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Author Topic: WrestleMania Weekend Debauchery [feat. Noelle Foley, Becky Lynch, and Paige]  (Read 3359 times)


The following story was written about 18 months ago. I'm of the opinion that there isn't nearly enough Noelle Foley fictions, as far as erotic wrestling stories go.

WrestleMania Weekend Debauchery: Chapter 1 - Noelle Foley

Tags: MF, Cons, Oral

The WrestleMania post-show is the best time of the year. Upwards of 60,000 people spilling into the streets, their minds warped after the spectacle they’ve just seen and the copious alcohol they’ve just consumed. For any fan, that moment when they become part of the tens of thousands filing out of the stadium is one of the greatest experiences in wrestling. They’ve proven for another year that wrestling is the best live experience on earth, and now it’s time to get even more wasted.

For Jason, his third straight WrestleMania post-show was the best yet. The show ended a little after midnight, as was becoming the norm for the biggest event of the year. He and his friends had already made the decision on which nightclub to attend since before they made the trip to New Orleans. The years before, all three men had hooked up with a bevy of babes at the clubs and bars open all night to accommodate the flying fans, so they knew to pay particular attention to their post-WrestleMania plans. It was a small, exclusive place about a mile from the arena. One of the trio, Barry, had made sure they would get in ahead of time.

As expected, the venue was buzzing. It was tiny, but the atmosphere in the place was incredible. Jason was already eyeing up the women, and he could tell that more than a few were here only to support their significant others. For Jason, that was easy prey. However, Barry had called first dibs on whatever girl he wanted. He had secured them tickets to the venue, and he insisted that he was to get the pick of the litter as a result.

Whatever plans the guys were making ahead of time were thrown for a loop upon the entry of another trio to the club. As big wrestling fans, the guys couldn’t help but turn their heads in recognition of Noelle Foley, Paige and Becky Lynch. A strange trio if ever there was one, but the men figured out the most likely reason for this combination.

“Paige and Becky were pals in England and Ireland, right?” offered Ralph, the last of the trio. “So Noelle is friends with Paige, and they’re probably total cockwhores, too. Noelle and Paige plan a night out after WrestleMania, probably to get some cock, and Paige invites the sweet, shy Becky along for the ride!” Ralph didn’t talk very much, but it was always a creative exploit when he did.

“Regardless of your porno fantasy backstory,” Jason replied distractedly, “I’m guaranteeing you here and now that those girls are getting some cock tonight.” He gave his pals the thumbs, that they could move in.

“Dibs on Paige,” Barry interjected. He had always loved the sultry appeal of the raven-haired supernova. Her leaked videos only consolidated his lust. Seeing her training for anal as though it was a vanilla sex choice, banging multiple guys and worshipping the dicks she sucked was like watching a dream come true. Fuck the idea that she was a slut: this was a liberated woman he needed to have.

Jason approached Noelle. Despite her friendship with Paige, Mick Foley’s daughter seemed to keep to herself. She was scrolling her phone, likely perfecting an post for her Instagram. Barry had been attracted to Noelle for a few years. Her blonde bimbo appearance, replete with little breasts and thick thighs. Her soft lips were probably well-conditioned to slurp on his meat, and there was no getting around her big, fat ass. Jason had fantasised about Noelle a bit, even when he was with other women. The fact of her publicised relationship with superfan Frank The Clown only made him want her more.

“Buy you a drink?” He offered casually. In his experience, it was the simple and predictable things that worked most often.

Noelle looked up and smiled briefly. Despite her reputation as an airhead, Jason could see the gears turning in her head. This was his time to really strike.

“Come on, you get into a club like this and you’re telling me you have to consider letting a man buy you a drink?” Jason could flex his bravado now and then, and with someone like Noelle Foley, he may never get a better chance.

“Sorry dude, I’m kind of considering the endgame here,” she replied after a moment. Then she smirked and turned back to her phone.

Jason smiled to himself and signalled for two rum-and-cokes. She was playing hard to get, but he could tell she was down. He just had to figure out what level of generosity would get him where he needed to go.

“So I take it you had a good time at the show.”

“Super, as always,” she responded without looking up. “My boyfriend and I always have a swell time at these things.” She locked eyes with him, goading him to go further.

Jason didn’t waste his chance. “Funny for one half of a couple to be seen alone in a club with no partner in sight,” he pondered airily. Especially at a club renowned for post-show fucking.

Noelle came a bit closer now, her supple thighs rubbing against his own inner thigh. She was dressed in a pair of tight black jeans that hugged her curves and showed off her big white girl ass. “Funny that a guy who knows the details of my relationship would make a pass anyway,” she retorted. “I suppose you can tell me why we’re not here together?”

“Well, speaking strictly as a fan, I’d say he’s out fucking some groupie,” Jason was past the point of no return, but now he was offering his real belief. “Wrestling isn’t a world where you can remain faithful for very long, and I’d guess most of you guys are pretty open. That dude must be living the dream to be so close to the show, and there’s no way you can travel so much without attracting such attention.”

Noelle appeared taken aback. She was aware that people probably sussed the way relationships worked in wrestling, but she’d never met a guy so bold before. She had thought that she’d get close to him, let him rub up against what he wanted. Maybe she’d go outside and give him a handjob, but now she was really interested.

Jason felt a hand quickly give his package a squeeze over his own jeans. He knew his gamble had paid off, as Noelle smiled demurely and looked at him again. She had gone from mild interested flirtation to full-on fuck-me eyes. She finished her drink and leaned in.

“Do you want to know exactly why people come to this club?” Now the shoe was on the other foot, and it was Noelle who was in control. She brushed past Jason, making sure her tits came right up against him, before cutting a path through the crowded dancefloor. Her hips swayed like those of a sex goddess, and she headed for a locked door on the other side of the club. Jason could see the heads of every man turning to watch her, even those in the process of sealing the deal. He could even see Ralph, sat at the bar chatting to Becky, turn his head to get a glance. Only Barry didn’t seem to notice, as he was already swapping spit with page, his hand snaking up her shirt and her legs draped over his own in a booth.

