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Author Topic: Harem Visions: Super Bowl Shenanigans (Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Erin Andrews)  (Read 86673 times)


Harem Visions: Super Bowl Shenanigans
Author: KMB
Codes: FF, FFF, voy, oral, rim
Celebs: Erin Andrews, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira

Disclaimer: This is a completely fictional story. None of it happened. It involves real people but it is NOT real in any way, shape or form. It is a total fantasy and it is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

This is something I had done as a custom story for a fan and I thought it would be a fun one to share with everyone since I know Cadeauxxx is such a big fan of JLo’s big, beautiful booty. I wrote this prior to the big game and I had no idea that the halftime show was going to be such a lighting rod of controversy over those gorgeous bodies. I should write these kinds of stories more often.

Also, with CSSA facing an uncertain at best future, I wanted to make sure everyone knew the best way to find my new content is at www.patreon.com/KMB. So I figured a little girl on girl on girl action is the best way to advertise.
Plug over, let’s get reading!!!

   Erin Andrews had seen a lot in her life. She had witnessed greatness in the fields of athletics, both collegiate and pro, and had been on hand when champions had achieved immortality for pushing themselves beyond their limits. And she had also seen people who never should have danced in their lives rise to glory and crash to infamy. She had been around people at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

She’d seen a lot because she had done a lot. She had been in situations and had experiences she never would have dreamed for herself. And she had witnessed things she had thought could only have existed in the craziest fantasies and most surreal of thoughts. She had thought she had seen it all.

But she clearly hadn’t because she was looking right at something she never would have thought she ever in her life see and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

At first Erin even thought she might have been dreaming.  Because she had definitely pictured something like this happening in her head many times before. She had just never thought she would actually see it and she even took the step of literally pinching herself just to make sure this was not something she was creating solely in her subconscious.

And when that pinch confirmed that this was real and it was happening right in front of her, Erin began staring with utter fascination, her hand going to her mouth to keep herself from accidently making any noise that would have stopped this display. What she was staring at was nothing less than stunning and she didn’t want it to stop for anything.

Because Erin was staring at nothing less than Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, two of the most famous and beautiful singers in the world, completely naked and sharing a shower stall as they passionately kissed and rubbed their nude bodies together while the water cascaded down upon them and left their bare skin glistening.

Erin’s mind was blown by what she was seeing and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. She knew she shouldn’t be watching what was clearly a very intimate and very private moment between these two beautiful superstars but how could she look away? They were so naked and so into each other and Erin was utterly fascinated by this shocking view of their famous bodies rubbing wetly into each other, their lips pressing together again and again as their glistening skin touched and their hands fondled each other in a very sensual way.

This was the last thing she had expected to find because all she had been looking for was some peace and quiet. The Super Bowl was days away and Erin had to prepare. She was in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium where in a few days eyes from around the world would be fixated to watch not just a football game but a spectacle of entertainment and pageantry.

But Erin knew that no show that could be held on Sunday could rival the display that she had before her in the shower as the two beautiful women, both icons in music, went at each other with wanton lesbian desire, kissing and touching each other as their flawless bodies were soaked with water. They were doing it in such a carefree away, either not thinking or not caring that someone like her might find them. They were lost in erotic pleasure and the way they kept kissing and caressing each other made it impossible for Erin to even think about doing anything but stare at them.

Erin hadn’t expected any of this, which made it so much more thrilling. She was seeing something she wasn’t supposed to see. She was a voyeur which she had never really been before. And even though she told herself that this was an obviously private moment for two women who were clearly lovers and experienced in pleasuring each other’s bodies, Erin couldn’t tear her eyes away for a simple reason. She didn’t want to stop watching. She wanted to watch them kiss and touch each other. Erin wanted to watch them fuck and it was making her pussy wet to have this happening right in front of her.

All Erin had wanted was just a moment to herself. She was the top sideline reporter for Fox’s lead crew for football and she would be front and center for the game. That meant preparation at every level, knowing the players, knowing the angles and knowing how to get the most and best information out in seconds-long reports that had to say a lot very quickly. So all week she had been researching and working and filling her head with statistics and histories and information so she could know it all off the top of her head.

She had been doing interviews, talking to the coaches and the players and the GMs and league officials and even the refs. She had been working hard all week long and she had needed a break and some time to herself to breathe and let all of this information settle in. Plus she had wanted to do some exploring of her own of the stadium. She wanted to see both locker rooms so she would have an advance peek of the layout so she could know where the best place was to set up a shot for the post-game. The last thing she had expected to hear was the sound of the shower running.

The home locker room was supposed to be empty. There was no practice for the teams today. All the players were doing media interviews elsewhere and reviewing game film and preparing themselves. So there shouldn’t have been anyone there and as soon as Erin had heard the sound of the shower running in the locker room, she hadn’t been able to resist wanting to see what was going on.

What she had found had stunned her though. Erin had thought what she would find would be some plumber working on fixing a broken shower or a shower that someone had accidently left on from earlier. She hadn’t expected to actually find anyone naked, even though deep down Erin had wanted to. Being a sideline reporter and a woman, Erin knew how much pressure there was on her to always be professional but she couldn’t help but fantasize about doing the least professional thing she could which would be to sneak into the locker room when everyone was changing and showering and get herself some hot jock cock.

God she loved to think about fucked up things like that, like finding a whole team of naked jocks with huge dicks taking their showers and letting them gangbang her. Fuck that was so hot. Perverted fantasies like that made her so hot. Erin could make herself so fucking wet thinking about watching big, muscular jocks shower and stripping off her own clothes so she could come join them and make a big show of dropping the soap in front of them so she’d have to bend over and pick it up slowly while they saw her bare ass and dripping slit.

