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Jessica Alba - Paying with Pussy
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Jessica Alba – Paying with Pussy

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

This is a story written for SammyColto, who very kindly agreed to share it with you all, so I hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

Jessica Alba looked square into the camera pointed close up to her face:

“Hi, I'm Jessica Alba and I'm paying with pussy,” she said with a smile.

What had led the Hollywood star to this was agreed a decade in the past; when she'd been starting out a businesswoman in her 20s and setting up her own company, she'd needed financial backing to help get it off the ground despite her own reasonable fortune. She simply hadn't had the resources she needed to realistically commit on her own and had sought out investors to help fund and grow her business. The problem she'd found is that many didn't want to invest with her, or at least nowhere near the level she needed or wanted an unreasonable percentage of her company to make it worth their while. She understood she was new to the whole concept of running a business and it was kind of fair that people wouldn't simply hand her their money, but it was deeply frustrating as she knew she had a good plan and could really make a success of it.

Her vexation had continued for a few months as she received continued rejections until she met a businessman who was interested in her business. His name was Mr Russell, in his 40s with distinguished good looks and a well maintained physique, and after a pitch meeting where she laid out everything she had planned for her company and how she would achieve key goals and profits, she was given positive feedback when he told her he was impressed with her plan and that her goals seemed attainable. What came next was rather unusual and widened her eyes; he offered to fund her business almost entirely himself to the tune of millions of dollars per year whilst she got it started and very generously share the profits with her beyond repayment of his initial investment once it started repaying itself. In return, ten years after signing the contract he wanted her to star in a private pornographic film for him to repay his trust in her.

She'd been taken aback to say the very least. On offer was the backing she needed for her business, but the price was significant and not something she'd expected. On questioning it she'd found him to be a very reasonable and pleasant man, who simply put the offer on the table for her and told her it was entirely up to her whether she accepted or not. Other celebrity women had made similar deals she was told, not that she could get any names, but this was her choice and hers alone. The film would be held entirely privately, shared around some very elite people in the Hollywood circle but never publicly, but it was a porn film nonetheless. She couldn't call it blackmail, the contract was laid out very clearly in black and white and should she sign it that was what she was obligated to do, legally bound to star in a skin flick ten years down the line to repay this opportunity.

She signed the contract after a brief contemplation, telling Mr Russell to give her the paperwork and that she was satisfied with the offer. Right then, Jessica wanted to get on with her commercial venture and decided the price was worth it. If she didn't make a success of it or perhaps her acting career faltered she figured he might not want her anyway, likely wanting to have her for his pornoif she was somebody successful and famous, someone the quiet elite might want to see getting down and dirty on film. She signed her name and forgot about it, setting about building her business with the very welcome funds that started pouring into her account and Mr Russell, who turned out to be a very powerful ally with business acumen and experience she couldn't buy. Months had turned to years as she had built her business exactly as she dreamed of, fighting through the ups and downs of it to turn it into a hugely successful company with value in hundreds of millions of dollars, the profits repaying him handsomely and turning her private fortune from modest to fantastic.

Ten years; it had gone fast, faster than she'd expected, her life just flying by as she continued her career and grown her business into a powerhouse. Coming home after a long day of meetings and work on strategies, Jessica got in to find a very expensive bottle of champagne waiting for her with a card from Mr Russell, congratulating her on the success of her business on its tenth anniversary and to enjoy the bottle as they looked forward to another ten years of success. Jessica did just that and got a champagne flute, pouring herself several glasses as she sat back to toast her own success and how far everything had come. Her phone rang later into the evening;

“Good evening Jessica, I hope you found the champagne I had delivered for you,” Mr Russell said in his characteristic tone, smooth and well-mannered.

“I did, thank you, it's absolutely gorgeous,” she replied, holding up a glass to no-one in a toast to him and their success.

“Glad you enjoy it, I can have another bottle sent to you if you would like,” he replied with a smile.

“I wouldn't mind that, but you really don't have to,” she replied with a giggle.

“I'll have one sent over for you to enjoy. Congratulations on ten successful years of The Honest Company, it's been a fantastic investment,” he said.

“Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you,” she said, and she meant it. Not just his investment but his business guidance had been invaluable.

“Thank you, we've both worked very hard to guide this to where it is today, and hopefully for many more years,” he said.

“Many more,” she agreed, draining her glass.

“Miss Alba,” he said, addressing her seriously and immediately making her take notice, “it has been ten years, and it's time to fulfil your contract.”
Her stomach sank, pulse immediately racing as she realised she was on the sharp end of the signature she'd scrawled a decade earlier to sign over her body in exchange for the huge financial opportunity he'd provided had come full circle on her.

“I trust you still intend to honour your contractual obligations?” he asked, as much as statement as anything. Jessica had little choice even if she'd wanted to, the legal and financial costs of trying to back out of the deal were enormous and the contract iron clad. Despite the money she'd made from the venture she couldn't afford to buy her way out of it. And there was another side to it: pride. She had made the deal in full knowledge of what it was and she intended to hold up her end of the bargain. She wasn't a quitter, even if her trepidation about exactly what her payment was made her want to.

“Of course, I'm a professional and intend to fulfil my contract with you,” she replied, keeping her voice calm to override her almost all-consuming panic as her mind tipsily raced with thoughts of what he might desire from her.

“Excellent,” he replied, the satisfaction clear in his voice.

“What would you like me to do?” she asked, keeping her voice steady even as she hated offering what felt like a carte blanche to him, though he had it anyway. He owned her legally right now.

“Don't worry about that right now, just enjoy the champagne. I'll send over all the details for you,” he replied.

“Sure,” she said after a pause, expecting him to order her about over the phone, “just let me know.”

“Goodnight Jessica,” he said politely.

“Goodnight,” she replied, putting the phone down. She gasped for breath, not realising she'd been holding it as she hauled in the oxygen, fumbling for the bottle to pour herself another tall glass of the champagne to help calm her nerves. Gulping it down, she thought back to the day she'd signed the contract, that sweltering day in California in her memories, wide eyed and innocent to the world of business as she'd been offered this salacious contract in the most polite and direct manner. She let regrets wash through her momentarily, wishing she hadn't signed the deal, but then thought over where she and the company was now. And then she thought of how exhilarated she'd felt, how hot and horny she'd been immediately after being offered such a contract, knowing that she could use her body to get anything right then, even millions of dollars on a business deal. Musing that at the very least it would be an experience, that the deal was signed and the ink long dry on the contract, she'd killed the bottle and passed out for the night in front of an old movie.

Things had moved quickly, as the next morning she'd had her headache interrupted by a courier delivering some very urgent paperwork to her. Through her slight hangover and strong cups of coffee she'd read the details of the documents that laid out her first venture into adult films. She would be performing at a small studio in North Hollywood, he wouldn't be present for it, instead she would be working with a cameraman slash director and a well hung male pornstar. The documents detailed clearly that it would all be bareback and she needed to get tested merely as a formality to ensure everything was good to go, the basics of the scene she was going to perform and also that she was to be waxed completely smooth of all body hair below her eyebrows. She thoughtfully reached down and pushed her fingers through her neat, thick little strip of dark pubic hair under her robe, thinking how long she'd had her favoured style and that it had to go. She gave a slight sigh but that's the way it was, continuing to read to discover the outfit he wanted her to wear and other odd details. The filming was to happen in two weeks time, so she had a chance to prepare herself.

* * *

The fortnight passed both quickly and slowly, her mind going from confidence about it, owning the situation to panicking over it, worried about what might happen and where it might lead. She comforted herself with the thought that Mr Russell had never lead her wrong, he'd been helpful and supportive through their journey together and she was sure he wouldn't put her in a situation she couldn't handle. She did as asked, going through the medical things outlined as required and a couple of days before getting herself waxed absolutely smooth like a china doll. She arrived at the designated place a few minutes early, looking at the unassuming building and checking the address again to make sure she was in the right place. It didn't seem like any kind of studio to her, but she put that aside and steeled herself, taking a deep breath and bolting a miniature of vodka that she'd brought along in her purse. She needed it to settle her jangling nerves, grimacing and bolting the whole bottle before lowering it, swallowing the last of it and coughing heavily, suppressing a retch as it made her stomach gurgle. She hadn't eaten much, making it a bit of a shock to her system, but she was sure that'd only help it bubble into her quicker.

She got out of her car, locked it and walked quickly across to the building in question on her high heels. It had an entrance way she hadn't been able to see and she was concealed from the road as she pressed the buzzer beside the locked glass door.

“Good morning?” the voice asked simply.

“Uh yeah hi. I'm Jessica Alba, here for an appointment,” she said, lowering her voice and glancing around to make sure she wasn't being photographed or anything.

“We've been expecting you, come in,” the voice replied, door buzzing as she electromagnetic lock disengaged for her.

“Thanks,” she replied as she shoved the door open and went in, pushing it closed with a secure click behind her. She headed up the stairs and was greeted by a man at the top on the landing, extending a hand to her. Jessica reached out and shook it courteously, a brief smile between them.

“Hi Jessica, great to meet you,” he said.

“Hi, I hope I'm in the right place,” she replied, unsure how all this would unfold.

“You definitely are, we're all ready for you here. I'm Steve by the way,” he said, turning to lead her into the large room away from the stairs, taking her into the large space. Jessica looked around, seeing the lights and blacked out surroundings; it was definitely a studio, though far more sparsely set-up than anything she was used to working in, a clearly temporary set-up laid on for her adult film. There was a table with a few things off to the side, porn related things like towels and lube she noted, a significant camera on a tripod lying in wait for her and a leather sofa.

“What you expected?” Steve asked her, turning to gauge her reaction.

“I...yeah I guess. Is this it, like...we're just gonna go?” she asked. She wasn't sure what she expected, but she somehow anticipated a little more time to get ready for things.

“Well...you can take some time to warm up, we've got this place all day, but essentially yeah. We're gonna get ready and film this thing,” he replied.

“Wow, right ok then,” she said, taking a breath to try and slow her racing heart, everything knew and suddenly so real to her.

“You're gonna do fine,” he said warmly, giving her a smile and a wink. It broke the tension.

“I hope so,” she said with a sigh and a smile, letting the sheer humour of the situation wash over her a little, “so who am I...filming this with?” she asked, glancing around.