Jason hurried to follow Noelle through the door, which appeared at first like an emergency exit. He supposed it was something of an emergency area. Upon crossing through the threshold, he noticed there were a lot more rooms down a corridor, just like a hotel. Noelle was waiting at one door, dangling a pair of keys.

“To be honest, I came here this evening with the express purpose of being fucked,” she giggled as he approached her. Without warning, she moved in to kiss him, one hand clasping the back of his head and another feeling its way down to his hips. Jason was so stunned by this quickness of this encounter that he stood static for a moment.

It wasn’t long before he realised where he was, and he responded to her kiss. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and the two wrestled for dominance inside her mouth. She moaned hotly at his bravado, as both his hands slipped down to grab her booty. He was hot himself, pulling at her belt to remove the her bottoms and yanking her orange turtleneck.

Noelle broke the kiss, and he could just about see a trail of saliva form between their mouths. She was flustered now, and she looked at him in anticipation, biting her lip. Jason quickly dove back at her, taking her clothed form from behind. He slipped his hands up her sweater to feel her tits, clad in a lacy bra. Already, his hips were at work, as he dry humped her ass. She was so ready for this, placing one hand on the door frame to receive his desperate humping, while her free hand unlocked the door.

The two fell forward as the door suddenly opened, Noelle laughing as she did so. The pair were entangled and sweaty, and neither could wait to get undressed. Jason quickly pulled off his top and began to undo his belt as Noelle got back to her feet. She turned away from him as she pulled her top over her head. Jason froze, the only clothes left on him his pants and boxers around his ankles. He lay on the floor to appreciate the view he was receiving. Noelle had already unclipped her bra and he was watching her bare back as she leaned over, presenting her ass to him. He could make out her hand reaching for her own belt, before she peeled the tight jeans down to reveal her fat butt, clad in a pair of Batman-themed panties.

Jason came back to his feet before Noelle stood up straight, pushing her forward on the bed. “You want to see how a real man fucks?” he asked in hot anticipation.

“Show me what you’ve got, babe,” she moaned, her face buried in the mattress. Jason took a hold of her long, blonde hair with his left while the middle fingers of his right teased her pussy. His thumb massaged the area around her asshole, as he inserted the middle and ring finger deep inside her love tunnel. Noelle buried her face in the bed’s soft body and let out a stifled scream. Jason could feel her legs shaking already, and he knew it had probably been a few weeks since she last got fucked. The energy of WrestleMania and the drinks she’d had in her system had probably left her gagging for it.

Without warning, Jason removed his fingers, and her another high-pitched whine escape her. “If you want this, you’re going to have to work for it,” he said firmly. He grabbed a hold of her thick, alluring hips once more and pushed her over to lie on her back. He climbed on to the bed, straddling her torso. For the first time, Noelle got a look at his thick eight inches. The widening of her eyes almost made Jason harder, as he took a first feel of her soft breasts.

“If you want to get fucked so badly, you’re going to have to show me that you deserve it.” He moved further up her body, so that his cock was now resting on her nose. She had her eyes closed, savouring the feeling of being used like this. It had been a long time since she’d fucked a guy that wanted to do something other than worship her.

She tilted her head forward, taking a long lick of the underside of Jason’s cock. She could feel him shiver now, as he threw his head back at the first touch. She knew she had power over him too, and she made herself comfortable. She clasped both her hands against his muscular thighs, rubbing her lips against his eager cockhead. She pursed her lips together, releasing a small amount of spit on his head. She could feel Jason growing impatient, his meat swollen to its limit, and she enjoyed playing hard to get.

Suddenly, she felt him grab her hair again and push her right on to his pole. She hardly had time to breath, letting out a squeal that quickly became a guttural choke. She scratched his thighs, but it made no difference. He really was interested in making her his fucktoy tonight. He had leaned forward now, both hands supporting him on the mattress, as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth.

Jason closed his eyes to focus on the searing pleasure coursing through his body, and especially his cock. He focused on the combination of surprised moaning and wet gagging sounds coming from below him, and could sense her legs squirming further behind in a combination of pleasure and pain. He worked fast at first, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. He could feel himself getting ready to cum like this, especially as her defiant lips continued to squeeze his shaft and her experienced tongue rubbed up against its underside with every thrust. He had to slow down, this time burying his cock further down her throat. He held it in that wet, warm cavity until he could feel Noelle bucking underneath him. At that point, he pulled himself all the way out, taking a look down at Noelle’s face. She was surprisingly composed, smiling up at him. She he could see the light makeup on her face beginning to smear, and her mouth area was a mess of saliva and precum.

“Do you enjoy getting facefucked?” Jason asked calmly. Noelle sniggered in response, giving him a wink that let him know what to do. He ploughed his dick back down her through one more time. This time, he could feel her rising underneath him to take all of his length. She held tightly to his ass and pulled herself up as far as she could go to give his cock the deepthroating it deserved. Jason made quick, light thrusts. He wanted to get as deep into Noelle’s mouth as he could, clenching the bedsheets to stop himself from cumming. Finally, he released her. He pulled his glistening rod from out of her esophagus, rolling on to his back as he heard Noelle gasp for air.

Momentarily, Noelle rolled onto her belly after catching her breath. She was now level with Jason, and her hand reached down to stroke his sensitive shaft. “You know, I could probably get you to cum right now without even touching it.” She was enjoying this game of power they were playing together, goading him into taking back control.

Jason didn’t need any further encouragement. He was back up on his knees, pinning her head down as he straddled her thighs. Noelle’s prone backside was the most appealing sight he’s ever seen, and her glistening pussy beckoned to him. He placed one hand between her shoulders, keeping her head pinned to the bed. With the other, he felt her pussy once more. She had become almost as wet as his lubed-up cock in the time he spent fucking her throat. He rubbed her pussy lips, and took some time to tease her clit. He could tell that she was close to orgasm herself, moaning unashamedly into the bed.