Fuck,that was so wrong. It played into so many terrible stereotypes about women sports reporters and it was never anything she would really do because she cared too much about her work and her reputation. But that was what made it so fucking hot to her. It was the wrong thing to do. It was something bad girls did and Erin loved being a bad girl. She wanted to walk in on a whole team of naked studs and have them take her in every hole, stuffing her mouth and pussy and of course her ass with their huge cocks as they jackhammered her silly and left her coated in their hot, nasty spunk as the sticky mess dripped off her.

And she didn’t just like thinking about men either. Erin was happy to think about doing the same thing to the cheerleaders, wandering in on them naked and sneaking a peek at those tight, toned girl bodies as she stared at those giggling, sexy cheerleaders under the water touching and exploring each other as she watched them go wild and have themselves a naughty lesbian shower orgy. Oh fuck yes that would be so fucking awesome. She’d have been so happy to join on that and let a while cheerleading squad take her with their fingers and tongues and whatever toys they had in their locker room as they fucked her over and over again and made her come endlessly like the insatiable slut she loved to be in her hottest, horniest fantasies.

Erin was on the road so much for her job and there were so many nights when she was away from her husband. That left her feeling mighty deprived far too often and so she needed to find that pleasure and comfort on her own through horny sexual fantasies and by draining the batteries of her toys she packed for every trip. When she fucked herself, Erin felt like she didn’t have to have limits. She could take on groups of men or women and sometimes men and women mixed together in her fantasies. She didn’t have to hold back in her dreams because it was just pretend and there never had to be any consequences when you were just pretending to have 20 or 30 guys make you run a train on their cocks, taking each one up her ass and then sucking them clean in her horny fucking mouth as guy after guy lined up to fuck her.

She could get real perverted really fast when she was turned on and the view she had of Shakira and JLo was turning her on immensely. Erin could feel herself getting wet just from watching them and right then she wasn’t thinking about letting the winning players on the Chiefs or Niners gangbang her silly. Right then she was feeling nothing but illicit lesbian lust as she eyed those two gorgeous celebrities playing with each other and imagined herself naked and sandwiched in between them.

The two were performing in the halftime show at the Super Bowl and Erin had heard them rehearsing earlier, blasting out their music to the full stadium full of people getting ready for Sunday’s show. But now rehearsal time was over and the two women were only focused on pleasuring each other as their glistening wet bodies rubbed together sensually and they kissed with uninhibited lust and pressed their hands between each other’s legs.

Erin couldn’t help but moan into her own hand as she watched Jennifer skillfully rub Shakira’s pussy in the water, using her fingers to stimulate that pink hole as Shakira did the same to Jennifer, the both of them openly and lewdly touching each other. Both women acted completely straight in public but here in private they were obviously very comfortable with a desire for women and each other’s bodies, a feeling Erin knew all too well herself.

“Yeahhhhhh ohhhhh yesssssssssss get those fingers in there Shakira! Mmmm fucking play with that pussy!” Jennifer lustfully urged as the water soaked them both. “I’ve been so wet all day waiting to do this with you! Shove your fingers right into my cunt and feel how fucking hot you make me! Oooooooh yessssssssss fuckkkk make me come and then get on your fucking knees and eat this pussy out!”

“Oooooooh si! Mmmmmmmm you’re so fucking wet and so tight too! Oooooh I thought I’d loosened you up last night when I shoved my strap-on right into this juicy pussy of yours and got it all wet for me to nail your big ass with it too but you’re still so fucking tight!” Shakira groaned out in response, her own accented voice full of moans thanks to Jennifer fingering her right back.
“I love feeling this tight little pussy clamp around my fingers! Mmmm your pussy squeezing tight around my fingers while I rub your fucking clit! Do it to me too Jenny! C’mon superstar! Work those fingers right into my cunt too! Ughhhh fuckkkk oh yessssssss ughhhh fuck me! Finger fuck my hot, wet pussy! Make me come! Ooooh you know I’ll get on my knees and lick out every drop of that juicy cum from your tasty cunt but you’d better be ready to do it back to me too and get your hot face right in my pussy to taste my cream!”

Erin couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing. These two women were going at it so openly and so wickedly. And it was making her so hot. She loved seeing them fuck each other. She loved hearing those dirty words and imagining all the things they had obviously done for each other.

Erin had never wanted to be a voyeur before, unfortunately for obvious reasons. But she couldn’t deny the thrill she was getting from this. It was a new sensation and one she definitely liked a lot. Usually in her locker room fantasies where she was checking out all that athlete beef or those tight, sexy cheerleader bodies, Erin didn’t just watch, she joined in. But she let herself by a voyeur now as she drooled over these two superstars fucking each other openly and without any inhibition.

It was so arousing to see them both like this and Erin could feel her nipples stiffen under her shirt and bra while her pussy was starting to juice against her panties, her lips getting slick and slippery and making her moan as she felt the cotton of her underwear rub against it. Erin might have been married but this show was impossible to resist and she couldn’t keep from getting hot over watching these women go at it, kissing and moaning and finger fucking each other while the shower water ran down over them.

Erin had been with women lots of times before so she knew how good Jennifer and Shakira had to be making each other feel. She had been a tomboy growing up so she’d never been the shy wallflower type and that had not only made her bold, it had made her realize quickly that outdated concepts of gender and sexuality were just that, outdated. Women could like whatever they liked, especially if they liked other women.

In fact she had gone through a little bit of a lesbian phase in college, like a lot of other women. She’d experimented with her roommate and some of their friends and when she’d joined a sorority, well Erin would never betray the secrets of the sisterhood but there were definitely valid reasons why there were so many sexy stereotypes about sorority girls. She’d mostly put that aside once she’d graduated and had started focusing on career, only succumbing every now and then to the pleasures of female flesh as she had instead concentrated on her job and on men.

But that had changed once Maria Menounos had brought her to a mansion in Malibu where it had seemed that every lesbian fantasy could come true. Maria and Erin had gotten to know each other through Dancing with the Stars and Erin could still remember vividly how good it had felt to let go of all her inhibitions and forget about everything else but the pleasures only women could bring each other. She and Maria had hooked up a few times before that night but it had taken that trip to Malibu to unleash the lesbian side of herself and Erin had loved it, even though she was married.

