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Paizuri Princess (Jessica Nigri)
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Starring: Jessica Nigri
Content: MFF, Oral, Tit-Fucking, Ass-Eating, Excessive Nerd Wish-Fulfilment
Paizuri Princess

The convention ran from Friday to Sunday; so by the time the sun was setting on Saturday, everyone was getting in the mood to party.  Not that you could easily tell the sun was going down from inside the sprawling convention centre/hotel complex, a comfortably dull cluster of beige rectangles that did little to encourage guests to go outside.  Which was kind of a shame, it being a beautiful Spring evening in California, but I don’t think any of us were there for pleasant walks at sunset.  So it was mostly over and there was one last night for the nerds, geeks, and otaku to have fun, and we were all looking to make the most of it.  Sometimes mundanes are surprised to see how hard geeks can party; but if you put a bunch of highly enthusiastic people in big toy store with no judgement for a weekend, some of them are going to get crazy.  (Also, a lot of them are college kids with no supervision and easy access to booze, so there’s that.)

Anna had gone off on her own to take one last go around the cosplay hall in her newly-completed Lina Inverse costume; she’d been working on it for ages and wanted to show it off as much as possible.  Obviously I’m super biased, but I think it’s great – she looks just like the Queen of Destruction!  Or at least, like Lina would look, if Lina was half-Chinese and substantially curvier.  But, curiously enough, none of the guys who usually nitpick and quibble over tiny details ever seem to complain that she doesn’t look right because her tits and ass are too big. Though occasionally some asshole will complain that the rest of her is – Anna’s thick & curvy, not slim & stacked – but fuck ‘em.  (If they don’t appreciate real women, they can stick to jerking off.)  Anyway, her costume was fucking great and she wanted people to see it.  (She’s not totally happy with the wig, but then she never is.)  It’s actually pretty tame by her standards, doesn’t show much skin even if it is pretty tight in certain places; I think she wanted to play it safe after her Emma Frost costume almost got her thrown out of the last con.  I guess we were lucky the staff didn’t know about the impromptu bukkake session she held in an unused meeting rooms – she really was the White Queen!

We’d arranged to meet up at a party some friends were throwing in their suite later in the evening, so in the mean while I had some time to kill.  Didn’t really fancy any of the panels being held, so I just went for a leisurely wander through the halls.  Spent a little while in the retro gaming corner, my old-skool skills standing me in good stead until I made the mistake of trying the original ‘98 Dance Dance Revolution cabinet.  I remember being pretty good at that, back in the day, so I stepped up to be absolutely ruined by a man twice my size and considerably more graceful.  Guess I’m out of practice, that or getting old.  (Actually, if DDR counts as retro now then probably the latter.)  I shook his hand, complimented him on his Char Aznable helmet, and stepped down.  That done, I swung through the dealer’s hall once more, just in case there were any last-minute bargains to be had from vendors in a hurry to close up and get partying.  Nothing especially caught my eye, except for a pair of classic-style cat ears; in all my years of otakudom I’d never actually had any, so I decided to make good on that.  I figured it would make Anna laugh, if nothing else.  Popping them on, I decided to leave before I impulsively bought something expensive and impractical.  (Spend enough time in these places and eventually you realise how little self-control you have and can plan accordingly.)  On the way out I got somewhat distracted by a pair of very fetching cosplayers just outside the hall – Poison & Roxy, striking some . . . suggestive poses.  At least they were until I asked if I could take some pictures, then they went full-on lewd.  I snapped away and hoped they couldn’t tell how stiff I was getting under my jeans.  (Wishful thinking on my part, I’m not that big.)  Not gonna lie, I was wondering about, you know; but it seemed rude to ask.  So I thanked them for the photos, made a note of their Instagrams, and turned to leave.  One of them smacked me on the ass as I left, couldn’t tell which.

By now the evening was well under way, so I headed back to our room to freshen up before the party, weaving through packs of partially-inebriated nerds, around spontaneous Pokémon tournaments, and dodging random glompers.  (Not that I don’t enjoy being aggressively hugged by overexcited geek girls, but . . .)  Anyways I made it back to the room unmolested, took a quick shower, and put on some clean clothes, along with my new ears.  (Going to a convention? Shower frequently and change your clothes.  Do it.)

