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Zev95 Patreon and Ko-fi
« on: June 01, 2021, 08:36:43 PM »
Not much to say about me. I've posted a lot on Literotica under this username and Hentai Foundry as Thezev. I post everything I write on my Patreon, with one or more stories being released each day, and I put up samples of my work on various sites from time to time. Prices are as follows:

5 dollars - 250 words
10 dollars - 500 words
15 dollars - 750 words
20 dollars - 1000 words
25 dollars - 1250 words
30 dollars - 1500 words
40 dollars - 1750 words
50 dollars - 2250 words
75 dollars - 2250 words plus research into a canon I'm unfamiliar with.
100 dollars - 4000 words

You can make a one-time payment whenever you'd like at Ko-fi, pledge for a continuing monthly story at my Patreon, or pledge for one dollar or so and get to read everyone else's commissions.




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