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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona  (Read 6425 times)


3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« on: May 21, 2019, 05:39:17 PM »

8:30AM @angievarona

“Morning, lovelies,” Angie said, tossing her hair to one side with a bright smile.

“Today is the day, “ she said, pausing. “Don't act like you guys don't know.”

She pointed a finger at the camera.

“The annual 'Coronas with Varona' is here, my loves and I am super excited,” she grinned. “Miami. Summer. Avril's Hot Vibes beach house. It's going to be absolutely crazy.”

Angie dipped the camera down to her pretty pink lace panties and held her morning bulge, keeping her from being exposed.

“I'll be seeing some of you there. Ciao!”

9:25AM @daly_marithe

“Hi hi,” Daly waved. “Buenos dias, mis amores.”

She moved the camera down and smiled.

“Estoy en Miami. Yay! Muy emocionado.”

Daly blew a kiss at the phone and pressed her arms against her chest, lifting those gigantic tits towards the screen. She gave the fans a generous view before dropping down her midsection, revealing her rock hard abdomen. With jeans already unbuttoned, she pulled the zipper and revealed a white silk and kept going to show off the massive line in the raised denim. She got down to her knee and wrapped a hand around it.

“Lo quieres?” she said, sighing.

Quickly bringing the phone to her face, she smooched the screen and shouted, “Adios!”

10:05AM @manifesting_mary

“Time to get motivated, ladies,” she snapped. “I'm up. Miami is up. Ya'll need to get up.”

Mary flopped her gorgeous afro over and ran her fingers through the curls.

“I am so fucking excited for this. My second time down here at Hot Vibes for Angie's crazy ass get together. Ya'll really don't even know how lit it be in there, okay?”

Mary shook her large juicy boobs in that green top and laughed.

“Ya'll want some dick, too, huh? Maybe insta will ban my ass. I doubt it. We bring in that money, honey.”

The camera dropped to her jean shorts and she pulled the button. “Mmm, who's up for sucking on this big ass dick before I hit up the beach house? Hit me up in the DM's and we'll see who's around town for Momma.”

“Don't be shy,” she said, jostling her package around, “You know I'll make love to that ass.”

11:05AM @jessicanigri

“Ohayo, all you nerdy nerds,” she said, flinging up a peace sign. “I'm up in Miami and you goobers know what I mean by up.”

Jessica tipped the phone at her crotch, full of mass and covered by her hand.

“I am so horny just thinking about this party, you guys. I might have to just rub a fast one before I go. What do you guys think?”

She moaned at the camera and grabbed a hold of the taxed fabric.

“Hit me up on Snapchat and maybe I'll give you dirty heathens what you want. ...Bye!”

12:00PM @daniellachavezofficial

“Como estas, Miami?”

Daniella appeared in a flower decorated lace baby doll to her fans with the perfect shadow between her massive tits. Guys everywhere were dropping their pants and wanting to shove their dicks into that piece of heaven.

She let out a sigh and put a kiss to her screen. In the bottom left corner, her hand was lightly moving up and down just out of the frame. She turned to look down and nodded. A loud slobbering noise could be heard just down below.


She smiled back to the camera. “Hasta pronto!”

12:30PM @daly_marithe


Daly came away from the camera, slipping both hands into her bright orange bikini bottoms to rearrange that monster package between her golden thighs. Smiling wide to her fans, she stayed quiet and presented that unbelievable body to them, moving her hair to focus on her immaculate torso. She danced slightly back and forth, jiggling those fat boobs against each other before reaching for the camera.

2:35PM @manifesting_mary

The chocolate goddess fluffed out her curls for the camera and tightened up her bright red flower band. With hard nipples desperately pressing on her yellow bandeau, it only emphasized how tight it was around those gigantic fat tits. She hiked up her shorts around that meatiness between her wide thighs and turned to reveal her big ass to everyone.

“Outside the smexy ass beach house and ya'll know I already got some lovin' before I got here. Dick was fan-fuckin-tastic,” she smiled with a kiss.

4:50PM @jessicanigri

“Just taking a break from the photo shoot, my babies!”

In a gorgeous white wig and a candy corn flavored bikini, Jessica posed and situated her humongous jugs so that they didn't spill out to everyone on her live stream.

