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Dickinson: Meeting Death
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The following is a poem inspired by the Apple series Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld.  If you haven't seen the show, probably all you need to know going in is that none of Emily Dickinson's poems had been published by the period in which it is set, making this her very first published poem! 

Warning: contains use of an outdated racial term.  Don't read on if it's likely to offend.

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson and Wiz Khalifa as Death

Meeting Death
A Poem by Emily Dickinson
Published c. 1853

It is with great regret that these words must be spoken,
But I fear that my little red heart might be broken.

Iím in such deep love with my best friend Sue,
But now that itís over, I donít know what to do.

Together on my bed, many times we did lie,
My slick, wet tongue buried deep in her pie.

With her sticky pink twat, my face she did smother,
But thatís come to an end now sheís marrying my brother.

Oh, would it make me such a deplorable whore,
If I were to keep fucking my sister-in-law?

So I sit here and spill all my words to the page,
Hoping that the feeling will get better with age.

Now the hour is late and I must retire,
Before my melting candles do start a great fire.

I take off my clothes and slip into my gown,
Untie my hair and over my back it falls down.

I pray to the Lord that my soul he will keep,
Then climb into bed and sleep a deep sleep.

I drift to my slumber and then start to dream,
Though nothing in dreamworld is as it may seem.

Iím on a dark roadside and all dressed in red,
Elegant and rosy from my feet to my head.

I wait and I wait until a stagecoach arrives,
The horses are ghostly and no driver drives.

It stops on the path so I can approach,
So I lift up my skirts and head for the coach.

The door it does open and who is inside?
A handsome young black man in a plush, swanky ride.

The inside of the coach is all charming and neat,
But who is this man who sits in its seat?

Itís such a great shame that these words I do sing,
But on account of his race he can be only one thing.

Though is he a freeman or a runaway slave?
God, he must be so incredibly brave!

Toiling away on some awful plantation,
Why must I live in such a terrible nation?

Taken from his homeland so he can pick cotton,
Oh, isnít the South just so awfully rotten?

Slaving away for his evil white master,
Whipping his back just so he would work faster.

He invites me inside and so I climb up,
Marvelling at the decor like an excited young pup.

I ask for his name and he tells me its Death,
I expected something more normal, like Andrew or Seth.

His shirt is unbuttoned and he wears a top hat,
Though, I must say my attention is not drawn to that!

My eyes they go straight to his full, heavy groin,
Nearly popping right out at the swell of his loin.

A penis like that could drive a girl barmy,
Stretching down his leg like a slab of salami.

I gaze right upon it and lick at my lip,
Hoping beyond hope that his pants they would rip.

And though I attempt to take this real slow,
His swelling black cock, it continues to grow.

And through the thin fabric, the head it does poke,
So I reach right out and the crown I do stroke.

He tries with his might to halt my advance,
Flashing right at me a hard and stern glance.

Though I am not one that gives up with such ease,
And so my soft hand, it continues to tease.

My beautiful face has left him beguiled,
My chestnut brown hair so perfectly styled.

My full, pouty lips are shiny and red,
Perfect, one might say, for the giving of head!

He is so enraptured that he cannot say no,
So I drop to my knees and Iím ready to blow!

I paw at his groin as he takes off his shirt,
His shiny dark skin the colour of dirt.

Long, nappy hair falls down to his shoulders;
Blades so sculpted that they look like brown boulders.

I run my hands across his torso and down to his abs,
Bulging and hard and firm as two slabs.

He plants a soft kiss upon my plump, shiny lips,
His belt it unbuckles and his fly it unzips.

He pulls it right out; his giant black cock,
And it burst from his pants, as hard as a rock.

Itís as long as a sword, yanked free from its sheath,
His heavy dark nuts are swinging beneath.

If people were to see us, my God, they would stare,
But they couldnít deny, we make one hell of a pair.

Me all made up and so pretty and prim,
And him with his massive, black, throbbing fifth limb!

I grip it at the base and my mind is a-whirring,
My nipples are stiff and my pussy is purring.

Iíve never before seen such a thick, veiny dick,
So I shoot out my tongue and give it a lick.

I taste the cum in the wide open tip,
Then run it around the edge of my lip.

I open my mouth and feed it inside,
And down to my throat, his cock it does glide.

My lips journey down his network of veins,
He grips locks of my hair and holds them like reins.

He guides my mouth along his dark rod,
Up and down, up and down, my head it does nod.

I suck and I slurp at his giant black dong,
God, it must be a fucking foot long!

And though it does stretch some ten and plus inches,
I swallow it down without the slightest of flinches.

I venture right down to his girthy, fat base,
And soon his huge cock is packing my face.

