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Vida Guerra - Cocksleeve
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Vida Guerra – Cocksleeve

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

This story was written for Cadeaux as part of a deal, so hope you like it!

* * * * *

Vida Guerra stood in front of her mirror, checking out her gorgeously curvy, busty figure and making sure her outfit was on point. She pushed a bit of her dark hair back from her tan skin, wanting to be confident she was dressed just right. Wearing a short grey dress that was delightfully tight around her famous curves, it had the added benefit of being quite stiff, the material silky to touch but firm and resistive, fighting the movements of her body. With it being so short, just long enough to cover her gorgeous round ass, it meant that if she sat down it retreated hopelessly up and gave everyone a view straight up her skirt. That was kind of the point of the dress though and why she wore it, it accentuated and highlighted her stunning feminine shape whilst making her look taller, the short hemline making her 5’2” figure look that little bit longer.

Small in stature she may have been but that was all; her fantastic 32D tits, slender, gym-honed waist and hard abs led into her phenomenal 37” hips and big round ass that so many people lusted after. With a final touch up to her make-up to leave her lips a deep, passionate red colour she pouted in the mirror and stepped away, ready to head out. She was going over to her friend Sophie’s exes place to pick up some of her stuff after the break up since she didn’t want to get face to face with him; it was all rather bitter. Vida reached down to tug her fishnets up a little at her knees before she kicked her feet into black Jimmy Choos, a classic stiletto with the bright red sole to tell everyone what they were. Immediately clacking sharply across the floor, the sound echoing from the walls of her plush L.A. home as she got ready to leave, glancing down at her cleavage and making sure her tits were on point.

It was quite simple really; whilst she was going over to pick up her friends stuff and they were newly split up, just a few days in it really, there was no denying the guy, Chris, was hot. He was good looking and in great shape, a good few years younger than herself and, from what her friend had told her, packing a big cock that had certainly kept her satisfied during their time together. Her friend had enthused about how he fucked her and the size of what mattered on several occasions, even going so far as to show her a picture after one too many cocktails that only served to make Vida very intrigued. She hadn’t gone any further other than noticing him looking down her top on several occasions or sometimes checking her ass out when they’d been together though she’d never called him out on it or told her friend as frankly she loved the attention.

And right now she wanted to put that to good use as frankly she needed a good fuck. It really was as simple as that as all she seemed to be attracting lately were the wrong kind of men, none who could really give it to her and she wanted a good hard fucking. Her friend splitting from Chris simply presented a very timely opportunity and whilst she knew she would be seriously pissed if she found out she really couldn’t help herself. She just needed it and didn’t want the chance to pass her by, knowing she’d always wonder whether it would have been worth it; she rationalised that her friend had brought this about by telling her all about him after all and so shouldn’t be entirely surprised she wanted to give him a test ride. That was her excuse at least. She intended to go over to him place on the premise of collecting her friends things, give him the come on and enjoy the ride if he took the bait – she was sure he would.

She grabbed her bag and left her home, pulling the door shut behind her and clicking noisily over to her SUV on the driveway, hopping up into it. She had no hope of driving in her black stilettos and immediately kicked them off, throwing them over to the passenger slide as she slipped on a pair of old dolly shoes to drive, the comfy footwear doing the job nicely even if she did struggle to reach the pedals. The diminutive model headed out into the hellacious traffic around L.A. and made her way to his place, following directions her friend her given her when she’d asked her to go and collect her stuff. Vida knew where it was having been there a couple of times though it always helped to be reassured, struggling to stay focused on the driving as she negotiated the jams and tailbacks that ate frustratingly through time. Finally arriving at his place, she took a moment to calm herself, glad for the air conditioning that kept her cool in the scorching summer heat, the sun beating down on California unabated right now to push the temperature into the 90s.

Sliding her simple shoes off, she reached over and picked up her expensive Jimmy Choos again. They were tall, around 5” heels to push her petite form up to around 5’7” in total and it had the added benefit of making her already great ass look even better. Settling her fishnet-clad feet into the slutty stripper heels, the Cuban model checked her make-up in the mirror once more to make sure she looked absolutely tip top before she opened the door and slid out onto the his driveway, slamming the door as she looked up at the fairly impressive place. She’d never really cottoned onto what he actually did, only tending to hear exhilarating stories about his performance in the bedroom  but it was clearly more than enough. She shrugged at whatever had happened between them, figuring she’d pick up her friends stuff as she wanted...after whatever else took place. Tottering to the front door and ringing the bell, she pulled her skirt down a little, not wanting to give the game away entirely when he opened the door.

“Hey...Vida,” Chris said, a little surprised to find her waiting for him as he answered the door, big sunglasses obscuring her eyes.

“Hey Chris,” she replied with a smile, finding him as tall and handsome as she remembered.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Just thought I’d drop in,” she said with a smile.

“Really?” he asked, eyes already drawn down to her fantastic tits that strained at her dress, cleavage inviting and on display, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the curvy model.

“No of course not, Sophie sent me over to grab some of her stuff,” she said, smile turning to a grin.

“Oh right….yeah course,” he said, catching on to why the curvy pin-up was at his place.

“Can I come in?” she asked, indicating the house behind him.

“Yeah sure, sorry,” he said, stepping back and throwing the door wide for her to enter, sashaying past him and making sure to shake her ass as she knew he was checking her out as he closed the door in her wake.

“Nice place,” she commented, glancing around as she folded her sunglasses into her bag. She’d been there before but it was what people said.

“Thanks, hope you found it alright,” he said.

“I’ve been here before, Chris,” she said with a slight giggle.

“Right of course, not for a while though,” he replied, wishing he’d cleared up a bit before she arrived. She didn’t care however.

“Not for a bit, no, but I found it alright. Personal mission and all that, I’m dedicated,” she teased.

“Right,” he smiled, “how’s Soph doing?”

“Oh you know, she’s alright, keeping a lot inside I guess,” Vida replied. Sophie tended to complain without actually sharing anything, mumbling and grumbling as she worked things out for herself. Vida knew she’d hear more about it in time but right now she knew little about the details.

“Yeah she does that,” Chris replied, raising his eyebrows with a slight shrug.

“What happened with you guys anyway?” she asked. Vida was a little frustrated at herself for asking that as it might derail the mood a bit, however she was curious and couldn’t refrain.

“I dunno…I guess we just grew apart? I know that sounds a bit of a cop-out but it’s true, we just want different things. She sees the future differently I guess,” he said. She could tell he was a bit put out, which was hardly surprising as nobody felt great after a break-up but he seemed pretty accepting of it even if he wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome.

“I get it, that happens,” she said, having had similar conversations in the past.

“Well it’s for the best,” he said, closing the topic.

“I guess so, have to be happy. You just need some cheering up,” she said with a smile.

“Ha, maybe so,” he said, lightening the mood as he turned to the kitchen.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked, switching back to being the host.

“Just some water would be great, it’s searing out there,” she said.

“Sure no problem, it’s hot today,” he agreed, heading into the kitchen and pouring her a glass of ice cold water straight from the fridge. He grabbed a beer for himself, twisting the cap off the refreshing Budweiser and taking a sip as he delivered the cool, clear water to the stunning Cuban.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the perspiring glass from him, again noticing how his glance flicked down to her fantastic tits as she took a drink, when he clearly thought she couldn’t see him looking. There was a moment between them, an electricity building like a static as they locked eyes, Chris taking another drink of his beer as he stared down at her before suddenly breaking away.

“I’ve got Sophie’s stuff upstairs, gimme a minute to get it?” he said.

“Sure,” she replied, watching him jog up the stairs as she felt the tingle run through her, knowing there was chemistry, feeling it between them in a tingle the ran through her soul and tingled her clit. She finished the cool water as he took a couple of minutes to get her stuff together, coming back down the stairs with a cardboard box.

“I think this is it, if there’s anything else I’ll have to get it later,” he said, shoving the box onto a table near the door.

“Thanks, I’m sure it’ll do,” Vida replied.

“Sucks to be here,” he conceded to her.

“I know, but look at it this way. It’s the first step towards something new...for both of you, be properly happy,” she said.

“I guess you’re right,” he agreed, since he knew deep down she was. He grabbed his beer and took another drink and Vida knew this was the moment to strike, to make her move and get what she wanted. She was sure he wouldn’t complain at all if he went along with it.

“You just need something new to cheer you up,” she said, standing the glass aside and stepping towards him, arching her back to push her chest out, his eyes unable to resist another glance.

“I saw that,” she said quickly, startling him as she called it out.

“I...well hey fucking shoot me alright?” he said, waving his arms wide as Vida laughed.

“Like them?” she probed.

“I’m not blind, of course I do, not as if I wouldn’t notice them,” he said, tension broken but now open to closing the deal as Vida pushed on.

“I’ve seen you looking before,” she said, a dominant, controlling tone to her voice. It wasn’t quite what she was going for but it worked, seeing him respond to her as he thought momentarily about it.

“Yeah?” he replied non-committally, eyes looking down to unashamedly take another look at her fantastic tits, not caring that she noticed now given how she’d called him out.

“Yeah...and I like it,” Vida said, making her move, feeling her heart pump hard behind the tits she was sticking out towards him with an arch of her back.

“Oh really?” he smiled, feeling the intensity between them as she gave him the come-on, immediately getting the hint.

“Oh yeah, makes me feel sexy...and I bet you like it as well,” she continued.