“Hot Vibes will appreciate these big anime tiddies,” she giggled. “I know you all love 'em.”

Jessica tilted her phone to reveal her length buried into her thigh high sock and clasped around it.

“Gotta jet, weirdos. Love you.”

5:50PM @daniellachavezofficial

“On my way to Hot Vibes...”

Daniella waved to the camera and showed off her gorgeous curls, gleaming in the Miami sun. Bringing her fans closer to those heavenly boobs, she revealed an ATV and focused in on her wind breakers stretched out across the gas tank. Reaching inside, she took hold of it and started working it. She smiled with a look of glee and gasped before turning the stream off.

5:55PM @angievarona

“Wow, time has really flown today,” she smiled wide. “Check out my outfit before I roll down to Hot Vibes. I'm meeting up with Avril in just a tiny bit and can't wait to see everyone.”

Angie moved side to side, showing off her amazing long brown strands and popping her ass out for everyone.

“Tonight is gonna be so fun! Bye!”

7:00PM @HotVibesOfficial

Get your asses over to the Premium site for the latest photo shoots with the ladies of Varona in their hot and spicy outfits for the evening!

Head on over to the Premium Live Stream if you're a registered member because in a few minutes, our fantastic musical guest, Daft Punk, will be starting the party with a massive set list that's going to blow the club apart!

This is too hot for Instagram! Too hot for TV! Too hot for your parents!

Avril's Hot Vibes. Coronas with Varona. 3rd Chromosome. Where are you at?!

Miami's about to get fucked!

8:00PM Hot Vibes Beach House, an Avril Lavigne joint.

The dynamic duo of French electronica hit the switch and the double stacked Bose F1's hit the crowd with an avalanche of sound. That 80hz of bass hit them in their souls and awakened the beat demon from within. The near 100 third chromosome guests invited to the bash lit up the area, immediately moving and bouncing around to the groove of 'One More Time.'

The party had started and Coronas were being tipped back like water. Huge boobs, huge cocks and huge sacks of balls were flying out of skimpy bikinis and flopping all over from some of the tightest bodies on Instagram. Cameras from the Hot Vibes crew swooped in from above and techs rolled by on a circular track that went around the perimeter. The Premium live stream hit ten thousand viewers before the first song was up.

Angie Varona appeared from behind the curtain with mic in hand, coming up between the two DJ robots, who both embraced her, bopping up and down at the crowd. The break before the chorus hit and Angie pointed towards the sky.

One More Time! Let's GO!” she roared.

The area was rumbling like an earthquake with bodies already sweating and grazing up against each other. Tickling their feet with the grumbling sub-bass drops, the guests started to find new lovers to embrace while the song started to die down.

Wake the fuck up, Miami!” Angie shouted. “We're not slowing down!

The synths started stuttering into a new melody and the Richter scale went up Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Angie pointed a finger at the crowd and beckoned them towards her and she trotted over in her heels over to the side in that gorgeous polka dot bikini. Hair swinging near her fat ass in that tight pony tail, she welcomed up a beautiful brunette and started grinding on her immediately. They both whipped their long clubs out, rubbing them together for everyone to see.

Devin Brugman, everyone!

Daly and Daniella, the two Hispanic bombshells, met up near the front of the chaos, grabbing at each other and locking lips just below the DJ booth. Hands on cocks and balls, they felt the music storming through them and Daly took the initiative, spinning Daniella around up against the rumbling wall. She quickly had her boner sliding through those delicious cheeks and felt her way to a spicy slit, burrowing in. Daniella welcomed the feeling of a hearty ten inches of extra wide Mexican yumminess and assumed the position.

The camera crew zoomed in on a thick white girl on her knees and two dark palms stuck into her pink braid. They watched her broad butt humping up and down from the floor and Mary threw up the deuces while sliding her fourteen inches of chocolate fudge into the sweet suckling depths of Jessica's chest. Mary smashed her big fat titties together for the live stream viewers and smiled while wrecking cosplayer tonsils.

Get ready!” Angie hollered out. “Take it to the beat! Make 'em take it all!