“He's right here actually,” Steve said, gesturing to the dark corner behind her that she'd missed as she'd entered the room, “you should get acquainted.”
The guy he'd gestured to stood up and approached, holding his hand out and smiling.

“Hi Jessica, I'm Vance Hammer,” he said, shaking her hand, his large grip totally enclosing her small, slender digits.

“Vance Hammer?” Jessica said with a raise of her eyebrows.

“It's a stage name, you know how this business is,” he said with a short laugh.

“No, I really don't,” she replied with a smile. She took him in, liking what she saw. He was tall, handsome and in great shape, clearly taking the time to work out, though she supposed this his job counted on it much like hers.

“You'll find out something today,” he said with a sly smile, noting her eyes roaming over him.

“I guess I will. What's your real name?” she asked, dropping his hand.

“James,” he said.

“Ok James, I'm looking forward to working with you but as you know I'm absolutely new to this so...gimme a break and a hand when I need it yeah?” she said, looking into his eyes to implore his sympathy with the situation. He smiled, seeing her fear.

“Don't worry about it, we all want this to be the best it can be and I never achieved that by ignoring the people I work with. We'll figure it out, don't worry,” he said, giving her shoulder a slight squeeze before he walked past her to talk with Steve. Jessica took a breath, feeling the alcohol kicking in a little and making her light headed but also more relaxed like she'd hoped. It was going to take some getting used to but she was gonna get through this. She really didn't know how to go about this, of course she knew how to fuck and pretty well too, but how to make it look good on camera? That was something else. She didn't want to screw it up though either, wanting to do her best to perform for the man that had put his financial trust in her all those years before. Speaking of which, Steve received a phone call, his ringtone blasting out Rihanna's “Disturbia” before he answered it, speaking momentarily and then turning to look at her.

“Yeah she's here,” he said into the phone, Jessica's attention immediately drawn.

“Sure, one moment,” Steve said, then stepped over to her holding his phone out.

“It's your financial backer, he'd like to speak with you,” he said, handing the phone to Jessica.

“Mr Russell?” she said, heart bumping up a bit as she took the unexpected call. She'd fully expected to turn up, get fucked and leave without a word from him.

“Hi Jessica, how are you doing?” he said, cheerful, unphased as if it were another day and not one where a famous Hollywood starlet was about to fuck on camera for him.

“I'm doing alright thanks, how are you today?” she replied.

“I'm good, very good. How are you really, Jessica?” he asked, wanting the real answer though she was sure he already knew.

“Nervous...terrified. I...this is too much. I feel like I've no idea what I'm doing. I want to do this for you, Mr Russell I just...I don't want to disappoint you,” she rambled, word tumbling out of her mouth as she let her nerves get to her for a few seconds.

“You're not gonna disappoint me, Jessica, don't worry. You're gonna do great, I know it. Just take a breath, calm down a bit and take it easy. These guys know what they're doing, you can just go with it and have fun, I think you're gonna like it anyway if you let yourself,” he said, not dismissive of her concerns but telling her to overcome them, just dive in feet first and go for it. Essentially she was there as per her contract and she might as well just give it her all.

“I'll try, I really will,” she said, taking a deep breath and forcing herself to relax.

“Good, you're gonna do great. Why don't you tell me what you're wearing,” he said. The directions for this scene were for her to look quintessentially Jessica Alba, with her long brunette locks worn down with slight blonde highlights, make-up subtle and classy, dressed demurely but rocking something sexy underneath. Her hair was as desired with her make-up soft, pale pink lipstick and just the slightest dark highlight to her eyes, not overdone like some sort of creature of the night. People wanted to see Jessica Alba in this video.

“I'm wearing a fitted blue satin dress, it's got wide shoulder straps and is fitted to my figure with a skirt to my knees. I've got stiletto heel ankle boots on, they're black with zipper styling all over them,” she said, wanting to enthuse a little on her favourite ankle boots.

“Very nice, and underneath?” he asked. Jessica knew what he wanted to hear and had dressed accordingly, deciding if she was doing this she was gonna look good, raiding her lingerie draws for her sexiest stuff.

“I've got a black Victoria's Secret corset on, with thin straps and a lightly padded rose coloured bra to it, beautiful lace embroidery down the front of it and a mesh body, attached garters on it. I've got a tiny black G-string with matching rose colouring to it, and I'm wearing these wide-topped stockings with a lacy black and red design to them,” she replied, heart pumping firmly as she laid out exactly what underwear she had on for the shoot - for him.

“Well, that's quite an outfit right there, you've really made the effort for me. I'm sorry I can't be there in person, I'd love to watch it myself, but I have business to attend to. I'll see it soon though, so enjoy yourself and we'll talk later,” he said, voice staying calm though she hoped she'd riled him up at least a little.

“Sounds great, catch you later,” she said before hanging up, looking back to the guys. They were just chatting between themselves, paying her no attention. Obviously they had no interest in her underwear as they'd see it soon enough.

“Thanks,” she said to Steve as she handed his phone back.

“No problem, we all good to go?” he said as he slipped his phone into his pocket.

“I guess so, I mean...just let me compose myself yeah? We just doing this here?” she said as she put her bag down to the side on a table, checking her phone and turning it to silent to make sure she wasn't responsible for interrupting things.

“Yeah right here, we're gonna start with you on the couch there,” he said pointing to it.

“Ok, do you need me to undress or...” she said, trying to work out where to begin.

“No no, you're starting exactly as you are, all proper and...Jessica Alba,” he said with a wave of his hands, trying to indicate the simple magic of her persona.

“Right ok, and James?” she asked, looking to him.

“Vance honey, Vance, let's all keep in character here. He's gonna be off screen at that moment, but ready to go the second your introduction is over,” he said.

“My introduction?” she asked.

“Yeah, it's right here in the breakdown of the scene,” Steve said, stepping forward to hand it to her.

“Well hey I've not seen this yet,” she said, taking it from him.

“No? Well I guess maybe he wanted it to be a surprise or something,” Steve shrugged. He genuinely thought Jessica would've been prepared with one.

“Maybe, let me have a quick read of this,” she said, skimming over the notes and scene direction. There was no dialogue really besides notes for her to be enthusiastic but not overdo it, that they weren't expecting a porn star here, they wanted an actress paying her way. She quickly read over the scene, seeing how they wanted her to dance and strip for the camera, and then a fairly typical scene she supposed with with oral, sex and a swallow to finish. It wasn't her preferred manner of things but she just had to go with the flow on this one really, reading on into the second scene with widened her eyes. They wanted anal sex, hard and vigorous underlined in the script, with her sucking him for an eventual finish over her face for the camera sign off shots. She didn't do anal, never had and had never had any interest in finding out either.

“Whoa, I don't know about this,” she said, pointing to it and looking up at Steve.

“What's that?” he said, stepping round to look at the script with her.

“Anal sex. I don't do anal,” she said, looking to him. He gave a shrug.

“Well hey I didn't write the script or anything, I'm just here to shoot it with you guys,” he said non-committally, genuinely having no control over what was meant to happen, just how it would happen as he filmed Jessica's payback.

“I...this isn't good,” she said flatly, genuinely worried about it. She was sure it would hurt.

“Look I can call Mr Russell again if you want, you can take it up with him?” Steve offered. He really had no other offers to make. Jessica stared at the script, wishing it was different; she'd heard rumours about other girls making deals like this, it wasn't a secret really in her industry, but she'd never actually met anybody that admitted to fulfilling one. She knew this wouldn't be released or anything but it was still going to be seen by a lot of higher ups, people who might have further influence on her career and that put a worry in her mind. But then this was the deal, she'd made her bed and knew it was time to pay up. The script was what it was, she just had to steel her nerves and go for it now. It was game time.

“No, we're good. This is the script, so let's do this,” she said, heart racing as she spoke confidently and committed herself.

“Ok,” Steve said with a smile and clap of his hands, walking back towards his camera to start setting up.

“Ok Vance let's go, we're gonna do this,” he said, Vance looking up with a nod and wasting no time in starting to strip his shirt off. It was just another day for him, even if he was very much looking forward to fucking Jessica Alba. He gave her a thumbs up as she slowly walked back towards the minimalistic set, trying to set her mind at ease a little as it was time to go – time for Jessica's first porn film.

“Just sit over here on the couch and we'll do this introduction,” Steve said, guiding the actress to the black leather sofa. She sat down and adjusted her dress, trying to make herself as tidy and ready as possible, heart pounding even as she willed herself to calm down.

“Ok give me a second to memorise this,” she said, reading the script again. This was something she did every day and it helped to relax her, just putting herself into work mode as she read the line several times and skimmed what was coming up next while Vance finished stripping off. Jessica glanced his way and then did a double take, getting the first look at his cock, her eyes widening and gaze fixed as she took in the thick, powerful looking penis that was hers to work with for the next few hours.

“Holy shit,” she murmured, taking it in, its thickness and size even when he was only slightly hard. Noticing her looking he glanced down at his cock and then back up at her with a smile.

“You like it?” he said, knowing that she already did.

“Yeah, it's huge. Biggest one I've ever seen in person,” she said honestly, eyes still fixed on him.

“Something new for you today then,” he said, proud of himself as his cock stiffened just a little more.

“Yeah it is, I hope I can handle it. How big is it?” she asked, though it was hardly relevant as he was going to fit it inside her regardless.

“About nine inches,” he said, watching her reaction as she glanced down at her lap.

“Wow. Well I hope it fits,” she said, not mentioning the pain she knew she was sure to endure when he squeezed that massive cock up her ass even as the fear crossed her mind.

“I'm sure it will. Now let's do this before you lose your nerve, come on,” he cajoled, encouraging her to just go for it.

“Right right, let's do this,” she said, shaking her head and focusing, taking a final read of the line and then throwing the script aside out of shot.

“Ok great, let's go,” Steve said, turning the camera on to look straight into the face of Jessica Alba. He pointed at her to indicate they were rolling. She cleared her throat and looked into the camera.

“Hi, I'm Jessica Alba and I'm paying with pussy,” she said, voice faltering a little as her nerves go to her.

“Again,” Steve directed. Jessica breathed deep and resettled herself on the sofa, looking into the camera again.

