interest in a career as a dancer.

The phone rang and Barbara heard her fathers voice on the line.

"Hello darling, hope you haven't forgotten our dinner tonight, are you still on?"

"Yes daddy, I look forward to it."

"Splendid, I will have the prettiest dinner guest in Gotham City by my side."

Barbara giggled.

"And I shall have the most handsome host in you! Love you, see you soon."


Now after considerable contemplation she had decided to take the example of Batman and join him as a masked avenger herself and styled herself as Batgirl, the Domino Daredoll. This night she would make her debut as a crime fighter and would take to the streets and introduce herself to the world.

In her bedroom she approached the vanity and pressed the hidden button under it to activate a revolving door. This revealed her Bat Nook where she planned to change into her hand made costume.

"Well here I go Charlie, wish me luck."

Barbara turned to her pet Parrot who twittered in his cage in her room.

The brown haired beauty stripped out of her floral print dress and discarded her bra and panties, no sense in any underwear on the street.
In her closet she retrieved the sparkly purple full body suit and poured her curvaceous figure into it.

The stretchy spandex material hugged every inch of her lithe frame, from her full perky breasts to her elegant thighs and calves. Just below her twenty three inch waist she attached her yellow utility belt which rested on good turned out hips.

As she inhaled deeply to zip up the back her shapely bosom rose and fell and the tiny yellow bat emblem thrust out on her chest. She marveled at how her free standing breasts stood out.

Around her neck she attached the purple and yellow cape and again cursed herself for making it too short, however on reflection it looked pretty snazzy as it settled over her shoulders.
Only a petite five foot three in bare feet she slipped on her purple ankle high heeled boots and pulled on her elbow length gloves with the bat wings.

Finally she placed the cowl over her bouffant and adjusted it so she could see out of the two eyeholes. A long flame coloured hair hairpiece flowed out and over her cape which she hoped would give the impression she was a redhead.

A quick look in the mirror gave her immense satisfaction. She turned and studied her strong supple back and ass which stuck out from her behind and smiled. Although she said so herself, the outfit really did things for her and the feel of the material on her bare flesh was exhilarating.

Hidden in the closet was a service lift that went to her secret basement three stories down and which served as a garage for her means of transport.

The Batcycle. A purple coloured Yamaha Ycs1 180cc twin cylinder cycle with electric and kick start capable of speeds up to 90 miles per hour, and a bulletproof window guard to boot. She had gotten a good bargain as the odometer only had 700 miles on the clock. She thanked her late mother who had bequeathed her the necessary funds for her dream role.

She pressed another button and an iris shaped gap opened in the fake wall and she quickly clambered aboard the Yamaha.
Her firm muscles flexed as she revved the motor and the outside brick wall parted to let her ride out into the ancient alley.
With her heart pounding in her chest she sped off as the night drew its dark fold over the city. It was make or break time.


The first hour passed by as Batgirl cruised around the more seedy parts of the city with nothing to report. One time she swung past a parked Police patrol car with two officers inside who both did a double take as the red headed girl cruised down the deserted street.

"Boy, that Batman could sure use a haircut!" The other nodded as he sipped his hot coffee.

Next thing Batgirl heard was a loud alarm bell which came from the Gotham Savings Bank she had just passed.

At last, some action!

The purple clad daredoll stopped her cycle and cautiously made her way to the front entrance and saw two dark figures in the shadows outside.

"Hold it you two, not so fast!"

Batgirl stood before them with both hands on hips, chin up and full on pout.

"Who the hell are you?" Said the taller of the two.

"Batgirl! Defender of Law, Order and Justice.

Tall man looked at his shorter partner and they both laughed. The heavy bags of stolen cash by their feet they approached her with menace.

"BAT-GIRL! That's rich! Lets get her!"

Barbara did a side shuffle and avoided the first mans lunge at her and kicked him in the groin as he missed her.

She did a forward roll and came up with a fist to the other mans throat and he fell to the street like a sack of potatoes.

Before he could recover she had a pair of Bat cuffs and secured his hands behind his back as he rolled around on the sidewalk in pain. The first man groaned and cupped his burning balls as Batgirl whipped out another set of cuffs, sat him up on his knees and locked him up.

"Crime never pays my good fellows, I should mend your evil ways if I were you."

She stood over them pleased with herself then turned her head as the Police car sirens wailed and she returned to her Batcycle and sped off.
A quick glance at the chronometer on the dash meant she had missed her dinner engagement with her father.

Damn! He would be cross with her the next time they spoke. As she made her way back to the townhouse a silhouette high up on the rooftops made her slow down and a huge bat wing shape caught her eye.


A smaller figure next to him was surely Robin, the Boy Wonder himself. Barbara wondered if they could see her, or had been aware of her debut crime bust at the Bank. Her heart flip flopped in her chest as she gazed up and then they were gone.


After one week of her nightly sweeps of Gotham City there had been no mention of her in the daily newspaper despite her dealing with a couple of muggers, and her existence was still unknown to the public.

On this night, one which she seriously considered may be her last patrol, she rode past the tall building of the Wayne Foundation and noticed a small group approach the entrance. She thought it odd at the late hour, her clock on the dash read midnight.
Then she saw millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne himself with three others, one of which made her gasp.

It was none other than Lorelei Circe, otherwise known as The Siren. Reports had started lately of this chanteuse with the extraordinary voice that could entrance men and make them do her bidding and decided to investigate. Retirement can wait!

Batgirl followed at a distance and then parked the cycle and took the elevator to the sixth floor and waited outside the private office of Bruce Wayne with her Bat-Stephoscope at the closed door. A woman could be heard speaking in an English accent.

"That's right Wayne hand over all your ready cash and jewels and then sign over your stocks and shares into my name, Lorelei Circe."

Bruce Wayne apparently in some trance agreed.

"Do you have the necessary legal papers?" He said dreamily.

"Andante, the papers."

Barbara couldn't believe her ears, Bruce Wayne was handing his wealth over on a plate!

"Ah yes, with the wealth of this soon to be penniless fop I will be immensely rich and my dream to be the wickedest woman ever will be one step closer. Evil makes the world go around my fellow fiends, forget Florence Nightingale, give me Mata Hari, Lucretia Borgia and Lady Macbeth."

Good gravy thought Barbara! What a devious woman! Just then she heard a sound behind her and there stood Robin, the Boy Wonder.

"And just who are you supposed to be?" The young man demanded to know.

Surprised she stood and took in Batman's sidekick in his red satin short sleeved tunic and very tight elasticated green briefs. Under his black eye mask his big brown eyes sparkled. He tossed his yellow cape over his left shoulder and waited for an answer.

"Why, hello. I'm, well, I'm Batgirl. Pleased to meet you."

She held out her purple gloved hand which he took in bewilderment.

"Batgirl! Since when has there been a Batgirl?"

"Look, there isn't time to explain, Bruce Wayne is signing his fortune away to the Siren. We must stop her. Where is Batman?"

Barbara was disappointed not to meet her idol as Robin looked her over. Nice outfit he thought, the sparkly costume hugged her curvy body and showed off her shapely legs and rounded ass and boobs. He was a young red blooded nineteen year old and had to concentrate on not getting a hard on as the girl ran her left hand up her flank absentmindedly.

"Batman is, er, indisposed, er, he should be joining us."

Sooner than you think he thought.

"This woman Siren has a voice capable of reaching two octaves above high C, it mesmerises men to do her bidding. Somehow she has persuaded Bat, er, Bruce Wayne to come here and hand over his entire wealth. Lets get her!"

"I'm with you Robin."

She followed him and checked out his tight ass under his briefs and was impressed by the well developed muscles in his thighs and calves. She had always admired a mans legs.


"There's no escape Siren, better give yourself up."

Robin stood boldly beside Batgirl who stood with legs apart, hands on hips as they stood at the office door.

"Well well, look. Its Batgirl and Batboy!" Said Siren who grinned at her hoods Andante and Allegro.

She opened her lips and let out a high pitched hum.

"Girls are impervious to your entrancing voice," said Barbara defiantly.

"And I'm wearing Bat Earplugs that screen out any sound above 14,000 decibels."

Siren stood and laughed. The five foot six brunette with the hourglass figure stared at the costumed crime fighters in her Spartan inspired silver mini dress and sandals with the laces that wound around her toned calves.

"No matter, I now legally own this building short stuff, right Wayne?"

Bruce Wayne at his desk in his two piece grey suit nodded with glazed over eyes.

"So I hereby order you off the premises. This is private property and you need a warrant. So make yourself scarce!"

Allegro motioned for them to leave.

"You'll pay for this Siren," said Robin.

"But Robin we can't just go."

"Sorry Batgirl but we're licked."

The two went to leave and he cleverly attached a Bat Bug on the curtain by the exit without being seen. The two of them found a broom closet and Robin used his receiver to listen in on Siren.

"That was a smart move Robin, what is she saying?"

The Siren surprised her two heavies as she began to lower the right shoulder strap of her silver dress down her creamy white arm.
She wiggled her pert rump as she let the dress puddle around her sandals. She was naked underneath and her natural 36C breasts appeared with very erect nipples.

"Er, what's the plan boss?"

Said Allegro as he scratched his head at the sight of the woman with the big tits and milky thighs in all her naked glory. Her dark pubes nestled above a V made by her upper thighs and her Mound of Venus was clearly exposed.

"You two make yourself scarce, I'm going to fuck this EX millionaires brains out. After all, this IS the sixties, free love, the sexual revolution, a woman has needs. And he is kind of cute."

Robin opened his mouth in astonishment.

"What is it Robin?" Said Batgirl puzzled.

"Holy Unlikelihood! The Siren is going to...going to..."

"What, tell me?"

He handed the receiver over so they could both listen in.

"Bruce Wayne, I want you to strip off your clothing."

The Siren moved her left hand across her flat belly toward her pussy with growing excitement.

"Yes, of course."

Bruce stood to his full six feet two and removed his jacket and shirt then unbuckled his trouser belt and the slacks fell to his shoes.

Siren looked on amused and licked her red lips. As he freed up his large member she gripped the smooth shaft and rubbed it from base to crown.
Her grey eyes looked into his as she made him more aroused until he was fully erect in her fist. A glance down pleased her as he achieved his hard nine inch stiffness that poked up proud from his dark thatch.

"Do I please you?"

"Very much so." She said softly as her other hand roamed over his hairless barrel chest.

She reached up on tiptoe and lifted her chin.

"Kiss me."

Bruce held her by the waist and drew her closer and she raised her arms up and around his neck. His erection brushed her upper left thigh and the ravishing woman felt a tingle of fluid emerge from her pussy.

Her hungry mouth met his in a lingering kiss and she pushed her tongue between his lips and found his. Without thinking Wayne grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart then jammed a finger inside her cunt and probed her dampness.

"Oh, that feels nice, continue."

The Siren buried her head in his left shoulder as he moved in and out and she bucked her hips on his big digit. Her pile of brown hair on her head began to become ragged as she tilted back to savour the wonderful sensation of being frigged.
She let out a contented sigh as the burly man rotated his thumb around her hooded clit at the same time he delved deeper into her moistening slit.

"That was very good Wayne, now your turn. Sit."

The naked hunk of a man sat on the swivel chair and she quickly sank to her haunches and held his great cock up so she could tease it with her tongue.
He made a noise at the back of his throat when she clamped down on the hot shaft and swallowed it up.

Siren rubbed her wet cunt as she ran her lips along the fat shaft then moved to the head and grazed her teeth on it. As she lingered with his knob inside her mouth she felt his thighs tremble and she laid her slender fingers on his flesh and dug her nails in.

Then with a huge effort the brunette villain pushed down and he felt the back of her throat which led to an overflow of saliva down her chin. Now she moved fast and the sounds of her slurping were plain to hear to Robin and Batgirl.

"Holy Polaris!"

Batgirl bit her lip as they listened intently to the Siren and her seduction of Bruce Wayne. The young daredoll rubbed her aching pussy under her spandex outfit and let out a sob.

Robin was aware of her presence and her sweet aroma that filled his nostrils. She turned to him as they stood hunched in the closet and she took a good look at his lean, yet muscular body.
He had been a swimmer, or even a gymnast in his younger years she guessed, he had that type of physique. She watched every muscle in his thighs as he tensed and her big green eyes widened at the tight briefs of his that strained to contain his cock that had risen to a very stiff state.

Their eyes locked and they fell into a passionate embrace. Her eager tongue met his as they kissed with a desperation that came with the situation.
The purple clad heroine did not hesitate as her gloved hand pulled his waistband down and grabbed his rock hard prick. Robin did not resist as she cupped his freed balls and squeezed.

"What are we doing Batgirl? Should we, you know?"

Batgirl looked at him and smiled.

"The Siren is right, we do live in the age of consensual sex. You're horny, I'm horny so lets fuck."

Then he gasped as she went to her knees and slipped her tongue around and around the head and traced a line up one side of the shaft and down the other before she enveloped him with a quick move.

He slid past her lips and down her throat till she gagged and released him. With sheer delight he watched as his cock slid in and out of the mystery girl, whoever she was she gave a good blowjob. Her spit ran down his length as she licked him up and down with glee.

"Why don't we get a bit more comfortable." He whispered.

Batgirl nodded and without hesitation unclasped the yellow cape to reveal a very long sensual neck, then her hands went to her slim waist and undid her utility belt and let it drop to the floor.
She brushed her titian mane up and grasped the zipper at the back of her neck and pulled on it slowly down to the small of her back.

Robin looked on excitedly as her costume opened and her big boobs popped out proud and perky, the puffy nipples aroused. She literally had to peel the spandex off her firm ripe body and she wriggled side to side to drag it over her hips and athletic buttocks.

The young man stroked his throbbing cock as the phenomenal girl bared her toned legs and then kicked her booties off. She stood before him in cowl and gloves only and his eye was drawn to her tight abdomen and trim stomach. Her legs quivered as her hand wandered to her trimmed dark haired pussy and teased her flaps open.

"Like what you see Boy Wonder?"

 She giggled as he frantically yanked on his stiff prick. She realised why he might be known as Boy Wonder as his erection reached a satisfactory eight inches.

"Holy Alps, but you're gorgeous Batgirl."

"I bet you say that to all the female crimefighters!"

"Just who are you?"

"Now Robin, you wouldn't tell me who you are now would you? Same with me. Now come here and give me that that beautiful cock."

He took his cape from his neck and together with hers laid them out on the floor. The two young lovers hugged and kissed as they explored each others bodies.

Robin kissed and nibbled the delectable breasts as Barbara moaned and writhed and caressed his back. His hot tongue traced the outline of her large nipples then molded his gloves around the globes of flesh as she leaned back and parted her legs. Robin got the hint and dove down and slid his hand to her mound. With his left glove he managed to spread the moist pussy lips and reveal the hidden pearl.

Barbara let out a loud and prolonged sigh as he slid a finger inside her tunnel while flicking at her hard clitoris. Her cunt grew wetter and wetter every time his hot tongue made contact and the young crusader arched her back with delight.

"Don't stop Robin, you're making me positively glow."

He increased his fingering and licking which transformed the girl into a trembling wreck.

"Yes, yes, lick my pussy, I want to cum so bad!"

He felt her curvaceous body tense then her orgasm ripped through her and he lapped up her juices as she came over his face. As she caught her breath she raised her head and looked at him.

"I need you inside me, now, fuck me Boy Wonder."

Batgirl pushed the teen crimefighter back onto the spread capes and mounted him. As she sank down to let his hard member spear her wet pussy the redhead panted with the sensation of impalement.

"Yesss...oh it feels good."

The Domino Daredoll rose and fell on him with slow moves that drove him crazy. His entire length vanished up inside her with ease as he looked up at the cowled girl.

With expert gyrations of her hips and shapely thighs she clenched her inner muscles in order to grip his thick meat tightly. She leaned forward and presented her pert tits to his face and he stuck out a tongue to give them little stabs.

Pinned under her he was helpless as she slammed down on his pole right to his balls. Then he was taken by surprise as she leapt up and moved forward and spread out her gloved arms and bare legs.

"Fuck me from behind Robin."

The vision of Batgirl on all fours and her cute ass raised in the air was too much to bear and he was up her before you could say 'to the Batpoles!'

With a firm grip on her waist he thrust up and impaled her on his aching manhood. In a trice he fucked her with fast and frantic slams of his pelvis and she felt his balls slap against her ass.

"Oh Robin, yes, yes, yes, yes. Deeper!"

Robin was a red and green blur as he thrust home again and again, the feel of her peachy buttocks was a dream come true as he smashed into her hard.

As he plowed into her, his weight made her drop face down onto the floor and her tits mashed against the soft capes. His entire tool was swallowed up by her and each new thrust brought their mutual orgasms nearer.

His legs were on the outside of hers as she closed her thighs to allow the tightest and most shallow penetration, his cock literally scraped her inner walls. Barbara rolled her eyes up into her head as she enjoyed her second climax and then felt his seed blast inside her sodden cunt as they collapsed one atop the other and the warm liquid seeped from her. As he withdrew his dripping cock from the amazing girl he froze.

"Holy relief! We forgot Bat..Bruce Wayne! Give me the receiver quickly!"


Unseen by the two young crime fighters Bruce Wayne had the Siren on her back along his desk with his large hard cock fully inserted in the cunt of the chanteuse. Her slight body was moved roughly on his fat shaft as he slammed into her and with each and every deep push she yelled out with rapt pleasure.

"That's the way Wayne fuck me as fast and as hard as you can...oh my what a cock!"

"Yes Siren, I only desire to make you happy."

Siren had her laced sandals way up on the broad shoulders of the millionaire playboy, her feet firmly clamped by his ears and her hands gripped the edge of the desk until her knuckles were white.

The desk was rocked to and fro from the power thrusts of the tall man who dug his toes in the floor and flexed every muscle in his body in order to hammer into her foaming pussy.
Her hips bucked and writhed but with her thighs spread so far apart she was pretty much helpless as he drove through her.
She met his gaze, big blue eyes that seemed to look through her, almost as if he were drugged.

Then her whole body shook as her orgasm took hold and she yelled out from the incredible feeling. Still he continued to ram his huge cock as far into her as he could. With her legs rested on his shoulders he grasped her lithe thighs and sped up his strokes.

"Come on Wayne, cum in me." She ordered.

"At once Siren."

Bruce Wayne exploded inside the lustful brunette, she kept her eyes on his as her breath hissed from between her teeth. The limber hunk draped over her as he pumped his semen into her hot molten pussy then left her with a step back.

He lowered her legs so they dangled over the desk and watched his cum drip out of her. With a strong grip he lifted her up and stood motionless, his prick pointed to the floor, one long sticky string of white fluid slowly dribbled out.

"Did you get what you needed? He asked in a daze.

Siren brushed the perspiration from her brow and cupped her mushy cunt.

"Very much so, you are quite the stud. I always thought you were gay. Now go up to the roof and step off."