Angie pushed Devin over the rail and dropped the mic, smacking onto her swaying ass with her hands and sinking balls deep in a fiery hot pussy. She threw her arms up in the air to the beat and grabbed her hips before the drop, waiting for it with a massive smile.
Something's in the air!
Something's in the air!
Something's in the air!
The sub hit like a nuke and everyone was plowing their partners to the insane rhythm. Balls, bitches and beer crashed together in a firestorm on the dance floor. Angie grabbed Devin by the back of the head and violently wrecked her cooch with heavy thrusts, forcing her bulging tits to spring free from her bikini and slap together like an extra instrument for the song. This bitch had humongous boobs and Angie's heavy chest heaved up and down as she plowed her.

Daly had Daniella by the blonde strands, pulled back and gazing into her bright blue eyes. She was planted firmly, blowing up Daniella's magnificent backside with quick thrusts. Mary sunk her nails into Jessica's scalp and stood over her like a goddess, fucking her throat with no remorse and smiling towards the sky. Jessica gargled and groaned, her throbbing eleven inch slab smacking the ground while Mary used her. She admired that thickness just above her, grabbing at brown cheeks. The other dozens of hot and sweaty futanari sluts went after each other, taking one another into a mindless orgy with everyone doing their due diligence to keep up with the fast beat.

Suddenly, Mary was glancing down at Jessica's pretty eyes and was losing control. Between her flopping titties, she was watching her thick chocolate cock plunge to the deepest reaches of her long tunnel and they were locking eyes for a brief moment before Mary couldn't stop from hollering out. Letting off a shotgun blast of thick creamy nut, Mary was quickly splashing down her esophagus with force into her belly. Jessica tried gulping the load, but she was struggling. Mary was tightening with white knuckles, pulling her in hard and expelling a deluge into her guts. Spilling drool from her lips onto her impressive rack, Mary's eyes were rolling into the back of her head and she silently thanked Angie for the pills that increased her output.

Angie was craving tight gooey pussy and Devin was served up on the menu. She spread her legs and Angie's heavy grape fruit sack flopped into hers and she screamed out to the crowd, unloading her tension all over a few just below. Angie stood her up and pounded on her to give her huge load the hang time it needed to launch into the people. The camera got up and close on Devin while she blew her wad and Angie snatched her hair and brought her to her knees. She picked up the mic and shouted to everyone while sliding her long enchanting girl cock through her hand.

Something's in the air, alright! I'm going to cum all over you, bitch,” she laughed.

She tilted Devin back and with that profile view for everyone, Angie sighed and blasted her in the face with a pure white shower of her salty batter, drenching her face in the first burst. Angie turned Devin's unrecognizable face to the crowd and jerked out another gushy spew. The stream had nothing to stick to and it all spilled to glaze Devin's big ass tits. It kept going and lined her belly until hitting her inner thighs. Angie slapped her with her fat dick a few times and smiled.

Daniella had slipped to her knees and with hands on Daly's rock solid core, had her mammoth mammaries tight around that hefty beef slab. Daly arranged her into make shift pigtails and viciously plowed that endless, glorious cleavage, smacking her leaky tip into those plump pillow lips. She couldn't hear the smacking on her shiny helmet, but Daly flooded the girl's chest with spilling arousal until she couldn't handle it any longer. She snatched her by the top of the head and held her into the wall, jamming her aching schlong between her pretty pink lips. Daly's cock grew rapidly and her avocado-sized hangers sent the lava up the shaft where it erupted so hard into Daniella's mouth that it exploded from the corners of her sealed entrance and drenched her juicy boobs. Cheeks puffed out, Daniella took the Mexican spunk against her tonsils, swallowing rapidly and trying to drink everything that she could get. She was defeated and closed her mouth, swirling the flood around inside.

With her completely overwhelmed, Daniella stood up and slid her tiny fingers around Daly's ears and brought her in. Daly smiled and flipped her hair around to one side, pushing her lips into Daniella's and taking her own hot jizz onto her tongue. They both drank and exchanged the hot semen between each other during a much needed break between songs.

Sisters!” Angie shouted, “Daly! Jessica! Daniella! Mary! C'mon!

The hi hat run kicked in and Angie started amping up the beautiful crowd to the guitar riff, swinging her hair side to side while her friends picked up new Coronas and hit the stage. The synth build up got everyone hype

Here we go!” she shouted.