“Hi, I'm Jessica Alba and I'm paying with pussy,” she said, holding her tone but flatly, not giving it any life.

“Come on Jess, give us something here, you know what people wanna see,” Steve said, giving encouraging hand motions, trying to lift her up. She internally grumbled a little, not liking being ordered around like this but going with it.

“Hi, I'm Jessica Alba and I'm paying with pussy,” she said power and life and a naughty smile, holding it a moment before she winked for the camera.

“Perfect,” Steve said, giving a thumbs up.

“Yeah?” she asked, wanting reassurance.

“Yeah carry on like that and this is gonna go great,” he said, nodding to Vance to get him to enter the shot.

“Alright then,” she breathed, feeling a bit more comfortable now things had started, eyeing Vance as he moved into the shot, taking in his cock once more and how much harder it was, well on the way to full erection as she moved over on the couch to let him sit beside her, totally naked to her fully dressed self.

“Action,” Steve said, getting far more into the swing of things now, another day on set for him and Vance. Deciding to just go for it and embrace things, Jessica just followed the script and immediately reached over to run her hands down his thighs, taking a final look at his stiffening cock  before she stood up on her heels, teetering a little as she took calm breaths and left her heart rate to just go crazy for a moment as she turned to him ready for her lap dance. It wasn't something she really knew how to do but figured if she just went for it she could make it work, thinking back to training for the movie Sin City and things she'd seen to help her. She bent over for the camera and stuck her ass out, pulling her hands down his legs again as she looked into his eyes, trying to take control of the situation. She rocked her body, shaking her ass before she stood and spun round to face the camera, looking straight into the lens as she arched her back and pushed her booty out for Vance. He couldn't help but reach up to give her a squeeze, but she reached back and slapped his hand down.

“No touching, that's the rules,” she said, looking back down at him. He'd get to touch as much as he wanted soon enough, right now it was her show.

“Oh yeah goddamn Jess, that's it, work it,” Steve said with a grin, loving her as she seemed to get into it. She couldn't help but smile, feeling validated and buoyed by the director as she swayed her hips for her well-hung co-star. She stared into the camera with a smile as she bent over in front of him, feeling her snugly fitted dress retreat up the back of her thighs, enough to show off the top of her sexy stockings and suspenders for him, always looking into the camera as she reached up and squeezed her tits firmly, pushing them together and letting it get a good look down her dress as it hung away from her body, perky breasts enhanced with the slender, squeezing corset. She stood back up and ground down into a crouch, still swinging her hips, closing her eyes and extending her arms above her to show off her slender figure.

“Oh yeah, work it,” Steve breathed as he filmed, amazed at how Jessica was taking to this. Turning back to him as she pushed herself up on her toned legs, she slid into his lap side saddle, ignoring his cock and pulling her hands down his muscular body as she leaned forwards to offer him her breasts even though she'd ordered him not to touch. He obeyed, his hands just lightly lifting up to trail along the silky nylon of her stockings, teasing up them towards the hem of her skirt but not pushing up beneath it.

“You want it?” she breathed, even though he already had it.

“Yeah,” he replied coolly with a smile, unphased by her come on even though he did appreciate it. Jessica just smiled and kept gyrating, turning round so she was sat in his lap, hard erection pressed into her lower back as she leaned on his thighs and shook her ass, arching her back so her chest stuck out. She pushed herself up from him in an undulating motion, almost bending into a standing position in front of him for the camera as she let her hand just reach back and pull up his cock, her fingers taking in the biggest, thickest cock she'd ever encountered, having not dared to look at it now it was fully erect and ready to slide inside her. This opportunity to just do her thing had given her a moment to process the situation and relax, setting her mind on what she was doing.

“So this is what you want huh?” she said into the camera, going off script as she reached behind herself to pull the zip down on her dress and release her body from the blue satin. Steve didn't stop her, loving the magic she was creating as she stood before the camera and stared into the lens, undoing her dress and then reaching up slowly to grab the straps and peel the silky garment away down her body, Steve panning the camera down to catch everything as Jessica exposed her sexy underwear and toned body, peeling the dress away and down her body, bunching up at her hips before she gave it a shove and let it slip down her legs. She carefully stepped out of it, kicking it aside nonchalantly even as a concern of how dirty it would get in the process flickered through her mind.

“You want me to take this off?” she said, pulling at one of her straps showily, giving a little smile and flick of her eyebrow to the camera.

“Well you got it, because I always pay my way,” she said, pulse fast as she played up to the blackmail angle of it all, figuring the people watching would love for her to acknowledge that. Leaning forward, she gave another shot down her cleavage as she looked foxily from under her eyebrows at the camera, sliding her hands down over the sexy lace embroidery and mesh of her corset and onto her thighs, letting her fingers take in the stockings before she grasped the clasps of the suspenders, teasing with them a moment before expertly unclipping them with ease, flicking them free to bounce back elastically to the corset as she stood up, turning round but keeping her eyes on the camera. Looking enticingly over her shoulder at it, taking in Steve intently focused on her through it for a moment, she let her playful smile cross her lips again as she arched her back and bent over slightly to stick her peachy ass out, giving herself a little shake for the camera as she knew her pussy was bulging sweetly between her legs in her matching G-string.

“Don't want these in the way,” she purred as her hands slid down her back and over her firm, round ass, squeezing at the cheeks slight and just giving them the slightest spread to give the camera the glimpse of the token strip of black fabric over her asshole as they slipped down her tanned skin to the suspenders at the back of her sexy red and black stockings. She effortlessly popped them off, the silky strips twanging away as she released them and stood back up, turning round as they dangled ineffectively now, her hands sliding back up her front to give a grope of her chest again.

“Let's get this out the way,” she breathed as she tossed her head to flick her long chestnut hair back over her shoulder, looking into the camera and biting her lip as she let her fingers curl into a grip and push the corset top together and unhook the first hook, the corset spreading with the pressure of her firm breasts.

“Don't look away now,” she purred, really playing up to it and acting her part as she kept the corset together and expertly moved down from hook to hook, releasing each one to expose a little more of her body, the smooth strip gradually getting wider down her body as her breasts begged for release and threatened to escape her top.

“This is what you came for,” she breathed, heart pumping hard again now as she was on the brink of exposing herself. Unhooking the final hook easily, thinking back over the times she'd done this for her husband, she wiggled her body and glanced down, taking a couple of seconds to enjoy the view and build the tease for the audience, she looked back into the camera with a devilish smile and pulled the top wide open, her firm, perky B-cups jump free of their lacy confines and pushed her shoulders back to let it slide off her onto the floor behind her. Vance was enjoying watching every move, loving the fact she was seemingly enjoying herself with all of it as she danced and stripped for the camera, her exhibitionist side coming to the fore. Jessica wiggled and worked to imaginary music as she closed her eyes and turned around again, swaying her hips to shake her fine ass for the camera again in just her tiny G-string and stockings, bending over to present for the camera. She figured if she was gonna do this she might as well go all in and perform, arching her back again like an exotic dancer as she slid her fingers into the thin waistband of the panties.

“This is what you really want isn't it?” she said with a slightly muffled glance back over her shoulder, difficult to look at the camera as she leant forwards. Without a further hesitation she gave the string a little pull up her ass, a final tease before she slowly pushed it down. She was going for the full panty peel effect, the string sliding over her ass but the thong back holding on, caught between her firm ass for a moment before the tension sprung it away, peeling beautifully away to roll down and reveal her tight virgin asshole, clinging to the back of her now somewhat wet pussy as she continued pulling the panties down her thighs. It was a final resistance, a moment where they hung in there a second longer before the small, silky thong peeled away neatly to reveal her sweet, silky pussy, pushing the thong down her thighs as she was intimately exposed for the camera, knowing there was going to be a zoom shot of her sweet bulge and protruding labia for all to see included as she shoved them down her legs to drop to the floor.

Stepping carefully out of them, making sure her ankle boots didn't get entangled in them, she kicked them aside and turned back to the camera in her full nudity, keeping her smile going even as her nerves returned, letting the shot see her stood in just her sexy red and black lace topped stockings and ankle boots, taking in her totally smooth body. She played up to it, keeping it going even as she was running out of ideas, pushing her hand down over her perfectly waxed pussy and letting it linger.

“Totally smooth, like I was told to,” she said to the camera, “I always do what I'm told,” she added with a sexy bite of her lip. She let her other hand slowly play up to her breast, squeezing it sensually for a moment as she crossed her legs in front of each other.

“Cut!” Steve said, seeming louder than she expected, jolting her from her zone making her look up, dropping her hands and breaking her stance. It all suddenly hit her; her tension, the breath she was holding, her racing heart rate and overwhelming stress. Steve could seemingly see it, and despite her  fairly fantastic performance and opening scene he knew she needed to catch a break. Jessica suddenly wilted, giving a huge sigh and taking a huge breath, dizziness washing over her rapidly as she stumbled towards the sofa.

“You ok?” Vance said, reaching up to support her arm lest she keel over.

“I'm fine, I'm fine. I just need a minute,” she said breathlessly, taking the strength he offered to steady herself on her stiletto heels as she clattered to the sofa and sank down into it, relieved to feel the reassurance underneath her as she flopped into the leather and drew in several deep breaths. The head spin and shakiness subsided as she relished the delicious lungfuls of air, oxygen saturating her blood, the cool sensation spreading through her as the tingling faded, working her ankles and wrists to help substantiate the recovery as Vance watched for a moment to make sure she was alright, temporarily distracted from her beautiful nudity.

“That was fantastic, Jessica,” Steve smiled, stepping over from behind the camera.

“Yeah?” She breathed, looking up anxiously as her body heaved, continuing to take deliberate breaths to reset herself.

“Yeah truly. You're a natural, ever thought about taking this up full time?” he said playfully, trying to just break the mood with some humour. Jessica laughed, repositioning herself on the sofa.

“Let's see how this goes first yeah?” she said with a smile.

“Deal. You good to continue, happy to get Vance in here?” Steve asked, getting behind the camera again.

“Yeah let's go,” she replied, wanting to keep the momentum going as she took another deep breath.

