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Author Topic: Home Is Where The Lust Is Part One (Olivia Holt)  (Read 3239 times)


Home Is Where The Lust Is Part One (Olivia Holt)
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Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction and is not meant to reflect reality in any way. This is a product of imagination and is NOT real. All characters are 18 and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

This is a little side story that was requested as a custom but it is a part of the larger “Harem Universe.” This is being posted as a chance to promote my Patreon at www.patreon.com/KMB where all my stories are being posted and is a chance for everyone to enjoy some illicit, fantasy fun involving a sexy celebrity. There are a lot allusions to what Olivia has been up to with her sexy friends as well as to what she's doing on the set of her new show Cruel Summer that I think people are really going to enioy.

Starring: Olivia Holt

Codes: FF, incest, fingering, shower

Olivia Holt sighed happily as the hot water cascaded all over her naked body and the steam started to envelop her. She loved a good, hot shower and this was exactly what she needed right then as she let the water flow down over her to wash away her day’s exertion while she let her mind drift away to one of her happy places.
Whenever she had time to indulge in a long shower, Olivia would love to imagine herself far away from home and on some lush, tropical island. She loved to picture herself in paradise absolutely free and absolutely naked.

Olivia loved being naked. She loved the freedom to cast off her clothes and openly bare her body so she could be nude and completely carefree. There was something so liberating about being naked and she loved to imagine herself on that island strolling around free and unclothed, feeling the hot sun on her bare skin and the way the lush plant life would be brushing against her arms and legs as she strolled around openly like she was in Eden.

It was so wonderful to imagine that. Olivia was really starting to think she was some kind of a nudist or something because it made her so happy to be naked, even when it wasn’t sexual. She just loved stripping off her clothes like she was taking off all of her inhibition and hang-ups and she was convinced if people just got naked more often they’d be a lot less repressed and definitely be a lot happier.

And when she imagined herself on a tropical island paradise, Olivia always loved to think that the shower was a waterfall she was under. She would imagine herself wading into the water, feeling it all over her naked body and how good it would be to just stand under that waterfall and let it soak her hair and her face and cascade down her body. She would be so blissfully happy if she could really do that. She wanted to be naked and feel that warm water flowing over her as she indulged in the beauty of nature.

Her shower was not the equivalent of a tropical waterfall, of course, but it was a nifty substitute in a pinch and it certainly got her imagination flowing. Olivia could let her mind drift away to paradise and she let the water soak her from head to toe as her bare skin got all wet and glistening from the hot shower. She didn’t even start to soap herself up at first, she just stood there under the water and let it stream down while she pictured herself far away and so happy.

It was just so much fun to be naked and fortunately she had lots of reasons to be naked these days. Olivia had been a bad girl lately. A very, very bad girl and she loved it so much. It felt so good to be so naughty and there was nothing she loved more than being naked with other women. Lots of other women. Olivia was becoming quite a huge fan of group sex and not just any kind of group sex but lesbian group sex.

She knew why of course. Her first time with another woman had been at the Malibu mansion during their crazy Christmas party. Olivia had been one of the few who hadn’t drank the spiked punch but even though she had been completely sober it hadn’t stopped her from joining into that intoxicated, uninhibited orgy. It had been one of the wildest, craziest nights of her life and it had left her so exhilarated to forget about what was considered right and wrong and only care about what felt good.

It had felt so good to have sex with other women. Olivia had never imagined it could feel that amazing but she had been so thoroughly seduced that night both in body and mind. It had been such a wonderfully intense experience and Olivia loved that it hadn’t just been one night. It had been the start of something incredible and erotic. Now she was having sex with multiple girls almost every single day and getting naked whenever she wanted without even thinking about boys anymore.

It was so hot and so much fun and Olivia never, ever wanted to stop. What could be better than being naked with lots of beautiful women all of them so sexy and all of them so eager to kiss her and caress her and make her feel such incredible pleasure? She didn’t even need to imagine how good it felt. Her naked island paradise might only have existed in her mind but she could get the real pleasure of multiple women all over her body any time she wanted it. And she wanted it all the time now.

Olivia was in the shower right then, in fact, because she needed to wash the exertion of her wicked, wild fun right off of her body. She had been so naughty this afternoon and it had felt so, so good. Her new show, Cruel Summer, was a big hit and getting tons of buzz online but what Olivia was most enjoying was the fun she was having when the cameras weren’t rolling with her co-star Chiara Aurelia. That beautiful 18-year-old had strolled right from auditions into Olivia’s fantasies and Olivia had known from the second she had met the girl that she’d had to get her into bed.

Olivia had been a teenager when she had first gotten to the mansion on the night of the party. She hadn’t been a virgin but she also hadn’t been very sexually experienced and when women like Britney Spears and Rose McGowan and Hilary Duff and so many more had shown her there were things that women could do sexually to her young body that men couldn’t even dream of doing, they had changed her life forever. Olivia had been so eager to do the same to Chiara and open up her younger co-star to all the fun girls could have with one another by being the kind of guide all those other women, especially Britney, had been for her.

It had been so easy to seduce Chiara. Olivia hadn’t been nervous at all because she had been so certain that Chiara wouldn’t be able to resist. How could she when girls were such wonderful kissers and when the touch of their hands on your naked body was so erotic? And her confidence that Chiara would surely succumb to the pleasure had proven to be very well-founded because she had gotten Chiara into bed within a week of them meeting each other.