Erin had licked so many hot girls that night. She’d licked Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba and so many more and she’d let Rose McGowan fuck her ass with something called Mr. Snappy that had been better and bigger than any man’s cock she’d ever had, even her husband’s. There had been so many beautiful women there who’d all been so eager to get her naked and pleasure her and Erin had even lost track of who had been doing what to her as it had all become a wonderful, lesbian blur of erotic passion.

Her husband had no idea she was into women like this and Erin wanted to keep it that way. This was her sexy secret and she loved visiting the mansion again and again after that first night to live out her filthiest fantasies. Visiting that place had made her even bolder as it had let her see just how many women were into women out there in Hollywood. It had inspired Erin to get extra wicked in her own fun and start seducing women too.

That side of her had really had started with Brooke Burke. Erin had taken over hosting duties from her on Dancing with the Stars and she’d had a bit of a crush on the sexy brunette. How could she not? Brooke had such an amazing body, one she never hesitated to show off and Erin had been so turned on by her confidence and beauty. So it hadn’t been anything at all for Brooke to seduce her and Erin had enjoyed every second of them illicitly hooking up without their husbands suspecting a thing.

Brooke had invited Erin over to her place to give her some tips on how to be a good host for Dancing with the Stars. Erin had been very eager to get any help she could get because she had known it wasn’t going to be an easy job and in many ways hosting an entertainment program was harder than any sports reporting job could ever be. And Erin had been so grateful that Brooke had been such a help during the transition and offered so many good tips and ideas.

They’d had some wine that night…okay a lot of wine and it had been so easy for Brooke to make that first move on her, running her hands through Erin’s blonde hair and kissing her sensually on the lips while telling her how beautiful she was and how much everyone was going to love her as host. And Brooke had told Erin the big secret of how horny everyone was on Dancing with the Stars and how she’d always have her pick of anyone she wanted to fuck.

Erin had gotten so wet, especially as Brooke had told her that she and Carrie Ann Inaba had been carrying on an affair since she’d been a contestant on the show, and Brooke had seduced her with so little effort. Brooke had told her how the women dancers and contestants were so eager to gain a little advantage in the judging and always willing to be more than a little naughty. Brooke had filled Erin’s head with such hot visions that Erin’s panties had been soaked before Brooke had even gotten her clothes off.

The two of them had fucked all night long, not even caring that Erin had promised her husband she’d be home early that night. Erin hadn’t been able to think about anything but Brooke’s beautiful big tits and her tight pussy and how good her ass had tasted when Brooke had gotten on all fours on the bed and urged Erin to get her face in between her cheeks and eat her holes. Brooke had been so good at eating pussy too, making Erin come over and over again with her tongue while she’d writhed in the bed and begged the sexy brunette MILF for more after every amazing orgasm.

Erin had learned a lot from Brooke that night and all the subsequent nights they had wickedly connected. And the biggest lesson Erin had taken from Brooke was how to use her time on Dancing with the Stars to get at so many gorgeous women. She’d taken those lessons to heart and had spent her time on the show bedding women like Evanna Lynch, Charlotte McKinney, Kelly Monaco, Pamela Anderson, Aly Raisman, Kellie Pickler, Danica McKellar, Mischa Barton, Paige van Zant and Nicole Scherzinger and so many more. Gawd she’d even fucked that adorable little Bindi Irwin and there had been other girls like Zendaya and Willow Shields that she hadn’t made a move on but still had gotten so juicy and horny for as she had made their young bodies featured players in her kinky fantasies.

She had done some really kinky stuff too like when just this past season she had been messing around with Sailor Brinkley Cook when they’d been “caught” by Sailor’s legendary mom Christie Brinkley and fuckkkkk they’d had such a nasty threesome where she’d watched Christie spank her daughter for being such a bad girl and then eat her pussy and get Sailor to come all over her face before she kissed her and had fed Erin those naughty juices.

Of course it had all been planned by the women and Christie had known she would find her daughter with Erin. It all been so hot and naughty as Erin had been totally willing to engage in a wicked, taboo threesome with them, letting Sailor and Christie share her pussy and asshole and let them take turns sitting on her face and even watching them touch and kiss and pleasure each other in the most forbidden of ways.

Erin hadn’t even been mad that they’d set her up like that. She’d fucked mother and daughter and learned so many filthy, taboo secrets about them. It had been one of the greatest nights of Erin’s life and if she ever crossed paths with them again, Erin just hoped Christie and Sailor would be up for a repeat.

And then there was Julianne Hough. Fuck, Erin loved messing around with her and with Julianne’s gorgeous secret girlfriend Nina Dobrev. Everyone thought Julianne was so happily married but Erin knew the truth that Nina was the real love of Julianne’s life and that those girls were so hot together, especially when she was the meat in a sandwich between them. God, those two had made her feel so fucking good and Erin got so wet whenever she saw either of them and recalled their erotic nights of threesome pleasures.

Now, Erin found herself staring right at the erotic vison of JLo and Shakira lost in lesbian lust and she was getting so hot from it. Suddenly the Super Bowl and all the preparation she was putting in for it didn’t matter at all, only those two gorgeous Latina women did and Erin knew she had to act. She had been a bold girl all her life and this was definitely time for boldness.

While watching their bodies all soaking wet and gorgeous under the hot shower water, Erin’s eyes naturally gazed down to their incredible asses. Shakira had one of the hottest, roundest asses she had ever seen. The Colombian girl had curves in all the right places, especially in her backside and she loves seeing those cheeks glistening wet while she and Jennifer soaked in the shower.