“I don’t look for any other reason,” he said with a short laugh.

“Well how about you do more than look, huh?” she challenged him, flicking her tongue out with a winning smile. His eyes roamed down her body, drinking in her incredible curves, womanly figure fully displayed in the short, tight dress she had on, her trashy fishnet legs and high heels just the icing on the cake.

“More than look?” he said, turning the idea over as the busty model propositioned him. He might not have been great at hints, but she was as subtle as a sledgehammer blow. He couldn’t deny he liked the idea and had contemplated it before, even wishing to suggest she join him and Sophie for a threesome though he’d never floated the idea – Sophie never would have had it.

“Vida...I…” he mumbled, mind spinning; the opportunity before him was delicious and irresistible...but he had only just split from her friend.

“Yes?” she urged, knowing he was on the brink.

“Look I totally would but Sophie…” he started.

“Is your ex-girlfriend,” Vida said, cutting him off.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Exactly. You need some cheering up...and I’m right here.”

“Well...that’s a hard invitation to refuse,” he conceded, smiling. Yeah things with Sophie were depressing but he knew they were done and the stunning Cuban model was right there in front of him giving him every possible opportunity.

“Hard is right,” she purred, smiling naughtily as she stepped forward closer to him, pushing her chest out and looking up with her big brown eyes.

“I…” he said – wavering. Getting his hands on her had always been a dream there was no doubt.

“Come on, don’t you want to play with me?” she cooed softly. “Get your hands on me?” she teased, pushing her fantastic D-cups up even more with her hands, dress threatening to lift enough to show everything off.

“I heard you were packing, and really knew how to use it. Don’t you wanna show me that?” she continued.

“Fuck yeah I do,” he said with a smile, giving in to her wants.

“Good,” she smirked, pleased with herself that she’d hooked him.

“But we’re never telling Sophie, right?” he added, a serious note to proceeding.

“No, never,” she replied.

“Swear on it?” he clarified. He didn’t want Sophie finding this out, they’d argued about it when they were together on occasion and he didn’t need more grief from it...or to cause trouble between them. It was just hassle he didn’t need. Vida paused, then smiled and held up her hand, little finger extended.

“Pinky swear on it,” she purred, flicking her eyebrows. Standing up, he reached out and hooked his little finger in hers, binding tightly for a moment before they broke.

“Good, now that’s done come with me, I’m gonna take care of you,” she murmured, taking his hand and leading him to the stairs. Chris readily followed, on board now and looking forward to finally getting the curvaceous model, having lusted after her previously and held it back. She was going to be a delicious palate cleanser and he could already feel his cock stiffening, taking in the shake of her amazing round ass as she walked ahead. He got a peak up her skirt as she scaled the stairs, confidently striding up them on her red soled high heels and shaking her hips, tiny dress barely covering her and giving him a flash of her evidently skimpy panties beneath her fishnets. Vida knew exactly what he was doing as she led him to his bedroom, smiling to herself as that was the point of her slutty little dress. 

Leading him into his room, Vida spun around and pulled herself close, pushing up towards him to lead him into a kiss; it was tentative at first, finding each other out but their energy quickly took over as Vida pulled herself strongly towards him, hands at his sides to grip his shirt and yank him close as their tongues entwined and battled, the succulent strength of hers evident as it pressed into his mouth. His hand pulled into the small of her back to arch her tighter against him as his other went to her hip, pausing there until Vida grabbed it and pulled it onto her ass and mumbled as he immediately squeezed. His hand groped her intently, slipping at the silky dress before he shoved his hand down under it and pulled back up on her ass, fishnets all that stood between him and her warm, caramel skin as Vida giggled, loving his hunger for her. She turned him where they stood then with significant strength, aided by her constant workouts, she shoved him away and back onto the bed, Chris sitting at the foot of if before the short, curvy model.

“Sit there,” she commanded. He immediately went to break her orders, Vida surging forward to push him back down.

“Stay there and watch, you’ll get yours soon,” she said, flicking her eyebrows and stepping back from him. He did as she requested this time, leaning back on his hands as he watched the curvy model step backwards from the bed and then start dancing, motions small but sensual, her body seeming to flow, her movements like liquid as she got into her rhythm. She smiled widely, enjoying herself and looking forward to things, holding eye contact with him a moment before she pushed her hands into her long dark hair, tipping her head back and arching her back to push her fantastic tits out for him, straining at the tight grey dress as she did. Rocking her hips, she spun around for him to show her famous booty, back arched to stick it out for his eyes that relished every possible second of her showing off.

Vida glanced back over her shoulder, loving how he watched her and his eyes weren’t anywhere near meeting her own. They were fixated on her ass, her fishnet tights disappearing up beneath the stiff dress that barely managed to cover her up, pushed up and beautifully tensed on her stripper heels. She slowed her motions to long, powerful sways of her hips, mesmerising him with every luscious swing of her body, his cock stiffening thickly in his jeans as he watched the gorgeous creature before him. Vida sped up her saucy dance, faster and faster before she gave a rapid, energetic shake of her ass, giggling as her phenomenal booty shook for him.

“Oh yeah that’s great,” he murmured, voice low and husky, the kind that sent a tremble through Vida, adding to the excitement building as she danced for him.

“You might like this then,” she purred, glancing back foxily over her shoulder at him with a wink and a smile, pushing her hands over her famous 37” hips, fingers wrapping around her pelvis to her ass a little to squeeze, giving hints at what he could do to her soon as she just pulled the dress up a little, a hint more of her gorgeous caramel skin through the stark black fishnets before she released it. Pausing, the moment seeming to stretch, Vida stepped her legs a little wider, settling her feet confidently into her red soled Jimmy Choos and arching her back again, a better flash this time that gave him a glimpse of the sweet bulge of her pussy between her legs. Her hands slipped up her back to grab the zip of her dress, holding it in place before she slowly pulled it down, not looking back to him and instead just letting him indulge in the physical, arching her back as she smoothly lowered the zip to let the grey fabric pull apart to reveal her slim bra strap and toned back.

“Goddamn,” he breathed as she pulled the wide straps off her shoulders in sharp, sudden motions, tugging them down her arms to let herself almost tumble out of the dress, her magnificent rack already straining at it before she’d undone it and now it was free to escape as she tiny garment slipped down her curves to hang at her wrists. She still didn’t turn around, the moment captivated and contained with his gaze on her body, taking in the stunning, slender pinch of her waist and flare of her wide hips, the grey dress just hanging on at her pelvis for Vida to just slowly encourage it south so it pushed over the widest part of her delectable form and slipped down her legs. He took in the way the fishnet tights were wrapped skintight around her, the open weave almost pressing into her skin as they clung to every feminine curve of her ass and beneath it was the tiniest G-string with just a token triangle pulling into it before a thin string disappeared between her gorgeous cheeks.

Vida kicked the dress off over her heels and shook herself for him, spinning around to face him and let him see the rest of her outfit. He took in the full quality of her immense curves from her voluptuous breast down to the slender pinch of her waist, her toned, muscular abs beautiful as the tights pulled in over the wide, womanly curve of her hips and down into her gorgeous legs. His eyes were immediately drawn between them to the G-string, which turned out to be as tiny and token as the back had suggested, immediately feeling a surge of his erection as he gazed on the lacy edged but utterly sheer underwear, the decorative embroidery only at the edges to leave the rest of it completely see through, showing off the sweet bulge of her pussy, the lips beautifully rolled together with a perfectly shaved triangle of dark pubic hair just above them.

“You like it?” she asked with a smile as she held her hands out as if to present herself, knowing the answer as she glanced at his jeans and saw the thick outline of his rock hard cock through them, already knowing it was something of a very decent size.

“You look fantastic,” he managed, eyes giving a cursory flick to her face and then back to her body. It was what she was there for anyway and she didn’t mind at all as he took in her big D-cup tits in their matching bra, as equally scandalous and sheer as her panties. The bra was half cupped and equally see through, the lace out the way at the edges to let her stiff nipples show clearly through, the underwire designed to pull them together and push them up to give her a great cleavage not that she really needed the help. She was an absolute treat as she stood before him and she built the tension as she held up a hand to stop him, knowing he wanted to take her. Vida wanted it as well but she intended to just ratchet it up a little bit further and spun around again, shaking her ass for him once more, swaying her hips and spreading her legs to let him get a better look at where he’d soon be sinking his cock.

She bent over in front of him and stuck her ass out, arching her back to accentuate the position and push the delicious bulge of her pussy between her strong thighs. Her hands slid slowly up the sides of her big round ass over the fishnets to hook her thumbs in the top; pushing down the rolled the tights down from her waist, past her hips and over her booty, letting the edge press into her skin hotly for him as she pushed them down, Chris just watching as they peeled perfectly from between her legs and down her thighs, Vida bending further to pull them down towards her stiletto heels. She carefully kicked her shoes off and as sexily as possible peeled the fishnets off her feet, throwing them aside and standing back up to spin round to him, waiting in front of him in nothing but her sexy little underwear.

“Everything you always hoped for?” she asked.

“Always?” he replied with a smile.

“Come on, I know you had your eye on me for some time, I’m sure you’ve dreamed about this really,” she teased, slowly sashaying towards him on her now bare feet, significantly shorter without her huge heels on.

“Well can’t deny I’ve thought about it,” he said as she breathed quickly in the heat of the moment.