“Ok resume your position here, we'll go from there,” he directed. Jessica stood up, stretching a little and getting herself back into place, crossing her nylon-clad legs and positioning her hands again, looking moodily into the camera again as she had been. The stockings and boots were staying on, she was gonna get fucked while wearing them and that was that, she figured Mr Russell would like that as well.

“So honey how about we get Vance in here again?” Steve said for the camera, panning up Jessica's long body, taking in her beautifully gym honed figure all the way to her smiling face as he asked the question.

“Sounds great,” she smiled, hoping her smile didn't give away her trepidation at the next part, getting into proper porno territory. Sure she'd danced for him and helped get him fully hard for her, but now he was gonna take charge of her.

“Fantastic, come on then Vance,” he directed, ushering her male counter part into the shot, Vance stepping in confidently, camera swinging across to him to capture him briefly with his equally impressive physique and crucially his thick, rock hard nine inch cock.

“That's a big cock right there,” Steve mumbled, stating the obvious as Jessica looked at it properly and let her mind take it all in, studying the sheer size of it, the thick member pulsing with his heartbeat as he stood before her, cock standing up proudly to let her see everything he was going to fuck her with. She let her eyes roam and took in the lovely shape of him, pronounced head, thick shaft and the huge length, wondering how her body was going to take it all.

“Yeah it is,” Jessica murmured honestly, eyes fixed on it as the camera panned to her and caught her expression of doubt and concern, her worries almost written on her face.

“It's all for you baby,” he said as she looked back to the camera, forcing a smile as Vance reached out for her..

“You're gonna love it, trust me,” Vance said, about the only line he intended on saying in the whole shoot as he took her hand, pulling him into her as Jessica let herself be led, giving up control to him now so he could show her what this was all about. His hands slid over her body, taking in every contour and shape of her as they did, quite firmly groping her tits, squeezing and exploring them, giving the nipples a pinch that made her gasp sharply and pull away from him for a moment. His hands groped her again and slid down her body, taking in the taper her of her waist as they went to her pelvis, moving over the flare of her body and down the sides of her thighs to feel the sexy lace topped stockings.

Jessica breathed rapidly, trying to control it as the first new man in years took her in, exploring her physically before he did so carnally, looking down so she didn't give a nervous expression to the camera. His hands slid down her legs and then back up, fingers curling over her thighs and slipping easily straight back onto her perfectly smooth pussy, waxed to perfection as she'd been ordered to. She shivered as he stroked over it, unable to deny the excitement of the touch, horribly nervous but also exhilarated by the situation, never having imagined she'd be here. His hands pulled back up her body then he took her hand again and moved back to the sofa, sitting down and leading her to him, encouraging her to straddle his lap. Jessica was momentarily panicked, thinking he wanted her to sit straight on his cock, but out of sight of the camera he motioned she just needed to straddle him right now. She pushed her knee onto the sofa and slid on top of him, spreading her legs and gratuitously displaying herself to the audience as she did. His hands slid around her sides as she pushed forwards against his cock, mumbling as her clit bumped against his thick prick, his hands sliding over her body and down to her ass to squeeze it for the camera.

“Arch your back, Jessica,” Steve said, wanting her to give the best possible shot. Feeling a little self conscious now, she blushed a little but did as she was told, pushing up on her knees a bit and arching her back to rock her pelvis, pushing her sweet pussy between her legs as his hand gripped her ass and spread her wide open, pulling her labia apart slightly as he did to show how wet she was. Despite her nerves Jessica was horny, turned on and ready to fuck even if she was terrified, like when she lost her virginity or something, excited but clueless almost about what to do next. Much like that same situation she just let him lead her, surprised at her own body that she was as turned on as she was, though her pussy would still be tight and tense, she just knew it. Fully expecting the next thing to be him attempting to squeeze his thick cock into her despite flicking over the script, she was surprised when he rolled her off him onto the sofa on her back, legs flailing a second before she caught herself.

“Let's get you properly warmed up,” Vance murmured with a smile, sliding down between her legs and gripping her thighs, spreading her legs to just the right place as he dived down on her sweet, smooth pussy. Jessica hadn't really been expecting this, not really figuring that her pleasure was much of a concern of this film, but she welcomed it the second she felt his hot tongue touch her soft, sensitive pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned, shuddering in pleasure and eliciting a soft moan, unable to help herself as he set about her. Steve smiled as he watched it unfold, zooming in on where Vance was going at her, her legs in the way before he rolled her more towards the camera, being a pro and knowing what was desired for the shot. His tongue started working briskly up and down her entrance, catching at her delicate button and flicking her clit hood, making the actress moan with unadulterated pleasure as her body tingled from his touch. He was gentle with her and this wasn't at all what she'd expected, subverting her expectations as his tongue danced along her vulva and lips kissed sensually at her, hands easing her thighs open to give him access.

“That's it,” Steve murmured to Vance, releasing the camera from the tripod carefully and walking in closer to the scene, taking a far more hands on approach and moving in for a close, in-action view up Jessica's body to her beautiful face, capturing the look of ecstasy on it, her eyes screwed up with enjoyment and mouth gasping her pleasure to the room. Her chest was flushed with pleasure, perky breasts heaving with her breath as he panned down her body, over her tensing, tightening abs to where Vance was doing a number on her, devouring her pussy intently. Jessica just let herself go, tummy fluttering as the pleasure spread through her, a tingle up her spine and shiver through her body, relishing him going to work with his tongue. She loved having her pussy eaten, like most women did, and right now it was the perfect tonic to her tension, easing and relaxing her body as she lost herself to it.

Vance stepped up his ministrations on her, rolling her hips back strongly, dominantly and spreading her wider for access, Jessica just letting her stocking-clad legs fall open for him to give all of herself to his attention, not remotely wanting to stop him. His tongue delved inside her, exploring her wet, hot tunnel as she groaned different at the change in stimulation, different nerve endings being touched and teased by his wet tongue. It was only a momentary switch up though as she pulled back out and assaulted her clit once more, puffy lips split defencelessly as his tongue dispensed with her clit hood and attacked the button itself, far more ferociously than he had before to drive a long, strained whine of pleasure from her. Her hands dug into the sofa as she held on for dear life while his tongue danced on her most intimate area, circling and swiping at her, hard and soft, doing everything to drive her to climax.

And that's exactly what happened. Jessica's body was cranked to the limit as her orgasm built, holding on for a final second before she shuddered hard with a long scream of utter pleasure, her ecstasy evident for the audience as Steve zoomed in on her face to capture her moment of climax, that single moment of absolute release as Vance pushed her over the edge. The cute scrunch of her nose, eyes screwed shut, head dropping back as she exhaled heavily with her peak. The camera panned back down her body to take in the flush of her skin, screwed up nipples and tensing abs, legs kicking under his powerful hold on her to keep her in position before she was suddenly desperately sensitive, untouchable and reaching down to stop him with breathless pleading for mercy.

Vance pulled away with a smile, Steve stepping back to take in the whole scene with Alba gasping for breath again on the sofa, flopping back into it as sweat pricked the skin all over her tanned body as he climbed from beneath her legs, cock still rock hard and absolutely ready for her now. Jessica sat up, pulling herself into a better position on the sofa as Vance stood before the sofa, Steve moving to the side with the high resolution camera, absolutely focused on what he was doing as Jessica looked up at the huge, thick cock before her. She knew it was time, still feeling the satisfaction and twitches of her pussy as he moved towards her.

“I wanna test these tits out, they look like fun,” Vance said with a smile, pulling her to the edge of the sofa by her hand so she sat up, realising his intention as he grasped his cock. She sat up and tipped her head back, arching her back to push her chest out and pushing her tits up with her hands for him, ready and waiting as he pushed his cock down to her chest. She looked up as he dipped down and pressed his huge, hard manhood against her chest, settling the impressive shaft against her sternum before she pressed her perky breasts up around him. She managed to get a good, snug grip around him despite only having a B-cup, squeezing them together and lacing her fingers over the top to hold it all in place. He rocked his hips back and then thrust slowly up between her breasts, sliding slowly over her soft skin.

He murmured and nodded his approval as he pushed all the way up, sliding his whole cock through her grip for her to feel before slowly pulling back and then following up with another push up to feel the soft, supple skin of her perky tits around him. Jessica settled herself and held him firmly but not tight, keeping herself in position and flicking her hair back out the way as she leaned back to let him give her a tit fuck, something she'd only done in passing previously. The cock pushed easily up to her chin, its magnificent length bridging the gap without problem and giving Steve an idea. Without a word, he signalled to Jessica, her eyes flitting sideways to him as she tried not to ruin the take to see him indicating she should lean down and lick at Vance's huge prick as it slid up, flicks of his tongue communicating his idea in crystal clarity.

Looking up into his eyes, Jessica let him thrust a couple more times and then tilted her head down, working her neck backwards to give herself space to get at him, extending her tongue to meet him the next time he thrust up against her body, groaning in satisfaction at her doing it as much as the sensation of her tongue, though that was very welcome. His thrusts got a little quicker, Jessica loosening her fingers to allow the faster motions as she pressed her tongue to his cock, getting her rhythm together to catch up just right each time, working her tongue over and around his head sloppily as it pushed up to meet her. Getting more into it, she craned down to take him into her mouth, the huge, bulging cock head the biggest she'd ever sucked on without a doubt as it filled her mouth, hot tongue driving over his sensitive underside as she closed her full pout around him, sucking firmly on his cock as it was in her mouth before he pulled away.

It only took a few thrusts of that before he pulled away from her chest, breaking her interlocking fingers and pushing his cock into her mouth properly, shoving the thick tip deeper in and pushing a hand through her hair as she sucked like she meant it, just letting her cocksucking instincts kick in and working her tongue briskly at him, around and underneath his thick, purple head and onto the shaft below. Steve moved in closer with the camera to just frame Jessica's gorgeous face and the thick cock in her mouth, sucking intently at the pornstar's cock as she closed her eyes and just went for it, aiming to do what she was here for and give the camera what it wanted. She pushed a little deeper, struggling to take his sheer size into her mouth as her hands reached up for what didn't fit, wrapping a hand around his shaft as her other squeezed his balls gently, bobbing her head in short, stimulating motions as her tongue worked wildly around him.