Mary eclipsed the short party host and tipped her cold beer all over her bronze titties. Angie gave a gasp and before she knew it, the motor boating had already begun and that afro was shaking wildly back and forth. Angie screamed with glee into the microphone as Daly entered her from behind, filling her asshole to the brim with thickness. Lifting the young woman into the air, Mary hiked Angie's legs up onto her elbows and angled that colossal black behemoth underneath Angie's balls, sitting her down on it.

The place exploded with monstrous sound and the cameramen were catching it all. The Premium Live stream was nearing ninety thousand current viewers and the money was being hypothetically dumped on Avril's desk. The second that Mary and Daly started plowing Angie's tight cunt, the viewers started climbing. Jessica grabbed the microphone while tipping back her beer and held it just in front of those blasting thighs so that the crowd could hear the absolute destruction being put on Angie's holes. Cum, sweat and beer flew all over down in the orgy pit, the frantic debauchery escalating with each passing moment.

Mary pulled the destroyed girl down onto her heels and spun her around before pushing on the middle of her back. Daly caught her and handed her off to Daniella before pushing on Jessica and slipping her tongue into her mouth. Mary started an onslaught on Angie's fantastic bubble booty, jiggling it for everyone who was coherent enough to pay attention. She didn't give a fuck. This was for her. She popped into Angie's little tunnel and pulled her back so far that she had to shuffle in her heels to get full of that dick. Mary grabbed her slim slippery waist, pounding her to the beat and blasting those toned buns in every which direction. Daniella snatched Angie's hands and forced them on her phat ass badonk. She juggled her meat inside of her thong and unfurled the horse cock onto Angie's cute face. The overweight bag of goo fell out and stretched to the max, warm and full of Angie's favorite drink.

Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck It! Fuck it!” Jessica yelled out in the mic, giving a sensual dance against Daly.

Mary crunched into Angie's petite frame with rampant thuds that were simply erased by the bass in the sonic cacophony happening all around them. Moans and groans could be heard briefly before being swept away by the waves. Daniella grabbed her hulking cock and nudged those bee stung lips to invite her in. In that instant, Mary reached out and snatched the tight pony tail, forcing her all the way open with a quick gasp. Daniella stood up straight, sinking her meat into that slimy tongue. Like the sword and the magician, Daniella disappeared down the straight line of tonsils and warmth until both endowed women were breaking their nuts on Angie's rockin' body.

“Take that little bitch,” Mary groaned, unable to hear herself.

They smiled to each other and Daniella slid her hands around Angie's beautiful head, clamping on and getting up to speed with Mary. Both women attacked her with brutal thrusts, sinking ridiculous girth and length deep into her cushy insides. Angie's heels were slowly beginning to not touch the floor any longer and her legs started to sway in between Mary's powerful thighs. The dick was simply too much for the enthusiastic host and after her cock started flopping against her own belly harder and harder, she shuddered on both futa-spears and emptied herself in a cascade of nut butter all over Daniella's bright pink heels.

The Hot Vibes crew were hard at work, getting into the nitty-gritty of Daly and Jessica's mutual interest on her knees valiantly trying to handle both of their tremendous dongs. The cameraman identified her as Rhyan Emily and they plastered her name into the live stream for the fans. She had dicks in both hands, desperately attacking the sputtering heads on two of the most attractive women on the platform. Daly and Jessica embraced off and on, kissing on each other while this whore devoured cock like a professional. They wanted more and she was turned around to present that fantastic butt to them both. Jessica initiated Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle the deal and she stomped a foot when she lost. Daly stepped up to Rhyan and nudged that monstrosity between those tree trunk thighs, sliding effortlessly through that creamy pussy until she was flush on apple bottom.

“Oi, puta,” Jessica grinned with a wink.

Daly gasped into a smile when Jessica came in from behind and filled her up, pressing Rhyan against the rail. Jessica nibbled on her ear before they both grabbed the bar and went to town on that giant ghetto booty, making her vein bursting shaft slam up and down in front of the crowd. All three moaned in slight delay as inches piston pumped in and out, increasing in intensity until Jessica sighed with a contorted face, unable to stop herself from blowing her load and exploding a fountain of jizz out of Daly's tight slit. The bubbly goo splooshed all over her balls and landed on Mary's foot.