He held his cock at its base, rubbing it against her prone, naked thighs. He couldn’t resist giving her ass a smack, eliciting another excited, stifled moan. He could tell she was as desperate for a release now as she was, and he was going to give it to her. He positioned his bulbous cockhead at her shaven pussy, and thrust all the way in with one shot. She raised her head off the mattress to scream out. “Oh fuck, that’s what I’ve been waiting for!” Jason took a moment to bury himself deep, balancing on his hands as Noelle came as far up as she could to make contact with his abs. She was squirming underneath his strong frame, but he had to remind her who was in charge now. He placed his hand back on her neck, and pushed her back into the mattress so that she was fully prone on the bed.

With that, Jason began to slowly move his hips back and forth, taking the opportunity to savour the feeling of warmth enveloping his member. Noelle was moaning softly beneath him, as he rocked gently back and forth, gripping her wide ass cheeks for support. He took an opportunity to open his eyes as he did so, looking towards her asshole. He could feel himself becoming more excited at the lewd view beneath him, and he began to pick up the pace. He reached down again to lube up his fingers, and he began to massage her back passage. Noelle was in her own world of pleasure now, letting out the same soft moan with every thrust he made and ever press of his fingers around her butt.

Jason took the hand pinning her neck and began to feel all the way up and down her shapely back. He rubbed her softly, even as his thrusts became more intense. The wet smacking sound of flesh on flesh was the main sound either partner could make out, barely surpassing Noelle’s ragged moans and the springs of the mattress. Jason could feel himself getting close, and he knew Noelle was closer. He leaned closer to her body, reaching around with both hands now to tease her breasts, fingers gently playing with her small nipples. He breathed in her hair, a strawberry scent mingled with the smell of sex. He breathed on her, nibbling gently on her shoulder as his hips came up and down in thrusts of major force.

He could feel Noelle’s legs between his begin to tremble. She reached one of her own hands out from under her to grab the back of Jason’s head, pulling him closer to her. He began to thrust in as deep as he could, rotating his hips to feel all of her warm, wet tunnel. As he did so, he could feel Noelle being rocked by orgasm, screaming into the covers beneath her. She pushed her body up to get air as she did so, panting “fuck me, fuck me, yeah” in her high-pitched, worn out voice.

Jason could afford to pick up his pace again, the wetness of her orgasm fuelling his own, as he pushed himself upright, hands firmly clasped on her ass. He gave a few more shallow thrusts, grunting as he did so. Finally, he buried himself all the way in, digging his fingers deep into her fleshy rear, before pulling out. He placed his dick in between her ass cheeks like a hot dog, thrusting as forcefully as he could. Finally, he felt relief come over him. He spurted out thick ropes of cum, plastering her back and shoulders in front of him. He wasn’t done, continuing to shoot out over the small of her back. She raised herself up onto her knees so that her could finish coming on her big, peachy ass. He shot two more ropes horizontally across her cheeks, before letting what was left ooze down to her asshole.

Both were rocked by the best sex they’d ever had. Jason fell over onto his back, look to Noelle on his left. She looked at him with a tired, sultry expression. “I guess I have to shower. You know, when I fuck guys, it’s usually with a condom.” She smiled lazily, eventually pulling herself from the bed. She stumbled over to the en-suite bathroom, giving Jason a killer view of his work dripping down her back and her ass. She looked over her shoulder.

“I hope you have more left in the tank. I didn’t even get to taste your cum in my mouth,” she snorted before heading to the shower.

Jason lay back. This had certainly been the greatest WrestleMania weekend of his life. Maybe the best weekend, period. He could only wonder what his friends were getting up to outside in the club.
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As before, this story was written about 18 months ago. A little before Becky Lynch took off as the biggest full-time star in WWE. I think readers enjoyed this chapter the most, so I hope you like it.


WrestleMania Weekend Debauchery: Chapter 2 - Becky Lynch

Tags: MF, Cons, HJ, Oral, Cowgirl, Cumshot

It was the night of WrestleMania. Fans and performers alike had fled the building to cool down, go to bed and prepare for a flight in the morning. More still had sought out venues to keep the party going, especially the flying fans looking to make a holiday out of their trip. In the case of Ralph and his friends, Jason and Barry, they had made sure to hit up one of the most exclusive clubs in New Orleans. They had already struck gold, when Noelle Foley, Becky Lynch and Paige walked through the doors. Jason and Noelle had clearly already hit it off, and had slipped away for a more private rendezvous. Barry, having secured entry into the club for trio, had called dibs on Paige and the two were getting embarrassingly friendly with one another already. That left Ralph with the Irish Lass Kicker, Becky Lynch.

Unlike the other two girls, who were known to be a bit ditzy - and maybe even slutty - Ralph didn’t have a read on Becky. He was aware that she had broken up with her boyfriend some time back, and there was no indication that she was in a relationship with anyone else. Ralph was frustrated - he knew it wouldn’t be as easy to get into Becky’s pants as Noelle’s or Paige’s, but he felt the reward of fucking the enigmatic Irishwoman would surpass almost any other wrestler. They were seated together at the bar, making small talk. Already, Noelle and Paige had left with the other two guys.

“You girls are able to stay in town the night, being on SmackDown, right?” He asked. She was clearly waiting for him to make any moves, so he thought he’d start out cautiously.

“Yeah, working on SmackDown is a great bonus,” she replied, clearly tired. Becky was the only one of the three that actively wrestled, so the show had clearly taken a lot more out of her than Noelle or Paige. Ralph figured that what she needed was some tender loving care.

“Even so, you have to be pretty banged up after Mania. Paige and Noelle are the lucky ones.” Becky smiled at his concern for her wellbeing, even though she was tough enough not to need it.