"At once Siren."

As she got back into her mini dress Wayne headed to the elevator.

"Holy altitude! The Siren is going to make Bruce Wayne jump off the roof!" Said Robin as he tossed the listening device to the floor.

Batgirl put her dainty foot in her right boot and stood up, her purple outfit on once more.

"To the stairway?"

"YES!" The Boy Wonder hoisted his briefs over his exposed groin and sped off.

When Robin and Batgirl reached the rooftop they observed the Siren instructing a naked Bruce Wayne to the ledge in order to make him leap.

"DON'T DO IT!" Yelled Robin as he swung across on his Bat Rope and kicked the mesmerised man from the edge.

Batgirl leapt into action with a swift kick to the head of Allegro.


Andante came behind her and she gave a backwards kick to his midriff which winded him.


Together the young crime fighters picked up a two by four and used it as a battering ram and totally disabled the two hoods.


Robin turned to the Siren who had looked on with frustration and gripped her arms.

"Can you get Mister Wayne out of that spell?" He demanded.

"Only with an antidote note. But that's three octaves above high C, nobody's ever done it before."

She knew reaching such a high note would ruin her voice.

Batgirl cradled the naked millionaire playboy and used her cape to cover his nakedness.

"Oh Bruce, if only you were more like Batman, maybe you would have had the strength to resist the Siren."

Robin dragged the female villain over and pushed her to her knees.

"Alright, do your stuff."

She looked at them all then produced a high pitched hum. Bruce gradually came to his senses and looked up.

"Robin, what happened."

He turned to his right and saw the purple cowled heroine.

"Who are you?" He asked suddenly aware of his nakedness.

"This is Batgirl Mister Wayne, she helped out a lot." In more ways than you think.

Barbara smiled back at Robin.

"Anytime, now lets round up those fiends."

She got up and went to the stairwell and in an instant she was gone.

"GOOD GRAVY!" Said Siren who collapsed by the wall, her entrancing voice ruined forever.


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Re: Batgirl '68
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2020, 08:55:01 AM »
Note- Inspired by the iconic tv series from the sixties, this is my alternate version of the three episode story 'Londinium Larcenies.' Batman and Batgirl are owned by DC comics and Warner Bros, this is just for fun and no monetary gain.


Chapter Three.

In the great metropolis of Londinium, mighty Capital of the Old World, there were some strange goings on in the Queen's private museum at Chuckingham Palace.

Lord Marmaduke Ffogg of Ffoggshire and his sister Lady Penelope Peasoup were in the process of purloining Her Majesty's priceless snuffboxes.

With his special tobacco pipe they covered their tracks with his own man made fog that poured from the pipe in thick clouds of green.

The fiendish British duo laughed heartily as they made their escape loaded with the loot.

Across the Atlantic Ocean in the Gotham City office of Commissioner Gordon, the silver haired sexagenarian hung up from a short conversation with none other than the President himself who had enquired about Batman being free to handle the thefts in England.

Gordon had suggested himself as an aid as he was sailing there for an International Police Commissioner's Conference that very week.

At that moment the stylish figure of Barbara Gordon entered the office and sat at the desk opposite her father.

She removed her mustard coloured head scarf to reveal her bouffant of brown hair and undid the buttons of her matching short coat.

After a hard day at the library where she had been employed since 1967 she slumped exhausted in the seat and looked into the lined face of her father.

James Gordon looked up and spread his hands.

"There have been a series of unexplained robberies in Londinium from which all the thieves have escaped in a man mad fog, even Her Majesty has been a victim losing her entire collection of rare snuff boxes.

I just spoke to the President himself and I tried to persuade him I could handle the matter.

Just as I've tried to persuade you to take your vacation in Londinium with me."

Barbara took off her white gloves and smiled.

"Two weeks in thick fog? No thank you daddy."

"Oh well, maybe Batman will be easier to convince." He gazed at her from the corner of his eye as he spoke.

Barbara sat up in her chair all ears and blurted out excitedly.


"Yes my dear, the President has been contacted by Venerable Ireland Yard who want the Caped Crusader to look into the strange situation."

The young besotted brunette leapt up and clapped her hands in glee.

This might be a chance to get close to her hero whom she adored from afar and had been the inspiration for her to take on the mantle of Batgirl.

"I think two weeks in Londinium would be delightful daddy, I'm in."

Barbara turned on her heels in haste and left in order to pack for the trip and Gordon stepped over to the red Bat Phone.


Next evening on a crystal clear Gotham night aboard a luxury liner Barbara Gordon and her father bade farewell to the people on the dock as they were joined by millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson.
Apparently on his way on personal business involving his Foundation.

Barbara had run into him on various functions in Gotham and of course had played an integral part in saving him from the deadly hands of 'The Siren' recently.

At that precise moment in Londinium in the home of aristocrat Lady Easterland, her precious jewelled Easter eggs were being stolen by Lord Ffogg and his sister before once more making a getaway under cover of his pea soup created by his pipe of fog.

Three days at sea and the voyage was over and Barbara and her father quickly attended the offices of Ireland Yard, headquarters of the Metropolitan Police.
There was no time to waste.

Superintendent Watson welcomed them with open arms, glad of some assistance in the unsolved robberies.
As the three of them exchanged pleasantries Batman and Robin bounced into the office.

"Ah Batman, and Robin the Boy Wonder, allow me to introduce Superintendent Watson." Gordon stood straight backed and proud as he spoke.

"Tis a pleasure to meet you." The old boy greeted them with strong handshakes.

"No Sir, the pleasure is all ours." Answered the cowled crime fighter.

"And this pretty young lady is my daughter Barbara."

The twenty four year old stood in awe as she gazed at the two costumed men.

Stood in a corner of the office in a red sleeveless mini dress with high rounded collar her heart skipped a beat and her green eyes widened as she took in the impressive physique of the caped six footer.

Her right thigh rubbed against her left as she nervously smiled and locked eyes with her hero and she thought for a moment her pussy rewarded her with a mini orgasm.

She felt her cheeks redden as her eye line ran from his wide shoulders to the thick biceps.

The grey jumpsuit was tight fitting and his well developed thighs strained at the material.

His eight pack was clearly visible and a V of sheer muscle above his groin stood out under the yellow utility belt which sat atop the briefest of navy trunks that housed what looked to be a blackjack that ran down the left side.

"Charmed to make your acquaintance I'm sure."

Batman spoke in a warm low voice that made Barbara slightly giddy. His dark brooding eyes leered out of the navy cowl above a strong jaw.

"I've heard so much about you Batman, when did you arrive in Londinium? We didn't see you on our liner."

"Its a large ship.

Well down to business, you say that every robbery takes place under cover of a thick fog?"

Watson nodded, the ruddy faced Englishman in his tweed suit twirled his handlebar moustache.

"Fog. Fogbound, foghorn..." Batman became lost in deep thought.

"Aftergrass!" Said Robin as he pounded his gloved fist with his other.

He looked around at Barbara Gordon, completely oblivious to her alter ego Batgirl, despite the fact he had fucked her brains out not too long ago.

The sexy brunette looked back at him and took in his lean and toned frame and recalled his sexual prowess and stole a quick glance at his package in his tight briefs.

"Aftergrass?" Commissioner Gordon appeared lost.

"Yes, aftergrass, its a type of lawn sometimes known as fog." Batman helped him out.

"That's right, we have the finest fog in the world and the best in the country can be found at Ffogg Place, the famous estate of Lord Marmaduke Ffogg."

"Interesting." Batman turned to Watson. "Would it be alright if we checked out the estate Superintendent?"

"Surely you don't suspect one of our most respected aristocrats Batman?"

"No of course not, its just my friend millionaire Bruce Wayne has a magnificent aftergrass lawn and I'd like to compare the two."

Barbara raised her eyebrows.

"Have you seen Mister Wayne Batman?"

"No, he is extremely busy at his office in town."

The Superintendent stood up and huffed.

"Well I don't see any harm in a visit. The Lord and his sister Lady Peasoup run a posh finishing school there, I'll arrange things right now."


"Batman and Robin are coming here? Those costumed clowns from the Colonies?"

Lord Marmaduke looked at his sister who replaced the telephone.

"Superintendent Watson mentioned something about our aftergrass lawn."

As she spoke a pretty blonde in a cream sweater and plaid mini skirt entered the room.

"Yes Prudence, what is it?"

"That's LADY Prudence, Aunt Penelope." The young English girl retorted.

"Well LADY Prudence, would you be so kind as to organise the other girls, Batman and Robin are due here any moment."

"The Dynamic Duo! Smashing!" She ran off instantly, her patent black leather shoes clattered on the wooden floor.

Just then the butler ushered in the Caped Crusaders and Watson, followed by Barbara.

"Hello there," gushed Lady Peasoup in her plummy English accent.

"You must be Batman and Robin, and the delightful Superintendent Watson, and uh?"

She peered at Barbara quizzically.

"May I present Miss Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon of Gotham City. Isn't she just charming!"

"Welcome to Ffogg Place my dear. Lady Prudence!"

The blonde returned to the library where they were all gathered followed by four other equally stunning beauties.

"This is his Lordship's daughter, my niece, and the girls from the school. Left to right we have Duchess, Kit, Daisy and Rosamond."

All the girls curtsied and Robin especially admired the short dresses and skirts worn by the fit and sexy group.

Barbara saw the look on his face and glared at him jealously.
She smoothed out her red coat that she wore over her mini dress and turned to her host.

"Such a fresh innovation, no school uniforms." Said the young American.

"Yes all the girls have their clothes specially designed on Barnaby Street.

Would you consider joining our Faculty Miss Gordon? Even for a short while?"

Barbara gave it some thought, might be a good idea to snoop around the place.

"Now, Lady Prudence would you mind showing Robin around the grounds while I take care of the others.

And keep clear of the cricket pavilion please.

"Batman, lets start in the Judo room."

Batman folded his arms.

A Judo room? For young girls?


Outside Robin strolled alongside Prudence who talked about the large manor and grounds.

"Yes we girls are almost done with our studies now, soon to be owners of an MS degree."

Robin looked at the blonde perplexed.


"Mistresses of Shoplifting, trained personally by Lady Peasoup. But please don't tell Batman, I'd be in big trouble with my father. I'd do anything for you Robin."

The Boy Wonder looked at her tight sweater that concealed large breasts and sized up her creamy thighs with the knee high white socks.

She in turn checked out his red tunic and tight green briefs.

His thigh muscles flexed as he felt her blue eyes on him and sure enough his manhood began to stir.

"That looks terribly uncomfortable Robin, might I be of assistance?"

Prudence drew nearer and brushed her lips against his as her slender fingers traced out a line down his chest towards his groin.

Robin stood transfixed as the English girl kissed him hard on the mouth.
She moved to his neck and gave him tiny nibbles with her strong white teeth then whispered into his left ear.

"May I suck your cock?"

Without waiting for the answer she took hold of his elasticated waist and tugged his briefs down over his rock hard prick.

He gasped softly as his member sprang up and Prudence went down on her knees in front of him and let his spongy head enter her red lips.

She felt the veins on his shaft swell as her lips sucked on the big crown and she grazed his heavy balls with her fingers as she took time to pleasure the aroused young man.

Prudence released his slick cock and blew air gently up and down the whole length and was rewarded with his twitching shaft.

With a slow swipe of her tongue she started at the base and moved up to the tip leaving a trail of saliva along the way.

Then she dipped her head and engulfed his cock inside her warm mouth and began to suck on him with greedy and noisy moves.

Her hands were either side of his hips and caressed him as she gave him a handless blowjob which made him groan from deep down in his throat.

His stiff cock throbbed and bucked in her mouth and he brought his right glove to hold her head.

Her big blue eyes locked onto his as she continued to bob up and down on his thick organ and he desperately wanted release.

Both her hands gripped his thighs in a tight grasp as she speeded up and Robin felt his full balls contract.

"Holy eruption!"

Faster and faster Prudence took his cock in till his cock head tickled the back of her throat.

The girl sucked in her cheeks and the vacuum she created squeezed his erection so tightly he felt tears form in his eyes behind his black face mask.

His hips surged forward and his cock spasmed.

Thick cum blasted down her throat and he held her head still as he jerked inside her mouth.

The blonde gagged twice but was held in firm hands.

When he was spent he relaxed and she ran her tongue all over the creamy cock till he was licked clean.

"Simply splendid, your cock tastes divine Robin, much better than the average Englishman."

"Gee thanks, you too, that is, er, you sure know how to suck a cock!"


Back in the library Batman and Superintendent Watson had returned from their tour of the manor while Barbara had left on an errand.

"Perhaps we ought to leave now Batman, what ho?" Said Watson.

"Just as soon as Robin gets here."

"I'm right here Batman," replied a breathless and slightly mussed Boy Wonder.

"I'll see you out." Lady Peasoup led the way leaving Lady Prudence alone with His Lordship.

"Well Prudence, how did you make out with Robin?" Asked Marmaduke.

"Oh, I made out with him alright. But he's greeby, way too greeby."

Penelope came back and Marmaduke raised his monacle to his right eye.

"I say, why did you invite that girl to join our Faculty my dear sister. She probably has a direct line to Batman himself."

The dowdy woman dressed in tweeds sat on the long red sofa and grinned.

"But that is why I did it, to keep an eye on him and his brigade, through her. And, if necessary we would have her as a hostage."

"Dashed clever, what? Wonderful my dear."


Batgirl, secret identity Barbara Gordon slipped into the forbidden cricket pavilion at Ffogg Place with ease and entered a small display room.

Following her female intuition she had heard what Lady Peasoup said and had returned with her purple valise inside which contained her outfit.

Behind a convenient bush just outside she stripped out of her mini dress and underwear and stood naked under a rare sunny English sky.

The warmth felt divine on her sensuous pale flesh and she closed her eyes and wallowed in the wonderful sensation.

Her hands moved over her perky upturned breasts with the puffy nipples that resembled brown cups.

She licked her lips as she moved further to caress her tight buttocks that thrust out behind her narrow back, then around her toned stomach.

Her thoughts went back to Batman and his strong perfected frame and she cupped her trimmed mound between her upper thighs and sighed heavily.

She managed to return to the task in hand and poured her alluring five foot three figure into the sparkly spandex purple costume.

Her boobs fit inside the moulded chest and the soft fabric clung to every inch of her curvy frame.

No underwear was needed and Barbara loved the feel of the spandex on her soft skin.

Next came her cowl with the fitted red hair piece followed by the gloves and purple boots.

Now in the tiny room she swept her yellow cape over her left shoulder and peered into a glass cabinet.

"The Count of Claremont's Coin Collection," she read aloud.

Beside it was another display of ill-gotten gains, the Duchess of Desborough's Diamonds.

And a third contained Her Majesty's Priceless Snuffboxes.

So Batman was right in his suspicions of Lord Ffogg, he was as guilty as a thieving magpie.

Outside and unbeknownst to Batgirl Lady Prudence had observed the Domino Daredoll and turned the gauge on the paralysing gas device and in a trice the room was filled with the knockout cloud and Batgirl wilted away.

Prudence gathered the other girls and presented the paralysed female crime fighter to Lady Peasoup.

"Batgirl eh? How novel. Take her down to the dungeon girls. My word, costumed crime fighters come in all sexes!"


Batgirl came to her senses to discover herself chained in the dungeon by her wrists to the thick brick wall.

Beside her stood Marmaduke and his fiendish sister.

"What a pity, so young, so pretty, but she must be disposed of."

Barbara tugged on her tied wrists in vain and her ample bosom thrust up and out of her spandex costume.

"Oh Marmaduke I did promise the girls they could have some fun with her first."

"Very well, invite them down while we get ready for our final heist, the robbery of the Crown Jewels!"

Presently the four eighteen year old and very horny girls descended the stone stairs to find Batgirl secured to the wall.

The titian haired daredoll struggled more and more and her writhing became harder as she looked at the girls.

Rosamond moved first and groped Barbara's boobs and laughed before she moved to her taut belly, admiring the way her muscles moved under the outfit.

"Hands off me you bitch!" Cried Batgirl.

Kit joined them as Barbara gasped and moaned and reluctantly became turned on.

Kit moved a hand between her thighs and rubbed her pussy under her costume.

Daisy removed the yellow utility belt from the trim 23 inch waist and dropped it to the floor.

"No, no, please stop!" Barbara began to panic.

"How does it come off?" Said Duchess fumbling around the stretchy form fitting outfit.

"Oh, here is a zipper."

Between them they discarded the cape and unzipped the body suit so that her breasts were freed up and stuck out from her bare chest.

The spandex stretched, then tore over her arms by the gloves and Rosamond tugged the fabric over the smooth muscles of her feminine thighs and slender calves and all of them cooed with delight at the sight of Barbara naked.

"Don't you just dig a chick in boots and gloves!" Daisy spoke as she rubbed her own snatch and admired the perfect ripe peach of Barbara's ass.

"NO!" Screamed Barbara as fingers groped her legs and found her damp cunt under her trimmed brown pubes.

She dug her boots firmly in the dirt but strong hands held her legs apart so Kit could bury her tongue inside the wet slit.

Daisy came behind the captive girl and stripped her summer dress off so she was nude and pressed her body to Barbara and pawed at her big breasts and stomach.

Below, Kit gripped the long shapely legs as she drove her tongue further into the hot pussy in front of her face.

With frantic swipes she lapped at the forbidden treasure happily and made yummy sounds as she tasted the sweet juices of the captive girl.

At the same time Duchess stripped off her own top and mini skirt and mashed her pendulous natural tits against Batgirl so that she became the center of a three way sandwich of flesh.

Barbara bucked and shook as her youthful body was consumed in unbelievable waves of pleasure.

Suddenly she had a small orgasm and sighed in delight.

Her clitoris was stimulated by constant licks and her fluids ran down her left thigh.

Kit poked out her tongue to make an arrow and made several stabs at the hard nub that had become erect from her expert oral attack.

Daisy and Duchess gleefully took turns in smacking their naked bodies into Barbara until their young flesh started to perspire and left a film of sweat on the female crime fighter.

Then Duchess began to fondle her firm breasts and sucked on one hard nipple.

Barbara rolled her head around and the red mane of hair tumbled out over her shoulders. She was completely under their will and gasped loudly as her body pushed ever closer to a thundering climax.

From behind her Daisy licked her throat and shoulders and gnawed on the tender flesh while fingers twisted deeper inside her weeping cunt until Batgirl screamed out like a banshee and she was wracked by the biggest orgasm of her life.

She slumped on her binds and her head lowered as her heart beat fast, her pussy dribbled onto the stone floor.

The girls surrounded their prey like vultures, naked and glowing in the heat of the dungeon.

"Now lets see who it is under this mask."

Rosamond moved to lift the cowl from Batgirl.

"Not so fast you devils!"

Batman stood at the entrance to the dungeon with his hands on his hips.