Finding the party turned out to be both easier and harder than I’d expected; by the time I got to the right floor, a bunch of individual shindigs had spilled out of their respective rooms and suites and sort of agglomerated into one big ambient nerd-riot.  Booze & candy fuelled revellers congregated in every corner, the babble of a dozen overlapping conversations mixing with j-pop playing from various laptops, phones, and Bluetooth speakers.  Though I recognised a few people, I couldn’t immediately see anyone I really knew; but everyone was friendly and there was a happy energy in the crowd, so I found myself a drink and wandered round making small talk.  There was a plus-size Wonder Woman across the room who looked real familiar, and I couldn’t work out if she was the one who’d fucked me like six months back?  The curse of only meeting people when they’re dressed up as someone else.  A little while later I found myself in an informative if one-sided conversation with a pale, excitable grognard who was talking enthusiastically about halberds, when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.  Making my excuses, I backed off into a corner and pulled it out; as I’d hoped, it was from Anna.  A photo, to be exact – couldn’t really tell what it was from the thumbnail, so I hastily unlocked my phone and opened it.  As always when I got an unknown photo from her,  I felt a thrill of anticipation, whatever would it be?  (It probably wasn’t going to be a cute dog or a note telling me to get milk on the way home.)

Up popped a picture of my darling Anna, who bore the broad goofy smile of someone desperately trying to keep a straight face and failing utterly.  Above her floated the caption ‘EEEEK! ZOMBIES!’ in a horror-comic font, presumably added in one of those Instagram filters she’s forever fiddling with.  And indeed she was in the traditional ‘swarmed by ravenous undead’ pose, totally ‘helpless’ as countless arms reached from out of shot to grab at her.  Contrary to established zombie lore however, almost all of the hands were zeroing in on her chest; somehow I don’t think it was her brains they were after.  I grinned, pocketed my phone, and went in search of another drink.  Wandering happily down the corridor, I turned my head to check out this dude’s customised Nintendo Power Glove at precisely the wrong moment; or in retrospect, at precisely the right moment.  I looked back in time to see her stepping out of the doorway in front of me, but not in time to actually do anything about it.

I managed to garble something between a warning and an apology, and then the two of us were stumbling helplessly in a confusion of limbs.  We didn’t actually go down, though we did collide with a bedside table that had somehow ended up in the hallway.  There was one of those random quiet moments when every conversation happens to pause, just in time for a bunch of spent Mountain Dew bottles to go clattering across the floor.  I winced, steadied myself, scrambled to grab the bottles before anyone else fell over, and then turned to apologise to the woman I’d blundered into.

“Hell, I’m sorry!  Are you alright?”  For the first time I got a clear look at her; looking very familiar, and very attractive.  She seemed mostly concerned about her outfit, which after living with Anna for a year I totally understood.  Fortunately her costume, a cream-white dress rising to a very revealing bustier/bra/bikini thing that was mostly straps, seemed intact.

“Yeah yeah, I’m fine,” she replied, straightening the knee-length cape that hung from her shoulders, “you?”  Brushing a strand of platinum-blonde hair from her face, she looked up at me, and I knew it was really her; my second-favourite sexy cosplayer, Jessica Nigri.

“Uh-” Fuck! “Good thing I don’t have any pride, huh.”

She smiled brighter than my dumb joke deserved.  “Baka!”

“For real though I’m sorry, guess I got distracted.”

“Don’t worry, no harm done.”  Her smile widened into a grin.  “Guys always seem to get distracted around me, I wonder why that is . . .”  She leaned forward a little, giving me a perfect view of her big, pert tits; something was drawn on them in black body paint, I knew enough to recognise it as kanji but that was all. Then she wiggled just enough to make them jiggle.   Somehow I swallowed the urge to audibly moan at the sight.  Jessica broke into a fit of giggles, which naturally made them jiggle and bounce even more.  “Oh, you like that?”

“Yeah, I do like that!”  Putting it mildly.  I shuffled about and hoped I wasn’t drawing attention to the erection growing in my jeans.

“Really?” Her eyes sparkled mischievously.  “What do you like, exactly?”

“Your, er, costume?”  I mean, I wasn’t lying, I did like her costume.  “Trying to work out who you are, but-”  I shook my head regretfully.

“Well, shit, maybe I’m not as famous as I thought!”

“Sorry? Oh, no, I know who you are!”  Probably most of the guys here would know who she was, if they got a proper look.  “I mean, who you’re dressed as.”

“Oh!  Cool, no it isn’t anyone in particular, just a sort of Final Fantasy princess thing.”  Her smile momentarily inverted into an equally-cute frown.  It didn’t last.  “Fuck, did I sound like a diva just now?”

“Nah,” I winked at her, “well, maybe a little.”

Jess rolled her eyes and shoved me playfully.  “Ah, who cares what you think, you’re just some pervert who keeps staring at my tits.”

