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Irresistibly Cute Part 4
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Disclaimer: I do not own Arrow or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

Keywords: FF, Fist, Oral

Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Felicity Smoak frequently got nervous, which led to sweating, which in turn led to her feeling really gross. It was always an inconvenience, but never more so when she was on a date, even one which was supposed to be a no pressure situation like this one. Sara Lance, proving herself an even more amazing person than Felicity originally thought, had suggested their dates could be mostly just crashing in front of the couch eating take out, which was all they were mostly up for after a long day at their official job and/or night at their unofficial job.

Normally this helped with Felicity's anxieties, and it was so nice to just hang out with Sara like when they were just friends with the added bonus of cuddling and make out sessions. It didn't hurt that it was a cheap alternative to restaurant meals as neither one of them was making that much money, although Sara promised they would still have a few 'proper' dates in the near future. Not for their third date though, as Felicity had been so happy to spend that in front of the TV. They even didn't have sex to prove their relationship wasn't just about that, which was a nice thought but Felicity definitely liked the fact that they were still in their honeymoon phase.

However while this was their fourth date, and therefore should be less stressful, and Felicity was resting in Sara's arms, a.k.a. the place that she felt safest, she didn't think she'd ever been more nervous. Why? Because she had a question to ask Sara, and it would be something which would be a big deal in any relationship, let alone Felicity's first relationship with another woman. Of course she was very much not stupid, she knew that Sara's answer was probably going to be a very happy yes, but Felicity couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that something would go wrong. That it would be too soon, that it would be interrupted by Arrow business or something, that irrational fear keeping her silent for most of the date.

Luckily Sara beat her to the punch by slowly turning to her in the middle of the movie they were watching and murmuring, "Felicity..."

Still nervous Felicity lifted her head up from Sara's chest and looking the other blonde directly in the eye hesitantly replied, "Yeah?"

It didn't seem possible, but in that moment Sara looked as nervous as Felicity felt, the mighty Canary taking ages to finally ask, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Felicity beamed happily for a few seconds, then realising she hadn't replied quickly stammered, "Yeah. I mean yes, absolutely... totally, yes, yes... erm... yeah?"

Sara smiled so wide it was painful as she let Felicity stammer for a little while, before laughing, "You adorable dork."

Felicity wasn't sure if she should be offended or not, but before she had the chance to say anything else Sara pressed her lips to hers, and it was hard for Felicity to argue about anything when the Canary was kissing her. More importantly she didn't want too, the hacker just relaxing into her new girlfriend's arms and massaging the assassin's lips, and eventually her tongue, with her own. Then Felicity found herself on her back with a horny superhero on top of her, Sara only breaking the lip lock so she could kiss Felicity's neck, something which made the MIT graduate want to just forget about that other thing she wanted to say.

Of course her mind just wouldn't let it go, Felicity eventually groaning, "You know what this means, right?"

"That we're officially an item." Sara replied happily in between kisses.

"Well yeah, mmmmmmm, but I kind of think we may be, sort of, were already." Felicity babbled, before taking a deep breath and adding, "But I meant we're going to need to tell people."

That had Sara stopping in her tracks, lifting her head and frowning, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Felicity replied in a horribly unattractive whining tone which she instantly hated herself for, not that she made it much better with her forced enthusiasm on the follow-up, "Yes, absolutely. Yes."

Sara smiled softly, "You know there's no rush, right?"

Felicity blushed, looked away and murmured, "I can think of at least one person we should probably talk to soon-ish."


"Oliver!" Sara called out, tired of waiting for Felicity to work up the nerve to get his attention, "We would like a word with you."

Frowning at his ex-girlfriend's tone Oliver lowered himself to the ground, walk towards the two blondes and nodded, "What's up?"

Sara immediately regretted her tone of voice as it betrayed her, let both Oliver and Felicity know she was feeling frustrated. She kind of felt she had a right to be, but at the same time she felt she had done such a good job up until now of being the mature one in this love triangle. She shouldn't be making this worse for Oliver, and especially not for Felicity. Both of them were very dear to her. Words couldn't do justice to how much that she cared for them, and how irreplaceable they were when it came to her night job, and given that Felicity had just agreed to be her girlfriend Sara should be treating her with nothing but respect.