"Don't touch one more hair on that girls head!"

In total panic the girls took up their clothing and fled the scene.

Batgirl raised her cowled head, her face was one of innocence yet somehow mature.

Her supple naked body, now oiled with her sweat and cum was extremely desirable to Batman who stared at the beauty still held by the wrists with chains.

She found herself vulnerable and incredibly aroused, all her senses exhilarated as she felt his eyes on her.

Her body was perfect he thought, she was a seething sexual stunner, and mysterious to boot with her features covered.

He became possessed by a raw animal lust and his manhood stood out and stretched his trunks to their limit.

"Batman, thank goodness, how did you find me?"

"When Lady Peasoup forbade anyone to visit the cricket pavilion naturally I was curious. I checked it out and discovered the loot easily.

Then I heard the girls giggling through the open door of the dungeon and investigated."

Barbara took a sharp intake of breath.

"Do, do, you like what you see?" She whispered.

Very much so, he said in his head, but remained silent.

Batgirl's toned thighs stretched and flexed seductively and her hips thrust forward in a desperate wish to be nearer to her dream lover.

She could not imagine any other person she would want to share this moment with, only him.

Batman had terrible discomfort in his trunks and ached to release his stiffening manhood.

Batgirl wished he would do so as her wide hips squirmed and her pointy breasts heaved.

He watched with half lidded eyes behind the cowl at her lithe dancer's legs, sleek and booted and reluctantly drew his tight trunks down to release his well endowed prick.

Barbara had eyes on stalks as she marveled at his size.

It was very large and extremely thick, over nine inches of meat.

She had fantasized about this moment a number of times.

At first she felt nervous as he stroked himself and grew even bigger.

The head was plum shaped and the shaft was a straight rod of steel hard cock from top to base with a gentle upward curvature.

Several large bulging blood vessels ran down the whole length.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

She must have him.

Batman stepped closer and held his fat shaft in one glove.

He must have her.

"Batman, take me my love, I'm yours, all yours."

He could smell her womanly aroma and began to fondle her magnificent boobs.

Soft and firm, he squeezed them together and Barbara shifted her hips as she clung onto the chains that bound her.

His gloved hands slid sensuously over her thighs, then he reached behind and clutched her rump and parted her cheeks.

His tall and muscled body pressed firmly to hers and they kissed long and hard.

Her tongue plunged into his mouth urgently as his cock brushed against her left thigh, tantalisingly close to her dripping pussy.

The feel of her young body drove him to grope and seize her naked flesh as she moaned into his mouth, her warm breath filled his throat.

Barbara surrendered her body totally, his strong arms, his hard cock, this is what she needed.

She twisted and writhed in his grip as he snaked hands up her upright arms and nibbled her long neck.

"Batman, you drive me insane, mmmm, so wonderful."

Who was this mysterious heroine? Where did she come from? Did she have a lover?

He broke off the kiss and unhanded her.

"This, this is wrong."

Barbara stared at him horrified.

"No Batman, its perfectly fine. Take me, take me, I need you, I need relief. Love me, fuck me, please, please, please, don't leave me hanging. I want you, I want you, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Pleeeeeeeeeeze!!!"

Batman paused and considered, she was the sexiest piece of ass he had ever encountered.

She jerked and pleaded, and her trimmed pussy invited him in.

Despite his reservations he neared her again and placed the bulbous head of his veiny prick at her slick pussy lips.

The tall man bent at the knees in order to get the correct angle and Barbara brought her groin down to meet him.

She lowered her cowled head and looked in awe at his mighty tool poised to enter her hungry cunt.

In a powerful grip he held her hips steady and pulled the tender young girl forward.

Barbara literally shivered in anticipation of the penetration she had dreamed of.

He withdrew his pelvis and paused to thrust into her.


It was Robin.

Barbara widened her bright eyes as Batman stepped away and managed to sheath his erection inside his navy trunks before his comrade joined them.

The saddened female crime fighter went limp and the Caped Crusader helped her free and she dressed in her purple costume once more.

She knew her chance had gone, so close to fulfilment she could taste it.

The ragged ends of her sleeves gave her a sad and shabby look as she saw her hero walk away from her.

"Down here old chum."

Robin descended the staircase in a hurry.

"Good news Batman, Commissioner Gordon and Superintendent Watson apprehended the Lord and Lady as they attempted to rob the Crown Jewels."

"Excellent news Robin, did you hear that Bat..."

He spun around and observed the Domino Daredoll had vanished.

His erection faded and he wondered what might have been had he not been interrupted.

END, for now.
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Re: Batgirl '68
« Reply #5 on: January 05, 2020, 07:52:45 AM »
Note- My alternate take on the Batman tv show episode 'Marsha, Queen of Diamonds' with the addition of Batgirl. I do not own any rights to Batman or Batgirl. I did not gain any profit from this fictional tale.


Chapter Four. Love potions and strange notions.


Another sparkling day in Gotham City and Marsha, self styled Queen of Diamonds relaxed on her chaise lounge and contemplated her reflection in her hand mirror.

Draped in a full length black gown she wore her long hair piled up on her head.

The elegant and slim beauty positively dripped in diamonds, from her exuberant necklace and drop earings to her studded tiara.

She lived only to possess, wear and flaunt the precious stones and would break any law to gain ownership of the biggest and finest in the world.

In her endless quest for those diamonds, large or small, her attention was drawn more and more to Gotham City, and in particular Batman.

A tall man entered her private room with a turban and Arabian attire.

"Your report, Grand Mogul. Anything on the Bat Diamond?"

"Yes Your Highness, this is the power source for the Bat Computer and well over 10,000 carats in size. Only trouble its kept in the Bat Cave, its whereabouts are unknown."

Marsha chuckled and her diamond necklace jiggled round her pale neck.

"Ah yes, once I've sprung my little trap I will find the Cave. Is Cupid loaded?"

She referred to the tiny statue on the presentation table with the pose of a cherub pointing a bow and arrow.

The large servant nodded.

"Good, Commissioner Gordon will be here momentarily, have him come in here when he arrives."


James Gordon, many years Commissioner of the Gotham City Police, and proud father of his twenty four year old daughter Barbara, arrived in the Midtown apartment of Marsha in a gruff mood.

He had been dragged here on the pretence his daughter was in attendance with the so called Queen of Diamonds and was in no mood for any fuss.

In recent times his career had been one calamity after another, what with Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman running riot in his city.

Thanks to Batman, and lately Batgirl his life was made somewhat easier.

Shown into her boudoir he confronted her at once.

"Where is my daughter? What have you done with her you diabolical Mata Hara!"

"Darling, relax, sit by me." She patted the round bed she lounged on.

"You are becoming tiresome you witch, where is Barbara?"

Marsha stifled a yawn and fiddled with her remote control to point Cupid at the angry grey haired man.

"No style, no elan, what a bore!"

With a quick stab she fired a love dart which stuck his left butt cheek.

In an instant his mood changed and he became aware of an overwhelming feeling of adoration for the beautiful creature before him.

"I'm yours to command my love, I'll do anything for you, anything."

He had completely changed and knelt at her feet, a soppy grin on his face.

"Wonderful darling, hand me the telephone." Marsha pointed a long index finger to her bedside dresser.


A mere two miles away in the office of the Commissioner sat the charming Barbara Gordon, a concerned look on her pretty face.

She nervously tapped her white gloves against her bare thigh, her green mini skirt had hitched up high on her crossed legs.

At that moment Batman and Robin burst in and she jumped up in surprise.

"Batman and Robin! Is there anything wrong?" She exclaimed.

Her big green eyes met her hero's dark brooding eyes and she blushed involuntarily.

Her thoughts went back to recent events and their escapade in Londinium, and their oh so near consummation in the dungeon of Lord Ffogg.

She wondered if he had any notion her alter ego was Batgirl.

His tall and muscular physique really did things to her and she couldn't hide her lengthy stare at the huge package in his navy trunks.

"Miss Gordon, we were expecting to meet the Commissioner for a meeting."

"That's strange, I've been waiting here myself. its unlike him not to call."

The phone rang even as she spoke and Batman answered.

"Yes, right, I see. I'll be right there."

Barbara and Robin both looked at the crime fighter wide eyed.

"It seems the Commissioner has fallen foul of the Queen of Diamonds, she has him in her clutches."

"WHAT! My Father,  held by that foul tempest!" Barbara held her fist to her mouth and began to sob.

"Holy hypnotism, what do we do Batman?" Robin the Boy Wonder hovered on tiptoe excitedly as he waited for a response.

"First I want you to return to the Bat Cave for that special parcel, while I go visit this woman at once. Miss Gordon...oh, she left."

"Wow, just like Batgirl."

Batman paused in thought, just like Batgirl indeed.


Barbara had hurried back to her modest townhouse near the trendy Park Ridge area and had already transformed into her secret identity Batgirl and was speeding to the home of Marsha on her Bat Cycle.

On arrival she parked the purple Yamaha and burst into the bedroom of the self styled Queen without ceremony.

With hands on hips, legs apart and nostrils flared she confronted the dastardly female villain.

"What have you done with the Commissioner!" She demanded.

"My, my, a female bat, how quaint! And quite irrelevant. Goodnight dearie."

The purple vision clamped her gloved hand to her neck as a knock out dart pierced her skin. She slumped to the floor in a heap and Marsha summoned her servant to take her away.

"I will deal with her later, Batman will be here shortly."

Barely a moment later Batman entered and moved with caution into the sweet smelling boudoir.

Her plan was working, she would hypnotise the Caped Crusader, marry him and then she would find the Bat Cave and the Bat diamond.

"Welcome my darling, come sit by me and have a little chat." She stretched out on the bed and flashed her big eyes at the intruder.

"We have nothing to discuss, just show me to the Commissioner."

"Do you not find me attractive?"

Batman took a moment to take in the glamorous beauty.

"Never mind your wily ways and scheming, I represent the even handed resolve of decency. Now lets not waste any more time."

"By all that shines and sparkles, are all the local men simply very boring?

Oh well tut, tut."

With a flick of her wrist Cupid fired again and Batman fell down like a sack of potatoes.

"Hmm, I have a strange notion to test my potion and cause a commotion with Batman and Batgirl.

Hah, I'm so wicked!"

Marsha looked down on the unmoving man.

Cute ass she thought.


As Batgirl lifted her weary head and adjusted to her environment she saw her captor before her.

She tried to move but her arms were secured tightly behind her back against a vertical metal pole.

The position made her back arch and her prominent perky breasts thrust out and up.

Marsha watched the female crime fighter struggle and admired her curvaceous thighs in the form hugging purple spandex.

Her Mound of Venus could be clearly seen and her supple round buttocks were taut as the heroine strained.

Completely helpless Batgirl groaned and twisted in vain and began to seethe with frustration.

Marsha stepped forwards and removed the red gag from the girls mouth.

"You won't get away with this you vixen, Batman will rescue me." Pouted Batgirl her chin high held high up in defiance.

"Oh, good news on that score my dear, the Caped Crusader is already here.
Bring him in, Grand Mogul."

"At once Highness."

Batman was wheeled in, tied to a gurney he was brought to the middle of the room in a vertical position.

His neck, wrists and ankles secured by steel straps that kept him firmly in place.

He saw the young girl tied and his blood began to boil.

"You fiend! Batgirl, are you alright?"

Barbara nodded then felt a sharp prick in her upper arm as Cupid fired a love arrow at her.

She gasped in surprise and a warm feeling filled her veins.

"Isn't it splendid! As the potion spreads through your blood stream you will instantly fall in love with Batman here. Go ahead my dear, kiss him."

The Grand Mogul had already released the Domino Daredoll and she approached her beau dreamily.

Batman could not take his eyes off her, her curvy form in the stretchy spandex aroused him enormously as she slowly sashayed over to his bound frame.

Batgirl wobbled a little on her heels to the captive hero and wrapped her arms around his thick neck.

She pressed forward and her firm pointy breasts crushed against his barrel chest.

With a tender touch of her red lips she grazed his mouth below his cowl and placed her hand on his navy trunks.

Instantly he grew a stiff and long erection and Barbara traced her gloved fingers across his bulge.

Her gaze lowered to see the shape of his fat cock raise his trunks out high and she eagerly removed the monster erection from the tight confines.

It sprang free and extended to its full length and girth and he sighed with relief.

Her big green eyes widened as she gripped the massive throbbing tool in one hand and stroked it slowly.

"I can imagine there is a simmering adulation for each other, so why not consummate your passion, right here, right now, hee, hee." Marsha twittered on her seat.

"Never!" Cried Batman. "Batgirl, try to fight it."

"I...I can't stop myself."

Barbara poked out her tongue and licked his lips before she clamped her hot mouth to his.

He kissed her back hard as she caressed his aching prick, then she bent at the waist and moved her head down.

Her mouth opened and the hot stunner drew the big crown inside and kept it inside her mouth as her tongue swirled around.

"Bat...Batgirl, no!"

A low throaty moan escaped him as she removed his cock and looked at it closely.
Her saliva gave it a wet sheen as she took in the pulsing member.

What a cock!

One big blue vein ran along the right side of the entire thing and the head mushroomed out over the impressive stalk.

She resumed her assault and used her warm tongue to lap at the damp head over and over.

Then she engulfed him with a swift move of her head and proceeded to bob up and down as if her life depended on it.

Marsha watched intently as she stretched out lazily on her chaise lounge, her hand swept her gown from her legs and found her own cunt, moist and puffy, which she rubbed furiously as the two crime fighters enjoyed their loving.

Batgirl stood up and kissed her man again.

She brushed at him once more and flung her arms around him.

Batman felt her gorgeous body on his, her swell boobs and warm thighs rubbed his cock that poked up to the ceiling.

Her left hand found his twitching prick and she rubbed it as fast as she was able, her mouth attached to his in a hot embrace.

Unable to hold back Batman could not fight the overwhelming desire to ejaculate, he moaned into her mouth as he finally erupted and shot jet after jet upwards into her glove.

The shower of cum impressed both women as great globs of thick white cream splattered everywhere until he lowered his head and his hose ceased twitching.

"Bravo! What a pair you make! Now your turn my dear."

Marsha fired Cupid again and the cowled hero felt the sharp prick of the love arrow in his left bicep.

Another press of the hand remote and his steel straps withdrew from his bound body and he stepped away from the gurney.

He felt as if he was in a dream as the potion quickly poisoned his blood stream and he moved as if walking through treacle.

Barbara ran a gloved a hand over her reddened cheeks still in a haze.

"Batman, help me." She cried.

"Oh, I will."

As the love inducing drug bent his will he could not resist the feeling of love for the titian haired babe.

He slowly drew her lithe body to his and groped behind her and kneaded her firm buttocks under her costume.

Batgirl gasped at his touch and threw her head back which caused her red hair piece to cascade down her back.

He reached back to take both her prominent boobs and paw at them greedily.

How soft they were, supple and large in his strong hands.

Barbara yelped as he spun her around and he held her body from behind.

He pulled her to him roughly and she felt his still erect member all pushy at her ass cleavage.

With a languid motion the Caped Crusader moved his hips and pressed hard at her butt.

She cooed with delight at the massive cock mashed against her and wriggled and squirmed.

Her pussy tingled like mad as she placed her hands over his as he squeezed her tits.

"Batman, I always dreamed of this moment my love."

Her heart skipped a beat as he unbuckled her utility belt and let it fall to the floor.

He next moved his right glove to her covered mound and traced out her pussy in a clockwise motion.

Barbara shifted her hips and groaned as he stroked her seductively.

Her legs parted as her excitement grew and she whined loudly, never having felt such wild abandon before.

Marsha was ecstatic and slipped the thin straps of her gown over her creamy shoulders and let the expensive attire puddle around her silver high heels.

Naked underneath, her petite five feet frame was revealed and she turned to face the big seat and began to masturbate with vigour.

Batman held his quivering lover still as he found the zipper behind her nape and tugged it down as far as it would go.

The front opened and the proud breasts popped out high on her chest.

Still in some dream Batman managed to remove the spandex from her body and smoothed his gloves over the contours of her sensuous curves.

Batgirl turned to him, left in cowl, cape, gloves and boots and placed her hands on his big chest.

His upright prick was trapped between their bodies as he slid his right thigh up inside hers.

She moved her pelvis with little thrusts, desperate for any contact with her masked hero.

His right hand snaked down and spread her legs and cupped her trim pussy.

Barbara held her breath as he made skilful caresses of her folds, gradually speeding up which whipped the Domino Daredoll into a frenzy.

She writhed and bucked on his fingers that penetrated deep and moaned like an animal as her entire body shuddered with sheer pleasure.

Her cunt dribbled her fluids as he continued to work her up to a much needed release.

With amazing dexterity he raised a thumb to her clitoris and rubbed at it as he delved into her.

"Yes, yes, I love it, you make me so wet!"

As he plunged inside her mushy cunt ever faster she buried her face in his left shoulder and wrapped her right leg around his thigh.

His throbbing cock brushed the back of her upper thigh as the young heroine parted her mouth to suck in much needed air.

Loud squishing noises filled the room as his hand became a blur.

She couldn't take much more, she was so close, so very close.


Barbara exploded in an incredible orgasm and her body shook with pure rapture.

Her cunt squirted over his glove and all at once she went limp in his arms, every muscle and sinew, once taut and tense relaxed in her reward.

"So good." She managed to croak from a dry throat.

Batman held her tight, her sopping pussy, wet with her youthful juices fired his masculinity and he hungered to fill her with his aching cock.


Marsha, Queen of Diamonds cried out.

"You, my cowled captive will now fuck ME!"

The Queen of Diamonds stood in the pose of Botticelli's Venus, her 110 pound, five foot frame given extra height by her four inch silver sling backs.

Her firm breasts, like two ripe apples stood out with nipples as big as bullets, and her pussy protruded from her upper thighs invitingly.

In her navel sat a V shaped diamond the size of a quarter which blinded the other two in the stark lighting.

The small woman turned and knelt on the big seat with her cute derriere raised up high.

Batman looked upon her and the love potion in his veins gave him a sensual overload and he forgot Barbara and came behind the beguiling Queen.

Batgirl looked on in horror, so close to having her hero fuck her for the first time, and now forced to watch him with another.

Marsha looked over her slender shoulder and spread her legs out wide.

She peered into his dark eyes as he slowly entered her hot hole.

He leaned in, tossed his cape back over his body and impaled her on the biggest cock she had ever had the pleasure of.

Her inner muscles gripped his rock hard member as he gave her quick shallow strokes, lubing himself in order to thrust in deeper.

"Yes! Batman, your cock is very big, it fills me up so."

As he quickened his pace he pushed in easier and her tiny body stiffened under his assault.

Her hands grabbed onto the back of the chair as he rocked her to and fro, his big balls slapping on her ass loudly.

As he pumped her hard and fast she squealed with every deep thrust.