Becky wore a simple sea-blue sleeveless blouse and a pair of black leggings. She had accompanied the others on this excursion after the show, but she clearly had no interest in impressing men like they did. Sitting cross-legged on the barstool, she sipped her single malt Irish whiskey, letting the man opposite her make the moves.

“I might be banged up, but you’d better not think I’m some delicate flower,” she smirked. Becky was straightforward - she wasn’t going to tease a guy like Noelle, but she wasn’t going to jump his bones like Paige either. She would let this one play out a little longer before she came to a decision.

“No way anyone could think a professional wrestler is delicate,” he responded coolly. Ralph wasn’t going to be flustered by the tests being laid out in front of him. “I’m jetlagged this whole weekend just flying out here. I can’t imagine what it’s like doing that every couple of days.”

“It’s a living,” Becky responded. She liked the challenge this guy was giving her, and she was 90% sure she was going to fuck him. She down her whiskey, and shifted in her seat. Her arms were well-defined for WrestleMania season, and she liked to show off her famous shoulders. She was swinging her leg lazily towards Ralph’s now, waiting on his next move.

“You’re totally right,” he offered, “gotta get that bread. In fact, I’m so bushed after this journey that I was thinking of just calling it a night, heading back to my hotel.” He stretched and made like he was ready to leave. Becky loved the audacity.

“Mine’s closer,” she laughed. She leaned in towards the American, grabbing his loose shirt collar to bring him in for a kiss. Despite this being what he had been working for, Becky wanted to let this guy know that it was her decision to take him home. She pressed her lips against his, quickly slipping her tongue inside his mouth. They wrestled back and forth, hotly pressing against one another during the brief exchange. Ralph’s hands came from the seat to the back of Becky’s neck, attempting to take some control of the situation. He leaned her head back as he moved to the edge of his seat, breaking their liplock to plant a wet array of kisses on her cheeks and down her neck. One hand played with her hair while the other chanced brushing down her blouse over her breasts.

Becky was giving him what he wanted, a taste of what was to come. He could feel her nipples stand to attention, braless beneath her top. She leaned away from his advances, finally grabbing his wandering hand by the wrist to push him away and look into his eyes.

“This is the Becky you can get tonight,” she breathed. She had an intensity in her eyes, letting him know that she wasn’t going to let her profession and the day that was in it make her a submissive cocksleeve for the wrestling fan. She took a last sultry look into his eyes, his wrist still firmly in her grip, before leaning in to plant her own series of wet kisses on his clean-shaven face and neck.

Finally, she released him from her grasp. Before he had a chance to respond, she was off the stool and walking towards the same door through which she and her friends had entered earlier in the evening. Ralph wasted no time following the sexy redhead, but he couldn’t help noticing Barry and Paige in a corner booth near the door. Paige already had a hand down his pants, and appeared to be giving Barry a covert handjob right there in the club.

Ralph exited the venue, taking in the cool April night. Becky was making this tough on him, already a few yards down the street ahead of him. He jogged to catch up with her.

“You sure do like to make these guys work for it,” he smiled. “Maybe I should have gone after Noelle instead.” The cheek made Becky laugh.

“Noelle’s a cocktease, to be perfectly honest,” she replied, looking ahead. “She loves that men treat her like this goddess of fertility, and she lets them mack on her all evening. She might pick one to go home with, and give him the experience of worshipping her one-on-one, but she never goes all the way with these guys. She might give them a handjob or even let them cum in her mouth, but she’s smart enough not to let them say they conquered her.”

Ralph was surprised at how candid Becky was. Maybe it was the couple of whiskeys she’d knocked back or the post-Mania buzz, but he hadn’t taken her for someone so straightforward. He also knew that conquering Noelle Foley was exactly what Jason was probably up to at this moment. His friend was not a man that would allow a cocktease to have it her way.

“Here we are now,” Becky chirped. They stood in front of what looked like a luxurious little hotel. She turned to Ralph, grabbing his shirt again to initiate another noisy, wet kiss. Dishing the dirt on her friend had clearly put Becky in a good mood. She moaned into his mouth, her tongue wrestling with his again as she wrapped both her arms around his neck. Ralph knew she was more ready for this now than ten minutes previously, and began to slip his hands inside her easy-access leggings. He could feel the thong hugging her juicy ass, and he began to knead her cheeks roughly inside the leggings.

Becky forced her chest upwards to his, so Ralph could feel her rock-hard nipples pressing against his torso. Becky seemed determined to let him know that she was not a shy and retiring type, burnt out after performing at the biggest show of the year. She ran her fingers through his shock of brown hair, eliciting a short series of moans into his mouth. Ralph was already rock hard, and began to move her hands down towards his pants when she broke the kiss.

“Might be an idea to head inside first,” she panted. She tried to keep her composure, but she was flushed now. The cold night air had left goosebumps up and down her bare arms, and Ralph almost though he could see a wet patch between her legs.

The pair wasted no time, walking briskly towards the elevator. Ralph looked to his left at the shorter woman as they waited on their ride. She was buzzing, looking towards him and biting her lip. She winked at him.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, they were inside. Their hands were all over one another before the doors had even closed. This time, Becky was even bolder, her hand pawing at Ralph’s trousers, feeling up his hard dick underneath. He responded in kind, grabbing at her leggings to gain access to her moist hole. He had already begun the process, of yanking them down, revealing her ass in a red thong when the bell sounded to let them know they were nearly there.

Becky marched forward. Ralph was right on top of her, grabbing at her leggings and breathing onto her neck. She had to force him off of her to take the room key out of her back pocket, before she darted into the room ahead of him. He followed her into the spacious, well-lit hotel room.

He stood at the bed as Becky moved towards him, falling to her knees at his feet. She hungrily grabbed his pants, roughly undoing his belt and trousers before yanking them down to his ankles. Becky clearly had a competitive streak. She wrapped her small hand firmly around his pole, giving it quick and shallow pumps that had Ralph throwing his head back in agonised pleasure. Becky had one hand pressed against his leg for support, and felt his muscles tense with each pump, reacting to each ministration. She knelt at his feet, full clothed except for her leggings pulled just below her ass to reveal her thong.