“Some come and get it,” she said with a confident, confrontational air, a smug little smile on her face. There was a pause, the briefest moment where time seemed to hang before he surged off the bed and grabbed hold of her, Vida gasping in surprise and excitement as his arms wrapped around her, towering over her dominantly as he kissed her hard again. Their lips messily met, tongues fighting and wrestling as his hands pulled her close, one into her back as the other squeezed her ass again, loving the feel of her bare skin now she only had the G-string on. Her hands grabbed at his body, fingernails digging into him through his clothes as they tangled, such a contrast now between them as she was in just the barest items compared to his still dressed form. Vida grunted as his hand shoved up into her long hair and yanked her head back, the sharp tug sending a tingle through her, only adding to her arousal as he attacked her neck with soft kisses and light nips of his teeth, the smallest bites so sexy as his other hand pushed lower and between her legs to let his fingertips pull over the back of her sheer thong.

“Ohh fuck,” Vida groaned, ragged and stuttering as his touch felt electric as he made contact with the back of her now soaked pussy, her heat and wetness evident to him. She was so horny and ready for him, as excited as his huge erection told her he was, pressing herself against him to feel him digging into her in the hottest manner. His hands were all over her as he released her hair, grabbing at her ass as he tried to take in every bit of the firm, toned muscles, the rewards reaped from her hard gym routine as he gripped it, letting his fingers play between and stroke over her tight asshole through the black G-string. His other hand shoved up between them and roughly squeezed her boob, making her growl as his large hand gripped her D-cups and aggressively explored, feeling how firm  and full they were, her rock hard nipple pressing into the palm of his hand as he closed it over her. Pulling away from her, he added both hands and tightly squeezed her tits together, groping and compressing them as she grunted in slight discomfort, loving how roughly he was handling her even in that moment. It was exactly what she needed right now and he was doing a perfect job, pulling her into another hard kiss as his hand reached behind her and deftly released her bra, the tight underwear springing loose around her body and freeing her constrained chest.

“Off,” he commanded even as he pulled back and pulled it away from her, Vida pushing her arms together to let him slide the sexy bra off and cast it aside. It was the briefest moment as he pulled her straight back to himself, physically dominating her, in total control of her as his hands groped at her naked breasts, squeezing them up and covering them, his thumbs pulling back to rub at her nipples as she murmured in pleasure. Her own hands were now pushing down his shirt towards his belt, fumbling at his trousers to release the thick cock she’d heard so much about and now eagerly wanted inside her.

“Fuck your tits are fantastic,” he breathed as he explored them, feeling their weight and size.

“Yeah, squeeze them, what you always wanted,” she breathed as he groped at her, hands so big and enveloping, completely in charge as she fumbled into his trousers for his waiting dick.

“Bet you wish Sophie had tits like this don’t you? I bet you wish she let you treat her like this,” Vida breathed, egging him on, loving the straight forward, no nonsense way he was handling her body.

“No, but I’m gonna treat you like this,” he hissed, hard and dominant, taking control as he squeezed her tits hard to make her cry out.

“Gonna treat you like my little fuck doll, since that’s all you want isn’t it? To be my little cock sleeve?” he continued. Vida gasped as he bit at her neck again, harder this time as he reached around and slapped her bit ass with both hands to make her jiggle, the string spreading through her tanned skin and making her shiver with pleasure.

“That’s it isn’t it, you just want to be my toy and let me use you however I like right?” he said, gripping her ass again as she squeezed his throbbing erection.

“Right?” he asked again coldly, yanking her head back by her hair once more to make her gasp. He wanted to hear her say it.

“Yes,” she breathed submissively, her voice thick, full of emotion as her heart pounded in her chest, her big pretty eyes staring at him full of vulnerability and excitement.

“Good,” he replied simply, a naughty, evilly suggestive smile passing across his lips before he kissed her again, holding her still for him as she just waited in his arms, helpless to his wants. His other hand pulled round from her ass over her hip and down between her legs, sliding easily down the front of her tiny thong and through her triangle of dark hair that she’d shaved carefully the day before. His lips kissed down her neck as his finger glided easily through her silken folds to immediately find her clit like he’d known her carnally for years, pressing her button with a hard grind of his finger that made her gruntingly shudder, rasping as it circled rapidly for a moment and made her knees tremble before he abruptly withdrew.

“On your knees, slut,” he said, hands immediately onto her shoulders to urge her towards the floor as the words stung hotly, making her quiver even more. She was absolutely loving this treatment, he was using her exactly as she’d wanted and had a big a cock as she’d been led to believe, that she was sure he’d waste no time in using on her. It was clear what he wanted even before he pulled his cock out, Vida sinking obediently onto her knees before him, sweeping her long black hair back out the way as he pulled his trousers out the way and revealed his thick cock for her, pulling himself out and stroking the thick shaft in front of her face as her eyes widened with a slow breath. She bit her bottom lip carefully, eyes locked on the thick, pulsing cock in front of her, marvelling at the size and thickness of it as she took a moment to enjoy and memorise it. She’d waited too long for another big cock like this and wanted to relish every second of it, though he didn’t have time for her to ponder.

“Come on Vida, show me what you’ve got,” he goaded with a smile, turning the tables on her now since she’d given him such a come-on and the moment was nigh. She had no intentions of backing down, his thick cock all she wanted so without hesitation she reached up and wrapped her dainty hand around him, feeling him strain and stifle a groan of pleasure as she did, flexing powerfully in her hand as he throbbed with the hardest erection he’d had in years. She smiled and pushed up on her knees to lean forwards and kiss his bulging purple head, feeling the smoothness of his tip under her lips, tongue sliding effortlessly across it as she slowly extended it. He just murmured with pleasure as he took a few moments to let Vida get going, closing his eyes to absorb all the sensations of her full lips and skilful tongue getting to work, the stunning model having no trouble at all. She was loving it actually, squeezing her hand around the base of him to make him surge and throb in her grasp, closing her mouth over his bulbous head and feeling the hot, hard heat of him on her tongue, loving the feeling of him in her mouth and feeling herself compelled to attack with all the skills she had for him.

It was exactly what she’d come for and she set about giving him a proper blowjob, one he wouldn’t soon forget as she sucked him into her mouth, having to open wider than she anticipated to take his thick shaft in, absolutely in awe of his size and the strength she could feel within him. She held him firmly and pushed down onto him, sucking firmly as she took him in over her tongue, letting the sensitive underside of his head push slickly across her tongue, hooking the tip up into him for a little extra zing that made him shudder. She smiled to herself as she felt him responding, always liking when guys enjoyed her blowjobs, spurring her to keep going as she started to bob her head as she braced herself on his thigh, feeling his hand rest on her head to just enjoy her ministrations. It comforted her somewhat, she didn’t know why, but she liked that feeling and murmured in pleasure as she pushed her tongue up against him, wrapping it around the sides of him and whipping it over the tip as he withdrew.

“Oh yeah you fucking love that don’t you?” she teased as she pulled off him for a moment, swallowing and taking a proper breath as she jerked her hand up and down him quickly, lubricated perfectly by her saliva. He just mumbled in pleasure, jerking a little as her thumb pressed intently beneath his head, smiling at the reaction she could cause.

“Yeah you love it don’t you? Love it when your little fuck doll slut is down on her knees sucking your cock don’t you?” she said playfully, a sexy edge to her voice.

“Yeah I do,” he growled, pulling her head back onto him, Vida giggling even as his thick cock disappeared into her mouth once more, pushing her hand back down him as she immediately resumed sucking his cock, going faster and sucking more intently this time, her tongue working slower but harder now to stimulate him. Her head bobbed under his hand as he let out a satisfied groan of pleasure, loving how she sucked, Vida switching it up by rocking her head to the side and rubbing him into her soft cheeks. She worked her head back and forth to let him feel it, straining his cock against her until with one push down he popped out noisily and rubbed over her face. Vida gasped, loving the heavy sensation of him against her and played up to it, using her grip on him to slap it on her face a few times and rub his thick shaft over her soft skin before enveloping him in liquid heat once more.

“Oh yeah like that,” he groaned as he smiled down at her, loving how Vida was acting exactly as he’d hoped.

“I bet you do, I bet you love watching me drool all over your big cock,” she murmured as she pulled off momentarily, stroking it as she looking up with a smile before she knelt up and spat over him, shoving her hand down and devouring him once more to glide down his cock. Her other hand pulled his hip now as she braced herself and started to really go at it, bouncing hard and fast onto his manhood as she slurped and sucked at him, undulating her tongue into every curve and edge of his cock to drive his pleasure forward. Holding tight, she pushed down hard and didn’t bounce up, forcing herself down deeper onto his cock so it strained into her throat, muscles giving way as she deepthroated his impressive dick, driving him over the back her tongue to slide over half way down his length before she constricted around him and withdrew, making him shudder as she gave a slight gag. She could deepthroat but it took some warming up and his extra large cock made it more difficult, but she saw it as a challenge and wanted more even as she pulled back to take a breath and compose herself.

“Goddamn Vida, keep doing that, be my little fuck doll,” he urged, commanding her which only turned her on more. She loved doing this for him, his fingers tightening that little bit in her dark hair even as it tumbled around her face.