Jessica pulled on Rhyan and Daly was in agreement, both of them dropping to their knees and slobbering wildly on her outrageously gorgeous boner. With Angie on her back and Mary on top of her, driving her into the floor with a mating press, Daniella was free to slide over and pop her big juicy lips on Rhyan's purple knob. The three of them wrapped arms around each other and triple attacked Rhyan's succulent endowment with their sloppy mouths.

Angie was lifted so high that her own meaty trunk was leaking onto her cutie pie face, her balls flopping around from the beat down Mary was giving her. She couldn't breathe and her ass was being clapped by Mary's gargantuan girl globes so loudly that she could hear it over the music. It reverberated through her entire body until she looked up to her friend with a strong stare of wonderment and stuck her tongue out the moment her sack clinched and doused herself in the face with a splooge layer that caked her, no skin left behind. On her hind legs, Mary leaned in, grabbed Angie by the cheeks from underneath and held on, resting her face in Angie's goo until she sighed hard and squirted a pint full of balmy baby batter down into Angie's cervix until it blew out all over the ground. Angie was sure she could hear the cum being blasted into her, unable to fully grasp the amount that she took. The pills were incredible.

Daly had one hand full of cojones she couldn't handle and an eleven inch behemoth that she couldn't handle. Fondling and slurping, she looked up at Rhyan and was taken by the back of the head. Rhyan wasn't playing games with her and worked Daly's beautiful face along the long stretch of futa dick.

“Come here, you big titty bitch,” she smiled, her voice taken away by music.


Rhyan went back to the rail and Daly smashed her sweaty boobs around it, suffocating the beast in cleavage. Rhyan found the beat and plowed those amazing bags with force, fwapping her fat floppy sack into Daly's exquisite midsection. She groaned and bit her lip, on the verge of absolute ecstasy and grabbed Daly's head to pull it forward. Rhyan's cock twitched between that tight grip, punching Daly in the face with a bucket of hot steamy futa goop. Head snapped back, Rhyan brought her in and launched a barrage of monster ropes into her mouth that blasted back out all over her big tanned titties. Rhyan humped, drenching the model in a massive glaze.

“Suck down that vanilla cream,” she demanded, shoving her cock back into Daly's mouth. “C'mon, cutie, slob the fucking knob.”

Jessica was sprawled out on the ground and pulled on Mary's foot, yelling at her. “Pick on someone your own size, you sexy ass bitch,” she laughed. Mary crawled her huge chocolate frame onto the girl and filled herself with Jessica's meat. Jessica filled her hands with those enormous brown boobs until Daniella slapped them away and sat down onto Jessica's head. Dangling her big glorious bag onto Nigri's lips, she gladly slurped those bad boys, tugging and slobbering on them. Daniella leaned back, pressing her heavy ass into Jessica's face and felt her bulbous balls sink into the girl's throat. Angie was regaining composure and could barely see, but Daniella's otherworldly cock was a beacon for her. Crawling over and wrapping her cum covered lips on it, Daniella gladly went around the base of her pony tail and helped her suck that dick.

Daly stepped over Jessica's amazing abs and Mary lifted her huge black dick for her to sit on. Filling herself up, she flared her knees out and sandwiched her heavy slab between Jessica's famous boobs. Rhyan dropped behind Daniella and shoved it deep, giving Jessica two pairs of baby factories to suckle on. She wrapped around the Chilean goddess and pressed those big ass tits together while bucking her hips at her. Angie continued to bath Daniella's boner in love and Devin reappeared after getting plastered earlier, tipping back a beer and forcing Daly to open her sexy fuckin' mouth. She did and that long slithering coke can of a snake lodged next to her heart and all women went to the next level.

Juicy succulent sacks the size of baseballs were flopping around in the heat, walloping on tight skin and cracking out. Slobber and copious streams of mixed fluids were spilling out of all of these bitch's holes and half of them couldn't even see after being destroyed. Angie's pill giving them access to these ridiculous amounts of semen was the best idea ever. Every horny slut in the room was balls deep into a hole and the music was bumpin' hard and fast.