Chiara was definitely not the shy wallflower that her character had started out as on the show and Olivia had seized on that. She had seen a flicker of desire in the teenager’s eyes when they had first met and she had eagerly added fuel to the fire, subtly flirting with her and working it out so they could be alone as often as possible. It hadn’t taken long for it to happen either. Just a few days of “private rehearsals” between them and Olivia suggesting that their characters could secretly be lovers while saying how much she would love that twist if it actually happened.

Olivia had never seduced another woman before, at least not by herself, and she had loved it. It had filled her with so much naughty excitement. Her heart had been thumping in her chest in the best way and she had gotten such a thrill from doing it and giving that younger girl pleasure. Chiara had been putty in her hands in no time. They would end their “rehearsals” with naughty kisses and each meeting between them had them going further and further as clothes would start coming off until it had all culminated in Olivia being able to get between those sexy teen legs and tongue that hot little pussy of her co-star’s until Chiara had coated her tongue with her hot, young cum.

Olivia had never been the “older girl” in a sex before. She had never been the “experienced” one. But she had been with Chiara and it had been so hot.

The yummy girl hadn’t ever been with another woman before but that little bit of curiosity and desire that Olivia had seen had been the spark that Olivia had added fuel to until it became a blaze of lust between them. She and Chiara fucked all the time now and Olivia had even convinced the once inexperienced teenager to come party with her friends where they could all be wonderfully naked together.

Chiara had such a hot body and Olivia loved checking it out. She not only got a thrill out of her own nudity but Olivia loved staring at other naked bodies as well. She had used to love sneaking glimpses of boys in the buff, in fact when she’d gone to school with Zendaya they’d been a couple of high school pervs peeping into the boys locker room and giggling over what sneaky girls they were being as they had ogled all those naked boys. But these days Olivia was only checking out naked girls and it turned her on endlessly.

She was even starting to rub off on Chiara too and Oliva loved the idea of turning that girl into a sexy teen nudist just like her. Today they’d gone to a meeting at Jessica Biel’s office and Olivia had convinced her co-star about how much fun it would be for both of them to strip off their clothes once they got there so when Jessica walked in she’d find two stark naked girls waiting for her. Chiara had barely needed any coaxing to do it too and when Jessica had walked in and found them waiting for her without a stitch on their sexy young bodies it had been totally worth it to see the look on her face.

Of course Olivia’s intention had not just been to shock Jessica but rather turn her on and that had totally worked as once Jessica had gotten over the surprise of seeing them like that she had turned right around, locked the door and then proceeded to have her way with both of them. And all of that hot, sweaty girl on girl fun today was why Olivia needed her shower so badly.
Jessica was the executive producer of Cruel Summer and it wasn’t just an honorary title. She was very involved in all of the decisions around the show and was definitely a very hands-on producer when it came to certain members of the cast like Olivia and Chiara.

Olivia had dealt with all kinds of Hollywood creeps in both acting and music and she didn’t play those kinds of games…except when she wanted to. And she had definitely wanted to with Jessica. It had given her such a naughty thrill to be with someone as beautiful as Jessica, a gorgeous Hollywood mom and the wife of one of her musical idols, and Olivia had let the show’s executive producer do anything she wanted to her because she wanted it too. In fact she had been the aggressor.

Olivia had never met Jessica before she had done the show but she had heard that Jessica had been a regular visitor to the Malibu mansion. That had really turned Olivia on as she had thought about Jessica sneaking around and pretending to be all straight when secretly she was a lesbian who was craving pussy and fucking all those hot girls at the mansion.

It had made Olivia so wet to know Jessica’s sexy secret and she had gone into that first meeting with a purpose. She had put on a skirt that was way too short for her and she hadn’t worn panties underneath so she could send a very clear message to Jessica about what she wanted by making sure the older woman could see her bald young cunt when she sat down across from her during their meeting.

It had been like one of the naughtiest things she had ever done in her life because it could have been so easy to get caught. It had given Olivia so much wonderful adrenaline like it always did when she would sneak around naked and hope no one saw her or when she used to peep at naked boys and hope no one discovered what a perv she was. But this time she had hoped Jessica would see her and she would want her and Olivia had gotten exactly the reaction she had been hoping for.

Olivia had known exactly what buttons to push and it had only taken a few crosses and uncrosses of her legs in that tiny skirt, flashing her bare pussy to Jessica while batting her not-so-innocent eyes before Jessica had been on her knees in front of her. Jessica had yanked up Olivia’s little skirt and buried her face in her naked cunt, calling her a filthy little slut while she had gobbled up her pink sex and devoured the cum right out of her.

Olivia had loved every second of it and she had made sure to give it to Jessica so good too, even tongue fucking her amazing ass. She had felt so naughty fucking that hot Hollywood mom and it had been so much fun being a bad girl who slept with her producer. But she hadn’t hogged Jessica all to herself. She had shared her with Chiara soon after she had seduced her teenage co-star and Jessica had loved tonguing that 18-year-old pussy while Olivia had been behind her working her tongue over both of Jessica’s hot, married holes.

The three of them had been in such an intense meeting today. It was supposed to be about a potential season two for the show but of course it had all been about fucking. This meeting had been at Jessica’s home and not her office so they could all get as loud and naughty as they wanted to without arousing any suspicion and Olivia had loved fucking Jessica in her bed. It was the bed she and Justin shared and that sexy cheating wife had done her and Chiara in it, licking their young pussies and teasingly working her tongue over their assholes while they both had been bent over and making out with each other.