Ralph began to inhale quickly and Becky had not slowed her pace at all. She continued with her dry handjob, enjoying the feeling of his rock-hard shaft without any lube. Ralph looked down at her grin as she made his cock suffer, and grabbed at her hair. He yanked her head back, breaking her grip on his cock and she smiled open-mouthed up at him. He saw the glint in her eyes before she shut them and stuck her wet tongue out at him, wrestling her hand free to clasp both onto his thighs.

Ralph took two handfuls of Becky’s long, thick hair, stepping forward to rest his aching cockhead on her tongue. He savoured the feeling for a moment, leaving his member to rest a moment at her mouth’s entrance. He closed his own eyes and he could sense Becky move her tongue back and forth ever so slightly to satisfy the tip of his cock. Her competitive nature was about to overpower him, and Ralph gripped her hair hard enough that he could feel her digging her own nails into his thighs. Nonetheless, Becky continued to slide her tongue in and out of her mouth, coating the underside of his cock with a thick layer of saliva.

Ralph could take no more. He grunted in frustration as he released his seed into Becky’s warm, welcoming mouth. She pursed her lips around his dick as he pumped multiple shots of cum into her throat. She kept her lips positioned at the end of his cock, swirling her tongue over his head to clean the last drops of cum out. After doing so, she leaned back on her hands, opening her mouth to reveal his work sitting on her tongue and down her through. She looked at him smarmily before closing and swallowing, beaming with victorious pride as she did so.

“I win. Delicious!” She began to laugh, quite satisfied with having proven that she was not fatigued or wasted after her evening for any man to have his way.

“Ah, you bitch,” Ralph sighed. The experience of cumming into a beautiful athlete’s mouth had been incredibly pleasurable, but he was disappointed at not yet having gone the whole way. He supposed it would be on her terms if they did. “This isn’t over,” he shot back at her.

Ralph leaned down. He pulled Becky up to her feet by the arms and let her fall forward on the bed. He pulled her leggings all the way down as she kicked off her boots. Ralph took a moment to admire Becky’s ass. She was a fit, lean girl. Since coming up to the main roster WWE, however, she had become meatier and all the sexier for it. Her ass was the most notable improvement, becoming thicker and firm. She clearly worked hard to keep it bubbly and round. Ralph gave each cheek a few light pats before grabbing them firmly and leaning into her now-moist pussy.

Much like she had done moments before, Ralph kept a firm grip on her ass cheeks as his nose pushed up against her folds. He took in her scene, before extending his tongue to lick across her pussy and tease her exposed clit. He could feel her bucking against his face, and he pressed harder against her soft butt to keep her where he wanted. Becky stifled her moans, not ready to give Ralph the satisfaction of making her cum so soon.

He was engrossed in her sex, lavishing long, wet licks up and down her entrance, sending a jolt of electricity through her body with every touch up against her clit. He moved his entire face in the action, kissing the warm insides of her thighs as his hands moved inwards to massage the back of her legs. He could hear Becky panting now, and her had were splayed out on either side, clenching the bed sheets as she bucked against his energetic tongue.

Becky began to audibly moan now, breathing heavily as she cursed under her breath. She finally raised her voice when Ralph slipped a finger into her soaked pussy.

“Fuck yes,” she intoned, pressing her muscular legs and ass back as far as they would go to meet the intruding finger. Ralph took the chance to feel the hot wet sensation engulfing his middle finger, simply tensing it and relaxing as Becky had earlier done with her tongue. He could see how close she was now, her feet in front of him criss-crossing wildly. To send her over the edge, he inserted his forefinger into her pussy, his left hand sneaking around her leg to access her clit. As he did so, she began to convulse. Her powerful hips bucked against his torso as he stood properly, taking her legs off the bed with him.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh- oh- oh-” Becky’s voice became higher and fainter as she was rocked by orgasm. Despite working hard not to let it happen, Ralph had succeeded in wearing out the redhead. He placed her gently back on the bed, her legs trembling as she stretched out on the grand king-size mattress.

Ralph kicked off his trousers to stand naked over the bed. He was fully erect again after hearing and seeing Becky moan to an orgasm of his own delivery. He crawled up on to the bed, caressing her panting, sweating form. Her fiery mane was everywhere around her head, sticking down to her face as she closed her eyes to catch her breath. She lay on her side to face away from Ralph, and he took the opportunity to admire her shapely, feminine figure. Her hips were wide, her ass was peachy, and her legs were well-toned. She still had on the blue blouse, and he could now make out her breasts as the sweat pasted it to her chest.

He began to kiss her naked arm, running his fingers through her hair as she turned to meet his advances once more. He made his way up to her shoulders, her neck, moving towards her lips when she turned quickly to face him, grabbing his wrist. Wordlessly, she pushed him back on his back. She rose off the bed to straddle his hips, his eager cock rubbing up against her mound.

Becky finally peeled the sweat-drenched blouse from her torso. For the first time, Ralph could take in her nude body in all its glory as she posed naturally above him. He trailed his finger across her light abs, quickly upwards to feel her perky breasts. She half-smiled as he did so, amused by the primal urge to get at her natural tits. While he was preoccupied, Becky took her hands to his dick once more. She stroked it again, this time slowly, lovingly. A thin coat of sweat covered her upper body, and she lazily stroked up and down his own slick cock.

Despite Ralph’s engagement with Becky’s chest, she could see him begin to breathe heavily, his hips moving by themselves beneath her. With that, she raised herself up, positioning his cockhead at the entrance he so wanted this evening. With a single movement, she sat to let his thick rod enter her. Ralph bucked his hips to get as deep inside her as possible, causing Becky to fall forward, her hands clasping his chest. The shock of her sudden impalement sent Ralph into a frenzy, as he began pumping quickly upwards. Becky bounced sharply up and down, her hair now covering her face as she moaned in ecstasy. She hadn’t been with a man in weeks, and this had given her exactly the release she needed after another exhausting show.