So she took a calming breath and forced herself to relax as Oliver came down from the salmon ladder and walked over to them, shirtless as usual. Seriously, she knew he owned the place, but did he really always have to be shirtless? Of course normally Sara liked the view, and she still did, but it was distracting. For her and especially Felicity, Sara feeling an unhealthy amount of jealousy as her girlfriend's eyes clearly lingered on Oliver's muscular chest, sweat dripping off his entire body as he slowly walked towards them and... focus! She needed to focus.

Luckily Sara had her adorable girlfriend with her, Felicity's rambling just the distraction from Oliver she needed, "Hey Oliver, how are you? Good day? You feeling ok? You... well, erm... me and Sara! You, you know about me and Sara, right?"

"Yes Felicity. I do." Oliver said, folding his arms as he didn't think he was going to like this.

"Well, we... we... we're." Felicity stammered, then smiled as Sara gently placed her hand over hers. For her part Felicity quickly grabbed it, intertwining their fingers and holding onto it like a lifeline as she continued, "We're together now. As in officially. As in girlfriends. Dating! Officially dating girlfriends, and I... I just thought you should know. Because, you know... I... I kind of stole your girlfriend."

It was a decent joke, one which made Sara grin happily and even Oliver crack a smile before he replied, "Well, that's great. I appreciate your honesty and I'm happy for you."

"Great! That's great, I'm so glad we had this conversation." Felicity beamed, "I was so-"

"I just need a quick word with Sara." Oliver said.

Simultaneously the blondes frowned, although only Sara spoke, "Why?"

"Because I said so." Oliver said sternly.

"Are you going to give me the shovel talk or something." Sara murmured dismissively, then after Oliver just stared at her for a few moments she added in disbelief, "Oh my God, you ARE going to give me the shovel talk!"

"What's the shovel talk?" Felicity asked innocently, immediately feeling small and stupid when the two superheroes frowned at her.

Seeing Felicity shrink into herself, and hating the fact she was partly responsible, Sara quickly explained, "The shovel talk is when a protective family member or friend warns the new love interest if they hurt you they'll end up hurt, or worse. In this case, Oli is going all big brother and warning bad girl Sara Lance not to hurt dear sweet Felicity Smoak."

"Sure, go ahead. Don't take this seriously." Oliver grumbled, not liking Sara's teasing tone at all, sighing as he added, "I thought Felicity was important to you."

"She is!" Sara insisted, not liking his tone in turn.

"Then take this seriously." Oliver said, "Felicity is special. She's not like us."

"You don't even know how right you are." Sara interrupted, "But I would never, ever hurt her Oli."

"I know you wouldn't mean too." His features softening, "But-"

"Erm, excuse me!" Felicity interrupted, waiting until she had the attention of both these people who meant so much to her before she continued, "I might not have gone through everything you guys went through, but I'm at least a little like you. I'm not some innocent snowflake, I help you to put people in the hospital, and if the government knew about half the things I've hacked into, or the amount of places that I've helped you two break into, I'd be in jail for sure."

"I know that Felicity, but-" Oliver tried again.

"But what? You think I can't take a little heart break? Because news flash, I've been dealing with that way before you two came along." Felicity scolded her friends, quickly adding when they tried to speak, "And another thing, were you going to give me the same talk? Huh? Because Sara deserves a little protecting, probably more than me considering what she's been through, so how dare you assume she's the one who's going to screw up and hurt me, because if anything it's going to be me who blows this and hurts her, even though I really, really don't want that to happen!"

For what felt like an eternity Sara and Oliver just blinked at the frazzled computer nerd. By now they both had gotten used to Felicity's rambling, and even though she had been blathering so quickly and high-pitched that it should all have been just gibberish they heard every single word. They both knew just how much Felicity was invested in her relationship with Sara, and for the briefest of moments Sara couldn't help a happy smile crossing her face. Then she quickly remembered Oliver was in the room, and despite his excellent poker face Sara knew that the proof of how Felicity felt about her must be devastating, even if he probably didn't fully understand it yet.