He fit inside her perfectly as he gripped her hips and pulled her onto him aggressively, consumed by a wanton lust to devour her cunt.

Marsha grit her teeth as she winced from the absolute penetration.

His thick girth stretched out her pussy to the limit.

His buttocks clenched as he concentrated on the task in hand and hammered into his lover with gusto.

"Fuck that pussy, give me that big Bat Bone!"

He reached up with his right glove and grabbed her by the hair then pulled hard.

"Oh Batman, you devil!" Muttered Marsha.

Oh Batman, you devil! Thought Barbara, that should be me.

He withdrew slightly in a tease, then entered her once more with a powerful lunge that lifted her up in the air.

He pulled back again and repeated his big thrust.

Marsha loved it and yelped out in glee.

"Again! Again!" She ordered.

"Yes, Highness."

The momentum of their rut began to rock the seat as he gave her everything he had.

"Fuck me like the whore I am! I've been ever so naughty!"

Marsha slapped the chair with the palms of her tiny hands as her wet cunt was pounded and her screams increased in volume.

Batman molded his body to hers and wrapped his gloves around her torso and switched their position so that he was sat on his butt and she was upright on his rigid pole.

With astonishing ease he bounced her up and down on his erection as if she were a doll.

He slapped his hips up at her quivering buttocks with her pussy stuffed totally with his nine inches of solid meat.

Every nerve in her body was like electric as she was given the fuck of her life, and she spasmed and jerked and whimpered and her pert tits swung up and down.

"Mmmmmmm, lovely."

Marsha began to rock her pelvis and exhaled loudly every time she sank down to his balls.

Her slender thighs clamped against the tall vigilante tight as she lifted her ass up and paused with only the tip of his hard cock inside her.

With quick gyrations of her hips the so called Queen massaged the very tip with her warm and wet pussy and reached down to rub on her erect clitoris.

Batman was set to explode as his cock was devoured once more and she rode him nearer to his relief.

Barbara frigged her aching pussy with speedy strums of her fingers consumed by a fierce jealousy as she was transfixed by the costumed vigilante who lunged up from his seat.

He was suddenly seized by his climax, again and again he pumped his cum inside the Queen of Diamonds cunt as he held her on his pulsating cock in a vice like grip.

Her body trembled as she too was wracked by her own orgasm and both their heads swam.

As they rested, still joined at the groin, their mutual fluids seeped out and down their thighs.

Barbara came with a frustrated grunt and laid on her back.

Her cape under her legs which were flung out wide.

Suddenly Robin burst in with a brown paper parcel under his arm.

"I made it Batman, I've got the antidote for the love potion you prepared in the Bat Cave.

I hope I wasn't too late."

He surveyed the room and quickly figured out he had missed out on something.

He went to the semi nude figure of Batgirl first and lifted a vial of liquid to her lips and tilted her head back.

He helped put her costume in order and zipped her up as she slowly came to.

Then he attended to Batman who recovered quickly.

"Well done old chum, my memory is a bit hazy. What happened?"

He straightened his trunks and saw Marsha naked and out cold on the chaise lounge.

"She used her love potion on you and..."

He spun around and discovered Batgirl had vanished as usual.

"And?" Batman gazed at his partner.

"And I brought you the antidote. Also Commissioner is recovering downstairs."

"Excellent work my friend. I'm glad I didn't behave untoward."

Ah, the irony of ironies. Batman and Batgirl would never remember the mutual pleasure they had enjoyed.

For Barbara Gordon, her single obsessive desire to taste the cock of Batman would be as if it had never happened.

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Re: Batgirl '68
« Reply #6 on: January 09, 2020, 10:09:11 AM »
Note- My take on the infamous season three episodes of the Batman tv show from the sixties, 'Nora Clavicle,' and 'Surfs Up.' I do not own the rights to Batman, the comic book or television show, this is a fan based parody intended for fun only.


Chapter Five, Barbara finally gets her man. 

A festive day in Gotham City, where, at a civic luncheon at the Gotham Astoria, Commissioner James Gordon had been honoured for twenty five years of loyal service.

Once the presentation of a gold watch was over, the honoured guests including Bruce Wayne, debonair millionaire and businessman, had looked on stunned as Mayor Linseed of Gotham City fired Commissioner Gordon moments later.

Doubly stunned, the dinner guests looked on in dismay when said Mayor appointed Nora Clavicle, a known militant feminist, his successor, who then declared that women could run the city better than men.

Once ensconced in the Commissioner's office Nora called Batman on the special direct link to inform the Dynamic Duo they were redundant.

In double quick time Nora had told her henchwomen to proceed with 'Operation Disaster Insurance.'

Deeply concerned at recent events, Batman had used the Bat Computer to follow up a lead involving Clavicle's unwarranted promotion, and had driven to a warehouse belonging to 'Drop stitch and Company,' manufacturers of knitting needles.

Taken by surprise, Batgirl, along with Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder had been ambushed at a warehouse by Clavicle, and the terrific trio had been placed in a potentially lethal Siamese Human Knot.

Sat on the stone floor, their arms and legs all twisted, the purple clad heroine was sandwiched between the two virile vigilantes.

Batgirl had her right hand up and around the back of Batman's cowl.
Her left was in the lap of Robin, her left calf under his left arm.
Her right leg was across his left shoulder.

Batman had his right arm across the generous bosom of the sparkly costume of the young girl.

"You would be wise to not move a muscle as the slightest motion by any of you will draw the human knot together."

Nora chuckled as she explained her fiendish devilry.

"If you do move your bones will be crushed and you will all be strangled, hah!"

"Holy hamstrings." Cried Robin.

"What do you expect to gain from this, Miss Clavicle?"

"That's Commissioner Clavicle, Bat Dummy. And yes, you are very observant. Tonight I intend to destroy Gotham City! I have here an insurance policy on the city itself, insured by myself to the tune of...ten million dollars!"

"Holy unwritten metropolis!"

"Exactly, boy bowknot. And all for just a couple of hundred bucks. Well so long, and er...don't get up."

The mad woman and entourage left the warehouse in gales of laughter.

"How much longer can we hold out Batman?" Said an anxious boy wonder. "My...that is...my you know what, is getting stiff!"

By a long shot Batgirl had her gloved left hand resting on the lap of Robin, and was unable to help herself squeeze his penis.

"Good." Said the caped crusader in a surprisingly calm voice.

"Good! How is that good? I'm getting a serious boner!"

He looked the girl in the eye as he desperately tried not to buck his hips.

"The involuntary squeezing of your growing erection may indirectly relieve the tension in your lower lumber region. Now where is your right hand old chum?"

From under her cowl Batgirl slowly turned her clear green eyes to her right.

"I can tell you exactly where, Batman, in the crack of my buttocks! It's making me quite wet."

It was true, Robin had managed to wedge his glove right down the middle of the young crime fighter's ass crack.

"Gee! Forgive me Batgirl." He said sheepishly.

"Think nothing of it, Robin." She answered graciously.

"Excellent! Now Robin, can you bend the fourth finger of your hand just a fraction to rub Batgirl's tiny strip of flesh between her anus and vagina?"

Robin felt the soft, sparkly spandex on her pert butt and wiggled his finger at her sensitive spot.

"It's the basic formula for escaping from a Siamese Human Knot." Informed Batman.

"Oh yeah? Where? In a bordello?" Batgirl let out a sigh as she spoke.

"If I try really hard, Batman, I think I can just about reach your groin with my left hand."

"NO Robin! NEVER touch another man's rhubarb!" Batman was very clear about that.

"Gosh! You're right again, Batman."

Robin put his mind to the task in hand, stroking Batgirl's swollen and wet pussy under her ever moistening costume.

She parted her lips as the titian haired heroine savoured the touch of the probing finger. Desperate to squirm she inhaled through flared nostrils, a soft purr escaped her throat. A shiver went down the curve of her spine as the boy wonder pleasured her.

"Is he doing it, Batgirl?"


She was becoming quite heated, all the nerve endings in her loins tingled like crazy as she dripped like a broken faucet.

"If you do achieve an orgasm, Batgirl, please cum quietly." Batman advised.

Batgirl gave him a doleful look, was he kidding? Here she was in the middle of two virile men, full of sexual energy, yet she must have a quiet orgasm.

Her only thoughts were of their two hard cocks. In her minds eye she imagined her sodden cunt rippling on the throbbing prick of her idol, Batman.

To feel his skin against hers, their bodies as one, his huge hose inside her dripping pussy thrusting deeply with powerful lunges of his phenomenal frame.

"I think we are getting some slackness in our limbs, Batgirl, with your left hand slowly glide along Robin's organ."

Batgirl gulped and started to stroke the young mans hard cock with her clenched fist, trying her best to match the rhythm of his fingering of her. He stiffened considerably under her slender fingers.

Her glove closed over what seemed to be the top part of his knob. He sighed, careful to keep his head and body still.

His bulge grew bigger!

Now ever bolder, Batgirl rubbed the long bar of his stiff shaft and felt it throb under his tiny green briefs. She dared to lick her bee stung lips as his hand split her ass like a blade.

Robin was doing a fine job of dragging his fourth finger along her pussy through the material, and he could feel her labia part.

The Domino Daredoll grit her teeth carefully as the finger scraped around the clinging spandex, then actually managed to penetrate her slit through the fabric. She could picture her meaty lips juiced and pink tinged.

"Right Robin, a la escardo o a la drecia." Said Batman curiously.

"You mean keep moving my finger to the left and the right. Boy, Spanish lessons even now?"

"One should keep abreast of Foreign languages even in times like these."

"Right again, Batman."

"It's working, it's working." Batgirl cried as the terrific trio began to loosen from the human knot.

Suddenly they were free and they burst from each other and breathed easier.

"Holy hard on, that really worked! What a simple way to get out of a Siamese Human Knot."

The three crime fighters stood up and flexed their cramped muscles.

"Gee, Batman, I feel really uncomfortable, my briefs are barely able to hold my rampant erection in place."

"Agreed old chum, I can hardly move my legs, my trunks are so tight around my groin."

The Dynamic Duo looked almost crippled as they crouched over hunched up, their stiff cocks tenting their tiny trunks.

Batgirl stood, hands on hips, boots firmly planted in the ground, and a tell tale damp patch between her upper thighs.

"You men, honestly I really don't know how you can walk around with those things down your pants."

She paused and studied the two fit men with their erect cocks, trying to lean forward to alleviate their tension, not to mention the tight confines of their trunks.

"How can we fight crime if we can't even stand up straight?"

"So true boy wonder, we need relief and now."

"Boys, boys, don't worry about a thing, allow me to help you get relief. What decent citizen of Gotham City wouldn't?"

Batgirl rubbed her gloves together and her green eyes twinkled. In a trice she had both of their pants down to their ankles, and much to their mutual satisfaction the two aroused men had their tightly packed erections freed up.

The titian haired beauty was mightily impressed by the both of them. They looked kind of funny in their famous costumes, only naked at their midriffs.

Batman naturally sported a smooth nine incher, stiff as a poker and lined with prominent veins and ridges. He was stunning, the strength in his body more evident with his narrow waist and lean hips exposed.

Beside him, Robin's prick appeared smaller, but then again most average men would have. The boy wonder's one big asset was his flared head that caught the eye.

But in particular Batgirl was captivated by the caped crusader, his meaty cock was thick and engorged and the tip was already turning purple.

Her pussy clenched and sent more moisture out and down her left thigh, her sparkly costume visibly stained.

"Very well my dear, to the Bat Pole's!"

The red haired doll squatted at their feet and took the young mans rod in her left glove and pointed the angry looking head directly at her lips.

She swallowed, as the tip of his cock tapped against her pursed lips, then she parted them and her mouth slipped over the spongy head.

'Holy suction!"

Batgirl tugged with her hand on the shaft and slid a quarter of the way down. Her head turned to the tall figure of Batman as she moaned loudly on the hard organ of Robin, and watched as he wanked his hose frantically.

His huge prick jutted forward and pulsated with every heartbeat. The young girl snaked out her glove and grabbed onto the steel bar of Batman, still keeping a firm mouth on Robin's stalk.

"Leaping lizards Batman, she must love sucking cock, it feels amazing."

"Keep a stiff upper lip old buddy, this is all in the name of Law, Order and Justice. We must pursue Nora, Commissioner Nora Clavicle as soon as possible."

"I'm on it Batman." Said an excited Batgirl.

She pumped her fist up and down on his prodigious prick and shifted over and let his bulbous crown enter her hot mouth. He let out a cry of delight as her head bobbed on half of the rigid shaft, her hips bucked as she moved on her haunches.

She panicked as he leaned in and his knob hit the back of her throat. Coughing and salivating she took a moment to recover.

"My word, it's so big!"

Determined to finish the task she resumed her oral duties and stretched her jaw wide to accommodate the large member.

Clear beads of fluid ran down the underside of the thick member. Her deft fingers explored his veiny skin that slid along the hot muscle as she sucked him with pride.

"Don't stop Batgirl, you're doing a fine job, a little more tongue if you please."

She nodded on his cock in agreement, and in that process plunged further onto his hardness.

"Your turn again, old chum."

Said Batman and the Daredoll scooted over to the wanting Robin who was wanking his cock furiously in his damp glove.

Her tongue slipped out between wet lips and licked around the reddened tip, then she drew him in greedily once more. Head moving faster now, she was eager to taste their cum.

"Nearly there Batman, you?"

"Seriously close, Batgirl, to me."

The muscular six footer held the back of her cowl in his left glove and fed her his pulsing cock to her pretty face.

He let out a roar as he came, and thick spurts of sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed gladly, gulping down once, twice then thrice as his creamy offering shot out.

Batgirl opened her mouth to show them her cum filled mouth just as Robin moved in and bucked his hips and sprayed her chin and cowl with his seed.

Her lips came around the twitching bell end and she licked him clean. Licking her lips Batgirl stood up on wobbly legs, her leg muscles slightly cramped.

The Dynamic Duo quickly put their dribbling cocks back inside their trunks and relaxed.

"Many thanks Batgirl, splendid oral techniques, now Robin, to the Batmobile!"

Batgirl pouted hugely disappointed.

"Hey you guys, what about me? Don't I get off too?"

Too late, they were gone, a puff of dust in their wake.

Why didn't they fuck her? Oh well, thought the female vigilante, back home and that purple vibrator that had her name on it.


Two weeks later the surf was up at Gotham Point, and all the local surfers were shaping up for the forthcoming surfing championships.

Barbara Gordon was with Skip Parker on the beach, the local surfing idol was the hottest around. The bouffant haired beach bunny was in her brand new bathing suit in black with the mesh front that showed off her perky bosom nicely.

Skip rode the soup and then joined the excited young beauty on the golden sand, where he towelled off.

"Boy Skip, you really shot that curl!" She gushed.

"Oh, I was just lucky." Answered the fair haired hunk

The pair has been dating for a week now that Summer was here, and they hit the beach every chance they had.
The head librarian at Gotham Library was looking especially hot these days, thanks to her extra duties as Batgirl, the Domino Daredoll. Her crime fighting kept her fit and honed, and her lithe figure was the result.

Barely five feet four, she was nonetheless perfectly formed with toned stomach and tight buttocks. Thanks also to years of dancing lessons, she had also developed a fine set of pins.

As the two of them chilled out a blonde in a two piece bikini tapped Skip on the shoulder and let him know that he was wanted on the phone.

Barbara stared at the tall woman with the flaxen hair and generous breasts that thrust out from her tiny top.

As she left them, the brunette pouted and followed the woman with her eyes as she sashayed back to the High Five changing rooms, her buns rolling from side to side.

"And just WHO was that?" Said Barbara jealously.

She tucked her shoulders back and did her best to thrust HER tits out from her chest.

"Oh, just some chick who's been hanging around lately, Undine I think her name is."

The young surfer rushed off leaving a fuming Barbara alone on the sand.


The Joker had really been behind the phone call ruse in order to lure Skip into a trap. He was subsequently kidnapped and strapped to a cunning machine called 'The Experience and Ability Transferometer.'

The Clown Prince of Crime intended to drain all the surfing know how out of the young man and transfer it to himself.

"Are you crazy? It cannot be done!" Cried a desperate Skip.

"Oh no?" Joker pointed to the legend printed on the side of the big red box.

"It does just what it says on the tin. Whoo hoo hoo, hah, hah, hah!"

True enough, ten minutes later, the transfer was accomplished, and Joker, now a surfing champ entered the Gotham Point World Championship Final.

Thanks to a quick thinking Barbara Gordon she informed Batman who rushed down to the Hang Five, accompanied by Bruce Wayne's youthful ward, Dick Grayson. They arrived just in time to challenge Joker to the title, and the showdown of the year was set.

Barbara had tried her best to hunt down the missing Skip, who had by this time escaped the evil clutches of the dastardly villain.

"So Joker, shall we go into the men's locker room and change into our baggies?"

The Ace of Knaves looked surly and mean as his plan to be surfing champ began to unravel. The burly vigilante entered said locker room and retrieved his trunks from his yellow utility belt, and contemplated on the choice of wearing them over his usual navy trunks or under.

He found a full length mirror and stepped out of his trunks, so that his midriff was bare. The crime fighter extraordinaire cut a fine figure as he studied his physique. Still in costume apart from the trunks his smooth skinned manhood hung from a trimmed pubic area, over a plum sized ball sack.

Muscular thighs with corded sinews under his form fitting tights flexed as he posed. His butt clenched and dimpled on either side of the cheeks.

Unbeknownst to him, Barbara Gordon was also in the room seeking out her boyfriend Skip, and as she emerged from the shower stalls her big green eyes grew large at the sight of her hero with his knob out.

She caught her breath as Batman swept his cape over his right shoulder and held his baggies up to his groin and looked at his reflection. His dark, come to bed eyes were shadowed under his cowl, his square jaw tight in concentration.

Even in its flaccid state the young brunette thought his cock a most beautiful piece of succulent meat, long, veiny with a prominent crown.

The aroused girl recalled the time she had given the caped beefcake a much needed blowjob, Robin too actually, when they had gotten free of the dangerous Siamese Human Knot.

In the rear of the men's locker room, the bouffant babe licked her red lips and rubbed her thighs together. Her Mons pubis was clear to see under her tight fitting one piece bathing suit. The jet black suit had a triangle cut neckline with see through mesh that accentuated her deep cleavage.

Careful to stay silent, Barbara pulled her suit to the side to expose her soft pussy. Although turned on by the mans naked midriff, she was not wet yet, but she wasted no time in slipping a finger inside her cunt.

Her pointed nipples stuck out of the mesh like bullets as she slowly frigged herself, eyes on his gorgeous ass.

She stood on one leg as she bent the other at the knee for a better angle. While her right hand worked her quim, her left played with her nipples under the top of the suit.

With ever increasing speed she rubbed herself, groaning now as her stomach tightened and her buttocks shuddered. with his trained and heightened senses, the crime fighter heard noise from behind him and he spun around quickly.