Ralph clasped onto her pert ass. As Becky began to meet his thrusts by rocking her own hips back and forward, Ralph began to play with her asshold. Becky was taken aback by this, something she had not experienced with any lover. As he gently massaged her back passage, the frenzy of sensual signals in her brain cause her to buck as hard as she could against his pelvis.

“C’mon then, fuck me,” she grunted as he forced his cock as deep as it would go while she simultaneously shook and swayed above him. She reached behind to grab at his wrists, but he wrestled against her. Ralph held both of Becky’s hands at her side as he flipped her over to take the dominant position. Becky was lost for words at being taken like this, only freeing her hands to scratch and claw at his back as his pumps became shorter and harder.

“You’d better not cum in me,” she spat, her legs locked tightly around his powerful waist. He pistoned in and out of her, not letting her know if he had heard. “Hey, unh, hey!” she shouted, in between her own moans of encouragement. Despite her need for him not to cum inside her, she wanted to make this experience last. She reached towards his legs and ass, clawing them, willing him ever deeper inside her.

As Becky felt a second orgasm come over her, she released her leg lock. Her legs were trembling even more violently than before and her head fell back in the mess of pillows as she let the searing pleasure overcome her.

As she did so, Ralph honoured her request, pulling his swelling cock out of her warmth. He only had to give it a single stroke before he was cumming even more roughly than before. He shot hot loads across Becky’s abs, more pronounced now as she breathed in so deeply. He held on to her firm calves as his dick rested on her mound, pumping his seed up between her breasts and across her belly.

When he finished, he and Becky were both soaked in each other’s sweat and cum. They were exhausted from their heated session, but both were satisfied with their performances. They both lay on their backs next to one another, simply catching their breath. As Ralph drifted to sleep next to the greatest lay of his life, he felt as though Becky has certainly proven that WrestleMania alone could not rob her of her stamina.
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This is the last part of the story. Hope you enjoyed, and I'm looking forward to writing more new content soon.


WrestleMania Weekend Debauchery: Chapter 3 - Paige

Tags: MF, Oral, Public, Anal, Doggy

Past midnight, the bar was louder and more intense than ever. Over the thumping music and incoherent shouting, nobody could hear the person next to them speak. Of course, speaking was not the primary interest of anyone at this point in the evening. Most were on the lookout for hookups, others already getting intimately familiar in the bar’s darker corners. More still were already departing the club, having made the decision to take their meeting beyond what a high-end nightclub would consider decent.

Pushing decency to its limit, Barry was tucked away in a private booth, hands roaming over every available inch of Paige’s body. She didn’t rebuff his advances, allowing him to roam between her soft breasts, encased only in a lime green crop top, and her leather-clad ass. As he nuzzled into her neck, she tilted her head back and cooed. Paige was an excellent multi-tasker - as she noisily encouraged Barry’s ministrations, her experienced hands were fishing into his pants to slowly pump his erect cock.

“Uhhf, you know how to make a man squirm,” he growled, nibbling her earlobe. Paige chuckled. Here was a man well aware of what she could offer him in bed, and he was seizing his chance with both hands. She sped up the pumps, limited by what she could do with his cock still concealed within his jeans. She rubbed her thumb across his swollen head, spreading the precum across his tip as he continued to roughly feel her thick ass. She leaned closer to him, moaning gutturally as he neared the limit of his patience with such foreplay.

“I think it might be time to take this somewhere else,” Paige smiled at Barry, still roughly feeling her rock-hard nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt.

“Why bother?” He clearly thought little of going one or two steps further in their section of the busy bar.

“Because I’m kind of famous,” she replied curtly. “I’m as big a slut as anyone in this place, and I’m a lot more talented at it than anyone here, but I can’t be seen doing so in public.” She gave him a wry grin.

“Not after the incident,” he offered in response. She slapped him.

“No, not after that,” she mused, before locking lips with him for the first time. Paige’s tongue wrestled firm control of Barry’s own inside his mouth. She breathed deeply through her nose, moaning roughly as she fought for dominance. She took a powerful grip of his shirt, leaning close enough that he could feel her chest rubbing against his own, her tits pressing hotly to his firm upper body. Paige rubbed her hands up and down his well-defined torso, taking the lead for the first time in their encounter. She traced her fingers across Barry’s covered abs, before continuing down to squeeze the outline his dick once more.

With little warning, Paige broke the kiss, leaving a small trail of saliva that quickly broke as she stood up and began to walk away. Barry came to his feet quickly, following her through the packed dancefloor as she headed promptly towards an exit. The sight of his conquest, swaying lustily through the energetic crowd strengthened Barry’s own resolve to fuck the shit out of her. He cut a line through the dancefloor to catch her.

The pair reunited in front of an exit door. This time, Barry caught Paige off guard, grabbing her hips and pushing his waist against her fat ass. Paige lurched forward against the wall, her hands splayed in front of her as Barry pressed against her body. He began to reach his hands inside her pants, humping against her ass as he did so. Despite her wish to get outside before going any further, Paige’s increasingly wet pussy was stifling her rejection of this advance. She reached a hand back, pulling at Barry’s hair, but he let it happen.

He reached between her heated thighs within her leather leggings. She was smoothly shaven below the belt, and he easily found her now-swollen clit. He leaned close to her, so that her whole body pressed against the wall and he against her body. She stifled a deep moan as he began to tease her clit, rubbing circular motions as she had done with his cockhead earlier. Barry was much less of a tease than Paige was, quickly inserting index and middle finger knuckle-deep inside her. He felt her knees almost buckle, using his free hand to wrap around her torso and keep her on her feet.

As he quickly fingered her, Barry could feel Paige tremble in his hands, her ass pressing further back against his concealed member. With both her hands supporting her, Barry grabbed her by the collar, pulling her closer again to his face.

