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Author Topic: Miranda's Adventures: Chronicles of a Slut (Mass Effect), Ch. 1: Niket  (Read 4673 times)


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Miranda admired the view reflected by the full-length mirror.  Her lithe teenage body was slim, showing the beginnings of muscle definition, but her main concern was her growing tits and slender legs.  She ran her hands over her dress, feeling the soft shiny looking black fabric which barely covered her ass, featured a large and deep boob-window, and a very thin strap around her neck to keep it up, leaving her shoulders and arms bare.  The mirror showed her slender toned legs, mostly exposed thanks to the extremely short dress, and her feet clad in thin strappy stiletto sandals that boosted her height by five inches.  All in all, she oozed sex appeal, confidence, and that bit of slutiness that hinted at someone getting lucky with her,  Or someones.

“I’m not surprised you can’t keep your hands off yourself Miri,” an older man said from behind her, clearly admiring her form.  “In that dress and those heels, you’re practically asking for good fuck.”

“Maybe I am,” she teased, turning to face Niket.  He may have had several years on her, but she had known him since she was little girl.  She grabbed her tits, groping herself in front of him.  “Does this answer your question?”

Niket grinned and unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock.  Miranda strutted towards him, her heels clacking on the floor, and knelt in front of him.  She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, feeling the warmth and hardness.  This was a cock that that she was extremely familiar with, it having made her cum hundreds of times over the years.

She slowly, teasingly, wrapped her lips around the cockhead, enjoying the taste of his precum.  Miranda moaned as his meat entered her mouth, enjoying the sensation of having her mouth filled by his hardness.  Her eyes closed in enjoyment, savouring the taste and feel.  Niket evidently grew impatient with her gentle ministrations, wrapped his hands up in her dark hair and pulled her forward.  She was forced to take all of his cock in her mouth in an instant, feeling it hit the back of her mouth before starting to slide down her throat.

Miranda relaxed her throat, barely able to breathe with his thick cock trying to block her airway.  He held her in place for a few more seconds before pulling her head off of her cock.  She coughed once, licking at the skein of thick saliva that hung between her mouth and Niket’s cock.  Miri smiled hungrily.  “More, I need more of your cock,” she told him.

The older man obliged her by shoving his wet cock back into her sexy mouth, thrusting hard and fast, using the young teen’s face like it was her tight pussy.  She held up under the facefucking assault well, balancing on her stilettos without using her hands.  Eager to push her further, Niket moved a hand to cup the underside of her chin, and started to thrust even faster, enjoying the sounds of her gagging and moaning occasionally.  Her manicured hands eventually found themselves pressed against his thighs in an attempt slow him down and to provide her some balance.
When he removed his cock again, she had tears streaming down her cheeks, making her elegantly-done mascara run, giving her to look of a cheap slut.  He grinned sadistically as she coughed a little, thick saliva covering her chin and getting the top of her dress wet.  “Damn Niket,” she started.  “You weren’t holding back that time.”

“I know you can take it,” Niket told her, and then pulled her to her feet.

Her stilettos slid on the hard marble floor as he threw her onto her bed.  Miranda landed on her back, with her legs spread apart, showing her oldest friend that she -- in true slutty fashion -- wasn’t wearing any panties.  He also saw that she was perfectly and completely devoid of hair, and also dripping wet.

“Did my rough handling of you turn you on that much?” he sneered, reaching down to grope her already sizeable tits.

She moaned as he ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples, heightened thanks to the material of her dress.  Her slick pussy was dripping onto her fine-looking asshole and onto the skirt of her black dress.  Niket, his big hands still roughly groping Miranda’s generous teen tits, stretched back and let his head dip under the skirt.  His tongue licked the length of her young slit, making her hips buck as he touched her clit.

“Niket,” she breathed between moans, arching her back in response to his roaming tongue.  “Niket!”

The older man ignored her slutty moans as his tongue dipped down to her asshole, licking up the mess her pussy was making.  He heard her gasp at the new sensation.  “Well well, even a dirty whore like you is still an anal virgin?”