Barbara gasped at having been caught in the act of masturbating and covered her ever moistening pussy.

"Miss Gordon!"

"Batman, forgive me, I was looking for Skip, and I...?"

He looked at the attractive girl, her vivacious figure and shapely legs gave him a semi erect cock that poked up out of his groin at a forty five degree angle.

In turn she ogled his six feet two frame, stocky and barrel chested with quite visible tendons and sinew under the blue costume.

He didn't appear to have an ounce of fat on his entire body. Above his utility belt his six pack was prominent, below, his erection bobbed up and down.

Although as Batgirl she had been thrilled and rewarded with the task of sucking the mans cock, she wondered if she might get a second chance in her every day persona.

All her teenage life she had worshipped him from afar, idolised the fantastic man, followed his career, never knowing who the mystery man was under the cowl.

She had indeed been inspired by him to become Batgirl, and dreamed of fighting crime by his side. Probably ten years older than her, he was the only man who had ever really aroused her, College boys, even Skip Taylor, paled in comparison to her hero.

"I need to get ready for the competition, Joker is outside."

"The race isn't for another thirty minutes yet, Batman."

The girl closed in on the slightly rattled man, his stiff cock clenched in his right glove.

"Besides, you can't possibly go outside with THAT sticking up out of your baggies. Let me help you relieve some of the tension."

Batman was reminded of a similar situation not so long ago, when the redheaded female crime fighter known as Batgirl, had helped out with much needed oral aid.

Barbara took her one chance to seduce her idol and peeled off her suit from her upper body, releasing her wonderful upturned tits with the puffy points.

"You may have a point there, Miss Gordon."


She wiggled her butt and removed the costume completely and stood naked as the day she was born. He gazed at her silky pale skin and finely haired dark mound between her parted legs.

Letting go of his prick, it pointed straight up, thick and rock hard, nine inches of muscle.

"It's the biggest I ever saw, so beautiful."

"Why, thank you, care to kiss it?"

He dipped his head and kissed her plump mouth, making her moan softly, her naked form swaying to him. He pulled her close, one hand moving down to her tight, firm ass. Barbara surrendered herself to him, the feel of his arms about her a sheer thrill.

They took their time kissing, tasting each other, learning the shape of their lips. Her arms came up and around the back of his cowl and rubbed her belly along his throbbing prick.

She moved back slightly and let her fingers trail south to caress his stiffness. He stood with legs apart, hands on hips as the smiling girl went on to her knees and stared at his erection.

Her warm breath fanned the long shaft and he inhaled deeply. A bead of clear liquid seeped from the tiny hole on the head, and she used her thumb to spread it all over.

Barbara took hold of it at the base and gave a long lick from where her fingers gripped it up to the head. Aware of each minute she quickly pulled him inside her mouth and began to move to and fro on the first four inches.

He looked down at the girl and placed his glove on top of her bouffant and concentrated on not thrusting his hips up.

She was loving it, his cock was terrific, the only one she ever wanted, needed, lusted for. Sucking so hard now, it was as if she were using her face to fuck him, ramming down her open mouth all the way. Ignoring her constant gagging Barbara was determined to swallow up all of his nine inches.

Again, Batman was enjoying a young woman fellating him, two weeks ago it was Batgirl, today, slightly guilty, he had let the Commissioner's daughter suck him off.

But right now he didn't care, what mattered was his cock. As her hot and slippery tongue flicked over the head over and over, his heart raced.

Barbara felt the same, as she moaned around his knob, her right hand went all by itself to her damp pussy where she strummed her hard clitoris with a fingertip.

She raised her head to meet his eyes, her fulsome lips pursed tightly around his bell end, and he twitched ever more frantically in her mouth.

She was literally mouth watering as her spit dribbled from both sides of her mouth. With both hands on his strong quads, she held him still in an attempt to prevent him from grinding his hips.

She pulled off his stalk with an obscene popping sound that was so loud that Batman turned his head to the door of the locker room, convinced that they would be caught.

"Quickly Barbara, go inside the stalls."

The pair of horny lovers entered the shower stalls, both ready to fuck their brains out. Batman found the wooden bench in the middle of the narrow strip between the showers and sat down.

His nine inch wood as stiff as ever. He planted the flat heels of his blue boots as best he could on the slippery floor tiles.

Barbara rubbed her soft pussy as she just about salivated at the sight of her hero.

"Miss Gordon, Barbara, this isn't right, you're the daughter of the Police Commissioner."

"Don't be silly, Batman, I'm old enough to know what I'm doing, and this is 1968 after all. I take the birth control pill! Now let me get the ball rolling."

The comely brunette turned her back and spread her buttocks to give the aroused man a good view of her wet pussy from behind. Moving backwards she positioned her well defined legs on either side of his good sized thighs and hovered over his lap.

Without glancing back she trapped his large pecker in the crack of her ass and rubbed up and down on the upright prick. Batman looked on mesmerised as he was butt fucked, her peachy cheeks split like ripe fruit along the very stiff shaft.

"Like that, Batman?"

"Absolutely, where do you learn these things?"

Barbara paused, her quim dripping wet from the anticipation of being speared by the big Bat Pole. She took hold of the thick cock and poised with her cunt just touching the fat crown.

"Batman! Batman! Are you ready? Joker is on the beach."

"Dick? Dick Grayson? I need ten minutes, old chum."

"But Batman, the Joker!"

Exasperated Barbara yelled out.

"He said ten more minutes! OOOOOOOOHHHH!"

She let out a loud groan as she let the wonderful cock enter her, spreading her labia out to accommodate the generous girth.

With a concerted effort, bared feet flat on the tiles, Barbara sank further and further onto the hot shaft until she was totally impaled on him.

"Batman, is that Barbara Gordon with you?" Asked a confused Dick.

"Uh huh, we...oof...we are looking for Skip. Don't come in!"

Barbara was ecstatic, her eyes closed, a half smile on her lips. This was everything she had dreamed of during her teenage years.

His cock was superb, every bump and ridge was felt as she rested with him stuffed inside her sensitive tunnel.

She dare not move for fear of him withdrawing from her, she was quite happy to stay this way for hours.

"Go ahead my dear, show me what you can do."

Could he read her mind? A thrill of excitement swept through her loins as she raised her hips and wallowed in the incredible sensation of his length scraping her inner walls.

A thousand tingles washed over her and her heart beat like a drum as she slid down again, her fingers gripped firmly on his solid thighs.

"Oh my lord, Batman! I...I just came!"

She shrieked in delight as she achieved a mini orgasm, simply by embedding herself on his knob!

"Remarkable." He uttered as he removed his gloves and dug his fingers in her ripe bum.

Her pussy positively pouted on his boner, the moisture glistening on the finely haired lips. Batman watched and took in every detail of the erotic sight of her firm ass rolling around on his rigid cock, her legs spread out wide.

The perky brunette started to move, testing different speeds and rotations, her gorgeous tits thrust out high and firm, the nipples like berries. She twisted and humped faster, her breath hissing from her mouth.

Her head dipped and she made rapid fire jerks of her pelvis as his length moved in and out of her sweet cunt. She could feel liquid heat down there as she bounced on his lap.

"Oh my, your cock is sliding into me so easy!"

"That's easily, dear girl. Good grammar is essential, even in the act of love making."

"Right again, Batman." She cooed, her delightful body gliding along his groin.

Barbara was proud of herself as she gyrated upon his hard cock, using her honed legs to move around in circular motions on his lap.

She arched her back and humped him greedily, bringing her meaty thighs against his, the thin material of his tights barely registered.

On tiptoe, her thighs and calves tensed, the young girl reached her second climax, very nearly toppling from his lap with the intensity.

With no effort at all, Batman held the lightweight girl in his powerful grip and spun her around onto the bench. He bent over her back, his cape folded over their bodies as he inhaled her scent at the spot where her shoulder and neck met.
His bare hands roamed freely all over her delectable flesh, the flanks, spine, belly, everything about her body was sensual.

As she widened her legs, feet flat on the floor, she supported herself on the bench, both palms on the wooden surface. Still not recovered from her orgasm, her breath was ragged.

Batman angled her posterior for the ideal penetration, his cock settled on her wet entrance and he pushed on through, her velvet channel making way for the large weapon.

Her soft cunt snuggled around his hard prick as he slipped on in. Barbara squealed and rocked her pretty bum, moving back at him as he built up a rhythm, shoving in all the way, then retreating with a teasing withdrawal.

"Oh my darling Batman, I love it! Keep fucking me lover, your cock is do hard!"

Her words spurred him on, his butt surging to and fro as he worked his rigid cock in her foaming pussy. She gasped with utter joy as she took his pounding with relish, loving his balls as they slapped against her ass.

Much as she would have loved to fuck the man all day, she was aware of the ongoing situation outside.

"Hurry Batman, time is of the essence!'

"Agreed, it's sometimes difficult to think when you're fucking a gorgeous piece of ass."

Barbara gripped the edge of the bench until her knuckles turned white, and she braced herself with feet firmly on the floor of the shower stalls.
He cradled her tits in both hands and buried his cowl in her graceful neck.

"I love the way your tits feel."

"Thank you, Batman."

There came a pounding on the door.

"Batman, Batman, you're needed, now!"

"Keep going, keep going!" Urged the girl.

Batman dug his fingers in the pale cheeks of her butt as he hit her hot bod with his hips.

"Goodness! I'm coming again!" She tried her best to stifle a scream.

The flushed brunette went weak at the knees, sagging slightly, only held in place by powerful fists around her lower body.

Batman growled as he came, thick creamy sperm erupting inside her with three jerks of his pelvis. His semen bubbled in her steaming cunt as he finally stopped moving. Then the two separated and relaxed.

Barbara began to laugh with the intense relief and satisfaction of finally being fucked by the caped crusader. Her gaping pussy seeped fluids from their mutual orgasms as she sat on the bench, breasts heaving.

Dreams do come true if you really wish hard enough she thought, and she had been wishing for a long time. She found her bathing suit and Batman put on his baggies over his navy trunks.

"Duty calls Miss Gordon, the city needs me."

And with that he was gone. Barbara slipped out of the locker room moments after he, and spied Skip.

"There you are, we were looking all over for you."

The young couple hugged and went down to the beach to watch the surfing final. Her thoughts were distant though as she was already scheming on how to get Batman into a nice soft bed in the near future.



P.S. Check out the tv episode, Barbara really DOES come from the locker room mere seconds after Batman had changed into his baggies. Dreams do come true if you wish hard enough!

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Re: Batgirl '68
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Note- I do not own the rights to Batman and associated characters, this is my own unofficial tribute to those same. Loosely based on the 1960's tv version and animated series. Dedicated as always to Adam and Yvonne, may they rest in peace.

xxx Chapter Six.

Tonight's episode- Batman acquires a double, and Batgirl senses trouble- in colour!


Night falls over Gotham City as it inevitably must, and with it comes shadowy figures representing both good and evil.

Barbara Gordon had donned her Batgirl costume a year ago this very evening, and there could not be a prouder girl in Gotham City.
As she finished up her warm up routine in the bedroom of her private townhouse in the trendy area of Park Ridge she opened the secret closet.

The brown haired beauty stripped off completely and gave a lingering look at her reflection in the full length mirror and was pleased at what she saw.

"You still got it girl."

Five three in her bare feet the attractive twenty four year old turned this way and that and nodded with approval at her athletic figure.
Firm perky breasts, supple arched back and tight belly and bottom.

She moved to the closet and took her sparkly purple costume and donned it with pride.
Tailored by her own fair hands she wriggled into the stretchy spandex full body suit and hitched it up high on her well turned out hips and straight elegant legs.

Around her tiny waist she secured the yellow utility belt which contained vital tools. The yellow bat emblem on her front blossomed out over her shapely bosom as she inhaled and exhaled.

"Still a perfect fit Charlie."

The parrot in the cage twittered happily in response to her voice as she tied the cape around her neck and slipped on her elbow length gloves with the bat wings.

Finally she pulled on her purple ankle boots and took another look in the mirror, hands on her hips. She held the cowl in her hand and pulled it over her bouffant, back combed hair and adjusted it to her full satisfaction.
With the flowing red coloured hair piece she hoped her true identity was hidden.

Once she had checked the outside alley she took the servicer elevator three stories down to the hidden garage and revved up her Yamaha motorcycle and headed out into the Gotham night.

Summer had arrived and the air was hot and humid, just the kind of night the low lives and villains of this fair city enjoyed.

"I think I'll head out east first," she decided as she hurried through the labyrinth of deserted streets.

After a routine half hour of her street patrol Batgirl slowed up alongside a store doorway, thinking she had seen an unusual shadow.

She dismounted her cycle and made her way over, trying to make out the shape in the inky darkness of night.

Suddenly she yelped at a slight stinging in her right buttock and saw a tiny feathered dart sticking out. Her head swirled around and in an instant she crumpled to the street unconscious.


"Whooo, hoo, hoo, hoo. Hah, hah, hah, hah!"

Batgirl could not fail to recognise the maniacal laugh that came from the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker!

White skinned, green haired and purple suited, he loomed over the Domino Daredoll. Not long before, the sinister villain had taken immense joy in stripping the female crime fighter as his henchmen, Mister Latch and Mister Bolt looked on.

"Nice body."

First he had unclasped her cape followed by her utility belt.
Chuckling quietly he unzipped her spandex costume from behind and pulled it down to her midsection, revealing her splendid tits.

Batgirl lay unmoving as her purple outfit was peeled down her hips and legs until Joker finally removed it completely.
He was surprised and thrilled to see the young heroine shunned wearing underwear, and she was now naked as the day she was born.

"Tie her up boys and we'll have us some fun."

Batgirl had awoken and blinked several times as her eyes became accustomed to the light in the nondescript square room.

Apart from her cowl, gloves and boots she had been stripped of her costume and quite ruthlessly trussed. Thin white rope entwined her delectable naked body as she laid on the hard floor, her hands tied at the wrists behind her and fettered to her ankles.

Her left ankle boot laid across her right knee, and her right leg came up to her backside where it trapped her left boot. One further length of rope went around her waist, down her front and between her upper legs where it linked to her wrists.

"You fiend! Why am I naked! And let me out of these ridiculous bonds!"

Batgirl struggled and wriggled but quite suddenly ceased her efforts.
She looked up at the grinning felonious funny man and frowned.

Was he aware? Did he do this deliberately? It seemed that the merest wrangling on her part made the front stretch of rope tighten between her thighs and rub her sensitive area of her body.

Her vagina no less!

"Something amiss? Here, allow me. Ho ho."

The Joker pulled on her bound wrists and she yelped as the rope stretched and split her pussy lips asunder.

"Holy ripcord! That's tight!"

Batgirl grimaced and closed her eyes shut as the rope dragged against her most private region with the inevitable result of the young woman experiencing an astute mix of pain and pleasure.

Joker gave two more tugs on the tormenting rope between her helplessly secured legs and it ran back and forth in a mischievous manner.
The titian haired beauty jolted and moaned as she curled up in a foetal position.

"You won't get away with this you horrid creature! Oooh!"

Joker admired her spirit as he gazed at her puffy tipped breasts with the large areolas that resembled brown cups and the equally arousing sight of her writhing buttocks.
The section of rope against her curly haired muff had become slightly darker as her love juices began to seep out from within.
Unable to disguise her humiliation of her excitement Batgirl refrained from struggling.

"Excellent, you appear to be quite aroused my lovely. Now for the next part of my plan."

Latch and Bolt undid her rope binds and took her by the elbows to another part of the room where she was placed on her back on a flat table about four feet square.

Bolt grabbed her by the wrists and handcuffed them together above her head as Latch pulled her lithe legs down the centre of the table to the edge where they dangled over the end at the knees.

"Don't forget the ankles."

"Right boss."

Bolt took each ankle boot in turn and secured them to the two table legs thus causing her vulva to protrude lewdly.

Joker again marvelled at her muscled body, particularly her toned abdomen and taut thighs and calves. Athletic yet feminine, strong yet sexy.

Batgirl panted and her boobs swelled on her chest as an unexplained sexual excitement caused her curly haired muff to moisten.

"What, what are you intending to do to me?" She said wishing she could close her legs.

"Why, nothing! No, not I my costumed filly. The question is what is BATMAN intending to do to you. Or should I say Batmen!"

Batmen? Isn't there only one caped crusader she thought. As that notion entered her head she gasped aloud as not one but two masked vigilantes entered the room.

"Holy double take!" Exclaimed the curvy brunette.

Batman had a duplicate!


"What devilry is this!" Said the tied and very naked Batgirl.

Identical to the last the pair of strapping six footers stood shoulder to shoulder and stared straight ahead under navy cowls unnervingly silent.

Both brawny with wide shoulders and lantern jawlines, each had a torso finely sculpted and both were muscular of leg.
Wearing the briefest of trunks they both housed impressive manhoods and if Joker was to be believed, both were in working order.

"I can't take all the credit. Although I consider myself skilled in electronics I have successfully hypnotised the real dynamic dunderhead and also procured his exact likeness from the 'Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer' whatever that is.

Is he a clone? Or a robot? It matters not. Just to say that he's perfect in every way, right down to the genitals, hah, hah, hah!
I wish to carry out one final experiment to see if my replica passes for the real thing and then I will unleash him on the unsuspecting Gotham public and take over the city.

I will rob every bank, steal every piece of fine art and seduce every wealthy woman. And with MY Batman alongside nothing will stop me."

"Which one is the real Batman?" Wondered a nervous Batgirl.

"Why don't you see? It's this one." He pointed to the figure on the left. "No, silly me, it's this one. Huh! You know what? I can't quite remember! Hoo, hoo, ha, ha!"

Batgirl felt a trickle of perspiration run down her brow under her cowl, and a distinct trickle of pussy juice run down her ass crevice.

"Yes my dear, to make my point I intend for them to ravish you, separately and together, and if I am satisfied they perform identically 'Operation Double Dare' will commence. Oh, or should I say HIS point, get it? ahah hah."

"You devil!"

"Alright boys do your stuff. Ha, ha, the Joker is wild!"

"Yes Joker," they chimed together in dulcet tones.

Both caped crusaders approached the table, either side of the distressed Batgirl. They swept their flowing capes over their back and dropped their briefs at the same time.

Her big green eyes widened at the sight of not one but two monster erections, housed by manly wisps of dark pubic fuzz.

Both rock hard organs poked up straight, well in excess of eight and a half inches, with pulsing veins along their respective lengths to underline their virilty.
Topped off with scarlet mushroom crowns it was impossible to tell one protuberance from the other.

"Batman, please, it's me Batgirl. Help me out of this!"

Both men yanked their rods simultaneously firmly in the masked features of the helpless maiden who turned her head this way and that.

The one on her left held his knob to her mouth and she detected a bead of salty pre cum glistening on the tip. Was this the real Batman?

"Go on, you know you want to." Urged Joker to the curious girl.