“Hey!  That’s not-”  She sighed and looked at me with mock seriousness.  “-that’s only partly true!”

“Which part is true?  The part where you’re a pervert or the part where you keep staring at my tits?”

“Well, when you put it that way-”  Guilty as charged.  “Uh, what does that say though?”

“Oh, this?”  Jessica straightened her back and pushed her glorious chest out, this time keeping them still so I could get a clear look at the neatly drawn characters.  “Sure you don’t know?”

I took advantage of her question to take a real close look.  “Is the second one ‘queen’, something like that?”  Her expression gave nothing away.  I shrugged.  “Honestly, I tried a couple times to learn some Japanese, but never had the discipline to stick with it.”

“Yeah, you and me both – I had to look it up” confessed Jess, relaxing her posture again, so that I now had a merely great view of her beautiful big boobs.  My erection was here to stay.

“Me, you, and like half the people here, I expect.”  At least half.  “Well, don’t tell me, maybe Anna will know – she’s gotten pretty good by now.”


“Oh, Anna’s my girlfriend, she’s-”

“RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”  A familiar-feeling bundle of energy grabbed me from behind in a bear hug.  After a moment I managed to pull her off me enough to turn round and see the smiling face of my beloved; I gave her a kiss, and then she gave me one, and we could have done that a while longer but after all we had company.

“You had a good time then babe?”

“Yeah, it was awesome!  Everyone said they loved my costume, and I got groped by like a dozen guys!”

“I know, I saw the picture!”

“Oh cool, I wasn’t sure if that had sent or not.”

“The fuck, you got groped?”  Jessica spoke up from behind me.  For a moment I’d forgotten she was there.  Well alright, I hadn’t, but I was still super happy to see Anna.

“Oh no, not like that!”  she explained, smoothing her skirt down as she relinquished her grasp.  “I said they could, it was fully consensual groping.”

“Oh!  I guess that’s OK then.”

Figured I should make the introductions, so I stepped back from between the two costumed beauties.  “Jessica, this is Anna; Anna, this is-”

“OHMYGOD!”  I coughed to try and cover my laughter.  “Jessica! Oh wow!”  Seeing her fangirl like that is always so pure.  “Is that a new costume? I really like it!”  With visible effort, she restrained her enthusiasm and smiled bashfully.  “Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.”

“Oh, don’t sweat it” laughed Jessica easily.  “And your costume is great, by the way.  The wig works really well!”

Anna smiled broadly, then narrowed her eyes and looked at me.  “Wait, did he tell you to say that?”  I covered my face with my hands and groaned theatrically.

“What?  No, it’s good!  Really!”


“Oh, so you listen to her when she says it’s good!”

“Well of course I do, she’s a professional!”

The three of us moved off in search of somewhere quieter to talk; which was easier said than done, what with the party in full flow around us.  We ended up in the corner of a relatively peaceful bedroom, sitting on the floor and leaning against the walls with bed in front of us.  Not the most comfortable position, but the best we were likely to find, and anyways there are worse places to find yourself than squashed between a pair of buxom nerd girls.  Plus we’d found a half-full bottle of rum waiting for us, so that helped.  Conversation spilled out pleasantly, the girls mostly talking shop about costumes and make-up, me mostly listening to them.

“Did you really let guys feel you up earlier?”

“Of course!”  Anna fumbled about for her phone, sighed, and turned to me.  “Show her the picture, honey.”  I obliged, pulling up the photo on my phone and holding it out for Jess.  “See?”  Our new friend smiled and nodded.  “Now show her the other pictures.”

My cock twitched in my pants.  “The ones from the last con?”  Anna nodded, so I scrolled back through my photos until I found my favourite shot of her as Emma Frost.  The one where she was on her knees, grinning up at the camera in the classic peace-sign pose.  With her lacy bustier, which didn’t cover much anyway, tugged down to let her big fat jugs free.  And with her cute face absolutely coated in cum, geek goo dripping down to splash onto her chest.  I showed Jessica.


“Nah, they were jerking themselves off, a public gangbang is a bit much even for me.”

“I mean, I like to have fun, but damn!”  Jessica sounded impressed despite herself.  Anna smiled in satisfaction.  I kissed her until she pushed me away laughing.

“So how did you two meet, anyway?” asked Jessica, in what sounded suspiciously like an attempt to change the subject.

Anna was taking a swig from the bottle, so I answered.  “Oh, it was at Sakura-Con two years ago, we were at a party like this one, only it had gotten to like 3am and everything had gotten pretty wild.”  I smiled at the memory.  “We’d crossed paths a couple times through the night, and then-”

“Your eyes met across a crowded room and it was love at first sight?”  Jess piped up in her best Disney princess voice, fluttering her eyelashes.  Anna almost choked on her drink.