Which of course just filled Sara with a fresh dose of guilt. Despite the fact that Oliver had never dated Felicity, and had in fact dated Sara at least twice, it felt like Sara had stolen Felicity from Oliver. One of the only downsides to her relationship with the amazing tech geek was that it may always feel that way, despite how many jokes could be made about Felicity stealing Sara away from Oliver, which was not entirely untrue given how things played out, even if Oliver's and Sara's last attempt at a relationship with each other was little more than a friends with benefits arrangement. While they were both falling hard for the same woman, no less.

Desperately wanting to lighten the mood Sara giggled, "Felicity, babe, I appreciate the attempt to defend my honour, but there's no need to give Oli the shovel talk. You didn't know me before the island, but Oliver did, and he knows I can be kind of a slut. So, for his piece of mind, I promise to never, ever do anything to hurt you... unless you ask nicely first."

"And, and I promise the same thing." Felicity blushed, desperately trying to ignore the wicked grin on Sara's face by turning to Oliver and asking, "So, is that good enough for you?"

There was a pause, and then Oliver grumbled, "I suppose."

"Good." Felicity said flatly, then after a beat added, "Well then, go back to showing off on your weird ladder thingy."

Oliver just blinked for a few seconds, and then he turned and walked back to the salmon ladder while grumbling, Sara's heart fluttering with pride as she came up behind Felicity and whispered in her ear, "You're such a bad ass."

Felicity frowned, searching for sarcasm in Sara's voice and blushing when she found none, trying to hide it by turning to her girlfriend and firmly stating, "Come on, I can think of at least two other people we should talk too."


Felicity didn't have long to recover before they had that other talk. Not that the last conversation had scarred her or anything, it had been fine, really it had, it was just the build-up to that had made her very nervous and this one was no different. Luckily Sara saw that and being the wonderful person that she was promised to do all the talking, Felicity deciding it would be ok just this once. For future 'talks' she would feel it necessary to contribute, but for this it would be fine, and that helped her with her anxiety. A little bit.

Luckily Roy and Diggle came in together, allowing Sara to march up to them and, somewhat boastfully, "Hey, erm... just so you know, me and Felicity are dating."

There was a moment of silence, then Diggle smiled, "Pay up."

"Dammit." Roy grumbled, reaching for his wallet.

Sara just stared for a second, then she frowned, "You bet money on who Felicity would end up with?"

"Please, you three are not subtle." Diggle teased as Roy handed him his winnings.

"And you bet against me?" Sara question Roy with a raised eyebrow.

Roy shrugged, "If it makes you feel better, I regret it."

"I can't believe you guys." Felicity huffed.

"I can't believe you didn't give me the chance to bet on myself." Sara grumbled, and then when Felicity gave her a look, she grinned and pointed out, "What? I would have won."

Felicity rolled her eyes, "You're such a guy sometimes."


Sara apologised but truthfully Felicity was more mad at Diggle and Roy, and that was soon forgotten when the hacker detected a burglary in progress and Oliver dispatched Team Arrow to deal with it. After that any anger was quickly forgotten as Felicity struggled to remain 'professional' while her girlfriend risked her life to keep the city safe, and even though it couldn't have gone better that didn't stop the experience from being unpleasant. After all this was the first time they were doing this as a couple, however it was who they were. Felicity knew that, and was as fine as she was ever going to be with it, but the whole thing was a reminder that she should cherish every single moment she got with the amazing Sara Lance.

That night she got reminded that lesson more times than she would have liked, especially as Oliver didn't dismiss his team until the early hours of the morning. Being the perfect girlfriend she was Sara insisted on escorting her home, even if that meant she had to pretty much double back and Felicity had to wait for her. The soft loving kiss they shared when they arrived made it worth it though, as did the less gentle but just as loving kiss Felicity gave the other blonde once they got back to their apartment, the MIT graduate fighting her tiredness so she could put her everything into that second kiss and show Sara just how much she meant to her.

That second wonderful kiss, and the feeling of their bodies pressing together as soon as the door was closed, caused both girls to forget their tiredness, especially Sara who picked Felicity up like she weighed nothing and carried her to what had become their bedroom. This had pretty much become tradition, as was the embarrassing squeak Felicity let out when she felt herself being lifted off the ground, Sara smiling into the kiss and no doubt thinking 'cute', much to Felicity's annoyance. Not that she could stay annoyed while kissing Sara Lance, this time being no different as Felicity wrapped her arms and legs around the deceptively strong woman and allowed herself to be first carried and then slowly stripped.