“Fuck yeah, that's what we wanna see,” Steve said as she fellated him, focusing solely on doing a good job of that right now, knowing it was all captured on film and would be forever. She just hoped it was never leaked, that nobody besides a few select people got to see this. What crossed her mind in that moment was why Mr Russell, her wealthy benefactor, hadn't wanted her for himself and had chosen for her to star in this private porn video rather than having her do all this to him personally. She was interrupted from her train of thought by Vance taking hold of her head and shoving into her throat, making her choke and lurch as he gave several hard pushes into her, testing her ability and making her eyes water before he held her down on his cock a second and released her.

“Time for you to get fucked,” he said as he held her hair in one hand and lightly slapped her face with the other, Jessica coughing wetly and hauling in a deep breath to replace the one stolen from her by his cock. He yanked her back on the sofa, tipping her over so she flopped into the black leather again and then pulled her slender legs up, arms hooked under the silky nylon to pull her dangerous stiletto boots up into the air and spread her legs wide, exposing her smooth pussy to the camera as Steve panned over the top of them from behind the sofa. Jessica's pulse raced in anticipation, craning her neck to look down over her body at him ready to penetrate her, his huge cock at the gates. He pushed his cock over her silky skin, teasing her with it as Steve filmed, zoomed in to show his magnificent manhood ready to take her, Vance pushing forward to give an idea of just how deep inside the Hollywood star it would sink.
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He pulled back and grasped it purposefully, waiting no longer and guiding it down to her slick entrance, pussy ready and waiting for him, her juices abundant and vagina relaxed from her orgasm. He guided the tip of himself into her, working it up and down to spread her juices around in preparation, just teasing her a moment longer before he looked her in the eyes and pushed forward firmly, his thick cock driving into her sweet pussy and stretching it open, finding her giving way quite easily, body just welcoming him and swallowing his impressive manhood. Jessica gasped as he inserted himself, feeling her body stretch to accommodate him, easily the largest cock she'd ever had inside her. She'd never even played with toys this size, preferring vibrators and smaller stimulation to any sizeable dildo, so to suddenly go to this was a huge shock, a sudden experience. She dropped her head back and breathed out deeply, staring at the ceiling as she felt his huge prick delving into her, just letting it happen as she took in the sensations of herself stretching for him.

He pushed into her and got most of the way inside her, vagina clamping up tightly around him with still a few inches left to go, her body not fully ready to take him yet. He would make it fit though, holding her legs firmly and pulling back slowly till just his head remained inside her before sinking slowly and powerfully back into her, cranking his weight onto the starlet through his pelvis as he attempted to bury his mighty manhood inside the famous actress. Her hands were gripping the edge of the sofa, something Steve made sure to capture as he took in the scene, moving around them to film from different angles and take in every moment of Jessica's penetration by this huge cock. It wasn't the first of these payback sort of films he'd made for powerful people and he knew that the best way to go was a single take. In a normal film they might do multiple takes and re-shoot parts of it to get it right, but he'd learnt that these Hollywood stars that were completely new to it all just didn't work well like that when it came to porn and it was best to simply push on unless he had to stop.

It gave it a real feel too, he liked that and kept filming as Vance gave slow withdrawals each time before powerfully burying himself into then Californian, getting more forceful and intent each time before he gave a final thrust and held the pressure on, Jessica stretching just a little more for him to sink balls deep inside her and let Vance grind against her, feeling her sweet tunnel clamping down on him as Jessica gasped, trying to comprehend the huge cock buried inside her, pussy stretched to the limit around him. Holding her legs wide, he pulled slowly back till his cock actually popped out of her, holding himself at her entrance before effortlessly driving it back inside her all the way to the balls, her pussy swallowing him whole until she grunted at the end, body twitching with the little twinge of pain it induced.

“Holy fuck that's big,” she gasped, staring up at the ceiling still as he fucked her, quite surprised he'd got his entire dick into her, never quite believing her pussy would stretch to take him.

“Yeah it is, now you just lay there and enjoy,” Vance practically growled in satisfaction, flexing his cock inside her as he gripped her ankles to pulls her legs fully open and out the way, heels pointing towards the roof as he pulled back and thrust in again quickly, stepping it up from where he had been to get her warmed up, satisfied her pussy was ready to go now and getting on with fucking her. Jessica grunted hard, still not really ready to go quite so quickly but it wasn't her choice now, he was calling the shots and had decided to fuck her properly, the way they wanted for the film and she just had to hang on and take it. Her fingers gripped the sofa's edge as he pulled her hips back and started plunging himself inside, not going full depth except for the occasional thrust as he put it to her, holding her toned limbs up as he pumped himself into her, relishing the slick, tight sensation of her pussy clutching him, stretched to the limit around him as he fucked her. She was wet though, really wet and there was no doubt she was enjoying it. Jessica wouldn't have tried to deny it if she'd been asked as for all the discomfort and learning curve of taking his huge prick, she was turned on like she'd not been in years and quite happy to take it. He was going at her hard and fast, plunging into her body with abandon as she grunted and moaned with pleasure, his thick cock hitting spots inside her that just cranked it up.

“Ohh fuck me,” she mumbled, letting slip her desire and want for his attentions, quite liking her first porn experience right then even if the thought of it being filmed made her blush.

“No problem,” Vance replied and buried himself into her, a slam full depth into her pussy again that sent a jolt of pain through her as he smashed against her cervix but also a wave of pleasure as he stretched again and took all nine inches of him, the thought of it almost as much of a turn on as the sensation of his huge, unyielding manhood being buried into her tight, toned body. It just felt amazing, her whole body abuzz as his cock hammered into her, going from the full depth plunge that he held into deep, hard thrusts, using only about half his cock to smash into her as deep and hard as possible with a rhythm that made her shudder and give a long, surrendering groan of pleasure to the camera, Steve capturing the look on her face as her eyes rolled and she sagged into the sofa under the onslaught.

Vance's stamina and strength were immense as he hammered Jessica, her figuring it was his job so it made sense and goddamn did she like this, it just felt amazing, hitting every nerve ending and sensitive patch inside her, his pubic bone driving into her clit with every thrust only helping add to her pleasure. Her pussy gave a characteristic tremble, squeezing and clenching at him, letting him know she was about to come as she felt the sensations coalesce inside her, all the different types of stimulation meeting to form a single, inexorable feeling of utter pleasure. He held her tight and plundered her body for a few more crucial seconds as she gasped and cried her building pleasure to the world and crucially the camera, Steve catching everything as she ratcheted up to another orgasm. Holding tight, she tensed up and trembled for a couple of seconds before she popped, shuddering hard again as she so often did, legs kicking out as she let out a wail of pleasure as her climax struck.

“Ohh fuck!” she shouted as she did, eyes squeezed shut, whole body overcome and shuddering as another powerful wave of pleasure rushed through her lean body, fingernails digging into the leather sofa as he just held deep, loving the squeezes of her pussy onto his long cock, knowing her body couldn't really handle his size as she came. As she slowed down, overheating and reaching up to wipe sweat from her brow in the aftermath, he gave her a few slow strokes of himself before pulling out of her, leaving her sweet pussy gaping for him. Jessica couldn't even think to question why he was stopping, figuring he'd go until he was finished with her, but soon realised as he rocked her hips over to one side using her leg, the actress tumbling over incoherently as she tried to overcome the trembles and tingles still coursing through her pelvis.

His hands grasped her hips and he pulled her up onto her knees on the edge of the sofa, setting her in a classic doggy style position for him, spreading her legs as she sank into place for him and exposed herself for his pleasure. Pulling his hand back, he laid a hard spank on her ass, making her yelp and pull forwards, clenching as he repeated the same on the other cheek, smiling as she shivered in pain but didn't tell him to stop, sinking back into position as his hand guided her hip. He guided her straight back into place for his cock, bumping his thick head against her slick lips before he drove into her again, Jessica gasping and shivering as she was still sensitive from her orgasm, nerve endings lighting up again as his penis slid past them on his way to burying his entire manhood into her again. She was loose and ready now, able to take him easily as he pulled back on her hips to thrust himself into her, grinding deeply against her as she dropped her head and groaned. She'd come already but was his fucktoy now, she always had been, just there to get fucked on camera to repay her debts. His hands pulled into her slim waist and gripped her firmly as he plunged into her, pulling back to feel her muscles pull at his bulging head before driving it all back into her again.

Her altered position gave a new dimension to her pussy, muscles feeling different, squeezing and clamping at him in different manners as he drove his huge cock into her. He absolutely loved fucking her, the gorgeous actress grunting and groaning, overwhelmed on his manhood as he slammed it into her, focused on his own enjoyment now. He wasn't going to come yet, far too professional and experienced for her to get to him, just able to enjoy the silky smooth sensations of her wet pussy, offering no resistance to him as he plundered her, feeling her exhausted vaginal muscles trying to squeeze at him, to stop or slow him, but they couldn't. She was his, all his, and Steve was getting every angle he could of Jessica Alba getting fucked. He caught her exhaust, sweaty face, the classic side on view of them, his cock plunging into her pussy and everything else in between. Vance was having fun and fucked her for several more minutes to completely wear her out, alternating his angle of penetration up and down, smacking her ass and reaching up to squeeze her perky tits as they bounced underneath her.

“Right then,” he said as he yanked her back sharply for several hard, full depth drives inside her, making Jessica cry out again as his price delved as deep as possible inside her, slamming into her nice round ass before he suddenly pulled out making the actress surge and gasp in surprise, pussy suddenly so empty, immediately whining as he laid another spank on her ass.

“Come on, that's enough fucking,” Vance said, grabbing Jessica's shoulder to pull her over on the sofa, the actress tiredly slumping over to sit on the sofa, reaching up to push what had been beautifully styled hair back from her sweaty face, being put through her paces like she'd never been in the bedroom. She took a few breaths and recovered a little as Vance pulled her forward onto the edge of the sofa again, getting her in position. Her memory was hazy from the quickly scanned script, having got hung up on the anal sex of the second scene so she was figuring he was just going to push his cock back into her mouth for her to suck again. Stroking his cock before her, he smiled as turned to face away from her, leaning forward to present his toned ass for her, rock hard cock swinging underneath him as it was clear what he expected her to do, Jessica's heart rate shooting up as her eyes widened.

“Whoa what the fuck,” she exclaimed, looking past him to Steve behind the camera.