“Ah, not exactly.  She came up and offered to trade a blow-job for my Rasperry Kit-Kat.”  I put my arm round her.  “Afterwards she broke the last finger in two so I could have half; that’s when I knew it was love.”

Anna rested her head against my shoulder.  Jessica looked at the two of us with an expression of thwarted disbelief.  “You guys are s-”


“I was going to say sweet!”

Anna tilted her head quizzically.  “Would you rather be slutty or sweet, babe?”

I thought about it.  “I think sweet?”

“Pussy!” She planted a rum-scented kiss on my cheek.

“You guys are something alright!”

“Want the last mouthful?” asked Anna, handing Jess the bottle before she got a reply.  “I guess we must seem crazy, but we’re not like this all the time.  Usually we’re just a regular couple, it’s just that we’re both very highly sexed so we need to let off steam every now and then.”  She shrugged.  “So when we come to cons, we party and fuck around, then we go home to our quiet, ordinary life.”

“I’ll drink to that!”  Jessica killed the bottle and stuck it in a nearby wastepaper basket, winced as it triggered an avalanche of empty Pocky boxes and Oreo wrappers.  She wiped her slightly-flushed face with the back of a hand, smiled.  “And I thought I was being naughty with this!”  Her thrust out chest indicated clearly what she was talking about.

“Oh shit, I forgot about that.”  I turned to my better half.  “Do you know what that says?”

She peered intently at the black-paint kanji emblazoned proudly on those smooth pale boobs.  “Well, the second word is ‘princess’, I know that-” (I was close!) “-not so sure about-”  There was a pause, and then a grin.  “Wait, is it-”  Jessica smiled slyly but gave nothing away.  “Paizuri Princess!”

“A woman of culture I see!”  Jess giggled happily, before turning to me.  “You know what that means, right?”

“You’re a titty-fucking princess?”

“Of course I am!” she laughed, jiggling regally.

“Oh, really?” she purred, “You must be very good then . . .”

A modest smile.  “Well, you know I have a lot of practice.” (I bet.)  There was a brief but noticeable pause; somewhere behind us the music changed and someone cheered.  The bright smile on her face was replaced by a sly smirk.  “If you had a cock I could prove it, but-”

“What do you mean, if?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I do too have a cock!”  Taking hold of her idol’s wrist, she pressed her hand against my crotch.  I was very hard.  “It might be attached to him-”  That familiar wicked grin.  “-but it belongs to me!”  (It sure does.)  One of the girls started squeezing and rubbing it through my jeans; I wasn’t sure which so I put a hand up each skirt to be sure of repaying the favour.  The the other joined it, so it was academic really.  Smooth skin and soft fabric slid under my fingers as I started to stroke gently across their panties, caressing them beneath their clothes as they fondled me eagerly.  Anna’s free hand stroked my cheek, gently turned my head so she could kiss me; her oh-so-familar mouth found mine and we swapped spit happily.  Without warning I stroked her a little harder and felt her gasp a little against my face; a moment later I felt a vengeful squeeze on my balls.  After a minute or so Anna pulled back; I turned my head and Jessica leaned in for her turn.  We gave each other dozens of quick little kisses, exploring each others unfamiliar face with lips and tongues.  It was glorious; making out with a gorgeous model whilst the woman I loved nuzzled happily against my neck, both of them warm and just-slightly-moist beneath my probing fingers.  But I couldn’t have all the fun; and anyway it’s always more fun if you share.

Pulling back from Jessica’s soft lips, a little reluctantly, I leaned back as far as I could, which wasn’t far.  “Now, kiss!”  Jessica sighed theatrically, Anna rolled her eyes, and then they both leaned in to lock lips.  In our cramped little space, their faces were just inches in front of mine as they kissed deeply, the enforced closeness making it seem even more erotic.  Their full breasts pressed warm and soft against my chest and I redoubled my efforts, rubbing at their hot pussies through their ever-dampening panties.  I guess they were giving each other their full attention, because they’d slackened off groping me; probably for the best, or I might have creamed my jeans right there and then.

By the time the girls quit making out, the loud party behind us had kind of slipped my mind, until we clambered awkwardly to our feet and realised we weren’t alone.  On the other side of the double bed, in front of the TV, a couple were fiddling with a Gamecube; Wonder Woman bent over to connect the RGB cable, giving her companion a close-up view of a magnificent big butt under that classic blue-and-white-starred skirt.  She turned her head back to say something, saw me, and winked.  It was her alright.  I recognised the guy as the halberd-fan from earlier; I gave him a quick thumbs-up and turned to go.