And of course Jessica had fucked them both with her strap-on. Olivia shivered at the memory of how hot and naughty it had been to be on her back with her legs up in the air and Jessica between them pumping that fake dick into her tight, bald pussy. Oliva only wanted to be fucked by fake cock these days and Jessica was so good at using her strap-on to fuck her and make her coat the fake shaft with her cum cream while Olivia had Chiara riding her face and feeding her the delicious juice that she loved to lick up.

They’d had so much fun fucking and licking for hours and Olivia hadn’t showered at Jessica’s even though she had generously offered to help bathe her and Chiara thoroughly. Chiara had gone for it but Olivia hadn’t because she had wanted to be extra naughty and have the smell of hot sex all over her body on her drive home so she could think about what a bad girl she was being and how much fun it was to be this kind of secret slut who loved being naked and loved being with other dirty girls.

Olivia had reveled in the smell of the sex on her body and from feeling the sweat and cum all over her skin. She had almost slept this way tonight just so she could wake up in the morning still sticky and messy and remembering how hot it had been to press her pussy to Chiara’s face while Jessica had fucked the sexy teen from behind like a doggy-style slut. But she had decided to shower instead and she was so glad she had.

As she stood naked under the flowing water, Olivia closed her eyes and thought back to how much fun it had been for her and Chiara to sandwich Jessica and kiss her and then suck and lick and caress Jessica’s hot tits and how they had both gone down on her at the same time. She thought about how much she had loved tasting Chiara’s tongue in her mouth after they had kissed while licking Jessica, sharing her cum, and how hot it had been to spread open Jessica’s ass so Chiara could shove her face between those tight, beautiful butt cheeks of hers.

Ohhhh fuck, Olivia moaned and pinched her own nipples as she thought back to how much fun they’d had in Jessica and Justin’s bed and how they had soaked the sheets with their cum. She played with her perky, pink tits under the stream of water and dreamed about how nice it would be to be under that tropical waterfall naked and carefree with Jessica and Chiara, holding their hands and letting them see how good it felt to cast off all their clothes and all their troubles.

As she had soaped herself up and washed her body, Olivia had lingered over her naughtiest parts. She couldn’t help it. Even though she had come so many times at Jessica’s, Olivia still wanted more. She always wanted more these days. Soon she wasn’t washing herself at all, she was openly touching herself and with her eyes closed and her face looking up under the water so she could feel it all over her face and running down her hair and her bare back over her ass, Olivia worked the washcloth over her flat, fit tummy and down between her legs.

She made at least the attempt to wash herself there but she was more interested in pressing the washcloth and her nimble fingers right to her pussy. She began rubbing herself almost right away, sliding the wet washcloth against her slit and feeling a very different wetness start to drip out.

Olivia moaned as she began deliberately rubbing herself, even dropping the washcloth out of her hand and letting it drop with a splash onto the shower floor so she could use her fingers instead on her bald, tingling slit. She cooed from her own touch, keeping her eyes closed and her mind locked on pleasure and desire as she thought about how naughty she was today and how much she wanted to be away from it all in paradise naked with all her friends as they lived like happy, naughty nudists.

Olivia was so focused on her self-pleasure and her daydreams that she didn’t even hear the shower door open and she didn’t register that she was no longer alone in there until she felt a pair of arms encircle her waist in a loving but oh so sexual embrace and a soft pair of bare breasts press into her back.

This got a surprised gasp out of Olivia but it quickly turned into a moan of depraved delight. She didn’t have to see to know who it was who had joined her in the shower. She knew that body so intimately now and the taboo nature of what was happening made her knees weak as she moaned out to show off her joy at this illicit surprise.

“Oooooooh mommy yesssssssssss!!!” Olivia cooed before turning around and getting face to face with someone she had once never expected to but now utterly reveled in being able to share a shower with.

What she had said was not just a kinky term of endearment. It was the complete truth because Olivia was now face to face with Kim Holt and her beautiful mother was just as naked as she was. And when mother and daughter locked their gazes on each other it was with nothing but raw lust between them and Olivia didn’t hesitate to take her beautiful blonde mother’s face in her hands as she passionately kissed her.

Kim didn’t say a word. She just lustfully kissed her own daughter back, reveling in the taboo feel of those gorgeous young lips on hers. Neither woman held anything back. They kissed without any inhibition as they crossed this forbidden line together, the both of them completely into it.

The two women could barely keep their lips off of each other as they began making out under the flow of cascading water that was now soaking both of their nude bodies. Their tongues began wantonly rubbing together in their kisses and mother and daughter groped each other’s wet flesh.

Olivia’s hands went right to her mother’s breasts and she eagerly played with them. She caressed and fondled her own mother’s tits without any hesitation while they illicitly kissed and it sent such a wicked, wonderful thrill rushing through her body to know she was doing this to her own mom. God, she’d used to nurse off these breasts when she was a baby and now she was touching them sexually and she loved it. Olivia had been wet before but now she was soaked and her pussy juice was starting to trickle down her leg only to be washed away by the flowing water raining down on her and her mother.

Olivia couldn’t get enough of her mother’s tits. She loved to fondle the full, mature mounds with her eager little hands. Olivia loved playing with the gorgeous boobs of all her hottest female friends but this was the hottest because of who these tits belonged to. These weren’t just any breasts, they were her mom’s. She wasn’t supposed to kiss them. She wasn’t supposed to touch them. And she definitely wasn’t supposed to lick them.