But even Shakira’s ass couldn’t compare to her lover’s. Because what could you say about JLo and her infamous booty? She had one of the most legendary asses in the history of backsides. It was utter perfection, round and juicy and so gorgeously thick and Erin wanted to show her appreciation by burying her face right in Jennifer’s ass crack so she could feel those meaty Puerto Rican cheeks smother her.

Erin couldn’t just watch this. After all she knew that these girls could get really dirty and not just because of what she was witnessing right then. Maria hadn’t just brought Erin to the mansion. She had also arranged for a private tour of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s record label and in between licking and fucking her silly, those two sluts had told Erin all about the women they had signed and how good all of them were at eating pussy and getting fucked. Shakira’s name had been one of the first they had revealed and, being a trained reporter with two very willing sources, Erin had been able to get JLo’s name out them too.

Now Erin could see just how true all those stories were and she had to get in on this. Not even pausing to say hello or think for a second that she was interrupting something very private and personal, Erin stripped out of her clothes as quickly as she could. There was already a pile of clothes by the tile near the entry to the showers and Erin knew it had to be Jennifer and Shakira’s. So she just let her clothes join theirs as she hurriedly stripped naked and boldly walked right up to them with confidence and desire.

“Would you girls mind if I joined in?” Erin asked with a smile and nothing else on.

“Holy shit!” Jennifer gasped when they were interrupted and Shakira had a similar shocked reaction, one she expressed in her native Spanish as their supposedly secret encounter was discovered.

But the shock quickly wore off and the two singers relaxed when they got a good look at Erin’s naked body including her stiff, erect nipples and how her pussy was visibly aroused. It was obvious that Erin had no interest in exposing them or humiliating them. She wanted in and as soon as they recovered from the surprise, they became very eager to let her join. The two singers smiled at the sight of her and Jennifer enticingly beckoned Erin closer with her finger.

“Didn’t they ever teach you that it’s not nice to stare?” Jennifer asked seductively while roaming her eyes all over Erin’s bare body, especially her clearly wet pussy as she imagined what the girl tasted like.

“Well I couldn’t help it, you two girls put on too hot a show,” Erin replied as she accepted the invitation and joined them in the now very crowded shower stall in the locker room. “Mmmmm I had to get in on this.”

“Good thing you’re so fucking hot!” Jennifer declared before she gave Erin a big kiss right on her beautiful lips, deciding right then and there not to worry about any ramifications of bringing Erin in on this and to only focus on how good the blonde sports reporter looked in the nude.

Erin moaned from the kiss and then it was Shakira’s turn as she yanked Erin toward her and kissed her passionately. The two women had been completely shocked by Erin showing up like this but she looked so good naked that the two of them just went with it. They were both so hot that cooling down was out of the question and they both badly needed to come. Erin joining in was just fine with them because it was one more hot girl in the mix.

“Mmmm you’re not shy, are you?” Jennifer moaned as she watched Erin and Shakira make out and smacked the reporter’s bare ass. “I didn’t think anyone was going to find us. Shakira and I have been fucking everywhere we can get at this week while we rehearse and we thought we were alone. But I guess it’s okay if you caught us. Ooooh you’re a hot piece of ass, aren’t you Erin! Mmmm fuck this is a nice white butt of yours! Not as nice as our big Latina booties but it’ll do all right mmmmmm and you’re so fucking wet from watching us, aren’t you? You naughty sneak! Mmmm getting all juicy watching our beautiful bodies fuck!”

But while Jennifer was eager to let Erin get anything she wanted out of this, Shakira was in the mood to drive a harder bargain, though.

“You know you’re going to have to pay a price for watching this show,” Shakira said, roaming her hands all over Erin’s body too as the reporter felt the hot water on her bare skin and moaned from the soft touch of those skilled, experienced hands on her. “This isn’t the Super Bowl yet. You can’t just gawk at the show for free. You’ve got to pay if you want to watch us!”

“Mmmmm what do I have to do?” Erin asked, quite willing to pay whatever price they decided on and being very obvious about it as they caressed her, getting their wet hands on her tits as they massaged the full mounds and took turns kissing her lips.  “I’ll do anything!”

“I think you already know,” Shakira replied and Erin just smiled in response.

Indeed, the reporter knew exactly what a ticket price for gawking at the sex show like she had was going to cost. And she had no hesitation to pay it either. She wanted this just as badly as both of these sultry singers did. She hungered for their bodies and because she had interrupted them before they had been able to come, she was eager to make it up to them and show them how hot she could be in the process too.

Placing her hands on Shakira’s gorgeous face, she pulled the Colombian superstar in for a passionate kiss. Erin fiercely planted her lips on Shakira’s and kissed her with a real urgency that showed how eager she was to please and how turned on she’d been by what she had been watching. Now her and Shakira’s wet tits were grinding together as they mashed their lips together and opened their mouths so their tongues could start touching too. And while Shakira made out with her, Erin got extra pleasure too by Jennifer coming up behind her and rubbing into her from behind.

Erin moaned even more audibly in her kiss with Shakira as she felt Jennifer’s hands reach around her to cup her tits and fondle them, getting her nipples even more erect as the water soaked them all. And when Jennifer’s hands roamed down her stomach and onto her thighs before sliding back so Jennifer could squeeze the bare cheeks of her ass, Erin felt like she had died and gone to heaven. Both of these women were even hotter than she had heard and Erin’s pussy juice was really starting to drip past the aroused lips of her horny cunt.

But as much as Erin loved being touched like this, she wasn’t going to mess things up like she had seen so many teams do over the years. She wasn’t going for the quick score. She was playing the long game and for Erin the long game meant being able to have many, many more opportunities to fuck both of these beautiful women. One quickie in the shower wasn’t going to be nearly enough for her.

So she didn’t push things in a direction where she quickly got off, even though she knew she easily could. Instead, Erin continued her plan she’d had as soon as she’d taken her clothes off. She was going to get these women off and show herself to be a giver and not just a taker.