“I’ll be your little fuck doll,” she breathed, shoving her mouth back onto him and sucking hard, feeling him push into her as she laughed dirtily under his breath, loving having her as his personal slut now, the model not bothering to hold him now, bracing her self on his hips as she shoved hard again, into her throat before another constriction and withdrawal. Chris just groaned and loved looking down to watch her go at it, letting her give the blowjob she wanted, sucking hotly, sluttily, her tongue working overtime as she sucked and slurped at him, giving deep shoves to bury as much of him in her mouth as she could before pulling back for a few hard, fast strokes of her mouth then doing it again. Her rhythm and pace were practiced and perfect, knowing exactly how to suck a cock as he encouraged her on to deliver everything she wanted to. Vida loved it, his cock was everything she’d been promised and feeling him pulse and jerk in her mouth, the push of his hips towards her to maximise the depth was just so hot, a perfect meeting of them.

“You’re gonna be my little fuck doll alright,” he said as she deepthroated him, head shoving against her clenching throat as she failed to take him all. His hand, that had been merely resting at her head, pushed down through her silky hair onto her head now as his other mirrored it, taking a dominant hold of her now. She knew exactly what that meant, shivering as he restrained her even as he let her keep controlling the rhythm, Vida focusing on the blowjob as he took a good hold of her. With a few final efforts of her own he started to take charge, pulling her head down onto him harder and faster, pushing more of himself into her mouth as she tried to take it. She gagged a little, body fighting him back each time as her eyes started to water, pricking the corners of her eyes as she gave muffled coughs and chokes around him. He loved the wet sounds of her struggling on his size as he held onto the busty Cuban model and drove himself into her still sucking mouth, tongue working on him relentlessly as she let him take over.

“Hands off, down,” he ordered, making Vida immediately respond in taking her hands down from him and dropping them to her legs to brace herself against her own thighs as she knew what was coming.

“Good,” he replied, liking her obedience as his fingers tightened on her head and shoved forward, far more of him than her now in their efforts to squeeze his thick cock into her throat. The star gagged and coughed as he shoved her down hard, caught out by his sudden abruptness, getting deeper as he managed to catch her by surprise in making her deepthroat him, her eyes watering hard as she choked on him. She breathed hungrily in breaks between his thrusts as he repeatedly stabbed into her and tried to drive his whole cock into her mouth, her muscles constricting up achingly every time to deny and frustrate him, only making him more intent on making her swallow it all. He paused to move his hands, Vida still sucking on him as he shifted to grip her with one hand behind her head and the other round under her jaw, taking a tight hold of her before he pushed again. The first few were the same result, her gagging pushing him back even as she willed herself not to, but then he amped up the power and shoved forward hard onto her as he pulled her in, tipping her head up and shoving down into her mouth to improve the angle. He got deeper and pulled back, Vida coughing and drooling around him, before he settled his feet and drove down again, giving her no mercy and holding her tight, rocking her head as he pushed hard to stretch her before with a sudden jolt she gave way and his cock slid all the way into her throat, Vida’s nose shoving into his body as she gave a heave.

“Ohh fuck yeah,” he growled as he shivered with pleasure, feeling her tighten up around him as she tried to gag, struggling to take him though he held her against him and wouldn’t let her release as he enjoyed it. Vida’s eyes streamed, tears running down her cheeks as she calmed herself, feeling his huge cock buried in her throat, balls against her chin, just softly working her tongue still until he released her and let her slowly pulled off his cock with a thick, wet gagging sound, saliva thickly running down her chin and stringing between him and her lips.

“I bet Sophie never let you do that,” Vida gasped between breaths, hauling in oxygen.

“No, because she’s not my little whore,” he replied with a smile, a playful barb as he grabbed hold of her and drove back into her throat again, having to force again to get in but she gave way easier now, resistance broken as he buried himself full depth in her once more and ground his balls against her chin as she tensed and struggled before him. He let her pull back off him, not all the way however and Vida took a couple of breaths around his thick prick before he shoved back in straight to full depth with a groan of pleasure as she choked, eyes watering as she gagged, the tears streaming down her face in a tumble of dark make-up, mascara and shadow running down her cheeks whorishly as she choked on cock. His hands held her hair back out the way mercifully as he started to get her into a rhythm, pulling her back just over her tongue and then pushing powerfully back into her, past her gag reflex and resistance to embed himself completely in her once more, loving the hot, wet feel of her mouth around every inch of him, the way her tongue kept lapping at his shaft as her muscles squeezed around him.

He took the chance now and held her tightly as he started pumping himself hard and fast into her, shoving right against her face every time to bury himself inside her as the model struggled and wetly gagged around him. She drooled thickly down her chin, the hot mess dripping onto her gorgeous tits as he thrust aggressively into her mouth. Vida kept her eyes squeezed shut now as they watered profusely and made a mess of her face, carefully contoured make-up ruined as she choked on his thick cock, Chris loving having her at his mercy to slam his cock deeply into her mouth, feeling her suck and lick at him as he did so. Vida hadn’t been face fucked like this in years, perhaps ever, and despite her discomfort her pussy was soaking, her thin underwear absolutely wet through in her arousal as she throated him. She couldn’t help but love it, being treated like this by him and just went with it, hollowing her cheeks onto his cock for extra stimulation as he started giving her longer strokes, his cock easily driving balls deep now as he made her take it, enjoying himself for several minutes with her mouth. He took moments in that to pull out and hear her gasp, watch her drool and push it into her cheeks again before watching her jolt as he made her deepthroat again, it was an utter delight.

“Had enough?” he asked, yanking the gorgeous model off him by her hair and holding her up, the exhausted Vida hanging in his grasp and gasping heavily for air, drooling onto the floor.

“Yeah,” she rasped.

“Okay,” he replied simply, happy with her performance and ready to fuck her, taking his chance to shove his cock back into her mouth however, straight to balls deep to feel her gag as she was taken unexpectedly, holding her there for a moment before he pulled out to leave her coughing messily. Pulling her up by her hair, Vida trembled on weak legs as she got out of her knelt position, wiping her face and chest off as he pulled her to stand in front of him. She got a moment for a break as he quickly stripped his clothes off and threw them aside to leave him standing in front of her with his rock hard erection ready and waiting, and there was only one place he intended to put it. Vida, who had recovered a little and wiped her face, looked up at him with a smile as she reached down and shoved her little thong down her legs to leave her naked, kicking it aside as he smiled at her, ready to go.

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She had other ideas however and quickly pushed him back onto the bed, Chris tumbling down and looking up as she pounced onto him. She gave him no chance to do whatever he had planned for a moment and kissed him hard, their tongues battling even as her ached from the extensive blowjob and his hands reached up to squeeze her big tits as they pressed down against him. With a quick turn Vida was up on her toes and turned around to drop her knee over his shoulder, lowering her round ass and slick pussy straight onto his face, sinking down to push her lips directly into his with a shiver as he immediately slid his tongue straight onto her. She gave a shuddering groan, her abs quivering as his tongue made contact with her hard clit, so hot and horny, her pussy absolutely drenched and waiting as he started licking at her pussy.

“Ohh fuck,” she moaned, leaning forward onto her hands to steady herself as she went weak, his touch like magic, an electric zing to her clit like a lightning bolt as he pushed up beneath her soft hood and hit her right on the button. She could only groan for a few seconds as he orally assaulted her with vigour she hadn’t enjoyed for ages, loving his intent yet careful stimulation of her, dancing around on her clit to both circle it and probe at it directly to make the Cuban hotty jiggle and jolt in pleasure. Vida watched his thick cock, still stiff and ready for her, jumping in front of her, leaned over to brace herself with a perfect view as she watched the veined, thick shaft pulsing in anticipation of her.

“Right there, right there,” she breathed helplessly as he hit the spot for her, the way he worked his tongue over her full lips before burying it inside her just perfect, feeling his strong, undulating touch just stimulating all sorts of nerve endings. She grabbed his cock and started lazily stroking it as he moved back to her clit, making her gasp and groan gutturally again as she worked her slender hand up and down his big, thick cock, marvelling again at the size and wondering how it would feel as he slid it inside her, knowing it was going to be an experience especially if anything else her friend told her about how he fucked was true. The moment was on her however as he suddenly pushed up from beneath her, his strength and physique moving her curvy body with ease as he shoved her off him, the stunning model tumbling onto the bed beside him as he pushed up onto his hands.

“Get over here,” he commanded, grabbing her ankle and pulling her effortlessly across the bed as she fumbled around, pushing her long tangle of jet black hair away from her face to look up to him as he yanked her into place. He shoved her other leg aside to spread her wide, grabbing both her ankles to push her legs back, loving her flexibility as he rolled her backwards, legs straight as he spread them to show off her gym honed fitness. He loved watching her engorged pussy pull open neatly with them, her clit hood and labia protruding as her legs were pulled apart, absolutely ready and waiting for him. He looked up over her beautiful body, her perfectly shaved V of pubic hair, the gorgeous curve of her hips and slender waist, lovely enhanced D-cups and pretty face, along with the blowjob lips he’d already enjoyed. Her fuck me look was waiting, Vida in the mood for it now, looking down over herself to his thick, hard cock pulsing between them.

It was so hot, for him to pin her down like this, taking charge of her and not being the slightest bit intimidated by her celebrity. It was equally hot that this was the bed he’d shared with her friend Sophie, a place where they’d fucked dozens of times and now he was pinning her down on it instead. She was his ex sure, but it felt a little like she was usurping her, a better fuck for him that he’d chosen instead and she had to admit to herself that she found that idea hot even if it was completely untrue. She was sure there were reasons why they’d split but decided it couldn’t be his cock, it was beautiful and so far he definitely knew what to do with it and she was eager for him to slide it inside her.