But that was exactly what she did as Olivia giggled and moaned before burying her face in her mother’s tits. She pressed her face to the large mounds and began kissing them all over while Kim moaned back and rubbed them right into her famous daughter’s gorgeous face. Kim was as into it as Olivia was and she loved seeing that beautiful, seemingly innocent face of Olivia’s buried in her bosom as her hot tongue darted out to bathe her nipples and make them even stiffer with desire.

“Good girl! Mmmmm mommy’s got such a good girl!” Kim cooed as she ran her fingers through Olivia’s soaking wet, blonde hair.
“I’ll always be a good girl for my hot mommy!” Olivia moaned as she tasted those forbidden tits, kissing her mother’s nipples and even lewdly sucking on each one knowing that Kim liked it when her daughter did that. “My mommy has such sexy tits! Mmmm big and yummy! I love sucking on my mommy’s yummy tits! If I’m a good girl and kiss them all over will you rub them right into my pussy? I love when my mommy rubs her sexy titties into my dirty little cunt!”

“Oooooh such a slut! Such a dirty mommy loving slut!” Kim moaned at the thought of her daughter’s smooth, soaked pussy coating her breasts with her essence. “You’re damn right mommy will do that! Mommy loves making her little slutty angel come!”

“Yesssssssssssssssss ohhhh fuck I want that so much! I love coming for mommy! I love being a good slut for my gorgeous mommy!” Olivia lustfully sighed, her thoughts now far away from nudist paradise and from Jessica and Chiara and from all of her hot, horny friends because she could only think about how amazingly hot her own mother was and how she wanted to commit every sin in the book with the woman who had given her life.

And that was certainly a mutual feeling as white hot lust ran through Kim’s veins. It was the most illicit, wicked feeling she could ever imagine. She wanted to have sex with her own daughter. She wanted to fuck her own flesh and blood. She wanted to do things to Olivia that no mother should ever have even thought about doing and it made her own cunt drip with depraved lust to be naked with her right now, their bare bodies pressed together in the shower as Kim took control and turned Olivia around in her arms again so she could feel Olivia’s tight bare ass pressed to her crotch and she could reach around to fondle her daughter’s tits and tug on her swollen nipples.

“Ughhhh mommy yeahhhhh mmmm fuckkkkk I like that! Make it hurt a little!” Olivia whimpered in desire as her mother stimulated her nipples. “Ooooh you’re making me so hot!”

“You were already hot! I could hear you moaning like a whore in the shower so I thought I’d see what my slutty girl was up to!” Kim purred, her voice full of desire and need as she said things to her beautiful daughter she had never thought she was capable of saying. “I found you playing with that pretty pink pussy of yours and I had to step in! I didn’t want you wasting your cream on your own fingers! I wanted to be the one getting you off!”

“I’m SO glad you did!” Olivia moaned back, rubbing her bare butt right into Kim and enjoying the touch of the soft fur of her mother’s bush against her cheek while she got an even bigger thrill from feeling the slick, aroused mound of Kim’s cunt on her backside. “I come so hard for my mommy! You fuck me so good! I love when you do it to me mommy!”

“Oh yeah? Do you like it when mommy touches you here?” Kim moaned lustfully as she got both hands on Oliva’s tits and squeezed them from behind, her soft palms rubbing right into her daughter’s hard nipples.

“Yesssssssssss!” Olivia groaned out as if it weren’t obvious enough. “Mmmm grab my boobs mommy! Oooooh squeeze them and play with them!”

“Mmmmm!” Kim moaned, getting off on the sexy talk coming from those wickedly corrupted former Disney girl lips. “You have such beautiful tits Liv. My daughter is so fucking sexy!”

“I know where I get it from!” Olivia giggled while rubbing her bare ass into her mother’s crotch, moaning from feeling the tickle of her neatly maintained bush and the way those slick labia lips rubbed up against her butt cheek. “I love when mommy touches me!”

“I know you do! You love when mommy touches you here!” Kim sighed in eager, raw desire as she squeezed her daughter’s great tits again. “And you love when mommy touches you here!”

Kim moved her hands off of Olivia’s breasts and slid them down her flat tummy straight down her body to get between her legs. She had no hesitation about pushing her fingers right into Olivia’s cunt, penetrating her own daughter’s vagina and making Olivia hiss with pleasure over the very welcome taboo touch.

“Fuckkkkk yesssssssss!” Olivia groaned as her body shuddered from this filthy ecstasy. “Touch me there mommy! Touch my horny fucking pussy! Oooooh you make me SO fucking wet!”

“This pussy is so wet! Such a pretty little pink pussy all hot and juicy!” Kim groaned out, her fingers moving in and out of the tight, forbidden hole as she relished the way those smooth, young pussy folds enveloped her digits and made such a taboo squeeze. “It’s not just wet for mommy though, is it Liv?”

“Nooooo mommy!” Olivia admitted, her body quivering with lust as her mother finger fucked her and breathed hotly against her ear while the shower rained down on both of them. “Oooooh I was thinking about how I fucked Jessica and Chiara today! Mmmm Jessica fucked us both today and it was sooooo yummy! She fucked us both so good with her big strap-on!”

“Mmmm you little slut!” Kim hissed in pleasure as she envisioned her daughter bent over for Jessica Biel and how hot they surely had looked when engaged in such carnal, lesbian acts. “I can feel how you got fucked today by that big, fake cock! But you’re still so tight! Such a tight, little slutty pussy! Oooooh my baby is such a beautiful little whore! Feel mommy’s fingers inside you baby! Feel mommy finger fucking that juicy hole! Did Jessica fuck you as good as mommy? Did that little teen slut Chiara eat you out as good as I do?”