She opened her mouth and rolled her lips along the undershaft of the generous tool, avoiding the huge head for the moment.

Batman stood with hands on hips as he looked down at the head of Batgirl bobbing on his stiffness, painting the stem with her saliva. She desperately wanted to hold it and caress it in her hands but they remained fixed above her head.

"Mmmm." She moaned as she paused to study her work.

Then she turned to the other, patiently awaiting his turn, and greedily devoured this one with an excited fervour she was unable to contain.
She sucked him into her mouth with audible slurping noises, her doe like eyes on his as they peered out from under his cowl.
His hips undulated slightly as he was obviously enjoying the oral attention of the skilled girl.

Was THIS the original? Having tasted both she had to admit they both seemed like the real thing. How lucky was she!

"Having fun boys?" Grinned Joker as he ogled the little play.

Batgirl returned to the first and held his bell end in her pursed lips. He made tiny thrusts with his pelvis and she eagerly lapped at his glans, moaning with utter delight. She would have been very happy serving them both, then the Joker spoke.

"Okay boys, lick her pussy."

Batgirl gasped and watched transfixed as each Batman moved to her parted and firmly secured legs to peer closely at her downy haired muff.

They oozed sexual energy as they stood with puffed out chests in the grey upper half of their costumes. Still in cowl and boots it was only their midsections that were bared, and each one still had steel hard erections that jutted out at jaunty angles.

"Batman, have a care, please."

The masked heroine felt her nipples become as hard as bullets as two pairs of full lips smothered and smooched on her pussy until she thought she may very well pass out.

She looked down between her legs at the incredible sight of two masked and costumed vigilante crime fighters eating her out. Bubbles of spit made her brown pubes become dappled and her loins tingled with a thousand tiny ripples of pure delight.

"Heavens, two pairs of lips on mine!"

It was true, the twin lookalikes were slobbering over her quim in an almost obscene manner that saw their tongues overlap and intertwine to make her literally swim in spit.

Then one focused on delving his tongue into her pink insides over and over as the other now stabbed relentlessly at her clitoris.

"Oh my goodness!"

Unable to close her legs due to the tight binds about her ankles Batgirl was subjected to the most exquisite attention she had ever experienced.

In the space of three minutes she enjoyed two thunderous orgasms and her bosom heaved as she gulped in mouthfuls of oxygen. She peered between her thighs as Batman one and Batman two alternated in their indecent stimulation of her sex.

"This...is...won...der...ful!" She murmured as she writhed on her cute ass.

Her legs and arms were beginning to tire from the restraints and she might have given up hope were it not for the acute pleasure from the wicked tongues that worked her pussy.

With equal expertise the mirror image crime fighters quickened the pace of their licking and Batgirl convulsed as a third, but by no means lesser climax ripped through her trembling body.

"Whooo, hoo, hoo, whaah, hah, hah! Splendid, splendid. This is going better than I expected. Now for some serious fucking. Batman, would you do the honours?"

"You evil monster! Release Batman from his spell, right this minute."

Batgirl remained defiant against all odds, but at the back of her mind this was a dream come true for her.

Sex with Batman, twice over! Batman one pushed his rigid prick into Batgirl's tight pussy and the young heroine moaned in forbidden pleasure as her one true beloved hero plunged in deep.

He leaned forward and fondled her breasts as he settled on her bound body and began to fuck her with steady and assured thrusts.

"Oh Batman! Are you he? Feels so divine."

The masked girl moaned and panted as her naked body glistened with sweat in the windowless room. Batman picked up the pace and Batgirl became lost in a sensual euphoria as she was fucked without respite by the very virile hunk between her legs. With his boots planted wide his dimpled butt rocked to and fro as he piston fucked the hapless Batgirl.

"Silly me, I should have brought a camera." Said Joker at the missed opportunity.

Batman two now assumed the position and pushed in with a sturdy thrust of his hips that inched his massive member inside Batgirl's wetness.

He began to saw back and forth and her stomach churned from the pounding hammer lunges that that made her back arch on the table. His heavy weight on her pinned her flat under him as she surrendered her all to him.

"Yes Batman, this is you isn't it? Fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes, yes!"

She screamed as she was penetrated deeper than ever as his above average cock moved in and out like lightning.
He rose and fell on her and every muscle tightened in his entire body.

Then just as she came around his tunnelling tool he roared loudly and exploded inside her molten pussy and sent rope after rope of hot jizz into her. Batgirl lay there and wondered when he would stop as spasm after spasm racked his chiselled physique.

"Batman! That was the best!" She purred as she studied her raw pussy.

But wait, there was more to come as the caped crusader withdrew his fizzing cock and was replaced by his exact double!

Just as Batman one's cum still dribbled from her gaping pussy Batman two threw his cape over his shoulder and shoved his prick into her sodden twat.

He slipped and slid in and out and his length became coated in the others goo as the Domino Daredoll was royally fucked.

"This is incredible! There's no difference! It's the same cock! The same!"

Batman two propped his body up on his gloved hands and watched the bound beauty pant heavily as his thick appendage surged up inside her sopping cunt.

Her pale belly and tits jiggled under his frantic stabs of his rampant cock as he ceaselessly fucked her good. Batgirl was enthralled despite the discomfort of her ropes and cuffs, the only thing that the sex crazed woman focused on was HIM pounding her vulnerable pussy. It was so good!

"My darling Batman, if only you knew the things you do to me."

She gasped and her eyes rolled back in her head as she came with an ecstatic abandon, and Batman stiffened as a stream of semen raced through his tingling shaft and flooded her pussy. He collapsed atop of the quivering girl and their sweat streaked bodies merged in their post coital bliss.

"By the saints of wicked mirth, superb, wonderful! Give yourselves an A plus. Now I can live my dream of being supreme master criminal. Batman two, you may now kill your rival!"

"No! You can't!"

Batgirl tried to raise up, her pussy leaked excessive amounts of fluids out onto the table under her butt as she saw the exact doubles face off.

It was then that the facsimile Batman felt a resistance to his orders, unable to inflict harm to what he considered his own persona. H.A.R.D.A.C., his creator, had done too perfect of a job duplicating his personality and he shut down completely in non compliance.

"No, no! Kill him you fool, kill Batman!"

"Batman, come here and untie me, this is Batgirl."

"Batgirl? In the flesh? Yes, I will help."

The vigilante moved to the table and helped the trembling and fatigued Batgirl from her restraints as Joker slipped away in defeat with his two cronies.

Batgirl found her costume and got dressed, and after a lingering final look at her idol's flaccid cock, licked it squeaky clean and rehoused it in his trunks for him.

As he recovered from his posthypnotic state, he failed to recollect the last few hours as a state of amnesia set in.

"Batgirl! What happened! Where is this place? And who or what is that!"

He pointed to the deactivated robot and looked agape at the machine and it's exposed and soiled groin.

Moving for a closer look he failed to see Batgirl slip out unnoticed. He would never know the glowing satisfaction Batgirl had enjoyed from their fantastic intercourse, only she would remember this day forever.


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Re: Batgirl '68
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Note- I do not own the copyrights to Batman and other characters from the 1966 TV show. This is just an homage to dear Yvonne, Adam and Julie.


Chapter Seven.

Narrator- "One a.m. in Gotham City and all is well. Or is it? Criminals prefer plying their trade under the cloak of darkness. As, for that matter, so do various costumed vigilantes such as these two bat like characters. But wait! What's this?"


"I'm sorry Batman. Could you just repeat that. For the record."

Batgirl had to remind herself to close her gaping jaw as she looked at the Caped Crusader in front of her in the middle of the dark street. His hands were spread and his trunks were halfway down his tights as he displayed a fine, purple topped, blue veined erection.

"Batgirl, I'm in a rather peculiar position and I need you to perform fellatio and bring me to orgasm."

The twenty four year old Domino Daredoll had to blink hard in order to focus and raise her head up to look into that square jawed face under the bat shaped cowl.

Under the harsh light of the street lamps it cast a shadow across the part of his face that was uncovered so that only his eyes were visible.

It had been a quiet night in the streets and avenues of Gotham City this October night and Batgirl had considered turning in before resuming her job as Head Librarian at the Gotham City Public Library next morning.

"You mean right here in the street in the middle of the night? Not very romantic, Batman."

The hour was one in the morning and Batgirl, secret identity Barbara Gordon, was standing by her Bat Cycle in her sparkling purple spandex costume.

An alluring five feet three the soft fabric clung to every inch of her curvy frame. Beneath the tight fitting garment Batman could make out her lithe and toned body. Her perky breasts thrust out and the yellow bat emblem rose and fell as she breathed.

A fitted cowl covered her features and her long flame coloured hair piece flowed over her yellow and purple cape.


"Of course. How right you are. No, we can do it in the Batmobile. I parked just around the corner."

He pointed and as he turned his stiff dick bobbed up and down as if in agreement.
She felt slightly giddy as she drank in his impressive physique under the tight fitting jumpsuit.

His eight pack was visible just above his exposed groin which was now bereft of his usual navy trunks. She also couldn't fail to notice that his trusty utility belt had been removed and replaced by a cruder type that resembled something out of the last century. The wide leather belt wound around his waist and a strap looped around his scrotum to the base of his cock.
Three thin electrical leads ran from the strap to a small black box that sat at the bottom of Batman's spine and just above his firm buttocks.

"What exactly is going on? And what strange contraption is that?"

"It's called 'Catwoman's Remote Electric Erectile Penis Extra Enhancer.'"

"Really? CREEPEE? It certainly is creepy from where I'm standing."

"Quite. It's modelled after the old 'Electropathic Battery Harness Belt ' from the 1800's. Just a few hours ago Robin and I stumbled across the new lair of that feline devil Catwoman. The vile arch criminal is currently residing at Subterranean Suite 6 of the Catacombs Condominium on West 20th. Before we knew it we were overcome by her ne'er-do-wells and we were captured."

"Who does she have with her this time?"

"The troublesome tabby calls her litter the 'Pussycats Unified School of Scallywags, Ingrates, and Evil Scoundrels.' A very sorry bunch of hoods you ever did see."


"Apparently. She has the devilish notion to form a harem of men with Robin and myself as the main members. I was fitted with this fiendish device which causes me to maintain a constant erection. I managed to escape from her clutches but am still unable to remove this...thing. I discovered through masturbation that when I ejaculate it relieves the discomfort for a temporary time."

"And now?"

"Batgirl. I need further stimulation to get off. I am in need of a woman's touch. I've been driving around the midtown area in the hope of finding you on your night patrol. You're the only one who can help me out."

Batman had been the reason that Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Police Commissioner, had taken up cape and cowl in the first place. The young female idolised the iconic man and also had a burning desire to jump his bones.

"Very well," she nodded. "It's the duty of every good citizen of Gotham City to help out a fellow crime fighter, especially those with an obstinate erection. I'm your girl."

And I can't wait to sink my teeth into that big Bat-Pole she thought whilst licking her lips.

"Terrific! To the Batmobile!"

They both darted off into the shadows, Batman's prick slapping on his belly as he ran. He quickly jumped into the drivers seat and Batgirl joined him with a more elegant approach by raising her left leg over the top of the door and seating herself.

"Gee, it's a bit cramped in here Batman."

She squirmed in the tight confines of the car and attempted to swivel her body to his.

"I agree. When I designed the Batmobile I didn't envisage copulating couples cavorting in the front seats."

"Gosh, you're quite well endowed, Batman."

She now got a good close up of his huge appendage under the dome light.

"I suppose."

"Oh don't be so modest. It's adorable."

Batgirl leaned over into his lap and used her right glove to rub the thick shaft up and down.
His dick pulsed in her hand as she sized him up, the blood virtually boiling under the smooth organ.
If he has been hard all this time she thought, he was liable to erupt when he came.

She pursed her shiny lips and sloppily kissed the big bell end. Batman gasped as his aching cock reached its full height of eight inches and a bit. He and Robin had always wondered who this mystery woman was but he knew one thing about her and that was how good she gave head,

Her pink tongue darted out as she rolled it around the spongy head. Her mouth made loud slurping noises as she licked up one side of the stiff shaft before sliding down the other side.

"Good heavens!"

Batman snapped his head back into the head rest of the drivers seat and held the purple cowl of Batgirl in both gloves as she drove her mouth down on his throbbing tool.
His generous length filled her mouth as she pumped her head up and down and she tightened her lips to increase the friction on his hot flesh.

The feel of his manhood in her mouth was divine and she sucked on him to her hearts content. His magnificent and very swollen glans pressed against her tongue and her eyes rolled back in her head as her mouth was fucked.

"Good gravy! You're really good at this!"

Batgirl secretly felt flattered and she cupped his balls as she took him deep into her throat and back out again.
She decided to do her very best to get him off and dragged her tongue around the big knob. Her titian locks framed her pretty face as he sucked in breath and released his seed down her gurgling throat.

"Holy detonation!"

His intense eruption, although expected, still took Batgirl by surprise as long streams of jism bathed the back of her throat.
She gripped his upper thighs as she gulped down hid cum until he slumped back in his seat. His prick visibly waned and the harness belt hummed softly in his blessed relief.

"I've never experienced so much cum! You would have redecorated the inside of the Batmobile if I hadn't swallowed!"

"Many thanks, Batgirl. Right, let's head on over to West 20th."

"That's clear across town. Can you make it, Batman?"

"I have to. Batgirl, you haven't fastened your safety Bat-Belt."

"Gosh, right again Batman. I feel so safe when you're driving. Even though you're half undressed."

"Okay, lets move out. Atomic batteries to power."

"Turbines to speed, Batman."

The rear rocket thruster kicked in and the Batmobile made its usual fast start. The deserted streets made for a faster rate of speed although the law abiding citizen that he was stayed under the City speed limit.

"What exactly is Catwoman's problem anyway?"

Batgirl turned to Batman who sat in the drivers seat with his groin still bared and his flaccid penis resting on his left thigh.

"It's the age old story of pure greed, Batgirl. No doubt she was a high school dropout and soon after crime reared its ugly head and she finds herself on the wrong side of the law. If only I could persuade her to see things in a better light she might, just might be rehabilitated."

"I think that you have a soft spot for the seductive villainess, am I right?"

Batman looked directly ahead and tightened his mouth and stayed mum as Batgirl lowered her gaze to his groin again.

"And speaking of things soft, you got another boner."

"Holy flagpoles! I'm hard again?"

"Already Batman? That was quick! Thoughts of Catwoman anything to do with it?"

"This is torture at its most bizarre and terrible. I...I have to stop. My balls feel as heavy as lead."

Batman pulled over and put his head on the dashboard in despair. They were still only halfway to Catwoman's lair.

"What do you suggest, Batman?"

He looked up slowly and gazed into Batgirls big green eyes.

"I've tried masturbation. I had you give me a blowjob. Looks like I need to have sexual intercourse. That may help me alleviate the problem."

"You want to fuck me? Now?"

"Any other ideas?"

Batman stroked his hard on and Batgirl felt a nice flutter between her legs. Fuck Batman? Just try and stop me!

"You can rely on me, Batman."

She got out of the Batmobile and looked around. They were in the Financial District and not a soul could be seen. Batman got out and stroked his rigid and aching prick with some considerable discomfort.

"I so need to cum."

"Luckily I've packed some 'Batgirl Vaginal Lubricant' in my utility belt for just these situations."

"How astute of you Batgirl. You never know when a dedicated costumed vigilante might be in need of getting his, or her, rocks off."


"Do you have...protection?"

She looked over her shoulder and looked up at the tall silhouette of Batman.

"Naturally. I'm on the pill. This IS 1968 after all. Women are liberated these days. But don't get the impression that I'm promiscuous because I'm not."

"Heaven forbid. So, does your costume come off?"

"It's a one piece Batman. Just tear a hole in the back. I'll fix it later."

Batgirl bent forwards over the hood of the Batmobile and lifted her short yellow cape up over her left shoulder.
She dug her ankle boots with the bat wings into the paving stones and waited.

Batman stepped behind her and grabbed a piece of the spandex in each glove and rent it apart with a single effort. The gaping hole left the young crime fighters cute bottom sticking out and Batman smoothed over her white cheeks with his right glove.

"No underwear?"

"Absolutely not. In this spandex? The last thing a costumed female crime fighter needs is a VPL."


"Visible panty line. Now, rub some of the lotion into my vagina, Batman. And don't be stingy. Oh, yes! That feels divine."

The cool lotion met with an intense heat that radiated from her sex and the caped heroine gripped the hood of the sleek auto with both gloves. His middle digit probed and pushed inside her soft inner folds and she hopped from one boot to the other.

"Oh, Batman! Put it in already! I'm going nuts!"

Then she gasped as her idol slid inside of her tortured depths and his glorious shaft moved back and forth slowly. Aware of their surroundings Batgirl bit her lower lip in an effort not to cry out.

"Oh...my...gosh! I love it!"

Batman shifted his lower body and his hips began to bang against Batgirl's cute rump as he stepped up a gear.
Batgirl trembled in the night air as his turgid cock filled her tight cunt.

The Caped Crusader welcomed the sensation of her amazing tunnel around his hardness as he pinned the athletic woman to his car. His gloves encircled her small waist and he drove up with powerful lunges that almost lifted her boots up off the floor. He found a steady rhythm and snorted with delight as he fucked the mystery girl.

"OH, AH, YES!"

Barbara could hardly believe it. Batman was fucking her against the Batmobile and it was her dream come true.

AND he was all that she had imagined and more. She savoured every second as he buried himself inside her tight box. Untold pleasure flooded her being as he made the smallest circular motions with his pelvis and thrust in and out.

Who was this wonderful human and was he attached? The sound of an auto was heard by both and they froze in mid coitus.

"Batman! It's the nightly police patrol!"

A familiar sight of a Gotham City police car came around the corner and flashed the headlights twice.

"Quick! Behind that balustrade outside the Bank. Get behind the biggest pillar."

The two horny crime fighters ducked behind the stone architecture, he behind she as two officers approached.

"Why, it's Chief O'Hara!" Cried Batgirl as she felt Batman reenter her dripping pussy.

"Will the Saints preserve us! As I live and breathe, Batman AND Batgirl. Have you joined up to capture a dastardly criminal?"

"You could say we have joined up, oh! Yes!"

Batman thrust up and lifted Batgirl up onto her tiptoes as he worked his cock in deeper. She moaned out loud and bit her lip to stifle any further tell tale signs that she and Batman were fucking each others brains out.

"You alright, Batgirl? The night air is a bit chilly. Yes. I like to venture out on a night patrol once in a while. Keeps my hand in, just like your good selves."

Batgirl nodded enthusiastically as she moved her right glove to her snatch and rubbed her clit as Batman fucked her. She had no intention of stopping even for a second, the feel of Batman inside her was so precious, so sensational. As she sawed back and forth with her hand she looked up into the weather worn face of the Irish Chief.