Sara tried not to smile, or at least not to smile too widely, as she unwrapped her favourite present, discarding her own clothes in the process and most importantly of all keeping up the kissing as much as possible. Once she had succeeded in stripping them both Sara gently laid Felicity down on the bed sheets, got on top of her and spent another few minutes just kissing her girlfriend before moving to her neck. Sara wanted to do more, God did she want to do more, but they were both extremely tired and honestly, just having Felicity in her bed was enough for her. Fuck, she was becoming such a sap.

Luckily for her Felicity whimpered, "I, I..."

Grinning wickedly against Felicity's neck Sara whispered, "Tell me what you want?"

Feeling emboldened Felicity shot back, "Why don't you tell me?"

Sara genuinely thought about this for a moment, weighing her options before grinning, "I want you to sit on my face."

Felicity pouted, "I meant what do YOU want."

"That IS what I want." Sara said honestly, lifting her head to look at her girlfriend.

"Yeah, but... I want to do something for you." Felicity whined.

"You would be." Sara insisted, before conceding, "But you can fuck me after, if you have the energy. First though, I want the privilege of your pretty little pussy in my face."

Felicity blushed, and then asked, "Can, can we do this more first? Kissing I mean?"

Sara smiled, cupped Felicity's face and softly said, "Absolutely."

With that Sara pressed her lips to Felicity's, the two blondes losing themselves in another kiss, this one sweet and gentle at the start but gradually becoming a lot less gentle before Sara found a way to give her lover some more foreplay, first in the form of kissing her neck and then moving downwards to her tits. Before she moved down she made sure to bite the soft flesh of Felicity's neck enough to leave a mark which would be visible tomorrow, something the beautiful little nerd had forbidden her from doing when their relationship was still a secret from everyone else. Now Sara wanted everyone to see proof that Felicity was hers.

That was why Sara spent a long time licking, sucking and gently biting that sensitive flesh before moving down to do the same to Felicity's nipples. She didn't bite quite as hard as no one would be seeing this area except her, unless she somehow screwed up big time and drove Felicity into someone else's arms. Most likely Oliver, Sara silently cursing herself for thinking that, but she just couldn't help it because one day Oliver Queen was going to wake up and realise that the perfect girl was right under his nose, and she was terrified of giving Felicity a reason to abandon her in favour of what the little nerd girl wanted in the first place. What she perhaps still wanted, even though she was settling for Sara.

Thankfully Felicity woke Sara from those depressing thoughts by trying to roll them over, instinct kicking in and the Master Assassin preventing her from doing so, leading to Felicity groaning, "Sara! I'm... I'm ready to, you know... if you still want to..."

Grinning widely Sara quickly rolled them over so she was lying on her back with Felicity on top of her. She then lent her head down to give one final suck to Felicity's right nipple before moving her hands from the other blonde's hips to her ass, squeezing it gleefully before pushing Felicity upwards. Felicity let out the most adorable squeak in the process, but didn't resist as Sara positioned her exactly where she wanted her, namely kneeling over her face. Sara then pulled Felicity forcefully downwards while shooting her head upwards to deliver the first long lick to that yummy treat in front of her, before settling her head back down and pushing Felicity down with her so she could settle into a nice relaxing muffin munching.

During that first lick Felicity couldn't help let out a long moan of, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Saaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa, mmmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooh Goooooooooodddddddd, so good! That feels, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh SARA!"

Felicity felt a little awkward. Actually, she felt a lot awkward, but she was hardly complaining when Sara's talented little tongue was licking her pussy. She certainly didn't complain out loud, but to her immense annoyance she couldn't help herself from blushing and inwardly complaining a little. After all, what was wrong with the normal way? Why did she have to be literally sitting on her girlfriend's face? And why did that thought make her blush?

This new position wasn't really uncomfortable, it just took some getting used too. Felicity's main problem with it was she was terrified of hurting her girlfriend. Sure, Sara was the super tough vigilante known as the Canary, but that didn't mean she could comfortably take a person's full weight pressing down on her head. Right now it was sort of okay because Felicity was resting most of her weight on her knees, but they were already feeling weak just from the gentle pussy licking and Felicity was terrified what would happen when Sara inevitably pushed her tongue inside her. Started tongue fucking her. Made her cum. Felicity was falling, or possibly already had fallen, head over heels for Sara and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt her.