“Oh no mommy! No one does!” Olivia moaned as she responded honestly. Technically some of her friends were better lovers and there had been women at the mansion who could do things to her that no one else could. But there was no thrill she got from sex quite like engaging in incest with her mother. No lover could match that thrill. There was nothing like the pleasure Kim gave her.

“Good girl! You know no one could ever love you like mommy does!” Kim moaned while fingering her daughter harder, savoring every moan and happy coo that came from Olivia’s lips and the way her daughter was grinding her ass into her and making her legs feel weak from how good it was to have that smooth, tight ass rubbing into her pussy.

Olivia didn’t respond with words. Instead she turned her head so she and Kim could kiss once again. Mother and daughter began tongue kissing like unbridled sluts as the wicked incestuous desire for one another coursed through their bodies. They couldn’t get enough of each other and both of them moaned with urgent carnal need with each lusty, forbidden kiss.

It hadn’t always been like this. It had only started recently. Neither of them could even fully appreciate what was happening between them yet because it was still so new and raw. But they knew they needed it. They needed each other and it was too good for either of them to even think about stopping it.

Olivia had never thought this would happen and she hadn’t even realized that she had actually really wanted it until it had. Starting to play around with girls had loosened Olivia’s inhibitions in ways she had never imagined it could. It had gotten her into things she had never thought she would get off on and she liked it. She liked it a lot.

That first night at the mansion when the party had gotten so out of control hadn’t just been a life-changing night for Olivia. It had also been that way for so many of her friends. Boundaries had been crossed. Taboos had been shattered and it despite almost everyone being out of their minds at that party, once the genie was out of the bottle it had been impossible to put it back in.

Would her friend Ava have gone and had sex with her own mother if she hadn’t been totally lost in the haze of the spiked punch? Olivia didn’t think so. Would Ariel have had sex with her own sister? Definitely not. But they had. They had committed those sins and they had loved it and Olivia had been so turned on knowing her own friends had done such dirty things and had enjoyed it.

Incest had never been something Olivia had ever thought could possibly turn her on. That was like some serious fucked up stuff after all. But what had happened with Ava and Heather hadn’t been gross or sick. It had been really, really hot and Olivia had secretly been thrilled when Ava had not only wanted to continue it but had wanted to involve all of them too. What should have been twisted and immoral, not to mention illegal, had turned out to be anything but in Olivia’s eyes.

Ava wanted it. Heather wanted it. Yes it was “wrong” but how could it truly be wrong when they both got off on it so much. Olivia had loved it when Ava would invite all of them over to her house and they’d find Heather there tied to the bed with her nipples clamped and a ball gag in her mouth, not to mention vibrators stuck in her pussy and ass.

Ava had done all of that to her mom and Heather had totally let her. Ava had told her friends to get naked and to use her slutty dyke mom like a fuck toy. And when Ava had sad that Olivia had been the first one to get out of her clothes because it had been so sexy and so fascinating to see a mother and daughter so openly engage in something so taboo.

It had been so beautiful and so sexy and so fucking hot and Olivia had come all over Heather’s face once Ava had pulled the ball gag out of her mother’s salivating mouth and urged all her friends to line up and fuck Heather’s famous face with their hot, young pussies while she tortured her own mother by fucking her with those vibrators and bringing her right to the edge but not letting her come. Olivia had gotten off so hard on Ava and Heather’s incest and she wasn’t the only one.

Bella Thorne had been fascinated by it too. She had been so turned on by Ava fucking Heather and Ariel fucking her sister Shanelle. She hadn’t just gotten off on it though. She had also created her own forbidden fun by seducing her own sisters and then having the three of them gang up on their mom so they could bring her into their wicked fun too. Olivia hadn’t just heard about what Bella and her sisters were up to either. She had joined in with them. She had fucked Dani and Kaili and she had even fucked Bella’s mom Tamara too.

But even though she’d eagerly joined into her friends’ taboo fun, Olivia had never dreamed she could ever do something like that with her mom. And yeah, fucking Ava and Bella’s hot moms had certainly made her think about how her own mom was insanely hot. It had certainly twisted her imagination and made her picture some very dirty things like what it would be like to seduce her own mom and lick her mommy’s pussy so she could taste the hole she came from. It had made Olivia wonder if her own sister Morgan might be into something like Ariel and Shanelle were doing or like Bella did with her sisters or like Miley Cyrus did with her sisters.

Gawd it had even made Olivia wonder what would happen if she fucked Morgan one day and their brother Cade found them and what they’d have to do keep him quiet about it. And fuckkkkk it had even make her wonder what it might be like to cross the ultimate taboo and be a very naughty daddy’s girl with her dad. But Olivia had never dreamed in a million years that she would actually do anything like that.

That was something her friends could do and Olivia certainly didn’t judge them for it. She loved getting into family fun with her friends. But she hadn’t thought it wasn’t for her. She didn’t think it was something her family, especially her mother, would ever tolerate and Olivia had pushed those thoughts out of her head because she knew it would never lead to anything.

But there had been something about her mom that Olivia hadn’t even conceived could possibly be true. The idea of lesbian incest hadn’t been just something that had played around in Olivia’s mind when she was with her friends. It had also been a dormant fantasy inside Kim that she had unsuccessfully tried to bury inside herself.

Kim had been into women her whole life. She hadn’t advertised it but she had known she was bisexual for a long time. In fact before they had started a family, Kim and her husband Mark had been swingers who had engaged in some pretty kinky fun with other couples. But once they’d had their kids, they had tamped down that part of themselves, only engaging in it when they could be discrete so no one would ever know their dirty secrets.