“Come on baby, show the skill of that tongue,” he said, ignoring her concerned look as it was clear they expected her to give him a rimjob.

“I can't, I've never...” she stammered helplessly, looking back to Steve again imploringly.

“It's in the script Jess, and your contract,” he replied, meaning it was written in that she had to perform as requested to hold up her end of the bargain. Jessica panicked for a moment, having never done it before and never had any intention to, absolutely overwhelmed. But she fought it back and took a deep breath, squeezing her eyes shut before leaning forwards to him, letting her trembling hands find his body and move to his hips as she pressed her mouth forward into his ass and extended her tongue. He was smooth, as tidy as she was and ready for her, Jessica's tongue making contact with him and dragging gently over his asshole.

“Oh yeah that's it,” Vance smiled as she did, settling on his feet as the Hollywood star licked his ass,  giving tentative, exploratory licks of her tongue over his tight hole, feeling the contours and shape under her tongue, the different textures as she gave a rimjob for the first time in her life. She hated that she had to do it, holding back her anger at it all but the actual process of it was alright and she just settled into getting it done, licking more thoroughly from the back of his tight balls up over his asshole as he pushed back a little into her mouth.

“Jerk him off too,” Steve directed, circling round them again with the camera to catch all the action, zooming in for just the right shot as Jessica reached up between his legs for his huge, hard cock. She started stroking him, taking a few goes to find the right angle for her wrist before she got into a rhythm and worked back and forth along his thick nine inches, making sure to keep focus and keep her tongue doing at the same time. He groaned with pleasure as she licked, tongue lapping over him and even probing slightly at his hole as her dainty hand stroked along him, getting quite fast and intense, seemingly intent on making him come. Steve moved around to capture every angle, getting a shot from underneath to clearly take in her working her mouth as she jerked his cock, tight balls bouncing from her ministrations as she put herself completely into it. She'd never done it before but was now determined to give it a good go, her tongue aching as she worked it against him, eyes shut as she worked her hand just under his head to give the maximum stimulation, Vance clearly enjoying it as he groaned in unmitigated pleasure, loving having Jessica Alba doing this for him.

“Fuck she's a natural at this,” Vance said to the camera, glancing back as Jessica obediently continued, not knowing what else to do. He gave a shiver, her efforts getting to him now and pulled away from her, Jessica dropping her hands as she took a deep breath, looking up and wiping her face as he turned back round to her.

“Time to finish what you started,” he smiled as he gripped his cock and held it up, stepping into her again and wasting no time in pushing it into her mouth. She gave a muffled complaint, caught a little unprepared as his thick prick drove into her again, between her famous bee stung lips and over her hot tongue whilst she instinctively raised it to meet him. He gave her a second to compose herself, taking a hold on her head and letting his fingers twist into her long brown hair again, now a mess after their session so far. Holding her head tightly he pulled back and then thrust into her mouth, far more aggressively than he had earlier, driving against the back of her throat as she started sucking firmly before she choked as he tripped her gag reflex. She reached up to try and push him back, drawing a breath as he slapped her hands away from him, in charge again now and aiming to make use of her.

“Come in Jess, take it deep,” Steve said, carefully steadying the camera and controlling it as Vance started thrusting into her mouth, slamming into the back of her throat again and making her gag, unable to stop herself, but he didn't care and just kept going as she coughed and choked around him. Steve smiled on as Vance held her head and pumped into her mouth, aiming to jam his whole cock down her throat if she gave him the chance. She was struggling desperately for breath, trying to get enough air through her nose as she fucked her mouth, huge cock driving into her throat and blocking her gasps for breath even as she continued to obediently suck and tongue at him, wanting to do her job even as he completely overwhelmed her. The gorgeous actress willed her body to stop resisting, knowing she had to break the cycle of retching around his cock if she wanted this to go easier and quicker.

“Oh yeah that's it,” Vance encouraged, feeling her manage to get on top of it after another minute or so of strokes into her, not letting up with his pressure even as she felt her coping with things. She wasn't sure if she was actually getting control or her straining muscles were just exhausted, giving up the fight much as her pussy had when faced with his huge cock. His hands wrenched at her hair, making her grimace a little as she sucked, focusing solely on her task to keep her mind of the degrading pain of being given this hard face fuck. His bulbous head jammed into her throat, deeper now, getting into her further now and fighting past her resistance. Despite her gag reflex giving up on her and accepting the thick cock that choked her, her throat just wasn't big enough for him, not used to swallowing anything as big as him and he had to stretch her throat open as he'd done to her vagina earlier. He seemed to relish the challenge though, pulling the star onto him as he drove his cock into her throat again and again, paying no attention to her sloppy coughs and chokes, thick saliva running off her chin and dripping to the floor between her feet.

“Almost there,” Steve commented, indicating the depth he was getting to. Jessica didn't think so, there was still over three inches of his thick manhood protruding from her mouth and she really couldn't imagine it fitting. It didn't stop him from trying though, brutally wrenching her onto him now, Jessica just surrendering to it now and letting herself be used as a rough fucktoy which she knew deep down was what they wanted to see on video. Steve was loving it, seeing the Hollywood star reduced to having a huge cock driven down her throat. Vance growled in pleasure, genuine pleasure, feeling the tingles now as he plundered and abused her, shoving himself into her face with long, powerful strokes that she was helpless to resist. His fingers twisted in her hair, digging into her scalp as he controlled her, using her throat and forcing another inch or so of himself down; she was a good cocksucker, she always had been and despite not being able to swallow him she was pretty pleased with herself that she was able to take that much of him, mouth wide open and emitting sloppy sounds as she could only brace herself against the onslaught.

“Fuck yeah,” Vance groaned, his cock bucking in her mouth. Jessica was expecting a facial as it was what happened in porn; the script had simply said “finish” and so she'd expected him to blow his load all over her face, something else she wasn't massively keen on but she didn't care too much, guys just loved doing it. It wasn't what happened though, as his cock stiffened even harder in her mouth and he devolved into a flurry of short, hard pumps into her mouth, keeping his bulging head working over the back of her tongue and into her contracting throat for a few intense seconds as Jessica realised he was going to come down her throat. She could do that but when he did come he exploded hard with a roar of pleasure, yanking her head down onto his cock and shoving himself deeper than he had at any time during the session, tripping her gag reflex and catching her completely wrong as his load burst hotly onto the back of her throat to make her immediately choke.

She choked and coughed hard, Vance unrelenting in his hold on her, Jessica trying to hold it back before she failed and coughed hard again, making him groan as she messily coughed through her nose, holding her in place as his balls clenched and his cock pulsed in her mouth until his balls were empty, thick ropes of come jetting straight down her throat. With a final squeeze he released the hold on her head, releasing a hand as he slowly pulled back to withdraw his softening cock from her mouth, still huge as he pulled himself free of the destroyed actress. Mascara ran down her face in tear stains, thick saliva dripping from her chin as he pulled his still huge cock back out of her mouth, taking hold of it and wiping the last of himself all over her full pout. Jessica, her dignity completely gone, decided to just go for it and just play up to it, opening her mouth and extending her tongue for him to wipe his whole cock over.

“Oh yeah that's it, you like that Jessica?” Steve said, a voice over for camera.

“Uh huh,” she murmured as Vance finished squeezing the last of his load onto her tongue, Jessica closing her mouth and swallowing as he stepped away from her. She could hardly taste now anyway with the number he'd done on her throat, absolutely numb to things now in the wake of the scene and she was relieved when Steve called cut. Sagging back relieved into the sofa, she reached up to wipe her face off as she gasped for air, head spinning as she contemplated what was just captured on film and what people were going to see of her. Vance had already grabbed a towel off the table, throwing one over his shoulder and stepping back over to hand another to her.

“Jessica, that was great, great!” he said, smiling and genuinely meaning it as he took his own towel to clean up, wiping over his body briefly before he paid attention to his thick, sloppy cock, wiping away her thick spit from himself as Jessica exhaustedly took the towel from him to immediately wipe her face.

“Yeah?” she asked, unconvinced, sure she just looked like a total wreck now with her running make-up and ruined hair.

“Yeah Jess, everyone's gonna like that, that was a hardcore scene right there and you've done great,” Steve said, switching the camera off and restoring it to its tripod.

“I don't feel like it,” she mumbled, wiping her mouth and then down her naked body, trying to feel at least a little bit fresh.

“Don't wipe that make-up away, we want that for the next scene,” Steve said, stopping her before she cleared up completely. Jessica shrugged, figuring that was the deal and stood up on shaky legs to get away from the sofa, peeling herself off the hot leather and standing in relief. She walked carefully away on her high heels, reaching down to pull her stockings up a bit and make sure they were still in place.

“Are you gonna fuck my throat again, I can't remember,” Jessica asked Vance, glancing to Steve to get confirmation.

“No honey, that's done now,” Steve said.

“Ok good, I can have a drink,” she smiled, grabbing a bottle of water from the table and gratefully drinking from it, feeling her throat aching as the cool sensation spread through her, immediately seeming to take her temperature down several notches.

“Yeah take your time, have a break,” Steve said as Jessica walked around a little away from the set, just letting her blood flow around her properly and taking proper breaths, drinking the water steadily as she recovered a bit. Mouthwash was available for her thankfully and she took a few minutes to go for a comfort break, getting a bit of privacy for a few moments as she swilled and gargled the minty fresh wash several times and took care of herself. Standing in front of the mirrors, she leaned on the basin and looked at herself in the reflection, make-up streaming down her pretty face, hair a complete mess now, body still hot and flushed, nipples tight. She stared into her eyes as she drew in slow, measured lungfuls, letting herself calm down, looking down at the trashy stockings she wore and high heel boots, all she had on. She coughed a couple of times, trying to clear her throat, Vance having done a serious number on her that meant she was going to be talking rough for a couple of days. But that was nothing really as she steeled herself for the big challenge that she knew was coming next – her first anal experience.