Not that the Canary was helping, Sara groping Felicity's butt and pushing it down so more of the hacker's weight was resting on her. The fact that Sara wrapped her upstairs lips around Felicity's downstairs lips and started sucking in between licks was nice, but that didn't mean it was okay to hurt Sara. Or okay for Felicity to be blushing at having sex with Sara, because they had been together for a while now and she shouldn't be embarrassed by what she was doing. And the crazy thing was, Felicity wasn't embarrassed. Not really. And actually, this was kind of hot. So why was she blushing?

Before Felicity could find an acceptable answer Sara shoved her tongue inside her, causing Felicity to tilt her head back and let out a blissful scream. Sara stayed perfectly still for a couple of long seconds, allowing Felicity a chance just to enjoy the feeling of the other girl's tongue inside her. Then Sara started thrusting that tongue in and out of her, gently at first but quickly picking up speed, thankfully putting an end to Felicity's ability to think for a while. Partly because she was too busy putting all her effort into keeping her weight off Sara's face, Felicity clutching the headboard and whimpering as Sara played her body like a musical instrument.

Normally Sara like to take her time with Felicity. After all, every undeserved moment she got with this girl was a precious gift, and she liked to stretch it out and savour every second of it. But she was also a big fan of hard and fast sex, and after a long night of patroling the streets and the stress of 'coming out' as being with Felicity, which was mostly stressful for how she worried how the brilliant blonde would take it, Sara just wanted a midnight snack of Felicity's honey and then go to sleep. Sara didn't even care if she came or not, because as always Felicity's needs was what mattered to her.

Come to think of it Sara wasn't catering to Felicity's needs as much as usual because she put her in a position she was unfamiliar with and wasn't giving this wonderful girl the treatment she deserved. She should be worshipping her, not trying to make her cum so soon. Although to be fair to Sara it wasn't like Felicity complained. In fact every sound out of her mouth was pretty much of pure pleasure, even as the super smart blonde struggle to keep her balance, Sara eventually having to move her hands away from that delightful little butt to Felicity's hips in order to stop her from falling and forcing her delicious pussy away from Sara's hungry mouth, which was pretty much a nightmare for the tougher blonde right now.

Sara never wanted to move from this spot again. She was so tired from her day that it was such a relief to be on her back, her body being soothed and even kind of caressed by the soft bed sheets while she was practically drowned in her second favourite liquid, with her absolute favourite liquid to follow shortly. Sure, Sara swallowed as much as she could, but the priority was still making Felicity cum. Which was why she risked sliding her hands upwards and cupping Felicity's boobs and tweaking her nipples while curling her tongue upwards to hit the other blonde's G-spot, before moving her hands back down and pulling her tongue out once Sara achieved her objective.

After that it was just so easy for Sara to make Felicity cum over and over again. She just had to shove her tongue back inside her lover's cunt or lick/suck Felicity's cute little clit and she would soon have another mouthful of girl cum, Sara eagerly swallowing as much of that precious liquid as she could while more of it covered her face and slid down to her hair and the sheets beneath them, the Canary again wishing she could stay like this forever. Unfortunately that wasn't possible, and as soon as she felt Felicity trying to pull away with a soft whimper Sara let go of her. Then caught her as Felicity practically fell down on top of her, and then held her in her arms, Sara perfectly content to sleep like that.

Felicity wasn't, although she still needed a couple of moments to recover, in which she couldn't help whispering against Sara's neck, "That was amazing."

Sara smirked, "Compared to how much it usually sucks?"

"NO, I..." Felicity sat up, and then when seeing the smirk on Sara's face gently smacked her arm, "You know perfectly well what I mean. Stop teasing me."

"But it's so fun." Sara grinned, sitting up and kissing Felicity gently.

Sara intended to pull away, but Felicity firmly cupped back of her head to keep her in place and pushed her tongue into Sara's mouth. Sara certainly wasn't going to complain about that, especially as Felicity let out this cute little moan every time she tasted herself on the assassin's lips/tongue, this time being no exception. What was kind of different and a little surprising was just how eagerly Felicity kissed her. Usually after cumming that much Felicity was exhausted, Sara wondering if her lack of preparation had caused the orgasms she had given her girlfriend be less satisfactory than usual, which was not a possibility she cared for.