That had been a good plan and they’d been pretty successful at it too with nothing rocking the boat…until the day Kim had met Angela. Oh fuck, Angela! Kim hadn’t seen her in years but she still thought about her constantly, especially now.

Olivia had gone to a special high school, one that catered particularly to child performers. It was a real school with real academics, not some fly by night operation, but it also allowed for instruction to take place on the set with tutors and not just in classrooms. And such an unusual school naturally attracted some unusual teachers. But there had never been one quite like Angela.

Kim could still remember the first time she had met Olivia’s teacher. Angela had brought her and Mark in for a parent-teacher conference and the way she had walked into the classroom, her voluptuous body swaying in a tight red dress had taken Kim’s breath away.

She had made Kim instantly aware of why so many people could have a hot for teacher type of fantasy because Angela had been absolutely incredible. She had such big tits, natural ones too as Kim would later find out, and such a beautiful, juicy ass. She had practically been poured into that red dress that night and Kim had barely remembered anything Angela had said because she had been too busy trying not to drool over Olivia’s teacher.

Mark had felt the same way too and Kim hadn’t blamed him a bit. She was so beautiful and her curves took your breath away. And when Angela would speak in that Australian accent of hers, Kim was lost in lust. She and her husband had been completely captivated by their teenage daughter’s teacher but it had only been partially mutual because Angela was completely into women and had eyes only for Kim.

One conference had been followed by another and another and soon Kim was meeting regularly with Angela and without Mark. She told herself it was to help Olivia with her schooling but it had truly been for her own urgent lust for that gorgeous Australian beauty and Kim had been so easily seduced by her daughter’s teacher.

While Olivia had been busy sneaking around with Zendaya peeping in on naked boys in the locker room, Kim had been lost in a dream of lust with Angela. It had taken barely any kind of push for Kim to fall into an affair with the teacher. She had worshipped the Aussie’s beautiful body. She had loved burying her face into those mammoth, natural tits and she had loved working over those thick ass cheeks so she could spread them open and tongue Angela’s pussy and ass like she would starve to death if she didn’t get them.

But this had been no mere affair. No this had been a trip down the rabbit hole. Unlike their previous swinging days, Kim had kept the sex with Angela secret from Mark. She hadn’t wanted to share her and, besides, the things Angela did were too wild for Kim to dare repeat to anyone.

Angela had lust, lust for women like no one Kim had ever met before, and Kim later found out that she was not the only mother who Angela had seduced. In fact Angela had seduced every mother of every one of her students that semester, something Kim found out when Angela had invited her to join in on an all mother orgy where Kim saw first-hand just how wild and kinky the school’s PTA could get. Kim had seen and done things to her fellow school moms that still made her blush but Angela hadn’t stopped there.

Angela didn’t just have eyes for the mothers. She’d wanted the daughters too. Oh how she had lusted for the teenage girls in her classes. She’d never crossed the line to do anything illegal of course, but she had gone damn close to it and she had confided that in Kim because she said she could see she was a kindred spirit.

Kim hadn’t known what Angela had been talking about at first but Angela had quickly explained. She had told Kim that she had seen her interact with Olivia and that she could see what a loving, hands-on mother she was. She had told her that mothers should be very involved with their teenage daughters and that it was only proper for mothers to make sure their daughters were on the right path in life and that they knew how to behave. And Angela had told Kim she had seen the way she had looked at the other girls in Olivia’s class and how she knew that she wanted to fuck them.

Kim had been so shocked to hear that, but not because it wasn’t true. It had been absolutely true but Kim had thought she had done a better job of hiding it. The truth was she had been fantasizing about Olivia’s classmates just like she had done when Olivia’s sister had been in high school with so many attractive classmates. Kim hadn’t been able to stop thinking about those beautiful, fresh-faced teenage girls and how surely they needed a mommy to guide them into making good life choices.

Kim had fantasized so many times about getting at those delicious young bodies, especially Zendaya’s. Olivia’s classmate and friend had looked so good to Kim and she had lusted madly after her, dreaming of opening up those gorgeous teenage legs and getting at that surely delicious chocolate pussy of hers. Kim had never and would never do anything like that. She certainly never wanted to force herself on anyone and even if it had been consensual, the consequences of being caught having sex with one of her daughter’s classmates would have been devastating.

But that hadn’t stopped Kim from fantasizing and it hadn’t stopped Angela from trying to coax her deeper into depravity. Oh Angela had loved to take advantage of Kim’s horny thoughts. She would fuck her body and she would fuck her mind too, teasing and tantalizing Kim with erotic visions of teenage girl sleepovers at Olivia’s and how her daughter’s friends could sneak into her room one at a time and lick Kim’s pussy and sit on her face while her husband snored away completely clueless beside her.

Angela had filled Kim’s mind with dirty dreams about how she was going to keep Zendaya after school for mouthing off in class and not doing her homework. She told her how she was going to take that Disney Channel teen star and bend her over her knee so she could spank her tight little black ass and make her whimper and moan and be a good girl for teacher. That would always make Kim so wet but Angela would never stop there.

No she would take Kim so much deeper and so much nastier. She would tell Kim about how she was going to fuck each and every girl in her class, describing to her in vivid detail about how she would seduce and undress them and what she would do their ripe teenage bodies. Angela would spare no fantasy detail to Kim, not even when she would describe to the horny mother just what she wanted to do to Olivia’s young body.