We’d been too distracted to realise at the time, but in retrospect we’d been sitting in a confined space for way too long; rather than making a quick, quiet exit we wound up staggering out the door like stop-motion skeletons.  Fortunately we made it to the elevator, and by the time the door opened onto our floor we were recovered and raring to go.  This floor wasn’t nearly so hectic as the one we’d just left, though there was still the palpable sense of good-natured debauchery in the air, like a college dorm at the end of semester.  We were waylaid a couple times en route by fans wanting to say hi to Jessica, and she’d wind up posing for a picture; but I didn’t mind really.  Seeing how much other people want the woman you’re about to fuck is a hell of an ego boost!

No sooner was the door locked behind us than we were all hurriedly undressing.  Which wasn’t actually very fast, since the girls were both wearing costumes that took a little while to take off and put safely to one side.  Of course I could have stripped off in the time it took them to remove and hang up their cloaks; but I got as far as undoing my shirt and then got distracted watching them.  Then she was totally naked before me; If I was an anime character, I’d have had a nosebleed.  Jessica was exactly as gorgeous as I’d imagined she was, all those times I’d perved over her photoshoots; except even more so, because now she was the real 3D thing.  Her pretty face had the warmest smile as she stood there, striking a pose for us to admire her.

I won’t lie; I was staring at her tits.  They were wonderful, so big and full; her usually-hidden nipples were perky and pink.  She’d cleaned the paint off them with a wet-wipe, so they were also slightly shiny with moisture.  I was practically mesmerised.  But in my defence, I wasn’t the only one hypnotised by her tits; Anna was gazing at them with equal lust.  (Mutual interests are key to a lasting relationship.)

“Oh, wow”, she murmured, “they’re perfect!”

“Aww, stop, you’ll make me blush!” Jess giggled.  “And you’ve got a nice rack yourself!”

“Yeah, yours are way more pert though.”  Then she grinned, turned round, and wiggled her ass.  “I’ve definitely got a bigger butt though, so I’m not jealous.”

“Mmm, yes you have!”  Jessica reached out and gave it a quick smack, eliciting a happy little squeal of surprise from Anna.

She spun round.  “C’mere you!”  Anna sprung forward and grabbed her new friend in a bear hug, the two of them stumbling across the floor giggling.  A hand brushed a stray strand of hair from her face, then Jess bowed her head a little to kiss her sloppily on the mouth.  They made out hungrily, Anna still holding tight so their bodies pressed up against each other as much as possible; happily they were standing side-on, so I could see their big boobs squashing up together in the most wonderful way (#SymmetricalDocking).  The two of them looked so fucking good together; one blonde & toned, slim & stacked, the other dark-haired & full-figured, cute & curvy.  Just watching them kiss and fondle was enough to put me in hentai heaven.

After a minute or so they broke it off and looked at me meaningfully.  I took the hint and stripped off the rest of my clothes, with a lot less care than the girls had taken.  Tossing them onto the suitcase in the corner, I turned back to the girls, naked and intensely hard.  I felt Jessica looking me up and down with what I hoped was a pleased smirk.  Then she burst out laughing, joined by Anna, the two of them giggling away at me helplessly.

“Errr. . . .”  After a moment of intense confusion, I realised what it was and groaned.  “I’m still wearing the cat ears, aren’t I.”

“Yep!”  I reached up to remove them.  “Ohhhh, fuck no!  Those are staying on!”  Anna relinquished her grasp on Jessica and beckoned me over.  “C’mere, pussy!” I crossed the room and insinuated myself between them, relishing the feeling of flesh-on-flesh as the two buxom beauties enveloped me in a full-body embrace.  With Jessica’s big perfect tits squashed up against my chest, I slipped my hands down her back to cop a feel of her firm backside, squeezing her cheeks as my hard cock pressed against her belly between us.  I fought the urge to buck my hips and frot against her like an animal.

I guess Jess had less self-control than me because she didn’t fight it at all, but started moving back and forth a little, rubbing her toned tummy against my sensitive cock while looking up at me with a wicked little smile.  “I wonder if I could make you cum like this?”

“I bet you could!” piped up Anna from behind me, where she was massaging my back with her soft jugs and humping against me; her pubic hair tickled against my thigh and I shivered.  (I’ve always been ticklish, especially when I’m worked up like that.)

“Let’s not find out, huh?”  I said, hopefully.