Daniella couldn't take Jessica's throat massaging her sensitive testicles any longer with Angie gargling cock and jerking her off with both soft hands. Her eyes fluttered back trying to comprehend the situation she was in and gave in, unloading a built up explosion of sweltering spunk into an unsuspecting Angie. The crown twitched and her cheeks blew apart and it sprayed across Daniella's shaft and Jessica's neck. Angie was a champ and continued taking shot after shot until she caught Daly leaking heavily between Jessica's fat titties. Angie dropped her face and Daly erupted, splashing her rapidly until she was coated again. Ropes the size of Angie's middle finger spooged out. Daly continued hammering on the under boob with her thighs until her balls were drained.

Rhyan clapped her apple buns together while pummeling Daniella's gooey hole and squirmed at all the hot cum being thrown around. She tightened her arms around the sexy slut and drove it home, burying in that deep trench and gushing that sweet, sweet hole. Rhyan pulled out and her massive load came with it, smacking Jessica in the face and covering her in a splooge mask. Jessica struggled to move at all and shuddered in the madness, filling her black lover with a bone rattling release. The forceful blast squished out as Mary hopped up and down and spattered cum everywhere. Mary smiled and shook her head back and forth just before she pushed her black log deep, pressing Daly's stomach outward and spraying her guts with a splurging cream pie. Devin had Daly by the disaster that was her hair, clapping her fat fucking nuts into her neck while lodging and dislodging every staggering inch near her heart. Mary pulled Daly's arms back and let Devin have her until she sunk into that scalp and slammed her hips into her forehead. Devin bit her lip hard and Daly's esophagus swelled against the veins of her trunk. She opened her wide for the tingling helmet to dribble out slowly until popping and pouring futa splooge down into her tummy in long generous splashes. Devin sighed and wiped the sweaty beads from her forehead while Daly drank her white goo.

The girls started to fall away from one another, sprawling out onto the stage. Joining them was the rest of the crowd, fucked and drained to the very end.

Angie crawled around for a microphone and sighed with a smile. The DJ's cut the track and she breathed heavily.

“That's only the beginning, bitches,” she panted. “We'll take an intermission and be back in thirty.”

The party never ends, though, does it?

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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2019, 12:31:20 AM »
A Futa masterpiece. I greatly enjoyed this.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2019, 01:44:21 AM »

I like reading Futa from time to time and this story absolutely blew me away.

Great use of all the obscure Instababes. Some new faces I've discovered thanks to this story.

Cade writes a lot of stuff set in Miami, maybe this should also be included in whatever universe he's created out of that town.  :D
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2019, 01:48:13 AM »

I like reading Futa from time to time and this story absolutely blew me away.

Great use of all the obscure Instababes. Some new faces I've discovered thanks to this story.

Cade writes a lot of stuff set in Miami, maybe this should also be included in whatever universe he's created out of that town.  :D

Which girls did you not know of? Thank you for the kind words!
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2019, 01:55:46 AM »

I like reading Futa from time to time and this story absolutely blew me away.

Great use of all the obscure Instababes. Some new faces I've discovered thanks to this story.

Cade writes a lot of stuff set in Miami, maybe this should also be included in whatever universe he's created out of that town.  :D

Which girls did you not know of? Thank you for the kind words!

Mary and Angie for starters, going to be saving a lot of pics tonight.


Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2019, 05:26:34 AM »
Oh yeah. Mary and Angie are unbelievably beautiful. Good luck on your quest, my friend.


Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2019, 10:30:16 AM »
Futa fun, fuck yeah!


Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #7 on: May 23, 2019, 01:31:26 PM »
The only issue I see with adding to Cade’s take on Miami is that the 3C universe has established some celebs as 3Cers already. Jessica Alba and Lucy Pinder as just two examples. Even Avril Lavigne is noted to be a dom/club owner.
 However, that’s not to say aspects can’t be borrowed.


Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2019, 09:22:37 PM »
Grob is right that it would shake up both universes quite a bit. Interesting to think about but hard to implement.
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #9 on: August 26, 2019, 07:55:15 AM »
Had to sit down and reread this today. Such a hot futa masterpiece.
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Corona's With Varona
« Reply #10 on: November 24, 2020, 03:05:15 PM »
You might want to change the title for obvious reasons.  Nobody wants to read a story about Covid-19!!!! The title seems less sexy and reminds people of the coronavirus out in the world.
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