Miranda moaned, “my father taught me that anal was only for dirty alien whores, like the Asari or those disgusting Quarians.”

“I’ll be sure to educate you later,” Niket promised, and then latched onto her juicy clitoris.  He used his elbows to trap her hips as she bucked again under his oral assault, sucking on her clit while she endlessly moaned.  Feeling her body start to stiffen, Niket renewed his slacking assault on her generous tits, squeezing and pinching to put her over the edge and cum.

And cum she did.  Her body shook as the orgasm tore through her genetically enhanced body, leaving her panting and drooling.  A faint smile graced her lips which turned into surprise as Niket push his cock into her pulsing slit.  Her hole was so wet that he slid right inside up to hilt in one smooth motion, and she groaned in shock and pleasure.

“So tight and wet Miri,” Niket taunted.  He moved his hands down to her hips, and shifted her elegant long legs on top of his shoulders, letting her stiletto heels wave dangerously close to his face.

“Fuck me Niket,” she begged.  “I’m such a slut for your cock!”

He grinned.  “Yes you are Miri, you are a cock-slut.”

In position, Niket started to thrust, speeding up quickly.  Each slap of his hips on hers made her tits jiggle and her hair bounce, and each thrust made her moan more and more.  Her hands, which were grasping at the bedsheets, moved to her tits to pinch her nipples and add to the pleasure.  Niket’s cock was like magic to her, somehow knowing how fast and how hard to go to make her cum easily -- probably having to do with how often she craved him inside of her.

As much as she enjoyed the title of slut, and the thought of fucking countless men and women, Miranda was fairly inexperienced in sheer numbers of partners.  Niket was doing a fine job of broadening her horizons, but her father was rather plain by all accounts, only fucking her doggy style.  Thanks to her flexibility, balance, and strength, Miranda was able to try out a large variety of positions, but now Niket was getting to the point where he couldn’t keep up.

Her body clenched and convulsed as the slut came a s second time, cutting off her moans as the pleasure washed over her senses.  She heard Niket start to breathe faster as his thrusts slowed down but hit harder -- he was getting close to cumming too.  Part of her still wanted a third orgasm to leave her a drooling mess, but a bigger sluttier part of her wanted his hot cum to run down her face and onto her dress.

“Miri,” he panted.

She knew what he was saying.  “Cum on my face Niket, cover me!”

He pulled out immediately, practically throwing her legs to one side to dodge up to her face.  A few quick strokes and he was splashing his load on her pretty face.  The man somehow always had a large load, no matter how often they fucked.  When he had finished stroking, Miranda sat up to let the cum drip down her face.  She used a dainty finger to wipe away the gob of cum over her eyes, tasting it.

“Such a lovely taste,” she complimented, feeling some of his cum drip off of her chin and onto her dress.  “You’ve made quite a mess of me you know, it’s going to take an hour to clean and change.”

“Somehow I don’t think you mind the diversion of being covered in cum,” Niket said.

Miranda giggled.  “You certainly know how to charm a woman.”

“Well, if words don’t work,” Niket spoke, “then my cock usually does.”

She eyed it hungrily.  “My friends can wait, my pussy can’t.  Fuck me again Niket.”

He tore the front of her dress open, letting her tits spill out.  Miranda wanted to be angry at him for ruining a perfectly good and slutty dress, but in truth she enjoyed being manhandled by her childhood friend.  Niket smirked at the lack of bra.  “Which ‘friends’ were you planning on meeting?”

Miranda pulled at her hard nipples, moaning as she did so.  “Does it matter Niket?”

“No,” he shrugged.  “You would have fucked them either way, like a dirty whore.”

She got the tiniest of blushes from his words, somehow feeling special.  From what she saw on the extranet, most men coveted a hot girl and refused to share her.  Her father begrudgingly allowed Niket to fuck her, mostly because Henry Lawson was too busy with other projects to keep Miranda truly satisfied.