Erin turned Shakira around so she was facing the tiled wall of the shower. That meant ending their hot kisses, but it was a sacrifice that Erin was able to make especially because it gave her such an incredible view of those perfect, round Latina cheeks. Shakira had one of the best asses she had ever seen and Erin was going to make sure she got everything she could from it.

With Shakira up against the wall of the shower, Erin sank down to her knees behind her and grasped those wet butt cheeks in her hands. The hot, steamy water from the shower had made their skin all slick and slippery and that just inspired Erin to get an even tighter grip as she pressed her face into Shakira’s crack and started lapping at her pussy from behind.

That got an instant cry from Shakira as she pleasurably groaned out in Spanish before turning her words back to English. But in any language it was clear Shakira loved what Erin was doing to her and wanted a lot more.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssssss you nasty little sneak! Ooooooh dirty girl spying on us fucking! Now you’re getting it!” Shakira urged in her sexy accent as her voice got so passionate from the pleasure she was feeling. “You can’t just watch us! You have to join in! Lick my pussy! Oooooh get that pretty face in my ass! Shove it right into my crack! Mmmm she look good Jenny? Does she look good with her pretty face in my fucking ass?”

“Oh fuck yeah! She looks great!” Jennifer moaned with a lick of her lips as she eyed Erin’s nude body kneeling down behind Shakira while the singer planted her hands against the shower wall and thrust her ass out so she could rub it into Erin’s face. “Mmmm she’s a horny little bitch and I love it! Eat her cunt Erin! Taste that hot fucking pussy and then you’re going to be eating me out next Erin! Make us both come you little slut!”

That was what Erin wanted so much. Her own pussy was dripping wet but she ignored her own needs. She knew the more she pleasured Shakira and Jennifer, the more she’d get later on and she wanted lots and lots more. If she made them both come, Erin knew wonderfully sexy rewards would be awaiting her and so she gave it to Shakira with everything she had while thinking about everything she could do to Jennifer right after.

Erin loved the taste of Shakira. Her juices were already soaking her tongue as she licked away and squeezed her supple ass cheeks. Having those tight, juicy ass cheeks in her face was an exquisite feeling for Erin. Shakira had a breathtaking ass all round and full and to feel those smooth buns in her hand while she buried her face in between them was everything Erin wanted as she breathed in the aroma of Shakira’s aroused musk and fed herself on the juices drooling from her cunt.

Having Shakira like this had been one of her hottest fantasies, especially when she’d heard what Christina and Britney had done to the beautiful Colombian, and it was all coming true. Erin didn’t care about Fox or the game or her job or her husband right then. All she cared about was making Shakira come as she licked away at her juicy slit from behind.

She tasted so good and Erin was getting off on this without even touching herself. It was just so hot to be behind Shakira and squeezing her ass while tonguing her and feeling all that steamy shower water rain down on her. Erin could hear Jennifer moaning too as she touched herself at the sight of the show and that charged her up even more. Erin considered Jennifer Lopez to be a sex goddess and she loved knowing she was turning the woman on as she tongue fucked Shakira and made her gasp and moan like she could come at any second.

As hot as Shakira was, Erin wasn’t about to ignore Jennifer, not for any reason. Someone as gorgeous as Jennifer deserved to have lots of attention too and Erin was going to make sure she got it. She had two beautiful, naked women there and she was going to make sure none of them got neglected.

“Get in here too Jennifer,” Erin urged. “I want you both at the same time! Help me make your friend come!”

“Yessssssssssss get in here and help me fucking come all over her face!” Shakira moaned out from how good Erin’s tongue felt on her soaking wet pussy. “Show her how we do things!”

“Mmmm I already heard how you do things from Britney and Christina and all your friends at the mansion,” Erin declared. “I heard how hot and nasty you both are and now I get to join in!”

“Oh my! Those blabber mouth bleached blonde sluts told you all about us huh? And you know we’ve been to the mansion too, huh? Well I guess you know all our slutty secrets!” Jennifer said as she walked closer and ran her hands over Erin’s bare ass and up her back, touching her seductively and making the blonde reporter moan while she fed off Shakira’s honeypot. “And now we know yours! Mmmmm now we know what a pussy hungry bitch you are Erin! Do it! Eat that tasty twat! Fuck Shakira good and make her come!”

Jennifer didn’t just watch anymore though. She helped too. While Erin tongue fucked Shakira, Jennifer made out with her fellow singer. The two kissed lustfully, pressing their lips and tongues together in wanton lesbian desire, and Jennifer gave Shakira a boost by sliding her fingers into her cunt again. She knew just how to touch the gorgeous Colombian and she pumped her fingers in and out of her, stimulating her clit just like Erin was doing with her tongue. And the double stimulation, not to mention the taboo thrill of doing this in such a public place made Shakira lose it.


Erin was rewarded for her efforts with Shakira’s hot cream soaking her tongue and she licked away harder, wanting every hot drop while she gripped that great ass and shoved her face deeper into that tight ass crack. Erin loved being on her knees for it, naked in the shower like a slut where anyone else could find them and see what dirty girls they all were. It made her even thirstier for Shakira’s essence and Erin lapped it all up while Jennifer quieted Shakira’s orgasmic screams by kissing her hard.

And when Erin pulled away, it was clear her work was just beginning.

“My turn,” Jennifer declared with a smile as she assumed the same positon Shakira had just been in, turning toward the tiled shower wall and jutting her big ass out, giving her thick cheeks a hard smack with her own hand to give some extra incentive. “Let’s see what you can do you little slut! And be quick about it! I don’t want anyone else to catch us! I’m already so fucking wet and hot and you’d better be able to finish me off! C’mon Erin! Show me what you can do with a superstar pussy! Make me fucking come! Give me what I deserve! I know you fucking sluts all want to worship my big ass and now you get that chance! C’mon white girl! Let’s see what a pretty little blonde snowflake like you can do with this big, luscious Latina ass!”