“Come on, don’t make me wait,” she breathed, looking into his steely eyes with her big browns. With a smile he slowly lowered himself till his pulsating cock touched her hot pussy, Vida looking down expectantly as he leaned over her, holding her legs wide as he rocked his hips to tease the tip of his thick prick over her and bump at her clit. She frustratedly wiggled her pelvis as he slid down into her entrance, the bulging head instantly covered in a slick of her abundant juices, the Cuban honey overflowing in her want for him as his tip teased along her labia.

“Come on papi, don’t make me beg,” she purred in a sweet voice, innocently biting her lip as he looked up at her. That did it as she felt him tense, a ripple of strength as he renewed his grip on her ankles and settled his position, releasing one leg which she kept obediently in place as he grabbed his cock and shoved himself into place. It all seemed to happen in slow motion as he readied to fuck her, a silent moment that was suddenly broken by her loud cry as without another word he slammed his hips forward and buried his entire length inside her. Her wet, engorged pussy was ready and waiting but she still wasn’t prepared for that, pain twinging through her body as her vagina was suddenly stretched by his thick cock driving into her. Her hand instinctively went for his hip, pushing against him and trying to temper his pace as she arched against the bed, other hand digging her nails into the bed as she was overwhelmed.

“Fuck!” she grunted through gritted teeth as he grabbed her ankle once more and started to pump, wasting absolutely no time being gentle on her as he pulled his hips back around half way and thumped himself against her once more to bottom out. The bed shook beneath them as he wasted no time or energy now he finally had Vida to fuck, using his strength and fitness to his advantage as he expertly worked his hips to bury his cock into her again and again, his body slapping against her big round ass and the back of her strong thighs. She was strong, in incredible shape and fitness with her flexibility helping as he bent her legs back but she still couldn’t handle his energy and big cock so fast, needing a chance to get used to it even as she loved it, loved the sensation of him inside her, stretching her, dominating her.

“Chris, Chris! Slow down, please!” she whined, head back on the bed with her eyes closed as she squeezed her pussy on him, both wanting him to slow down on her but at the same time keep going and maybe even fuck her harder, really show her who was the boss.

“No,” he said simply with a little smile, loving how overwhelmed she was, her pussy feeling exquisite around him as he slid easily in and out of her, her abundant juices making it easy for him to glide in and out of her. She was tight and snug around him, squeezing him just perfectly as he felt the head of his cock bumping against her cervix with every thrust into her, only tempting him to go faster, harder, more intently on the Cuban fuck doll. She groaned in ineffable sensations as he only put it to her more powerfully, his thrusts shorter and more intense, only serving to increase her struggles though it felt good, better, arguably what she’d silently wished he’d do. She was his toy and he decided to remind her of that fact.

“You’re my little fuck doll, Vida. Aren’t you?” he said, holding her legs up and pumping his cock inside her, his glistening shaft disappearing in and out of her perfectly shaven hole.

“Yes,” she breathed, laid back clinging to the sheets.

“You want to please me, don’t you?” he continued.

“Uh huh,” she groaned, accentuated as he drove deep and held himself there for a second, the clench of her muscles delightful, sending a new feeling through her and making her whine before he pulled back and resumed his dominating fuck.

“Well you won’t do that with complaints,” he chided playfully, Vida ridiculously feeling a slight blush warm her cheeks.

“Sorry sir,” she breathed, then blushed more as she realised what she’d said and conceded to him, that his dominance was working rather too well, turning her head into the cool sheets as she felt the hotness of her face.

“Just fuck me, Chris, come on, fuck me hard,” she gasped, shoving it aside and begging for what he wanted...and she really wanted too, arching her body up to show off her fantastic tits a bit more. He was happy to oblige her with that and immediately picked up the pace again, slamming his magnificent cock inside her, Vida groaning with pleasure as she felt every ridge and contour of it gliding into her sweet pussy. All discomfort melted away in her arousal and she just moaned her enjoyment as he slammed her, his hands sliding down her legs to hook under her knees and roll her hips back even more, knelt close to her as he fucked her rapidly.

“Something like this?” he said, a smile on his face as he watched the voluptuous model gasping underneath him pleasure, just loving it as he ploughed her pussy, taking everything he could throw at her and only wanting more.

“Si papi,” she managed in a struggled, stuttering moan, losing coherence and slipping back into Spanish as she shook beneath his efforts, body soaking up every bit of his energy like a sponge, an outlet for his physical passion. She wondered how in the hell her friend was able to give this up no matter what the reason, she just loved the way he was fucking her, having needed such a romp for so long. Now she had it she was completely enslaved by it and the man giving it to her, unable to resist him as he pounded into her squeezing, aching pussy harder and faster than she’d been fucked in years. And he was fucking her, he wasn’t making love to her, he was outright fucking her and it was exactly what she needed and from the feel of it what he needed as well. Sophie clearly hadn’t been taking care of him for a while and now she was reaping the benefits.

Her excitement and adrenaline were only taken up another notch as he suddenly leaned over her and pressed his hand to her throat, closing his fingers around her neck and firmly choking her, making her breath catch and eyes spring open to stare up at him. His thrusts never wavered in intensity, his tempo the same as he showed amazing stamina to keep pounding himself into the hot model when most would have already blown it, keeping it going easily as he squeezed her slender neck. Their eyes met and she knew she was safe, trusting him even as he compressed her, gripping intimidatingly powerfully with his hand to cut off her air. For a few seconds she couldn’t breathe at all before he released her and she gave a tremendous shudder as a rush of chemicals spread through her, the cold, accelerating sensation of adrenaline coursing through her and tensing her toned abs and pussy even harder for him,

He could definitely feel it, fucking her somehow harder, rolling her more now so his cock thrust up towards her G-spot as he choked her again, repeating the same technique over and over, fingers leaving red marks on her tan skin as he gripped her neck. He knew where she was at, sweat prickling all over her body and forehead from the exertion, flushing red around her neck and gasping with short intense breaths as he pumped up into her pussy. She was going to orgasm and he wanted to maximise that, pounding her hard and waiting for the right moment, Vida opening her eyes again as he’d stopped choking her, only to do it right when he choked her hard again, the hardest he had to make her eyes widen as he found top gear and pounded her pussy with short fast strokes over her G-spot. It only took a few seconds to push her over the edge and he let go right as she popped, arching off the bed as she gave a strained wail of pleasure, fingers digging into the sheets harder as her whole body shook, her breasts jiggling beautifully as her caramel body quaked in ecstasy, abs tensing as Vida gave stuttering rocks of her hips to maximise the sensations even as she could barely handle it, the pleasure almost too much.

A rush of her slick juices only made her pussy easier to fuck, the muscles clenching tightly around his invading cock felt exquisite and the additional lubrication only made it more enjoyable, grabbing her leg again and going back to how he had been fucking her with deep, hard jabs into her body. He suddenly switched to long, slow strokes of his cock, holding her legs back and letting himself almost pop out of her before burying every inch of himself back inside her for a few strong thrusts that made her murmur with a different sort of pleasure in the aftermath of her climax. Suddenly he was done with her and pulled out, making her gasp and look up as he threw her legs over to one side, rolling her gorgeous 37” hips with them so she tumbled onto her side on the bed. Vida looked up to him confused, wondering why he’d suddenly stopped fucking her as he hopped over the bed past her legs with his thick cock bouncing in front of him, her eyes unable to look at anything else.

“Come here,” he commanded huskily, entirely lost in the situation right then as slid onto the bed at her head and immediately grabbed her long dark mane with one hand, the base of his slick cock with the other. She gave a yelp as he hauled her to him a little harder than she’d like, the yank on her hair sharp as he pulled her to him with clear intentions.

“Suck,” he ordered, and without a moments thought Vida opened her mouth and took his cock straight in. He pulled her close to him as he slid his thick, juicy prick over her tongue into her mouth, pushing it into her throat again though she couldn’t take him all with her contorted position. He shoved against her throat and heard her gag, the choking delightful as she flexed around him, sucking hard as her tongue attacked him to taste her own slick juices from his cock, straight from her pussy to her mouth. She was his slutty little fuck doll and no intention of letting him down, sucking eagerly as he gave a groan then pulled her off by her hair, not caring for her mumbles of pain even as a shiver of pleasure trembled through her.

“C’mon,” he growled, grabbing her arm and pulling her up onto her knees before kissing her hard, their lips mashing together as his tongue surging into the grip of hers, battling hungrily before he shoved her away and turned her around, pulling her arms submissively behind her back by her elbows to shove her chest out as Vida murmured in pleasure. He bit her neck, making her gasp then growl in pain before he abruptly shoved her down on her front, the Cuban tumbling down into the bedding again.

“Oh Dios mío,” she groaned, pleasure tingling her as he roughly grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up towards him, her knees retreating up the bed to prop her up as she tensed herself to stay put for him, where he ordered her to essentially. He pulled her into the perfect prone bone position, her gorgeous round ass pushed up off the bed ready for him; her thigh gap was perfect, a beautiful hollow between her legs above her strong thigh muscles to show off her smooth, waiting pussy for him. She really was built to fuck, her body perfect to please men with all her curves, toned and strong, her fantastic tits and round hips, fat toned ass, she was perfect and he reached out to grope her booty, squeezing and pulling it apart to reveal her tight asshole. He laid a firm spank on her to elicit a groan from her, ass jiggling beautifully under his strike, so toned and pert with enough weight to shake. He put another on from the other side and groped her hard again before he climbed over her, kicking her legs apart to get her ready for him.

