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Author Topic: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)  (Read 5188 times)

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Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« on: November 28, 2018, 10:10:14 AM »
DISCLAIMER: This story is based on my imagination and therefore no real event ever occured...

Code: FM, Blowjob, Fetish

Fuck... I couldn´t keep my eyes away from Khloe as she adjusted her tight little white dress, making sure her ass was on point and noticed. She was getting ready to leave for a business meeting as usual, and she had to look sensuous , but that didn't worry her at all. If there was something that worried her the most, that was it. Her ass and her curves needed to look perfect, after all, they were the center of attention.

“I know you´re looking at it, my gorgeous round ass, baby. Hell, I know a lot of horny men notice my great looking ass and I love the attention.” Said Khloe, as soon as she felt my stare. Yes, women know when a horny guy eats them up with just their eyes as they look. She stared at the mirror in front of her, which showcased her entire body. As she stared at herself, at her own reflection, witnessing her own beauty, she ran her hands through her curvy feminine hips.  She loved her curves, and she was teasing me with them.  She knew exactly what she was doing; Turning me on.

“So, how good does this dress look on me baby?” Khole asked me.

She was the hottest of all Kardashian Sisters, Khloe Kardasihan. It was because of the sexiness she portrayed. No other sister ever compared to her. There wasn’t single time that she doubted her looks, no never. Every single piece of clothing she would put on, to everyone´s eyes, it was simply perfection. There were no flaws. No question of what if, or does this, or does that look good? She really loved how clothes looked on her every time she will try them on.  She knew how hot and sexy she really was.

“You really want to know?” I replied. “You will have to change that dress of yours, baby.”

She seductively walked towards the chair I was sitting, indicating to do something about it. I couldn’t help but stare at her wide hips going back and forth and side to side seducing me. I swore that she was going to regret all that teasing. Her eyes locked on mine, sticking out her tongue and licking her fingers.

“You really think I’ll mind changing my dress, babe?” She said.

I didn’t have a chance to reply, she then groped and placed her body against mine and started sucking on my neck. She knew just how much my cock enjoyed it. She knew my weak spot and acted upon it real quick. She was a real teaser. Her tongue on my neck did magic every time. She groaned and moaned on my neck like a horny slut in need of cock as my hands wondered her body covered in white fabric.

“Khole… yes…” I moaned.

¨You´re getting to hard.¨ Khole whispered in my ear before placing her lips in my earlobe.

I was so aroused to say anything else. I just let her continue sucking and kissing my neck, letting her have her way with me. My hands all over that big ass of hers, grabbing on to it with everything I had as my cock got harder and harder for her. I finally reached for my pants after a few seconds and pulled them down, exposing my rock hard cock.

“Get on your knees.” I ordered and Khole quickly obeyed.

She got on her knees and looked up at me. I caressed her blonde hair for a bit before inserting my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes as I shoved my shaft all the way down her throat. I then opened my eyes feeling the amazing sensation of her tongue and watched how her head bobbed up and down my shaft trying to take my entire lenght into her mouth.

"Fuck, you suck on my cock so fucking good, Khloe." I moaned out,

She gagged as always, but that wasn’t a problem at all. She loved gagging on my cock. Saliva, spit and cum all mixed in her mouth making those noices I loved hearing as I went in and out of her,  drool and cum falling on the front of her dress.

“You like when I get all dirty, don’t you.” She said teasing. She took my cock into her mouth once more taking my cock even deeper this time. I started getting loud, her horny yet muffled moans soon followed as we both enjoyed the pleasure we were feeling.

Her tongue twirling on the head of my cock, taking long licks from my balls all the way up to the head. It felt incredible. Khole Kardashian was always great at giving head.

I rocked my hips faster and faster in and out holding on to her ponytail. I loved fucking her this way; having my way with her mouth, owning her mouth for my pleasure.

I took breaks after ten consecutive thrusts before stopping completely. I wasn’t going to cum in her mouth, no not this time. Khloe stood there on her knees, her mouth completely covered with my pre-cum waiting for my next command.

“Lay in bed with your ass up…” I then said.

She immediately did as she was told. She walked towards the bed, crawled and got on all fours, and waiting for me with her hands on the mattress, her ass facing my direction.

She looked beautiful, her dress verily covering her big ass, and with no panties in sight, I could see just how moist and juicy her pussy really was.

“I told you baby… You’re going to have to change your dress once I’m done.”

I gave her a few kisses before turning her around and placing her flat belly on the bed. I wanted to cum in her ass, I wanted to bust so hard on that fabric, I wasn’t kidding and she wasn’t either. She really wanted me to cum on her dress as well. I placed my body on top of hers and started grinding on her wide and plumb ass as her stomach laid flat on the bed spreading her arms and legs. I loved the feeling of her ass on my cock, and she loved feeling my cock through the fabric on her skin. Her thick and curvy body felt so good with every thrust and every grind.

My face barried in her hair, smelling the wonderful aroma of fresh strawberry as I grinded and grinded on her, the matress making noices with every thrust, every hump of our bodies. I wasn't going to last any much longer.

I groaned out her name, it felt that amazing. The great feeling of her ass in that dress as I grinded her sent me to the edge. I caressed her ass a little more with my hands, and gave her a couple of spanks. That ass of hers really drove me insane. I finally grinded so hard and fast while grabbing on to her hair, pulling her closer to me, saying she was mine. She wanted me to cum. She then moaned out to cum so hard on her ass.

“Yeah, baby…  give me your spunk. Cover my ass with your cum, please.” She begged.

I came so hard, that so much cum covered the back of her dress. Her ass completely covered in cum, never looked so beautiful. I caressed and worshiped her hips a little more. It was never enough for me. I love Khloe Kardashian, her ass always made me do things I normally wouldn’t do, but knowing Khloe, she also loved her own ass. She used it to her advantage, every time she wanted to.

She got up from the bed, walked towards her closet where more than one hundred white dresses were waiting for her, and pulled out a new one to use.
“Do you think this one will also do the job, baby?” She asked with a smile…
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Re: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2018, 10:49:16 PM »
FUCKING AWESOME!! I loved that ending with him cumming on her ass!

Woooo! More Kardashian love for the site! I love them and their big phat asses.

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Re: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2018, 11:22:13 PM »
FUCKING AWESOME!! I loved that ending with him cumming on her ass!

Woooo! More Kardashian love for the site! I love them and their big phat asses.

Yeah, he grinded the shit out of that phat ass! Hopefully I get inspired to write more Khloe...

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Re: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2018, 03:00:40 PM »
I like the story cover you made there and thank you for turning me on to Khloe today. Now I'll go the rest of the day thinking about her.  :-*

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Re: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2018, 06:26:32 PM »
Mmmm, ruining her dress like that is hot!

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Re: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2018, 08:27:37 PM »
Went back and left you a 'thanks' now that we have that option.  ;)

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Re: Khole´s White Dress (Khloe Kardashian)
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2019, 06:00:35 AM »
Great story, I've been in a mood for some Kardashian ass. You certainly got me all riled up this morning thinking about Khloe. She is so underrated.


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