She committed herself and headed back to the set, heels clicking on the floor as she sashayed carefully back into the room and found herself a seat, all of them taking several more minutes to recover. Steve reloaded the camera with a new battery and memory card, all ready to go to catch every second of Jessica's submission for the camera. Vance just casually took his break, taking a rest and seeming very pleased wit h himself. Why wouldn't he be she supposed, he'd just done a total number on her and left her utterly exhausted. She noticed him start slowly stroking his cock, just running his fingers up and down himself as he looked at her, taking in her beautifully slender body again, perky tits and stocking-clad legs, using her as fuel to help get him up again not that he even needed it as his huge cock swelled towards full erection again. The time off helped Jessica regain her composure, legs no longer like jelly, cool and calm now in readiness for the second scene. Well, as ready as she could be.

“Ok baby, let's go,” Steve said, walking back to the camera with a clap of his hands. Vance, ever the professional, walked straight back towards the set, immediately in the mood and ready to go with a glance back to Jessica. She braced herself, giving a hard breath and clenching her fists before standing up, following him back to where she'd give her final performance of the video, and hopefully ever. Jessica sat back on the sofa by herself, all ready with her messy face and sexy stockings, Steve taking her in again and zooming in for a closer shot of her face as she smiled.

“So Jessica, how was that? Your first time on camera, I think you did pretty well,” Steve said.

“Yeah that was good fun, tough though,” Jessica said with a smile to the camera.

“Well hey, that's to be expected. This next scene is gonna be tougher though,” he said, panning down over her body.

“It definitely is,” she replied.

“Come on Jessica, what are you gonna be doing right here for all the fans watching?” Steve asked, wanting her to say it.

“I'm gonna get fucked in the ass for the very first time,” she replied, a moments hesitation before she committed to it. It was no word of a lie that was for sure.

“Sounds great, so let's see that,” he said as he pulled back and Vance stepped back into the shot, cock stiff and ready for the Californian again, lifting her from the sofa by her hands as he drew her into space on the floor and pushed her down onto her knees. He resisted the temptation to shove his cock back in her mouth again, lowering her to the floor and stepping round behind her, crouching down and pushing her forward onto her hands and knees.

“Arch your back,” he said, pushing down slightly to make her stick her ass out, pushing her legs apart a bit to leave her tired pussy gaping open for the camera as he stood over her. She was facing a large mirror that had been set up for the scene and the intention was clear; to capture a close up of Vance pushing his cock into her ass and see her facial expression at the same moment. In position and waiting, she let him apply some lube to her ass, glad that she was getting that as she tried to control her heart rate, feeling his fingers slide around and over her tightest, most forbidden hole. His finger dipped in slightly, making her pull away in surprise and be reset with the careful guidance of his hand as he whispered she had to relax and let this happen. She managed to do so the next time around and let his finger probe into her tight asshole, spreading the lube into her to prepare her for what was to come.

There was no more talking as Vance spread plenty of lube over his might cock and stepped into place behind her, wiping his hand and throwing the towel aside out of shot as he crouched down behind her prone body. Jessica's heart rate was through the roof, she felt a bit dizzy and was trying to calm herself with slower breaths, unsure what was to come. Anal was one thing but with his cock? She just knew it was gonna hurt no matter how she relaxed and did her best to prepare herself. He lowered himself into position and gripped his cock, pushing himself forward so his thick head bumped against her tight asshole, making her jump as she felt it, trying to relax herself and just let it happen even as her body fought her will. Vance worked his thick cock against her asshole, spreading the lube around and easing his tip into her tightest hole, looking so small and tight that she would never take him, but he knew he was gonna make her.

“Ready baby?” He smiled, tense and prepared, like a coiled spring, professional and doing his job. Not to say he didn't love his job.

“...No,” she replied honestly, looking at him in the mirror, face streaked with eye make-up.

“You'll do fine,” he smiled as she glanced into the camera, Steve capturing the shot perfectly as Vance wasted no more time and pushed forward against her, feeling the resistance of her body, sphincter clenched up to hold him back. He gave a few rocks to work her muscle and catch her out, succeeding and feeling her give a little, just enough for him and he capitalised on the opportunity, shoving his cock abruptly into her asshole. Jessica immediately lit up, her body tensing as his thick prick drove through her sphincter and straight into her ass, sweeping aside her resistance with practised ease. She let out a scream of pain, pure and loud as she yanked forwards instinctively and got herself straight off his cock, his thick manhood popping back out of her lubed asshole, body expelling him as she rocked forwards on her knees and squeezed her legs together, whole body tense as the sharp pain coursed through her.

“Ow, ow. Fuck,” she growled through gritted teeth, face screwed up in pain, captured perfectly by the camera. Steve wasn't going to miss a moment of this, Jessica Alba having her anal cherry broken.

“Come here,” Vance said, pulling her back into place by her hip strongly, showing his dominance over the slender actress. With his hand dug into her hip, pressing into her waist as he held her in place and pressed himself to her again, positioning his cock against her asshole as Jessica tried to just give up and let him in, knowing he would anyway and not wanting it to break her in half.

“No more bullshit,” he said firmly before he shoved in again, driving straight into her ass without even testing her out first. He knew he'd fit, that he could break her and just went for it with that intention in mind. Jessica screamed again as the same bolt of pain shot through her, emanating from her stretched, stressed sphincter as she clenched and tried to pull forward again. This time Vance was too quick for her, his other hand grabbing her hips too and riding her ass, Jessica unable to escape from him as she lurched over on her knees, trying to escape the penetration only to find his heavy weight on her, forcing his huge cock deeper inside her. He smiled as the actress kicked her feet desperately on the floor, grimacing hard as tears pricked her eyes, his thick cock impaling her ass caught on camera in the same shot as her expression of pain in the mirror, make-up streaked and with fresh tears pricking her eyes.

“Fucking....Christ,” Jessica managed in a strained, gurgling voice, completely overwhelmed by the pain as it still jolted through her, her ass trying to squeeze down by itself and sending repeated bursts of pain into her body. He just pulled her back into a doggy style position, settling her without pulling his cock out before he pushed a bit harder into her to force a bit more of himself inside her. He withdrew carefully so she couldn't push him out, not letting his head get near her spasming sphincter before slowly and powerfully driving back inside her, loving her tightly she was wrapped around him as she continued to struggle underneath him, ankles crossed and thighs clenching together, only making it worse for herself as he took her anal virginity. He'd done this to quite a lot of girls now, typical in his line of work, and he loved doing it. To get to do it to a celebrity like Jessica Alba was an absolute treat and he loved how she was struggling to take it.

“Jesus, that's huge,” she breathed harshly through her teeth, eyes still shut as she struggled, tears pricking her eyes, working at it and relaxing a little bit however which made it much easier on herself and him. Despite how tight she was, her ring of muscle exquisitely wrapped around his cock but unable to resist due to the lube, getting deep inside her wasn't proving to be difficult and he'd already buried most of his huge length into her ass. He picked up the pace and moved his hips quicker, thumping himself against the gorgeous Californian more intently to work himself into her ass, taking a minute or so as she gave hard, grunting breaths, pain subsiding to leave the very full, overwhelming sensation of anal sex as he pumped his impressive manhood into her most forbidden hole. A few more pumps and his hips pushed up against her ass, Vance pausing to enjoy the moment as he felt her gorgeous, firm ass squeezing into him as he let his weight drop onto her, accompanied by a whine from her as she felt him give her all of it.

“Oh yeah,” he grunted, cock flexing inside her before he slowly, deliberately pulled back out of her, risking a pull back to her sphincter. She'd got control of herself now and her body didn't immediately fight it, letting him bulge her just a little as he pulled right back before he plunged into her again to bury his cock inside her, Alba giving a cry as he went full depth and shoved her forwards against her hands as they braced her against the floor. He smiled as he held her tightly and pulled back to get into a rhythm again, wanting to push her hard and fast, make her first time something she'd never forget, though he doubted she would anyway what with Steve prowling around them and getting it all on film, going in for the close ups of her tortured asshole stretched around his hardon, the expression and sweat on her face. He got into a hard, fast rhythm, giving her almost his whole length with every stroke, slamming down into her hard to press to her ass with every accelerated thrust.

“Goddamn, gimme a break, please,” Jessica gasped, her heart racing, breathing ragged and hard as she struggled to cope with the hardest fuck she'd ever had. His response to that was to wrap her hair around his hand and yank her head back hard as he drove into her, making her shout again in pain as he yanked on her mane and cranked her body back, slamming himself against her toned rear. He held her cranked and immediately ramped up the pace in response to her, showing her that no, she wasn't gonna get a fucking break. She was nothing but a little fuck toy right here, used for his pleasure on camera, and the pleasure of the audience watching the secret film later on. Jessica let out a long, jolting, shuddering moan of pain and sensation as he fucked her hard and fast, shorter strokes of his mighty cock delving deeply into her ass, Steve getting round in front of her to take in her face as she was wrenched back into it, tears sliding down her cheeks as she let out a definite sob.

“Please,” she managed, almost a whimper as he hammered her, a tear dripping from her chin as he held her back, her ass twitching and clenching at him, Steve circling back around for a low shot that showed his enormous manhood splitting her booty in two, her sexy stockings, her gorgeous smooth pussy gaping beneath it all, leaking undeniable juices that suggested she was a little turned on even as she was roughly plundered. She wouldn't deny it, part of her, some stupid, growling, primal part of her loved it, loved him slamming his huge cock into her, ignoring her pain and discomfort, her pleas for a break, just taking her how he wanted. She'd never admit that though, even though her body gave it away for the camera. He pumped into her hard, jamming himself full depth into her booty a few times, holding it deep before he suddenly yanked it out to make her gasp as he left her asshole gaping wide open.

“Oh yeah let's see that gape,” Steve directed as Vance shoved himself back into her and slid deep again, Jessica grunting loudly as she was stretched open round him again, feeling the defined contour of his head slip into her aching ass again as he ploughed into her, giving her several more hard, deep thrusts of himself before he yanked out again, letting go of her hair and waist to grab her ass, spreading her cheeks wide to pull her asshole open, Jessica feeling the exhausted muscle give up and gape wide for the camera as Steve zoomed in behind her.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Steve commented, Vance releasing her and grasping her hip again to dip down and shove himself into her again, cock popping through her wrecked ring again as she grunted to thrust himself into her fully before pulling it straight back out for her to gape again, showing how Jessica had been broken, ass now just taking his full thick nine inches as tears slid down her cheeks. It was as much at being overwhelmed by everything as much as anything else, her ass still hurt every time he shoved himself in but not as intently, she just ached now and was worn out, shaking and sweaty, it trickling down her forehead towards her pretty brown eyes.