“Fucking love this don’t you?” he said, lining himself up with her hot, slick slit.

“Yes,” she breathed, pushing her hips back and wiggling her ass gently to encourage him to give her what she wanted.

“My sexy little slut,” he grinned and with that buried himself inside her once more, again going balls deep and shoving down against her beautiful ass. Vida grunted deeply as he filled her once more, her pussy ready for him but it was still a surprise as he took her so roughly, guys were rarely this intense with her and she absolutely loved it even as little twinges of pain were involved. They only helped to intensify the pleasure he was bringing her and there was plenty of that as his fat cock delved into her silky depths once more, gliding easily inside her to bump her cervix once more as she grunted hard. He groaned in pleasure and she felt his cock flex, straining hard inside her, somehow even harder than it already was as he fucked her. Despite his powerful thrust into her she managed to keep herself up on her knees, holding her position for him as commanded, her strong abs and legs meaning she could take the weight of him driving down into her pussy even as she quivered from the pleasure of having him inside her again.

“Vamos papi…” she moaned, trailing off as he started to fuck her again, bracing himself over her as he thumped his hips down against her stunning ass. To finally have the chance to fuck Vida at all was a treat but to be able to shove himself against her beautiful round ass was just divine, loving the sweet sensation of her clenching on his cock as she pushed back up against him, driving himself as deep into her beautiful booty as he could with every thrust. Vida groaned at the mixture of sensations overtaking her, his thick cock stretching her out again and tempting her to hopelessly massage her pussy on him, muscles squeezing rhythmically to his pleasure as he fucked her, his full length pounding deep inside her again and stretching areas of her she’d seemingly forgotten existed. At the same time she felt the burn in her muscles, the stress of holding herself prone for him, knowing it was what he wanted and might punish her if she were to renege on her seemingly imposed part in this fuck. She had invited him to go after all, just wanting everything he had for her.

His grunts and hard breaths behind her ear only turned her on more, Vida gripping the sheets to keep herself still as he pumped her, using full length strokes now so she felt every inch of his big cock. Her pussy wrapped perfectly around him from root to tip as he pumped into her, rocking his hips expertly with arches of his back to pull himself right back until her labia positively bulged with the flare of his head before he drove it back inside her, burying the most sensitive part of himself right inside her, the petite, busty model groaning as she felt him shove against her cervix again and again. His pumps into her built in intensity, getting harder, faster, trying to burrow deeper into her and break into her womb. She arched her back and rolled her hips for him so he’d hit the right spots in her on the way, grinding her G-spot again more intently as he had his fun slamming his big cock down into her.

He reached forward and grabbed her hands, Vida twisting her fingers into his, intimacy in their abrupt and primal session. She was being fucked, again, good and hard exactly as he wanted and she loved it, the way he dominated her just felt so fantastic and fulfilling, pushing into her toned ass and fighting her resistance in the most carnal manner. He gripped her hands hard as he fucked her, picking up the pace, shorter and harder thrusts now as he buried his cock into her repeatedly, grunting and growling his pleasure at her pulsing haven, giving every possible stimulation to him as she shoved her ass up into him, hoping to bring him to climax. That dream was dashed however as he suddenly yanked himself out of her, making her push up against fresh air with a gasp as she was abruptly left empty and denied another thrust of his big cock that she so wanted. She turned to look at him, whipping her hair aside as she did to watch him climb off her, releasing her hands and hopping of the bed as she gasped heavily on the bed, so frustrated by his stamina and control over her.

She squealed as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, trying to turn over and fight it as she slid down the covers, her beautiful naked body on complete display and Chris’s eyes had no trouble enjoying her fantastic D-cups bouncing around, the big nipples stiff in her arousal. He hauled her to the foot of the bed and rolled her onto her front, loving her big ass jiggling as he shoved her feet down to the floor, Vida fumbling around to stabilise herself as she shoved her hands into the bed pushing up on her hands only to have him immediately lean on her back to make her arch and shove her ass out towards him more, sweet pussy bulging between her legs.

“Stay right there slut,” he said authoritatively, kicking her feet wider apart to leave her completely exposed. She did exactly as she was told and assumed the position, shaking her hips to jiggle her ass at him temptingly, expecting him to just grab her hips and slide his big cock inside her again. Vida let out a cry of shock and surprise as he suddenly spanked her, large hand connecting firmly with her toned, round ass cheek to send a sting through her caramel skin. She looked back at him sexily over her shoulder as he laid similar on her other cheek to make it jiggle just the same, the hard initial strike developing into a spreading, tingling sensations that prickled across her skin in a strangely arousing way. Guys had always loved her ass and Vida was used to being spanked by them before so she just went with it, pushing out for him to enjoy.

She underestimated what he had planned though as he laid a hard, stinging spank on her, far more pain than pleasure as it connected with her toned ass, making her shake and cry out. She hadn’t been expecting any kind of intensity, more a playful spanking though she guessed that was naive given how he’d been treating her. Vida didn’t have time to ponder however as another harsh slap connected with her, followed by another and another, pushing cry after cry of pain from her mouth but she never told him to stop. She clenched and flinched, her ass muscles flexing beautifully to his gaze as she struggled, but she never once begged for mercy or told him no. His hand swatted her ass hard repeatedly as his other held down on her back, almost keeping her in place for his attentions even though she made no attempt to escape.

He paused to grab at her again, both hands this time squeezing and massaging her stinging cheeks, tightly fondling them as he pried them open to show off her soaked pussy and tight asshole. Despite the sting of pain and slight humiliation she was wet as could be, arousal evident as her body responded primally to him, just wanting more as he shook her ass before releasing her and spanking again, picking up the intensity further and hitting her harder, Vida crying out in surprise as it got more intense and the pain reminded her what a proper spanking session felt like. Pleasure tingled along with it though and she couldn’t deny she loved getting this, especially with his he was treating her in general, the sting of his blows reddening her ass thoroughly now as his hand prints which had stood out so crisply on her booty now blended together into one hot, red glow to her round cheeks.

She was growling into the bed when he gave her a final hard smack, making her howl as the pain just overwhelmed her a little bit before he let go of her and stepped up behind her quivering ass, cock throbbing and ready still. With her pussy dripping and just begging for him she thought it was a sure thing but she didn’t notice him spit into his hand and rub it swiftly over the head of his cock and down the shaft, gripping it and shoving it between her cheeks against her asshole. Vida didn’t even have time to register it before he grabbed her hip and drove inside her with a hard, deep thrust that stretched her tightest hole so much her eyes popped wide enough for them to pop out, her mouth open in a silent scream as her fingers dug into the sheets at the brutal way he’d just initiated anal sex.

She wasn’t ready for him at all as he plunged deeply into her ass, stretching her out and burying his huge cock inside her most forbidden hole. He heard her scream as she caught her breath, clenching and squeezing on him, her muscles spasming tenderly around his thick cock, body not knowing what to do in that moment as she tried to both resist and relax. She did anal, he was hardly the first guy to want to put his cock up her ass but she wouldn’t say she did it that often and hadn’t for a while, so for him to so abruptly force himself into her ass, especially being as big as he was, just blinded her with pain as her sphincter was stretched helplessly over him. Something painal did thought was turn her on and her pussy had given a huge squeeze as he’d done it, a rush of juices so abundant she was sure she’d drip noticeably onto the floor between her feet, not fighting him as he took hold of her hips and started fucking her. He held her tightly but rocked his hips slowly, just powerfully pulling his cock back and sliding it into her ass, the lack of lube another factor in her initial discomfort but it only made it feel hotter, more intense and tactile, able to feel every motion of him as he worked his thick shaft into her booty.

“Fuck that’s tight,” he breathed as Vida grunted beneath him, breathing hard, sweat pricking all over her back.

“You love this don’t you?” he said, able to tell she was enjoying it as he slowly worked his pelvis to slide his whole cock in and out of her tight, squeezing asshole.

“Love being my little fuck doll, love letting me fuck you in the ass,” he teased.

“Si, si,” she gasped, unable to deny how hot it all was as he slowly thrust himself into her, the pain of his initial penetration subsiding to leave her with the full, satisfying feeling of anal sex. It’d been too long since she’d been fucked at all and longer since she’d last had a cock in her ass and it only made her realise she actually missed it. The pain was one thing but it turned her on, her spanked ass sensitive still as he pushed against it, loving driving his hips against her big round booty as he buried his cock into her ass with slow, measured enjoyment and it was all just a tumble of sensations for the curvy model. She avoided squeezing her sphincter as it still sent small bolts of pain through her, not ready to play even as it wrapped around his thick prick that was slowly but deliberately thrusting into her ass, exploring every depth and angle with her as he fucked her in the ass.