Kim had been shocked and angry at first to hear Angela talk like that about her daughter but Angela had persisted. She would tell Kim in her sultry Aussie accent just what she was going to do to Olivia’s virginal pussy and how she was going to teach her Pussy Licking 101 after class. She had told Kim how she was going to ravish Olivia and turn her into an insatiable teenage lesbian slut and how she was going to make her daughter crave the erotic touch of other women.

And then Angela had dropped a bomb on Kim by telling her how she wanted her to join and how a girl like Olivia really needed a mother’s loving touch and guidance. Kim knew that should have made her even more furious but it had instead turned her on.
She had been too aroused by Angela’s dirty visions to resist being pulled in deeper as Angela had told her how she would lick Olivia until she was dripping wet, her teenage peach ready to burst with fuck cream, and how she would then pull away so Angela could instead push Kim’s head down to make her tongue fuck her daughter and finish her off by swallowing her cum.

Kim hadn’t been able to keep herself from coming over such a taboo fantasy and she had creamed all over Angela’s face when the teacher had filled her head with wicked incestuous thoughts while she had been going down on her. Kim had felt so ashamed of herself for coming over something so wrong but Angela had told her it wasn’t wrong, that she was going to teach all the mothers in the class to do the same to their teenage daughters and that she was already doing it to her own daughter.

Kim hadn’t wanted to believe that but she had been given vivid proof when Angela had invited her own teenage daughter to join them in bed. Kim had seen first-hand just what Angela and her daughter had been capable of and the whole time Angela had told her this was how mothers should love their daughters and how she should do the same to Olivia.

It had ended up being too much for Kim. She had made herself stop seeing Angela after that and soon after the school year had ended and in the fall Angela hadn’t been back and no one at the school would tell Kim why. She could only imagine what Angela had done to have to disappear like that but it had actually been a relief to her because Kim hadn’t wanted to think that way about Olivia.

Little had she known that fate would put her on a path to her daughter though and that it would be some of the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. Because while Kim had been stifling her own lesbian desires, Olivia had been discovering her own.

That first night at the mansion had awoken something in Olivia that she had never known existed and it had only grown with her trips back to Malibu and her time at Desire Records with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and all her fun with her friends…and her friends’ moms and sisters. Kim might have been trying to fight her incestuous longings for her beautiful blonde celebrity daughter but Olivia was having those same desires put inside herself by everything she was doing with Bella and Ava and their sexy families.

It hadn’t been Kim or Olivia who had made the first step, though. No it had been Bella and Ava who had done it. They had seen how much Olivia liked what they were doing and they had certainly noticed how hot Kim was. So they had put a plan into motion to give Olivia what they were certain she wanted.

Olivia’s friends would sleep over at her house sometimes and one night Ava and Bella had lay in wait for Kim because they knew she loved to take a warm, luxurious bath before bed. They had cornered her and made their move on their friend’s mom and when Ava and Bella had wiggled out of their sexy pajamas and let Kim see them naked she hadn’t even pretended to fight them off. She’d desired them long before her daughter had and it had just been like the sleepover fantasy Angela had put inside her head.

Kim had let those two nymphs join her in the bathtub that night and she had let them pleasure her in ways she had never imagined Olivia’s friends could. Feeling Bella and Ava sucking on her tits together had been bliss and feeling them lick her pussy at the same time as she had clamped her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming out in ecstasy had been even better. And that had been only the first time she had fucked her daughter’s friends.

Soon all secrets were being revealed. They had told Kim about the mansion and how Olivia was fucking them and all those other women too. Kim had been so shocked her daughter was doing that but she’d been so aroused at the same time. All those illicit fantasies and desires Angela had put inside her hadn’t gone away. They’d just been hiding and getting stronger and waiting for a chance to be freed.

Ava and Bella had unknowingly done that. They’d had no idea just how accepting Kim would be of their wicked ways and when they had told Kim that they were having sex with their moms and that Olivia was totally into it and they wanted to see the Holts give into taboo incestuous lust, Kim hadn’t had the will to fight them. The thought of her own beautiful daughter having wild lesbian sex was too much for Kim to resist and she had given into Bella and Ava’s taboo plans as they revealed their whole intention was to bring mother and daughter together. She had known it was wrong and that they’d be crossing lines that could never be uncrossed but she had been too turned on to not let Bella and Ava bring her down this twisted path.

It had been Olivia’s last birthday when it had finally happened. Ava and Bella had promised Olivia a “very special gift” and boy had they delivered when they had uncovered their friend’s eyes and surprised her with the sight of her own mother dressed in a crimson lace teddy that had shown off emphatically just how gorgeous Kim was and how much she wanted to cross that line with her daughter.

Olivia had been so stunned at first. She hadn’t known how to respond. She’d been furious at Bella and Ava but also so grateful for what they’d done and she’d been angry at Kim for cheating on her dad but so turned on by the fact that her mom wanted to have sex with her. She’d been so embarrassed that she would even consider something so taboo but so wet that her dirtiest thoughts could come true. All of her emotions had been swirling but despite that storm inside her, Olivia couldn’t deny that just the sight of her beautiful mother in lingerie waiting for her was one of the hottest things she had ever seen.

Her anger had faded and her horniness had grown and soon Olivia wasn’t just kissing Bella and Ava to thank them but was also kissing Kim like a lover for the first time.

The feel of her mother giving her a sensual kiss had made Olivia melt and she had rubbed her own tongue into her mommy’s while vowing to somehow get naughtier with her mom than her friends did with their moms. Olivia had loved giving her mom sexy kisses and feeling Kim undress her. She’d heard the moans from her friends too as they had touched themselves and that had made it even hotter.