Niket finished tearing the dress open, ripping it off of her teen body completely, leaving Miranda in nothing but her stiletto heels, the cum on her face, and the running make-up covered by the cum. 
“Not a bad look for you Miri.  Now, on the bed, spread your legs, and show me how you pleasure yourself.”

Miranda turned, pushing out her ass as she crawled onto the bed, dropping her face onto the sheets and spreading her knees apart to show off her wet pussy and tight little asshole.  Her hands crept under her raised body, one hand spreading her pussy lips, the other teasing the exposed hole for her lover to see.  “Like this Niket?” she asked, sliding the tip of her middle finger into her pussy.

“Yes my little slut,” he said encouragingly.  “Like that.”

He brought his erect cock to her wet pussy, sliding it in a bit even with her middle finger still inside.  Miranda gasped at the mild double pussy penetration, quickly pulling out her finger, and Niket used the opportunity to push in deeper, coating his cock with her inner wetness.  Pulling out, he spat on her tight little asshole.  “Rub that in for me, Miranda dear.”

The young Miranda moved on of her arms from underneath her to slowly and gently rub her asshole. She hadn’t been lying when she told Niket that she was still an anal virgin, his tonguing of her backdoor had been her first experience.  He watched as she tenderly rubbed his spit around her hole, and slowly pushed a fingertip inside of herself.

“Oh,” she cooed, “that feels nice.”

Niket grew impatient as Miranda savoured the feeling of fingering her asshole for the first time.  He spat another thick gob of saliva at her hole, and Miri pulled her finger out to start working it in again.  He grabbed her hand and pushed it out of the way, lining his cock up with the spit and her ass, before pushing the head in.

Miranda screamed, not in pain, but in surprise as Niket slid several inches of his thick cock in her asshole.  He spat again, pulling out an inch, and then pushing in.  She tried to crawl forward to give her virgin hole a few more seconds to get used to being penetrated, but he grabbed her hip and her hair to hold her in place.

“No no Miri,” he scolded.  “Be a good slut and take my cock in your tight little asshole.”

She squirmed in place as he continued to push in, savouring the feeling of taking her virginity.  Henry had gotten her pussy, her mouth, and her tits, but Miranda’s ass belonged to Niket.  Finally he was balls-deep in her ass.

“How does it feel?” he demanded.

Miranda was still breathing as her ass grew accustomed to having a thick cock in it, so Niket delivered a hard smack to one of her cheeks, making her yelp.

“I asked you a question slut,” he growled, pumping his hips.

She moaned before replying “it’s different.”

He raised another hand to smack her, but her words caught him off guard: “I need you to fuck my ass, make me your anal whore!”

Niket grinned, and slapped her ass anyways.  “Now that’s a proper answer Miri.”

Still gripping her hair, Niket worked her ass slowly, taking care not to tear her virgin hole.  “You’re so tight Miri, but I can feel you stretching around me.”

“Ungh Niket, faster,” she begged.  Her hand still underneath her started to finger her pussy, now dripping an almost steady stream onto the bed.

He blinked in surprise, but didn’t hold back as he started to pound her tight ass with his cock.  Miranda’s sexual noises increased dramatically as she played with her clit at the same time.  The new sensation of having her ass full of hot hard cock would have driven Miranda over the edge even if she hadn’t cum twice before.  This third orgasm ripped through her body, making her clench her hands around the sheets, and her toes curl in her heels.

When the wave passed she could finally moan loudly, compounded by the fact that Niket was still relentlessly fucking her ass.  She could barely hear the sounds of flesh-on-flesh slapping over her own moans and the roaring of blood in her ears.  Miranda certainly didn’t hear Niket’s usual ramp-up to his own orgasm, but she felt the sudden in-rush of hot cum in her ass.  He reached forward as he continued to cum inside of her, grabbing her tits and groping them harshly.  Miranda felt a mini-orgasm roll through her body before she collapsed, feeling Niket follow and press his weight on her.

“Oh fuck Niket,” she breathed laboriously.  “We should have done this ages ago.”