He started to get faster, picking up the pace and pulling back more intently on her hips as he felt her relax into it more, knowing she could take it as he started to pump into her. He made sure to keep his strokes long to enjoy the full sensations of her ass wrapped around him, the firm squash of her cheeks as he shoved in deep, the little clenches of her muscles as she twitched around him and resisted his head pulling out of her as he teasingly pulled back against her. Leaning over her, he pushed a hand up her smooth back, loving the curve of her spine as she arched on the way to her shoulder where he took a dominant hold of her. Vida loved it, somehow comforting as he fucked her in the ass, like she was his as he held her firmly and started fucking her properly, pumping in hard to shove against her ass and push her down on the bed, asserting his position and making her really feel it. His grunts told her he loved the feel of her tightest hole around him though and she liked that, smiling a little to herself as she was pressed into the mattress and managing to start clamping her sphincter down on him to accentuate it as she relished the mix of sensations.

“Fuck yeah that’s it, be my perfect little fuck toy,” he groaned, allowing himself a shiver as his cock flexed hard in pleasure, her booty feeling as perfect on him as he’d always secretly dreamed it would. He fucked her faster, giving in to the pleasure and banging her ass briskly, hips slapping into her gorgeous ass to make her tremble beneath him. Vida gasped rapidly in pleasure as he filled her ass, loving the deep, satisfying sensations of anal sex again and only giving a loud moan of sheer joy as his hand twisted into her long dark hair to pull her head back. The twinge of pain, the burn in her scalp only added to the pleasure as he pull her mane and fucked her harder, hand pulling off her hip to smack hard at her ass again. She loved it, shoving back into him now to maximise their fuck, plunging his cock into her asshole again and again, locked in pleasure with him as his pace quickened.

His thrusts got shorter, harder, more aggressive. He had her head pulled right back so she gasped sluttily towards the ceiling, sweat trickling down her forehead as he twisted his hand in her black hair and saw the staining of her make-up down her cheeks, a reminder of her submissive choking on his cock. Her hips gave a jolt and she shuddered, bending her leg and lifting her large foot off the floor as she quivered in pleasure; his hand had pushed round her womanly pelvis, over her hip and underneath her to expertly touch her clit, easily finding the hard button in her hot folds as her neat V of pubic hair basically pointed the way to it. His fingers were immediately soaked with her slick juices, Vida unable to hide how she was being treated not that she tried, giving in to him immediately as she stood back down and started rocking her hips to make the most of his intimate touch. He managed to somehow hold the position with ease, bent over to reach beneath the diminutive star as he continued to fuck her hard, harder than he had been as his hips slapped noisily into her ass and still pulled her hair.

“Fuck you’re wet,” he whispered, sending a shiver of excitement through her like she’d been caught out or something even though it was no secret, her body dancing and shaking on him as he played her clit perfectly. His fingers massaged firmly into her more sensitive spot, lighting up nerve endings and circling round her button perfectly beneath her delicate pink hood. Combined with the unique feeling of his huge cock pounding into her ass, stretching her out so immensely, she had no way to resist him and with how he treated her she couldn’t help but come to another orgasm. Her body gave a tense and characteristic shudder, tight muscles holding on before she shook as she gave way, her climax rushing up in a huge wave that washed over her soul in one massive crash. Vida managed a few strained, gasping moans to otherwise signify its onset before she let out a wail to the room around them, body quaking as she curled her nails into the bed, her huge tits jumping and shaking beautifully in front of her, eyes shut and hips bucking between him and the bed he had her forced up against, rolling against his fingers as her asshole clamped fantastically around his impaling cock that he continued to jam into her.

“That’s it, fucking come for me baby,” he said with a laugh, loving making her orgasm again so hard especially as he nailed her ass. She shook and moaned in front of him, a stuttering, shuddering climax that welcomed her back to anal sex. He kept pumping into her hard as she recovered, not giving her a break just yet, however he could feel the telltale signs that he wouldn’t last much longer if he carried on like this. With a flurry, he grabbed her hips and dropped her, Vida slumping onto her arms as he pulled back and pounded himself into her as hard and fast as possible, the gorgeous woman wailing in overwhelmed sensations as he suddenly smashed her completely. She was totally dominated and lost to it for a few seconds before her sharply yanked out of her and pulled away, leaving her eliciting gasping groans, body jerking and her asshole gaping wide as he stepped back, hard cock flexing as he reduced her to shaking uncontrollably over the bed as he left her.

“Fuck, fuck where are you…” she mumbled, looking back through her tangle of hair, reaching up to push it back from her eyes to see what he was doing. She barely had time to comprehend it, legs still shaking as her hips jolted, gasping desperately as he seized her by the hair and pulled her up from the bed to make her cry out as he twisted her mane. He dragged her to her feet and hauled her from the end of the mattress, making the foxy Cuban stumble as he yanked her hair, Vida crying out in pain as he pulled her round the bed and spun her round to throw her down onto it, the gorgeous model tumbled onto the bed and rolling onto her back. He grabbed her wrists before she could even question him and effortlessly slid her to the edge of the bed so her head tipped over the side, right in front of his big, throbbing cock.

“Suck it,” he commanded, pressing his thick shaft down towards her mouth, fresh from her ass. Vida hesitated a moment, ass-to-mouth so nasty, something she normally would never do but right now she was just so turned on for him and ready to do anything. Opening her mouth, she closed her eyes and felt his big cock slide neatly into her mouth once again only it was the other way up now, her tongue gliding over the top of his smooth, bulging head. She couldn’t help but give a slight gag as he delved into her mouth, the fact he’d been pounding her ass just crossing her mind but she couldn’t deny it was so hot how he was treating her and with her on her back he grabbed her jaw and pushed deep to force his cock all the way down her throat until his balls pressed into her nose. Her gag intensified but was too weak to stop him, her throat muscles tired now and unable to prevent him driving easily balls deep in her mouth again.

Vida just sucked obediently and tried to massage him with her tongue, doing her job as he pulled back to thrust in again, then again, building into a rhythm quickly to thrust himself balls deep in her throat once more. She just breathed through her nose and gave wet, sloppy gagging noises as he pounded her throat, fucking her face hard as he held her still, her body kicking and writhing in the bed for a few moments as she struggled to handle him again, eyes watering and legs kicking out as she endured him in her mouth again, balls slapping against her nose as he pumped deeply into her over and over again. Just as she thought he was going to face fuck her until he exploded he abruptly pulled out, as fast and sudden as he had out of her now aching ass to leave her gasping. Vida just laid and took in air, reaching up to push her hair back as she looked up to him hopping onto the bed at her feet and sliding between her legs. Sure he was going to fuck her, she was happy to spread them only for him to grab her ankles again.

“Come here you,” he said, dragging her back onto the bed more again, Vida spreading her arms out to lay widely on the sheets, her beautiful, sweat-glistening body a sight to behold as he gazed down at her, taking in her big tits now, the gorgeous orbs heaving on her chest with every breath. He clambered over her and slid his hands up her sides to her fantastic breasts, Vida giggling as he pushed them together and covered them with his grip for a firm squeeze that made her murmur. She loved the attention her curves got and guys groping her tits always did it for her, loving the celebration of her feminine form and arching up from the bed to it as she encouraged him to play. His hands squeezed harder to feel the firm compression of her enhanced chest, loving how soft and supple she was, his thumbs pushing over her hard nipples and circling the tight points.

“Ohhh yeah,” she groaned, playing up to it and wriggling on the bed beneath his touch, begging him to play with her. She got her wish as he gave her a hard grope that made her grunt then climbed over her, sinking down over chest with his rock hard cock sticking up in front of her. Her eyes took him in, throbbing and powerful, still slick with her thick saliva as it pulsed in front of her for a moment before he sank down and pressed himself to her ribcage between her tits. He leaned over her to keep it pressed there as his hands pushed over her fantastic boobs and then pushed them together around and over himself, digging his hands and fingers in firmly to her gorgeous D-cups as he watched them swallow his cock. Carefully he worked his hips back and then slowly forwards, pushing his cock between her tits, holding them intently as he relished the feel of her smooth, soft body slipping over the sensitive head of his cock as his shaft slid between them, giving a groan and little shiver of pleasure.

“Ooh yes, vamos papi,” she purred, pulling her knees up behind him arching her back in a slow rhythm to help thrust him between her tits. She smiled up at him as he took evident pleasure in pinning her down to the bed and making use of her gorgeous curves to stimulate himself, pulling right back to push his bulging purple head through her soft tits, shivering each time as his most sensitive area slid over her beautiful caramel skin. She was sweet as sugar as his cock worked back and forward, feeling the buzz beneath the tip on the push up towards her chin and then on the edges of his head as he drew back, shuddering a little as it cranked his climax closer. Chris couldn’t help but pick up the pace, just chasing that primal high now as he leaned on her harder, crushing her phenomenal tits together around him to tighten the tunnel as he started to thrust harder, faster, getting his hips into a tempo as Vida grunted beneath him.

“Faster,” she groaned lazily, bracing herself against his thrusts which though already quicker got a bit more rapid, encouraged by her urging as he shoved against her chest. Pressing her tits together was delicious and he enjoyed groping her juicy body once more as his fingers flexed, rippling against her beautiful body. He massaged at her as he rocked, rocked forwards on his knees as he aggressively shoved his cock down against her body, their smooth skin meeting in delicious friction that only served to drive him wild.

“Mm yes, you perfect little fuck doll,” he grunted.

“Your perfect little fuck doll,” she replied, biting her lip sexily as she felt him harden and flex between her breasts, knowing he was close.