Erin could see all those stories about Jennifer being such a demanding diva were obviously true but she didn’t care right then. All she could care about were those thick, amazing cheeks. JLo’s booty was a work of art when it was clothed but naked it took her breath away and Erin knew she easily could have been hypnotized by those cheeks if she watched them jiggle and shake as Jennifer spanked herself and then gave her backside an incredibly enticing shake. But she snapped herself out of it because she knew she had a job to do.

She got bold once again and didn’t hesitate. That ass was there for the taking and Erin took it. She shoved her face in between those juicy Bronx cheeks and squeezed them like she’d done to Shakira. There was even more ass for her to get her hands on this time and Erin loved being able to dig her fingers into those perfect Latina buns while her tongue attacked JLo, bathing her smooth, tasty slit from behind and getting her first sampling of the superstar’s delicious juices.

“Yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh momma likes! Momma likes that a lot!” Jennifer cried out happily. “Oooooh you nasty little pussy licker! Shove your face right into my big ass and show me how much you fucking like being on your knees with those hot cheeks in your face while you tongue my twat! Mmmmm yessss you were such a dirty girl sneaking up on us like you did but you’re such a good pussy licker! Ohhhh yesssssss yessssssssss do it Erin! Little white slut on her knees eating Latina pussy! Mmmm fuck yeah I see why they let you go to the mansion! You’ve got a hot fucking tongue Erin!”

That was praise that Erin loved to hear. She knew how vital feedback was on TV and in the bedroom. And she badly wanted to do an amazing job here. Erin felt such a sense of accomplishment in getting Shakira off but she wasn’t done until she did it to Jennifer too. She had to have this woman. She had to fuck her and taste her cum. Erin loved having those thick butt cheeks rubbing into her face. She loved both these perfect Latina butts there for her and she wanted to feast on them all night long. She had to make Jennifer feel good. It was her new mission in life. Erin wanted to worship and pleasure this Latina goddess with everything she had.

Jennifer’s pussy tasted so good and Erin loved knowing that Jennifer enjoyed what she was doing to her. Erin had desired Jennifer’s body for so long but she’d never thought she’d actually have the chance to get her and she wanted to enjoy everything she could from this surprise encounter. So Erin decided impetuously to take things to another level and she spread open Jennifer’s buns a bit more so she could drag her tongue up from her pussy to an even naughtier hole.

“OH FUCK! OOOOOOH!” Jennifer cried when Erin, without warning, began tonguing her asshole. “Oooooooh you really are a nasty girl! Not even asking if you can lick that booty! Oooooh you little slut! Mmmmm fuck that feels good! I love having my booty hole tongued! Do it Erin! Tongue fuck my asshole! Mmmmm eat that big, juicy butt of mine! C’mon you horny pale bitch! Make me come white girl! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhhh! That’s it you blonde slut! Shove your fucking face into that fat ass and eat my fucking hole like the sex starved slut you are! You naughty fucking spy, watching me and Shakira! Oooh we’ve been fucking like cunt sluts all week, sneaking everywhere in this place to get it! Now you fucking caught us and you have to get us off for being such a sneak!”

Jennifer responded to the naughty licks Erin was giving her just the way the reporter had wanted her to. Jennifer loved having that tongue lapping at her puckered ring and then pushing inside to start fucking her in such a forbidden place. It felt so good to Jennifer and she thrust her ass back even more, planting her hands against the wall of the shower to balance herself as she ground her infamous butt cheeks right into Erin’s face, smothering her with them as the reporter squeezed those buns and tongued her hot, horny hole.

Jennifer would have urged her on even more but Shakira had recovered enough from her own orgasm to join back in the fun. She kissed Jennifer while the superstar was moaning and got both of her hands onto Jennifer’s big tits while the two of them shared their saliva and rubbed their tongues together in a wanton make out session.

Jennifer and Shakira had been fucking like crazy lately and they knew each other’s bodies so well by then. Shakira knew just how to kiss and just how to touch the gorgeous superstar and she fondled those luscious breasts and played with Jennifer’s nipples while Erin kept her face pressed into that ass crack and licked away at her asshole while bringing her fingers to Jennifer’s slit and rubbing her there.

“Yessssssssssss! Play with that pussy! Feel how fucking wet I am!” Jennifer groaned as the water from the shower kept soaking them all, leaving them dripping wet with glistening skin and soaked hair as it fell down upon them all. “Taste my fucking ass and rub my cunt! Ohhhh fuck yeah get your fingers on that clit! Show me what they taught you at the mansion! Show me how Britney and Christina fucked you like they fuck me! Ohhhh yessssssss fuckkkk ohhhhh fuckkkkk just a little bit more! Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!”

This had been such a hot week for Jennifer. She and Shakira had been having so much fun fucking each other like madwomen over and over again and Erin joining in was such a hot surprise. She had always admired and desired the reporter but hadn’t expected to get to know her this intimately in this situation. Jennifer was so glad she had though because Erin had skills. She could eat pussy and she could sure eat ass and Jennifer loved it. She was getting off so hard on what the blonde was doing to her, Erin’s tongue in her ass and her fingers rubbing her clit made her knees weak with pleasure and the more she praised her, the more Erin did.

Jennifer had already been so close thanks to what Shakira had been doing before Erin had interrupted them and it felt so good to just let go and feel her orgasm wash over her just like the water from the shower was coming down like a waterfall. Jennifer tossed her head back and thrust her ass even more into Erin’s face and came from the blonde’s fingers stimulating her clit while her tongue burrowed into her sensitive asshole and worked her over with hungry licks that made her scream in release from that beautiful pale face in her big Latina ass.


Jennifer came so hard from Erin’s tongue in her asshole and her fingers rubbing her clit. She soaked those fingers and was left gasping for breath as Shakira helped Erin up off her knees and kissed her so she could taste her own cunt juice and Jennifer’s ass all over those soft lips of Erin’s. Jennifer quickly joined in too so it became a three-way kiss and the three wet women rubbed their naked, glistening bodies together while they all kissed and touched each other in the shower.