He smiled as he pulled out, watching the cum slowly trail out of her ass, down her still sopping pussy lips, and onto the bed.  “Better late than never Miranda.  Make sure you send me some videos when you fuck your friends tonight.”
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Re: Miranda's Adventures: Chronicles of a Slut (Mass Effect)
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Wow, great story. I am not really familiar with Mass Effect but this was a well written story and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Changing your forum status now to author.
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Henry Lawson was a man of elegant -- if eclectic -- tastes, and had the means to acquire nearly anything he wished for.  If it couldn’t be bought right away with credits, then it could be bought eventually for credits.  Such was the case with his daughter Miranda.  She was the result of genetic engineering that would only continue to deliver results.  He had been promised that she would require no cosmetic surgery to keep her body in prime condition: no breast implants or lifts, no botox for the face or other skin tightening procedures, no beauty creams or other similar products.

Her skin would stay smooth and soft, her tits pert and jiggly, her ass tight, and her face beautiful well into her 90’s at least.  She would look like she was 20 or 30, and fuck like she was 18: wild, passionate, and almost unnaturally tight.  The engineers had also tried something new: Miranda would be able to absorb enough nutrients from semen, especially if swallowed.  It was experimental, and thus far he hadn’t seen their claims put to the test.  Maybe in the near future he would arrange for it.

“You wanted to see me, father?” Miranda asked, knocking on the doorframe at the edge of his office.

“Yes, come in dear,” he replied, not looking up from his terminal.  Henry replaced the live feed of Miranda’s room with that of his office, making sure that it was recording as well.

Miranda had been transitioning her fashion style from short dresses and high heels to a variety of boots with different outfits.  The experiments with her outfits weren’t all successful, but what didn’t work the first time, Miranda banished immediately.  Her current outfit was a pair of black ankle stiletto booties, a white pencil skirt that ended just above her knees, and a sleeveless deep v-neck peplum blouse.  Her hair was braided into a tight french braid, with the braid currently draped over her left shoulder.

Henry had to admit that her lack of bra combined with the v-neck that dipped down to the end of sternum, with the fabric draped over her breasts fantastically.  He motioned her forward, watching her walk with confidence and grace, letting her tits bounce in rhythm with her steps.  Her heels clacked on his white marble floor so wonderfully.

“I see you are still experimenting with your outfits,” he stated.  “This is a good one for a business meeting if there are old men present.”

“All business meetings are full of old men,” Miranda retorted.  “And if they were lucky enough to spend an hour in a room with me while I wore this,” she posed and gestured up and down her lithe sexy body, “then they would probably all die of heart attacks in the first five minutes.”

He was impressed with her attitude, she was definitely growing more confident about herself.  “I’m sure the first ‘victim' of your charms would be dead long before then,” Henry said, and brought up another screen, an archived video.  “Now, be a dear and fetch me a whisky.”

She blinked in surprise, apparently not expecting his request.  Miranda walked out of the office, maintaining her confident walk, but Henry knew she was covering.  He grinned lecherously as he admired her toned ass in the tight pencil skirt, legs looking amazing in the stiletto ankle booties.  She returned moments later, a tumbler of whisky neat on a small silver platter resting on her upturned palm.

Henry had her set it down beside his terminal, and watched as her eyes darted to the video: probably one of her first times being fucked by him, judging by the elegant prom-style dress that lay discarded on the floor while he railed her on her hands and knees.  He saw her blush the tiniest bit, no doubt remembering just how much she had enjoyed that particular session.

“Is there anything else?” she asked, clearing her throat lightly.  The blush was still on her pale cheeks.

He could practically smell her arousal, despite her feigned disgust.  Lately she had been putting on their airs of not enjoying their congress together, and while he hadn’t been able to make her orgasm as often as he had in the beginning, Henry Lawson wasn’t lacking in the size department down there, but his daughter seemed to fancy herself more of a slut than he realized.

Miranda tried to take the opportunity to walk away.

“Stop,” he ordered sternly.

She paused mid-step, stumbling slightly, her legs spread as much as possible in the restricting pencil skirt.

“Remove your skirt, and bend yourself over my desk.”