“Yeah, I guess it would be kind of a waste” sighed Jess, stepping back and letting my cock spring free once more, idly wiping away the pre-cum smeared across her stomach.

I took the opportunity to finally cop a feel of her magnificent funbags.  Her nipples pressed against the palms of my hands as warm, soft flesh spilled between my fingers; I squeezed and fondled, stroked and gently pinched.  “Oh, they really are perfect!” I marvelled.

“You know I’d never say ‘I told you so’, but-”  Anna stepped out from behind me, ran her fingertips along my arm (she knows how ticklish I am) and down until she too had her hands full.  Maybe after her mauling earlier she wanted to do some groping of her own, or maybe just because she loves big tits; but she was feeling up Jessica at least as energetically as I was.  “I hope you’re as sensitive as I am!” she cooed, tweaking a nipple just hard enough to provoke a candy-sweet squeak from her victim.

“Ouch!”  Jessica put on the least-convincing frown I’ve ever seen.  “Kiss it better!”  We didn’t need to be told twice, in fact we were both in such a hurry to get our mouths on her that we ended up bumping heads.  We kissed and licked, sucked and nibbled, giving our oral attentions to every inch of her boobs; and there were plenty of inches to work with.  Working over the underside, the faintest taste of sweat on my tongue, I moved my mouth up to suckle on her nipples, Jessica looking down with an indulgent smile as Anna and I nursed on her happily.  And she must have been pretty sensitive up there, because her hand had found its way to her slick pussy, rubbing lazily through the blonde fuzz and over her succulent snatch.  “Mmmm, that’s nice . . .” she murmured to no-one in particular.

We kept that up for a little while, then paused for breath.  “Hey, Jessica?” purred Anna.

Oooooh-” By now Jessica had a couple of fingers inside herself, frigging herself with practised ease. “-ooh, yeah?”

Anna grinned.  “Suck my cock!”  It twitched visibly,  a droplet of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Thought you’d never ask!”  In an instant she sank to her knees, her gorgeous face just inches from my meat.  She kissed the head.  Then she licked the shaft, balls-to-tip, like the world’s yummiest lollipop.  Then she put her soft lips together and slid them down over my cock, taking it into her hot little mouth like a pro.  I moaned happily as she started bobbing her head, taking me further and further in until my balls were touching her chin; I put my hand on her head and ran my fingers through her hair as her tongue swirled against me.  Jessica proceeded to give me the sloppiest suck-job I’ve had in a while, until when she pulled her mouth off me a few minutes later my prick was dripping with a froth of pre-cum and drool.  Then it was her turn to get her breath back, a broad smile on her flushed, sweat-damp face.  “Mmmmmm, that is a nice cock!” she giggled, looking over at Anna.  “A cock that nice deserves the royal treatment, if you know what I mean . . .” She cupped her spit-slick tits and squashed them together with a lascivious wink.  (I knew what she meant.)

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her crawl towards me on all fours, her tits swaying seductively as she did.  She might have been a princess, but she was the one on her knees; she took my cock in one hand, cupped a tit with the other, and rubbed the sensitive head against her nipple.  When she pulled it away, a thin strand of pre-cum hung between us for a second; then at last she wrapped those perfect big jugs around my cock and started to tit-wank me.  I was enveloped in warm, wet, soft flesh and it felt fantastic, the perfect balance of softness and firmness, smoothness and friction.  The pink-purple of her nail polish stood out distinctly against the white expanse of her breasts as she squeezed them together around me and worked them up-and-down rhythmically.

The bed creaked slightly as Anna got up on it and scooted over behind me; I felt her tits press against my back, then her chin on my shoulder as she watched Jessica fuck my cock with her tits.  Every now and then she’d let the head pop out the top of her cleavage and give it a good lick, then it would be swallowed up in her bosom once more.  I’m no stranger to tit-fucking, thanks to the woman whispering encouraging filth into my ears (the real ones); but I’d never had it quite this good before.  My cock felt incredible, and on top of all the fun we’d been having I knew there was no way on Earth I could hold back much longer.

Ohhh, I’m-”

“Cum on my tits!”

“-I’m gonna-”

“Do it babe, shoot it all over her!”

“-gonna CUM!”  And then I did.  My cock felt like it was exploding, orgasmic pleasure pouring through me as a ball-draining cumshot erupted out of me.  Rope after rope of hot gooey spunk spurted out and splashed onto Jessica’s epic jugs, splattering her point-blank with a king-sized load.  She made sure to keep them in position until the very last drop oozed out onto her thoroughly-spermed chest, before rising to her feet with a satisfied sigh.  Anna hopped off the bed to take a closer look, gazing with pride at her idol’s freshly-glazed chest.