Shakira and Jennifer’s hands got all over Erin’s naked bodies and every touch from their soft, experienced hands made her quiver and moan. They both knew just how to touch a woman and to have both of them at once made Erin’s knees weak. Before finding these two sneaky superstars Erin had only been focused on the game and all the work she had to do. But now all she could think about was sex and how much she needed to come.

Being able to fuck these two women had been such an incredible thrill for Erin and it had also left her wear with horniness. Her pussy was literally dripping now as her juices trickled down her thigh and onto her leg. She was moaning with every sensual moment she had their hands on her nude body and Erin couldn’t stop kissing them both, going from Shakira to Jennifer back to Shakira back to Jennifer again and then ending up in a three-way kiss that allowed them all to taste each other’s lipstick.

“So what should we do with her now?” Shakira asked wickedly as her hand caressed down Erin’s flat tummy onto her thigh and made it seem like she was going to go right for her honeypot, only to hold off at the last minute now. “Should we make her suffer for spying on us or should we reward her for making us come?”

“That’s a very good question,” Jennifer grinned her, hands both on Erin’s firm tits as she teasingly played with the blonde’s erect nipples and made them throb on her chest. “I think we should let her suffer. After all she showed up uninvited and she totally violated our privacy. I think we should just leave her like this, with her slutty little pink cunt all wet and juicy and with no relief for it. That would teach her a lesson.”

And even though they hadn’t removed their hands from her body and everything about their touch was making her feel like she could come at any second from it, Erin still reacted with horror. The very thought of not being able to get relief for her needy pussy as her desire dripped down her leg at the same time their naked bodies were all being showered by hot water was torture to Erin.

“Please! No! Don’t teach me a lesson! Ughhh I’m sorry I peeked at you but I couldn’t help it!” Erin pleaded. “Please fuck me like I fucked you! Make me come! I need it so bad! My pussy is on fire and I promise I’ll come quick! Just please fuck me!”

“Oooooh I like that! Mmmm beg for it you horny slut! C’mon Erin, beg to get fucked!” Jennifer urged, something the reporter was eager to comply with.

“Oh yes! I’ll beg! I’ll do anything you fucking want!” Erin replied in full desperation as the water soaked all of them and reminded Erin of just how naked and needy she was after having brought both of these women to orgasm. “Please Jennifer! Please Shakira! Please fuck me! Please make me come! I need it so fucking much! I got so wet from watching you and fucking you! I need this! I’ve gotta have it! Please! Please fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Fuck me any way you want just please fuck me! Don’t leave me like this! I’m so fucking hot and wet! Please please PLEASE fuck me!”

“She’s so hot when she begs,” Shakira purred as she ran her fingers over Erin’s slit, caressing her tender, swollen lips and then brushing them through the soft little dirty blonde landing strip that Erin had given herself. “Mmmm maybe we should give her a little something! She probably deserves some fun! Maybe just a quick taste!”

Shakira then sank to her knees in front of Erin and proceeded to do with her tongue what she had just done with her fingers. She licked Erin’s slit, tasting those soaked vaginal lips and getting her first drops of Erin’s juice before her tongue softly glided through the reporter’s sparse bush. That made Erin shiver and coo and Shakira smiled when she found out how good Erin’s flavor was and how one taste would clearly not be enough.

Shakira licked her again, dragging her tongue over that needy pussy and then doing it again and again and again until she was building a steady rhythm. Erin groaned out in utter happiness as Shakira began tonguing her and she instantly began grinding her pussy right into the superstar’s face. It had been way too long since Erin had last felt a woman go down on her and she once again was reminded why she could never get enough of this.

Women could just eat pussy in ways men never could. She loved her husband but he couldn’t possibly keep up with Shakira’s tongue as she lapped at her wetness with hot, skillfully flicks of her tongue that had Erin panting and groaning in no time. Erin was quickly in heat from what Shakira was doing to her and she began really humping against her face, fucking the singer’s tongue as she kneeled in front of her.

Shakira moaned when she felt that wet cunt being smooshed against her face. She loved the taste and the scent and the feel of those soft, feminine lips and Shakira pushed her tongue into those gooey folds, licking away at the treasures of Erin’s pinkness while she reached around back to grasp at Erin’s ass and steady the rhythm of her hips. Just like Erin had done to her, Shakira squeezed the blonde reporter’s bare butt cheeks, gripping onto them tightly and letting her fuck her horny tongue as each lick of Erin’s juice made Shakira want more.

“Ooooooh yesssssssssssss fuck her baby! Fuck that horny white girl pussy with your hot tongue!” Jennifer cooed while fondling Erin’s tits and then leaning in to run her tongue over those pink nipples and areolas and tasting shower water all over the perky, firm mounds. “Mmmmm fuck her just like that! Give that dirty little pussy some love! She’s such a sexy bitch for sneaking a peek at us but she must sure taste good, doesn’t she?”

“Get down here with me and find out for yourself,” Shakira offered with a big smile as she licked her lips to get more of Erin’s taste before diving back into her muffin. “Fuck her with me! She tastes so good! You’re going to want her all over your tongue Jenny!”

Shakira and Jennifer were talking about her like she wasn’t a person with feelings to be consulted about anything, like she was just a toy to be shared by their superstar bodies. And Erin found that so hot. She would eagerly have submitted to that and become their fuckslut. She wanted them both so badly and she was dying to come from their erotic touch. Giving herself over to them completely certainly sounded good to Erin.

“Ooooooh yessssssssssssssss make me your slut! Please! Both of you fuck me! Treat me like a dirty, sneaky slut and fuck me!” Erin pleaded. “I’ll do anything you want! Please fuck me! Ohhhh fuckkkk Shakira! That feels so fucking good! Tongue fuck me! Eat my pussy! Taste how fucking wet you both made me! Ohhhh fuckkkkk I need this so much!”