Miranda set the silver platter down on the edge of the desk, and reached back to unzip the top of her pencil skirt.  She slid it down her smooth legs until she could step out of it one heeled bootie at a time.  Henry licked his lips as she bent herself over his desk, enjoying her slight gasp as her warm skin met the cool surface of his desk.  He took a sip of his whisky, and then smacked Miranda’s ass, letting the noise echo in his office.  Almost instantly, a red handprint formed on her tight cheek.  He raised his other hand, smacking her other ass cheek with just as much force.  With a single hand, he unzipped his pants and opened them enough to pull out his member, growing harder by the second at the sight of his daughter’s reddening ass.

Henry stroked his hard cock, eyeing both red handprints on his daughter’s ass, and pushed inside her wet pussy in a single smooth motion.  Miranda grunted and moaned at the sudden penetration, her hips trapped between the edge of the desk and his hips, her stiletto booties firmly on the floor with her legs spread apart to keep her flush on the surface of the desk.  He grabbed onto her hips, and started fucking her hard and fast, with no preamble, just like every other time.

Then he changed up his approach, moving his hands from her hips to grab onto her arms and pull her back in an arch.  “Does my girl like it when I pull on her arms instead of her hips?” he asked, leaning forward to grind his cock deep in her.

Miranda moaned with his deeper penetration, her arms being pulled back trapped her hips even more as her generous tits pushed against the desk and strained in the confines of her top.  Henry restrained both of her arms against the small of her back with one of his hands, and grabbed her long soft black hair with his other, pulling it none too gently.  “I asked you a question,” he growled.  “Maybe you don’t want my cock in you after all.”

If he hadn’t already been inside of her, Miranda might have agreed, but right now she lusted for his cock to fuck her and make her cum.  “No,” she pleaded, pushing her hips against his.  “Please fuck me, fuck your girl.”

Henry let a vile smile twist his lips.  “You’ll have to do better than that little Miranda.”

Desirous to be fucked while trapped on the desk, Miranda gave in to her father’s demands.  “Fuck me,” she begged as he pulled on her hair harder.  “Fuck me Daddy!”

Henry’s cock twitched as his daughter called him Daddy.  “Better,” he said approvingly.  “Don’t you ever forget that I am your Daddy.”

Her reply was continually interrupted by her slutty moans and his hips smacking against her firm ass.  “Yes-unh!-Daddy-unh!”

He fucked her relentlessly for several minutes, never slowing down as his cock slid in and out of her tight wet pussy, the slapping noises a continuous rhythm for everyone to hear in the hallway leading away from his office.  “Grab the edge of the desk,” he growled, releasing her hands and hair.

She complied, grabbing the edge of the desk that her hips were against, not sure what her father had planned next.  He had stopped fucking her long enough to lift her legs up by her thighs.  Miranda lifted them, bending her knees, which Henry took advantage of and grabbed hold of her stiletto ankle booties.  The new angle of her legs shifted where his cock hit her insides, and he started fucking her again at the same rhythm.

Miranda felt his cock rubbing against her g-spot now with his new angle of attack, feeling an orgasm quickly build.  “Oh Daddy, I’m going to c-”  Her words were cut short as she came hard, her abdominal and pelvic muscles contracting from the orgasm, nearly making her see white.  She had never cum so hard in her life, even with Niket fucking her in new and inventive ways.

Henry pulled out of his sexy daughter, throwing her to the floor and kneeling over top of her, his knees on either side of her shoulders, trapping her arms against her chest.  He stroked his cock, aiming it down at her beautiful face before grunting as he sprayed thick hot ropes of cum all over her pale skin and dark luxurious hair.  When he was finished, he stood and moved towards her legs, lifting one of them to wipe the cum from his cock on her stiletto bootie.

He nodded in satisfaction, typing a few commands into his desk terminal, and did up his pants again.  Finishing his whisky, he looked down at Miranda who was still recovering from her orgasm on the cold office floor. Her nipples were pressing hard against her top.  “What do we say after I’ve done you the courtesy of fucking you?” he asked.