“Wow, you must be good,”  sounding genuinely impressed, “usually I have to play with his ass to make him cum that much!”  (No comment.)  She scooped up two fingers worth of jizz and fed it to Jessica, who slurped it up happily before doing the same to Anna.  If I hadn’t just cum, the sight of those two gorgeous girls sharing spunk would have gotten me rock hard; but I had, so I just fell back onto the bed and started laughing with sheer satisfaction.

As I lay there looking up at the ceiling, I heard Jessica from out of shot.  “Oopsie, I think I broke your boyfriend?”

“Oh, he’s just being a drama queen.”  I felt her poke me on the knee.  “Somehow I don’t think he’s in pain . . .”

I pulled myself up and instinctively made a dumb joke.  “It only hurts when I laugh.”  There was a pause and the girls looked at each other for a second.  “What are y-OHSHIT!”  They pounced on me and started tickling, the three of us rolling over the bed as I writhed and giggled helplessly under their merciless fingers.  My torment came to a not-entirely welcome end when I rolled clean off the side of the bed; fortunately there was a pile of laundry to break my fall.  Laying there, listening to the girls breathing and the mattress creaking, I reflected on how absurdly lucky I was and wondered what I must have done in a past life to deserve this.  I hauled myself up and looked at Jessica and Anna lounging on the bed, wearing nothing but goofy smiles.  It must have been something pretty incredible.

“Well,” purred Anna, “now I guess it’s my turn to take care of a pussy!”  She lay on her back, lengthways down the bed with her feet just touching the pillows, licked her lips.  Jessica straddled her, facing me, and oh-so-slowly lowered her pussy onto my girlfriend’s waiting face.  I pulled up the chair that wasn’t piled with Bleach doujinishi and sat down to watch the show.

“You’re seriously goin- oh that’s nice” a shiver ran up her body, and set her tits jiggling, “-gonna just sit there and let her do all the work?  Anna was slurping away eagerly beneath her, tonguing into that twat for all she was worth.  “Help a girl out?”

“What, steal the credit for making you cum?  I wouldn’t dare.”  Anna said something that could have been ‘damn straight’, but it was too muffled to be sure.  Whatever it was, it got a gasp of pleasure from Jessica, her perfect skin already starting to flush.  She groaned and ground her pussy down, needily riding the face of my beloved, who slid her hands up Jess’s thighs to get a good grip on that pert peach of a backside.  Anna’s oral attentions really got Jessica hot and bothered; she was trying to put on a show for me - running her hands up her sweat-beaded body, tossing her hair, squeezing her tits - but each time she’d get distracted by an unexpected jolt of pleasure and mess it up.  She wanted to play porn-star, but she was just too horny to do it right, which must have been kinda frustrating.  It was hot, and funny, and kind of cute too; which made it way more fun to watch than if she’d just done the usual clichéd posing.

“Oooh fu- fuck, you’re gonna make-” she swept her hair away from her face, “-make me cum!”  Jess was really, gloriously gone by now, Anna was going all-out on her snatch with great effect.  “Make me cum!  Make, make me – oooh fuck – MAKE me CUM!”  She did.

Jessica came, hard, her whole body tensing up then relaxing as she threw her head back and gave a long sweet squeal of bliss, trailing off into a happy sigh.  “Ooooooooohhh, that was good, that was sooooooo fucking good!” she murmured to no-one in particular before getting up, rolling onto her back, and stretching her legs.  Anna lay there breathing hard, a triumphant grin on her sweat-and-snatch soaked face; I got up and leaned over so I could give her a Spider-Man-style upside-down kiss.

The two of them lay sprawled out besides each other on the bed, the only sound in the room their breathing; outside a group passed by drunkenly singing the Space Battleship Yamato theme song.  They sat up and looked at me expectantly.  “Well, guess it’s time for me to finish what I started earlier . . .”  I hopped up onto the bed and my hands found their pussies once more; but of course this time they were bare and wet.  (Also, this time I had my left hand on Anna and my right on Jessica.)

I stroked through their pubic hair a little - Jessica’s blonde tangle and Anna’s dark trimmed strip - then began to slip inside them.  Sliding a couple of fingers into each pretty pussy I started exploring, rubbing and stroking insistently at their wet warmth, teasing their clits just enough to make them want more.  Then I gave them more, and more, and more, until I was fucking them properly, working at those lovely cunts good and hard, listening to the girls moaning and cooing with pleasure.