“Do you like this? You told me that you were a slut, so I think it’s only fair that you prove it.”

“Oh baby, yes, yess.” She groaned back at him. She had given up on exiting the club, content to let this stranger do with her what he would.

“I’m sure you love having the opportunity to show it off to these party people, right? You must love being the queen of sucking and fucking here. You get off on this exhibitionism, don’t you?” Barry was clearly hitting a nerve, feeling Paige bucking on his stationary fingers as he talked dirty to her.

He took her free hand and wrapped it around her porcelain neck. Both were coated in a thin layer of sweat this point in the evening, but he could still take a firm hold on her throat. Paige clearly took his advance well, squealing as he squeezed lightly at her neck. He felt the muscles within her love tunnel contract tightly around her fingers as he clearly hit on one of Paige’s kinks. He kept only a light grip on her throat until he felt her reach back and place her hands on his trapped, straining dick once more. Knowing that this was his surefire way to bring the best out in his new slut, Barry continued to squeeze until he felt her tapping out on his thigh.

Feeling Paige’s juicy thighs trembling against his groin, and feeling her contract tightly around his fingers, Barry understood that she was cumming. Instantly, he felt her let out a grunt as her head dipped down and her legs became jelly. He acted quickly to keep her on her feet, wrapping both arms tightly around her waist and propping her up against the wall.

Paige turned to lean against the wall for support, gently pulling Barry in for another heated kiss. Despite her skilled tongue and her thick, dick-sucking lips, Paige kissed him this time with a simplicity and softness, clearly basking in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Really, I think it’s time we get out of sight,” she chuckled, her eyes heavy after being rocked to climax.

Barry needed little more encouragement than that. He took her by the shoulders and walked her through the emergency exit. The pair emerged into the cold spring night, only now realising how intoxicated they had become.

“You know, I think it’s only right I show you how much of a dirty slut I can be,” Paige offered, pulling Barry’s collar until the two both leaned against the club’s wall. She took him in for another kiss, her hot saliva mixing with his as her tongue swirled within his mouth. He took the opportunity once again to snake his hands down her body, taking a handful of her meaty ass and squeezing more roughly than before.

“Mmmhh,” Paige moaned into his mouth, provoked by Barry’s less-than-gentle handling. “I think your friend is about ready to come out and play,” she gasped, breaking their liplock. Barry was forcing his body as close to her own as possible, roughly humping his clothed cock against Paige’s still-undone leather jeans. As she nuzzled his neck, Barry began hastily pawing at her chest once more, pulling her loose cotton tank top down to reveal her smooth, pale breasts.

Paige planted wet kisses all around his mouth and down his neck as she slowly sank to her knees. In the dark of the street alley, it may have looked like Barry was some drunk catching his breath after too much partying. In reality, he was being serviced by the most sexually explosive woman in professional wrestling.

As she undid his jeans to finally reveal his aching, sensitive cock, Paige could sense his growing frustration. Not only had Barry already fingered her to her own orgasm, but she was becoming more and more undressed without ever giving him the chance to bask in her fit body. She chuckled as she returned to softly, slowly stroking his thick member. She leaned in to breathe on his length, before dipping underneath to kiss each of his heavy balls.

This served to send Barry’s blood to boil. He grabbed Paige’s long, raven hair in messy handfuls as she alternated between sloppy kisses planted on his neatly groomed sack. As his grip tightened on her hair, Paige finally took his left nut in her mouth, her loud moans muffled as she churned her tongue and spit over his testicle. When she rose for air, she allowed his stiff cock to land on her face, resting across her forehead as she faced up towards her suitor. She could feel his hot dick pulsating as she caught her breath, staring up into his lust filled eyes.

Quickly, Paige moved back down, this time taking both of Barry’s testicles in her mouth.

“Hggahf,” was the only sound of struggle Barry could hear as he tilted his head back in ecstacy. Paige was clearly a pro at servicing a man in this position. Her tongue roughly lapped at his swollen balls, and he could do nothing but grab at her hair in desperation as his large cock once more blocked his view of her face. Her lips cupped his sack with incredible suction, edging him close to pain as a payback for his rough treatment throughout the night. Despite this, the pleasure overwhelmed all other sensation as she reached the end of her breath on his nuts, burying her face as deep into his groin as she could before pulling away for air, leaving a trail of saliva between her wet mouth and Barry’s on-edge cock.

Before Paige could do anymore, Barry grabbed her at her temples. He stood slightly back so that his cock was level with her face, his throbbing head rubbing over her thick, pouty lips as she gasped for air. Despite herself, spit and sweat coating her face and loose breasts, Paige was experienced enough to lean her head backward, shutting her eyes and opening her mouth wide in anticipation.

Finally, Barry had his release. He kept his big hands firmly planted on her head, guiding his cock into her mouth and deep into her throat with little regard for her reaction. Of course, Paige was not new to sucking cock, taking as much of his length into her hot orifice as possible before Barry heard her begin to choke. Despite her aural warning, Barry kept seven inches of his dick buried down her throat for some blissful moments before pulling it out in one stroke.

“Gah,” Paige panted, her eyeliner now beginning to run across her cheekbones as she wiped the spittle from her mouth. “I have all night baby,” she offered upon catching her breath, “as long as it takes for you to get yours.” With that, she leaned forward on her knees, once again opening her mouth to receive his lubed member.

Barry did not hesitate to accept her offer, this time forcing his cock some inches into her mouth before his head struck the back of her throat. With that, he pulled it back until only his bulbous glans was all that remained between her thick dick-sucking lips.

“Mmmm,” she cooed, before Barry swiftly repeated the motion. He rapidly thrust his dick into her waiting mouth, the shallow movements producing a pool of saliva within her mouth. As Paige struggled to swallow the excess drool building up, the contractions of her throat only provoked Barry further, as he sped up his movements. He desperately facefucked the television star, now leaning back against the brick wall for support against his onslaught.