“Thank you,” she murmured, and then continued with a bit more volume.  “Thank you Daddy, I can’t wait for you to fuck me again.”
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Big fan of Mass Effect! Good story!
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Miranda gagged on a big cock down her throat, taking it all the way to its base.  She struggled to stay there as someone behind her fucked her hard and fast.  Her tits jiggled in her lacy bra as she moaned around the cock she was deepthroating.  The man behind her slammed home one last time, gripping her hips tightly as he flooded her pussy with cum, and then pulled out.  There was no rest for her tight cum-filled pussy as another hard cock slid into her wet hole, just as the man down her throat finally came.  Cum spilled out of her mouth before she could swallow it all, moaning around his delicious cum as she was fucked yet again.

She looked up at the line of men before her, at least a dozen of them, all clad in Cerberus uniforms or armour, their hard cocks out.  Miranda smiled, “who’s next boys?  Someone needs to fuck my face!”


The Illusive Man watched Miranda Lawson fuck all of the men at his recruitment base, eager and willing.  He sipped at his whisky, cycling through the different angles the cameras had.  Miranda’s outfit had long ago been torn off, her dress ripped and discarded near a wall.  It was only through a miracle that her bra remained on, perhaps because it made her generous breasts look bigger and bouncier.  Her choice of kneeling doggy style was very pleasing to the eye as she was continually spitroasted by his hardworking men.

As he watched, he began thinking of ideas of Miranda’s outfit.  It would need to be sexy, eye-catching, but allow for easy movement in the field.  He decided that she wouldn’t have armour like his other operatives, since the biotic wouldn’t be a frontline soldier.  Her moans of an orgasm caught his attention, watching the monitors in time to see her arms and legs nearly buckle as she came again.  Miranda was doing a bang-up job fucking the men stationed on his secret base, and was rapidly running out of cocks to milk.

But they weren’t her only test to see if she was worthy of joining Cerberus.  The Illusive Man had another card to play.  He activated the communications module.  “Kai Leng, our newest recruit is finishing up.”

“So soon?  She must be close to setting a record,” Kai Leng noted.  “She won’t finish me nearly as quickly.”

“I hope not.  We have invested a lot of time, training, money, and technology into you Kai Leng.”  The Illusive Man watched as Miranda tore her bra off to finish the last of the soldiers with her bare tits, taking his load all over her chest and chin.  “But she might just give you a run for your money.”


Kai Leng had to admit, Miranda was gifted in her looks and sexual prowess.  Her pussy was so wet and so tight, clamping down on his enhanced cock with the right amount of friction.  She moaned so gracefully, riding the edge of putting on a show like an extranet porn star and being an actual slut who enjoyed being fucked.  He had her legs up in the air, barely his shoulder width apart while he thrust his hips forward.  Miranda had a hand on the wall behind her head to brace herself, and the other to hold her bountiful tits from bouncing so much.

After her soldier spitroast gangbang, Miranda had gotten to shower, and now were it not for the video evidence and the dozens of satisfied men, Kai Leng wouldn’t have known that she had just fucked a great deal of people in one go.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, “and don’t stop fucking me.”

Even asari weren’t nearly as horny as she was, which made her a truly remarkable human specimen.  Leng wasn’t about to disappoint the slut moaning thanks to his cock, and pushed her legs to one side to grab onto her top hip.  With a better hold on her, he started fucking her faster and harder, making her moan nonstop.  Her moans finally stopped when she came hard, probably harder than she ever had before.

He stopped his thrusts, letting her come down from her orgasmic high, and scooped her up to reposition the both of them.  Now sitting on the edge of the bed with Miranda’s legs straddling his own, but facing away from him, he gave her a little thrust.  “Start bouncing whore,” he ordered.

Miranda fumbled in the new position, trying to find a good spot for her bare feet on the floor in order to start moving her hips, and leaned back to let her hands take some of her weight onto the bed.  Now in a better position and a little more recovered from her orgasm, Miranda started to bounce on Kai Leng’s cock, feeling the tip of his spear deep inside of her every time she landed on his hips.