"Keep my hand in, oh yes. Definitely! Oh, my!"

"Mind you, this chill is likely to get a guy frozen stiff, right Batman?"

"I'm certainly feeling very stiff Chief."

Batman peered over the head of Batgirl, giving the impression that he was standing beside the smaller woman.

"What's behind the wall there?"

Batman threw his cape over Batgirl's shoulder to hide their half naked bodies.

"No Chief! Not another step closer! You may interfere with vital evidence if you come any further. But rest assured I am delving deep into the matter."

"So deep." Sighed Batgirl.

"Well, keep it up, Batman, you're doing a splendid job."

Chief O'Hara doffed his hat and returned to his patrol car which sped off into the inky darkness.

"Yes, Batman. Keep it up, right up in fact. Give it to me hard!"

Eager to bring about his relief Batman began to hump the squealing filly hard, so hard that his balls slapped against her audibly with each thrust.
Batgirl moaned as she reached under her body and massaged her clit as she was pounded relentlessly into the balustrade.

Her juices dripped out and formed a clear sheen around his cock. Her hips had been seized as Batman pushed in hard and withdrew until all but his knob end was out. She felt her vulva vibrate as she neared her climax and Batgirl saw stars as she came.

"Holy Polaris! I'm going to cum so hard!" Cried the man in the navy cowl.

"Do it, Batman. Shower me with that stuff. Get your rocks off."


Batman pulled out as the first spurt left his cock head and flew over Batgirl's bared bottom. He continued to erupt his heavy load all over her as he fell across her bent over back.

"Oh my. You don't know how good that felt to cum."

Batgirl stood up and saw his dribbling hose hang down to the floor, spent and soft finally.

"Oh, I know the feeling, believe me." She cupped her tingling snatch with a wry smile.

The clock of the Gotham Town Hall struck three as the two of them recovered their composure.

"Come on, I must get this thing off of my back."


Catwoman stood tall in her stretch black lame jumpsuit. Her medium length brown hair had the bangs teased up and high and held by a headband with two tiny cat ears. A black eye mask sat atop of her cute nose and her brows had been shaped to resemble whiskers. Her brood surrounded her as they contemplated the Boy Wonder in front of them.

"Comfortable, Boy Blunder? A saucer of milk perhaps?"

Robin was tied to the wall by his wrists with cats whiskers and which were raised above his head. He still had on his eye mask to protect his secret identity, as well as his red satin shirt with the yellow R on the left breast. His lower body had been stripped of his briefs and tights however and his cock dangled between his upper thighs.

"Catwoman, I find you to be odious, abhorrent and egregious." He snarled bravely.

"But with a great ass, right?"

"And you Catwoman! You are a bigger fool than even I thought of you."

A defiant female voice spoke out from the shadows. From behind them appeared Batman and Batgirl who stood side by side, their hands planted on their hips. The smaller figure of Batgirl sporting a rather large hole in the rump of her purple costume.

"That's nice. Not even a hello? How are you? Somebody please put a gag on her. Heroines should be seen and not heard. And take off her stupid costume."

Two of the hoods manhandled the struggling Domino Daredoll and tore the spandex costume from her heaving frame.
Just left in cowl and boots she was pinned to the wall next to Robin and her arms raised up so they could be secured to a hanging crossbeam by cats whiskers. A ball gag was tied around her jaw and she mumbled in vain.

Two others took Batman by the elbows and pinned them to his sides. His cock was again beginning to rise to the occasion.


"What are your intentions now, you Princess of Plunder?"

"You have been a hindrance to me for far too long. I mean to make you my personal gigolo, Batman. Keep you close. And with my device I have the means to keep you hot for mama whenever I choose."

Catwoman picked up her gold medallion and twiddled with a hidden button. Batman felt an electric kick in his lower spine and scrotum and his cock pointed up to the ceiling. He made two fists as he stood with legs parted.


"Why I bet even Shakespeare didn't have words for such villainy! What about Robin and Batgirl?"

"Oh, I don't know. Kill them I guess. Alright boys go take five."

The vivacious villainess proceeded to remove her sleek skin tight costume, her eyes on Batman's quivering boner the whole time. The leggy brunette was truly a knockout with a heavenly figure. Lean, toned and slender. Left in her ankle boots she stood at five feet eleven as she smiled and ran her left glove across her flat stomach.

"Let no one say that Catwoman is not the best piece of ass in the world. I could even be a fashion model."

Indeed, her long pins never seemed to quit as her upper thighs converged to display her trim mound. Curiously she had shaped her pubes in such a manner that it appeared that two cat ears topped the dark mass.

"Like my kitty cat pussy?"

Batman waved a glove in disgust.

"There are no fashion shows where you're going, Catwoman. How could a feline felon-ess like you also be a model?"

The naked Domino Daredoll yelled from her captive state with a brave heart. Catwoman looked over to see the ball gag had slipped down onto Batgirl's chin.

"Gee! Does she ever shut up?"

"Give credit where credit is due, Batgirl. She may be evil but she does have the cutest derriere."

"HUNH!" Pouted Batgirl with a look of utter disgust on her face.

The costumed vigilante held his throbbing prick tightly, desperate for sexual respite.

"I did think it would end differently. Instead of being reduced to little more than an unpaid gigolo for one of Gotham City's most prominent criminals. I feel so helpless. I'm burning up with a desire to fuck Catwoman's brains out."

"And so you shall my gorgeous Bat-Dope. Sit on that couch."

The slinky feline move with a cat like grace in a fluid motion to the couch and straddled her arch nemesis. Her bud was tingling madly as she shifted her bottom and the thick shaft slid up between her thighs and she used her right glove to guide his angry looking crown to her entrance.

She moaned uncontrollably and her pussy lips spread to accommodate him as she pressed down and sank onto his hard length. She raised up a tad before ramming down fast, dragging her clitoris across his pubic bone.


Batman groaned as he peered out from under his cowl. Catwoman was so aroused by the mere fact she was riding the Caped Crusader that he slid in and out effortlessly of her slippery pussy. The sultry vixen rose up and down in a slow motion and she pinched her hard nipples as she impaled herself on his Bat-Pole.

"Well, I guess this is what they mean by putting the cat amongst the bat."

Batman moaned enthusiastically and gripped the woman's slender thighs and dragged her to and fro. Catwoman became possessed as she rocked on his rigid eight inches like a bucking bronco. Stretched to the limit she paused in mid stroke and gasped.

"OOOHHH! What a cock! He's tearing me apart!"

Batgirl sighed as she watched the erotic scene intently. The exquisite feel of her love juices bubbling in her hot pussy were driving her crazy. She could reach an orgasm instantly if she were touched right there, right now. With her back arched her big tits shook on her chest as she looked down to see a single trickle of fluid run ou.t of her over heated muff and down her left thigh.

"Why, what a simply gorgeous body."

"You got that right, Batgirl. Catwoman is quite the looker."

"I was referring to Batman actually."

"Oh, right."

"Say Robin. Before I came out tonight I took the precaution of coating my Bat-Gloves with a solution that vaporises cat whiskers. I can feel them about my wrists dissolving already."

"Holy clairvoyant! How in the world did you know you would run into Catwoman tonight?"

"By using that one thing you never could. Woman's intuition."

"You know, you're quite pretty tied up and naked."

Robin turned to look at her flawless body with the gravity defying tits. The hard nipples stood out from the firm and creamy globes and looked like they were capable of cutting glass. Her hips had a soft curve that led his eye to her exposed snatch with the sweet curls of her trim bush. She was the epitome of grace and youthful allure.

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself. I can see why they call you the Boy Wonder."

She referred to his generous erection that poked out at a jaunty angle, all of seven solid inches with a large tapered head.

"I'm no boy, Batgirl. I turned eighteen last Spring."

"Come on. We must help Batman."

Batgirl began to loosen the binds that tied her as she watched the couch action. Catwoman leaned forwards until their faces were an inch apart and kissed Batman hard on the mouth as she rotated her hips and ground her stuffed cunt on his prick. She took hold of his costume at the chest and ripped it apart to reveal his solid torso which heaved with his exertion.

"Lick my tits, baby."

Batman grunted and roughly pawed at her left breast as he flicked out at her right nipple. It sprang into his hot mouth and she sighed as worked his head from side to side as if he were a dog worrying a bone.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

Catwoman bounced up and down with an increased fervour as the pubes of her muff merged with his. The raging storm of sexual energy that engulfed both of their bodies reached a climax and thunder and lightning brought forth their mutual orgasms.

His cock pulsated inside of her and she felt the spray of his cum gush out. He finally slid out and his softening prick felt like the best thing ever much to his relief. Catwoman went limp on Batman, her skin glowing with her afterglow.

"The show is over, you evil bitch!"

"How did you two get free?"

Batgirl and Robin both moved away from the wall to join Batman. The Boy Wonder worked behind his broad back and finally released the torturous harness from the caped vigilante.

"Thank heavens for that. I needed that."

"Here we go again." Yawned the very naked Catwoman.

She clapped her gloves three times and four of her hoods appeared in black trousers and white tee shirts with their initials emblazoned on their chests in capital letters.

"Cornelius! Uriah! Norman! Theo! Okay guys, go get 'em!"

"Really?" sighed Batgirl. "The CUNTS?"

The three crime fighters, still masked but in the buff leapt into action. Crisp kicks from Batgirl floored Theo as he exhaled loudly from a blow to his solar plexus.


Robin and Cornelius slugged it out with the inevitable result of the sorry hood ending up on the wrong end of a haymaker.


Batman was riled and took on both Uriah and Norman raining punches into their flabby guts until they huffed and puffed in defeat.


"Curses! Foiled again. Just you wait Batman, I'll get you yet."

"Where is Catwoman? And Batgirl! She's gone again. For once, let's go after her."

"No, Robin. With my prick hanging out like a leaking faucet I might not appear like the ordinary, run of the mill crime fighter. No, I need some time to recuperate and...apply some baby lotion to some over worked organs. Come along old chum. To the Batmobile!"


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Re: Batgirl '68
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Note- Batman and other characters are owned by DC Comics not I. This is just a parody of those mentioned and is not written for monetary gain. I have tried to capture the kitsch of the sixties show which I adore. Dedicated to Adam and Yvonne as always.


Chapter Eight.


A pleasant evening in Gotham City, but an evening that seems relatively quiet is no guarantee against darkening disaster.


Barbara Gordon, Chief Librarian of the Gotham City Library, and daughter to the police commissioner. was relaxing in her private townhouse when she got the telephone call. It was Alfred, faithful butler to millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson.

"Why hello, nice to hear from you. How are you?" She gushed.

Alfred was the only soul to be aware that Barbara was actually Batgirl, although SHE was unaware that he was also the only person who knew Bruce and Dick were none other that Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder.

"I've just heard that Batman and Robin are driving over to Glu Gluten's Glue Factory on an errand of deep mystery. I thought that you might be interested."

"Well, yes I am. But how did you hear of it?"

"Oh, actually I over heard it. The Dynamic Duo were to be dinner guests at stately Wayne Manor tonight. Now, they may be in need of your assistance, Miss Gordon. It seems that Penguin is heavily involved."

"Thank you for the tip. I appreciate it. And, as always, your secrecy."

Barbara hung up and turned to her pet parrot in his cage.

"Well Charlie, seems my quiet night off with you has changed. See you later."

The young and elegant woman in the bouffant hair walked into her bedroom and hit a hidden switch under her vanity and the wall rotated to reveal her Bat Nook.

Once more she was about to transform herself into that dominoed daredoll Batgirl in a matter of seconds. After hearing so many tales of the Dynamic Duo's exploits and successful crime fighting she had taken it on herself to become a costumed vigilante as well.


Barbara had on the odd occasion dated Bruce Wayne amongst others, and had found him to be sweet and charming, but he had not tripped her trigger. That mysterious caped crusader was bold, courageous, strong and virile. What a man!

"Right then."

She took the service elevator in her closet down to her secret basement where she kept her highly advanced Yamaha Bat Cycle. Once changed she exited the building located near Gotham's trendy Park Ridge and she zoomed off into the night.

"Here we are. Seems quiet enough."

Batgirl ground to a halt outside the glue factory. She kicked the foot brake on and looked up at the nondescript front door.

The moon became shrouded behind a large cloud and the sudden darkness made the daredoll prick her ears up. She dismounted the bike and moved cautiously to the door.

Just as the moon reappeared a man stepped from the shadows and gave her a start. The big bellied man looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her big bosom under the yellow bat emblem.

"Penguin awaits your presence, inside." He jerked his thumb over his shoulder.

"Very well." She said defiantly.

As she passed him he rubbed his chin and ogled her lecherously. On his barrel chest his name of Hawkeye was emblazoned in large letters.

The young twenty four year old Barbara was at the peak of her athleticism and boasted full perky breasts, a twenty three inch waist and good turned out hips.

A petite five foot three in bare feet she had slipped her curvaceous naked figure into the sparkly purple outfit which, once on, hugged every sexy inch of her dancers frame. She had sighed and took a moment to savour the delicious feel of the spandex next to her tender flesh. About her neck was the purple and yellow cape and on her head was the cowl which fitted over her bouffant perfectly.

In order to detract anyone who wished to discover her true identity she had the clever idea of attaching a long flame coloured hairpiece which flowed over her shoulders. Her purple ankle boots had a two inch heel which came in handy for slamming into the groins of criminals who crossed her path, and on her hands were her elbow gloves with a pointed bat wing fringe.

"Good evening, my delightful Bat boob and welcome to my new television production studio."


His cackling voice came over a public address system from all corners of the room. Batgirl had walked just a few paces inside the building which stunk of glue and paste and which had a cool atmosphere.

Hawkeye had vanished and she was alone on the factory floor.


That arch criminal known for his love of birds and high tech umbrellas. What mischief was he up to now? Only recently did he have the nerve to kidnap her and propose marriage in a feather brained scheme to gain immunity from prosecution as the son-in-law of Commissioner Gordon.

"What devilry are you up to now Penguin, you feathered fiend?"

"Listen carefully." He cackled. "You must obey my every instruction from now on, The lives of Batman and Robin depends on your actions in the next sixty minutes. Thanks to my little, shall we say addition, to the Batmobile I administered knockout gas and brought the dynamic dunderheads here. My plan is to discredit Batman and reveal his true identity to Gotham City on live television, in one hour. Once his secret is known he will have no other choice but to step down as crime fighter and retire. Hwah! Hwah! Hwah!"

"You wouldn't!" Said Batgirl in anguish.

"Well call me old fashioned. I have actually been expecting your presence. I'll give you the chance to save Batman. You have heard of the twelve labours of Hercules? I have fashioned three labours, tasks if you will which you must complete within the next sixty minutes. Are you game?"

"You can't scare me, you evil miscreant. Bring it on."

"Splendid. Now you must do as I say, to the letter. On your left you will see three doors. You will find your tasks behind each in turn. Now go to door number one."

Still somewhat inexperienced, although one hundred per cent enthusiastic, Batgirl entered through the first heavy metal door which immediately slammed shut on her.

Inside she looked all about her and found herself in what appeared to be a square six by six cell. She ran her gloves on the smooth surface of the door and walls which had no other features whatsoever. No handle, hinge or frame. Just metal. Even the interior light could not be seen as the female vigilante blinked in the harsh light.

"Now what?"

From behind her she heard a door slide open with a swoosh and she peered into another, slightly larger metal walled room. The only exceptions were a television camera in the far corner with the legend 'Penguin Television Productions' on either side of the large lens.

And in the middle of the room was a black dildo sex machine. A love rocker designed for the stimulation and penetrative masturbation of females.

"Good gravy!" Gasped Barbara.

She had never seen such a thing before and stood wide eyed at the large object. Made of wood and steel it a seat of sorts on two padded thigh rests with a rubber six inch dildo mounted in the centre. A thick handle protruded out in front of the pads and presumably made the rocker move backwards and forwards. The toy was ribbed and had a tapered head that glistened from having been coated in some kind of lubrication.

"It's self powered and works just like a rocking chair." Squawked Penguin.

"Only difference is every time you tilt to and fro the dildo fucks you. You can determine the speed and depth of penetration. I want you to ride it and bring yourself to orgasm. Once you achieve this I will let you proceed to the next labour. Now you are on camera so no faking. As I said time is of the essence so I wouldn't hang around if I were you."

"Penguin! Are you some sort of sex pervert!"

"Hey now. I'll have you know I am quite the ladies man." He said with an aristocratic air.

"I am quite conversant with females and their sexual pleasures. But I do like to watch. Now get on with it. The clock starts ticking now."

A loud and ominous tick-tock echoed around the metal walls and ceiling as Batgirl resigned herself to her fate. Only she could save the dynamic duo in the next hour.

She took a pair of Bat scissors from the left side of her utility belt and began to snip a big enough hole in the crotch of her costume. Once done she pulled the spandex aside to reveal a small strip of brown pubic hair atop of her succulent labia.

"Here goes nothing."

Batgirl positioned herself over the dildo and rested her thighs on the luxurious pads while digging the heels of her boots in the floor. Her bottom hung in the air as she guided the head of the oiled up sex toy to the opening of her pussy and let the dildo sink in slowly.

She gripped the handle in her right glove as she shuddered at the feel of the rubber cock slide up inside her cunt. Her folds parted and stretched out as the six inch toy was entirely embedded inside. She squirmed and shifted as she grew accustomed to the odd feel of rubber inserted.

"Now, I just...heavens!"

Batgirl rolled her hips forward and the acute momentum shoved the dildo into an upward thrust.

"Holy rocket! That was weird!"

Then she inhaled deeply and rocked backwards and the false cock withdrew. Slowly she began a gentle motion with her hips and the handle and closed her eyes as she was understanding the rhythm of the rocker.

She moaned as she felt the dildo move back and forth within her muff as her angle bettered. Forward and back, forward and back, in and out, in and out.

"That, that feels kind of nice."

Soon Batgirl was fucking herself hands free, just using her feet, thighs and hips. The persistent friction of the bumps and ridges on the shaft of the toy made her squeal with delight and she writhed erotically.

Batgirl shuddered from her constant stimulation as she rocked the dildo into her leaking cunt. So much pussy juice did she create that her inner thighs were saturated.


Batgirl snapped her head back as her spine flexed and the muscles in her thighs and calves stood out profoundly. The toy was causing her pussy muscles to spasm from the continual vibrations as it worked in and out. In a way this was good as she surged on in search of her orgasm.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" She intoned over and over as the dildo pumped into her pussy.

Faster and faster now the caped cutie powered the rocker into her steamy cunt and she gulped on huge mouthfuls of air as her spandex costume became drenched in sweat.

Finally Batgirl went into convulsions as she achieved a mind blowing orgasm. Her legs went stiff as she ceased her divine rocking and she went limp on the padded thigh rests. Her gorgeous body felt amazing in her post sexual bliss as she disengaged from the rocker.

"Wow! Intense!"