“Damn right,” he said with a smile, deliberately finding another gear and fucking harder, shoving against her body much more powerfully, rocking her on the bed as his cock slid over her gorgeous tan skin, still driving his whole cock against her to maximise his stimulation as Vida looked down at his prick sawing between her breasts, the head surging close to her chin with every thrust. Craning forward, she swiped her skilful tongue out towards him, pressing it across his thick tip as he gave a groan of pleasure, smiling down at her as she pulled back and looked up at him foxily.

“Come on daddy,” she breathed, knowing he loved to hear her begging sluttily for him. She wasn’t wrong and he only got faster and harder, his breaths deeper and more intense. Vida knew he was close so was a little surprised when he suddenly released her, only to pinch her nipples and make her gasp loudly, shocked by it as much as anything else as he pulled them away from her gorgeous tits before letting them go and giving them a quick slap to make them jiggle.

“Ooh papi,” Vida cooed, playing up to it as he grabbed her hands and pulled them to her chest, pushing her tits together around him again and urging her to stay put, which she did as she felt her delectable flesh close over his achingly hard cock again, pulsing stiffly and ready to burst as he thrust it against her once more. He was hard and fast, keeping his head between her firm D-cups now to maximise his pleasure as he breathed hard, grunting over her, staring down at her pretty, make-up stained face as he fucked her tits, Vida just holding on for him and rubbing her tits up and down to accentuate his stroke. Reaching out, he suddenly slapped her across the face, not hard, just symbolic as she let out a ragged gasp, not expecting it at all, his fingers stinging her before he repeated it from the other side and rocked her head the other way.

“Don’t play with me,” she whispered, flicking her tongue out at him with a sly look, a dirty little smile crossing her lips as he braced himself on her and fucked hard, finding that final gear she didn’t know he had, his muscular body tight and taught, expending every bit of energy on her as he jammed his cock down between her gorgeous tits, relishing every last second of the opportunity as he felt his climax rushing up on him, balls tightening as his breaths became short, hard grunts, holding on for the last seconds between her tits that he could manage. In an instant he wrenched himself back out of the glorious grip of her breasts and grabbed his cock, jerking it intently as he stumbled forward to kneel over her shoulder and pin her down to the bed, his hand going in a blur on his cock in front of her face that told her exactly what he intended to do.

“Mmmm come on, give it to me,” she begged, closing her eyes and opening her mouth, tongue extended in porn star position like she knew he wanted her to be as he furiously finished himself off.

“Oh fuck!” he roared in an elongated cry as he held to the last possible moment and then let it go in a huge, hard burst as his balls tightened hard to make him explode all over her face. Vida gasped and jolted as the huge, hot load hit her face, far more than she expected, so violent and intense as it seemed to hit her with huge force, jetting over her forehead into her hair before he adjusted his aim.

“Oh fucking take it you slut!” he gasped as his next shots hit her eyes, making her screw them up tighter as he emptied his load thickly over them and her nose before a splash over her cheek, running down towards her ear before he leaned over more to empty the last of himself straight into her mouth. His load was huge, the biggest she’d had shot on her face in a long time, the whole build up of fucking her and his impressive stamina having led to this moment. He gave several final, ebbing shots into her mouth until he clenched himself, squeezing his balls and milking his cock to urge the last thick drop out onto her tongue, wiping his bulging head off on her as he gave a final grunt and then sagged back exhausted, leaning back onto her thighs and taking deep gasps of air.

Vida rolled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed his salty load, shivering a little as the taste spread through her, always loving it when men came in her mouth as she gulped it down for him, knowing his eyes were on her and he was loving her being his perfect little fuck doll. She gasped for breath and nothing else broke the silence for a minute as they both recovered, the model feeling the immense come shot cooling on her face, Chris climbing off her to collapse on the bed beside her. Vida felt the sting of his massive load seeping into her eyes and pulled herself up off the bed, fumbling around for something to wipe her face with only to thankfully be furnished with a tissue by him which she thrust into her eyes to soak up his come. It had only served to ruin her make-up further and now she was a smeared mess, her red lipstick smudged across her face from his face fucking of her, mascara and eye shadow streamed down her face from her choked tears and his load being jetted straight onto her face, the heat and exertions having ruined her hair and whatever was left.

“Fuck that was good,” he said, sitting on the side of the bed and giving a stretch.

“Yeah,” she agreed, feeling completely satisfied as she wiped the last of his load from her forehead, doing what she could with her hair and sitting up on the bed, sweat prickling all over her body to match his as their exertions showed.

“Exactly what I needed,” he mumbled, standing up, Vida taking in his thick cock swinging as he retrieved his shorts and slipped into them.

“You and me both,” she said with a smile, sliding to get off the bed. She felt great, she’d come so hard and he’d fucked her better than she’d ever wanted or expected, absolutely taking her to task as he screwed her every which way. Her holes ached and her body was tired, she felt like she needed to sleep for a week as the physical activity overtook her in the aftermath of it. Her make-up was a whorish mess, spread all over her sticky feeling skin in the wake of his thick load that was still somewhat in her hair.

“You want a drink or anything?” he asked as he pulled his trousers back on, looking to the stunning, exhausted model.

“I’m good, I’ll catch up,” she murmured with a smile. He left the room and headed downstairs as she gave a stretch and flopped onto her knees, elbows digging in for a minute as she took a few deep breaths and composed herself. She stood up and found her clothes, strewn across the floor as they were and got dressed, sliding back into her sexy bra and token panties, feeling the ache settling in a little as she moved to dress. She pulled her trashy fishnets back on and slipped into her tight dress, pulling the zip tight as she went to find her mirror then stopped herself; fuck it, she figured, he loved her as his little slut and wanted to see her like this so she’d be what he wanted to complete the illusion. She felt a little guilty about Sophie, after all she really shouldn’t have done this, but given the chance she’d do it all over again as he’d fucked her better than she’d ever imagined from her friends stories about him and the satisfaction was worth all of it.

He just smiled as she came downstairs, sipping a cold beer as he stood shirtless in the front room, watching Vida carefully step down carrying her shoes. She paused to work her way into them, immediately taller again as she looked at him with her trashy face.

“I guess I’d better get what I came for,” she said, heading to pick up the box of Sophie’s things from the counter.

“You already got it,” he said with a smile, winking to her as she looked at him and playfully rolled her eyes.

“Damn right I did. Aren’t you glad I came to pick stuff up?” she replied, more on even terms again now.

“Very,” Chris replied simply. Vida picked up the box and walked back out, heading for the door as they were definitely finished.

“You’re not gonna tell Sophie right?” he asked, a little anxious that she might go back on her word.

“No, a deal’s a deal, promise,” she said, holding up her other hand and flexing her pinky finger.

“Fantastic,” he said, stepping forward and embracing her in a long, lingering kiss, their tongues sensually twisting together in a way that made Vida melt just a little bit before they broke apart. Picking up her bag, she headed to the door where Chris showed her out and watched her go, checking out her ass in the tight dress and short but beautiful fishnet-clad legs as she went to her car and slid inside. He closed the door and Vida sagged in her seat, giving a deep sigh of relief and satisfaction, tired and perfectly sated now. She was tired, hot, uncomfortable from the sweat prickling all over her with the clammy sensation of come still in the back of her throat and her make-up a horrendous, whorish mess.

The first thing she was going to do when she got home was clean her face, take a nice hot bath…and then text him to ask when he fancied fucking her again. She’d got the taste and she wasn’t giving it up without a fight, and she was sure he wouldn’t do that anyway, starting the car to head home.


The End

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Vida Guerra - Cocksleeve
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2021, 03:58:08 PM »
Fantastic story. You do such an amazing job with your details, it's very inspiring. I love Vida and have written her in many chapters of Big Booty Bitches, you really nail how I see her wild nasty side.

I love the back and forth dirty talk with her taunting him. Even when Chris takes control, Vida still has him by the balls and can push him with the right words. The tit fuck at the end was perfect.

So much I loved about this story, from the cheating angle, dialogue and slow build up. This is one of my favorite stories of all time. So grateful to have you here and this work of art.
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Re: Vida Guerra - Cocksleeve
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2021, 04:39:22 PM »

Wow, that was amazing. You really went to work on her. Why can't we all have a loyal chick like Vida off to the side built for hard fucking?

Fine work, loved this story.  :Y:
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Re: Vida Guerra - Cocksleeve
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2021, 06:37:06 AM »
Rough and tough, that's what I like!

So much I like about this story. I told you the title wasn't my cup of tea, but I can easily overlook that with your talent as a writer and the way you write.

First off, love the cheating theme. This is suitable for a woman like Vida that the male character seems to have off to the side when he needs to indulge in some real naughty fun. She is built for fucking and can take it, rough and tough. You handle her well and she gives him a bit of a challenge too with her stamina.

As others have pointed out, I like the dirty talking. She lets Chris have his way, but she also gets her words in to drive him over the edge.
That is great chemistry between the characters.

Great work. Thank you for always posting amazing content.
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Re: Vida Guerra - Cocksleeve
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2021, 09:26:59 AM »
I love this story with Vida! What energy, it's nice, good god this woman is a dream, just grandiose!
It was fantastic, good dialogue too .. This woman can be really dirty, it can be felt clearly and it is well shown in this story. I loved it, well done!
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Re: Vida Guerra - Cocksleeve
« Reply #6 on: February 22, 2021, 06:03:10 AM »
I don't know her that well, but that was a fantastic story nonetheless. Really made me want to read more about her!
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