“Once more,” Steve directed, Vance needing no more instruction as he drove into her ass again, hard and fast to make her yelp before he pulling out a final time, spreading her wide to gape her asshole for the camera. She gasped heavily, her body shaking and trembling in those moments before her well hung co-star pushed himself back into her ass again and gripped her hips, not needing to restrain her now as she braced herself on all fours and just took it, his good little porn star now as she resolved to put her best foot forward for the rest of their fuck session. She felt his cock flex and pulse inside her, knowing he was reasonably close even if he did have amazing stamina as he pounded her ass. It had hardly been the best experience of her sex life but was definitely memorable, emblazoned on her mind as she felt the huge prick in her ass, burying himself again and again in her hot, naughty hole.

“Fuck yeah,” she managed, putting it on to spur his motions, feeling him grip her harder and pump with more ferocity, deep and short with his thrusts now as he hammered her, breathing hard in tandem with her as he slammed himself into her, feeling every hot squeeze of her broken ass on him. With a final flurry of thrusts that practically knocked her off her hands, he growled with pleasure and then pulled free, laying a hard spank on her ass as he stepped back, Jessica yelping as he pulled out just as she clenched, a final jolt for her wrecked sphincter as his thick head popped free and he stood up. Grabbing her long, messy hair, he pulled her up onto her knees, the exhausted actress just going with it now and letting him lead as he repositioned her. He grabbed his cock at the base, holding the rock hard shaft up and shoved it to her mouth; Jessica thought about resisting as he did and internally shrugged and figured why bother now, opening her mouth and letting him shove his cock deeply inside, straight from her ass.

She held back a gag as the thought crossed her mind, the dirtiest thing she'd ever done without a doubt as he drove his cock across her tongue to bump the back of her throat. Worry entered her mind as she thought he might pound her throat again, probably causing her to throw up the water she'd downed in the break and choke some more, voice already wrecked by his earlier handiwork. Luckily for her he didn't however, pulling back and letting her get into a blowjob, just instinctively starting her rhythm as he pushed his cock into her mouth. She was a good cocksucker and it came naturally, her husband knew that best, and she set about sucking firmly and working her tongue again, as she had before, as she had many times previously. His cock was so thick it stretched her mouth open more than she was used to, jaw aching badly now they were at the end of this, feeling like she needed to rest for days to recover from all this.

“Oh yeah, come on,” Vance grunted, cock giving a definite flex in her mouth, indicating he was about to climax again for her. Her ass had obviously done the trick, taking her anal virginity clearly turning him on immensely though she was sure the hard, deep pounding of her had plenty to do with it too. She doubled her efforts, tired and aching now, feeling both her holes hurting from what he'd done to her with the huge cock that was now in her mouth. Jessica wanted to quit but she knew she had to finish it off and decided she'd just go for it to get it done now, wanting completion and satisfaction of finishing the job. She worked her head, Vance not needing to hold or guide her now as she bobbed on him, full lips sealed tightly around him as she sucked like a vacuum, tongue thrashing at him as she worked the skilful tip of her tongue into his head, aiming for every sensitive, nerve-packed patch of his head. It worked, as in under a minute his cock stiffened rock hard in her mouth and his breathing intensified, thrusting into her sucking mouth as he tried to hold back before he yanked out.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he smiled as he grabbed his cock and jerked rapidly, Jessica sitting back on her high heeled boots as her stroked himself in front of her, his spare hand sliding into her hair and taking a firm grasp on her head. With a few heavy, final breaths he leaned in close to her and quickly stroked the tip of his cock as Steve zoomed in for a close up, standing stock still in front of them as Vance held on for a final few seconds before he exploded, another thick burst of come splashing across her face as she gave a gasp and screwed her eyes shut. He gave a long, low groan of pleasure as he furiously beat his meat over her face, Jessica obediently taking it as his impressive cock exploded over her pretty face, unloading his tightening balls with ropes of his thick load over her face, across her nose, eyelids and cheeks.

“Goddamn,” he groaned with a smile, milking the last of it out of himself and wiping it across her pout, her full lips the perfect target for it before he stepped away from her and let Steve come in close for a view of her, capturing the Hollywood star with a full load on her face. He zoomed out slowly, Jessica staying perfectly in place as if she was an experienced pro, letting him capture her whole body as he zoomed out, slender and perky, pricked all over with sweat, hair and make-up completely trashed, sexy stockings half pulled down her legs.

“So Jessica, how was that baby, your first film,” Steve said, resuming the voice over for the audience and, she secretly hoped, fans watching. Jessica paused, rolling her full lips and his final load into her mouth before replying.

“Intense. Exhausting,” she replied.

“I bet, you look ready to drop,” he said as Vance passed Jessica a towel.

“Yeah,” she replied tiredly, wiping her face of his thick load and her streaking make-up.

“But you did a great job there, well done, I think you earned a rest,” Steve said, zooming out and backing away to get her completely in shot.

“I'll collapse if I don't,” she said with a slight laugh, smiling up at the camera as she dropped the towel, as much in relief it was done as humour.

“So Jess, now you've done your first video, what do you think? What are you gonna do next?” he said. Jessica thought about it a moment; this had been a hugely challenging experience without a doubt, completely out of her comfort zone and in the hands of other people, professionals but other people nonetheless. It's been totally different to her day to day, completely flipped on its head from a world where she was normally in complete ownership of everything that happened in her life. And that made it so fucking exhilarating; it was a complete rush, a total change up from everything her life was about and she couldn't deny she loved that even if she ached like she never had before.

“You know what, I think I'm gonna do this again,” she said with a smile, a naughty smile and a nod that showed she was in charge again, it was her game.

“Yeah? You wanna come back and do this again with us?” Steve asked a little incredulously as Vance watched on from the sides, impressed by her attitude.

“Yeah, I wanna make another deal, sign another contract, get myself millions, tens of millions of dollars for another business venture. And when I'm a billionaire, I'll come back and pay my debts like this again,” she said with a bossy, self-assured tone and smile.

“Fuck well that sounds hot, we can't wait for that, but until then huh? Say goodbye, Jessica,”  he directed.

“Goodbye. I'm Jessica Alba and I paid with pussy,” she said, blowing a kiss to the camera and giving a wave as she smiled for the withdrawing camera, Steve taking the shot a couple of seconds to capture a final look at her before stopping the recording.

“And cut, goddamn Jessica, that was something,” he said with a smile.

“Well, I wanted to do my best,” she said, giving a breath and taking a moment as she dropped out of character.

“That was great, I think you've more than repaid your contract,” Steve said as Vance helped her up.

“I hope so,” she replied, standing tiredly and letting her co-star lead her to the chairs again and sit down, giving a sigh of relief as she did, the exertion all getting to her and exhaustion washing over her. They got a drink of water as Vance, James again now, sat down with her. Their nudity didn't matter any more, it was hardly an issue as they took their time to rest and recover, Jessica needing it far more than him since she wasn't used to this. She took a few minutes, popping out to the loo again to freshen herself up and take a comfort break, giving herself a moment to let the aches and pains overtake her slender, sexy body.

“Well that wraps it up, Jess,” Steve said, checking some of the footage to make sure it was all good, James having stepped away to grab his clothes, kindly bringing hers back to her as she grabbed a fresh towel for a quick wipe down. She wasn't intending to try and doll herself up again before she left, she was absolutely wrecked now and intended to just scamper out to her car, drive home and fall into a long, desperately needed bath. She carefully pulled her clothes back on, putting on the tiny G-string but not bothering with the corset, getting herself into her dress and zipping it up as James watched, unashamedly enjoying the view. Putting her corset top with her bag, she checked herself in her mirror in case she was looking particularly terrible and then stood up.

“Right, if we're done I'm gonna head home,” she said, taking control again.

“We're all good. Thanks Jessica, you were great, a pleasure to work with,” Steve said, shaking her hand.

“Thanks, I did my best. When do you think I'll hear about this?” she asked.

“I guess that'll be up to Mr Russell to call you, I'm sure he will soon,” Steve replied, not knowing the answer.

“Ok well hopefully he likes it,” she said, turning to her co-star.

“Bye James, it was...an experience I'll say that,” she said, shaking his hand professionally.

“It certainly was, and great fun. Any time, Jessica, any time,” he said with a smile that said he'd happily knock the back out of her any day of the week, as expected.

“I'm sure. All the best,” she said with a smile, picking up her bag and turning for the exit. She could feel both their eyes on her ass, checking her out as she left, a final glance as she walked into the landing area. She carefully worked her way down the stairs, grimacing at the aches in her body, knowing she just needed a damn good rest now. In the foyer, she gave a big sigh, relief and tension overwhelming her as it released, the session over with, her goal achieved and contract met, free of it. Pulling her big sunglasses from her bag, she slid them onto her face and composed herself, smoothing her dress before hitting the button to exit and opening the door, walking purposefully across the pavement back towards her car.

Did she mean what she'd said to sign off the film? The more she thought about it, the more she realised maybe she was...

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.


Re: Jessica Alba - Paying with Pussy
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2020, 10:10:07 PM »
You are on a role with all these stories posted, especially the Jessica Alba ones. I absolutely loved this. So vividly detailed, I loved everything about this.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Paying with Pussy
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2020, 10:17:32 PM »
Simply outstanding...just wow
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Re: Jessica Alba - Paying with Pussy
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2020, 01:47:53 AM »
You've managed to quickly become one of my favorite writers on this site. Whether you are writing Christina, Jessica, or even Kylie you manage to do such an amazing job. Your work is so detailed and realistic, few really keep me as glued to the screen like you. I love how Jessica plays this up and then tends to get a little more than she bargained for.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Paying with Pussy
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2020, 01:00:36 AM »
Damn, this was great to read after a stressful day at last. Loved the titfuck, that was probably my favorite part. Awesome story all around, definitely one of your best.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Paying with Pussy
« Reply #6 on: April 05, 2020, 11:49:09 AM »
Oh my god, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for writing Jessica Alba. You've really put out some amazing stories with my favorite celeb. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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