“She sure is a frisky little slut,” Jennifer giggled as she sucked on Erin’s nipples again and gave her bare bottom another hard smack, her hand connecting so sexily with the firm little cheeks of her ass. “I’m sure that pussy tastes wonderful too and I’ll get plenty of it soon enough! But right now there’s something else I need to taste!”

And Jennifer did not leave much mystery about what she was referring to. They were crowded in the locker room shower stall that was really only supposed to accommodate one person but there was enough room for her to do this. So while Shakira fed off Erin’s pussy, Jennifer got down on the floor too, pressing her knees against the soaking wet tile as water puddled down everywhere from it raining down onto their naked bodies.

Shakira had Erin’s front well taken care of so Jennifer focused on the back and got behind Erin so she could return the favor to
her. Jennifer caressed those creamy white butt cheeks of the sports reporter’s and then spread them open so she could get at her prize.

“You’re so fucking lucky! I don’t do this to many white girls!” Jennifer said, knowing that was a total lie and that she loved to eat white girl ass. “Mmmmm this looks like such a tasty little booty! I want it!”

And what JLo wanted, JLo got. She wanted Erin Andrews’ ass and she took it without any further delay, nestling her nose into that tight ass crack as water from the shower flowed down those cheeks and her horny face. Jennifer moaned from her first taste of Erin’s pretty pucker and began licking all over the tight ring before getting more aggressive any burying her tongue inside her.


Shakira reaching around from the front of her body to grab onto Erin’s butt cheeks and spread them open made things so much easier for Jennifer. She craved tasting the reporter’s butthole and she didn’t hold back as she buried her tongue into that asshole and fucked Erin in such a naughty way as Shakira fed off her pussy. It was two bolts of immense stimulation all at once and Erin was immediately overcome by it.

She had two stunning superstar singers fucking her at the same time. When she had first found them in the shower Erin had thought she had to be dreaming but she had been wrong because this had to be the dream. It was too good to be real. She had been with a lot of women and done a lot of all-girl threesomes but she had never done anything like this and it made her shudder in pleasure as she tossed her head back under the hot stream of the shower and let it course down over her face, soaking her hair.


All of this was so thrilling to Erin. She hadn’t been expecting any of this and that made it so fun and sexy. This was all an incredible surprise and she felt that her filthy locker room fantasy was coming true thanks to these amazing women. She knew they could get caught at any minute too by a PA or a member of the crew or one of the singers’ handlers or just some random janitor. And that made it even hotter. God, how could she explain away what they were doing? Would she even want to? Or would she just want them to keep fucking her no matter who found them?

Erin certainly knew the answer to that and it made her so fucking wet to feel so exposed and so slutty as she shared a shower with two icons of music. Shakira was hungrily eating her pussy and Jennifer was eating her ass like she was an expert at it. The pleasure was so completely overwhelming that Erin couldn’t handle it. The crazy setting for this and the taboo thrill of what they were doing and the skill of these women was too much for her.

Erin’s pulse was racing with adrenaline and they were making her feel such incredible pleasure and it set her off in an immense explosion she couldn’t stop and didn’t want to stop. The two women fucking her made her come with a loud scream of blissful release that Erin didn’t care if anyone heard. In fact she hoped they would hear because she wanted everyone to know how good this was making her feel.


Erin convulsed in bliss as they both kept fucking her, working over her pussy and asshole until she couldn’t take any more. Her knees were wobbly and her brains were scrambled and it took a lot for Erin to remain on her feet as Jennifer and Shakira both rose from their knees and kissed her lips to let Erin taste her own sex all over them.

“Mmmmm we’d better get out of here before someone else catches us,” Shakira said, dreaming of a bunch of hot female security guards finding them and joining in but knowing that probably wasn’t the likely option. “But if you come by my hotel suite tonight then we can keep this going and we can get Demi Lovato to join in too! Mmmm we’ve been fucking her too and I know you’re going to love her big fucking ass just like you love ours!”

“Really?” Erin moaned, her mind whirling at the idea that the woman singing the National Anthem was into all of this too.

“Looks like someone isn’t as close to the inner circle with the mansion and Britney and Christina as she thought she was,” Jennifer laughed, teasing Erin since she and Shakira knew something the reporter didn’t. “Fuck yeah Demi’s into this! She’s a total lesbian! Didn’t you know? Mmmm and she said tonight she’s going to bring that pretty girlfriend of hers. You do know Selena Gomez, right?”

Erin could only gasp and moan again at the thought of not only Demi but Selena joining them for more fun. Her head was completely spinning now in the best way and Erin knew she wouldn’t be preparing for the big game tonight. She’d be fucking these women all night long and she couldn’t think of a better way to get ready for the Super Bowl than that.
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Re: Harem Visions: Super Bowl Shenanigans
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Thank you again @KMB for sharing your wonderful work.  :)
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Re: Harem Visions: Super Bowl Shenanigans
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My pleasure!  Great site you have here!

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Re: Harem Visions: Super Bowl Shenanigans
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This made my Friday! I'm going to read it again this weekend, it was so awesome.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for writing J-Lo and Shakira and sharing it with us! You are awesome my friend, and thank you for the kind words on CSS. We have worked tirelessly to build this place and I'm happy you enjoy it here.  ^-^
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I edited the title here, so more people browsing the site can see who's included in the story and give it a read.  :Y:
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Damnnnnn, that was fucking awesome. I've been waiting to see if anyone would do a story with J-Lo and Shakira. This one really exceeded my expectations and hopes, many thanks.
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Thanks Viri. I actually wrote it before I knew how sizzling hot their show was going to be.

Thank you for your kind words Cadeauxxx. I know what a big JLo fan you are and this is not the only upcoming story with her in it. Gotta do more than that big booty of hers.  ;D  Happy to support such a fine site!

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