Then again Felicity had described it as amazing, and from the way the hand not cupping her head quickly moved to grab her boob Sara guessed that the other girl was just eager to return the favour, and as much as part of her wanted to be noble and insist Felicity didn't have two if she wasn't feeling up to it she knew the other blonde would just take that as a personal challenge and it wasn't like she really wanted to stop her anyway. So Sara just relaxed and let Felicity take the lead, soon moving her hand down from her head so she could play with both her boobs, then after a few minutes of that moving her right hand down to Sara's pussy and immediately starting to rub it hard enough for Sara to break the kiss and moan loudly.

Which in turn had Felicity grinning mischievously, "So wet for me."

"That's what eating your sweet cunt does to me." Sara teased, "Or just looking at you, or hearing your voice, or ohhhhhhhhhhhh Felicity!"

Felicity blushed, hated herself for it, and then drew attention away from it by sliding a finger into Sara's pussy. Then after a few moments of pumping that finger in and out of the other blonde Felicity taunted, "You like that, huh?"

"Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh." Sara moaned, adding soon afterwards, "Give me more! Please Felicity, oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss!"

Seemingly only too happy to grant Sara's request, and without requiring any more explanation, the genius blonde slid a finger into the not so smart blonde's cunt. Felicity may have been a bit more slow and careful about it then was necessary, but as she included rubbing Sara's clit with her thumb to help her relax Sara had no complaints. Especially as the process continued like this and Felicity continued granting her request for more the exact same way, only with a cautious look when Sara asked for more after she already had four fingers inside her. Even then Felicity worked out how to slip her thumb into her without any fuss.

So Sara decided to push things even further and softly moaned, "More."

"How?" Felicity frowned, before her eyes were wide, "You can't mean-"

"I've done it before." Sara said calmly, deliberately not mentioning her ex-girlfriend in such an intimate moment, "And I told you, before I got shipwrecked with Oli I was kind of a massive slut, so never worry about hurting me. Especially after my time with the League."

"Still, this is like... really, really extreme." Felicity gulped.

"If it's too extreme for you, that's fine. But I promise you, I can take it." Sara said cautiously grabbing onto Felicity's wrist, "Here, I can even do it for you. If you're up for it."

Without waiting for a reply Sara pulled Felicity's hand forwards and moaned as she felt herself begin to stretch. Felicity's eyes went wide and became glued to where Sara's pussy was now stretching for her knuckles, Sara giving her girl a few seconds to complain and then pulling forwards enough to make Felicity's knuckles stretch her fuck hole. Honestly that hurt a bit, but mostly it felt good, and after that Felicity's hand slid inside her pretty easily, Sara crying out in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure as her cunt was stretched by her girlfriend's hand, the look on Felicity's face priceless as the two of them adjusted to this new position, at least for them together, and this was something Sara had loved Nyssa doing to her a lot.

"Oh my God..." Felicity whispered after a few long seconds, "Oh my God, oh my God... oh... my... God! Sara, are you ok?"

"Fuck me!" Sara croaked, "Please Felicity, fuck me! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me and make me cum!"

There was another pause, then just as Sara opened her mouth to further encourage Felicity, and probably offer her a way out, Felicity began moving her hand like a centimetre back and forth, which felt like a lot given where her hand was. That's small movement caused Sara to cry out in pleasure, Felicity amazed that something like this could feel good. At least on Sara's end of it, because Felicity couldn't imagine having her pussy stretched this much. Actually she could and it made her feel squeamish as while that part of the female anatomy was meant to stretch, Felicity never thought it could actually be pleasurable.

She did have to admit there was a certain thrill to being in her position, seeing her wrist disappearing into another woman's cunt while the physical feeling of the hot wet tightness around her whole hand was indescribable. And through it all she was somehow giving Sara pleasure, and as that was what was important to Felicity right now she gently increase the pace while switching between clenching and unclenching her fist, Sara's enjoyment of this somewhat proving her claims of past sluttiness.