By the time I am done it is drenched in my spit,
From the thick, dark hilt, right up to the slit.

I wrap my red lips around one of his nuts,
Iíve heard this is a trick performed only by sluts.

But they are so big that I really donít care,
And if Sue was here too, these balls we would share.

I switch to the other and suck it a little,
Dousing his gonads in volumes of spittle.

I release his black balls and now its his go,
To eat my pink pussy, all nice and slow.

I take off my clothes and toss them aside,
Parting my legs, Ďtil their several feet wide.

His thick dark lips kiss right down my tummy,
All the way down to the bit that tastes yummy.

He tounges at my clit and my pussy is drooling,
My eyes are clamped shut and my mouth is a-mewling.

He eats my wet cunt even better than Sue,
Maybe he could show her a method or two!

Juices flow into his mouth and taste so damn sweet,
He slips his digits inside as he continues to eat.

Heís simply fantastic at cunilingus,
Stretching my hole with two of his fingers.

He doesnít stop licking until I have cum,
Climaxing hard with a deafening hum.

When he is done my vagina is soaked,
I looked up at him and my tiny voice croaked.

ďGive me your cock,Ē I say right away,
ďI want you to fuck me right into next May.Ē

He rubs his big cock against the lips of my twat,
I feel I could cum and only from that!

He pierced me with his wang and rammed it in deep,
Filling my coochie and making it weep.

Deeper and deeper and deeper he does plunge,
My teeny pink pussy is soaked like a sponge.

One thrust, two thrust, three thrust, four,
Iím screaming like a banshee and pleading for more.

Harder and harder and harder he drills me
If my father finds out, he will probably kill me!

His balls they are swelling and brewing a batch,
His massive black dong is owning my snatch!

I cum on his dick and then we change places;
A yin and yang symbol on account of our races.

I perch on his lap and and he feeds it inside,
And on that giant dark cock, my body does ride.

I hop up and down on his muscled black lap,
Against his thick thighs, my ass it does clap.

I bounce on his cock as hard as I can,
From the hilt to the tip of his girthy dark span.

He digs his long fingers right into my buns,
Squeezing the cheeks with the might of his guns.

He tosses me up and down with all of his strength,
No easy feet on account of his length.

His dick it does throb and with a great shout,
He fills my hot pussy with a thunderous gout.

It slops straight back out but maybe, just maybe,
Iíll soon be knocked up with a half-negro baby.

I donít want it to be over but need not I fear,
His giant black cock is pointed right at my rear!

He splits my ass open and guides it right in,
I was told in church that this was a sin.

Especially with his cock; so thick, long and black,
And there it does burrow, right into my crack.

It feels like a snake, slithering into my guts,
And soon I have taken it right down to the nuts.

Iíve never in my life, done anal before,
But now Iíll be doing it so very much more!

Again and again and again I do cum,
His girthy black cock is drilling my bum!

He buries his rod balls deep in my ass,
Sinking to the hilt with every pass.

He pulls it back out and then I go south,
I believe they call that Ďass to mouthí.

I suck and I suck until it is clean,
Slippery and wet with a sparkling sheen.

He turns me around and we switch up the stance,
And over my shoulder at him I do glance.

He points that big cock right back at my hole,
And spears me at once on his glistening pole.

Up and down, up and down on his dick I do squat,
My sopping wet pussy getting awfully hot.

Time and again, his crown hits my spot,
ĎTil I blast my girlcum, and blast it a lot.

The inside of the coach, I drench in my juices,
Hosing it down with some violent sluices.

From here on out, I come thick and fast,
Soaking the upholstery with every blast.

By the time he pulls out, my pussy is burning,
His dick is a-throbbing and his balls they are churning.

I want to see how much cum I can siphon,
From that pulsing and twitching and spasming black python.

He rises to his feet and jerks himself off,
And while he does that, at his balls I do scoff.

They stew and they brew with his boiling ball batter,
Those weighty black nuts growing fatter and fatter.

He rubs his big cock until its exploded,
Firing a blast like a shotgun unloaded.

I open my mouth and gather it whole,
That piping hot load from his giant black pole.

I swallow it down like a mouthful of rum,
His creamy and gooey, delicious, hot cum.

I feel it slosh around in the pit of my belly,
So gloopy and thick that it feels just like jelly.
I open my mouth in hope of some more,
And he pulls his fat cock until it is raw.

I step out of the coach and we go our own ways,
And I wait and I wait until the end of each day.

When I can sleep and itís him I can see,
And his massive black cock hanging down to his knee.

So that is the story of my black and white tryst,
When you read this, a black cock will be top of your list.

The content is lewd but I write it here still,
If this doesnít get published then I fear nothing will!
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