Kim had taken the birthday girl to bed that night and at first Bella and Ava had watched before they had snuck away so they could be alone. It had ended up being the best birthday of Oliva’s life and her mother had made her feel more amazing than any lover ever had. It had been such an incredible experience and it had been the first of so many illicit mother/daughter hookups.

Now they played together as often as they could and Olivia just hoped her dad wasn’t getting suspicious of all the mommy/daughter time they’d been having lately. She had her own place of course but these days she was spending more and more time here, close to her mommy so that Kim could do naughty things like slip into the shower with her like she was now, her lips kissing all over Olivia’s lovely neck and her hand between her daughter’s legs as she skillfully rubbed her swollen clit and made Olivia sigh and pant with pleasure.

“Are you going to come for me baby? Gonna come for mommy?” Kim carnally purred, her sexy voice flowing right into Olivia’s ear over the sound of the water raining down on both of them.

“Yessssssss mommy! Yessssssssss!” Olivia cried in joy, her knees feeling weak from the way her mother was so expertly playing with her clit. “You make me feel so good mommy! Mmmm I’m going to fucking come for you! Play with my pussy mommy! Rub it right there! OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS OHHH FUCKKK YESSSSS RIGHT ON MY LITTLE CLITTY OHHHH FUCKKK MOMMY OHHHH YOU’RE SO GOOD!”

Olivia had actually been amazed at what a great lover her mother was and how adept she was at pleasing women. She had never had any idea her mother was anything but straight and while her father and mother had never shied away from showing affection toward one another, Olivia had never thought her mother could be as frisky and kinky as she so clearly way.

She was so glad to be wrong though. Olivia loved every naughty thing her mother did with her. She loved how she kissed her. She loved how she touched her. She loved how she licked her. Oliva loved sharing her hot mommy with her friends and she loved keeping her all to herself. She just wished they’d done this while there was still a mansion for them to go together to but someday Olivia hoped there would be something like that again. And Olivia was already thinking about how much fun it would be to give Kim a tour of Desire Records.

“That’s it baby! Come for me! Come for mommy like a good little slut!” Kim groaned, the feel of Olivia’s firm bubble butt rubbing right into her cunt making her feel so good as she enjoyed the wickedness of this sinful sexual act and thought, not for the first time either, what Angela would think of her now. “Your pussy is so fucking tight still even after you fucked Jessica today! It’s nice and tight for mommy! It’s so fucking wet too! Mommy loves her baby girl’s wet pussy! You taste so good Liv and you’re going to come all over mommy’s fingers now aren’t you?”

“Yessssssssssssssss ohhh my Goddddd yesssssssss!” Olivia promised with a sexy cry. “I’ll soak your hot fingers! Ooooh rub my pussy mommy! Play with your daughter’s slutty, smooth pussy! Ugghhhh fuckkkkk yessssssss please don’t stop mommy! Please make me come!”

“Mommy won’t stop! Mommy won’t ever stop!” Kim pledged. “Come for me baby! Come from mommy’s fingers in your pretty little cunt! Feel me inside you baby! Feel mommy fuck you! Feel mommy make her little slut feel good!”

Olivia let out a growl of lust before kissing her mother again while she humped against her hand. This felt so good that Olivia didn’t care how wrong it was. She craned her head to meet Kim’s lips and the mother/daughter pair tongue kissed with urgency. The water kept soaking them both and Olivia rubbed her bare bottom right onto Kim’s crotch, the wetness from her pussy making her cheek all messy just the way Olivia liked it. She loved feeling their wet pressed together while the water and steam enveloped them both.

Kim’s fingers felt so amazing on her clit. Her mother was so good at this. They’d been playing with each other so much lately that they knew each other’s bodies so well by now but it still was new and thrilling at the same time to be doing this with her mom. She felt like such a dirty girl and it was so much fun.


Olivia tilted her head up and the shower water soaked her face just like she wanted it. She closed her eyes and in her mind she was under that tropical waterfall again but this time Kim was with her and they could be together there without any judgement or consequences, mother and daughter nudists who could be free and have so much fun together in paradise.


Olivia shivered as she came all over Kim’s fingers. Her mom knew all the naughtiest ways to touch her and it all felt so good, especially because she could keep rubbing her butt into Kim’s pussy and imagine how good it was going to feel to get down on her knees and lick that juice right out of her sexy mom.  As soon as the last shudder of pleasure passed through her, Olivia turned around again and kissed her mom on the lips.

The two women made out with a series of soft, sensual kisses with plenty of tongue and when Kim finally pulled her hand away from Olivia’s pussy she brought it up so they could both lick the cum off of her fingers before the shower washed it all way. Mother and daughter then resumed kissing and Olivia brought her hands to her mother’s sexy rear and squeezed it, loving the feel of that still tight butt in her young hands.

“Now I get to make you feel good mommy,” Olivia declared.

But before she could sink down on her knees, Kim stopped her.

“Let’s get out of the shower and dry off first sweetie,” Kim suggested, knowing her daughter loved showers but there was no need to waste all this water. “Then you can do mommy just like you did Jessica today!”

Olivia liked that idea. She liked it a lot. She shut the water off and pulled her mom out of the shower with her so they could grab some towels and dry each other’s naked, dripping bodies off. She knew her dad was going to be out all night so this would be the perfect time for her and her mom to do some serious snuggling.
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Fucking hot as always
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Great story. Nothing like a little mother-daughter bonding ;D

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