Felicity irrationally flushed with jealousy at the thought of Sara doing this, or anything, with Nyssa. Which was of course ridiculous as everybody had a past and really she should be thanking Nyssa for helping Sara to explore her bisexuality as Sara was doing for her now. Then again if Nyssa and Sara hadn't fallen for each other maybe Felicity and Sara would be still doing this, except it would be both their first time with a woman. Was it arrogant to think that? That Sara would still make a move on her with no experience? Or believing herself smart enough to know a good thing when she saw it and not reject Sara because a lesbian relationship was outside her comfort zone?

Before Felicity could reach a satisfying conclusion she suddenly felt a hand against her cunt, and with eyes wide she exclaimed, "How! How are you even able to function like this!"

"I'm pretty tough?" Sara grinned weakly before shoving two fingers inside of Felicity's pussy.

Moments ago Felicity didn't think she'd ever be able to cum again, her cunt was just so sensitive. Now she was practically on the edge of orgasm again, and she was definitely there when Sara's fingers invaded her and started pumping her. In turn she frantically picked up the pace, determined to make Sara cum first. Sara seem just as determined to make Felicity cum first, and even though the hacker should have had a advantage the size of her hand didn't compare to Sara's experience. Still, it was a photo finish, and even then Felicity did cum first Sara quickly followed, Felicity proud of the fact that she seemed to make her girlfriend cum harder.

"God I love you, I love you so much!" Sara moaned as she came.

Sara then opened her eyes wide in horror. She'd always been way too emotionally guarded to say those words first, even before the island, and ever since she hadn't said it and meant it to anyone outside her family. Now she was the clingy/needy girl who blurted those words out way too early in a relationship, and worse during sex. This was a total nightmare. Her only hope was that she could brush it off later, because right now she wasn't in a position to defend herself. Emotionally, or perhaps even physically, her orgasm so intense that she was pretty much just a quivering, screaming and clenching mess.

Part of Sara was worried that she was clenching down so hard on the hacker's delicate hands, that she would break those oh so valuable things and have to explain herself to Oliver, the team and possibly a doctor. Luckily Nyssa had always been fine, and it wasn't like Felicity slow down the force of her thrusting, if anything kicking into high gear when they started making each other cum, but she never wouldn't worry about Felicity's well-being. Even if Felicity dumped her clingy/needy ass.

To be fair when Sara dared to look at Felicity the adorable nerd girl wasn't nearly as uncomfortable looking as she thought she'd be. Then again maybe Felicity was just so caught up in fucking her, and cumming, that her brilliant brain hadn't picked up on what Sara had stupidly blurted out, the Canary just keeping her big mouth shut when the other blonde finally started slowing down, Sara following suit so that the two girls slowly came down from their high together. Then to distract from what she had said Sara bought her hand up to her lips, sucked Felicity's cum off of them and then did the same with Felicity's hand, gently pulling it from her cunt and then slowly licking it clean of her own cum and pussy cream.

Felicity watched in fascination for a few long seconds and then croaked, "I love you too."

Quickly pulling Felicity's hand away from her mouth, Sara stared at her girlfriend for a few long seconds and then softly said, "I, I just kind of got lost in the moment. You don't have to-"

"Shhhhhhhhh." Felicity murmured softly, pecking Sara's lips before continuing, "You're forgetting, I know you. And it's ok, I don't want to scare you off either, but... even though it's kind of fast, I was falling for you before we got together, so-"

"Me too." Sara blurted out, blushing as she quickly added, "God Felicity, I don't know how anyone couldn't fall for you."

"That's sweet. And so true." Felicity teased with a grin, everything that had just happened filling her with confidence, "But let's stick a pin in all this serious talk for now, ok? It's been a long day, in more ways than one, and I'm certainly not going anywhere. It is my apartment after all."

Ignoring the joke at the end Sara beamed, "You're so smart."

"I know." Felicity beamed, snuggling up to Sara before she could say any more arrogant things.

Sara happily opened her arms and welcomed the other blonde, holding Felicity tightly and pressing a kiss to her forehead before closing her eyes with a huge grin on her face. Today had pretty much been perfect. Felicity Smoak was officially her girlfriend and they loved each other. They had fallen in love, and even though they weren't quite in a place where they could be comfortable openly admitting it they had taken a huge step in the right direction. Now they just needed to tell their families. Hopefully it will go better than that awkward family dinner with her and Oli when she first came back.
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