“Oh, I’m sure you like this, you tease,” Barry grunted as he continued thrusting into her mouth.

“Unnhfhhf” was all Paige could let out in response, a hot moan as her tongue worked over the underside of his cock in time with his trusts.

As Barry pinned her head against the wall, reaching his limit, Paige’s hands grabbed wildly at his waist, pulling his jeans down so that his dick and balls were fully free. With one hand still clamped around his naked thigh, Paige began to fondle his balls. He slowed his thrusts to allow her maximum access. She ran her delicate but strong fingers across his testes as he lazily moved the tip of his dick in and out of her mouth at an irregular pace. Finally, when Paige felt his balls begin to tighten near his climax, she pushed him away.

It took the height of his self-control for Barry not to cum on her face and chest as she pushed him away from her. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he groaned in frustration.

Wordlessly, Paige came back to her feet, turning lazily to face the wall as she pulled her leggings down just low enough to reveal her ass.

“You’ve come this far,” she murmured, “you may as well get the whole experience.” With that, she stretched a few steps backward, balancing herself with both hands against the club wall as she offered her pale, fat ass to to the sloppy, rock-hard boner behind her.

Barry wasted no motion, stepping forward to hot-dog his dick between her thick cheeks. He dug his powerful fingers into her round flesh, eliciting another moan that confirmed for him just how much Paige liked to be treated like a whore. As he impatiently slid his slick cock between her warm ass cheeks, he leaned into her once more. He took a deep breath of her messed hair, which nevertheless reeked of the perfume she came into the club wearing. He nibbled at her ear as she bucked her own hips back towards his crotch.

“You like being fucked in the ass?” he asked, once more invoking her leaked videos.

“I love it, baby,” she responded. “I’m about to let a fucking stranger take me up the ass, shouldn’t that let you know?” She clearly had a good humour fucking a guy that had seen her videos. Barry wondered how many other she had been with since those videos were released, and how many would be bold enough to bring them up. He decided to double down.

“You seem to like cucking your boyfriends,” he growled in her ear as he dug his nails more deeply into her creamy butt. “Let me tell you now that you won’t get that over on me.” Paige chuckled at his aggression, reaching a hand back to cup his head for another steamy kiss.

“Believe me, you’re the kind of guy I’d fuck instead of my boyfriend.” she said as the pair separated. “Maybe a potential bf is lucky I’m not seeing anyone right now.” With that, she firmly pressed her ass back, insistent that Barry finish what he came here to do.

Without any further hesitation, Barry began to press his cockhead against her asshole. Despite what he knew of her sex life from her videos, Paige was nonetheless tight as any ass he’d ever fucked. He supposed the athletic lifestyle kept her tight and firm, physically.

As he guided his cock into her asshole, he could sense Paige in front of him moaning gutturally. As he continued to push his seven inches into her back passage, he could hear her in front of him panting under her breath, moaning inaudible words to herself. The individual pleasure Paige was getting out of this encounter only provoked him further, and he quickly buried the remaining inches into her ass.

His swift final movement came unexpectedly to Paige, whose back suddenly straightened out. The shift in her position created a little friction around Barry’s cock, now impaled inside her, bringing him a wave of pleasure without having to do anything more.

“Ugh, you bastard,” she sighed in his direction. “I don’t know where you get off thinking you can be so rough.” Her voice grew huskier as she made that final warning, letting Barry know that he should really be as rough as he pleased.

As Paige straightened herself once more, Barry began pulling his member out of her ass. He did so slowly, relishing every inch of her welcoming tunnel. As he pushed back in, he leaned forward, this time feeling her exposed breasts. He did so with little hesitation or decency, pinching her erect nipples and pawing her areolae with his rough fingers. He could hear her begin to moan throatily to herself once more as he did so, lowering his head to press into her upper back as his hips began to take off by themselves. He pistoned his lubricious cock in and out of her as, which contracted and gaped as he did so to maximise the pleasure for both.

“Ooh baby,” she breathed huskily, evoking the quotes from her own videos. This sent whatever blood was left in Barry’s head straight to his dick, as he frantically pumped her ass, tightly gripping her breasts as his powerful thrusts pinned her standing against the club’s wall.

Paige was close to her second climax, delivered anally, and Barry was ready to bust his nut. He leaned in again to her, kissing and biting at her shoulders and neck. She snaked a hand down to scratch and claw his thighs.

“Do it baby,” she squealed, “cum inside my ass.” Her words were muffled as Barry’s muscular body was forcing her to press her entire body into the wall as he fucked her with all his might.

With that, Barry let go. He let out a heavy grunt, taking his left hand and wrapping it around Paige’s neck as he pumped his hot cum into her ass. Paige was rocked by her own orgasm at the same time, letting out a scream as loud as she could as he cut off her air supply. He rocked his hips back and forth, keeping his dick buried to the hilt within her as he spilled rope after rope of semen into her welcoming hole.

When both were finally satisfied, panting against the wall as his dick softened inside her, Barry finally pulled out. Paige let out a groan as she stretched herself for the first time after a hot few minutes. She revealed her ass to him once more, gaping as the cum spilled out slowly. Barry gave her ass a hard smack as she did so, before she quickly pulled her thong over her round cheeks, and forced her leggings back over her meaty ass.

“I’ve been with quite a few guys,” she mused, as Barry pulled his own jeans back over his semi-soft cock, “but I’ve never been roughly ass-fucked in an alley before.”

“First time for everything,” he responded breezily, making her laugh.

“Well, we’re both clearly in need of a shower now. And we certainly can’t go back in there,” she gestured to the door, locked from the inside. “So I suggest we make like your friend and Becky, and head back to the hotel.”

Barry came forward one more time, his imposing height and physique overwhelming the English babe. He leaned in to plant another kiss on her lips, no less rough than before, but more passionate than ever.

“That sounds terrific,” he said flatly. Paige walked out of the alley and Barry followed, still mesmerised by her waiting ass as it swayed out in front of him.


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