"Indeed, that was quite the show."

Penguin's amplified voice broke on over the loudspeakers and brought Batgirl solidly down to earth. The clock ticked in the background.

"How long did I take?"

"A splendid fifteen minutes. You have three quarters of an hour before I remove Batman's cowl. Now go through the second door."

The door slid open and Batgirl peered into a slightly larger room. She adjusted her torn costume between her thighs and with great trepidation she walked in and saw two more of Penguin's henchmen.

Both were brawny in white tee shirts with their names on. Sparrow and Swoop. Sparrow and Swoop were also naked from the waist down and sported full erections.

"Holy double whammy!" Exclaimed Batgirl as the realisation of her second labour hit her.

She noticed another television camera beside two bar stools.

"You guessed it, Bat slut. You have to bring my two men to orgasm in order to proceed to the third labour. Have fun now. Hwah! Hwaw! Hwah!"

Barbara inhaled deeply, if it meant Batman's secret could be saved she simply had to bring these two off. She used the scissors again and removed a sizeable portion of her lower costume so that she was bare from utility belt to the ankle boots.

Naked from the waist down the two men leered at her perfect behind, firm of buttock and with a sensational rising curve from her ass to spine.

She stood with both hands on her hips which only furthered her fantastic figure. Slim but curvy, feminine but with a taut musculature of her thighs. A result of her ballerina lessons from an early age.

"You don't intimidate me." She said despite her exposed pussy peaking out from between her upper thighs.

Hot to trot the bold damsel in purple marched forwards and stood directly in front of the goons and looked each of them in the eye from under her cowl.

In her favourite pose she had her feet apart and her hands on her hips , the red hairpiece flowing about her shoulders. Then she dropped to her knees and placed her gloves on Sparrow's inner thighs and stared at his big cock and balls. The large head was shiny wet with pre cum already and without further ado Batgirl flicked out her tongue all over and under the bulbous crown.


Sparrow moaned as he looked down at the woman in the cowl who repeatedly drew her whole tongue across the cock head and around that sensitive area just under.

Batgirl was an expert cock sucker!

Aware of the time factor the dominoed daredoll swiftly moved to her right and expertly and erotically kissed the entire seven and a half inch length of Swoop. He let out a long and agonised groan as Batgirl licked his shaft from tip to bushy pubes.

"Good start my little purple minx." Said a cackling Penguin over the loudspeakers, presumably watching the whole sordid affair on camera.

Batgirl held up Swoop's stiff prick and put it flush on his belly as she lapped at his hairy scrotum, making sure to nuzzle his testicles in a seductive tease.

She would make these guys cum alright. She turned her attention to Sparrow and guided his rock hard knob into her mouth at the same time she jacked off Swoop.

Batgirl nodded her head as her warm, wet mouth devoured the man. His hips jerked involuntarily as his entire length filled her throat. Again with surprising dexterity the young heroine squeezed his cock between the roof of her mouth and her tongue as she sucked noisily.

"What a mouth!"

What a sight too as the bottomless babe bobbed on her haunches and her downy covered pussy glistened with her pussy juice. She released Sparrow and then gave Swoop lots of playful kisses on his bell end which made him shudder with pleasure.

"Oh, wow!" Cried Barbara as Sparrow came behind her and raised her back up.

The goon ran his hands along the front of her bared thighs, gradually moving to her wet pussy as she gyrated her hips. His big bulk pressed to her curvaceous backside and he felt the wanton masked woman move her butt crack up and down against his stiff cock!

He stared at her peach of an ass as his prick was massaged by her twin cheeks. Batgirl sighed as his fingers caressed the outer labia of her molten muff.

"Suck on this." Said Swoop as he held up his spit covered cock.

Batgirl stroked his shaft with her right glove as the man behind her pushed down on her back so that she was bent forwards. She swallowed the seven inch cock in her face and hummed on the hot meat as her pussy was slowly prised open and a fat digit thrust inside. With the two men fingering and fucking her face Batgirl lost all reason and madly bucked and sucked with a wanton abandon.

"So wet! I got to fuck this cunt."

Sparrow put his hands on her ass as she braced herself with her boots firmly in the floor. The wonderful sensation of a hard cock being slowly slid up inside her hot slot never failed to please the young and horny woman and a welcome whimper of delight escaped her sealed lips.

Sealed around Swoop's prick as slurped and slobbered on him. Her body shunted back and forth from the hefty humping from the brawny Sparrow and his groin smacked against her bum loudly.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" She moaned in throaty grunts each time he drove all the way into her soaked cunt.

All three moved together in a coordinated and sexy rhythm as she was fucked hard and slammed into Swoop's groin ensuring his stiff length bumped the back of her throat.

Sparrow tore at her already tatty costume so that her buns were fully exposed. As Batgirl was double teamed her moans grew louder. From behind she was pumped rapidly and from the front her mouth took equal thrusts.


Then Sparrow pulled out panting and sat on a four legged stool in the corner, his cock in his fist. Swoop also withdrew his shining prick and pushed Batgirl over to Sparrow.

She got onto his lap reverse cowgirl and let his upright pole sink inside her. Batgirl was so wet it slid all the way up until her bottom met his wiry pubes. Swoop put his cock in her face once more and she stroked and licked him as she rode up and down on Sparrow.

"Her cunt is so wet!"

Her toned legs and thighs rocked to and fro and Sparrow reached around to rub her clit from behind.


Despite the gravity of the situation Batgirl's body betrayed her as she relished the big cock stuffed up her cunt. It just felt so good! She impaled her juicy cunt on his thickness and rode up all the way to the tip before dropping down to his balls.

With the heels of her boots on the ground for better leverage Batgirl was having the time of her life as she serviced both men.

"Excellent! Do you like my penguins playing with you, my dear?"

Barbara yelped as she was hoisted up in mid air and became suspended between the pair of Penguin's thugs. Swoop held her by the thighs as she hooked her ankles back and around his butt. She brought her arms around Sparrow's meaty ass and held on tight as his rigid cock slipped into her open mouth.

"What a fucking slut!"

In the next few minutes Barbara was given a flying fuck as Swoop sawed in and out of her pussy, her legs flapping in the air as they bent at the knee. His thigh muscles were stretched as he planted his feet out wide and pulled, pushed her on his aching organ. Sparrow held the back of her cowl as he literally face fucked the girl.

"Yeah, take it deep bitch!"

Sparrow then stiffened as he came hard into the dribbling mouth of Batgirl who growled like an animal as she gulped his seed. Swoop was fucking her at breakneck speed until he too exploded and shot his load all over her lower back and ivory buttocks in great arcs. Drop after drop ran down the back of her legs as she stood up straight.

"Well done, well done." Penguin's dulcet tones resonated in the room. "We'll make a whore out of you yet. Now go through the next door."

On unsteady pins Batgirl stepped into the next room as the door slid back. There she was confronted by the sight of Robin who had been stripped nude and was laid on his back upon a sturdy wooden table.

His arms and legs were tightly secured to the table by iron cuffs at the wrists and ankles. He struggled to move but his limbs would not budge from his sides. Batgirl froze as she took in the scene.

"Robin! I don't believe it!"

The boy wonder raised his still masked head and saw her standing before him naked from the waist down.

"Robin! Are you hurt? Penguin, you utter fiend!"

Robin croaked an answer and Batgirl noted that the sight of her naked loins had stirred something in him and his dormant cock started to fill with blood.

"Aha! The boy blunder awakes. Same as me actually, I always get a stiff in the morning. Hak! Hak! Hak!"

"Why is he nude?" She asked.

"It's plain as the nose on your face dummy, You are going to fuck Robin and make him ejaculate inside you. Inside you mind, I have a fancy to see you get a cream pie. The clock has wound down and you have twenty five minutes. So, get on with it."

Lucky I use the birth control pill thought Batgirl as she did what she was told and unzipped her upper portion of what remained of her purple costume and bared her hefty bosom.

For such an athletic type Barbara had quite large breasts, full, round and heavy. They bounced out as if glad to be free from the tight confines of her spandex costume.

Stood in cowl, belt and boots she appeared absolutely stunning and arousing. Robin was now fully erect and his seven inch boner quivered up on his belly.

"Robin, where is Batman?" Her tits jiggled as she came over to his side.

"Don't know." Came his groggy voice. "Are you really going to do this?"

"We have no choice. If we don't comply Penguin will unveil Batman on live television."

"Holy embarrassment!"

She looked down and held his erection upright and sized him up. Not bad, not bad at all she nodded as her other hand moved between her thighs and tested her wetness.

Batgirl kicked her left leg across the bound man and settled herself astride his groin. His big package rested under her as she lifted his cock up and let the stiff hose rub along her wet slit, moistening his tip.

He groaned and lifted his pelvis up as far as possible despite his predicament and the naked heroine let him slide on up.

"Oh my!" Gasped Barbara as the flared head popped inside her with a wet sucking sound, followed by the thick shaft.

Batgirl eased back and threw her head up as she sank all the way down, her gloves flat down on his stomach. She paused for a few moments to savour the moment of her being impaled on the Boy Wonder's knob.

Her hips gently rocked from side to side causing a sublime friction on her inner walls that made her pussy seep out around his cock and onto his balls.

"I'm going to fuck you now Robin, and I want you to cum inside me."

"Please tell me this is all a dream." He sighed.

Barbara began to ride up and down with half of his length inserted in her bat cave at all times. The feeling of his hot meat inside her made her quite giddy as she pressed down with her hands on his abdomen.

Her curvy backside rose and fell as she increased the tempo and her quim tingled like crazy as she drove to and fro on his marvellous organ.

"You...your pussy feels amazing, Batgirl."

"Thank you. Your cock feels wonderful too."

His eyes, under his black mask, fixed on Batgirl unfalteringly as she bounced up and down on his prick and her ripe tits jostled in his face.

She upped the tempo, acutely aware now of the ticking clock. Her hips rocked back and forth rapidly now, his entire cock inserted inside her as she milked his boner for all she was worth. Her soft moans were almost in pleading as she drove her sopping pussy on his boner.

"This...is...so...wonder...ful." She cooed as her pussy became a slick tunnel.

As her heavy breathing deepened Robin was captivated by her boobs that bounced on her chest directly in his line of vision.

He became as hard as a rock as he pulled on his restraints, unable to fondle or caress her huge globes. Sweat permeated his naked body as his cock was squeezed by Batgirl's tight pussy muscles. Each time her cute rump slammed down on him incredible vibrations shattered the pair of young lovers.

"I could ride your cock for hours Robin, but we must consider Batman."

"Agreed, let me just..."

Animal instinct took over as the Boy Wonder tensed beneath a panting Barbara. Although it had been all her work he urged himself to a climax, her every stroke building him to his release.

She rubbed her clit on his pubic bone as she moaned in ecstasy and as he erupted inside her she too climaxed with him.

"Yes!" He cried.

"Yes! She screamed.

They stopped their gyrations as his sticky cum leaked out of her steamy cunt. She lifted off of his dribbling prick which flopped onto his left thigh and she cleverly pointed her cream pie to the lens of the camera.

"Get a good look you foul creature Penguin."

Barbara put her middle finger into her overfilled pussy and held her cum stained glove up in the air. Mingled with her own cum a white line of fluids trickled out of her and down her bare thigh as she leapt off of Robin's prostrate body.

"The three labours are complete, now release Batman."

As Batgirl spoke the entire metal wall slid back to reveal the horrid sight of the caped crusader in a specially prepared room.

He was hung between two lengths of rope that dropped from the ceiling and suspended his arms above his head. A crude device was attached to the top of cowl and appeared poised to lift it at a moments notice. A camera was aimed at his face barely three feet away.

"Penguin, you are a depraved and evil monster!"

Apart from cowl and navy boots the caped crusader was stark naked. Over the years Bruce had sculpted a body of masculine perfection, solid chest, large biceps and rock hard abs. His thighs were thick and his butt tight and he had trained his body to withstand intense torture and mistreatment.

His physical prowess combined with his high intellect and photographic memory it was no wonder that the criminals of Gotham City wished him gone.

Barbara had spent some of her restless nights masturbating to the magnificent image of Batman naked and erect and fucking her brains out.

As she gazed on his restrained form she focused on his magnificent appendage that hung large and dormant atop his big ball sack.

"Sorry, I'm such so forgetful these days. Three labours? Of course I meant FOUR."

"You foul old bird, Penguin. Where do you get off on this? What fourth labour?"

"You now have ten minutes left my dear. Ten short minutes in which to perform fellatio on the dynamic dope and swallow his ejaculate. Or else, well, you know what. And don't touch his cowl."

Barbara tried to compose herself despite her pussy drip, drip, dripping and her butt glazed with dried semen. She took two big breaths of air and walked up to the helpless Batman.

Half sedated, Batman's naked bound body was laced with sweat. Barbara looked on at his exquisite frame and ran a glove across his thighs on up to his stomach. His cock stirred and achieved a half erection above his balls that hung low beneath.

Barbara moved her hands behind him and squeezed his meaty ass cheeks and made him shudder and raise his head. The delicate caresses of Batgirl caused his defenceless body to react and he felt an undeniable heat in his loins. In a few moments he was fully erect and she gasped at the impressive sight of his thick shaft topped off by a bloated crown.

"Oh, Batman!" Her cheeks blushed and she was thankful she still had her cowl.

A couple of inches over six feet he was a bear of a man with wide shoulders, thick arms and muscled legs.

Her kind of man. His head jerked up and he stared at her in confusion.

Barbara considered his eyes to be the most striking she had ever gazed into.

Just who was he? Would she be able to stop Penguin from raising the cowl that masked his true features?


"In the flesh. Er...yes, quite in the flesh!"

"What wicked scheme has the feathered fink dreamed up this time?"

"I am to get you off in the next few minutes lest you are unveiled on live television."

"Ah, a costumed crime fighters work is never done."

"Can you help me, Batman. Will yourself to cum in my mouth."

'I'll do my best. It's sometimes difficult to think clearly when one is getting a blowjob from Batgirl."

"Shut up and get on with it!" Said Penguin with a quack as he waddled into the room with a naked Robin beside him, held by Sparrow and Swoop.

Batgirl scowled at the small, dumpy villain and turned her mind to the task at hand. Batman summoned all his will power and she was highly impressed by his majestic erection, the shaft of which looked heavy and sported large veins along its length.

The young female crime fighter, still new to the game, understood the severity of the dire dilemma. But secretly she experienced a thrill of delight at the notion of sucking off her hero's hose.

"Okay Batman, here goes."

She began by kissing the inside of his left inner thigh and sighed at the heat and musk from his heavenly groin. Wet traces from her ruby lips remained on his flesh as she reached the underside of his generous sized cock. With slow deliberation she painted a straight line from the base all the way up to the tip where she stopped.

"Good work, Batgirl. I can feel my balls begin to expand."

Then he groaned as she sucked the flared glans into her hot mouth and rubbed his length in her right glove as she hummed on the big knob. The vibrations on his member made him tense his legs and buck his pelvis to and fro in degrees of speed that saw him tug on the ropes around his arms.

"Oh, yes! Good trick."

Barbara had squeezed tightly on his underside with her thumb as she worked his prick deeper and deeper into her mouth. A torrent of spit ran out of her mouth as she produced an abundance of saliva and lubricated his length like rain.

Robin looked on in awe as his mentor hung helpless while being cock sucked by the cute ass Batgirl who bobbed up and down emphatically on her haunches. Her peach of an ass jiggled and embarrassingly he began to get a boner as he was held by Penguin's hoods and they both chuckled.

"Holy heartbreak!"

Batgirl massaged Batman's inner thighs as she continued to fellate him. She found his balls and fondled them as she sucked on his cock harder and faster with each passing second.

Batgirl kept her lips pursed as she felt the first spasm of his pulsing cock splatter on her tongue. Her own thighs rubbed together as she savoured the spent cum from Robin inside her cunt.

"It's working, Batgirl. Keep up the good work."

Barbara gagged in response as she felt the walls of her throat being stretched around his massive organ. Her gloves came up to grip his tight ass as she forcefully embedded his cock in her throat.

Then he tensed up and Barbara felt his cock expand in her mouth as he spurted out streams of warm and thick semen. She gulped gladly as pulse after pulse continued to send his cum down her throat.

Reminding herself of the important task, though it was difficult to concentrate as her personal dream was coming true, Barbara let some of the hot cream seep out of the corners of her mouth to illustrate to Penguin that she was complying with his wishes.

"Oh, Batgirl. That looks so erotic."

He looked down at her as cum dribbled out onto her lips and chin and down onto her bared cleavage, her hairpiece like red flames around her pale shoulders and neck. She let him slip out of her mouth and stroked his quivering cock to milk him of his seed.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven..."

An automated voice began a countdown over the loudspeakers and as cool as a cucumber Batgirl stood up and removed the device on the top of Batman's cowl and tossed it to the floor.

"Three, two, one!"

Now useless the device fizzed on the floor.

"You lose, Penguin." Said she as she wiped her mouth on the back of her glove.

"Curses, beaten by a purple coloured bat bitch. Who knew you were such a horny little slut. Go get 'em boys!"

"Time for some bat fighting Robin! Au natural! Cried Batgirl with tits jiggling.

"Let's get 'em!" Agreed Robin with a proud semi stiff.

The naked Robin and Batgirl leapt into action, ignoring their vulnerable state. Robin smashed Swoop in the nose with a right hander.

Batgirl had her bare arms grabbed by Sparrow from behind, her hefty boobs bouncing wildly as she struggled. She remembered his cock and how he had felt inside her pussy as he fucked her and for a moment she weakened.

Robin hit Sparrow on the back of the head with a convenience piece of two by four and the goon collapsed to the floor.

"Thanks, Robin!"

"Don't mention it, and thank you for the nice sex."

"You're welcome. Hah!"

With an outstretched boot she kicked Swoop in the solar plexus and he fell to the floor like a sack of shit.


Robin had rushed to Batman and untied him and then chased the hastily retreating Penguin and secured him with Bat rope.

"You're on your way to prison, Penguin. When will the likes of you ever learn that you cannot outwit us or the law."

"Nuts!! My day will come, you bungling buttinskies!"

"You'll never succeed in circumnavigating justice. Not as long as honest law enforcers like us have a breath left."

Batgirl stood defiant with both hands on her hips, her chin still glazed with Batman's cum. She still looked ravishing in her state of nudity. Batman turned to the camera in just cowl and boots and addressed the audience.

"Citizens of Gotham City, please forgive my appearance. I might not look the ordinary run of the mill crime fighter tonight. Until criminals such as Penguin learn that our job will never be done while the likes of he are still at large people such as myself, Robin and Batgirl will continue our fight for law and order. While we still have the spunk in us. And when that day comes when there are no more villains left we will gladly hang up our capes and cowls. Goodnight and sleep well."

"Hey! What happened to Batgirl?"

"Who knows Robin. Who ever knows."



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