“Ooh, fuck, he’s pretty- ahhh- good with his hands!” groaned Jessica, her own right hand groping vaguely towards Anna.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, I taught him everything he knows!” she replied, grabbing Jess’ hand and guiding it onto her heaving chest.

“She did not teach me everything!” I responded, maybe a little too insistently.

“Whatever -fuck- whatever you say honey!” the little minx giggled in the way she always does when she gets a rise out of me.  “Mmmm, oh that’s right Jess, play with them, please, I like that, hhaaahhh!”

Jessica looked down the bed with a wide grin on her face that was not entirely thanks to the way I was working eagerly at her snatch.  “She seems pretty sensitive, huh?”

“Hell yeah, play with her nipples and she cums in no time!”

“I do-”  Jessica pinched a pert nipple.  “-fuck!”  She tried to moan but kept laughing.  “Ah fuck, I do!”  I stroked mercilessly at her other sensitive place, rewarding her with plenty of clit play.  “Oh yeah, harder!  Please, harder!”

“You want me to do it harder?” teased Jess, doing it harder, “or him?”  I did it harder, too.

“Oh, you guys are assholes!” Anna laughed with frustration and pleasure, giggling helplessly as we played with her just as roughly as she wanted.  I knew she was on the brink of an orgasm; so I pushed her over it, neglecting Jessica for a moment to go all out.  Moments later it hit and she was cumming hard on my hand, her own fingers clawing at the bedsheets as she gasped ecstatically.  I pulled my hand away from Anna, slick with her wetness, and held it up to Jessica’s open mouth so she could suck the taste from my fingers.

I looked at Anna, panting in a post-orgasmic heap besides me.  “One down-” I looked at Jessica, bucking against my hand and breathing hard.  “One to go!”

“Fuck yeah,” grinned Anna, “Finish Her!”

“Well, if you insist . . .” My right hand slipped free, eliciting a satisfying moan from Jessica; I put my other hand on her hip and gently rolled her over.  She took the hint, going face-down and ass-up; I gave her round ass a little smack and admired the faint redness on her perfect skin.  “Yeah, just like that-”  I kissed each of her round cheeks, gave them a good squeeze, spread them apart . . .

“Ooh, what are you-”  I gave her a long wet lick along her asscrack -  “Oooh!”  - then worked my tongue into her pretty little asshole.  “Ooooohhhh. . .”  My hand went back to work, returning to her sopping snatch whilst I relentlessly tongue-fucked her weak spot. Burying my face between her cheeks I was rewarded with increasingly-ragged moans, until she couldn’t even manage the word ‘fuck’ but just groaned lustily into the pillows.  Her voice rose in pitch and volume as I fucked her towards orgasm, slipping in another finger and squirming my tongue deep, until finally she climaxed with a scream that must have been audible on the adjoining floors.  When she was done I watched her slump onto her side with a dazed expression on her reddened face.  “Fuuuucckk . . .”

Anna crawled up and kissed me full on the mouth; then we shared the pussy taste on my fingers, before the three of us collapsed together in a happy tangle of sweaty bodies.  We lay there for a while, before reluctantly starting to get cleaned up; which was rather more work for the worn-out Jessica, since Anna and I were already in our own room.  The prospect of doing up all the little straps on her dress was too much, and she only needed to get back to her suite, so she just did the minimum to keep it from falling off and wore my old Bastard!! shirt over the top.  (She looked even more ridiculous than that sounds.)

With a smile and a wave she slipped out the door, leaving us alone on the bed.  “Well, she seemed nice.”  I took the cat ears off and put them next to my phone on the bedside table.

“I know!” smiled Anna sleepily, “And they say you should never meet your heroes!”  I yawned and snuggled up against her comfortably.  There was a pause.  “Hey, so was she really a better tit-fuck than me?”

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Re: Paizuri Princess (Jessica Nigri)
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Having Jessica up against you with her stomach sliding on your cock, wondering if she could make you cum like that was the next level in the story.

Fuck, this was hot. Jessica rules.
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Re: Paizuri Princess (Jessica Nigri)
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Great story Volente. Really great to see a story about Jessica Nigri as well.

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Re: Paizuri Princess (Jessica Nigri)
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I must not be as big a nerd as I thought, because I didn't know half the things you were talking about.  What I do know is that this story is awesome.  The relationship with Anna really added a unique and interesting aspect to it.  Bravo!

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Re: Paizuri Princess (Jessica Nigri)
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Always a pleasure to read one of your stories and this one has an underrated babe who definitely needs more stories. Excellent work.
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Re: Paizuri Princess (Jessica Nigri)
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Fantastic story, I tweeted it out for ya  ;)
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