“Fuck, you’re bigger than anyone else,” she moaned.  “It feels so good.”

Spurred on, Kai Leng grabbed her tits, running his fingers over her nipples.  He never went anywhere without his omnitool, and used an extremely low-powered overload to playfully send jolts of electricity into her nipples.  She gasped as the sudden and very unexpected sensations, but still managed to keep bouncing on his cock.

“Very impressive Miss Lawson,” Kai Leng commended the slut bouncing on his shaft.  “Everyone else has had their rhythm disrupted, but you are very single-minded.”

“Mmm, do that again,” she panted, grinding her hips to keep his cock deep inside her wet pussy.  “But on my clit.”

Kai Leng leered lecherously, Miranda was beyond words. 

She turned her head to look at him.  “Put one on my clit, and the other in my ass.”

He put a forefinger in her mouth.  “Get it ready for me, slut, so I can finger-fuck your ass like you want.”

Miranda closed her sexy lips around his finger, wrapping her tongue around it, sucking on it like it was a cock, while still grinding away.  He pulled his finger out of her mouth with a wet pop, and without preamble pushed it into her tight butthole.  She squealed from the sudden intrusion, finally distracted enough that she stopped Leng’s dick.  He put his finger directly on her clit, and smiled.  “I can’t wait to hear your slutty moans.”

Kai Leng send more low-powered jolts through his fingers, shocking her clit and ass.  Miranda convulsed mildly, gasping and moaning as she was triggered by her ass, her clit, and the cock pressing deep inside of her. 

“Gonna … make … me cum,” she panted, managing to bring her hands up to tweak and twist her own nipples.

“Then let me help,” he offered.

Miranda felt a sensation she had never felt before, like an overpowered vibrator deep inside of her sending shockwaves through her womanhood and core.  The electrical stimuli from his cock and fingers kept her upright as she convulsed in pleasure, drool leaking from her mouth and spilling onto Kai Leng’s legs.  Her orgasm continued without stopping, making her mind go blank as the pleasure overwhelmed her.  He could feel her juices dripping from her sex, soaking into the sheets and pooling onto the floor.  The charge finally died out, letting Miranda collapse into a panting heap.

Kai Leng pulled her off his still very hard cock, letting her sink to the floor leaning back against the bed.  She was still moaning from the aftershocks.  Leng stood in front of her, squatting down until his cock was level with her eyes.  He stroked it hard and fast, eager to bust his nut over the raven-haired slut in front of him.  The sounds of his masturbation seemed to focus Miranda as her eyes locked onto the cock in front of her.

“Cum on my face,” she whispered, tilting her head back and opening her mouth.

His load was hot and thick, the biggest she had experienced again.  It covered her face in thick ropes.  Her eyes were closed as her eyelids were covered, followed by her forehead, cheeks, and then several spurts into her mouth which she eagerly swallowed.  His cum dripped down her neck, down the valley of her tits before he was finished blowing his load.

The door to the room opened, revealing the Illusive Man on the other side.  “Well done Miranda, you passed the test with flying colours.”  He took a drag from his cigarette.  “And set some new records too.  You’ll be a great addition to Cerberus, I’m sure of it.”


Miranda awoke in a bed, feeling clean and refreshed, if a bit tired still.  Her room was small, glancing around to see not much more than the bed she currently occupied, a small room off to one side that was the bathroom, a desk, and a tall dresser.  The dresser had a sleek looking catsuit hanging on the front: black sleeves and legs with a white torso that featured a light grey honeycomb pattern.  A pair of thigh-high leather boots sat beneath the outfit, and featured a four-inch block heel.

“Ooh, that looks sexy.”

She put it on, forgoing any panties and a bra, reveling in the feeling of the catsuit against her bare skin.  She slid the boots on one by one, enjoying the small boost in height and how they made her already delectable ass pop even more.  The inside of the dresser cabinet featured a full length mirror, allowing Miranda to admire her new garb.  Over her left breast was the Cerberus logo, standing out proudly.

“Look out galaxy, Miranda Lawson is here to fuck and fight.”


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